Takeaways from Pete Carroll & John Schneider

John Schneider and Pete Carroll both spoke at the owners meetings this week. Here are some of the headlines (courtesy of Twitter) and some takeaways:

The Seahawks need somebody to step up and start at outside corner this year. Given the complexity of Seattle’s scheme, it’ll be difficult for a rookie to start in week one. Pierre Desir, Neiko Thorpe, Jeremy Lane or another will likely get a chance to start in week one. Even if the situation changes as the season progresses.

Schneider did little to pour cold water on a possible trade, with Carroll being more forward in admitting he didn’t think anything was likely.

That said, there was no categorical ‘we are not trading’ Richard Sherman. That was Hue Jackson’s statement amid the Joe Thomas rumours before the last trade deadline.

It’s unclear how serious Seattle is about trading Richard Sherman. This wasn’t a ‘come and get it’ plea. Yet neither Carroll or Schneider stopped the rumours dead in their tracks.

If they did want to move him, the problem is this isn’t a seller’s market. With such a rich draft in cornerbacks, the motivation to give up a first round pick plus for a 29-year-old corner, however good he is, really isn’t there.

So while there might be interest in Sherman and a willingness to deal him, working out a deal that works for all parties just seems highly unlikely.

Here’s Carroll’s quotes in full on the situation:

“You either are competing or you are not… so we have always had to be open to every suggestion that comes along. There have been some teams that have called and so we have talked about it but he is extremely important to our football team. I don’t see anything happening at all. I don’t see anything happening with any of our players. It has been talked about. He is a great player and he can impact a team. I can see why people would be interested in him.”

The big question is — if no trade is forthcoming, how is the relationship between Sherman and the team and is there any danger this becomes a further distraction?

This is encouraging. And while Chancellor might ultimately be too pricey given the current safety market — at least this indicates a desire to get something done and make sure Seattle’s heart and soul in the locker room remains a crucial part of this team for years to come.

This is the first time (I think) that Carroll has referenced the ‘big nickel’ position and Seattle’s preference to play in nickel (adjusting with the rest of the league).

We talked about the big nickel or ‘Buffalo’ position in more detail here.

Carroll’s words highlight the distinct possibility of the Seahawks taking a specialist nickel corner with their first pick (e.g. Adoree’ Jackson, Budda Baker) or a ‘Buffalo’ (Justin Evans, Obi Melifonwu).

This was a stated off-season priority for the Seahawks (improving linebacker depth). Carroll also re-stated they will seek to get younger at the position too, opening up a probable pick or two at the position in the draft.

Round three could be a target area with Vince Biegel, Alex Anzalone, Duke Riley, Elijah Lee, Ben Gedeon and Jordan Evans possible options.

Carroll asserted Luke Joeckel could start at left tackle, affording George Fant a chance to sit and learn. He also discussed the possibility of Germain Ifedi moving back to right tackle.

This is interesting because it opens up the possibility of an early pick on the O-line. If Forrest Lamp lasts to #26, he could come in and play left or right guard. Taylor Moton, Isaac Asiata and Nico Siragusa could be options in rounds two or three.

With Odhiambo and Glowinski likely competing at left guard and Aboushi on the right side, there’s ample room for an early pick on the offensive line.


Today is the Texas A&M pro-day so we’ll see if Justin Evans works out. He didn’t perform at the combine due to a late injury.

If you missed this weeks new podcast discussing a wide range of Seahawks and draft topics, you can listen here:


  1. Jujus

    Im still incredibly distraught at the lack of a podcast last week. I may be able to forgive you by the draft who knows…

    Im at a point where I think we should trade out of the first round completely for the Following reasons.

    1. More picks in this DEEP DRAFT / to go with our litany of needs.
    2. Cap considerations – we save money which can help us extend britt, graham, kam and then earl

    Thinking of a mock with multiple trade downs
    Still deciding on how its pans out will post it later.

    • Jujus

      Really appreciate everything you do rob. LEt us know if there will be a live Q&A sometime.

      • Rob Staton

        I was hoping to do one but the software wasn’t any good. And Cover it Live costs money these days unfortunately.

        • CLB

          I agree with you Jujus. If the few players like the 3 OL – Bolles, RR, and Lamp, plus Reddick, Obi, or King isn’t there, really hope we trade back and get at least another pick if not 2. Even in attempting a mock draft, wish we had a lot more picks, especially in the top 3 rounds; there are so many good players in this draft at least through day 2.

          Thanks for the podcast today, Rob. Have been so used to the weekly podcast for months, and missed it last week.

          • Misfit74

            If by some rare chance those players are gone and you’re confident we land our target positions in the following rounds, and he falls (as in Rob’s mock today), I’d be thrilled with Corey Davis, who is the best receiver in the draft.

            • Donald

              I agree Misfit, Corey Davis is another Julio Jones impact guy and would be thrilled to have him.

              BUT, There are some second tier guys who would make an impact also, Evan Engram and Godwin in the mid 2nd rd, and Robert Davis in the 3rd rd that would be great. Then use the 1st rd for one of the various names that have been mentioned for defense.

    • Donald

      No Way do we trade back, especially if some of the targets are gone. Why let the playoff teams who we compete with get the elite impact players, then the Hawks get what is left over.

      No, there are guys who the Hawks are targeting and they grab him when they can, not risk losing him, especially if some of them are already gone.

  2. AndrewP

    Three way trade:
    – Saints get Sherman
    – NE gets 32
    – Hawks get Malcolm Butler

    That way Walsh and Butler are part of the Hawks, and the entirety of the Seahawk fanbase range of emotions is conveniently in one place.

    • STTBM

      Where would Seattle play Butler? Nickel?! And pay him the Big Bucks?! Not happening…

      Seattle wont play him outside, nor will they pay a little guy the kind of money Butler wants.

      • AndrewP

        The bottom part was to be taken more seriously than the top… In other words, it was a joke.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Got me at first 😉

    • Donald

      You are joking, right?

      It would take a Butler and 2 high 1st rd draft picks to make it even. Butler only made one famous play, he is average at best.

  3. DavidM2

    Rob, what did you think of D’Ontay Foremans Proday? pair of 4.45’s in the 40 and jumped 33″ There’s been quite a bit of talk on him here on SDB, how do you see this workout effecting his stock?


    • Kenny Sloth

      Head of steam runner???

      • DavidM2

        Really interested to see his SAQ numbers 3 cone, 20 yd, broad jump etc. 33″ very isn’t bad though Fournett only jumped 28.5″

        • DavidM2

          *vert not very

        • Kenny Sloth

          Not bad at all, just a little confusing…

          He’s one of the big enigmas in this class along with Malik McDowell and Demarcus Walker imo

      • Misfit74

        Fusu vue:
        Here are my measurements for D’Onta Foreman’s 40:
        10: 1.63
        20: 2.63
        40: 4.47

        Graham Barfiekd:
        “Foreman’s 40-time would imply 96th percentile weight-adjusted speed. Better than Fournette (92nd) and Mixon (91st).”

        “D’Onta Foreman’s weight-adjusted forty-time is 16th fastest over the past 15 years. Fifth-best among RB weighing 230+ lbs in that time span.”

        So there is some clay to work with….

    • Rob Staton

      I think it will help at his size but he still runs without enough physicality. He falls apart on contact.

      • DavidM2

        Sounds like it maybe true, saw these takes on it after I posted:

        Bradley Duff

        @LanceZierlein My opinion; he’s a dump truck, only has 2 gears and 1 direction. Might’ve schooled NCAA LBs but NFL LBs will eat him alive.

        @DuffCommander I don’t think you are alone in this assessment. There are definitely NFL people who feel similarly.

  4. Kenny Sloth

    Great stuff Rob

    Can’t wait to listen to the podcast

  5. Del tre

    If they are fielding trade offers i wonder if the Browns would be interested in acquiring Kearse. Since Josh Gordon is already getting cut it seems like a win-win situation to me. We gain a young player that our strong culture can hopefully guide, Cleveland gets a veteran receiver to help strengthen its locker room. I’m also feeling like the Pierre Desir talk is an attempt to get a late round pick in a trade. Maybe I’m wrong but i don’t get the sense that he is an NFL starter, the guy has had the injury bug throughout his career though and he did see the field in Cleveland so maybe there is reason to be excited about the guy. But i think even then i still might prefer a rookie.

    • STTBM

      You could be right, but I am looking forward to seeing how Desir performs in Preseason this year. I liked him coming out of college and am glad they picked him up to see what he’s got. Also like that he basically told the Lions to take a running jump…

      • Del tre

        Is there any film on Desir anywhere?

        • Kenny Sloth

          I saw one tape of him in college and was happy we picked him up

    • Sea Mode

      Just my opinion, but I think Mike Williams falls out of R1 and the Browns take him with the first pick of R2.

      • Del tre

        I could see that but its not like the Browns have a ton of talent at receiver and the browns are looking to dump Gordon. Could be worth it.

        • Misfit74

          Gordon would be a great acquisition. I can’t see him fetching more than a 3rd or 4th round pick due to the risk of indefinite or permanent suspension. He has top tier size, speed, strength, hands. talent!

    • BobbyK

      I think the Browns drafted 938 WRs last year. And they just signed Kenny Britt, too.

      • Misfit74

        Their top 2 are set with Coleman and Britt. They need a TE

  6. STTBM

    Wow! Pretty much dangling Sherm out there on the trade block! Thats as open as Ive ever heard them be regarding the possibility of trading a player. Which is a pretty good hint they arent pleased with Shermans behavior last season, and that it has had a negative impact on Seattle. I cant see them admitting squat about discussions to trade him unless they were intending to send Sherm a very strong message that no one is irreplaceable.

    Wake up and get the message Sherm! You are not above the law so to speak. Shape up or ship out….

    Happy to hear they are trying to get a deal done with Kam. It will impact their Draft strategy if he is not signed to an extension–which is the main point I was trying to make in my earlier comments regarding the issue. I think I would barf a bit to see him in another uniform…

    Not really convinced Seattle is even close to satisfied with their LB acquisitions in FA; I still think they intend to target the position, perhaps even in the first couple rounds. However, they clearly set themselves up to be flexible and not married to taking one high.

    I have always thought it was either BS to hide their intentions or madness when they insisted they werent going to move Ifedi to RT this offseason. Its his natural position and he wasnt adjusting terribly well to RG even at the end of the year. Yet he’s bound to be better at RT than Sowell or Gilliam….

    Still stubbornly hoping for King or Obi Wan…

    • vrtkolman

      Well if there was ever a time to trade him this is it. Getting another first round pick with this CB class would be fantastic.

      • STTBM

        No one will trade much for Sherm given this Draft Class full of big tall fast corners and badass safeties. Certainly not after his whack behavior last year.

  7. vrtkolman

    The Saints are hosting Joe Mixon, and there are a lot of reports out there that GM’s think he’s a day 2 pick now. The Saints have the 32nd pick in the draft, so he could possibly even be a 1st rounder.

  8. Sea Mode

    Miami Pro Day going down:

    Brad Kaaya greeting NFL reps. Browns, Steelers, Jets, Raiders, Colts, NYG, Seahawks, Chiefs, Dolphins, Lions, Bears, Wash. BUF, BAL, GB, DAL

    Talking to a few scouts David Njoku ran pretty similar to what he ran at the combine (4.64). Overall freak athlete.

