Sunday links — updates on Russell Wilson, Frank Clark

Frank Clark won’t be leaving Seattle

According to Jay Glazer, trade talks concerning Frank Clark have died down. Glazer originally suggested teams were calling about Clark back in March. He name-checked the Bills as a suitor, before the team denied the link.

Now Glazer says the likelihood is Clark will stay with the Seahawks. This isn’t a surprise. With a fantastic 2019 defensive line class in the draft and the need to pay Clark at least $65m guaranteed after giving up a high pick, a trade became increasingly unlikely. Now the question is can the Seahawks get a long term deal done before July 15th or will he play on the franchise tag and become a free agent in 2020?

Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle?

Another weekend, another load of weird drama in the Russell Wilson contract saga.

Firstly, Jake Heaps tweeted that John Schneider and Mark Rodgers had been spending hours together trying to work out a deal. Many saw this as a breakthrough, although Heaps had only 24 hours earlier suggested there was an alarming lack of traction in talks.

Then Mike Florio wrote an article, seemingly from the Seahawks perspective, that the team isn’t sure Wilson wants to stay in Seattle:

“Per a league source, the Seahawks think that Wilson would like to play elsewhere, even if he hasn’t and wouldn’t ever say it. They also believe that this unspoken dynamic will cause Wilson to drive a harder bargain with them than he would with another team.”

Shortly after, NFL insider and intrepid reporter Tyrann Mathieu tweeted the following:

Then today Florio opined on Wilson again — hinting strongly that he’s looking for a percentage of the cap per year:

“If the Seahawks want to avoid embarking on a year-to-year franchise-tag dance with Wilson, which would culminate in a one-year tender of $52.43 million in 2022, they likely will need to be willing to give Wilson insurance against spikes in the cap and, in turn, growth in the market that could result in players like Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Baker Mayfield leapfrogging Wilson while he works through the years of his third NFL deal.”

Although not quoting any sources, this reads like a direct response from the Wilson camp to Florio’s earlier report about the Seahawks thinking the player would like to play elsewhere.

Life’s never dull in Seattle. And don’t say we didn’t warn you. This latest saga is already well past the Earl Thomas drama from a year ago.

So what can we make of all this?

It reads like the two parties continuing to play out negotiations through the media — a staple for both since the end of the season. Battling for the upper hand is normal in negotiations of this nature. Public opinion also matters.

Deadlines force action. We’ll see if both sides are willing to compromise in the 11th hour. By Tuesday this could all be a load of hot air from both parties in the middle of a heated negotiation.

That said, it really looks like Wilson is coming at this from two positions:

1. Re-set the quarterback contracts market as a Seahawk

2. If the team won’t do that, play out on the tag and follow a similar path to Kirk Cousins

If that’s the position — it’s no wonder Adam Schefter, Jack del Rio and others are at least touting the possibility of a trade. The Seahawks aren’t going to sleepwalk into a scenario where Wilson walks as a free agent in 2022. If he shuts down negotiations after April 15th — they basically have one more off-season to work this out. Get a deal done or make a trade.

Let’s speculate for a moment and consider the possibility that the Seahawks are willing to make Wilson the highest paid player in the league based on APY. If Wilson’s response is to continue to ask for a league-changing percentage of the cap guaranteed — it’s no wonder they might start to question his desire to remain in Seattle (thus, Florio’s report and all the trade talk).

Compromise from both parties was always going to be necessary. Are both willing to compromise?

We’ll probably find out in the next 24 hours.

My prediction hasn’t changed. I doubt Wilson signs a new contract before April 15th and will play the 2019 season in Seattle. Then in the 2020 off-season he will be tagged and the Seahawks will be left with a big call — either give in to Wilson’s demands or trade him.

And I’ll say it again for the 456th time this off-season. If there’s no deal before the draft and if this is heading to a stand-off in 12 months time — they have to seriously consider spending a high pick on a quarterback.

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  1. Lyric

    Florio is a windbag with no more credibility than a fart in a whirlwind. If Russell wants out, he’ll say so. He’s a straight shooter.

    • Coleslaw

      Russell isnt negotiating this thing. Mark Rodgers is. I would not be the least bit surprised if the Seahawks had already met Wilson’s demands, and now this whole “match the cap rise” thing is his response to us giving in. Just raise the bar higher, it’s the same thing as saying no, but keeping the door open to fleece the seahawks if they’re really that desperate to keep you.

      This could also just be the Seahawks side of negotiations being played out through the media. Questioning his commitment to the team seems like a stepping stone to saying publicly that he denied the best QB contract ever.

      Either way, I dont see an option where Russell Wilson is a Seahawk in 2021, unless him and Ciara split, I’m afraid that hes already gone.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Ciara is a red herring in this whole thing. She isn’t impacting anything.

        This is all Russell Wilson & Mark Rodgers and whether they’re willing to compromise.

        • Barry

          I’m not as inclined to say a man’s wife isn’t impacting anything when everything is considered. I do agree with the possibility of her being a red herring. But can’t dismiss a probability of an impact at the same time.

          • Rob Staton

            Ciara isn’t going to tell Wilson to force a trade.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah I can just see it now. Wilson popping onto 710 ESPN to reveal he wants out. That’ll definitely happen if he wants out…

      Come on man. Whatever your views on Florio he’s not pulled those two articles out of his backside. You might think he’s a windbag and I don’t agree with his bleeding heart stuff on the CBA and player contracts. But he’s connected on this story. Mark Rodgers, or one of his staff, was texting him during one of his live shows.

      • Shadow

        Florio’s well-known stance on this issue makes it all the more likely that Rodgers would reach out to him. He knew he’d have a friendly ear. Not saying I buy into it wholeheartedly but it makes sense that the two would connect.

    • lil'stink

      “If Russell wants out, he’ll say so.” No, he won’t. At least not at this point. It would hurt his image too much, and Wilson cares about his image as much, if not more, than any pro athlete out there.

    • GerryG

      Not sure I would call Russell a straight shooter. 95% of his comments to the media are regurgitated cliche sports statements. Which isn’t to say he is deceitful, but a straight shooter to me gives you an honest sincere answer that is relevant to the question.

      • Barry

        Good point, GarryG

  2. Joe

    I’ve been a Seahawks fan for as along as I can remember. The offseason drama these past five years has been absurd. Teams with this kind of drama do not win super bowls. I agree with you Rob about what will happen/play out with Russell.

    Go Hawks

    • Trevor

      +1 the drama has been unbearable. All about “me” not “we”since the SB loss. Been a Hawks fan for 39 years and this off season has been one of my least favorite so far.

      • Coleslaw

        I kind of agree. This was supposed to be the offseason where we built off of last year’s team that came “out of no where”. The 12s were supposed to get hyped this year like after the Atlanta loss in 2012. Instead it’s been plagued by uncertainty and drama. Contract mumbo jumbo sucks…

        • Trevor

          Exactly last year was such a fun year with the team seemingly regaining its image and culture but that seems like a distant memory now.

          • Coleslaw

            Mo money mo problems.

        • Rob Staton

          Let’s just hope it’s all sorted one way or another by next year so we can look forward to a draft with 11 picks.

          • Coleslaw

            Agreed. I just cant decide one thing.

            What’s the better option?

            A) Trade Russell for a 1st and 3rd

            B) Sign him to a fully guaranteed deal that almost matches the price of 3 franchise tags

            • Rob Staton

              You’re not trading him for a 1st and a third.

              If that’s the best offer you just prepare for two franchise tags and see what happens between now and 2021.

              • Coleslaw

                Is 2 1sts a real possibility then? I’ve always thought Russ would demand more than Khalil Mack, but his stance will tank his trade value. What do you think we would be looking at, say next year?

                • Barry

                  When players are traded ala Mack it’s often when they want a larger contract. The only position that matters is the one Wilson plays on the field. QB. The range would start with two firsts and later picks.

              • IHF

                a first and a third is ludicrous. Jay Cutler, Prince of mediocrity, was traded for 2 firsts a third and Kyle Orton and RW gets a first and a third? If that happens fire everyone in the organisation and start over.

