New podcast: Reacting to the Jamal Adams deal & more

Today I was joined by Robbie Williams & Matt Mikolas to discuss the Jamal Adams contract and other Seahawks topics going into the second pre-season game…


  1. L80

    Looking forward to hearing it.

    I hope you guys talk a bit about CB. I think it’s the elephant in the room on defense. What we saw vs. 2nd and 3rd stringers by LV was frightening.

    • Rob Staton

      We will definitely be talking about the cornerback position

      • pdway

        I feel like Tre Flowers is almost the litmus test of this defense – – i.e. if he’s playing then we are still not going to be good.

        Cornerback (even more than DT) is the most worrisome position group on the team for me.

        • cha

          I think Brown has warranted some serious consideration.

          PC said something to the effect of ‘he hasn’t done anything wrong’ in camp, as in, he’s stepped in and not had some shaky rookie problems.

          Would be heartened to see the Seahawks get back to the model of throwing a rookie into the fray and living with mistakes to develop him and see what they have.

          This constant benching of rookies followed by acquiring a shiny new toy to keep him benched isn’t conducive to good resource management.

        • Paul Cook

          It gets a little tiresome watching mediocre QB’s complete first down passes 5-15 yards down field where our cover CB isn’t within 2-3 yards of the receiver. And oftentimes it has nothing to do with the inadequacies of our pass rush. It’s just that we lack corners who are willing and capable of even challenging their receivers on these short routes. Ho hum…another first down for the other team.

  2. Sean

    Now that we’ve digested the new Jamal Adams contract, it’s time to start thinking of how this will actually affect Adams. Namely, will it allow him to bring on a second style consultant?

    • cha

      He can definitely afford someone to cut up his strawberries for him now.

    • Rob Staton

      Good question.

      Alan can focus on hats and coats, new employee to work on pants and shoes.

      • God of Thunder

        Never go full Cam Newton!

        To be honest tho’ I do enjoy seeing what Mr Newton’s people throw together for his pressers, attire wise.

      • downtownjewelrybryan

        lol! who could forget Alan

    • Henry Taylor

      I hear there’s actually 2 new members being added to the team; Dave will cover hair and skin care whilst Wayne will focus exclusively on accessories.

    • Big Mike

      Outstanding post Sean. You definitely got right to the heart of what’s important for JA now.

  3. Sea Mode


    Brady Henderson

    Wilson said he and Dee Eskridge have been hitting the practice field at around 5:45 a.m. to go through plays for about an hour. “There’s still dew on the grass.” Seattle’s second-round pick just returned to practice from the toe injury that had sidelined him since the spring.

    • Paul Cook

      That’s good news. In spite of our slim pickings in last spring’s draft, I was excited about Eskridge and Tre Brown headed into camp. I watch a lot of Oklahoma football because my partner is a Sooner, and Brown is just a football loving play maker. Also, I really wanted to see Eskridge as a slot receiver, someone who RW could find not far beyond the line of scrimmage where he could make people miss in the open field, kind of a nice complement to DK and Tyler.


  4. JD

    Hi Rob, interesting discussion on the local stations (710 and 950) that the Hawks paid Adams based on his performance with Jets and not necessarily his performance last year and focused on how Adams was better in coverage and “traditional” safety play with Jets compared to how the Hawks used him. Be interesting to hear your perspective later today.

    Thanks for all you do for SDB!

    • Scot04

      Hugh Millen definitely didn’t have much positive to say about Adams when breaking him down. Also couldn’t see justifying the money for what he brings.
      About the only positive was I hope he proves me wrong.

      • Hawkdawg

        Well, Hugh has some pretty good evidence. based both on last season and the money involved.

        But Hugh has been wrong before, as he will admit.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve paid him because they believe in him. But it remains to be seen whether this staff and scheme can put him in a position to succeed as he did in New York.

      He played for Gregg Williams and Todd Bowles. Very different to the staff in Seattle.

  5. CaptainJack

    I don’t care if this gets me banned… fuck Jay Inslee

    • AW

      Yeah, fuck that guy for trying to protect the health and well-being of the public.

    • James Z

      Geez, I hope that means you’re not supporting DeSantis’ or Abbot’s ‘position’…

      • ElPasoHawk

        Thank God I live in Texas

        • SeaTown

          Amen. I love Florida!

