The Seahawks are facing a make or break weekend

I tried to do it.

I switched on the tape. I fully intended to watch the Buffalo game for a second time.

In part I was intrigued by Brock Huard revealing on 710 ESPN this morning that they gave up an entire drive without hitting anyone. Plus, it was suggested there was a drive consisting of five consecutive first downs (before the streak was ruthlessly broken by the end zone).

I wanted to see if it was true.

I couldn’t do it. I started watching and then stopped. Once was enough.

The defense is completely broken.

The “scheme”, which now needs to be written with quote marks for the rest of the season, is all over the place. There’s very little physicality or fear factor. Everything seems so passive — even for a defense that is suddenly among the heaviest blitzers in the NFL.

Execution, attitude, discipline, understanding — all missing.

It’s broken. As the title says — this is a make or break week going into the Rams game. This cannot continue. A serious, genuine improvement needs to happen right now. There cannot be another game like the one on Sunday.

What happened in Buffalo should never have been possible in the first place.

How has it got to this point? How has a Pete Carroll led Seahawks franchise produced a unit that is hurtling towards being statistically one of the worst ever — in over 100 years of NFL history?

The problems started with the off-season. The roster construction was incomprehensible. This was supposed to be the year to take the next step — with resources in the way of cap space and draft picks to make it happen.

I won’t write out the long list of issues again — but if you missed it in September, here’s the breakdown.

Failing to address glaring problems with the defense (and in some cases compounding issues) forced them to do things they’ve never done before.

They started the season blitzing to mask their pass rush deficiencies. They knew they had to manufacture pressure because, unsurprisingly, Benson Mayowa bookending L.J. Collier wasn’t good enough. In the first two weeks they blitzed 36.4% of the time.

Yet the tactic failed to create sacks and left the second level exposed — with the Seahawks leading the league in explosive plays conceded.

Time for a rethink.

By week four they changed course. They decided to be conservative. They were sitting in zone and trying to make teams take what was on offer. It worked against the Dolphins but was exposed against the Vikings and Cardinals. By week seven, their blitz percentage had dropped by a significant 10%. They were suffering death by a thousand cuts.

Time for another rethink.

In the last two games they’ve pretty much flip-flopped between the two. They’re caught between an aggressive, blitzing approach to manufacture pressure and a passive system that — as we saw in Buffalo — is susceptible to giving up easy yards and barely laying a finger on the opponent.

Then when they switch to blitzing — it takes one well-timed screen pass to make the whole thing fall like a pack of cards.

Remember the days when Seattle went after opponents? They’d hit you in the mouth and let you know about it after. They were brash, hungry, devastating and organised.

The 2020 defense is a mess and it’s getting worse not better. The Seahawks, who for years have had a set way of playing, are now scrambling around trying to figure out what works game-to-game. They’re caught between the two extremes of bringing extra rushers and playing soft in coverage.

They’re going to smash the record for passing yards conceded per game:

2020 Seahawks 362.1
2020 Falcons 310.3
2011 Packers 299.8
2015 Giants 298.9
2012 Buccaneers 297.4

They’re also going to shatter the record for the all-time worst passing defense in terms of yards conceded — by a thousand yards. The record is 4796 and the Seahawks are on a pace for 5794.

As someone pointed out on social media, the Legion of Boom have become the Region of Room.

There’s simply no excuse for this. This is a team with Bobby Wagner, Jamal Adams, K.J. Wright, Jarran Reed, Carlos Dunlap and Quandre Diggs. They’ve used first round picks in the last two years on L.J. Collier and Jordyn Brooks. They’ve paid, traded for or picked these players. Some are big names and established pro’s.

Despite all of the legitimate concerns voiced throughout the off-season, there are still enough established players on this defense to cobble together a solid plan. They can at least be average rather than abject.

That’s why it’s only fair that serious questions are asked of Pete Carroll and his defensive coordinator. It is their duty and their responsibility to find solutions.

And it’s just not happening.

The cornerback situation is less than ideal. Quinton Dunbar was all over the place in Buffalo and Tre Flowers has limitations. All teams have injuries though and this is a scheme, supposedly, that allows you an opportunity to not have to line-up elite cover corners on the outside.

Was there no way to come up with a scheme or system to mask that weakness and elevate the key players you did have available?

Does Jamal Adams fit this defense? The player they traded so much for? And if he does, why has he looked so average aside from his explosive debut in Atlanta?

The game against the Niners was held up as a sign of progress and yet, as we now know, Jimmy Garoppolo was clearly not right and the 49ers are in the middle of an injury crisis. Nick Mullens, who was dreadful against Green Bay in the following game, delivered 20 points, 238 yards and two touchdown passes in one quarter once he replaced Garoppolo.

Week after week, Pete Carroll comes to the podium and insists things will get better. He talked of the Buffalo performance being unrecognisable — yet we’ve already seen half a season of this. He says after the game they didn’t expect Buffalo to abandon the run. Really? You didn’t expect the Bills to attack your weakness with their strength?

It’s blatantly clear that the defense needs new leadership and that Ken Norton Jr is simply holding on at this stage. The Seahawks can’t afford to ‘hope for the best’ here.

The Rams game has to be the final straw. If they fall to 1-3 since the bye with the defense struggling once again, there needs to be some action.

The Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron when they were 9-4 in 2012 and they went on to win the Super Bowl with Joe Flacco stunningly being the main reason why. If the Ravens had stood-pat and reassured themselves over a winning record, they probably would’ve missed out on that Championship.

Nobody wants to be negative about Ken Norton Jr — a man who rightly commands respect and love in Seattle. Eventually though, something has to be done. This can’t keep going on. Even if it merely means promoting someone already on the staff — there has to be some kind of accountability.

Meanwhile, sections of the Seattle media skirt around the big topics. On 710 ESPN yesterday morning — rather than initiate a relevant discussion about the problems at hand, we instead heard a radio host telling Carroll how ‘inspired’ he is that Carroll found his calling as a football coach.

It feels like we’re in bizarro world sometimes. That same radio host was yelling at people on social media today — and yelling again on the radio about fans wanting a pound of flesh (that he wasn’t going to deliver), while accusing some fans of treating Carroll ‘like he’s Adam Gase’.

It’s not that at all. I think some fans, understandably, are concerned and baffled by what’s going on with the defense. They want a bit more pushing and probing when Carroll is interviewed, rather than uncomfortable fawning.

Meanwhile on Field Gulls yesterday, somebody posted an article titled ‘Seahawks fixed their pass rush’. I don’t know if that was simply an attempt to draw people in but the reality is they blitzed 60.4% of the time against Buffalo and gave up 44 points — the most in 10 years of the Carroll era. That is not a fixed pass rush. It’s manufactured pressure that delivered four sacks but also 19/24 passing for 254 yards and two touchdowns for the offense.

The counter argument is, predictably, the Seahawks are 6-2. They are first in the NFC West. These conversations are unnecessarily negative and we should be grateful that the Seahawks aren’t the Jets or the Jaguars.

It’s such a tepid counter. We’re witnessing one of the all-time great quarterback careers. This is a franchise that has raised expectations to where you can dream about Championships. That is the goal — every year — and it’s not unrealistic with Russell Wilson behind center.

Yet since their last Super Bowl appearance five years ago — the Seahawks have been stuck in a rut. They make the playoffs but swiftly make their exit. In the last five years they’ve won the NFC West once. They’ve not sniffed a NFC Championship game. In that same period, the 49ers and Rams have both been to the Super Bowl and the Cardinals came within a game of it.

Isn’t it right to wonder how the coaches in San Francisco and LA elevated teams led by Jimmy Garoppolo and Jared Goff to the Super Bowl, yet Seattle’s coaches aren’t able to do the same with Russell Wilson?

When you watch this defense you can’t help but feel history is going to repeat. They were 6-2 last year and 6-2-1 in 2016.

The Colts, Browns, Bears and Raiders are one win behind the Seahawks. A 6-2 record doesn’t mean anything. It’s not an adequate counter to any of the issues raised regarding the defense. It doesn’t justify any decision made during the off-season or since. Wins against the Falcons, Patriots, Cowboys, Dolphins, Vikings and Niners are not any indication of contender status — especially if they end up paired with losses to the Cardinals, Bills and Rams.

Wilson is the reason they’re 6-2. He’s helped deliver 274 points — second only to the Chiefs (286). Without him playing at a MVP level, where would they be? Seattle’s net points differential is +31. Kansas City’s is +103.

We can also see the way the defense is increasing the pressure on Wilson. He has seven turnovers in the two defeats so far. He’s turning the ball over at a faster rate than at any point in his career. He’s pressing because he has to — and teams are coming after him now because they know he’s the only way for Seattle to win.

Essentially the defense is starting to infect the offense too.

If the Seahawks lose on Sunday against an opponent they consistently struggle with, they’ll be on a 1-3 run with the only victory coming against the lowly Niners. If the defense struggles in a defeat, the growing concern that is starting to build will multiply.

This is a huge game — arguably the biggest regular season game in the second half of the Carroll era. You might think it’s a bit over the top to say they need to salvage the season. I don’t. You can’t expect to have realistic Super Bowl ambitions on a 1-3 run when you’re fielding one of the worst defenses in NFL history.

They have to win. They have to play better. They have to find a way to make this defense function.

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    • Rob Staton

      It wasn’t a spat. This is mischief from the New York media. It was after a good defensive stop (a collectors item) and if anything it was a ‘let’s go’ moment.

      • Big Mike

        Fair enough

        • SeaTown

          More fake news. They never learn.

  1. cha


    • cha

      It was so strange to see a professional radio host completely lose it on Twitter with an “I can’t even” attitude when the fans were replying calmly and with legitimate concerns.

      Fan: Bad loss, on track for worst defense in NFL history

      D-O: You think we should fire him?! You should thank your lucky stars!

      Fan: Uh, no. I think there are some serious questions that need to be asked of him and your radio show is an ideal format to ask those questions.

      D-O: Oh, so you think I should be fired then?! Fire D-O! Fire everybody! With that make you feel better?

      D-O: This club can’t even handle me right now. The whole world is against me.

      • Rob Staton

        It was hard to witness online. The surprising thing was to hear it on the air too. Brock Huard sounded a bit uncomfortable with it and then very politely talked with great detail about why some of those fan concerns are valid.

        • cha

          I just listened to it for the first time, You weren’t kidding.

          Danny is unhinged. Saying the guy’s name and mockingly reading his tweets on the air.

          Brock had a calm rational argument that agreed with the tweeter Danny was mocking.

          • Rob Staton

            I couldn’t believe what I was hearing cha.

            It was difficult to listen to.

            • Elmer

              Danny O talked about getting fired on today’s program in another context, but maybe there is something going on at 710?

        • James Z

          Danny O’Neill is punching way above his weight. He’s has the gravitas of a limp carrot. Not quite sure why 710 am gave him the lead in the morning show after Brock and Salk moved on. He didn’t click very well with Wyman on the afternoon show previous to his current posting.

          I never tune-in to his show anymore and stick to Stelton, Wyman and Moore, instead when I tune-in.

          • TomLPDX

            I listened to the Brock portion, first time ever to listen to Danny, and wanted to shut him off. I would have changed the channel in the first 15 seconds but I wanted to hear what Brock had to say.

            • dcd2

              Just listened to it as well. Probably a first and last for me. Appreciated what Brock had to say, but Danny was unbearable. Reading rational comments, by screaming them as if they were the ravings of a lunatic was really poor form.

  2. BobbyK

    We are witnesses to greatness!

    Russell Wilson is historically great, in the prime of his career, and we shall not see his like ever again as a QB for the Seahawks.

    We are also witnessing the greatest defense in NFL history at sucking.

    How lucky are we?

  3. JLemere

    This is the end… Hold your breath and count to ten…

  4. Gohawks5151

    I’ve coached a bad team or 2. Knowing you don’t have the horses to even be competent is a lonely feeling. In that way I don’t blame Pete for not wanting to talk about it. He is in a foxhole with Norton trying to figure this out with the walls caving in. Let me also say that i do think he is trying. At the same time he did build this team so he bears the brunt of criticism.

    I actually believe Pete when he says that the players need to execute. Though it has changed and changed again the principles are still simple by NFL accounts. To me it is who is teaching the fundamentals? In the heyday you knew the names Kris Richard, Ken Norton, Dan Quinn, Gus Bradley. Each had the expertise, communication skills and charisma that took them beyond position coach all the way to Head coach for some. You don’t hear any names now. I think that this staff is a “good old boys” club in the way that these position groups were handed to friends/colleagues that lack one or all of the skills listed above. I hear the comment about Dunbar essentially free lancing in Buffalo and think that would not have happened under Richard. The players have their part to play as well. Kam would not have stood for that either. accountability from all.

    I think that this type of thing happens a lot with successful programs. New England and at the college level Alabama, are constantly raided by other teams for coaches. However it is the domineering effect of a personality like BB or Saban. If Pete is smart he needs to either retrain his staff or get a new one.

    • Rob Staton

      Fair points.

      Yet we haven’t seen New England or Alabama reduced to this kind of struggle.

      I’ve said a few times I think there needs to be some outsiders enlisted to build a new staff this off-season. Carroll needs a few unfamiliar voices and some experience within his staff.

      You’re right though — it’s the fundamentals that aren’t being taught properly and that could easily be down to a particularly green, inexperienced staff that simply don’t have the ability to deliver the scheme as intended.

      • cha


        You look at PC raving about the OL gelling quickly and providing continuity pretty much out of the gate and talking about the Zoom meetings and team building and all that during COVID.

        I could be wrong but I never once heard anything like that happening in regards to the defense.

      • Gohawks5151

        New voices are needed no doubt. I still feel like Pete and the Seahawks have the reputation and the name recognition to attract some good talent. I wouldn’t write off a guy like Richard though.

        • TomLPDX

          I’m going to counter that we already have good talent on the D but it isn’t being utilized to its maximum.

          • Gohawks5151

            There is too much talent to argue with that too much. So do an audit on your staff and make sure you are enforcing the right things.

          • BruceN


  5. Big Mike

    “Isn’t it right to wonder how the coaches in SF and LA were able to elevate teams lead by Jimmy G and Jared Goff to the Super Bowl yet Seattle’s coaches aren’t able to do the same with Russell Wilson?”

    Yes Rob, yes it is.

    Here’s another question: how can Seattle’s coaches and FO turn one of the greatest defenses in NFL history, the 2013 Seahawks, into one on track to be one of the worst in NFL history in just 7 years?
    (hint: it’s not Russell Wilson’s contract)

    • Hawkfan11

      Kent Norton

    • Elmer

      Makes you wonder which players on defense they will want to keep around for 2021. Bobby, Blair. Brooks. Dunlap. Then who?

