The #1 player vs the #1 team & Senior Bowl notes

Richard Sherman -- second best player in the Super Bowl?

Ranking the Super Bowl rosters

Mike Sando and Matt Williamson spend their time wisely.

One can only imagine how long it took to rank all 106 players involved in the Super Bowl.

But it makes for a  fascinating read.

Peyton Manning tops the list, but the rest of the top ten is dominated by Seattle.

It’s an insider article and you’ll need to subscribe to see it all. I’m not going to reveal too much, but the following is all over Twitter so we’re not breaking any rules.

Richard Sherman is #2 behind Manning. Earl Thomas (#3), Marshawn Lynch (#4), Percy Harvin (#6), Michael Bennett (#7), Russell Wilson (#8), Brandon Mebane (#9) and Kam Chancellor (#10) are the other Seahawks named in the top ten.

Demaryius Thomas is the only other Bronco among the elite at #5.

The one moderate surprise for me is Cliff Avril way down at #17. Alongside Bennett he’s been sensational in the second half of the season and the playoffs.

How many other players can boast seven forced fumbles for the year?

Overall the list shows that really this is a battle between the deepest and most talented team in the NFL against a legendary individual.

Manning, as the #1 on the list, is more than capable of winning the Super Bowl for Denver. He can carry that team if needed.

But if Seattle’s top ranked defense restricts him from finding a rhythm, rushes the passer with consistency and avoids penalties — I’m not sure the rest of the Broncos roster can compensate.

The Seahawks are the better team. Denver has the best player.

So who do you think should be favoured?

Senior Bowl update

Again, I’ve not been able to catch any of this years coverage. So I’m passing on second hand info rather than offering my own take.

Eventually work out tape will appear on Youtube. I’m asking for a bit of patience right now, but we’ll get into it eventually.

One player I’m interested in based on reports so far (I’m still using Tony Pauline as my go-to-guy) is Nebraska cornerback Stanley Jean-Baptiste.

He’s 6-2 and 215lbs with 32 inch arms.

Pauline said yesterday he’s a “physically imposing defender who looked solid in drills” before adding today, “really played well and stepped it up. Made a terrific pass defense in the end zone, using his size and athleticism to knock away the ball. Looks like he has a ton of upside.”

We all know Seattle likes size and length at corner. A physical edge won’t hurt either. Jean-Baptiste is someone we’ll get into during the process, especially if they end up requiring new depth at corner for next season.

Pittburgh’s Aaron Donald is getting rave reviews. Pauline called his performance today “unstoppable” and added “massive week for the undersized defensive lineman.”

I’ve never been impressed with Donald’s tape. He looked pedestrian. I’m also sceptical that he’ll have the same impact against better interior blockers.

The 2014 class is thin at guard and center anyway, let alone at the Senior Bowl.

But it’s hard to ignore the universal thumbs up he’s getting from every observer in Mobile. I’ll go back for another look at the tape this week to see if my first impression was inaccurate.

I fully expected Ra’Shede Hageman to blow up the Senior Bowl — but he hasn’t so far.

Pauline on Hageman: “Looks like Tarzan at times then plays like Jane. Makes one good play then disappears for stretches.”

On the injury front, Virginia defensive lineman Brent Urban’s picked up a sprained ankle and won’t take any further part. He’s one to watch for the Seahawks and could easily land in round one.

Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin — one of my favourites this year — has excelled. He’s a top-20 talent and looked the part throughout his college career. Measurement wise he looks like a guard but I can’t see teams like Miami and Arizona passing on him. Both desperately need a good left tackle.

Martin is a complete natural and oozes technique. He’s just about the most polished college lineman I’ve seen. Even more so than Alex Mack when he entered the league in 2009.

It’s not been a good week for overrated Baylor guard Cyril Richardson. Pauline’s take from today’s workout: “Continually beaten by Aaron Donald throughout the morning. Strong yet stiff and shows he’ll be exploited by athletic opponents.”

He’s not a fit for the zone blocking scheme and shouldn’t be an option for Seattle, even in the mid-rounds where I think he’s going to land.

