Curtis Allen’s camp notes (16th August)

This is a guest post from Curtis Allen…

The last day of Seahawks’ training camp available to the public was a bit more relaxed, with players not working in their pads in preparation for Saturday’s preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys.

It was also a welcome sight because the team (and more specifically the defense) has been really banged up with injuries recently.

Devon Witherspoon and Jamal Adams have been hurt. They were joined today by Tre Brown sitting practice out with an unspecified injury. In the linebacker group, Jordyn Brooks was dressed but not practicing after coming off the PUP. Up front, Mike Morris and Darrell Taylor have had shoulder injuries and Bryan Mone’s status is anybody’s guess at this point.

A lighter practicing day was warranted whether it was part of the schedule or not.

Usually, a practice of this nature gives an advantage to the offense. Without the rough and tumble work happening in the trenches and the receivers running routes without fear of taking hard shots over the middle, opportunities to score are far easier to come by.

That was true of today’s practice with the offense putting together several very effective plays.

That does not mean that the defense was taking it easy. The defensive backfield provided tight coverage and were very competitive.

The best play of the day defensively came from Julian Love. He’s having a pretty quiet camp by all accounts but here he was hand fighting with Metcalf on an in-breaking route to the end zone:

Even so, offense ruled the day. Of note though — several of the catches and plays were of the variety you would actually see in live game play – tightly covered with the quarterback’s accuracy and the receiver’s ability to adjust and make the play the difference. Have a look at this fade to Metcalf from Geno Smith:

The coverage by Artie Burns may not be absolutely perfect but that ball was a great example of what we saw. The quarterbacks and receivers nicely synching to make it a rough day for the defenders.

It was not all about Metcalf, though. Tyler Lockett and Jaxon Smith-Njigba had touchdown catches in the scrimmages. Smith-Njigba’s was a particular beauty — a toe-tapping corner of the end zone grab that showcased his body control and Geno Smith’s accuracy.

One receiver garnered a lot of my attention today though — Jake Bobo. With Dee Eskridge’s problems, Cody Thompson’s ascension cooling due to an injury and Dareke Young just now being able to practice, Bobo has taken full advantage of the opportunity presented to him.

After an impressive performance in last week’s game, it appears the Seahawks want to see what they have in him. He was literally all over the field today. Bobo took his standard snaps on the kicking coverage but also frequently worked with both Geno Smith and Drew Lock in the offensive drills and scrimmages:

The Seahawks had him running all kinds of routes — slants, crossers, simple ‘find the soft spot in the zone and sit downs’ and timing routes down the sideline and he produced results on every play:

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves though. This rep is a good example. You can see Bobo lumbering a little bit in his run and Lance Boykin (he of the 4.73 40-yard time) is not exactly prime competition.

This ball is placed perfectly by Geno Smith and Bobo is able to go up and get it and come down in bounds. It appears as if Boykin bails on the play at the end, perhaps reasoning the ball is sailing out of bounds. Yet Bobo reels it in.

That is the kind of day he had – everything the Seahawks asked him to do, he did and did well. It is possible that today was a designed ‘development day’ to give the coaches some practice film to review in order to further their evaluations.

Do not be surprised if he gets reps with the top offense Saturday to see him against better competition in a game setting. Or, the exact opposite — very little action because the Seahawks have seen enough to make their decision and want to give the other receivers some reps.

Other Practice Notes

— Drew Lock had several more impressive throws today, including a bomb to Matt Landers for a touchdown. He is quickly reaching the point where he is calm and in command in practice and now needs to translate that to game play. Look for him to get plenty of work on Saturday.

— Coby Bryant seems to be settling on being a backup safety and the starting nickel that can transition to safety when the defense wants to change up their looks. It feels like we should count on that as the plan until Devon Witherspoon can get back on the field.

— Speaking of Witherspoon, Pete Carroll offered a weak assurance that he is on the road to recovery with his ‘he can run in a straight line’ statement. It is not a death knell but you should know he said that of Darrell Taylor several times in his rookie season. The point being — do not hold your breath waiting for Witherspoon to get on the field again soon.

