The history of the #25 pick and Seattle’s 2011 draft

The Dallas Cowboys traded with Seattle to draft cornerback Mike Jenkins at #25 in 2008

The Seahawks own the 25th overal pick in the 2011 draft following yesterday’s defeat to Chicago in the playoffs. 

Seattle has never drafted anyone with the #25 pick in the history of the franchise although they previously had the option on two separate occasions: 

– In 1985 they traded the 25th overall pick to Cincinnati for center Blair Bush. The Texan played 82 games for the Seahawks in a six-year spell before moving to Green Bay.  

– In 2008 Seattle traded down with Dallas and chose defensive end Lawrence Jackson with the 28th overall pick. Jackson has since been traded to the Detroit Lions and was former GM Tim Ruskell’s penultimate first round pick before departing. 

The closest Seattle has picked in that range was in 2005 when they moved from #23 to #26 after a trade with Oakland. The Seahawks took current starting center Chris Spencer from Ole Miss. 

Other picks made by the team in the 20-29 range are as follows: 

1984 Terry Taylor (CB, Southern Illinois) – 22nd overall 

1988 Brian Bosworth (LB, Oklahoma) – 22nd overall 

1996 Pete Kendall (OT, Boston College) – 21st overall 

1999 Lamar King (DE, Saginaw Valley State) – 22nd overall 

2000 Chris McIntosh (OT, Wisconsin) – 22nd overall 

2002 Jerramy Stevens (TE, Washington) – 28th overall 

2008 Lawrence Jackson (DE, USC) – 28th overall 

Since 1990 four Pro-Bowl players have been drafted 25th overall. They are Ted Washington (a defensive tackle drafted in 1991 by the 49ers), Jermane Mayberry (an offensive lineman drafted in 1996 by the Eagles), Jon Beason (a linebacker drafted in 2007 by the Panthers) and Mike Jenkins (a cornerback drafted in 2008 by Dallas). 

Jenkins, of course, was the player taken by the Cowboys following the trade that led to Seattle drafting Lawrence Jackson. 

In that same time frame cornerbacks have been the most popular selection – four have been taken since 1990. Defensive tackles, quarterbacks andwide receivers have been selected three times. The rest of the picks are made up of running backs (2), defensive ends (2), a linebacker and a strong safety. 

Denver has drafted two quarterbacks since 1990 – Tommy Maddox (UCLA, 1992) and Tim Tebow (Florida, 2010). The other quarterback drafted was Jason Campbell (Auburn, 2005). 

The last five players drafted 25th overall are as follows: 

2010– Tim Tebow (QB, Denver) 

2009– Vontae Davis (CB, Miami) 

2008 – Mike Jenkins (CB, Dallas) 

2007– Jon Beason (LB, Carolina) 

2006– Santonio Holmes (WR, Pittsburgh) 

The 25th overall pick is worth 720 points according to the trade value chart. The Seahawks also own the 57th pick in round two which is worth 330 points. If you combine the two picks, they hold the same chart value as the 15th overall pick. 

Seattle traded it’s third round pick to San Diego for Charlie Whitehurst. However, they acquired the second pick in the fourth round (98th overall) from New England for Deion Branch. The Seahawks traded the 121st selection to Buffalo for Marshawn Lynch. 

Cornerback Josh Wilson only started nine of a needed ten games to qualify for a fourth round pick in the trade with Baltimore. Instead the Seahawks own 153rd and 154th picks in round five. 

Any picks after round three will drop due to the compensatory selections that will be added once they’ve been determined. 

In round six the team owns the 168th pick (from Detroit in the Lawrence Jackson deal) but traded the 185th pick to San Francisco for Ketwan Balmer. It’s unclear if the team has a seventh round pick following undisclosed trades for Stacy Andrews, Tyler Polumbus and Seneca Wallace.

