Some voiced concerns

Here’s a clip from my recent appearance on the brilliant Pedestrian Podcast. It explains why I have reservations about the direction of the Seahawks and their 2021 prospects.

After listening to it, check out the full podcast (which is conveniently available right underneath the YouTube vid…)


  1. Rob Staton

    And if you missed it earlier…

    • Mick

      I’ve said it before: never too late to minimize the loss and trade him. Ryan Neal, Blair, Croswell are enough depth at safety and you don’t need to pay a safety 20 mil. Trade him for a center, a corner or a left tackle if you can, or trade him for as much picks as you can get.

      • Noah

        Maybe he won’t be as good as he was previously, but we could even sign McDougald back on the cheap. Don’t think he’s been signed yet

      • Big Mike

        Ad that would leave money form the far more important player, Duane Brown.

        • Andrew Mitchell

          The thing with Brown most likely isn’t money. It’s a hesitation on management’s part to add more years to an aging tackle. And I get that in theory, but Brown knows they haven’t prepared for his departure. And watching Forsythe on Saturday only increased his value.

          But honestly, it the idea was to work Stone the into the succession plan in 2022, that is a wishing well to make The Goonies proud. Name me a sixth round left tackle that turned into a rock solid starter, in his second season. And if that’s the only plan at succession it makes even more sense to extend Brown. Even if they had a first round pick next year to spend on a tackle, the odds are very slim of that imaginary guy starting his first year.

          What we have is some kind of precedent that Schneider doesn’t want to set.

          • Sean Z

            I wish we had a “like” button! Completely agree with this post, Andrew.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, at least the Seahawks are trying to flex some leverage of their own knowing otherwise he has them backed into a corner. 🤷‍♂️

      • Rob Staton

        I’m bored of the whole saga. A lousy trade that is looking worse by the minute.

    • cha

      The Seahawks are unable to force a guy who firebombed his way off his last team by excoriating his coach, GM and owner to sign a contract on their terms?

      Who could have seen this coming?

      • Lewis

        The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

        Let’s see if Jags will take him for CJ Henderson.

    • WallaSean

      It’s time to give 1/2 of Jamaal’s money to Brown and 1/2 of his blitzes to Ugo, take the 1st trade offer you can choke down and move on.

    • Dan Riggs

      “I’m not excited about the team this year. Something needs to shake everything up”.

      So the team bringing in Waldren from the Rams isn’t shaking things up? The reports from all the players is that the offensive approach is CHANGING. They are going up tempo, they are disguising plays, they are using the short and intermediate passing game, they are giving Russell more freedom. How do you look at that and just say “Ho hum”?

      Seahawks fans have been complaining about the offensive approach for years. The front office finally makes a significant change and some fans yawn like it’s the same ol’ same ol’.

      • Rob Staton

        So the team bringing in Waldren from the Rams isn’t shaking things up?

        No, I don’t consider that shaking things up. I am talking about far bigger changes.

        They are going up tempo, they are disguising plays, they are using the short and intermediate passing game, they are giving Russell more freedom. How do you look at that and just say “Ho hum”?

        Perhaps I’m just not so willing to assume this is all going to work out like you clearly are?

        Seahawks fans have been complaining about the offensive approach for years. The front office finally makes a significant change and some fans yawn like it’s the same ol’ same ol’.

        No, this isn’t what I’ve been complaining about for years.

        What you’re doing here is trying to paint your opponents in this discussion as unreasonable to cover up the fact you have no relevant counters to any of the reasonable points made.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’ve been a long time complainer about drafting for the offensive line. While I have seen some signs of hope that they will draft fairly high for replacements, the issue with player turnover EVERY year is still a problem. How can they play together when there are two new starters out of five every year? And the two new guys are cheap draft or free agents?

  2. Big Mike

    Everything’s fine in Seahawks land, dontcha know? 🌈🦄

    • cha

      • Big Mike

        Your musical knowledge is impressive cha. That’s an oldie and very pop as well.

      • Big Mike

        And for those of you who think I’m unduly negative, it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

  3. Sea Mode

    I see so many of these stupid “penalties” in our near future…

    • Rob Staton

      Stuff like this will drive me, and I suspect others, away from the NFL.

      Absolute madness from the league.

    • WallaSean

      people pay good money to see those referees

    • CaptainJack

      It might be done to stop watching NFL.

    • Big Mike

      Choreographed group celebrations in the end zone are OK but emotion is not? Come on NFL, that’s some weak sauce.

      • Rob Staton


        Choreographed group celebrations = annoying

        Player having a mild flex after dragging half a team for 10 extra yards = awesome

    • BruceN

      No Fun League. Plain dumb.

  4. Paul Cook

    As far as the JA saga goes, one thing seems perfectly clear to me. They are not going to pay him an average salary that’s more than or even equal to Bobby Wagner’s. That’s their line in the sand. That’s where they’re at now. The ball is in JA’s court.

    I keep reading leverage, leverage, leverage…the Seahawks have all or most all of the leverage. I disagree with that notion, at least from the standpoint of public perception and reputational standing. No matter how much of a delusional arse and self absorbed diva JA might be, PC/JS can’t look any stupider than they do now. This is before you even get into the emotional state of the team if the hold out extends up to and into the regular season.

    What a shyt show. You were all over this, Rob.

    Move along…nothing to see here…

  5. Rob Staton

    Jamal Adams now responding in kind to the Seahawks going to the media:

    It’s officially a mess.

    • cha

    • Mick

      I’ve heard about this before. One more reason to trade him.

      • CaptainJack

        No one will want to take his ego on

    • James

      He could bring up “53rd ranked” as evidence that he’s clearly not a safety.

      • Big Mike


    • Ashish

      Writing was on the wall, but PC/JS ignore it. Over confidence? I say just pure stupidity. I will be thrilled someone bite the bullet and offer something for Adams and we can close this chapter.

    • SeattleLifer

      Well now we see Adams’s camp’s line in the sand. They are obviously pushing for him to be paid as a position other than safety.

  6. cha

    Took no pleasure in writing this but woke up with it ringing in my ears.

    We all know Pete Carroll burns to win. Yet the moves the team recently have made under his direction give the appearance of a leadership group uncertain of their charting, desperate to simply remain competitive and willing to be backed into a corner by time, circumstance and opportunistic teams and free agents rather than control their own destiny.

    • Big Mike

      What I don’t get is if a bunch of us can see this from a year or 2 away why can’t Pete? Is it simply hubris? I mean I can’t come up with anything else. No one as successful as Pete Carroll is stupid.

  7. swedenhawk

    agreed. not one bit excited for this season.

    • Big Mike


      • Big Mike

        As in “ditto”

  8. Rob Staton


    • All I see is 12s

      This, and many other stories involving the Seahawks just screams arrogance.

