That was short and sweet…

May 8th, 2013 | Written by Rob Staton

12 Responses to “That was short and sweet…”

  1. James says:

    Ouch! Well at least the path is clear for my man Sean McGrath. Luke-two-Ls-Willson can be stashed on the practice squad for the year.

  2. Hay stacker says:

    Ron, who in your opinion that isn’t signed yet could be a target for the Seahawks? Or do you think they’ll just stick with miller, McCoy, and McGrath?

  3. Kenny Sloth says:

    D-Fizzle done fizzled out.

  4. Miles says:

    This means one or both of two things: that Darren Fells is not the guy many thought he was or could be; And/or Luke Willson IS the guy Pete and John think he is.

    I’m hoping the latter is involved in this equation.

    • Chris says:

      Since #2 would be impossible to know at this point … they haven’t even had rookie mini-camp yet, I’m going with #1.

  5. Chris from Bolivia says:

    Strange he didn’t even make it to rookie camp. I don’t think they’ve been able to look at Willson on the field either yet.
    I wonder if there was a health issue concerned in this decision, because I think we all saw this as an all-upside opportunity – if he does well, give him a shot, if he doesn’t, nothing is lost in trying.
    We will probably never know, yet it does not free-up one more camp body for the rookie camp. That said, maybe they have a undrafted rookie free agent who they want to give him a try. When the camp is over they can simply resign Fells again.

    • Belgaron says:

      Two years ago they would sign and later release people all the time. Most all of the guys signed to futures contracts eventually get beaten out. It’s most likely he just didn’t compete well enough in early drills to keep him around. As it is they still have 5 and could always bring in others if they feel they could compete.