Sunday notes: What’s going on?

For the last couple of days I’ve been bed-ridden. Initially I thought it was food poisoning. Now I think it’s a virus. Either way, apologies for the lack of posts. I won’t be watching the Super Bowl either.

(The last Super Bowl I watched live was five years ago anyway)

However, I did want to write down some notes today (if nothing else to give me something to do).

Why do no mock drafts have Tua falling?

If you read any mock draft these days, you’re almost certain to see Tua Tagovailoa placed in the top-five.

It’s entirely possible, of course. Tagovailoa is a talented player and the NFL is a quarterback league.

Yet nobody appears willing to consider another very real scenario — that the serious hip injury that ended his 2019 season (not to mention the other injuries he had in college) could lead to a fall.

David Geier at Forbes wrote this piece on the hip injury, the recovery process and the possible long-term impact.

Maybe the high-profile media types are simply giving him the benefit of the doubt? Talking about the likelihood of him falling in the draft due to a serious injury would be difficult for the player. Yet it probably warrants a deeper conversation than simply inserting him into the top-five with a cursory reference that teams ‘will do their checks’.

Taking a player in the top-five comes with $30m in guaranteed cash. Simply put, teams will not have enough information about his health by the end of April. They probably won’t know if he’s capable of returning to the field at the level he showed at Alabama for another 6-12 months.

To me that seems like a big gamble. And for a team like Miami — so desperately trying to find ‘the guy’ — can they really afford to invest a top-five pick in him? Do they want to redshirt him for a year, all the while keeping their fingers crossed he’ll stay healthy and be the answer? We’ll see what they decide. Some gambles are worth taking. Sometimes you’ve got to walk away.

If I was to publish a mock draft today, I’d put him in the late 20’s or 30’s. Possibly with a team trading back into round one. The difference? You’re only paying $10m guaranteed, there’s not as much pressure on the pick to work out and trading into the back-end of round one is relatively inexpensive.

Don’t be surprised if Justin Herbert is the only other quarterback to go in the top-10 after Joe Burrow is selected by Cincinnati. Herbert has the arm, the ideal size and the improvisational skills teams look for. He has plenty to work on but there’s also plenty to work with.

There are too many forgotten players this year

The draft media has been quite willing to promote players like K’Laivon Chaisson into the top half of round one (with his 6.5 sacks and regular use on stunts). We’ve also seen the rapid rise of Mekhi Becton and a few others.

Yet it feels like a lot of legitimate prospects within this class are suddenly being ignored with no real explanation why.

The most egregious example is Grant Delpit. He didn’t have an amazing 2019 season but he played through an injury. He has everything — speed, talent, length, versatility. He can play either safety spot and could even be switched to cornerback.

The only serious complaint I’ve seen about him is tackling form. Fair enough. Yet the same people making those remarks are putting Xavier McKinney in the top-20. McKinney is a likeable, competitive individual. But tackling has never been a positive for him and most of his ‘success’ at Alabama came playing up at the LOS blitzing into the backfield. Which, of course, you can do a lot if you’re Alabama and not so much in the NFL unless you’re running Todd Bowles’ scheme.

Last week Lance Zierlein didn’t even include Delpit in the first round of his initial mock draft. Daniel Jeremiah had him at #23. Both had McKinney at #17 to Dallas.

What’s the explanation for this?

Delpit is the most extreme example. What about Price Tega Wanogho? He had a very solid final year at Auburn. He didn’t perform at the Senior Bowl but he measured at 6-5 and 307lbs with +33 inch arms and 10 1/8 inch hands.

‘The Prince’ was the #24 player on Bruce Feldman’s freaks list this year. In that article it was suggested he can run a 4.95 forty and jump a 32-inch vertical. He can bench 415lbs and squat 560lbs.

“He’s a great testament to taking his development seriously,” says Auburn strength coach Ryan Russell. “He came in at 260 and is consistently 310-315 now without losing speed, agility or capability. He has progressed every year.”

For most of the college season he was talked about as a relatively high pick. There’s very little on tape that would suggest he wouldn’t be. There are things to work on for sure. That’s the case with all rookie linemen. Yet Tega Wanogho is virtually the forgotten man of the draft while Becton, Jedrick Wills and Josh Jones are the ones everyone is talking about.

Isaiah Wilson is another. He had a tremendous season for Georgia. Jake Fromm had a ridiculous amount of time in the pocket during the 2019 season thanks to the amazing Georgia O-line. He’s an absolute beast in the running game and has the athleticism to develop as a pass-protector. Nobody ever talks about him.

Considering he declared a redshirt sophomore, it seems at least somewhat likely he received positive feedback on his draft prospects. Yet you barely ever see him in any mock drafts or hear his name mentioned. Why?

I’d say the same for Cesar Ruiz too. He appears in the occasional first round mock draft but we’re talking about a top-talent here at an increasingly important position. It’s nice that Lloyd Cushenberry had a good Senior Bowl but there’s no question — none at all — about who the top center is in this draft. It’s Ruiz.

I could go on. You’ll see Zack Braun and Chaisson mocked in round one but little mention of the quicker, more orthodox DE in Julian Okwara projected in the first. Raekwon Davis has rare size and while he didn’t deliver as hoped the last two seasons — there aren’t many human’s with his frame capable of doing what he does. Lucas Niang seems to have dropped off the radar due to his injury. Jalen Reagor had to deal with one of the worst QB’s situations in the NCAA and seems to be suffering now as a consequence despite his very obvious and clear physical, athletic and technical talent.

Everything just feels a bit ‘off’ at the moment. We’ll see how it plays out.

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  1. Rokas

    And i thought I was the only one here who hadn’t watched SB for 5 years:)
    It seems that Watkins might be a cap casualty. Should the Seahawks be interested?
    Would not want him for 17 mill cap, but for a below 15 we could at least consider this.
    Also, interested to see how the uncertainty of the new CBA will impact the FA.

    • dcd2

      Sammy Watkins? Yikes! He won’t get anything near $15M in my opinion. He literally had one good game this year (week 1). He didn’t break 65 yard or score in any other game.

      He’s also a really strange dude and has been talking about sitting out 2020. I would think there are a lot of other options more appealing and less expensive.

  2. D-OZ

    Nice article Rob, hope you are feeling better… Cheers!!!

  3. drewdawg11

    I’ve been semi-arguing with people over Tua for weeks now and I can’t believe anyone would spend a top pick on him at this point. I have to have my hip replaced and my surgeon and I were talking and his exact words were “based on what I know… no way. I wouldn’t draft him.” Maybe he’s the exception to the rule, but would you bet your job on that happening? Delpit is a kid that just moves like a guided missile. You know who else was a poor tackler? Earl Thomas. I think delpit can become a better tackler and his athleticism and instincts compensate. I said it in the last thread, but I’m on board with Ruiz if he’s there. The kid just doesn’t crack. If you can pair him with Bredeson, gravy. The comments from Pete about keeping the status quo on the line seemed disingenuous to me. No way you can keep Ifedi for big money and the guard situation is tenuous with veteran players who have injury issues. We keep talking about using britt’s cap savings on the defense, but Conklin would be an absolutely smart signing. He’s had fewer penalties the last two seasons than Ifedi has had this season. He’s also a very good run blocker, and a better pass protector. Right tackles aren’t cheap, but why give the money to Ifedi to perform sub-par?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Pete’s comments were disingenuous at all. I think he meant exactly what he said. Continuity is important and considering where they are picking in the draft and the other needs they have in FA, ideally you wouldn’t be rebuilding an OL and going through all the growing pains there.

