Would the Seahawks trade a high pick for Calais Campbell?

The Seahawks have been talking about Calais Campbell for a few years.

For example, when they drafted Malik McDowell in 2017, John Schneider was asked about the pick: “We’ve been looking for a pass rushing three-technique since we’ve been here.”

When asked what McDowell looked like at his best, Schneider answered: “Similar to what Calais Campbell looked like.”

Pete Carroll later returned to the comparison during that press conference, going as far as to call it a ‘great comparison’.

That was the off-season that Campbell left Arizona for Jacksonville in free agency. There was a feeling that maybe the Seahawks — with somewhat limited cap space — might be able to convince him to come to Seattle. The Jaguars gave him a four-year, $60m contract worth $15m a season. At the time, that was an incredible deal the Seahawks couldn’t compete with.

It’s possible that they set their heart on Campbell that off-season and the decision to go for McDowell was something of a ‘Plan B’.

A year ago Campbell’s name cropped up again. When asked after drafting L.J. Collier why they were seemingly so determined to add a player who can rush inside and out (with McDowell, Collier and Rasheem Green mentioned), Schneider responded: “It’s a hard spot to find. The Calais Campbell’s of this world are hard to find.”

These quotes alone are not enough to assert a love-in between Seattle’s front office and Calais Campbell. Clearly, however, they’ve not only been looking for a player like him — they also have a massive amount of admiration for him.

So with the Seahawks facing an enormous off-season where the quarterback is already calling publicly for ‘superstars’ to be signed — could Campbell be a trade target?

And what would it take to get him?

He’s had an incredible three years with the Jaguars with 31.5 sacks, 44 TFL’s and 76 QB hits. He anchors the run defense and he creates consistent pressure. He sets a tone physically but has always been a great leader too.

According to PFF, he was the #4 graded defensive lineman in the league in 2019 behind only T.J. Watt, Aaron Donald and Cameron Heyward.

For these reasons, there’s every chance the Jaguars wouldn’t have any interest in dealing him. He’s producing results even if the team has struggled the last two years. His $15m salary isn’t obscene even if it’s pricey.

The Jaguars are also, however, facing a bit of a crossroads. They reached the AFC Championship game in 2017 and entered the 2018 season as one of the favourites to reach the Super Bowl. They had a fantastic defense rich in talent.

Then it all went wrong.

Now they’ve traded Dante Fowler and Jalen Ramsey — two former top-10 picks. Yannick Ngakoue is constantly tweeting his desire to leave and he’s set to be a free agent. Telvin Smith surprisingly retired. Tom Coughlin has been fired yet the GM and Head Coach remain.

They’ve experienced a shocking and sudden collapse. A roster overhaul of sorts is required. Who are they building around for the long term? They added big-signing free agents to supplement their young talent that’s since moved on. Now they’re carrying bloated contracts and they’re projected at $-40,246 in cap space for 2020.

They have a really meaty and overpaid middle-class that will be decimated by cuts. They’ll instantly create $20m in cap space by cutting Marcell Dareus. Cutting A.J. Bouye saves another $11m. Marqise Lee could save them $5m, Brandon Linder $8m, D.J. Hayden $6m, Abry Jones $4m and Geoff Swaim $3.75m.

So while they’re currently forty-grand in the red for 2020, they’ll soon have a fair bit of money to play with depending on who they want to sacrifice.

It also means they’re not under any immediate pressure to trade or cut Calais Campbell. Yet parting with him would save $15m too.

Here’s why they might consider it.

Clearly the Jaguars are going through another transition period. They’ll be looking to build around, presumably, the likes of Josh Allen and Gardner Minshew. They’re not a team that has a look of being one solid off-season away from being right back in contention.

Campbell is only contracted for one more year and he’s 34-years-old in September. If they could get a reasonably high pick for him, that might be better value than carrying him for another year given their current status.

Of course, they could just extend his contract. That would potentially lower his 2020 cap hit and keep him in Florida for the rest of his career.

Yet if a team dangled a high draft pick — that would surely be tempting. The Jaguars need to get younger, sort their cap out and ‘go again’.

Why would it make sense for the Seahawks?

Firstly, there is some precedent here. One of the best trades in the Carroll/Schneider era was to go and get Duane Brown. It wasn’t a cheap trade — costing the Seahawks a second and third round pick. Yet the deal instantly put a stop to the glaring issue at left tackle. Brown has played at a high level since and has offered vital leadership and toughness to the offense.

Brown was 32 when he arrived in Seattle. That didn’t put them off trading two high picks for him and then giving him a new long-term extension.

Campbell is currently 33 — although as mentioned he will be 34 on September 1st. The Seahawks desperately need to address their defensive line this time. Campbell would instantly provide a boost to the pass rush and the run defense. He would also deliver the same toughness and leadership that Brown provided.

Seattle’s D-line struggled far too often in 2019 to win the line of scrimmage battle. Imagine the difference Campbell would make? Not only that — the benefit would be felt elsewhere. Imagine trying to stop a Clowney & Campbell combo? Imagine the impact on Bobby Wagner, being able to play behind such a dominant force up front.

Like Brown, there’s no indication Campbell intends to retire in the near future. In fact when asked at the Pro Bowl about his contract, he discussed his willingness to restructure his deal in the form of an extension.

If he was willing to play for three more seasons, perhaps, would a significant trade be worth considering?

Perhaps the best question is this — is there anyone else out there who could do more for Seattle’s defense than Campbell? The answer is probably no — short of pulling off a somewhat unrealistic trade for one of the top pass rusher’s in the game Khalil Mack-style.

With the Seahawks owning two second round picks this year, they’re in a strong position. Could they repeat the Brown trade by offering Jacksonville #64 this year and a 2021 third rounder?

They’d still have #27. They’d still have #59.

The Jaguars would get two high picks and some cap relief as they prepare to move forward. They’d be taking a hit losing Campbell for sure — but they might be willing to consider long term planning.

The Seahawks need stars right now. They’d take on a non-restrictive $15m cap hit for Campbell with the option to extend his deal and lower that number.

There’s nothing to say Jacksonville would want to do this. It’s difficult to project trades. After all — who would’ve thought the Seahawks could’ve landed Jadeveon Clowney for a third rounder plus Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin? Or Quandre Diggs for a fifth rounder?

We’ve said a few times now — it feels like the trade market will be crucial for Seattle. Free agency is very expensive. Acquiring players on existing contracts is a way to get better value for money. Whether it’s Campbell, Stefon Diggs, Everson Griffen, Ryan Kerrigan or someone completely different — it would be surprising if there isn’t some kind of trade at some stage.

I think this proposal at least makes some sense for both teams. And while you never ideally want to give up high picks for 34-year-old players — Campbell is a bit different. He’s like Duane Brown.

They’ve admired him for years. Maybe it’s time to finally bring him to Seattle?

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  1. CaptainJack

    Wouldn’t mind trading a first for Diggs and second and future third for Campbell. Then sign Clowney another pass rusher (Fowler?) and hooper in free agency. That would be aggressive. Let reed go and cut Britt. Draft a center round 2.

    • CD

      1 year left at $15 m for 2nd and 3rd, but we got a much younger Clowney for a 3rd, Martin (and his career 6 sacks), dumping Mingo salary and the Texans picked up half of Clowney’s salary.

      If pulling off the same deal, Seattle should be able to get Campbell for a 3rd or 4th and the Jags pick up $5M.

      • Rob Staton

        Doesn’t really work like that does it.

        And Clowney was a clear one year because they couldn’t tag him or even negotiate with him until after the 2019 season. They could extend Campbell immediately.

  2. Coleslaw

    If we could lock him up for the rest of his career I’m all for it. But if it’s a 1 year rental, I’m not so sure. Very high risk, very high reward. I’d be torn, but it’s a gamble I think we can afford, still having a 1st and 2nd rounder is huge. The impact he could make is huge. It would be super bowl or bust. Idk if the front office wants to put that pressure on themselves, especially betting on a 34 year old big man to stay healthy.

    Very interesting idea…

    I doubt it happens but I wouldnt mind signing Bouye. Flowers and Griffin have missed a few games each, and they could both probably learn a lot from him. I think we need a veteran presence at CB, we gotta turn these boys into ball hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, they bet on a 33-year-old big man to stay healthy (Duane Brown).

  3. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, would you cut Britt if you could add Ruiz?

    • smitty1547

      I’m going to guess, he says yes to this, knowing how much he likes Ruiz

    • God of Thunder

      Not Rob, but … maybe. Depends on what Britt says to restructuring his contract.In a perfect world, Britt is eager to stay and restructures, and we draft Ruiz, who learns for a year.

    • Rob Staton

      Depends what they did in FA.

  4. ivotuk

    I believe Defensive Linemen age much better than Offensive Linemen. Maybe it’s because they take longer to get up to speed?

  5. Zxvo3

    Excellent idea. That way we wouldn’t lose our top pick on a pass rusher (even though I wouldn’t mind it for Von Miller) and we still have our other second round pick. The question remains though: what are we going to do with our other DE spot (aka Avril 2.0)? I honestly see Vic Beasley as a great target. He has the length, athleticism, quickness that the Seahawks like. With trading for Calais Campbell, you can afford to try a reclamation project with Beasley. And he’s still young; if it works out you can end up with a bookend of Clowney and Beasley for many years.

  6. Andy J

    Hey Rob…

    Haven’t seen you talk much about draftable DTs recently.

    Who do you think is a rough profile match to Campbell (& Reed for that matter) in the draft?

    Many thanks!

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to ever find a profile match for Campbell. But Javon Kinlaw and Raekwon Davis are two players with similar size if different skill sets.

      It’s not a class with a lot of good DT’s. I like Rashard Lawrence though.

      • jujus

        do you not like raekwon davis?

        Seems like he could catapult into a start with some good coaching.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure I like Raekwon

          • jujus

            What Kind of range do you think he land in? Late 2nd-3rd?

            seems like he would be a calais 2.0 type like Mcdowell was but even bigger. We all know how we want that SIZE on the DLine. We’ve sorely missed Clinton Mc + Tony McD.

  7. cha

    I can get behind that. I think Campbell is a guy who changes how the offense lines up and plays.

    What about this Rob – #27 and a 2022 2nd for Campbell and Jax’s 2nd (#41 I think) ?

    The Hawks only deplete one draft pick, and have 3 2nd round picks in their wheelhouse. Jax gets the luxury of owning 3 first round picks and building some real enthusiasm in their fanbase.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they’d take a pick in 2022.

      They’ll want some significant benefit from this. A second rounder is reasonable given his age.

      • cha

        Sorry that was a typo. 2021. I had 2’s on the brain I guess.

        It’s a near equivalent trade to what you proposed, just the rounds swapped.

        Jags get 3rd round value going from 41 to 27
        And a next year 2nd

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not quite the same though because I’m proposing a second rounder this year and this trade proposes a third rounder this year. I think they’d want something significant this year.

    • Steve Nelsen

      The idea of including a trade back from Seattle’s #27 pick as part of a trade to get Campbell is interesting. Jacksonville gets another first round this year which is substantial. And trading back is something Seattle has proven willing to do. We trade our 1st in 2020 for Jacksonville’s 2nd in 2020 and we include a 3rd in 2021? That would be similar to the Brown deal except substituting a trade back for a 2nd.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not really similar to the Brown deal. Houston received two picks. Here, Jacksonville is getting one pick. Plus what is the appeal at #27? Why would they want to be there instead of #41 other than the fact it’s a bit earlier? Usually when teams make these types of move they have a specific reason for wanting to be higher (eg Buffalo traded Cordy Glenn to move up to position themselves to get Josh Allen).

        I still think a R2 + R3 combo makes more sense.

  8. Steve Nelsen

    I love this article Rob. It is informative and thought-provoking. You share your opinions but much more as well. you don’t see stuff like this on any other site but yours. When you did your Dante Fowler piece, I asked you for a similar Calais Campbell article and you hit it out of the park. Thank you.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you for reading

  9. Lewis

    I’d rather have a younger player along the lines of Fowler/Lawson/Ngakoue/Judon, even if the cost is higher. If they wind up having to cut him and you could sign him to a modest 1-2 year deal, then sure.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see any game-changers in that list of four names. Calais has been a game-changer all his career.

      • Lewis

        Can he continue to be at 34? Of course, that’s what medical staff are for. Don’t get me wrong, if PC/JS think it’s the right call, I will support their wisdom, but the age worries me.

        If they felt he was healthy, the price tag wouldn’t be a deterrent, for me, especially given what you’ve said about this year’s class.

        • Rob Staton

          Well he was one of the best DL’s in the league aged 33.

    • TatupuTime

      They gotta be in win now mode at this point. Go for it the next 2 years while Bobby is still a beast and Russ is in his prime. Clowney fills well into that window too (I worry long-term given the microfracture surgery he had). It’s not like the Seahawks have hit a lot early in the draft the last number of years. If they can parlay some early picks for difference makers its time. If they pick a bushel of guys in the last rounds after trade downs I have confidence in them in rounds 5-7 and UDFA to find guys to make a contribution.

  10. Steve Nelsen

    Even if Jacksonville cuts every player Rob mentioned that would save them $56 million and put them $16 million under the cap. They are expected to franchise Yannick Ngakoue and that would eat all of that space up.

    A Calais Campbell trade is a very real possibility in my opinion.

    • GerryG

      One of us is reading their cap space wrong, read -40k not -40m

      • Steve Nelsen

        It was me that was reading it wrong.

    • Simo

      By my account the Jags have a pretty clear path to getting well under the cap, even if they don’t cut all the players listed. They will certainly cut Dareus and a few others, leaving them plenty of room to tag/sign Ngakoue and keep/restructure Campbell.

      IMO, Campbell is just way to good for the Jags to consider trading him, even at 34. Salary cap space won’t be a problem.

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    Trade #64 + 2021 R3 for Campbell or sign Armstead in FA?

    Similar 2020 cap hits:

    $15M for Campbell
    $17M for Armstead

    Similar production in 2019

    Campbell Sk/TFL/QB hits:

    Armstead Sk/TFL/QB hits:

    • Rob Staton

      Well I suppose the easy answer there is — Armstead might cost more than $17m and he’ll have options.

