Jimmy Smith & Jonathan Baldwin tape

Last week I published some tape featuring every play that Jimmy Smith impacted when Colorado faced Oklahoma. I wanted to lend some credence as to why I think Smith is primed for a huge rise up many draft boards and mocks come the combine.

I’ve added another video today – this time against Blaine Gabbert and Missouri. As against the Sooners – I think it’s telling how little Missouri target Smith. You can check out the footage below.

I’ve also included tape of Jonathan Baldwin (who I have going to Seattle in my latest mock) when Pittsburgh took on West Virginia last year. It’s worth watching until the end for a downfield touchdown reception.


  1. plyka

    Jimmy Smith is a pretty good CB and definitely deserves to go in round 1, but from all the mocks i’ve seen, Smith should be available to the Hawks at 25 and the Hawks should take him there if given the opportunity.

    I wasn’t very impressed with Baldwin at all. I think he will be a good player in the NFL, but i don’t see a special quality. He has great size, but i don’t think the speed/quickness is there and that’s what I think the Hawks are lacking in the WR department. I don’t think the Hawks should spend a 1st round pick on a WR, but if they do, then they should go for the deep threat, Desean Jackson type WR over a guy like Baldwin. I’m not sure if a guy like that exists, but that’s the mold I would go for.

    The guy i was VERY VERY VERY impressed with was the QB from Pittsburgh, throwing Baldwin all the balls. He is a freshman on further research (a true freshman i believe), name of Mark Myers. I think he is a very good prospect, he had a lovely touch on the ball and could make a lot of throws. I think he will be a special one.

    • Matt

      These are 09 highlights. It was a different QB who was a senior. His name slips me right now.

    • Stave

      That video is from 2009 and the QB was a senior Bill Stull who went undrafted before being picked up and cut by the UFL’s Hartford Colonials . . . If he’s going to be a special one it’ll likely be in something other than sports.

      • charlie

        haha shut down…

      • plyka

        Lol, he looked pretty good to me. We will see what happens to him.

    • Rob

      As Matt says – it’s 2009 tape and the quarterback was Bill Stull. He was an UDFA and spent time with Kansas City but was releases in August I think and has remained a free agent.

      Again I would stress – don’t assume anything based on mocks. Not my mock, not anyone elses – whoever is the author. It’s January and a lot changes between now and the draft. I think Smith is a legitimate top 10-15 pick but I could be proven completely wrong. At the same time – those who are mocking him in the late first could just so easily have him in the top ten come March. Mock drafts are really just a way of expressing gradings and creating talking points. None are particularly accurate at this stage and shouldn’t be used as a pure basis of judgement. I look at my own mock and I’m ‘fairly confident’ on about five prospects going in the general region I have them – the rest is just pure guess work and projection until we learn more. Not many people had Spiller as a top ten pick and nobody had Alualu in that range. We have to wait and see how prospects develop their stock.

      I don’t think you’re ever going to see a video of a WR prospect in one game and be blown away – particularly at receiver. I’ll post an AJ Green video and despite his amazing talent – it won’t be a mind blowing watch. I think Baldwin’s deep speed is a little over rated but certainly he can move and given his unique size – it’s intriguing. He makes clutch, big time catches and he can get downfield to make the big play. Seattle have looked at bigger guys who can get downfield (eg Vincent Jackson) and I think Baldwin fits that mantra.

  2. Ralphy


    Have you seen anything on Tandon Doss? Todd McShay claims that after watching tape he thinks he is the most underrated player in the draft and gives him a second round grade along with calling him the fourth best WR just behind Baldwin.

    • Rob

      I know Doss had a great game for Indiana against Michigan (+200 yards) but he didn’t do an awful lot apart from that last year. I saw only one of their games in 2010 (vs Northwestern) and Doss was insignificant in that game. I’ll see if I can get some tape and get it on the blog so we can have a look.


      I’ve found tape vs Michigan where he had the big game. Here are all the plays he was involved in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIRxg84LkF8

  3. Matt

    Anybody else praying for Josh McDaniels as OC? I think he would be awesome for this team and a young QB. Say what you want about his personality, but the dude is an offensive mastermind.

    • charlie

      damn didnt know bates got fired, i would have liked to see bates with a young mobile qb…

    • charlie

      but in response to mcdaniels. a respectful hell no. he disgusts me, hes a cheater, and he started problems in the locker room

      • Blake

        I agree I hate him to; he’s a self-entitled ass who completely tore apart a solid offensive corps of players. That being said, if he has no say in personnel decisions, I don’t see how he can hurt us. He made the mediocre Kyle Orton look like a franchise QB, is thought around the league as an offensive mastermind, and has a fiery team first mentality that seems to fit with Carroll’s philosophy. I’d feel pretty good about the hire despite my hatrid for the man that he is.

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