LIVE STREAM: The Seahawks are releasing Carlos Dunlap

Make sure to check out Curtis Allen’s great piece on Russell Wilson trade narratives.


  1. Russ

    The more news comes out like this, the more it feels like we need to trade Russ.

    We could make some moves to try and get things back to a more decent place like Rob’s outlined in his offseason plan. But with the lack of draft assets, Russ’s frustration, and so many holes, getting a haul and trying to create a more complete team feels like a better way to get this franchise back on track.

    If we don’t I’m afraid that we’ll just have to write off this season entirely.

    • Jeff

      Trading Russ means you are probably writing off the next several seasons entirely!

      • Mario

        Does it matter? I’d rather rebuild now, know that even if we had Russ, we surely wouldn’t be SB contenders. That’s the goal

        • Silly Billy

          I had the same thinking as you, but someone brought up/reminded me a few posts ago that the Jets have our 1st pick next year.

          A shitty rebuild season this year is more beneficial to the Jets than to us.

        • Jeff

          Step one of a rebuild will be “find a franchise QB,” which is overwhelmingly the hardest thing to do for an NFL General Manager.

          The most likely scenario for a post-Russ world is a decade or more of futility.

          The best way to go all-in on a rebuild would be to trade Jamal and Bobby and fire Pete & John.

          • Russ

            That a fair plan too Jeff. I’d still be concerned that Russ wants to leave Seattle after this contract is up.

            The reason I’d want to trade Russ over keeping him is just the volume of resources you’d get in return.

            Imagine, for example, that you could get a trade with the Bears that would give us 3 firsts, Mack and Jaylon Johnson. You elevate your pass rush, get a cheap replacement for Griffin that’s still on a rookie deal for a couple more years, and you get more chances to address holes in your team.

            Now, based on recent history, there’s no guarantee that they hit on those picks, but the draft is still the best way to add cheap talent.

            Now you talk about the Jets getting our pick next year. If you bring in someone like Alex Smith and a competent backup, that’s a team that could probably still get you to 8-8, at least.

            No one that we get will be Russ and I acknowledge that. But given the state of the team, it’s a direction that’s feeling more and more plausible.

            • Jeff

              Chicago has #20 this year. If you trade to get that pick you eat the $39 million dead cap from Russ’s deal. You do save his $19 million salary, but that’s almost all eaten us by the $17 million you’re paying to Khalil Mack.

              Now you can eat that dead cap by restructuring guys, but you’re probably dead in the water in free agency in 2021. #20 isn’t a great pick, John probably uses it to trade back to get more day two picks. Then you have to go sign a cheap free agent QB. Honestly I think in this scenario 8-8 is ambitious.

              But say you go 8-8. Chicago probably improves with Russ because he’s a great QB, so that 2022 first rounder is a late first rounder. You aren’t getting a QB with it, and the most likely scenario is that John pisses it away because that’s what he does with first rounders. Maybe you have the cap space to make a splash in free agency or maybe not. Either way you’re also now probably trying to think about what to do with a thirty year-old Khalil Mack cuz his contract is out of guarantees and he’s agitating for some security. Plus also now Bobby is in the twilight of his career. Oh, and Alex Smith retires so it’s back to square zero at QB.

              But hey, at least you’ve got 2023 pick number 32 because Russ just won a Super Bowl in Chicago. Thank goodness for resources!

              • Russ

                That outcome is entirely possible.

                So is treading water with first round exits for the next 3 years and Russ leaves in FA for nothing.

                The franchise needs a direction and I don’t think PC/JS are going anywhere until Jodi Allen sells the team.

                If PC gets canned, I’m fully on board with trying to salvage things with Russ and think your plan is the best. If PC is there, I’m still leaning Russ trade.

                • Mike

                  That’s the thing, losing Russ doesn’t come with the benefit of an early round pick the following seasons as you look for a new QB. So there’s merit to saying we shouldn’t lose him because there’s no benefit to a couple bad seasons. Plus, any picks we get for trading him will also be late picks, so those don’t offset. We will have to get damn lucky at drafting a steal QB (unlikely), or hope we can get a decent QB that is disgruntled with their team like Russ was, and pay them big $$$ and/or draft capital.

                  On the other hand, if Russ endures two “meh” seasons, he’s gonna leave regardless. Then we’ll be hunting for a new QB anyways. Two seasons from now, we’d be in another situation where we will tank the team for a year or more.

                  So, its really not great, but I’d take a haul now vs. a 3rd round comp pick/franchise tag trade. We have more trade leverage currently than we will in a year or two.

      • BobbyK

        How do you rebuild properly when you are supposed to pick in the top 5 but you gave the Jets your pick for a strong safety who can’t cover?

        • Simon McInnes

          Try and construct a deal that gives room to trade far enough up in draft to get your next franchise quarterback. The easy bit is saying it. The hard bits are being certain that you have identified a suitable QB and then making that deal with whichever team you need to trade with. Rob has said on a previous post/question that so far the 2022 prospects at QB are not inspiring, so if it is going to happen, this is the time.

        • Mario

          Yeah you don’t trade two 1st for a DB who can’t cover. It’s another blunder that JS put this team through. Live with the mistake.

          As armchair GM, I’m leaning into the rebuild. Trade Russ to CHI for next four 1st round picks, a few 2nds in ‘22 and maybe in ‘23. Trade Adam’s for ‘22 1st and ‘22/‘23 2nd round picks. Trade Lockett for ‘22 1st round pick and some change. Move back in ‘21 first round in exchange for high ‘22 drafts picks. Basically I’m trying to create a war chest to move up in the draft I want for the QB I want.

      • James Z

        Would you rather watch a stale continuance of good, but not good enough, over a re-build that was dynamic and going places? The latter seems more intriguing to me.

    • Michigan 12th

      I say trade Russ for Deshawn Watson.

  2. Rob Staton

    Might do a live stream today on this news

    • Elmer

      This pisses me off. Watch. They probably aren’t going to re-sign him, probably going to chase effing Clooney again. I’m tired of it. I hi

      • Pran

        Don’t expect good FA to come to Seattle. they neither have the cap nor the attractiveness.

  3. Sea Mode

    Well, crap. Hope they are serious about trying to re-sign him.

  4. cha

    He moved $2.5m of 2020 salary to 2021 as a $3m roster bonus, he gives the pass rush life, and they cut him.

    But our culture is great. Players want to be here.

    • Russ

      A big DE that can rush the passer and hold firm against the run. Literally Pete’s ideal DE.

      What does this FO want?

      • Big Mike

        They have already demonstrated what they want, a blitzing safety that can’t cover and it hurt almost half the games.

      • BruceN

        “ What does this FO want?”

        The same player who fits their scheme at a lower cost. If they will get that, it’s a different question.

    • DC

      Honestly… F Pete Carroll. He’s so full of S$$t.

      Better bring Dunlap back.

    • Submanjoe

      This is the same i have been thinking. It is not a good look and if i am Dunlap, all things being equal with contract offers, i go elsewhere.

      Dunlap provides a spark, leadership, competition for youngsters etc. Just a terrible lack of foresight.

      And even if he does come back at a cheaper price, that’s still not a good example being shown to other players on the roster.

      • Mike

        Mr sunshine and positivity PC ain’t exactly giving honest assessments in press conferences. I always wrote if off as his public image, but it makes you wonder if he knows when to turn it off anymore. Is he always spouting sunshine and rainbows about next man up to the point he believes inferior talent can always step up?

      • Malc from PO

        This is cold-hearted business from both sides. Dunlap reckons he’d like to at least give FA a try and can get more than the Seahawks are offering; the Seahawks reckon they can get him back for less money, or someone(s) as good as him for less money. I agree that it shows Seahawks culture is not an especially big draw to a player with confidence in their own ability and a focus on the bottom line, it’s just something nice to talk about for the fans. I don’t know the personalities involved, and have never been so good at my job that people are going to compete for my services, but my instinct as a player given the opportunity to “find my market value” would be to find it somewhere else than the team who told me it definitely isn’t what I think it is. I don’t think either party is necessarily wrong in their assessment, but the potential outcomes are more risky for the Seahawks IMO. Dunlap might ‘lose” a couple of mil on his own assessment but at the end of the day he will earn more next year than most people will see in their lifetime and still be Carlos Dunlap. The Seahwaks are not guaranteed to either find equivalent talent, or save money compared to what they are paying Dunlap.

  5. GoHawksDani

    What the FFFFFF???
    Need money? Why the hell don’t they extend him to limit cap hit? Is Taylor who didn’t even see the field that good? Ohh sorry forgot the sackmachine Collier or Green. Wait we have Mr 10+ sack Reed who had maybe one sack before Dunlap came? I’m so over PCJS…

    • James Z

      I actually read a column of FG a short while ago touting the possibilities of Taylor and Collier being the top DE’s for the coming season.

      • Rob Staton


      • BOHICA

        Consider the source

      • Roy Batty

        That site has people so in denial that no matter what is reported, they claim it is fake news and click bait material.

        It’s going to be hilarious reading the comments over there when this all goes down.