      Plus while their production is similar, Arik aint Calais.

      • Kingdome1976

        I do think we need to put a bit more emphasis on his age though. I think we can all assume the Campbell in the next 3 years won’t be the Campbell of the last three years.

        I do like the idea of trading for him though. Always wanted him on the team.

        • Rob Staton

          But you probably also assumed he wouldn’t be the same aged 32 and 33 and he’s played the best football of his career.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I agree Arik ain’t Calais. But he’s also 7 years younger, so there’s time for him to catch up. Arik’s year 5 production exceeds Calais’ year 5 production.

        Also, regardless of what apy Arik signs for, I’m pretty sure the 2020 cap hit could be kept to $17M (or less perhaps).

        Just throwing it out there. Not arguing one option over the other.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Armstead gonna get paaaaaaid…. Would be nice, but is it the wisest investment for that kind of dough? Is he in the echelon if a Clowney? Because he’s practically going to be paid that way.

  12. Submanjoe

    Calais Campbell truly is a game changing player. We saw it for years when he was in Arizona.
    Straight up pick 64 for him, yes I do it. More than that, I wouldn’t. I’d rather trade another pick for an additional player, like oj Howard or Diggs or whoever.

  13. Denver Hawker

    Thanks for these trade target pieces Rob. I think you’ve approached these realistically which makes it thought provoking. I’d have concerns about production cliff with his age with that R2 trade.

    Also, I’m not sure how the org views Reed. Was he only productive In the pass rush with Clark? If so, could Reed produce Campbell numbers with a Fowler/Clowney pairing?

    • Rob Staton

      Campbell is a unique, world class talent. With all due respect to Reed he’s never recording those numbers or having the same impact.

  14. BobbyK

    Seahawks could offer both of their 2nd round picks to the Jags for Campbell and their 3rd rounder. Really, both the Seahawks picks in the 2nd are late and the Jags pick relatively early in the 3rd. This way they only would lose the singular pick this year and there wouldn’t be any mortgaging current and future drafts to get him.

    Personally, I hope they keep all three picks in the first two rounds unless it’s a lopsided deal of some sorts.

    When Marino was Wilson’s age the Dolphins always seemed to be going for it now with veterans like Keith Byers, Keith Jackson, Irvin Fryer, Mark Ingram, etc. (granted, they were offensive guys and this Seahawks team will most likely try filling the defense with older players, which in contradictory to what most people think should be done – but as Rob has said, this isn’t exactly to draft to get an impact pass rusher either).

    • Greg Haugsven

      Could also trade 27 for 42 and Campbell?

      Jags get pick #27

      Seahawks get pick #42 and Campbell

      • BobbyK

        I’d prefer that, as opposed to trading multiple picks away in the present and future. I almost trust this regime with picks in the second round over the late first round anyways.

      • dcd2

        I can’t see the Jags entertaining that at all. Calais Campbell to move up 15 spots?

        Who has any idea who will be there at #27? If I were a JAX fan, I would be calling for heads if they took that deal.

        Would we trade Duane Brown to move up (those particular) 15 spots? I sure hope not.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s no real reason for Jacksonville to do that. There’s no net benefit.

  15. Awsi Dooger

    Jordan Phillips has the frame and skill set to rush inside or out. Not as dependable against the run as Campbell. But much younger and cheaper.

    Move him and Clowney around…that’s causing plenty of trouble.

    If the Seahawks want some elite players they need to stop this trading down nonsense. We need to recoup a third. No you don’t. You are shopping for ordinary in the third.

    • BobbyK

      Like Russell Wilson?

      • smitty1547


    • Rob Staton

      When Miami are picking consistently in the 20’s and 30’s you might understand why they trade down.

    • Michael P Matherne

      I can’t believe I have to post this, but here are some of the players PC/JS have drafted in the 3rd round or later:

      Kam Chancellor
      Richard Sherman
      K.J. Wright
      Russell Wilson
      Luke Willson
      Tyler Lockett
      Shaquill Griffin
      Chris Carson
      Will Dissly

      Also D.K. Metcalf was one pick away from being on this list. Just because you haven’t heard the name before draft day doesn’t mean there aren’t seriously talented guys in the later rounds.

      • king.

        It’s about the probability of finding one of those players in the later rounds. Not sure Griffin, Willson, or Dissly belong on the list, but even conceding that they do, the Super Bowl teams benefitted from a phenomenal influx of later round talent.

        Chancellor, Sherman, Wright, and Wilson are not Willson, Lockett, Griffin, Carson, Dissly, and Metcalf. You are talking about 2 Hall of Famers, another borderline Hall of Famer and one of the most underrated players in the NFL. The latter group is a nice collection of talent, but it is not an elite infusion of top end talent from later rounds.

        If this is what you are banking on, it is unlikely to happen again.

        All that being said, I still am an ardent supporter of trading down and diversifying the draft capital.

        I just think we need to recognize how rare those drafts were.

  16. Nick

    Rob—now you’re talking! Love, love, love this idea. Would be willing to give up a significant draft pick or two for a proven commodity like Campbell. One of the best for a long time. We tend to overvalue draft picks at this time of year. Calais is the man. I repeat: the man. He would instantly make this defense so much harder to play against.

    Let’s say they get Campbell. I wonder if that means they let J Reed walk? Look to add older, bargain DTs like years past instead? Al Woods was an excellent addition until the injury, for example. Seattle has shown they don’t love to spend big on interior D line players.

    Also, by hypothetically getting Campbell, it really opens up the draft for Seattle. They don’t have to reach on DL and they can truly pick guys the want. I think, like you said, Seattle felt they had to go for DT help with McDowell after missing out on Calais. PCJS probably don’t want a repeat of that.

  17. Ashish

    No questions on quality, but one year remaining on contract plus 34 years is worrisome. I would do #64 pick plus do 2 years contract.

  18. Coleslaw

    Super bowl thought.. Chiefs want to force Jimmy to beat them, and I think theyll be able to do that.

    Only 7 times this regular season SF had the leading rusher in the game. Most of the games they didnt have the leading rusher or had a low yardage rushing game they lost, or almost lost.

    Games where they did not have the leading rusher: Ari 2x(both close), Sea 2x(1L&1 very close), Was(scored 9 points)

    Games with low yardage for their leading rusher: Pit(close), vs LA(close), Atl(L).

    Plus, even with Mostert going for over 146 @Bal, they still lost to a high flying offense. Something KC clearly has.

    Andy Reid hasnt had this talented of a team since the early 2000s Eagles. I wouldnt be surprised to see him go on another run like that over the next 5-10 years. Hes already gone AFCCG, Super Bowl in the last 2 years. Eagles went to 4 straight NCFCGs with McNabb, making the superbowl on the 4th. Mahomes is good enough to get Andy that ring he deserves so much.

    Chiefs 38 – 49ers 30

    • GoHawksDani

      Amen to that!

  19. Greg Haugsven

    Hey Rob, did you change your stance on a second round pick for Campbell or do you think a second is still to high? We talked about this a few posts ago and you mentioned how a second round pick was to high for a 34 year old.

    • GerryG

      I’m still in the boat. I can see age 34 season still being reasonable to highly effective considering how good he looked last year still, but 35? That’s pushing it, so you’re potentially looking at a second for a one year rental, and limited effectiveness possibly after.

      Brown is starting to slow down, wear down and he was one year younger, and plays a position that can age a little better on average I’d say.

      Still, I totally get the fascination and love the conversation

  20. Gaux Hawks

    Von (1st), Clowney, Calais (2nd) and Ford.
    Keep Collier, Green, Jeff and Beasley(!?) on deck.
    Pick up our Center in the 2nd (fingers crossed). Retain Pocic/Hunt.
    Pick your WR in the 3rd followed by a LB, G, RB, and CB/S.
    Add depth during the final (cheap) round of FA.
    Retain Ifedi AND Fant.
    Sorry Wright & Britt, love you guys and miss you already.
    Start designing your second ring (LV).

    Comes down to TE or Calais (and cap space) in the second round.

    I would take Calais, but I think they’ll add a vet (a la Woods) and give Russ his TE via trade.

    Go Hawks

    • Simo

      Well, this is definitely an aggressive approach to improve the defensive line and pass rush in particular. Trading both R1 and R2 picks in the same draft can be risky by missing out on cost controlled talent for 4-5 years, but these would certainly be win-now moves!

      I can see John making one significant trade for a “superstar”, but probably not two. I support a trade for Von, Diggs or Campbell and then a FA signing for Hooper, Fowler, or Cooper! Any of these trade/FA combinations would be bold!

  21. Donovan

    Make it so! (Assuming they have cap room)

    • Donovan

      *** Meant as reply to Gaux Hawk roster scenario. If can somehow get Von Miller & Calais Campbell, while resigning Clowney, lord yes!

  22. DC

    I’d still love to add CC to the Hawks & of course it can be done. It’s just a matter of compensation. The Hawks FO, being the pragmatic folks that they are, will most likely offer initial compensation in accordance with a ‘one year rental’ situation. If Jacksonville engages ‘purge mode’, the Seahawks will be ready to pounce.

    Jabaal Sheard is a FA again. Seattle had shown interest in the past but he chose NE over us. Could be a value option later in FA.

    Vernon Butler is another familiar name that we talked about leading up to the 2016 draft as a possible Hawks’ pick. Carolina did not exercise his 5th year option & he will enter FA. The big DT is 6’4″, 330lbs with 6 sacks, 9 qb hits & 3 forced fumbles in 2019. He will be 26 when the 2020 season starts.

    • GoHawksDani

      Yes please Butler. I want some big guys inside. Reed is OK, Poona is OK, but they’re more athletic and quick. I want a huge beast who can clog the middle and/or command double team. I’m crying every time a team just kills us with their running game. I need an end/edge who can rush the passer and an awesome run defender, and someone who can close down the middle

  23. Pran

    It’s a bummer they dint get him in FA despite such an interest. We lost our first round that year and 2nd next year trying to fill that gap with no returns. Had they somehow worked it our our draft and these last two seasons might have looked different. I know hindsight 20/20!

  24. Zeke

    If they can get a couple seasons out of him like the one he had this past season then it would be an amazing trade.

    Calais can kick inside on passing downs to make way for Robert Quinn 😉

    • Rob Staton

      Quinn isn’t a very likely option

  25. charlietheunicorn

    “While we’re aware of some fishy rumors surrounding our team name, please rest assured we’re doing our due diligence by scouring the depths of the ocean, the tallest mountains, and the densest parts of the forest to find the right name for our great, green city.” ~ NHL Seattle

    All I can say is… RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

    • Sea Mode

      People on Twitter have some… interesting… takes on the whole team name debate.

      Personally, I think Krakens sounds fine. But they say the stadium will be known as the “Krak-house” and fans as “Krak-heads” or whatever. Butt-krak, etc. One dude even asks: “Do you really want a team name that’s going to result in nothing but tentacle porn memes?” Never ceases to amaze me the different takes and their complete opposites you can find on the internet.

      I mean, come on though: literally every name you could think of is going to get made fun of in some way or another. That’s just sports.

      I know I’m kind of late to the party on this, but here goes:

      I don’t like Metropolitans just cause of the baseball Mets. I know it has history and all in Seattle hockey, but I’ll pass for something unique in pro sports. If they do use it though, definitely use the dark green/light green concept I’m in love with, something a bit different than the blue/green of the other Seattle teams: https://twitter.com/joncardner/status/947252136420638720

      Kraken have by far my favorite logo concept and have the advantage of being a strong, mythical sea creature, easy to chant, and tons of fun merchandising potential with the tentacles. The first two unis in the top row in this image are pretty cool, very nautical, as well as the first two alts in the 2nd row: https://twitter.com/sparkychewbarky/status/1207000985266278401/photo/1

      Sasquatch is interesting I guess, and has probably a cool logo concept and easy mascot, though I’m not a fan of straight up matching the Seahawks colors:

      Evergreens isn’t feisty or anything and probably doesn’t yield an obvious mascot choice, but it is very PNW and I do like the plaid uni idea, even if the greens seem a bit too plain for me in this concept: https://twitter.com/sparkychewbarky/status/1138046475139608577
      This one’s a little better: https://twitter.com/sparkychewbarky/status/964731737879216128

      Sockeyes, for all it has to do with PNW culture, is a pretty lame animal for a team name IMO. But the color scheme on the uni concept are pretty amazing following native artwork: https://i.imgur.com/4I5mKS2.jpg
      Or this version for more outdoors context and not just the animal: https://twitter.com/sparkychewbarky/status/1176864186162454528/photo/3

      Totems I think is probably off-limits at this point, but I love love love this dark green/light green/white color scheme: https://twitter.com/TheoFleury14/status/1070075676978343936/photo/1

      Anyway, enough rambling from me. In the end, they’ll probably go for Emeralds just because it’s the “least polemic” lol.

      • Rob Staton

        This one looks the best to me: https://i.imgur.com/4I5mKS2.jpg

        Although as a former Vancouver-ite I won’t be following the new Seattle team too closely 😄

        • clbradley17

          Do you still follow the Canucks? They’re first in the Pacific division.

          • Rob Staton

            I keep up with their scores. Unfortunately the NHL isn’t free to air in the UK so I can’t watch games. I used to.

            • Greg Haugsven

              No matter what the team name is people are going to love it and hate it. Personally I care more about what the color scheme is going to be. I understand it wont be blue and green because of the Canucks but Im hoping for Green and White. Maybe a hint of Black in there. If it is the Kraken I could see it being Black and White with small hints of Green.

            • cha

              Its going to be hard to make the transition from lifelong Canucks fan to rooting for their division rival. So many great memories.

              Pavel Bure skating like everyone else was standing still.

              Kirk McLean making that groin-shredding save against Calgary in the playoffs.

              Moving heaven and earth to trade up to get picks #2 and 3 to secure the Sedin twins in 1999.

              • Mark Souza

                I personally like Sockeyes – local reference, red and green unis, and the double entendre with the name – what befits a hockey team better than a sock to the eye?

                I could live with Kraken as well.