  6. Lewis

    The amazing thing is that despite how bad the defense got burned, we still win if Russ does a better job protecting the football.

    • Rob Staton

      Do we?

      I think that’s a bit of an assumption. I appreciate the points off turnovers don’t help. But there’s nothing to say those turnovers, if reversed, wouldn’t have simply led to ended drives for Seattle anyway and Buffalo then go and score.

      I also think Wilson’s pressing and mistakes are down to the increasing pressure he’s under to score because the defense is awful — plus opponents are just coming after him because they feel confident enough to do so with the defense unable to defend anything.

      • TomLPDX


      • 12th chuck

        with the defense winded (through there own inability to stop anyone) on a short field, has to be demoralizing to be somewhat contempt to let the team score. Have not heard “every blade of grass” too much this year.

      • Lewis

        Nothing is certain, of course, but the two games we lost were the ones where Russ threw 2+ picks. I’m not trying to absolve the defense of guilt, but I feel like the “increasing pressure” argument (and I’ve seen this elsewhere, not just here) is letting him off the hook for his mistakes just a little. And if you are right, and the defense is getting worse, he better find a way to battle past trying to force things.

        My hope is that they will figure out how to use the new personnel. And get Amadi back soon, who they really seem to miss out there.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not letting him off the hook at all.

          We’ve never seen Russ like this.

          It’s not a coincidence.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Rob has talked before about the Seahawks offense applying pressure through the scoreboard. What we are seeing right now is Russ feeling that pressure. He knows this defense can’t stop anything without a turnover so he’s trying to do everything.

  7. Submanjoe

    Hmmm. Maybe since the “when the opposing qb throws for 400yds the Seahawks always win”, is over. Now, it can be the opposing qbs throw for 400 yds and the Seahawks always lose!
    Seriously, the bills didn’t even pretend, they knew what they were doing, adjusted themselves to attack their opponents weakness and destroyed that opponent. I guess the “hope” is that some other teams will still try and run against the Seahawks this year.

  8. Chase

    Do you think Pete isn’t going to fire Norton because of how much of a roll pete himself has in the defense? I feel like the locker room would just see KNJs firing as Pete’s scapegoat for how awful the defense has been.

    • Rob Staton

      No, I think Pete is fiercely loyal.

      I don’t think there’s an obvious candidate to come in and take over (before any asks, I doubt Dan Quinn wants to jump back into coaching this season, least of all try and turn this mess around, and Atlanta’s defense is also shocking).

      And I also think Pete is wary of how Norton’s firing would be received by key veterans like Wagner and Wright.

      Yet ultimately you can’t just keep drifting along and it seems pretty clear the defense isn’t getting any better and they’re struggling to come up with a legit plan to deliver a consistent unit. So the two options, if this continues, are make a change or simply ‘hope for the best’.

      • Chase

        If this is how “hope for the best,” looks, I do not want any part of it.

      • TomLPDX

        Would bringing Kris Richard back as our DB coach be so horrible?

        • Rob Staton

          1. Would he even want that job?

          2. Why, and under what circumstances, was he fired in the first place?

          3. Why is he currently unemployed?

          • TomLPDX

            As the DC, I don’t think he had what it takes…Peter’s principal. As a position coach he excelled. In Dallas he was caught in a coaching takeover. I’ve seen this happen so many times in my career…elevate someone to the point they don’t know how to be effective…anyway, just my take on it.

          • Pran

            Agree. We need an out of the box solution, not another pet saying yes sir!

        • Uncle Bob

          He has turned down several of those level offers already by his own admission. He, perhaps rightly, doesn’t believe he should go backward in his career trajectory. That, and there may be considerable lingering animus from his firing here. Whether or not we agree it’s what he believes reality is that counts in his decision making.

      • Submanjoe

        I think it is a damning indictment of this team and Pete, if Pete cannot fire a coach because he is worried about how key veterans will react. Obviously those players have their sway and opinions etc, but Pete is the head honcho and he has final say and he needs to be able to make those uncomfortable decisions. Big balls Pete. Sometimes drawing lines, making uncomfortable choices, asking tough questions in press conferences, has the affect of gaining respect. It’s like they are determined to do it their way and figure it out with their guys no matter what.

        • SeattleLifer

          Pretty sure Russ told Pete/John that he really really wanted Greg Olsen, and lo and behold we won a way over priced bidding war for his services.

          Pete and co are way too soft and way too loyal IMO. Causes problems across the board like keeping coaches and veteran players too long, paying too much in salary/extensions (worked over by agents) to getting worked by gm’s in trades more often than not. They lack the hard business edge that the nfl works by as a whole.

  9. Simo

    Rob, I’ve heard you say a few times that this is Pete’s defense, not Ken Norton’s, and that Pete isn’t likely to fire him in season. And I’m sure that’s pretty much true, but with the defense performing so poorly, don’t you think Kenny needs to go? They have to make a change don’t they? And the sooner the better!

    Like you said, just make an interim DC from within the staff, but at least send the message to the players and coaches that the defensive effort and the results are unacceptable!

    I know the players love KN, but teams can also rally around change, and may need to get out of the rut they are in. Looks like the Falcons are playing much better after Quinn’s firing, perhaps its possible to improve in the second half of the season? It’s worth a try I think!

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve written two articles in the last 24 hours that include opinions on Norton’s status.

  10. TCHawk

    I don’t mind getting beat by a screen against the blitz. That happens. Tip your cap to a good counter.
    The coverage was terrible and guys were wide open against the blitz and zone. Nothing was working, except for when they were able to get home for the sack.
    How about back out of a blitz. Show blitz and play coverage. They cranked up the blitz and it meant if they showed it, they came. Get creative and scheme confusion when your players aren’t able to keep up.
    Not sure what the answer is with Norton this season. Maybe firing him lights a fire under the players. In the off season, Pete needs to go out and find an answer and let somebody else run the Defense. With the horses, his defense can be great. Without them, we are seeing the result. Scheme and confusion can help bridge the talent gap.

    • Rob Staton

      “I don’t mind getting beat by a screen against the blitz. That happens. Tip your cap to a good counter.”

      It was all too easy though. Have you seen a screen pass look as easy as it did on 3rd and 16 on Sunday? It was astonishing.

      • TCHawk

        Absolutely correct. Coverage was a wreck.
        My point was that when you blitz, you can get countered by the screens. It happens every weekend where they highlight the great play call of a screen to take advantage of an over aggressive defense. I would rather see that happen over playing soft zone and having 7-8 in coverage and guys are 8-10 yards wide open. I was a lot more frustrated by the wide open receivers and the pitch and catch Buffalo was doing when we didn’t blitz.
        Should they have blitzed on 3rd and long? No, bad play call, but we played coverage on 3rd and 27(?) and it was an easy first down as well. Defense was trash all around Sunday.

        • TomLPDX

          Dunbar was particularly trash on Sunday. 15 yard cushions? Really!

          • Rob Staton

            Region of room

            • Big Mike

              “Region of room”
              OK that’s funny, in a sad kind of way.

          • Tecmo Bowl

            Dunbar clearly wasnt healthy enough to play the second half, and thats on the coaches to get him out of there sooner. I tip my hat to him trying to tough it out, but at the same time he should tap out when he cant go. Being able to run and cut turns out to be fairly important when playing CB.

            • BruceN

              It was down to him or Linden Stephens and eventually Stephens ended up playing.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      “How about back out of a blitz. Show blitz and play coverage. They cranked up the blitz and it meant if they showed it, they came.”

      Yep. The blitz is telegraphed when and where pretty much every time. No idea why theres little to no disguise. Dumbfounding.

      • Pran

        In general on a 3rd and 16, no team likes to Blitz. Yet we showed the look and picked up by Bills, I cant imagine how silly our looks and calls were to other teams.

  11. Roger

    Excellent article, as usual, Rob.

    I know someone with a connection inside the team. And while he (and I) don’t get many tidbits from the inner circle, I have heard enough that Pete has a lot more influence and control over personnel than we might imagine, given that he’s working with someone of JS’s track record.

    I do believe the two are generally aligned, but it’s not hard for me to see a world in which JS often defers to Pete or basically collaborates by making his wishes happen.

    As far as this old boy network within a team, I’ve seen it happen at college programs I favor. While I don’t get the sense that Pete himself is any less motivated than ever and brings his normal energy to the team, I can also imagine an environment in which even he has too much history or friendship with some of the coaches to be able to light a fire under them.

    I mean, didn’t the former disgruntled defenders like Bennett and Thomas and Sherman basically become completely inured to Carroll’s consistent parades of pollyanna-ish blather?

    Sorry, didn’t mean to make this anti-Pete. And Gohawks5151’s point is well taken. Nevertheless, there’s a time when brutal honesty spoken to yourself and those around you is the best way forward.

    • Rob Staton

      No need to apologise, you raise some good points.

      I’ve long suspected you are correct. That ultimately Carroll and Schneider work closely together and I’m fairly certain that JS has a significant input in decision making. Yet ultimately Pete is the man at the top of the table and I can easily imagine JS working to meet Pete’s directives and wishes. I suspect, if given some truth serum, he might also voice some dissatisfaction with certain decisions. Although I don’t think we know enough about the structure of the operation to speculate much more than that.

      And if you want to email me any of the tidbits you’ve been given over the years… feel free!

      • Whit21

        I cant help to think about the new structure in ownership and something Rob put into an article a few months back asking if the stuff even back then was happening because the passing of Paul Allen, and for everything happening now. I cant help but think its because the guy that even seemed to scare Mike Holmgren a little bit is gone and there’s nobody in the organization that you have to explain to why PC’s defense was absolutely disrespected and humiliated.

        While on pace to be an all time worst pass defense. It would be the most ridiculous conversation ever if someone went back in time 5 or 6 years ago and said that 2020 is gonna be the worst first half of a season for PC and seahawks pass defense.. Everyone here would probably never believe it what so ever.

        • Rob Staton


          And Paul Allen would not accept this defense. The ownership situation is the concern nobody seems to want to discuss.

          • Big Mike

            Outside of this place, I agree.

    • Big Mike

      It was made clear at Pete’s introductory press conference 10 years ago that he was the ultimate authority in all football matters. I have always thought that he has nearly complete control over personnel though I do believe he and John work in conjunction on the draft. This is Pete’s show, always has been, always will be. That’s why his title is Head Coach and Executive VP of Football Operations.

    • Gohawks5151

      Agreed. To your college point, that is why I brought up Alabama and Saban. Last year they had a show on ESPN called training days. Saban had a few new coaches and a new DC. He was absolutely ruthless with his staff at times. He demands they meet a standard. I also don’t question Pete’s will to win. Rather his ability to hold his guys to his standard beyond his belief in his connection to the coach

  12. TomLPDX

    Damn you Rob! You nailed it again! This seasons hurts because of what could have been. We have time to get back to playing respectable but I don’t know if Pete has it in him.

    • Rob Staton

      It definitely hurts for that reason.

      And despite many people’s accusations that I’m just being negative, on the contrary I desperately want to see this team succeed.

      • TomLPDX

        You’re not being negative, just honest about the situation. Can we do anything at this point to get us back in the game? I don’t know.

  13. Jeffry

    Coaching is the issue. There is plenty of talent amongst the Seahawks players, on both sides of the ball. Easily enough on defense to perform at a higher level than we’ve seen (except in spurts). If you look at the defensive roster we have Bobby Wagner, KJ, Diggs, Reed, and Adams – all high level players. The remainder may not be as good, but they wouldn’t even be here if they weren’t talented. Suffice to say they are good enough if coached properly and employed in the proper scheme. For example, while Adams was injured and replacements had to fill the void, we actually started to see the defense begin to jell. Guys like Neal and Reid and Barton made significant contributions playing within the scheme. It wasn’t LOB level, but it was tangible. Even the “old” Bobby Wagner showed up against the 49ers and was flying towards the ball. What happened against the Bills? The defense looked lost. They appeared confused, like they were processing mixed messages. Like ‘they’ knew what they should be doing, how they should be schemed, but instead were given conflicting instructions. As disciplined athletes it presents a worst possible scenario. The brain and instincts – both highly honed from years of action – are saying one thing, while their discipline, which is obeying a mental counter-force, is saying something diametrically different. Thus, there is no ‘flow’, no natural instinct. Just confusion and having to think-before-action in a game where quick reads and reactions determine success or failure. I believe BWags is the perfect example of this failing. Blame the coaching. Blame the mixed messages these warriors must be dealing with. After all, they’re not paid or expected to think. Thinking in pro sports takes too long. They are trained to react, quickly and with force. They have some latitude and at best a couple options depending on their role and the situation. The point is that the coaches are supposed to do the thinking ahead of time and put their players in the best positions to succeed. Our coaches on defense have not been very successful in doing this. Against the BILLS, WE WERE THOROUGHLY OUT-THOUGHT, OUT-COACHED. Until this changes expect similar results.

    • Uncle Bob

      You get it!

  14. charlietheunicorn

    Kind of a rant/kind of not

    The defense, as currently constructed, has under performed.
    There is legit talent scattered through out it, but they are either “not on the same page” or “have too many complex ideas” within the schemes they are trying to run which are confusing guys who have not played together.

    I have wondered if Adams is the ultimate wildcard. He stresses the defense, because if he does blitz then they have to cover for him (his voids in the defense)….. however, the defense was not exactly lighting it up when he was not in the line-up, pointing to this maybe not being the case. Perhaps this is being biased, since I thought when Neal actually played pretty well filling in + the overall defense seemed like it tightened up and made plays (or stops on 3rd down) and the CBs played with more confidence / stickier with WRs.

    I think the problem boils down to the CBs not being sticky enough on WRs and the DE/DTs not getting enough pressure to impact more than a hand full of snaps. Each helps the other… buying time or creating less time for the QB to do damage. I know the DL has not been up to snuff, but the number of times WRs have run completely wide open…. I lost count after 2 games. Flowers (looking better as of late), Griffin and Dunbar have all been less than stellar to put it mildly. So I guess I’m blaming the secondary more than the DL for the pass coverage issues… failures.

  15. Rob Staton

    Quick reminder that the Jets held Buffalo to 18 points recently.

    • BOHICA

      I don’t know if I would read into that too much Rob. They are AFC East opponents and are very familiar with each other just like how AZ is with the Hawks regardless of record.

      • Rob Staton

        The Jets are still utterly hopeless.

        And 0-9.

      • Keoni

        Bohica, your point of them being very familiar with each other only emphasizes the fact that this is a coaching issue. If we truly want to have a Championship mentality, our coaches need to be more than familiar with our upcoming opponents and build a gameplan accordingly.

        Getting trounced by a Buffalo team, that recently struggled with a Jets team that some could argue are barely trying, should be an indictment on this coaching staff.

