The free agency open-thread & predictions

Red Bryant - Seattle's priority signing in free agency

Feel free to use this thread to discuss free agency as it happens. The market opens at 4pm EST, with big names such as Mario Williams, Carl Nicks and Vincent Jackson set to cash in. Quarterbacks like Matt Flynn will be searching for new homes, while the Peyton Manning saga may finally draw to a conclusion. We could even see some trade activity. 

In my opinion, the Seahawks won’t be major players for the big names. Although they’ve been heavily linked to Williams, Flynn and others, I suspect the priority this off-season will be to look after their own. Red Bryant will be the priority – and rival teams in the NFC West could make life difficult by raising the stakes. Seattle won’t want to lose one of the cornerstone’s of their defense and Bryant would be tough to replace. Other free agents such as David Hawthorne and Leroy Hill will test the market, as will pro-bowl full back Michael Robinson. 

Here are a few predictions, we’ll see how many come true… 

Mario Williams (DE) – resigns with the Houston Texans, who spent Monday clearing room 

Vincent Jackson (WR) – moves to Tampa Bay despite serious interest from Chicago, Washington and San Diego 

Matt Flynn (QB) – the market has a slow start but eventually he and Cleveland agree terms 

Red Bryant (DE) – re-signs with Seattle for more than they expected to pay 

Eric Winston (RT) – Washington finds some cap room to make an offer 

Carl Nicks (OG) – Moves to Chicago who fight off competition from several teams 

Marques Colston (WR) – Jacksonville will hit the market for receivers hard 

Ben Grubbs (OG) – signs with St. Louis as the Rams rebuild their offensive line 

Jared Gaither (OT) – re-signs with San Diego who need to lock him down 

Paul Soliai (DT) – an option for Seattle if Bryant moves on, but he doesn’t so Soliai signs for Indianapolis 

LaRon Landry (S) – signs a short-term deal to stay in the NFC East with the Dallas Cowboys 

Cortland Finnegan (CB) – the Cowboys further repair their secondary here, allowing them to go O-line in round one of the draft


  1. Patrick

    All valid guesses… but, do you really think that Big Red will be our only ‘impact’ free agent signing? I’m curious to know where exactly you think Seattle will spend its cap room this offseason then?

  2. Patrick

    Forgot to mention that I love your blog… ridiculously good. This time of year, I’m checking in all day long. Kudos!

  3. Rob

    Thanks Patrick, really appreciate it. I’m not sure Seattle will feel it has to spend all it’s cap room. They will want to re-sign Bryant and a draft class. They will want to make other calculated moves. I don’t anticipate any major signing of the obvious candidates (Williams, Flynn etc), but I could be wrong. We’ll see.

  4. Mike

    My guesses are

    Mario Williams signs with us
    Vincent Jackson to the Redskins
    Flynn goes to Miami
    Winston will also sign with Miami
    Colston resigns with the Saints
    Robert Meachum will go the Rams
    Finnegan will sign with the Rams

  5. Mike Kelly

    Not very exciting predictions for the Hawks for sure. But sadly is likely. I hope we do keep Bryant though. Great player.

  6. kevin mullen

    Hawthorne to Bears
    Mario Williams to Bears or Bucs
    Flynn signs with Miami
    Manning to Denver, Tebow on trade block (Jags!)
    Vincent Jackson to Redskins or Rams
    Winston to Redskins

    ‘Hawks sign: Red Bryant, Larry Grant (7th round to 49ers), and Mike Tolbert.

  7. Jarhead

    Yeah the Redskins have just taken a $36 Million dollar cap hit due to rules violations in front loading contracts last season. There cap space has been absolutely decimated. They are not signing anyone. They still have to sign Griffin. Due to poor management, short sightedness, and impluse thinking they have dug there own grave. They are going absolutely nowhere. So Redskins fans, enjoy your nice little shiny QB. That’s all you’ve got. I believe that TB is going to be a major player in FA, and Chicago will make some serious moves. As for Carl Nicks, last night he stated “I will be the highest paid guard in the NFL.” Any player who actually makes that kind of ridiculous statement, kick rocks. We didn’t make Steve Hutchinson the highest paid guard in the league, and he is twice the dominant player that Nicks is. I see us resigining Red, and adding some role players that not a whole lot of people are talking about right now

  8. Kip Earlywine

    I have my eye on Curtis Lofton, Eric Winston, and Jason Jones. None of them are old, and none of them are expected to be megabucks signings. I do expect Seattle to make a lot of signings, but I think they will be of the “value” variety instead of the megastar variety.

    I do think Seattle will inquire about Mario Williams, but probably just to avoid fans crucifying them for not even trying.

  9. James

    Sorry for the dose of reality, but most of us find ourselves in Seattle by default (because we were born here), or moved because of a job, or because we were drawn to the culture here. Unless an NFL player has a connection to Seattle (or Pete Carroll), or unless the Seahawks pay significantly more money (see Sidney Rice), there is absolutely no reason a player would come to Seattle. When offered multiple choices, or equal amounts of money, we simply cannot attract people like Peyton Manning or Mario Williams (or Prince Fielder for that matter), and I don’t see John & Pete overpaying the staggering sums of money it would take to entice Williams or Flynn to move here. Sports radio and the sports pages are simply trying to drum up interest when they launch into a Peyton or Mario scenario, when any rational person can see there is no chance they would come to Seattle. We have to accept that very few free agents would choose to move to S Alaska, and need to focus on building through the draft and controlling what we can control. For reasons beyond me, the Seahawks don’t seem willing to pay market value for Red Bryant, and will probably lose him to the Patriots according to Prof Clayton. Can anyone explain for whom the Seahawks are saving their cap room, if not for Red Bryant? The only significant free agent signing will be Stephen Tulloch of the Lions to replace Heater Hawthorne. We will have to live and die with the draft, and pray to be delivered from mediocrity.

  10. Craig

    Colston resigned on a 5 year deal with the Saints

  11. Stuart

    So the Seahawks dont spend the big money. They need to sign some FA players that are under the radar just like some of their draft choices are. But the main priority in FA is signing Red. I hope he doesnt leave. John Clayton reported the Patriots have interest in him. As a fan all I can do is hope but time will tell. I like Kips options here very much.

  12. Lance

    I don’t see Hawks going big money after Red. They like him, but only to a certain extent. While he helps with the run defense, he is a major liability in the pass rush game and he is also always a high injury risk.

    I like us signing Winston and moving Carpenter over to guard. Also adding Tolbert would be a great move to share the load with Lynch and to keep him hungry for carries.

    I also think they sign a LB and a cheaper end than Williams. My wild card signing for the Hawks is Dallas Clark to replace Carlson. 🙂

  13. tompage

    Heard a rumor the Patriots are interested in Red. If the Patriots come calling will Red answer?

  14. tompage

    Matt Lienart is available, should they sign him as the QBOTF?

  15. Colin

    Seattle will make something happen. Every year they bring in someone of significance, although they don’t always work out.

