The Seahawks and a defensive tackle dilemma

A thought occurred to me recently that I immediately dismissed but I thought I’d share with you anyway.

Are the Seahawks going to make one of ‘those’ trades?

The current roster is strong and deep in most areas. The offense looks practically loaded. Defensively, serious investment at linebacker and the secondary has created an intriguing looking collection of players.

Yet there’s no getting away from the fact that at the heart of the defense, there’s a lack of size, depth and arguably talent. There’s not even really much of a competition going on, unlike at several other spots on the roster.

That’s not to say they’ve been neglectful. They clearly haven’t. The signing of Dre’Mont Jones was a refreshing new approach to free agency. I think the Jarran Reed addition is worthy of praise too. Yet at the moment they’re banking on Jarran Reed to anchor the line and there’s a distinct lack of numbers and size waiting in the wings.

Thus, the fleeting thought on whether a big trade would be forthcoming.

I’m fascinated by how they’ll approach this. Will they stand pat, hope for the best and that some young players can mimic Abe Lucas a year ago and stand up to be crucial contributors in year one? Will they be aggressive to add? Will they be inactive and regret it if it ultimately costs the team when play begins?

In the past when there’s been a glaring weakness they’ve often been active buyers. The Sheldon Richardson, Duane Brown and Jadeveon Clowney trades are good examples. The most recent (and most expensive) deal was the move to acquire Jamal Adams.

On each occasion, a fix was sought to solve a problem. The Richardson trade was a direct response to Malik McDowell’s ATV crash. Brown was needed after an injury to the starter at left tackle. Clowney filled a Frank Clark-shaped hole.

In Adams’ case, we need to remember the off-season Seattle had in 2020. They failed to re-sign Clowney (a stated priority) and could only replace him with Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin. The quarterback (Russell Wilson, remember him?) had publicly called for the team to acquire ‘stars’. The defense was in serious danger of regressing and they made a very aggressive deal for a playmaker. Although Adams wasn’t a like-for-like replacement, in many ways he replaced Clowney as the ‘focal point’. Or at least that seemed to be the intention.

So what do they do in 2023? I’d argue talent and depth is required. However, I don’t think they’re going to make a significant trade this time for several reasons.

Firstly, they haven’t lost anyone. At least so far. If Dre’Mont Jones suddenly was ruled out for a long period of time this could change things. At the moment though they need to add and improve, not replace.

Secondly, I think this is a different Seahawks team these days. I think the flop of the Adams trade has left a mark. They’ve since gone about trying to acquire more draft stock, rather than trade it away, with a renewed focus on building through the draft. They’ve also had a lot of success in the last two drafts. Are they going to be more conservative in the trade market going forward? Possibly.

Thirdly, they have already invested in the defensive front with the Jones and Reed signings. How they go about creating depth is a question that probably won’t be answered with ‘big bold trade’.

I don’t imagine a blockbuster deal is forthcoming but I also don’t think we should ignore or limit how often we discuss what is clearly the weak point of the roster (especially on a blog that is ultimately designed to spend considerable time discussing roster construction).

Jones is very talented with a lot of potential to develop even further (thus, his price-tag) while Reed is a very capable trench performer with alpha qualities. It’s a little bit scary when you peak at the other players at Seattle’s disposal, though.

A pair of rookies and second-year Myles Adams fill the depth chart, alongside Mario Edwards Jr who’s on his seventh team in eight years. Bryan Mone is out indefinitely with no sign of a return any time soon.

I’m sure we’ll see plenty of different looks up front where they have two or three defensive tackles/five techniques on the field for early downs. At the moment though, whatever they roll with, they’ll be light up front.

Reed is listed at 306lbs by the Seahawks on their website. Jones is 281lbs and Mario Edwards Jr is 280lbs. That’s your starting D-line and it’s understating things to say it lacks size.

Depth is supplied by rookie Mike Morris (291lbs) and second-year Myles Adams (290lbs). Cameron Young (304lbs) is currently not practising with an injury.

I’m a little bit concerned looking at this group that Jarran Reed is going to be playing probably more snaps than he should. If he gets hurt, what do they do?

This is part of the problem when you feel like you need to completely revamp a unit. Adams and Mone are the only holdovers from last year. Everyone else is gone. When you then spend big money on Jones and reasonable money on Reed, you have limited money to play with.

Edwards Jr is here on a dirt-cheap deal and the Seahawks are seemingly banking on him playing beyond what he’s shown so far in his NFL career. They’re also relying a lot on Morris, Adams and eventually Young supplying adequate depth.

It feels paper thin with a huge emphasis on the two key off-season additions in free agency. Imagine if you lost either? Then you consider the run defense. Do they have enough good run defenders up front? Will their new additions learn quickly or is a slow start defensively inevitable for yet another year? Will they able to read plays, plug gaps and contain the edge better than last year, where they gave up 150-rushing yards a game? How will the investment at linebacker be impacted if the play up front is underwhelming? Are they too light on the D-line?

A few weeks ago I thought they might add to the depth by bringing back Shelby Harris and/or Al Woods yet neither happened. Now, in an attempt to fill the ‘Mone role’ while he remains unavailable, they’re continuing a game of ‘nose tackle musical chairs’. Every week a player is added to the roster and then a few days later, they’re off again. Some (Robert Cooper) have had a couple of goes as they search for a ‘good enough’ solution.

John Schneider has spoken about believing if you can play the nose in college you can do it in the NFL. It’s somewhat concerning, therefore, that they are basically looking for a passable warm body and can’t find someone suitable.

I also think this scheme more than any other is predicated on talent up front. We’ve seen a tentatively similar defense produce the #1 unit in the league with Aaron Donald blowing up the interior. We’ve also seen the same person who coached that defense move to the Chargers, inherit and acquire elite talent off the edge and struggle because he hasn’t got a serious interior threat.

Maybe Jones and Reed can be a ‘Coke Zero’ version of Donald and Greg Gaines in LA? I really hope so, although I’d feel a lot better if the actual Gaines had been signed to play next to them. Either that or they’d found someone to properly anchor the middle of the defense, to allow the key pair to disrupt. The entire D-line would feel so much stronger with a proper nose tackle, freeing Jones to play inside/out and Reed to essentially do a bit of everything.

I’m trying not to think about the Seahawks not having the #10 pick in 2022 because of the Adams trade — a selection that would’ve placed them to potentially draft man-mountain Jordan Davis.