        It not only shows a lack of execution and effort on ALL members of the team, but blatantly shows the teams lack of preparedness or any viable gameplan.

        Rob, great analysis as always. We’re all ardent fans/arm chair quarterbacks who just want our team to succeed. That being said, my biggest question this season is where’s the fire, where’s the passion, where’s the attitude that we once had? Players need to bring that attitude, but more so it needs to be an organizational mantra, a way of life, not just one game at a time. From the owner on down!

        Let’s face it, that was the biggest driving force of the Legion of Boom. Where’s the swagger now? It can’t just be Bobby deciding to have a better game or Jamal getting hyped after a 3rd down stoppage. It needs to be ingrained as a daily part of WHO WE ARE. That come’s from coaching. There’s a point where Pete’s always positive Hope just becomes Hype. Someone better start bringing some attitude and create a persona for this defense if the ‘Hawks are to succeed.

        I’d love to see you do an article on this!

  16. Trevor

    I went back this evening to watch a couple of Hawks Super Bowl team games. The things that really stuck out where what this team is missing.

    -Great tackling
    -Sound Fundamentals
    -very few mental mistakes and great communication
    -Tough and Physical

    I think Kam and Sherms intelligence was huge. It seemed like the Hawks knew the plays the other team was running. Everyone says Earl was the key to that defense but I personally think it is was Kams leadership, toughness and intelligence.

    • Rob Staton

      They were all key. It was a loaded, unbelievable defense. We will never see another like it.

      And now we get to see another unique unit that will go down in history.

      • BobbyK

        It’s a good thing they have a lot of draft picks to restock the talent on defense.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah at least there’s that.

    • Sea Mode

      This link someone posted yesterday to Top Billin’s film study. It is striking to see the stark contrast between our defense now and the LOB era just as far as BAMFasserie.

      Study: What a LEGITIMATE Seahawks Defensive Reset could look like!

      • Jordan E

        That was me! Love the Top Billin videos haha.

        The part with Richard Sherman pushing guys around is great. He was a real BAMF and like the soul of the defense besides Kam Chancellor in the day.

  17. Uncle Bob

    It’s gratifying to see that some folks are coming around to understanding some of the complexity of organizational formation and function. Let me state up front that all the flaws of the defense lay at the feet of Pete, and so does the responsibility of fixing it. He’s demonstrated with past performance that he can build and run a successful team. Now his challenge is similar while different. He needs to rebuild on the fly if he wants to salvage this season. As much as I admire what he’s accomplished in the past I’m not convinced he has experience enough with the specific issues he’s dealing with today to pull it off. He didn’t get where he is by not being a competitive sort, and that means he doesn’t like to lose. But does he know how to win with the table of issues before him today?

    Covid is both a real reason for chaos, and an excuse. It has genuinely disrupted our life routine, but like any other challenge in life the choice is to figure out how to best cope with it or submit. To get specific to the football team the way it has played out has disrupted the normal team building/training/conditioning process. Injuries are always an issue, but look to be even more critical this season. It may even benefit a marginal team by season’s end in that the team least undermined by injury could become the biggest winner in a form of default. Yeah, as bad as the Seahawks look, with “luck” they could outperform their due by outlasting their competitors. Faint hope.

    The point could well be argued but I suspect that the lack of preseason prep and practice games hurts the defense more than the offense. The first quarter of season play would appear to support that. All teams were affected somewhat equally in that they all worked within the same framework, but some teams had more personnel changes to adapt to than others making coordinated play more difficult. The better coached teams are the ones who are performing better and winning as a result (again, considering injury impacts). The teams with suspect coaching are the ones lagging for the most part. Which brings us to our beloved Seahawks.

    Just one example of multiple opportunities available, I’ll bring up Quandre Diggs. Last season he came in and performed well almost from the git go. Fans were really high on him because he seemed to fit in very well and was a much better player than T2 (ironically T2 is now on the Chiefs and looks to have a much better opportunity to get a Super Bowl ring………….ain’t life grand?) Injury interrupted some of his success, but still a favorable upgrade. Fast forward to this season and he’s one of many disappointing goats (scape, not great). What changed? I doubt he’s any less of an athlete/position player, and it’s possible he has some life issues or undisclosed injury, but I suspect it’s more a matter that he’s having to play with a round robin of different CBs, and a couple SS he’s unfamiliar with……..more than once. He’s actually the only stable carry over player from last season at a backfield position. And I don’t bring this up as an excuse for his play, but rather to point out that what’s at hand is more than just saying something like “man that guy sucks this year”. Part of why the LOB was so good falls to communication between the actors. Sherm, Kam, and Earl, figuratively, shared a common brain of reaction/alignment, a synergy that could absorb a variety of fourth wheels and perform nearly with ballet perfection. We’re far from that today. It is a challenge for the coaches to overcome, and so far they show themselves as wanting. Pull up your best Strother Martin impersonation and say along with me; “What we have here…………is a failure… comun-cate.”

    This is where folks who don’t fully understand how complex organizations need to function will say something like “Well, it’s Pete’s defense, it doesn’t matter about the other coaches.” Wow, the kindest thing I can say is “you don’t know what you don’t know.”. Absolutely Pete has ultimate responsibility, and he picks his subordinates so that’s on him too. And, to my mind, he’s picked poorly in recent years (he’s had short comings in player personnel choices as well, but I’m setting that aside for now as it get more attention routinely). Pete is the COO of the “field operations” division of the greater entity known as the Seahawks Football Team (yeah he has a loftier title and probably more position/power than that, but work with me here). As such he supervises, my best guess as I’ve not seen any specific enumeration, some 120ish personnel between players, coaches, and immediate support staff……and that may be a somewhat low number. He can’t, and shouldn’t, be involved in the smaller day to day functions of managing the performance of each individual. To put it another way, those of you that have a job, likely have a boss, does he/she come down to your desk to do your job, or do they set the objectives and operating parameters you are to work within and let you apply your abilities to accomplish the stated objectives? If they do your job for you, update your resume, you’ll need it. So while it is accurate to say that Pete formed the framework of the defense (and offense as well), he’s supposedly hired folks with the skill and shared vision to execute his plan because he’s the manager not the functionary of details. Now, I’ve seen him on the sideline, e.g. the Miami game he was “coaching up” Flowers individually, and that disturbs me. It may be a sign of weakness that explains, at least in part, why we have what ultimately has to be seen and an inadequate coaching staff at his subordinate level. I’ve long been on the “Ken Norton is the wrong guy for the job of DC” bandwagon. I’ve been labeled in the group of “lazy” “cop out” blame for saying so, yet now some doubters are coming around. Look, Ken is by all accounts a good dude, was a fine linebacker in his day, and demonstrated abilities as a decent, maybe better, linebacker coach,. As his reward he was elevated to the next echelon, which appears to be his level of incompetence (once known as The Peter Principle). While elevating him was warranted, keeping him at that level while being less than competent is not. Recently we’ve been tossing him under the bus, not without justification. He’s not figured out how to help his charges on the defense play together in an acceptable fashion. Yes, he’s had challenges from Covid, injuries, and other circumstances beyond his control, but so have his contemporaries/competitors. Some have responded better, some not. Unfortunately he fits the Parcells nostrum, “You are what your record says you are.” He was lowest third ranked in the NFL as DC with Khalil Mack, prime Bruce Irvin, etc. when in Oakland………… it’s not for lack of player talent that he’s under performed. He’s just not shown abilities to support the level of responsibility he has. And it’s not Pete’s job to do his job for him. But it is Pete’s job to recognize what the problem is and, again, if he wants to salvage this season, he needs to make his adjustments NOW! No, that’s not what I expect he will do, it’s not in his nature, BUT I wish he would have a moment of revelation and realize that it’s what’s best for now, feeling be damned. I’m not going to claim it’s a cure all, but if someone more capable were there to pull the talent we have available together for a higher level of performance, that would be a good thing. And a much needed thing.

    • TomLPDX

      Wow, that was long and hard to read, but I read it and tried to get all of your points.

      Pete has already admitted to micromanaging the D game while in the game. If Ken doesn’t have autonomy to run his D the way he sees fit then everything Pete does to undermine him during the game causes confusion and discord with the players.

      • Uncle Bob

        Thanks for investing the time to read that Tom. I’ll respectfully disagree that Pete is undermining Ken as a routine, rather he’s doing him a disservice by keeping him in a position that he shouldn’t be in for his own well being and life fulfillment. I’ve been an a manager/employer, and have learned not to try to force a round peg into a square hole. It serves neither well.

    • Big Mike

      Fantastic post Bob. Love how you laid out logic as a basis for your assertion that KNJ should be let go immediately rather than just basing your opinion on pure emotion.

      • Uncle Bob

        Thanks Mike, as Tom said, it’s an involved read that may be too intense for the masses. One scary thought is that Pete does in fact realize the problem he created and has taken a serious look at what his alternatives are. For instance, putting someone else from the existing staff in the DC job for the remainder of the season, but sadly there isn’t a better choice available from that group. We’ve posted elsewhere here the reasons Richard likely isn’t a possibility, and Quinn, beside the self image issues he may face, might have a contract issue on the remaining pay out from Atlanta. It could be if he takes another job he forfeits millions still due. Tough corner Pete has put himself in.

  18. SeattleLifer

    One comment really stood out to me Rob. You said they have a scheme that supposedly does’nt require elite corners to work well(I know you know better). I think we are seeing they were blessed with Sherman and Kam and Earl in coverage in the secondary (not to mention excellent pass rush….) and that yes elite corners are super important and it’s why teams draft them early so often and pay a premium in salary and trades for them. The Patriots always put such a huge premium on acquiring and keeping them for big bucks(see arguably best nfl coach ever….). The Hawks are now paying heavily for their neglect in both the pass rush and in coverage. The modern era nfl is a passing league and to disregard your pass rush on the d-line and your corner backs is just ludicrous.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I was jealous of the Arizona Cardinals corners. Yes it makes a difference. When was the last time they drafted a great corner?

      • SeattleLifer

        Yeah we woefully under draft at cb including none last year

    • Rob Staton

      It’s no ludicrous.

      It’s well known that this scheme, as designed, has a fairy limited demand on its corners. That’s not me projecting. Ask anyone in the game. Listen to Michael Lombardi talk about it.

      The problem for Seattle is they need to be able to rely on a four man rush and they need players to understand the scheme and be able to execute. They have neither.

      • SeattleLifer

        It’s true in their scheme the cb’s aren’t as big a deal, but it sure seems like you could tell the difference over the years whenever we lost talent at cb or the occasional time Sherman missed etc. Maybe time will show(or is currently showing) that it’s just not a very practical scheme in today’s pass heavy league – good pass rush or not. But I’m not a coach or evaluator or anything so I guess there’s just as good a chance that with a good pass rush poor corners could work.

        I like everyone else on here just want to see the Hawks win a Super Bowl again and as an aside I’d especially like Wilson to get another trophy along with an MVP if possible because I truly believe no quarterback in the modern era has carried a team so heavily while dealing with ghastly issues like a really bad o-line and pedestrian receiving corps for so many of his years and now a record shatteringly bad defense to carry. He’s made more unbelievably impossible plays and taken more huge hits as a QB than any signal caller called a human being has any right to. (Lol)

        And fans with rational eyes we see both the current disgraceful state of the defense that by all accounts should keep us from making the Super Bowl and we can also see a tough future ahead in so many ways all tied to a coach and his GM side kick that seem to have lost they’re mojo and nowadays make a bunch of poor choices/decisions with some veering into flat out desperation. Bummer stuff.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s incorrect that suddenly this scheme is outdated and you can’t play this way any more. San Francisco rode this defensive scheme to the Super Bowl last year.

          Do people think the Steelers are re-inventing the wheel on defense? Or the Colts?

          No. They just have the players they need to execute the way they want to.

          Seattle’s scheme is supposed to be rush with four, allowing seven defenders to play at the second and third level. Your cornerbacks have to avoid getting beat deep over the top and there are other aspects to their duties but they are not required to cover all over the field or line-up in man and blanket cover a top receiver so that you can rush five, six or seven in a blitz.

          The simple fact is the Seahawks made a complete mess of fixing their pass rush and at no point this season have they been able to rely on rushing with four. They can’t run their scheme. They haven’t had a good pass rusher on the field — at all — until Dunlap arrived. They are having to make up for it with blitzing and playing different coverages. And when they decided that was simply getting them burned they play more conservatively and what happens then? The pass rush isn’t good enough to get home with four, so they get burned a different way.

          And it was completely 100% predictable that Benson Mayowa, L.J. Collier and Rasheem Green weren’t going to be good enough. It was also completely 100% predictable that trading the house for a safety was a bizarre choice given the state of the D-line. Now they just have the same crap defense… only with a very expensive Jamal Adams on the field instead of Bradley McDougald.

          Despite all the abuse and criticism I and the blog have received, the people who complained about my writing can surely see why we voiced concerns.

          On top of that it’s clear that the game-to-game opponent planning and scheming is inept and players who arrived in the off-season haven’t been coached sufficiently into the scheme while other younger players simply aren’t progressing or developing.

          The end product is the worst defense in the league.

          Those are the issues. Not Seattle’s approach to cornerbacks or an outdated scheme.

          • SeattleLifer

            Well enough Rob. I guess I have should have taken a few moments and mapped my thoughts out better in regards to my comments about the scheme. If I had I might say it’s fair to question employing the scheme without the requisite players. The LOB had 2 hall of famers and another that could have been in Kam and yet even for them there was a lot of talk about how even though the scheme is basic it there was scant margin for error and requires high skill players with great football smarts and a safety like Earl that could close space down quickly.

            In fairness with my earlier post regarding corners I originally stated that it was ludicrous to disregard your pass rush on the d-line and your corner backs, not solely the cb’s.

            • SeattleLifer

              And for the record I completely agree on everything you have been saying about the off-season and the d-line(I have been a lurker on the site for about 2 1/2 years now). Drafting Collier was a disastrous desperation move after getting too cute and trading back in the first which allowed them a front row seat to watch all the good pass rushers get snatched up in between their trade back and so the were caught off guard with no good plan and no one else would trade back with them again so they executed a gross reach.

              Misjudging the Clowney saga and picking up Mayowa a career back up who has never showed any starter pass rush quality. Irvin would have been fine as a backup (and both were over payed…). Not finding a replacement for Jefferson in the middle to provide some inside rush. Relying on a bunch of late/I drafted guys with limited skills to fill in everywhere. Not pulling a trigger on someone proven as a starting caliber pass rusher at any point.