— It still seems strange to me to see Boye Mafe and Uchenna Nwosu dropping in coverage at times. This feels like something that good offensive teams will exploit in order to try to nullify their speed off the edge. Or put another way, make them play the game they want to play. Is Bryant enough to either cover a tight end or occasionally set the edge in place of those guys?

— It does appear that Jamal Adams is progressing. He dressed today in his jersey but is obviously still in recovery and did not participate. To his credit, he is doing everything he can to pump up his teammates. He also stayed after practice again to sign autographs.

— Seeing Woolen take full reps today after a full practice yesterday was extremely encouraging. He still needs a lot of development time for all of his talent. It also helps the coaches sort out the other side cornerback. There’s no better timing than now, with Tre Brown out today.

— Speaking of that, Woolen vs Metcalf is worth the price of admission. Even in practice for a handful of reps. We are talking about two of the most physically impressive human beings in the game locking horns.

— Tyreke Smith appears to have been classed by Pete Carroll as ‘he is going to have to make an impact on special teams’ rather than being in competition for an OLB spot with the other top four players. He took several reps on the punt squad and was the first guy to really break downfield from the front line group, for what it’s worth.

— Noah Fant says he is fully recovered from his knee injury. I am not convinced. He seemed to labor today. More than once he split off from the offense on the sidelines to take a few steps and sort of collect himself.

— BT Jordan’s pass rush drills are a blast to watch. I do not know if they will yield results but from just watching them work you can see their skills showing up. Hall has a strength and build that is exciting. Nwosu has real quickness. Mafe? He’s got both of those things.

— A lot was made about a run Deejay Dallas had for a touchdown today. They are always nice to see but this was a ‘manufactured’ play by the offense. They lined him up as a wide receiver but close to the line, had him run across the formation at the snap and had an upback leading the way in a sort of jet sweep. It is a formation type practice rep that may work in a live game but is not very repeatable. Running backs need to find their holes and create yards to succeed when the games count and this play was not that.

— Zach Charbonnet also had a touchdown run and looks very competitive out there. Ken Walker had his helmet and did some light drill work and Pete Carroll assured us he will be ready for Week One. Kenny McIntosh dressed but did not have his helmet or participate in drills but appears close also. So, the running back group may yet be at full strength soon.

— Speaking of Dallas, he got most of the punt return reps today. Jaxon Smith-Njigba got a few as well but not nearly as many. I would think the Seahawks like Dallas’ reliability and will look to have him be the main returner Week One with a mandate of ‘just don’t cough up the ball.’ They likely are tempted to have Smith-Njigba back there but will do the math between his tender hamstring and the drop-off between the third and fourth wide receiver and take the safe route for now and stick with Dallas.

— I still think Charles Cross’ physical transformation is not being talked about enough. Standing with the backup left tackles he looks trimmer, more muscular and far more athletic. A physically stronger approach could really fuel a second-year jump, which would be just what the doctor ordered for this offense.


  1. London Seahawk

    This is excellent…
    I thought of Curtis as just ‘the cap guy’ on here – but this is fantastic analysis.

    • UkAlex6674

      Not sure how long you’ve been on the site bit Cha does some excellent writing and reports throughout the season that aren’t cap related.

  2. Sea Mode

    Thanks for another one of these!

    On the one hand, I’m ready for the off-season to be over. On the other hand, I’m nervous because I get the feeling things are still far from coming together for the Seahawks and it might be another really sloppy start, especially on defense.

    At the risk of sounding overly pessimistic, I can already hear PC in the pressers: “we just need to make a few tweaks and clean some things up…” 😓

  3. LouCityHawk

    Great write up, and good explanations as to what we can glean.

    The Witherspoon stuff is disappointing and depressing.

    The Bobo reps are really intriguing. I swear the more I watch of his game it is like watching Herman Moore. One thing that Bobo does very well is high point the ball. If the coaches like what they see, they likely will reduce his reps.