  9. cha

    Rasheem Green with a 55.7 grade

    LJ Collier with 49.6

    Against Raider scrubs.

    • Denver Hawker

      But they are sneaky.

    • Lewis

      And Green was one of the “bright spots”

  10. New Guy

    If Jamal Addams is going to claim that he’s a linebacker for purposes of future franchise tags then his 9.5 sack total for 2020 is a nonstarter. I’m sure plenty of real lbs have eclipsed that number.

    • Rob Staton

      Good point

    • Denver Hawker

      And as part of a 4-man rush.

    • Sean

      I guess you don’t get it. For the purposes of the tag, he’ll claim he plays the weapon position, so he’ll ask for the average of the best weapons. It’s not about LB or SS…he gets to make up his own rules.

      On another note, if his stance is to complain about the franchise tag that would be applied next year, does that mean he is getting ready to play this season? Seems like the two would have to go together. More likely he’s just lashing out because he’s frustrated.

    • CaptainJack

      he should claim what he really is, egotistical narcissist who is mediocre in most aspects of the game. and get paid accordingly.

      • Big Mike


  11. Frank

    Would it matter on his designation of LB or safety if he’s just playing his rookie contract this year anyway? Totally agree with all the above sentiments about this being predictable from pre trade, all the way down to fighting this designation change wanted. We are all exactly where we thought we’d be when this trade happened, other that a rather horrible season for a “superstar player” other than the manufactured sacks.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s in relation to next season because the LB tag is much higher than the S tag

        • Frank

          I thought he would be on his rookie 5th year option next year, and the Tag would be used for the following year, and year after. The argument about LB or Safety wouldn’t come into play until the following year 2022. Not that it matters as far as cap goes, but I wonder what LBers with Addams stats are earning around the league as they certainly wouldn’t be Tag candidates? I don’t see his argument holding much water after the Hawks don’t send him on a manufactured sack every other play next year.

      • Lewis

        He has a case here. He plays up by the line of scrimmage an awful lot and he can’t cover a tub of margarine.

        • Group captain mandrake

          Jimmy Graham tried to get the tag as a WR instead of TE for the same reason. The league denied it because of his physical traits (which is really dumb, I think) and the type of guys who covered him (not CBs). Adams probably won’t get far with his logic.

  12. cha

    Well Twitter has decided they don’t want any lurkers.

    You have to create an account and log in to view tweets and replies. At least without constantly messing with cookies.

    That’s just great.

    • CaptainJack


      let twitter die.

    • Rob Staton

      Hopefully the world will wake up one day and decide we’ve had enough with Twitter.

      It’s had the single biggest negative impact on our culture IMO

      • pdway

        amen to that. the amount of time I spend on twitter is often directly proportional to how sh*tty I feel about humanity.

      • Big Mike

        amen from me too

      • KD


        So glad I stopped looking at twitter ages ago. Now, I just use it to upload my video game clips and screenshots. I don’t even log in at all. Just right-click, save.

      • GoHawksDani

        Sportsland maybe but overall instagram is much worse between social media platforms

        • Rob Staton

          It really isn’t.

          Twitter is culture destroying. Instagram is just full of people’s crap pics and a few horrible comments

          • God of Thunder

            This. Twitter is culture and soul destroying.

  13. Koko

    This strikes me as a Jody Allen issue. They could give him more without affecting the cap, seems like Jody isnt ready to give the green light on paying him.

    Only other explanation in my eyes is Jamal being “greedy” (it’s not greed imo) because he wants to maximize his $ and probably doesnt want those void years at the end.

    I say let him sit or play this year and go from there. See how he plays in his new role and try to get something done before the tag deadline. If he plays well, we basically pay him what hes asking now and we saved a year, or he underperforms and he probably walks/traded and gets paid elsewhere. Cant see him taking less.

    I think the whole situation would look a lot cleaner if we hadnt given up so much for him, and even if he leaves, we shouldnt act like it’s the downfall of the team. Theres always pros and cons to every move.

    • Rob Staton

      I guarantee Jody Allen is having no input in the deal/no deal with Jamal Adams.

  14. L80

    I posted this in anearlier thread but these contract “sagas” have run their course in my world of passion for Seahawk football. I’m worn out of all of the posturing, the dumb ass trades for players they KNOW will demand top dollar, I’m simply also worn out of the “Top Dollar” moniker as well.

    These are friggin people, nothing more, nothing less. They can play a sport well, good for them, but they are holding hostage loyal fans that invest huge amounts of time speculating, anylizing, and live and die with the consequences. They only think of, can I get that Tom Brady yacht?

    It’s so tiring and they have lost me. I simply don’t give a F88k anymore. Win?…ok…Lose? oh well, it simply doesn’t hurt the way it used to.

    I’m not blaming the F.O. or anyone else but they are losing me the way the planet is losing the polar ice caps.

    • Rob Staton

      I miss the days of having a pissed off, aggressive, angry young team with an attitude — looking to shock the world.

      Those days were fun.

      • BruceN

        I hear you. While I’m not crazy about our recent drafts, to expect to hit a Grand Slam like drafts between 2010-2012 and draft 10 or more pro bowlers, including 7 or so HOF’ers is a dream. Not just a bunch of young and hungry guys. The good old days that will never be repeated. By any team.

        • Rob Staton

          But I never said anything about repeating that

    • DriveByPoster

      //These are friggin people, nothing more, nothing less//

      I agree. So in a business where the average career length is something around 3 years & where the employers have most of the leverage most of the time, can you really blame them for flexing a bit of muscle on the rare occasions when they have the upper hand? This money has to last them the rest of their life & can secure their families future.

      The failure here is with the Seahawks organisation. A failure to plan ahead & a failure to have a coherent recruitment policy.

      • L80

        Of course every person wants to make as much as they can, whatever it is you do. That being said, these players already make more in a year than a lot of people do in a lifetime AND they are also college educated in a chosen field of study that they can work in if their career ends early.

        This seems more like ego and greed combined to my eyes. And it’s TIRING to go through this shit with multiple players every year. I’m worn out. I simply don’t care as much for the game like I used to. I quit watching the NBA in the 90’s, I don’t watch baseball or hockey anymore either. Football was all I have left of team sports, and they have ruined it for me personally with all the stupid rules, officiating, salary cap, and these players and their team hostage contracts.


  15. KSB

    Me too Rob

    Those guys were young and hungry and played with a chip on their shoulder. Wanting to let everyone know that they were to be reckoned with.

    They seem to have lost that over the last few years and I’m not sure how long it will take, to get it back?