      • CHaquesFan

        read that same article and it seemed very critical

  6. Mario

    Not related, but quick question. Why is no one talking about Atlanta as possible trade partner for RW?

    • DC

      Because Russ didn’t list Atlanta.

  7. Tim

    Releasing Carlos Dunlap?

    I cannot begin to understand what the Seahawks front office is doing with this move. They had an absolute crisis in pass rush, until they brought in Dunlap. Now we release Dunlap – are we due another crisis in the pass rush?

    $14 Million/year is decent value for a strong Tier 2 (A -) pass rusher like Dunlap. Given his cost, position, and production he was my personal least favorite choice as a cap casualty.

    Why are we taking resources away from the D-Line?

    — Certainly there’s plenty of offseason available for them to fill this new gaping hole in the roster. But this just doesn’t strike me as a good start. I don’t like seeing good performance per dollar players getting released.

    • Mike


      More on top of that, is what message does this send to prospective FAs? Ignoring the RW drama that should give pause to anyone thinking of signing here, what do we do to reward FAs who step up and prove their worth? We let em walk and try to lowball them. Players are first and foremost out to get paid. Common sense tells you that, but all my friends who coach in the NFL have made that very clear.

      Who wants to play on a one year deal for a team that wont pay you after? Why not go to a team that will want to retain you after you prove it? These guys want to go to a team that wants and values them and backs that up with a payday. Why invest a year learning their scheme just to have to learn a new scheme the next year?

      When Russ walks, half the appeal of Seattle walks out the door. PC doesn’t have some magic culture. Sorry, he doesn’t. He can host a coaching podcast and all that, but NFL players don’t give a shit. Not really. Michael Bennett would read a book through it. Sherman made a video about it. Clowney was a classic example of how much it really matters.

      At least be honest about what motivates these guys. Show em how you can help them get rich. Arians figured that part out just fine. For years bellicheck could offer them 1 year, win a superbowl, then strike it big on the market with a “superbowl champ” boost to your resume. Thats how you get “hometown” discounts.

      At least for receivers, have a “play for russ to boost stats” then strike the open market and get paid..but it was undermined by the PC philosophy to mute high powered offense. Players want to orchestrate trades to play together in groups. They saw what happened in the NBA and are emulating it.

  8. Robbie

    Unreal….what the next knee jerk reaction :/

  9. Gaux Hawks

    gut punch : (

    • Gaux Hawks

      is there a scenario where we release and resign him that makes sense for both parties?

    • Gaux Hawks

      …this has gone too far. rob, time to schedule an interview with schneider.

      • Gaux Hawks

        i’m going to just keep posting here until my seahawk induced concussion goes away.

        • Mike

          I second this. If Rob was on the staff, I’d feel much more at ease with the state of the franchise. Can we start a petition?

    • Gaux Hawks

      …this is starting to feel like group therapy

      • Gaux Hawks

        is he back yet?

  10. Ashish

    We are heading to darkness 😞

    • BobbyK

      Simon and Garfunkel prophetic about teams who lose their franchise QB…

      Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again
      Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping
      And the vision that was planted in my brain, Still remains
      Within the sound of silence…

      • Big Mike

        Damn, sadly spot on.
        Paul Simon, Seahawks prophet in what, 1965? Who would’ve thought?

  11. BobbyK

    Seahawks had one of the most pathetic pass rushes in the history of this franchise until they traded for Dunlap. He was the biggest reason for the turnaround. But, yeah, lets get rid of him.

    • Big Mike

      But Bobby, we got 53rd ranked (for the 8 games he’s not either out or ineffective due to injury).
      Pete Carroll, genius.

  12. Hawk Mock

    Makes no sense to me. Quit being cheap asses on the DL. He single-handedly changed our fortunes around last year after acquiring him. Seems to be so many other players restructuring their contracts around right now, why are we not just doing that instead of releasing him? Oh yeah, I forgot, we are so smart and have such a great culture that everyone wants to be here(who has actually signed here recently whether due to our culture or Russ’s pull) that he is going to test the market, turn down better offers and come crawling back to us at a discount rate. Stupid.

    • Sea Mode

      Exactly. If they try and play the culture card one more time…

  13. Big Mike

    Brilliant! I mean c’mon guys, we got LJ Collier, Malik…, Darrell Taylor, and the great Jamal Adams (when he’s not hurt. We’re golden.

    Gotta clear space to pay 53rd ranked dontcha know.

  14. Mike

    This is a good move they know other teams aren’t going to pay 15/ year. I almost guarantee they sign him back for under 10 mill. It makes a lot of sense.

    • Gohawks5151

      Even if successful, its a huge gamble. They are messing around too much with making deals the past few years.

    • Big Mike

      Pass rush still a premium. He’ll get more and it’ll be elsewhere imo. But again, I’ll be the first to chow crow if I’m wrong. However, if you’re wrong, please come in and post.

    • Hawk Mock

      Didn’t the Cards just kind of prove you can pay him 15+ with under a 5mil cap hit though if you really wanted to?

    • Sean

      I don’t know. The guy reworks his contract to come in and play part of a season for us. He then performs well enough to be the biggest reason why our defense goes from terrible to a bit below average. And then we cut him. So why do we think we have a good shot at re-signing him for less money?

      -We do not look like a legit SB contender that would attract a veteran to really want to be here.

      -There is obviously some real tension on the team with RW and PC…hard for me to believe that this schism hasn’t or won’t extend to other players/coaches on the team.

      So maybe he comes back if we can offer a better deal than the competition. But if another team makes a better offer, i don’t see any reason Dunlap would prefer Seattle over another team.

      • TomLPDX

        The main benefit that Dunlap got from Seattle is that they got him out of Cincinnati, where he was wasting away. He then came to Seattle, proved he is still a good player and now has a jump on the market to find a new home. We may get him back, we may not, all depends on how FA’cy goes this year for Carlos and all the other good, older players out there.

        Good luck, Carlos, enjoyed having you on our team last year and resurrecting the DLine.

    • cha

      They could have done that without cutting him.

      The only way this story makes sense for PC and JS is if they approached him about an extension and asked him to consider the depressed cap in 2021 to help them out and he said no. He’d rather skip getting his $3m roster bonus and explore the market.

      Maybe Dunlap is like Clowney, he wants to be wined and dined a bit.

      But if they just cut him to have cap room, this is just continuing the preposterous handling of the DL position group.

      • Roy Batty

        I’m leaning toward professional courtesy on this one. Dunlap and his agent might feel the FA market can drive up the price, so the Hawks cut him, per his wishes. They knew the Hawks had a set price range, so he may want to see what his value is, just like Watt.

        Either way, this team better get Mack in a Chicago trade or 2021 will be in big defensive trouble.

  15. Hawk Mock

    Maybe the Bears will sign him and include him instead of Mack in a Russell Wilson deal?! Oh yeah, there’s still hope boys!

    • Sea Mode


    • Big Mike


  16. dcd2

    When Corbin put out the report that the Hawks were working on an extension, Rob said something like “Good, they’ve learned from past mistakes”.

    Unfortunately it looks like they haven’t learned a thing. We were on pace to be one of the worst defenses in the history of the NFL last year. Then we get Dunlap and approach mediocrity. So, ya, let’s cut him.

    As much as I dislike the idea of losing the best QB our franchise has ever known, I admit, I get excited about the idea of all the draft capital and cap space we would have. Then the cold reality of things rears its head in moves like this and last year’s off-season. Even with a bonanza of resources, I have almost zero confidence in them turning things around.

    • Big Mike

      100% agree. Watching the decline of this franchise is very difficult to deal with but we’re seeing it nonetheless

      • Roy Batty

        I can’t wait for all that draft capital being used on reaches and positions of less priority.

        It’s an annual tradition at the point.

  17. Scot04

    Great write up Cha,
    Thanks for the continuing content Rob; the extras by Cha and Robbie with you on the podcast, has easily made this the best Seahawks and Draft content site anywhere.

    • cha


  18. cha

    *Salty comment alert*

    Now watch. The Seahawks will tender Shaquem at the $3.3m level.

  19. Scot04

    Was hoping to see a Dunlap, Mack, Reed, Ford front 4.
    I felt Dunlap should have been the #1 priority to get done. Trading Adams right there.
    It might just be me, but cutting Dunlap for money with Adams still on this team makes me a little ill.
    Dunlap energized this defense, Adams wasn’t the one who changed the passrush. Too me all he’s done now is cost us draft capital and Dunlap.
    If they still trade Adams and resign Dunlap I’ll take it all back.
    I’m thinking Carroll happy with Adams and Darrell Taylor replacing Dunlap. The Carroll extension just continues to look worse to me. We’re now back to where we were past offseason.
    We need a starting DE. Add in we have less draft capital, a Safety who does not fit and costs too much.
    Plus the Wilson saga.
    They screwed up last offseason with cap sace and draft picks.
    This season we have more issues, less cap space, and almost no draft capital.
    Not feeling too optimistic.

    • Trevor

      I was really hoping for that front 4 as well.

  20. pdway

    man… what are they doing here? Yes, the salary, but he was the only guy on that line who had the talent to beat 1 v 1’s . . .unless they re-sign him somehow, I don’t see how you defend this one.