    Lock’s progression is expected. I’ll just throw out a reminder here that Lock will play lot because it isn’t fair the OLine/WR that need to be evaluated to have Ahlers playing all game. This isn’t a camp battle, Lock can do what the coaches need him to do so they can slice the salami on a Winston/Landers decision, for example.

    Saw someone posting some clips of Jordan’s drills…they looked great for developing necessary skills…put not pass coverage.

    It was mentioned yesterday, but the injuries seem to be a real concern.

    • London Seahawk

      Spoon out is indeed a big downer.
      If we can come out 2-1 through September and inject him into a winning mix in October though…..

      • Peter

        You think he’s coming back that soon?

        I hope so but 14 years of this has me a little worried. It’s getting to be a very long list of players we’re hoping get right and live up to their billing.

        • Elmer

          Every time this happens it makes me think about the conditioning staff. Are players arriving in good enough shape? What is in the team’s control to minimize injuries.

          The good news, I guess, is that the roster has better depth.

  4. Big Mike

    Thanks much Curtis. You’re recap is outstanding as are all your contributions to the site.


    agree about Bobo lumbering based on that clip anyway…….I assume that’s why he was an UDFA? What type of routes will best utilize his apparent ability to get open via excellent route running? Stuff over the middle and timing out routes?

    Very impressed with Brooks’ work to get this far along this soon.

    Witherspoon? Sad, just sad. Sigh.

    Why would anyone want the autograph of Jamal Adams?

    Really excited about Cross. He obviously is committed to improving and well he should. Top LTs make a LOT of money

    • Peter

      Very excited to see Cross, young with a lot of room to grow in strength plus technique, Damien Lewis really settling into the LG spot, and Lucas who I think is going to finally break out nationally.

      • LouCityHawk

        Lucas is trending nationally…for his Facebook 😂

    • Connor

      I am envisioning an F-22 vs the Red Baron in a game of tag. Maybe the F-22 is almost detrimentally faster?

    • MountainHawker

      I’m far from an expert but I like the idea of using Bobo as a big slot. Especially in the red zone where he can use his size and high point ability.

      • TatupuTime

        I think variety is really important for both WRs and CBs. If they are playing a team with smaller corners having both DK/Bobo on the field at the same time is going to cause problems. Bobo gives them something different than Lockett/JSN/Dee in certain matchups. Eskridge being suspended for the first 6 weeks basically gives them the perfect opportunity to keep Bobo and see how things shape up when Eskridge is ready to return.

    • Kyle R

      Maybe John should sneak into the crowd with a retirement document for Adams and get his autograph on it!

  5. Romeo A57

    CHA, Are you sure that it wasn’t just people processing summons that were waiting in line for Jamal Adams after
    Practice? Maybe he was handing out dollar bills? Who would want his autograph in anything other than a legal document? 🤔

    Thanks for the write up. I, unfortunately, believe this run defense will be as soft as it was last year. Expect opponents to run for over 150 yards in many games.

    • Big Mike

      I, unfortunately, believe this run defense will be as soft as it was last year. Expect opponents to run for over 150 yards in many games.

      I think it’ll be just a bit better cuz Bobby but not a huge difference. I share your overall concern tho.

      • Peter

        Pro: Bobby, possibly brooks, development of mafe into a starter.

        Con: hoping reed and Jones don’t get even one tiny injury because a fairly poor assemblage of depth.

        In regards to stopping the run.

        • TatupuTime

          Jones is a smaller guy and really more of an interior pressure guy than a run stopper. Reed looked like a run stopper at Bama but I’ve never seen him be great doing it at the NFL level. Both should go a long way to improving interior pressure (of which there was close to zero last year), but aren’t going to do much against the run.

  6. Peter

    Great stuff Curtis. Really appreciate it.

    Interesting on Fant. The multi TE sets were quite the asset last year. Hopefully the addition of JSN mitigates the need to count on Fant to be fully recovered and Dissly to play a full season.

  7. geoff u

    The Witherspoon pick was frustrating enough as it is and now this.

