The Seahawks finally sign a defensive tackle

P.J. Johnson was drafted in the seventh round in 2019

The Seahawks have needed a defensive tackle all off-season. Until today, they had only added undrafted free agent Cedrick Lattimore.

Finally, the position has temporarily been addressed.

P.J. Johnson recently had a workout for the team and today he’s been signed to a contract. He fits the bill in terms of size with a 6-3, 335lbs frame. The Seahawks needed a big guy to anchor the middle of the D-line following Al Woods’ departure. It’s taken until August 18th but at least now someone has been added who could potentially fill the role.

He was a seventh round pick by the Lions in 2019 before being cut and ending up on the Chargers’ practise squad. That’s not a great résumé admittedly but the Seahawks needed to bring someone in. This move gives them a chance to have an extended look at Johnson.

That’s very much the context people should judge this move. The Seahawks had a couple of spare roster spots. They can now check out Johnson, see what he has to offer in practise and it eases the burden on the position with both Jarran Reed and Poona Ford nursing injuries. Ford sat out practise today and so did Demarcus Christmas.

They could cut him again in a few days. They could sign another defensive tackle. Or they could keep him as cheap filler.

The fact that they’ve gone down this route while the likes of Timmy Jernigan (Jacksonville) and Mike Daniels (Cincinnati) sign elsewhere is a further suggestion, it has to be said, of the Seahawks protecting their available cap room.

And yes, that’s clearly in case re-signing Jadeveon Clowney becomes a possibility.

Despite numerous reports suggesting the Seahawks had ‘moved on’, Charles Robinson reported today that they are one of a small handful of teams retaining interest:

“…you basically have a three-team picture between the Seahawks, Titans and Raiders. And of that trio, the Titans and Seahawks make the most sense in terms of being able to add Clowney late in the preseason, because of his familiarity with the schemes and/or coaching staffs.”

It’s nearly two weeks since Michael Silver mentioned that the Seahawks “appear to have moved on” and that “a deal could happen soon” with Everson Griffen or Clay Matthews. I wrote at the time that the tweets felt like a final call to Clowney and to be fair, so it has proved. The Seahawks didn’t sign Griffen and they haven’t signed Matthews.

Signing P.J. Johnson instead of a Jernigan, Daniels or Marcell Dareus keeps the spending to an absolute minimum with no firm commitment. The Seahawks have a defensive tackle in the building on what amounts to an extended trial. They’ve also kept virtually all of their remaining cap available on the off-chance that as the season draws gradually closer — they might be re-united with the player they labelled an off-season priority.

The Seahawks rounded out their 80 man roster by claiming quarterback Danny Etling off waivers. He was recently cut by Atlanta. Again, this is basically an extended try out. He was drafted in the seventh round of the 2018 draft by New England. He ended up on the practise squad and in year two actually transitioned to receiver before being cut. He switched back to quarterback when Atlanta claimed him.

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  1. WallaSean

    Spot on Rob, I think they are prepared to move forward as is if needed. They like the Leo and 5T guys they have, they were never going after any of the other big contract guys. They have a number they will go to with Clowney and he will take it or leave it after camp. They are content to go into the season and hold onto Clowney’s cap space and see if something presents itself. Not an ideal plan but a plan B nonetheless.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they will sign someone else. I think they know they can’t proceed with what they have.

      Eventually there will come a time when they have to move on. That could be just before week one or it could even be when the season starts. But I think the interest in Clay Matthews is legit and if it isn’t Clowney, it could easily be him.

  2. Mike

    Well at least there’s another warm body at the position, even if he is a borderline practice squad guy.

  3. Strategicdust

    You would have thought this team would have resolved this by now and completed their roster building before training camp began. We’ve been talking all offseason about moving on and yet, this seems to be the ex that John and Pete can’t quite get over. You have to wonder just how effective Clowney would even be at this point coming off an injury with little to no training camp and the risk of re-injury always around that corner. Yes, he may have the most upside left (especially since they didn’t sign ANY other premier pass rushers) but I’m dumbfounded that this team has let this player and this never ending negotiating to so negatively affect their offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      To be fair I’m not worried about his ability to impact games without a camp. He looked very sharp against the Bengals last year in week one without a camp. And the injury was a long time ago now. Longevity wise might be a question mark but not his ability to hit the ground running IMO.

    • Steve Nelsen

      There is always a concern about a soft tissue injury when a player reports late in preseason and is expected to play a lot immediately. Clowney handled that well last year. I admittedly haven’t seen much about what he is doing to stay in shape.

      Clowney is already familiar with the scheme, the coaches and the guys starting next to him on the line. He should be able to be productive right away.

      I have wondered at times whether the contract negotiations would affect his mindset or commitment if/when he came back. But Clowney has always seemed more professional than prima donna in my opinion.

  4. Chase

    Rob, with the roster as it is, would you say that we have an improved roster or worse roster than at the end of last season? We have all discussed how an improved secondary doesn’t help the pass rush, but besides the defensive line, we have improved at every position group IMO. Clearly the secondary is improved, the addition of brooks can only add to the linebacker room, the OL is not going to be great but I think its unlikely that they will be worse. The tight end room is healthy and added Greg Olsen, while penny will start on the PUP I am excited to see what Carson brings in a contract year. The receivers with Dorsett should be an improvement over Turner and Brown, especially with the potential addition of Flash, and of course another year of Russ in Shotty’s system.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the glaring issue from last season remains and looks even more serious this year because they’ve not retained Clowney.

      That’s all I’m really concerned about.

      If they’ve got a bit better at tight end and spent their life savings on a new safety — that’s fine and dandy. It won’t make you any more likely to win a title if the D-line is the worst in the league.

    • DAWGfan

      The O-line on paper is not as good (@ least on paper)as it was last season. Is Pocic going to find himself at center position like Britt did? Hard to say as the diminutive Hunt beat him out last year after Britt went down. Is Shell going to be Ifedi minus the penalties? Word from people at camp is he’s turnstile and being abused by Mayowa. Can we even attempt to pencil Iupati at LG? Brown a year older coming off a reduced season due to injury. For the woes we have at D line our O line is much bigger issue. I love Damien Lewis and his potential, but everyone else is a roll of the dice.

      • Rob Staton

        The OL has question marks but it is not a much bigger issue than the DL.

        • DAWGfan

          Rob – I respectively disagree. Duane Brown is the only person on the O-line with any consistent track record, where the D-Line had multiple pieces. Reed, Ford, Irvin, Mayowa, and maybe Green have shown they can be more than solid contributors. Even Collier has more potential outside of maybe Lewis than anyone on the other side. The O-line may have more bodies but are short on quality. Depth is going to be a huge issue for the D-line and we don’t have any semblance of a good rotation. Hawks have shown they can develop a good D-line, but even during the Super Bowl years our O-line has never been much more than slightly above average and I don’t have confidence they will be able to do much with this rag-tag group they have assembled for 2020.

          • Rob Staton

            Listen, I agree there are questions to be answered on the OL.

            But nobody — nobody – is going to win a debate arguing it’s a much bigger problem than the DL. It just isn’t.

          • GoHawksDani

            Collier was awful. I like Green but he’s got a long way before him. Ford can do some things well. He can TFL and even sack but he can’t really hold the line. Irvin and Mayowa are huge question marks.
            On the OL Brown is a beast. I don’t like Iupati but he’s a proven commodity. And they have a ton of bodies there. With a good OL coach it shouldn’t be an issue to build a pretty decent line. The biggest issue is the lack of continuity and practice together.
            And the offense used to play with a bad line. The scheme and mostly Russ can cover the ugly parts.
            This defense don’t work with bad DL

            • Brashmouse

              I disagree. Ford had at top ten percentile against the run last year at 1.8 y/ carry. Reid is quality, and we always use a low cost rotation for 1 tech big bodies. I think the peice that changes the effectiveness people miss is the scheme change. From how they were pressured at the edges last year I expect this year the run a 4-4/bear front based on alignment with personal match-up dictating the LT edge pair alignment (end or backer inside) and if a lb ss or cb is used. I suspect it will primarily be 3 safeties to prevent the speed to the edge that is the hallmark of the Rams and niners attacks last year.