  16. Mac

    “ Do not, under ANY circumstances, buy into Mike Florio and Pro Football Talk on Seahawk’s matters. Mike and Chris Simms must have some sort of vendetta against Pete and/or the franchise of Seattle, because they have been trying to force rumors to stoke the fires with John leaving, then Russ all offseason and now that neither worked they have turned to Adams for their ignition. They openly admitted that they had NO KNOWLEDGE of the situation with Russ and yet continued to be hellbent on fanning the flames that he wants out but doesn’t currently possess the power to force his way, even after it was officially water under the bridge from all parties involved and after Russ himself confirmed that he never wanted out and would in fact love to finish his career in Seattle. Absolutely nothing of value in their reports, except that they have it out for Seattle management.” Statement by a user on the Jamal Adams article on FG.

    We have reached a Q/Blue Anon levels of conspiracy. Between Seahawks twitter and FG, this world is a cesspool.

    • All I see is 12s

      I won’t speak about Sims,But Florio has always spoken about the Seahawks with a lot of respect and considered them a dangerous team that was very well run. He’s only been in more recent years where he has pointed out drafting and management issues. Of course he poked the bear and stokes the fire, but that’s his job. I think when someone like Forio starts making comments like these, he is simply pointing out with Noah for some time- The Seahawks are not operating as well as they used to.

    • Rob Staton

      Ah yes, Field Gulls.

      Just makes a change that they’re not endlessly talking about this place…

  17. KD

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but the thing that jarred me the most about that game was the insanely lopsided time of possession. I remember halfway through the 2nd quarter, the difference in TOP was about 5 minutes to 18 minutes! When TOP is that lopsided, you are being dominated on both sides of the ball.

    • Paul Cook

      It was like the beginning of last year. The Raiders kept converting on 3rd down. We couldn’t get their offense off the field. It was nightmarish. The first half of last season…I wonder what the league average is for three-and-outs, or tow sets of downs and out? I bet our D was near the bottom of the list.

    • BruceN

      Giving up 300 yards of offense by the half time to a bunch of back ups did it for me.

  18. McZ

    Joe Douglas, GM of the decade, hands down.

    Inherits a troublemaker safety with some LB capabilities, who gets regularly bailed out by Marcus Maye. Doesn’t want to pay the guy before it’s due. Lots of drama. Hangs said troublemaker onto another franchise for two first rounders, a third and a starting SS. A franchise that just invested a second rounder into the position. Still improves the teams record. Picks Alijah Vera-Tucker for the first pick acquired after trading up, and God knows who in 2022. Adds Nasrildeen as a late rounder and still has a deep safety room.

    • Rob Staton

      Pulling off that trade was a masterclass by Douglas, regardless if AVT works out (and AVT was a total class act for USC)

      • McZ

        There is talk he is a better T than Rashawn Slater.

        • DancingBuddha

          He’s playing guard so that seems doubtful at best

    • Big Mike

      You mean that designation doesn’t go to Pete Carroll? I don’t get it. I mean the guy set a record for sacks by a DB!! An all-time record……
      never mind the cost, the poor coverage skills, the 53rd ranking, the quarter of a season missed and 2 other games of utter ineffectiveness due to injury and the lack of a contact being in place……….nothing to be concerned about……………..RECORD FOR SACKS!! Pete Carroll, Coach of the Year AND GM of the Year!!

      • bmseattle

        I wonder if we will utilize Adams differently this year, if we don’t end up signing him to an extension?
        Not blitzing him as much, for example.

        • cha

          Ken Norton Jr has already said as much.

          Said they didn’t get enough time to integrate him and ended up more single-using him in 2020.

          Said they will use him in a lot more varied ways this season.

          Caveat: He went on and on about how JA didn’t have a full offseason in 2020 and he’ll benefit in 2021. But Adams missed the OTA’s for ‘personal reasons’ (cough) and has sat-in for camp and preseason. So a fair question – are we going on this roller coaster again ? ‘well he isn’t playing well because we couldn’t integrate him into the defense’

        • Julian Langdon

          All that blitzing has definitely cost them financially. If the Seahawks had had a pass rush from the start last season and blitzed Jamal Adams less and played him as a conventional saftey, then they wouldn’t be suffering this hold out over a 17.5 million dollar contract, he’d be already signed up as the highest paid safety and by some margin.

    • Julian Langdon

      Yes, it’s very odd Seattle’s obsession with either trading away or out of the 1st round of the draft. It seems to be much smarter to trade up, because it only takes a cursory glance at drafts over the years on Wikipedia, to see how the odds of selecting a future Pro Bowler increase incrementally the higher up the draft you pick.

      After the first round, except for in exceptionally talented draft groups, it literally becomes a lottery on selecting a Pro Bowler. Subsequent players that become Pro Bowlers tend to have unidentifiable gifts that later blossom, because otherwise they’d be picked by someone in the first round. No scout is so much cleverer than the rest, that he can regularly pick Pro Bowlers in later rounds, because only he can see talents that others can’t. Anyway if the scout is so certain a player is a franchise QB or CB you’d pick him in the first round. Why would they risk overlooking such a player to the chance of someone else picking them otherwise?

      The Seahawks lucked out with Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf, not because they thought they were picking 1st round talents in later rounds (in those years they thought James Carpenter, Bruce Irvin and LJ Collier were Pro Bowl talents), but because they thought they were 3rd, 5th and late 2nd round talents respectively and got lucky, sadly the Seahawks thought they were smarter.

  19. BobbyK

    I like to think I’m a pretty huge fan. At least I was (am) until the last year or two. I can’t get into all of the short-term fixes at the expense of long-term thinking.

    How they couldn’t know the Jamal Adams trade was idiotic baffles me. How they couldn’t foresee the Duane Brown situation baffles me (they know him, see him everyday, obviously have a pulse on if he wants to play beyond this year, etc. and yet they didn’t know this would happen). Maybe this is dumb luck, but I’m sick of first picks not participating because they’re hurt. But it’s not the first time this has happened and they no longer have credibility to blame it on “bad luck.”

    There’s a reason Russ wanted/wants out. There’s a reason many of us aren’t excited about this season. It sucks. I haven’t posted much because I really don’t have much new/good to say. I’m sickened by things like the fact we could have had Javonte Williams, a 3rd rounder this past year, kept our #1 next year AND not have had a headache SS that thinks he’s God (when they already had a SS they had recently used a 2nd round pick on).

    This is a slow death for the Seattle Seahawks with the main thing keeping the overrated bosses in jobs is the fact they once drafted a franchise QB about a decade ago. I want to be wrong about this upcoming season, but I don’t see where the year ends with a Lombardi (the real goal).

    • TomLPDX

      This sums up how I feel about the situation too. I’ll still watch football because I love to see a well-executed play by a team that knows what they are about. Unfortunately, that isn’t my Seahawks. I turned the game off last weekend because it was just horrible execution – they made Peterman look really good.