            • D-OZ

              If it’s going to be a salmon, why not the Chinook’s? The best tasting Salmon on the market. (nick name, King Salmon) That logo on the picture looked like a spawned out Sockey, (nickname Red’s) Not impressed… The only Northwestern fish that can can compare to a King is a Sable fish which is Black Cod. Colors-Black&Silver. Ohh The Knight’s are Black & Silver, Right?
              How about the Coho’s (nickname-Silver Salmon) If you are going to name a team after a fish you should really have a fisherman involved…:) Retired off the Northwestern in 2004. GO HAWKS!!!!

              • Rob Staton

                Or… Seattle Salmon.

                I have to admit… that would be hilariously fun. “Go Salmon”.

                • Sea Mode

                  With pink unis… 😂

                  • D-OZ

                    A Pink is a nickname for a Humpy Salmon…

                  • D-OZ

                    GO PINKIES!!!


        I welcome tentacle porn memes and Krak head innuendo.

    • cha

      In case everyone was wondering why NHL Seattle tweeted that out, it’s due to this rumor leak report that says Kraken will be the name.


      As a lifelong T bird supporter and NHL-to-Seattle hoper, I really like the Totems name. It has a timeless classic feel that could be easy to create great logos for and connect with PNW culture.

      Not crazy about Kraken, just seems pop culturish and the meme potential would tire it out quickly. (Seattle fans are Krak Heads, they play in the Krak House, etc.)

      That said, if they build a consistently winning franchise with a great fan experience, they can call them the Mudskippers for all I care.

      As for colors, I think with Vancouver and San Jose in their division, variations on blue and green are probably not going to happen. If they go with what they have designed their website on, it’s black, a very light greyish teal, and a striking dark pink. That would work for me.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I miss watching the T-Birds as I live in California now. I used to watch games at the old Mercer Arena which was fantastic and have been a T-Birds fan since 1989. Marleau is my favorite TBird of all time but I still remember the one year we had your future Canuck Peter Nedved. He had a monster WHL season in 1989.

        • cha

          Oh yes. I used to work within walking distance. Mondays were half price so I’d just stay a little late at work, and then hoof it over to the arena and take in a game. Usually migrate down toward the ice after paying $7 for a nosebleeder.

          Nedved defecting was a great drama. Basically disappearing from a hockey tournament in Calgary and hiding out while everyone squabbled over his status.

          Playing for Seattle then getting drafted by Vancouver was a great gift for a fan of both teams like me.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I always wondered why there was never a TV market for the Canucks in Seattle as they would gain a huge fan base. Im sure it had something to do with the international border.

    • BrianP

      Kraken is the worst of the choices proposed. As much as I want to see the NHL in Seattle and root for the team, I would never buy anything with that team name on it. I’d feel ridiculous.

      • Doug

        I like the Kraken if only because the nickname for Key Arena could be the Krak House. Saw that on twitter and “LOL’d”.

        As a Vancouverite I can’t wait for there to be a team in Seattle that would be a bus ride away. Will be a fantastic rivalry once it gets going.

  26. Kenny Sloth

    AC Milan and Olympique Lyonnais are in a bidding war for Wigan LB Antonee Robinson. Somewhat surprising clubs to be linked with the US defender who has been on multiple POTW teams in the Championship

    • Kenny Sloth

      SOLD! £10m

  27. GoHawksDani

    Did some way too early mock with Fanspeak draft machine
    The result:
    27: R1P27
    59: R2P27
    64: R2P32
    100: R3P36
    130: R4P27
    143: R4P40
    154: R5P8
    214: R6P35
    250: R7P36

    Not sure Reagor will still be in at the end of 2nd, doubt Stenberg will be in at the end of 3rd and possible Willie Gay will also be gone by the 4th. But I wouldn’t mind a draft like this.
    Cut Britt, have a fight for the starting spot between Ruiz and Hunt
    Reagor is a solid RS and could be a good WR3
    Davis is nothing special, but he’s a good DT with some unlocked potential maybe. If not, a solid rotational piece
    Stenberg can fight it out with Jones for LG start or with Fluker for RG. Even if those two wins, Stenberg can learn and start next year at RG
    McFarland would be an awesome backup and could help with inside runs on early downs, while Penny could be a 1st down and 3rd down back mainly
    Willie Gay could battle with Barton for snaps. Next year KJ could retire and Bobby + Barton/Gay could start. Depth is always good and this kid seems like he has potential
    Coe and Windsor could be backups/rotational pieces or project players. Probably won’t break the lineuo, but maybe after a couple of years they could help more with some snaps
    Bandy has talent to battle for nCB spot with Amadi. Not tall, not big, but quick and twichy. Would die outside, but as a slot corner he can be successful. Well worth a 7th round

    I’d re-sign Clowney, Fant, Hollister, QJeff, Reed (if we still have enough money for him. If not maybe Shelton or someone cheaper)

    From FA we need TE, EDGE, DT:
    Get Hooper, pair him with Dissly and we have something cool
    I’d get Armstead. Not on the hype train, but he’s solid and can play multiple position
    I’d also get Beasley. Yeah, he’s not a huge sack machine, but 5 years and he averaged 7,5 sacks. Last year he had 8 sacks. He has physical talent. Pair him with Clowney and Armstead and Reed and I bet he’d have 10 sacks. He’s also probably cheaper than most alternatives. If he doesn’t work out we can still go with Clowney-Reed/other-Ford-Armstead

    • Greg Haugsven

      Those draft machines are absolutely terrible. Its almost not even worth doing as its so far off.

      • JimQ

        https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine – A game, BUT, also a good draft research resource! It
        has the largest # of scouting reports I have found in one place online & not behind a pay wall.

        This is yet another draft “game” & is worth spending some otherwise idle time on, however, it can also be a “resource”. Once you have started the game, you can click on the “position” drop down box, select a position and you end up with a ranked list of players at that position. Click on any name and you get to see often multiple and detailed scouting reports for said player. Scouting reports are from guys like: Marino, Harris, Crabbs, Sikkema, Tuls & Solak, et. al. I highly recommend this site as a draft research resource that is well worth a bookmark & a visit.

        • Rob Staton

          Ah yes… the site with the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and the Director of Special Projects.

          All they’re missing is ‘Administrative officer in charge of deciding what is for lunch’.

          But at least they provide scouting reports from Dan Marino, Sam Harris, Mickey, Goofy and Donald.

          • JimQ

            Sorry to have upset you Rob, I didn’t know you hated that particular website and it’s writers so much. I was just SHARING what I thought was a viable draft resource. Trying to find scouting reports on the web is pretty difficult & this one has hundreds of them all in one spot, good or bad, at least there is some significant content there that I haven’t found anywhere else outside of pay walls. Have you?

            You are indeed correct that one should always question any and all author’s “qualifications”, but questioning job titles seems a little obtuse. Considering that you’ve done podcasts with a, IMO, “blow hard” guy like Kenny Arthur in the past, and that was okay with you, they must be really, really bad. So, for all of us “non-experts”, what sites do you recommend going to for 100’s of scouting reports, by writers that you “approve” of, that we should all be reading?

            • Kenny Sloth

              Might as well play Madden.

              Their ratings department works super duper hard /s

              For me, it’s always best to do your own homework on a guy. I can tell in 20 snaps what I think of a guy, but it’s gotta be the right snaps tbh. Watch a few interviews, check stats, read some scouting reports, take em with a grain of salt, and trust your gut.

              I remember when Aaron Donald was projected to go round 3 and I was so enamored with the squat penetrator from Pitt. Asked the blog to check him out and a month later he was a first round lock. 3 months further he was a top 16 lock

            • Rob Staton

              Not upset, just a bit of joshing. I mean, imagine if I called myself the COO and Senior Draft Analyst at Seahawks Draft Blog. I’m a bloke from Rotherham, not Scott Pioli.

  28. Curtis Bradley

    Rob, have you had a chance to take a look at Texas A&M’s DT Justin Madubuike? 6’3″ 304, 11 TFLs and 5.5 sacks each of the last 2 years and also had seven quarterback hurries, a pair of pass breakups, a forced fumble and an interception in 2019. Looks very fast and a BAMF the way he lowers the shoulder on the int. and flips the QBs on sacks.

    How about Baylor DT James Lynch now that he’s declared? In 2019, Lynch led the Big 12 with 13.5 sacks, was third with 19.5 tackles for a loss and also had three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries as he went on to be named the conference defensive player of the year.

    Like to see us get at least one of these 2 pass rushing DTs in the 2nd or 3rd rd. Maybe also select Lynch’s teammate WR Denzel Mims in the mid-rounds if he lasts, who looked big, fast and got separation all week at the Senior Bowl.

    On a side note, most of the other mock drafts are a joke. Have seen 2 on Walter Football this week, including former GM Charlie Casserly letting Arizona State WR Brandon Aiyuk drop to the 3rd round.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched the Texas A&M guy. I thought he looked like most of the DT’s in this class — kind of alright. I feel like we need to see them test because the tape is always only okay-ish.

      Really like some aspects of Mims but again need to see him run.

      • clbradley17

        Lynch plays like his hair is on fire, although he probably racked up most of his sacks from the DE position. Also looking fwd. to the Combine to see how fast these guys are and their true measurements, plus short shuttle, 3 cone, etc.

        Just found this new update on comp. picks for us – should still get 3 but not 4 with some technicalities of Iupati’s past contracts and Mike Davis’s early release.

        Summary: “As it stands currently, Korte projects the Hawks to receive the following comp picks:
        3rd Round Pick (for the loss of Earl Thomas, should be somewhere around pick 100)
        4th Round Pick (for the loss of Justin Coleman, should be somewhere around pick 143)
        6th Round Pick (for the loss of Shamar Stephen, should be somewhere around pick 214)

        That is on top of the picks the Seahawks currently hold, which includes a first round pick, two second round picks, one fourth round pick and one fifth round pick. That would be a total of eight picks, though it seems likely the Hawks will trade down out of 1.27 and pick up a couple more selections along the way.”

        “How many comp picks are the Seahawks getting?”

      • JUJUS

        im really curious what you think about James Lynch. He looks terrifying but still has a noticeable amount of sloppy weight… Maybe we cut his weight down?

        • Starhawk29

          I think for him it will all depend on the combine. Between the visual assessment of where his weight is being held, and the chance to show off athleticism, he’ll either be a huge riser, or a faller.

          If he tests well even with that weight, I’d be more than happy to pick him, especially knowing he could get better as he trades fat for muscle. He’s got the motor we like, only question is how athletic is he really?

    • D-OZ

      I brought up Lynch a while back, I like him a lot. He will be a mid to high 2nd rounder. Look to Carolina to take him in the 2nd…

      • D-OZ

        He played mostly DE although they moved him inside and out.

  29. James Hill

    Great article Rob. Campbell is a great player. Curious how similar or different the defensive schemes he has played in compared to Seattle’s. If KNJ is going to continually run vanilla 4-3 with vanilla blitz schemes and rarely switching to nickel or dime over the top. Is Calais going to be the same difference maker he was for AZ and the Jags? Does the scheme make the player better and Seattle just relies on talent over scheme. Doesn’t seem worth the lost picks if the defensive scheme doesn’t use his talents.

    • cha

      Getting pressure with 4 is huge to make the defense go.

      The Seahawks have always run “vanilla” schemes. It’s not just Norton. In the SB run, everyone predicted Manning and Denver would roll over them because they don’t surprise people. Turns out they just did what they did very, very well because they had disruptors.

      • Rob Staton

        Every scheme has flaws.

        You have to choose your way of playing. If there was one defensive scheme that ‘worked’ everyone would run it.

        Seattle hoped Clowney & Ansah could help them run theirs and Ansah was a bust.

        Time to put it right for 2020.

    • Starhawk29

      Didn’t Campbell play under Gus Bradley for a year, or am I mistaken? Either way, Jax runs a 4-3 that’s very similar to ours.

      • BobbyK

        He’d fit in perfectly.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Very true. He’s the exact type of player for this scheme.

  30. stanly

    It’s an interesting proposition, i mean we know what this team has done with non 1st round picks. I wasn’t around when we drafted Frank Clark, what was your evaluation of him back then Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      I thought Frank was a top-20 talent

  31. Happy Hawk

    Admired Campbell for years. The best way to improve our biggest weakness: 1) sign Clowney 2) Trade for Campbell and 3) find an Avril type in FA like Fowler/Griffen. Then we end up with a top 5 “pressure” guy, a top 4 DLmen and a young edge rusher in Fowler. Let’s get it done!

  32. DriveByPoster

    I really like Campbell as a player but I think, at 34, the boat might have sailed on him if we are thinking in terms of trading high draft picks. He’s been very durable, so I don’t think fitness is a worry, & his production speaks for itself. But how is he mentally now?

    At that price you would want to get a least a couple of good years out of him rather than a one & done, so the question is, is he still hungry for it? Or is he just looking for a final payout before he quits? Hinting at a contract re-working at Jacksonville might be taken as a sign that he has reached the comfort zone.

    I guess PC will have done some homework on this at the Pro-bowl.

  33. Ashish

    Rob, your thoughts on how Hawks coaching staff performed? May be like yearly review OC, DC and Head coach? Any changes in personal or scheme you would like to see. You can throw in JS in case you like.

    • Henry Taylor

      If it were me I’d look at bringing Kris Richard back into the fold in a similar role he had with Dallas, I thought he did a good job calling plays over there and Norton can keep his title but fall more into a leadership/motivating role for the defence.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the focus should be adding talent to the roster

      • Ashish

        I was not impressed with our DC Norton but again PC has control over the game on both Offense and Defense more than people think. Plus we were short on personal, injuries was big reason. Don’t mind giving one chance hoping we get some luck on injury front.

        • Rob Staton

          People keep criticising Ken Norton.

          It’s like he was rushing the passer.

          The guy had a top five crappiest DL in the league to work with.

          • Ashish

            Ha ha you are right 🙂 we have to be rational, I agree

          • LLLOGOSSS

            When looked at that way he… actually might have done quite well to keep us in games in the 3rd and 4th quarters so often.