    • lil'stink

      How much actual drama has there been, though? Just a bunch of hand wringing from the media and us fans about things that will sort themselves out. There’s a lot of questions, sure, but drama? I would wager that there is less actual drama than in some previous seasons.

      We’re coming off an unexpectedly good season, and have all but a couple of our key starters back. I’m psyched for the 2019 season.

  3. Darin

    To me this is starting to be a scenario where it seems like the longer this goes the more where there is smoke there is fire.

    We all know how calculated Russell is with what is out there, what is said about him and how his brand is represented. With his life goals is he starting to think that placing himself in a big time market will provide him a better platform for his brand continuing to grow?

    I don’t feel like any major trade is brewing, but if the Hawks were working on something I don’t think many outside of Schneider and Carroll would have any knowledge of it. Keep towing the line that he is going to be the Hawks QB for the foreseeable future in order to get the best possible deal.

    As good as Wilson is, and I have been a fan of his since his college days, if he truly doesn’t want to play in Seattle and the team gets that vibe without him directly telling them, then hoping to make a trade that nets them the highest value possible is the best move.

    If Wilson wants to continually be the highest paid QB in the league even after other QBs sign new deal then that goes against the belief that he has put forth that he is a team player first.

    • Trevor

      Some great points!

  4. Trevor

    Rob I think you have laid out the scenario and likely outcome this off season perfectly and I agree this is exactly what will likely happen.

    I firmly believe however that if the Hawks made him an offer to be the highest paid QB ahead of Rodgers and he turned it down wanting a % of cap deal then he should be moved now if they even can get anything for him given his contract demands.

    I know you think it is too early to give up but Russ set the deadline and he is only going to have more leverage next off season. What is going to change?

    Also this is a young roster do you really want an entire year of media speculation about whether or not your supposed leader wants out of Seattle?

    If no deal is done by end of day tomorrow I truly hope JS puts a big for sale sign up and if he can get anything greater than a (2) 1st and some change I say grab it becuase the value is only going down and this team is not winning an SB this year under the shadow of the Russel Wilson contract saga in all likelihood.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d say this though Trevor — as we’ve clearly seen now with Frank Clark — saying ‘they should trade him’ and actually getting a reasonable offer are two different things.

      You might imagine a scenario where they should deal him now. That’s fine. But if teams aren’t willing to pony up there’s nothing you can do. And currently — I’m struggling to think of a likely trading partner other than the Giants and there’s every chance they’re preparing to make the most of this draft with picks #6, #17 and #37, roll with Eli for another year and then make a move in 12 months.

      Putting a big for sale sign up won’t help much either. There’s no worse bargaining position than, ‘please buy this we’re desperate’. And that’s what they’d be, 10 days before the draft. Desperate.

      Giving Wilson away would be worse than enduring a year more of this saga.

      That’s why I think there’s a strong chance they go QB first up and then start to plan ahead.

      • Trevor

        I agree Rob I don’t think Wilson would have many if any trade suitors willing to meet the contract demands and give up multiple early picks. That is the real dilemma in my opinion.

        • Rob Staton

          There will be offers for him next year I just think it’s virtually impossible to do it 10 days or less before the draft.

          • GerryG

            Agreed. For any team it would represent a 180 degree turn of planning. You can’t remake the entire path of your team in ten days

  5. Coleslaw

    Russell for Saquon straight up let’s do it!!!

    • Troy

      Rob, how do you delete someone else’s comment?

      • Rob Staton


      • dylanlep

        Lol. Rob, how do I rec someone else’s comment?

  6. charlietheunicorn

    Let’s say RW does go to the Giants…… what kind of garbage team will they have around him?
    They are not close to being a serious contender. They need serious work around the OL and the defense. They let go some of their very talented younger players go this offseason… from a winning perspective, it doesn’t make sense. Even with RW, they might go 6-10.

    Then what are they going to do with Eli? Trade him for a bag of peanuts?

    The Giants part of this whole thing is a real head scratcher. Their are more attractive landing spots in the NFL….. dare I say the new look Raiders might be a better deal.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d respond to this in two ways…

      1. I think it’s more likely the Giants would have interest next year, having used this draft to bolster their roster at other positions.

      2. The New York angle is Wilson’s apparent interest in playing in a major media market, especially one that his idol Derek Jeter played in. Whether there’s any reality in that remains to be seen.

    • Coleslaw

      Its not about the team it’s about the market. It’s the big apple.

  7. Eli

    Overthecap has the details on the Demarcus Lawrence contract up and honestly it isn’t that bad – only the first two years are fully guaranteed w/ base salaries of $6.1m and $16.9m. $25m signing bonus spread out over 5 years and the 3rd year of the deal is only guaranteed for injury that vests on the 3rd day of the new league year. In terms of the cap he basically got a 2 yr. $48m deal with $33m counting the first two years – an average cap hit of $15.5m.

    I know its a bit of a simplistic way to look at it but it really isn’t that bad of a deal and I have no reason to think we would be uncomfortable signing Frank to something similar.

  8. Hawksince77

    This seems consistent with my read: Clark stays, and RW goes (eventually).

    Why? Because Clark fits their core team identity. Also, PC has said publicly several times since the combine that Clark isn’t going anywhere (or words to that effect). Have we heard anything other than “We’d like to keep him (RW)” and “I don’t think Seattle will let me go.”

    In a word, Clark fits, RW doesn’t (at his asking price).

    As for trade value, it would have to be NYG’s 6, 17, 37 and 2020 1st, IMO. To Rob’s point, that may be too rich for NYG, and what other team’s offer may be too low as well. Even though I see the logic of trading RW now, giving him away (pretty much anything less than 3 firsts, IMO) would be terrible.

    The Seahawks will pay Clark, eventually. The way it appears RW is acting, Seattle may not be willing to offer enough. Hopefully there’s a team out there willing to offer what RW is worth (more or less). If not, we go into 2019 with little draft capital, a need to draft a good QB (possibly using a top pick) and using the tag on RW next year, with the risk of losing Wagner or Reed, should the tag be needed for them (like it was this year for Clark).

    Fingers crossed that the right thing happens (relative to the future success of the team).

  9. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Ugh… So tired…already…let’s go 2019 draft already…JS turn 4 picks into 8…🤙🤙🤙

    • CaptainJack

      Hoping they trade Russell, I think the run heavy offense we want doesn’t justify crippling ourselves with being able to resign other players and free agents.

  10. ZB

    I love Russ….as a football player. I am finding myself loathing him(maybe too strong) as a person as the years go on. He seems so selfish right now I can’t stand it. What is a few million more when you are going to make $100’s of millions in your career. Ugh.

    He will end up destroying this franchise over the next 5 or so years if he keeps this up and we end up paying him. I am firm and fixed on getting everything we can for him as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next 12 months or so.

    Never thought I would be saying this but…I hope he leaves.

  11. CaptainJack

    Rob, talking about drafting QBs, what do you think of Tyree Jackson out of Buffalo?

    He really reminds me of a raw version of Cam Newton. I’m really excited about his potential. I’d love to draft him after a trade down or two

    • CaptainJack

      If you stash both Jackson and lynch for a season, and then lose wilson in a year, I’d feel pretty good about that situation.

    • H

      Big Tyree fan, love his potential and I love his personality. No one has more fun playing football.

      Wouldn’t go as far as feeling “good” about the situation if it’s him and Lynch, but he does make a lot of ‘wow’ plays that make you wonder what he might be.

  12. JC

    Now Florio is tweeting:

    “There’s some chatter on the league grapevine tonight about a possible Frank Clark trade FYI.”

    • All I see is 12s

      Peter king tweeted something cryptic about the NW as well.

      • Rik

        A lot of speculation on twitter right now. Where there’s smoke …

        But seriously, so many traded draft picks may mean we have to do something drastic to get more picks in a loaded draft.

  13. Tony

    I have to say for those in the “dont pay him” side, I dont understand the reasoning. Yes a rookie QB is cheaper, and we can pay more to others. But what are the odds your rookie qb is worth a shit? New guy could be injury prone, bad or just not clutch. Your whole team dynamic might have to shift. Maybe the deep ball isnt as good. Or the blitz pickup is terrible. The chance we get a stud qb is slim. So why make that gamble if we dont have to. Me? I’m willing to pay him crazy ish money. Hell I’ll go up to 40/yr. Really destroy the market for everyone if I’m forced to. I’d throw 35 easily for 4 yrs, then start grabbing young replacements. And push off the crazy gamble of letting a prime qb walk with no future QB ready.