      • cha

        For the record, Pocic was already on IR when Britt went down last year. Hunt didn’t beat him for the job.

  5. Albert Bryan Butler

    Jordyn Brooks was in pass rushing drills today.

  6. cha

    Hope he’s got a Bluetooth earpiece so he can multitask. Referee the practice while talking to Bus

    Bob Condotta
    One difference in camp – no officials on a daily basis. Seahawks staffers dressed up as officials throwing flags instead including GM John Schneider.
    1:52 PM · Aug 18, 2020

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      According to the team site JS was throwing flags for pass interference against the defensive backs in drills.

  7. Submanjoe

    Dallas released Gerald McCoy. Can’t see them going after Clowney, but can’t help but recall Clowney naming Cowboys and Saints as places he’d like to play.

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      Mike Garafalo is reporting that there was very specific language about Gerald McCoy’s quad in his contract language allowing them to cut him with little penalty. There is a screen shot of it on his twitter account (link is on profootballtalk.)

      If I was Clowney I would avoid that kind of language like COVID.

      • Submanjoe

        Right. Smart language by Dallas. Somewhat baffling McCoy would sign a deal with that kind of language. Looks like he keeps the bonus he already received. Cowboys suddenly have some extra cap space.

        • Rob Staton

          If only Seattle had language against Ziggy Ansah’s contract that stated:

          “If he looks like he’d rather be literally anywhere else in the world other than a football field, you can get rid of him”

  8. Davido

    According to Gregg Bell on Twitter the starting DLine of today was:
    Collier, Reed, Mone, Mayowa
    Interesting to see Collier as the starter. While not reading too much into it it could be a good sign that he earned that “starter role” in practice over the likes of Green.

    • Rob Staton

      They are a handful of days into the camp. They’re just rotating guys in and out. It’s not indicative of having earned anything.

      • Davido

        Oh actually you are right. I got too excited about it. I was thinking that the starters of practice remain more or less the same. But that is later in the camp. I just wanted to hear something positive about Collier.

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        Tinkering with groups. Same on the OL.

  9. Steve

    Gotta feel for guys this like P.J. Johnson. Every chance that they get might be their last, after years of working hard just to get a shot.


    Sounds like camp fodder more than an answer for our DT rotation.

  11. Jamho3

    They picked up Etling to get a jump start on game 1 prep.

  12. DC

    Of the new faces in 2020 on offense, the guy I’m most excited to see is Damien Lewis. I really hope he just beats the living piss out of people in the trenches.
    Maybe drafting a guard to play guard could work out. Who knew? We’re loooong overdue to finally get a ‘hit’ on a drafted OL. 🤞🏽

    • charlietheunicorn

      Why not get excited with OG Lewis???

      It has been a really long time since a truly special OG has played on the Seahawks line. He’ll have a steep learning curve with this oddly constructed post draft /preseason schedule. None of the benefits of previous years and all the challenges headed into game #1. He may very well be the gem of this draft class. Let’s hope the Seahawks OL can gel quickly and work as a unit. Going to be rough early on (I’m predicting almost every OL will struggle week #1-3), but mid season they should hit their stride and potentially dominate.

  13. Steve Nelsen

    Rob’s interview with Lewis before the draft was really good. He had a BAMF attitude and a pr-ready mindset. I was rooting for Seattle to draft him and was happier about that pick and Sullivan more than any of the others. It is so cool to see him doing this well so soon.

    • God of Thunder

      Absolutely this. Thanks for reminding me of Rob’s fine interview 👍🏼

  14. Henry Taylor

    Ya think Danny Etling could be the Seahawks looking to do a Taysom Hill thing?

    I’m not saying they’d play him like the Saints do with Hill, but during a pandemic season, would it not be smart to have a 3rd QB on the roster that could at least play some special teams?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a bit late in the day for that. The Seahawks have never been good with gimmicks either.

      I suspect they are just taking a look.

  15. Joe Hawk

    I’ve been wondering if JS/PC have a strategy to wait until cuts to add other non-Clowney personnel based on the expectation that there will be more cuts than usual as teams maneuver for to possibility of big cuts to the cap in 2021. Mostly, I’ve been thinking this for adding a vet DT, though other surprises might turn up.

    I also think that this idea, if true, has begun to backfire due to how many DL’s opted out of the season, plus the occasional injuries, such as McCoy, that create competition for any last minute roster cuts.

    I’d be shocked in they don’t eventually bring in an experienced DT. I also think they like Mone and I’m hoping he gets some decent playing time. I’d prefer he’s not the #3 DT to start the season. I see him more as Poona’s backup.

    • Rob Staton

      It can’t be a plan. At the absolute most it has to be an intriguing option that could, potentially bear fruit. That’s it. It had to only be seen as a bonus.

      You can’t bank on teams cutting players you want. You certainly can’t bank on them getting through waivers to you.

      It’d be like banking on a scratch card victory to pay your credit card debt.

      • Trevor

        Absolutely perfect analogy!

  16. Trevor

    I have always thought Clowney had all the leverage in this negotiation with $50 mil in the bank already and a thin pass rusher FA market. I am starting to question that now however.

    If no team has met his demands already then why do it now. Only the Hawks are truly desperate. Sure Clowney could sit out the year but unless he plans to retire that would be flat out stupid. Sitting out a year would likely weaken not help his value and with a decreasing salary cap it would make no sense.

    Once again perhaps he is willing to never play again unless it is at the $ value he feels he is worth and that is certainly his right but if he plans to play again then signing a 3yr 15mil APY with a low 1st year cap hit seems like the best possible outcome for everyone. the Hawks get a pass rusher and Clowney gets another 45 mil before retiring or heading into free agency again.

    Has to make one wonder his love and passion for the game as welll. If you are set on $17 mil and are offered $15 mil then are willing to sit out how much do you truly want to play. That $50 mil he has already made certainly means he doesn’t have to play anymore if he doesn’t want to unless it is under his terms and do you want a guy like that on your roster long term? One year rental for sure based on talent alone. Long term not so sure anymore.

    PC/JS should not get criticized for being unable to sign Clowney as clearly he wants more than his market value but the should get absolutely crushed by local media for not having a plan B for addressing the DL properly.

    • Rob Staton

      There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to conflate him not being willing to sign a contract for what he feels is an unfair amount and his passion for the game.

      I don’t know why people can’t just accept the simplicity of this situation.

      Clowney thinks he is worth X amount and he’s seen lesser players receive X amount. So he’s not going to cave and take less. That’s it. It’s got nothing to do with his passion for the game, or his interest in playing in Seattle, or anything else.

      The only question is how far he will take this point of principle.

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        Pretty sure Clowney is going to be somewhere on September 7th but not before.

      • WallaSean

        I suspect Clowney has no desire to participate in any training camp this year, unless someone gives him 20 million new reasons to do so.

        • Rob Staton

          I think this is overstated.

          Everyone acts like it’s 1975 and training camp is one long living hell.

          It’s 2020. Camp is totally different. Especially in Seattle. Take yesterday for example — music playing and the teams GM pretending to be a referee. It’s hardly the dark days of summer.

          • WallaSean

            Covid-19 could be playing a part as well, right now Clowney is in charge of his own protocol. Plus he knows he’s good to plug in right away if he goes to the Seahawks who will free up some more salary at the end of camp. He does not seem to be in a hurry.

