The injuries are mounting in Seattle

Ziggy Ansah has suffered a setback and has a minor groin strain. Mike Iupati has suffered a recurrence of his calf injury. Jordan Simmons has had another knee surgery.

L.J. Collier was already out with an unusual foot sprain and George Fant has an ankle injury. Jarran Reed is suspended for the first six games of the season.

The running back depth is being tested. Bo Scarborough has a groin injury. C.J. Prosise, in a shocking turn of events, has been hurt most of the pre-season. Travis Homer only recently returned to practise this week.

The issues are growing and most of the problems are focused on the trenches.

Thankfully the Seahawks have enough talent on the O-line to make up for losing their left guard. The presence of Duane Brown, Justin Britt, D.J. Fluker and Germain Ifedi should keep things rolling. The injuries present an opportunity for Ethan Pocic to finally take a step forward after two and a bit years of underwhelming play. It’s now or never for Pocic.

The problems on the D-line, however, are more pressing.

Ansah is clearly talented and has had some dominant spells in his career. He also picks up injuries. He’s already returning from a shoulder problem and now he has a groin strain. Hopefully it really is a minor setback like Pete Carroll suggested earlier today. It’s concerning though because the pass rush is going to rely on his ability to make an impact.

Collier’s out and there should be modest expectations for his rookie season anyway. Jacob Martin is a nice complimentary piece to the rotation but isn’t a full-time starting threat. It’s impossible to have any faith in Rasheem Green until he starts to flash in real games.

Barkevious Mingo might not make the cut…

It has to be a concern. The Seahawks are well set on offense with a nice blend of youth and experience. They found their identity again last year and mixed in a productive running game with explosive plays by the quarterback. The defense is populated with extreme talent at linebacker and a good bunch of young players in the secondary.

You do need to be able to rush the passer though and have a decent rotation on the D-line. The setback for Ansah and existing injury for Collier has to raise some concern.

It’s starting to feel like they need to do something.

The big talk this week has been about Jadeveon Clowney. Multiple reports are indicating he’s available for trade. The question is simply whether anyone’s willing to pay a reasonable price for a player who must play on the franchise tag in 2019 and can’t be extended until next year.

It’s a difficult situation for all concerned. How far are you willing to go for a possible rental? The Texans meanwhile have to decide between getting ‘something’ in 2020 vs waiting it out for a likely third-round compensatory pick in 2021 (while hoping Clowney is actually willing to return and play this season).

Both the Seahawks and Texans have previous here.

Seattle wasted a second round pick in 2017 for a season of Sheldon Richardson. The Texans also endured an ugly hold-out with Duane Brown in the same year. He was so determined to leave Houston he gave up millions to hold-out. They eventually traded him for a second and third round pick. It felt expensive at the time but Seattle has had a great solution at left tackle for going on two years and the Texans have had a black-hole at the position ever since.

Like Brown, is Clowney prepared to give up millions of dollars to force a trade? And if so — are they better just getting what they can now to move on? Or do they wait this out, deal with the drama and settle on a future comp pick?

Brock Huard tweeted the following out earlier:

If the Seahawks are looking for a reference, they appear to have the perfect man in the building.

Yet they’ll also be looking at a huge haul of 2020 picks next year and contemplating that luxury after two years of draft penny-pinching. Seattle is building a team. Is now the time to be aggressive? You can make a case for or against very easily. There’s no right or wrong answer. Russell Wilson is the highest paid player in the NFL and it’s time to make his prime years count. At the same time, a lot of their previous bold moves haven’t worked.

If it’s not Clowney it might need to be someone else. Is there a cheaper trade target or someone like Nick Perry who they might take a look at in a couple of pre-season games? You’re then balancing out something/anything against a potential dynamo like Clowney.

It’d be a real shame to undermine the talent at other positions with a weak pass rush.

The game against Minnesota might be a deciding factor. A good performance there might be the clincher to hold tight with what they’ve got. If certain players struggle, a big call might need to be made.

With the injuries mounting though — I think we can all agree that it might be best if the Seahawks have a similar plan to the Denver game and hold out their most important veterans.

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  1. Jamho3


    Not worried.