    I hope they get Red, Heater and Mike Rob back. If Heater leaves, I’m going to assume they have concerns over durability. Wouldn’t mind seeing Hill come back either.

  16. Lenny253


    I dont know what the hawks are waiting for. Why just sit on 30m. We could sign Red(no williams) and still have at least 22m in room left. Its not gonna cost us alot to sign our draft picks thanks to the new CBA. We could adress DE and LB in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft and maybe bring back Hill. Spend about 10 mil for Flynn and maybe a mill or two to add depth in places of need. With that scenario you would have plenty of e mergency stash left. I know one thing Carroll better get it together, its the third year and we wanna see some results.

  17. Sean

    I think I would be content with re-signing Red (hopefully at a reasonable price) and bringing in a slight upgrade at MLB. This would mean Tulloch or Lofton and would allow the Hawks to cross Kuechly off the list of 1st round possibilities.

  18. Smeghead

    HIll is getting old and slow but I think could come back for decent price (vet min). Hawthorne I suspect just wants too much money, i would like to get him back though if it isn’t too much. I thought Lofton wanted out of Atlanta because they don’t want to pay him so I don’t see him coming here. Same with Tulloch really.

    I heard/read JS mentioning that Carpenter may not be ready to go at the beginning of the year and that whenever he comes back he may be tried out at LG while leaving Breno the starter at RT. That could be interesting and makes some sense I think.

    I hope Red gives us a shot to beat whatever best offer he is able to garner. I suspect they decided on what he’s worth to them and they will go no higher though. I like that JS seems to not get into bidding wars. My hate for the Patriots will be reignited if he goes there.

    Would love to see Carlson come back on a reasonable deal but i think he will want to be “the guy” somewhere and shouldn’t have a hard time finding that.

    Forsett- it’s been good knowing you but its time to move on…

  19. Ed

    Manning – Houston
    Flynn – Miami
    Kolb – Cleveland
    Schaub – Arizona
    Bryant – New England
    Williams – Seattle
    Jackson – Washington
    Finnegan – Dallas
    Nicks – Chicago

  20. AlaskaHawk

    I want us to resign Red, But – PC said we need to get faster at defense and we can’t do that with the existing line. There will be new players drafted, and they probably will work their way into the starting line up and supplant some players we are used to seeing. Otherwise we will have the same old slow line plus an extra defensive end. If Red goes, picking up Dontari Poe would be a good start to bolstering the inside of our line.

    We have to give some thought to rebuilding our offensive line. Ugh I hate saying that after two first round picks. We just don’t know if Okung or Carpenter will ever be healthy for a full season.

  21. seattlesetters

    Williams should consider Seattle solely for the fact that with the crowd noise, his sack totals could be so high over the next few years that he may even get yet another payday after this one.

  22. Rob

    Carroll wants more speed in the front seven but he will also Keep a stout front three. Bryant is a priority re-signing.

  23. Misfit74

    Adam Wright ‏ @Seahawk_Talk Close
    Red Bryant’s contract offer is north of what Brandon Mebane received, according to @dannyoneil. He has yet to accept it.

  24. JC

    Is it just me or isn’t it easier to find a Bryant replacement in the later stages of the draft or on the free agent “scrapheap” then using that much cap space on a one dimensional, but very likeable player? This isn’t a rhetorical question, I’m not as informed as perhaps i should be.

  25. seattlesetters

    JC – Much of what you say is true. One thing I’d add is that Red is a vocal leader on the defense, and sometimes that intangible can make a player worth more than his stats might indicate.

  26. Craig

    Would Wimbley fit in the Seahawks scheme and be a potential FA signing? Also, if Red leaves, would Poe be able to replace him? (Assuming that we missed out on “The Big Four”)

  27. Misfit74

    Marshall traded to Bears. Surely the Dolphins draft a WR in round 1 now?

  28. AlaskaHawk

    I like Red and hope we resign him. It’s just that the line has got to change if we want speed. Someone has to be sat down. Adding one DE will not improve this line significantly – they are too easy to block. Adding two plus speed rushers will.

  29. Craig

    Is this Free Agency or the Trade Deadline?

    This definitely helps the chances of us getting a premier pass rusher in the draft. Don’t get the move for Miami though, they ship off their only quality receiver for less than they traded to get him (got two 3s, gave up two 2s). Locker room issues maybe? Some people say that Peyton didn’t like Marshall but, short of Manning being signed, this would be a very premature move. Either way, this is a deep WR class. Could work out for the best if they draft well. Like if they went Blackmon then Hill in rounds 1 and 2 (unless he’s being mocked in the 3rd). Still don’t understand the logic though

  30. Vin

    I wonder what the Fins are thinking trading away one of the few weapons they had??? Cant imagine Manning going there now. I wonder what Flynn thinks of this, as Miami was obviously a potential destination…….thats a great way to get the fans onboard. Might as well have a fire sale and go after Barkley next year……

  31. Darin

    The Phins must know they are out of the Manning Sweepstakes so they are dealing away Marshall.

    I’m thinking Manning was looking at the circus atmosphere in South Beach and said thanks, but no thanks. My guess is that the Dolphins are going to retool the offense into more of a West Coast system that will fit Flynn.

    The Hawks will be impacted if this is the case, but bringing in a Jason Campbell, or Kyle Orton as a stop-gap to compete with Jackson, isn’t a terrible idea, just not the long term solution or the big name splash most fans are hoping for.

    I’m think Carroll and Schneider are thinking of building a powerhouse defense and smashmouth running game, and try to win that way, until they can find the right quarterback to run the offense.

    Manning to the Broncos could have a huge impact, if the Jags make a play for Tebow. If Gabbert became available I could see the Hawks making a run at him, since as Rob reported he was the top QB on their board last draft.

  32. Jamie

    @Rep1Sports: LB Heath Farwell has agreed to terms on a new contract with the Seattle Seahawks.

  33. ElCan

    I just don’t understand the thought that red bryant can’t play DT. he has quickness that you don’t see with a big guy like him. Alan branch is only signed for one more year, he likely won’t be back. you sign red to replace him and play some DE in run defenses. that allows for flexibility at DE to draft a DE/mario williams. even with alan branch on the roster it only allows for more flexibility/depth. Bottom Line – can red bryant not exceed at DT???

  34. Hawkspur

    Eric Winston is on his way to visit with the Dolphins.

  35. JC

    If memory serves (which is not always the case) Red has struggled against double teams while manning and interior position in the past. He has fair better on the edge where, if he does draw two blockers, it’s usually from the TE. Again, that’s just what I can recall from articles in the past.

  36. Randy

    No, Red came in as a DT for the first two years of his career and struggled. He wasn’t getting enough leverage in the inside, and wasn’t as effect as he is now.

  37. Vin

    Don Bank’s is reporting that Flynn’s next destination comes down to either Miami or Seattle….Cleveland being the 3rd option. I wonder how much truth there is to this?