      • Big Mike

        And don’t forget, some of those players on the field for Seattle that Peterman ran through like a hot knife through butter were guys that are being counted on to play a lot of minutes for Seattle e.g. Rasheem Green, LJ Collier, Witherspoon, Flowers, Brooks, etc.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m right there with you Bob

    • Paul Cook

      I hear you. The simple truth of the matter is that both from a coaching and personnel management standpoint, we just haven’t been good the last 5 or so years.

      I can’t say it enough, but our regular season records these past 4 years or so completely belies the true state of the team/franchise. It’s the opiate of the fan base now. If you look at the last 4 seasons’ records (9-7, 10-6, 11-5, and 12-4) with two second place finishes in the division, one first place finish, and three trips to the playoffs in a row, you can make the case that we’re on an upward trajectory. That’s what it looks like on the surface.

      But we know better than that, for all the reasons you and others have mentioned around here almost ad nauseam. The discrepancy between surface appearance, as represented by regular season record, and underlying reality (what we actually possess in terms of valuable assets) is much wider than many people want to acknowledge.

      Anyway…I’m with you.

    • Ashish

      Well said, unfortunately we are entering into new world of Jets and Browns fan club. We miss your leadership Paul. Bobby is at the end of his career, Wilson has his one foot out. Can’t blame him.

      What change you are looking for which can start healing process?
      My answer I want PC out, he has done great but he has lost it. Age is catching up mentally for sure.

    • McZ

      Wanna feel worse? Watch Owusu-Koramoahs preseason tape.

  20. Poli

    I haven’t been an NFL fan for very long (basically just after the Wilson era began), but the first time I remember being perplexed by offseason moves was when they signed Ed Dickson, Jaron Brown, Mingo and Stephen, which canceled 4 comp picks. Trading 4 draft picks for 4 easily replicable journeyman!

    But yeah, things have gotten a bit stale.

  21. cha

    PFF offense

    Kyler Fuller’s pass blocking grade. Maybe the lowest PFF grade I’ve ever seen.

    On the flipside, Pierre-Olivier Lestage for President! (or Prime MInister I suppose)

    • Julian Langdon

      What do we make of Brad Lundblade with the top overall score? Is he the answer at center?

    • Henry Taylor

      Decent run block grade for Stone, given he wasn’t supposed to be able to do that.

  22. cha

    Jaguars have cut Tim Tebow.

    I had a very strange 60 seconds of throughput with my reaction.

    1-No surprise
    2-Oof, all those people that bought Tebow Jags jerseys
    3-Haha, the Seahawks might have a need for a TE…
    4-Oh man. They might actually consider it
    5-no. They wouldn’t.
    6-Would they?
    7-No. They wouldn’t.
    8-On the other hand, maybe…
    9-No. They wouldn’t.
    10-Well…maybe PC would like to divert some attention from Brown and Adams. That would get the Seattle press off his back for a week or so. And the jersey sales wouldn’t hurt.

  23. Scot04

    Adams deal done

    • Scot04

      Somehow this doesn’t bring much excitement or relief. Just glad it’s done.

      • uptop

        I’m excited and relieved lol

      • Denver Hawker

        Hawks have rarely missed on big contracts under current regime, even producing great value. I felt ecstatic about those deals.

        This one? I feel nothing. It was a dumb trade, a preventable camp distraction, and an inevitable overpay.

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport
      The #Seahawks have agreed to terms on a large extension for star S Jamal Adams, a 4-year, $70M deal that makes him the league’s highest paid safety, I’m told. He gets $38M guaranteed, breaking the stalemate. A long time coming and well-deserved.

      • SeattleLifer

        Spot on for what was expected. I wonder if Petey and John sweetened the deal up a tad. Now the question becomes which week does Adams gets injured on?…. I know I should be thankful the impasse is over but it’s hard to be thankful for anything to do with Adams.

  24. Big Mike

    I think I just heard Cowherd say that Ian Rappaport reporting Adams signed for years 70 million

  25. Denver Hawker

    Now do Brown.

    • Scot04

      I sure hope so. But could be difficult.

    • Ashish

      I’m sure that will be the order. I doubt Russ will take a snap without Brown ask Geno ha ha

  26. Chase Cash

    4 years 70 million, 38 guaranteed. 17.5 apy. I’m happy this won’t continue to be a distraction.

    • Gohawks5151

      I feel like 17.5 is about as good it was going to get. So good job??? Haha

    • Henry Taylor

      Under 20m apy and the distraction is over. This is, in isolation, excellent news.

      Now go prove you’re worth it Jamal.

      • SeaTown

        Did you watch him play last year? If not go to YouTube and just watch the highlights of the Pats game and watch a washed Julian Edelman destroy him then go watch the Rams playoff loss and watch how many plays he blew. He’s not worth it at all.

        • Henry Taylor

          Well yeah I did, but this was always happening. It’s good news that it’s not the 20+ we feared and I acknowledged he needs to play better.

          No need for the condesation.

          • L80

            Watch him get injured. Book it.

        • God of Thunder

          I’m not a JA fan, and I wish we could have a do over wrt that trade, but he shouldn’t have played against the Rams as he was injured.

        • BruceN

          I’ll start by saying I wasn’t keen on the trade for Jamal. Too high of a price and draft capital for a position that wasn’t a need like other areas at the time (DL, CB). I still feel the same way.

          Having said that, I live in NorCal and read and listen to national and local NFC west NFL analysts and not just the fluff, homer analysts in Seattle. Their view is very different than what I constantly read here. He’s got holes in his game but he is also a 3 time all pro safety (2nd team in 2018 and 2020 and 1st team in 2019) in his first three years. Voting is done by AP, PFWA and SN sports writers who do this for a living. Not the fluff Seattle writers. Not sure how many safeties have ever achieved this in the history of NFL.

          It is a legitimate argument to say that he may not be a good match for our D or the position is not worth this type of investment or his style of play makes him injury prone, etc…. But to say he’s not good and got owned by washed up players is just comical. Sorry, JMHO.

          • DancingBuddha

            There is one other safety in NFL history who has done this- Earl Thomas. You’re right- he’s nothing like the scrub some commenters love to pretend he is, even if the trade cost was way too steep and the contract might be too. But let’s be real, the Adams Derangement Syndrome has now hit such comical levels it has spun off into a whole separate show that is jumping the shark in its own right

            • Rob Staton

              I think you’re being a bit melodramatic, as are some people on the other end of the scale.

              Personally I’m of the position stated in the YouTube video in this article. It’s a ‘meh’ piece of news. An extension was inevitable, as I also said in the video. We all kind of knew the framework. It was becoming a bit of a boring, elongated distraction with the usual ‘negotiating through the media’ but for once that seemed to do the trick.