    • Jamho3

      Why not worried? I sort of felt like after SEA lost Reed for 6 weeks

      WTF? that’s longer than Brady got for not upholding his contract and trying to circumvent a league inquiry. For something that happened 2 years ago with no charges. Frontier justice just like the league wants I guess.

      But I felt like after Reed we were already pushed to our limits for pass rush and DL Depth. I agree with Rob I don’t expect much from LJ because he’s a rookie and rookies have done so little for us on either line in the last 10 years.

      As far as Green I find it FASCINATING people are so free with their criticisms of him he’s a freaking baby for heaven’s sakes one of the youngest players in the league last year. His peers are rookies this year. For him the realistic expectation was always next year.

      Pocic is 2 years older and has another year in the league it’s sink or swim for him over the next two weeks I imagine.

      Back to DL Ansah presumably wasn’t in the first wave of FA because he was injured. So there was every reason to believe that would carry on. Same way LJ’s and Fants injuries will probably carry on.
      Coach Carrolls optimism is ridiculous.

      FWIW I feel like Doug Baldwin shared PC’s optimism and it may have cost him a year or two of his career but he played 13 games in 2018 though!

      Very few teams are perfectly healthy or perfectly balanced to start the season. We’ll see.

  2. cha

    PC also seemed to hint that there might be an issue with Shaquem’s knee.

    “The game against Minnesota might be a deciding factor.”

    That’s what I was thinking as I read down the article. Let’s see what Sunday looks like and we can get everybody that is healthy a handful of snaps and see where we are. Then decide.

  3. Volume12

    Whether they make a move to upgrade the pass rush or stand pat, this draft needs to be heavily, heavily focused on the lines (both sides) of scrimmage.

    • mishima

      I think OL is OK, but would like them to address RT in free agency; spend on someone like Jack Conklin.

      DL should be addressed early/often in the draft. Not opposed to the first 3 picks (1, 2, 2) being DL.

      • Toml

        I don’t know, Mishima, I think RT is OK for now…I have a sneaking suspicion that Ifedi will play well at RT this year and we will extend him during the season…just a hunch though.

        • Rob Staton

          If Ifedi matches his 2018 performance he should be retained.

          It’s hard to find a good tackle. Having one who is big, explosive and knows the offense at a good age (only just turned 25) would be an ideal re-sign. It’s up to him to deliver now in 2019.

          • Coleslaw

            Agreed. I think they keep the line together. Haynes may keep them from needing a guard next year, but I do wonder about Center. Can we bet on Hunt or Pocic to replace Britt when the time comes? Maybe we should be looking at big interior OL who could play center or guard for the next draft.

            • Rob Staton

              I’m constantly surprised that people talk about replacing Britt.

              He’s only just turned 28. He has years ahead of him all being well. He’s been incredibly consistent for us.

              It’s not even something we should be considering.

              We don’t need someone to replace Britt. We need a backup. Just draft or sign one on the cheap.

              • King_Rajesh

                It’s very confusing. I think people can’t forgive Britt for his poor play at tackle and guard, but he’s been great for us at center.

                I’d extend him next offseason and lower that 11m+ cap hit next year though. Center contracts haven’t exploded so he could probably be had for a similar amount (9m APY) to what he’s commanding now. 11m though is Pouncey money and Britt ain’t Pouncey.

                • Rob Staton

                  I’m not losing a good center for $2m though

                • TomLPDX

                  What’s to forgive, King_Rajesh? He was out of position and C is where Britt apparently belongs. I think he is a good C and I think Joey is still on our roster because he is a good C too. We’ll see how it plays out but I think we are set at C (and G)…let’s hope that Pocic brings it and makes a case for himself.

              • Coleslaw

                I’m not saying to get rid of him. And he has what, 3 or 4 years where we can truly depend on him being healthy. That’s the usual span for centers.

                I’m not saying find a replacement and dump him. I love britt and having a good center. I’m saying C/G might be tied for our biggest need on the OL after this year, and maybe its time to draft another guy to compete.

                I’m talking a replacement for Britt as Barton is for Bobby. The successor.