    Rob, is there any chance that if Red leaves for another team that Branch can replace him? Arent they of similar build, or is Branch more of a DT?

  38. Smeghead

    Henne visiting the Hawks??? I think I just threw up a little…

  39. Misfit74

    Take it fwiw, but here:

    “’s Don Banks reports the Seahawks and Dolphins will battle for free agent QB Matt Flynn.
    The Browns are believed to be a third option, though Banks suggests he would only go to Cleveland if the offers from the other teams are underwhelming. Per Banks, the loser in the Flynn derby between Seattle and Miami “probably becomes Ryan Tannehill’s next team.””

  40. Misfit74

    For the record, I’m all in favor of Henne as a backup/competition to Tarvaris should we swing and miss on other better options.

  41. John

    fieldgulls says Seattle is lukewarm on Flynn, and ESPN says Carlson has 5 teams interested and is meeting with the Chiefs

  42. ElCan

    i dont dougt henne. hes a michigan man. tom brady type of player and in the right system i see him as a capable player. atleast twice as better feel for the game than tjax…without question.
    whats the price for henne compared to flynn??

  43. Smeghead

    I guess if it’s just for an open competition and on a similar small $ deal I would be ok with it just not very excited…

    maybe he can hit a wide open BMW on the goal line…

  44. Craig

    Agreed with Misfit. Henne could use the fresh start and could be a cheap-ish option that can potentially benefit us on a short term contract. Signing him to a 2-3 year deal, drafting a QB in rounds 2-4 this year, and then reevaluating how we stand after this season doesn’t sound like a bad plan to me. Would I rather Flynn? Yes, but I don’t see Flynn as significantly better than Tarvaris or Henne (or Campbell for that matter, but he’s probably signing with the Bears). So I’d rather invest less in Henne to try to keep the position competitive while we develop a QB that we draft this year than to go all in with Flynn (didn’t intend for that to rhyme, but I’ll take it) and potentially have to start all over.

  45. Craig

    Red resigned! What a HUGE signing (literally). All jokes aside, glad to know that the core of our top run defense is still intact

  46. FWBrodie

    Boom. Big Red has signed with Seattle.

  47. Craig

    Shefter: Red Bryant re-signing with Seattle: 5 years, $35 million, including $14.5 million gtd.

    Sorry for the multiple posts in a row, thought I’d save you guys time in looking for the details!

  48. Smeghead

    Calabro show reporting per NFL Network that Red Bryant has been signed…

  49. John

    Yes! Great news keeping Big Red

  50. Smeghead

    sorry – didn’t see the others

  51. Smeghead

    i agree Craig – Flynn probably isn’t much of an upgrade over Tjack/Henne. and not worth it if we have to do 9-10 mil/year

  52. mjkleko

    I don’t see the ‘Hawks making many signings, with the primary overture being directed at Mario Williams. Offensive line depth would help, especially with the surgeries on Carpenter and Moffit (although I did see the latter at a Seattle bar recently; he looked nimble and jovial), but the big names are a reach. With the success the backups experienced at the end of last season, I bet the staff feels good about the momentum the blocking scheme has created. Any player, from a free agent signing to a 7th round pick will need time to adjust to reach the necessary level of comfort. The coaching staff most certainly thinks this, which somewhat levels the playing field of potential signees.

    On the Red signing;

    “In Pete Carroll’s system, the Seahawks need a strong-side defensive end who can man the run, this was a huge signing for the team. The deal will pay Bryant an average of 7 million over the next 5 years.” -NFL Network

    I’m happy about it and I do not think that this neccessarily eliminates the aforementioned play for Mario Williams. When it comes to a player of his caliber, at 26 years of age, if he responds positively and shows interest in the franchise, you make the deal. Williams is almost a scheme transcendent talent who’s will could seemingly force any front office’s hand. I would absolutely love to see him on the field in Seahawk blue. Imagine Clemons/Mebane/Williams in the bandit package or as a 3 man rush on long down and distances. Awesome.

  53. Turp

    I wouldn’t mind stealing Eric Winston…

    Good job on the predictions so far, Rob. Red and Vjack look done. Cowboys might not be able to afford Finnegan.

  54. RJD aka The Barstool Oracle

    ROB YOU ARE THE ORACLE!!!! Now, you’re thoughts on Henne?

  55. Dave

    PC JS are men of their word. Keeping Lynch and Red were the first priorities and they followed through. This is why i am not worried about them losing their job. We are rebuilding. Pay attention to what they say because they are men of their word.

  56. Stuart

    Chad Henne, it was yesterday or the day before when I posted it might be nice to add him. The only thing I know about Henne are 1) he went to Michigan 2) he was a 2nd round draft choice (4th qb taken in his draft) 3) watched him pass for over 400 yards vs the Patriots in the 1st game of the year. He looked fantastic in that game. He showed the big arm and the nimble moves in the pocket. Just a sample but that’s all there is with Flynn, just a sample.

    -2-4 round drafted qb

  57. Smeghead

    i’ve been wondering if we will carry 4 qb’s this year or if we won’t go over 3

  58. mjkleko

    Dave: I agree with you. What I like about PC’s competition mantra, is that he follows through on it. Compete, produce, establish value, and you will be rewarded.

    The low guaranteed money is very nice too. You’ll be compensated, but the team isn’t afraid of approaching players on a restructure. In many ways, I think having to deal with Ruskell holdovers and veterans was key in this regard. It established the front office’s identity in how it would approach contract situations/disputes, setting the tone for many of the young talent brought in the last 2 years. Plenty of precedent set here, between Lofa, Trufant, Hill, etc.

  59. Rugby Lock

    Just pulled from PFT…. WOW….

    The Bills want to make Williams the highest-paid defensive player in the league, with a deal better than the six-year, $91.5 million contract that Julius Peppers signed with the Bears in 2010. The Bills’ offer to Williams will apparently include more than $91.5 million in total money, more than the $40.5 million in the first three years that the Bears gave Peppers, and more than the $42 million guaranteed that the Bears gave Peppers.

  60. JC

    But he’d have to play in Buffalo.

  61. Regan

    Its all about the $$. Plus it’s still NY, kinda. So if the Bills do pull this off this makes it likely they will look at other positions besides DE in the draft and would almost guarantee one of the big 4 falling to us.

  62. Misfit74

    I wonder if Mario has an AFC or NFC preference? Instant post-season accolades in the AFC, but lots of top competition in the NFC. Maybe matters not, but it crossed my mind.

  63. RJD aka The Barstool Oracle

    Thanks Stuart, I think that Henne is a good value FA. Jason Jones as well.

  64. Rob

    Misfit74 – Banks is just flat out wrong unfortunately.

    RJD – I’ll pull up a barstool… My thoughts on Henne are that he is a fresh look-see over Whitehurst and if the Seahawks are unable to draft or trade for a better option, he’ll be a serviceable backup/competition.