              But ultimately I wasn’t a fan of the trade and I don’t think this is the best use of resources. I don’t think this is exciting news and I think the reservations noted in my video are legit. I have others too.

              But let’s not try and go OTT here and suggest a few people spouting off (and it’s, at best, a handful of people) warrants claims of jumping the shark and a derangement syndrome.

            • BruceN

              Good point about ET. Although he won his 3 in 2012-2014 after getting drafted in 2010. Jamal has been an All Pro every year he’s played in the NFL (All Pro not a Pro Bowler!).

              Contrary to the view here I think he makes our D better (evident by the data and facts, yards and points allowed per game) but my perspective is about the value and if we had invested the draft capital and the money elsewhere we could possibly gain even better results. Last point, more than a few here think he’s a bust. But it’s fun read. My view is that I read the fluff by the homer media and the comments here and the truth is somewhere in between. To be clear I separate the comments from Rob’s material which I think are top notch. Sometimes (ever so slightly) more negative than it really is. But he is a diehard fan who wants the team to do better. We all do.

  27. Scot04

    I guess now 4years 72M

  28. SeaTown

    What a waste of resources. But is anyone surprised at this point. It was a good run. But it’s officially over. Can’t wait to see Pete leave us for dead like he did to USC.

    • Big Mike

      100% agree that’s where it’s headed.

    • uptop

      welp, at the very least its not suuuuper hard to rebuild unlike other sports LOL

      • Big Mike

        Yeah you’re right since franchise QBs are a dime a dozen

  29. Rob Staton

    My reaction to the deal is exactly what I said in the YouTube video

    • SeaTown

      I shrugged and chuckled at their stupidity. Can’t wait to see the low ball offer they accept for Russ next year.

  30. cha

    Brad Spielberger
    Teams paying multiple defensive players – excluding edge rushers/defensive lineman – over $15M per year:

    Dolphins – Byron Jones and Xavien Howard
    Seahawks – Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams

    That’s the list.

    • uptop

      2 of the 3 most replicable positions on defense too. Really a bad thing to put your money in with the rise of positionless football.

      • AlaskaHawk

        and the third is center?

        • uptop

          Defensive interior

  31. Jordan

    Someone keeps feeding Florio a crock when it comes to Seahawks stuff.

    • cha

      How is that a crock?

      In high-level negotiations, the deal is off until it isn’t.

      The fact that the team has made their final offer (and the numbers remarkably close to what was reported) almost a week ago.

      The Seahawks have long been known to negotiate in the press. It would appear they’d tried everything they could behind closed doors.

      It’s very possible that both sides used Florio as a sounding board, read the tea leaves and then agreed to the deal.

      • Rob Staton

        A lot of people resist this

        • cha

          I’ve personally been in union negotiations where the reps were calling management every dirty name in the book. Breathing threat and fire. Storming out of the room. And 24 hrs later were shaking hands after signing on the dotted line and were all smiles as a deal had been struck.

  32. WallaSean

    This is good news period. Still not a good deal at this point, but at least we salvage something. I would say the same if we just traded him for 2 2nd rounders.

    • Scot04

      I would probably be more excited if i heard we got two 2nd round picks for Adams.

      • Ashish

        Amen !!!

      • Lewis

        Same. I’d love to be proven wrong, though

  33. Roger Davis

    OK –

    Jamal’s a Hawk. The free fall of that distraction is over. The questions remaining about Adams now shift to the mundane issues of the health of his busted fingers and damaged shoulder. The Brown Distraction now enters center stage.

    Brown is easy. This will 100% for sure get done. Why? Because while Jamal was a self inflicted zillion dollar slap up the side of the head Brown HAS to get done. Period. The failure to sign Brown is the single most important issue for the 2021 Hawks. Our brand new, shiny, quick offence means almost nothing if Duane isn’t healthy, happy and guarding Russ’ blind side. If necessary another good player could be cut and his salary added to the Brown allotment to get that deal done. 2021 without Brown is unthinkable. Period.

    Schneider, make it so…

    • Big Mike

      Well said Roger. Anyone who thinks Duane won’t sit out if he doesn’t get a new contract is flat out wrong. He may come down a bit in his asking price but he won’t play on his current deal.

      • pdway

        what’s the right deal for him you think? 2 yrs? It may be he won’t take fewer than 3. he’s so essential, but his age makes it a little tricky.

        • Big Mike

          Good question. I’d guess, and it’s only a guess, he’d take 2 years at around 15 per. Your thoughts? Other folks thoughts?

        • cha

          Rip up the 2021 and give him a 3yr $45m with $15m bonus, $20m guaranteed

          First year money $20m

          $5m guaranteed salary in 2021

          $0 guaranteed salary in 2022 ($12.5m non guaranteed salary) $10m dead cap
          $0 guaranteed salary in 2023 ($12.5m non guaranteed salary) $5m dead cap

          He gets a big check right now and if he retires in 2022 the Seahawks can split the remaining $10m over 2022 and 2023.

          • Big Mike

            That would work. This way if he performs at his usual high level you get him in ’22 for quite reasonable and if he falls off a cliff the dead cap hit isn’t astronomical.
            You’re hired as the financial guy cha.

            • cha

              I’m very good at spending other people’s money.

              • AlaskaHawk

                My as well lock Metcalf into another 4 years while your at it. I can spend other people’s money too!

  34. Sea Mode

    Well, our bed was made with the trade anyways, so I’m glad at least the distraction is out of the way.

    Now, as everyone has already been saying, go get Duane done ASAP.

    • cha

      There’s still some pudding to be proved.

      Let’s get a look at the structure and options and see how this works out.

    • Paul Cook

      Exactly. Whatever anyone thinks of the trade, they had to get this deal done before the end of camp. They’ve got to clear the air of as much drama as possible and get the focus back on the football on the field.

  35. Sea Mode

    Too many injuries to even take a shot…?

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Eagles waived/injured RB Kerryon Johnson.

    • Group captain mandrake

      Probably. Might be worth a shot but that’s the second team that dropped him due to injuries. Shame too. He’s good when healthy.

  36. Gaux Hawks

    1) Duane, please sign on the dotted line…
    2) John, please turn a 2022 6th into a 2021 All-Pro Center
    3) Jamal, go make 2020 PCJS look like 2013 PCJS

  37. Mick

    Am I the only one who expect to see Bobby Wagner leave us next season, after this Adams deal?

    • cha

      With a $20m cap hit and zero guaranteed salary, something is going to be done one way or another.

      • Troy

        Bobby has a 3.75 mil dead cap hit next year, cap hit of around 20 mil. They save 16.6 mil if they cut or trade him.