Here are the picks in full including the trade chart value: 

1st round (25th overall) – 720 points 

2nd round (57th overall) – 330 points 

4th round (98th overall) – 108 points 

5th round (153rd & 154th overall) – 30.2 points & 29.8 points 

6th round (168th overall)  – 24.2 points 

7th round to be confirmed (217th overall) – 4.6 points 

To see the trade value chart in full click here. It needs to be acknowledged that the chart is widely considered to be outdated and based on the evidence of recent trades (for example – Jacksonville moving from #26 to #8 in 2008) deals are not restricted to the points value given.


  1. Matt Q.

    If the seahawks do pick Joathan Baldwin. Do you think he could start? Does he have character issues?

    • Rob

      Badlwin was arrested for summary harrassment in 2009 but the charges were dropped. He is considered a hard worker who has shown a commtiment to developing. Teams will do their research especially on the arrest but the the impression I got from Baldwin was that character shouldn’t be a major issue. He’s not a punk.

      • charlie

        Hasn’t he been considered to look like not to caring this season though? that seems like a character issue to me

        • Rob

          He certainly lost focus but then we have to appreciate this is a guy who was ready for the next step 12 months ago playing on a shambles team that is now on it’s third head coach in a month and had QB issues all year. It’s something teams will check out but not a major concern for me.

  2. Matt

    At this point, seeing what is potentially available at pick 57 (and 25), I say you shop 57 and 25 and see how high you could move up.

    This draft looks pretty awful after about the top 20. There’s no way a guy like Cameron Heyward or Gabe Carimi should be considered in Round 1, but this class is so poor, that they have a great shot of landing in that area. Sure, it would hurt to lose a second round pick, but at this point, it looks like you are getting a second round value at pick 25, and a low 3rd at 57. So, I would much rather move up and get a potential impact guy, then hang around and get the scraps.

    Rob, would you say this is one of the poorest draft classes in recent memory? I just feel like it drops off a cliff after about 2/3rds way through the first round.

    • Rob

      I would say it’s the weakest one I’ve spent time studying. Losing certain prospects who haven’t declared has hurt the depth. I think we have to entertain the prospect of trading up and it’s something we can look at over the next few months leading up to the draft.

    • Alex

      I agree as well. I was just looking at McShay’s Scout Inc board and the talent definitely feels lower than the last two years.


    • Meat

      I for one feel this years draft class looks poor after the top 20 picks-projected. I mean, it is really bad when you have a first round pick at number 20-25, and nothing looks first round material really… Maybe, hopefully we get some surprised, but the guys I was looking at after 15-20 do not impress.. bummer for seattle. they need to get a higher draft position any way shape or form.. I will always love my memory from teh Saints game last week and being in the stands as a season ticket holder was awesome, but I cannot but help and wonder what the 8th pick woulda been for Seattle.

      • Patrick

        It may sound strange but I’m actually glad the draft class isn’t as talented after Pick #20. Hear me out, if the talent isn’t there we may be more likely to trade up. And if that happens, than at least it occured during a draft where we didn’t miss out on amazing talent.

        Also, maybe I’m just taking the “glass half full” approach, but I’m not too upset we’re not picking #8. I mean, in all reality, who would we have chosen? Jake Locker? He may not make it past #7 and some would consider even #8 a reach. CB? For all we know Jimmy Smith may drop and Prince Amukamara doesn’t seem worth it. I honestly think #8 would have sounded better and may have been more exciting, but I think #25 could be ever better.

        • Meat

          I like the ‘glass half full approach :). I’m not that upset about them losing the number 8 pick, but trading up from that 8th spot, if possible, would have given Seattle that elite CB or QB needed so badly. At this point I just hope-which I am sure we will get, an Nfl season next year..

  3. Ed

    While our wr’s did drop some balls early, they got by db’s and made plays in the 2nd half (and the bears didn’t quit, we just made the plays we didn’t early).

    We got decent pressure, but our scheme/gameplan stunk. Most of the time we dropped into coverage (like against the saints). We should have been blitzing because under pressure cutler throws int’s (babs dropped two).