  21. no frickin clue

    I am still hopeful that the conversation went something like “look, we really want you back, but we are up against it with the cap, and we can’t do a $14M price tag for ’21. We’re going to cut you, please hang tight, and we’ll offer you a new 1-year deal for $8M.’

    Dunlap and his agent can sit back and wait and see if a better deal comes along. If not, they can take a reduced Hawks offer. Or maybe he really likes Seattle and wants to finish out his career in the Pacific Northwest, and they’ve agreed to a deal in principle.

    But if they really do lose him – either because someone comes in with a better offer, or because they want to go cheaper on the defensive line – then that is at best reckless, and at worst, blind to what the pre-Dunlap pass defense looked like last year.

    • Scot04

      If Seattle offers him a 1 yrs deal I’m guessing he tells them to screw off. I think a 3 year 30M is fair, especially after what he did for us. I believe he’ll get atleast that somewhere.
      I forgot a recent arctice i read that showed 5 comparable pasrushers. All making between 12 and 15M per year.

      • Big Mike

        I think he’ll get more than 10 per. As I said above, pass rush is a premium in the NFL

        • Scot04

          Same. I was hoping for 3trs 30M extension to try to get him signed. I think he takes that even though it was less, just to stay. I think the cut is basically an insult. His 14M was fair. They simply needed to get it done.

          • AlaskaHawk

            If it was 100% guaranteed then he might go for the 3 years/30 M.

  22. Trevor

    One word sums up the Dunlap release and the front offices moves this offseason and last offseason.


  23. Denver Hawker

    So can we assume this was a known likely outcome when the FO made the trade?

    This isn’t as bad as the Sheldon trade, but having a hard time grasping the value in trading a pick (albeit a 7th) for a half season rental.

  24. Trevor

    I wish just one members of the Hawks media would have the balls to ask Pete / JS what is the plan? Is there even one?

    • Gary

      Building the airplane while they’re flying it.

  25. Rob Staton

    Live stream coming at 11:30am

    Watch live on the blog

  26. Sea Mode

    This year, it’s going to be harder to get accurate medical information on players than it has been in the past. It’s going to be more difficult to vet players’ character. And the lack of face-to-face interaction with the players will fuel all of that. Which will lead to most teams swinging for singles and doubles in April, and less for the fences. But if you think about it, the effect will be certain players sliding further than they should. So is it possible someone goes into this year’s draft with the strategy to scoop those guys up? A bunch of teams think someone will. […] this year, the fall of risky guys figures to be more pronounced. And I’d agree that someone will see opportunity in that.

    • cha

      If the Seahawks get a massive haul of picks, trade down and take a couple swings.

      Otherwise, I’m absolutely fine with singles and doubles.

    • GerryG

      YEah I posted something similar a few days ago, I see this as opportunity.

  27. Ukhawk

    Just don’t get it and Love to be a fly on the wall

    Are they expecting a soft market with lots of guys available so they can resign CD at a discount,?

    Head scratcher

  28. Big Mike

    Don’t worry folks, we’ll still see Dunlap next year, when he’s sacking our scrub QB several times as a member of the Los Angeles Rams.

  29. Big Mike

    Joe Douglas, Jets GM is just giddy over this news. Those first rounders he got for 53rd ranked are looking better all the time.

  30. Alex H

    Bad move. Our pass rush was utterly lost until he came aboard.

  31. Whit21

    A lot of people posting on here upset with the releasing.. it was always gonna happen if they couldn’t sign to a new extention or restructuring his contract.. he wasnt worth 14 million that his cap hit would be when theyre short money..

    Insiders are saying the next week is gonna be a massive amount of players cut because theres teams that are MILLIONS of dollars over the cap.. like the saints and rams.. you have to make as much space as you can this off-season so you can sign some FA on cheaper deals if they want to play this season.. its not gonna be like last year where all the top DE got good deals and left the hawks waiting on clowney..

    So.. calm down.. id be more worried about the russell wilson camp and all the time leading up to the draft..

    • SeattleLifer

      Kind of what i was thinking. They tried to extend, could’nt work out something they felt was rea$onable so as always they’ll hope to find a cheaper replacement in free agency – especially so this year when free agency is expected to be so depressed in it’s pricing.

      Do i like it? No, but it fits Pete and John’s usual operating procedure. The sticky part is that they could’nt get an extension done which points to Dunlap’s side probably wanting more dollars/years (but we can hope it’s just a way to wipe the 14 million away and still get him back).

      My gut tells me they do want to do some o-line and TE stuff in free agency for Russ along with having money to pay some in house free agents they want to sign (most notably Adams) and that they are in the mood to create money for such purposes rather than start things out going backwards paying big dollars to an older vet.

    • Submanjoe

      Thing is, seattle had to defer some of his salary from last year to this next year to get him on the team. Imagine that conversation. And now we get to the offseason and he gets cut and loses what he had agreed to defer. To me this smells like he wants out of Seattle…for some reasons i can only imagine.

  32. MoBo

    No worries guys, we’ve got Collier and Adams

    • Roy Batty

      “2021 Pro Bowler Collier”

      There, I fixed it for you.

      • Big Mike

        “53rd ranked Safety Adams” there, fixed the other part for you.

        • Poli

          “unblocked blitzing Safety Adams”

  33. GerryG

    Put me in the this is stupid camp.

    Getting rid of the only good DE on the roster, who was only going to make 14M, and you have ZERO resources to replace him? That’s stupid. Oh yeah, this is also the same team that failed to replace DL that last two offseasons as well.

    But hey, at least you are most likely gong to reset the safety market and the most expensive MLB in the NFL

  34. Ryan

    Can’t wait til we trade more valuable future assets to fill out the pass rush.

    • GerryG

      At this point I’d half expect the team to trot out a rookie TE who played DE in high school to help out the pass rush.

      • Big Mike


      • dcd2

        Post of the thread!

        • Big Mike

          Absolutely though any post that mentions Rachel Phelps (below) is a solid #2.

  35. cha

    Meanwhile, smart teams are looking at extensions to lower cap hits…

    Ian Rapoport
    From NFL Now: The #Saints are looking to clear cap space, but it’s not just about restructures. They also want to do long-term extensions with stars like OT Ryan Ramczyk and CB Marshon Lattimore. More below

    • SeattleLifer

      Yep and they have guys that are worth investing real money into long term. We have Adam’ses and Griffen’s etc. Back to the biggest failure of this team for many a year – poor drafting(granted there are many other areas John has underperformed, but draft well and resign your young good talent is still the single best way to succeed in this league).

    • John_s

      Extending two All Pros in their mid 20’s is a no brainer.

  36. cha

    Michael Silver with a RW update coming up

    Michael Silver
    We’ll break down the current state of affairs between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks next on


    10:58 AM · Mar 8, 2021·Twitter Web App

  37. no frickin clue

    Have we considered the possibility that Jody Allen is trying to pull a Rachel Phelps and move the team out of Seattle? 🙂 Because that would explain a lot.

    • Big Mike

      LOL to the Rachel Phelps reference. Great movie

      • Roy Batty

        when the pilot starts duct taping the propeller on the team plane, that’s about the time I will start believing.

  38. cha

    “There absolutely are trade talks going on.”

    “of the 4 some are more serious than others.”

    “Also possible would open up the 4 team list. Mean it’s going to happen? I wouldn’t say but theoretically.”

    “People are naive who look at situation where agent says ‘not want to get traded but here’s 4.’ Vastly misreading the situation if you think that is normal for a player who wants to stay with the team. Doesn’t mean RW couldn’t have a change of heart.”

    “I think we’ll have a lot more resolution by next week.”

    • Henry Taylor

      At this point I’d be stunned if he stays.

    • cha

      “More like 2nd deal for another QB.”

      “Bears not going to supply Seahawks with immediate answer at QB in trade.”

      • Dingbatman

        I’m warming to the idea of Minshew. Brings energy, can throw the deep ball, didn’t seem to throw a lot of interceptions…

        • Roy Batty

          I really wanted them to draft him as Russ’s backup. The guy is a great teammate, loves the camera and looks like he’s having a pickup game in the park

          During the combine he was the only QB constantly smiling and jabbering away. One coach said that Minshew looked like one of the coaches giving encouragement to all the nervous kids.

        • Tomas

          Minshew’s TD/int ratio over two (partial) seasons: 37/11.

  39. BoiseSeahawk

    Releasing Dunlap makes zero sense.

    I did a mock draft to try to cheer myself up (assuming we trade Russ to Miami and get their first 3 picks of this draft):

    3. Zach Wilson, QB BYU
    18. Azeez Ojulari, EDGE Georgia
    36. Javonte Williams, RB UNC
    56. Landon Dickerson, C Alabama
    129. Marvin Wilson, DT FSU
    168. Robert Hainsey, OG Notre Dame
    209. Olaijah Griffin, CB USC

    That feels a little better but still… WHY RELEASE DUNLAP?!

    • Whit21

      It was an agreement at the time of the trade last year that if they made the deal for him.. They would let him test free agency if an extension couldnt be done..