It’s at a time like this that someone often flops into the comments section to accuse me of obsessing over Adams. I just think it’s impossible not to spend a lot of time reflecting on how damaging that trade was or to now question why he is still set to earn a team-high $18.1m this year despite an unclear timeline on his return.

As we’ve said a few times — it would’ve been perfectly reasonable to approach him about a pay-cut. Had he been cut, or if he was to be cut today, there’s no way he’d get close to $18.1m on the open market. Given the nature of his injury, a fair prediction is he’d either receive a lukewarm market or teams would wait until he was close to a full recovery before considering signing him.

Instead the Seahawks are paying an elite salary for a complete unknown. For all we know, he’ll start the year on the PUP list and miss at least six weeks. A conversation about a pay cut or at least converting some of his salary into incentives would be totally understandable. Frankly, if he rejected the idea, he probably should’ve been sent packing by now.

Either way, some of his money (on top of the $11m in cap space they currently have) could’ve gone towards a more experienced, deeper D-line and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

I fear it’s too late to do anything about it now. If there were any nose tackles out there, they’d probably already be in Seattle. There’s no Snacks Harrison waiting at the diner. The Seahawks haven’t ever really shown much interest in bringing Ndamukong Suh back to the PNW. Linval Joseph, approaching his 35th birthday, has the same age/endurance issues that presumably led to Al Woods’ departure.

One of the necessary features for a team in the modern NFL is a strong D-line. It feels like most contenders, even the ones who bank on the genius of Patrick Mahomes, have an elite level D-liner capable of wrecking games — or tremendous depth. For the Chiefs it’s Chris Jones. The Eagles have bodies galore, as do the 49ers. The Bills spent big on their defensive front. The Cowboys and Jets — among the top defensive units last year — also have strong talent and/or depth within their D-lines.

If the Seahawks are going to truly take the next step as a team, it’s not a stretch to believe they need more up front.

Thus, I think they’re another off-season away from being a legit Championship contender — even in a wide-open NFC. If they’re playing the long-game, that’s fine. I would understand and embrace that. Perhaps they believe they can lean on a D-line heavy draft next year and wait this out?

The thing is, they do feel quite close to having an ideally rounded roster (at least on paper) today, when the NFC looks particularly unthreatening (at least compared to the AFC). This is the one big question mark. D-line. That makes you want cake today, rather than in 2024.

Also, we don’t know what challenges next year will bring. It’ll be harder to focus on the D-line if Geno Smith doesn’t take his opportunity this year to justify a contract that’ll be worth between $31-40m next year. If he needs to be replaced, that will likely take precedence. I hope it doesn’t come to that but we don’t need to pretend it’s out of the question.

They also don’t have much cap space available next year and all signs point towards a draft focus rather than a free agency focus in 2024. Therefore, the later they pick the harder it’ll be to find D-line solutions (and while many are hailing the DT depth next year, the usual caveat of it being far too early to judge definitely applies here — I’ve started dipping into the group and would urge some caution).

If they did want to try and fix this now, who could they target?

There are no clear nose tackles so it’d have to be a different type of interior defender.

The two players that you could at least bring up in a conversation are Kansas City’s Jones and Miami’s Christian Wilkins. Both would cost an absolute fortune, firstly in picks and then in salary, making any potential deal appear fanciful at best.

The Chiefs would be mad to part with Jones, especially with $47m in effective cap space ready to play with next year. It’s unclear why they haven’t just paid him.

Jones has just turned 29 so it makes more sense for the Chiefs to keep/reward him than it would be for another team to trade a kings ransom for him and then pay him a record-breaking deal. A trade feels virtually impossible. What would it take? The starting price would have to be two firsts, you’d think. How many elite years would you get out of him though?

I’d say it’s a non-starter.

Wilkins is a slightly more realistic option. He is currently ‘holding-in’ for the Dolphins. Despite the fact he’s still on his rookie contract, he actually turns 28 in December so he’s not as young as you might think.

He’s a very good defensive tackle, he’s extremely athletic and he’s a great character. The problem is — and this is probably why Miami is finding it hard to reach common-ground on a contract — his general performance is better than his production.

In terms of consistency he’s excellent. He had an 85.1 PFF grade a year ago (ninth among DT’s) and he had plus marks as a pass rusher and run defender. In 2021, he recorded an 83.3 grade.

However, he’s never had more than 4.5 sacks in a season. It’s just not a huge part of his game. In comparison, Jones has two 15.5 sack seasons in his career and 63 sacks in six seasons as an established starter.

Wilkins is very good. Jones is a game-wrecker.

Trying to work out Jones’ salary worth is easy. You make him the highest paid DT in the game. Working out Wilkins’ value is far trickier.

The Dolphins would likely ask for premium trade compensation because it’d create a hole in the heart of their defense and the entire league is crying out for good, quality DT play. That would make it hard to work out exactly what is fair value for a player who might never get more than five sacks a year.

I can’t think of any other obvious trade candidates to discuss. Vita Vea’s contract restructure means that’s a no-go as it’d be far too expensive for the Buccs to deal him. Quinnen Williams and Jeffery Simmons both just got paid. Ditto Daron Payne and Dexter Lawrence. Even in the second and third tier talent-lists it’s not clear who you could move for apart from someone like Johnathan Hankins, given Dallas spent a high pick on Mazi Smith.

I suspect the Seahawks will end up bringing someone in who is cut by another team and perhaps the game of ‘nose tackle musical chairs’ will simply continue until someone sticks?

I hope the likes of Mike Morris and Cameron Young can settle in quickly, stay healthy and provide good rotational options. Young in particular feels like a more integral player than he probably should be as a rookie. They need him to get back on the field, take a chunk of reps and excel in the way the likes of Abe Lucas did as a rookie, albeit in a rotational role rather than a full-time starter. I think he’s got the skills to do it but that’s a lot of pressure on young shoulders.

There are a lot of exciting aspects of Seattle’s roster. I think we can all agree that, should everyone stay healthy, the offense looks about as exciting as I can remember since I started following the Seahawks. Never before have they had this many explosive, dynamic weapons.

There are positives about the defense too. Yet if they get pushed around up front and if they simply can’t plug gaps, defend the run properly and contain off the edge — a lot of good work on the roster elsewhere will be undone.

That’s a frustrating thought made all the more frustrating by a lack of an obvious fix. When we need a Snacks Harrison-level option to cling to, there’s not even a crumbs Harrison out there.