I highlighted Fresno State tight end Marcel Jensen as one to monitor earlier in the week. Pauline has been impressed so far: “Hands down the best tight end on the North. Caught the ball very well, showing the ability to beat down linebackers. Held his own blocking.”

Jensen really is one to keep an eye on. So much upside.

Jordan Matthews at Vanderbilt isn’t doing as well as hoped. Pauline: “Lack of quickness and speed is a concern.”

BYU receiver Cody Hoffman, however, has reportedly looked sharp.

Some other players I’m going to re-review based on what I’ve read so far:

Morgan Moses (T, Virginia) — had a hit and miss 2013 but has all the physical qualities to go in the first two rounds.

Bryan Stork (C, Florida) — really intelligent, personable guy with talent to match.

Dee Ford (DE, Alabama) — appears to be excelling as a speed rusher. Lacks length. Might be a one-trick pony.


  1. Dude

    The NFL is such a copy cat league. How high do you thing Jean-Baptiste could go due to Seattle’s success with that type of corner? Could he crack crack the top fifteen if his combine is excellent?

    • Rob Staton

      I need to look at his 2013 tape to see if the talent matches the size. But rest assured pretty much every team in the league is now looking for length and size at corner. Thanks to the Seahawks.

      • dave crockett

        It’ll be interesting to see how many teams will know what to do with the size when they get it. Big CBs work for Seattle’s brand of cover 3 and press man.

        So many teams are cover-2 at their core, where size on the edges doesn’t necessarily offer THAT much of a premium.

        • Rob Staton

          Seattle also has one of the best DB coaches in the league and they make DEVELOPMENT a priority. It’s not just about putting size on the field. It’s coaching. Sherman, Chancellor and Maxwell were not immediate starters.

          • Ben2

            Yep – I’m waiting for Tharold Simon to make an appearance on the scene…maybe sometime next year or the following

            • Ben2

              But you gotta have the free safety!!!

        • Sam Jaffe

          That’s very true. Seattle also clearly has a system in place to coach the cornerbacks it drafts. Put Richard Sherman in a traditional coaching regime and traditional coverage scheme and he would never be where he is today. That’s why I would suggest, Rob, that you not waste too much time watching Desir or Baptiste tape. It doesn’t really matter what their accomplishments were in college. What matters are their basic physical attributes (not just length, but upper body strength, physicality, speed, hip-turn smoothness, mental aptitude, etc.) Then give them two years to ferment with the Seattle coaching staff and you’ll have a very good player. It’s worked with Sherman, Maxwell, Thurmond and Lane. The only problem now is that such raw but tall players are no longer undervalued by the rest of the NFL. So if Seattle wants to repeat the trend, they’ll need to draft in the fourth round, not the fifth and sixth.

          • rrsquid

            I agree and it makes me eager to see what DeShawn Shead can do if he can ever gets on the field.

          • oz

            Babtiste won’t make it out of the second round.

  2. Stuart

    No surprise on the top ten, thank you for sharing that article. We are the best team in the NFL, no question about it. Of course we could always be better but this years team is once in a lifetime.

    Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      I honestly think they could be even better next year.

      That could be the peak year and the last shot at this level of depth before all the big contracts change this roster forever.

      Just imagine… Okung and Breno (if resigned) healthy for a whole year. Percy healthy. Bennett resigned. A whole new draft class.

      Exciting times.

      • Michael M.

        Would certainly be exciting! Hopefully Christine Michael takes over as the #2 back and we put Turbin on the bench/street where he belongs.

        • Cysco

          yes please

          • Jacob

            Michael….I’m so glad you said that about Christine Michael. Is he that bad in pass protection that he doesn’t get on the field? I do like Turbin but he hasn’t shown much and they rarely use him in pass protection so why not have our #2 RB be a guy who can take it to the house any time he touches the ball?

      • Turp

        A full year of Harvin makes this entirely possible. How many of Avril’s forced fumbles this year came from Bennett pushing the pocket? I can think of at least 3 or 4. Bennett is irreplaceable. I’d love to go after Orakpo if we had the cap space, but of course we don’t :). And that’s a good thing, in this case.

        Brandon Coleman or Brent Urban would be awesome picks, depending who we keep.