      Just like 2 years ago when they traded for clowney.. it was agreed that the Hawks wouldnt tag him if they didnt resign him..

  40. AlaskaHawk

    Pretty much inevitable in a declining cap market that your best players will test the market price. Every year a few elite free agents suck up the the available money with 12 million plus contracts. The next wave of agents who weren’t signed immediately have to settle for something more reasonable like 6 million, and then there are the leftovers who unhappily settle for 2 million.

    So – to me this is just the Seahawks not overpaying. Let him look, see if he some team offers him a good deal. Maybe the Seahawks will match. Maybe they will get him back for 8-10 million per year on a long term contract.

    Them same could be said for Adams. He isn’t worth the numbers I’ve heard at 18 million per year. He is a good value in the 10 million dollar range, as a safety who isn’t all that great at covering receivers.

    Before you say I’m full of it, consider what happened with Clowney after he held out. Where were his offers? He had to settle. Add to that the quarterback trades which will also suck up cap space this year. It’s going to be even worse this year for free agents who aren’t quarterbacks, elite receivers, or sack machines.

    • Scot04

      For all the Seahawks needs i would argue he doesn’t even fit at 10M. We need draft capital and to improve our trenches. He just needs to be moved in my opinion. Extension of Dunlap seemed to be a no brainer. Evidently it wasn’t

  41. Steve

    Don’t worry Rob, we’ll just bring back Branden Jackson, Quinton Jefferson, Benson Mayowa, and Bruce Irvin for the price of one. What can possibly go wrong?

    • BobbyK

      Don’t they still have time to put the franchise tag on Mayowa?

      • dcd2

        Wouldn’t that just be perfect? Benson Mayowa at $17.5M

      • Steve

        I thought Branden Jackson was going to get the tag and the reason why the pass rush wasn’t good was because they missed Branden Jackson’s leadership and presence

  42. STTBM

    What I thought would happen. I bet Seattle tried like hell to sign him to an extension, but as far as Dunlap’s camp was concerned, the floor was 14 million guaranteed, and that’s too rich for Seattle.

    I’m really hoping Dunlap finds a cooler market than anticipated, and Seattle can reel him back in.

    Seattle always seems to underestimate what the market is–except on box safeties who can cover, slot WRs with head problems who can’t track a deep ball, and old TEs….

    Worst case scenario, Seattle better have a Plan B to get someone damn good if Dunlap signs elsewhere, unlike their idiocy last year with Clowney.

    • GerryG

      He just lost his 3M roster bonus, he’s not coming back to Seattle

      • DC

        Which really sucks for him since he agreed to convert that $3M from last years salary to roster bonus for this year just so the Hawks could fit him in the salary cap last year. Now they pulled that $3M out from under him…screw that. If I were him I would not be coming back.

    • STTBM

      Box safety who CANT cover I meant…

      I would bet Dunlap isn’t happy about the 3 million, but he’s also been around: it’s business. If another good team offers him X amount, Seattle will have to beat it, not just come close.

      Let’s all hope they haven’t yet again pinched pennies and cost themselves real dollars, and also have that Plan B.

      • Big Mike

        Last Plan B they had at DE was Ziggy Ansah, was it not? Or was that some sort of Plan A?

        • STTBM

          Ziggy was just desperation. There was no Plan B last year outsider Clowney.

          Those clowns (JS and PC) seem to think they’ll get great players to take less money to play in Seattle. Not happening! They got lucky with Avril and Bennett, but that was luck (and Avril is a special dude) and it’s all used up.

  43. cha

    Simms and Florio talking a potential chicago trade.

    Florio started down the path of ‘it has to be post June 1’ and ‘too much to do, too many moving parts, blah blah blah.’

    Simms counterpoints with RW with the 4 trade list and Seahawks unhappiness. Says ‘I think Chicago is trying to make a move no matter what. They need to make something drastic happen.’

    ‘They’re trying to save their butts and make the team better.’

    ‘They’ve got some good defensive players Seattle might like.’

    ‘Feeds 2 bellies. Gives Bears a QB. Takes pressure off Pace and Nagy.’

    ‘This is still very real.’

    • cha

      Nice discussion about the salary cap implications.

      ‘If teams are motivated to make something happen, they can. They have full time people to figure this out.’

      • cha

        “There are people in the media who don’t want to have a juicy story in their lap because that might require them to work.”


        • cha

          ‘Anyone in the media who demand they must get a QB back in a RW trade don’t understand how football works.’

          • Big Mike

            Wow. Are those quotes from Simms?

            • cha


        • TomLPDX

          Loved that comment. Hit dead center of the target.

    • Scot04

      Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith, 2021 picks 20&52, 2022 1st and a 2023 1st?

      • dcd2

        Love that framework. Would let us move Bobby for a day 2 pick and free up some cap too.

      • BobbyK

        I’d want Johnson over Smith. Young, cheap (3 years left on rookie deal), talented. Showed CB1 potential as a rookie.

        • Trevor

          Agreed Mack and Johnson are the two players I would want in any deal.

  44. Strategicdust

    This front office is in shambles. There’s no discernible strategy in the way they’re running things. For too many years we’ve seen them draft poorly and then have go make last minute trades to “fix” their glaring holes. Those trades for “impact” players inevitably lead to them being released because they won’t accept low ball offers from the team to come back or, in this case because they have buyers remorse on the actual cost of quality players. This leads to yet another spin cycle of players coming and going.
    Their free agent philosophy is really more of a confession that they can’t evaluate talent. Rather than sign higher price free agents and take a risk that they might flame out, they sign a larger number of low cost borderline free agents and hope one or two of them will work. We’re left with a team that that is competent but rarely more than that. You can see a similar approach to how they handle first round draft picks. They’re scared of taking risks. Now, who does that sound like? I think these front office decisions are really being made/directed by Pete and John is probably just following orders. It’s interesting that the farther Pete I’d removed from being a college coach, the worse he seems to evaluate players.
    This team is being risk managed down the drain and until Pete goes, it’s unlikely to be better. It’s time for hard questions to not only be asked but followed up. Don’t settle for evasive non-answers, someone needs to be held accountable and to explain why it’s going off the rails.

    • Big Mike

      100% agree with everything you said. Sadly no one will ask the hard questions and Pete will not be held accountable because Jody is a placeholder owner that just gave Carroll a 5 year extension.

    • STTBM

      Well said…

    • Matt

      Fantastic post.

      This team is rudderless. There’s no direction. This is a managed decline. We are watching, in real time, a boat taking on water and Pete Carroll whistling by, using a shot glass to occasionally toss 1 oz of water overboard.

      • dcd2

        And he just threw the 5 gallon bucket (Dunlap) overboard. Cheaper to use Dixie cups. Sure they’re less effective and break down after a short while, but we can afford quite a few.

        • Big Mike

          I don’t know man, the Dixie cup we have a Safety sure wasn’t cheap. Definitely did break down after a while though.

  45. Rob Staton

    You have to listen when this man speaks.

    And he’s now talking about what happens after the Seahawks trade Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      Wow — basically calls out anyone being naive about this story and ends by saying there could be a resolution by next week.

      Michael Silver — finger on the pulse.

      • Roy Batty

        Sooooo, 99% of the Seattle sports jounalists.

        • Rob Staton

          I can’t believe people are writing positional roster reviews like this is a run of the mill mundane off-season with nothing else to talk about

      • Tomas

        The “resolution by next week” remark I find especially intriguing.

      • Happy Hawk

        who do you thinks Silvers inside source or the pulse is? Never remember him commenting on the Seahawks much before this situation.

  46. Rob Staton

    What did everyone think of the live stream?

    • DriveByPoster

      Missed it live but just watching now. It’s great that you put together a reaction podcast so quickly. Topicality is king! And you & Robbie definitely reflect my feelings about the whole thing…

    • Big Mike

      Really enjoyed it. If I had not been around to listen, would a repeat be available to listen to while walking the dog? I depend on you and Robbie’s podcast to entertain me in those situations.

      • Rob Staton

        Yep — it just loads onto the YouTube channel like a normal podcast

        • Big Mike

          Cool, thanks

    • TomLPDX

      I liked listening to it but wondered where the comments were coming from? Youtube? I watched it through SDB. Need to go catch the first 15 minutes since I missed that.

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah the comments were from the YouTube live chat I think.

        • Russell's Camp

          Great stuff! I love the livestream even though I had to catch it later! Any thoughts about doing a weekly podcast? You guys are great together!

          • Rob Staton

            We have been doing a weekly podcast since August to be fair 🙂

    • Rushless pass

      Fantastic! Do them more often please or Q&A!

    • Sea Mode

      Enjoyed it. It went smoothly after the beginning. At least for me, who had YT open waiting for it to start, when you came on live you were already 15 seconds into your intro, so I missed some of that. So maybe give it 15-20 seconds or so after starting up the stream before you start.

      As for content, I loved the questions and answers. (thanks for putting mine up…😁) Made for a cool discussion.

      • Sea Mode

        (other streamers often just take those first few seconds to say hello to those in the chat, where are people tuning in from, etc.)