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  1. Big Mike

    Thanks Rob. Curious what you think it would take to get Hankins from Dallas (even though I’m aware they’ve stated they wish to rotate he and Smith)?

    Anyone got any idea of a cutdown possibility?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know on Hankins. He might even be a cut candidate. They did spend a R1 pick on his position.

      I can honestly say there’s no nose tackle out there I can think to target. Hopefully they find a diamond in the rough but that’s not easy to pull off.

      • Elmer

        I think you are right that rookie draft choices are the most likely DL depth answers. The continuing NT tryouts are less likely to bear fruit. An injury to Jones or Reed would be catastrophic.

  2. Peter

    Thanks for this. All hail the long form pieces are back.

    Saw a seahawks show pondering what’s more important: geno’s development or the niners sustained strength. Per Seattle’s season.

    Neither to me is the question. It’s can Dre’mont Jones stay healthy all year having missed a little time in 3 of 4 seasons. And is Reed a 66% snap player now? Still? Reed’s been very durable but time catches us all.

    I worry that the 2021 problems that plagued Wagner and others, a dline incapable of keeping everyone behind them clean, are going to be showing up in force this year.

    I know in the LOB days the line wasn’t amazing. But it’s the huge reliance on two players that has me really worried this year.

    • Rob Staton

      I find it odd how more wasn’t done. Even a couple of lower level free agents for competition

      At the moment, there’s seemingly not even competition at these spots

      • Peter

        Like reed just fine. This is not a woe is us contract post.

        But how was there not 3.5 million for greg gaines. Five years younger. Virtually the same production ( last two years with better sacks from gaines) virtually the same snap percent.

        If you can find a little more for Reed surely you can find such a small amount to add Gaines who is pretty clearly playing on a prove it deal.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t know why they didn’t do that, knowing they could always free up money down the line

        • bmseattle

          Gaines may have felt that he had a better chance to “prove it”, playing on the Buccaneer’s line, than ours.

          • Jason Nelson

            It could be that Greg wanted to play with his old UW Husky buddy Vita Vea.

            But as a Husky fan having watched his straight-up “want to” on the field at Husky Stadium, I would have dearly loved to bring GFG home, especially on a reasonable deal like he got.

  3. Sea Mode

    With the lack of clear options, it seems like a smart strategy might be to wait until the trade deadline and see if anyone gets put on the block at a somewhat reasonable price.

    By then, they should have a better idea if Geno is pulling through and the rookie DTs are contributing or not. Then decide whether it’s worth it to go all in on this season or just punt on it (despite what PC will inevitably claim in every presser) and play the long game in what looks to be a good upcoming draft at the DT position.

    • Rob Staton

      The only issue there is it’s half-way through the season and you might’ve wasted a great chance to position yourself for success

  4. Zach

    I do wonder if the move to more of a one-gapping scheme on the D-line has led them to believe that they don’t need the same amount of size up front as in previous years, and that maybe they can make do with more limited players. They very consciously moved away from basically all of the interior guys from last year’s line, and while I do agree that it might have been nice to retain one of them as depth, it’s also true that explosive, disruptive single-gapping wasn’t really what any of them was best at, though Poona and Al Woods could flash it at times.

    I also think it’s just hard for all of us to know what to expect from Dre’Mont Jones because we haven’t and likely won’t see him until Week One, but I do think he’s going to be noticeably better than anyone we’ve had on the interior in quite some time.

    • Rob Staton

      I do wonder if the move to more of a one-gapping scheme on the D-line has led them to believe that they don’t need the same amount of size up front as in previous years

      I still think it’s a stretch to go into a season with only two +300lbs defenders on the roster — one of which is currently injured

  5. Palatypus

    I really think we are on to the next big innovation in football. The “noseless” odd front nickel defense.

    We will call it “Tycho”

    And if you got that joke you are a total nerd.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Not sure if I’m proud or ashamed to admit I get that.

      • icb12

        Sigh. That reply was supposed to go up higher.

      • Jason Nelson


        (I am one too.)

    • BK26

      I think a lot of us are going to get that reference haha.

      • Palatypus

        Sir Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal, and Albert Einstein are playing Hide & Go Seek.

        Einstein closes his eyes and starts counting, “one thousand, two thousand, three thousand…” , all the way to 186.

        Pascal runs away. Newton, however, pulls out a piece of chalk from his pocket and draws a one meter square around where he is standing.

        Einstein finishes the count and opens his eyes to see that Newton has not moved.

        Einstein says, “Eureka! It is Sir Isaak Newton!”

        Newton says, “No Archimedes. You have found Pascal!”

        • Palatypus

          Because a Pascal = one square Newton.

  6. samprassultanofswat

    First let me say that I am really glad that the Seahawks have John Schneider as their GM. I think they are really fortunate to have Schneider. With that said. It does seem to me that Schneider seems to have a lack of respect for the DT position. The Seahawks are pretty well stocked at most other positions. However, at defensive tackle it is a head-scratcher to say the least. Brandon Mebane was a force at the DT position. The front has never been able to find someone even close to Mebane. The defensive line has never been the same since they lost Mebane. It should be pointed out that Mebane was not drafted by Schneider.

    Now with all that being said. The contracts for some of the DTs are astronomical. For example: Daron Payne received 4 years 90mil Jeffrey Simmons 4 years 94 mil

    Quinnen Williams
    As John McEnroe would say. You cannot be serious.

    I greatly value the DT position. But these contracts are totally out of proportion. These players get bloated contracts and other players would for peanuts.

    • Peter

      I think the framing here is off a bit.

      Maybe the contracts are bloated maybe not. Two things though:

      If cam young or mike moriss turn to ed oliver, etc you pay them. Big money if need be.

      Second. I dont know if its about paying for a payne, williams, etc, it’s about understanding market forces. Julian Love may well end up the best safety this year on the team. He’s making less than a third of Adams. Less than half of Diggs. Seattle has two of the top ten paid safeties in the league and one might not play another full season.

      I’m find tearing down and rebuilding a bad unit. But all they’ve done is tear down the dline.

      This isn’t even about John. It’s about the whole team perhaps being in the same position as before when they scrambled for richardson, clowney, and adams by not looking closely at the books and making the hard choices.

      Minimum a restructure for Adams. And honestly probably would have talked to Dissly as well.

  7. Rob Staton

    Saw Ekwonu as a guard and wasn’t big on Cross

    If I’m right on Ekwonu I hope I’m wrong on Cross

    • Big Mike

      Well from cha and others, it sounds like Cross has put in a lot weight and cardio work this offseason so that’s at least a positive sign. I’m optimistic anyway.