  34. RWIII

    There was a number of big reasons the Seahawk had a crappy defensive line last year. One reason Jarran Reed got suspended for six games. After Reed came back he was not the same player the year before. Second reason Ziggy Ansah was a major disappointment. Another reason was the Seahawks 1st pick E.J. Collier was carted off the field July 30th with an ankle injury. This injury set him back the whole season. The ankle injury is weight bearing. This could have affected his ability to get after the passer. The verdict is still undecided on E.J. Collier.

    • BobbyK

      Being optimistic is so much more fun than being pessimistic. I wish I could do it with Collier. But I have zero faith in him to be anything but a try hard guy who could possibly fill in as an early down run stopping role. You know, like guys they have gotten on the cheap in free agency to plug some running lanes. Like a washed up Kevin Williams (who was solid in ’14 and helped them absorb the loss of Mebane).

      • Jhams

        People said the same sorts of things about Penny. Getting hurt your rookie year can really delay development. I don’t think he’ll ever be Michael Bennet (or Calais Campbell for that matter), but it’s way too early to call him a total bust.

  35. cha

    One thing that could make a Campbell trade sting less is the factor of comp picks. If they trade a 2020 2nd and a 2021 3rd as Rob proposes, resign Clowney and say Fant, they’ll be in line to get a sweet comp pick for Ifedi – very likely a 4th and maybe a 3rd depending on how things work out.

    I did a post outlining it a couple threads down. Trading for players instead of signing top tier FA’s may result in a great impact in 2020 and a net gain of picks in 2021.

    • dcd2

      This assumes we don’t sign any FA’s though. If we lose one and sign one, they cancel out.

      I’m sure they have a plan for who they want to keep and who they want to sign. If we get comp picks, great, but I’m not sure it will factor in as much as last year.

      Our other FA’s that we might let walk aren’t going to garner a lot of interest IMO. Jefferson – I’d like to keep, but he could be one. Who else? Hollister? Iupati? J Brown?

      CC alone doesn’t fix the D line. They’ll still want an EDGE and likely more, not to mention nickel, OL, TE, etc.

      • cha

        It’s not quite that simple. There’s lots of ways to avoid losing comp picks.

        My point was just saying, trading to fill needs has a possible upside of gaining comp picks, whereas splashing in first tier FA does not. The Hawks have options and aren’t shoe-horned into only one way of acquiring talent. They never are.

        • dcd2

          The only way to gain comp picks is to sign fewer players than you lose to FA (during the comp pick period, which is weeks).

          The best FA’s are usually agreed to in principal or signed on the first week of FA. The rest tend to sit around until the comp pick period is over (mid May?).

          So assuming Ifedi gets picked up to a nice deal early and that’s it, PCJS would have to sit on their hands from March 18 – Early/Mid May. At that point you’re picking over scraps so that you can get a late compensatory 3rd/4th rounder next year.

          I just don’t see this as the year to fret about comp picks.

          If Clowney gets a $25M/year offer and we are planning on letting Reed/Jefferson and others walk, then I’ll gladly change my tune. I’m thinking under the premise that we re-sign all of those except Ifedi or Fant and that no one else is likely to get a significant deal early in FA.

          If it’s the former scenario, I’d rather have Hooper, E Griffen, R Quinn than replacement level guys and a comp pick.

          • cha

            You’re not reading what I said. Your entire post is built on the premise that the Hawks being active in the first wave of FA is the only way to acquire talent. There are other ways to do that. That’s literally what Rob’s posts have been about the last month. All the options in building the team. The trade market is a huge option, and if they go that route it opens the door for potential comp picks, and therefore they can be aggressive in that area. The Hawks don’t have to be beholden to the whims of the market if they can trade for players already under contract.

            Let’s say they acquire Campbell and sign Fant. Come market time they can make their best pitch to Clowney. If he signs they have a number of holes filled.

            So they have options. They can talk about Hooper or Griffen or whoever and not have to be forced into a corner. If they let Reed, Ifedi and QJeff walk, that’s at least 3 comp picks.

            I’m not saying that’s what they should do, or that’s what they will do, or even that’s the best course of action. I’m just saying the option is there. And if you think PC and JS aren’t considering all the options, you’re seriously underestimating them.

            If they feel like the trade market isn’t there, and blowing comp picks away by writing fat checks in free agency as the best path to success, great. Go for it.

            • dcd2

              I guess I just see more holes than you. Sure you can make some trades, but these are pure hypothetical’s. Will Denver even deal Von for a 1st? Will JAX deal CC for a 2nd and a 3rd next year?

              “Let’s say they acquire Campbell and sign Fant. Come market time they can make their best pitch to Clowney. If he signs they have a number of holes filled.”

              – I don’t see it that way. Clowney and Fant were here last year and Fant was not a starter. They filled one hole in that scenario. We still need/could use another: EDGE, TE, RB, WR, OL, Nickel and CB2.

              Rob has talked about aggressively trying to fix the issues we have. I agree and think that would rule out an approach where we let the best of the FA market sign elsewhere in order to preserve pick #100 in the 2021 draft.

              We have the cap space, the nucleus and hopefully are only losing Ifedi as a starter to FA. If you’re going to trade your best draft capital to make a run, then make a run. Don’t half ass it in FA when you’re in the perfect position to go for it.

              Next year when we stand to lose Britt, Carson, MacDougald, Shaq, KJ and anyone we sign to a one year or trade for this year, then I’m all for being more cautious in FA. At least that’s my opinion.

              • Rob Staton

                The Seahawks can’t be cautious in free agency.

                If we want them to just muddle along for a couple more years because McDougald and KJ might move on, we’ll turn around in five years and recall a massive missed opportunity.

                The defense simply isn’t good enough. It doesn’t have to be top-five but it needs to be better. Achieve that and the Seahawks can contend next year. If they have to get a couple of pieces to make that happen, it’s a no brainer. And they will do.

  36. RWIII

    Folks you have to remember at one point the Seahawks were 10-2. Then disaster happened. Rashaad Penny went down. Josh Gordon was suspended. Later AL Woods got suspended. Duane Brown missed time with an injury. Chris Carson went down. It was bad enough when Rashaad Penny went down. Penny was playing his BEST BALL during his short time with the Seahawks. But the nail in the coffin was when Chris Carson went down. After the Carson injury there was little hope that Seattle could go to the big dance.

    Folks the Seahawks are not that far away from the big dance. They do have 60+ million in cap space. They have a bushel basket full of draft picks. The key will be (and always will be) how healthy can the Seahawks stay. That will be the over riding issue. I know that John Schneider/Pete Carroll are going to do everything they need to do to put together a serious super bowl contender. They key issue will be how healthy can they stay.


    In. A. Heartbeat.

    If we could turn our first two draft picks into Von Miller and Calais Campbell while retaining Clowney… 😳 that’s the stuff of legends. How amazing would that make Bobby look. How amazing would that make the secondary look even if we didn’t add competition for Flowers?

    Use the remaining second rounder for a weapon on offense (Bryant? A WR?) and you’re instantly a match for SF and can rightly challenge for the division and a 1st round BYE.

  38. LooseSasquatch

    I would LOVE to trade a 2nd and future 3rd for Campbell, but ONLY if we can sign him to a reasonable extension as part of the deal. We can’t take a risk of having him as a rental or holding out or anything like that, especially if we’re going to be spending free agency money on Clowney.

    Honestly, our draft record is not great in the 1st round anyway, so I don’t mind trading those picks as long as we aren’t getting a short term rental or someone who’s not a scheme fit (like Graham).

    • Jamho3

      No way.

      • Jamho3

        Sorry, Loosesquatch I meant in general not specific 2 yr comments.

  39. Starhawk29

    Somewhat off topic, more relevant to the Superbowl, but I wanted to point out how dominant the NFC West has been. We all want the the Hawks to be the Patriots, but the reality is that we play in the most competitive division in football.

    Since 2012:

    5/8 of the NFC teams have been from the NFC West (including the Hawks twice 🙂 )

    The only other division in the NFC with multiple appearances over that time span is the NFC South, with the Panthers and then Falcons in back to back years.

    Not including the AFC East (who has had the same team make it too many times to count) that is better than all other divisions.

    Now three of the hottest young coaches are in our division, using the hottest offensive concepts this side of KC, and we have to play those guys 6 times. This is a really difficult time to be a contender in the West, and outside of 2018, we have been. Trust Carroll and Schneider, trust Russ, stay aggressive, and stop complaining about who’s in the kitchen.

    • Rob Staton

      CBS 🤦‍♂️

      • dcd2

        Jags fans taking this as realistic are going to be so disappointed when they don’t land Okudah AND Kinlaw.

    • cha

      Mocker mocks player at #27 that he says is a top 10 talent. LOL

  40. Dale Roberts

    Something I think gets lost in advocating for trades is the value of a high impact, low salary performers on a rookie wage scale. Von Miller’s cap hit for 2020 is $25 million and even if Denver pays a portion of that both Miller and Campbell will cost north of $15 million each. That compares to a rookie salary of about $1.7 million for the 27th pick. Rookie contributors are how you manage the salary cap and by trading that draft capital you also trade the flexibility, current and future, to mitigate large salaries such as Russell Wilson’s $35 million APY.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That’s great in theory but which EDGE/DE prospect do you propose they select at 27 who could possibly have a similar impact as Miller or Campbell?

    • Rob Staton

      1. They have cap space

      2. No way can they go into next year relying on a late first round pick to sort the pass rush out

      • Greg Haugsven

        There isnt a 27th pick in the draft that can contribute like Von Miller or Calais Campbell could. If we are talking Chase Young then maybe but we wont be able to draft him.

    • Dale Roberts

      It would be insane to suggest we don’t have to acquire more talent. However, I think it’s a reasonable debate about how that talent is acquired. If we don’t trade our draft stock we’d have a minimum of three picks in the top sixty and maybe more if John trades down. You can uses those picks to acquire talent that can contribute at other positions rather than paying top dollar for a free agent. For instance, Jalen Reagor in the draft would balance the FA acquisition of someone like Yannick Ngakoue instead of paying AJ Green. Caesar Ruiz replacing Britt is another example.

      I’ll admit that eight out 2019’s top ten pass rushers were high first round picks but you can find talent beyond the top fifteen picks.

      Let’s look at some of 2019’s top pass rushers:
      Danielle Hunter – third round
      Chris Jones – second round
      DeMarcus Lawrence – second round
      Kenny Clark – 27th
      Cameron Heyward – 31st overall
      Carlos Dunlap – 54th overall
      Za’Darius Smith – fourth round
      Justin Houston – third round
      Cameron Jordan – 24th overall

      I’m just pointing out that when you trade high picks you are not only picking up a substantial salary but sacrificing the cap benefits of a rookie contract. That said there’s an additional benefit to a trade that I didn’t see mentioned which is you don’t endanger comp picks like you do with a FA pickup.

      Another consideration in this debate is the lack of a CBA beyond 2020. Will comp picks even exist? What will happen to the rookie salary scale? If we sign a FA to a 4 year contract today without knowing the terms of the new CBA will we regret that contract?

      Finally, trading has another downside. Campbell has only one year remaining on his contract which means we’d be in the same boat in 2021. Miller a FA in 2022 and even if we only pay part of Miller’s $25 million salary in 2020 his contract calls for a $22.5 million cap hit in 2021. Would be able to extend either of these guys or would they insist on free agency?

      I’d be much more interested in Campbell. He was PFF’s number two rated pass rusher for 2019 while Miller was number 23. I just think we have to be very careful about dealing top 60 draft picks because they are very valuable.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not bothered about comp picks.

        I’m not bothered about Campbell having one year on his deal (he can be extended). I’m not bothered about Von Miller’s deal (he’s great and can be extended too).

        Just get better.

        Do what it takes to be a contender in 2020.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Yes those guys have all turned out to be good but not for a few years. Miller and Campbell can contribute in 2020 where a 27th pick isnt really going to contribute until 2022 or so.

        • Matt

          My problem with this scenario is that we are paying a STEEP price for past performance. Both of those guys are a nanosecond from being average factors thanks to their age.

          I just don’t want to take that gamble. If Calais was 31…then yea, I’d probably do it. 34 is ancient by NFL standards. And I get the Duane Brown angle of this all. I’d contend that LT is a very unique position where you are totally fine paying a premium for an average performance at that spot.

          I just don’t think you can do that with the Pass Rush. If we are talking a 3rd + LJ Collier – then yes, do that all day. But if we are talking 2nd round and higher – I just couldn’t stomach that. I think that would really decimate the Seahawks future while making a colossal gamble on the present – again, due to the age of Campbell.

          *I’m not saying anybody is wrong or right here. I just really think that the age is a really, really scary variable in this whole thing. And I don’t think we are 1 piece away from contention – which is probably my biggest reason against this idea.

          • Rob Staton

            But this is why I included the following:

            1. The reference to Duane Brown’s impact
            2. Campbell’s production aged 33

            If you put Calais or Von on this team next year, they are immediately a contender IMO. That’s all that matters to me. They need stars now.

            • Matt

              This is totally fair. My big disagreement is what I think Calais or Miller are capable of in 2020 and how much is missing on this defense. I think projecting Calais or Miller to be “stars” next year is wishful thinking. The price we are paying for is what they were, not what they are. Combine this with many needs on that side of the ball, at every level – and I just think it’s a gamble that is far too risky.

              LB corps is not good and is in dire need of youth and speed.

              Secondary has 1 playmaker.

              Desperately need a #2 CB. Can we really call Shaq a #1 CB? He doesn’t create turnovers.

              I appreciate the civil debate, Rob. And by no means am I saying “you’re wrong, I’m right.” I just don’t think you can afford to give up that capital and not get prime level performance while at the same time being extremely detrimental towards the future.

              • GoHawksDani

                I understand what you say. I’m a bit worried about the age thing. And while they might be valuable in 2020, maybe even in 2021, but I doubt they’ll just get better and better every year. They can provide value for 1 or 2 years most likely.
                But while the “The price we are paying for is what they were, not what they are” statement is true, it’s similar with the draft: You pay the price (draft pick) for A, previous success B, on a lower level C, for potential to the future.
                It’s a gambling either way.
                You can go 3 ways:
                Older FA for moderate-high CAP price and pay based on the past
                Rookies from the draft for low CAP hit but with draft pick and gamble on how big of a step they can take and how fast
                Younger talented, experienced NFL players for a ton of money.
                Rookies are the biggest gamble but the cheapest. Vets are mediocre gamble but the team needs to pay them well. Young vets are lower gamble but huge pay

            • Dale Roberts

              Big splashes in free agency don’t usually return their value.