    Anyway, regarding Charles Cross, I think our offense sputtering at the end of last year was partly on our line — not necessarily Geno. Cross and Lucas hit that rookie wall. That shouldn’t happen this year. Geno has been given every chance to succeed and there will be no excuses this year. Here’s hoping he balls out.

    • Peter

      I think everyone hit a wall. Lucas, cross, walker. Big jump up in games played. But we should remember that Geno had not played a full season in forever. Just looking back at the final five game logs the stats look like he was really pressing. 8tds to 5 ints and a pretty big dip in completion percent.

      I’m fairly stoked to see all the weapons on offense.

      Will reserve overall optimism about the team unless the defense shows it can just hit middle of the league in yards conceded and time of possession.

      • Romeo A57

        I agree that the rookies probably hit the rookie wall toward the end of last season and I expect the offensive line to perform better thisbseason

    • TatupuTime

      Curious if you were frustrated by the Witherspoon pick who you really wanted at that spot instead. I’m assuming Carter? Don’t get me wrong the hamstring injuries to both Spoon and JSN at the time of the pick had me worried. But also think the pick makes sense. The next picks went like this:

      Paris Johnson Jr. (not a need)
      Tyree Wilson (also injured and not playing yet)
      Bijan (RB)
      Jalen Carter (the most talented player in the draft that 8 teams passed on due to his character and no team felt confident enough to trade up for)
      Darnell Wright (arguably not a need)
      Skoronski (arguably not a need)
      Gibbs (RB)
      Lukas Van Ness (how much better than Hall do you think he is?)

      • geoff u

        Absolutely no to Carter. I would’ve traded down, perhaps several times, to try and get a first next year. And with the way the draft fell, we could’ve even picked up Will Levis at the end of the first and still got JSN plus extra draft capital for next year.

        • Jacob

          The same Will Levis who is injured and is looking like he won’t beat Malik Willis for the backup QB position for Tennessee, what a great pick that would have been /s

  8. Gaux Hawks

    tre brown sitting out of practice… trade rumor?

    spoon (pushing bryant back to nickle), sutherland and blount all hurting doesn’t bode well for big mike… : (

    cha, was cam young on the field?

    • cha

      tre brown sitting out of practice… trade rumor?

      I doubt that a 2021 5th round picks who has gotten so little playing time would be worth pulling and putting on ice until a trade is finalized.

      cha, was cam young on the field?

      I didn’t see him. The calf injury must be worse than we thought.

      • Big Mike

        It’s ok, we just signed that guy off the street so we good.

        • TatupuTime

          Wait 5 minutes that guy off the street has been cut and replaced by another guy off the street already.

  9. Palatypus

    Matt Landers? That’s Homer Simpson’s next door neighbor, right?

    Owner of the Leftorium, right?


    • Rob4q

      I believe you are referring to the one and only Ned Flanders!

      • Palatypus


  10. samprassultanofswat

    The Seahawks sure seems to have more than there share of nicks and bruises(injuries) in training camp. I wonder if it is because the Hawks are simply more aggressive in practice than most teams.

    • MountainHawker

      They seem more physical this year but I would point to the Cowboys camp if you want aggressiveness

    • Palatypus

      Cleveland is getting hit really hard with injuries, last I checked.

  11. samprassultanofswat

    Speaking of Witherspoon. Witherspoon was the right pick. You have to be really careful about hamstrings. Especially with elite athletes.

    I have heard some good things about Jalen Carter. But when Carter was at Georgia he had is buddy (Jordan Davis) keeping him in line. Now at Philadelphia Davis is once again Carter’s teammate. So this should not be a surprise that Carter is off to a good start.

    • McZ

      It’s still helluva bit early, but IMO he wasn’t the right pick. I wonder, why his athletic profile, his measurables and his slight frame weren’t red flagged in the draft process. And now he has an hamstring injury stemming from college.

      All the while his former partner Sydney Brown, who has none of his coverage and athletic deficiencies and is just as physical, flourishes a ton in Philly.

      Aside from this, no CB wins you a SB. The right QB under rookie contract absolutely can.

      Jalen Carter seems to be another man since the draft. The few plays he did vs Ravens he was a terror. Makes you wonder, if his poor showing was manufactured to become an Eagle.