      • Elmer

        Makes me wonder if Lucas has made progress.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I was lucky enough to get to watch practice up close and personal this week. Cross and Abe look every bit like stalwarts. Cross was moving effortlessly against some pretty quick rushes.

      It’s practice and doesn’t mean much, I realize. But I think if these guys stay healthy we have a very good decade ahead of us.

      • Rob Staton

        Good news

        • Elmer

          Very good news, but the depth at OT not so much.

  8. Dave

    crumbs Harrison. Lol. Thats the content I’m here for 🙂 Also I share your inability to look past the Adams situation when examining the roster. Its an ever present factor impossible to ignore.

    • Rob Staton

      Thats the content I’m here for

      Thank you 🙂

      Also I share your inability to look past the Adams situation when examining the roster. Its an ever present factor impossible to ignore.

      I’m absolutely befuddled why he’s still on $18.1m. It makes zero sense. Particularly when a few million would’ve gone a long way earlier in the year. If he starts on the pup list you’re getting a maximum of 11 games from a player with a huge question mark on how he’ll perform and his ability to stay healthy. And he has zero shot of getting $18.1m on the open market. It was crying out for a pay-cut negotiation.

      • icb12

        Losing your nose in a duel is one thing. Understandable even.

        Intentionally lopping it off out of some foolhardy notion that you don’t need it?. That’s just dumb.

        • Palatypus

          Indeed, Tycho, indeed.

      • STTBM

        On Adams, it’s either utter Hubris on JS and PCs part, or J Allen has put her foot down and insisted on it, like happened with Britt being given a second contract. Forgive me for my spotty memory–its been years–but it was reported JS and PC weren’t going to give him what he wanted, and we’re willing to move on, and Allen stepped in.

        Adams cost us any real chance to compete for a title this year. With 11-18 million, Seattle could have filled their gaps and fielded a team not seen since the Play That Shall Not Be Named…

  9. vanhawksfan

    Rob, any thoughts on possibly adding DeForest Buckner, considering his contract dispute in Indy? Thx.

    • Rob Staton

      He isn’t dealing with a contract dispute though, is he? He restructured his contract in April.

      Indianapolis would be insane to trade him and by all accounts, there’s nothing suggesting they will

      • vanhawksfan

        My bad. I didn’t do the background work on the “dispute”. I was listening to some shitty Youtuber who brought it up the other day and I didn’t question it the way I would have if he’d said something controversial about geopolitics. It felt good to dream for a day or two….

  10. cha

    All legitimate concerns.

    I tell you, I’d feel this article would still be warranted even if Mone were 100% healthy. You are talking about a player making $3.6m this year and whose PFF has been 52.7 and 48.9 the last two seasons. And that is with Al Woods and Poona Ford doing the heavy lifting.

    What is making people think he will be an answer once he’s healthy?

    But if the Seahawks do not make any adjustments between now and Week One, they apparently do think that.

  11. LouCityHawk

    The hand wringing on the DT/DLine is getting to be a bit warmed over. Usually serious commenters are throwing out that the Seahawks should have gone JC, Mazi Smith, and Benton as picks 1, 2, & 3…

    I see Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens playing real well for the Bears. Other populist names from fans have not impressed so far. Would we feel better with Dexter and Pickens over Hall and Char? Would our scheme allow these two to play as well as they did against Ten?

    I also see a lot of handwringing over FA signings, we got Dre’Mont and Reed, but consider what our departing FA said, they didn’t like the scheme. Consider that ionnadis has been talking about his usage and desire to play in a scheme that highlights his skills.

    With the Prez bell around our necks, I also don’t see how a trade gets made for an upgrade.

    Sometimes you just have to accept that you have a weakness and move on. These are early days (watch JC against the Browns, no splash plays there…) and who knows what might happen between now and week 8. This might be the Seahawks Achilles heel – I think that will continue to be crossing routes and third down check downs going for firsts – an interior that collapses.

    Not saying that 2024 may offer that fix, but there are a lot of players I like at DT. Pour a first round pick, 2nd round pick too, still might not be enough.

    • STTBM

      But they didn’t have to do this. They easily could have dealt with Adams in a proactive manner, and fixed their gaping holes.

      They chose not to, and it’s going to cost them.

      Perhaps they have become like GBs front office–not bothering to try for winning the SB, only looking to make the playoffs and cement their power, pay, and position….

      Because what they’ve done so far looks utterly criminal…

      • LouCityHawk

        The Adams trade was bad when it happened, the extension was worse.

        Everyone seems fine with Dre’Mont, so 2 holes, who do you fill them with? How do we as fans know they didn’t approach a Gaines or the like and be told ‘no interest’. If the scheme doesn’t allow those players to accumulate the stats that would get them paid, why would they sign ‘prove it’ deals.

        Either they’ve done what they can do, or not. The only solution for 2023 is to overpay in a trade for a player who may not resign. For 2024 they can either pay a premium again (Dre’Mont) or burn a high pick or two.

    • Sea Mode

      Thing is, one glaring weakness like that in the heart of your base defense can undermine all the other good roster building around it.

      • LouCityHawk

        If the thesis is DLine is priority 1, then we should have been pouring resources into it for over a decade. Cannot be fixed in one offseason, and certainly not in August.

    • Rob Staton

      Discussing the roster is now hand-wringing?

      • LouCityHawk

        The level to which the fan base and blogosphere is discussing the DLine, you’d think that we were running out 3 random fans every week.

        So yeah, it is hand-wringing at a certain level.

        • Rob Staton

          This is a very silly overreaction to us discussing a relevant topic

  12. Palatypus

    Here’s a weird thought I just had while watching Bengals @ Falcons. They just did a little bit on Mathew Bergeron, who was one of the players I got to scout at this year’s Senior Bowl. While I was at practice, I kept running into this really tall (like 6’3″?), broad shouldered woman wearing his jerseys that was screaming her guts out. Could it be his Mom? She had an easter European accent that sounded a bit like Ukrainian.

    Just looked up his Wikipedia page, where it says he was born in Quebec.

  13. HOUSE

    A name I just recently heard was Grover Stewart. He is 29 and will be a free agent after this season. I don’t know what he would cost, but could he fit the bill?

    • Palatypus

      Old, but a really late bloomer. Could be gotten cheap.