  38. CaptainJack

    According to PFF… we might have something at Center with Brad Lundblade. At least something better than Fuller with Pocic injured. I know, I am getting desperate, I didn’t know who he was until two minutes ago.

    • no frickin clue

      It does feel like we’re about a week away from open tryouts at center. 🙁

    • uptop

      I wonder what kind of options we have at center. Ultimate pipe dream would be the lions tanking and trading ragnow, but i doubt that would happen

  39. CaptainJack

    I hate everything about the Jamal Adams contract so much. My least favorite seahawk, maybe ever. Don’t think I’ll feel happy when he makes a TFL Sack or Interception ever again.

    • UkAlex6674

      That’s a bit dramatic. Whether you/anyone likes him or not, if he delivers the goods, I’ll take EVERY sack or interception or TFL. I genuinely don’t see why this personal agenda against him is being made into such a massive thing.

      • CaptainJack

        Dramatic? Yea. It was a dramatically bad trade and a dramatically bad contract

        • God of Thunder

          You know what’s funny? I expected the contract to be worse than it is. And it ain’t great.

      • Chase

        In my opinion people are yelling at the front office through JA

    • pdway

      why though? I get that you hate the trade, but can’t blame Adams for what seattle gave up for him.

      I know there’s a legit cost/benefit analysis to be made re his salary (though again, him wanting to get paid, for me, isn’t something I hate a guy for) — but it’s not like he loafs out there, or is objectively terrible at his job.

      • CaptainJack

        He’s objectively terrible at pass coverage and availability

        • UkAlex6674

          He’s missed 6 games in 4 years.

          • Rob Staton

            Well he’s missed six games in two years actually. And had a bunch of surgeries this off-season.

            It’s not an unfair concern to wonder whether his playing style is starting to catch up with him, given his size, and whether nagging injuries are becoming a part of his career. We’ll see.

        • DancingBuddha

          No part of that claim is objective lol

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      You don’t remember Koren Robinson?

    • Matt

      Good lord, talk about melodramatic.

  40. cha

    “The fans don’t understand that Jamal was playing hurt, playing with one arm last year..”

    Yes. We do Pete. We understood.

    • cha

      “Darrell Taylor was real raw, real rough around the edges” in his preseason debut

      • cha

        “Not going to press Eskridge. Should be ready to go by opener.”

        • cha

          “No surgery for Parkinson. Hopeful back in a couple weeks. Real promising showing from docs. Not uncomfortable right now.”

          • cha

            DJ Reed maybe practice end of week.

            Cedric making good progress. Jamarco practiced today too.

            • cha

              Penny will play Saturday vs Denver

              • Big Mike

                Will he make it through the game unscathed?

          • pdway

            couple weeks? from a broken foot? maybe the initial diagnosis was off I guess? that’s good news. looking forward to seeing if the camp hype is real.

            • Rob Staton

              Mr Miyagi must’ve sorted him out

              • Albert Bryan Butler

                Sweep the leg, Johnny!

              • OlyHawksFan

                Rob it is such a bonus that I’m roughly the same age as you and therefore get all of your pop culture references/jokes. Accept GOT, I’m the one person who didn’t watch that show.

  41. ElroyNumbers

    Rob always brings the real take, not rose colored glasses. No teams though seem like true contenders in in NFC this year outside of Bucs. Not getting too many injuries is always important. We need a CB – lets bring in Sherm on prove-it deal.

  42. Sea Mode

    Ha! We should get parents more involved in negotiations. Maybe they’re more like us common folk: “Just take the money; you don’t need $1-2m more for ‘respect’!”

    Also, interesting note on how he (supposedly, now that the deal’s done and everything, perhaps easy to say…) wouldn’t have actually been willing to hold out.

    Michelle Adams helped push the deal through when she sent her son a text message Monday night from back home in Dallas.

    “She said my full name, and when my mother says my full name, I think I need to pay attention,” Adams said. “She gave me a nice little paragraph and basically just told me that you don’t have to prove anything else to anybody. You did enough. We’re happy. As long as my family’s happy and I’m happy, I can come and do what I love to do, that’s all that matters to me.”


    Was he prepared to miss games if he didn’t have a new deal by the Seahawks’ Sept. 12 opener against the Indianapolis Colts?

    “Hell no, man,” he said with a smile. “I’m not Boo Boo the Fool. I wasn’t not going to take the contract, so no. Where I’m from, we’re definitely taking that. Mom called [after her text]. She called twice, and when mom called and she told me I needed to take the contract, it was a no-brainer. Momma knows best.”

    • Sea Mode

      So it was PC sweet-talking Mom… 😉

    • Big Mike


    • Olyhawksfan

      Boo boo the fool should be the new Seahawks mascot. The costume can be a full body cast.

      • RugbyLock

        Boo Boo the Fool is who they’ve been getting advice from for big trades and early-round draft choices the last few years…

  43. Sea Mode

    Got Eskridge, Penny, Haynes, Jones back out there, and then this… 😬

    Bob Condotta

    Carroll said Tyler Lockett has been dealing with a groin injury and has not been practicing the last few days. Team will take it careful with him.

  44. cha

    Details in

    Seahawks pick up almost $5m of cap space in 2021 by including 2021 to spread the money out (I was wrong). Works out to a 5yr $80m deal.

    Almost all bonus money and very little salary guaranteed. Traded in that $9.86m guaranteed for a bigger bonus and an extra year of security.

    Hawks are tied to him for sure through 2023. 2024 and 2025 the deal gets manageable.

    • Paul Cook

      Who or what do you think PC/JS are looking to add to their roster in the way of possible castoff vets from other teams in the coming weeks? OLman, CB, TE…

      • cha

        They’re ideally positioned to make one of their patented ‘I’ll take your disgruntled star off your hands for a future mid rounder’ type trades.

    • cha

      Main team page updated – Hawks now have $13m of cap room for 2021.

      • Rob Staton

        Have to imagine this increases the chances of KJ Wright coming back and/or Duane Brown getting a raise.

        It’d be nice to get a proper cornerback too so they can end the Tre Flowers experience but they don’t have the stock to make that a reality

        • cha

          I’m basically seeing they “borrowed” $5m from the deal in 2021, and they pay it back in 2024 with an “extra” $7m in dead money if they cut or trade him.

          Which is not a terrible bargain, given 2024’s cap available should be huge and the future is now with RW anyway.

          But there’s no denying – It’s pretty aggressive.

          They’ve upped the risk on injury for sure – there are three full seasons of relying/hoping/praying he doesn’t get seriously hurt.

          • cha

            There is also zero room to restructure.