        • Ben Ft. Worth


    • MychestisBeastmode

      Ya, spout those politics somewhere else bud! The pandemic sucks for everyone.

      • WallaSean


        • BobbyK

          Word x 2

    • Brik

      I recently started voicing my opinion because too many idiots who have been brainwashed by the media are being loud about theirs. I’m with you CaptainJack, these scared little kids are gonna lose all their freedoms and be happy about it. Y’all make sure you get your booster seats…I mean shots.

      • Chris

        I wonder how many dead people have lost all their freedoms due to morons that can’t put a little piece of cloth over their mouth or take a shot that stings for 2 seconds. We don’t really care about the lost freedoms of dead people though …

    • Rob Staton

      Please, let’s stay off this topic.

      It’s a football forum. Pure and simple.

  6. Sea Mode

    Surprise, surprise… So glad we avoided that drama. Let’s see if the Bucs give him anything more than a slap on the wrist.

    (great picture, though, I must say!)

    • swedenhawk

      Boo Boo the Fool

  7. Paul Cook

    What? For having one of the lowest per capita rates of Covid infections, hospitalizations, and deaths due to Covid in the country? For having one of the highest per capita vaccination rates?

    If it’s about that, I think that’s a good thing, don’t you?

    Now back to football. 🙂

    • Rik


      • Big Mike

        Who’s been brainwashed?

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          I work on the front lines in ER and ICU, its just another strand of the flu.

          • SeaTown

            @Ben. Yessir!! Spot on. And thanks for doing what you do!

          • Chris

            Yeah, the flu is well known for causing hundreds of thousands of deaths every year.

            And by the way, I’ve got some QAnon t-shirts to sell at fantastic prices!

            • Rob Staton

              Guys, I’ve already requested we don’t discuss this

  8. Sea Mode

    “Four budding stars…” 🤔

    Let’s… hope so?

    • cha



      • cha

        Maybe Alton Robinson too.

    • Rob Staton

      A list including a player who’s had a year injured and played one pre-season game and a third year bust candidate.

      • Hoggs41

        Not sure how Collier is on that list. Brooks and Ford I get but I agree, how do you really throw Taylor on there.

  9. L80

    Fortunately the Purple Mac seeds I germanated 5 months ago are budding, so at least there will be some budding stars !!

  10. cha

    5pm PST?

    Rob After Dark™

    • Robbie

      Anything after 7pm any where is after dark for me. 🙂

  11. Tomas

    Rob, Robbie, Matt: Strong line-up. Too bad the Hawks OL isn’t similarly imposing.

  12. mister bunny

    A lot of discussion about paying so much for Adams, but Rob let the cat out of the bag by saying that the cap is going to explode a few years down the line, and this deal will end up looking cheap. If that’s true, then look at the 2021 / 2022 cap hit rather than the APY. Adams has a cap hit of 5 million this year and 9 million next year. That’s pretty cheap!

    • Rob Staton

      I did use the word ‘IF’ — and if he doesn’t perform well, or is injured, it’ll still be a whole lot of money.

      • pdway

        I’m willing to get a little excited about seeing what Adams can do this year. willing to be a bit optimistic that last year’s performance dip was due in part to new team & scheme/Covid wonkiness/injuries. And yes, I know that some of the injuries are a concern, but a groin strain slowed him down the most imo, and there’s no real reason to think that’s going to be a chronic condition on a 25 y.o. guy.

        he’s really excelled every year from college to pros until last one – and he obviously should be happy and ready to go now w the contract he’s wanted.

        If he’s subpar this coming season, I’ll unabashedly join the chorus, but I remember what a wrecking ball he was in game 1 last year, and i’m looking forward to watching him play.

        • Rob Staton

          And there’s nothing wrong with that. Not sure why you’ve replied to my comment with it, though.

    • jeff

      The deal will never be cheap because of the trade compensation.

      • BobbyK

        Exactly. They could have had Javonte Williams on a rookie contract (therefore, a great RB situation on a team that supposedly wants to run the ball), a 3rd round pick on a rookie contract, and a 1st round pick next year on a rookie contract. Never mind Blair (a SS) still on a rookie contract to play the position. Due to these cheaper contracts on the roster, they could have opened the wallet more in free agency on positions of need. They wouldln’t have needed to save a million bucks by releasing Jarran Reed. They could have kept him and signed Alex Mack (or someone good). They could have been better. All this would have been cheaper than simply keeping J. Adams, paying him, etc…

        Rookie contracts (like DK is on right now) are gold. That’s when the Seahawks won their Super Bowl (before most were extended). But now they just throw these lottery tickets away like candy in a parade and it makes me mad.