    • pinksheets

      Good stream. I don’t really listen to sports radio or watch ESPN anymore, not that the former would cover anything critically, but mainly cause I just don’t use my free time for that. That being said, I absolutely do want to hear analysis in the immediate wake of news unfolding, so I’d like more of these when stuff breaks in the future. Looking forward to your coverage of Wilson getting traded on… Let’s say… Thursday.

    • Tomas

      Loved the livestream format, with many good comments and questions appearing on the screen. Thank you both, most sincerely.

    • dcd2

      12 thumbs up

    • Bruce

      It was a great discussion with Robbie. Frankly releasing Dunlap was expected. But not announcing any new deals or extensions at the same time was disappointing. Timing is everything and I’m afraid Watt’s contract may have thrown a monkey wrench in their plans just like negotiations with Wagner were impacted by the Jets signing Mosely. I don’t blame Dunlap for trying the market first before agreeing to a lower contract with the Hawks. The other day we talked about not mortgaging the future. The cardinals just did that with something like 3 years of void years in Watt’s contract, over paying an injury prone old pass rusher.

    • BruceN

      It was a great discussion with Robbie. Frankly releasing Dunlap was expected. But not announcing any new deals or extensions at the same time was disappointing. Timing is everything and I’m afraid Watt’s contract may have thrown a monkey wrench in their plans just like negotiations with Wagner were impacted by the Jets signing Mosely. I don’t blame Dunlap for trying the market first before agreeing to a lower contract with the Hawks. The other day we talked about not mortgaging the future. The cardinals just did that with something like 3 years of void years in Watt’s contract, over paying an injury prone old pass rusher.

    • Mike

      Loved it! I think adding the live comments in really added something. Great stuff!

    • Rory

      Live stream was great! Thanks for doing it!

    • Vanhawksfan


      I paused in the middle of a busy day to listen to it all and deeply appreciated the thoughtful analysis. Many thanks to you and Robbie.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you, really appreciate that

  47. Tomas

    No worries, a deal for Tyrod Taylor will re-invigorate the team.

  48. Scot04

    Quite a smooth stream. Really enjoyed it

  49. Qoolio

    Loved the livestream and would really be interested in a live Q&A that you mentioned (though I’ll need to figure out how to submit questions).

    To continue a thread from the stream, I think my biggest concern is that Russ will get traded (and possibly other too) and the treasure trove of picks will get used in the absence of a plan. I haven’t lost all faith in their ability to draft (even in the first round), but I don’t have confidence that the picks will be best used until they figure out who they want to be and how they want to play.

    You want to play Pete-ball? Fine. It may be an 80s approach to some, but at least have the moxie to commit to it, jettison players that don’t fit and build it up properly. Stop this year-to-year reactionary stop-gapping that has no long-term vision, no succession planning, no long-term financial management, or ability to actually judge how close we are and what we need.

    It may be a bummer to see Russ leave, but it will be crushing to see any corresponding window to reset completely fall apart.

  50. Ashish

    Everything what we discussed in SDB blog on things we like to see it’s happening opposite. Very depressing !! don’t want to see the update, i don’t know how my day will go if Wilson is traded which is very much possible. Paul Alen, we miss you.
    PC has done great things with hawks but he has really lost it. Age is catching up…

  51. Matt

    In 2021, Pete Carroll officially offers nothing positive as the leader of a franchise. Sound hyperbolic? Just name a single positive he brings? He’s affable to our joke of a local sports media?

    Besides that…name just one thing.

    Culture? Nope.
    Defensive Genius? LOL…nope.
    Talent Acquisition? Try again.
    In Game Management? Anybody want to defend this one?

    He brings nothing. Sad to say, but it’s reality. Grateful for what he did…but he can’t get out of this city fast enough. He has torched a franchise because of hubris. Plain and simple.

    • Ashish

      100% agree, Add PC is 70 and Wilson is in prime.
      There should be no debate who should leave …

    • Gary

      POTD (Post Of The Day)!

  52. John
    Thus may not bode well in the locker room.

    • Rob Staton

      When the team is getting called about by DJ Reed…


      • Vanhawksfan

        Yup, wow….

        Ownership might want to pay a smidgin of attention. PC &JS might cost them 10s of millions or more.

  53. SeaTown

    What’s the definition of insanity? Disposing of your best pass rusher three years in a row with no plan to replace him. I mean is it ground hog day? WTF is JS doing? If this is Pete calling the shots why would JS re-sign up for this? Where the freak is Jodie Allen? Ok she’s not involved and probably looking to see. But by the time that happens you will be looking to unload a bottom of the barrel team instead of a SB contender. How millions are you h C doting yourself letting Carrol run this team off a cliff? I’m so disgusted.

    • SeaTown


    • TomLPDX

      A team’s makeup changes year to year from players to coaches to the front office. The franchise is what is important to ownership and as we know a team can change drastically year to year. Doubt Jodi cares a great deal about the “noise” of what is currently happening with the team, the franchise itself is still intact.

  54. TomLPDX

    I’m reading Bob Condatta’s article about Dunlap, and he states:

    “The Seahawks and Dunlap tried to work out a longer-term deal but were unable. As part of the agreement when the team traded for Dunlap last fall, Seattle will let Dunlap test the market, hoping to get him back.”

    Didn’t realize the had an agreement in place like this.

    • cha

      This is the first I am hearing of this.

      Has anyone else ever heard of this? Aggravating.

      • Scot04

        Rappaport said same on kjr today around 1pm PST. would explain why he took less and adjusted contract to be favorable to the Seahawks.
        If no extension he gets to Free-agency early.

    • Simo

      This essentially proves the point that we as fans rarely have a full and clear picture of the mechanics of deals that occur between teams and players. This was likely a handshake agreement as part of the trade last year, but word of it never got out.

      Suspect CD simply wants to test the market and see what his true value is around the league, and this was something the Hawks agreed to if he were to be cut this year. He probably picked a difficult year, with reduced cap likely meaning lower offers. We’ll see.

      I definitely did not see the Hawks keeping him with that $14m cap hit, so they went back to him and asked if he would be open to an extension. He chose to hit the market instead, as was their agreement.

      • Sea Mode

        Well, it’s hard to be mad at them for keeping their word. But still annoying that they gave that word in the first place, making Dunlap effectively just a half-season rental. They really somehow thought they had a legit shot last year, didn’t they…

      • Scot04

        It was if they couldn’t reach an extension. How do we know they didn’t try to lowball him. I’m guessing fair offer he stays. Look what AZ paid. Plus other simlar age decent passrushers are getting. 13-16M. He would have been 10M on the cap. I could’ve seen him signing a 3 yr 30M extension, guessing he’ll get that at minimum now.

  55. dand393

    Loved the live stream also enjoyed being able to interact with all the commenters while listening

  56. Burner

    From KJR……

    Seattle Seahawks released defensive end Carlos Dunlap on Monday.

    Dunlap, who turned 32 on February 28, was carrying a salary cap number of just over $14 million for the 2021 season.

    According to multiple reports, the release of Dunlap had been expected as a collective agreement between the two sides should a contract extension not be reached ahead of free agency.

    “Seahawks are releasing Damn Dunlap II after doing everything he was traded to do…,” Dunlap wrote in a statement on his instagram page.

    “My time there speaks for itself and I’ll say it here. Grateful for the opportunity, Seattle trade helped me grow in many ways. Still would love to play in front of the 12’s, experience Seattle when things are open, but this is what it is right now.

    “The Passion will continue, it’s clear I ain’t done turning up yet….

    “Thank You Seattle. To The Coaches, Front Office, My Teammates, To Valet Dude from day 1, The City, My Realtor, and The Great Family that allowed me to get comfortable in there beautiful condo in sky. All of you played a role, grateful for it all.”

    The Seahawks acquired Dunlap in a trade from the Cincinnati Bengals last October. Seattle sent offensive lineman B.J. Finney and a seventh-round draft pick to Cincinnati in exchange for Dunlap.

    Dunlap was revitalized in Seattle after being pushed aside by the Bengals. He had five sacks in eight games played for the Seahawks last season and helped spark a defensive resurgence in the second half of the year. With Dunlap onboard, the Seahawks defense went from being among the worst in NFL history over the first eight weeks of the season to being a solid unit the second half of the year.

    Per, Dunlap was set to make $10.1 million in base salary in 2021 with a $3 million roster bonus due on March 22. He also had $500,000 in workout bonuses and $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses.

    While the salary cap for the 2021 season and yet to be cemented between the NFL and NFL Players’ Association, the release of Dunlap is expected to give the Seahawks around $20 million in salary cap space with free agency set to begin on March 17 with the two-day negotiating window opening on March 15.

    While free agency doesn’t begin until then, Dunlap’s release allows for him to speak with other teams immediately.

    • Big Mike

      Doesn’t sound like a guy coming back

      • Scot04

        The only way this makes sense is if they were clearing cap space for a Bears trade which included Mack.

  57. Utah Gross MaToast

    Does Steve Ballmer have any interest in football?

    Loved the live stream. Can you guys do three hours a day?