    Our coverage was soft. Trufant and Jennings are pretty good man-to-man players. That’s what we should have played.

    Leaves me to oline. While hass protection was pretty good, we just cannot run. Even with Lynch the last two weeks having good games, he always was hit at/behind the line.

    We need cb, rt, c/og. Obie/Williams resigned. Tate 2nd rd pick. Stockley has to be resigned. Not including Butler, that is 4 wr’s already. Don’t see us taking a wr in 1st.

    1st cb (smith/burton/harris)
    2nd ot (ijalana/Osemele)
    4th c (o’dowd/mofitt)

    • Matt

      I would consider WR Torrey Smith in round 2 (where he could realistically fall).

      Obo and Williams were resigned for very, very little money. Tate has shown nothing and is not a “gameplan for” type WR. We need difference makers. Not that Torrey Smith is Andre Johnson, but he does provide good size and great speed (that is seen on field, unlike Tate).

      We do need CBs like no other. I fully expect a CB or QB in round 1 and wouldn’t be surprised to see a big trade to get one.

      • Meat

        I don’t know, I wouldn’t be so much of in a hurry to just bag Tate, a poor rookie season yes, but it isn’t like he was given a lot of game time either… Move up to the NFL is a big step for some, and I am still hopefull for Tate..
        I 100 percent agree, especially watching the last game, the secondary is horrid…At the picks and this draft class i dont see any QB’s getting down to 25, 15th is even questionable really

    • Rob

      What I would say is Ed – if this team didn’t think they needed to get better at wide receiver, why did they aggresively pursue Brandon Marshall and why did they show interest in Vincent Jackson? And do you now say those needs are filled by Williams and Obomanu – after all… Williams was the 41st ranked wide out in the NFL this year. The Seahawks simply do not have a dynamic playmaker on the team and while I don’t think it’s the #1 need, I wouldn’t avoid a guy like Jonathan Baldwin to reach for a cornerback with a 2/3 round grade such as Burton and I’m almost certain Jimmy Smith won’t be there at #25 and there’s every chance Harris won’t be either.

      • Alex

        Not that I disagree that we need playmakers, but the fact is that WRs in general have the highest bust rate at 36% due to their uncertain development path. I am EXTREMELY wary of picking WR unless they’re nearly perfect (e.g. AJ Green) because most WRs aren’t NFL ready now and actually take 3 years to develop into the product they are. This is why I’m not giving up on Tate just yet and I’m not fond of picking a WR in the 1st round when you could get a WR that might be better 3 years down the road with a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

        Considering the nature of the position, I would lean toward FA (e.g. Jackson) or a mid round pick to develop.


        • Rob

          I think we also have to take into account how many WR’s have been over drafted at the top of round one and that has contributed to the bust rate. We’ve seen a lot of good value in the late first/early second in recent years with Bowe, Nicks, Britt, Jackson, Jennings etc. I appreciate the point Alex and it’s one shared by many – but I also think you have to take each prospect on their own merits.

        • Meat

          I am w/ Alex on this… Seattle needs playmakers yes-but the risk and the time for a WR to develop and come in to his own in the NFL from college schemes may take a few years, and I too am not going to be tough on Tate-he was a Rookie for petes sake, the term Rookie mistakes. I wouldn’t use a first rounder, and i don’t see seattle doing that as there are much MUCH bigger needs, and after signing both Obo and Mike for three more years they can afford a lower draft position pick or next year, or even grab Vincent off season.. Crossing fingers….. Secondary-CB’s need to be filled w/ elite talent that Seattle doesn’t have.. I like how the OL has been holding up for Matt, but the lanes don’t open up, so our running sucks, perhaps an elite talent there? I don’t know.. There are so many needs and the picks this year and talent will make this a struggle. Carroll made what, 283 transactions this year? He isn’t done yet.