        I also wonder if we will see any meaningful contributions from our rookie DL next year – Hill/Williams.

  3. Sam Jaffe

    The thing that has struck me most about this draft class over the last two weeks is the interior pass rushers. What appeared to initially be slim pickings is actually a deep class: Donald, Jernigan, Easley, Bromley, Ferguson, Sutton, etc. All of them have the potential to be molded into a similar kind of player as Michael Bennett. That opens up the opportunity to follow Rob’s basic strategic suggestion at wide receiver (let Tate walk and use the 1st rounder on a tall red zone target) and instead do that at pass-rush DT: let Bennett walk and use the first rounder on his replacement. I don’t mean to suggest that any of these guys will ever be as good as Bennett. However I think he’s going to be signing a $10 million per year contract next year and the team would be better with one of those guys and the rest of that $10 million being spent on other areas of need.

    By the way, Rob, I would love to hear your thoughts on Fedorowicz of Iowa. He’s no Gronkowski or Jimmie Graham, but he has all the look and feel of a great traditional NFL tight end. And as a red zone target (where speed is less important), he would be very helpful. A TE group of Fedorowicz, Willson and McCoy would be very effective and a lot cheaper without Miller on the payroll. It goes against the NFL fad of WR/TE hybrids, but isn’t that why Seattle is so good right now: because the front office goes against the fashion trends so often?

    • Rob Staton

      Honestly Sam I’m still completely underwhelmed by this group of interior pass rushers. Easley is the best IMO and he is such a risk with those knee injuries. He is the only guy I’ve watched and thought, “he could be a Michael Bennett type.”

      Donald is getting good reviews, but his tape is bang average based on what I’ve seen. I will go back this week and watch the tape again to form a second impression. I’m not a big Jernigan fan or Sutton.

      The Seahawks have no choice for me, they simply have to re-sign Michael Bennett. He is too vital. Getting cute trying to replace him in this draft would be a huge own goal. Along with re-signing Sherman and Thomas he has to be the priority, ahead of keeping Tate and Giacomini the other two key FA’s.

      Fedorowicz for me is a classic blocking tight end with middling ability as a catcher. Just my take, but I suspect he’ll have a very average NFL career at best.

      • oz

        I have watched a lot of tape on Donald. As I mentioned about a month ago on this blog he reminds me of John Randle who played for the Vikings and the Hawks. Donald has a little more power to his game. I like him a lot. End of first early second for me. I’m keeping my eye on you Rob….LOL.
        If you want a good take on Hoffman watch the Husky-BYU game tape. He looked very good to me.

    • plyka

      Michael Bennet is not replaceable. Even if you get a great rookie, few of them are Quinn, or even 50% of Quinn in their first year. It will take a year or two for them to step up.

      Bennett is one of the keys of this defense. Tate is EASILY replaceable in my opinion. I rate Baldwin and of course Percy higher than Tate, and these 3 are very similar in stature. Even if Tate does not cost 6m per year, I think you gotta let him go. Just ask yourself, if Bennett is 8-9m per year while Tate is 5m per year, which would you rather have? You gotta take Bennett.

      • Miles

        We know Tate has a rapport with Wilson and it’s hard to find receivers who are like Tate. But how willing are you to spend $6-7 mil/year on Tate when this roster is so deep with other players you need to keep? I have been a big Tate supporter this year, but he hasn’t been a huge factor in our passing game the past few weeks to be honest. Now, a lot of that probably has to do with things outside of him. Still, his middling production as of recent suggests that he’s not worth a huge contract. Not with a draft class that is this deep with receivers. Not when it’s seeming more and more likely that Sidney Rice can get a gigantic restructure after this season. Not when a guy like Odell Beckham or Brandon Coleman might be available in the late first. If the Seahawks don’t re-sign Tate and draft a receiver early, I think we’ll still be in pretty good shape at receiver next season.