      That said, every player has a price. They expected to keep Sweezy a year ago and Arizona offered him more. They were able to keep Fluker on their terms. They will work through this situation. They will have a plan.

  4. TJ

    Completely off topic, but another former Seahawk has been selected to the Hall of Fame. Steve Hutchinson was one of the most dominant offensive lineman I have ever seen; very deserving of the HOF. Which team does he represent, Seattle or Minnesota? I think his best years were here, but he didn’t leave on good terms.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, he’s back working for the Seahawks scouting department now and he raised the 12th man flag. So I think any wounds have clearly healed.

      • Group captain mandrake

        I hope he goes in as a Hawk. Hutch and Big Walt were just an unbelievable pair. It almost felt like it wasn’t fair sometimes.

        • TJ

          Would be totally cool if he not only went in as a Seahawk, but if he was placed right next to Walt in the hall, just like he was on the field.

        • Seanhawk

          NFL players don’t go in the Hall for specific teams like they do in baseball.

      • TJ

        Didn’t know that he was back with the organization. Yes, sounds like wounds have healed.

  5. Happy Hawk

    Rob nice read hope you feel better. If all of the talent you listed in your notes fell to #27 which one should the Hawks select? Or still trade down with someone looking to move up and take Tua?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t give you a good answer until after free agency. We need to see what they do there —- who they add, who they lose. Unlike previous years, so much is resting on the work they do in the market.

  6. Bigten

    If delpit does fall past the cowboys (which I highly doubt), what would think of a trade up to get him, giving up one of our seconds. Or do you think that there must be a genuine reason that he has fallen that far (bad interviews, red flags we are unaware of)?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know. I mean, a year ago they spent a high pick on Blair and now they’ve traded for Diggs. You can’t keep adding safeties while the pass rush stinks. We need to see what happens in FA.

  7. Coleslaw

    Finally getting around to watching the senior bowl lol. Anyone I should keep an eye on?

    • Sea Mode

      TBH it was a pretty underwhelming Senior Bowl week as far as standout talent (after Kinlaw left) compared to past years. That said, this would be my shortlist of guys who could really interest the Seahawks:

      TE Stephen Sullivan
      RB Josh Kelley
      WR Tyrie Cleveland
      OT Josh Jones
      OG Logan Stenberg (one of Rob’s favorites)
      DT Neville Gallimore
      S Kyle Duggar

      • Trevor

        Agree completely and great list.

        I would add Minms as a WR and Chase Claypook as a TE convert. Really like the potential of both guys at the next level.

  8. Kenny Sloth


    • Rob Staton

      Don’t really have one. Bring on the combine.

      • Bigten


      • Kenny Sloth

        Booo! Get well soon buddy!!

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man

  9. TomLPDX

    Hope you start to feel better soon. It seems it is still early with the mocks since the combine hasn’t happened yet. You’re ahead of the curve in your analysis than some of these other people. Truth is we won’t know until the draft actually occurs where everyone will go. Always a bunch of surprises during the draft.

  10. Tony

    I still believe tua is a top 5 and worth the risk. Especially for a franchise that hasnt had a stud there since Marino. QB is that 1 spot where taking a risk is worth it. If u land the next Lamar or mahomes its franchise altering. And the chance it flames out or missing him is about the same as staying pat.

    If I’m Miami, get him. Dont hesitate. Unless the reports are insanely bad that the guy will never recover. Get him, sit him a year. Get a rivers or another vet to teach him.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s the difference though. We’re not simply talking about Tua as a prospect. It’s not the same as drafting ‘the next Lamar or Mahomes’ because neither Jackson nor Mahomes had a serious and career threatening hip injury and nobody will know the extent of the long-term impact until months after the draft.

      It’s not unrealistic he doesn’t play a snap in the NFL. I hope that’s not the case but that’s how serious this issue is. Not to mention, an injury like this, so freakish in nature, can impact everything. Your throwing technique. Your willingness to run. Your willingness to extend plays. To take hits.

      This isn’t about a franchise not pulling the trigger on a QB. This is about potentially risking any chance at getting out of the never-ending malaise by drafting a quarterback in the top-five who might never be able to play for you. Or might play well within himself after this injury (and all the others).

      It’s not as simple as a bit of R&R for a year and he’ll be fine either. Nobody’s really going to know the extent of his recovery for months. You’ll be taking a shot in the dark.

      But these are things nobody in the media is talking about. It’s just ‘throw him in the top five and reference teams will do their checks’.

      • Tony

        Oh I get its serious. But I’m not just throwing him in top 5. I’m saying I get the red flags, and unless they look career crippling as a certainty, I still would take him. But I believe it’s worth the risk at that position and with that ceiling. Tua was a a#1/2 gaurenteed lock. While the injury might and could change him forever, taking him top 5 seems like a good gamble. I wouldnt mortgage my draft future for him, but I would nab him if I was on the clock.

        I do get why teams will pass. If he falls then the reports will be more concerning I’m sure.

        • Tony

          Top 5, maybe top 10 is more realistic. But I would still take a shot on him.

        • Rob Staton

          I think that’s the problem though Tony. Nobody’s going to know by the draft whether this hip injury is career ending. We won’t know for a few months yet what his long-term prognosis is. So either you’re willing to take a complete gamble (one that will cost $25-30M guaranteed) or you accept the situation as is.

          And even if it isn’t career-threatening, I just cannot fathom the idea of investing a high pick and tens of millions in a player who might not even be able to throw a football properly, or scramble, or take a hit without flinching.

          This isn’t a minor risk. It’s a titanic risk. And it’ll be nothing to do with ‘reports’. Again, nobody will know the true extent of his injury for some time.

          • Tony

            The whole scenario is tragic and fairly unprecedented. When does a gaurenteed top 2 pick qb have an injury of this magnitude going into draft season. If this was any other position or a much less hyped QB, undoubtedly he falls off the boards. But that’s what makes this so unique. This was THEE guy for the last 2 years. Incredibly devastating for the kid. But his whole makeup, I can see a team still chancing it.

            If it were my call as a GM for dolphins, trade back to 10-12 and go for it.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s certainly unprecedented. Something like an ACL is bad but you can project recovery and technology has shifted so much over the years. There’s a near perfect recovery rate these days which is remarkable.

              The problem here is there are all sorts of complications. I’m not a doctor but it’s stuff like whether blood-flow returns to the hip properly. We’re talking about potential hip-replacement surgery down the line and the end of a career. Not to mention the mental impact this has on Tua. What does he do next time he’s forced out of the pocket, being chased by a Bosa? Is this going to be in his head forever? Is re-injury likely? And how is this going to impact his technique?

              It’s easy to say ‘go for it’ on here but try explaining to an owner why you just spent $30m of his money on a player who might never play for you and by the way — you spent a high top pick and you might not be any nearer to finding a QB solution.

              • Tony

                Most famous example was bo Jackson. But multiple sources have stated that the procedure and injury is much better nowadays, unsurprising of course. But still the lingering effects and the recovery is still a question mark. And imagine the gasp everyone will have every time he takes a hit or limps. I can see your point entirely. Top 5, I can agree might be a stretch. But I can see someone taking him early. The gm will be given a couple years to see the outcome. But if he is taken early, it’s a gamble. Weve seen so many early gambles in drafts. I just think this might be another.