              Our big trades (Graham,Harvin,Richardson,Clowney?) have largely failed while our less ambitious deals (Clemons, Lynch,Coleman) have returned huge dividends.
              I included Clowney because we got one year of injured performance and now we’ll have to pay darn near quarterback money to keep him. That said at least we know how he fits and he’s relatively young. What happens if Campbell or Miller fall off the age cliff and they’re signed for another 3 years at $20 million/apy?

              I hope we can find a pass rush without having to pay big dollars for the privilege of gambling on a precarious age or acquiring a splash free agent. (Note that Calais Campbell likely the best free agent acquisition of last several years.) A Cliff Avril in the second wave of free agency or a Chris Clemons in the trade market were important in part because is left us with the money to create depth. The guys we cut were being picked up by other teams. Granted, depth doesn’t help if your starter isn’t any good but when your starter has to play through a core injury because you don’t have anybody else that creates it’s own problems.

              • king.

                First, it really doesn’t matter what we think. Rob has such a fantastic track record forecasting Seattle’s offseason plan that it would shock me if Seattle didn’t pull off a major trade or two.

                However, I agree with you.

                I want to see Seattle build through draft and development.

                I believe there are too many areas of need on the roster to go for broke trading draft capital for veterans.

                I believe that Seattle can steal a championship next year (just as they could have this year), but they still need to be honest about the state of the roster and build with an eye further down the road.

                This draft is apparently rich in receiving talent. Go get that talent and spend some mid round capital on a running back (preferably dual threat). Making the offense as dynamic as possible is a viable route to winning football games, even against top end teams.

                Resign Clowney and use the rest of the FA money and a healthy diversification of the draft capital to restock the roster with some depth. I have no hope for the OL, but until Wilson stops being mobile, he will mitigate that.

                The offense truly is one solid offseason from being a force in the league and a great offense can go a long way.

                With the offense stocked and ready to go, Seattle can look to really address the defense and bring it back to top ten contention next offseason.

                Sadly, I fear Rob is right, that Seattle will over-estimate the strength of the roster going into 2020 and will mortgage the future by trading draft capital for aging veterans.

                • Starhawk29

                  A very honest assessment of where we are. The only thing I’ll say is that I trust JS’s talent scouting when it comes to veteran trades. We’ve been on a roll that way, and I think Schneider won’t pull the trigger for poor value. For all the issues we’ve had drafting (we’re roughly at league average of late), we excel at acquiring players via trade.

  41. Darnell

    I wouldn’t.

    If this team was in a 2013 type of mode gearing up for a Super Bowl I might consider it.

    IMO the Hawks valuable draft capital ought to be invested in long-term pieces.

    • Rob Staton

      What, so they can be good in 2-3 years?

      • Darnell

        They’re already good. I’m talking about competing for a championship. Which, yes, I do think is within the realm of possibility in 2-3 years.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m confused.

          You appear to be suggesting they’re not gearing up for a Super Bowl while also saying they’re already good.

          Which is it?

          Because to me this team needs an injection of talent to compete now. Not a three year progression plan.

          • Darnell

            Sure. I’ll clarify.

            Yes, they are good. But if I remove the Seahawk fan in me, and look at this team objectively, I think they are more than one offseason away from competing for a Super Bowl.

            The defense has too far to go, the oline is too poor, the RB position too beat up, the division is incredibly tough, and their meager 2019 point differential suggests that they may be on the negative side of their close game win rate regressing to the mean in 2020.

            There is absolutely nothing wrong with being optimistic as a fan, and it is probably more fun that way. But it is crucial that front offices not lie to themselves about who they are and where they are.

            • Rob Staton

              They were one yard away from beating San Francisco twice, winning the NFC West and being the #3 seed. They were 10-2.

              They are not more than one off-season away. They are one really pro-active off-season from being right there, right now.

              That’s not mere ‘optimism’. That’s reality.

              • Darnell

                I certainly hope that this time next year you’re proven to be correct.

                I’d love to be wrong on this one.

                • Zeke

                  They lost by only 5 points to GB despite all the injuries and first half offensive struggles.

                  Get those two things and the pass rush sorted out, they’re going on a superbowl run.

              • king.

                Seattle was absurdly competitive for the roster it had.

                But it ranked 18th by defensive DVOA, 15th in adjusted OLine yards, 24th in adjusted sack rate.

                Yes, they were the 5th ranked offensive team by DVOA, but the 4 teams ahead of the them ranked 1,2,3 and 8 in yards per drive, top 4 in points per drive and top 5 in drive success rate.

                Seattle finished 14th, 11th, and 12th in those, respectively.

                Seattle finished with an almost perfectly average point differential.

                This isn’t pessimism. It’s reality. The underlying stats suggest a team that is right around average.

                Is it possible that Seattle is an average football team that over-achieved in the win column this year?

                • Starhawk29

                  I think your half right. This team is an average to slightly below average team all around, at least in 2019, but there is a reason we won so many games. Elite QBs like Russ can be big difference makers (which is why I think QB wins are real, but that’s another debate) in the overall record.

                  Without Russell, I think you’re obviously right. We are probably 7-9 this year. But we have arguably the best QB in the league right now, a 1,000 RB (an injured one, but still), and a receiving corp that is one solid target away from being the league’s best. Ignoring my inner fan, this team’s DVOA ranking of #5 looks right. We weren’t always great, but we have the ability to keep up with any team if need be.

                  The defense obviously needs work. 18th I think sums this unit up perfectly. They were ok to good at times, but generally unable to get off the field and disrupt quarterbacks. Build up a decent DL via trade, FA, and the draft this year, and suddenly that defense might be good enough for 10th in the league. With Russ at QB and a decent/good defense, I’ll take our chances against anyone.

            • Coleslaw

              Every Super Bowl winner has weaknesses. Every team has weaknesses. To think you cant win the SB because of 1 or 2 weaknesses is silly.

              There are certain areas that are crucial to winning. They are : QB, LT, pass rush, and CB. If you have a good QB (we may have the best in the business), can protect him at least somewhat frequently (we can), can cover (we could use a couple upgrades, but it’s certainly not a liability), and rush the passer (our biggest priority).

              Our OL is fine. Running game doesnt translate to SB well at all anyway. How many holes does the defense have? We could use upgrades in the back 7 but there is no obvious hole in the back 7 at all.

              Before this season i said here that we could go undefeated. We ended up 10-2 at one point. This team was ready to win this season IMO. Injuries derailed us. Now, we can take the next step this offseason and really become the cream of the crop.

              • Darnell

                Well, yeah, if you’re starting from a place where you said that the 2019 Seahawks could go undefeated of course things are going to look more optimistic through that lens.

                The trenches are so important, and I see a bottom 3rd oline, and a bad run defense and pass rush.

                Only two high-end receiving targets for Russ to work with, injury issues at RB, shoddy pass pro, no CB depth behind Shaquill.

                Look at the list of positions where Rob has advocated for acquisitions: WR(Diggs and O’dell), TE (Hooper), DE (Campbell and Miller), CB (Harris Jr), S (Joseph) . That doesn’t speak well of the overall strength of the roster at present time.

                • Coleslaw

                  Again, every team has weaknesses.

                  The only positions Rob has nailed as “must adds” are TE and DE. Harris and Jospeh were guys he said would be nice additions, not something we NEED.

                  You can bet against your own team if you want, but bring some more logical arguments to the table. We were 10-2 before all the injuries hit. Have fun being pessimistic.

              • GoHawksDani

                “Running game doesnt translate to SB well at all anyway”??? Elaborate please
                I think running game is one of the biggest factor to getting into the SB and winning it.
                How well the Pats run recently? With White previously and now Mitchell run really well too (also their OL was a beast last year)
                The Saints get much-much better with Kamara and Ingram
                SF can be a killer with their RB stable
                The Hawks SB was won partly because of Lynch and they might have been able to won the second with Lynch on the last play
                A ton of success for the Ravens came from the strong run game (heavy sets, TE play, play-action passes…most of those were because the rushing success)

                Much harder to go for a 10-11 minutes drive without a rock solid running game, so it’s harder to control the clock, minimizing the turnovers and clock stops.
                You need a solid running game to be able to win the SB. You don’t have to be a run 1st team, but you need to be able to run decent.

        • Jhams

          They had an absolutely horrendous crop of injuries, including their top 3 running backs, their center, their break out star tight end etc. They were roughly one inch away from sweeping the NFC’s representative in the Super Bowl to win their division. They had one competent pass rusher, who spent most of the season battling through an serious injury. Their 1st round pick got hurt and could never get going again.

          If we can add a couple pieces and not lose literally every player at a key positional group at the end of the season, we are absolutely contending for the SB next year.

    • cha

      They went 11-5, won their first playoff game and lost a close 2nd playoff game. Just needed some more pass rush.

      I’m talking about 2012. And 2019.

      This team is absolutely gearing up for a SB run.

      • Simo

        Nailed it! Lots of similarities to that team and that time! They need to be aggressive, but smart while improving their weaknesses. The timing is right!

      • Matt

        I would agree with this if the Defense wasn’t legitimately terrible. It’s not like we had the 10-12th ranked defense and are simply looking to get over the hump. We are talking major, major changes needed in both scheme and personnel to actually have a chance at a SB.

        That Packers team that we lost to was not good. That’s probably a 9-10 win quality team. We saw what happened when they played a great team – they got run out of the building (multiple times). I would caution a “close game” against that team as an argument that we are close to a SB.

        This is nothing like 2012 – not even remotely close. There are no burgeoning superstars on defense. The only young budding star we truly have is DK Metcalf – and the offense isn’t the problem. I love the optimism, but again, this defense…is just plain bad and in dire need of a lot of players, not just 1 guy.

        • cha

          Well all I was saying was there are some striking similarities with the 2012. Of course they’re not pattern identical. But if you want apples to apples, ok…

          2019 RW >>>>>>> 2012 RW. He’s already turned his contract extension into good value for the Hawks.

          2019 Wagner >>>>> 2012 Wagner. Imagine what he does with a DL who can keep him clean

          2019 Lockett is a burgeoning superstar

          Carson, Dissly, Penny, Homer, all have untapped upside

          DK is primed to explode year 2

          They acquired a bourgeoning young superstar in Clowney. Good chance they sign him.

          Flowers, Shaquill, Diggs and McDougald are a strong secondary. Diggs and Blair are hard hitters. Ugo has a ball hawking sixth sense and is electric with the ball in his hands. Can you imagine how much better they’ll be with even a league average pass rush?

          Green, Collier, Poona, Shaquem all have untapped upside

          They went 11-5 with a chunk of their starting roster on IR and were in the running for a bye very late in the year

          Tons of reasons to see the glass as half full

      • Edgar

        ……..beating a similarly depleted Eagle team by a touchdown and going down 21-3 to a flawed Packer team doesn’t scream 2012. This comparison is becoming a sad sad repetitive comment. The last 5 years the Seahawks are 3-4 in the playoffs, having been gifted one win in Minny, beating a garbage Lions team at home, and outlasting a injury riddled Eagles team. The facts are the facts.

        • Starhawk29

          But if we’re comparing to 2012, didn’t we barely beat a Washington team without their starting QB? Didn’t we go down 21-0 to the Falcons? We will NEVER be the 2013 Seahawks again. We may be a decently well rounded team with an elite QB. That’s all you need sometimes.

          • cha

            And was a Sherman tip away from watching SF mow down Denver in the SB. And was down 2 scores with 3 minutes left in the game against the GB the next year…

  42. Davido

    Hi, I’ve been following the blog for a few years now but this is the first time commenting. Thanks for doing the blog you are one of the few adresses that I check regularly in the offseason and the content is great!

    What the Campbell topic makes me thinking is how much Pete and John could like Raekwon Davis. I think he would fit what they like in draft picks since he has that physical upside. There are chances he lasts till 27 I believe since there could be a couple of risers that could take his spots. All given that the Jags don’t want to trade Calais.

    • Rob Staton

      I could see that. If he tests well, even more so. There are a handful of ‘forgotten’ players in this class. Raekwon is one of them. And thanks for reading.

    • Trevor

      When I did my mock after the Senior Bowl I gave the Hawks Davis after a trade back. Yes think he will be night on the Hawks watch list at the combine. Alabama used h basically as a run stopping NT to control the line of scrimmage and he was good at that but it really hurt his stats. He was a 3 Tech his first year and excelled. I think he will gain momentum at the combine but I hope not too much because he would look awesome in a Hawks uni and who knows he might end up being Calais Campbell 2.0

    • GoHawksDani

      I think he could be Reed again. Marketed as mainly a run stopping force, but become much more after drafted.
      I’d be happy if the Hawks would re-sign Clowney, Reed, draft Raekwon and get an FA EDGE (either by trading a 2nd pick for Von or sign Fowler, or sign 2 from Beasley/Ogbah/Griffen, or someone else).

      If they re-sign Iupati, restructure Britt their OL is set. Drafting a WR later and maybe getting a bigger name FA TE could fix the receiving corps. They could draft an RB late for depth.
      Secondary is OK. Diggs, McDougald are fine Griffin is good, Flowers is not entirely bad (although I’m not a fan). They can draft an outside CB later to compete with Flowers and an nCB to compete with Amadi.

      I think this roster is fine enough so they can hit FA AND the draft for DL potential

  43. Matt

    I am amazed that people are so gung ho about spending such premium capital on very old players. I really, really hesitate when deals are made exclusively on past performance. If you make this move, these guys HAVE to perform at a very high level.

    You can’t mortgage your future for average pass rush – and due to their respective ages; there is a better chance that they perform like average starters than they do superstars.

    I just don’t think this franchise is healthy enough to mortgage the future like that. This is by no means a young team, when you look at the real contributors. We have a ton of youth that is replacement quality – that needs to change dramatically and that usually takes premium draft capital.