    David Njoku with a vert of 40 on the dot. Couldn’t top it on his final jump.(video below) All 32 #NFL teams here at Miami’s Pro Day.

    • nichansen01

      Hmm… time to start thinking about QB as a possible day two pick for the Seahawks?

      • Volume12

        Day 2? For who?

        • Volume12

          If RW goes down, the season is over. That’s why they never benched him through all his injuries last year. There’s no QB in this class who can play behind this O-line and do the things he did for us last year.

          If Lynch was still here and in his prime? Definetly.

          • Ishmael

            No, but they might still be thinking about another backup. I personally don’t think what Boykin did was too bad, but getting caught with weed in Texas is genuinely stupid behaviour.

            Kaaya by all accounts is a smart dude, and well coached. High floor, low ceiling, kinda guy. Exactly who you’d want in a backup role. I’m guessing they don’t want Wilson having to endure another season like that, and if they don’t trust Boykin to cover him for a week or two then that’s a problem.

            • Volume12

              Yeah, I’m not saying they shouldn’t find another backup, but these rookie QBs better being going to a team with a RB that can shoulder the load. Dak Prescott w/o Zeke is very average.

              • RealRhino2

                Think Kaaya would be an absolute disaster in our offense with our OL. Seems like a guy that needs a clean pocket. Other late round picks/UDFA types might be better for us, IMO. Evans, Va Tech. The QB from Penn, Torgeson, is probably a better value as a backup.

                • Greg Haugsven

                  If any team loses there QB there seasons are over.

  9. Ishmael

    I will say this about Sherman, if they’re going to trade him to anyone I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if it was the Saints. There’s clearly a decent relationship there, the Saints have picks 11 and 32 and the Saints are desperate for a good cornerback.

    If the Saints offered up 32, that would put the Seahawks in a very tasty position in the back-end of the first. Either they can double-dip in that pocket of talent, or trade down and shore up their mid-round picks, while still being able to grab at least one of the players they want.

    Obviously no way of knowing whether that’s worth it without being in the building and knowing how good/bad things are with Sherman, but on the surface I thinkk I’d be okayish with it. The Saints get a superstar who will help lead and mentor their young defence, and as good as this CB class is the odds on any one of them being as good as Sherman is slim. Brees isn’t getting younger, so unless they want to go full tankapalooza and rebuild, they need to start swinging Cards-style.

    • Volume12

      Sounds to me like, ‘yeah we’ll listen to your offers, but unless you (another team) blow us away with an offer?’ This is all leverage.

      • Volume12

        What happens when teams go, ‘OK. You won’t give us Sherm for a 3rd or whatever it is. What about Jeremy Lane?’ There’s your leverage.

        • Ed

          I’m in for Lane going.

          Sherman & Lane for 32 and a 4th.

          • Volume12

            It also sets them up come draft day.

            • Ed

              Strike while the iron is hot. Kam/Sherman/Thomas/Shead contracts are all up by 2019, it’s time to build a new LOB and that should start this year.

              Baker/Evans/Obi/Luani/Maye (get 2 safeties)
              King/Tankersley/Douglas/Griffin/Jackson (get 2 corners)

            • AlaskaHawk

              I would want the 11 draft pick for a star like Sherman.

              • Ed

                I would take 32, maybe add a 4th or 5th. You get out of his contract

      • Ishmael

        Could be right my man. We’re in for an interesting few weeks I think.

  10. Volume12

    Here’s this quote I was talking about yesterday from JS in terms of the SAM position.


  11. CLB

    Definitely hope we take one of the LBs Beigel, Anzalone, or Evans with a 3rd or 4th/5th if we trade down and they’re still available. Another LB we might take later on day 3 who had a great pro day is Samson Ebukam of Eastern Washington. According to draftanalyst.com-Tony Pauline, “Ebukam measured 6020 and 240 pounds and posted a vertical jump of 39.5 inches and a broad of 10-foot-10 after completing 25 reps on the bench. The Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals timed him at 4.44s with the wind and 4.47s against the wind. His three-cone timed 6.98s while his short shuttle clocked 4.35s.”

    • Jujus

      Samson is an Otto/sam for us for sure. Has Natural pass rusher bend and movement just a tad shy on the ideal arm length but had a 153 is 10 yard split. Really hoping we snag this guy.

  12. Mr. Offseason

    Thanks for the updates Rob. I like that Pete feels we have serious depth at linebacker.

    By the way, check out this crazy mock draft I just did (Fanspeak).

    26: R1P26

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    • Ed

      Yes please

    • Peanut

      I’d take that, please.

    • RealRhino2

      Crazy how?

      • Greg Haugsven

        Those Fans peak mocks get out of control. It’s like you can get Myles Garrett in the 3rd. Ridickulus

        • RealRhino2

          I don’t find this one farfetched at all. I think all of those guys will be available there, with the exception of Joe Mathis, maybe.

          • HawkTalker #1

            I would say it’s optimistic for sure. Although I’d take it sure, but from we’ve see and heard already 30 days away from the draft, the top three picks are still rising and I doubt they’ll be there at those spots.

            • RealRhino2

              I think there will be some surprises for those who primarily get draft information from this site. Not that Rob or the posters that post here are wrong, per se, just that it’s hard to cover the breadth of draft opinions from just one source, even if there are a few dozen voices there.

              King – We like length and testing numbers, but not everybody puts as much emphasis on it as we do. Teams will question his being a top 20 pick but just CB2 on his own team. They’ll question why his athleticism didn’t show on tape the way they would expect (otherwise, why would his testing have been unexpected?). Etc.

              Adoree – We are talking 1st round, but I bet mid-2nd is his ceiling. He’s a slot corner who gets beat. A lot. What good is speed if your feet are a mess and what you have trouble with — the fakes and moves near the LOS — are what you’ll have to deal with at the slot? I think special teams is really most of what’s keeping him this high even.

              Bowser — Athletic, but still an off-ball LB from a smaller school. Other than a few special guys, the good ones go late 2nd to late 3rd.

              Anzalone – Huge injury risk.

              And so on. Don’t think this is crazy at all.

              • Rob Staton

                All you ever do Rhino is talk about negatives. If you had the perfect prospect and the Seahawks had the #1 overall pick you’d probably complain about his haircut or his accent.

                And you’re way off on Adoree’, King and Boswer.

  13. Ed

    Was going back and forth about this in last article. It just keeps popping up, so people, it’s more than just me reading into PC/JS words. To the Patriots, glad they didn’t do it. Like I said earlier, trade him to the AFC, but not to the best AFC team.


    • TCHawk

      Listen to all the proposals of course, but don’t trade Sherman! Our window for getting back to the Superbowl is still open. There is no way our team for 2017 or 2018 is better without him. Even trades for high draft pick(s) will set the LOB back. Ignore all the noise about petty distractions – Sherman shows up to play very well every Sunday. He’s tough and plays hurt. His skill level is still elite. Keep him.

      • Old but Slow


      • HawkTalker #1


  14. CLB


    Tony Pauline has a recap of week 3 of the pro days at Walter Football through the link above, some great extra info there, as well as his draftanalyst pro day page, which is usually WAY ahead of NFL.com’s pro day page. Last night NFL.com still didn’t have any pro day info since last Friday, while Pauline’s draftanalyst page had pro day info from both Monday and Tuesday.


    Still very interested in the DT Ricard from Maine, who at 6’3″ 300 had a 1.48 sec. 10-yard split, may be worth a late day 3 pick if he has burst/explosiveness like that.

    • McGruff

      Sounds like a Seahawks offensive lineman to me!

  15. Matt

    Very interesting comments on Sherman, and I am certainly glad to hear it. There *seemed* to be a lot of dysfunction on this team last year; and Sherman made it a public spectacle on multiple occasions. He put himself above the team.

    I don’t care if it’s a sport or business, you cannot have the senior talent in (public) direct opposition to senior leadership. You don’t see this in NE and in fact, you’ve seen Belichick run good players out of town that don’t know their place in the system.

    I would bet there is very little chance he gets dealt. I think this is 100% about telling Sherman to get his act together. I know I’ve gotten a lot of heat for this, but I think this is the biggest year in Seahawks franchise history, for both coaches and players. Can they right the ship? They really need to nail this offseason and start next season in strong fashion.

    • Volume12

      We’ve never seen a player of Sherm’s talent let go or traded from NE either.

      Revis wasn’t, Chandler Jones is damn good but one of the top 1-3 at his position? No. They knew who Aaron Hernandez was. Would’ve kept him too. Marcellus Bennett is damn good too. Elite? Ehhh.

      • Matt

        Sure, there is not perfect apples to apples comparison, but they recently dealt Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones, who were top performers on their team in the midst of a Super Bowl window (let’s call it Red Delicious vs Granny Smith). I don’t know why they dealt Jones, but speculation was that Collins wasn’t a team guy and they dumped him midseason for a 3rd rounder (which to me implies some accuracy to this assertion).

        I am 100% confident they won’t deal Sherman despite my wishing that they would do so. My point is that I believe this is meant to send a loud and public signal to Sherm to get back in line. The underlying point in reference to NE, is that NE seems willing to cut bait when somebody gets too big for their britches.

        • HI Hawk

          There isn’t a Sherman replacement available. Even if they draft Kevin King and hope that he’s a good CB in 2017 and a very good CB in 2018, he isn’t an All-Pro in 2017 and 2018. So lets back off on the idea Sherman the football player is so easily replaced by a lottery ticket. CB isn’t LB, LB’s are easily replaced in this league all the time. How did Carolina do at CB in 2016 after dumping Josh Norman? Awful, despite hitting on two quality CBs in the draft. There’s growing pains though, and overall that defense suffered mightily due to their drop in talent at the position.

          • Matt

            Where did I say he was easily replaceable? I have never said that, nor would I ever say it in the future.

            I’m talking about a player putting himself above the team, in several public spectacles. At some point, the talent on this team doesn’t matter if there is dysfunction, which I’d argue there clearly has been in the last 2 years.

            I reference NE as a way to say, “sometimes tough choices need to be made for the greater good of the team.” This is why I (my own opinion) is that I would like to see him get dealt and possibly a few others on the team, who have clearly put themselves on a pedestal.

      • BobbyK

        Richard Seymour

    • HawkTalker #1

      Perhaps it will just help him correct his attitude.

      • STTBM

        That would be the best outcome for all concerned!

  16. Volume12

    I wonder if Seattle is at Miami’s pro day for S Rayshawn Jenkins.

    At Ohio’s pro day. LB Blair Brown, DE Terrell Basham? Or their WR?

    • DLep

      I like both Brown and Basham Vol

      • RealRhino2

        Dear Lord, make Tarell Basham a bird. So he can fly far. Far, far away from there. And all the way to Seattle.

        I joke a little, but I’d like the 180 from what we all think they’ll do to snag a real 4-3 DE that right now doesn’t quite know what he’s doing but could be the second-best DE in this class three years from now.

    • Kenny Sloth

      QB Brad Kaaya??