                • Coleslaw

                  A more Seahawky version of what Pocic was supposed to be basically is what I’m suggesting. Day 2- mid round pick maybe. Someone who could play all 3 interior spots but would be Britts replacement when the time comes

                • Rob Staton

                  The fact is we have a starter in his 20’s at center.

                  The guard and right tackle are out of contract after this season.

                  The left tackle is much older than Britt and the right guard can’t be seen as a long term starter given his health issues in the past.

                  Center is by far the smallest need on the OL.

                  • Coleslaw

                    I know that. I said I think they’ll keep the line together. I think Fant, Brown and Ifedi get new deals. That would leave OG as our biggest need, with backup center behind it.

                    If we drafted a Center and had him play Guard until Britt retired we could kill 2 birds with one stone.

                    • Rob Staton

                      But why are we even talking about ‘when Britt retires’?

                      He’s 28.

                      It’s not time to be considering his replacement. They’ll need a backup center if Hunt/Pocic move on but they can get a backup center.

                  • Coleslaw

                    Perhaps I’m a year or 2 early. I just am underwhelmed by Hunt and Pocic, and this looks to be a decent OL class. Thought it was at least worth putting out there.

                    Duly noted and I do appreciate your insight. I’ll take it into mind.

      • Volume12

        Iupati is likely a 1 year rental. This could be the last year of having Pocic. He could be upgraded from anyways unless he takes a big step forward, Simmons is good depth but unreliable, Ifedi could be gone, JeMarco Jones is an unknown.

        At the very least they need to create some competition behind Brown, Britt, and Fluker. And with the defense going through a youth movement, RW & the run game has to carry this team more than ever. Can’t get diminishing returns on such a huge investment.

        • Rob Staton

          If there’s one thing I hope they’ve learnt about the O-line it’s experience beats youth.

          They’ve turned around the fortunes of the O-line by going with experience. Their best success on the OL in recent years has been Brown & Fluker plus the return of Sweezy and the consistency of Britt. Yet Britt and Ifedi both struggled and had to go through growing pains to become legit starters.

          Not saying I’d avoid O-line at all cost in the draft or anything — but for me if they’re replacing Iupati next year (which is admittedly likely), my first choice would be to add a veteran. Same goes for the right tackle spot (either re-sign Ifedi or sign another veteran).

  4. Jamho3

    Team the weekend is nearly here, it’s time to focus.

    What will specifically be looking for in this preseason game with the Vikings? How will know when you’ve seen it?

    • cha


      * How will Paxton Lynch perform vs better competition? Can he lay legitimate claim to the backup job? I’d like to see him calmly go through his reads and take what’s in front him, and give his WR’s a chance to fight for the ball when appropriate. Just like he did week one.

      * I’d like to see more snaps for Jennings. He’s been singled out this week for a great practice. Let’s see it. It’s not the be all and end all of making the roster but let’s get a look at his abilities.

      * Nkansah has been taking snaps at the Fant TE spot in practice. Can he be a jumbo in game action?

      * OL has got to clean up penalties. Maybe the officials were really tight in the first game to send a message, maybe not. Less holds and illegal use of hands.


      * Can Mingo do anything at DE? No good reports coming out of practice. Can he perform when the lights come on?

      * Will Kalan Reed get the most snaps at nickel? He was 3rd in game one behind the others, but PC singled him out this week as a good performer there.

      * Mone had a nice game in week 1 plugging the middle. Can he do it again?


      * keep flying to the ball. You want a job? Make a tackle. Strip a returner.

      • Jamho3

        Cha thanks I’m excited

    • BinaryDigit09

      Apparently the Vikes have a really good CB core, so our WRs are going to be tested. I’ll be watching that closely.

  5. Tony

    No way the hawks dont make some moves on th DL to begin the season. Whether it’s a splash like clowney or a smaller move. But so far our best reliability for pass rush is Jacob martin. It’s a real concern. Clowney deal still makes the most sense. Especially if hes rumored at a 2 or 3.

  6. Denver Hawker

    With so many young players on the team and top vets under contract, how many open spots can we reasonably expect for next years’ draft class? What good are a bunch of picks if we have no roster room? We seem pretty set with young depth and ST pieces. Stacking the lines in the draft is an imperative but players in Rd 2 or 3 won’t be impact players on the line. I say all this to justify trading a 1 or 2 for Clowney. This probably isn’t a super bowl year, but they need to have a decent season to build on.