      • BK26

        In one preseason game. When it doesn’t matter. Let’s have him play in a game that actually matters. He didn’t slip because of his skills. As has been talked about ad nauseum. He only played 2 snaps….

        He didn’t embarrass himself with his tape, off field management, and workout (leave out the legal issues) just so he can go to the Eagles and maybe start in a year or two? He sat there during the draft with cameras in his face while he fell.

        We need to quit bringing him up for one meaningless game as the regrettable choice. Pete and John didn’t even consider him. He might not work out anywhere besides Philly. This is already like Creed Humphrey on steroids.

        • Big Mike

          Creed would’ve been good here.

          • BK26

            🤣🤣🤣 you aren’t helping Mike

          • Peter

            Image of you in your garage getting your bike ready for a ride….

            Hold on is someone talking about the wrong pick again🤣🤣.

            I kid. Yet I fell ya on the creed pick forever.

            • Big Mike

              And then there’s actually going out on a ride and suddenly thinking about the level of performance we’ve seen from Adams for the expenditure paid which pretty much would make me ride off a cliff.
              And yeah BK26, I know I’m not helpful and the what if game can always be played but that one sticks in my craw because of the struggles we’ve had with the position combined with the utter lack of performance we’ve received from Eskridge. We’ll leave TJ Watt for another day…………..

      • Spectator

        Key word you gloss over is “right QB”. The “right” QB wasn’t available, so what would have us do then? PC went with who he thought was BPA.

  12. Peter

    Let’s hope he gets well soon and all this is a blip.

    The worry is that way back in April it was deemed a minor injury via MRI. Meaning non surgical.

    Everyone is different so it’s hard for apples to apples comparisons. I just worry that this feels like it’s trending into the “yips,” territory. This being the middle of August takes us to nearly 7-8 months of recovery.

    • TatupuTime

      The good news is that a guy like JSN was out longer than 7-8 months with his hamstring and now appears to be 100% with it.

  13. Palatypus

    Maybe this will make everyone feel a little better.

    • LouCityHawk

      My liver would have gone on strike if we picked him at #5.

    • Big Mike

      That’s ugly, but at least he IS on the field….

      • Palatypus

        Not at the end of the play.

    • STTBM

      Hahaha! Had a small college football player tell me Seattle should have drafted him at 5 rather than Spoon. So that play cracked me up.

      But let’s withhold judgement for 3 years, then see where they both are at.

      Man, that play looked like Kelly Jennings only in a Ken Norton Jr defense….

  14. cha

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.

    Seahawks’ MVP yesterday might have been the staffers handing out popsicles. Kids and grownups alike flocked to them. 93 degrees and no shade if you wanted a good view of the action.

    • Palatypus

      Great Job Curtis, and thank you.


      At the Senior Bowl they hand out all the Reese’s peanut butter cups you can eat. But not at the practices. They only do it at the game.

    • Peter

      I miss living in Seattle. It’s 95 here today five hours south, ducks/beavers country, and I’m enjoying the reprieve from the recorded 108 I had yesterday.

      It’s so cool I’m not even thinking Popsicles right now.

      • Palatypus

        Heat index has been over 100 degrees all of August here in Pensacola, EXCEPT when it causes torrential rain, thunder and lightning.

        The water temperature here has also been insanely high, and I think we are going to have a BIG hurricane pretty soon.

        Recently, a pod of manatees were spotted at Bayview Dog beach. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I saw on the local news that they have moved to Fort Walton. Why the hell are manatees this far northwest?

        I have been to Manatee county and didn’t see a manatee there. Then again, I’ve also been to neighboring Pinellas county and didn’t see Lou Pinella.

        And yes, Lou Pinella is from Tampa.

        • Big Mike

          And my sympathies Palatypus. Don’t know how you slog through summer down there.

          • Palatypus

            Seeing all these girls in bikinis is just horrible.

            • Big Mike


              • Bmseattle

                Lookie, but dont touche’.

      • Big Mike

        81 in the Couv tomorrow Peter so close to the same for you I’m sure. Gonna feel goooood.