  17. M

    My reading of the tea leaves re Sherman is that he is available for the right price and that reflects a fair degree of discord between the team and Sherman with the following issues in play:

    1) The ball is in Sherman’s court. If he can demonstrate a degree of contrition and show that he’s still team first (or is willing to “reset” as PC put it), then virtually any deal is off because almost nothing can replace his elite level of value in the context of the current championship window. The problem is he hasn’t and that’s why this story seems to be gaining traction.

    2) Any deal is going to come at a steep price for the prospective buyer. Personally, I would think the #11 that NO has would be in play or something in the mid-teens. The buyer would have to buy into 3+ years of elite, veteran play at a premium position and minimize the distraction/age-injury risks (as a corner who has never relied overtly/exclusively on his athleticism, he should theoretically age relatively well).

    3) Point 2) means that a deal is probably unlikely b/c the Seahawks are likely willing to live with and manage the potential distraction risk unless they get something approaching “fair” value. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that winning can cure a lot of ills. If a deal is done for significantly less than the above, it means that the situation is viewed as untenable.

    Here’s to hoping that Sherman takes a step back, looks at the big picture and resets….soon.

    • Mike

      Sherm should be playing for his third contract this season (he’s signed thru 2018..so next offseason would be when the Hawks would extend him if they were going to do so)…so I would guess he’ll be on his best behavior..but you never know with him.

  18. Sea Mode

    Oh well.


    Every GM/scout says same thing to me– Joe Mixon is going in the 2nd rd.

    9:44 AM – 29 Mar 2017

    • Hawkfaninmt

      I was ok with a 3rd… would not like the Hawks to spend a 2nd

      • Sea Mode

        Not for the Hawks (don’t even want to start that discussion again anyway), was just posting as relevant draft info.

        With the Lacy signing and next year projected to be an amazing RB class, I also don’t think we need an RB unless it’s maybe R7/UDFA camp competition type that they just really like.

      • HI Hawk

        I think if you believe he deserves a second chance, you draft him wherever you have to – 1st, 2nd, 3rd round is really irrelevant. Now, if you don’t want him – then you don’t take him (ala the Patriots). I don’t think you lessen your guilt by picking him later in the draft. You either forgive the mistake or you don’t. Personally, I don’t think RB is much of a need. Although, if Kareem Hunt were still sitting around in the 4th or so – I’d add him to the roster.

        • Smitty1547

          What if Mixon was there at 4? Which he wont be, would you take him?

          • HI Hawk

            I think Hunt’s balance is special, I think he’s the second best RB in the draft after Fournette. So, no – and it’s about skills not legal issues.

        • Ishmael

          He didn’t make a mistake. He committed a brutal assault. A mistake is accidentally spilling your juice on someone.

          I know you didn’t mean it like that, and I totally agree with the rest of your post, but calling it a mistake is a piece of sophistry that minimises his actions in a way he doesn’t deserve.

          • Kenny Sloth


          • RealRhino2

            Disagree. Not sophistry, it’s what it is. We can talk about the severity/degree/impact of the mistake he made, but I find the arguments against drafting or employing Mixon to be specious.

            • Ishmael

              He did exactly what he meant to do.

              • RealRhino2

                So you are using the term to mean “accident.” Okay, fair enough. I think people frequently use the term to mean somebody messed up by making a bad choice/doing a bad thing.

                • jujus

                  I would draft him, but its a moot point because he will go early day 2, and the hawks are set @ RB with Lacy.

                  At this point its a dumb convo to even entertain.

          • HI Hawk

            He regrets it, at least he said he does. He hit one woman, one time – he isn’t Greg Hardy. He made a mistake, it was clearly a one-time thing. Get off your high horse, good people do terrible things in the heat of the moment occasionally. Brutal assault is what Greg Hardy did, beating a woman over a period of time. Ray Rice dragged his woman off an elevator. Joe Mixon punched a woman in the face after she assaulted him first. He warned her once with a feint, she went after his face and he responded with a punch. Did he do the right thing? No, obviously – but brutal is a step too far.

            • HI Hawk

              Sorry for the high horse comment – that was unnecessary.

            • Rob Staton

              With the greatest respect, what Joe Mixon did WAS brutal.

              I’m happy with people discussing their willingness to draft him (Seattle won’t, by the way, making it a totally moot point) but analyzing what he did and debating the severity of it is not something I want to read in this community.

              • HI Hawk

                Apologies Rob, we’ll have to agree to disagree; but it’s your blog so your word is what matters. Will not discuss Joe Mixon again because how you view the incident has a ton of weight on how you view the prospect.

                • Rob Staton

                  What he did, punching a woman in the face, was brutal. It was a truly horrendous act. There’s little need for us to get into comparisons and what not. It was and is horrible.

                  It sounds like someone will draft him. We know the Seahawks won’t. So for me, he’s not worthy of our time.

    • Ishmael

      Unsurprising. There are no morality points for paying a dude six figures instead of seven. If a team is willing to draft him, then they might as well go and get him early.

      Going to be super fun for a fanbase having to watch a girl getting her face obliterated over and over again, and then having to go out and cheer for the guy who did it. Rather them than me.

      • East Side Stevie

        RB class is overrated this year dont be fooled by the national media/analysts/broadcaster/nfl tv personality guys

        • Ishmael

          Agreed. Fournette, McCaffrey, Cook and Mixon are all good. Kamara could be, but who knows if he can handle the load. After that it’s a lot of meh.

      • Seahawcrates

        This is why I especially appreciate the Lacy signing. I worry much less about the Seahawks drafting Mixon.

  19. Sea Mode


    This is a Shady McCoy type cutback here–McCaffrey is a bad dude.

    12:02 AM – 28 Mar 2017


    • Volume12

      For me he’s the most safe prospect in this class. Instant impact at RB, WR, and STs.

      • Kenny Sloth

        What is the story on Cook’s red flags?

        • Ishmael

          Alcohol, animal abuse, robbery, runs with a pretty rough crew, think there was an assault as well.

    • Matt

      I worry a team like NE will get their hands on him and he turns into a 15 touch a game super stud. IMO, he could be considered a top 4-5 WR in this draft, let alone RB. Truly a great weapon and sounds like an awesome kid (to boot).

      • DC

        NE’s first pick is currently #72.
        I wouldn’t lose too much sleep.

        • RealRhino2

          He would be FANTASTIC with the Saints at NE’s old pick, #32. Saints should skip this all-defense nonsense; plenty of good defenders available later in the draft.

          • DC

            I don’t want him in Green Bay, I know that much.

  20. BobbyK

    In overanalyzing everything… I am thinking it’s an outside possibility they take an offensive playmaker in the first round (McCaffrey?)… That flies into the face of the reality of them taking a CB/S at #26.

    • Dingbatman

      Thinking the same thing. Lacy is on a one year deal. Rawls hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy and is a restricted free agent after this year. The running back position is by no means set for anything beyond the short term.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I could see Mike Williams if he was there at WR

    • Misfit74

      Corey Davis, if he doesn’t got top 15, as I expect he will.

  21. Sea Mode

    Vikings, Lions, Panthers, Seahawks, Patriots, Raiders, Steelers, Chiefs, Chargers and Jaguars on hand at #NDSUProDay.

    Ten Bison in #NDSUProDay: Ambrosius, Beck, Frazier, Gee-Tucker, Johnson, Lechler, LeCompte, McCoy, Plankers and @NDSUmbb Dexter Werner.

    Who they there for, Vol?

    One of the 2 big tackles?

    Measurements underway at #NDSUProDay. Offensive tackle Landon Lechler checked in with an 11 1/8″ hand. 🖐🏼👀 #Huge

    • Volume12

      RB King Frazier, OL Zach Johnson, maybe Lechler. Is LB Nick DeLuca there?

  22. Sea Mode

    Per Parrish Alford of Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal:

    “Beyond Pro Day he’s already scheduled trips to visit the Bears, Panthers and Rams. The Saints have shown a lot of interest in Engram too.”

  23. Sea Mode

    TEF alert at University of North Dakota:

    C Michael Coe, listed 6021, 300
    3.29 TEF
    98.83 wTEF

    Extremely proud of @UNDfootball Michael Coe. 32 inch vert best of any OL at Combine w/ 9-4 broad (3 @ combine) & 31 on bench (4th @ combine)
    1:52 PM – 29 Mar 2017

    And supposedly he did that with a sore hamstring, per his agent.

    • Volume12

      He’s a VMAC visitor.

      • Kenny Sloth


      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I’ve been reading some tea leaves….. keep this guys name for UDRFA signings for Seattle.

  24. Sea Mode

    Someone turned heads at the “Pro Player Combine” (i.e. the old “veteran combine”) the other day:

    “I talked to several scouts who said [WR Nick] Truesdell straight murdered the veteran combine. He ran a 4.47 at 6’6 and 252 pounds. The teams ran him through drills and that was more than enough. We are learning that by the time he went to the airport, over six teams had already called his agent and began offering contracts.

    He received 9 contract offers from the Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams, Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants and the Tennessee Titans.”


    • Kenny Sloth

      Hell yeah!! That’s baller!

    • OCDavid

      Legend! Thank you!

    • Peanut

      One of my favorites so far. I´d be a happy boii

    • C-Dog

      That’s a stellar seven round mock. Love it!

    • Old but Slow


    • Kenny Sloth

      Are we passing on TreDavious White for Adoree Jackson?

      Don’t love that

      • Rob Staton

        Adoree’ much more of an athlete though.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Few like him to be fair

          Unique traits match first round history

    • Trevor

      Loved this mock and all picks are quite realistic IMO.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Honestly, I’m very surprised at the quality of thought put into the positions and related names selected in this mock. A smart trade down as well, but I think you could get the same guy by trading down from 26. May be the very best and most realist I have seen yet. I’d take this in a heartbeat. Excellent.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Major apologies, at first look only at the pick list at the bottom article, I thought this was a fieldgulls draft. Makes sense now, feels much more like a SDB, Rob mock.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Ok ok after further review, that was an insane mock. Show me the money. Sorry, probably not a good sound bite fit, but it was a natural and sincere reaction to the group after watching more tape.
        Love Adore, Biegel, crap everyone one the list, why am I trying to list them? Yes, Kemmy Love them, they can all be in my Draft class harem.
        My dream tweak upgrades would be trading Kearse, who I actually like btw and remember very clearly some miracoulous catches in the past, for the best pick possible, and using that pick to trade up for both King and Adore or perhaps Bowser in place of Biegel.

        Very very exciting to have a ton of realism in availability generate a draft this sweet. Can we just mail it in to Goodell and call it good?

        • HawkTalker #1

          Setting a record for replying to my own posts . . .

          At least I’m getting some great feedback and responses?

          Anyway, just wanted to mention that I am a Luani fan and thought it was an outstanding idea to trade down for more pick specifically to get Luani at a good value and generate yet another pick to pick another valuable add to our draft masterpiece.

          • Ed

            I like the excitement.

    • Hughz

      I noticed you had Jacksonville taking deshaun Watson. I know Bortles played horrible last year but are you sure they are ready to move on from him? It would seem odd given the talent available.

      • Rob Staton

        Yes. Bortles’ character and social life is a big problem. Coughlin won’t stand for that. I think they’ll be very keen to get a proper leader for that team.

        • peter

          Sir I completely agree. Watson is a “winner,” with good metrics and Bortles is destined to go. That team can’t win with him. He’s had tons of time (by NFL standards) to get better. And his numbers have never improved. Even his best year it’s hard to win when you throw an INT for every two TD’s.

