Sunday game tape – Poe, Curry, Mercilus & more

Something for a lazy Sunday… game tape on Dontari Poe, Vinny Curry, Whitney Mercilus, Andre Branch and Chandler Jones. Keep an eye on Marshall’s Curry, a player who theoretically fits what the Seahawks are looking for – he’s a high motor pass rusher with a lot of college production. Although he’s not the biggest statistically (6-3, 266lbs) he looks big on tape and plays with a lot of control. Unlike Mercilus and Branch, he’ll be more adept at lining up in multiple looks to create mismatches, but his run defense will ensure he doesn’t challenge the top 2-3 guys in the class. I still fully expect Curry to go earlier than most people are currently projecting.



  1. Justin Mullikin

    After watching all the film samples I like Chandler Jones the most, gets off the ball quick shows he can bull rush or speed rush when needed. I think he would be a good 2/3 round pick up.
    I do also like the idea of pass rushing OLB that can play both OLB or DE when needed like Upshaw, Zack Brown, Kendricks, etc Reading all of the posts is getting me more excited for the draft and the rest of free agency, great job on blog and post.

  2. Zach

    Would definitely love a combo of either Upshaw in the first and either Kendricks or Brown in the 2nd if either of them are there.Love Upshaws versatility and brawler mentality.I would also love to see Doug Martin in the 2nd when our pick comes up.

  3. Zach

    Vinny Curry’s versatility is also very intriguing and I wouldn’t mind seeing him being picked up in the second if he were there.

  4. AlexHawk

    Matt Flynn agreed to terms not sure what to think, thats quite a large contract more than I expected thoughts?

    Adam Schefter ‏ @AdamSchefter Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Filed to ESPN: Matt Flynn has agreed to terms witj Seattle on a 3-yr contract worth up to $26M w/$10M guaranteed.

  5. AussieSeahawk

    Flynn to Seattle. 26 mill, 3 years.

  6. Rob

    Just writing a blog post on Flynn in Seattle. Stand by.

  7. dave crockett

    On Flynn — not a bad deal at all; 10 mil guaranteed (reported)

  8. dave crockett


    thought you weren’t a Branch guy (not that putting his film up implies endorsement) but you’ve included him early in your last few mocks. What are you hearing about how much teams like him?

  9. Doug

    YA BABY!

    Well, I guess that rules out my Tannahil prediction, and opens up the draft in a crazy new way!

    I’m actually pretty stoked, as a matter of fact, I;m exactly as stoked as TJack is bummed.

    This ought to give us something new to talk about eh RObert?
    I’m also guessing that Alex Smith isn’t going to sign with us now, unless they totally dump TJack… It would be pretty funny to snag Smith, and have Payton snub SF, leaving them with nothing hehe, now that would be some bad ass front office moves!

  10. Jim

    8.67 million a year sounds a lot like “starter money”.

  11. Hawkspur

    I agree with Jim. T-Jack for the clipboard or traded for a 6th rounder? I’m guessing he’ll be kept around but that contract of Flynn’s does imply that the starters job is his to lose.

  12. Colin

    Brilliant move by John! 10 million guaranteed seems like a steal if this works out. Schneider pulls another rabbit out of the hat.

  13. Doug

    Plus we get to say Matty some more!

  14. Stuart

    After Flynn left for Miami, so did our chances of signing him, so we all thought. No matter how you slice it, this is great news for the Seahawks.

  15. Derrick

    Yeah, I agree Colin, 10M guaranteed is a steal when you consider Kolb got 22M guaranteed! I wasn’t in favor of getting Flynn but I can’t hate on this deal…it’s worth the minimal risk and doesn’t prevent the Hawks from still going after a QB next year if need be.

  16. Hawkspur

    Referring to my previous post: after reading some Dolphins message boards (the very definition of meltdown for the past hour), I’d only be slightly shocked if we couldn’t trade Jackson to the Fins for their 1st or 2nd rounder.

  17. Dave B

    Agreed! Love this move. I am skeptical about his skills, but again, the front office is great here in Seattle. They know how to set up contracts that do not hurt them. Although this is still more money than I expected, it in no way breaks the bank or hinders us from looking for a QB in next years draft. Hopefully Flynn convinces us all by ballin out of his mind and we can end all these QBOTF rants. Time to draft our defense into the top 5!