  65. Rob

    By the way… people need to get behind Williams to Buffalo. Seattle were never going to be huge spenders – we’ve touched on that a few times. But if Buffalo go big at defensive end in FA, it increases the chances of them going OL in the draft and allowing one of Upshaw, Ingram or Coples to fall. As far as I’m concerned – let’s hope Buffalo get it done.

  66. Misfit74

    Rob – re: Banks’ report: that’s cool with me. Never been on either QBs bandwagon.

  67. Misfit74

    Although, to be fair,

    “Scott Enyeart:
    Seattle is willing to consider Matt Flynn now that his market value has dropped. Less money = less risk.”

  68. Vin

    Wow! Skins overpay for Garcon. I bet colstons kicking himself. I sure hope the Hawks don’t try to offer that ginormous contract to MW…..Buffalo can have him at that price. I’ll obviously never see the type of $$$ these players are being offered, but at the same rate, i wouldn’t want to play for a crappy team just because they offered me the most. There’s obviously a market value for someone like MW, but would it hurt to take a few million less to play for a contender? I’d play for Chicago before I play for buffalo. I do hope buffalo signs him so that one of the 4 will drop to Seattle.

  69. Ed

    Manning to Tenn would be a shocker. Then they send Hass to Arizon and Kolb to Cleveland and Flynn goes to Miami. Then a few qb’s slide, so maybe cousins/osweiler in late 3rd early 4th to compete and maybe play at the end of the year.

    Tjack, Portis and (Cousins/Osweiler) rookie. Don’t think Henne is a good idea

  70. Rob

    Scott also said the interest is still minimal, but they’re more willing to kick the tire’s if the value is down. Flynn on a 2-year $8m deal is a ‘why not?’ type option. Although if Miami aren’t interested in the guy – Peyton or no Peyton – it’s not worth pursuing. I think the rest of the league is waiting to see whether the Dolphins are interested, and they won’t be until Peyton makes a choice.

  71. TJ

    For what it’s worth, the ESPN NFL Nation blog says that the Browns and Dolphins are both in current negotiations with Flynn. Miami is trying to balance negotiating with Flynn and courting Manning – essentially hoping for Manning, but not leaving themselves at risk of getting neither.

  72. woofu

    Tick tick tick,,,,,

    ,,,PM waits til friday what will Ariz. do?

  73. Ben2

    I like the idea of adding some tackle depth in Winston if not too much $$$…Houston’s O-line runs a cut blocking scheme so easy transition.

  74. Ely

    It sounds like Carlson is as good as gone. That is a bummer I really liked him and feel like he didn’t get a fair shake after his one productive year. I think he will be very productive in a scheme that he won’t be needed to block so often. As for free agent QB’s I would much rather see the Hawks take a chance on Oz, or my favorite,Harnish in the draft.
    Rd. 1: Mercilus/Upshaw/DeCastro
    Rd. 2: Kendricks
    Rd. 3: RB, maybe Polk falls this far?
    Rd. 4 or 5: Harnish


    I am disappointed, but I guess I don’t have a right to be. I was expecting a big splash today and I didn’t get it (and it doesn’t appear it will happen at all this week). Getting Red and Beast Mode back is great and I am happy for that. Green Bay hardly ever makes a big splash in free agency and we are following the same team building strategy that they use, so that is what I should have been expecting. I understand the strategy and I know it is for the best, but I would really love seeing us go out and get a proven stud. I am just not looking forward to another 7-9 season, so I keep hoping to hear that move that puts us over the top. I haven’t seen it yet and it may mean waiting for that fateful April day. Are they saving all this cap space for next year?

  76. PatrickH

    Sorry if someone has posted this already, but I just heard Jason LaCanfora on NFL network said that (according to his sources) the Seahawks will wait until the end of the week, to see if Matt Flynn is still on the market, before pursuing him. They don’t want to get into a bidding war over Flynn right now.

  77. Rob

    USAFANARC – I don’t think it’s a case of saving cap for any year. The Seahawks are always going to be under the cap, and they will always prioritise keeping their own from now on. We aren’t going to see a year where they go out and go crazy because they have X amount available. The days of big splashes are over. In fairness, we’ve talked for a good while on here about Lynch and Bryant being the priority. In future this team is going to have players we want to keep, and it’s worth having the cap flexibility to do that. We don’t want to be like Houston losing a guy like Mario Williams.

    PatrickH – Seattle will show interest when he’s available on a T-Jack style contract and willing to come in and compete. I doubt it gets that far.

  78. Michael (CLT)

    Henne, eh. Too funny. Wow. Hard to control my laughter.

    So, JS/PC. Might as well draft a QB in round 1. If you buy Henne, and invest in nothing above a 4th rounder in the draft, you will have effectively put your jobs on the line with Jackson and Henne.

    See, being fickle is fine. You can date all kinds of girls but not get too serious. But damn, one day you are old, and the hot ones are married with kids. You are lonely.

    So, by not declaring, you in fact, “declare”. I’m going to “play the field”. I’m not “willing to commit”. Fine. Wait for perfection. Good luck.

  79. Rob

    Michael (CLT) – Anyone who thought the QB situation could be cleared up in a satisfactory manner (aka – not blowing a ton of money or a high draft pick on a complete flop) was kidding themselves. Honestly – I want a QB as much as anyone. We’ve spent four years on this blog talking quarterbacks. Always the quarterbacks. Yet this team cannot magic a QB out of the sky. Passing on Dalton, Mallett, Tebow and Flynn is not waiting for perfection – it’s not being impatient and making a bad move. We’ll get there. Probably in 12 months time.

  80. Michael (CLT)

    No worries, Rob. I know. You were beating the drum prior to your insider knowledge on DE focus. We will go round on the QB discussion next year. And if this FO survives long enough, perhaps into year five. Unreal.

    I’m all in on Upshaw. I’m cool on that now. Or happily resigned to fate.

    That said… Henne? For another 2M and maybe an extra year you can try a new flavor: Flynn. It may end up really gross. But at least it’s new!

    Pete can coach up a defense for damn sure. Cable the same with o-line. I have no confidence in Bevel to do the same. Henne is broken.

    I will not bash Upshaw anymore. I will not ask for a QB be drafted. However, I will call a spade a spade. This FO is scared out of their minds regarding QB commitment. And that is really not cool.

  81. Rob

    I think they’ll meet with a few QB’s to be fair… and let’s not forget, there could be a deal to be done depending on where Manning ends up. I’m also told the FO is very high on Osweiler and Cousins, so we’ll see what happens there. Osweiler is the one for me, get him after round one and it’s a steal. But if they’re going to go ‘all-in’ for their guy next year, I can see why maybe they’d spend picks elsewhere to solve other needs in anticipation of that move.

  82. TJ

    Rob – more to your point, I read a quote today from an NFL assistant coach (can’t remember who) who has had the #1 overall pick 3 times and drafted a QB with each one. T. Couch, D. Carr and E. Manning. 2 busts and one franchise QB. He said “there are over 300 million people in America and fewer than 32 of them can play QB in the NFL.” You are right about not being able to just pull one out of the sky. It takes the perfect storm to get a franchise QB. Not only does it generally take a terrible record to be in a position to draft one, but that terrible record also has to concide with a true franchise QB being available.