      • Trevor

        Rob my point was if Clowney is willing to sit out the year and pass up $15 mil then his value will not go up. I don’t blame him for wanting to get paid what he is worth. Good for him. The thing is the market for any player like any asset in capitalism is what someone in this case team will pay you. Clearly there is quite a gap between Clowneys perceived and actually value and that has been the problem all off season.

        I am just upset that PC/JS did not have a plan B.

        • Rob Staton

          But my counter was to you questioning his passion for the game.

          If he thinks he’s worth X amount and won’t play for any less on a point of principle — that’s his choice. It doesn’t mean he can’t reassess in eight months time or even call it quits. He’s not holding out longer ‘to improve his value’.

      • Redzone086

        I completely disagree. He obviously believes he is worth X amount as stated but to the degree he is digging in his heels to signing a lesser contract again, the “passion” has to be questioned. This is about money /ego period for him. So his passion has to be questioned at the least. Great guy sure, great player/talent no doubt. Money needs forced him out of Texas and now keep him from being ready for this season at this point to help a team. Is it his right and is it OK that he has a value he expects to get sure. I just don’t have any player other than Laveon Bell that comes close to this and most of us would question his motivation behind his need to have reset the market money. All hold outs question passion or at the least maybe some commitment to the game. I can’t listen to the words unfair amount from athletes ever. The fact the he has made 50 mil and wants to argue over let’s just go with 2 mil ayear away from his preferred salary is insane. There are is no way to convince me that the 2 mil a year or 12% difference isn’t enough money. I don’t care who else is making what money if you want a superbowl championship you go to the team or teams that you feel gives you that and take the best offer or your motive must be challenged. Winning is everything. It is all bragging rights. Nobody gets into Canton for being compensated fairly they get there for elevating their team to a championship. Until then its solely about money or it isn’t and this becomes a money issue talking about Clowney so questioning his “passion” and commitment once paid is fair, just, and within bounds. I can not think of what principle would make a 12% difference not overcome at this point without questioning his motives especially once he is paid.

        I as many fans of your website know I won’t change your mind Rob. I don’t plan to but I needed to say it. I appreciate this website for our ability to agree and especially for our ability to disagree and keep this an open fun place to conversate. I also want to thank you for keeping this open and providing continual content for us all as a distraction from days events. I work in the medical field in a hospital doing procedures and this has been one of the few things that remained a positive place to go and unwind. Thank you.

        • Rob Staton

          “to the degree he is digging in his heels to signing a lesser contract again, the “passion” has to be questioned.”

          No it doesn’t. If he’s saying on a point of principle — I know my worth and I’m not going to sign for anything less, that says absolutely naff all about his ‘passion for the game’. That just says he’s making a point on his value.

          “Money needs forced him out of Texas”

          No it didn’t. Like many players he didn’t want to play on the franchise tag and was equally unhappy with the way Houston tagged him and handled contract negotiations. He’s also very close to Duane Brown — who was immensely critical of the Houston organisation. So it stands to reason he may have shared those feelings.

          “I just don’t have any player other than Laveon Bell that comes close to this and most of us would question his motivation behind his need to have reset the market money.”

          He’s not asking for ‘reset the market money’. He’s asking to be about the same amount as Dee Ford, Trey Flowers, Arik Armstead, Kawann Short, Leonard Williams and others. Which is perfectly understandable.

          “All hold outs question passion or at the least maybe some commitment to the game.”

          Really? So we should also question Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas for their commitment to the game because they held out? What about Walter Jones? Clearly those three weren’t fully committed… didn’t have the passion…

          “I can’t listen to the words unfair amount from athletes ever.”

          Clowney has never used the word ‘unfair’. It’s clear he wants what he sees as market value, which is (again) understandable.

          “Until then its solely about money or it isn’t and this becomes a money issue talking about Clowney so questioning his “passion” and commitment once paid is fair, just, and within bounds.”

          No it isn’t. It’s the ‘god of the gaps’ fallacy. ‘This exists but I’m not sure why so let’s insert something like a lack of passion to explain it’.

          “I as many fans of your website know I won’t change your mind Rob. I don’t plan to but I needed to say it.”

          You don’t need to change my mind. I’m happy to debate. But I’m afraid you’re not going to win this argument. It’s a simple situation that people are trying to complicate — whether that’s not understanding it, frustration, angst to the player, boredom with the saga or something else. Regardless, it’s nothing to do with ‘passion’ and everything to do with Clowney deciding he is worth more than the league is offering and until he gets what he sees as a fair salary — he is taking control of the situation and refusing to sign anywhere.

          • Hawkdawg

            Well, at SOME point “passion for the game” needs to show up in the form of actually playing on the field, doesn’t it? So, for an extreme example, if he doesn’t sign this year, and then doesn’t sign next year either, or the year after that, etc., because he’s not getting the offers he wants, then the “passion” becomes increasingly theoretical. So there must be an eventual link between passion and actually playing. Not sure when the point comes where passion can be questioned in my theoretical example.

            I agree, though, that this year’s situation is insufficient to question passion, and my opinion is colored in part by the way the guy played last year. Mighty impressive under the circumstances, and nobody plays like that without both talent and passion, not to mention pain tolerance.

            • Rob Staton

              No, no, no.

              He’s not signing because he doesn’t think he’s received a fair offer.

              It’s got naff all to do with ‘passion for the game’.

              People need to stop trying to insert things into this.

    • Scot04

      Two of our stated pre-draft priorities we’re Pass Rush and resigning Clowney.
      If it’s true that we offered a multi year deal at 15M per and Clowney has come down to 17M per; I don’t see how you let the 2M per difference you from addressing those two stated priorities.
      It’s a deal that simply needs to be done if they’re serious about competing for a championship, and not just being a possible playoff team.

  17. Denver Hawker

    Did y’all see PFF Top 50 CFB list? Some intriguing names on there.

    The Washington CB Molden graded exceptional in the slot. Wonder if teams will start considering slot corners higher in the draft.

  18. cha

    Paul Kuharsky
    he thinks
    wants $15 million and if he doesn’t get it he won’t play. #Titans
    7:49 AM · Aug 19, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      Get it done

    • Simo

      So if this is accurate, then what are the Hawks actually offering? Something in the $12m neighborhood? Or $10m? There’s quite a bit of misinformation with the situation surrounding Clowney, and its hard to trust these sources are completely tied in to his demands. Clowney doesn’t say much, so difficult to know where he stands. Hopefully PC/JS have a good understanding of this situation and don’t play chicken to much longer!

    • Scot04

      So the 15M is for a 1 year deal?

      • dcd2

        If he ONLY wants a 1 year deal we are SOL.

        Has to be mutli-year in order to wiggle the cap.

    • Trevor

      If the Hawks can sign Clowney for $15 mil apy to a long term deal and have not then PC\JS need to be put on the hot seat because with this DL there is simply no excuse.

      • millhouse-serbia

        I doubt its 15m apy on long term. 99% he wants 15m on one year deal.

  19. BC_Hawk

    IF Peter King is accurate, this is assisine; 15m on a longterm deal is a bargain…15m for one year has no risk. Not sure what the heck JS is thinking if this truly is correct!

    • Steve Nelsen

      $15M is workable for Seattle on either a 1-year basis or “long-term.” One point of difference between Clowney and Seattle initially was reportedly the length of the deal. Clowney wanted 5 years and Seattle doesn’t go beyond 4 years. But, either a 1 year/$15M or 4-year $60M could work into Seattle’s cap for this year and 2021.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve never seen or heard anyone suggest Clowney wanted a five year deal.

  20. millhouse-serbia

    If Clowney wants 15mil for this year, we would need to create 10mil to make it happen. And thats without adding DT.

    • Rob Staton

      No they wouldn’t.

      They have more than $5m to spend currently.