          • Meat

            BTW: My thoughts are in regards to this years draft prospects at WR and Seattle’s pick at 25. The round 1 picks warrnt a round 1 pick will probably be gone by 25, in my opinion of course.

  4. Ed

    Matt, I had earlier posted the torrey smith in 2nd rd too. He has speed.

    Rob, that was before we knew williams and obamanu could play. Heck, Williams was out of the league for 2 years. I agree we could use another wr, but my point is more of spending 1st rd on one. I wouldn’t mind spending fa money on jackson though. And if harris is gone too and we can’t trade back (and i know you hate it), I would say draft RT in 1st and get cb (burton) in 2nd.

    • Rob

      But the point I would make there is that Williams was #41 for receivers this year in terms of his numbers and he had two touchdowns in the regular season. They had Williams on board and they were still pursuing Jackson once the season had kicked off and he was starting. I like both BMW and Obomanu – but I think the team can still use one defining playmaker who can be that guy who really takes the offense to another level. I’m not handcuffed to Baldwin or receiver – but in my last mock that was the BPA at a position of need. I don’t think they’ll rule out wide out.

      • Meat

        Lets hope they get some talent through free agency…. I would rather see them p/up a known talent like Vincent Jackson than pick up the scraps of WR’s at 25th pick. The elite WR’s that would warrant the pick are gone in every mock draft I have read. Do you think Matt will be signed for another couple years? What about a similar contract that McNabb had, so many wins, playoffs, SB win=specific amount of payment. I doubt Matt would want that, but I would. I would hate for him to go to the Niners or AZ instead….

        • Rob

          The problem is Meat as I mentioned elsewhere – it appears very likely we won’t have a free agency before the draft because of the CBA situation. If that’s the case – and if on draft day you’re on the clock and a WR is top of your board – I don’t think you can justify passing on the off chance of a veteran receiver being available when free agency does happen 3-12 months down the line. Despite everything that happened with Jackson – I think it’s almost certain he’ll be franchised and traded and not released.

          As for Hasselbeck – it remains to be seen. I don’t think anything will happen soon for any of the older veterans because right now we have no idea if there will be football in 2011. You’re not going to pay premium money for no football, so it’s a situation that might not be answered for months.

  5. Ed

    I don’t think they rule out anyone, but picking deep I hope BPA falls into one of our biggest needs. CB Oline.

    Scheme/Gameplan wise, how did you think the hawks did on sunday? I thought it was horrible.

    • Rob

      I think they could’ve at least tried some creative blitz packages on defense – it won the game in week six and we didn’t seem to see an awful lot of that. Wasn’t particularly keen on the 3rd and 9 play call in the third quarter in the red zone – four receiver set but no crossing routes so basically Hasselbeck had four guys stood… covered… on the edge of the end zone. I’ve no idea what the plan was there.

  6. SeaFaninSLC

    Will we get compensetory picks for Burleson and Corry Redding? If so where are those likely to fall. I head Burleson could get us a 4th rounder.

    • Rob

      Yes that is likely, although it remains to be seen what we’ll get in return.

  7. Nano

    Good read Rob. Like many, I have a hard time getting excited about guys that will probably be there.

    I have a hunch that Carroll and Schneider will be aggressive and put the cross hairs on a couple of guys that will go in the first half of the first round. They’ll do what they have to to get their dude–probably a QB or CB.

    I’d love Smith. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were high on Amukamara. He is not unlike Jenkins–but I think he’ll run better at the combine. There’s no doubt that Carroll wants bigger players at cornerback.

    • Meat

      I like Patrick Peterson, but he is gone early, before Prince.. man, he has talent.

  8. Ed

    Yeah, I thought it was really poor.

    Too fa and the draft. Let’s hope they get a deal done so the timeline remains the same.

    I really think we need to hope from subpar perfromances from locker and smith. If they somewhat struggle and others rise, one of those two would be a good pick at #25. Would still prefer to drop out of 1st and get 2 2nds this year and 2 1st next year (but doubtful).