              And then the desperation humdinger of giving up the farm for Adams in hopes he could what carry our pass rush? Just baffling a professional franchise could do what they’ve done (and not done) – although looking at the last Texans GM……

          • Big Mike

            But, but, but if Darrell Taylor and Bruce Irvin were healthy all would be well!

            • AlaskaHawk

              Simple or not – the Seahawks need to fix both the defensive line and the cornerback positions. The defensive line had 7 sacks against Buffalo, but they still threw for massive yards. The Secondary is no where near as good as the Thomas/Chancellor/Sherman days. The soft 10 yard coverage is especially irking.

  19. dcd2

    Remember all those folks saying how our improved secondary would mean it was going to take longer to get open, and therefor allow our rush to get home?

    Those arguments aged well.

  20. Nathan W.

    Come on Rob… per WA state regulations the defense is just practicing good social distancing. 😐

    • Sea Mode

      I loved Top Billin’s: “Quentin Dunbar done gone to the concession stand, he be hanging out by the cheerleaders who ain’t even there!” (paraphrasing) 😂

      • Jordan E

        Haha Top Billin is great 😅. Been doing alot of Hawks videos recently

  21. YakiMax

    Don’t think we can get much worse than the worst defense of all time. I’m ready to bring back ET, hire Kam to be D coordinator/ET babysitter, and the let craziness unfold. If we’re going to be this bad, let’s at least be entertaining and occasionally hit someone.

    If we aren’t going to go the insane route, what if we at least bench Diggs for Neal? Send a message to the team and have someone out there who isn’t invisible.

    • Nathan W.

      The defense is basically out there to give RW a three minute breather before he has to go out and try and match the touchdown the opposing offense just scored.

    • Sea Mode

      Scrap ET, but I’d be down to get Kam in the building in some role. “BAMF coordinator” or what have you… 😉

  22. Pran

    Aaron Donald is enough to wreck Russ….its been that way for years. That’s a new problem for next week in addition to a hundred.

  23. Jordan E

    I keep hoping that regression towards the mean will be going on and the Hawks defense will get better. At this point is the mean still 32nd defense? Is it 30th?

    This defense is no where near and even less than a shell of its former self.

  24. Denver Hawker

    Is this nonsense is allowed to continue the rest of the season, Russ is gone after his contract. He’ll have seen enough.

  25. BruceN

    After all the talk about our horrendous defense here’s something to liven things up a bit,
    Watching the fantasy live show on NFL channel, Adam Rank suggested Goff as his #1 suggested QB to sub for Mahomes who is on bye this week. “Why you ask, because the Hawks have allowed top 4 fantasy QB in 4 of their last 7 games, they’ve allowed a QB1 in 7 of 8 and they have allowed the most points per game to QBs in NFL history!“

    • Big Mike

      Woo hoo, go D!!

  26. spartacus

    I agree Rob this seems absurd. It feels like we’re at the point of the movie where all the players have given up, and the future of a team that had so much promise is hanging in the balance. Little Johnny is gonna quit the team and go dig ditches with his pa. Then someone gives a fiery speech and everyone believes again blah blah blah.

    I do think you’re right that Sunday is the Hawk’s last last chance to prove they really are the protagonist of this season.

  27. matty

    “This is a team with Bobby Wagner, Jamal Adams, K.J. Wright, Jarran Reed, Carlos Dunlap and Quandre Diggs. They’ve used first round picks in the last two years on L.J. Collier and Jordyn Brooks.”

    the players are there, it can only be the coaching, surely if you are on course for the worst even then action needs to be taken. PC is staying so lets start the overhaul right now because if we lose the next two games the season is over – The Cardinals and Rams will take the top two spots

    • Ashish

      I agree we have some great and handful of good players. If we stick to previous scheme we will do better. I understand we don’t have quality pass rush i.e 4 guys who can get to Q back.
      Guys, with personal we have can we twick scheme to improve defense. May be we can stop opp to 24 points.

  28. GerryG

    Coming off worse loss since 17 Rams, possibly no Quill again, PC blamed his players, and playing the Rams… I seriously won’t be surprised if the season completely implodes and the Rams score 50

  29. EP

    This was one of the rare games that I have been able to watch live and in full over the last few years. It shocked me. The numerous possessions that Josh Allen led down the field untouched, free to float the ball to his wide open receivers was pretty excruciating to watch. I had certainly been lulled into a false sense of security with our 6-1 record and have only been able to come to terms with the reality of our team after witnessing that car crash. Yes we brought more pressure to Allen in the second half but it terrifies me to think what Aaron Rodgers could do to this defence over four quarters in the playoffs.

  30. no frickin clue


    Prior to the 2019 draft, the Hawks were facing a deficit in draft capital (just 4 picks) and traded Frank Clark in order to replenish. Pete and John eventually turned 4 picks into 11, which included D.K. Metcalf in the haul.

    Meanwhile, as you’ve pointed out, Jamal Adams does not seem like a fit for this defense. To me he seems like a souped-up version of Mychal Kendricks and a liability in coverage. Yet he still presumably has a lot of value, for the right team.

    In other words, I don’t think this is being fixed until the offseason. Trade Adams for, hopefully, some decent draft capital, including a 1st rounder in 2021. Then try to parlay that into more picks by trading down.

    Short of bringing in guys off the street and discovering a diamond in the rough, I don’t think the solution is coming this season. We’ve already had our bye week. Trade deadline has passed.

    Once again, a fringe playoff team. I’m assuming we can beat the Jets, Giants and Redskins, and probably Philly. That’s 10 wins right there. Even if we lose the last 4 divisional games, that still puts us at 10-6 and a likely wildcard round exit.

    • Trevor

      Unless things change dramatically I would love to see the Hawks trade Adams and Wagner to be honest if the can get decent value in return.

      They have Brooks to replace Bobby and could bring back Kendricks as a veteran LB cheap then add another young fast LB in the draft on day #3. Then they have Diggs and Blair to play Safety.

      They need to spend significant draft capital and free agent resources on DL, CB IMO if this defense is to get turned around.

    • TomLPDX

      I’m not going to assume we can beat the Jets, Giants or WFT with this defense.

      • Rob Staton

        Giants could be a tough game for sure

        • Big Mike

          Jones had hid first zero turnover game last week. They improve incrementally each game. Been saying it since I saw their Thursday night game vs. Philly (I think) where they would’ve won if Evan Engram could actually catch the football.

      • Sea Mode

        Why do I always read that as WTF…?

        • TomLPDX

          Haha, I know. I have to be careful when I write it out.

          The upcoming Eagles game might surprise us too considering how poorly we played them last year in the playoffs.

  31. Trevor

    I think it is as simple as this.

    Pete’s whole schema and system is reliant on getting a good pass rush and applying pressure with 4. When they can even in the LOB era then the defense is great as they can keep everything underneath and force teams to dink and dunk,

    When the can’t get pressure with 4 then the whole system breaks down. This is not unique to this year it always has even in the LOB era. Look at the Super Bowl for example when Avril got hurt.

    That is why the decision to put so many resources into LB and Safety and almost none on the DL is baffling. It really may be one of the biggest front office blunder by any team in years.

    Now Pete is trying to modify his scheme mid season to blitz and cover up for the DL and everyone looks lost, coached and players alike. It makes perfect sense that they are struggling as this year teams almost have no feild practice time so to make such drastic scheme

    • Trevor

      Continued from above.

      Drastic scheme changes is next to impossible. This defense can be fixed with an influx of DL talent and Pete’s scheme can work again just not this year.

      Rob predicted this and has written about 100 articles on the need to address the DL. He has taken a lot of crap for this take but he was 10000% correct and in hindsight the struggles everyone is now discussing were very foreseeable and almost inevitable.

      • dcd2

        Couple that with the fact that our CB’s:

        1. Are playing 10-15 yards off the Ball (Dunbar)
        2. Don’t know their role in a Cover 3 (Flowers)
        3. Are hurt (Dunbar and Griffen)
        4. Just aren’t all that good at coverage (all of them?)

        Diggs was a breath of fresh air last year, but he can’t cover sideline to sideline like ET in his prime as a single high. Adams, for all that he brings, is probably in the bottom 3rd of SS’s for coverage. Either we send Adams to generate pressure and leave Diggs to a role he can’t thrive in, or put Adams in coverage with the same result.

        When you have to generate pressure by bringing 5 and 6 guys and you can’t cover anyone, you end up on pace to give up more passing yards than any team in NFL history… by 1,000.

  32. Trevor

    My proposed Hawks offseason rebuild plan. Want to stress this is not what I think they will do but instead what I think they should do.

    -Trade Adams for a late 1st round pick. He is a good player I just don’t see how he fits in the Hawks scheme and he is definitely not going to be worth the Jalen Ramsey type $ he is going to want.

    -Trade Bobby for a 2nd or 3rd round pick if possible. I love Wagner but he has not been an impact player the last couple of years. Clearly he has lost a step and is not worth anything close to his $17.3 mil cap hit. Hawks need to get younger and faster on D. I am not sure his contract is even trade-able now unfortunately so unless he is willing to take a pay cut they may need to just cut a legend which I have a hard time seeing PC/JS do.

    -Let all other free agents in the defense test the free agent market. If they can resign Dunbar, Griffin, Reed at reasonable mid level deals then great as I think all would be better with a pass rush but if not let them walk.

    DE- They need to sign one dominant speed rusher who can win 1 vs 1 battles on the Edge. Ideally a guy like Ngakoue. But maybe even Von Miller or Ryan Kerrigan on a short term deal. Then they need ot add some cheap depth with a guy like Mckinley.

    DT- Would like to see them add some explosiveness on the interior. Perhaps draft a guy like McNeil from NC St. Also move Collier to 3 Tech full time.

    LB – Bring back Kendricks on a vet min type deal as your WIL and sign Hassan Reddick to play SAM. With Brooks as your MLB to replace Bobby. That would be a young, fast, cheap LB corp.

    Safety – Bring back Bradley McDougald to provide veteran depth behind Blair and Diggs at Safety. I thought he was a really under rated player and they have missed him.

    CB- Spend some free agent $ and draft capital here. The Hawks need to add both depth and quality outside. They also need find a quality slot CB in the mold of Justin Coleman or Jeremy Lane. It is an important position in todays NFL. Some players to look at in free agency that might be a fit. Desir, Rasul Douglas, William Jackson, Brian Poole, Jason Verette.

    2021 Defense

    DE Group: Dunlap, Ngkoue or Miller , Taylor, Robinson, Green, Mckinley

    DT Group: Reed, Mone, Ford, McNeil, Collier, Veteran FA

    LB Group – Brooks, Kendricks, Reddick, Barton, Draft Pick

    Safety Group – Diggs, Blair, McDougald, Draft Pick

    2021 CB Group – FA Vet Outside CB, Griffin or Dunbar, Flowers, Reed or FA slot, Amadi, draft pick

    • Ok

      If there is another defensive breakdown, and shellacking from the Rams, I’d like to see Brooks and yes, Barton play a lot more. Maybe Bobby needs a rest. Maybe this is the end. How much worse can the kids show? What’s gonna happen? The D gonna give up 30-50 pts? 500 yards? At least the younger players would be learning, and there would be some speed. Currently, the defense is really slow, impressively so.
      It’s almost like there is this sentimental attachment to all of the players/coordinators, and that sentiment is driving this weird car of ideas where the most obvious solutions are discarded: can’t be the fault of the players or coaches. Let’s double, nay quintuple the amount of blitzes. Rush 3 and leave everyone back in prevent. The flip flopping in philosophies, and then Pete firing off blitz calls, his bizarre/completely concerning ‘we had a good plan if they only did what we wanted them to do’ press statement, the first/easiest of many cuts is Mr Ken Norton, JR. And if Bobby and Kj don’t like it? It’s their last year at this rate.

      • Big Mike

        “…..can’t be the fault of the players……” Um, Carroll already said that it is.

        • SteveLargent80

          Gregg Bell grossly misquoted Carroll, that’s not what he said at all

    • Rokas

      No one is giving us a 2nd rounder for Bwagz, we need to be realistic here.
      Reed has a 5 mill dead money if released out of his 13 mil cap hit, so that does not look beneficial.

  33. kevin mullen

    I wonder if we’ve been blaming KN to harsh and maybe look at the guy that’s buying the groceries: John Schneider. Don’t get me wrong, not sure if there’s another GM I’d rather have but this guy can’t find a DLineman to save his life. If we take a deep look at his picks on the defensive front, he really hasn’t found anyone other than maybe Jarran Reed, mediocre at best. JS best at almost all other positions but he needs to be fired from selecting DLineman.

    • GerryG

      It’s never as simple as any single reason. A lot of things have to go wrong to be this bad. But with Ken, the best D he was ever the boss of, was middle of the road average, #14 I believe. That was with K Mack on his team, one of the single most impactful players in the NFL.

      • Big Mike

        THAT is a very good point imo.

        • Big Mike

          By the way, did we pay more for Jamal Adams than Chicago did for Mack? My fading memory seems to think they paid 2 first rounders as well but did they go beyond that like Seattle did for a Strong Safety?

          • Rob Staton

            Seattle paid much more.

            The Bears gave Oakland a first round pick, then swapped a first for a second the following year. So it wasn’t even two first rounders really.

            The Seahawks didn’t just overpay. It was daylight robbery.

            • Big Mike

              You beat me to it:)

            • Bmseattle

              I’d be so interested to learn the “behind the scenes” workings of that trade.
              It’s difficult for me to believe that JS would have been comfortable giving up so much draft equity.
              Makes me wonder if Pete pushed for it… just told him to get the trade done, cost be damned.

              Whatever happened, it was a reckless trade that didn’t make sense at the time, and seems like it’s getting worse as time goes on.

              Whoever made the call on the Adams trade needs to be removed from his decision making positon.

              • Big Mike

                Pete’s not gonna remove himself. Just got a shiny new 5 year contract.

                • Bmseattle

                  You’re correct.
                  He could cede power on personel decisions, though.

          • Big Mike

            We actually paid more for Adams than Chicago did for Mack, Unfreakingbelievable:

            “On September 1, 2018, following Mack’s holdout through the entire preseason, the Raiders traded him, a 2020 second-round pick and a conditional fifth-round draft pick in 2020 (condition failed, turned into a 2020 seventh-round pick) to the Chicago Bears for 2019 and a 2020 first-round pick as well as 2019 sixth round pick”

            • Big Mike

              A strong argument can be made for Mack being the 2nd most impactful defensive player of the last decade behind only Aaron Donald.

              “Thank you sir, may I have another”

  34. LawrieP

    Defensive passing game coordinator Andre Curtis under Ken N. was an assistant secondary coach in 2012 when the Saints set their record for most yards allowed in a single season.
    Do you believe in coincidence.