  25. Jujus

    Round 2 Pick 14 (IND): Tyus Bowser, OLB, Houston (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 20 (CLE): Adoree’ Jackson, CB, Southern California (A)
    Round 3 Pick 1 (CLE): Justin Evans, SS, Texas A&M (B)
    Round 3 Pick 26: Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, Alabama (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 38 (COMP): Isaac Asiata, OG, Utah (B)
    Round 3 Pick 42 (COMP): John Johnson, FS, Boston College (B-)
    Round 3 Pick 43 (NYJ): George Kittle, TE, Iowa (C-)
    Round 5 Pick 6 (NYJ): Joe Mathis, DE, Washington or Samson Ebukam EWU DE/OLB
    Round 6 Pick 26: Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, DT, Southern California Or Grover Stewart
    Round 7 Pick 8: Robert Davis, WR, Georgia State (A-)

    Missed Akthello and Cordea T, but we will get the portland Xavier cb + howard wilson cb in udfa.

  26. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Let’s say in the third round Seattle goes OL. Shouldn’t we be looking at guys who can play OG and C a little more closely? Something that “came out in the wash” listening to PC talk about the various guys they have on the OL already…. flexibility (RG/LG/RT/LT). To my knowledge they only have 2 guys who can play center and one who can “only” play center (Hunt). For a team that always preaches competition and looking for depth along the OL via flexible players, this seems a tad curious.

    • Forty20

      I think that is one of the reasons that Rob has pushed Isaac Asiata so hard. He will compete at RG (and LG too I guess) in year one but will a hedge against Justin Britt at centre in year 2 if Britt is deemed to be too expensive to retain.

    • Overtime

      I see Ethan Pocic and Dion Dawkins being high on their list for this very reason. Pocic can challenge little Joey Hunt and should pencil in as the backup Center immediately. He has the potential to play all 5 positions, Dawkins is another 5 position guy but he is farther away from starting at Center

  27. Greg Haugsven

    Also read your 7 round mock draft on fieldgulls. It’s my favorite mock I’ve seen yet and I might even trade one of my kids if we could get that haul.

    • Trevor

      +1 It seems like a very realistic draft as well. It would be our best draft in years!

  28. Scraps

    I’m disappointed that Carroll basically said Fant is going to start on the bench. Rob, you said (if I remember correctly) if Fant doesn’t start, he doesn’t learn on the bench; he just stagnates. Tell me if there’s hope. 🙂

    • Dale Roberts

      I agree with you. The hope is that Fant out plays Jockel in camp. There surely will be a big leap in year two. Maybe they’re just trying to take the pressure off him a bit.

      • Coleslaw

        Or maybe just well enough to prove that we can put Joeckel at guard, where they said he’s probably better. Joeckel-Glowinski or Fant-Joeckel should be the story of training camp

    • HawkTalker #1

      I hear what you guys are saying and also hope he and whoever is the best makes it to the top, but IMO Fant was very bad last year and unless he has a miraculous offseason of improvement, we need an upgrade to both have the offense perform well and keep Russ alive.

      • Misfit74

        Experience, if it would help anyone, it would help Fant who had next to zero. I think their is at least a fair chance he does beat out Joeckle at LT.

        • HawkTalker #1

          My response? Go man go, compete your brains out and may the best LT start!!!

        • peter

          Me too. Me. Too.

    • Rob Staton

      I think if he’s benched in 2017 we can assume they were never quite as high on him as they made out.

      • MSL

        Or they realize he just has a ways to go to be starter ready. I feel like it’s a big jump to say if he doesn’t start, it’s because he’s a failure. He just doesn’t have that much time at the position. It’s also unfair to say they can’t learn if they aren’t starters. Player development is a real thing, and it often happens on the bench.

        • Rob Staton

          I didn’t say he would be a failure if he didn’t start. Merely that they’d clearly not be as high on him as they’d previously suggested they were (eg, ‘he’s our left tackle’ at the combine).

    • STTBM

      Linemen can learn in practice and riding the pine–sometimes it works best that way. They can learn by watching the NFL game and doing it in practice, without the stress and pressure of having to perform every Sunday. The same way it used to work for qb’s–let them learn what to do when and get comfortable with the mental side of the game, while teaching them some technique, and give them time to acclimate to the increased speed and complexity of the pro game.

      This is all the more important when youre talking about a guy like Fant, who hadnt started on the O line since he was a child. He’s raw like Sushi, and did an admirable job considering, but was still miles from decent. He simply is not ready to play LT in the NFL–but there is no shame in that.

      I dont believe he will stagnate if he doesnt start, rather the reverse–it will give him time to process and to work on recognition and technique, two things he’s lacking in at the moment.

      I respectfully posit that Seattle always talks their players up, especially their linemen. So if Fant gets beaten out by Joeckl, that will be a positive–a reinforcement of their FA acumen and proof they chose well with Joeckl, rather than a negative that they werent as high on Fant as they claimed. Of course they talked him up a bit, but I believe they are still very high on his future–they just arent stupid enough to bank on him being adequate this year. He’s a project, and possibly one that will bear fruit within a year or two, which is amazing considering his lack of experience.

  29. Darth12er

    The o-line talk sounds encouraging. I think they’ll add some UDFA additions for sure. If they do draft an o-liner I really think it will be a C/G prospect they like for Britt insurance. I don’t like Joey Hunt (unless he becomes the long snapper/ backup C of the future). I really think he’s dead weight on the roster. A guy like Lamp would be perfect, but I certainly wouldn’t want to see them use a first round pick here. How about Asiata? Does he have center potential? If so, I would love to see them grab him with one of their thirds if possible.

    Also, probably shouldn’t bring this up, but I finally made myself look at the Joe Mixon video. I’m all about second chances and all, but NO! This guy cannot play for my team!!

  30. Overtime

    Hard to believe but we are going to get some good ones.

    102: R3P38 C ETHAN POCIC LSU

    The mock draft before this one I had Corey Davis at #26,

    • Misfit74

      If we landed Corey Davis I would have to see a doctor for an erection lasting longer than 4 hours…

    • HawkTalker #1

      Solomon at 26, King at 90, Witherspoon at 210? How do you figure this is possible?

      • Overtime

        I just run the Fanspeak simulator and pick from who they have on the board. The program picks for the other 31 teams. This is a deep draft. Teams pick for their needs not who we think should go first. I would say the QB’s OL’s and receivers went early,

        • HawkTalker #1

          Yes that does look a lot like the work of a Fanspeak big board. I find it a lot of fun, but horribly unrealistic. Really dialed back my use of it as I grew tired of getting overly generous and unrealistic draft when compared to all the quality big boards and more knowledgable sources out there, Rob definately included.

          • Overtime

            It allows you to pick from 15 boards and 3 different lists of team needs. The boards include: CBS, DraftTek, Draft Countdown, Fanspeak, Fanside, Bleacher Report and a few others. I usually use the Composite board which combines and averages them all.

    • Donald

      And then you woke up…..

  31. bankhawk

    Rob-I know I start to sound like a broken record, but it needs to be said yet again-that mock over on FGs was nothing short of elegant in terms of its balance and *Hmm…* factor! And the tape on Ebukam, the EWU DE, was an intriguing revelation-dont know their squad well but he certainly looks Hawky and talks Hawky enough to get me going.

    Plenty in thêre to shore up the O and bring the dêfensive edge back to the razor-in-the-boot sharpness we all know and love. Hey-if the Hawks were wise, theyd start paying you a consulting fee as *draft consultant-cum-whetstone*!

  32. Seahawcrates

    Condotta’s guess at the o-line depth going into camp:
    Joeckel – Fant
    Glow – Rees
    Britt – Hunt
    Oday – Rees
    Ifedi – Gilliam

    Looks like the team has decided to value competition over consistency.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Interesting point. I’m glad they are moving more toward skill/ability than forcing consistency with an OL that struggled last year. If last years starters are the best performers, I’m all for it. At the end of the day, in general, wouldn’t we all ant the best players to play? Ahhh yeah.

      • peter

        I’d agree with that. Doubt Joeckel will look, seem, or play better than Fant. If he does great. But thus far in his career he is considered one of the worst LT in recent times that was getting ready to be a guard prospect before getting injured in October.

        Glow need some serious competition which I hope comes from Odhiambo or even better from Asiata.

        Sort of a waste to have Ifedi struggle at guard for a season AND have gilliam/ sowell stink it up when they could have had Ifedi playing RT and at least given Odhiambo a chance at RG.

        • STTBM

          I hear you peter. I also feel Seattle screwed up bigtime by not putting Ifedi at RT last year. Perhaps they were gunshy after failing in that experience with Carp and Britt. But last year is over and done, it makes no sense to me to leave Ifedi at G when he was drafted to play RT and Gilliam sucks.

          Joeckl should be far more consistent at LT than Fant, though not as athletic. He’s still a really good athlete, and if he cant beat out Fant he should be able to be a really good LG for us, which is alright by me, if a bit expensive for the position. Either way, he appears a good guy to take a flyer on and should help the team.

          • peter

            I like all of the off season moves. And I think Joeckel at Guard could be great. Heck if he’s better than Fant, that’s great as well. I get Rob’s points via articles and podcasts as to why Seattle has done what they’ve done.

            I am starting think something is wrong in the process however. It really dawned on me last year when the announcers for the last AZ game were going on and on about that team’s Oline injuries and how they were playing backups of backups. As the game wore on I started to question how it was that AZ’s “backups to backups,” as it were, were playing a better level of consistency and control for at least that one game than Seattle’s motley crew of starters who had played almost the entire season with one another.

            I get there’s no magic cure. But I can’t think of any situation where shuffling around personnel this often produces better results, It actually feels like Seattle is becoming the entity looking for a magic cure or line-up or conversion project that will solve it’s woes.

            • STTBM

              Ive been skeptical of their OL process for years–its been failing since we won the SB and had to purge and got cheap. Im no fan of Cable or Seattle’s OL Drafting and FA the past half-decade plus, but I think they got the message and are attempting to learn from their mistakes. This year they are using far more cap space than I thought they would to fix the Line, and tried to use even more (Lang) so they arent being cheap anymore. They arent risking as much either–they recognize the need for some vet stability and got it.

              Of course, Joeckl and Aboushi have to pan out for this to matter, and Ifedi has to be better at RT than he was at RG, but I think those things will happen. And either Odhiambo or GLowinsky will step up and take LG so it should be ok.

        • MSL

          I would be surprised is Joeckel is NOT better than Fant. He’s an actual linemen with experience in college and the NFL.

  33. AustinSeahawk

    Ahhh man it’s too fun because you know it would never play out like this.

    3 Rd mock
    106: R3P42 LB TYUS BOWSER

  34. HawkTalker #1

    I have a new strategy to get King and Reddick and some of the other rising stars that appear to have recently moved out of reach.