  9. Jules

    Hey Rob,

    I appreciate the draft analysis that you provide and after reviewing the season as a whole my main question is this, given our draft position and the state of our free agents, I expect Seattle to be aggressive in trying to unearth a few lesser known gems out there on the free agent list.

    Given Carroll’s pension for competition all the time and the high turnover rate of players this past season, does that approach make Seattle more attractive or less attractive to available free agents? Does the treatment of veterans like Housh impact the way this year’s free agent class will view the Seahawks?

    I have to wonder what the prospects of this team might be like with a stronger offensive line. After the key notable prospects there have to be a few others out there who would be affordable and provide an upgrade to what we had this past year. With that said, what do you believe Max Unger’s future is with the Seahawks? Seems like he doesn’t fit their current approach, not that I am too sure they know whether they want to go with the zone blocking scheme again or move towards a more traditional blocking scheme.



    • Jules

      Oh yeah, any thoughts on the Seahawks trading up for a shot at Mike Pouncey? Do you think that might be a worthwhile addition to our O-line?

    • Rob

      Hi Jules, thanks for the kind words,

      With regard free agency – my opinion will always be that money talks. There are mitigating circumstances (wanting to play in home state/city or for a contender) but generally free agents are less concerned about environment and more about the bank balance. If we’re talking second tier guys – they may be encouraged by a realistic opportunity to challenge and earn a place. There aren’t many teams that will open it up and make it a competition. The top guys won’t be interested in that and they’ll need to be paid – which is why I can’t see any of the big names arriving in Seattle. I think the intention is to build through the draft and create competition – not invite any guaranteed starts via big free agency deals. I suspect we’ll see a lot of Raheem Brock type guys come in over the next few off seasons – guys who will take on that competition feel and fight to earn a starting spot.

      It’s hard to tell with Unger because of the injury this year. He’s a bit of a tweener in that he isn’t a great fit for the ZBS but doesn’t have the size/strength to be an ideal man scheme lineman. They need to define the scheme a lot more next season – either commit to the zone or go with the man. They did neither this year and it was a mess. Rather than invest more first round picks in the line (we already had two – Okung and Spencer – the same amount as the Jets) the line play will improve significantly if they can define the scheme and get it working consistently.

      This brings me on to Pouncey. I wouldn’t trade up for him even though I like Pouncey. For me – it really is about getting that scheme in place and building through the mid/late rounds and finding free agents. The elite blocking teams haven’t got there by throwing picks at the line – it’s all about consistency and execution. Seattle has spent high at the premium line position with Okung and they have a guy in Spencer who also cost a R1 pick and had what should’ve been IMO a Pro-Bowl call up instead of Shaun O’Hara who had only six mediocre starts for the Giants this year (he’s since pulled out with an ankle injury). It’s time to concentrate on other areas of the team and if they’re moving up the board – I can’t look further than a QB or one of the top CB’s at a push.

      • Meat

        Great read Rob, great comment. QB and CB are the positions I have been stuck on for Seattle for awhile.. I can see Seattle continue to build through the draft, but to get some elite talent at this point they will have to look to free agency for some positions. You think the interest is gone w/ WR Jackson? Or another need a CB, Nnamdi Asomugha, i can think of 31 other teams that would want him.. It does seem that Seattle has been burned by the big contracts as of late.

        • Rob

          I think clearly a lot of teams will look at Asomugha but it’ll come down to a select few big spenders – the usual suspects. Whether Seattle would be interested depends on a lot of things – particularly when free agency takes place and who they draft between now and then.

  10. Ralphy

    I hope the Hawks don’t trade up. I don’t think it works out very often that you get the value back in return. I know the Packers scored with Clay Matthews who I believe they traded up for but when you look at how much you give up to move ten spots it seems like too much for a team that has so many needs.