    • TomLPDX

      Hence the reason I asked about having Kris Richard back on the staff. I know we already discussed that but he is available and maybe could get back on the staff for the remainder of the year at least to help out. He knows the scheme and I always though he was a good DB coach.

  35. Big Mike

    For those of you suggesting Seattle trade Bobby, imo no one is going to be interested due to declining play and a fat contract. Not a recipe for finding an interested trade partner.

    • Chase

      I think seattle is hanging up on anyone asking for bobby.

    • JLemere

      Plus cap-wise, they wouldn’t save any additional money if Bobby was traded. The dead cap hit would still be the same. They should still try though, but if no one is biting then just cut him and move on.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Wagner is far from the problem with the defense.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like him as a veteran backup. As the Seahawks keep getting the injury bug. But they need to renegotiate that contract.

  36. Martin

    I’m not surprised by the comments on 710 defending PC. To those of you not familiar with the Seattle sports media— 90% ask softball questions no matter how blatant a hard question needs to be asked. This is Seattle, not Philly, NY or Chicago. The media is very PC when it comes to PC. Same with Russ— when he has a bad game, it’s never a bad interception, but 10 other reasons. Which is why I appreciate Brock, Hugh Millen and Paul Moyer—- at least those 3 will tell it like it is. Unfortunately, none are at PC’s pressers.

    • cha

      I honestly will be curious to see what Danny is like Monday on the PC show.

      Will he give PC a more serious line of questioning?

      Or will he act like he did in the Brock segment. “Pete, can you believe some fans want you fired? And want me fired for not being tougher on you? Isn’t that crazy?!”

      • Rob Staton

        Here’s something I noticed on Monday. Brock Huard was on the show the hour before Pete Carroll. Danny O’Neil’s first question for Brock was… ‘was that performance down to scheme or personnel’. To which Brock replied, ‘that’s a good first question for Pete’.

        Actual first question to Pete: ‘You said it was uncharacteristic and that’s the best word for it because we’re not used to seeing that at all.’

        (Even though we’ve seen eight games of it this season).

        Quite happy to ask the big questions to Brock Huard. But when the coach comes on, skirt around all of the issues and awkwardly shower him with compliments. Then the next day, start shouting on twitter at fans who are raising fair and relevant points and embarrass yourself on the radio doing the same act.

        Brock and Salk’s podcast was absolutely fantastic in comparison. Brock didn’t duck a single topic. It was a serious, adult conversation about the problems the Seahawks are facing.

        A certain radio host could learn a thing or two by listening to it.

        • cha

          This pass rush issue has been a serious problem going on 2 seasons now. And I just can’t help but wonder if it might have been avoided even in the slightest if an informed, curious and persistent press corps had been constantly asking PC variants on “your defense is predicated getting pass rush with the front 4, and you aren’t addressing it. Why not?”

          I’m not saying we’d have Calais Campbell, Frank Clark and Jadaveon Clowney on the DL today because a member of the media finally grew a pair. I just wonder if they could have moved the needle instead of asking him if he was a multisport athlete in high school.

          • Rob Staton

            Part of it is the market.

            Where I live, if I didn’t ask a difficult question I’d have 500 twitter messages waiting for me telling me I’m useless at my job. I get the impression in Seattle that isn’t quite the case. Therefore, if you’re not under any editorial or fan pressure to stick your head above the parapet, you probably won’t.

            It’s about your own personal pride as well though. Do you want to drift along never asking anything pertinent and never breaking any stories? Do you want to progress? Or do you just want an easy life?

            • Martin

              Rob and Cha, both of you are spot on. Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference in upgrading the D line but somebody in those pressers needed to ask “why did you wait so long to move from Clowney? Didn’t you have a plan B? Why are you spending so much FA capital on TE’s and career backups?” It’s so frustrating sometimes listening to our local media refuse to ask difficult yet pertinent questions of Pete. Fire him? No. Hold his feet to the fire of accountability just a little bit? Yes! It doesn’t make you a jerk, just a responsible journalist. Have you ever considered getting your Seahawks press credential, Rob? 😁

              • Rob Staton

                I would love to, Martin, but I think there’s very little chance of that — and at the end of the day I just write a blog in my spare time. I wouldn’t expect to be given the time of day.

                But the people who are there to do this full time should be asking serious questions. Not stuff about the coin toss.

                • Martin

                  Just keep doing what you’re doing, Rob: asking tough, relevant and above all….fair questions. We appreciate you in the PNW.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Thanks Martin, appreciate it

  37. Edgar

    The D will atleast be awake to start this Sunday’s game. I expect a much better 1st half representation but……..Donald will more than likely make Russ turtle up like ALWAYS and by the 3rd quarter, the floodgates will open and the massive snaps played by the world’s worst defense will end up in a 20 point loss.

  38. Sea Mode

    Y’all see this? Not sure it’s really the best way to put pressure on the FO. I’ve always seen these kind of petitions as kind of an immature gimmick, but I guess if nobody from the media or ownership is going to do it…

    Seahawks Fans Start Online Petition To Fire Their Defensive Coordinator

    Has 2,125 signatures and counting.

  39. Sea Mode

    ·Nov 10

    Damien Lewis: PFF’s Wk 9 ROTW 🏆

    • Big Mike

      What an awesome pick he was! Gonna anchor the interior o-line for the next 12 years or so.

      • McZ

        And here we are, finding success with a player drafted exactly at the right spot.
        I don’t know what to say apart from “have a list of needs, and draft the friggin’ best player available”.

  40. LOGOS

    I’d like to see a return to fundamentals. Cover-3 and Cover-1, our CB’s lined up 5-10 yards off the ball, our SS in a shallow zone, rushing four, limiting big plays and making teams work to beat you. What was so wrong with that for the last 10 years? As Rob pointed out there’s enough talent on this defense to be average. If teams are roasting Flowers and Griffen and Dunbar while playing tighter coverage then so be it! It literally cannot be worse than it is now. I agree with Huard that there is a teaching problem, but I also contend that there’s nothing intelligible to be taught; this defense has no identity, no convictions, no principles. What happened to keeping things simple and playing fast??? I would much rather see opposing QB’s with time in the pocket than see 5 or 6 guys in coverage. It has to be said as well that we can’t properly evaluate the secondary when we are blitzing all the time, just as we can’t say our DL is performing just because we are getting sacks. How have the coaches decided this is the lesser of two evils? Return to basics. Pete needs to reclaim the identity of this defense, put his stamp back on it. This is so uncharacteristic, not just from a results standpoint, but from a design standpoint. It’s making me ill.

  41. Sea Mode

    I know there wasn’t much hope to begin with, but we can pretty much give up any slivers we might have had left:

    Jerry McDonald
    · 50m

    Hearing #Raiders will make a claim on Takk McKinley. Their priority makes them a long shot with 5-3 record. Worst records first. Besides getting McKinley, he’d bring compensatory pick if he leaves. Salary just under 875K for rest of season.

    • icb12

      Picked up by the bungles. Makes sense. Trade Dunlap for something because he’s mad. Then take a shot on a young talented player that might just need a change of scenery, all for minimal money.

      It’s something a well run organization would do. Weird.

  42. WilliamShears

    First time commenter. Why have we abandoned our template for defense? This is not Seahawks football. Go back to the scheme that worked for a decade.

    • cha

      The one and only Billy Shears!


      The lack of getting pressure with the front 4 (a super-basic core principle) has been discussed here ad nauseum. So, so many chances to rebuild this DL properly this offseason have come and gone.

      • Bmseattle

        One caveat to this is that we haven’t seen the front 4 with Dunlap much.
        Perhaps reverting back to the more basic scheme, while throwing in the occasional blitz, would be the best bet at this point?

        Frankly, if we cover as poorly as we did vs The Bills, nothing else we do will matter.

        Remember the narrative that Pete is a CB guru, and that’s a position group we never need worry about?
        Those were the days…

      • Big Mike

        I caught the Billy Shears thing too but decided to not comment as I thought most of the younger folks wouldn’t get it since I’m not….young that is.
        I keep hearing the harmonizing of “Billllleeeee Shears” leading into “A Little Help” From My Friends”.

        • cha

          They’ve going in and out of style, but they’re guaranteed to raise a smile!

          • Big Mike


    • Dave1401

      >Why have we abandoned our template for defense?

      Because we can’t rush the passer with 4

  43. Gohawks5151

    Well i did it. I watched the Bills game again. Optimistic as I am, there is room for growth haha. 8 weeks in it is sad to see so many alignment and assignment mistakes. Injuries and the offseason may have started them off on a bad foot but that excuse should be gone now.

    For the Rams, the story will be if Mcvay stays true to the run and play action or airs it out like the Bills. Common sense would say the latter but Mcvay has torn Seattle up doing it his own way so maybe ego will prevail. I think they have to start in dime with Neal at SS and Jamal playing deathbacker. This setup at least gives you the ability to protect the outside zone while putting a better coverage Safety out there. Jamal should not be asked to cover any route he can’t come forward and make a play on. He is a demon on the flat/hook/curl stuff. Use him as decoy blitzer as well. If you want to cover man like when the blitz is on replace Neal with Amadi. If they are killing you on the ground take Neal out for Brooks. Neal is the pivot guy for the D at this point. I assume it will be DJ Reed and Tre outside and they at least seem more likely to beat physically than assignment wise likely than Dunbar.

    The O really needs Carson back. Too bad Penny is hurt since he always tears LA up. TE’s should have room. Russ going to need to get the ball out early. Maybe how they started the niner game. Quick passes, quick screens. See if you can back them out of early pressure.

    • Volume12

      Injuries have played a huge part though. Firing Norton doesn’t solve that. Once they get healthy are able to build chemistry, continuity, whatever the word may be? Yeah absolutely. No DC is coming in w/ those current issues & fixing anything.

      I remember last year when Jalen Ramsey was traded. 90% of people on here thought it was a terrible trade in terms of a fit for LA. They still think that?

      • Gohawks5151

        Continuity is huge. There is no disputing that. For the rest of this season though alignment, assignment and communication should be the goal. And it should be enough to show some improvement.

        You are right about Jalen too. But LA’s difference is pretty different than when it was under Wade. They have blitz less and put faith in Donald to create havoc. They play coverage behind him with Jalen able to take away part of the field giving them some freedom else where. Long term Seattle has to decide if they want to commit and make this defense more about Jamal’s strengths. Its kind of fitting he was watching Polamalu highlights. Maybe give him the same freedom but that means everyone has to be sound around him.

        • Volume12

          ‘For the rest of this season though alignment, assignment and communication should be the goal. And it should be enough.’

          Agreed. Norton has never been good at that as a DC, but I’m completely on board w/ ya & know what you mean.

          They will. That’s what he is. An underneath zone defender. Fits their DNA. His ball skills can improve no doubt.

        • Volume12

          Off topic, but since your a fan of the U. Think Budda Bolden can play corner at the next level?

          • Gohawks5151

            Wow. Didn’t think of that. Physically probably. But its kind of like the Jamal thing. He is better moving forward so far. He isn’t a finished project though. Does Al Blades fit this team? I feel like I’m too hard on his game.

            • Volume12

              Blades? IMO yes.

              Really like Greedy Williams little brother, Rodarius, too. Assuming he comes out, I think S. Carolina’s Israel Mukuamu is gonna be one of those tempting, size/athletic prospects. Unless he has a terrible combine.

      • dcd2

        I thought giving up two 1’s for a DB without working out an extension was bad. Hawks said – hold my beer.

        At least the Ramsey trade, they already had a defensive line and a plan to utilize him. Adams was a giant square plug for a tiny round hole, while the entire hull of the ship is still cracked and sinking.

      • Sea Mode

        I don’t remember too many people questioning Ramsey’s fit, just the cost or the lack on an extension in place when they made the trade.

        I mean, is there any defensive scheme in which a true shutdown man corner doesn’t fit?

    • Volume12

      Who decided Dunbar should play? That’s f***n’ awful. Sound like a broken record but it was embarassing.

  44. Joyodongo

    I almost cried when my son told me the Seahawks just resigned PC.
    For me, he’s the most overrated coach in the NFL.
    He’s just a very good motivator (which is very important) but (and taking into account that he’s JS’s boss):
    – He’s horrible at drafting (drafts since 2013 have been abysmal)
    – He(+JS) are horrible at trades (last good trade: Marshawn, let’s see how the Dunlap one develops)
    – Not good in FA (Abril, Bennett, the last scores a very long time ago)
    – He’s a terrible game manager (4th downs, time management, wasted TOs …)
    – Nepotism: fiends, family as assistants
    – Loyalty. As if it was a virtue. This is a business, if someone doesn’t deliver …

    People say: “He has adapted !!!” (after letting Russ cook). Yes, after wasting 5 years of wasting your QB and an exceptional D. They reply: “We didn’t have then the OL to let Russ cook”. But we did it the 2nd part of 2015 with a bad OL. (by the way, why did we have a horrible OL? Because PC kept Tom Cable as OL coach forever …)

    Even though I agree with Doug (saying that Sherman is not as smart as he thinks he is), I completely understand how Sherm (and some others) must have felt knowing this team should’ve won 2/3 SBs and become a dinasty.

    You probably know it was Paul Allen 2/3 years ago who forced PC to make some changes with the staff. Now, there’s no Paul Allen, he’s the “puto amo” (fucking boss) of the Seahawks, no one is going to make him change his mind, his stubbornness, make him accountable …

    The Seattle press is a joke. Joe Fann was ok the first months last year, now he’s with the herd. I don’t know how they call themselves journalists, specially in 710ESPN. But, of course, the must know that if they express the minimal criticism they are going to lose their job. Specially fragrant is the case of Dave Wyman … and what about John Clayton “the professor”. Don’t they feel embarrased listening at themselves? I do …

    I feel the team is in a downward spiral and now I’m very pessimistic with the team and their future. If they’re going to keep PC (as they are), I think he needs a boss, alone he’s not capable of taking this franchise to a SB or something similar.

    • Gary

      Excellent post. I agree with every word of this and had exactly the same reaction to the news of the extension. Has there ever been a coach who got a pass and got by on reputation alone for as long as PC has? Thank you for all you’ve done for the franchise and enjoy retirement. Next man up!

  45. Malc from PO

    I’d say it’s a make or break week, rather than weekend. Even in the best of seasons, I struggle to pick us to beat the Rams on the road. As long as we don’t have another defensive meltdown, I think we have to be realistic that falling to 6-3 is likely. Thursday, though, is a must win. If we lose both games, it’s pretty clear the team won’t compete for an NFC Championship.

  46. swedenhawk

    hi rob, thanks for your unflinching analysis of the seahawks defense. clear eyed as ever. what do you think of the idea floated on brock & salk to bring wade phillips in as a consultant?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s very unlikely simply because Wade’s scheme is just so different.