    Using recent data sampling and empericle data techniques, I have concluded that when Rob features a player on SDB, esp ciallynin those cases with performance data and game tape is provided, there Is a short “interim” period of time that passes after the post, where this information is assimilated my the majority of quality analysts, and shortly thereafter the reaction to these posts is that the analysts are also promoting these players. The cumulative and substantial effect of this phenomenon has an absolute and direct correlation to the majority of the “Rob promoted” draft prospects skyrocketing up all do the notable and credible big boards. Although this “Rob Prospect Rising” (RPR) phenomenon may have seemed to work against us to date, it need not be that way. With the new analytical tools at our disposal now including RPR and TEF, was have the ability to control the draft class evaluation at our own discression. I propose rather than focusing on additional prospects that appear to be currently underrated, using TEF and RPR I suggest Rob begins promoting those candidates we believe will be UDFAs. These prospects will continue to be affected to the 56+ and growing first round prospects and artificially force the prospects the Seahawks would most benefit from drafting back down to a point where they are available with our current picks. It would also have the additional benefit of causing other teams that we previously feared would benefit from selecting higher rated players with their higher picks to unwittingly select UFDA quality prospects and be happy in so doing. Although I know there will be skeptics to this approach, as there always are when faced with new concepts, change and hard factual data that is at first foreign to the reader, but at the end of the day and the draft I believe the Seahawk future will have been magnificently escalated by the use of this innovative and ground breaking approach. Can I get a Go Hawks? 🙂

    • peter

      go hawks!

    • Old but Slow

      You may be on to something, #1.

  35. House

    Was just watching “Path to the Draft” and Bucky Brooks did a spotlight on the Seahawks… He had us picking Kevin King, Rasul Douglas and Cooper Kupp with our first 3 picks. What do y’all think?

    • Misfit74

      Dislike Kupp. The other picks are fine. I forget if Douglas has 32″ arms? Love King. Kupp is a slot receiver who played in space against younger players his entire career and in my view can’t win outside. We have one of, if not the best slot receivers in football already in Doug Baldwin. Much rather have a guy like Chris Godwin.

      • House

        Douglas measured at 32 3/8″.

        I agree with Kupp. I don’t see him being a upgrade to who is already on the roster.

    • Old but Slow

      Not bad by Brooks. I’m thinking Douglas goes in the third, but I all 3 players. Kupp reminds me of Largent (a stretch, I know) in that he knows how to get open regularly, how to change speeds, and has very good hands.

  36. Magmatizer

    Pro Day measureables and numbers for DeMarcus Walker (One of my favorite DL prospects):

    Height: 6’3″
    Weight: 280 lbs
    Arms: 34 6/8″ (!)
    Hands: 10 3/8″

    40-yd: 4.76 <- Impressive at his size, and faster than Teez Tabor (who is 80 lbs lighter) at his Pro Day
    Bench Press: 20 reps <- Somewhat middling, but his long arms would be a factor
    Broad Jump: 9' 7"

    Overall, I would say he definitely helped his draft stock. All hope is lost of getting him in the 3rd now (although that notion was probably a pipe dream to begin with).

    • Forty20

      Geez it is good to finally get some numbers on Walker! He was a ghost at the Senior Bowl and Combine. Would have been awesome to see a 10-yard split pop up on the web too but you take what you can get.

      I don’t think it is beyond the realms of possibility that he still slips to the third round as the draft is pretty top heavy right through the second round. Whether he is at the bottom of the third for Seattle is the real question and I’m not so sure about that one. If he is though I would be all for taking him though. Improving the D-line indirectly benefits the secondary.

    • Trevor

      I have been a big Walker fan all year. I think he is the closest comp to Mike Bennett to come out of college in a while the way he can play inside / out and with his hand usage and technique. Would love to see him as on of our day #2 picks.

      • Jujus

        How much has he acsended his stock? do we have to worry about him even being gone before 58? I really think he could be a stud for us, we love looking at prospects in how we can fit them in rather then what they cant do. His “tweener” label just screams to me that we can get an amazing value.

        IF we can trade down from 1.26, grab adoree and trade back up like last year to snag Walker mid 2nd rd I would be elated.

  37. House

    We’ve got some guys with size that PCJS are liking at CB (Desir/Thorpe) and I think drafting Jackson would definitely make an impact IMMEDIATELY. Lane had a dismal year and I could potentially see him in contention for the #2 spot as well.

    With the OL in potential shake up mode, maybe we’ll see what Joeckel has got. Ifedi moving to RT is a big move IMO. With a potential starting OL of Joeckel/Fant-Glowinski-Britt-Aboushi/Odhiambo-Ifedi, we’re pushing guys to play HUNGRY. Competition was HUGE when this FO came to town and its good to see them getting back to it.

    WR is another position I see in need of a push. Baldwin is a lock, T-Lock will hopefully be back healthy, Richardson is in a contract year and Kearse needs to bounce back/bounce out. I’m curious to see if McEvoy can continue to develop…

    I can’t wait for the Draft!!! So close yet so far!

  38. Ukhawk

    Hi Rob, saw your mock on fieldgulls and liked it for the most part.

    I’ve liked Adoree for sometime and was blogging here initially arguing that he was a legitimate R1 prospect. I think he definitely has the versatility in the extreme that they value given his ability to play in all 3 phases of the game. I just don’t think he’ll be the best option in JSPS eyes’ if some of the others you’ve highlighted are there instead at 26.

    One niggling feeling on the Mock though is a lack of a DL draftee. Given the pickups at LB, S and resigning of CBs, the one glaring spot IMO that has not been addressed is DL. And this, given the wear/tear experienced last year, means they must want to add depth at this spot.

    • Rob Staton

      Adoree’ might not be their #1 choice for sure. But worth noting I’m just trying to run through different scenarios. This one had a number of OL’s and outside CB’s off the board. And I don’t want to just keep making the same pick over and over again.

      As for DL — it’s a weak draft for the DL (top heavy on the EDGE, not good in the interior). They’ve been looking at UDFA DT’s and nose tackles on the pro-day circuit. Taking one in R6 or in priority UDFA is kind of the same thing really. We also might see Tony McDaniel return.

      • FresnoHawk

        Adoree has plans to train & participate in the olympics! Is he willing to pass on olympics? If no, what does Carroll think about it? Good? Bad?
        We all agree were adding weapons to secondary, personally I’m excited whomever we draft & don’t care which round they come from! I trust Pete Carroll USC is my college team, when Carroll announced he was taking Seattle job I had a full body orgasim for months.
        Kevin King the videos I’ve seen give me concern regarding his toughness desire to tackle RB
        All I know is this draft will be “Christmas” for Hawks even if we trade Sherman & add major weapons in front 7, Secondary, TE, developing WR, OL & kicker!
        Guys don’t forget Kicker & QB
        9 plus draft picks

  39. EranUngar

    It also means for me that the Gilliam/Fant (super athletes with no OL experience) experiment is over. In other words, we have squandered the past 2 years, at the peak of our championship window, on a crazy experiment that failed miserably and are left with nothing to show for it.

    As things stand right now, we wasted half a season on Nowak, 2 seasons with Gilliam and most of last year with Fant. Nowak is long gone and Fant, Gilliam are moved to backups at best.

    Whatever the master plan for the OL was, they now admit it has failed and we face another “work in progress” season molding a new group together.

    This is not just busting on a draft or FA pick. This is a general concept failure of a multiyear plan smack in the middle of our championship window.

    If they scrub the athletic over know-how Fant&Gilliam experiment, it could also affect the type of OL draft picks we have so narrowly pinpointed.

    I have been a stout supporter of Tom Cable and was 100% behind the OL plan waiting for it to bear fruits in 2017. This plan could not have been hatched without Cable instigating it or at least fully supporting it. It cost the club two years of horrendous OL play derailing the offense and is now formally labeled a FAILURE by the team.

    I personally will find it very hard to keep supporting Cable going forwards.

    • Rob Staton

      ‘It also means for me that the Gilliam/Fant (super athletes with no OL experience) experiment is over’

      I’m not sure how you’ve come to that conclusion or that they’ve squandered two years. They did what they had to do. It wasn’t a ‘crazy experiment’ it was necessity. And nothing suggests they’ve given up on Fant or Gilliam. A year ago Gilliam was tagged as the LT and who expected Britt to win the center gig? Nothing is decided in March.

      It baffles me why Seahawks fans have such a hard time grasping why the Seahawks have done what they did on the OL.

      • EranUngar


        I am the last person that “had a hard time” grasping why the Seahawks have done what they did on the OL. I am actually one the guys that was all in with the whole concept and accepted the hardships involved in bringing up the likes of Gillian and Fant to become the future of the OL.

        It made sense as long as we had endured it as an investment in those players that will yield the results in 2017. I still felt that way when they brought in Joeckle and Aboushi hoping that they will still keep 4 of the 2016 starters at their positions and benefit from continuity, familiarity etc.

        Now, unless i misunderstood them, the OL image is Joeckle, Glow/Obi, Britt, Aboushi, Ifedi. That in itself is a statement by the Seahawks that the plan to create worthy Tackles from athletic UDFAs with no OL experience has failed.

        The difference between an out of box genius and a crazy hare brained experiment is very slim. The plan was unorthodox enough to be either one or the other and they just told us that it was the later.

        I know it could change with competition etc. but for me that just points to another off season of changing places and match making that produces a “work in progress” OL in September at best or ends up with Nowaks at worse.

        • Kenny Sloth

          You really really really misunderstoond

          • EranUngar

            Maybe it’s my poor English and all is well in the OL kingdom.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Idk what you mean by that, but the hope should be that Fant beats out Joeckle. Luke and Oday can be very minimal investments

        • Rob Staton

          1. That was never ‘the plan’. It was a necessity. They didn’t choose that direction over an alternative.

          2. Just because they’ve added Joeckel and Aboushi does’t mean they’ve abandoned anything.

          There’s a genuine misunderstanding about why Seattle took the action they did.

          • STTBM

            I agree Rob, believe it or not, but I do understand where EranUngar is coming from. Seattle’s GM and Coaches bear some blame for how things worked out, but they obviously never intended Fant to actually play at LT last year. Nor did they forsee Gilliam struggling as he did, nor Ifedi struggling at RG all year.

            They erred by cutting Jahri Evans, which many thought at the time–a gamble that blew up in their face immediately when Ifedi got hurt, Webb disappointed, and then Ifedi wasnt very good even when he returned from injury. Hindsight says those who felt Seattle should have kept Evans (even though that would guarantee his yearly salary) and put Ifedi at RT, or at least had him backing up Gilliam were probably right.

            Seattle erred in their assessment of Webb and Sowell as well, but at least Sowell gave us everything he had and was decent in some games. We won 10 games so he wasnt total garbage.

            As for signing Joeckl and Aboushi, remember that they tried VERY hard to sign Lang to something like 8 million a year. They clearly learned from last years debacle and have no intention of heading into another year with guys who might not be ready to start and no veteran help. They learned, and are doing the best they can to ensure they have quality veterans who can start if the young guys arent ready.

            That doesnt mean they have given up on anyone–not Glowinsky, not Fant, not even Gilliam–and certainly not Ifedi. They are doing exactly what any sane Staff does; solidify the line for a year while the young guys learn. This way, if the young guys hold onto their jobs, GREAT, that means they beat out quality linemen for the job who can be solid backups you can trust.

            Its entirely possible Aboushi is no better than Webb/Sowell and/or that Joeckl doesnt play well at LT and ends up at LG. That would be a disappointment, but not the end of the world–I could care less if Joeckl makes 8 million as long as he starts somewhere and plays better than the guy he beats out–at least for one year.