      • BC_Hawk they’d probably convert some of those RFA tender guys to lower value longer term deals. 15m is not a bridge too far in 2020 IF they want to. Even getting a vet DT in also wouldn’t be hard, especially if they got them on a 2 year deal; 2021 loaded. Having said that, JS likes to keep those guys to 1 it seems…

        • Rob Staton

          It will take some creativity to get to $15m but it’s far from impossible.

      • millhouse-serbia

        I looked at spotrac first and saw 12mil (didnt see they allready count sine IR). Now I looked at overthecap and we have 15mil. Minus 5mil for IR and PS and minus 2.5mil for Britt and Dickson. So its about 7,5mil true cap space.

        • Rob Staton

          So they don’t need $10m.

          Glad we’ve established that.

          • millhouse-serbia

            No they dont, I made a mistake because looked at spotrac. They need 7-8mil without adding any new player.

            • Rob Staton

              With respect Millhouse, I seem to recall you spending considerable time this off-season telling us what they can’t do cap wise… such as sign two good DL’s.

              Then they spent $60m.

              So let’s not spend too much time now trying to work out exact amounts they need to sign Clowney, eh?

  21. #77Hawk

    It’s been a long time since Pocic’s praised rookie campaign! May I brag a bit? It’s a battle for Center & Finney is not a sure thing @ Center or back up Center. If Pocic wins he will have beat out legitimate competition! I will argue it’s the best outcome for the Seahawks because it means Pocic wasn’t a wasted 2nd round pick & the Seahawks are finally benefiting from the draft pick, it’s means Seahawks past draft conclusions must be reevaluated. It’s possible Seattle could still trade Finney.

    • Rob Staton

      Trade Finney?

      1. For what compensation, exactly?

      2. Who’s your backup center??

      • Rob4q

        It would be awesome if Pocic wins the starting C job for sure. But Finney will make the team as well and would be the backup C as well as a backup G – he can play three positions on the OL. It was the role he had in Pitt…

        • Rob Staton

          Alternatively… maybe Finney looks like the career backup he’s always been and Pocic is there by default.

          I’m not optimistic about this situation to be honest.

          • Mike

            Outside of DL, the center position is likely the most concerning. Do we trust either of these guys to take on Aaron donald? I think finney was a good signing, but it just doesn’t seem that these guys have the physical profile to not get pushed around. All the offensive weapons we have wont prevent the crippling effect we saw last postseason when the line was exposed by injuries. It was a miracle we squeaked out that win vs philly, who themselves were depleted by their injuries.

            You gotta figure iupati will miss a few games from injury. Hes just at that age and has a history. Brown could very well be out himself for the same reasons. Wheres the tackle depth? Im optimistic about some of our guards and jemarco jones, but its not exactly something im confident in. Just optimiistic they could keep growing.

            • Rob Staton

              Center is a striking concern.

              It was testament to Justin Britt that you barely noticed him in most games. He handled his business at center and there’s a lot to be said for that.

              Pocic has just completely failed to make a mark so far and this move to center feels like a last punt to try and get something out of him rather than a focused plan. Finney is a career backup who has played some games at center.

              I really hope they don’t end up toiling for a few years at center because some good ones have come out of the last couple of drafts.

              • Gohawks5151

                They hoping it works for Pocic like it did for Britt. Last chance

      • #77Hawk

        I’m a biased Pocic fan! Refer to the evidence that Center is a critical position that Seattle has tried to be deep at. Refer to Pete’s comments the Center position is wide open Finney, Fuller, & Pocic. Pocic has been taking 1st team reps and Fuller has been with Seattle for a year now. Finney may not be a fit for Seattle while at the same time Fuller & Pocic are chosen over Hunt & Britt. It’s not as if they’re using Britts cap savings yet. I’d rather have poor pass rush than poor Center play but prefer to be solid at both.

  22. WALL UP

    It doesn’t seem likely that $15/yr is what Clowney is looking for. It’s more like $17/yr. Perhaps a 3yr/$50mil contract with $20mil guaranteed, and a $10mil signing bonus, may be a win win for both sides. It would enable to have the $6mil cap for 2020 that will enable them to add another WR & DT. Could this be a possibility?

    • Rob Staton

      If it was, I would’ve hoped they would’ve done the deal by now.

      • WALL UP

        The hold up may be Clowney waiting to see if he can reach his $17mil/yr contract, other than the $15mil that was offered him.

        As more time goes on, chances are greater for the Hawks to make a similar deal with him. I truly believe he does want to be back. Especially, after seeing the additions that have been made to the defense, knowing that he’s still the missing piece on that defense.

        • Rob Staton

          Whatever he’s asking for he’s clearly not going to achieve. Teams don’t find $17m down the back of the couch in late August.

          And there’s nothing at all to suggest as time goes on the chances are greater for the Hawks. The only thing that we can read from time going on is Clowney appears willing to sit out the season. The Seahawks are clearly holding onto money in case a deal is possible. Whether it is or not is no clearer today than it was at any point since March.

          • Peppapig

            Teams don’t find $17m down the back of the couch in late August.

            😂. Brilliant.

            I love this place.

            • Rob Staton


  23. Rob Staton

    Yannick Ngakoue is going to be traded for a R2 pick to an unknown team.

    (won’t be Seattle before anyone asks)

    • cha

      This is going to be interesting. Are the Jags going to eat some salary?

    • JLemere

      well its going to be at least a NFC team. Probably Eagles would be my guess, they got the cap to absorb 17 million.

      • Hoggs41

        I cant see it being the Eagles. They are in such a bad cap situation next year and they need all the rollover they can get.

    • Trevor

      For the same $ on a long term deal would you prefer Clowney or Ngakoue?

      • Rob Staton

        Clowney but they’re totally different players.

    • Ashish

      Will you be surprise if it Seattle? Is there any chance like long term signing minimum salary cap impact on year 1

      • millhouse-serbia

        As Rob said few days ago, he signed tag and will play this year on 17mil cap hit. Only way to reduce.his cap.hit is if JAX take some of that.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s no chance it’s Seattle. They can’t extend his contract because the deadline has passed.

    • Aaron

      Rob Staton: Yannick is gonna be traded, but it’s not gonna be the Seahawks.

      Seahawks Twitter: Yannick is gonna be traded, but if it’s not to the Seahawks then it’s becuase Pete won’t let Russ cook. Fire Pete.

      • Big Mike

        LOL 🙂

    • cha


      Adam Caplan
      #Raiders had been reengaged talks with #Jaguars before training camp.

      Will be interesting to see who gets him (if he does get moved).

      • Ashish

        If Raiders sign, one less option for clowney. Titan and Seahawks will be only two possible teams.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      It’s going to be very deflating to watch somebody else get him for a 2nd round pick when we just traded the farm for a strong safety. Wild.

      • Rob Staton


        And don’t get me wrong — Jamal Adams is a better player and his situation contractually is different.

        But two firsts, a third and a player vs a pure second rounder is an enormous difference. The Seahawks paid a quarterback or left tackle price for a safety. Which, for me, would’ve only been understandable if they’d fixed the pass rush and this was the final piece.

  24. cha

    Holy hell. Is that possible? Is that healthy?

    Jamison Hensley
    New Ravens guard D.J. Fluker said he reduced his body fat from 44 percent to 22 percent this offseason
    8:55 AM · Aug 19, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, on the right diet it’s easy to lose a lot of weight in six months.

      • Albert Butler

        I quit drinking for a couple of years and went from 218 to 142 in about six months -76 pounds.