  83. Michael (CLT)

    Sigh. I know you’re right. Perhaps it is my nature. I am committed to being a Seahawk fan. It is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I do in life. Crazy, in fact.

    So, naturally, I want to attach myself to the team. and, for some strange reason, it is incredibly difficult to attach to a team that rents QBs.

    So, I bitch and moan like my son wanting to stay up another ten minutes… realize I’m being ridiculous, feel somewhat stupid, and dream of Russell Wilson throwing TDs in the 2014 Super Bowl. I’m completely out of my mind. Alan Watts would be proud.

  84. John

    Rob, I really don’t believe we will be in a position to draft Barkley next year. And judging by how much the Redskins gave up for the number 2 pick, makes me very reluctant to trade away the monster amount of picks to get the first. That said, assuming we draft in the same range as this year, who do you have your eyes on?

    I mean, you talk about next year being the year we draft our QBOTF, and I’m just curious if you think we’ll do everything we can for Barkley or if you think there’s someone else QBOTF worthy. I know that’s a long way away… but I’m curious if it’s just a gut feeling you have or if there’s inside knowledge backing it up. Or is it you think next season we will be destroyed and draft in the top 5.

  85. TJ

    Michael – I think we all share your misery. I am still bitter about the 1992 draft when we won a meaningless game against the Patriots. Both teams finished 2-14, they got the #1 pick and got Bledsoe, we got #2 and picked Mirer. It makes me absolutely ill to think that the Colts can manage to “earn” the #1 overall pick in the years that John Elway, Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck are in the draft. In my 25 years of being a Seahawk fan, we have never had a true franchise QB. Hasselbeck had some very good years, as did Zorn and Krieg. But we’ve never had that elite superstar QB. Seahawk fans should know as well as anyone how hard it is to get one.

  86. JC

    What Washington gave up has little bearing on what Seattle may have to part with next draft. The Redskins were in obvious competition with at least the Browns who had more to offer, at least on paper this year. Next year it will all come down to who would be in the bidding. That’s not to say the Hawks will be alone, but I’d say they’ve got a decent chance of getting Barkley without gimping the future. We’ll see.

  87. Rob

    John – As of March 2012 there are three guys I’m looking at the closest – Matt Barkley, Logan Thomas at Virginia Tech and Tyler Wilson at Arkansas. Obviously a lot can change. Now – I’m a huge fan of Barkley. But I think a combination of unrealistic expectation, over analysis and a lack of truly elite physical skills make him more achievable than maybe we all think 12 months before he enters the draft. If he is simply not attainable, then they will have other options. I wouldn’t rule out the bumper trade or the fact a guy will simply be available. Had Barkley declared, we may be talking about a big deal this year to move up. Who knows? Seattle won’t draft Tannehill at #12, so they accept the situation and move on. I think this situation will be solved by next year – and I do believe this FO will get it right.

  88. Ben2

    It hurts Michael but this is a complete rebuild for PC/JS. We had a horrible roster when they got the keys. This FO isn’t gonna be in danger for another 2 yrs., but I don’t think they will be in trouble because, for the most part, they’ve made some smart moves. We simply haven’t been presented with any great opportunities to fill the most difficult to find sports position.

  89. Vin

    I hate that it looks like we’ll be waiting another year to address the QBOTF. But when the football gods give you lemons, PC/JS make lemonade…and I’ll drink it. All things considered, this FO has done a great job with retooling while still keeping the team competitive. And I hope that PA can see the wisdom in plans that PC & JS are working through and not panic like some of these other owners and can them if the team goes 8-8 or even 7-9 again. I just hate waiting for everything to come together for that one, if not multiple, championship year.

    Looks like MW didnt sign with Buffalo just yet. Any chance he’s visiting Seattle….at least so that some other team offers even more what Buffalo supposedly offered?

  90. James

    Pete’s mantra… Bigger, Faster, Stronger. It led to multiple championships at USC with superior athletes, and Pete is continuing the philosophy with the Seahawks. Wherever possible, he finds a player bigger, faster and stronger than opponents at the same position. Osweiler fits this to a T. A 6’7″ qb, with a rifle arm and athletic ability so unique that Gonzaga wanted him to play hoops. Osweiler will need a year or two to learn, since he only has 15 starts, but after that, he could be physically dominant. What only John and Pete know, and we don’t, is how does Osweiler rate on his make-up and decision-making.

  91. Darnell

    Rob, I’d add Aaron Murray to the list of possible 2013 QBs worth looking at.

  92. nicky6

    Rob, one guy not on you list i am curious about Lawrence Vickers. hes a beast in my opinion and i thibk marshawn would benifit greatly from him. whats you opinion on him and do you thibk PC/JS will take a look?

  93. Stuart

    James, nice post. I too feel that way about Osweiler based on bigger, stronger and faster! If the Seahawks dont draft the QBOTF in the second round this year it can only mean two things. 1) waiting on Barkley next year and 2) PCJS feel that Portis is the QBOTF.

    Personally I am getting tired of this “wait until next year” crap about getting our QBOTF. We all know way to much every college qb up in the league. If it means having to move up in the 2nd round you do it in a heartbeat! We will finally know either way, soon enough.

  94. John

    I like Aaron Murray alot. Ever since the Auburn game. Granted… he was throwing to A. J. Green and our very own Kris Durham but he took a beating that game. He showed toughness and he’s mobile and has a big arm. And he can throw a pick, and get right back into the game without breaking down.

    That said, he’s got decision making problems and accuracy issues. But he’s not scared to take the deep through. If he has a good season next year I wouldn’t mind him. I also like Tyler Wilson, though I’m not all that familiar with him.

  95. Kip Earlywine

    Another reason why Seattle will (reportedly) wait til the end of the week to investigate Flynn as an option is because there is a very decent chance that Kolb could be released on Friday, or dealt super-cheap before then. Seattle did show interest in Kolb last year and depending on which rumors you believe, it was potentially serious interest too.

  96. Micah

    Does anyone have any thoughts on Kamerion Wimbley and Jeremy Mincey? Kamerion Wimbley seems like a solid but unspectacular linebacker. Jeremy Mincey had a good year last year, but doesn’t have much history. I’ve never seen him play, but the stats and his availability make him seem like an option to me.

    Anybody have thoughts who has more time watching these guys play? Do they answer our speed demand? Do they work with our defense?

  97. Rob

    Darnell – I’m not a big fan of Murray. Watched him a lot scouting AJ Green and also saw a lot of Georgia games last year. Patchy. But we’ll see how he does next year. The height bothers me.

    nicky6 – I know they really liked Vontae Leach last off season, so they may look at his replacement in Houston. Michael Robinson did a great job last year but I think they’ll kick the tire’s on Vickers.

    Kip – Yeah – there was definite interest in Kolb last off season but they weren’t prepared to pay what Arizona were. As a free agent? And with a chance to get one over the rival that dumped him? Could happen.