    • Rob Staton

      Seahawks free agents at the end of the season include:


      That might not include any stars apart from Jarran Reed but it’s a long list of names a lot of which will need to be replaced one way or another. Even if they retain Reed, Fant, Ifedi and Brown as four to start with — you’re still talking about Ansah, Iupati, Woods and possibly your starting nickel corner needing to be replaced. Their all starters. And that’s before we consider the need to bolster areas like the pass rush.

      So the roster isn’t as complete as you might think. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t trade for Clowney — but it does mean they need picks and money next year.

      • Frank

        If a Clowney trade where to happen, I would bet resigning Ansah wouldn’t happen. With Barton on the team, and KJ for another year also believe Kendrick would be allowed into free agency, Mingo doesn’t look like he’s going to make it to the start of this year. Fant or Ifedi one of the two must be retained and I might be in the minority here but I’d keep Ifedi. I have little to no faith in Fluker, and Iupati staying healthy for two more years, and realistically no faith Pioic becoming a starting caliber player in this system, so another big guard is almost guaranteed early in the draft. Vannett is a nice player, and probably affordable enough, given he can play TE or FB. Geno might not make it to the season as well, if Lynch continues to pop. I have to think a few DB would get resigned for some veteran leadership. A bit nervous about Reed, and hope he doesn’t manage 6 or more sacks this year or goodbye most likely. Honestly I’ve seen JC take on more problematic off seasons and I think we’ll do just fine.

        • A, Chris

          Just pointing out that this may be KJs last season. It’s his “prove it” year, as his contract has very little for guarantees for ’20. I suspect the team will move on after this season unless he has a stellar one.

      • Denver Hawker

        Thanks for pulling this together Rob- I didn’t realize it was that many. I can definitely see them keeping 7-8 of these names (or equivalent FA vets), with maybe 3-4 cut this year. So that would leave room for the draftees.

        This is an interesting analysis of best fit trades for Clowney, Seahawks top of list based on need/cap room:

        Also read a Texan blog comment that suggested he isn’t worth top money because he isn’t the same kind of film room ‘football guy’ that Watt is and doesn’t set a good example for young guys. Seahawks wouldn’t pay Clark his going rate for same reasons probably. Strong chance Clowney is a rent to buy player and need to be okay with not resigning. Could tag/trade and recover a pick before the draft I suppose but it’s the same crappy leverage the Texans have today.

        • Jamho3

          @Denver Hawker

          Why would you casually lambast Clarks work ethic with no reason?

          • Denver Hawker

            Didn’t consider there are still Clark apologists out there. Hawks didn’t want him. He’s gone. FO didn’t consider him worth top money, unlike Wagner and Wilson. They had money to pay him and chose not to. They pay for leaders- he wasn’t one. He’s a stud player, but that’s it.

            Point is if they wouldn’t pay Clark top money, why would they offer Clowney top money when there is no indication he mirrors the criteria the FO considers worthy.

            • wallasean

              They don’t have to pay Clowney top money(not Quite) when they bring him in on the tag. See how he performs, bring him back or get a comp pick. Worst case Ontario: 1 year rental and downgrade one draft pick 2 rounds and 1 year, maybe worth it. Alternative would be hold onto cap space, see how your roster plays out, and use the cap room to make a move when injuries happen or another trade presents itself. I say hang back, but I’m OK with Clowney for a 2nd or two other picks.

            • Jamho3

              Brody you suggested he was lacking character in-spite of evidence to the contrary.

              Then you call me an apologist? FOH with that. Own what you said and the lack of reasoning behind it.

              • Denver Hawker

                Never said lacking character or work ethic, but those are apparent sore spots for you and other apologists. I don’t have anything to own- those are your words.

                Clarke wasn’t a locker room leader- that’s what the hawks want for top positional money. Evidenced by the fact they didn’t pay him unlike other players known for leadership. This topic was discussed plenty here back in April.

                • Sea Mode

                  Disagree completely on this take.