                I really do hope the kid goes early. All reports are he is a great kid and if he gets a gaurentee and is given every chance to live out his dream, I’m all for it. To be that close to everything u ever dreamed of and now hoping u can atleast salvage a career. I’m rooting for him.

                • Tony

                  No way an owner isnt fully on board before that pick also. There is a laid out plan and a an agreement on timetable before you make that pick. Tradeback a few spots and recoup some of the cost of waiting him out.

              • Mr. Raymond Luxury Yacht

                Jaylon Smith is an interesting comp. Likely top 3 pick. Devastating and unusual knee injury before the draft. Unsure when or if his recovery would let him play again.

                Cowboys ended up taking him, what 33, 34? For a special player with pretty much the same injury cloud, but at a MUCH lower value position.

                I can absolutely see Tua going top-15 with that as precedent.

                • Rob Staton

                  The problem is this is even more serious than the admittedly very serious Jaylon Smith injury. If the blood doesn’t return to the hip then he doesn’t play. Ever. Smith’s problem was the potential of drop-foot (if memory serves). With Tua, whoever takes him will be drafting him with incomplete knowledge of his health because it takes months to determine his status. And there are a lot more technical consequences of this (throwing motion, ability to take hits, willingness to scramble). I suspect there’s never been a more complex QB injury to sift through for teams.

    • Awsi Dooger

      Great summary. This is not a chess piece sport. Too many draft oriented sites still try to pretend it is a chess piece sport. That’s how you get the hilarity of Chase Young being drafted above potential franchise quarterbacks. It’s going to happen but it should not happen. Too many dunce general managers rationalize the likes of Daniel Jones or Dwayne Haskins instead of savoring at the opportunity to vastly improve the position even one year later.

      That one year quarterback bump is going to be more and more the norm. The Dolphins did it during the infancy of the franchise when they wisely gave up on first round pick Rick Norton after one season and drafted Bob Griese early in the first round the following season. Minus that ultra sharp bold maneuver by Joe Thomas there is no Perfect Season. There probably is no Don Shula in Miami. He emphasized that a young star quarterback like Griese was among the nuggets that convinced him to leave Baltimore and take the job.

      The Dolphins basically have not gambled since the late ’60s. It has been a pathetic procession of fear. If they bypass Tua Tagovailoa it will be merely another extension of prioritizing fear above all.

      On Miami boards there has been more talk of someone trading up to snatch Tua away, or Detroit wising up and taking Tua at #3, than of Tua sliding down the first round.

      I would like the Dolphins to draft Tua and also draft Jordan Love at 18. That is another aspect that will become acceptable as analytics takes over the sport, taking two swipes at the quarterback position in the same year. The conventional wisdom goofs are terrified of their team being ridiculed for not taking a stand. Meanwhile one analytics site after another has asserted for years that given the extreme value of the quarterback position but also the imperfect scouting at that position lends itself in overwhelmingly positive expectancy fashion to drafting two quarterbacks high in the same year. The Jets smartly did that in the ’60s by following the Joe Namath pick by taking Heisman Trophy quarterback John Huarte from Notre Dame in round two.

      Everything tends to drift back to the beginning. Tired flawed subjectivity needs to be steadily evicted from this sport.

      • Rob Staton

        “This is not a chess piece sport. Too many draft oriented sites still try to pretend it is a chess piece sport.”

        I know. I’m always saying we should move the bishop first but V12 says the castle. Then Sea Mode comes barging in shouting, “the horse!” and before we know it Kenny has moved a pawn.

        Awsi’s opinion, like a lot of love-sick Dolphins fans, is to draft Tua. They spent all year pining for ‘Tank for Tua’. Awsi spent most of the year lambasting anyone who dared to suggest Burrow might be better. And now that Tua’s got a career-threatening injury, he’s going to tell us all how stupid we are for daring to put… wait for it… Chase Young with the Redskins (who drafted a QB last year).

  11. Tony

    What the media is saying vs what the NFL scouts are seeing is widening each year. I bet there is a consistent thought to the shape of the draft that every team knows by now. And the media wants more shock and awe clickbait to separate there drafts. The more oddball names moved up, the potential to say they were high on them from the beginning and take credit when the th break out. It’s become less thoughtful and more sloppy each year. I 100% believe that 95% mock drafts have no basis of research or scouting. Rob is part of the 5% that shows actual research and logical thinking.

    • Volume12

      The media seems higher on guys than NFL teams and vice versa every year. I promise you this is nothing new.

      • Tony

        You’re probably right. But it seems worse every year.

  12. Sea Mode

    Wait, is there a game on tonight…?

    Get well soon, Rob.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I hate you 😂

  13. Rob Staton

    Just watch Delpit vs McKinney.

    How on earth is McKinney ranked higher?

    I find it astonishing.

    Delpit has it all — run support, range, ball-skills, read/react.

    Most of McKinney’s plays are when they blitz him at the LOS and he hits an overmatched QB.

    Delpit at SPARQ — ran a 4.52 forty and a 4.04 short shuttle

    McKinney at SPARQ — ran a 4.59 forty and a 4.21 short shuttle

    Watch this and tell me this guy isn’t a high pick (and remember, he played hurt in 2019):

    • Rob Staton

      Just look at the way he flies to the ball.

      • Sea Mode

        The dude’s a heat-seeking missile.

        I’ll be honest: I haven’t even watched much of him because I can’t imagine any realistic scenario where we even have a shot at him.

    • Volume12

      I still think Delpit is really good and the better of the two, but I can’t help it. Sometimes it seems like he flat-out quits on plays.

  14. Volume12

    Uh oh. Rob has the Coronavirus. 😬

    • Ukhawk


      Sorry to hear you’re not well. Defo something off

      I’ve been sick on/ off this year too, lots going round.

      Agree with your assessment of rankings but it’s early in the process and teams always surprise even on draft day. IMO This site is consistently ahead of most media and it’s getting to be earlier each year

      Have some corona!!

  15. cha

    Will be interesting if the mocks catch up after the combine. There always seems to be a guy in the tens or teens that is a pretty serious talent that the mockers (besides Rob) may be aware of but tend to underestimate, that NFL evaluators know about, and they do become star players.

    Aaron Donald
    Deshaun Watson

    • Rob Staton

      Kyler Murray, Haason Reddick, Garrett Bolles, Sheldon Rankins, Keanu Neal…

      (I know some of these names haven’t had blistering careers but they’re names we highlighted as likely high picks against the grain, talked about for months and they went as early as we said they would).

  16. Volume12

    How much of this is recency bias with the SR bowl? Out of sight out of mind kind of thing. Seems like that keeps playing a bigger part in it as well.

    Guy has some good practice, PRACTICE reps and he’s a 1st rounder. Guy has a good scrimmage game? 2nd rounder!

    Are guys watching, grading, and analyzing every rep, because that’s not how it works. Only a handful of reps matter. Your obly gonna get a few or even a couple sometimes that are NFL caliber depending on deployment of a prospect and positioning of him too.

    • Volume12

      And that’s a big reason why I was so high on Danielle Hunter coming out.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure recency bias had anything to do with Hunter. He had 4.5 sacks at LSU, including 1.5 in his final season. He looked the part, tested superbly well. But watching him on tape you were just left wanting more. He’s played well beyond his round three placing but it’s understandable why he lasted as long as he did.