          • cha

            Nice cap hit for 2022 as well, only $9.1m

            Seahawks have $37m of room now in 2022 with 46 contracted players on the roster

          • Rob Staton

            I’m sure this will be just peachy…

        • Paul Cook

          I’m trying to figure out (I’m not you or cha when it comes to CAP manipulations and how much CAP can still be clawed back) the best possible scenario for completing the roster for the upcoming season from that standpoint. I’m pretty much of the opinion that PC/JS shouldn’t be allowed to move any more future draft picks in, say, the first 4 rounds. We’ve just got to get back to square one in that regards, methinks.

          • Rob Staton

            I know very little about the cap. Total novice. Cha is the man on here for that, 100%

        • Mick

          I think they should do both KJ and Duane. We need a leader like KJ even if he slowed down a little.

          • cha

            Shocking to me that the Seahawks at this point are going into the year with Darrell Taylor and…Cody Barton?…at SAM.

            They invested parts of $6m for Irvin and then parts of $10m for KJ Wright last year.

            • Poli

              Irvin is working his way back. Might be a possibility for not much more than the vet minimum


              Guessing KJ, Irvin, Reiter and Atkins would probably cost around $8M combined

              • cha

                He’s trying to escape the black tar monster that is creeping up on him.

            • WallaSean

              Lots of Nickel this year, like when they had Morgan at the SAM, maybe Irvin or Wright later in the year?

              • cha

                I’d rather they didn’t start the year nickel-heavy.

                Week One: Jonathan Taylor
                Week Two: Derrick Henry
                Week Three: Dalvin Cook

                • Nathan M

                  Looking at more big nickel with Blair, Neal, Adam’s in the box may not be quite as vulnerable as a DB like Reed. Still, want to see Taylor look capable enough to play early downs at least.

                  • cha

                    For sure, but it’s just as much about taking on tight ends and tackles in blocking.

                    Edge-setting will be very important. A 210 DB isn’t a great option.

                    And PC described Taylor as ‘real raw’ and ‘rough around the edges’ in his first preseason game.

                    It’s a vulnerability that could be exploited.

            • Nathan M

              Maybe they picked up at least part of Rob’s memo about resource allocation on D. Can Taylor be serviceable as a cheap SAM (just $, and ignoring draft cost)?

              • Rob Staton

                They shouldn’t be bothering trying to force Taylor to be a SAM.

                Have him rush the edge. That’s what he is. An EDGE.

                • Paul Cook

                  I’ve been thinking this exact thought these past weeks. For heaven’s sake, why do they always insist upon making players multi-positional? Why overload their minds, especially when their new to the NFL game?

                  We drafted this guy as an edge rusher first and foremost, didn’t we? Can’t we keep it simpler for these guys? Stop the run and get the QB.

                  It drives me crazy. But what do I know.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Just like when they draft a pure center in round two in 2017 and then spend his first camp making him play right tackle and guard. Only to move him back to center right at the end of his first contract.

                    Multiple OL’s have been forced to try and learn other positions. I’m pretty sure Marquise Blair got moved around a whole bunch of positions. Then they don’t use him as a rookie because he isn’t scheme sound…

                    Then they draft a pure RG in Damien Lewis, play him at RG — and what do you know? It works.

                    But now they’ve moved him to LG. Because of course they have.

              • cha

                It’s hilariously sad that they’re focusing Taylor at SAM.

                They spent a 2nd and 3rd to draft him in a year when they were so terribly devoid of pass rush they gave a 6th round rookie Tight End actual NFL game snaps at DE. The same year they drafted a WILL with their first pick.

                And now they’re taking him out of a pure pass rush role and asking him to cover and be an edge setter.

                The irony is just too much.

                • Rob Staton

                  Just put him off the edge on first downs in year one. Let him pin his ears back, learn the ropes. Do a role that is manageable and doesn’t demand too much and fits his skill-set (why they drafted him).

                  • Paul Cook

                    Don’t even get me started on Marquise Blair. From all I saw of this guy in college (I’m a Pac 12 guy), he was the prototypical hard hitting SS. Isn’t that what they drafted this guy for?

                • Big Mike

                  Is :irony” code for another word?

                  Oh wait, “hilariously sad” so 2 words.

                • SeattleLifer

                  I could be wrong but it may be out of necessity for this season as much as anything. He was reportedly down like 20 or even 30 pounds from his college DE playing weight so maybe it was the same boy way they saw him being able to get on the field?

                  • SeattleLifer

                    Uhh auto – type.

                    Maybe it was ‘the only way’ they saw him being able to get on the field…

                  • cha

                    He was 240’s in OTA’s and said he was shooting to get to 260’s.

                    Doesn’t look 260 to me but I could be wrong.

    • WallaSean

      I have to admit, these details are better than I was expecting.

    • mister bunny

      Fascinating — I suggested a few months ago on this blog that extending Adams could free up cap space, and would therefore be better than trading him for draft resources. But I was told that wasn’t possible (though with no evidence provided). Now we see that the deal has indeed freed up cap space in 2021 and he even has a lower cap hit in 2022 ($9.1M) than he would have in 2021 prior to the extension ($9.8M).

      What can Schneider does with the extra $5M this deal has provided the team? Could be a nice depth piece if things fall out right, and that’s a range where he’s done pretty well in the past.

      • cha

        I said in the post that I was wrong. I didn’t think the Seahawks would be as aggressive as they were. Based that on their history.

        But sure. Take your victory lap.

        • UkAlex6674

          Good forward thinking Mr B. It’s good to have a wide range of ideas and thoughts thrown about, removed linear thinking and gets people to look at things differently.

    • Nathan M

      Well according to fieldgulls it’s a fantastic deal… for an edge rusher. Just line him up as our new LEO, since he doesn’t consider himself a safety anyways… right? Does he “win” his rushes at a rate comparable to the top edge guys? We’ll never know since he always gets blitzed for a free run.

      *Puke* what a terrible take on the contract

      • Rob Staton

        This is the third reference to Field Gulls in a week. I know they obsess about this place in their comments section but we don’t need to go down that road. Leave them be…

    • Big Mike

      As you said above, I’m seeing a lot of “guaranteed for injury” there. Makes me very nervous. Think they’ll regret that aspect but guessing his agent insisted. Hope I’m wrong of course.

      • cha

        Adams bought himself a hyperbaric chamber, which isn’t anything new. A lot of athletes have them these days, but it’s a step in the right direction.

  45. Donovan

    My optimistic take:

    The Jamal Adam’s I saw in the first two games last year was a “Wow, who’s that?” player. He popped off the screen and was all over the field. That was at a time when he wasn’t asked to be a half-time blitzed. He was incredible.

    But shortly after, the D line woes became apparent and they had to manufacture pressure. He then, to my eyes, wasnt the same dynamic player.