  14. Gaux Hawks

    thought reed and young were both rumored to be in the 320 range, but what about danny shelton?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve listed the weights on the team website

      Shelton gets talked about a lot but hasn’t done anything for a long time and has never seemingly been of much interest to Seattle

  15. Simon McInnes

    In the past, the late roster cuts were a productive source of defensive tackles (although it is possible memory is playing tricks and there were pre-season trades) but getting in a solid player who has been displaced by a cheaper, younger player and has a chip on his shoulder has worked. Especially on a prove-it contract

  16. Luis

    Football has changed a lot in the last 10 years, but let’s remember that Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane, Chris Clemmons and… (checks notes) Tony McDaniel, while solid, are no one’s idea of a great DL.

    Do they get marginal improvement? Do they cede 100 rushing yards a game instead of 150? That may be good enough if the secondary and the offense are greatly improved (as we expect they are).

    • Mick

      I hate the memory of the München game when the Tampa Bay Oliners were shouting to the bench to keep running because we can’t stop them. The improved secondary won’t change matters there. We need more than a marginal improvement from the Dline. I only wonder if they won’t call Reed and Jones enough improvement when we actually don’t have any depth there, and we are one injury away from being experimental. The NT is a position where you can plug a guy later, so it wouldn’t be too late now to make a move.

      I wouldn’t be opposed to drafting a DT in the first round next year and postponing the QB matter once more. We are solid at the other premium positions (edge, corner, receiver) and if we can get a solid guy around pick 20 we should go for it.

      • Rob Staton

        I hate the memory of the München game when the Tampa Bay Oliners were shouting to the bench to keep running because we can’t stop them.

        I remember this well from the press box. Over and over again, the O-line kept signalling to the sideline to let them eat. They had Seattle’s number. Never seen an OL do that before and it was deflating to witness

        • Big Mike

          And what made it even sadder is they struggle to run the ball against everybody else last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Quite a bit of size in that group

    • STTBM

      Luis, what are you talking about? They were a great line. Both Mebane and McDaniel were drastically underrated their entire careers, and Clemons was an absolute stud. They had great coaching too, which is something our current D-line staff is lacking in.

  17. Mad Dog

    I get the angst over the DL. It’s the weakest, least deep group on the team. But every team has weaknesses and it’s not always possible to fix them easily. If it was, every team would fix things.

    I like that the team looks pretty stacked at many positions: WR, EDGE, CB, Safety, RB. And solid at others: iLB, OL. DL is the only sore thumb. The issue will be if it costs us. And that’s going to come down to attrition since the starting group is pretty solid with Jones, Reed, Edwards.

    We went into last year with rookies at the two most important OL positions and still made playoffs. I’m hoping the young folks on the DL can mature and pick up any slack this year to not cost us. I choose to be hopeful rather than pessimistic.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not angst, it’s discussing a talking point relating to the team

      • Peter

        People need to look up the 2020 roster.

        Wilson for 42 total tds. Lockett, Metcalf playing out of their minds. Diggs playing very good. Adams back when he mattered. Jarran Reed. Bobby wagner, Wright still playing.

        Wagner, Reed both back but older. Diggs here now older. Metcalf is still Metcalf. Lockett plays safe but is still extremely productive.

        2020 didn’t back into the playoffs with a 17 game schedule and a little razzle dazzle from two teams in another conference. They got in because they were 12-4.

        And yet. Both teams had piss poor Dlines. Dlines matter. This isn’t pessism. This is getting to be almost objective information at this point.

      • Mad Dog

        I think the general tone is angst. Or something akin to PTSD after watching last years run defense. But we all read between the lines a bit differently I guess.

        And I get that trenches matter. But you can’t easily have everything you want and you can win without a great DL, just like you can win without a great QB. Our DL as it currently stands is decent and if injuries stay away and young guys develop, we could have a fine rotation, without selling the farm to shore things up.

        • Peter

          I dunno I see this all the time.

          But if the majority by a mile of superbowl winning teams have either a top qb or a top defense and the majority of those had both seems like you need both.

          The last time the seahawks won they had the best defense in the league.

          It’s not just last year. This is 2018 to now of good almost great at times qb play ( both Geno and Wilson) and middling to terrible defenses.

          It’s about 3x this century that a team has won a superbowl without a top ten defense and without a top ten qb. 3/23….what’s that…13ish%…so yes its possible. And of those that won with those parameters the defenses were still top 15.

          Imagine last year or 2020 if the defenses weren’t shambolic?

        • BK26

          You can’t win without a top talent qb. Unless you have a generational defense or the overall roster is fantastic. Also can’t win without at least an average dline. We don’t have that. We have a lot of youth and unsure depth.

          You’re acting like critiquing the roster and talking about where it needs to improve is unnecessary. We aren’t where we need to be yet. There is no reading between the lines differently. Our qb and dline positions are what they are.

          And last year we stumbled into the playoffs. Lost to every team in the NFC South. We don’t have the top, elite talent to do anything yet.

        • Rob Staton

          For me it’s not even angst

          It’s simply talking about a relevant subject

    • Edgar

      “Hopeful” is a tell tale sign of a typical Mariner fan. If the Seahawks weren’t ‘in the mix’ right now, Rob would be talking about the Seahawks 2024 draft targets. All of us are hungry for football content as the season opener is now in sight, but if you are looking for head in the sand oblivious positive pieces……maybe just go to one of the 4-5 other sites that hand out cookies and rainbows to feed your ‘hope’.

      • Big Mike

        Or just read Pete’s number one syncophant Greggy Bell

  18. OcHawksFan

    I share your frustration with the IDL situation. At the very least there were options at the back end of the draft: Travis Best, Jordan Riley, Jacklyn Roy, Jerrod Clark. These are all big bodies to throw into the competition. And if the transition from college to pros at NT is so easy, I don’t understand not taking a flyer on one of these names instead of taking a safety in the 6th round which is already a crowded position group. I get the desire to take “their guys” and best player available but NT is such a hole on the roster that I don’t understand their approach ignoring it.

    • Big Mike

      Good points

    • Rob Staton

      I share your frustration with the IDL situation.

      To be honest I’m not frustrated, I’m just talking about it because I think it could be the thing that determines the ceiling for the 2023 season

      • Sea Mode

        Exactly. Well put.

    • Jason Nelson

      I likewise wish they had taken at least one more DT flyer late in the draft. There were guys there that were more than just warm bodies to fill a position of weakness. Players in R6 and R7 are lottery tickets anyway, so I’m more than happy to “draft for need” with those tickets. You might get an absolute zero like DeMarcus Christmas, but you might get a useful piece too and on the cheap.