        • Volume12

          No, I didn’t mean recency bias with him.

          I meant I liked him because the reps that did matter for him were when he was in the right alignment and being deployed/used correctly.

  17. Coleslaw

    If the 9ers cut Tevin Coleman we should go for him. He could actually carry the load if Carson and/or Penny aren’t ready. He’ll also probably be looking for a 1 year deal after losing the starting job to Mostert.

    Penny is still cheap, Carson is still a question mark. Even if we do have $9M wrapped up in Coleman and Carson, I think it would be worth it. Solidify the running game. No more Prosise.

    • Rob Staton

      Just draft someone instead.

    • Ukhawk

      Personally I’d snap up Spencer Ware for nickels on the dollar!!

      Perfect fit for the offense, coming off IR so will be reasonable.

  18. Nick

    The depth of this draft just screams trade back into early round 2.

  19. Aaron

    So we’ve talked at length that Russ wants superstars and be more aggressive on offense. Given that the Hawks have an o line more built physically for running the ball (big dudes versus lighter more athletic dudes) than it would make sense to just be a predominantly play action passing game. I wonder how much of this we already do. To satisfy Russ’s desires and still stay true to Pete’s philosophy that’s the way they should go. Doesn’t seem like they need to reinvent the wheel for 2020.

  20. JimQ

    I’m thinking about the RB position today & with PC’s grind and pound running game preferences for going up the middle constantly until something breaks, unfortunately, this past season, it’s our RB’s that broke. I think we pretty much know the type of RB that PC prefers and because of that “style preference”, RB’s will likely have even shorter careers and require more frequent replacements, as in
    Carson & to a slightly lesser extent Penny.

    I’d like one of Dillon -or- Moss as primary RB picks in the coming draft, likely requiring a round 3 or early round 4 pick – because they look to be specifically adaptable to PC’s style of running offense & both could be, at least, close to plug and play sometime during their 1-st. year. It may work out that other needs (or falling steals, ala Metcalf) eliminate the possibility of a day 1 or 2 pick at RB, in which case they’ll just have to look a little deeper into the draft for a RB.

    Per “1/30/20 PFF top-100 2019 performances”.
    –RB-Zack Moss, 2019 had 87 missed tackles on 234 carries with 1024-yds after contact @ 4.5-yds-after contact, plus 3 straight 100-yd seasons of solid production, Projected Rd-3/4-ish.
    –RB-A. J. Dillon, led Country in overall grade against stacked boxes, with 1236-yds against. 823-yds after contact was more than any other RB. + His weight may help reduce injuries over a full season of NFL work – in theory anyway. Currently projected Rd-4-ish.

    However, if they should miss out on Dillon/Moss, or want to double up on RB’s, there may be a couple of guys with unusual WR/RB/KR “versatility” that MAY be available in the 2-nd half of the draft that could add an element that the Seahawks could use. Procise is likely long gone leaving a “slight” hole
    in the roster at 3-rd down RB, one of these guys might be a viable low cost option in the later rounds, while also adding special teams value. VERSATILITY+ & may be future “Christian McCaffrey” type of players=? Both players are being currently overlooked in the rankings a little bit IMO.

    –RB/WR/KR/QB-Lynn Bowden, Kentucky, 6-1/199, A Likely very undervalued Round 6/7 pick?
    (Athletic, slick, explosive, quick feet ++Change of direction abilities, slippery & pretty damn fast.)
    2019: 30/348/11.6-ypc/1-TD receiving, 185/1468/7.94-ypc/13-TD’s rushing.
    **Note** #3 in FBS in rushing yards per carry with his 7.94-ypc for 1468-yds, an overlooked stat.)
    2019; 35/74/47.3%/3-TD, 3-INT as QB, 4/53/13.25-ypr on punt Ret. & 9/220/24.44-ypr on KO-Ret.
    2019; 1871-total yards from scrimmage, 7.22-yards/play, 143.9-yds/game.
    He’s wearing #1 – his 2019 highlights:
    (Note additional value as a potential emergency QB behind RW with some recent actual in game experience. + maybe some wildcat options.) There may not be a more versatile player in this draft.

    –RB/WR/KR-Antonio Gibson, Memphis, 6-2/221, Currently projected as a Round 4/5 pick.
    (explosive, stout lower body, quick feet, runs high but very fluid & smooth, quick & pretty fast.)
    2019: 38/735/19.34-ypc/8-TD’s, 33/369/11.18-ypc/4-TD’s, + 23/645/28.04-ypr/1-TD KO returns.
    2019; 1749-total yards from scrimmage, 18.5-yards/play, 124.9-yards/game.
    He’s wearing #14 – Watch his 2019 WOW game (his best by far):

    • Rob Staton

      We need to see how these guys test first. We know Seattle prefers 5-10, 220lbs types but they also need to be explosive and tough physical runners.

      The best option for me is still Anthony McFarland. There isn’t a quicker, more explosive, tougher, playmaking RB in this class. He’s a star in the making. He’s a bit smaller but I don’t care.

      • drewdawg11

        I like Dillon’s running style and he’s more elusive than a lot of 250 lbs humans. My Swiss Army knife back is Clyde Edwards-Hellaire. The kid lacks height, but he’s think and has a low center of gravity. He is great in the passing game as well. We don’t really have that type of back on the roster.

      • Kenny Sloth

        AJ Dillon for me all day. Need to watch more McFarland still

    • Seahawkwalt

      Love Gibson….

  21. Rob Staton

    So having decided Pete needs to be fired, Ken Norton needs to be fired, Mike Solari needs to be fired… now Seahawks twitter and other websites have decided it’s time to over-blow some pretty run-of-the-mill Russell Wilson interviews where he dares to say the words ‘Kansas City’ and ‘Chiefs’ — which now means he’s desperate to destroy the offensive scheme like twitter wants.

    My god it never used to be like this.

    • Gohawks5151

      Ah, yes how it used to be…. Everyone still had opinions, but had no way to put it in everyone’s face. I’m so glad I don’t have Twitter. I’m sure it’s not just this fan base but man this stuff is getting old.

      • Rob Staton

        Wilson threw nearly 100 more passes this year.

    • cha


      Good grief people.

      Hot cha Take: if the slow start of the offense is really a thing, RW bears just as much responsibility as the coaching staff does. In the past he’s admitted, PC has admitted, Bevell admitted, that Russ just doesn’t get the juices flowing as much until the pressure is on.

      RW has talked about mental exercises. Finding a fixed point in the stadium he can focus on to breathe and relax. Maybe it’s time for his mental coach to work on just that for 2020. Coming out of the gate the same way he closes the half.

      Would really like Seahawks Twitter to say out loud, just once, that RW isn’t some kind of superweapon that the coaching staff is putting restrictor plates on. That he has areas he can improve on as well.

      Maybe a dose of humility is needed. “I need to get better at..”

      And I swear, this isn’t being said enough, even a middling pass rush will give the ball back to the offense more times and in better field position. By definition, the offense will simply get better by having a better defense! If they can get a couple deep turnovers that the offense can just pound with Carson or swing to Dissly for TDs early in the season, there’ll be all kinds of hot takes about how the offense is “fixed” all of the sudden.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s such a lazy and convenient thought process. That Pete Carroll and/or Brian Schottenheimer get together and think… ‘I know, we’ll not do anything early in games. We’ll just wait it out’.