  25. cha

    Michael Lombardi
    Okay, so this one is real, hearing the team deeply involved is the NY Jets…..that’s not fake news. does it happen? not sure, but they are trying.
    1:31 PM · Aug 19, 2020

  26. millhouse-serbia

    There’s no one on Seattle’s roster who can guard Tyler Lockett in the slot. Not a soul. However, Marquise Blair had a few solid reps against Lockett on Tuesday during one-on-one action, a drill that’s slanted in favor of the offense. Lockett caught every ball, but Blair, a safety playing nickel for the first time in his life, was right there in his hip pocket, which is no easy task. I’ve made clear my skepticism regarding Blair’s ability to cover in the slot, but Tuesday was a step toward proving me wrong (he did get toasted down the sideline once). Next I’ll be looking to see whether Blair starts making plays on the rock.

    • TomLPDX

      I asked MSD about that this morning in his Camp Thoughts article he posted today on The Athletic (which your post is cut/pasted from). Here is the Q&A:

      Me: How is Ugo doing? Is the job still his to lose or is Blair the front-runner now at that position?

      Michael-Shawn Dugar: I think Blair’s gonna separate himself in that competition and Ugo’s gonna be a backup.

    • #77Hawk

      Diggs, Dunbar, & Adams can play slot too! The crazy thing is Seattle can now disguise their coverages when playing Bandit, they may line up & then switch whose covering who.

      • Rob Staton

        Except they’ve never really done that.

        Pete Carroll’s scheme is Pete Carroll’s scheme. You’re much more likely to see one guy at nickel to start the season and he’ll keep that job until he loses it.

    • TJ

      There are very few players in the league who can cover Lockett.

  27. cha

    Schefter reporting Frank Clark suspended for 4 games for “off the field matters”

    • cha

      actually it looks like Breshaud Breeland.

      Why would shefter use an image with Frank Clark in the foreground and Breeland in the background??

      Tweet deleted – never mind, go about your business, nothing to see here.

  28. Chase

    Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t there rumors about us offering a second round pick for Ngakoue back in March?

    • Rob Staton

      There was talk of interest, yes.

  29. CL

    We’ll see what happens, I guess.

    DEC Management
    1 Std.
    Always a good day when a “reporter” leaks a trade that’s not happening as of now and then gets duped by a fake Twitter account of a National reporter backing up his fake trade!! I love this site!!!

  30. Simo

    What’s the deal with all these trade and transaction leaks that don’t pan out? Is “Everyonelovesnudez” back at it again?

  31. Ashish

    Adam schefter : hawks getting Yannick – giving away 2nd and LB cody barton

    • cha

      Fake Schefter

      • Ashish

        oh, sorry SBD didn’t knew about it. Got excited to share the news.

  32. Ashish

    I just can’t believe this Ian Rapoport -giving away WIll Dissly for Yannick Nagakoue.

    Seattle – Yannick plus 2022 4th

    giving away – 2nd 2021 TE Dissly

    • Ashish

      someone tell me this is fake too 🙁 🙁

      • Rob Staton

        Yes it is fake.

        As I’ve already said, it’s impossible for the Seahawks to trade for Ngakoue.

        So please no more fake tweets.

    • CL

      It is, don’t worry.

      And I’m pretty sure we’re not trading Dissly

      • Ashish

        I will turn off the twitter .. that’s not worth it. I was ok till it was Barton but uncle will oh no.

  33. All I see is 12s

    I’ve always wondered how these fake tweets get traction. Yes they look but how does anyone ever see them in the first place? I certainly don’t conduct searches with hashtags

    • Ashish

      After knowing it’s fake, i started paying attention to handle and noticed the difference. They did good job to have same picture etc. I’m not twitter person, so it was first time for fake tweet.

  34. Sea Mode

    More open campaigning from RW for Flash and AB.

  35. charlietheunicorn

    214 lbs (15.3 stones) to 142 lbs (10.1 stones) = OVER 5 stone loss in weight. :O


    • Albert Bryan Butler

      218 actually, but yeah. One of the reasons I got so heavy is because I moved from Seattle to Pensacola and my diet took a decidedly southern turn. Also, I was doing strength training from Mike Woicik’s book Total Football Conditioning: The Syracuse Way (1982), and it totally worked.

      I got turned on to the book after Tim Green described him as “The Most Valuable Man in the NFL” in his book. Indeed, until Tom Brady recently, as a strength trainer he was the only man in the NFL with six Super Bowl rings (3X Patriots, 3XCowboys.)

      I got stupid strong, but I also go fat. Then after an incident with some Saints fans at a bar, I got put on court ordered probation. I quit drinking and started doing yoga. Then I started doing aerial yoga. Then I started doing acrobatic yoga. After seeing my progress, the judge ended my probation a year and a half early.

  36. Albert Bryan Butler

    Maybe Clowney is spending his time making fake tweets about Yannick. Makes perfect sense.

  37. Adog

    Breaking news! Russ is taking cooking lessons from Bobby Flay!

  38. 12th chuck

    weren’t we supposed to hear about Gordon reinstatement today? I read on here, that the nfl had 60 days from application being turned in to make a decision.

    • Big Mike

      Was wondering the same. He’s as good as in imo IF he’s reinstated or is only serving a couple games. He’ll be inexpensive and already knows the system.

  39. Simo

    Just read that USA Today is predicting 9-7 for the Hawks! Seems everyone is keying in on the defense (DL specifically) as a major weak point that’s likely to limit the team’s success.

    There’s still time to get a Clowney deal done John! Or an Ngakoue trade! Who needs draft picks anyway.

  40. Denver Hawker

    Why would any team trade R2 for one year of Ngakoue at $17MM when Clowney is reportedly available for $15MM- am I missing something? This information doesn’t add up.

    • cha

      Don’t know the details. Jacksonville could agree to swallow a chunk of salary in return for a 2nd.

      The team might not feel comfortable about Clowney’s knee.

      Or might feel Ngakoue is a better fit for their defense.

      • Denver Hawker

        Those are good points and round out the picture a bit. I know they aren’t directly comparable players, but it still strikes me as a large gap in price between the two.

        • cha

          For what it’s worth, Ian Rapaport said this morning “nothing is imminent”

          • Hoggs41

            That was a point I was trying to make earlier about the Clowney vs Ngakoue debate. Why pay Ngakoue $17m and a second rounder when you can pay Clowney $10-$15m and keep your second rounder. It doesnt add up unles the Jags paid half. For us it doesnt add up there either.

            • BriceN

              $10M is not going to get it done. The latest word is $15M is the min. For Clowney.

  41. TJ

    Anyone catch yesterday’s PC presser? He singled out Alton Robinson for praise. Not sure if it was Pete being Pete, or if Robinson is really off to a solid start. Either way, it’s encouraging.

    • Georgia Hawk

      I think it was a mix of both. Normal effusive praise from Pete, but he definitely looked better than a 5th round rookie. Made some nice plays you’d expect from a late 2-3 rounder.

  42. cha

    Really nice looking cut for a guy coming off a patellar on one leg and an achilles on the other.

    • Ashish

      May be new number #89 will bring some luck on health front. I love Will, he is perfect for hawks as TE.

  43. cha

    The Jaguars are open to trading Yannick Ngakoue. They’re also open to keeping him. Just don’t expect either development to materialize anytime soon. Amid buzz that Ngakoue is about to be moved, possibly to the New York Jets, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported a deal isn’t impending. “I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but as of now, no trade is imminent or close,” Rapoport said. “And several of the teams that are reported to be involved, including the Jets, are not actually involved. There could be a market, I know the Jaguars have had certainly some interest in trading Yannick Ngakoue, it’s something they would absolutely consider for the right price. You look at this guy, he’s young, he’s a pass rusher, premier position, he makes a lot of money, which makes it hard for a lot of teams to take on in a pandemic but the price is going to be high. You’re looking at probably a second-round pick or better.” The fifth-year pass rusher is still seeking his own price for his services. He’s the league’s lone player to not sign his franchise tender ($17.8 million) and has been adamant about not wanting to play in Jacksonville anymore. Rapoport noted that Ngakoue recently signed with a new agency and therefore could mend fences with Jags management. “They’ve had kind of a reboot. It will be interesting to see if at the end of all this, after public vows to not play for the Jaguars, we will see if he ends up going back and deciding to get paid rather than not get paid. All options are still on the table, but nothing is imminent for one of the best players still unsigned.”