        • UkAlex6674

          Cheaper contracts don’t always equate to good/better players though.

          • Rob Staton

            This is true — however, I think how you manage your resources is more important than ever. Especially when you are paying a franchise QB big money.

            On top of that, getting impact and depth from your draft picks and being able to improve your overall depth and quality within free agency is key. There’s nothing wrong with big contracts but Bob’s point on requiring your rookies to outplay their cheaper deals, while finding value in the veteran market, is crucial.

            The Seahawks, arguably, have not capitalised on the extreme value they’ve had with DK Metcalf in 2019/20. I don’t think they necessarily will this year either. In 12 months, he might be the highest paid receiver in the NFL. Meanwhile too many of their other high picks — Collier, Penny, Blair — have provided practically zero value for the investment.

            So this is a fair point he’s making.

            • UkAlex6674

              Yes this worries me about DK. What are the chances that they don’t pay up do you reckon?

              • Rob Staton

                If he continues to progress they way he has, he will be paid handsomely and probably at record levels.

                • Justaguy

                  The pretense is. Defense lives up to expectations and is abhorent.
                  Carson is injured plays half a season. Pete retires after wildcard playoff lose. Reset begins. Russ demands trade and gets traded for two first round picks and future second. Bobby is cut. Fans lose interest and only die hards pay attention for another decade… or more

            • Big Mike

              It’s all about drafting, something the Hawks have for the most part not done well for the last 7-8 years.

    • McZ

      The reality…
      – Duane Brown or a player roughly equal ti his capability costs 13-15m.
      – Metcalf will need a contract next offseason. 18m, at minimum.
      – RWs next contract will be in the 45-50m region and will soak up any remaining cap space.

      • Lewis

        I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell DK signs for as little as 18m per. If he has a big year this year, it could get stupid.

        • McZ

          I don’t even think he needs a good year. He drives jersey sales.

      • BobbyK

        DK is going to get about $25 million per year on his next contract, assuming he has another leap forward in ’21.

  13. clbradley17

    As you’ve mentioned in earlier articles, it wouldn’t be a quick fix to sign or trade for a center before the season starts. It would take weeks, possibly until the bye to train a new center on the offense, protections and get comfortable with RW. I was listening to a former player and his guest talk about the top players for 2021 in the Pac-12 and the only OL they mentioned was Luke Wattenberg, senior center for UW. They mentioned that he’s a finalist for the Remington Trophy as FBS’s best center, had played great in previous outings at LT and G, and is a road grader who can get to the 2nd level with ease.

    As good as Eskridge looked at the Senior Bowl, I really wish we would’ve taken either Creed Humphrey or Josh Myers at C instead of a WR. Now with Pocic injured as he’s been often over the last 4 years, and Fuller looking terrible against 2nd and 3rd string players in the Raiders game, we look totally screwed at C for 2021. How do you rate Wattenberg or who are some of the other better centers who may be available in the next draft? Of course we don’t have a 1st rounder once again, but Humphrey and Myers lasted until the late 2nd, so we may have a chance for a very good center next draft, that is if we address the trenches first and other positions later.

    • Nathan W.

      To my eyes, Watt from UW is a technician… good technique, smart player. Lacking in functional play strength at times. Would struggle 1-1 on NTs

    • MarkinSeattle

      Patterson at ND is a very good center. He is coming off an injury and surgery, but will be the best player on a line that traditional produces NFL OL. He may end up going before we pick though.

  14. Ben Ft. Worth

    Looks like a deal got done afterall, and for the going rate. Well done Seattle.

  15. Olyhawksfan

    Something that really frustrates me is the lack of toughness from this team. They used to be bullys, dogs, smash you in the mouth bamfs. That’s all gone and Pete seems cool with it. He must be drinking mic ultra, and putting it in the water at the V Mac.

    Outside of Carson, DK, Blair, Bobby and Diggs there’s just no hunger.

    • J.P.

      I think that applies more to the offense if anything. Outside of a few guys on that defense that will likely end up as backups, I’d view them as a hard-nosed group. It’s Pete’s defense, if nothing else, I expect them to lay it out there, win or lose.