    To each his own, on this one – but again, we are talking about a very, very old player.

    • Gohawks5151

      It pains me to say, because he is a dude I’ve admired since he was at Miami, but CC’s age scares me. When the drop off comes for stars it usually happens suddenly. I understand the Duane comparison but frankly 34 is not 32 and the positional wear and tear are high for him. His game is one that I actually think will age well, since its not speed based but for the price i would lean no. I think i would feel far better about it if we signed Clowney and Fowler or someone else first. Maybe i’ll change my mind in March.

      • Rob Staton

        Duane was 32 when they traded for him and Calais is 33 now. There’s a year’s difference and Calais just had an outstanding top-five DL season.

        • Ashish

          Not saying age is not important, but 33 years Calais is important than 2nd round player which is completely unknown, who knows how he will pan out in Pro football. Don’t forget even top player like Frank Clark didn’t contribute in first year. To maximize Russ era, we need to infuse DL talent which can perform this season. I’m not against having someone picked up in draft to develop for future. Calais can even help Green to become next super star.

          • Rob Staton

            Was the R2 more important than Duane Brown?

            • Ashish

              No way. Duane Brown is stellar so far, I’m sure he will contribute for another 2 years for sure. I’m in favor of Calais, he can help improve guys like Green, LJ to be more relevant

              • Kenny Sloth

                Does Everson Griffen have a similar effect?

  44. Sea Mode

    Our pick stinks, but as a whole it’s one of the better R1 projections out there so far I think:


    • Rob Staton

      I can live with Okwara to Seattle in a mock. He’s fast and they need speed, plus D-line is their biggest need currently. I’m not sure he was utterly dominant for Notre Dame though as he suggests. Maybe against Virginia but not really in the other games before he got injured.

      Every time I see Chaisson in the top-20 though I do a face palm. I’ll eat my crow if he runs a 4.4. But the tape and the production doesn’t say ‘top-20’ at all. And I don’t know why Bryce Hall is still being projected by some that early. He was overrated and then got hurt.

      • Trevor

        The one thing you are under valuing with Chaisson I think Rob is his attitude. He is 20 yrs old and was coming off a lost season due to an ACL injury yet he was still the undisputed leader of that LSU defense that was filled with NFL talent and alpha males. He was the top dog in a way that reminded me of how Kam was with the Hawks group of alpha players who just gravitated to him on the sidelines whenthings got tough.

        Obviously I have never met him or interviewed him but I bet teams will love him and like White with the Bills if you have a good athlete with that incredible attitude it seems like succes is sure to follow. He is the anti Malik McDowell and the type of leader teams covet because they make everyone better.

        If he goes the combine and tests poorly or has medical red flags then clearly he won’t be a 1st Rounder but if he runs in the 4.5s and looks explosive then I would be elated if the Hawks could get him. We have debated this a ton and the combine will answer a lot but I think his leadership and character need to be a big part of his evaluation as well and there is no way for us to really do that except from rumor or what people report.

        • Rob Staton

          Leadership is fine. I like leaders too.

          But if you’re drafting a pass rusher in round one they better be able to do more than work a well-schemed stunt.

  45. Sea Mode

    Hey, no distractions next season, Russ!

    Seattle Times Sports

    Baby No. 3 for Russell Wilson and Ciara is on the way.

    /jk, congrats!

    • BobbyK

      Baby 3 for Ciara. Baby 2 for Russ.

  46. Frank

    I absolutely agree with not trading valuable draft capital for a player of that age, if it was a 2nd or 3rd round maybe but philosophically don’t agree with the approach unless it’s a clear case of fleasing some team with a disgruntled player.
    The PFF top 100 big board came out and it’s a fun chance to look at building realistic combinations of players and trades that could be a lot closer than the ridiculous mocks that have came out so far. I highlighted players of interest to the SDB community, to begin getting a picture of where the Hawks might look to manipulate the board around the players that fit.
    16th Josh Jones (OT)
    17th Curtis Weaver (edge)
    20th Henry Ruggs (wr)
    23 Tee Higgins (wr)
    28 jaylen Reagor (wr)
    30 Nentani Muti (c) dude is a future pro bowler
    34 Bryce Hall (CB)
    36 Hunter Brynt (TE) 2nd best Te in the class
    41 Marlon Davidson (edge)
    47 Y. Gross Matos (edge)
    49 Tyler Biadasz (c)
    65 Jordan Love (QB)
    67 Mekhi Becton (OT)
    68 Justin Jefferson (wr)
    70 Kenneth Murray (LB)
    71 Nick Harris (c)
    76 JK Dobbins (Rb)
    77 Logan Stenbaugh (G)
    80 KJ Hill (wr)
    82 KJ Hamler (wr)
    87 Lloyd Cushberry (c)
    90 Trey Adams (OT)
    94 Caesar Ruiz (c)
    99 Van Jefferson (wr)
    Hawks have 4 picks in the top 103 picks, so have fun with the mix and match. 27,59,64,103 but I’d bet on more than that come Draft night.

    • Rob Staton

      I have to say I find PFF’s ratings… every year…. to be bat s**t crazy.

      • Frank

        I’m sure that it’s really tough to judge when you are simply grading every single play, with varying levels of competition for the players. Is it really any crazier than Mel Kiper, or the other talking heads mocks? I fully expect Ruiz and Stembaugh to rise up that list, but after the last few years, there are only Two sources I put any faith in when it comes to the draft SDB and PFF, and both of their predictions look better 2 or three years down the road than on draft night. Everything else seems like Steven a Smith helped write it 😂.

        • Rob Staton

          For me, yes. Their rankings are all over the place. Every year they’re extremely ‘out there’ and different. That might make it interesting for some but for me I just look at some of their marks and can’t believe it. EG — Ashytn Davis.

          • Trevor

            They give Ruiz a glowing review as the beat pass blocking C yet rate him #94 some of it just makes no sense. If Hamler is there at 82 I would be absolutely shocked.

            • Frank

              There are a few things about the way they analyze that drive me nutty, especially how little value they put in the passing game. I believe in the method, but think they need to modify some of there algorithms and that’s just being a work in progress that every year sees new refinement. Hamler would shock me less that Ruiz being available in the third round.

              • Frank

                Typo ( meant running game)

            • Dale Roberts

              They have Tyler Biadasz at #49, the topped ranked center and Harris at #71. Remember, this is primarily a ranking of how they played not where they’ll be taken in the draft. How does anybody do a big board anyway when you’re comparing a center to a quarterback and a receiver to a defensive end and the team on the clock doesn’t need either. I can see the top ten because their are guys you have to take whether you need that position or not. Otherwise it seems to me that the only legitimate question is WAR where replacement is the next draftable guy at your position.

          • Dale Roberts

            How many times have you noted that you don’t understand why a given player is so hyped? That hype comes from the Kiper, Jeremiah, CBS Sports… et.al. mock world. I find PFF to be more sane than most. They definitely skew toward quality teams such as Alabama but to be fair Alabama also contributes more players to the NFL that any other college. In looking at this year’s rankings, other than Davis, their rankings seem reasonable. Remember, these rankings are based upon performance. If a guy is a great college performer but doesn’t necessarily translate to the NFL they’ll usually note that.

            • Frank

              I agree, there is a dearth of good talent evaluators, especially since Mike Mayock took over the Raiders. The SDB community and PFF are the only things left that us in the public have access to that isn’t total hogwash. I wish I had the time to study every single prospect one by one, but because time is a factor while running a business, family and coaching I’ll take what I can get and try to be informed by draft day.

              • Dale Roberts

                Agreed. Oh and the fact that I had to look up the difference between defensive tackle techniques. Turns out there are a bunch of them; 0 thru 9, modified by inside or outside shoulder. Geesh… no wonder I never win any arguments with Rob.

  47. Cyrus

    Greg Olsen and Carolina have mutually agreed to part ways.

    Thoughts on signing Olsen, would be a good experienced vet who likely wants to play for a contender before retiring.

    • Rob Staton

      More hoping Washington goes for him and gets out of the way for Austin Hooper.

      • cha

        I agree. But the thought is nice. A really nice option to plug in, and since he’s a street FA, you can sign him before the FA window opens.

    • jjujus

      I came here just now to add this. Would be a great add at a value price.

      Dissly + olsen O GOD YESS YES YES YES YES YES.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I know age isn’t as relevant for a TE as some other positions, but if we’re questioning whether a 34 yo Campbell has any juice left, shouldn’t we ask that about Olsen?

      Also, if Jimmy Graham wasn’t a good scheme fit, how could Olsen be? His run blocking traditionally has been…atrocious. Hard to think he’ll suddenly become a quality in-line TE.

      No thanks.

      • Rob Staton

        The big difference between Olsen and Campbell is Olsen has been flirting with a TV career for two years, not playing like a top-five player at his position.

        • CHawk Talker Eric


  48. Jim N

    Just saw that and thought it might be a great fit. I have always liked Greg Olsen. But is his run blocking like on par with Jimmy G?

    • Sandman

      Titans will probaly move on from Delanie Walker. He would be a better fit for the Hawks blocking required TEs.

  49. Southpaw360

    Aldon Smith wants to make a comeback. I’d sign him but I’m not sure JS would.


    • Doug

      Wow wouldn’t that be interesting? Who knows what kind of a player he would be but it would be a low-risk, high-reward type signing for sure.

      • TomLPDX

        And we know how Pete loves reclamation projects. Could be interesting…

  50. BruceN


    What is the probability of trading our #1 for someone like Von Miller? Would Denver entertain such offer?

  51. Saxon

    Opposed to trading youth and low contracts for age and high contracts, which is effectively what giving up a draft pick for Campbell represents.

    Here’s an idea: get better at drafting rookie talent.

    • Matt

      What about this…

      LJ Collier and a 3rd for Calais?

      Would you do that? I’m in the same boat as you, but I’m absolutely pulling the trigger on that package – who knows if the Jags would.

  52. Zeke

    Would Leonard Williams be an upgrade over Jarran Reed? Spotrac has his market value at $8M APY and here’s what PFF says:

    “Among 87 interior defenders with 200 or more pass-rushing snaps, Williams ranked 13th in pressure rate at 11.3%, but his one sack in 424 pass-rushing snaps put him near the bottom of the list in sack rate. On the other hand, Williams led the position with 19 quarterback hits.”

    Most run stops among interior defenders since 2016:

    1. Snacks – 140
    2. Akiem Hicks – 103
    3. Linval Joseph – 97
    3. Leonard Williams – 97
    5. Jurrell Casey – 95

    • Zeke

      Most tackles for loss among interior defenders since 2016:

      1. Aaron Donald – 47
      2. Kawann Short – 44
      3. Leonard Williams – 43
      4. Grady Jarrett – 40
      5. Snacks – 39

      • Zeke

        Since 2016, 38.7% of Leonard Williams’ run tackles have gone for a loss or no gain, which is second to only Aaron Donald.

        • Henry Taylor

          I’d be for it, but given that the Giants traded for him in midseason when they were nowhere near contending I’d wager they absolutely intend to keep him around. But is Gettleman, so who knows.

          • Greg Haugsven

            He for sure could be a possible option on a one year deal if he doesnt get what he is looking for.

          • dcd2

            That was a weird trade. They sent a 3 & 5 for a rental at the deadline and they were no where near competing.

            Williams has played for losing teams his whole career, so maybe that’s incentive to move on. His comments were geared towards who would pay him the most though, so…

    • Matt

      I floated the idea of Williams awhile back. I prefer Clowney-Williams-Another Pass rusher.

      In that scenario, you move on from Jarran Reed, who is also several years older. Reed’s a good player, but honestly – he’s the type of player bad teams overpay. If he really has no market, then I’m 100% ok bringing him back on a 1 year deal as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the opportunity to land Williams.

    • McZ

      IMO, a must sign.
      As well as Carl Nassib, who smells 2020 breakout.

  53. millhouse-serbia

    I’ve just watched Penei Sewella highlight…unreal..beast…

    • Gohawks5151

      He’s an animal. I don’t think we will be in range for him if he has a repeat performance next season.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s a top 10 talent imho.

        • Volume12

          Top 5 for me

          • Matt

            Top 3 for me…had to one up ya 😉

            He is a total stud. About as safe of a pick you could possibly make because he could legitimately be an All-World Guard as well.

  54. Ukhawk

    Good shout. Young, productive, reasonably priced, hopefully hungry, possibly undervalued

  55. Volume12

    And it begins.

    Joe Burrows: You want to go no. 1, but you also want to go to a great organization that is commited to winning. Committed to winning SB’s.

    • dcd2

      Tua’s agent was asked if they wanted to go #1 overall. He said something similar to the comment above and added: (paraphrasing) ‘With that being said, we really hope that Cincinnati falls in love with Joe Burrow. 🙂

      • cha

        FWIW Tua’s dad said he wants him to play for Miami.

  56. Sea Mode

    Yeah, I guess not everyone takes to PC’s messaging… 😂🤣😂🤣 watch till the end…


    • Volume12


    • cha

      That’s hilarious.

  57. Volume12

    Reggie Robinson, Tulsa CB, tape!

    Let’s dive in shall we?

    • millhouse-serbia

      Stanger allready did and he really loves him.

      • Rob Staton

        Good old Stanger

        • millhouse-serbia

          I think he follows every college football player on IG,and he study every photo,and base on that with high % accuracy he knows who are TOP 30 visits every year. 😂Guy is ego maniac, but interesting Twitter follow.

          • Volume12

            That’s how he knows who the top 30 visits are. IG and twitter. Congrats. He knows how to use the internet.

            • millhouse-serbia

              And he keeps it only for himself. 😂😂😂 He thinks that if he anounce it maybe other teams will used it. 😂 I mean he probably isn’t completely normal…how can somebody think that every team doesn’t not top 30 visit of all other 31 teams.

              • Volume12

                I think he does that so he can be ‘right’ or he likes to play the I know something you don’t know game.

                Will never forget 2 years ago when he wouldn’t put out his Seahawks mock draft until the draft was over, and then claimed he had a handful of the picks right. 😂

                Does he still refuse to admit that he was dead a** wrong about DK Metcalf?