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t tempt me…

  58. Mac

    To be honest, I’m not sure our defense really got much/any better the last 7 or so games. We faced a lot of trash quarterbacks. That being said, thank god we still have Jamal Adams as our number 1 pass rusher. Trust in Pete guyzzzzz

  59. Sea Mode

    Well, at least someone is having a good time today…

  60. Mick

    This is not the way to achieve success: trading your best performers to make way for overhyped players with little results. I’m quite disappointed we don’t keep him, even if his next year won’t be as good as his season with us, he earned his place in our team.

  61. dcd2

    Just heard that Dunlap won 47 out of 48 times he was matched up one on one. Ugh.

    • BobbyK

      He sucks. Why would anyone want that?

      Pete Carroll has outcoached his opponents twice in the past 48 games. That’s what we need to keep at all costs.

  62. GoHawksDani

    You guys are overreacting…imagine the joy we all will feel when they use that 14m to extend Adams to a 20m APY contract, give Bobby a raise just for fun and re-sign Shaq Griffin to a 15m APY contract. And just for the sake of it trade Russ for a bag of potatoes and a backup punter. But we still have Collier phew we are saved!

  63. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… just read a Bears trade proposal that gave me an interesting idea:

    Seattle gets:
    2021 R1, R2
    2022 R1
    2023 R1
    Khalil Mack
    Roquan Smith
    (A boatload of cap space for 2022)

    Chicago gets:
    Russell Wilson
    Bobby Wagner


    • dcd2

      Scot posted that above. Seems like a good baseline to me. Not sure how to value something this monumental, but it would be tempting for sure.

      • Sea Mode

        Oh, cool. I didn’t see Bobby in his package.

        • dcd2

          I guess he didn’t. My follow-up comment was that we could move Bobby for the cap savings.

          Certainly seems like between Mack, Roquan and Johnson along with picks, there are the pieces to make it work.

        • Scot04

          I think u could move Wagner in a separate trade. Say Jacksonville for picks 65 &146 this year.

          • NolaHawk

            RW3’s price tag just went up with the Dak extension. You could theoretically expect 3 1sts, Roquan, and Jaylon Johnson. Bobby could be moved for at least a 2nd and 4/5th pick and then you can jettison Adams for hopefully a first and third. Get much needed draft capitol and you save $30 in cap space. Add that cap space to what’s available next year and Seattle could inevitably be already aggressive in FA and in position to challenge for a SB

    • TomLPDX

      So just a straight-up trade with Wagner and Smith? We still have to deal with Bobby’s cap hit then so I’d say no to this. Throw in a 2022 R2 might make it more interesting.

      • Sea Mode

        I don’t think they would do it straight up Bobby for Roquan. Maybe I’m wrong though.

        The thinking is that they would offer either Mack or Roquan in the package for Wilson, but if you want both then you throw in Wagner and get 7 years younger at LB instead of moving Bobby elsewhere for say maybe a R3 this year.

        Chicago gets a player who can help them contend in the short term without much drop-off at LB.

        But sure, you could also add in some extra change if you like. This would just be the basis of the package.

    • BobbyK

      Seahawks at least need Johnson back in that deal, too. They’re trading a franchise QB and the Seahawks will be left with Rick Mirer, Dan McGwire, and Stan Gelbaugh clones.

      • Sea Mode

        Sure, if you want him, ask for him (and/or more draft picks). They’re desperate anyways, so they might be in for a dime, in for a dollar.

        • Sea Mode

          Maybe tag and trade Griffin to them so they have at least someone to fill in at CB too…?

      • Dingbatman

        1992 was traumatizing wasn’t it?

        • TomLPDX

          I stopped watching the Seahawks and any NFL teams during the 90s except the Jimmy Johnson Cowboys and once they brought in Barry Switzer I stopped watching them too). When they hired Holmgren, I started watching the NFL again. It was a barren time! haha! Of course I was pretty disgusted with MLB as well and still no longer watch it since the 94 strike. I was a HUGE Astros (national league) and Braves fan and still miss them. Went to lots of Astros games, especially when the Braves or Phillies came (best bud was from Philly). Sorry, I digressed…

    • king.

      Everybody keeps envisioning Herschel Walker to the Cowboys type deals.

      Remember which team went on to win 3 titles following that deal.

      If I am Wilson, I veto that every day and twice on Sundays.

      As Rob has made clear, what is the only 100% completely unacceptable solution to this situation?

      A miserable Russ staying home.

      Every league executive knows it and especially, Russ and his team know it.

      This drastically reduces his expected trade compensation, especially when he has veto power.

      Seattle cannot win a trade unless Russ makes a mistake.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure about this king. I think Wilson believes he can copy Brady. The Buccs were built through intelligent FA acquisitions really. On the D-line and in terms of weapons. The Seahawks wouldn’t get every player on, for example, the Bears. So I think a haul is likely and expected and Wilson can’t both angle to leave and then veto the agreed deal that lets him leave.

  64. BobbyK

    Mack, Johnson, 2021-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2022-1, 2023-1

    • TomLPDX

      That would be a heck of a deal! Shoot, drip the 2021-r5 and I’d still think it was a good deal!

      I saw your comment above about Johnson. What is it that you like about him (other than being a cheap rookie)?

      • TomLPDX


        • BobbyK

          He was a 2nd round rookie last year and played well. I like that he could come here and immediately start at CB and be good (and cheap). Those cheap and talented players under team control are gold.

          • Sea Mode

            Round (Selection): 2 (50)

            What went wrong in 2020: Johnson, like most rookie cornerbacks, endured an up-and-down season in Year 1. He broke up 13 passes in 13 games but also allowed 14 catches to result in a gain of 15-plus yards. A lot of the latter came in zone coverage, leading Johnson to rank fifth-to-last in zone coverage grade among outside corners. That is quite the opposite of what we saw from him at Utah, where he established himself as one of the most instinctive players in the country and made numerous impact plays in off-zone coverage.

            Why they are going to break out in 2021: Cornerback has the steepest learning curve from college to the NFL. The biggest thing you want to see from a rookie like Johnson is holding up at the line of scrimmage and not getting burnt in man coverage. And that’s where he impressed in 2020. His coverage grade among outside corners in man coverage was the second-best in the NFL.

            Among rookie outside corners over the past five years, Johnson finished fifth in man coverage grade — behind J.C. Jackson (2018), Marshon Lattimore (2017), Tre’Davious White (2017) and Denzel Ward (2018). And Johnson recorded a 21.2% forced incompletion this season, the best mark by a rookie outside corner in the PFF era (since 2006).

            Highest forced incompletion % | rookie outside CBs since 2006
            Player, Team, Year Forced Inc. %
            Jaylon Johnson, Chicago Bears (‘20) 21.2%
            Jamel Dean, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (‘19) 21.1%
            Marlon Humphrey, Baltimore Ravens (‘17) 20.3%

            His zone awareness is bound to improve in the next couple of years. He held up better than any other rookie in man coverage this season and has flashed all the signs of taking a big step forward in 2021.

            • TomLPDX

              Thanks Sea!

            • Big Mike

              So hes really good in man coverage obviously. If he comes to Seattle I wonder how good he is holding up for 6 or 7 seconds when the defensive line can’t get to the quarterback?

    • Sea Mode

      Leave them with some picks to at least fill out their roster, Bobby! 😉

      • Scot04

        Lol. I was expecting him to ask for all of their 2022 picks too if we added Collier.

  65. Chris

    Here’s my worry, based on the front office’s performance in the last few years:

    1) They’ll resign Griffin to a ridiculous backloaded contract.
    2) They’ll resign Carson to a ridiculous backloaded contract.
    3) They’ll trade Reed for a 3rd round pick.
    4) They’ll extend Adams to a record-setting backloaded contract.
    5) They won’t have any money for OL free agents, so they end up finally trading Russ for a 1st and a 3rd from a team that will end up going far in the playoffs (so the picks are at the end of the round).

    Someone talk me off the ledge…

    • Sea Mode

      You forgot Irvin. I think he deserves at least a 30% pay raise after the wonderful recovery job he’s been doing this season…

      • Big Mike

        And Mayowa too. Give the man a raise!

    • AlaskaHawk

      I know Taylor is only a rookie, but can they give him a Get Well Soon bonus?

    • king.

      Brady in the sixth.

      Wilson in the third.

      Rodgers 21st.

      Mahomes 11th.

      Peyton first.

      Luck first.

      Wentz, Goff, Bradford, Leaf, Darnold, Griffin, it goes on and on…

      Sometimes can’t miss prospects hit.

      Sometimes Hall of Famers are missed.

      It isn’t just quarterbacks. It’s the entire draft process.

      Meant kindly and humorously:

      Sea Mode,

      We know nothing.

  66. JJ

    Dak has a deal, one less option for Russ. Does that mean he can add Miami to the list of 4?

    • TomLPDX

      Nope, just means that the Cowboys now have collateral to trade for Russ! 😉

      Good for Dak! Pay the man!

  67. Denver Hawker

    Dak deal details:

    How can they afford this many will ask.

    • TomLPDX

      Wow! Good for Dak!