    But the seahawks really screwed themselves here. Theres no backup plan. If RW really presses for super crazy money or turns down stupid crazy money, then I pull that trade and bomb his credibility with that info slipping to media. But it likely happens next yr. I get guys wanting certain spotlights and playing in certain cities. But most guys want to win, want to max there value well, and be in a good position to succeed. RW has all those. I bet they are not far off either, itll come down to gautentees probably.

    Mark my words, this gets done. If RW can convince seahawks that it’s now or never, then it gets done. If this is about getting business done before camps and not liking talks during playing time, then they probably get close and restart next yr. Media will media. And neither RW or hawks will allow rumors to distract them.

    • GerryG

      The reasons for this have been brought up many times. The most obvious being what’s to stop Bobby, Franck, Jaran etc from setting the market millions over the last contract.

      Also, Mr Staton does not like profanity on his blog.

      • Tony

        Apologies for the cuss word.

        The difference is russ is a true franchise qb. The single most sought after thing in probably all of sports. It is not treated the same as a good pass rusher or an elite LB. And like rob has stated, we can afford to pay all 4. Signing elite players top deals isnt what hamstrung the seahawks the last few years. It’s the lack of draft picks or the trades for elite talent that didnt pan out. Overpaying mediocre talent is worse. I’d rather pony up top cash to the best players. Reed and Clark are also looking for 2nd deals. Which is prime years. Wags and russ both looking for 3rd deals have shown no decline or injury risk. I think all 4 are safer bets then say paying 3/4 of your DBs top money.

    • Rob Staton

      This isn’t about ‘don’t pay him’.

      Never has been never will be.

      It’s about RW being able to compromise and not try to revolutionise contracts forever and cripple the Hawks cap.

      And I’m not marking your words. There’s no way of being sure this gets done.

      • Tony

        You’ve never changed your perspective on the situation, which is nice to see. The “dont pay me” people are other writers, media or commenters that seem to chime in on the fact that a good rookie qb can create so much more cap space for others. But it’s not realistic to expect us to find a good starting qb. And I agree that IF russ goes for some insane type deal or really wants out then theres little the seahawks can do. I just see the seahawks doing everything possible to sign him.

  14. Greg Haugsven

    Getting back to draft talk. What do you think the order of importance is between DL, WR, and CB/S are and which one of the three do you think will be there first pick? I would probably go with this.


    and go with WR as the first pick.

    • AndrewP

      If I were making the picks (and I certainly am not, and PCJS are where they are and I’m where I am for a reason), my picks on Day 2 would be:
      – WR who can flip the field
      – DT who can wreak havoc

      Then, use Day 3 to build depth and competition that will desperately be needed with a top-heavy roster ($$$-wise) on the horizon.

      • Dale Roberts

        You’ve heard Pete and John say, “we felt going in that this is a guy we had to get”. The Hawks seem to have players they covet. If one of those guys is available and appropriate for wherever their first pick lands or a “Jaran Reed” fall to them then that will make the decision. I understand that the Hawks rank their board with need in mind but unless there are two coveted players with the same ranking I doubt position will be the deciding factor for their first pick.

    • GerryG

      I’m on record with saying the Baldwin ripple effect is massive. They need to plan ahead for him with a draft pick, but if he’s done they need a year 1 impact player, so you have to draft WR first.

      I’m all all about DL first, but if you can still get quality in rd3, maybe you can wait. They do have Naz and Reed to play the 5, and the developing Martin at LEO.

      So if Baldwin plays, I’d go safety/nickel hybrid, DT, WR

  15. Dale Roberts

    1) I can’t find any results from D’andre Walker’s 2nd pro-day, have you seen anything? Is there any indication that he’s on Seattle’s radar? Is he a third round pick at this point?

    2) How good is Poona Ford and how much does he change Seattle’s draft day plans?

  16. DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

    No comments on the % of the cap? Mayybe I missed them? Yeah, seems like a hard pass, but lets take a look anyway.

    I think it is either the highest contract or a %, but not both. So, $35 million or the percent equivalent of $30 million, there abouts. You only go a % if it is a long term contract and you are concerned about a big rise in the cap especially due to legalized gambling. Lets call it a 7 year deal.

    With a cap of $188 million, 35 is closer to 19% than 18%, and $30 million is about 16%. If the cap rises to $250 million then 19% is $47.5 million and 16% is $40 million. That is a big cap jump and those numbers seem reasonable 3-4 years into the next deal. Split the difference and 17.5% of $188 is $33 million and almost $44 million on a $250 million cap.

    So, whatever. Does an opt out do the same thing to protect the player in a rising market? Is this just another negotiating points? Could the Mariners just keep winning until this is done?

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, you missed it. 😉 I tried this a couple weeks ago:

      The problem if you go down this road is that if Wilson gets 18% of the cap now, Watson will ask for 20%, Mahomes will ask for 25%, etc…

      Hopefully there is some kind of agreement between owners/front offices that “we don’t want to go there, so nobody do it”.

      • Cameron

        This would definitely be well on the optimistic view of this subject, but I do wonder if this could end up settling into a more structured means of contract negotiations.

        For instance, imagine an NFL landscape where contract amounts fall into tiers, with tier 1 (perhaps top 3) QB’s are expected to get roughly 18% of the cap, tier 2 (say, rank 4-7) are expected to get 16%, and some decreasing percentage by tier from there. Then the only critical negotiations would be regarding which tier is appropriate and guarantees.

        This is certainly an optimistic thought exercise, but it seems like it would protect the players in the way of salary cap jumps and maintaining market value, and would protect the team from ever rising contract cap percentages further crippling team-building.

      • Hawkdawg

        Agreements among competitors as to wages (among other things) are an antitrust no-no.

  17. CaptainJack

    I’ll go on record to say trading Clark right now would be borderline idiotic.

    • Sean-O

      But paying him 20+ mil per on a new, long term deal makes sense? I think if SEA can get at least an early 2nd for him they might move him. That money saved could go a long way in paying others plus get a pick(s) for the draft.

      • CaptainJack

        Once the likes of Joey Bosa and Myles Garrett get paid? Yup it will make sense.

      • CaptainJack

        You aren’t finding another Clark in second round of this draft, I’m sorry.

        • RealRhino2

          What round did we find Clark in? I’m not saying there’s a great chance of finding his equivalent in R2, but (a) let’s not act like Clark is Khalil Mack or Von Miller, and (b) there are good DEs at around his level to be found in R2. Demarcus Lawrence, Tre Flowers, Danielle Hunter, Preston Smith, Yannick Ngakoue, etc.

          He’s a very good player, but like with anybody else, you can’t just write a blank check.

          • CaptainJack

            Clark lasted into round two because of a pretty unique situation, I don’t see that situation this year. It would be like Sweat lasting into round 2. Not going to happen. Also Clark is better than all those players you mentioned.

    • millhouse-serbia

      He won’t be at VMAC today.

      • CaptainJack

        doesnt mean anything

  18. RWIII

    Rob: Excellent article. I have said this once and I will say it again. WHAT DOES RUSSELL WILSON WANT? There is NO DOUBT in my mind that John Schneider will offer Russell Wilson a deal which includes him becoming the highest paid QB in NFL history.

    It all depends on Russell Wilsons demands. Is Russell Wilson willing to compromise? Here is something no one else has mentioned. Suppose the Giants take a QB in this draft and they are happy with the pick. The Giants would really have no interest in trading for RW next year. Where does that leave Russell Wilson. I suppose his second choice would be Los Angeles.

    Here is another question. Does Russell Wilson realize that if a team pays him a salary that is astronomical, that it would handcuffed the ream? Does he care? I don’t know. We really won’t know until he signs his next contract.

    A couple of other points to make. It seems to me that you have Floria and the honey badger saying one thing. And you have Jake Heap and Brock Huard saying something different. I personally have MORE respect for Heap/ Huard than I do for Florio/honey bagder. There is a possibility that RW camp is leaking to Florio/honey badger to strengthen their negotiating position. Like everyone else just speculating. Volume 12. Would love to hear your take.