            What Seattle has done so far makes sense and looks good to me; Im pleased. Lang would have been great, but I am still pleased with their moves. And they will likely draft another OL or two so this looks good moving forward. Dont give up on Fant/Glowinsky/Gilliam yet. Competition will bring out the best and I for one am thrilled to see the OL set up to be such a competition.

            • TDD

              Well said, STTBM.

              • STTBM

                Thanks, TDD!

          • FresnoHawk

            Agree with Rob were good with OL

    • Trevor

      I have been incredibly critical of Cable and the way we have handled our OL. I am not a supporter of his in anyway shape or form.

      That being said I think Gilliam and Fant were two low risk moves that had nothing but upside and still might with another off season. They had to bring in competition for the OT spots no matter how much Fant was progressing. I did not like the Joeckel signing but they needed some competition at OT and there was little on the market.

      I still think Fant has the potential to be a good LT and even if he is a backup this year he can continue to develop and learn the game.

      Another interesting note I thought was how JS spoke about Aboushi and the analytic competent of assessing him. etc. It was something I had not heard in the past when discussing OL and there was no mention of him being a Cable guy. I think it may signal a switch and that Aboshi is a JS choice. Interesting to see how it will play out.

      • EranUngar

        Trevor, they mentioned it a few years ago. They have a way of grading OL efficiency which they use to evaluate the performance of their own players. They give a mark for every play and end up with a game grade. They did not elaborate about how it’s done but Britt referred to it two years ago as part of what goes on during “tell the truth” Monday.

        They could have used it to evaluate Aboushi’s play.

        • Trevor


      • EranUngar

        As for “Gilliam and Fant were two low risk moves”, it only applies to getting them on the 93 men roster.

        Having them start is a very high risk. The lack of experience and know-how is a risk to have the OL functioning poorly as it did in the past two years. That risk would have been worth it only if they became serviceable starters. If they indeed become backups now, it was a high risk gamble that failed.

        It is easy to point to the lack of cap space and late pick spots as something that “forced” the Seahawks to go the route they took. However, that cap situation was a direct result of preferences regarding how you pay and how you let go. The Seahawks pay handsomely to 7 defenders (Earl, Kam, Sherm, Wags, K.J., Avril and Bennett). They did it at the expanse of OL spending. That in turn validates the moves with the OL and would have been a strock of genious if it worked.

        I have read a lot of what you have to say about it Trevor to know that you do not exactly feel it has worked.

    • Overtime

      You need to back up and look at how we got here. Okung and Sweezy left in free agency. Patrick Lewis and Nowak proved they did not belong on an NFL offensive line. We had nothing but holes to fill at the start of 2016. We invested 3 draft picks in Ifedi, Odhiambo and Hunt after using a pick on Glowinski the year before. The team probably assumed they would be able to keep Okung. They let Unger go in trade to manage the cap. It took two years to find Unger’s replacement at Center. Gilliam was expected to move to LT last year. His star was rising before last season. They signed Webb and Sowell to provide a bridge to the young guys. Webb got hurt and was ineffective. It was not a “crazy experiment” that left nothing to show for it.

      Fant was placed on the 53 man roster only because they thought he had too much potential and would be claimed off the practice squad. So far, that assessment is right on the money. Had Sowell worked out, Fant would not have been forced into action. He would have gotten his red shirt year and few would know his name. Since he is still on the team after a year, Fant seems to be a worthwhile investment. It generally takes 3 years for offensive linemen to develop. We are in year two with most of these guys.

    • Mike

      another problem with having “open competition” on the OL every year is that training camp is very short and they are also limited in how many “full contact” practices they get to have. So…like last season..you end up with an OL full of inexperienced guys playing new positions..who have to open the season against some of the best DL’s in the league.

  40. Trevor

    WHen Sherm came out and publicly undermined Pete last year after not being disciplined after the outbreak and then mocked Pete’s team meeting saying it was more Kumbayah I have had a bad feeling about the path that this would take. Pete gives his player a long long leash and is incredibly loyal and protective of his guys. What Sherm did was the equivalent of a slap in the face. You can tell it upset Pete and I think even some of the players close to Sherm like Baldwin. When a coach completely disrespects a coach or in this case coaches publicly in Pro Sports it only ends one way. The coach or player is moved.

    Sherm is an all time great and if someone said this time a year ago the Hawks would consider trading him I would have laughed at the notion as complete nonsense.

    Listening to both the PC and JS conferences I think it almost a certainty that if anyone offers a 1st rounder that he is gone. When trade talk of a star player comes up all GMs and HCs completely shoot down the notion. That did not happen at all in this case. I thought it was very clear that Pete was sending a message yesterday to both Sherm and the rest of the league.

    If they trade Shem they would free up 22 mil in cap space the next two years which would go a long way Cap wise to being able to easily extend Kam, Jimmy, Britt and KJ.

    They are fortunate as this is the first draft in a while where they may actually be able to replace him not with an equal talent but with someone who has the potential to get there in 2-3 years.

    If the Saints offer #11 overall or #32 and a 3rd round pick then I think it is a deal the Hawks would make. If the Saints call and I am JS I ask for Sheldon Rankins and a 3rd round pick.

    So in conclusion the trade of Sherm which I once thought ha a 0% probability is now probably greater than 30%. If they can get a 1st I think he is gone. I also think if they do trade Sherm that they will extend Kam almost immediately to ensure he is there to mentor LOB 2.0

    • Trevor

      Hawks trade Sherm to Saints for a 1st #32 overall and 3rd # 103 Overall

      Hawks Trade #103 and # 58 to the Jets for #39

      Sherm Trade Mock

      Rd 1 #26 Obi Melinowfu (S / Uconn)
      Rd1 #32 Adoree Jackson (CB / USC)
      Rd2 #39 Tyus Bowser (LB / Houston)
      Rd3 #90 Akhello Witherspoon (CB / Colorado) or Rasul Douglas
      Rd3 #106 Issac Asiata (G / Utah)
      Rd 6 Robert Davis (WR / Georgia St)
      Rd 7 Aviante Collins (OL / TCU)
      Rd 7 Grover Stewart (DT / Albany St)

      • Mike

        Whoa..that would be quite the haul!!

      • Bayahawk

        What happened to pick#102 and where’d the extra 7th rounder come from?

    • Mike

      If they trade Shem they would free up 22 mil in cap space

      does the “dead money” go away with a trade?? When I look at “Over the Cap” website…we’d actually lose cap space ($2.2 million) this year if we were to cut Sherman (not saying we would ever do that..just trying to understand how that differs from a trade). Next year cap savings would be $11 million though..

      • All I see is 12s

        They are not trading Sherman.

        • Trevor

          Funny that neither Pete nor JS said that. They had every opportunity to shoot the idea down and instead added fuel to the fire. You think it was by accident.

          Then today Sherm comes out and says he hopes not to leave the organization but understands it is a business. He clearly does not think it is far fetched any more either.

      • Trevor

        click the drop down which shows the cap # if he is traded.

        • Mike

          ahhh..hadn’t seen that before…thx

          • Trevor

            No problem!

  41. RWIII

    Rob :Hypothetical question. If Obi Melifonwu and Adoree Jackson was still on the board at 26. Which player do you prefer?

    • Trevor

      Depends if Kam is extended for me.

      If Kam is extended then Jackson for sure. If not then Obi for sure.

    • lil'stink

      Depends on what the team plans for Obi. If the Seahawks see Melifonwu’s future as being a CB then it’s a no brainer for me. The trend on offense is for bigger bodied pass catchers who can really move. Jackson simply doesn’t have the size to match up with some of these players. Jackson’s return capabilities are a definite bonus but not enough to tip the scales in his favor for me.

  42. Trevor

    Rob not sure if you watch NFL network but last night they had the Hawks as the team in focus on Path to the Draft with Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks.

    I found it interesting that unlike a lot of the national guys who mock us OL. They never even mentioned OL and had us taking CB with picks #1 and #2 just like you mentioned in your recent article.

    They had Kevin King, Rasul Douglas and Cooper Kupp as our first 3 picks.

  43. MontanaMike

    I really like Obi, but my first pick would be Adoree. Tough question though.

    • Cysco

      I’d probably agree with you. Obi is really high on my list, but the added benefit of replacing Lockett as a kick returner I think tips the scales in favor of Adoree.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I just think this safety class is really top heavy and don’t want to wait for one.

        We’ve taken a safety early before and that worked out well for us.

        Can’t say the same about Corner.

        I think we avoid Corner round 1

        Give me Tankersely in the second all day though.

        Marquez White in the fifth.

    • DLep



      Just one guy’s take, but the analytics are interesting. Based on this, the choice would probably be Adoree.

      • DLep

        I particularly like the last line of Adoree’s summary:

        ‘I’d project Jackson as backup to long-term starter only due to his pass deflection market share issues, but he could be one heck of a slot corner.’

  44. MontanaMike

    Even though he can’t contribute immediately, i’d like to pick up Jones if he’s available in the 3rd, (doubtful), especially to send a message to Sherman. Prima donna’s are expensive and sometimes not worth the trouble.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Jones who?

      • nichansen01

        I’m assuming he means Sidney.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Oh duh. I could not figure out who was Jones in this class lol

          • Shadow

            Having a hard time keeping up with the Joneses?

  45. Drew G

    FB is a position of need (albeit a much smaller one compared to to DB, OL) with Reece and Tufa set as free agents. Rob, Do you see them addressing this late in the draft?

    One name that comes to mind is Sam Rogers of Virginia Tech. His character (ultimate team guy), back story (4 year starter as a walk-on), and physicality seem like a great match in the seahawks system.

    His combine numbers weren’t special but from those who’ve watched him know he is just one of those guys who is a gamer. His asset is his versatility. Pass catching, special teams, and running the ball were all things he did much more frequently than your average FB throughout college. Obviously he doesn’t have game-changing speed but he can get you some tough yards. He seeks contact when blocking or running (ie: http://giphy.com/gifs/l4FGukSNJqvHxmcgM)

    Often times he was used in shotgun sets instead of a RB because of his ability to pass block and catch out of the backfield. He also ran the run-option some with Jerod Evans this pass year. Perhaps these skills could be valuable as a third down back because Prosise is the only viable pass catching back and who knows if he’ll be able to stay on the field much.

    Here’s a one-handed TD catch from this year’s bowl game because who doesn’t love seeing FB’s make these plays?: http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=18373593

    Pro Football Focus gave Rogers the second-highest grade of any offensive player at the Senior Bowl:

    NFL.com Draft Profile: http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/sam-rogers?id=2558196

    As a VT alum and Seahawks fan, perhaps I am a little biased. I would just love to see this guy on Sunday’s in a Seahawks uniform. He’s one of those guys who makes everyone around him better. Maybe a good FB can help ease some of the OL struggles? Haha his position flexibility could be an asset to the roster.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Good post, Drew G

      • dtrain

        Something tells me Schneider is at Texas Tech today to watch Tyler Scazi. 6’3″ 225, 37 reps on the bench. Special teams ace and good hands. Fullback?

  46. nichansen01

    I’d still advocate for Obi over jackson. But if Obi is jone Jackson is a fine selection.