    • Happy Hawk

      2 reasons:

      1. The cap doesn’t matter – no penalty for going over the cap limit. Do whatever you want ( Saints. Eagles, Rams, Cowboys)

      2. Franchise QB’s are rare and a valued commodity in the NFL. Sadly the Hawks are going to find this out for themselves.

    • Sea Mode

      Mike Garafolo

      Dak Prescott is now slated to be a free agent after the 2024 season, at which point Patrick Mahomes will have eight years left on his contract. It’s what Mahomes wanted and he’s got big paydays on the way. But man, that makes life so much easier for the #Chiefs.

      • Sea Mode

        Mike Garafolo

        Replying to @MikeGarafolo
        Seven years*. One day I’ll learn basic math.

    • Denver Hawker

      I would imagine this increases Russ’ value given his contract cap hits. Also wonder if he requests an extension as part of agreeing to any trade.

      • cha

        Spot on. Anyone that wants Russ at $19-24m per season gonna pay dearly for him.

    • Sea Mode

      DEC Management
      · 25m

      Replying to @CharlesRobinson
      Strong point here is what does Jerry know about the TV deals and $ coming. He’s obviously intimately involved and this deal reflects his knowledge and how big the new TV $ will be.

      • TomLPDX

        And don’t forget the cash cow that is the betting world. I think that will dwarf the TV deals.

      • cha

        I wouldn’t draw that conclusion at all.

        All it says to me is JJ hasn’t stopped spending money like a drunken sailor.

    • BruceN

      That was my first thought. How do they pay big contracts to Elliott, Dak, Cooper, Tyron Smith, Lawrence, Colins, etc.?

  68. Ken

    Hey Rob,

    I hear your frustration, I’m with you on the pass rush situation. There might be a reason that JS and PC would let Dunlap let go, we need to see as I’m sure they know the pass rush is a HUGE problem for the Seahawks. When fans were crying for Clowney to be resigned, he didn’t do much for his new team.

    I think if RW gets traded, they should trade Wagner, Adams, etc…. and anyone else who will get you high end draft picks and a ton of cap $$$$ and rebuild.

  69. Mike

    Anyone know the next press conference pc/js are gonna have?

    • TomLPDX

      Probably after draft day #1.

    • Mike

      Not certain, but odds are sometime next week they’ll have to address it.

      • Big Mike

        So will that be the one directly after they give 53rd ranked an 18 million dollar per year contract?

        • Mike

          Oh god. I mean, they’ll probably do that right after they deal away #3. So possibly both.

  70. Happy Hawk

    Top QB prospects in the 2022 draft preview of coming attractions for Seattle:

    Bo Nix Auburn
    Brock Purdy Iowa State
    Sean Clifford Penn St
    Kedon Slovis USC

    Oh my

    • Rob Staton


      • Tanner Moffatt

        Well, there’s always a quarterback or two who come out of nowhere to become legitimate first rounders: Zach Wilson, Joe Burrow, Kyler Murray…

        But yeah, not the prettiest class.

    • Pugs1

      Matt Corral Ole Miss is a QB to keep an eye on.

  71. Sea Mode

    How long till the NFL puts a rule in place against all these phony voided years built into recent contracts?

    Adam Schefter

    Dak Prescott’s deal actually is a six-year deal that voids to four years so as to help the Cowboys against the cap, per source.
    @toddarcher alluded to this structure Feb. 16.

  72. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    Sources: The #Dolphins traded for #Titans 1st round OT Isaiah Wilson, with a swap of picks completing the deal. A fresh start for Wilson.

    • Scot04

      Ouch 2 7th round picks for your last years 1st rounder

      • Scot04

        No a swap of 7ths, So worse.

      • dcd2

        Ouch. At least we dodged that one.

    • Sea Mode

      Peter Schrager

      Brian Flores and Isaiah Wilson are both graduates of Poly Prep High School in Brooklyn, NY. Flores has known of Wilson for years. If anyone can get him back on track, it’s Flo.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, that would be pretty scary.

      Jim Nagy

      If the Dolphins can get Isaiah Wilson straightened out that would be a mauling right side with Robert Hunt kicked inside at guard. But sounds like that’s a big “if”.

      • Rob Staton

        Incredible to think they now have Austin Jackson, Robert Hunt and Isaiah Wilson from the draft last year.

    • Poli

      Kind of disappointed the Hawks didn’t bring him in to compete with Shell tbh

      Get Duane Brown to mentor him.

      • Vanhawksfan

        And Solomon Kindley….

        Talk about stocking up in one draft!!!!!

  73. Rob Staton

    I’ve written a big article reacting to the Michael Silver stuff and a couple of other things. I want Cha’s new piece and the stream to get a bit of an airing first but will post early in the morning British time (so will be about 1-2am Seattle time).

    • TomLPDX

      Rob (and Cha), you’ve spoiled us with riches! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And such quality content…we are spoiled for sure!

      • cha

        You’re welcome!

    • Tomas

      I look forward to reading your piece first thing with my morning coffee. Thanks as always.

  74. Gary

    There were people on here celebrating the Carroll contract extension and ripping me for calling it the beginning of the end. I stand by my earlier comment.

    • AlaskaHawk

      After all the mismanagement Pete Carroll has done – that contract extension caught me by surprise too. Schneider got his extension too, so the top managers are set. It feels like they are holding the Seahawks hostage as if they were conservators for Brittney Spears.

  75. Rob Staton

    Florio calling out Seattle’s local media contingent of Wilson story deniers was hilarious

    As was Chris Simms saying ‘Shane Cauldron’ instead of Waldron

    • TomLPDX

      But Florio quickly reprimanded him on that one! 🙂

  76. Rob Staton

    Brandon Scherff off the market

    • Big Mike


    • JLemere

      Big-name left at guard is Thuney, and wouldn’t be surprised if also got a franchise tag or extension by Belichick.

      • Rob Staton


        If you want to improve the O-line it’s going to be Linsley and/or the draft

        FWIW I am not against a kick-ass Dickerson & Cleveland double-dip

        • Ryan

          Developmental QB, G, C, RB, DL, CB… without acquiring any more picks, we sure have a lot of holes to fill with the #56.

          • Hoggs41

            Andrews could be a possibity at center as well.

            • NolaHawk

              As would Nick Martin.

        • JLemere

          is RW for that though?

          • Rob Staton

            If Seattle brought in the Incredible Hulk and Thor to play O-line he wouldn’t be for it.

            He’s done.

            • Troy

              Didn’t peg you for a marvel fan. Just watched wandavision and sorta got back into the marvel universe, recommend to watch if you haven’t

              • Rob Staton

                I’m not at all — but I know who Hulk and Thor are.

                I never got into Super Hero films other than Nolan’s Batman. I really like the Dark Knight series.

            • king.



        • Trevor

          Would love to see Dickerson, Cleveland and Lewis anchoring the middle of that OL for the next 4-5 years. If they want to be bullies again that would be a great start.

          • Rob Staton


  77. BruceN

    Wow! 4/160 for Dak. More than Rodgers and Russell. Just below Mahomes.

    • Hoggs41

      Another reason to maybe trade Russ now. Do you really want to pay him $50m a year in two years? You know he isnt going the Brady route.

      • BruceN

        I’ve been thinking this path is not sustainable. I’m surprised NFLPA is not addressing this and suggesting limit on a % of the team’s cap allocated to any one player in the next CBA. Because the more QBs make (one player), the less of the pie is left to the remaining 50+ players. You would think if it’s put to a vote, majority of players will support it.

        • Pugs1

          I’ve been saying for years the QB’s need their own cap.( Not that anyone was listening) the cap kept growing but the QB’s were the only players benefiting.

          • BruceN

            “ the cap kept growing but the QB’s were the only players benefiting.”

            No doubt they have been the most beneficiaries.

        • Ryan

          You would think that teams continuing to fail when they do this would be enough to self-limit. I had the thought today that like a lot of NFL thinking, I think many teams do this as a form of job security rather than optimal winning strategy.

          • BruceN

            MLB contracts show the owner have no self control. CAP was the main tool saving the NFL owners from making bone head moves. But some owners like Jerry and others have busted that myth.

    • McZ

      40m for meeeeeehhh QB… Jerry Jones stays true to himself.

  78. Hoggs41

    I hear a lot of people upset/complaining they released Dunlap (me being one of them). If Dunlap wanted and got 2 years $28m like Watt would people be saying we over paid?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes but it’s very unlikely he was asking to match the contract of a storied Hall of Famer and it’s been revealed there were no contract talks

    • Scot04

      I was thinking 3 yrs for 30M could’ve gotten him; but could be wrong.
      I definitely think that would have been fair value

  79. Rob Staton

    More from Schefter…

    The Seahawks, if they do a deal, will get an unprecedented HAUL

    • Trevor

      After seeing what a just slightly better than league average QB in Dak Prescott got paid I am not surprised. Has any QB in the league had a better combination of OL, RB and WR weapons to work with than Dak and they have won a grand total of 1 playoff game. Wow good for him but that is mind blowing to me.

      • Rob Staton

        I think we’re going to start seeing teams move off QB’s.

        The cost is becoming obscene.

        If you don’t have a Mahomes or Rodgers, you might bail in future.