    • cha

      Alex Marvez
      GM David Caldwell just STRONGLY called
      report on JAX being “extremely close” to trading Yannick Ngkoue “erroneous” and that nothing is imminent to Charles Davis & me on
      10:07 AM · Aug 20, 2020

      • Gohawks5151

        Appreciate all these posts to keep us non twitter guys in the loop Cha! Can’t wait til you post the Clowney resign one!

  44. cha

    PC’s PC 8-20

    [boyle] mock game first chance to see guys run & hit, what need to see? “Lot of stuff going on. Everything we can do to make it game-like. Work that goes on, pregame routine, locker room, exactly like a game. Halftime 12 mins, coaches in the booth. Procedural approach. Test out the first couple weeks of work, see who knows what. Tempo, exchanges, subs, make us sharp for game time. Wed next shot. This is the first preseason game.”
    [boyle] normally ST not included? “Going to do it. First groups get work. Part of this week.”

    [g bell] no plans for first 3 games, any reason to believe fans will be here? “I don’t know. How would I know that until the league makes a decision.”
    [g bell] tangible effect on team? “make it as hyped as possible. Watching games at home, demonstrate 12 spirit. Get jacked up as much as you can. Give the team energy from home. Contest – best seahawks look at home? TD celebration? Make it fun. Pump it up.”
    [g bell] Dorsett speed? “Fastest guy we’ve ever had here. RW likes to bomb the FB. Big factor. Installing plays for that. Tyler’s been phenomenal with that, complement with DK and TYler and Philip, dynamic. Got behind DBs”

    [bob] QB picked up where does he fit in? “Looking for competition. Urgency because not having preseason games. Focus on 1 and 2 moreso. Thought a lot of Danny, want to see what he brings.”
    [bob] Dunbar? “Won’t know much until we get him out there. Gone the way the trainers planned. Full speed.”

    [ben Arthur] Jordyn Brooks how doing? “Practicing today. Reps yesterday, able to bounce back. Not a full load today. more of a cramp than a pull. Fingers crossed today. Like to get him out Sat if we can.”
    [ben Arthur] Blair mentality? 10-15lb of muscle? “Wasn’t satisfied with rookie year. Most aggressive players, toughest guys. Adds dynamic to defense. Haven’t seen anything we don’t like about him. More coming in installation to get him on the field. No trouble learning at all. He might be less focused on safety than nickel. So focused on nickel. Made plays in learning mode.”

    [Brady H] Balancing act for CB’s in system? Stay on top but take the ball away? “Good Q. If teams can score fast, you’re not worth a darn. Resp on CBs to stay on top. Can’t work jumping routes one play get beat next. Use your safeties accordingly. Play really good consistent technique, opps for plays come.”

    • cha

      “Being in the right position in your zone, you’re in total command, that’s how CB’s make plays. If you get beat deep you’re no good. Got to have the right mindset to be CB. Anxious to see Dunbar. Been coached by guys in our system. Real positive for us in transition. Instinctive FB player.”
      [Brady H] Shaquille Griffin, last year contract, overtry to make plays in contract year? “Heck yeah. Biggest faults in performance, trying to make plays when they’re not there. Wrong reasons. Make yourself vulnerable to big plays when you do that. When they get outside of what they’ve been prepared, make yourself vulnerable. Trusting the prep, trusting the coaching, knowing you have a role. Don’t make stuff up.”

      big praise for Brady on the Q

      [Art T] Absence of preseason, 3 new starters on OL, keeps awake at night? “We’re seeing guys who have started games. Race against the clock, get them enough reps to see if they know their stuff and can respond. Just time is what we’re concerned about. Such good competition, making it hard on us. Makes us want to see other guys, hard to get continuity because comp is so good. Can we get enough reps to get ready for game speed.”

      • cha

        [neko] diamonds in the rough can’t find in preseason? “Built in issue for us. How can we do it without reps and limited attempts? Talking about it every day. No hesitation on Carlos Hyde. He’s the player we’ve seen. Tough part is guys we haven’t seen. Gotta make their own effort, good splash, really have to be on their game to make impression. Like pinch-hitting. Can’t overtry and make something that’s not there. Gut feeling and instincts on guys. Have to determine with little info. HOpe guys get their shots.”
        [neko] on OL new faces changes, Duane Brown leadership ? “Lean on Duane’s leadership. Lunch together, fewer reps for Duane, he knows what he’s doing. Same with Iupati, Finney. Shell, good evaluation already. Everyone working together, help each other is needed. Some guys are going to be missed. Older guys can help.”

        [Curtis Crab] Colby & Sullivan? “Colby ahead of schedule, everything’s working out quite well, tolerating workload. Steph excited about his work, WR catching skills. Project to teach him TE. Catching him up. REally nice athlete, he fits.”

        [joe] Best on best in practice with no preseason? “Yes, good Q. Yes, more than normal. 1 against 1 getting more reps. Most competitive.”

        [?] Duane, special leadership on OL? “Unique leader. Got his act together, serious about his craft. Good brain to figure things out. Skills in how to deal with people, awareness. Ask him about practice tempo, how to get best out of team. Very valuable to us.”

        • Steve Nelsen

          Thank you so much for these reports cha. You are one of the reasons this blog is the best.

          • Rob Staton

            Agreed. Cha is awesome.

            • Steve Nelsen

              You have done a really extraordinary thing with this blog Rob in creating a place that feels like a community. There are so many great contributors who are interested in sharing ideas and scouting evaluations and helpful information. A normal blog is filled with consumers and those who post emotions. This place is rare in my experience.

              Thank you for keeping going after the draft. I read every day.

            • cha

              Very kind.

              One silver lining of COVID is you can watch the press conf and actually hear the questions, as they’re being asked over electronic format instead of in person. Past ones, you hear some faint mumbling off-mic, and then PC would answer and you’d have no idea what the question was.

  45. cha

    Aaron Levine
    Duane Brown on Clowney: I talked to him a little bit. Not trying to pressure him, just to make sure he’s good. He’s in shape. I’m just waiting to see how everything plays out. If we have him back, that would be great. #Seahawks
    12:20 PM · Aug 20, 2020

    • cha

      Curtis Crabtree
      Duane Brown mentioned Benson Mayowa, Bruce Irvin and Alton Robinson as standing out in pass rush 1 on 1’s.

      “We have a solid group up front at defensive end. … They play with great effort, great energy and it’s been really good so far.”
      12:34 PM · Aug 20, 2020

      • pdway

        I didn’t fully realize it at the time – – what a great/important pick-up Duane Brown has turned out to be.

      • Bmseattle

        Good to hear that from Brown.
        I recall last year, him being fairly blunt in his assessment of Collier’s ability (or lack of) during pass rush drills.

  46. RWIII

    Just checked with Tennessee’s cap situation. If they Titans want to sign Clowney they do have the cap resources to do it. In fact they are in better shape this year than the Seahawks. However, next year is a totally different situation. Next year Seattle is sitting pretty. However, they will be looking at some big contracts. Jamal Adams, Chris Carson, Shaquill Griffen, Quinton Dunbar will be looking for a big pay day. So after the season John Schneider will have some tough decisions. With that said. John Clayton is saying that Seattle’s cap situation is in pretty good shape especially when compared to the top teams in the NFC for 2021. For starters teams like the 49ers, Rams, Saints, Packers and Eagles are going to be hit hard by the salary cap. Plus the Cowboys are going to have to find a away to pay Dak Prescott. Don’t be surprised if you see some BIG names get released because of the salary cap(in 2021). A lot of these veterans are not going to make the big bucks next year, that they were expecting. In the AFC the Patroits should be able to clean up. They could have in the neighborhood of 75+million next year in regards to their salary cap situation.