  18. FWBrodie

    Been saying since shortly after I saw Chandler Jones for the first time on this blog that he’s the best 4-3 end in this draft. I think he’s a deserving round one pick. I’d take him over Ingram, Branch, Perry, Mercilus, or Curry.

    Good length, size, power. Great hands. Very comfortable making open field tackles and knows how to bury a QB. When he makes contact you hear the pop, he can hit. He has the speed to gain a step on a tackle and the power to turn the corner on him. In the other full game available on him (WVU) he had some issues with keeping his form consistent, mainly staying low. Not at all in this game and looking back that was his first game back from injury so I’ll chalk it up to rust. He really has the look of a dominant NFL edge rusher. I also like his instincts against the run. He controls the outside lane well and although he looks a little awkward in pursuit, he is willing and able.

    Not sure how he would fit with Seattle if you assume Jason Jones is playing some end, but I’m not sure it matters. If by some miracle he’s still on the board when the Hawks pick the second time, I’d fully support that. In fact if Upshaw and Coples are gone at 12, I really wouldn’t complain there either. He’s that good.

  19. FWBrodie

    By the way, before I saw this Pitt game I wasn’t as confident in Jones because I thought he lacked polish despite his obvious talents and upside. This game showed me he’s a lot more polished than I believed and I really think he was just not comfortable yet coming back from a knee injury against West Virginia. The family pedigree helps that confidence as well. Really good player.

  20. FWBrodie

    Branch sucks. I don’t think he has the strength to pull off defensive end in the league. Love the motor, but it isn’t enough. I don’t see how he gets picked in the first round unless somebody sees what they need at 3-4 OLB. It seems like he gets effortlessly driven around the back of the pocket 15-20 times a game. Terrible.

    Curry is a tough player. Watching him against that ugly wing-t, triple option garbage FIU runs is annoying though. God I hate that offense. He lost contain a few times, which is a big mistake, but against that offense it’s almost expected a few times a game. He’s strong enough to play the run, whether he’s smart enough I’m undecided on.

    Mercilus has the motor of Branch but also the strength and technique to play end. He’s safely in that second tier of first round pass rushers I think and probably up at the top right after Ingram. Much better than Branch at setting the edge and playing the run as well as at realizing when to plant and drive toward the quarterback when rushing on the edge.

    Poe is once again unimpressive in this game against weak competition. You can see the strength, but lacks the instinct. Maybe he can learn. I’d pass.

  21. peter


    I know you had mentioned keeping an eye on Bruce Irvin, how do you think his arrest For I guess ripping up a sandwich shop sign(?) affects his stock?

    I’m curious because I see him for some reason as a guy who could get pushed into his full potential not unlike Lynch (who did a ton of dumb stuff at first) with the right coaching…I don’t know why, I think we all get that way about certain players

  22. genax

    branch is a pretty impressive speed rusher. i mean he tries to run around the tackles outside shoulder over and over and he does it.

    poe is a bully

    merciless sucks at running plays and inconsistent. maybe he’s tired?

    curry video link is not working

  23. genax

    oops i mean curry bullrushes alot

  24. A. Simmons

    I’m off the Poe bandwagon now. Combine was great. Watching his film I see a pure two-gap tackle with a lack of instinct and no real pursuit ability. The guy is flailing around while the ball carrier and QB run away from him or the blockers easily guide him away from the QB and ball carrier. Looks like a guy that would do ok on a 3-4 team. But he’s no Haloti Ngata. Haloti pursues the QB and goes after the ball carrier. And seems to read the play and be disruptive at the point of attack. Haloti controls his blockers, his blockers don’t control him. Poe doesn’t seem like that type of player. I’ll go back to my usual “trust the front office” approach. Whoever they get I’ll assume is a well-researched, productive pick. Given how free agency has gone I almost expect them to trade down and draft a couple of stud LBs in the 1st and 2nd round. We have very few LBs signed. No moves on Leroy or Hawthorne. I think our D-line is set with who the want. I think it will be LBs and possibly DEs in this next draft. Probably more LEO depth, a situational pass rusher, and some LBs with the strongest focus on LBs.

  25. FWBrodie

    Well said on Poe, former Seahawk LB Anthony Simmons.

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