                  I honestly think that the Hawks traded Clark:

                  a. Because they got an excellent trade offer in a draft where they were absolutely starved for picks. An offer too good to pass up.


                  b. Because they didn’t feel Clark’s play justified paying him as one of the top 5 defensive players in the league, as he is now paid. And as a side effect, it made the puzzle to pay Wilson, Wagner, and Reed this year a lot simpler.

                  Clark absolutely was a vocal leader of the defense, second to only Wagner. I believe PC/JS when they said it really hurt to lose him. The fact that they didn’t pay him has nothing to do with his leadership qualities, IMO.

                  • Hawktalker#1

                    Agreed, from an non-apologist. Ouch.

                  • Chris Adams


                  • Jamho3

                    Sea Mode thank you!

                  • LLLOGOSSS

                    I actually think the biggest reason of all was that it helped solve our free agent logjam with he, Reed, Russell, and Wagner. Only one franchise tag. If we didn’t have so much uncertainty he very well could’ve been re-signed, but they took the sure thing in draft capital.

                  • Brazilian Hawk


                    I believe they will also try to to the same to Reed specially if Poona Ford shines once again (now as 3T for the first three games of the season).

  7. Nick

    What’s nice about the lack of D-line depth is that it will clarify and direct the majority of our draft study this offseason. Silver lining.

    • Hawktalker#1

      In my book pointing out that our DL is horrible, which will help us focus on that position next year, is like an optimist saying my glass is 1/100 full. Just not much reality in it. In reality our DL is closer to 99/100 empty. Not trying to be negative here, just saying it’s challenging to say there is any silver lining or anything much at all that positive about it . . . Very concerning. Still hoping JS can pull some rabbits out of his hat during the cut-down period when we could make a trade or get some additional DL help from available players.

  8. Gohawk5151

    Clayton saying Houston reached out Seattle. Also says that a second may be too much but a combo of picks and players may work. Players would be receivers or O Lineman. I feel like players would be a hard sell. Our receivers and reserve linemen are to untested. A third and a fifth are what Antonio Brown was traded for. Has Clowney pushed them to a point where they feel like they need to move on even for a discount. For our sakes I hope so.

    If we have to give up a third and every maybe a second, I have faith JS would draft enough pieces to replace the outgoing players. So quick some forget he turned 4 picks into 10 just for months ago. Trading a second or third pick still leaves us 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. I think it would be worth it

    • Sea Mode

      Antonio Brown is 31 and had become an absolute cancer in PIT. I agree with you in hoping we don’t overpay if we do pursue a trade for Clowney, but any comparison to Brown doesn’t hold IMO.

      Where I’m at right now is not so concerned about the picks we would have to give up (R2 + R3 comp sounds fine to me atm), but does Clowney fit into our salary cap and projected Super Bowl window plans? He will likely become the highest-paid defensive player when he does get paid. Can we do that with the highest paid QB and MLB already on our roster? I don’t know the answer to that yet and would be glad to hear feedback.

  9. charlietheunicorn

    I thought it was interesting about who is running with
    1st team at WR: 1. Lockett / 2. Brown / 3. Moore
    Honorable mention : 4. Metcalf
    2/3rd team reps: 5. Jennings / 6. Reynolds / 7. Ferguson

    Other guys are sprinkled in, but I think these are the top 7 they have that are getting legitimate opportunities and run in practice. Each preseason game is a big deal, according to PC, due to the lack of separation in the depth at WR… ie, the guys are razor close right now.

    • Del tre

      That line up sounds to me like the Hawks are going to make the same mistake they’ve made in the past, passing over a promising explosive young playmaker to start a middle of the road veteran.
      I would honestly much rather see brown cut, he’s always been just a so-so receiver and I doubt any of the rookies would do worse if slotted into the same position. Carroll has gotten pretty timid lately with these things, yes a rookie is going to have to take some lumps but by week 8 it will usually pay off.

  10. ZB

    Nice to have articles flowing again Rob. This site is my guilty pleasure…..Well and football. Anyways I was one of the doubters at the start of last last year thinking the Hawks would win maybe 7 games at the most. Rob constantly gave us hope and reminded us they might actually win 10 games. After looking at the schedule I simply couldn’t see a ten win season and a playoff birth. Needless to say I’m glad Rob is back in top form.