    • Rob Staton

      I get people not liking Florio.

      But people try too hard sometimes to diminish him. He’s clearly talking to both sides of this. Heaps talks to Wilson.

      • Sea Mode

        Florio getting information from both sides is more than obvious, IMO.

        You don’t just publish on your own two articles in the span of 15 or so hours arguing two totally different perspectives unless you are fed that info.

        • Rob Staton

          Exactly Sea Mode.

          Like or loathe Florio — there’s no need to diminish the way he’s reporting this saga.

  19. schuemansky

    When reading that at it would have to be at least 3 first round picks to give away RW I feel the reasoning is too simplistic.
    Let’s say the Giants gave us R1/6 and R2/5 in 2019 and R1 in 2020? Would that be fair? I have no idea!
    What I do know though is that R1/6 has the same value as 3 R1/31 picks (according to the trade chart) and that R2/5 would equal a R1 pick in 2020 between 18 and 22.
    What did Oakland get for Mack at the end. Only future picks that if discounted to the then present would have equaled R2 picks.

  20. David Ashton

    Probably a bit fecacious but let’s get a deal worked out with Cincinnati and then see where his heart lies…

  21. millhouse-serbia

    Uh,uh,uh…that is…if no deal by tonight just trade him forbas much as possible…

    • millhouse-serbia

      I am so pissed on Russ right now…this is not what leader do…I have problem to express all my filimgs in english (and maybe its better because I dont have so much nice things to say)…

      • H

        Bro, I envy your position. You can post all the Serbian expletives you want and we’ll be none the wiser. 😉

      • God of Thunder

        Relax. Don’t hate on RW for greed, or assume JS is incompetent—or whatever—until we know more.

        We don’t know what RW and his agent are asking for and we don’t know what the team is offering. It’s all speculation atm. Hopefully us fans will know more down the road.

    • RealRhino2

      Well that just makes no sense at all. What does that even mean? They won’t negotiate, they won’t listen, or they won’t sign?

      I guess they could mean just come to us with your best offer and we’ll either say yes or no, but still, seems pretty stupid.

      Make your best pitch now, if he says no just tag him and wish him well at the end of next year.

      If we really want to try to deal him, I wonder if we might be looking at the worng NFC East team. What about the Redskins? If they don’t win this year heads could roll, they’re banking on Keenum, Colt McCoy or a rookie QB this year and don’t really have a long-term plan in place, and they’ve got an owner willing to spend. East Coast market, close to Russ’s hometown, etc. I’d do it for their 1st & 2nd, 2020 1st, and Keenum.

    • Sea Mode

      No wonder the Seahawks put out the “does RW want to be a Seahawk?” bit. Cause if this is true, it sure seems like a plan to force his way out: ask for something astronomical from Hawks, then shut down negotiations when they decline.


        For a guy who has potentially three years left under team control, he’s going to get booed so hard if they don’t correct the optics of that position…

  22. millhouse-serbia

    God just please give health and energy to PC for at least 5 more years…

    JS just f…k then all who wants top of the market money, trade them (Frank, RW…) and let Pete do.the magic again…

  23. CaptainJack

    I think we still have to trace our current situation back to the selection of Malik McDowell.

    I LOVED the pick because of the potential. Yes it sucked out it turned out.

    It also sucked how we wasted a pick on Sheldon Richardson, when he turned out to be garbage.

    Our entire defense just fell apart that season. And instead we panicked about left tackle and got Duane Brown.

    Bad move? Brown is old. He is good but for how much longer will he be good? Might have been short sighted.

    Anyways, yeah, don’t let go of clark just to replenish stock. Because you are really losing Clark just to compensate for picking McDowell, and that makes no sense. Cut the losses eventually. Trade down and just take the year of less stock. Draft well next year with a ton of picks. Only player it would make sense to trade is Wilson, because he might seriously demand too much. Clark will demand a lot but nowhere near wilson levels relative to the position.

  24. Awsi Dooger

    If there’s a supposed April 15th deadline I have no idea how you guys expected a tranquil April 14th.

    Overall I’d say the under cashed. I would have expected something more explosive this weekend, either a development or comment.

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody said they expected a tranquil April 14th.

  25. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, and others…

    If it is true it won’t be new negotiations after today (if no deal done), do you see any (good) reason for keeping Russ for next seson?

    I don’t…

    I know 10 days is to little time for negotiations about such a big trade as this one would be, but I am 100% sure that this year we can get much better compensation…

    • millhouse-serbia

      I know you said multiple times that you think there will not be trade in next 10 day…but this info from King that negotiations are 100% over after today makes this situation completely different IMO…

      • Rob Staton

        Not really. It just means Wilson either wants to be blown away by a contract or play on the tag — which I’ve suspected all along. He wants to max out his earnings.

        The Seahawks aren’t going to give Wilson away which is probably what they’d have to do to trade him before the 2019 draft.

        He’ll play out the final year and unless things change, he may well get moved in 2020.

    • Sea Mode

      Maybe we can get slightly better compensation (and that’s just a maybe), but we have Russ under center for 1-2 more seasons if we want, and that to me is better than the little bit more we might be able to get this year as opposed to down the road.

      • millhouse-serbia

        And you think that atmosphere would be ok, there wouldn’t be bad blood etc…

    • Rob Staton

      You can’t just magic up an amazing trade scenario though.

      The Seahawks aren’t going to give him away. There’s no point even saying they ‘should’ trade him. Because the Seahawks are at the liberty of any other team making a suitable offer.

      And if no offer is forthcoming he will be the quarterback in 2019. Fact.

      It just increases the chances of them drafting a QB, as I’ve said they might for months, so they can plan for a possible divorce next year.

  26. EP

    I find it so tedious this playing out in the media. It just seems unprofessional and immature imo. Setting deadlines for the public etc, leaving fans and teammates alike in limbo. Hope he sings but if not I’d rather he left sooner than later. Be a footballer Russ, you don’t make a good celebrity.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s ugly and wholly unimpressive to be honest.

      And I’m with the team on this. Why should they reset the QB market forever? Green Bay and Atlanta didn’t.

      If Wilson wants to be in Seattle, compromise on a deal.

      • Trevor


        Really hope most of this is the agent not the player it still Wilson has the final call and I am sure he has been heavily involved in this as well.

  27. Sea Mode

    Something inside me still wonders if the Cards aren’t dead set on Kyler Murray at #1. Sure, he’s a great talent, but they’ve already spent the capital on Rosen and could really use a package of a few picks to build around him. Peter King offered thoughts about this as well.

    Not sure who trades up though if that’s the case.

    Say they do get a trade offer, or decide to pick Q. Williams at #1. Nagy has already thrown out there that he thinks the Raiders would take Drew Lock over Murray.

    #1 ARI- Q. Williams
    #2 SF- N. Bosa
    #3 DEN (via NYJ)- D. Jones/D. Haskins
    #4 OAK- D. Lock
    #5 TB- J. Allen/D. White
    #6 NYG-

    So even though the Hawks don’t want to trade RW and are willing to let it play out, could that be a “wait and see” scenario the Hawks are playing that could push them to pull the trigger, especially if RW really does intend to shut down future talks? Have they perhaps already set the framework for a possible draft day trade with NYG if this scenario comes about?

    Gettleman did say trading OBJ was “part of a plan”. That plan might well be, as Rob and others have suggested, to add several pieces in this draft, and then pursue RW in 2020 or 2021. But if the opportunity arose, he might be inclined to make it happen sooner. It sure would help restore his credibility after the OBJ trade. Also, they have the capital this year to make it happen without seriously hampering their next few drafts.

    The obvious package would be R1P6, R1P17, R2P37, 2020 R1. Jim Nagy even “liked” this proposal on Twitter yesterday fwiw.

    But since they would need another piece (likely on the OL- Cody Ford?) to build around Wilson this year, and we intend to trade down for more mid-round picks anyway, so maybe we convince them to do the deal by leaving them with their R1P17, and instead accepting R3P95, R4P108, R5P142, and 2020 R3. That’s about as good a return as we could hope for moving down from R1P17 or R1P21 anyway. And the Giants would still have R1P17, R4, R5, R5, R6, R7, R7 this year.