                • Rob Staton

                  My favourite moment was when he was obsessively commentating on the war room live feed via twitter. Someone noticed. They created a sign saying ‘Jared rocks’ as a bit of fun because he’d watched hours of the feed. He then twisted it by claiming it said, ‘Jared knows’ and that they were making reference to him calling their picks before they made them.


                  • John_s

                    My favorite is that he’s absolutely certain that Seahawks execs have burner accounts and follow him.

                    The funniest though was he was adamant that the Seahawks drafted the exact opposite player than he had listed just to spite him

                • millhouse-serbia

                  You are completely right about him wanted to be right. Semi admitted about DK. Still thinks he catches the ball with his body not hands etc..

                  But all season he spoke about CGJ…every time he makes some plays there is Stanger to reminde us how high he was on him…I wanted to ask him something after NO-SF when CGJ was awfull but I knew he would blocked me..

      • Volume12

        Well if Stanger did then no one else needs to. 🙄

        ‘JS knows’

    • Volume12

      1. The OK St game is a fun battle between him and Tylan Wallace.

      2. Gets smoked against James Proche. Some of it is just due to Proche making ridiculous plays.

      3. The Michigan St game is good stuff.

      He’s very aggressive. His press technique is really good. Sticky. Good ball skills. Looks like he’s intelligent. High football IQ. Turns and runs well (transitions). Works to stay on top of the receiver, but that’ll make him susceptible to comeback and stop roures if he doesn’t clean up his false steps. Would like to see more agression in the open field in terms of tackling.

      Needs some fine-tuning, but with the right coach or a DB coach like PC, he has the potential to become a complete package.

      • Sea Mode

        Good stuff. Keep it comin’!

  58. millhouse-serbia

    I don’t know did you read Alister Corp(fieldgulls) article on Green bit what’s interesting to me is that he sees him as back up LEO…I really don’t see it…

    • Shady_Hawkster

      You seem to be ignoring the rest of the sentence? It reads “At a minimum, Green showed in 2019 he can be a backup LEO and a bona fide rotational rusher on the Seahawks’ defense.”

      He’s saying Green’s floor looks to be someone who can contribute as part of a rotation, implying that continued growth could see him develop into an every-down player. Seems like a pretty reasonable take, which part do you disagree with?

      • millhouse-serbia

        The part about Green and LEO in the same sentences.

        • LLLOGOSSS


        • Kenny Sloth


        • Shady_Hawkster

          Ha, roger that

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Not trying defend Corp but Green can play in space. It’s not his ideal position but he’s athletic enough to do it. Corp didn’t say he was a LEO, he just said Green could backup there. And he can.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I think they like him w/ weight on! He was drafted really young, so it’s not unreasonable to see some very real changes to his physique or capabilities. They might like him at a lot of spots that we don’t get to see, but while I wasn’t too keenly monitoring the positions at which his snaps came, iirc he played mostly at the 5 and showed well there at times.

            Wouldnt hate if he ended up playing well there!

  59. Happy Hawk

    News from Jacksonville on the C Campbell situation.

    Suggesting they may want him to take a pay cut or cut him altogether given their cap situation.

    • Simo

      Interesting! Let’s hope the Jags come to the conclusion their best option is to cut Campbell, then the Hawks can swoop in and sign him without giving up a high-ish draft pick!

      Or maybe they will be willing to take a R3 pick to unload him. Hawks can then renegotiate his deal, no pay cut just add 1-2 more years,

      Let’s get it done!

      • DC

        Comp picks are awarded toward the end if February if memory serves so we’ll have a tradable 3rd then. Best case would be a cut and Campbell choosing to come here but there’s no guarantee that he would make that choice. Next best would be to make that trade before free agency starts at the ‘rental’ rate. With CC on board, got to believe that JC (and others) would understand the significance of adding a superb running mate.


        The best scenario for the Hawks is to convince JAX that taking a draft pick in exchange is better than cutting him. You cut him and every other team in the league will be on him. We want exclusive negotiating rights.

        • Rob Staton

          The Jags won’t cut him.

          They’ll only move him if they’re open to a trade.

  60. millhouse-serbia

    Look at this ratings…is this based only on their grades during season or? I mean Trockmorton over Ruiz and Cush…


  61. millhouse-serbia

    I think now we know what Germains tweet from few days ago ment…


    And he is fighting via Twitter again…this time vs Schwartz

    • millhouse-serbia

      And now it’s Joe Fann turn.. 😂

    • Sea Mode

      What the heck?

      Schwartz said Ifedi’s going to get paid and then Ifedi came out and tried to dis him. I’m confused…

      As one of the (extremely few) people who commented on his Tweet said: maybe he did deserve that punch in the face from Clark…

      • Zeke

        If you pay him top dollar it’s just not going to work out,” he said. “I think he’s too inconsistent,” Schwartz said. “I would not imagine he’ll be back. He’s back only if he can’t find what he wants in free agency.”

        “Continuity is good, but you can build that through the offseason,” Schwartz said. “You don’t need to keep bad players for the sake of communication. If you have good players, they figure out a way to make it work.”

        • Zeke

          Schwartz just doing his job, then Ifedi responds with personal attacks. Not a good look for him entering FA.

          Can’t say I wouldn’t do the same, but pretty sure I wouldn’t.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Germain’s just doing his job playing RT and is responding to personal attacks from some Journeyman who never sniffed the money he’s getting.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              But was it a personal attack by Schwartz? Wasn’t he just citing the PFF article?

    • Madmark

      This may be the year Seatlle gets the right tackle the really want. If they let him go I could see them resigning Fant and draft 27 for Isaiah Wilson RT Georgia 6’7′ 340lbs, just a monster and maybe 3rd times the charm. He a sophomore so he can Compete with Fant his first year as Brown is the LT. This is a Solari Lineman

    • Rob Staton

      Fair play Germain.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Get the bag and laugh in the haters faces.

  62. cha


    Interesting, it appears a small loophole will close that allows teams to recover a comp pick after declining options.

  63. Rob Staton

    I had planned to write today but I have food poisoning so apologies.

    • Ashish

      Oh no, take care Rob. Take it easy, no rush.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you. It’s wiped me out today.

        I did notice earlier though listening to RW on PFT that he name checked Bosa and Armstead as the two key players on SF’s DL. Can always read too much into that but thought it was interesting.

        • HawkfaninMT

          I’m certainly on the Armstead bandwagon. I realize he’s not a true edge or speed guy, but he’s certainly disruptive and will not count against any of this ya leads draft capital.

          Michael Brockers looks to be leaving LA and could be an interesting get as well. Seems like several DT options out there to both drive Reeds price down and/or replace. Looking at Jones (I get it), Phillips, Suh, Brockers, Reed, Clark (just off the top of my head).

          Also curious to see if we are over valuing Fowler? Seems like he has that Edge speed and quickness that’s needed, but many of the lists of FA rankings I’ve seen have him much lower than we are expecting. He signed that 1 yr 14M deal and had some success, but not entirely sure he will get more than that. And if he gets the long term security may even take less. A 3 yr 30-32 deal may not be out of the question.

        • Eburgz

          Armstead has had a good year but I think Buckner is the better player based off my eye test. The stats seem to back that up. I think Buckner is closer to a Campbell type force than Armstead.

          Last 2 years
          Buckner TFL:26 QB hits:34 sacks:19.5 PD:5
          Armstead TFL:17 QB hits:30 sacks: 13 PD:2

          It gets more lopsided the further back you go, in part because Armstead wasn’t able to stay healthy earlier in his career. Maybe Armstead has finally surpassed his line mate but I don’t think so. I think Armstead was put in more advantageous positions to rush the passer and show up in the stat sheet (because he faces less double teams and rushes from the outside more often)

          • Rob Staton

            Well RW name checked Armstead.

            And Buckner isn’t a free agent.

          • BruceN

            Armstead was considered a mild disappointment until this season (could be the Bosa effect?). I would agree, Buckner is a better player but he won’t be available. Armstead will have many suitors and probably out of our price range.

            • HawkfaninMT

              Does Bosa effect = Clowney Effect?

              Different players of course, but we are talking about the attention the offense must divert to the other player

              • BruceN

                Yes, similar. Except when teams tried to double team Bosa the three other guys caused havoc (see Armstead’s production). In Seattle no one else stepped up. Reed should have and didn’t. That’s why I’m not sure he’s worth a large contract.

    • DC

      The Salmon Mousse!!!

      Get well & stay hydrated.

    • Seahawkwalt

      Sorry you’re sick bro

    • BruceN

      Oh no. Sorry to hear that. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

      I was reading about Denver’s list of FA and came across Shelby Harris. What do you think of him and could he be a good fit in our D?


      • Rob Staton

        Length might be an issue there.

        • BruceN

          I see Spotrac projects 3 years/$35M (after only making $4M+ in 2019). That seems high but they’re pretty close with their projections usually.

  64. cha

    Very interesting in theory.


    • John_s

      It’s essentially the equivalent of the practice squad

  65. Sea Mode

    “We don’t want to trade him. We are not trading him. He will not be traded. (send your offers…)”


    • smitty1547

      so if he wants to be traded, just skip some OTA’s

  66. Greg Haugsven

    Referring to the Rotoworld mock draft earlier up in the post comments. If Kinlaw did go at 14 would you as Seahawk fans want to make a New Orleans type trade a couple years ago and trade 27 and your next years first rounder for pick 14 to select Kinlaw?

    • Steve Nelsen

      No! There is a lot of NFL behavioral economics research that shows trading up in the draft hurts a team. The research shows that the hurt is increased when trading future picks. The “return on investment” for teams receiving future picks is equivalent to over 100%.

    • Robert Las Vegas

      I am 100 percent behind the trade proposal you mentioned between Jacksonville and Seattle it does make a lot of sense for both teams .I am also thinking about signing Danny Shelton I would like that as well not pass rushers but also run stuffers when Al Woods situation it had an effect. Plus we could sure use more depth.. Rob what’s your thoughts on Bucky Brooks for a while there I thought he had some really good insight on the Seahawks now I am not sure. Every year Rob Seahawks draft a day three corner is there a guy that stands out to you

    • millhouse-serbia

      No. But I would give them 27 + 59.

      • millhouse-serbia

        + this year 4th or next year 3rd round pick. I think 14th pick is range where we could get him without giving next year first round. Chiefs gave 27th + 91st + next year 1st round but for 10th pick. That 4 spots aren’t meaningful.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Two years ago the Saints went from 27 to 13 to select Marcus Davenport. They also gave up there first rounder the next year. Thats where this precedent comes from.

          • Rob Staton

            Yep — for a team to go from the top-15 into the late 20’s they’re going to expect a first rounder next year.

          • millhouse-serbia

            yes I understand where it comes from…its never the same…for ex if JS and PC think that Kinlaw is top 5 player in their minds it isn’t to much to give 1st next year…if team that choose 14th doesn’t have huuuge grade gap between next 15 players on their board (and they don’t have player they really like at the moment) maybe it will be enough for them to take 27th + 59+ 4th round(it’s enough by draft charts)…I think the trade for Davenport was really bad for Saints and that they gave up to much…that amount of picks worth only for QB…and of course there is always calculation in minds of both sides how high will be that next year pick…

            • Rob Staton

              But when has a team ever traded down from the top-15 to the late 20’s and not claimed a first rounder in return?

              Let’s be realistic here. That’s a massive move down.

              • millhouse-serbia

                ok, what would you say what is enough to go from 31st to 18th pick?

                • millhouse-serbia

                  we could agree that 14 to 27 and 18 to 31 isn’t that big difference right? it’s 14 spot in both cases …and how good player will be at 14 or 18 depends on draft class…

                  • millhouse-serbia

                    and believe it or not Cowboys gave 18th to SF for 31st + 74th.. I just wanted to say everything is possible and you never now who will be satisfied with what

                    • Rob Staton

                      It’s not a top-15 pick though

    • smitty1547

      If we did that, Wilson gets hurt and we win 2 games next year with are luck.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Trading a future #1 for a higher draft pick is a sucker move. Seattle has the cap space and available draft picks to take care of business without acting desperate.

      • McZ

        The situation would be TB picking at #14 with Kinlaw still on the board. How is trading up to get a top 10, possibly top 5 talent at #14 a sign of panic?

        If we look at the the last 5 years and Seahawks top picks, we could argue none of them were a disruptive talent and none of them had disruptive impact. Three years were basically throwaway picks. Penny and Collier have the benefit of a doubt, but their value is still questionable.

        The real reason why I think this won’t happen are Blacklock, Davis, Gallimore and Strowbridge.

        • Rob Staton

          Firstly, it’s a pretty pointless debate to have. Kinlaw is a legit, top-10 pick. Top-10 any year. If he drops out of the top-10, it’ll simply be because teams like Arizona and Cleveland are so bad on the O-line that they have to go in a different direction. But even then, there’s every chance someone line Indianapolis or Atlanta could jump up a few spots to get him. Kinlaw won’t be there at #14. And any mock that has him falling beyond that point should be ignored. There’s a decent chance he will go to Carolina at #7 or Jacksonville at #9. His absolute floor will be Indy at #13.

          So really, the discussion is if you want Kinlaw you’ve got to trade into the top-10. It’d take a Julio Jones-style trade. That would mean your top two picks this year, a fourth rounder this year and a first rounder and a middle rounder next year. I’m a huge Javon Kinlaw fan and have been talking him up since the summer. But there is no way I make that trade.

          The answer to Seattle’s problems won’t lie with Blacklock, Gallimore and Strowbridge. They are not the answer. Davis could help.

  67. millhouse-serbia

    I watched a lot of YGM last few days and think he may be the best fit for LEO in this class…he has lenght and I think he has speed (but we will need to wait on 40y and 10y split)…I watched 2018 tape vs Iowa and Wirfs won most of their battles but I saw that YGM doesn’t give up on plays…he had maybe 2,3 pressures and I think one TFL but that came from other side of OL …

    But on other tapes and highlights you could see his lenght and speed…

    Rob (and others) I know you think he is to inconsistent but other than that how do you like him?