        • Peter

          Yep! Looking forward to it big time after this week.

  15. ShowMeYourHawk

    The discount NT audition carousel keeps spinning…

    • Rob Staton

      Not encouraging that they seem to just think a warm body can fill the void and yet none of the warm bodies they bring in last five minutes

      • STTBM


        I have no faith that Clint Hurtt has a clue.

    • cha

      Seahawks PR
      released NT Anthony Montalvo this afternoon.

      • Big Mike

        Is it me or is this just becoming comical at this point?

        • bmseattle

          What can they possibly learn about these guys in one or two days?
          Just ridiculous.

          • Palatypus

            How to mispell their name?

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice cha! I really appreciate the view from the scene.

    Feels like there’s a trend of top Seahawks draft picks spending part of their rookie season injured. I know it’s probably not accurate (think Charles Cross), but it still feels like it (think Marquise Blair). I’m not concerned about Witherspoon sitting out so much per se. But it raises once-bitten-twice-shy issues.

    Just saw this from Gregg Bell:

    Gregg Bell
    Pete Carroll just now talking about #Seahawks CB Riq Woolen: “I’ve never coached anybody who has as many skills as he has.”

    That’s pretty damn encouraging.

    • cha

      It is.

      But this is why I listen to every press conference that I can. The reporter led Pete with that question. Pete started by saying Ty Law was right there when he entered the NFL…than said what he said that was quoted….then reiterated Woolen has a long way to go.

      Earlier in the press conf he said Woolen has a ton of things to clean up. He has so many things to clean up he has a list, and has bunched them in priorities. Also said he lost focus last year at times.

      I think this is why fans push back when we talk with any level of nuance. The 5 second sound bite that Pete is led to by a reporter is a greasy slice of pizza. Nobody wants to eat their vegetables and have a healthy balanced look at this team.

      If you want “team good. player good” just keep gobbling up the fatty slop.

      If you want depth you have to dig a bit yourself.

      (I’m not calling you out Blitzy. I just listened to the press conf 5 seconds before reading your post and it was what struck me.)

      • Palatypus

        Not doing pizza tonight for Thursday Night Football. I made gyros with kufta kabobs.

      • cha

        While I’m ranting…most everyone reported Witherspoon will be back next week per PC.

        He actually began his statement with “I don’t know” then said ‘maybe late next week’ and ended with “let’s see how the weekend goes”


        • Big Mike


  17. Rob Staton

    Got a big article dropping tomorrow on what is IMO the key topic for this team

    • Big Mike

      I’m gonna go way out on a limb here and guess it’ll be interior d-line.
      Looking forward to it Rob.

      • swedenhawk

        the fear that the Seahawks will trade their 2024 1st to the Miami Dolphins for Christian Wilkins?

    • Mick

      My hunch is, finally getting it that Sutherland and Bryant are more than enough at safety and it’s time to use the extra 18 mil for the D-line.

      • TatupuTime

        While this is more than true, the time to extend or cut Jamal has long since come and gone. Lots of cost efficient veteran interior d-line options that they could have gotten this off season. Now what?

        This D-Line has been shit for 5+ years now. They seem to recognize it every off season with words but never action. They finally have a edge rush group that should be competent and some interior pressure options as well. Which is great. But run stopping interior is one of the easiest things to address in the NFL and they did less than nothing. They have worse interior run stopping options than they started 2022 with.

  18. Brodie

    Respect Cha! What a write up!

    I was there too, but your detail shows that you did not have 3 girls under the age of 10 in tow 🙂

    From what I saw:

    You do have to admire and appreciate the energy Pete brings to these things. He’s running around everywhere, leading the groups to the next area of practice and engaging with the fans. He has his issues, but there is no doubt he’s in his element on days like this.

    Bobo – I don’t know if he’ll make the team, but to my eye he showed he should make A team. He’s not fast and he’s not necessarily quick, but he’s often open and he popped more than anyone who wasn’t DK or JSN.