    The WR bust rate brings up a good point. There are a ton of potential FA WRs that are known players. Wouldn’t you rather see us make a move for a known WR then roll the dice on someone like Baldwin (who I do like)? One guy I was wondering about is Plaxico Burress. If the Hawks were willing to make a run on two guys with questionable backgrounds in Marshall and Jackson then hopefully they would also consider Plaxico. I think he benefits from the success the Eagles had with Vick. I personally would love to see a one and two the size of Williams and Burress.

    • Rob

      The problem is Ralphy – it seems almost certain that we won’t have a free agency before the draft. So do you go into the draft thinking that whenever the CBA does get signed (3 months? 6? 12?) you can then target a wide receiver? And when you’re on the clock and if Baldwin or another wideout is top of your board do you then pass for those reasons? I would say no.

      If you can sign a Jackson (who I think would be franchised for sure even despite everything that’s happened) then obviously it changes things. But it seems unlikely with the CBA. As I’d like to point out again – you can’t draft positions, only prospects. In my last mock I couldn’t see anyone of Baldwin’s potential period – let alone at a greater position of need.

  11. Bruce M.

    Rob–How did you get that Bosworth was a 22nd pick in the first round? As I recall he was a #1 pick in a supplemental round, and that the Hawks won the right to select him by a lottery of some sort…

    • Rob

      My research source may be incorrect so feel free to put me right – but in a supplemental draft teams right down what they’d be willing to pay and the highest bidder wins. I believe Seattle offered a round one pick which happened to be the #22 by the time it played out. So they received Bosworth in that way and didn’t select in round one of the 1988 draft (they would’ve been at #22).

  12. Cliff

    What do you think of Maryland WR Torrey Smith? Has decent height at 6’0 and I think he’s in the 2nd round range but is considered a deep threat. Thanks.

    • Rob

      Smith has excellent straight line speed. I suspect he’ll run a great 40-time at the combine because when he runs straight down the field he’s quick. He’s probably a notch below elite in that sense. However – what seperates him from a guy like Jeremy Maclin or a DeSean Jackson type is that when he has to change direction, he’s not that fluid. He’s quite a stiff runner, so when he justs bombs it out downfield he’s hard to stick with, but if he has the ball in his hands in the open field he doesn’t tend to be able to make a guy miss than shoot off. He scores most of his TD’s in the red zone which is a positive – but I do think we haven’t seen as many downfield long TD catches because he’s a bit of a one-trick pony in that sense. Teams with QB’s who can lay it out (Cutler, Flacco) should look at Smith closely, but I’m not sure if he’s not a supplement to an offense rather than the defining aspect of it. Seattle really needs more than just a guy that can run downfield in a straight line.

  13. Patrick

    Well Rob, it’s that time of year again! I’m very anxious about this year because A) I feel confident any player will help us improve and B) It’s totally different than the last 2 years when we had more pressure to select a top 10 talent. At #25, we have options and opportunity.

    Now, you made a very good point about free agency not happening until probably after the draft. Which free agents stand out to you as being on the Seahawks radar? My ideal plan a few weeks ago was, go after Vince Young, Ryan Harris (rumored to be on his way out in Denver) and then take a chance on Aaron Maybin (rumored to be out in Buffalo) as a LEO. Knowing we might resign Hasselbeck, I don’t think Vince Young makes as much sense, but I’m really high on the idea of possibly trading Green Bay for Matt Flynn. I agree with you and really don’t like Kevin Kolb, but I think the front office seems to like him. Having a #25 sort of makes the possibility of trading a 1st round pick more likely (That’s the latest rumor I’ve heard of what Philadelphia wants in return).

