Tandon Doss (WR, Indiana) tape

I was recently asked about Indiana wide receiver Tandon Doss – who was among the lesser known junior’s to declare for the 2011 draft. Todd McShay this week gave him a second round grade and declared that Doss was one of the most under rated prospects this year.

My own knowledge of Doss is limited – I saw Indiana once this year in a game against Northwestern where he failed to stand out.¬†Thanks to Aaron Aloysius I’ve been able to locate tape of Doss when the Hoosiers faced Michigan in 2009.


  1. Matt

    Rob, not sure if you saw, but Mel Kiper has a new mock draft out. He has us picking Ryan Mallett over Jake Locker, saying his “sources” tell him, the Hawks much prefer Mallett over Locker. I honestly cannot see our FO wanting to have anything to do with Mallett. Does this make any sense? Smoke screens, already perhaps?

    • Rob

      Very possibly smoke screens, but may also be true. They may like neither prospect but rank Mallett ahead. There’s an article about it on the blog now so check it out and we can continue this discussion on there.

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