  16. cha

    Presented without comment

  17. cha

    Just a quick PSA:

    With the Seahawks moving off Zoom for press conferences, you cannot hear the questions being asked at all on the broadcast. Just Pete’s answers. So it makes it near impossible to clearly transcribe anything.

    Pretty frustrating to hear Pete give a pretty thorough answer to a question mumbled off camera, and with no clues in his answer to let you know who/what he is talking about.

    I’ve asked the Hawks media team a couple times if there is anything that can be done and they acknowledge it is a problem and say they’re working on it. I recommended someone posting transcripts on the website, which they have done on occasion already.

    Getting reporters to ask their questions on a mic seems to be the challenge. Not sure why – other NFL teams do it all the time.

    • Lewis

      Even the people being interviewed can’t hear the questions half the time because of the crowd noise at camp

  18. Michael

    This is a bullsh@t comment. I work in the emergency department of a level 2 hospital 280 beds. I have had covid. I can tell you this is not just the flu.

    The important statistics are we have never had a vaccinated patient be admitted to the icu with covid.

    Have had many patients stay away from the hospital and significantly worsen or die because the hospital is full of unvaccinated people. We have canceled procedures because for sick people because of lack of beds because of unvaccinated people. So please be accurate and knowledgeable. We all effect each other…

    • Lewis

      Thank you. You are all heroes. Save your strength and compassion for someone worthy of it.

    • Rik

      Thank you!

  19. Justaguy

    Nice sentiments… Let’s keep this blog Seahawks related or risk losing it to the insanity

  20. Andrew Mitchell

    Hey Rob, I for one love English ales, and have been fortunate enough to visit a number of times. The U.S. has gone over the edge with perfume IPAs, or unfortunately Bud Light. In Seattle we now have a small brewery that specializes in English ales, darks, and mild bitters. Next time you visit be sure to drop by and try them, Machine House Brewery in a part of the old Rainier building.

    As for the Hawks, all hope rests on Shane Waldron bringing a spark back, crossing my fingers. And let the Tre Flowers era come mercifully to an end.

    Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Will do!

  21. Frank

    I have mixed feelings on it, he’s a great player but not worth the draft capital. He might be worth the money if the coaches can scheme around what he does well, and given they saw it with the Jets shouldn’t be a monumental tast, but my faith Norton is up too it is pretty low. I don’t think safety and RB are paid high enough in general, so almost like the market being reset around the league. Sucks to be first, but every other top ten safety is certainly a few dollars richer when signing their next contract.
    Hope they figure out how to use him, but also a concerning pattern in team building is showing up. They get guys for what they can do, and try to cover what they can’t with mixed results. Of Seattle’s superstars only Wagner is a true prototype for the position having no Achilles heal.
    Adams can’t cover slots, DK can’t run routes, Wilson can’t operate in a system. I feel this tendency to ignore the most important aspects of the position and get guys that are “bargains” in the draft leads to players that are kinda fools gold. They’ll stack stats, and beat up on weak opponents but against real competition will always faulter. Love the idea of a hard hitting safety, but unless he can shut down Kittle and pick off some passes does he really help you win? This one doesn’t bug me as much as overpaying RW, and very soon DK, but I’m pretty Meh about the face of the franchise players besides Wagner and KJ err, I mean just Wagner.

  22. clbradley17

    Our solution at receiver after DK & Tyler?

  23. Koko

    I’ll start by saying that I think Jamal’s contract is fair for what he brings. It may seem pricey but it honestly will keep him happy for probably 3 years at least. Other safeties will blow suprass his salary in that time of course. This should just get him to come to work for a few years.

    Coverage issues, sure, everyone has flaws. Polamalu even would cost his team games when he went off script, but does anyone really remember that? Jamal is a dude like Troy that just brings such an intense energy, is such a dawg and a leader by example, the type of guy you want on your team. We know Seattle values safeties more than other teams. Guys like that also bring an elite skill, it may not fit into conventional football thinking, but they have a niche and are extremely effective, nobody else does the things they do. Cover up the flaws the best you can and maximize their potential the best way you can as a team.

    • Rob Staton

      Other safeties will blow suprass his salary in that time of course.

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

      Coverage issues, sure, everyone has flaws.