        And Wilson is this poor innocent bystander who, when delivered this news, simply goes out there and… errr… lets it happen?

        We’ve been a crap start team for years. Throughout the entire Wilson/Carroll era. I wish it wasn’t that way as much as everyone else. I’d like a nice easy Sunday’s viewing every now and again too. But the reason that it happens probably isn’t rooted in ‘not letting Russ cook’. There’s probably a lot of reasons. All I know is — it seems to me that they’ve been equally crappy to start whether they’ve been pass heavy or run heavy or a mix of both.

        There’s probably a bit of blame to be shared out everywhere. It doesn’t make Wilson any less amazing. But it doesn’t have to mean Carroll is the devil either.

    • JimQ

      I don’t do twitter but it seems to me, from having read through some of their “comments”, that there are maybe 25-35 people that live on twitter and are in constant attack mode. A very small -minority- raises all their crap & then some print media guys give them ink, bottom line, it’s all BS from whiners that would rather bitch about something rather than just enjoying life, I honestly question their Seahawk fandom & have to wonder how many actually live in San Francisco or LA <—– there's a pot stirring conspiracy theory possibility to think about.

    • Tony

      I saw the overblowing post on field gulls and laughed my butt off. Anyone can distort anything to fit a narrative. Welcome to 2020 media and political takes. Twitter might be the worst thing to happen to society on the last 50 years. An immediate reactionary opinion or hot take that is sent publicly worldwide from people with a bias towards a narrative. What could go wrong.

      • Rob Staton

        The guy who wrote that piece also wrote the Solari piece. Everything at the moment seems to be negative.

        It’s starting to feel like a section of Seahawks fans won’t be happy until everything is done the exact way they want. But it never works like that. There’s always something that needs to be better. A year ago Chiefs fans weren’t happy about their defense. They made some bold FA moves and now they’re in the Super Bowl. A year ago everyone wanted to copy the Rams — now they don’t even make the playoffs.

        You’re never, ever going to be 100% satisfied with the way your football team operates. That shouldn’t even be your priority. The priority should simply be to hope for a team that is consistently in the mix, has the vision and ambition to contend perennially and produces excitement to give you some escapism. The Seahawks haven’t got everything right and mistakes have been made. But my god the positives far outweigh the negatives.

        This entitled section of the fan base, so drunk on their own self-importance and ideology. Piss off for god’s sake.

        • Nick

          Rob, you’re the man. Well said.

          • Rob Staton

            Thank you

        • Rich

          As far as the inanity of the “let Russ cook” attitude, I think we need look no further than the words of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. His teams won ten NCAA national basketball championships, including seven in a row. He once said of a superstar athlete similarly gifted to Russ, “I could have made Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] the greatest scorer in college history. I could have done that by developing the team around that ability of his. Would we have won three national championships while he was at UCLA? Never.” Coach Wooden was so successful was because he was good at getting players to fill roles as part of a team. It’s not surprising that Pete attributes the development of his “win forever” philosophy to his reading a book by John Wooden. Incidentally, coach Wooden often said he was tactically and strategically average, attributes the Twitter crowd often assign to coach Carroll. Pete may not be the greatest tactician the Seahawks have ever had, but he is certainly the Seahawks greatest coach ever.

          • McZ

            So, you are saying, this team is not built around RWs “ability to cook”?

    • DriveByPoster

      To paraphrase Blackadder, I charge you now, Rob, for the good of all mankind, never allow curiosity to lead you to read Twitter. Nothing of interest lies therein!

      • Rob Staton

        I’d pay good money for Edmund to tackle the Twitter era.

        And of course, you’re right. As proven by several elections and referendum’s over the last few years. Twitter is not real life. It’s a little bubble filled with clique’s and echo-chamber’s.

        • DriveByPoster

          I view it as a sort of virtual asylum, designed to keep all the looney’s occupied so that they don’t have time to go out & do damage in the real world.

          Get well soon!

          • Sea Mode

            Shots fired by the drive-by poster!

    • Hojo

      Seems like a great time to stop reading Seahawks Twitter.

      • GerryG

        I did

    • Madmark

      You should be thankful Rob. Its because of twitter that I found this website and I don’t even pay attention to twitter or other websites anymore.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m grateful it brought us together, madmark.

        • madmark

          I love Isaiah Wilson in fact I think this is the year to grab OL to fill in some depth on the line. I’m not looking for them to start unless we have injuries. 1 RT,1RG, and 1C I think should be added for depth and the future.

  22. GoHawksDani

    I wouldn’t mind talented guys dropping 😀
    Get better! Sucks being sick, I had to battle the flu and being under the weather all December and January.
    What do you think about recent press from Russ (needs to open up their game more etc)?
    Is the media making a bigger thing out of it or is Russ really pushing the FO for more KC-like playcalling? He used the media to negotiate his new contract so I dunno…but it seems a bit strong for me

  23. charlietheunicorn

    “crap starting team”

    I wonder if the advanced scouts are not as good as they need to be?

    So the constant, to slow starts, must be the intel they are gathering and how they plan for the upcoming game….. if you are getting “ok” intel, then you are not making as good of decisions for a game plan in the 1st or 2nd quarter …. as an OC, DC or HC…. you can only make decisions with the information you are given… and if it is crap…. you get what you get.

    I’ve seen the Seahawks making the in game adjustments and watched the offense or defense really pounce on opponents. 3rd and 4th quarter, they can be lights out on offense specifically. This also leads me to believe the OC, DC and HC know what they are doing, leading me back to the advanced scouts.

    • Rob Staton

      The main issue for Seattle is the defense is so bad, any ‘slow’ start by the offense has led to the need for a comeback. Just look at the Rams game. The offense had a decent opening drive. Moved the ball. But the Rams just scored with such ease on every possession. Suddenly you’re chasing the game. Your gameplan is butchered. Not really through any fault of the offense. The defense was just a total mess, had no answer, no speed or solution. They looked lost and slow.

      It’s not even like Seattle needs an LOB era defense either like many suggest. They just need a competent defense that creates some pressure and can defend a frigging perimeter run.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Agree. An average DEFENSE would almost put them in the SB with the offense they have…..
        I’m not convinced they are that far away from being elite again on defense, they just need to tighten up the DL play / pass rush…. everything will fall into place.

        • JC3

          After re-watched some of their games, I think they really need DT more than DE.
          Rushes is not everything, they need to push and make the pocket small in order for the outside rushers to be effective.
          Reed didn’t have a good season last year, and doesn’t matter how much you love Poona Ford, his is just not a starter quality DT.

  24. Zxvo3

    Based on a lot of these players being massively underrated, could you guys imagine a 3 round mock for the Seahawks like this:

    1st Round: (1 Pick)
    WR- Jalen Reagor (TCU)

    2nd Round: (2 Picks)
    OG- Logan Stenberg (Kentucky)
    LB- Willie Gay Jr. (Mississippi State)

    3rd Round: (1 Pick)
    RB- Anthony McFarland (Maryland)

    • Greg Haugsven

      Good players but no defensive lineman which is what we need most. Like Rob said the draft all depends on what happens in free agency.

    • Trevor

      If they addres the DL in free agency I would like that draft a lot.

      I would like to see the Hawks spend thier cap $ on Clowney, Fowler and Fant then go with a draft like this.