  19. 509 Chris

    I hope it hasn’t been discussed further up but I really go back to not trying on a qb in this draft. If Geno slips that leaves 2 major holes to fill next year with a pick that we expect to be at least 20. The team can’t afford any of its capital to bring in proper DT help, and even if Geno pans out and they’re able to snag someone next year with their native pick or a trade up, rookies can’t be trusted to come in and solve a problem. I actually liked Robs idea of bringing clowney back. It doesn’t solve everything but does make the line look better this year and makes the team a little less desperate, thus less likely to do something stupid.

    Still the team is in a better place than it has the last few seasons at this point and I’m holding some optimism still that injuries don’t wreck the D and Geno holds up.

  20. cha

    The clapback I always hear to pieces like this are ‘every team has holes on their roster. There is no complete team in the NFL’

    And that is not untrue.

    But the Seahawks have had two ongoing challenges:

    1-Their resource allocation has been atrocious (they’re getting better but this offseason’s choices don’t inspire confidence their heads are completely on straight).

    2-Their coaching staff hasn’t been able to cover over those holes with at least bandaids that minimize the damage.

    Last year, they cut Bobby Wagner. Totally understandable. What did they do to replace him? They moved Jordyn Brooks to his spot and made Cody Barton – a guy who couldn’t buy snaps with a Black American Express card in previous years – the unquestioned starter. The only guy they brought in to remotely challenge the spot was Tanner Muse.

    This year? They brought in Mario Edwards – the only guy in the NFL who has more frequent flyer miles than Kerry Hyder – and gifted him a starting spot on the line. Mike Morris was a nice draft pickup. But he’s gained weight to play and is adjusting to new responsibilities.

    They’ve brought in Jarran Reed, told him to gain weight to make a change to a full time NT position, drafted Cam Young in an admittedly good depth move, and prayed/hoped Bryan Mone can come back from a bad injury while trying out every NT on the street.

    Meanwhile they’ve restructured Tyler Lockett and Quandre Diggs to pay the bills, have scrupulously avoided Jamal Adams and his ‘bright red pimple on their face’ contract, and watched the Ravens sign Jadeveon Clowney for a $2.5m base contract.

    Clint Hurtt is going to have to make wine out of water at more than one spot for this defense to be even marginal in the NFL again this year.

    Will he be able to do it? The results the last 3-4 years do not give us much faith.

    • Peter

      I feel this.

      Good to great offensive additions. On the defense still seems like they’ve rearranged the seating arrangement. Jones= awesome. Mafes hopeful development=awesome. Hopefully brooks or Bush will be above solid. Love. Low dollar insurance policy for high dollar player.

      • Big Mike

        My biggest hope for the defense actually lies with the offense this year. I am hopeful they can run the ball effectively and consistently and eat up clock to keep the defense on the sideline. TOP has been a real bugaboo for this D because of not being able to stop the run. Would love to see the tables turned.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Doesn’t seem likely with the combination of Geno’s downfield accuracy last year, DK, Lockett and JSN receiving, and Pete’s penchant for chunk plays.

    • LouCityHawk

      The ‘we should have signed player X’ – when it appears that there was little interest in signing with Seattle is the new ‘we should have traded back from 5 to get a 2024 1st rounder.’

      I would have loved to have signed multiple players, DLine, better LB, a RG, etc… but it takes 2 sides to make that deal

      • Peter

        Can’t tell if you’re arguing just to do it.

        Forget a player. Call them position x. Allocating resources to fix your biggest problem.

        It feels like you think the dline is dialed in or it doesn’t matter either way? I’m not sure.

        For others regardless of what player(s) are here I’d just like to know the names of the guys who are going to spell Reed and Jones. Because I’ve never seen the other names on the roster consistently do it.

        • Rob Staton

          Can’t tell if you’re arguing just to do it.

          There’s definitely a whiff of this

      • Sea Mode

        I think in general the names we toss out are just to show that there were options, they could have done something had they chosen to. And they could always up their offer a bit to sway a FA at a position of need. Maybe one or two say no thanks anyways, but the not everyone is going to turn down more money and a good chance at a starting job.

        And as for the “trade for a 2024 first rounder” take you describe, I honestly haven’t seen that on here much, if at all. We usually try to give the reasoning behind our thoughts and that sounds like something that you might have heard more on other platforms perhaps.

    • Sea Mode

      As usual, Cha sums up my thoughts much more concisely and clearly than I could. 👏

  21. ErickV

    Totally off-topic but how long do we see Pete Carroll coaching the Seahawks ? And when he did who would we want to replace him? I would hope it’s not someone on this staff already given that Hurtt hasn’t proven to even be a good coordinator and I think Waldron needs some more time and produce consistently good offenses before head coaching consideration. My ideal next head coach would probably be offensive minded since that’s what is our strength and it’ll help whenever we get our next franchise QB. Guys like Ben Johnson, Ken Dorsey, Brian Callahan, or maybe even Lincoln Riley would all be very interesting choices to take over after Carroll’s done.

    • Palatypus

      Until he wins a referee challenge.

      • Sea Mode


    • Big Mike

      Until Jody sells, if that actually happens, or until he decides to retire.

      • Palatypus

        He’s going to die on the field.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve said several times over the years that I think coaches have a shelf-life with a team. I think Pete reached his in Seattle a while ago. Hope I’m wrong. I also accept that you’re never guaranteed to get the next appointment right. That’s never a reason, though, to fear change.

      • Big Mike

        I could not agree more fully with everything you said here.

        • Rob Staton

          I would also say — having that opinion doesn’t mean I’m not desperate for him to succeed

          I’m not staying up until 3am tonight for a f-ing pre-season game because I want us to lose

          I want to win every game, Pete be carried aloft on the shoulders of Nick Bellore as Geno Smith holds a shiny Lombardi

          We all have opinions and that’s OK

      • ErickV

        Whenever the time comes, I feel we should have a good amount of candidates considering we’ve been building a nice young core. As you’ve mentioned previously Rob, Seattle would definitely be a good destination for any new head coach.

  22. Jabroni-DC

    I was very excited about the Seahawks additions this offseason. The needle was moving in the right direction for a second straight year. The ‘record scratcher’ moment was cutting Al Woods. Not that he was the end all, be all by any means but because we turned an already thin NT spot into a gaping chasm. What was the plan at that point? Whatever it was I have to assume that it didn’t manifest as intended.