    • Meat

      Yeah, I think Philly will want waaaayy to much for Kolb. Maybe I am wrong, please correct, but last i read/heard they either wanted, or is speculated, a first, and a possible third, fourht round picks from next year.. OUCH. No thanks. keep him. I like the idea of Vince Young, but the headache that may come with him.. Hmmm. Looking at free agency is WR’s there are at least 5 are interesting, well maybe even 6-7. Tight Ends too, Mercedis Lewis, Owen Daniels (after last years injury would be a gamble), and but up there is Zach Miller-great blocker, great pass catcher. He is a great hybrid of sorts and has shown he can catch despite consistency at QB. Carlson has not impressed me until the Saints game. TE isn’t really a need w/ getting Morrah and Carlson in the past drafts recently-but an upgrade would be nice, especially if they are good blockers.
      I don’t see the free agency happening until late after the draft too, w/ the dispute still up in the air.
      I was just going to put my two cents in about Kolb, and i started to ramble. sorry.

    • Rob

      I would like to see free agency happen as usual for two reasons – 1) it means football in 2011 because the CBA has been signed and 2) it enables the regime of PC and JS to deal around to the full amount of their abilities like they did so well in year one. Maybin is a good shout and something I could imagine happening. His days are numbered in Buffalo – he could be cut. It’s worth a flier. People will have to diagnose the risk/potential aspect of Young because the upside is a starter at a decent age who has a winning record. But then his departure from Tennessee was chaotic and really can you depend on that not happening again? I think they’ll stay clear – they want guys to be ‘All in’ after all. Flynn is a limited QB for me who did well against the Pats but was playing on an offense jam packed with talent. For a nominal amount I would entertain it – but I feel like Kolb his value will be too high right now based on one game. Ryan Harris would be a steal.

  14. charlie

    How would you feel about getting allen bailey with 25?

    • Rob

      I would be surprised based on the fit on this defense. Bailey is a bit big to play the LEO – but in our scheme it’s probably his best role. He’s not got the size we look for at the Bryant 5-tech and he kicked inside at Miami which he wouldn’t do in Seattle. Really I’m torn what his best role is – and it’s one of the reasons I have him out of R1. Aside from that – his effort is so inconsitent. He spends way too much time on the sidelines for my liking being spelled in and out which was a warning sign – you don’t leave your best D-liner on the sideline as often as he was. He’s got the frame to be excellent possibly as a LE in a 4-3, but he’d need to be on a really motivated team. But based on scheme, I think he’s unlikely in Seattle.

      • charlie

        Are there any players that could upgrade us at nose tackle? and how about good depth for brandon mebanes position?

        • Rob

          The highest ranked nose tackle appears to be Baylor’s Phil Taylor but he is not someone I’ve had the chance to study. He has a R2 grade according to some pundits. Kenrick Ellis and Jerrell Powe are options later on but there aren’t a cluster of NT’s this year and no top prospect.

          There are a number of potential three technique’s from Nick Fairley at the top of the board, Corey Luiget, Drake Nevis, Marvin Austin, Jarvis Jenkins, Christian Ballard and Jurell Casey. I think they’d like size which may rule out a Nevis but perhaps makes an Austin more of a possibility later on. Having watched Paea a bit closer I think he’d have to play 5-tech but really his fit is best on a line like Indianapolis where he can play the one.

          • charlie

            yeah thats too bad i really like paea, he just bench presses people off of him. i have watched all of oregon states games, however have you noticed that he doesnt play every snap? sometimes it was hard to tell being in the stadium, but it sometimes seemed like he wouldnt even be on the field in key situations, like he was winded?

      • charlie

        And what were your thoughts on josh pinkard and marcus brown, if you had any from college? I noticed they’re on our 53 man roster and both have decent size, pinkard being very good size for corner

        • Rob

          Pinkard was hard to judge because of all the injuries and trouble off the field. He had a sixth year at USC so I never really felt he was someone likely to be drafted. He has the size they’re looking for at corner and it’s someone Pete Carroll will know a lot more about than anyone else. I have no leftover notes on either player though particularly Brown as I have no access to Arkansas State. Apologies for not being able to offer more information.

          • charlie

            no problem rob, thanks for trying though!

  15. Robert

    A pro bowl OL will give the QB more time and open holes for the running game

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