Jeremy Bates fired – what now? ***UPDATED***

Jeremy Bates was today fired as the Seahawks offensive coordinator. It continues a trend of inconsistency for Seattle ever since Mike Holmgren’s departure in 2009. Since then, the team has had three different offensive schemes (Holmgren, Knapp and Bates). It will be now become four.

This could change a lot with regard to the draft based on who is signed as a replacement. Bates’ system relied a lot on mobility and down field passing. You could easily look at prospects such as Jake Locker and make the scheme┬áconnection.

Other coordinators could make significant changes that will impact the kind of prospect Seattle eventually looks for at the position.

It may also change the philosophy at other positions – such as the offensive line and receivers. The line scheme has been in flux ever since Alex Gibbs’ departure – never really establishing whether it was a man or zone system. The successor at coordinator needs to find a more focused route and this could determine what kind of prospects to look at in the draft.

Likewise the Seahawks spent considerable time looking at tall, physical receivers who can stretch the field like Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson. Mike Williams – another big target – has had success in this system. Will the focus move away from those types of prospect now?

I’ll look at this in greater detail later today.


The Seahawks have appointed Tom Cable as an assistant head coach and offensive line coach. They are yet to appoint an offensive coordinator. Links to Josh McDaniels ended when he signed for St. Louis.

Cable’s arrival should maintain any zone blocking plans. He’s a former protege of Alex Gibbs when the two worked in Atlanta. Oakland used the ZBS with bigger lineman during Cable’s two-year stint as head coach of the Raiders.

It doesn’t solve many mysteries with regards the draft. It’s unclear whether Seattle would consider a prospect like Rodney Hudson (OG, Florida) who’s an ideal fit for the ZBS but weighs only around 290lbs.


  1. Ralphy

    Now maybe we can use a full back!

  2. Ed

    Wow. Nobody saw this coming. I agree, and think dc needs to go too. Maybe norm chow (leinart a fa too) or bevell. Not big on mcdaniels.

  3. Turp

    Amazing that Bradley still has a job. McDaniels is a dick but he’s an excellent offensive coach. I’d be ok with that hire.

  4. ChavaC

    I’ve got to think that McDaniels has all but signed the contract. As long as we let him no where near the draft I’m fine with it, but I did kind of like Bates.

  5. Ralphy

    Here is what ESPN Insider is saying about it.

    Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network reported Tuesday afternoon that the Seattle Seahawks have relieved offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates of his duties.

    In the wake of the news, ESPN NFC West blogger Mike Sando took a look ahead at what it could mean for the Seahawks. Sando is of the opinion that this move will make more sense if head coach Pete Carroll has someone else in mind to take over Bates’ position, and that someone could be Josh McDaniels, whose negotiations with the St. Louis Rams hit a snag on Tuesday. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has reported that McDaniels has emerged as a possibility.

    One other possibility is Minnesota Vikings OC Darrell Bevell, who is scheduled to interview for the Seahawks’ opening at quarterbacks coach (as mentioned above, Fisch left that post in order to take over as OC at the University of Miami). But if Bevell is a candidate for QBC, would his mentor, Brad Childress, also be a candidate for OC? That’s just speculation on our part, as there haven’t been any reports of the Seahawks being interested in Chilly. Then again, before today, they didn’t have an opening at OC, either.

  6. Matt

    I’m reading the Cowboys are souring on Dez Bryant. I’d be offering up that #25 pick in a heart beat for him. Rob, have you heard any truth or buzz about this issue?

    Really hoping McDaniels gets the gig. I would expect us to draft a mid round QB to groom under Hasselbeck.

    • Ralphy

      I just read that too. would love to give up that pick for Dez! Or trade Curry which is a need of the Cowboys.

    • Rob

      I’d want to know why Dallas were souring on Bryant first – he had an excellent rookie year. Considering all his issues going into the NFL it’d set off alarms if you were giving up picks. Amazing talent, but why would Dallas give up after one year?

      • Blake

        From what I read, nobody truly confirmed that Bryant was available. A bitter former receiver said he had bad work habits and a former scout said he wouldn’t be surprised if they shopped him. Is that even worth talking about? Seems as if he’s one of Jerry’s pets and that Jerry will sink or swim with him. I can’t picture him being available, but if he were I’d definitely check him out before offering up such a valuable commodity in exchange for his services.

        Rob, why do you think Bates was let go after a single season while Bradley stays on staff? It seemed as though Bates only ran curls, stop-n-gos, twirls, and fades, but that could be due to the lack of a receiving corps who can get separation. I don’t like the fades to the 5’11” Tate, but I liked his creativity in the wild card round. I understand that you believe McDaniels is a significant upgrade over Bates, but what about Bevel or Chow?

        • Rob

          The Bates issue is just a surprise and it’s really unclear what went down. Carroll worked with the guy at USC and thought enough of him to bring him to Seattle. Then after one year – a dramatic, unexpected divorce. The offensive performance this year hasn’t been good. However – if performance is the key then do you fire the next guy if in 12 months time the results aren’t much better? If it’s a scheme issue – what made the current scheme a good idea last year and not so much now? Was McDaniels ‘the guy’ or was this a parting that would always happen?

          I must admit that I like McDaniels the coach if not the personnel man. He’s cited by Tom Brady as having a major influence during the 16-0 season where the QB and Randy Moss both had record breaking seasons. Matt Cassel went from trembling wreck in pre-season to quality starter under his tenure and his impact on Kyle Orton shouldn’t be under estimated – and neither should it with Brandon Lloyd this year. He’s a premier offensive coordinator, play caller and tactician.