  23. swedenhawk

    The Eagles just signed Robert Cooper.

    • Palatypus

      After cutting Marvin Wilson, so they obviously think Cooper is an upgrade.

      Next step: Seattle signs Marvin Wilson.

      • Big Mike

        *crying* (because it is totally possible)

  24. UP Hawk

    Rob, Cha, or someone more knowledgeable than me:

    Re:Adams. Did his injury play into keeping him on the roster or damage their position to renegotiate? Would that be a reason the team did not address his contract in the offseason having to wait until he is cleared to play to do so?

    • cha


      There is no legal reason with the collective bargaining agreement that the Seahawks could not / can not approach him and attempt to rework his contract.

      • Ashish

        Adams looked much more relaxed even though he likely missed 4 games to start the season. Not sure JS even tried to recover some cap space by talking to Adam. He better win more games on his own to prove his worth. To play the remaining games and not being hurt will be a good start.

  25. Palatypus

    The Houston Texans offense literally put me to sleep. But while I was dozing off, I had an idea.

    When someone comes to training camp out of shape, we should make them locker next to DK Metcalf and have their picture taken every day.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Will Anderson looked pretty good

  26. TheTinyDawg

    I’m very curious what happens after the third pre-season game. I believe the next day becomes a deadline for the final roster. An awful lot of players are going to cut loose and I’m guessing there may be a low risk trade for a guy or two whose current teams are going to cut, but might want to get a late round pick instead. Also, practice squads will be another source of players. It’s gonna be interesting.

  27. Palatypus

    Well Rob, my Seahawks Draft Blog T-Shirt is in the United States at a sorting office.

    And you have my £35.00.

    (hit ALT and 0163)

  28. Blitzy the Clown

    Colts have Adebawore at NT?

    • Palatypus

      What did I miss? I was out walking the dog.

  29. Blitzy the Clown

    Will Farrell to Pete Carroll:

    Ima make you my b!tch and you know I’ll do it!

  30. StevenD

    We all want more NT depth/heft. As you point out Rob, it’ll be an issue, and a glaring one if JReed gets hurt.

    While failing to stop the run was our biggest issue last year, and our D line changes are arguably a push at best, is it our biggest depth issue?

    I’d argue that if Cross goes down, it’s an even bigger hole than if we lost JReed. Forsythe is a weaker link at a arguably more crucial position than Young or Adam’s IMO. (Eiland at one of the guard spots us a close second). How about some discussion about o line depth? Curran is just a guy. At least Young has some upside. I’d love to hear if others agree and any thoughts on upgrading our depth there as well because beyond Olu and AB, we got no one as I see it. Maybe Mackenzie and/or Randolph can step up?

    Super excited about this team. Last 2 drafts have been awesome. But the abysmal 9 previous drafts left this team weak and thin at many spots. Thankfully the Russ trade has us dreaming again.

    • Rob Staton

      These are different things though, Steven. Clearly losing a key player like a QB or LT (or for other teams, a star pass rusher) would be the biggest loss. The point here though is Seattle’s depth up front is so weak that losing someone like Reed would be potentially backbreaking. Right now, they’d be starting an unknown or a 290lber in that slot instead.

  31. Palatypus

    Dereke Young looking like Dereke Eskridge right there.

  32. bmseattle

    3rd and 7 and absolutely zero pass rush.

    • Big Mike

      Got one that time

  33. Big Mike

    Fair catch at the 3? Where’s the communication to let that go?

    • bmseattle

      yeah, that was really bad

  34. cha

    Jarran Reed absolutely bulldozed on those first two run plays.

    Much more comfortable rushing the passer obviously.

    • Big Mike

      “We gotta clean some things up against the run”.

  35. KD

    HOLY CRAP! A 3RD DOWN STOP! I haven’t seen one of them since I was knee high to a sweetcorn.

    Seriously, Mafe is looking like he has been itching to get out there. Doing some damage

  36. Palatypus

    Charbonnet takes his first victim.

  37. Big Mike

    Abe and Phil with great blocks

  38. KD

    Dude! The ULCA Bros making this team. Fantastic move by Bobo and Charbonet looking tough

  39. Big Mike

    57, dayum!

  40. Rob Staton

    That is poor from Charles Cross.

    Sam Williams had him for dinner in college and seemingly he’s back for seconds

  41. Kyle R

    Made is having himself a game so far!

    • Kyle R

      Mafe* damn autocorrect

  42. Palatypus

    Is that three tipped passes for Mafe?

  43. KD

    Boye is an absolute monster tonight!

  44. bmseattle

    Mike Jackson having a rough 1st quarter

    • Big Mike

      Yeah and that’s not CeeDee Lamb hes trying to cover either

      • bmseattle


    • ShowMeYourHawk

      But Jackson is “having the best camp of anybody” per team sources! 🙄

  45. Palatypus

    Tell me you didn’t see the challenge flag coming.

  46. Anthony

    Is it me or has Geno not looked super sharp early on? Cross didn’t help him out, but he seems like a statue in the pocket and almost got picked

    • bmseattle

      I think he looks fine. He held onto the ball too long on the sack, but otherwise looks about the same to me.

      • bmseattle

        *he didn’t have a chance on the sack. but he held on too long on the previous drive.

        • Palatypus

          He learned that from Russ,

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t thought that

      And if the left tackle is getting bulldozed by a 261lbs pass rusher there’s not much he can do

  47. Big Mike

    So if Jackson is having the best camp of all the DBs I’d hate to see the other ones trying to cover people.

    • Palatypus

      I actually don’t think he’s playing that bad. Cooper Rush is putting the ball into some tight windows.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Those are the reps when Pete is running routes on the outside.

  48. bmseattle

    I just don’t like seeing a LB wearing #57 anymore

  49. Romeo A57

    A 17 play drive against the Seahawks Defense sure takes me back to last year.

    Bobo is starting to become one of my favorite players. I am definitely hoping he is on the 53 man roster in week 1.

  50. KD

    Might check out The Equalizer 3 just because of Denzel. I wish that he would chose more dramatic roles to show off his talent as one of the best actors in the world.

  51. Blitzy the Clown

    Helluva turn block by Evan Brown on Charbonnet’s big run. Well done by the entire right side of the OL. But Brown in particular

  52. Big Mike

    8 min Dallas drive
    Where have we seen that mo in before?