      But at this point I don’t know what you’ve got to lose.

  47. charlietheunicorn

    buhahahahahaha, buuuuurrrrrnnnnnn

    New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick calls New York Jets exit ‘one of the great moments of my career’

  48. DougK

    ESPN reporting the Bengals claimed Tak.

    • Scot04

      People thought Takk got his wish by being released. I don’t think going to the Bengals is going to feel like great news to him.

  49. cha

    Wed Press Conf w PC

    “Looking forward to seeing SoFi. Rams look like complete team. Balanced, run it throw it, good D special teams are solid. Very good club. Gonna be a difficult game for us.”

    [ben Arthur] Flowers best game Sunday, changed or just confidence? “Ready to come in confidence-wise and have a big season. Mind was right. Competition took over, got in middle of it all, now back into focus he intended in camp. See it click in 2 weeks. See confidence in everything he does. Technique wise good.”
    [ben] Griffin? dunbar? “Hamstring now, running some. See how he progresses. Won’t know yet. Dunbar have to tend to that, knee bothered him for some time.”

    [corbin] McVay different strategy this year? “Added some stuff, grown. Staying w same philosophy as in past. Really good concept in how they bunch people. Continuing to progress.”

    [jen mueller] Aaron Donald gotten better? “Keep coming back and being great again accomplishment. Draws all the attention. Something like 40x he’s affected the QB by himself. Dominant FB player, good as you can get. Good as anybody’s ever been at his position.”

    [bob] Dunbar this week? “Wait and see.”
    [bob] Carson Hyde? “Chris running more than Carlos. Today and tomorrow see how he handles. Nothing more than that.”

    [brady] 5 sacks conceded Sunday, not doing well in pass pro? “Well behind, they able to tee off on us. Didn’t do as well as we’d like to on some stuff. We need to get the ball out. They were able to stay ahead of us. 27-20 could’ve turned into a hard fought game.”
    [brady] Game plan Donald? “I like the challenge. Who’s come up with ways to handle and slow him down. Come up with ways for guys in alignment to find him. Every play he’s right there. Coach’s challenge.”

    [Jackie] Development in Rams 3 RBs? “Stayed philosophically the same. Gurley effective player, takes guys to fill his shoes and they found them. Consistent, catch the FB, and the rookie’s good too. Great trio. Style the same.”

    [Michael shawn] McVay make life easier for Jared Goff? “Only sacked 10x, nice numbers. Commitment to run game & run action. Get him out of the pocket, more than anybody in NFL. Style of throwing on early downs, lends itself to taking care of QB. Lucky to have Shawn. Nice mix.”

    [Curtis crab] Pressuring more, challenge of disguising and balancing? “The stuff you have to do. over the years I’ve done a bit of everything, it’s trying to utilize your players. If the 4 guys up front need help, we bring it. If the 7 guys need help covering, we do it. I don’t have to tell you how hard that is.”

    [joe fann] Defensively could have changed sooner, in general roadblock to in game adj? “I don’t think anything’s different. It’s my job to get this done ultimately. Just have to keep coming together, get this thing cleaned up. Continuity not a positive factor for us yet. Have to find a way to get using new guys to their nature and error free. Already seen us adjust some, trying to fit it together to maximize guys. We react to them.”

    [art] Data guys track injuries since week 2, trends? “Feeling like numbers are up for sure. Don’t have the numbers with me. Didn’t ask about it this week. Lot of injuries around the league. Specific reason? I don’t know.”
    [art] Absence of practice contribute? “yes we’ve talked about it. Halfway point I’d suspect there is something to do with it. Overall offseason condition opps missed because we can’t do them to. Whole thing about camp and games a factor also.”

    [Gregg] Ugo Amadi? “Practice full today, anxious to see how handle it.”
    [Gregg] DJ Reed at outside CB? “He has played out there. Watched him in film and games, candidate to help us out there.”

    [tim booth] Benson Mayowa? “Battling to get back. See if he can get it done. End of week.”
    [tim booth] Not going to Coliseum? “Locker room bad for visiting team, 50 guys in a closet. Al Davis make it miserable on opponent.”

    [adam] Wagner and Wright, convo’s with them like turn D around? “Ongoing relationship we have, allows us to talk about stuff and go places, benefit in so many ways. Know them so well, connected in a rare way. Great guys to deal with. Work ethic, habits, way care for team doesn’t stop. Rich relationship. Kj family threw party for him, got a chance to jump in there.”
    [adam] Continuity rely on them more? “Absolutely. Tremendous ambassadors for what we do. Perfect teammates, lifelong friends. Rely on them regularly, talk to guys, give me feedback, keep me abreast.”

    [steve Wyche] Buffalo game pressure? Extra week Dunlap? “Natural you would think so. KJ made a line call during came, Dunlap heard call and went with it but it was to the NT. Worked, but hope we can get more accurate, less first time experiences. Gotta get better in a hurry.”

    [maz veda] Rams D, makes them so good? Continuity, scheme, ? “Number of things. Pretty darn healthy. Best player in the world on D. Makes probs for everyone. Utilize him well. Keep everyone in front of them. They’re new too.”
    [maz] KJ virtual party? “Yeah, family thing.”

    [Jackie] Green return? “Rusty but played hard. Need him badly. Needed him throughout. Glad to have him back.”

    [brady] Ryan Neal at CB? “Trained him there in the past. Why hasn’t anyone asked about Snacks?”
    [brady] Snacks this week? “Real chance to play this week. Hoping he’ll play this week.”
    [brady] Mone ankle not well? “correct.”
    [brady] chanced to play? “Real good chance.”

    [bob condotta] Coin flip defer? Take the ball and go? “Always know what we’re doing in that situation. Number of reasons why you do it. Not gonna tell you. Reasons to NOT do it. Depends on conditions.”

    • Rob Staton

      A question about the bloody coin toss at the start of the game.

      And nothing relevant about the defensive shambles.

      Jesus wept.

      • cha

        I liked the question. It could’ve been angled more like ‘your defense sucks and you need to score early to help them, is that a consideration?’

    • cha

      On defensive adjustments:

      PC: gotta get better in a hurry

      Wagner: there’s still lots of season left


      • Rob Staton

        Wagner very low energy today.

        • cha

          PC was too. Downgear.

        • GoHawksDani

          Bobby seemed low energy in the game too. He’s either going 120% or 20%. OK from a rookie not OK for a ~17-18m contract vet

  50. Baggin42

    I was getting sick of the defense by the time we played NE in the SuperBowl. I’ve been ready for a change since. Looking forward to a new defense next year I believe Pete has no choice but to change, perfect time to trade Wagner, if ET & Sherman can go so can Bobby at least we get a 2nd or 3rd for him. Out record will be better than our team so the draft position would have stunk, worst case scenario trade Adams for round 1 10-17 if they do that they come out ahead vs two late round picks.

    • Ok

      Wagner is not worth a 2nd/3rd. At this point in his career, with that contract? I’d be extremely impressed if they were able to, both philosophically and in actuality, trade Wagner for something meaningful.
      I’m a big Bobby fan, but that doesn’t mean he’s forever good.

      • Baggin42

        He’s worth something & it’s time to move on. I’m glad we didn’t sign Clowney but the fact he chose to pass on Seattle tells us it’s not going to be easy to get veteran defensive players to sign with Seattle. Norton is not a shocker he didn’t workout with the Raiders, I think we had to be patient to find the right defensive coach & our offensive coach still has a ways to go. I’m sure Pete’s on it & has his sights on the defensive coach already it can’t be easy to find a good coach that will stick around as soon as success is achieved but Pete has no choice now.

  51. Rob Staton

    One thing I have noticed this week is the fans are turning. There’s a lot more push back this week. Another bad defensive performance against LA and that will grow even further.

    • TomLPDX

      I know for me, I’m tired of getting smoke blown in my face by Pete. There are real problems and he refuses to be accountable for it. I love my Seahawks, we all do…but enough is a enough. I expect us to get our asses handed to us on Sunday. If I were McVey I’d copy that offensive play from the Bills and keep rubbing Pete’s nose in it.

      • Submanjoe

        I been a huge fan for a long time, love the hawks. This past decade has been so fun. For many years, listening to Pete talk, I feel like he’s always trying to sell me something. I just don’t care Pete! Say less, be real, I’m not buying!

        • Hoggs41

          I just want to see what we can do with a four man pass rush with the occasional blitz. We brought in Dunlap for that very reason. Lets see what those front four can do and let Adams actually be a safety for game. You still have to blitz from time to time but how about 15-20% and not 60%.

    • Baggin42

      It’s over as far as the defense is concerned that doesn’t mean they can’t win this year. The defensive players aren’t playing as a team, zero leadership. Hopefully they can play decent 2 or 3 times during the regular season then string together a few in the playoffs. RW has had 2 bad games out of 3 games wonder if that’s a first.

  52. cha

    2nd Quarter Report Card

    Record: 2-2


    This is locked from here on out. We definitely got a front row seat this quarter to witness what happens when he doesn’t have a near-perfect game.

    2.Michael Dickson.
    Top 3 in the NFL for all punting stats. He can kick it accurately and for distance, whatever the situation requires. He’s a force this year, and in the face of the continuing disaster of a defense, they’ll need every single yard he can give them. And he’s answered the bell and then some (See below for specifics).

    3.DK Metcalf.
    His YTD numbers are top 3 in the NFL for a WR. His 2nd quarter was outstanding: 27/355/5. But his value to the team this quarter was more than just numbers – it was about his effect on his teammates and opponents as well. The rundown of Budda Baker in the Arizona game is the Play of the Year so far, and a shoe-in for Meme of the Year (which means the play has transcended the sports world). It energized the defense, who held the Cardinals out of the end zone on the ensuing drive. If one of the 19 Dumb Things doesn’t happen in that game and the Hawks escape with a win, his incredible effort would be lauded as a game-winning play – a game in which as a WR he only had 2 catches for 23 yards. In the SF game, he took hit after hit and just towered over the DB’s, at times staring at them unfazed as they lay crumpled on the ground. He has an effect on his teammates and the opposition that you can’t quantify. And he gives the Seahawks something they haven’t had in the PCJS era: easy yards opposite Tyler Lockett.

    Rookie Of the Quarter:
    1.Damien Lewis.

    Steady as a rock. Overall Lewis has been plug and play. Fans, coaches and opponents don’t even talk about RG now. He had that misplay in Arizona, but has already moved past it. He’s even improved on his early penalty flag trouble and seems comfortable in run or pass blocking. The gap between Lewis and the other Seahawk rookies isn’t remotely close.

    2&3.Everyone else.
    No real standouts from the rest of the rookie class this quarter. Alton Robinson had an encouraging performance vs SF holding the edge on Kittle and getting some pressure. Jordyn Brooks gave us a glimpse of his speed and tackling skills in the Arizona game at times. Deejay Dallas did what a 4th string RB should do: hold down the RB fort, and keep just enough balance in the offense. Has some flashes but needs to hit the hole with more purpose and his blocking is a work in progres.

    Pleasant Surprise:

    1.Michael Dickson crushing opponents’ hopes and dreams.
    What a quarter he had. 13 punts for a 49.84 yard average don’t come close to telling the whole story. To illustrate Dickson’s effectiveness, consider two game instances this quarter:

    Minnesota game: A brilliant effort. He had a 35 yard punt to the Minn 2, and a 37 yard punt to the Minn 3. He also had a 60 yard blast that the returner muffed. On the ensuing drive, Minnesota was stopped for a 4th & 7 and had to settle for a 46yard FG try with :15 left in the half. A 53 yard punt on a windy and rainy night would have been perfectly acceptable. But Dickson gave them 7 more yards. How many points did the Hawks win that game by again?

    SF game: The Niners have forced a 3 & out with 1:00 left in the half, with the Seahawks up 13-7. SF has 2 timeouts to get into FG range and close the gap. A hypothetical 40 yard punt puts them at their own 28, a 50 yard punt puts them at their 18. Dickson uncorked a 65 yard bomb to pin the Niners to the 3 yard line. SF conceded the series and went into the locker room with nothing. He single-handedly killed a drive without the defense even taking the field.

    Dickson simply killed it this quarter.

    2.KJ Wright.
    In 4 games, Spiderman has recorded 18 tackles, 1 INT, 3 Passes Defensed, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 2 Tackles For Loss, 1 QB Hit. That’s a tremendous output. The Seahawks are going to have to strongly consider re-signing him this offseason if they can agree on a reasonable contract and keep him in his current position. His production has been that good.

    3.Dunlap trade.
    Usually when you unload a FA mistake like BJ Finney, you just have to take a bite in the butt and move on. Not only did JS avoid the bite, he turned an unused mistake into an extremely usable piece at a position of sore, desperate need. Setting aside that the Seahawks put themselves in this position of need, this acquisition by itself is a job awfully well done.

    Honorable mention: Tre Flowers’ rebound.
    Three straight solid games at CB. It appears he has found his shattered confidence. PC has been generous with praise. Has he turned a corner? Can he be “not a liability” at CB for the Hawks? Let’s keep that on the back burner and see how he does in the 3rd Quarter.

    Biggest Disappointment:

    1.Ineffectual roster and in-game management.

    Every game this quarter featured some mind-numbing decisions that signal some real challenges with this coaching staff:

    Minnesota game:

    Minnesota came in with banged up and inexperienced CBs and gave them plenty of safety help. Little use of the TEs to open up offensive possibilities.

    Play calling on 3rd and 4th down that conceded drives and puts the game on the defense when there was zero basis to believe they’d succeed. Pete crowing after the miracle comeback “you give RW 4 downs and he will find a way” betrayed those decisions badly.

    Arizona game:

    Inability to adjust the offense to Arizona’s halftime adjustments.

    When the game was on the line, calling 4 straight runs to Carlos Hyde.

    Somehow not communicating the situational importance to Benson Mayowa on the FG try.

    SF game:

    Not adjusting to Nick Mullens in the 4th quarter. Getting carved up as a result.

    5 active TEs? We couldn’t find 10-15 snaps for Snacks Harrison? Now he’s needed and hasn’t played a down of football yet.

    Buffalo game:

    The defensive game plan.

    How do you keep Dunbar in there that long? He was jogging on some plays.

    PC calling a blitz on 3rd and 16.

    Awful play call on 4th and 1 leading to a forced INT.

    Every single game, PC has had to stand in front of the media and answer pretty simple questions about decisions he’s made. Are they paying more attention to the urgent (COVID, all the injuries, and the disaster of a defense) and letting the important (sound, smart, tactics and gameplay) get pushed into the background?