      Rd#1 Raekwon Davis (DT/ Alabama)
      Rd #2 Trade up using 3rd comp pick ( Jalen Raegor or Brandon Aiyuk ) legit #3 receiver and elite kick returner
      RD#2 Hunter Bryant (TE/Wash) or trade this pick for OJ Howard
      Rd #4 Josh Kelly (RB/ UCLA)

      • Sea Mode

        I need to see more Raekwon Davis, but from the outside, he’s totally a guy I could see Pete raving about on draft day: “we couldn’t believe he was available to us” type thing. He loves those big tall guys up front.

        And if you can get Reagor or Aiyuk in R2, that would be pretty amazing. Not totally impossible with the depth of this WR class, but I think they are both going to go in R1 or very early R2.

        Also, just glanced at the trade chart go get an idea of how far up a R3 comp might get us. And it would only be about to Denver’s pick at #46, so more towards the middle of R2.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks love special traits with their top picks.

          Okung (size/length/power), Thomas (range, quickness, production), Carpenter (massive size, best run blocker in college), Irvin (incredible athlete, production), Michael (incredible athlete), Richardson (quickness, speed), Clark (incredible athlete), Ifedi (massive size, length, explosive), McDowell (unique size/athleticism/power), Penny (great speed/size combo).

          The only departure from that was LJ Collier. And given what happened in 2019, I suspect if anything in 2020 they’ll be more keen than ever to pitch for unique traits and upside.

          • Matt

            That’s exactly my take. That’s why I really do think that R1 pick will be a WR or Raekwon. As long as there is not some serious character red flag – I totally agree that we see a special trait targeted in R1.

            No more “pretty good at everything.” Be great at 1 thing – position said player to utilize that strength and continue to develop the other parts. DK Metcalf should give this FO a lot of faith in targeting elite skills + work ethic. With that combo – it’s just a matter of time.

    • Sea Mode

      Heck yeah! Sign me up for that right there!

      If they want a bigger RB instead as a hedge towards the future (Carson future injury/negotiations), I wonder if they couldn’t grab Zack Moss in late R2 (I currently project him early R3) and then still get Stenberg in R3 (I realistically have no idea where he’ll go. He’s good, but he’s a pure Guard not from one of the biggest schools. We’ll see if he continues to fly under the radar a bit.)

      My current draft plan starts with: Go. Get. Reagor.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely!

  25. Bigten

    Personally don’t see that as a draft of “falling” players. Would be a good draft, even though I think that is a little high for McF. I could see a situation where we trade back, draft a falling player, and still get Reagor and Stenberg with our current 2 seconds, gay with a third, and McF with a 4th or later. My personal desire (without FA being a factor) Okwara with our early second, Reagor and Stenberg with other 2 seconds, pick YGM in the third after a slight trade up using future pick, Winfield with the early 4th/late third we get in the trade back, and then McF in the 4th.

    • Bigten

      Was meant to be a reply to Zxvo3.

      • Zxvo3

        Reagor to me, is a top 4 receiver in this class. He’s just great at everything; he can even be a returner. Idk why no one is talking about him. He should be a top 20 pick, but I’m not complaining.

        For some reason I’m just not a fan of Okwara or YGM. I doubt they’ll draft YGM especially. He’s basically another Rasheem Green and L.J Collier pick. We need quick and twitchy EDGE’s and unfortunately I see none that fit the Seahawks threshold.

        • Trevor

          I think Raegor or Aiyuk would be absolutely perfect compliments to Locket and Metcalf and would immediately take over all kick return duties as well where they excel. If they address the defense in free agency those are my two dream picks.

          • Mark Souza

            Our first 2nd rounder is almost in the 3rd round. If you wait that long, Raegor and Aiyuk won’t be there. If we traded back with our 1st into the top of the 2nd, that pick would likely get us one of those two.

            • Matt

              That’s exactly why I want a WR in R1 – don’t mess around. We can get a difference maker at WR, but highly doubtful at DE or OL, at the end of R1.

              Go Reagor or Aiyuk, then Stenberg (even if it takes a trade up). I really want to see guys who tilt the field with the first couple picks. We don’t need anymore “average at all things” type of talents. Get some dudes that have deficiencies but offset it with an all star caliber skill (mauling, speed, etc).

  26. Vin


    I appreciate you pumping out 1 article a week or 5 articles a day. Like you, I have a job and kids, so I understand the many things that tug at your precious time. Feel better soon and you write as many or as little articles as you deem fit. You’ll still be my #1 hawks site. Thank you again.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Vin.

  27. charlietheunicorn

    Chiefs going for broke on 4th and 1….

    LOVE IT!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Looked like something from Glee. Here for it

  28. Volume12

    This Chiefs offense is pure sex on a football field man. Whew. 🥵

  29. charlietheunicorn

    Mahomes is ready to sign his 40M / year deal after this game!

  30. Volume12

    Deebo’s gonna need to touch it 15 times or so.

  31. Volume12

    YAC attack. That whole drive was YAC.

  32. Volume12

    lol. I don’t think the 9ers trust porn star Mark Sanchez at all.

  33. charlietheunicorn

    10 / 10

    Very entertaining game.

  34. charlietheunicorn

    Yikes, Shakira lost something off her fastball

  35. Hawks4life

    Looks like Andy Reid will have to wait even longer for his ring…. that is if he ever gets back here again. Chiefs look under prepared and panicked

  36. john_s

    When the Niners don’t have to worry about the Chiefs running the ball and pin their ears back

  37. Volume12

    I think there was probably a lot of people who expected the 9ers to win, but I don’t think anyone expected Mahomes to play like he has.

    Deebo should get MVP BTW.

    • Ishmael

      It’s been very weird. His arm looks off, I wonder if he’s hurt? Either that or he’s got completely gun-shy. He’s put his body on the line running it enough, just a strange day passing.

      • Volume12

        I think he was just rattled.

    • swedenhawk

      Deebo’s talent was on display, for sure… quick, easy separation, decisive… however, i would’ve loved to see him take a shot on that pass to Garoppolo. which, thank goodness for handsome Jimmy; if Samuel had a good QB, he’d be (even more of) a nightmare!

  38. Ishmael

    Incredible stuff. The team with the best defence in the league and an elite running game is going to beat the bestest most amazingest passing team. When have we seen that before?

    It’s a simple game

  39. Volume12

    Andy Reid has finally started to empty the chamber and they put 7 pn the board.

    • Volume12

      Keep emptying that damn thing bay-beee!!

  40. Volume12

    Jimmy G needs to step up.

    Can’t hide your QB down 4, under 3 minutes and needing 1st downs.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I friggin love it….. settle if he is the real deal or not.

      • Volume12

        Shannahan hides him well don’t he? Can’t help but wonder where RG3 would be if he hadn’t trotted him on the field with a blown ACL

        • charlietheunicorn

          *rubs hands together*

          SB hangover inbound for 49ers in 2020!

  41. Ishmael

    Spoke too soon? Niners seemed to just switch off and have got jumped.

    It’s been an odd Super Bowl. Not a bad game, just a bit bloodless.

  42. charlietheunicorn


  43. Volume12

    Clowney is a better player, but give me Frankie on $ downs off the edge every single time.

    • Trevor

      Clowney may be the better player but Frank is the better pass rusher and closer.

      • Hawks4life

        I’ll Take Clark all day and night.