      In fairness this is a bit like saying, ‘poor accuracy at QB, sure, everyone has flaws’

      Jamal is a dude like Troy that just brings such an intense energy, is such a dawg and a leader by example, the type of guy you want on your team

      I’m yet to see real evidence of this. It’s just something that gets said all the time. But I have not felt that Kam-style effect on the team. Not in the slightest last season, frankly

      Guys like that also bring an elite skill, it may not fit into conventional football thinking, but they have a niche and are extremely effective, nobody else does the things they do.

      Several players do what Jamal Adams does. I’d recommend listening to Hugh Millen’s breakdown on KJR this week. He detailed, effectively and clearly, that Adams is not the ‘unicorn’ he and others claim him to be.

      Cover up the flaws the best you can and maximize their potential the best way you can as a team.

      When you have used two firsts and a third on a player, then pay them $17.5m a year, I’d really rather not be faced with a situation where we have to ‘cover up his flaws’ to max out his potential. At that price, they should simply be out there delivering.

    • Olyhawksfan

      When I think of a ‘dawg’ on defense, it should be someone the offense fears. I don’t think that’s the case with Adams.

    • SeattleLifer

      Polomalu brought so much more to the team than Adams. Elite: instincts, field awareness, leadership and yes that dawg punishing nature plus he would never get seriously injured slightly nicking a tackle with his shoulder like Adams did, ie he was more durable for how crazy hard he played. Comparing these two is akin to comparing a puppy and a full grown dog.

      • Big Mike

        Appropo analogy my man

  24. BobbyK

    Richard Sherman was a dawg. People were so scared of him, they didn’t even throw at him.

    Kam was a dawg. Although he could get beat by TEs on occasion, he was a man to be feared.

    Bobby isn’t and wasn’t a dawg like those two, but he’s the best dawg we have. There’s a reason the Seahawks refused to pay Adams more than him.

    Adams is a good player. He’s going to do good things this season, but he wasn’t worth the 1st and 3rd this past draft and next years 1st – along with a lot of money that could have been used on other quality players that can no longer be used on them because of the his contract.

    I’m certainly going to root for him this season though. I’d love nothing more than for him to be a HOF type difference maker in ’21. We need it. Bad. I’m just skeptical because I think some think he’s better than he is.

    • cha

      That play as a Jet where he ripped the ball away from the QB and ran it to the house was a sight to see. I’d love to have one or two of those a season on schedule. A complete game changing play that flips the script.

      Also wonder how much his QBR against would have dropped if he’d been able to catch the 2 or 3 passes he got his hands on last year.

      • Ashish

        I’m assuming due to injuries he was not able hold on those balls.

    • Big Mike

      I want to see him play all 17 games and without making “business decisions” in any of them . That’d be a start.

  25. KD

    Things I want to see tonight:

    1.) Control TOP. Losing the time of possession battle by a 2-1 ratio was embarrassing.
    2.) Short passing. You don’t need a 1st down on every throw. Create options at every level and keep the chains moving.
    3.) Stop DEN on 3rd down. For Christ sake, if this continues to be an issue it will be a VERY long year.

    • SeattleLifer

      Get used to it. As I’ve written before a lack of DT pash rush, poor coverage OLB’s and subpar CB’s all equate to a whole lot of converted third downs. Sorry to all the hopeful one’s out there but having a decent pass rush from DE’s is not going to cover all of the above deficiencies on the rest of a defense.

      • Big Mike

        Sadly agree. My hope is that the Hawks control TOP with the Waldron’s O to keep opposing offenses off the field and score regularly with their possessions because like you, I don’t see the D even being middle of the road for the reasons you mentioned.

        • J.P.

          They will be middle of the road when it’s all said and done. They have been such for the past 3 seasons and I don’t think they’re much worse off than those squads really. PFF recently listed them as an average defense, as well. They’re not great, they’re not really bad either. There will be games where the offense struggles and they will win anyways. There will be games where Wilson needs to win a shootout. That’s basically textbook middle of the road defense. An actual bad defense and you probably get blown out and end up going 7-9 like Brees did for years.

    • Ashish

      This is now wish list from 3 years and every time they disappoints in different ways. No biggie for a change I’m not excited about the season. Surprise me Hawks.

  26. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Geno Smith, who didn’t practice all week while recovering from concussion, throwing passes in warmups. Carroll said Friday he was cleared to return.
    Bob Condotta
    Carlos Dunlap in a bucket hat and shorts, and appears to be getting the night off.
    Bob Condotta
    Tyler Lockett, who we didn’t see do much in practice this week, getting work in pregame warmups.