    Just for the record Brock Huard has heard a lot of good things about Marquise Blair.

    Dave Wyman is really excited about the defense. He said that the Hawks should be in the top 15. Maybe even in the top 10. Quandre Diggs was a difference maker last year. Now you throw in Quinton Dunbar, Jamal Adams and a Marquise Blair(who is looking really good) and you have makings of a really good seconday. Plus PFF rated the Seahawks as the number 1 linebacking group in the entire NFL. If the Hawks can stay healthy(and that is a big IF) you now are talking about one the best back sevens in the NFL.

    Last night Wyman said that it is not unrealistic to think that the Seahawks could put together 40 sacks. We will see. Also EVERYONE seems excited about Jamal Adams. At first when I read about the price the Hawks paid I was stunned. But now I feel totally different. I don’t care if the price for Adams was high. To me it is worth it. John Clayton has called Jamal Adams a GENERATIONAL player. Adams is going to make plays all over the field.

    • pdway

      always feels to me like the cap space question is overstated – most good teams seem to find a way to make things work for the people they really need via all the various machinations that smart internal cap experts come up with.

      excited to hear Blair could contribute – that would be a really nice and unexpected plus.

    • cha

      Did Wyman say how he arrived at the 40 sacks number or was he just pulling a number out of thin air?

      • Hoggs41

        You are hearing all these praises for certain guys. I want to know who is out there stinking it up. All this praising usually ends up meaning nothing.

        • Albert Bryan Butler

          Watching the live feed. Damien Lewis just made Rasheem Green look pretty bad.

      • Ashish

        I hope we all are wrong and Pete is right gambling on Mayoya, Irvin, Taylor, Green, Collier and Robinson. Next 10 days will be important one last ditch effort to sign Clowney.
        No surprise there is no one positive on current DL.

        • cha

          Well let’s do the math!

          They had 28 sacks last year. 13.5 were from players no long on the roster.

          So if the guys on the roster replicate their 2019 year, there’s 14.5 sacks.

          To get to 40 they’d need:

          1) Mayowa would have to have a career year and not a 1 sack year.
          2) Irvin would have to have a career year while playing 2/3 of snaps in SAM.
          3) Green, Collier and Poona would have to step up in a major, major way.
          4) Reed would have to be 2018 Reed, not 2019 Reed but without Frank Clark as a sidekick.
          5) The rookies would have to contribute something. Anything.
          6) Adams would have to do what no Seahawks safety has done in the PC era – get more than a sack or two.
          9) Branden Jackson has to make the roster and get his 2 sacks again.
          10) Trey Flowers has to get his 2 sacks again.
          11) None of these players can regress.
          12) None of these players can get injured.

          They have to go at least 10 for 12 on the scorecard to get 40 sacks.

          And even then, what kind of sacks they are is important. Garbage time won’t cut it.

          Sign Clowney. NOW.

          • Chase


            He is the piece that can make this defense go from a 18-25th overall to a top 10

          • Ashish

            Probably is also not aware of this 🙂 well explained – clear if any renaming doubts. It’s better to sign Clowney than Yannick. I hope it happens by next week.

            • Ashish

              *Probably Pete is also

          • cha

            So I can do math but I can’t count to 12 *smacks forehead*

  47. cha


    • Rob Staton


    • Simo

      Gonna see more of those over the next few weeks! Personally, I don’t think the Hawks will be able to come to terms with him. Sure seems like he’s prepared to sit out the year and take his chances next year. Maybe someone will blink, but its not looking very likely!

  48. Chase


    Pro Football Reference had the seahawks as the 22nd overall defense last year, what would be your prediction for how well they do this year with the roster as it currently is vs. if we were able to sign clowney?

    • Rob Staton

      Well it’s going to be hard to be anything Championship-worthy with the worst D-line in the NFL.

      • Aaron

        So you’re saying all the local media chatter about the Hawks overtaking the 49ers is complete malarkey? Who would thunk it?!?!

  49. Sea Mode

    Gregg Bell

    Pete Carroll: WR Phillip Dorsett “he’s the fastest guy we’ve ever had here.” Says Dorsett runs in “time realms” #Seahawks have never considered. 4.2 speed.

  50. Gohawks5151

    From another perspective but relevant all the same. It was always down to Seattle and Tennessee. I hope it’s us. 🙏

    • Rob Staton

      That links to a report to Ben Allbright.

      Might be worth googling his name and Kirk Minihane.

      • Gohawks5151

        Everybody Loves Nudez cousin confirmed

  51. Albert Bryan Butler

    From the team site:

    “2. The defense dominated.

    There have been a number of impressive plays and players for Seattle’s defense in this camp, but from start to finish, Thursday’s practice might have been the most impressive for that unit.

    The offense still made some good plays—see the final item in this story—but it was definitely the defense’s day. There were sacks, “tackles” in the backfield on running plays, impressive pass breakups on deep balls and turnovers. As has been the case pretty much every day, new safety Jamal Adams was involved in a number of splash plays, but he was hardly alone.

    The defense standing out is particularly encouraging because that is the unit that needed to improve the most from 2019. Yes, it wasn’t the best day for the offense, but with Russell Wilson and his weapons on the field, the offense is going to be fine in 2020, and for the defense to more than hold its own when starters were going against starters is an encouraging sign that the defense might be making some of the improvements it was hoping to make after a subpar 2019 campaign.”

    • Rob Staton

      Well I guess that’s the problem solved then if the club site says so.

      • Denver Hawker

        This is almost true for all teams at this point in camp. The defenses are told run or pass usually pre-snap during early days in camp.

      • cha

        One thing decades of training camps have taught me is, usually when a guy or a unit is praised it’s just as much that the guys lining up opposite them blew it. So I’m taking this as the OL stunk it up yesterday.

        • Rob Staton

          I take virtually all training camp observations with the tiniest pinch of salt.

          When fans were allowed in and Hawkblogger did a general breakdown of what he saw, I would pay attention to that. He was often spot on about the strengths and weaknesses of the team and gave an unbiased, educated opinion.

          Info direct from the team or what the local media, hampered by reporting restrictions, have seen (basically just oohing and aahing about Jamal Adams and DK Metcalf) isn’t really much use.

          • Albert Bryan Butler

            Well, it’s just about all that is available right now.

  52. Aaron

    Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) Tweeted:

    Washington Head Coach Ron Rivera tells me he has been diagnosed with lymph node cancer after a self check. Rivera shared the news with his team tonight but says the cancer is in the early stages and is considered “very treatable and curable”.

    Prayers and well wishes to Coach Rivera.

    • Big Mike

      By all accounts a quality person. Hoping he beats this.

      • BobbyK


  53. millhouse-serbia

    By reports from VMAC looks like Pocic is frontrunner for starter at C.

    • cha

      It’s possible they’re giving Pocic the bulk of reps to get their best look at him.

      PC alluded to that yesterday, he said Duane Brown is taking less reps to get other guys up to speed because he knows what he’s doing. He then said ‘same with Iupati, Finney.’

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        They were also playing Finney at guard yesterday.

    • BobbyK

      I never liked the idea of using Max Unger at guard and I never liked the idea for Pocic there either. Always felt both were natural centers, which Unger proved to be (better C than G). Both a Centers. That being said, Unger could hold his own much better than Pocic ever could at guard. The lack of physicality by Pocic at guard is quite disturbing – even going to him more natural and a position that doesn’t rely on brute force nearly as much. But you still need some force and I’ve never seen anything from Pocic to make me think he can handle it (though he will be a better C than G – but that’s not saying much).

  54. cha

    Interesting that the Seahawks are making Quinton Dunbar available to the press today.