    • nichansen01


  47. Kenny Sloth

    Help me Obi Melifonwu

    You’re my only hope

    • Sea Mode

      lol, Kenny

      Hey, now that Pro Days are winding down and we have a month to fill with draft talk, do you guys (you, Vol, Trevor, anyone else is welcome too… Rob?) want to do some work by positions? I was thinking just everyone throw out their favorite Seahawks fits at each position and we all take a look and put our notes together in an online doc. Thinking maybe around 5-7 guys at each position from different projected spots in the draft, or just however many pop up between us.

      For example, Vol threw out a few names at DT the other day that the Hawks have shown interest in, so I did a 330+ lbs DT rundown the other day just my first impressions of them. But I’m no scout and maybe if we all chime in on what we are seeing, we could come up with something really cool and maybe even publish some as SDB community guests posts.

      We don’t necessarily have to come to a consensus on them either, just highlight the guys we like and compare notes, look for new things we maybe missed the first time, etc. A lot of it we have already done in the comments anyway, it would just be putting it together in one place and reviewing as the draft draws near. Can be a little or a lot, whatever each one has time for and would like to do. Let me know whoever is interested.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I really like this idea. Sounds like a good next step.

        Everyone has their own areas they in which they excel.

        For instance, no-one researches prospects like you do. I love Vol’s running back reviews, I really like scouting trenches and linebackers. Redhawk is insane with numbers…

        I’m not very tech savvy but if someone had a doc like that I’d be all over it

      • FresnoHawk

        Kickers & QB’s too

  48. Sea Mode

    Rob, really nice mock over on FieldGulls. Each pick was well-reasoned and netted us a very “seahawky” draft. Very well-sourced profiles as well. Love to see how many different options the Hawks have this year. And FA has set us up pretty well for the draft to just pocket the best talent at a few different positions without any dire needs forcing our hand.

    Cheers and keep the good stuff coming! Less than a month away!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks 🙂

  49. Bill

    NFL Network Inside Seahawks Draft War Room had the them taking CB Rasul Douglas in the second round. Hated to see that because I was hoping they get him in the 3rd. If his stock is rising
    they very well might have to use a second round pick, especially if they don’t use their 1st pick on an outside CB.
    He is not a burner but is similar to Sherman in measurables and an inclination to play the ball over the man. (Watching the tape, if he had the hair you might think you are looking at Sherman.)



  50. MontanaMike

    yeah, for sure a toughie, to be honest, ill be happy with either one. I saw the team after Earl went down last year and i know the value of a FS and as long as we address this in the draft. I feel like Pete and John are great at spotting and evaluating talent so i trust them for the most part, they’re a lot like Jay Buhner was, when they hit, they hit it big. When they whiff, they whiff bad. Please don’t screw this up guys, i beg you, just pick a few stud DB’s.

    • Mike

      yeah..the problem with the Seahawks defensive scheme is it requires a FS with the capabilities of Earl to make it work. Not many of those guys around unfortunately..

      • Misfit74

        It’s why we’re seeing guys like K. Neal last year and will see Hooker going very early this year. It’s also why more guys who are interchangeable at FS/SS, and big CBs playing S. Same reason our base defense was 4-2-5 last year, and despite the ‘in part due to our personnel’ arguments, a big reason I doubt we burn a 26th overall pick on a LB that won’t play 70% of the snaps.

        CB/S makes the most sense at 26.

  51. Sea Mode

    Myles Garrett just re-ran 40yd at pro-day: unofficial 4.61 (combine was 4.64)


    “I feel like I had done pretty well in my position drills and some other drills that I did today,” Garrett told NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock. “I feel like I needed to prove myself in the 40. I felt like I could go faster if I had stretched out a little more, enhance what I did in Florida.”

    • Sea Mode

      He thinks it was even faster than that, I guess…


      Myles Garrett said he ran a 4.56 today at Aggies Pro Day, says he has upcoming visits with Bears, 49ers

      8:20 AM – 30 Mar 2017

  52. Sea Mode

    Justin Evans 41.5 vert!

    • Sea Mode

      Justin Evans unofficial 4.45 40yd

      • DLep


      • Misfit74


    • Rob Staton

      There we go

    • Trevor

      Evans with crazy #s let the 1st round buzz begin!

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ll have what he’s having!

  53. Sea Mode

    Speedy Noil blowing it up too:
    4.40 40yd
    43.5 vert

    too bad he’s not like that in pads…

    • DLep

      in pads, not so ‘speedy’?

    • Ishmael

      Speedy Noil is a wild athlete. He’s posted better numbers than that before as well. I’d love to see the Hawks take a late round flier on him.

      • HI Hawk

        He is actually very athletic in pads. He never really developed into a well rounded receiver at Texas A&M, but when he had a QB who could throw the ball (Johnny Manzeil) he was successful and showed off insane athleticism. You just have to go back and watch tape from his Freshman season to see what he CAN do.

        • Ishmael

          Five star recruit wasn’t he? I can see the Hawks being interested tbh, you just don’t come across athletes like that too often.

          • HI Hawk

            5 Star recruit, Freshman All-SEC, Freshman All America in some smaller publications as well. I was mistaken, he came in the year after Manzeil left, it was Kenny Hill at QB – but either is better than Travis Knight as a passer. He lost playing time due to discipline issues in both his Sophomore and Junior seasons, so that has to be looked into. But, as an athlete – he is unquestionably elite.

  54. DLep

    Hi Rob

    On the safety front, have you had the chance to look at Xavier Woods or Chuck Clark at all? Seem to be little talked about but have solid production and athletic profiles.

  55. Ishmael

    Because I’m bored and don’t feel like working, here’s a first round mock.

    1. Tennessee Titans (from Cleveland Browns) – Myles Garrett. Browns get pick 5 and pick 18. The Titans aren’t that far off in their division. Here they get a wrecker to go after Luck, Bortles, and whichever clown the Texans find next. They bank on being able to get Williams/Davis/Engram in the second.

    2. San Fransisco 49rs – Malik Hooker. If you’re going to play the Hawks defence, you need a dude who can play single-high. Hooker is that dude.

    3. Chicago Bears – Jamaal Adams. They need a safety and some leadership in the worst kind of way.

    4. Jacksonville Jaguars – Deshaun Watson. Bortles is an absolute potato who the Jags will never win with. Tom Coughlin looks at Watson, sees how he’s stepped up in big moments, and thinks he could be Eli Manning but better.

    5. Cleveland Browns (from Tennesse Titans) – Solomon Thomas. The Browns get an inside-out beast with fantastic character.

    6. New York Jets – Leonard Fournette. The Jets suck. Their quarterbacks suck. What do you do in that situation? Go out an get an animal who can carry the load.

    7. Los Angeles Chargers – Garrett Bowles. Phillip Rivers is old, and the Chargers have just paid a shitload for Russell Okung. Bowles steps in and plays RT, before switching over to LT when Okung inevitably breaks.

    8. Carolina Panthers – Jonathan Allen. The Panthers don’t worry about his combine, and instead get the Alabama wrecking ball. Gettleman loves building through the trenches and does it again here.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals – Rueben Foster. An immense player who can take over at MIKE when Burfict gets thrown out of the league.

    10. Buffalo Bills – Corey Davis. Having sensibly stuck with Tyrod Taylor, the Bills decide to go and get him some help.

    11. New Orleans Saints – Marshon Lattimore. The Saints need CB help in the worst kind of way. Here they get arguably the best in the class.

    12. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles) – OJ Howard. The Browns keep adding pieces.

    13. Arizona Cardinals – Taco Charlton. They lose Callais Campbell, but get a nice EDGE piece to keep bringing the heat across from Chandler Jones.

    14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota Vikings) – John Ross. The Eagles WR corp is dreadful, John Ross is very good.

    15. Indianapolis Colts – Forrest Lamp. The Colts need all kinds of help on defence, but they decide they don’t want to see Luck in hospital with car-crash injuries again.

    16. Baltimore Ravens – Hassan Reddick. The Ravens do that Ravens thing of somehow having an amazing player fall into their lap.

    17. Washington Redskins – Marlon Humphrey. They get a fantastic piece to line up across from Josh Norman.

    18. Cleveland Browns (from Tennessee Titans) – Mitchell Trubisky. The Browns just have to take a QB. Trubisky might be the best in the draft. Hue Jackson can work with him.

    19. New York Giants (from Tampa Bay Buuccaneers) – Ryan Ramcyzk. The Giants decide they need to get ahead of the Broncos to get Ramcyzk. Erek Flowers is… Not good. They need help.

    20. Denver Broncos – Cam Robinson. Whoever the Donkeys decide to play at QB, they’re going to want them to survive the system.

    21. Detroit Lions – Dalvin Cook. The Lions have shown they’re not afraid of players with off-field red flags. Cook could be a nightmare in the Jim Bob Cooter offence.

    22. Miami Dolphins – Jarrad Davis. Miami’s linebacking group is rubbish. Davis is every bit the modern linebacker, and brings fantastic character with it.

    23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from New York Giants) – David Njoku. The Bucs get some more help for Jamais Winston. Winston loves to throw deep, Njoku is the perfect fit.

    24. Oakland Raiders – Tre’Davius White. Mega high character, can play inside or out, adds value as a returner.

    25. Houston Texans – Patrick Mahomes. Bill O’Brien backs himself to get the most out of the unconventional Mahomes. He can’t possibly be worse than Osweiler.

    26. Seattle Seahawks – Obi Melifonwu. Pete Carroll just can’t help himself. The potential is too much to pass up.

    27. Kansas City Chiefs – Christian McCaffrey. They’ve lost Jamaal Charles, but get a similarly dangerous player in McCaffrey.

    28. Dallas Cowboys – Jabril Peppers. Who needs a Safety? Dallas! When do they want it? Now! Jerry will love Peppers, he’s a star.

    29. Green Bay Packers – Takkarist McKinley. The Packers want some help getting pressure off the edge. McKinley is raw, but he’ll bring that from day one.

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers – Kevin King. The Steelers are a team that loves SPARQ. They can’t pass up on King’s physical potential, and they have a need at CB.

    31. Atlanta Falcons – Budda Baker. The Falcons get the Earl to their Kam.

    32. Chicago Bears (from New Orleans Saints (from New England Patriots)) – DeShone Kizer. The Bears need a QB of the future – that isn’t Mike Glennon. They get up ahead of the 49rs at 34, and taking Kizer in the first gives them the extra year option on his contract.

    • DLep

      Im okay w Obi if King is off the board. But I would be pretty disappointed if King was still there and John and Pete passed on him.

    • Sea Mode

      Good stuff, Ishmael.

      I bet the Browns might pull a trade like that, too. Would probably take a couple more picks than those from the Titans, but they have enough to pull it off if they really wanted to.

      Another crazy trade rumor I also saw is that the Panthers are interested in moving up from #8 to #2, presumably for Fournette.

      Lots of talk/rumor about Carolina (picking at No. 8) trying to obtain #49ers’ No. 2 pick. Told there’s nothing currently in the works.
      7:57 AM – 29 Mar 2017

      Panthers HC Ron Rivera made it clear that he plans to do a lot of work on LSU RB Leonard Fournette in the coming weeks.