        • dcd2

          Yep. The disparity in terms of the roster you can construct with a rookie QB and a $40-50M QB is nuts.

          The task will be getting a Josh Allen/Justin Herbert and not a Josh Rosen/Mitch Trubisky

        • Brett

          Was just gonna comment that the market is getting skewed enough that whoever figures out an effective non QB-centric model will walk away with a handful of Lombardi’s (and not much competition) until the pendulum swings back. Also… liked the reference to Goirdano’s.

    • Trevor

      I don’t think there is anything the Hawks can do to make Russ happy. He feels disrespected when they would not listen to him and his insecurity won’t let him go back now. I hope the Hawks pay this out and get the best haul possible then start the rebuild again getting back to what made them great. Build around tough, young aggressive players with a chip on their shoulder. Run the ball, okay great defense and find a young dynamic QB to compliment this and make big plays.

    • BruceN

      I’m more and more convinced Wilson is getting traded. Sorry if it’s been discussed already. I just listened to Herd’s show from earlier and they mentioned a letter going to the Seahawk season ticket holders from the team about next year. The letter thanked the fans for their support and mentioned players like DK, Lockett and FO like PC, JS and others but not “Russell Wilson”. He’s only been the heart and soul of this team. If true, this is the biggest shot across the bow in this spat. Either a great bluff or the beginning of the end.

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah, I saw that letter yesterday.

        It was certainly a glaring omission. Wagner wasn’t mentioned either but he’s not a franchise quarterback who was just named Walter Payton man of the year.

        I think we’ve all seen the way this has been trending.

        • BruceN

          If he’s traded I hope we get a Herschel Walker type of haul in return. Even then it wouldn’t feel right.

          • NolaHawk

            For what it’s worth, my aunt has been a season ticket holder since 1978 and Russell was a part of the letter that went out last year either.

            • BruceN

              Did you mean “he wasn’t”?

              Isn’t it odd that he is not mentioned in these letters when the new OC and other lesser players and coaches are mentioned.

            • Rob Staton

              Does your aunt save her season ticket renewal letters then?

              Because something smells off here

    • TheOtherJordan

      Yep. So who’s the second, desperate team with lots of capital that the Seahawks can get involved to drive up the price even more? Gotta hope that Deshaun Watson to the Jets breaks down. Get a three team bidding war of Chicago, NY, and Vegas going.

      • Rob Staton

        The one team I wouldn’t expect to get involved is the Jets.

        Someone told me the Shanahan lot just aren’t that into Wilson. I can’t validate it but there you go. I can see why. They like structure and playing within scheme.

        I don’t think he wants to play for a defensive minded coach either.

        The one team I would keep an eye out for is maybe the Eagles. We’ll see. Maybe even the Falcons. But I think the most likely suitor right now is still Chicago due to their desperation.

    • Lewis

      Sears Tower and a lifetime supply of Giirdano’s? Sold

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve always wanted a Sears Tower

    • Swisshawk

      Hey Rob, what would a HAUL might look like in your opinion?

      • Rob Staton

        An eye watering amount of picks & players

  80. Rob Staton

    Quite rightly… Chris Simms getting a lot of praise for his QB evaluations in previous years. And generating a lot of interest for his thoughts on the 2021 class.

    I do want to point out too, as I spend time rifling through QB’s…

    — The love Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson had on this blog, and the confusion we also had that they both were being mocked later in round one during the season (even though Lamar still went in that range after an odd pre-draft process orchestrated by his mother)

    — How early we were on the Kyler Murray train as the #1 pick, compared to every other projection out there

    — Never rated Dwayne Haskins or DeShone Kizer despite all their rampant hype in the media

    Had more of a mixed bag in the early years of the blog but feel like I’ve learnt a lot since the 2008-13 period. I also spend 100x more time and energy on this these days.

    Relating to Simms’ rankings…

    — Zach Wilson was the first player I talked about during the 2020 season as an emerging star after seeing two early BYU games

    — Always been somewhat lukewarm about Justin Fields (mocked him in the mid-first a lot) and Trey Lance (recently mocked him in R2). This is where Simms is projecting both to go

    — Consistently talked up Kellen Mond and prior to the Simms love and the Daniel Jeremiah note last week, wrote an article detailing how much I liked Mond & Davis Mills, suggesting Mond had a Dak Prescott type underrated quality to him (not so much similar players but similar lack of hype)

    So a lot of what he says we’ve touched on which is reassuring.

    Apologies for this indulgent post but I wanted to point this out as we embark on a process of potentially having to identify the next Seahawks QB.

    • BobbyK

      As it stands today, where do you think Mills will end up going? Late second or early third?

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t know. It’s hard to project.

        Lack of playing time really hurts him. But he has a lot of the tools teams love.

    • Ed

      It’s ok to toot your own horn Rob, you have a track record that most GM’s don’t have.

  81. BobbyK

    Dak is a decent QB but what makes Jerry think the Cowboys can win with him making $40 million per season when they couldn’t sniff the Super Bowl when he was on a rookie contract?

    I have absolutely no problem with giving Patrick Mahomes $50 million per year, but some of these guys are not worth what they’re being paid. Even a guy who is proven to not be good like Teddy Bridgewater gets over $20 million per season. I don’t get it.

    Maybe trading for Minshew after all this is over isn’t such a dumb idea. He a subpar guy who doesn’t make anything, as opposed to a guy like Mariota who would cost over $20 million per season if we traded for him as he contract is stated right now. It’s amazing how some ‘not good’ QBs can make this much.

    • Frank

      Minshew reminds me a bit of a Fitzpatrick, a guy that should be starting but will probably ride the pine most of there career. I really feel like he’s the best option other than potentially a rookie to having a surprisingly good season without Wilson. Agree 💯 with not being willing to pay a veteran salary at QB with the insanity of the market. Any other team cut Dunlap I’d take it for a sure sign they where making room for Mack. I still can’t imagine why you wouldn’t take both and turn a team weakness into a massive strength and will be pretty severely disappointed if Dunlap isn’t resigned.

  82. Rob4q

    CHI Received:
    Russel Wilson, 2022 SEA 7th

    SEA Received:
    Khalil Mack, Jaylon Johnson, Trevis Gipson, Nick Foles
    2021 Pick 20
    2021 Pick 52
    2021 Pick 83
    2021 Pick 224
    2022 CHI 1st

    Seattle, after some draft trades, then drafts:

    20. Kyle Pitts, TE Florida
    57. Javonte Williams, RB North Carolina
    58. D’Ante Smith, OT East Carolina
    83. Payton Turner, EDGE Houston
    103. Kellen Mond, QB Texas A&M
    127. Trey Hill, OC Georgia
    129. Darius Stills, DT West Virginia
    168. Robert Jones, OG Middle Tennessee
    209. Erroll Thompson, LB Mississippi State
    224. Chris Evans, RB Michigan

    • Rob Staton

      Pitts, Williams, Turner and Mond will be looooooong gone by the time you have them picked.

      • rob4q

        So you don’t think Pitts could last until #20? And I know Williams is moving up, so probably late round 1 or very earl round 2 now for him. Turner might last into round 3, but probably not where I took him. And obviously Mond is going to move up with some of the coverage he is getting.

        Just a pipe dream Rob!

  83. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Jets placed franchise tag on safety Marcus Maye, per source.
    4:05 PM · Mar 8, 2021

  84. Dawgma

    You know how your grandpa used to ramble about how the word has gone to hell now that you can’t get a Coke for a nickel? Pete Carrol is like that, but with pass rushers.

    • James P

      This is funny cos it’s true.

  85. Martin

    “Apologies for this indulgent post but I wanted to point this out as we embark on a process of potentially having to identify the next Seahawks QB”.

    You entitled Rob! You are only saying what I (and no doubt others) have noticed about your analysis. Your insights in respect to the Seahawks are first rate. I know you focus mostly on the Seahawks and to some other commentators we are just one of thirty-two teams, but with some of these guys working full-time analysing the NFL and having the access they do, how they hell can they be so behind in their analysis relative to a guy doing this part-time in Yorkshire? (For instance when talking about something as broad as the top quarterbacks available in the draft). Let alone the local media…..?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a good question Martin

      I think they simply don’t put in the time. I don’t do anything remarkable. I just watch a lot of stuff

      • Trevor

        Rob I know you watch lots of tape but there is a lot more to it than that. Lots of people watch the same tape and don’t come to the same conclusions. Imagine if you had the same access as scouts etc.

        One advantage you do have is that you are unbiased by what other scouts and people in the industry say and as a result you look at the player and see what you see, not what you were told you should see. That is one of the things that makes this blog and your insights so great. You are not regurgitating someone else’s thoughts. They are your takes and that’s what most of us love because they have been incredibly insightful of there years. Thanks so much for that and please don’t ever change.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Trevor

  86. John_s

    James Hudson is an interesting tackle prospect. Very raw, only one year of experience at left tackle. At the senior bowl he won his share of reps but also was knocked back a few times. Extremely quick and athletic but needs a better base. Could be a guy you groom for tackle or could kick inside and be a hell of an athletic guard.

    • Rob Staton

      Short arms though

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