    Go Hawks

  11. adog

    not sure how the Texans are sitting at linebacker… but maybe seattle dangles kyndricks as part of the trade? Barton in my opinion needs to be on the field.

  12. BobbyK

    I can see the need for a pass rusher now, but the thought of trading future picks doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t think this team is 1-player away from being front-runners (like they thought they were when they made the Harvin trade).

    Do I think they can win the Super Bowl this year? I do, but know it’s a long shot. Would their chances improve with a pass rusher? Definitely, but I wouldn’t consider them front-runners yet.

    Getting young talent on cheap contracts is the best way, imo, and I want nothing more than to go into the 2020 draft with ammunition to acquire more premium young talent. I’d like to be able to have enough picks where they can afford to draft a best player available type of thing (think TJ Watt) AND still draft for need in the first 75 picks or so.

    Rob – hope you got rested up! I’ve been lurking and appreciate having this blog back!

    • Rob Staton

      It’s great to be back Bob!

  13. Volume12

    Last Saturday w/o CFB!

  14. Rob Staton

    I’m watching the Browns vs Colts pre-season game.

    Listening to the commentators constantly refer to the Colts as ‘we’ is making me itch.

    • Sea Mode

      I hear ya.

      I opened ESPN and the headline article says Gilbert is in at QB for the Browns. So I didn’t even bother tuning in for a few minutes. Anything of interest happen? How’s Brissett looked?

      OT: Josh Gordon re-instated. I guess that’s the most interesting news of the day so far.

      Way OT: what’s your opinion on VAR in general, and specifically seeing what happened today in MC vs. TOT? How long until they mike up the video review officials XFL style…?

      • Rob Staton

        Kemoko Turay is playing well.

        But the game is unbearable to watch because of the announcers. I can’t stand ‘100% homer’ announcers. Would hate it just as much if the Seahawks did it. You want balanced coverage, analysing both teams and judging every play fairly. Not this nonsense. The guy summarising… it’s a bit like being stuck sitting on the couch with uncle-know-it-all.

        • Trevor

          Turay is a guy discussed a lot here on the blog who looks like he could be a steal. Hard to tell in pre season but definitely has the traits.

          • Rob Staton

            Lot of good players were available in round two last year. Real shame Seattle didn’t have a pick there. Should’ve found a way to deal Earl.

            • Trevor

              Agree 100 %

      • Henry Taylor

        Imo VAR is a good thing. It’s never going to stop fan complaints when things go against them but more correct decisions is always better. It also necessitates more clarity in the rules because the decisions need to be consistent (City should have had that Pen today).

        I also say this as a Spurs fan overjoyed to have completely robbed City twice in a few months, so perhaps I’m a tad biased.

  15. Largent80

    Too bad Ringling bros closed shop. Clowney would have a home. Quit paying draft picks and cash for 1 year rentals when you have a cornucopia and oodles of cash the next year…….Clown Shoes…NO

    • Rob Staton

      Jadeveon Clowney is a really good defensive end.

      It’s fine to not want the Seahawks to trade for him… but I don’t get the negativity here.

      • Largent80

        Dude can play….GREAT. So can 1000’s of other dudes coming up in college. NONE of those guys had microfracture surgery, and NONE of them are holding out vs. their current team while being franchised tag all the while with ZERO future contract secured. Is that clear on the negativity?

        • Largent80

          BTW I live in Houston and get regular Houston Sports News and NOBODY here wants this guy. Include me.

          • BobbyK

            I can respect a local having more of an inside feeling, but if the Hawks do trade for him – I’m going to be optimistic about it and rooting hard for it to work.

            Personally, I don’t want to trade a pick(s) and pay the man, but it has more to do with wanting to be young and cheap. The other reason is I’m afraid of micro fracture surgery and although he’s been healthy since it happened – I’m still skeptical.

            Again, that being said, I’m going to be pumped to have him if they do get him. It’s more fun to be optimistic, though I’ve definitely had my moments. I might even eventually get over the officiating in SB40 and losing Hutch, too. 🙂

        • Rob Staton

          Your negativity is clear, your rationale is not.