    JSK looks so smooth. He absolutely broke Artie Burns’ ankles on an out route at the goal line about mid-way through practice. His ability to create separation is top tier already.

    DK also looks fantastic. He actually had a great high point corner route and some great crossing routes where Geno was clearly waiting on him to come open and dropped a couple of dimes for big gains.

    Charbonnet looks good, but I really don’t think I can make any good or bad statements about an RB based on the non-contact rules. Every running play ended up with the RB in the endzone if they didn’t run out of bounds. Was hoping to see McIntosh, but he didn’t even have his helmet.

    Woolen – Stood out to me, in stature as much as skill. He is every bit of 6’4 and long too. Seeing him next to some other DB’s you realize how tall he really is.

    No comment on our $18M cheerleader, other than to say he couldn’t be bothered to come sign a single autograph on “kids day” (at least that I saw… I could be mistaken)

    Dickson/Meyers: Dickson is nuts! He was practicing punts from various yardage and your could see that he has a different kick based on distance. He turned one over for probably 60+ that landed inside the 10 and on a shorter kick it came out with a sideways end over end that landed on the 2 and bounced at a 90 degree to the right and was downed. Incredible, even for a novice observer. Myers was hitting the ball over the net from 40+ consistently too. He pushed one from 54, but it was the only one I saw him miss and if it were straight, it would have been good from 60.

    Bobby – 12’s showed a lot of love after practice and he did too. He was out there signing autographs for longer than anyone. My daughter and her friend both got their footballs signed and I appreciate him hanging out for almost an hour with the people who made the trek on a scorching Wednesday. Ditto Geno – He was there for a long time and engaging with a smile.

    Loads of credit to the shuttle drivers and support staff too. Really friendly and professional job by everyone.

    • TatupuTime

      Really awesome to get these additional observations. Dickson is a super fun guy to have on the team and easy to forget about at this time of the year. Hoping to we see less of him this year than last, but still fun.

      I wasn’t on team re-sign Geno, but now that it’s done and given the contract he’s on I’ve done a complete 180 and am all aboard the hype train. Such an easy guy to cheer for.

      • BK26

        I am…oddly and surprisingly ok with the qb situation. For this current year. Geno just seems…perfectly in control? Haven’t seen him get frazzled, seems like he is doing all that he can and is grateful. Leading. It’s turning into getting a little defensive of criticism: “he’s my quarterback, only we can criticize him.” Big brother/little brother mindset.

        Lock: He is better. I don’t know if he’ll ever be a starter in the league again. But to have a backup that I’m ok with, it could be worse. I don’t know if we’ll ever figure him out, just like I don’t know if he’s even on the team next year. But I’ve come around about as much as I can with his situation.

        The closer we get to the season, the more faith I have in winning the West. That surprises me. Geno is easily the best qb in the division and that matters.

        To me, there does need to be a competition next year for the position’s future. Get a kid and have him go up against Lock (who still might not be here next year). I’ve just thought about how I’ve also done a bit of a 180 on the position, and from where I was before, it’s very surprising.

    • cha

      Glad you had a good time Brodie!

  19. UkAlex6674

    Do you think the FO have their ears to the ground and are aware of which DTs may be cut in the upcoming cull? With all the good work they have done recently I’d hate to think they are acting this negligent on purpose.

    Maybe even a trade in the pipeline? Are they waiting to see how the CB battle plays out to see who they can offer?

  20. Mick

    Thank you cha and also thank you Brodie. This is the best source for camp info by far.

    I’m excited to see Cross in action, such an important position, if he levels up we are set for the next decade.

  21. Big Mike

    Insightful Gregg. Do you “bend down to tie the laces of (his) shoes” too?

    • BK26

      If it’s a daily routine, is it worth making a post? I definitely got in the wrong field if all it takes to cover my favorite sports team is what ol’ Gregory does.

    • Romeo A57

      I hope that he throws down the Red Challenge Flag after he reaches the end zone.

    • bmseattle

      To me it looks like Pete saw Gregg coming his way, and is getting the hell out of there!