  44. charlietheunicorn

    F the 49ers!

    • Volume12



      • charlietheunicorn


        Clark again wrecking them 😀

  45. Ishmael

    Very happy for Andy Reid!

    Big lol at the Niners fans

    • charlietheunicorn

      Reid is very deserving of a SB ring.

  46. Rob Staton

    So the Chiefs played like crap for three and a bit quarters and needed a late miracle comeback to win.

    And everyone is pissing and moaning about our way.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Mahomes didn’t even play his best game….. which is shocking.

      Just think how this would have been different if Seattle got 2 more inches in their game vs the 49ers in week #17…. WOW

    • Volume12

      Thought they played bad in the 3rd quarter. 1st & 2nd quarters were evenly matched.

      • Ashish

        I like people sleeping on hawks. They see obvious flaws in hawks as a team and give no chance in winning a game every week. But hawks lot better with few missing players and luck on injuries front will put in super bowl. Heck forget it with Dissly, Carson and offensive line stayed healthy I wouldn’t be surprised in super bowl.

    • EranUngar

      In every playoff game this year KC trailed by at least 10 points and had to engineer a comeback on the shoulders of their franchise QB.

      I wonder, do they chant “you can only win the game in the 4th quarter” in the locker-room ?

      FIRE ANDI REED!!!!!!

  47. Ishmael

    Kendall Fuller with a couple of big 4th quarter plays now. He’s a talented kid, I’d be very interested in getting him on board.

    • Trevor

      Would love to see him playing in the slot next year for the Hawks.

      • Ishmael

        Right? There’s enough there to work with, the talent is real. He’ll get better coaching at the Hawks than he’ll have got anywhere else too.

  48. DC

    Congrats to the Chiefs & Frank Clark!

    That city has earned it

  49. Volume12

    Super stoked for Frankie!

  50. taxspecialist

    Congrats to KC and Frank Clark. Hoping for a big superbowl hangover for the 49ers. With some luck we will be in this game next year. Thanks for all your work Rob check here everyday… it makes off season almost enjoyable. Love your rational thought processes and that you actually think and analyse alternatives keeping in mind how Pete coaches and the need to be bigger, stronger and faster in Russ’s window. Hope you feel better.

  51. Trevor

    Had to figure at some point SF would need Jimmy G to come up big and make a play. Most people including myself thought he could do it and that proved to be correct. Shanahan hid him well all year but it bit them in the ass finally.

    At least we don’t need to listen to Sherm all off season.

  52. Volume12

    Mahomes has 2 of the best seasons, an MVP, and a SB trophy. All within 2 years. KC plays this smart we might being seeing a lot more of this.

    • Volume12

      With his scrambled egg a** soundin’ voice.

      • DC

        We will be seeing more of it. Hopefully as Super Bowl opponents!

  53. Volume12

    Kyle Shannahan now has been apart of blowing 2 huge leads in 2 seperare SB’s. I would say ya hate to see it, but I don’t.

    Karma for what him and his dad did to RG3? Curse?

    • Pran

      Congrats Frank Clark. Suck it Sherm, enjoy your dummy QB.

      Now happy to see 9ers burning down after an Year right there but not there. So called Great defense Gives up 10 point lead and lose by 11 all with in final 7 minutes.

  54. Brazilian Hawk

    The playground is over. 49ers, let’s make a deal on Sherman’s return.

    • EranUngar


      I am still savoring how he got burned on that long pass down the sideline and on the TD right after it.

      • Rob Staton

        Poor Richard.

        And now he’s going to have to spend the rest of the year telling the coaching staff what they should’ve done differently.

        • Kelly

          +100,000,000 LOL

        • Sea Mode

          I like this angle of him… 😏

          • Rob Staton

            What a bell end.

            Shame he’s so invested in proving to everyone in Seattle he’s been right all along, otherwise he’d finding the person to blame for last night’s loss right about now.

            • Matt

              LOL – I’ve never seen a former player fall so far from grace. Sherman is very good, but this franchise is so much better off without him. That locker room situation was downright toxic with about 4 of those guys leading the charge.

              He and Baldwin, in particular – addition by subtraction.

              • Rob Staton

                Spot on, Matt.

              • GoHawksDani

                Nope, Douggie was good. He was OK even as angry Doug, but he cleaned up his act later. Agree with Sherm, and would add professor Bennett and while I love him even late-Earl to the mix, but not Baldwin

                • Rob Staton

                  Doug had his moments.

                  I genuinely think RW is better off without him.

  55. Denver Hawker

    Hawks 22-1 to win next year, who’s buyin?

    • Steve Nelsen

      I’m buying!

  56. Ishmael

    I’m not totally sure how much this one is on Shanahan. He was maybe a bit too conservative, but I don’t think it was as egregious as the Atlanta meltdown. The defence quit. After that 40-whatever yard completion on 3rd and 15 they kind of just lost heart and packed it in.

    And just saw Mahomes got MVP? Come on. That’s silly. He was deeply ordinary for 80% of the game.

  57. Albert Butler

    I could see Tua getting drafted by the 49er’s at the end of round two.

  58. Frank

    I used to live really close to arrowheads, and the chiefs are easily my 2nd favorite team. Couldn’t have been happier with this super bowl without a hawks victory.

  59. DC

    The Off Season (SDB’s ON Season) has officially begun!!!

    This is the most interesting one we have had in a looong time. Nail it & we are back at the top table.

    • Simo

      Yes sir, although the Hawks offseason has been ON for a few weeks now. I’m sure John/Pete and all the staff have been digging thru tons of tape and evaluating countless options. You’re right on though, they have to nail it this offseason. It’s not often they have good draft capital and cap space in the same season.

  60. Eburgz

    Post SB mock and a couple Terrell Lewis Senior Bowl Highlights.

    R1 OL: Isaiah Wilson
    R2 Edge: Terrell Lewis
    R2 DL: Ross Blacklock
    R3 Wr: Byron Edwards
    R4 OL: Damien Lewis
    R4 RB: AJ Dillon
    R5 CB: Reggie Robinson
    R6 TE: Stephen Sullivan

    Anyone have any options on Jordan Elliot? Just watched a bunch of him and Blacklock after seeing how high PFF is on Elliott.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t get PFF’s love for Elliott at all. I just thought he looked average. But this is the problem with PFF. They never explain their grades. They just announce what they are and talk around them as established facts.

      I have to say I didn’t see anything from Lewis to think R2 in Mobile.

  61. DC

    Tony Pauline used to have a ‘top 300’ players who were graded on his old site Anyone know or able to locate that same thing from him this year? I’m not having any luck finding it.

    • Sea Mode

      Meh, it was always outdated anyways. For me, the good stuff from Tony are his insider info tidbits, not his draft grades.

  62. Trevor

    My one tho But watching that game last night was “please let Chris Jones hit free agency”.

    Won’t show on the stat sheet but constant pressure up the middle all night. Had the pressure to force the INT and 3 pass knockdowns. He is he beat potential DL free agent by a pretty wide margin IMO. Sadly the Chiefs will have to tag him I think. They would be insane not to.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not even worth getting your hopes up. Jones will not reach free agency.

    • Simo

      The Chiefs are a bit tight in 2020 cap space at the moment, but Jones is just to good of a player, and right in his prime, for them to let him walk. No question they figure out a way to keep him (tag or new deal). It will take most of their available cap space, since he’s in line for a huge raise from his $1.5m salary in 2019. Not sure what dead weight they are carrying, but likely to have a few cap casualties.