    Micah – Mincey has signed for Jacksonville. Wimbley will get a lot of interest, there could be competitive market for him when he’s released.

  98. D

    Bump QBs depending on where Manning ends up:



    That’s the list right? I would easily hold my fingers crossed for Locker (no idea why they would trade him though) and Kolb.

  99. woofu

    Carlson looks to be a hot commodity. First the Chiefs wanted him to dual threat with Maoki (ACL). Vikes now interested reportedly and the Colts might put him as a starter.

    Seattle not franchising him seems wise unless the Colts offer starter money > $5mill, which seems unlikely with Wayne at 3 yrs/$17. Might be able to get him back for less than the FT. TE market is scanty.

  100. Donald Duck

    Rob, I greatly enjoy your blog and read it daily.

    I disagree with a comment you made. You said, “Passing on Dalton, Mallett, Tebow and Flynn is not waiting for perfection – it’s not being impatient and making a bad move.” I agree on Mallett and Tebow and perhaps Flynn. But I think we made a mistake not drafting Dalton.
    All we can do is learn from our past mistakes and make better decisions in the future.

  101. Doug

    Ha ha CLT…

    So, JS/PC. Might as well draft a QB in round 1. If you buy Henne, and invest in nothing above a 4th rounder in the draft, you will have effectively put your jobs on the line with Jackson and Henne. (I doubt that…)

    See, being fickle is fine. You can date all kinds of girls but not get too serious. But damn, one day you are old, and the hot ones are married with kids. (and all their asses are 80 lbs fatter)You are lonely (but still shagging hot divorcees)


  102. PatrickH

    The latest news from Adam Schefter is that Flynn will visit Seattle Thursday night and Friday. Also, the Cleveland Browns have drop out of the pursuit.

  103. JC

    There’s a flaw in your analogy. The beautiful thing about college girls is as I get older, they stay the same age.

  104. Phil

    I’m reminding myself “In our two losses to SF last year, the Seahawks gave up 9 sacks while sacking Alex Smith twice.”

    This says it all to me. So long as we enter the 2012 season with a better pass rush and better decision-making at QB, we should be a better team. And, I think with another year of experience, our young team will be much improved.

    So long as the front office stays focussed on these two needs — pass rush and better QB play — I’ll be a happy camper. What is really important is to eliminate one of these needs (e.g., pass rush) so that next year we can focus our attention on the other (e.g., QB). In the meantime, we may find the QBOTF this year when we are not even expecting it.

  105. Rob

    The market for Matt Flynn is as low as a snake’s belly. His first visit will be a courtesy ‘kicking the tire’s’ trip to Seattle… a day after they first visit with Chad Henne.

  106. Jarhead

    Every team in our division is signing players and getting better, even the cards are at least pursuing peyon manning. And who is the only single player Seattle has publicly declared scheduling a meeting with? matt flynn… This just makes me sick. I don’t care what the market is. We just wasted a contract on jackson, so why do it again on flynn? A player who will only be a liability for this team. A player who the rest of the team will overcome. Kolb the same way. We watched this guy play TWICE agaisnt us. What more do they need to see? The guy can’t play. It’s as simple as that. And it’s okay that he washed out, it happens. Flynn and Kolb are not diamonds in the rough, they are just dry turds in the yak hair. I had given up on this idea,but now I’m all in for Brock in the second. Better to waste the pick on an unproven rookie with upside than waste the money on some garbage back up like Kolb or Flynn at any price

  107. Rugby Lock

    Good point Kip about Kolb. Could be an interesting end of the week. Personally I hope that they go all out for Super Mario as he is a rare talent. Can you imagine on passing plays of having SMW on on end and Clemmons on the other?? Yeah baby… with our secondary it would be scary.

  108. Jarhead

    Cleveland has dropped out and Miami is close behind in the pursuit of flynn. Wish we could say that. I don’t want the guy at any price. And why would we want to come here to be our backup. He had a better gig in green bay. Hell he ought to accept he garners no interest and go sign with green bay again.

  109. Rob

    I wouldn’t worry too much, Jarhead. Teams who try to win in March often lose in the fall.

  110. MattK

    Rob- Where did you hear that the front office are very high on Owseiler and Cousins? Is it the same inside source who told you about the front offices plans to go after D-lineman in the first rd?

  111. Smeghead

    I would love to have Super Mario but the price is just crazy scary to me so i’m not sure how i would feel about it in the end.

    I am definately intrigued by the soft Flynn market and if he could be had for not too much guaranteed money i could see a 4 year deal for him because he would be a nice young bridge guy to take over the starter duties for 1-2 years then transition to backup duties or be cut/traded if needbe… the same goes for Henne and Kolb for me but they would be 2nd and 3rd choice for me

    Russell Wilson

    Barkley/High End Draft Pick
    Russell Wilson

  112. MeatWad

    @D- Locker would not be on the table. he was drafted high by Tenn, and is cheap. If they land Peyton Locker would stay put and Matt is off looking again. Also, Campbell signed as a backup for Bears. Good pick up for the Bears, but I think Jason Campbell could have signed to a team where he could compete for a starting job or be given one.

    I am sad that Vincent Jackson went to TB. I knew with Rice signed last year he wouldn’t be looked at by Seattle but he would have been great to sign. We need upgrades in playmakers, WR core. Mike Williams was non-existant last year and does not have the speed to blow the top off of opposing secondary’s. I am not confident in our WR’s. I like them and they have some upside, but need the TD maker. I like Rice, but he has only been susceptible to injury week after week for multiple seasons. I would have loved for Marshall to be a Seahawk (despite the controversy and the recent early morning pending charge yesterday).

    I would love to see at least one good signing in FA. Mario Williams, a stud WR (too late now), a RB to complement Lynch, etc. Reading teams like SF, STL, ARZ in the race for big pick ups or signings have bummed me out. Red is huge for the D, but the team needs some key pick ups to stay competitive.

  113. Doug

    Funny how Flynn is NOT such a hot ticket this year, mostly I think to the disappointment that Kolb brought. And it’s wonderful that AZ paid through the nose to expose him. While the possibility for Flynn to be a good QB still is there, he will now have to sign for much less dough and actually prove himself befor cashing in big time, thanks K Kolb!

    But, he is still a viable prospect that may turn out to be a serviceable QB, that much remains to be seen. I mean, he can’t be worse than Clippy can he?

    I’m still all in for Mario as well, but I just don’t see the Hawks spending that much dough for one player… but he would be nice to have… that’s fo sho!

    All in all, this has been a forgettable FA period so far. I’m glad we got Red signed, but he still is a one trick pony for the most part, and hopefully Upshaw (or whoever) can bring some pass rush next year.

    So many times last year I was so frustrated with never being able to get to the QB and watching drives against us continue…. Oh well, maybe something will happen today that nobody sees coming.

  114. Rob

    Matt K – It’s from a different source, I’m looking to stand up the info with my key source. I trust both.