  4. Sam Jaffe

    One more thought on the Senior Bowl coverage I’ve seen: If McCullers of Tennessee gets to Seattle’s fourth round pick, I predict he’ll be a Seahawk next year. He fits the Alan Branch/Tony McDaniel mold perfectly: insanely big, insanely strong but a legacy of laziness and uncoachability. Seattle takes those guys and requires of them a very simple 3 technique one gap system where they only have to do one thing and they don’t have to think about it (the NT and the Michael Bennett/James Jones pieces on the DL have to make all the split second decisions). With a little bit of dieting, Mccullers would be a monster in the Seattle defense.

    • Rob Staton

      I always feel with McCullers he should do more with his size. His 2013 performance was so disappointing.

      The one guy I LOVE for Seattle is Brent Urban. Great length and size. Good athlete. Huge upside. He truly does look like a Seahawks defensive lineman. If he’s there in round one, regardless of need, they’d have to consider it. What a player.

      • Sam Jaffe

        Is Urban a LEO or a 5 Technique?

        • Rob Staton

          He’s a three in this system similar to McDaniel.

      • bigDhawk

        I respectfully disagree about Urban. From what I’ve seen of him I don’t think he looks like a PC/JS Seahawks defensive lineman at all. Granted, he is tall and long in spades, but past that, no more boxes get checked for me. I see little to no burst or fast-twitch explosiveness. He does not look especially fast or strong. I don’t see him blowing up or past offensive lineman with any consistent rip or swim technique. On occasion when he does get deep in the backfield it is usually because he goes unblocked on a stunt or blown assignment. I don’t see any violence in his game. He is just tall and long, and all that length, especially in his legs, would make me concerned about lack of leverage against superior NFL offensive line talent without much better strength and burst and his injury risk long term. He is all ankles and knees from the waist down. I don’t see him having a long NFL career.

        A similar player I like better and who I think looks much more like a current Seahawks defensive lineman is George Uko. Uko is admittedly not AS long or tall as Urban, but more than sufficient in those categories, plus he checks all the other boxes for me Urban did not. Uko is strong, fast-twitch, with considerable burst and explosiveness off the snap. He is violent, constantly ripping, swimming and just generally beating crap out of the blocker in front of him. As a result, he gets in the backfield regularly on his own accord and finishes with authority. Plus, Uko has the absolutely requisite boulder-sized chip-on-his-shoulder attitude that is pure PC/JS Seahawks football. There are a couple of Uko youtube interviews out there done by USC campus media students where that attitude just oozes.

        One of the non-scientific, layman methods I use to form opinions about prospects is whether they would scare me as a member of a division opponent, especially San Fransisco. I’ll concede that in the right system with the right development Urban’s deficiencies could be minimized and his strengths optimized, but just putting these two players in a vacuum today, I would be more scared of Uko in a 49er jersey than Urban.

  5. Colin

    I think Super Bowl Sunday comes down to how tightly the game is called and if the NFL is leaning to the side of making it a “Peyton Manning Legacy Bowl”.

    If they let the players play, Seattle will win. Those guys aren’t getting in our heads, but we will sure as hell be in theirs. Excluding Manning.

    If the refs let Denver run their pick plays and decide to call holding on Seattle for the everwhining Eric Decker (he is the worst in the league), we’ll be in for a long day.

    The offense has to come out firing. They HAVE TO. They need to keep Peyton cold and get the Denver defense on their heels. There’s an overwhelming sentiment that Denver has a really good defense now based on their last few performances.

    Because they handled an okay Chargers team and a New England team that lacks any offensive blue chip talent?

    I think they’ll be hardpressed to contain Seattle. Especially with Percy…. providing he plays more than 8 snaps…

    • Sam Jaffe

      Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Harvin has a stellar Super Bowl and then all those nittering nabobs who called the trade a bust would have to swallow their hats? I’m still withholding judgment on the trade and I agree with Rob that we won’t know whether it was the right move or not for another two years–at least. But it would be pretty funny if Harvin blows up the Super Bowl.

      And speaking of funny–I’m stunned by how the entire international media is mystified by the complexities of this guy called Richard Sherman. After having tried to figure out the guy (as a person, not as a player) for the last two years, I find it so funny to see all these journalists and non-Seattle fans encountering him for the first time as if he had just landed here on Earth from his Martian spaceship (which, by the way, I’m still not discounting as a plausible explanation).