    2.LOB 2.0.
    Diggs’ momentum-changing big play ability has disappeared. Adams missed 3 of the quarter’s 4 games and did not perform well when coming back. Griffin has been targeted with ease and frequency and missed 2 games. Dunbar hasn’t had a notable play since the NE game and is hurt. Injuries have kept them from playing together and developing chemistry, but nobody expected it would be this bad. A critical mission failure from a head coach who made his bones on defensive backs and still has a special place in his heart for them.

    3.TE usage.
    Across the NFL, Tight Ends provide about 21% of all first down plays. For the Seahawks, their TE’s provide 13.9% of first downs. But surely they’re compensating by providing TDs, yes? No. The whole group only has 3 TDs on the season at the halfway mark. That’s not what you expect when you invest $10 million, 2 draft picks and routinely carry 4 TEs on your active game day roster. There have been a couple memorable TE blocks on scoring plays. But that’s not nearly enough. Whatever the reason for their little use in the offense is, it needs to get remedied. Now.

    3rd Qtr Goals

    1.Beat LA.
    Are you guys contenders or pretenders? You haven’t beaten a solid team this year other than the surprising Miami Dolphins. Time to put up or shut up. A loss here could tumble you out of the serious playoff picture once again, and you’d rightly deserve not to be taken seriously. Right here, this game, you are on the brink of giving the fanbase another offseason of wondering what could have been. A decisive, complete effort win (however unlikely) would charge this team up, and add some sorely lacking confidence in the building and the fanbase.

    2.Balance, balance, balance.
    Offense, we love the fireworks show, but there’s going to be games where you can’t provide it. Whether it’s the defense having a clever plan to take those opportunities away, DK and Lockett having drops, it being rainy and wet, whatever. You’ve got to develop a plan that takes more advantage of all the weapons you’ve collected in the offseason. We’re not saying you should scrap the deep passing and rewrite the entire playbook. But one game with 125+ rushing yards, and 10-15 catches for a few first downs & a couple TDs by the TEs would do a world of good. You know why? You’re going to need it come playoff time.

    Defense, we need a game where you provide even a passable combination of pass rush, run defense and some pass coverage. It’s past time to call you “a work in progress.” Get on the field together. And for the love of God, somebody step up. Scheming and coaching can only go so far. Adams, Griffin, Diggs, Reed, Wagner…you guys are better than this. There’s no excuse for the play you’re putting on the field. Do you want to go down as leading members of the WORST defense in NFL history? Pride should be kicking your tail to work harder and play smarter.

    3.Close the circle for 1 game.
    A single game where the Special Teams, Offense and Defense all have a semblance of success and appear like they’re complementing each other would send this team and its fanbase into the stratosphere. We thought we had it vs SF after 3 quarters but it was not to be.

    You need it for your confidence. We need it for our blood pressure. Even if it’s against a lesser opponent like Washington or the Giants. One game. I’m begging you. One game.

    3rd Qtr Prediction: @LA, Az TNF home, @Philly, NYG home
    2-2. I so badly want the Seahawks to smack the Rams around and lay waste to the Cardinals. But at this point the bar is low. Splitting these 4 is a reasonable expectation.

    • Rob Staton

      Fantastic write-up, as usual.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Nice work Cha! Rob, maybe we ought to give Cha a quarterly write-up segment as a guest writer on the blog proper?

    • charlietheunicorn

      cha did you listen to any of Jake Heaps today on the Tom Jake and Staci show? He had some really good takes and what he thought was the problems with the defense in general. Accountability was the number 1 topic that came to his mind (player to player).

      • Big Mike

        What about Pete’s accountability to…….to……..oh never mind, he’s accountable to no one, and it shows.

    • Gohawks5151

      Wow. So well written. Great Job. I’d add to 3rd qt goals #2, Find Russ easy completions. Quick screen to DK is automatic 5-plus yards. Quick slants and other blitz beaters. Please use the TE’s!

      As for predictions i’ll just say, Action green is undefeated.

    • Sea Mode

      RE: Tre Flowers
      “Has he… turned a corner?”

      *Ba dum tiss

      Thanks for putting this together (and formatting with html tags requires extra effort I appreciate 👍)

    • TomLPDX

      Well done! And on point!

    • Big Mike

      Outstanding cha! Thank you

    • Baggin42

      We’ve been exploited for all to see but Buffalo was the typical trap game in the NFL, Hawks like most teams in that situation were looking ahead to the Rams. If the lines moves in the Hawks favor they’re the team to bet. Rams, Giants, Eagles, & Cardinals they got issues too, my prediction is we go 3 & 1 or 4-0 but it won’t because were a great team, it’s a soft schedule & were getting healthier. Seahawks are fortunate the NFC sucks this year & they have a favorable schedule.

    • Scot04

      Thanks Cha, Great write up

    • BruceN

      Great write up Cha. Are you auditioning for Rob’s position? I hear it doesn’t pay well.

      More seriously, all good points. I’m most disappointed by the collapse of the LOB 2.0. I had high hopes for Dunbar and his 2nd best DB ranking, Adams, Diggs and an improved pro bowler in Shaq. Hoping it would somewhat compensate for the weak DL. But it has been far from it. I realize I’m in the minority here who feel that with 5 pro bowlers our defense shouldn’t be this bad even if they may not be perfect fits. May be they’ll figure it out. More likely not. The next two games will determine our faith in the NFC pecking order.

    • cha

      Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.

      Apparently I’m a much tougher grader than Corbin Smith. He likes handing out participation trophies:

      I count 4 references to defenders being tough against the run, and only one D grade handed out to an active defender.

      Seriously Corbin? You realize this is the worst defense in the NFL right now, right?

  53. charlietheunicorn

    The first step is to take accountability. I like to call it uncomfortable accountability.

    I’ll take the Seahawks loss on me…. I woke up late in the middle of the 1st quarter and wasn’t in game shape or mentally ready to go until the middle of the 2nd quarter. When I was on-time and in game shape, Seattle went 6-1.

    • Sea Mode

      We’re disappointed in you, Charlie.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I’ll be mentally prepared and physically prepared for the next game. It is a very important game. You have to travel to LA (back to back road games) and bring it to the Rams. Make Goff look like he normally looks…. and as cha said, bring balance to the force… errr I mean offense.

    • cha

      If you want a scapegoat, blame the white/greys.


      • charlietheunicorn

        It was the 10AM start… obviously. 😛

    • 12th chuck

      I thought it was me, I wore an older Seahawks shirt from the Holmgren era that has used up all of its good luck

  54. Big Mike

    My buddy says it’s me cuz we’ve played exactly 3 quarters of good defense this year, the first three against SF and I wasn’t watching but rather was out on a motorcycle ride. He says if I no longer watch live, the defense will improve tremendously. I told him I can’t do that. I have to watch just like people have to look at a car wreck. Oh wait, the D is a car wreck. Makes perfect sense now.

    • TomLPDX

      Total sense.

    • CaptainJack

      Jimmy Garopollo looked essentially crippled during those three quarters.

  55. Rob Staton

    Absolutely gutted about this. He had special talent:

    • Volume12

      I just saw that. That’s terrible man.

    • Darnell

      Sad stuff. Perspective, win or lose, it makes you appreciate being able to watch these men our there every week pursuing their dreams and passions; as it can all end far too early.

      Positive thoughts to young Mr. Brown.

  56. Big Mike

    So I hear Pete Carroll recently started a side business making wool Seahawk sweaters. Apparently it’s been quite profitable because he hasn’t had to buy any material seeing as how he got fleeced so badly in the Jamal Adams trade.
    Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Please tip your waitress.

    • dcd2

      Wool hoodies right? Didn’t order one myself. I saw Danny O’neil got his, but the hood was way too big for the sweater. When he put in on it completely covered his eyes.

      • Big Mike


  57. Tree

    That was as bad as a defensive effort as I have ever seen from the Hawks (especially the secondary). The coaches need to do much better (including recognizing when a CB is clearly too hurt to play) and I would be all for a change in the playcaller or adding Quinn or Richard or outsider to “consult”. That said, there isn’t a team in the NFC I would rather be right now. We are tied for the best record in the NFC, have an easy schedule (the Rams on the road is the toughest game left), best QB, a coach who typically gets his team to play its best ball down the stretch, and can look forward to more players coming back (#1 corner, #1 and #2 RBs, Benson, Niko and maybe Penny and/or Taylor). The talent and opportunity is there.

    • Darnell

      Penny is going to be a fun addition if he comes back somewhat near his pre-injury form. A true homerun threat out of the backfield. As good as Carson is, a homerun threat he is not. Just a cool player/element to add to the offensive mix.

    • Rob Staton

      When’s the last time Seattle played its best ball down the stretch?


      Hasn’t happened in years.

  58. BruceN

    Sorry if it’s been mentioned already. Just read Bengals claimed Takk. Niners put in a claim too.

  59. Rob Staton

    Great breakdown here:

    • dcd2

      ‘They started blitzing on almost every down. They have nobody that can play man to man and when you’re blitzing 5 and 6 guys at the LOS, there are huge holes in the back end.”

      “I wrote down: Are they playing prevent? Are there only 9 guys out there?”


      What was interesting and could be viewed as a positive, is that we got 4 sacks with a 4-man rush and 3 when blitzing. Yet the results when blitzing were terrible and sending 4 while playing 7 in coverage was much more effective. A lot of that is likely Dunlap (which is an awful indictment of the approach to building the roster, in that it took until the trade deadline to acquire someone, like Dunlap, who 90% of the blog have been begging for since March).

      • Rob Staton

        The sad thing is most of us on here could see this coming from March onwards.

        The performance of this defense, the way they constructed the roster this year — the shambles they were left with — it was all so predictable.

        Why were we able to see this but they weren’t?

      • Big Mike

        The “are they only playing with 9 guys” comment was the most damning of all.

  60. Rob Staton

    At the start of the season, when people were still trying to desperately defend the defense, they would say yes they’re giving up a ton of yards but their PPG is only about 20th in the league.

    Well, now they’re giving up 30.4 PPG. 30th worst in the league and only 0.5 points behind 31st placed Jacksonville.


  61. DougM

    Just want to share a few thoughts after reading articles since the loss, reading your comments and seeing a couple of analyses videos, Top Billin and Chris Simms.

    7 sacks, 4 with a 4 man rush and 3 with blitzes. Jamal Adams is really effective off the edge, we saw what Carlos Dunlap brings, and that will make J. Reed more effective. Hopefully they will be able to pressure with 4 and blitz less, leaving them less vulnerable in the secondary. They need Griffin and Amadi back. I know the defense gave up a lot of yards again but this is the best team we have played by far with a solid defense and a quarterback who for the most part this season has played at a top level.

    They really miss Doug Baldwin as a leader who could really light a fire under this team.
    Bobby Wagner is not that guy. This team needs Jamal Adams for that role. Wagner needs someone to light his fire and I think Adams is the guy. Now that Adams is back on the field maybe we will see that.

    So it has been said that this is Pete’s defense and KNJ is carrying that out. My thought was who in the heck are the defensive back coaches, and someone brought that out in a previous post. Maybe that’s where the change needs to be.

    Jamal Adams is one of the best players in the NFL and we should pay him and he is worth the price we paid for him IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      “Jamal Adams is one of the best players in the NFL and we should pay him and he is worth the price we paid for him IMO.”

      What evidence is there of that in Seattle so far?

      If they have no real idea how to use him other than as a designated blitzer, he is not worth $18-20m a year. I’m not saying they ‘definitely’ have to trade him in the off-season. Far from it. But if they can’t work out a way for him to have impact other than to blitz as an extra rusher, then it’s a complete waste of resources. You don’t pay a blitzing safety $18-20m a year.

      And that’s why it’s imperative Seattle is honest with themselves. They’ve got eight games to determine whether this is a worthwhile investment. Otherwise they just need to cut their losses.

      • DougM

        There is none so far. I’m going off of past performance. Is Seattle using him properly at this point?
        I haven’t had a chance to re-watch the game yet. I wanted to see if they used him in a 4 man rush off the edge. I think he made a couple of sacks off the edge but I’m not sure if there was a blitz on those plays.
        He reminds me of Vonn Miller. Do you think he could be used that way?

        • Rob Staton

          Von Miller??

          Jamal Adams is a safety Doug. When he rushes it’s as an extra rusher. The problem the Seahawks have at the moment is their only plan for him is to blitz. And when you blitz that creates problems at the second and third level that so far they are not remedying.

          You can’t pay $18-20m a year purely for a blitzing safety. They have to work out a way to use him to justify the massive cost or they need to be honest with themselves in the off-season.

  62. Ukhawk

    Brock and Salk podcast yesterday was fantastic

    Talked not only of defensive problems but solutions

    I believe we’ve got 2 main issues to sort immediately which will materially improve things;
    1) we need a strong run game, CC will help control the game, clock & rest the defense
    2) get healthy esp the secondary

    Longer term there are both some “GM/Personnel & Coaching/Scheme” issues to sort to quote the show…

    • Rob Staton

      Brock & Salk was fantastic this week.

      It’s a huge loss not having them on the radio every day.

      • GerryG

        Such a big loss.

        I cant listen to Danny Oniel for more than a minute without wanting to stab myself with a fork.

        His head has gotten really big, he was a good Seahawks beat guy, but the transition to radio has really inflated his self worth. He’s not even a Seattle guy anymore, not sure what his value is to Seattle radio. He does the show remotely from NYC now.

        • Rob Staton

          Brock & Salk never shirked the big topics and found the right balance between serious analysis and debate about the team, while also appreciating they were the flagship radio station. Brock is clearly one of the best in the business, combining expertise and his own personal footballing experience with a terrific broadcasting nature. Salk was the ideal foil. Opinionated, intelligent, interesting. Even when I didn’t agree with him, I wanted to listen.

          Their shows immediately after the Patriots Super Bowl were among the best I’ve ever listened to. They did a phone in on the Monday or Tuesday and a guy rang in who just delivered the most heartbreaking assessment of what had just happened. Raw emotion, resignation, devastation. It summed up how everyone was feeling in that moment. I had tears in my eyes listening to it while walking the dog. I’m glad it was dark outside so nobody could see. I actually wish I had a copy of those shows. The way they handled the agony of that moment wasn’t good or great. It was perfect. Absolute perfection.

          They were at the top of their game. I’ve hosted radio shows my entire working career so I think I can comment on what is good. The Brock & Salk show was top level broadcasting and Seattle was lucky to have them for as long as they did.

          It was always going to be a tough act to follow but — and again I speak from experience here — when you are following someone great, you at least benefit from knowing what worked for them. You should use that to your advantage even if you intend to put your own stamp on things.

          Interviewing Pete Carroll after one of the worst losses in his tenure and showering him with awkward, uncomfortable praise for ‘finding his calling’, failing to ask anything relevant, then yelling loudly at fans on the radio and on twitter for voicing legitimate concerns is just not good enough.