  115. Smeghead

    I am pleased so far with FA for the Hawks. They got the two key cogs on both sides of the ball done for reasonable contracts IMO.

    Now, there is a lot more FA to come still so the grade will definately be reserved for now.

    Doug – I will just that Clippy has never broken any team passing records. Flynn has, even though it was one of his only two starts – so yeah Flynn is better than Clippy. I still think he has a LOT to prove, BUT…. if the market is softened and we don’t have to pay him $8mil/yr then I’m interested…

  116. MattK

    Rob – thanks. Do they like them a lot, but not until the 3rd-4th rd like them or do they like them enough to draft them in the 2nd? If I remember right, the front office wasn’t looking to draft QB early this year. I’d be happy as heck if they could get them in the mid rounds though!

  117. Rob

    From what I understand, they like Osweiler and Cousins enough to give them a grade in the R2/3 region. However, they could very, very easily have other players rated higher at different positions.

  118. Donald Duck

    Vikings Agree To Terms With TE John Carlson ( Will we get a compensatory pick in 2013? If so, how high?

  119. Donald Duck

    Red Bryant’s $14.5M Is Fully Guaranteed ( While reports of guaranteed money are often inflated, a league source has confirmed that Bryant’s $14.5 million is fully guaranteed and will be paid out over the first two years.

  120. Richard

    WOW from Walterfootball Free agent signing grade F;

    “The Vikings are apparently trying to recreate New England’s two-tight end offense. The problem is that one of their tight ends suck. And it’s the guy they just gave $25 million to.

    Talk about overpaying. Carlson is both mediocre (at best) and injury-prone. In what bizarro universe is he worth $25 million, with $11 million of it guaranteed? An even more important question: Did Matt Millen and his LSD-laced kielbasas have a hand in this transaction as well? ”

    Gee somebody really doesn’t like John Carlson.

  121. Craig

    Rob, I just saw that Jason Jones going from working out in St Louis to Seattle. Looks like a quality DL, do you think he’d be a good fit for us? And how likely do you think it is that we get him if so? If anything, his value should be even higher to us because us getting him would mean that St Louis doesn’t have him.

  122. Ed

    So it looks like:

    Manning – Titans
    Hass – Cleveland
    Flynn – Miami

    Mario still needs landing spot, but looks like bills. Dallas gets carr and upshaw/coples are gone (bills/jags/panthers/dolphins), do think the bengals would want to trade to our spot to get decastro ahead of dallas?

    We sign jones (for dline) then trade back and get kuehly/martin/hendricks/osweiler in the first three rounds

  123. John

    I’m not upset with Seattle looking at, Flynn or Henne. I don’t expect them to be starters, and I don’t expect Seattle to overpay. At worst we got a couple career back-ups and we can get rid of TJ, who I think is the worst QB of the bunch. Seattle is building depth at every position, and QB has no depth. I have faith in the system.

    And Rob, do you have tape on Logan Thomas? All I can find are highlights.

  124. Ryan

    Shall I assume that signing Flynn would mean no run at Barkley and company in 2013?

  125. John

    Ryan – I don’t think so, if we thought Flynn was our franchise QB, we would’ve picked him up our first year after JS got here instead of clipboard Jesus. Or we would’ve more actively pursued him instead of waiting for his market to drop. Odds are he’s another bridge option that can come in and compete with TJ next season.

  126. Rugby Lock

    WTF?!?!!? Just pulled from PFT…

    Steve Hutchinson may be heading back to Seattle.

    Hutchinson, the seven-time Pro Bowl guard who was released by the Vikings last week, is visiting with the Seahawks today, Mike Sando of reports.

  127. Rob

    Ryan – If Seattle signs Flynn it’ll be on a short-term contract similar to Tarvaris Jackson’s. It would have zero impact on the team’s draft plans unless he turned out to be a superstar.

  128. Rob

    John – No specific tape yet but it’ll come after the draft.

  129. Rugby Lock

    Flynn on a short term deal is much more palatable than a long term big money one…

  130. Mike

    It looks like the FO is doing their usual thing – looking for value and steadfastly refusing to overpay for the sake of winning the offseason, which is pretty much the model of all of the successful franchises. The key to this isn’t avoiding FA entirely, its not overpaying. That’s why they went after Miller and Rice last year. Look no further than Rice’s deal last year compared to Garcon’s – it sure looks like we got excellent value there. Any franchise would jump at the chance to sign Mario for the vet minimum, but it only takes one irrational team to drive the price through the roof. Those moves usually don’t pay off, particularly not in the long term.

    At this point, I’d be surprised if they made much of a play for Mario given the contract Buffalo has apparently offered. I could see them bringing in either of Flynn or Henne on a short contract similar to the one Tarvaris got since there’s good value in that.

    Craig –

    Jones is a solid pass rushing 3T that is actually pretty decent against the run – see this PFF article from before last season:

    Since we’ve re-signed Red, we could certainly look to upgrade our pass rush from the 3T spot but would probably not want to sacrifice the run D much. Seems to me like Jones could be a good fit.

    I don’t think keeping him from STL adds much if PCJS don’t see him as a valuable addition to the line.

    Ed –

    The Bengals don’t have much history of trading up, they’re generally pretty passive in the draft. I’m sure their fans would want them to trade up, but I don’t see it happening. Seems to make a bit of sense, so it could happen.

  131. Craig

    Thanks a lot Mike! Great read. Hope we can get him at a solid price

  132. AlaskaHawk

    I love seeing all these megadeals from teams like Detroit. I love megatron -but come on – that is an ourtrageous amount of money. The more teams that overpay – the quicker they will hit their caps. That leaves more players for us!

  133. Rugby Lock

    Just pulled from PFT… wonder who the other three teams are?

    As Bills fans wait for white smoke to come from the chimney of Ralph Wilson Stadium, it looks like Mario Williams could soon be moving on, at least physically.

    A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Williams is scheduled to leave town tonight.

    Williams arrived on Tuesday. Earlier today, his fiancee arrived. He picked her up at the airport, and they return to team headquarters.

    As of Tuesday, three other teams wanted to meet with Williams.

  134. Stuart

    Rugby Lock-

    What or where is PFT?

  135. Dave

    I’m starting to get annoyed with people hating on our off-season thus far. We resigned the two MOST IMPORTANT players in our own organization, Big Red and Beast Mode. That was huge keeping both of them and sets the standard this organization wants to portray; we keep our own players and draft well.

    Seriously, how many times do we have to debate the fact that “winning” FA is a load of crap. Washington may “win” by making all these trades and signing all these free agents — like they always do and still never make the playoffs — but the fact is I am willing to bet that St. Louis makes out much better than they do out there on the other coast.

    I completely agree with whoever said it earlier, its all about VALUE. Can you add depth without wasting cap space. Cap space should be saved for the players you develop in your system.