    • millhouse-serbia

      My bad, most of the time it was against Alaric Jackson not Wirfs. And he had 3 TFL and two great stops when on jet sweep he run on the other side and made a stop.

    • millhouse-serbia


      Uf…two awful tragedies…looks like a good guy…

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t think he’s fast enough

  68. EranUngar

    How about just signing Gerald McCoy and Danny Shelton (after signing Clowney) and call it a great day?

    • EranUngar

      The Panters had 47 sacks last year, so maybe go for McCoy and Butler as our starting DT combo…with Clowney and Green in base and add Beasly as rotational speedster for obvious passing plays.

      • Bayahawk

        Where does Poona Ford fit in this scenario?

  69. Sea Mode

    Bwahahaha! Perfect!


    • Volume12

      “Makin’ muscles” 😂

    • Aaron

      ROTFLOL 😄😄😆😆🤣🤣

  70. Volume12

    Decide the 5 modern-era members of the pro football Hall of Fame ’20 class.

    S Troy Polamalu
    LB Zach Thomas
    OL/T Tony Boselli
    HB Edgerrin ‘Edge’ James
    WR Tory Holt
    S John Lynch
    DL/DT Richard Seymour
    WR Reggie Wayne
    S Steve Atwater
    OL/G Steve Hutchinson
    S LeRoy Butler
    OL/G Alan Faneca
    LB Sam Mills
    WR Isaac Bruce
    DL/DT Bryant Young

    What 5 would ya’ll vote for if you could?

    • Aaron

      Polamalu, Wayne, Hutch, Lynch, and Atwater.

      • Volume12

        Z. Thomas

        • charlietheunicorn

          My gut is that only 1 Safety will make it in…. so if Polamalu makes it in, then the others will have to wait another year.

          • Volume12

            Your probably right. I think 1 receiver will get in too.

            Those 5 are who I would personally vote for.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hutchinson, Lynch, Wayne, Polamalu, (Thomas, James, Seymour idk)

    • charlietheunicorn

      Boselli, Hutchinson and Faneca should get in
      Thomas and Polomalu are feeling like they will get in
      Seymour was very under rated and could be a sleeper.
      Another sleeper could be Atwater. With 3 Safety, maybe none make it in..??

      1 WR will get in, I guess Wayne would be my pick….

      I think it is very unlikely James or Young make it in this ballot.

      So lets recap…. defense LB Thomas and S Polomalu / offense OT Boselli, WR Wayne and wildcard pick James

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hutch tho

        • charlietheunicorn

          Sentimentally, I would love Hutch to get in… but the way John Clayton explained it… Boselli will more likely get votes over both of the OGs… not to say they won’t get in one day, but not this year. And yes, JC is one of the 50 sport writers who vote on the HoF….. so he probably would have a better read than any of us on the outside.

    • CHawk Talker Eric


    • Sea Mode

      Bunch of SDB old timers…

  71. Madmark

    I believe we have to get our help for defense from free agency and get veterans. JC pulled off trade for Diggs and that was our first pick of this draft in the 5th round. A great move. I absolutely love the idea of getting Campbell. If that’s not possible I lean to Everson Griffin. We also need to figure out who we are going to bring back.
    Clowney, Reed, Jefferson, Jackson, and Jones. There are 3 we will keep in Collier, Ford, and Green. Who do you bring back and I think Clowney is an absolute number 1 target to keep. I feel a conflict in I believe we can only keep one guy when it comes to Jefferson or Reed? I see Nazair Jones not being here next year. Jackson ? 1 year contract to compete may not have spot if you bring Campbell or Griffin. I probably look for 2 DT to bring into camp also. I don’t this is a good early draft for defensive talent and another thing is they just ain’t going step and be great that the real world. We need to improve now.
    I’m not sure if I correct but I have us with 27, 59, 63 or 64, 103,133,145, 214, 242, 248?
    We need to trade or buy a TE. I thinking about Offensive Line no working on who to keep and were to go.

    • Volume12

      Let’s bring back Jimmy Graham. Gotta love a good reclamation project

      • cha

        Why not? Pay him $3m and just have him do that rebound/block out the defender TD catch from the 3 yard line 10x next year.

      • Madmark

        We need a talent that more closer to Travis Kelce or George Kittle. You will see that both these very good TE. Its a shame about Dissly but we need another TE until he comes back. It necessary need. We can’t afford not having a target if we suffer a setback or another injury.

        • Sea Mode


          • CHawk Talker Eric


          • Volume12

            Right over his head.

    • John_s

      Don’t forget Seahawks traded their natural 6th to draft Ursua and their natural 7th for Hollister

  72. EranUngar

    The same way Reed, Wood and Poona worked this year. A quality competitive rotation.

  73. Sea Mode

    Albert Breer

    AP Defensive Rookie of the Year: 49ers DE Nick Bosa. Third Ohio State player in 4 years to win that award.

    And Chase Young incoming next year…

  74. Greg Haugsven

    Lets do a quick poll who we think out starting right tackle will be in 2020?

    A) Ifedi
    B) Fant
    C) Draft Pick
    D) Free Agent
    E) Other

    Ill go with B) Fant

    • Aaron


      Fant wants to start and after losing that chance in 2017 at LT due to injury, he deserves a shot at RT. As far as I’m concerned he’s still Brown’s heir apparent. The starting line in 2020 to me is Brown, Vet FA, Britt, Fluker, Fant.

    • Coleslaw


      • Coleslaw

        I see WR, OL and DT as the positions that will have the best available options for us, even into the 2nd, so I think they target one of them early.

        Based on need, its OL. You can wait on WR and still get a good one. DT might be gone by our pick if we trade down.

        To me we’re going OL or DT first unless someone is there that we cant pass on (likely would be WR).

        • Rob Staton

          I wouldn’t expect a DT early. The options are not great at all. OL — value is probably better in the mid-rounds. It all depends on what happens in FA. It’s too early to predict.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Fant would be the most likely, but I’ll go against the grain.. Ifedi!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      IMO the order of likelihood:


      It’s a really good draft for interior OL but not OTs. I don’t see a day 1 starter in play for SEA’s draft.

    • Madmark

      I have Brown, Jones, Britt, Flukker, and Fant this year. Draft Isaian Wilson give him a year and next year Brown may not be here and fant moves to LT and Wilsom moves up. It could happen sooner if Brown or Fant goes down he would get to play his position sooner than later. Wouldn’t mind grabbing a RG and center. It just seems we have to get some young talent for this Line. We could start to see some casualties with Brown, Britt, and Flukker.

    • Eburgz

      Fant had the opportunity to take Ifedi’s job the last two years. Not sure why we think Fant is the better option. PFF grades based off a limited sample size? Assumption that Ifedi gets big money and Fant doesn’t?

      For me I’ve just got burnt out on the constant penalties. How does this dude jump offsides every single road game?

      I want us to bring in a true top 5 run blocking tackle in Jack Conklin (Brian Bulaga is another quality vet option). But I wouldn’t be surprised if ifedi is back. His best football is probably ahead of him and if we could get him signed to a mid level deal I’d be cool with it.

  75. DC

    Congrats Steve Hutchinson on the HOF!

    What a damned beast!

    • charlietheunicorn

      He was the man. I still can’t believe Seattle let him walk that one year, transition tagged him instead of franchise tagged him. If hew was still on the team, they had a very good shot of getting back to another SB with Hasselbeck at QB. Mike Holmgren still fumes about that one, when it comes up during his radio visits on 950 KJR.

      • Madmark

        We didn’t let him walk. He signed a poison pill contract that we could not match.

        • DC

          Ruskell was incompetent.

          • charlietheunicorn

            Honestly, try to find a pod cast or something where Holmgren was talking about the whole thing. He was/is fuming every time I have ever heard him talk about it.

            Oddly enough, the next CBA outlawed the poison pill contract Hutch signed. I also believe Hutch eventually admitted it might have been a mistake to leave, but that is what 20/20 hindsight is about… but, still a very well deserving HoFer.

            Jones and Hutch now in HoF….. that was the golden age of the OL for sure.

            • Rob Staton

              It just goes to show how utterly incompetent Ruskell was. Terrible decisions, bad FA signings, bad drafts, the total and utter decimation of the roster leaving PCJS with what amounted to a expansion franchise when they took over. And people wanted him to stay!

              • charlietheunicorn

                Well, that bloke Jim Mora was no great shakes either.

                I guess it is always good to get some perspective on how good the Seahawks have been the last 10 years. Truly a golden age.

              • JC3

                John Schneider is equally incompetent for the past three years already. I was banging for Erik McCoy last year in the second because I knew they will be forced to re-negotiate or release Britt this year. Just don’t know how they are going to replace a C, G, RT, two DT and DE in one off-season?

                • Rob Staton

                  No, John Schneider has not been equally incompetent. That is utter bollocks.

                  In the last 12 months alone he traded a third round pick for Jadeveon Clowney, a fifth round pick for Quandre Diggs, traded a bag of football’s to move up and get D.K. Metcalf, he was able to solve a massive and underrated dilemma that had the Seahawks facing Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and Frank Clark all entering the last year of their deals. He and Pete have gone through major reconstruction surgery to this roster and have maintained a playoff team in 2018 and 2019 — with many reasons to be optimistic about this off-season and the 2020 season.

                  As for ‘how will they replace a C, G, RT, two DT’s and a DE in one off-season’.

                  Well that’s a bloody easy question to answer.

                  1. They will re-sign some of those players
                  2. The sixth most available cap space in the league
                  3. A pile of draft picks including three in the first two rounds

                  When Schneider has blown a top-five pick, signed old crap players to massive contracts, overseen the implosion of a Super Bowl team and turned it into an expansion franchise and appointed Jim f-ing Mora as Head Coach — then you get to compare John Schneider to Tim Ruskell.

                • BruceN

                  Seriously? We have the second best record in NFL in the decade and that is due to his and PCs utter incompetence? Our fans are delusional. Rob beat me to it. They did miss with the #27 pick but the two trades for Clowney and Diggs, giving up what we did and salaries we paid them should’ve earned him a few points for EOTY.

    • Aaron

      Hutch!!! He better go in as a Hawk and not a Viking.

      • Greg Haugsven

        That will be interesting as it was 5 years Seahawks and 6 years Vikings. Maybe he just splits the tie and goes in as a Titan as he was there for one year.

  76. Sea Mode

    Seems relevant to this article!

    Ian Rapoport

    The biggest award of the night goes to #Jaguars DL Calais Campbell. He wins the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

  77. All I see is 12s

    You all should probably check out Olsen’s recent tweet….

    • Greg Haugsven

      Looks like he might be interested in catching passes from RW?


      • charlietheunicorn

        Olsen is a shell of his former self, He has been fighting injuries the last few seasons. I thought he also had a concussion issue, so I’ll pass on him.

  78. Greg Haugsven

    OK looks like the early poll was:

    Draft Pick…1

    • Greg Haugsven

      Ok who do we think the starting Center will be?

      A) Britt
      B) Hunt
      C) Pocic
      D) Draft Pick
      E) Free Agent

      • Volume12


        Get 2 O-lineman in this draft, doesn’t mean both automatically start for the, but Pete said crowd. And get a vet in FA.

      • Volume12

        And B or D for your tackle poll. Which is what I meant by getting a vet on .y other post.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Ruiz, Center…… pick (D you won’t regret it ;D

      • Aaron


        I’d still go with Britt for one more year for the sake of continuity. But I would draft a replacement. Pocic may or may not make the 53 this next season and Hunt isn’t a full time starter. Now my feelings on Britt might change if we have to really pay Clowney a lot (e.g $25+ million apy). In that case we will need to cap room to spend on the D line.

        • DC

          I un boldly predict that Fant will be the starting LT when the 2020 season begins. Brown will be nursing an injury.

          Center, D.

  79. Volume12

    Bill Belichick, Gronk, Mojo Rawley, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and SI swimsuit model Camille Kostek is the strangest f***in’ grouping of party goers maybe ever. WTF?

  80. Tony

    Russ no votes for MVP. Lamar deserved it but not 1 vote?

    I feel more angry in PC getting no votes in turning in such a good season with a team that wasnt supposed to even make the playoffs according to popular opinion.

    If JS doesnt get any love, I’m blaming location and media hype bias bs. Him and PC getting no love after a decade is goddamn criminal and I hope they build something so unstoppable that the NFL has to apologize to make it stop.

    • Aaron

      Wait RW got zero votes for MVP…what the literal 🤬!!!

      • DC

        I voted for Russ. Did they not count it again?!?

        Call the U.N.

  81. Kenny Sloth

    Watching Women’s rugby and it might be my new favorite sport. They are dynamic!

  82. Kenny Sloth

    Damian Lillard!! That’s my guy!! Averaging 45 ppg in his last 6

    Forcing his way into MVP talks, but he is just grinding for a playoff spot. Dragging that roster along.

    Probably the best athlete/rapper of all-time, too

  83. drewdawg11

    I don’t think I trade a high pick for Campbell unless it’s our second second, definitely that third round comp, (but why would they?). Rob has really talked me into Cesar Ruiz. Some people think he will rise above our pick, some don’t. He’s just got all the tools to be great. Size, athleticism, power, he’s got center experience. Britt can move on and that cap space will go toward signing someone good who won’t cost a pick.

  84. charlietheunicorn

    Steve Hutchinson

    7× Pro Bowl (2003–2009)
    5× First-team All-Pro (2003, 2005, 2007–2009)
    2× Second-team All-Pro (2004, 2006)

    He also blocked for S. Alexander during his historic rushing campaign and A. Peterson during some of his most productive years.

  85. Von


    What are your thoughts on Cam Akers? Looks to me that he has a burst and is very good in the passing game (good blocker as well). He fits the Seahawks typical size.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not really watched him. I know he excelled at SPARQ. Seattle likes tough runners though so that’s always something to look for.

  86. Sea Mode

    That once in a blue moon you get to deservedly say: “I told you so!”

    Jim Nagy

    Was scouting for @Patriots the year Troy Polamalu came out of USC. I put a grade on him at top of our scale that was rarely ever used. Remember my boss jokingly saying, “Don’t put the guy in Canton”.

    Never scouted a player as fun to watch on tape as Polamalu. Congrats, Troy!

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