    I’m hoping, with Dunlap/Robinson/Taylor, that the D line can get adequate pressure on its own this year – mixed in w occasional Adams blitz – and that will allow the Jamal we saw early in last season to emerge again. Because he was something to behold.

  46. UkAlex6674

    Noah Spence released by the Saints. I thought he was a decent prospect when Tampa drafted him.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      I believe he had his career game against us.

  47. Sea Mode


    Dont have time for a post on it but the Adams deal looks fair. He’ll basically make by the end of 2022 what he would have made on two franchise tags. Two year cash comes in just under Wagner ($37.4 to $36M) as does 3 year ($54M to $52.5M) which I think was big for #Seattle

    I would not read into the guarantee at signing being just $21M. The effective guarantee is $35.44 million and it’s doubtful given the structure that he would be released before earning his full $11M salary in 23 so its close to a lock he earns $46.44M of the deal

    I’d say that the contract tracks more with the linebacker market more or less splitting the difference between Mosley and Wagner which I would guess is how the deal was negotiated. Real strong 1st year $ for Adams in this too. Probably the big kicker to get it done

    • cha

      I’m very pleased that they avoided the options that Jalen Ramsey worked into his contract.

  48. SeattleLifer

    Glad to be wrong that he did’nt hold out into the season. It looks like Adams made injury protections a priority and he got his record setting extension – job well done for him. At least he seems happy with things which given a personality like his is pretty much a must in a transaction like this. Side note, I was looking at his contract in detail and was surprised to see he’s already 26 years old – not the biggest thing but caught me off a little, usually you see college players of his caliber enter the nfl more on the younger side rather than a year or two the other way.

    Pete and John got what they wanted and now they get to hope injuries don’t become a regular part of his career. I’m Hoping they dial him in a lot better on the field and as others have posted, they chose not to rush him as much. Oh and they make him regularly practice catching tip balls/interceptions😁

    • Brik

      He turns 26 in October. Not there yet.

  49. Frank

    Two blue chip defenders in Adams and Wagner on defense. Check
    Elite route runner borderline blue chip receiver in Lockett, and supporting cast in Metcalf and Escridge
    Check that box.
    Above average offense line, and RB and TE on offense. Check that box too
    QB capable of running an NFL offense as it’s designed?
    Coaches capable of making mid game adjustments, or out scheming opposing coaches?

    One way or another, the 2nd half of this season and playoffs baring injury should highlight what’s the problem with not being able to get past the first round of the playoffs whether it’s coaching or poor QB play in big games. Payton Manning was a below average QB in the playoffs and still a hall of fame player. I feel Wilson is very much the same guy in that regard, great at padding stats but don’t expect greatness in big games. That’s not too say Carroll isn’t in that good, but not great category as well. The time for excuses are gone, the pieces are adequate if not spectacular for winning a playoff game. Moving Taylor back to Leo, and bringing KJ back would be a very positive step as far as being well rounded but regardless it’s time to be about it, rather than talk about it is right now. I think PC and Wilson are both coming up on ten years removed from greatness, and one way or the other expect the 2nd half of this season to show who has to go. This season is both of their last best chance, so let’s fricken go and let the chips fall as they may.

    • Olyhawksfan

      I’m sorry I gotta say Wilson has been one of the most clutch players I’ve ever seen. The second half of last season was an outlier, and I’m sure you could point to a few other games but overall, the guy has stepped up and won in some big moments. Wilson has his flaws, but folding in tough moments, in my opinion is not accurate.

  50. Albert Butler

    Speculation over at BarkingHard that the Browns might cut Curtis Weaver. Think the Hawks would have any interest?

    • Rob Staton

      I think that ship has sailed.

    • Paul Cook

      From all I’ve seen and read, we’ve got people like him already on the team, highly drafted DLmen who people are hoping will become more than what they’ve shown themselves so far to be. I think we need more of a proven talent on the defensive or offensive line who, for whatever the reason (age, salary, disenchantment, etc…) becomes available.

      We are in win now mode.

      • Albert Butler

        Not a high draft pick. Round 5, number 164. He was picked up by the Browns after being cut by the Dolphins late last August and was immediately put on IR for the year with a foot injury. The book on him has always been upside. Not looking for a starter here, just depth that can be developed. Apparently, JOK is tearing it up and his versatility makes Weaver expendable.

        • UkAlex6674

          Massive blog favourite from recollection, but there was an issue with where he would actually fit on a team. We’ve kicked the tyres on far worse imo.

          • Rob Staton

            The problem with him was his body type wasn’t anything like what you’d expect from a NFL pass rusher. He lacked length, was stubby and had the frame of a converted DT. Yet his production at Boise State was excellent and his agility testing was surprisingly good.

            Sadly, at the NFL level, the agility hasn’t really stood out and he’s seemingly played like you’d expect a non-prototype EDGE to play. And his time in the NFL as a consequence appears limited.

            • Albert Butler

              Michael Bennett wasn’t prototypical anything either.

              • Rob Staton

                Do you also compare all non-athletic QB’s to Tom Brady?

                • Albert Butler

                  I compare them to Drew Bledsoe.

                  I wouldn’t compare Tom Brady to Michael Bennett either. I would compare him to Reggie White.

                • Albert Butler

                  Also, I don’t recall /tom Brady ever being cut. Michael Bennett was cut.

                  • Rob Staton

                    A suggestion…

                    Don’t do any of these comparisons.

  51. Bankhawk

    Looks like now that Adam’s has signed, Florio has started to bang the gong for Duane Brown as his alternative avenue to rags on the Hawks.
    Now, I for one, would love to see Brown appeased and back in the fold… like yesterday!
    But this Florio dude is starting to give me gas pains or something.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, Seahawks fans have certainly become all-pro at complaining about Mike Florio this off-season…

      • Albert Butler

        Nobody complains about Mike Florio better than Softy on KJR.

  52. pdway

    Jamal adams’ dad was a RB who played in the NFL? I never knew that… a first round pick too.

  53. L80

    So dude is going to get 6.5 MILLION dollars for a contract he SIGNED, and isn’t practicing because he wants an extension while the team is in a position with the LT doing the same thing and after paying Adams. This is sickening.

    Can’t deny me what I deserve.— Nino (@qdiggs6) August 27, 2021

  54. L80

    When I hear the giant ecuse/praise machine that is Pete, it makes me sick. We had an excellent chance to grab a good center in the last draft, and he says….blah, blah , blah about Pocic.

    So they tak an ijured WR instead. Makes total sense after looking at their recent drafts and even free agents…..Lets just get the injured guy. He may get well and be fantastic…..?????

    What the hell has happened to this leadership?…It’s ASS, its’ like stinky ass, unwashed ass.

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