    • STTBM

      They all do that, not just Gregg. Google Seahawks, or Seahawks news. There’s about 10 articles gushing over this pap, and 20 Facebook memes being pushed.

      All the big media and the locals write stories and put up vids about Vulcan talking points. It’s the worst media coverage in the NFL. Apparently nobody dares piss off Vulcan…

      • JR

        Really I don’t see Michael Shawn-Dugar, Corbin Smith, or Bob Condotta putting out fluff pieces, only thing that is embarrassing about Seahawks commentary is the people who post here.

        • BK26

          You don’t read enough then if you don’t think they don’t. Keep smelling your roses junior.

        • Rob Staton

          I suspect the only thing worse than ‘the people who post here’ are the people who hang around, despite clearly not enjoying it.

        • STTBM

          Condotta and the Times are some of the worst offenders at pushing Vulcan-approved narratives. Not everything they write is junk–but far too much is. MSD is better, but Smiths takes are often suspect.

          If you don’t agree, that’s fine. But ever notice when seven different sites write about the same non-important Seahawks related theme, and all have the same rosy buy illogical conclusion? You think when that happens 30 times a year plus, it’s always a coincidence?

  22. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Jadeveon Clowney is going to the ravens, per source.

    • Mick

      Once more I look at the Ravens and I tell myself I wish we signed the players they get.

      • Peter

        I used to be that guy. But since they won the superbowl they’ve been exactly us in the intervening years. Good. Not great.

        • Mick

          I’m not judging their results, and they also had tough luck with the injuries, just the way they handle free agency makes much sense to me.

          • Peter

            Let me be clear. Calais Campbell would have been nice.

            • Big Mike

              That’s the one I wanted for the Hawks too my friend, badly.

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport
      It’s a 1-year deal worth a maximum value of $6M, source said.

  23. Rob Staton

    Trolls out in force in the comments section earlier than ever this year

    Had a fun few comments to moderate today

    • Peter

      That’s my bad.

      Been telling people on YouTube if they don’t like it come to sdb and air their grievances here.

      Let me guess. Rob Staton was wrong about Carter…..when you were a. Right about Seattle not taking him and b. Not ( sadly) the seahawks gm anyways.

      • cha

        I struggle as much as the next guy to temper my enthusiasm / frustration with players in preseason.

        My big one I have to remember is in 2019, KN Jr was raving about Cody Barton. Like he was the next Wagner or Tatupu. No need to kid glove him into the NFL, he’s plug and play.

        Meanwhile we had no idea what to make of that super tall muscular WR taken in the 2nd round who wasn’t very productive in college and plunged in the draft due to a potentially career-ending neck injury…

    • JR

      Everyone who doesn’t align with your worldviews is a troll, keep building this echo chamber Rob you are infallible.

      • Rob Staton

        Plenty of people disagree with me on here

        People who post abuse are trolls

        People who don’t enjoy this blog but hang around anyway? I have a word for them too…

  24. Romeo A57

    Let me guess about what the morons are saying:

    “You were wrong about Jalen Carter.”
    even though you were 100% correct that the Seahawks would never draft him.

    “Will Levis sucks! and you were wrong about him”
    Even though it is way too early to know whether any of the 2023 draft picks will be any good.

    • Palatypus

      As President and Grand Wzard of Morons of America, I object to this characterization.

      You have us confused with Pissants of Philadelphia and Dullards of Dallas.

      • Palatypus

        …and Ignoramouses of Indianapolis.

  25. Peter

    Hey Rob,

    Not sure if you know it already. But it’s tomorrow now. I’ll keep refreshing of course. Just wasn’t sure if you knew that or not😀

    • Palatypus

      And, by the way, I have an issue with you Rob Staton.

      The Seahawks Draft Blog T-Shirt I ordered a week ago hasn’t left the UK yet. How am I supposed to go “Robbing” liquor stores in the Mobile area around the Senior Bowl without it? What will Jim Nagy think if I show up without it at the strip club? I’ve been working on my British accent “Rubby.” How can this not be on “Schhhhedual.”?

      My Top Gun hat is here from the National Naval Aviation Museum patiently waiting.

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