          Chow won’t be Seattle’s next OC, that’s for sure. Bevell is an underwhelming proposition – a guy who never pulled up any trees in Minnesota and despite their coaching changes coming from within – they’re moving on at OC. He hasn’t been linked to any other coordinator jobs and the biggest selling point on him is that his scheme may be Hasselbeck-friendly. I’m not convinced the best thing for this team is to find a scheme that accomodates what could be the oldest QB in the NFL next year – rather than one that can be implemented for the long haul. It’d also be Hasselbeck’s fourth system in that time which isn’t ideal either.

          I just find the whole thing a surprise with an element of confusion. The Seahawks will have four OC’s in four years. They can’t have a revolving door at the position.

  7. plyka

    Wow, the cowboys are idiots if thy are giving up on dez. He is a special talent and well worth the 25th pick in my opinion. I think it would take more for him though.

    • Blake

      Plyka they’re probably trying to trade him for that special talent Bill Stull

      • plyka

        Your humor needs a bit of advancement, but good first try.

        • Blake

          My humor is relatively fine compared to your QB scouting

          • Rob

            Let’s stay on good terms guys.

          • charlie

            this warranted a laugh haha

          • Meat

            lol. Is this an argument, or are you guys buddies beneath the comments?
            either way I dont see Dez moving anywhere this year. I think it is one of those rumors that just come out of speculation from teammates and staff making comments on his work ethic, who knows though

  8. Matt Q.

    What is McDaniels offense like? Big recievers? Mobile QB?

  9. Matt Q.

    Mcdaniels is the RAMS OFFENSIVE CORD. Shit

    • Blake

      Where’d ya find that?

      • Blake

        NVM i found it. Great reporting Matt lol

    • Meat

      yeah, i am pretty bummed. I thnk McD just was playing the hawks to get Rams to up his contract, at least that is my speculation. I realy want a quality QB coach, a guy that is proven once a rook comes in. I liked, him. And now that he is w/ the rams and bradford is young and looking way too sharp, i’m nervous.

  10. headless chickens?

    Rob: now that cable has been announced as assistant head coach and o-line coach, does that provide you with insight as to which blocking scheme we will work towards?

    • Rob

      It appears the zone blocking scheme is here to stay. It’s a presumption, but looking at the Raiders the last two years we might see bigger lineman running the scheme. I don’t think you can rule out pure ZBS guards like Rodney Hudson in the draft – but I also think ideally they’d want lineman who were nearer 300lbs. We’ll find out whenever the CBA is signed I guess and we’ve had a draft. But definitely ZBS.

  11. Jay

    Does the firing of Bates open up the the possibility of drafting Ryan Mallett?

    • Rob

      It’s hard to say at this stage. To some extent Mallett was a better fit with Bates because of his downfield passing ability than he would’ve been – for example – with Josh McDaniels. It’ll depend on whether the next OC has a defined scheme or not. I still have trouble seeing Carroll and Schneider drafting Mallett.

  12. Blake

    If nothing else at least we are relevant again. After Holmgren left we were probably the least publicized team in the country, and now the fans have something to talk about. Buzz creates revenue albeit not as much as winning does.


    I don’t know if you have talked about this at all and it’s way off topic, but how do you grade Quizz Rodgers now that he has declared. I see him much like J-Force, so I don’t think he would be someone that the Hawks would look at, but some places have graded him as high as a 3rd rounder. I don’t see him nearly that high. Thoughts?

    • charlie

      I like rodgers, i think the forsett comparison is reasonable… but forsett dances around alot. Quizz makes hard cuts, and then runs through you. i think his size puts people off… but look at some of the other guys that are short and powerful like MJD and ray rice, I think he gets a round 3 grade, like some RBs will get a round 1 grade, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. he’ll probably go 4th-5th round.

    • Rob

      Personally I think he’s a 5-6 round prospect. He’ll have some value for a team as a scat back or special teams player. But he’s going to come into the league as a poor-man’s Dexter McCluster. The general lack of depth and quality may boost his stock a round or two but he has a limited value. He’s not going to be a big production guy or a starter.

  14. Anthony

    Random observation: Cable is huge.

    Moving on.. As a a brit with somewhat limited knowledge of the behind the scenes stuff.. Does Cable get time to actually work with the players before the season ends in March or does he have to do all his o-line evaluation from film?

    • Rob

      When the CBA runs out in March he won’t be able to work with the players until a new agreement is reached. Right now the players have cleaned out their lockers and enjoy a break so he won’t be able to do any work right now. Whether they get together before the end of the CBA depends, there’s usually some light OTA’s that probably won’t happen now. Because of the CBA it’ll make things very difficult for coaches and young players in 2011.

  15. charlie

    Hey rob, what would you think of robert gallery getting signed by the hawks? i heard hes a free-agent and with tom cable now running the show he would fit like a glove right?

    • Rob

      It’s a logical fit if he doesn’t re-sign in Oakland. Obviously we’re a long way off discussing realistic free agent signings because of the CBA. There’s every chance free agency doesn’t happen this year and each out of contract player is granted a new ‘one year’ deal for 2011 to guarantee football without an agreement. We might not see big free agents available until 2012.

  16. SeattleDave

    How many seattle jaws will get broke?

  17. Daniel

    Wow, I think that’s an interesting move for the Seahawks. I thought you had some good playcalling in the last Rams game and the playoffs…though they were the type of calls that work for a few games then once teams get tape on it you can forget about running them. I suppose looking at the big picture the offense wasn’t very good this year, though it’s not like there was much to work with. You have to think they either have someone in mind or that their a big disagreement between Bates and Carroll

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