    I trust in JS/PC as they have done an excellent job in finding the right value for the right players to fit our system here in Seattle; both in the draft and in FA. If they can bring in Flynn or Henne at low cost then I’m 100% for it. Adding depth and competition to the QB position can do nothing but push whoever our starter is to play at a higher level.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want our QBOTF as much as the next guy; but NOT at the expense of hurting the overall team. I would be completely fine if we did not even address the QB position this year and just beefed up our pass rush and defense as a whole. Hell, look at what a terrible Timmy Tebow did with a great defense. If we wanna go all out next year fine, but this year is simply not a possibility. First couple round MUST address the pass rush more so than a QB in my opinion.

    Sorry for the epic long post.

  136. Rugby Lock

    Pro Football Talk

  137. Smeghead

    Looks like the Chiefs won’t need Trent Richardson as they’ve just signed HIllis according to John Clayton…

  138. Smeghead

    Hawthorne visiting the Saints on Friday

  139. Smeghead

    Was there any news on Tulloch or Lofton yet?

  140. Smeghead

    G Mike Gibson also signed by the Eagles…

  141. Smeghead

    The mocks should get really interesting from here on out with all this player movement…

  142. Ryan

    The Chiefs won’t need Richardson anymore, but now the Browns will.

  143. James

    Michael Lombardi of reports that the Dolphins have decided to go with Tannehill at #8, if they don’t land Manning. This would obviously take them out of the Flynn sweepstakes. Supposedly the Browns are also not interested (are they waiting on Kolb or something?). This should leave the path wide open for the Seahawks to sign Flynn to a “prove it” contract to battle Tarvaris, while they also draft someone in round two/three (Osweiler/Cousins) to develop along with Portis, and voila, Pete has his 4-way competition. Four average QB’s don’t equal one franchise QB, but the odds are pretty good that one of these four guys will emerge as that franchise QB over the next couple of years. Not sure what this says about Flynn if both Philbin and Holmgren decided to pass on him, but the Seahawks should be in the ideal situation where they can grab him without committing the future to him, and let him prove it on the field.

  144. Craig

    Henne 2 year deal with the Jags

  145. Will

    I don’t know if this has come up before, but if Tennessee really pulls out all the stops and signs Manning, as they for some reason seem ready to, what happens to Hasselbeck and/or Locker?
    Doesn’t seem a hugely likely destination to me for Peyton but I just want to imagine for a second any scenario where we have a shot at the hometown hero Jake. Bud Adams is certainly crazy enough. Thoughts? Any chance of it?

  146. Rob

    Zero chance unfortunately, Will. The Titans would keep hold of Locker, but even if available the Seahawks wouldn’t be in the market. They had him at #6 on their QB board last year, so 12 months on their unlikely to pull out all the stops to trade for him.

  147. James

    Henne was in Seattle today and then signed with J’ville. That tells me that the Seahawks intend to sign Flynn, and told Henne in so many words. If Manning lands in Tennessee, he will intend to play there for 3 or 4 years. Locker already sat out this year. I just do not see him sitting out for 4 more years. I believe he will ask to be traded and why wouldn’t the Titans want a #1 pick instead of a back-up QB? Land a WR or OL to bolster Manning? Matt is the perfect backup to Manning, not Locker. Could this be Rob’s inside info on a QB trade with the Seahawks?

  148. James

    Rob, I remember you said the Seahawks had Gabbert #1 and Dalton #2 on their board last year, but the concern with Locker was his accuracy and drop-back reads. Jake played well enough last year with the Titans to have allayed many of those concerns, at least in the minds of some of the national scouts…not sure if John and Pete have changed their minds?

  149. Rugby Lock

    Newflash from your friendly neighborhood rugger!! 🙂

    NFL Network’s Steve Wyche reports that the Seahawks will host tight end Visanthe Shiancoe for a free agent visit “within the next few days.”

  150. mjkleko I believe is what he is citing.

  151. mjkleko

    Woah, guess I hadn’t refreshed in a while.

    But question; what’s the news on Soliai? Last I read he was visiting KC.

  152. Rob

    James – I don’t think Henne ever made it to Seattle. I think he realised Jacksonville was a good spot for him. I doubt Seattle/Flynn agree a deal on this visit – he/they will bide their time. Whatever happens – it’ll be a Jackson-type stop-gap contract. I was never given a name on the team or player involved in the possible trade, but I will be stunned if it’s Locker. It won’t happen. Gabbert, Kaepernick, Dalton, Newton, Unknown, Locker – that was the order of the QB rankings. I doubt anything has changed with Locker, at least enough to consider a big trade. Look to next year for big QB trades…

    mjkleko – Soliai will stay in Miami. Terms agreed, or close.

  153. reccos82003

    -Why haven’t the seahawks gone after larry grant with it only being a 7th round tender given by the niners?
    -Other linebacker ideas?
    -Will hutch be back in seattle with gallery gone?
    -What are the chances we get robinson back or are jacob hester/spencer larson formidable replacements?
    -Josh Johnson a candidate for a seahawks qb?


  154. Smeghead

    Gallery gone – didn’t see it but they saved 4 mil in cap space

    mcquistan re-signed – good good depth move

    and if flynn won’t sign a reasonable prove it deal then i would be cool with josh johnson for a competition type move for two years 8 mil or so

  155. meatwad

    Did not see gallery going. But, not huge as I trust in the signings and value brought in. Weird though,,,weird

  156. reccos82003

    vontaze burflict have a role in the seahawks defense as a mid round pick?

  157. nicky6

    Hey rob, have you heard of any teams showing interest in lawrence vickers? Ive been looking all over and cant find anything on him. i know he would be a great pickup and from the apparent lack of interst would probably come cheap

  158. reccos82003

    vickers signed with dallas wednesday afternoon yo

  159. nicky6

    Damn dallas

  160. reccos82003

    please tell me we are looking at kamerion wimbley

  161. Misfit74

    You know, I’d be okay with signing David Garrard if our top few options dry up. He’d be a nice backup and could win a few games, too. I think he fits our offense well enough.

    I wonder if we bring in some more offensive linemen?

    This tidbit: “SI’s Peter King believes Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill may not last beyond the draft’s first four picks.”

    That would further our draft-boad’s cause, methinks.

  162. Misfit74

    I think Wimbley would be a good Leo and part-time SLB. Dude can ball rushing the passer.

  163. Misfit74

    Vickers isn’t a big deal. He was cast-off from CLE and Houston simply used him for a season to help plug the void left by the departure of Vontae Leach. There are better options.

  164. reccos82003

    i want michael robinson back anyway..

  165. reccos82003

    any word on jason jones?

  166. Smeghead

    haven’t heard anything on jones. definately want mike rob back…

    i guess Hutch and co. were at the VMAC until around midnight last night… hmmmm

  167. Hawkfaninmt

    I would think with Wimbley they would have him play at OLB, then on passing downs he moves up into Red’s end spot for the Nickel package… WOuld love the versatility he would bring and the experience.

  168. reccos82003

    hutch is a titan

  169. Elias

    M. Robinson remains a Seahawk.

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