    So the final deal would be:

    NYG get: Russell Wilson
    SEA gets: Kyler Murray, R2P37, R3P95, R4P108, R5P142, 2020 R1 and R3

    We see if one of the Clemson DL falls to 21. When they don’t, we trade down from R1P21 with GB as planned in exchange for R3P75.

    R1P6- Kyler Murray
    R1P30- Jeffrey Simmons
    R2P37- Terry McLaurin (could be a DB here since they will have ammo for a top WR next year)
    R3P75- D’Andre Walker
    R3P84- Dru Samia
    R3P95- Damien Harris
    R4P108- Jace Sternberger
    R4P124- Marvell Tell
    R5P142- David Long (Michigan)
    R5P159- Alec Ingold

    We use the extra cap space to lock down Frank, Bobby, and Jarran long term. Maybe they also sign Suh to a 1yr deal to fill in for Simmons while he recovers.

    And we add 10 picks this year and look forward to next year with 13 picks, including two in R1 and three in R3. Heck, I’d pull the trigger on this even without the 2020 R3 thrown in.

    So, yes, lots of “ifs” in this scenario (mainly ARI passing on Murray) but it sure would 1. end the drama, and 2. set the Hawks up for some more runs in the coming years.

    • Trevor

      I still think Murray goes #1 but that would be a dream scenario and draft for me Seamode!

  28. millhouse-serbia

    Yes, please.

    But I think Murrey to Cardinals is lock.

  29. millhouse-serbia


    Today is the deadline for a long-term deal between the #Seahawks and QB Russell Wilson. Agent Mark Rodgers has been on the ground in Seattle for the last 3 days to negotiate with team brass. They are working on it, but time is running out before offseason conditioning begins.

    • CaptainJack

      The deadline is meaningless.

      • Trevor

        Why set a deadline if it is meaningless. IN any negotiation if you set a deadline it is a line in the sand. If it is meaningless you loose all credibility going forward in negotiations down the road.

      • Sea Mode

        While I’m not sure it’s a hard deadline, I don’t think it’s meaningless either.

        At minimum, it says that RW wants to get talks going (about the deal and about himself in the media).

        At maximum, it sets him up to force his way out and be able to stick it to the Hawks in some way (once again, in the eyes of the media).

        • Trevor

          I don’t think it is a get a deal done now or never deadline either but I do think it is for this year.

  30. CaptainJack

    Lots of empty threats coming from Wilson’s camp

    If nothing gets done today, something will be arranged later.

    • Sea Mode

      Source…? 😏

  31. Sea Mode

    Albert Breer with a bit more balanced take on MMQB including points from both sides:

  32. Trevor

    I think if the Hawks trade Clark it is will be to the Colts for both their 2nd Rd Picks #34 and #59.

    Why the deal makes sense. Dodd is now with the Chiefs and was part of the team that drafted Clark and knows the player. The Colts are definitely an SB contender and in win now mode. The Colts have the cap space to pay Clark. Finally the Colts despite signing Justin Houston still have a pass rush need and likely won’t be able to get one of the elite guys at the end of rd #1. Plus with this deal they get to keep thier 1st round pick to draft an impact offensive guy like Metcalf or Campbell.

    Mock Draft if the Hawks trade Clark and don’t sign Russ.

    Trade #21 for #29 and #61
    Trade Clark to Colts for # 35 and #59

    #29 Wil Grier (QB/W Vir)
    #35 Jeffery Simmons (DT / Miss St)
    #59 Terry Mclaurin (WR/ Ohio St)
    #61 Dawson Knox (TE/ Miss)
    #85 Deandre Walker (Edge / Georgia)
    #125 Marvel Tell (S/USC)
    #160 Derrick Thomas (CB/Baylor)

    Then after the draft they need to make two priority free agent signings with he $ saved by trading Frank

    #1 Sign Ziggy Ansah to a short term or incentive laden deal to replace Clark while the young guys develop.

    #2 Sign Danny Shelton as a base run stuffing DT. I was tempted to put SUH here it would depend on the cost and his motivation to play.

    I think if the Hawks could pull something like this off then they would be a legit SB contender. Russ would play out this year while they develop and see what they have in Grier. Then the Hawks can decide whether to franchise Russ or trade him next off season.

    • Trevor

      Meant to say Dodd is with the Colts

    • Rob Staton

      We’ve been over this though. Chris Ballard is a Ted Thompson type of GM. He builds through the draft. He had +$100m to spend in free agency and made no waves.

      The idea that he’s going to trade two fantastic picks in round two just to spend at least $65m in guarantees on Frank Clark is fanciful at best. Especially with a draft class loaded in D-line talent. He will use those picks to draft young talent and he will use his cap space to pay his existing group second or third contracts.

      I still don’t believe Clark will be dealt.

      • Trevor

        I hope Clark is not dealt. He is a fantastic talent with even more upside I think. Really hope they can get a Demarcus Lawerence type deal done with him to keep him as a leader of the defense.

        I think with the uncertainty around Russ and Clark anything is on the table. But status quo is the most likely scenario.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I agree the Colts seem frugal that way and seem like the draft is the best way to go. But Frank to the Colts just makes so much sense as they are a team ready to win and have the cap space and draft picks to do this.

      • Trevor

        I agree about Ballard but he stepped up to the plate for Houston and there is not going to be anyone on the draft at the end of Rd #1 like Frank Clark if you think he gets you over the hump.

        JS came from that same Ted Thompson coaching tree and when the Hawks were close and ready to compete for an S he pulled the trigger on the Harvin deal to get them over the hump. This is the exact same situation for Indy.

        With Clark and Houston they are clear AFC favourites IMO plus they would keep thier 1st round pick to spend on an offensive weapon.

        • Rob Staton

          Trevor — he didn’t step up to the plate for Houston. He offered a fairly modest one-year deal masquerading as a two-year contract for a proven pass rusher who has been cut. They have no responsibility beyond 2019 and it’s a free-hit. It wasn’t some kind of big splash. It was a guy they signed in the second or even third wave of free agency.

          I’ve said this a few times now but let’s get one things straight once and for all. It’s a fantastic pass rushing class. And teams will take their chances on developing the next Frank Clark vs paying the current version $65m.

          Not one team is going to offer a major pick and then put $65m in escrow for Clark. Not with this draft class.

          John Schneider is not Ted Thompson. He’s from the Ron Wolf way of doing things. That’s his mentor. Schneider has made major aggressive moves and trades. Ballard has not.

          Let’s just be logical here.

  33. millhouse-serbia

    Daniel Jeremiah:
    “If the Seahawks traded Frank Clark, the Chiefs would make sense as a trade partner.”

    • GerryG

      The Chiefs just let their pass rushers go because they could not afford to pay huge $ to them, so now they are going to trade draft capital (after being down picks two years for Mahomes) to pay a player even more $ than Dee Ford was worth? (Granted Clark is a better player)

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, Jeremiah doesnt know what he is talking about.

  34. Calihawk

    What if they trade Russ to the Giants for both firsts a third and next years first and take Eli from the Giants. Draft a QB with a stop gap with Manning. The Hawks stay run first and D. Eli knows how to hand the ball off more than 50% of the time and still throws a pretty good ball.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see Eli anywhere else. And I can’t see the Giants moving on from him now — not in 2019.

      The big question is whether they draft a QB and thus make it unlikely they’d trade for Wilson next year.

    • Bmseattle

      Good luck getting value for Russ if it becomes clear that he will demand % increases of the cap with any new contract.
      Unless the suspicion is that he is just forcing his way out if Seattle with those demands, and he’s willing to sign a “normal” contract if he’s in a market he prefers?

  35. millhouse-serbia

    Washington OT Kaleb McGary visiting Seattle today and Atlanta on Tuesday.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Preparing for life after Ifedi?

      • Sea Mode

        Today is Seattle’s local day.