          • Ukhawk

            Couldn’t agree more Rob. Sorely missed

            Fortunately for us, You’re in their league too and going strong 💪

            • Rob Staton

              Thank you, much appreciated.

      • New Guy



  63. Rob Staton

    Quick point on trades.

    The Bills traded for Stefon Diggs and it cost them a 2020 R1 pick and change.

    He currently leads the NFL in receiving yards. He is contracted until the end of the 2023 season and his cap hit is about $11m throughout. He is close friends with Russell Wilson.

    Imagine Diggs, Metcalf and Lockett as your weapons for the remainder of Wilson’s peak years.

    Instead they spent $7m on Greg Olsen and used their first rounder on Jordyn Brooks. Then traded more than twice the cost of the Diggs trade to acquire Jamal Adams.

    • BobbyK

      Relax, Rob. The Seahawks were able to trade their 2nd rounder and their Earl Thomas pick for Darrell Taylor. What more could you want?

      • Rob Staton

        What a total and utter dogs dinner they’ve made of this reset.

    • Sea Mode

      So basically we could have had Diggs and Minkah for roughly the same cost as Adams and Olsen… 🤦‍♂️

      Either way, I don’t want to give up on Adams yet. For their own good I sure hope they figure it out before they are faced with the decision to pay or trade him at a loss.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t want to give up on Adams either. Contrary to what some people think, I want the Seahawks to succeed so, so badly. But already I fear this trade is simply the latest example of a major trade for a big name and then they have no idea what to do with said player. With Percy they struggled to work a role for him. With Jimmy they tried to make him into a complete, blocking tight end. Now with Adams they seem to only have one idea — blitz him. And they’re not a blitzing team.

        They can’t spend the next year or two hoping for the best that it works out with Jamal because they need to pay him and it’ll cost them mega money. If he doesn’t fit they just need to bite the bullet, not compound a mistake with a whacking contract.

        They’ve got eight games to sort this out.

        • Gohawks5151

          If they go to a total defensive revamp in the off season they are going to need more than 8 games though. You could still let him play next year and franchise him right? The alternative is sign and pray i guess.

          • Rob Staton

            Well I suppose it depends on whether they are prepared to do a total defensive revamp. I’m not convinced they are.

          • Hoggs41

            I agree that the signing of Olsen was a waste but I dont think adding Diggs would have been the right move either. You dont need three big time recievers as there just isnt enough balls to go around. My personal opinion is that third guy just needs to be a complimentary piece.

  64. Big Mike

    Serious question: was there a single move this last offseason including the draft, FA and trade that was worth a damn outside of the drafting of Damien Lewis. Guess I’ll be generous and give the drafting of Brooks an “incomplete”.
    Well Sully as a DE was genius I suppose.

    • Gohawks5151

      Shell has been pretty good.

      • BOHICA

        DK Metcalf?

        • Big Mike

          Offseason before last on DK

      • Big Mike


        • Big Mike

          “Fair” on Shell. He’s been a good addition especially in comparison to Ifedi

    • TomLPDX

      The DJ Reed pickup still has potential to be a good deal and I have a feeling Carlos Dunlap will be good also. They need more impactful games though. Also agree with Gohawks5151 about Shell. He is doing what he supposed to be doing and we hardly ever hear his number called for penalties or missed blocks.

    • CaptainJack

      Damien Lewis pick was a solid A- move.

      I only dock it to a minus because I’d rather keep Fluker around longer and make Lewis beat Fluker out directly. I know, maybe picky, but PCJS wasted cap in so many areas that it could have definitely been done.

      Brandon Shell was a B+ pick up. He hasn’t been great, but he’s been pretty good. We overpaid a little still. But a much better pickup than any of our other free agents. Alton Robinson and DJ Dallas also both look like good selections for day three guys.

      Resining Mike Iupati was also kind of a good move, even though he’s been injured. When he was healthy he was damn decent this year. I could say the same for David Moore.

      Sadly, the positives end there. We muffed the first two rounds bad. The Greg Olsen signing and Jacob Hollister resigning are both unjustifiable at this point for their respective price tags. Bruce Irvin was injured in game two which shouldn’t be too surprising for a 33 year old pass rusher. Benson Mayowa secured the arizona game for the cardinals with one of the dumbest penalties you’ll ever see, and has done little else this season. Obviously Bj Finney was a flop but at least he helped us to bring in Carlos Dunlap (who the jury is still out on). Dunbar was maybe the most disappointing flop of all. It’s easy to forget that we also spent good money on Cedric Ogbuehi who has only played a handful of snaps, and looked fairly awful in those snaps, and Phillip Dorsett who is yet to see the field. Carlos Hyde has been banged up and when on the field looks pretty mediocre, and not significantly better at anything than DJ Dallas.

    • Henry Taylor

      I’d call Alton Robinson a positive addition for 5th round pick, and Swain has shown more than you expect at this stage. Neither player look like building blocks, but still solid picks.

    • Baggin42

      They view Hollister worth a 4th or 5th round pick & they plan to keep him in 2021, they will sign him at cheaper price in 2021. Reed & Ford still have enough time to prove value. WR’s Dorsett & Gordon could be huge acquisitions for 2021. Warmack will probably be a nice acquisition for 2021. Definitely lots of 2nd tier players which you need to win. If the RB group is at full strength Seattle will be tuff to beat in the playoffs. If Pete micromanages the defense it will get better & should be good enough to win the Super Bowl as long as none of the other teams break out into domination level.

  65. BruceN

    With Pocic dealing with a Concussion issue and possibly missing the game who is Fuller’s backup in case of an injury?

    • Rob Staton

      Probably Stephen Sullivan

      • BruceN

        Do you mean the same Stephen Sullivan who plays TE/DE? TE/DE/C 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

        • Rob Staton

          I was joking (sort of)

          • Hoggs41

            Joking or not that shit was funny.

      • Big Mike

        My best sad clown laugh of the day there Rob.

    • CaptainJack

      Phil Haynes

      • CaptainJack

        Scratch that. No idea. Maybe Jamarco Jones I guess.

        • Baggin42

          Wouldn’t it be something if Jamarco Jones turned out to be a good Center? He’s got the smarts, he’s not stout enough for G & not athletic enough & strong enough for Tackle.

      • BruceN

        If Pocic is a no go Donald will have a field day (even more so than usual). We might as well hand him a Seahawks jersey since he’ll spend most of his time in our back field.

        • Baggin42

          Pocic has never played Donald when playing Center & I don’t see him doing much to stop Donald. Fuller is a big guy I’m anxious to see what happens.

    • Baggin42

      When they sign Joey Hunt off the Colts practice squad we know trouble is brewing.

      • BruceN

        Lining up Hunt or Fuller against Donalds and Brockers will be trouble. Big time trouble.

        • Baggin42

          I’ve never seen Fuller play center, have you?

  66. Rik

    Here’s a good John Morgan article about our not-so-good (in other words, horrendous) defensive effort against the Bills:

    Sounds like no one on defense knows what they are supposed to do nor how to actually do it. What a mess!

    • Rob Staton

      Excellent article

  67. BOHICA

    I would suggest Darrell Taylor is also “incomplete” as the situation stands currently. Colby Parkinson in the 4th RD is hardly a bust. Dee Jay Dallas in the 4th RD has some upside. Alton Robinson in the 5th has given the Hawks depth as he should continue to develop into a solid rotational player. Freddie Swain in the 6th RD wouldn’t be a stretch to call this pick a steal, so far his talent and contributions have exceeded that of most players selected this late in the draft.

  68. Chase

    How big of an impact do you think the limited offseason had on the defense? No one seems to know what they are supposed to do. I refuse to believe this unit is the 32nd most talented unit in the league. Beyond frustrating.

    • Rob Staton

      Probably the same impact for the other 31 teams who aren’t playing as badly as Seattle

    • Big Mike

      Doesn’t seem to have had an effect on the stealers or Baltimore or Indy or………

    • Baggin42

      Patriots 2018 defense was horrendous 3/4 of the season then they shut the Rams down to win the Super Bowl. As long as the NFC teams with great QB’s & RB’s don’t dominate we’re doing fine.

  69. Baggin42

    I’ve been betting on NFL well over 30 years. A golden rule is NFL teams are never as bad as they look & never as good as they look. Halfway through the 2020 season it’s still reasonable to believe that the Super Bowl Teams & Winner will be determined by injuries. Furthermore the Seahawks have demonstrated they’re full of shit projecting the attitude all games are equal, clearly players, coaches, & management have sandbagged parts of this season.

  70. Baggin42

    2021 offseason the offense is in real good shape. Special Teams is in real good shape. If they get to focus entirely on the Defense in the 2021 off-season they should be able to fix it because most teams would be able to fix it with Seattle’s cap situation.

    • Scot04

      Sadly that was the case this offseason. Except we had 60M and the draft picks.
      They totally failed on addressing the needs they themselves said they needed to fix.
      Don’t know why we would feel more confident going into this offseason.

      • Baggin42

        They got lots of 2nd tier players on the roster & the long term outlook is positive for the draft picks. Seattle is lucky they didn’t sign Clowney and the 2020 FA market sucked that goes for defensive coaches too. The Rams games have always been the determining factors for the 2020 season, we know we can beat AZ & SF, but Rams?

    • Rob Staton

      “they should be able to fix it”

      Yeah… just like they fixed the defense this year after spending $50m, three first round picks, a second round pick and three third round picks.

      • Baggin42

        It’s make or break weekend!

      • Big Mike

        But, but…BJ Finney, Cedric Ogbuehi, Phillip Dorsett………….

        • Baggin42

          Finney got us a DE it worked out as far as I’m concerned. Dorsett if he produces next year on a vet minimum that will also be a win in my book. Ogbuehi how has he done at back up Tackle? What about at 6th OL? These players cost Peanuts. Reed & Olsen are the guys that need to dominate against the Rams, last 4 games in the season & playoffs. Irvin going down was a ball crusher assuming he was going to do something, but if by chance he resigns with Seattle on a Vet minimum next year then produces at a $5 million value it’s a win because we don’t pay him 900k in bonus this year & we really need to solidify LB & CB next year without a lot of resources. Hill could be a good back up at SS on a Vet minimum next year. Releasing Diggs saves us 5 Million then moving Randall, Blair, Reed, & Ugo to FS & slot should work. Mayowa & Hollister will not get more than 1 million next year both are worth 1 million. No doubt we screwed the pooch this year but if we get good value next year all is forgiven. We got coaching issues this year that’s the main problem this year, I’m not mad at Schneider.

  71. Rob4q

    It probably says something about the Seahawks coaching staff that the only name even briefly mentioned in this article from the team is Schotty…

  72. Volume12

    Watch the FS in this. #9 Tyree Gillespie. Incredible range, size, physicality.

    And why is ND LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah not getting LB1 love? He’s everything everyone wanted Isaiah Simmons to be.

  73. RWIII

    Below are a few thoughts on attacking the blitz. If someone has brought these suggestions my apologies.

    1)Screen plays. I just don’t understand why the Seahawks offense doesn’t have more screen plays. This will slow down the pass rush. Andy Reid is the BEST in the business at calling screen plays.

    2)Draw plays. Russell Wilson is a MASTER on the play action pass. This too will slow down the oppoents pass rushing schemes.

    3) More two tight end formations. Extra blocking power. Extra protection. With two tight-ends you can run or throw the football. This keeps the defenses off balance. Greg Olsen/Will Dissly are excellent receivers/blockers.

    4) More short/intermediate passes. The obvious reason is this will get the ball out Russell Wilson much faster. PC loves the deep throw but if the guy isn’t open, this opens the opportunity for Russell Wilson to get killed. Bill Belichick/Tom Brady won 6 super bowl with the dunk/dink offense. You move the chains, you keep the Seahawk defense off the field. You tire out the opposing defense it’s a win/win/win. I remember one time PC was asked about the dunk/dink offense he got a good chuckle out of it.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s very hard to dink and dunk with a 5-10 quarterback.

      For me I would like to see some creative screens. I think they have a duty to try and feed the ball to DK and Tyler and try to essentially create extended hand-offs. It doesn’t have to be a long WR screen to the sideline all the time. Have DK line up in the slot and just have him step back, get the ball into his hands and let him bulldoze a corner. He might only get five yards but that makes up for the fact Deejay Dallas can’t run between the tackles.

      I’d also like to see us attack the perimeter more in the running game. It worked against San Fran and as we’ve seen over the years, you can get quite creative there with lesser backs.

      I also want to steal some ideas from the Rams. The deep, long drops that Goff has. The play action where he comes way out of the pocket and they chip away bit by bit with crossing routes. They flow to one side, have Goff peel out the other and get their quick receivers to Goff’s side. There’s absolutely no reason why they can’t do that too and I’d love to see Metcalf come across the field more often rather than straight up or down or on slants.

      • Gohawks5151

        All good thoughts. It’s weird to me they haven’t rolled out more due to the pressure rather than be a sitting duck. Yes there is the whole ‘cutting the field in half” argument but give me Russ in a run/pass option anytime. Plus they have that filthy throwback screen off of the roll out too.

  74. Rob Staton

    I like Sean McVay

    • Hoggs41

      He is a fun young dude. As much as I love Pete and the culture he has brought part of me wonders what it would be like to have a fun young offensive mind like him and just hire a defensive guy to take over the D.

      • BruceN

        Not just young and fun. He’s also bright and creative.

    • CaptainJack

      Rams fans like to call him “McPlatitude”

  75. JKlovas

    Has anyone suggested bringing in Kam Chancellor as DB coach, or assistant? I thought he was on the payroll the last few years while injured. Maybe his presence and aura will have an impact on the D. Probably not gonna fix everything, however it may be the spark to start turning things around.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a nice thought but there’s a very real chance Kam Chancellor has no interest in coaching.

      It’s not a job where you get to pop in every now and again and say a few inspiring words. It consumes your life.

  76. Chase

    How did our local media treat KNJ at the press conference? Hoping some tough questions were asked.

    • Rob Staton


      ‘They were not…’

  77. EWeb

    I was watching the 2014 Eagles Seahawks game on YouTube for a distraction. They had Lemuel Jeanpierre at center, Tony Moeaki at TE, Alvin Baily at right tackle. The three receivers were Baldwin, Kearse and Kevin Norwood. Baldwin as the top receiver was rated 65th in the league (according to the broadcast). Marshawn seemed to be the best offensive tool, but he constantly ran into a wall of Eagles at the line of scrimmage. I’m not sure we remember how bad the offensive was back then. They figured out how to win games but it wasn’t pretty.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, in fairness, they has Russell, Marshawn and Baldwin.

      The rest might be a bit crap but those three players, regardless of where they were ranked, were fantastic players.

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