          • Largent80

            Not being negative. Just being real. Houston has NO GM at this point. He has to sign the franchise tag, then he can be traded for pick/players. Then signed long term…No thanks to all of that if I’m making the decision.

            Have we not learned from Graham, Harvin, Richardson.

            • Largent80

              By the way, I’m not the only one thinking the same thing so if it’s perceived as being negative there’s a lot of company on board…..Plus this guy is holding out…Yeah lets buy a mortgage for another pain in the drain…..NO.

            • Rob Staton

              I haven’t got an issue with you saying you don’t want to make a trade.

              References to clowns etc is unnecessary.

              • Largent80

                One of the taglines in an article YOU posted says Killer Clown. Just sayin’.

                • Rob Staton

                  Are you trolling?

                  Because this is ridiculous

        • Coleslaw

          Yes because the Texans fanbase/ community is SO great. Listening to them is like listening to the people who want to trade Russell. They’re lunatics.

          • Largent80

            So, everyone here is a lunatic….Yeah uh huh…..

  16. Sea Mode

    Some Frank Clark talk above. Aside from all that, I just saw this and thought it was worth posting:

  17. Trevor

    Have to admit I am worried about the pass rush as well.

    I was never a fan of the idea of trading for Clowney as I thought the price tag would be a #1 + but now it appears the Texans dont want to pay him on the franchise and would prefer to just move on.

    If the Hawks could get him for a 2nd and 3rd then I say make the deal and worry about trying to sign him afterward. The Texans have boxed themselves in and if the Hawks can take advantage they should.

    If they can external him next off season great and if not they can likely Franchise him and pull off a Frank Clark like trade prior to the draft recouping much of thier draft capital. Assuming he has a good year with the Hawks this year.

    The pass rush which looks like this teams Achilles heal right now could become a strength if Ansah and Collier come back healthy.

    By week #7 they could have starting DL of Ford, Reed, Ansah and Clowney which would be elite IMO.

    • Michigan 12th

      I hear your reasoning, and seems OK, but we have no assurance he will sign a tag with us next year. If he refused to sign a tag in Houston, what makes you so sure he will sign a tag with us next year. If he signed the tag in Houston for me this would be a no brainer, go get him, but because we would literally be held hostage by him, and because some team out there would be willing to sign him to a mega deal, I still think we are better off keeping the draft capitol. If we are legit contenders at mid season, then pull off the trade, if pass rush would push us over the edge.

      • Rob Staton

        Let’s not forget Duane Brown didn’t want to play in Houston but happily played for Seattle.

  18. RWIII

    Rob. That was quit a long list of unsigned free agents at the end of next year. Seattle will have to target which players they want to keep. Everyone talks about how much cap space the Hawks have next year. But with all those players heading into free agency John Schneider is going to have his work cut out for him this offseason. As much as I would like to trafe for Clowney even to a one year deal, JS will have to pick and choose who he wants to keep. Trading for Clowney would make JS’s task even more difficult.

  19. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’d trade a 2020 R2 for a season’s rental of Clowney and the inside track to extend him beyond. He’s an elite EDGE defender who’s as good against the run as he is rushing the passer. Adding him instantly addresses the number one concern going into the season.

    Some random thoughts:
    I think Lynch has the higher ceiling, but Smith is the more reliable backup. But either reassures me the season won’t be lost if the backup has to play a game or two.

    It’s time to move on from Prosise. What a disappointment to be such a good talent but so fragile. Dude just can’t stay healthy.

    Speaking of unable to stay healthy, I don’t expect much from Iupati you his year. I hope I’m wrong and he plays a lot of snaps, but I don’t expect him to. I was really hoping Haynes would get a chance to work himself into the rotation. He’s a mountain of a man. Hopefully this is a one-off injury and he gets snaps this year.

    Barring injuries, SEA have a decent chance to earn a wild card berth. But even if they miss the post season, they’re really set up to make another legit SB run in 2021.

  20. charlietheunicorn

    I’m not sure if this is the NFL spin machine or online chatter cross pollinating, but Clowney to Seattle seems to be picking up some steam. 2nd/4th to get it done roughly. If that is even close to the asking price, well worth the risk. You only have so many chances to take a legit shot at the SB…. Seattle has cap space and draft capital AND player capital they can spend.