  36. Sea Mode

    Daniel Jeremiah

    April 1st confidence meter:
    Kyler Murray will be 1st overall pick

    April 15th confidence meter:
    Kyler Murray will be 1st overall pick (60%)

    6:47 AM – 15 Apr 2019

    • Rob Staton

      Here’s my confidence meter:

      April 1st — 100%

      April 15th — 100%

      • Trevor


        He is the most dynamic QB prospect I have seen since started really following the draft. Luck may have been a more sure thing but Murray is flat out electric with both his arms and legs.

        I pray the Cards pass on him and he ends up in the AFC.

        • Sean-O

          The rumors are the brass isn’t in agreement with Murray. Smokescreen? Maybe. Yes, it’s likely he is the pick but with one of the weakest rosters in the league, the Cards need lots of young, high-end players.

          • Rob Staton

            If the Cards don’t take Murray now, having destroyed Rosen’s reputation with the team (and probably his confidence) — it would be the single worst piece of team building in the history of the league.

            Murray’s going #1.

            • Shadow

              This IS the Cardinals we are talking about, though, so “worst piece of team building in the history of the league” is not outside the realm of possibility….

  37. H

    In the interest of wishful thinking and pointless speculation. In this, our great time of woe. Here’s a mock that has the Seahawks trading Wilson and ending up drafting Kyler Murray, Christian Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence. That would be pretty fun.

  38. Rob Staton

    Here we are:

    “As for suggestions that the Seahawks could trade Wilson if he does not sign a new deal, there are no obvious teams willing to surrender draft picks or pay Wilson what he is seeking, sources said.”

    As I’ve felt all along. No trade this year. More likely next year. The Seahawks have to think about drafting a QB this year.

    • Trevor

      I think that is the most logical thing I have read from a national media outlet since this started.

      I personally don’t think he will have a market next off season either if his demands are tied to a % of cap.

    • Trevor

      Most likely scenario I think is that Russ plays out this year and Hawks do not draft a Q but see what they have in Paxton Lynch. Next year 2020 the Hawks tag Wilson and draft a QB, maybe even sign Brisset or Lynch if they like him. 2021 The Hawks either franchise Russ if they are not comfortable with their other options or let him walk.

      I doubt he ever gets traded for anything more thatn some pocket change if his contract demands are as is being reported.

      • Rob Staton

        Let’s not overestimate the Paxton Lynch signing here. That’s a guy they have signed to a future’s contract. It’s not someone they’ve traded for or signed as a free agent.

        If they like a QB in this draft they have to consider taking them and Lynch has no impact on that.

    • Sea Mode

      Good, maybe that will be a reality check for him with his % of cap demands.

    • H

      My concern about this scenario is, and this is hard for me to write as a firm Wilson supporter who has done nothing but rebuke any suggestion he should be traded for a while now, how does the team go into this season with a Quarterback who is refusing to negotiate with the team?

      How can he lead the team like that? How can he command the respect and commitment from his teammates?

      This is all very dissapointing on Wilson’s part, as I say, I love the dude and have spent a lot of energy defending him on here, but this is such a bad look for him. Why do the Seahawks have this much personnel drama? I swear no other team has had close to what we’ve experienced the last few seasons.

      • Rob Staton

        Well the only other alternative is to bench Wilson but what does that do? Apart from create it’s own hideous dynamic and probably hammer his trade value in 2020.

        The fact is the Seahawks are highly unlikely to get an appealing trade offer in the next 10 days. So if there’s no deal today — he plays in 2019 and then you assess the situation in 12 months.

        This has been inevitable though. I’ve always felt Wilson would be prepared to play on the tag. And the only thing that would change that was a massive offer from the Seahawks.

        • Bmseattle

          Painful to listen to.

        • H

          I’m not saying there’s a better alternative, just that this scenario is horrible.

  39. Trevor

    Heaps is the co host on Brock and Saulk this morning and it is almost funny.

    • Bmseattle

      Sorry…meant that Heaps is painful to listen to.

  40. JAKE

    I love that the Seahawks had a top 30 visit with Chauncy Gardner Johnson. He could play that nickel role with the plus run defense that could really show against the top offense (which happens to be in our division). If you take a closer look at how the Pats were able to shut down the rams were by setting hard edges with their safeties hanging out close the line of scrimmage and completely erasing the outside the tackle runs that have killed our defense in the past couple years.

    • Rob Staton

      It was never confirmed the Seahawks had an official-30 visit with Gardner-Johnson. Only that they met with him.

  41. Rob Staton

    Ring Ring… Ring Ring…


    ‘Hi Jason, it’s Mark Rodgers here.’

    ‘Hi Mark’

    ‘Hi — could you do me a favour?’

    • cha


      Seems like the one-sidedness we’ve been talking about on the boards. Who’s to say the Hawks never approached RW?

      The article seems predicated on the fact that the Hawks didn’t approach RW about an extension last year. I can’t believe JS and PC are so abjectly stupid as they wouldn’t even broach the subject with their star QB. My guess is they tried and were told to buzz off, after seeing how rapidly the market was rising.

      • Rob Staton

        Twitter is lapping it up though.

        Because if there’s one thing Twitter likes — it’s socking it to the man. And in this case, the NFL and the teams are the man. Poor Russell Wilson, with his millions and success, is the person being held down by the system. Because those naughty Seahawks only want to make him the highest paid player in NFL history. The beasts! How dare they not have any desire to re-set the market forever!

        Disgrace! Shame!

        • cha

          I am surprised it comes from JLC – I wonder if his Seahawks sources are more agents or Hawks FO types. If it’s FO types I can’t imagine the reception to this piece would be positive for him.

          • Rob Staton

            JLC has Seahawks sources.

            But when an agent of the player involved in the biggest story in the NFL today calls you up… I guess you turn it into an article.

            • cha

              Understand and agree. The tone just seems more snotty that I’m used to for his articles.

        • lil’stink

          Russell Wilson is starting to give me vibes of Alex Rodriguez. I agree with everything you just said, Rob. I’m getting sick and tired of people eating up the spin from Wilson’s camp and automatically assuming PCJS are at fault. This is how negotiations go. There are 2 sides. And right now I don’t think the team is the side being unreasonable.

    • Sea Mode

      😂🤣😂🤣 💯

  42. millhouse-serbia

    ” there are no obvious teams willing to surrender draft picks or pay Wilson what he is seeking, sources said.”

    How anybody could know this when almost certanly there werent any trade talks between clubs(nobody still doesnt know will Russ sign new contract)…

    • Rob Staton

      Adam Schefter speaks to every team in the league.

      If no teams are willing to pony up, it’s well within what’s realistic for Schefter to be aware of it.

      And it would be a stunning surprise if anyone was willing to reasonably trade for Wilson at this stage.

  43. Brett

    Rob – during the Carroll/Schneider era, following the Seahawks has been an entertaining tour-de-force. Drama. Intrigue. Swag. Personality. Great victories. Jarring defeats. The Wilson contract saga is just the latest episode.

    During the last several years, the LoB failed it’s leadership test following the SB loss to the Pats. Now Russel is failing his following the loss of the LoB. You correctly point out that, “Schneider has made major aggressive moves and trades”. It’s his role in the long-running drama. So why do all the Wilson trade scenarios get rejected because the combo of picks/contracts can’t be found? Why wouldn’t he do a player-picks-contracts scenario?

    Aren’t there players out there that could fill important holes and supplement draft picks, making a Wilson trade more workable? Does it have to be *just* draft picks? Carroll’s ready for a redemption arc, no? There’s all kinds of talk the Seahawks will suck w/o Russ. Wonder what PC/JS think about that? Do you think they’ll stay on the same page during this most recent stress-test?

    • Rob Staton

      It doesn’t have to be just picks but I can’t think of a single reasonable trade scenario that takes place before the draft. It’s much more likely a trade is done in 12 months time.

  44. Rob4q

    Since we’re visiting Fantasy Island today, how about this crazy scenario…the Cards won’t trade with us directly being in the same division, so the Giants do the work for us! Would PC/JS really consider a move like this? Is Rosen a QB who could flourish in Shotty’s system?

    Cardinals trade Josh Rosen to NY Giants for 2019 Rd 2 (37)

    Giants trade Rosen, 2019 Rd 1 (6), Rd 4 (108), Rd 5 (142), 2020 Rd 1 To Seahawks for Russel Wilson

    Cards can then take Murray with the first pick and net another 2nd to help with the defense. Giants don’t destroy their draft this year and still get Wilson! Seahawks get a young, cheap, under team control QB along with much needed draft capital. That’s pretty close to three 1st round picks for Wilson! And if Rosen doesn’t work out, you still have two 1st round picks in 2020 to address the QB position.