    • Big Mike


  53. Big Mike

    We were about to go 3 and out after giving up an 8 minute 17 play Drive and got bailed out by a Dallas Defender

  54. Big Mike

    Good Lord that was a dime

    • bmseattle

      beautiful throw.
      Surprised JSN was caught from behind there.

    • KD

      *Chef Kiss*

  55. KD

    Honestly, BS call by the ref there. I don’t want to see a call by that because I know it will be used against the Hawks at some point

    • Palatypus

      It was preordained after we won the challenge.

  56. cha

    That Dallas sweep run that the Cowboys stuffed was the run I saw Wednesday in practice that he scored a TD on.

    • KD

      That’s what practice is for. Give it a shot

      • Palatypus

        SPIES !!!

  57. Big Mike

    Preach it Mike B!

    • Big Mike

      “This defense needs a big body, Red Bryant type”.

  58. Blitzy the Clown

    Darrell Taylor had a nice rep on the last play of the first quarter. Thought it was Mafe because the get off was so crisp and the hand usage nicely violent. But it was Taylor.

    • Rob Staton

      Is Taylor playing? Not seen him out there

      • Blitzy the Clown

        My bad it was Ty Smith. I only saw the 2 and thought it was 52

        Nice rep for Smith.

  59. Palatypus

    Why are there cranberries in the potato salad?

  60. cha

    Curtis Allen
    Michael Bennett: “More missed tackles. Attacking the interior. The Seahawks missing one thing this defense needs is a Red Bryant type of player. A big body who doesn’t care about making the play. Just wants to push a guy back. That’s what this defense needs.” Amen

    • Palatypus

      So, you like this broadcast team.

      • cha

        I’ll live with it. Mike Rob is so politically correct, it’s great to hear a dose of truth from the broadcast team.

        • Palatypus

          I think they are trying to be like the Manning cast, which I always watch on MNF, because the alternative is Troy Aikman.

    • Troy

      Ha I was just about to post the same thing, looks like Mike B and Rob see eye to eye on the dline

    • Daniel

      If all else fails, take Bradford the draft pick from LSU (assuming his doesn’t win the RG spot) and swap him to DL. He is 346 pounds and strong.

  61. Palatypus

    Lock got clocked.

    • Big Mike

      Is cheap shot?

  62. Troy

    Lock is absolutely cooking right now, good to see

  63. Mick

    Nice drive to get a TD.

  64. Anthony

    Drew Lock going to start a game or two this season!

  65. Palatypus

    Good rep from Bradford on that TD run. He made the cross block and then dump a guy on the second level.

  66. Big Mike

    If I’m Pete I’m sitting Lock the rest of the game and give that knee a chance to heal. No need to aggravate it.

  67. Rob Staton

    Lock has looked great today

    • Troy

      Accurate and making quick decisions, can’t ask for more

  68. Big Mike

    Good he’s sitting Lock down.

    • Rob Staton

      Hopefully by design not necessity

      • bmseattle

        yeah, I’m worried about that knee. that hit looked kinda bad, and it seemed like it was bothering Lock.

  69. STTBM

    I am yet again unable to watch the game in my part of Montana. Thanks to Roger Goodell, and the NFLs greed.

    Sounds like the defense is Same As it Ever Was though, so I guess I shouldn’t be so butthurt lol!

  70. Palatypus

    Holton Ahlers has a wicked sunburn on his neck.

    Has he been in Florida?

  71. Palatypus

    Mafe got held.

  72. cha

    Get Boye Mafe out of this game.

    They had him on punt coverage and they have him in with little to go in the half and he draws a holding.

  73. Rob Staton

    4:35am and bed for me

    Watch the second half after a few hours sleep and will do a write-up after

    Hopefully a stream discussing the game on Sunday too

    • STTBM

      You are a madman Rob!

  74. Palatypus

    Is Levi Bell showing Jon Rhattigan the door?

    • STTBM

      Oconnell is doing the same. Bell can play 4-3 DE too…

  75. Palatypus

    Stetson Bennett having a rough day.

    And yeah, that’s the Tyjae Spears I saw when I was at the Senior Bowl practices.

  76. Hand of God

    Looks like our 2023 UDFA class might add some players to the 53 man roaster. Too early to say of course but the long snapper is a given, Bobo is starting to look like a lock too, Levi Bell is showing positional versatility as FB + DE and the safety looks good too (albeit, in a very crowded room). Some people are even praising Sykes as a DT (haven’t seen his play so can’t opine…but I hope to god they are right).

  77. Blitzy the Clown

    Oof Derick Hall took Christian Young’s cleats to his crotch on that Deuce Vaughn run

    • Palatypus

      What will they call that on the injury report?

      Joel Piniero Syndrome?

  78. Palatypus

    Because it’s late and nobody is reading this, I want you all to know that “Bobo” was the nickname an old ex-girlfriend had for my…


    • Mick

      Ignoring the Europeans who recently woke up 🙂

      • Palatypus

        I’m pulling for Bobo.

        • swedenhawk

          which one? LOL

  79. Blitzy the Clown

    Another good play by Smith tackling Vaughn behind the LOS

    • Palatypus

      I see some progress.

  80. Mick

    I liked their decision to go for it on 4th and 1.

  81. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice pick by Tre Brown

    • Mick

      Glad for him, he needed it.

    • Palatypus

      He remembered how to tackle today.

  82. Palatypus

    Ahlers is like the Walmart version of Starlord out in Buffalo.

    And making him run and slide so much while he is as pink as a smoked salmon is just cruelty.

  83. Mick

    I can see us keeping Tyreke Smith. We’re pretty strong at edge rushers.

    • Palatypus

      I would be shocked if we did not keep Tyreke Smith. The only reason he was low on the depth chart is because he was on IR last year. He and Boye Mafe absolutely destroyed all the left tackles at the Senior Bowl two years ago. I was there in torrential rain to see in in person.

      He trained with Cliff Avril before the combine and that is what the franchise is grooming him to be.

  84. Peanut

    Bobo gonna be my new Baldwin. UDFA making plays, he’s gonna make more memorable plays than JSN, calling it.

    • STTBM

      That’s a bit rich. JSN is already a better wr than Lockett was as a rookie. He doesn’t have Locketts top end speed, but his agility is ridiculous, and his route running is already Pro. He’s going to be a star right from the start.

      I love Bobo as much as the next guy, but he’s slower than Largent was. The guy has a future in the league, but he’s not going to be a better player than JSN.

      • Rob Staton

        We need to wait and see JSN play before any comps to rookie Lockett

        Tyler was very good very quickly

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