  6. Ben

    If we resign Michael Bennett and Golden Tate, then tender Doug Baldwin, I think adding a big guy on the outside will be a priority, Brandon Coleman or Kelvin Benjamin most likely, and most likely of those two seems to be Coleman, Benjamin gets more publicity.

    • oz

      I think Tate is gone…..

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        It’s up to Tate. I think SEA would like to keep him, but not at the price he’ll be looking to get.

  7. The Ancient Mariner

    Agreed we need to keep Bennett, but I think Avril’s almost as important. Think we could free up a couple million next year by extending him?

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be worth exploring. I could see it happening.

  8. CC

    I can’t remember the guy’s name, but I flipped to the NFL network senior bowl practices and there was a OL guy from Michigan who in the drills was keeping all the D rushers in their place. Stosser? or something like that? It sounded like they were trying to move him inside but he was a LT in college (I could look his name up I guess…) I wonder if a guy like that could help at RT or is the position too different. Breno as nasty in a good way – as he is, I think he has been a weak spot more often than not. I think our G play could be solved with either Bowie or Bailey – but maybe one of those guys moves to RT as well. It looks like the O line draft could be okay – pick up that WR in the first – or move down a few spots to the second, pick up a third and pick up some solid back ups.

    • oz

      I think they will try to pick up that third, unless there is someone there who slips and they have to make the pick.

  9. Stuart

    Of course I really like Golden Tate as a person and as a Seahawk. If it came down to it, Baldwin or Tate, I go with Baldwin. I know it wont be looked at just like that but long term thinking does come down to that question.

    Baldwin will be back next season no matter what being a RFA but Tate could get offered enough money that Seattle decides to walk away. It would be sad but Tate has not done much during the playoffs compared to Baldwin.

    If we had the WR from LSU Oddell ? (blanking on his name at this second), that would be ok. He returns punts and is player who could be great one day as a WR.

    I am not advocating letting Tate walk, I love our team and will hate to see anybody go but, the team will look slightly different next season.

    Maybe select ASJ in R-1 and move up in R-2 to select the WR? Even if we keep Tate, I would still like to do this.

    • Rock

      I agree. I do not think we can pay Harvin and Tate. Baldwin does everything Tate can do. I see them releasing Rice, also. This is a deep draft for WR talent. We can fill out our WR corps without breaking the bank. I love Mike Evans but he will probably be gone. Coleman and Benjamin do not impress me much in round 1. I would rather go with ASJ and release Miller. I would then pick up a couple WR’s in the middle rounds. L’Damian Washington, Kasen Williams and Donte Moncrief look intriguing.

      • The Ancient Mariner

        I thought Kasen Williams was staying at UW.

        • oz

          He is.

      • bigDhawk

        For all the talk about our need for a tall, play-making, redzone-type receiver (and justifiably so), one thing I hear discussed very little is the run blocking ability of that receiver. We all understand our identity as a run first, play-action offensive team, and a big part of that is the run blocking ability of our receivers. The rest of the world can say what they want about the supposed mediocrity of our current wide-outs, but one they are all tremendous at is run blocking, especially Kearse. Without the pro-bowl level run blocking skills or our receivers our run game is not what it is. And I’m not so sure it is something that can just be taught to anybody after the fact. Stephen Williams had a cup of coffee with us to start the season because he was 6’5″, but among his other shortcomings a big reason why he was let go when Irvin was activated was because he didn’t run block for poo.

        So how much of a factor is run blocking skill when looking for our big wide-out in the draft? Do we just ignore it and go all in for the measurables of a Coleman or Benjiman and hope to add run blocking to their game after the fact, or do we sacrifice some measurables and try to get more of a finished run blocking product in later rounds, like a Jared Abbrederis, or somewhere in between? Thoughts?

    • oz

      I’ll take either of the LSU wide-outs.

      • Kenny Sloth


  10. Darnell

    Speaking of bigger “Seattle” type corners; Shaq Richardson (Arizona) is really intriguing to me.