    What are we left with?

    Rd 1 (6)
    Rd 1 (21)
    Rd 3 (85)
    Rd 4 (108)
    Rd 4 (125)
    Rd 5 (142)
    Rd 5 (160)

    Josh Rosen
    2020 Rd 1

    Rd 1 (17)
    Rd 3 (95)
    Rd 4 (132)
    Rd 5 (143)
    Rd 5 (171)
    Rd 6 (180)
    Rd 7 (232)
    Rd 7 (145)

    Russel Wilson

    Rd 1 (1)
    Rd 2 (33)
    Rd 2 (37)
    Rd 3 (65)
    Rd 4 (103)
    Rd 5 (139)
    Rd 6 (174)
    Rd 6 (179)
    Rd 7 (248)
    Rd 7 (249)
    Rd 7 (254)

    • Brett

      Rosterbation, yes. But this is the kind of deal I’m wondering about too. Regardless of these particular merits, the current situation is setting up as a potential PC “go for it” moment. Russell is not “all-in”. He’s in – maybe – if you meet his demands and do it *his* way. This was the essence of the LoB critique of Russell, and knock on Pete.

      If nothing else, this kind of approach would settle once and for all whether it’s PC’s/JS’s genius that makes the Hawks go, or RW’s talent. No better way to prove that, and join the Belichick/Shula crowd on the Great Coach Mountaintop, than to build two different Super Bowl juggernauts around your own personal motto.

      Makes one wonder. JC constantly points out that “the two most important people in the org. are the head coach and the quarterback.” When push comes to shove, which of those two is the most important, ‘most important’.

      For most teams, it’s always about The Talent. For the Seahawks under PC/JS, it’s been more about approach, personalities, and process. PC himself said (re. his lessons-learned from previous NFL failures) that the ultimate lesson was to have the courage to do things his way.

  45. millhouse-serbia

    Andrew Brandt:
    “Re Russell Wilson negotiations: ignore the money, that can be worked out. This is all about precedent and future guarantees, with an ownership worth $20B hiding behind an antiquated NFL funding rule. #RussellWilson”.

    • cha

      So by that logic the poorest team in the NFL (Raiders) shouldn’t have to pay anyone market wage. Right, that’s absolutely how it works, right? Guys?

      Ironic how people rail about players getting underpaid because of a labor agreement the players signed.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s BS.

      What’s antiquated about it?

      Just because you’re unwilling to do what Wilson wants doesn’t make the existing system, which every other player who gets paid mega money is HAPPY to deal with (Rodgers, Donald, Lawrence, Mack etc), ‘antiquated’.

      The level of nonsense you see around stories like this is remarkable.

      A whole bunch of people, desperately trying to say the thing that will garner the most approval.

  46. RWIII

    According to Jake Heap. The holdup was about 2rd/3rd year guarantees. Peter King’s article is a curve ball. If it is about 2rd/3rd year guarantees. Then lets get this deal done. John Schneider has ALWAYS plays hard ball. Sometimes he has gotten burned. Especially when losing good players to free agency and getting very little or nothing in return. I don’t know if this is about guarantees or is it that Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle. If it is about guarantees. Then pay him. Don’t know if Russell Wilson wants to stay in Seattle. If that is the case. That is a problem for Russell WIlson. John Clayton has said that the Giants don’t have the cap room. John Clayton also says that a Russell Wilson trade is highly unlikely this year.

    All I know is that if a deal is not done. I am not giving him away. And I don’t think John Schneider is going to give him away either. Now John Clayton says that a deal is unlikely. Maybe but I am hoping that cooler heads will prevail. I still think their is a reasonable chance a deal can be done. I know I am in the minority. John Schneider knows how important Russell Wilson is, not only to the Seahawks, but to their fan base as well. Number two. Does Russell Wilson want to wait until 2022 to become an unrestricted QB? In 2022 he will be 33 going on 34. Over the 7 years he has been in Seattle he has taken a pounding. Chances are he will be as healthy as ever in 2022. But no guarantee. So what that said. I still think their is a reasonable chance a deal can get done.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t believe it’s about 2nd and 3rd year guarantees. And even if it is — why does Wilson care? Does he think he might get cut in a year? And that having been cut, nobody would want to sign him?

      And the Seahawks structure their deals so injured players get their money. So there’s absolutely nothing at stake.

      I believe all the reports that Wilson wants a percentage deal so he remains one of the top paid players and doesn’t end up being 5th or 6th on the list by the end of his new contract. But the Seahawks aren’t going to reset the way contracts are done forever. And nor should they have to.

      • Brett

        Agreed. This is coming off as something of an ego play. Will be fascinating to see how it works out. Real test for PC/JS if the true hangup is some kind of desire to reset the contract market & enhance RW’s ‘brand’.

      • icb12

        I guess I’m not entirely understanding what RW’s camp is asking for with the cap % idea.

        I’ve looked at a fair amount of QB contracts on overthecap in the past; and generally speaking the actual cap # (guaranteed money + bonuses) for their contracts is structured so that the cap % of the contract is relatively consistent anyway; hovering between 11-15% for top qb- taking into account ~10mil increase in cap, IIRC.

        So am I misunderstanding this situation or wouldn’t this just be a way of reverse engineering essentially the same numbers? Only the $ is 100% guaranteed- (ala cousins@15%) And the actual main issue would be how long this % is guaranteed and the whether or not the teams want to set the precedent for the league?

        Someone tell me what I’m missing here?

        • cha

          The next CBA could explode the salary cap. New gambling revenue and there’s always the threat someone will outbid the major networks on the next TV contract (Amazon?).

          If RW signs for say $35m/year and the cap goes way up, his cut of the pie is out of proportion and someone like a Mahomes or Baker Mayfield could get say $50m/year.

          This % of the cap is a tool to circumvent the standard process of a ‘market value deal’ at the time of signing.

          • Sean-O

            I’ve been reading up on it to. It really is an interesting idea. For RW’s camp it makes a ton of sense but since NO team has ever done a deal like it, I’m sure it’s very tricky.

          • Rob Staton

            The cap has already exploded. Wilson has benefited from that and at the point of signing his last deal was the second highest paid player in the league, earning about $100,000 less a year than Aaron Rodgers. And if he signs a deal today, he’ll be the highest paid player in the league and will be until Mahomes or Wentz agree terms, possibly next year but maybe not.

            So I’m not sure what his problem is. He’s been right up at the top level during a major cap boom that has seen quarterback contracts, and many other positional contracts, explode.

            If he’s worried about a new CBA — just sign a three-year extension and you’ll get to test the market again in 2023.

            The problem is this is all too much about ego, respect, changing the league forever and being billy big bollocks.

            • All I see is 12s

              Agreed. Also unfortunately the “problem” is that that Seattle just doesn’t suit Wilson anymore. He is ready to be a megastar on a stage that Seattle just doesn’t offer. I think he is wanting be the Jeter of football…they are good friends after all. Absolutely none of his current behavior indicates that he truly wants to be here. If anything it would seem that he is asking for things and timeliness that Seattle just can’t work with…maybe I’m wrong but it works seen that he wants out.

            • peppapig

              Billy big bollocks can bugger off!
              I’d be real happy if they could work a trade this season rather than next.

              Go Hawks

      • RWIII

        Rob: I am just going by what Jake Heap says. As far as Russell Wilson wants a percentage deal based on the salary cap going up. I mentioned that as a possibility in an earlier posting.

  47. millhouse-serbia

    Just dont give him 18% or more.

  48. Trevor

    So basically if the Hawks don’t sign Russ to day they have a 3 yr window with him at about $30 mil APY. I don’t really see how Russ has any leverage at all. Let him play out this year and tag him the next 2 years.

    Then next year when you have 11 picks draft a QB and look at free agent options to start preparing for his departure in 2022 when a 3rd tag becomes cost prohibitive. He will be 34 then anyways.

    I really don’t think there is any pressure on JS to make a deal today.