      “I think it’s always a concern with a big back. There are a lot of big backs that have come into this league and done well, and some have struggled,” Rivera said, via the Charlotte Observer. “Part of it is when you take the hits that you’ve taken. It’s a very physical game. But he is a young man that we most certainly want to get to know as best as possible.”

      • Ishmael

        Now that is interesting. Fournette and Cam would be a hell of a pair to try and stop on the read option.

        • Misfit74

          Carolina would have to change their scheme some to fit Fournette. Fournette isn’t a successful back out of the shotgun and Carolina uses shotgun as much as anyone. How would Cam function under center? I think you have to chance too much to accommodate Fournette if you’re the Panthers.

          If they do want to move up, perhaps it’s for a Safety or DE, if not Lattimore?

          • Misfit74

            *change too much

  56. Dutchenstein12

    Let me preface by saying I really don’t want to trade Sherman, but it seems like the rumor is gaining legs. If he is a problem in the locker room, this is the draft class to pull the trigger. The problem is there is no replacing him with a rookie and still expecting to win this year. So here is the one trade that comes to mind that would still allow us to be SB quality team:

    Trade Sherman and 3rd rounder (102 or 106) to Miami for Byron Maxwell and their 1st rounder (22).

    Draft 1st round:
    22: King/Obi
    26: Adoree Jackson
    2nd round:

    I think bringing Maxy back would help soften the blow to the LOB. It would add a lot of young, talented, explosive depth back to the LOB.

    Still would prefer not to trade Sherm, but this would soften the blow.

    • peter

      No Byron Maxwell. For me if they are going to trade (doubt it BTW) just do it, rip off the bandage and get two great DB’s early and one project later and let everyone duke it out in training camp. If Seattle is willing to roll the dice year after year with terrible Oline starts at least the blow of trading Sherman would be softened by having Earl and Kam still back there. Grow with new players and don’t look back.

      • Dutchenstein12

        Maxwell could essentially be a one year deal. Then next year you decide between Maxwell or Shead. This team is too good to go with all rookies at corner. Not to mention how hard it is to pick up our scheme. Bringing in a guy who is familiar and was highly successful in our system would make a lot of sense. If Shead was healthy, I would completely agree with you, trade Sherman to a team with an even higher 1st round pick.

        • HI Hawk

          Reasonable suggestion Dutchenstein. I also would prefer to keep Sherman around, but if they have to make the move for some unreported reason than I think Maxwell would help bridge the talent gap and keep the position from becoming a huge liability.

  57. Sea Mode

    Here’s the full numbers for the Florida guys, per Gil Brandt. Not sure if someone posted here already the other day:

    » LB Jarrad Davis (6-1, 234) ran the 40-yard-dash in 4.58 and 4.60 seconds, had a 38.5-inch vertical, a 10-foot-9 broad jump, a 4.29-second short shuttle, a 7.30-second three-cone drill, and 23 lifts on the bench.

    » Safety Marcus Maye (5-11 5/8, 207) ran the 40 in 4.50 and 4.52 seconds, had a 33.5-inch vertical, a 9-10 broad jump, a 4.25-second short shuttle, and a 7.10-second three-cone. He had a solid workout.

  58. Sea Mode

    We got another big boy TEF at Texas as well. Hawks were there (along with all 31 other teams…):

    3.22 TEF
    103.19 wTEF

    » OL Kent Perkins (6-4 5/8, 320) ran identical 5.26-second 40s, had a 30.5-inch vertical, an 8-10 broad jump, a 4.67-second short shuttle, an 8.02-second three-cone, and added 35 bench lifts. Perkins has trouble changing directions. He’ll be a good priority free agent addition for some zone-blocking team.

    • Mike

      Perkins has trouble changing directions.

      Great!! Point him at the QB and tell him “Go!!” ;<)

      • Mike

        oops…he’s an OL…joke ruined

  59. vrtkolman

    Anyone see Dalvin Cook’s rap sheet?

    Mistreating puppies? Ok that just makes my blood boil.

    • Ishmael

      Yeah I’ve talked about it a bit before. He had three pit bull puppies chained up by the neck and left outside, a couple of them were choking. It was raining and they were without shelter. I wouldn’t even give you odds on whether he was involved with dog fighting.

      His not-guilty for his assault charge sounded dodgy af as well IMO.

      • vrtkolman

        Wow, that is awful.

    • Trevor

      His draft stock is plummeting I think he falls out of round #1. He has repeat incidents and his behaiour would worry me more than a one off incident like Mixon.

      I love his play on the field but wow he has some work to do off the field.

      • vrtkolman

        Yep, sounds like Mixon is rising in his place as well.

      • Misfit74

        If Cook falls out of round 1 I wouldn’t be surprised…I’d be stunned.

  60. Trevor

    Rob oe anyone who cares to comment what is your assessment of Demarcus Walker after his Pro-Day #s.

    His stock seems have fallen off a cliff. He is still one of my favorite players in this entire draft class when I watch his game tape. He really seems like the ideal inside / out type of DL.

    Does his pro-day help or hurt him? Does he fit in the Hawks scheme?

    • lil'stink

      Can’t find any numbers other than his 40 time but seems all accounts were positive. His arms measured over 34″ with a wingspan of almost 81″ – not quite as freaky as Frank Clark but pretty good. Puts any questions about his length to rest, at least. I think his tweener status as a player applies to where I would want to draft him – not sure I draft him with our 2nd, but he’ll probably be gone by our 3rd. Perhaps his stock starts to go back up a little?

  61. Nick

    Here is a really, really good video breakdown of Jabrill Peppers. This guy thinks Peppers would be best suited as a Buffalo nickel, essentially.

    Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW4HK4HXEi0

    • Bill

      Good video analysis. My take away after watching: great athlete, interesting “chess piece” that could be deployed in a variety of situations.
      On the negative, he doesn’t seem to have a lot of play making ball skills; anticipating routes, reading the QB, and fighting for the ball. Maybe if he focused on a corner spot it would help.

    • Mike

      Brock H (on the radio) made an interesting observation about Peppers a couple weeks back..he said he thought Peppers would be a good fit with the LOB because he’s been a star/high visibility player going way back to his high school days..so he wouldn’t be intimidated trying to fit in with the LOB (personality wise).

  62. Sea Mode

    Hmmm, this is quite a ways off from the 4.45 posted by guys watching the SEC ESPN feed.


    Scout at Texas A&M had Justin Evans at 4.58 & 4.60

    11:05 AM – 30 Mar 2017

    Will have to wait for official #s to come out.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, not super official yet, but here’s the broad as well:

      Kevin Weidl‏

      A&M Safety Justin Evans
      VJ: 41.5
      BJ: 10’9″

      Made some 💰today.

      9:18 AM – 30 Mar 2017

  63. Coleslaw

    Quick fact: Taco Charlton was the most productive player on QB pressures that took less than 2.5 seconds.

  64. Steele

    Sherman is 29 and has lost a step. Still a top corner,but has given up more plays in recent seasons. In addition to the other stuff. The Pats allegedly explored Sherm before making a deal for Stephon Gilmore. Read that however you wish.

    I don’t see them dealing Sherm this offseason, but it is time to look ahead. Sherm, Kam, ET are not young and/or have been injured.

  65. Misfit74

    I’d rather have at least one guy such as Melifonwu who has great size to specifically match up with TEs and big slot WRs, and some RBs. That kind of asset vs guys like Gronk, David Johnson, Ertz, M. Bennett, Kelce, Jordan Matthews, Fitzgerald, etc would be excellent compared to a Corner or KJ Wright.

    I like Adoree a lot, and if King and Obi were gone it makes great sense. He’d be successful vs the TY Hiltons of the world, smaller fast guys that give Sherman the most trouble.

    The good news is, with his size and athleticism, King can cover both!

  66. Redhawk87

    I see a lot of deals that the Seahawks would likely consider to be too bad deals for us. For losing Sherman, we’d have to get someone who is for sure going to operate at a Pro-Bowl level pretty much starting day 1. That would have to be a top 15 pick. Otherwise, the Seahawks would have to gain picks, for additional shots to get that top end talent. Draft picks are not certainties, even the top ranked ones. Trading a top 3 talent at a position for someone who simply has a CHANCE at performing in the top 10 is not an efficient trade. Now, with this draft class, most teams will not be in a position to want to make such an offer.

    In the case of NO, we’d need 11 for Sherman OR 32 and 42 and next year’s 3rd for Sherman and 106. At 11, we could reliably get a day 1 quality starter, and that’d probably end the trade (current Pro-Bowler for near certain day 1 starter). If we get two picks in the 30-45 range, NO would likely need a late day 2 pick to not completely miss this draft, but in return we’d need a mid round pick next year, perhaps conditional on Sherman’s play. In this case, NO has Sherman + (11,76,106), while the Seahawks would have 26,32,42,58,90,102 plus an extra pick next year. NO has 2 starters and 2 good quality players, while the Seahawks have 4 very good quality (not sure starters) and 2 good quality.

    In the case of CLE, I honestly think if they wanted Sherman they’d incorporate his trade into a larger draft pick trade. They would need to move back into the 1st, so the trade would look something like Sherman and 26 for 12, 33, and 108. Cleveland would come out of the draft with Myles Garrett, Sherman, and still have a late 1st, mid 2nd, early 3rd, and 5 more picks in rounds 5-6. Cleveland’s defense instantly becomes a strength (Garrett and Sherman both certainties to provide major impact), especially if they draft S/LB with one of their next two picks. Seahawks would come out with 12 to use or to trade back (Broncos could be inclined if Bolles drops, and they wish to trade up that far at the cost of their 2nd), in addition to 33, 58, 90, 102, 106, and 108.

    To be fair, neither is likely. Seahawks will want more than another team would be willing to give. Seahawks are giving up a top 3 corner, and need heavy compensation for that, while the draft offers other teams good odds at their gamble of getting quality starters. I only really see the Browns being the team willing to bite for this scenario, as they have the cap space, need leaders on the defense, and want to make as big a splash as possible this year, but they’ll likely value their draft picks more and decline such a trade.

    My dream scenario, if we trade Sherman? Browns trade, followed up by trading with Broncos for their 1st and 2nd for the 1st rounder we got from the Browns (given they have a talented roster except for OL, not unrealistic, and they still have 2 3rd rounders and 6 day 3 picks, and if Bolles slips past Cincinnati, they would need to grab him). We end with 20, 33, 51, 58, 90, 102, 106, and 108. 8 total picks before any other teams pick on day 3. Grab Melifonwu at 20 (likely still available), King/Jackson at 33 (likely one is available), another CB at 51 (still high quality to be found here), then turn to OL, WR/TE, and LB with their next few, with perhaps a DL or QB thrown in.

  67. Sea Mode



    “He knew the players loved him, and he started feeling the hate from Bruce Allen right around, well, he’s been feeling it, but when they didn’t let him speak [to reporters] at the Senior Bowl, he said to him that was his last straw, and he knew that he was on his way out,” Robinson said Thursday on The Wes McElroy Show, via the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “He said it was after a draft meeting, after the combine, Bruce called him up to his office and was just like, ‘Nobody likes you in this building. Nobody wants you here.’ And Scot was like, ‘Well, I guess I’m out of here.’”

    McCloughan also told Robinson he doesn’t have “an issue right now drinking,” and that “I haven’t touched a drink in a while.”

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