    This might be the first time since PC/JS have showed up that they had all 3 stars align. If he will buy into to what PC is preaching, take the shot. You can’t guarantee that you will be in a good position in 2021 or later…. to make a SB.

    Is Clowney perfect, no; but he is an established and proven NFL commodity. The draft is all guesswork and projection… and frankly, “we” do not have many more years with PC at the helm. (5 years to get another SB done, imo)

    • McZ

      The focal point to me is the logic behind such a trade.

      Clowney is on a holdout, and every trade partner has to give into his contract demands to make him play in 2019. In 2019, paying him is impossible for Seattle due to cap constraints. The idea, that JS entertains a behavior that lead to his acting DE leaving town seems hard to believe, and is too much to stomach for me.

      It is very much possible, that the reason to entertain such a trade has vanished in 2020 or becomes solvable with a lot of DE talent entering FA and another bunch of great guys entering the draft.

      If we search for a short term, possible high reward patch, I would consider Kony Ealy.

      • Henry Taylor

        They can’t pay him regardless. In order for a trade to happen Clowney will have to sign the tag, at which point no team will be able to enter contract negotiations until the offseason, per league rules (where they will have the cap to resign him if they choose too). So if Clowney wants to play this year, it will be on the franchise tag.

      • cha

        I don’t grant your premise. Duane Brown was holding out in Houston, and has been happy, productive and low maintenance in Seattle. JS didn’t have a problem then trading for a holdout to fill a sorely needed position.

        Those situations might not be apples to apples but I’m saying we don’t know all the particulars of the exchanges between Clowney and the FO.

        • McZ

          Duane Brown came back after seven missed games, having achieved nothing. JS could be sure, he has learned his part.

  21. Rik

    Wyatt Ray is having a really good preseason at DE for the Browns. They have an all-star defensive line (with Garrett, Vernon, Ogunjobi, and Richardson), so he’s unlikely to make the 53. Ray dominated the Colts offensive line last night. I hope PCJS are keeping an eye out for these types of players as possible long-term solutions at DE.

    • Volume12

      I’ve watched a few different pre-season games and Cleveland LB Mack Wilson might be the most impressive rookie defender I’ve seen so far. He missed some tackles yesterday and still has some things to clean up, but he’s the perfect example of a prospect who had things he didn’t do well focused on instead of what he can do.

      • Henry Taylor

        Agreed on Mack Wilson, how does a LB who covers like a safety, who also happened to play for one of the best defenses in college football, not get drafted high in the modern NFL? At worst he’ll be one of the better nickle Linebackers in the league.

        • Volume12

          Exactly. He might end up being or at least could fill that hybrid LB/S role Cleveland thought they had with Jabril Peppers. His game is tailor made for the modern NFL.

    • Volume12

      But, why wouldn’t he make the 53? They need bodies behind those ends (Garrett & Vernon).

      • Rik

        Browns are pretty loaded at DE and DT. Chad Thomas, Carl Davis, Anthony Zettel, Trevon Coley, Devaroe Lawrence, etc. Ray is currently sitting 6th at DE on the depth chart, which leaves him off the 53 even if they keep 9 defensive lineman. I’m assuming that Lawrence and Thomas have the upper hand here.

        • Volume12

          You could be right, but I ain’t seeing a whole lot there in terms of guys who can threaten the edge. Maybe Zettel.

  22. Frank

    Simmons, Haynes and LJ are the injuries that bug me the most at the moment, Ansah, Iupati, Fluker I expect to be hurt and only play part of a season, but to have the young guys we count on to be healthy to back up those veterans just sucks. I’d really like to see those guys available to get the necessary reps in thru preseason to be able to step in and cover the game or 5 those guys are going to miss or be ineffective due to injury each year. I could just as easily name drop Scarbrough or Prosise that category as Carson isn’t a 16 game guy either but feel better about the depth at RB than any position besides Wr and Qb, and that’s with believing Metcalf will be a bust relative to his hype. Wish we could trade him for Clowney and solve two problems at once.

  23. Rob Staton

    New podcast looking at today’s Minnesota game and the NFC contenders now posted on the blog.

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