    • millhouse-serbia

      You want unhappy player in the building? Player who plays at most important position in proffesional sport, who is face of franchise…it won’t ended good if no deal by tonight…

      • Trevor

        He is going to be unhappy making $30 mil / yr for the next 3 years?

        • Sean-O

          Maybe unhappy isn’t the correct word. Maybe the word is invested? What type of leadership will he provide or will other players on the team buy in to a guy (yes, even with RW’s resume) who’s got one foot out the door?

    • Frank

      I definitely agree Trevor. He has no real leverage but has continually attempted to control the team and the team financially all along. Too me it’s a matter of being a professional, and in some ways you could argue trying to maximize your income is just an extension of being a professional however once it becomes detrimental to the team, wanting meetings with the brass to discuss QB prospects the team has looked at like last year, running contract negotiations thru social media, the constant pining for public approval thru things that have nothing to do with the game it becomes pretty unprofessional. None of this surprises me at all from Wilson, he is who I always thought he was, a self centered, self promoter, narcissistic achievement machine. Those aren’t even bad traits as far as how it affects the his play on the field, but as far as contract negotiations go, or the dynamic of the rest of the team pretty cancerous. Wilson choice is pretty cut and dried, attempt to leverage a team into a record setting contract preventing them from being competitive with the best teams in the league for the length of the contract, or take a little less and have a shot at winning another Super Bowl and cementing his place in the Hall of game. It’s his choice, is legacy his motivation or is record setting money and the ego boost of being the most expensive player in the game his motivation factor. I’m sure he understands he can’t have both, and it seems like money is winning out over legacy and if that’s the case the Hawks really don’t have an option that isn’t detrimental to the team besides to move him. Love how he plays the game of football, so won’t be crushed if he decides he wants to be here and focus on legacy, but oh the rosterbation that available if we somehow managed to move Wilson for a boatload of picks is pretty appealing to a drafnik dork like me.

  49. RWIII

    If Russell Wilson wants an escalator clause? Good luck. Then no deal gets done. Russell Wilson might have to wait until 2022 to become an unrestricted free agent. Because John Schneider is not going to give him away. No way. When the Rams traded with Tennessee they gave up two 1st round picks. Two second round picks. Two third round picks. In addition to the first overall pick in the 2016 draft they received 4th and a 6th round pick. So the Rams gave up a King’s ransom to acquire Goff. And Goff is no Russell Wilson.

  50. Sea Mode

    Interesting from the editor of Spotrac:

    Will the Seahawks go to the $100m number in guarantees?

  51. Rob Staton

    This isn’t really for me to say but I’m going to say it anyway.

    While the rest of the internet and media was day dreaming about big free agent moves and assumed a new Wilson contract was a formality, on this blog we had…

    1. This saga will dominate the off-season (when nobody else was taking it seriously).

    2. Kyler Murray should and could be the #1 pick (before anyone else talked about that).

    3. The Seahawks will have a modest free agency period because they can’t afford to make major moves.

    I’ll take that.

    • SamL

      You’ve been on point all offseason long Rob great work. This is the result of basing your predictions on reason and previous events it’s just sad that this blog is one of the very few places this is true. This is why I come here to discuss the Seahawks but not only from you Rob but also the comments. We’ve got a good thing going here on SDB.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Sam

    • Trevor

      Thumbs up for nailing this off season to date.

    • MyChestIsBeastmode

      Pat yourself on the back anytime. You may not be the biggest in the business but you’re certainly one of the best, if not the best in my opinion. Your analysis is often balanced, logical, and very well thought out. Sure you’ve had a miss on some prospects over the years but that’s bound to happen when you’re making predictions on an unpredictable league (and team). With that being said, you’ve certainly honed your craft, especially in the last couple years. Your predictions on draft picks and team direction are often bold in the sense that you’re first to broach a topic before it becomes popular, and you’re much more often right than wrong.

      I’ll say what everyone on this site must be thinking – we are incredibly lucky to have you as a Seahawks fan and diligent journalist. I know you’ve got your BBC gig but I certainly hope this side project that you’ve put so much time, effort, and love into pays off for you in a big way. I don’t want to share you with others but it’s high time the NFL world took notice of who you are and the quality of your work. In the meantime, you’ve been spot on during this off-season and deserve all the praise for your analysis. – Kyle

  52. astro.domine

    Rob, question: How good of a draft is this?
    I know you’ve said a lot about the relative strength or certain positions, but taken as a whole, how does it stack up to previous drafts?

    I ask this because I’ve become increasingly convinced this is a *very very* good draft as I’ve followed the offseason. Maybe not a ton of 1st round studs, outside of the D-line, but traits all over the board. Players with tons of potential.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a good draft. Deep at certain positions as discussed, weak at others.

  53. Madmark

    Well here a ruffed out mock for today.
    Trade down from with patriots 21 for 32 and 73.
    Trade down again with Jaguars 32 for 38 and 109.
    Trade down with Redskins 84 for 96 and 153.
    Trade down with Ravens 96 for 102 and 191.
    That would make pick 38, 73, 102, 109, 124, 153, 159, and 191.
    38: Tysten Hill DT UCF
    73: L.J. Collins DE TCU
    102 Marvin Tell III NB USC
    109 David Sills V WR WV
    124 Oli Udoh OL Edon
    153 Foster Moreau TE LSU
    159 John Ursua WR Hawaii
    191 Darwin Thompson RB Utah St.
    I’m not worried about RW program he’s here for at least 3 years about the time JS/PC will have to decide what they will be doing.

  54. JohnH

    Thinking about a possible life after Wilson, here’s Dane Brugler’s assessment of Will Grier from the Athletic. What are your thoughts on this Rob?

    “STRENGTHS: Balanced steps and delivery…efficient load and fire throwing motion…good enough arm strength and throws a pretty deep ball…puts the ball in a place where his receivers can catch and run…processes things quickly to make snap decisions…nimble athlete and floats well to avoid the rush…smart scrambler and stays
    composed when the play breaks down…was given freedom to make checks at the line of scrimmage based on pre-snap reads…doesn’t lack for confidence and well liked by his teammates and coaches at West Virginia…married with a family and more mature than the average prospect due to his life experiences…graduated with
    his degree in multidisciplinary studies (December 2017)…20-7 career record as a starter…leaves Morgantown No. 2 in school history in touchdown passes (71) and completion percentage (65.7 percent).

    WEAKNESSES: Makes reckless decisions as a passer…more comfortable making reads pre-snap rather than post-snap…sloppy base mechanics, throwing on his toes and falling away from his target…lacks zip on throws that have an expiring window…keeps his eyes downfield, but often at the expense of not seeing the rush, even in his direct line of sight…holds the ball too long and takes unnecessary hits…holds the ball nonchalantly away from his body, leading to ball-security concerns…doesn’t have an ideal body type for the NFL…decision-making will be questioned following his year-long PED suspension (October 2015) for taking a banned over-the-counter supplement…older prospect and will be 24 years old on draft weekend.

    SUMMARY: A two-year starter at West Virginia, Grier was productive in Holgorsen’s version of the air-raid offense, which used up-tempo passing to set up the run. From suspension to transfer to marriage to fatherhood, Grier has experienced much more than most prospects and handled those situations well, giving NFL teams a glimpse of what type of professional he will be. He belongs in gambler’s anonymous with some of his prayers downfield, but he has a confident arm, quick feet and receiver-friendly touch. Overall, Grier struggles to identify/feel pressures and his inconsistent decision-making is a concern, but he is a natural rhythm passer and once he finds that rhythm, he can be deadly, projecting as a backup NFL quarterback worthy of competing for a starting job.

    GRADE: 3rd-4th Round”

    • Rob Staton

      I think he goes earlier than that

      • Madmark

        I think Will Grier goes to Oakland at 35.

  55. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, would you take Darnold + pick no3 for Russ?

    Jets have the cap space and RW is much better QB at the moment who can play for next 5 to 8 years , Russ would get NY and we would get young and cheap QB + multiple picks (after trade back)?

    • Rob Staton

      No and the Jets won’t do it anyway

  56. JohnH

    Quinton Jefferson signed an original round (5th) RFA tender per Pelissero.

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