      • Greg Haugsven

        They can save $14 million by cutting Watkins which is a start. Pat is going to cash in so we will see. I agree they are going to want to keep him or at least tag him to make another run at the Super Bowl next year as they are a top favorite at this point.

  63. Sea Mode


    Bill Barnwell

    Jimmy Garoppolo in the fourth quarter: 3-of-11, 36 yards, INT, fourth-down sack

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah but his hair was nicely gelled.

      • Ronni Bostromi

        It feels great, baby!

        • Greg Haugsven

          Another Super Bowl hangover loss for an NFC West team? Its there for the taking next year for us.

          Eagles…Can Carson get them over the hump?

          Cowboys…New coaching staff? they have lots of cap space but some big names to resign. I could see them as a serious threat to us.

          Packers…Just dont believe in them

          Vikings…They are in cap hell and will it catch up to them?

          Bears…not sure which way they will go

          Saints…Is Brees coming back?

          Falcons…Can they get it in the right direction?

          49ers…SB hangover?

          Rams…They are also in some cap trouble

          Others…Is there a 49er type team to go from worst to first?

          Seahawks…Depends on our off-season but it is there for the taking.

          • cha

            Arizona will rise as a threat, but maybe in 2021 will be more ready to compete.

            • Greg Haugsven

              I agree about the Cardinals. You look for the team that has a good young QB on a rookie deal and thy are the team but can they add any pieces before Kyler wants to cash in?

  64. Georgia Hawk

    Man, Sherman had a REALLY rough game. Couple missed tackles, juked out of his socks by Williams, another LONG completion to Williams. Had a great year but didnt show up when it mattered most.

  65. Aaron

    Ahhh…the day after the 49ers lose the Super Bowl, boy it feels soooooo good!!!

    • Simo

      Amen to that brutha! Any SF loss is good, but a SB loss is oh so sweet! Wait..and Sherm got burned several times as well during KC’s comeback! It doesn’t get much better, unless the Hawks are in the big game!

  66. RWIII

    If you are a Seahawk fan. The Super Bowl could not have gone any better. The 49ers had the football and a 10 point 4th quarter lead and blew the game. Richard Sherman get BURNED on a KEY pass in the 4th quarter. Going forward there is going to be both doubts and division on both Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan. 49er players will never admit it publicily. But there will be doubts in the back on their mind that Jimmy G. is the answer at QB. Oh yeah. Jimmy G. looks great when he throws a 7 yard slant and the receiver runs for 10+ yards after the catch. But Jimmy G. is NO Patrick Mahomes or Russell WIlson. Also NO doubt Shanahan will be doubting his play calling.

    Everyone talked about Shanahan’s play calling at the end of the first half. But I think it goes back to the Seahawk game in San Francisco. In overtime Shanahan could have settled for a tie. But he chose to go for the win. What happened. Seattle stop the 49ers. Got the ball back and drove down for the winning field goal.

    • Greg Haugsven

      The end of the half was a disaster. It was clear as day he didnt trust his QB. He could have called a timeout which would of gave them about 90 seconds to get into field goal range. Did it have an affect on the outcome? No one will ever know that but you have to try for 3 points there.

      • cha

        Everyone watching at my place was “OK they forced KC to punt so they’ll call a time out with 1:30 to play and set up the hurryup offense with….WHAT? They’re not calling a time out?”

        Even the ones who aren’t football nuts could figure out you stop the clock at that point. Very strange.

        If Niners fans reacted as Seahawks Twitter fans do, they’d be calling for Shanahan’s head this morning.

    • Rob Staton

      If they blow a 10-point lead in the first three weeks of next season, Sherman might have another temper tantrum on the sideline.


      • cha

        Yup. And now the Niners are about to feel the bite of hiring Sherman.

        I enjoyed the “We’re still a great defense we just didn’t execute” line after the game. And Watkins just ‘made a play.’


        • Rob Staton

          Yep, and you got walloped Richard. Lead weights in the shoes pal.

  67. Matt

    If I’m San Francisco…and one of these draft QBs fall a bit – I would seriously consider trading a bunch of picks to get the guy (if they have belief in them). Jimmy G is not the guy – he is so shockingly limited. They need a QB that can take advantage of such a ridiculously good run game.

  68. RWIII

    Everyone talks that Kansas City will win tons of Super Bowls. No doubt they will be a very good team. As long as Mahomes is at the helm. However, remember back when Seattle destroyed the Broncos 43-8? What was everyone saying about the Seahawks?

    Kansas City will still be good. However, Chris Jones has to be paid. How much are the Chiefs going to have to fork up for both Jones and Mahomes. Obviously the Chiefs will still be in the Hunt for the Super Bowl as long as Mahomes is there. But because of the salary cap they are going to be in the same position Seattle was a few years ago. The Seahawks couldn’t keep all their good players. The Chiefs will have the same problem. So you just don’t know.

  69. RWIII

    One other thing. I think I would take Kyler Murray over Goff/Garoppolo.

    • Henry Taylor

      Easily the second best QB in the division, didnt need this game to prove that.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Was this in doubt for you? I think there’s a pretty clear hierarchy of NFCW QB’s

      Wild how twitter hot takers have said Russ is 3rd in the division

  70. Henry Taylor

    Very happy for the Cheifs to win this game, the 49ers a great team, but the difference in QB was so palpable, even with Mahomes struggling for much of the game. Andy Reid, Frank and the Honeybadger are 3 guys I’m very happy to see get a ring.

    I wonder where the 49ers go from here, they have a lot of young talent, but this season may have been their peak. The secondary is mediocre apart from Sherm who also looked far more washed in this game, Staley may not be back and their QB is more Kirk Cousins than Tom Brady. Im expecting a very tough divisional race between 4 good teams next year, but it’s 100% for the Seahawks taking.

  71. millhouse-serbia

    in Matt Miller’s last mock:

    Kinlaw at 20 to Jags

    We get Marlon Davidson with 27th pick.

    Delpit at 39.

    Pitman and Dantzler for us at second round and Bredeson at 3rd.

    We could see few draft analyst who have some league source s leave Delpit out of 1st round. Maybe the know something others don’t

    • Rob Staton

      Well maybe they can share that information?

      Listen, I don’t mean to bag on anyone, but can anyone tell me one reason why we should pay attention to MM’s projection? What makes his work, at Bleacher Report, worthy of us highlighting over here?

      What glistening insight has he given us over the years? I can’t remember anything.

      1. Kinlaw will not last to 20.
      2. Study the Seahawks man, they are not taking a 32-inch armed 295lbs DE who might move inside
      3. Delpit into the near 40’s — has his arm fallen off?
      4. Pitman — big receiver and not athletic, not the type they’ve taken
      5. Dantzler — so he’s the guy they’re going to take early at corner???
      6. Bredeson — 32 inch arms.

      • millhouse-serbia

        don’t kill the messenger😬…i am 100% with you on all 6 points…

        • Rob Staton

          Sure, none of that was aimed at you specifically.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Possibly, also this stuff happens all the time and then you will look at Millers mock in April and Delpit will be back in the middle of the first round and Kinlaw will be back around 10. Sometimes these guys just do this to create clicks by doing weird things. Its not fun if you always have the same guys in the same spots. All mocks are usually useless until you get around tax time.

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