  27. Ashish

    I’m fan for NFL and Hawks from 2011. This is the worst hawks team i have seen. They look pathetic against 2nd or 3rd stringers.

    • 206

      Broncos have some starters out there, none the less poor depth for sure. I would like to see the hawks give the starters at least a series, you cant be scared of an injury ridden season, sometimes it happens, look at the 9ers last year.

    • Jordan

      Haha very good!

    • Denver Hawker

      All Broncos starters Q1

      • 206

        Theres no one right way, but I’m a believer in getting the starters some work in the pre season, might actually prevent injuries in the long haul who knows.

  28. Big Mike

    Darrell Taylor just made a total fool of by Royce Freeman in open space but yeah, let’s make him a LB when he’s obviously an Edge. But hey, we don’t need KJ.

    Oh, and first sack of the game was Chubb using Stone Forsythe. Bit hey, we don’t need Duane Brown either.

    • Denver Hawker

      I had the same thought Big Mike, I also am wondering if they’re just getting a look. Preseason is good opportunity to try out a few things.

      Tough to evaluate our 2/3s vs their 1s, but most of our guys looked overmatched. Ryan Neal belongs on the field. Our D-line is going to be a liability. Our entire defense might be for that matter.

    • Mac

      Taylor will be converted back to an edge in his contract year

      • Paul Cook

        Why is Taylor a LB? Why is Blair a CB? Things that make you go…

  29. Paul Cook

    Watching our offense without RW is a horror show. Good lord.

  30. Mac

    We’re like… never gonna score

  31. Robbie

    I’m out, garbage to watch

  32. Big Mike

    Good Lord this is miserable though I know damn good and well they wouldn’t have run on 3rd and 5. Trying to get Penny work.

  33. Ashish

    Who is the TE Thomson killed 2 drives. He should be cut first thing tomorrow.

    • Ashish

      Correction TE#49 Wood-Anderson why he is on field

  34. Troy

    Does anyone honestly think this team can win more than 2 or 3 games without Wilson? Absolutely putrid man. This is hard to watch

    • 206

      That’d be a stretch with Geno or Alex at QB lol

  35. Hawks4life

    Jamal adams talking about his “personal” goals for this season makes me sick to my stomach

    • 206

      He answered the question from Curt. Before that he said a super bowl is all that matters.

  36. Big Mike

    Injuries to BBK and Ursua that look season ending. Screw preseason games

  37. SeaTown

    This team has zero depth. Good luck.

    • Big Mike


      • SeaTown

        Also never amazes me how this D can make journeyman QBs look like Hall of Famers.

  38. Mick

    Can we cut a player in the middle of the game? This guy Wood-Anderson has nothing to do with NFL.

    • Ashish

      Why even you play him after 2 drives.

  39. Mick

    Not getting starters on the field I understand, losing I understand. Looking like a group of guys that you throw together for the first time in their lives and give them no plan, I don’t understand. I don’t expect McGough to throw to Toivonen for 50 yrds, but the basics (e.g. getting one lame yard in three attempts) should be there. This is a poorly coached team, and I have strong doubts that the starters will look like having a better plan.

  40. Spencer Duncan

    Trying not to overreact to a preseason game but I miss when our drafting/coaching was so good that our backups would go out there and dominate.

  41. Sea Mode

    Lol, at least we didn’t get shut out, right? riGhT? pRogReSs…

    • Sea Mode

      And managed to clean up our typical penalty problem… Oh, wait…

      Bob Condotta

      Seahawks with eight penalties to one for Denver.

    • Sea Mode

      Well said, Brady.

      Brady Henderson

      The Lumen Field DJ just played “Right Now” by Van Halen. Probably the most exciting and noteworthy thing that’s happened here in the last half hour or so. #preseason

  42. Big Boi

    I don’t know for sure, but Justin “previous highest ever paid safety” Simmons snagging a near-impossible toe-drag interception followed by DK acting like some fan-boy asking for the ball afterwards told me VOLUMES about this team on both sides of the ball. Ugh. JA never would have been in position for that, let alone able to catch it. And DK is becoming progressively more bizarre, holding the ball up like a trophy. So weird.

  43. KD

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking
    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking
    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines <— You are here
    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue

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