  11. red

    Hi Rob

    You got anything on Jack Mewhort RT Ohio State hearing he might a R2-3 guy. Also find WR Cody Latimer from Indiana intriguing a 6’1 215 thick frame. Rob also do you think Rice comes back on a restructured contract 1 year 2.5 -3 mil would count about the same against the cap. If he is let go he will have 7mil of dead money on a 9mil contract, coming off acl surgery and recent injury issues do you think he gets more than 3mil on a one year deal elsewhere?

    • Rob Staton

      On tape I always thought Mewhort was below average but I didn’t spend a ton of time focusing on him. I’ll have another look.

      Rice clearly wants to stay. I really get that vibe. It’s going to come down to what he can expect to earn if he’s cut plus what he’s owed by Seattle. And unfortunately for us it probably won’t be financially viable to remove $7m from his salary just for our benefit. I think it’s almost impossible to restructure to the extent we want. It’s just too beneficial to cut him.

      • oz

        Mewhort is getting a lot of love in Mobile.

  12. David Ess

    What about Keith McGill CB from Utah? 6’3 214lbs and has 10 1/4″ hands

    3rd round projection.

  13. FC

    I am ready to let Tate go, we simply cannot afford to keep him, though I wish we could. Resigning Breno has to be a priority in my opinion. Just out of curiosity, could anyone with insider tell me who the last player on the Super Bowl rankings is?

    • RyanM

      For what it’s worth, #106 is Bronco CB Marquice Cole, though it notes that he was a recent addition to the team and could be of more value than other guys listed above him.

      The last Seahawk is #104 T Caylin Hauptmann.

    • Don

      Joe Tide, Team laundry man, Denver Broncos. Seattle’s laundry guy was better at getting the green stains out.

  14. Morgan

    Aaron Donald ate Cyril Richardson’s lunch on 1v1 drills. It’s was flat-out embarrassing. Richardson can’t handle speed at all. Zack Martin doesn’t look that impressive physically but no one got past him. Really good leverage and hand placement on the drills I watched.

    • oz

      Martin is a guard for me.

      • oz

        A great fit for Seattle’s scheme. He could swing out to tackle if needed. I don’t think he’ll make it to #32 though.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Especially in a guard starved year. I think he’ll find a place in round one.

  15. Cysco

    Question about Bruce Irvin.

    Is that fact that he is seldom talked about mean he’s doing a good job in his new role?

    • Rob Staton

      For me he’s doing a really good job against the run in helping setting the edge, but consistently makes at least one shocking decision per game. The big one from the NFCCG was the QB keeper on the fake PA. Irvin completely bit on what looked like a pretty obvious fake. Kaepernick broke off a huge run as a consequence.

      • Cysco

        I wonder if they’ll be looking to upgrade at that position in the off season. If the bulk of the defense is retained and this draft is about depth across the board on the defense, does it make sense to look at LB early?

        Are there any 2nd round LB prospects that could come in and push Bruce for that starting job?

        • David Ess

          Dont know if we need to draft a LB as he might already be on the team Malcom Smith or KJ Wright.

          I can see the hawks going OL,DL,WR,CB, and in no particular order.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I haven’t found many second round OLB’s. Maybe Shayne Skov. I want a new WILL if anything. KJ and Schofield and Mayowa and Irvin and Avril and Smith can play Sam according to the coaches. Van Noy is an option, but he’d have to fall. Yeah. Not many LB options. I’m not sure we even look at LB’s. We have a great corp right now.

          • Rob Staton

            Tony Pauline reporting this week Skov expected to run a 4.8 according to scouts. Mid to late rounder for me.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Despite that and other hiccups, I think Irvin has developed nicely this season, especially considering he was pretty much a one trick pony last year.

        As for not hearing his name much, if you go back and review the NFCCG, you’ll find plays where Irvin spies Kaep from the center of the field, just behind the LOS. He’s not doing much on those plays, other than preventing Kaep from slipping through the pass rush and running for yards up the middle, and giving Bennett and Avril time to make the play in the backfield.

  16. Stuart

    Irvin, good question. It’s rare to even hear his name during the game.

  17. Andrew

    Pete Carroll and John Schneider always seem to be on the hunt for unique talent. They like speed, but they really love speed *with* elusiveness. They will target in on a specific trait that will make an impact at the next level. For that reason, I wonder if Seattle will be interested in Deathony Thomas. It seems like he is known for what he cannot do (be the primary running back, the primary receiver, the primary anything), BUT it is what he can do that keeps me thinking he is a very Seahawky type of a player. He is blazing fast, blazing. He can make NFL quality cuts. He is a return guy on day 1 and feels like he can be a gadget player early while he is taught another position. My question is: what is he worth? With the Raiders going away from pure speed players, it feels like he could drop to the 3rd-5th rounds. I would like to know what you think? What does the tape say?

    Thanks for the anaylsis.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’m not sure how fast Thomas actually is. He’s extremely sudden and sometimes that’s all it take.

      With Harvin and Baldwin I’m not sure he isn’t redundant.

  18. The Ancient Mariner

    Am I the only one thinking we might see the ‘Hawks take Seantrel Henderson? He’s a heck of a talent, and we’ve definitely seen PC target players in the draft that he didn’t land at USC; Henderson’s not exactly in that bucket — Pete landed him, Henderson switched to Miami after Pete left — but it’s something of the same vibe.

    • CC

      I worry about a guy who admits to MJ use, moving to WA and playing clean. I realize that they can do what they want in the off season, but since we just have had BB and Thurm lose games for MJ use – I don’t want another player who is risk of missing games. At some point it will catch up on the team.

      • The Ancient Mariner

        Not saying I’m hoping we pick him, by any means; but I wouldn’t be surprised. I expect PC/JS will do their due diligence on him in any case.

  19. Tomahawk


    Dallas just signed Dan Bailey at $3 million/yr over seven years. That isn’t going to help our case in keeping Hauschka, who I believe is a key long term player for the Hawks. What are your thoughts on resigning Hauschka after that news?

    • bigDhawk

      Sorry, FG kickers are not nearly as hard to replace for $3mil as are players at other positions for that price. If that’s what it takes to retain Haush then I fully trust Schneider’s ability to find a comparable replacement more or less out of thin air. Besides, Haush has always kicked with a low trajectory and it scares me. I’m honesty surprised it has not resulted in many more blocked kicks than it has for him to this point in his career.

      • Tomahawk

        I agree, but he has been so automatic the past couple years for us. He just never misses inside of 55 yards. When Seattle keeps games close and relies the defense, you will drop some games due to missed FG’s. Just look at that game against the Bears when Olindo Mare single handedly lost that game with 4 or 5 missed FG’s.

        • bigDhawk

          Granted, but my point still stands. For $3mil, I have complete failth in JS to find another kicker for nothing who can equal Haush’s production in all our field goal-decided victories.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you let Hausckha test his value. If he signs a big deal somewhere, so be it. If the market isn’t there you can get a good deal. Overpaying even after the season he’s had is not an option for Seattle. They have too many good players about to get paid to spend big on a kicker. And Hauschka himself is evidence of being able to find kickers on the open market.

      • Tomahawk

        Totally agree, but Hauschka is in the conversation for best kicker in the league right now. Hopefully he loves Seattle and takes a discount to stay.

        • Miles

          I think we’ll lose Hauschka this offseason. He could be the highest paid kicker or very close to it next season. He really showed this year he doesn’t have any weaknesses. He has the leg and supreme accuracy. I guess you can nit pick his low trajectory but that probably helps him get the ball through the uprights as quickly as possible so there’s less chance he pushes the ball wide.

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Billy Turner from ndsu is having an awful senior bowl. They’re trying to flip him to RT and they’re having to scream at him. I don’t think he’s ever played anything but LT. Sounds like he could fall. I’d love to see him in the second.

    • Rob Staton

      From what people are saying about his display in Mobile, I think I have more chance of going in the second round. He sounds like a fish out of water.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    TRADE DOWN! Get like an early second and fourth.

  22. Miles

    Aaron Donald gets rave reviews from media personnel across the country. But the only reason for such optimism may have stemmed from Todd McShay; Donald is McShay’s boy and he is always talking about him. It’s surprising how much sports media and even some NFL GMs take McShay’s entertainment-centric analysis as legitimate advice.

    Donald might be as good as advertised, but from a scout perspective it’s way too early to say that for me.

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