    Will the Seattle media ask him what his favorite ice cream flavor is?

    Or what does he like best about playing with Pete Carroll?

    Or will somebody work up the nerve to ask him what the H-E-double-hockey sticks was he thinking this summer?

    • Rob Staton

      Asking him what the hell happened is a must. And when he says he can’t talk about it… ask him if he regrets anything about putting himself in a situation which could’ve ended badly. And make sure you get a proper answer.

      Alas though… get ready for questions about the kick slide and what it’s like to play with Jamal Adams and what he watches on Netflix.

      • GerryG

        Let’s not kid ourselves, Neflix recs are legit business.

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        I want to know who ordered the code red.

        • cha

          “Deep down in places you don’t talk about on message boards, you WANT me covering wide receivers. You NEED me covering wide receivers.”

          • HAWKTALKER#1


          • Albert Bryan Butler

            Clearly I can’t handle the truth.

    • Ppeppapig

      Card games.

  55. cha

    Mike Garafolo
    #Chargers DE Melvin Ingram signed an adjusted contract yesterday with the team that guaranteed this year’s salary, sources say. That was a driving force in his return to practice. We’ll see what it means regarding his push for a contract extension.
    9:36 AM · Aug 21, 2020

  56. Albert Bryan Butler

    Art Thiel just asked Dunbar how he got out of that situation and he basically said, see no evil, hear no evil speak no evil.

  57. Rob Staton

    Quite a few Seahawks fans need to eat some crow on Earl Thomas:

    Personally I always thought he was weird. I didn’t find him funny or quirky. He was an exceptional player at his best and will always be a Seahawks great. But there’s clearly something wrong and that’s been obvious for a long time. The Seahawks were right to move on, despite all the criticism. It’s pretty clear Baltimore are now desperate to move on. And yet the team were torn to shreds for not paying him whatever he wanted.

    • James C

      With that contract they are stuck with him until 2022 I think. Not a good situation if your teammates are starting to turn on you.

      • Rob Staton

        They can get rid of him at the end of the season and save $6m.

        It’d cost them $25m to cut him this year — so they are stuck with him.

        Yet some fans practically destroyed the Seahawks for not giving him a deal like this.

        • BobbyK

          Makes it all the more amazing they didn’t trade him when they could have.

    • cha

    • Gohawks5151

      I love Earl. His and Lynch are the only Jerseys I have. But he has been real manic for a while and seems to be getting worse. I wonder about mental health stuff with him

      • As

        I was big fan of Earl, even put him ahead of Wilson. Whichever game i watched Earl is not same on field. He can’t cover like he used to, so wheels will come out anytime soon. PC/JS read the situation correct and where offering right contract.
        Regarding mental health, if we believe rumors Sherman polluted his mind and I can see it.

        • Ashish

          Changing name from “As” to “Ashish”

    • Aaron

      Earl has always been intense about everything. Actually both him and Russ are some of the most intense people I’ve ever seen. It’s clear that there’s a healthy and unhealthy way to go about it. Russ is doing something right, while Earl honestly needs help. The domestic issues that came up a little while back along with the issues now. I love ya Earl, but dude needs someone with the honesty and guts to get Earl the help he needs. He clearly ain’t right.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think intense is the right word. Earl might be intense but that’s not the root of the issue here. I think currently unstable would be a better description. Whereas I think Russell is obsessive.

        • Aaron

          Good points Rob. I’m reminded of when Earl got married and he literally wore a crown and regal attire. He definitely fashions himself as better than others, not just at football but in other matters of life.

          • Rob Staton

            A strange person.

            Very talented — but very strange.

  58. cha


    • BC_Hawk

      Amen…exactly that! You look at Reed’s sacks from 2018; most can be attributed to Frank containing/collasping. If we had 2018 Reed last year, he would of had more with Clowney than Clark IMO.

      Clowney flat out disrupts the backfield…qbs, rbs, wrs on sweeps…it don’t matter; he destroys plays! If he had a competent interior rush and a viable end on the other side (Mayowa, Irvin would fit the bill)…WOW!

  59. Kingdome1976

    After listening to Dunbar’s interview I’m not sure he is Seahawk material.

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      Yeah, that was pretty underwelming. I think it’s interesting though that for his first practice yesterday they moved Blair to free safety and I guess they had him working at nickel on a day the team site claims the defense dominated.

    • Sea Mode


      Asked what he wants fans to know and believe about him, Dunbar said: “I mean, I feel like before that situation it spoke for itself. Never been to jail. Never been in trouble. Never came (in an) encounter with the police from doing anything illegal.

      “Now, all of a sudden when I make it this far, with everything I grew up wanting, I just put it out there on the line for something silly like that?”

      He shrugged.

      “Well, people are going to believe what they want. But I know who I am and what I stand for. That’s all that matters to me.”

    • Aaron

      Well, before the charges were dropped, the possibility of a trial and possible prison sentence weighed him down. I think it would weigh anyone down. He’s still recovering from that in more ways than one.

    • BC_Hawk

      Yeah, but we have to be a bit easy on him about the interview; he knew he was gonna get grilled and he got grilled with questions. See how he performs with the team and his enthusiasm later.

      Don’t get wrong, he’s a moron to get himself into this mess, but like he did say, he’s got to learn that whom he decides to hang out with can really derail all he has worked for his whole life. Assuming he is innocent, this could be a good life lesson for him. Having not grown up in the rough area like himself, it is hard to cast judgement (if he truly is innocent). Marshawn learnt the same lessons, just at a younger age.

  60. Sea Mode

    Really? Wow…

    Gregg Bell

    I’m told effective immediately we are no longer allowed to report who’s starting and depth-chart situations we see.

    • Gohawks5151

      I read somewhere that there is a lot of secrecy this year as far as preventing other teams reading about the competition through other teams beat writers and other sources. Also teams wanting to protect guys they want to stash since the practice squad is 16 spots this year. This year is wild.

  61. Albert Bryan Butler

    Roib Rang confirmed some of the things we are hearing about the defense on KJR today, but Hugh Millen was much more skeptical. Millen is not impressed with B.J. Finney. He said he doesn’t have the athleticism to be a starter in this league. He also said he blieves Shell is an upgrade over Ifedi.

    Everyone seems really impressed with Damien Lewis. He gets low, has great feat and tremendous power. I loved seeing him ragdoll Rasheem Green but hate seeing Rasheem Green get ragdolled.

    • Aaron

      Well, there’s definitely a reason why Finney has been a backup his whole NFL career. The guy is built like a bowling ball. It must show in practice that he can’t move well. Pocic has been on the roster bubble for two seasons imo. I don’t have much confidence in him at Center. He’s got the background and experience from LSU, but he lacks the physicality necessary to play any OL position in the NFL. At this point I’d look to bring Britt back on a team-friendly deal. Britt is an average center, but at least he’s athletic enough and physical enough to be an asset. Can’t say the same about Finney or Pocic.

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        Honestly, I would put Lewis at center That guy has pro bowl written all over him.

        • Rob Staton

          No no no.

          Why move him from his position where he’s excelling?

          A better idea is to just, you know, have a better center than they current have.

          They are so blasé about certain positions and units sometimes. It’s weird.

          • DC

            Did they have Haynes taking snaps in practice at C last year at some point? I remember someone out of place getting some reps. I wouldn’t put anything past these jokers when it comes to scrambled OL eggs. They’ve tilted to the weird side. Usually it’s due to failure at the originally intended position which is not a problem Lewis is having.

            • Rob Staton

              They did once I think but if I recall that was due to injuries and more an emergency scenario that Twitter latched onto a bit too much.

    • Rob Staton

      You better get used to seeing starter Rasheem Green get ragdolled.

      Sheesh I can’t believe how much of a dogs dinner this DL is.

      • BobbyK

        I was thinking a mouse or ants dinner:(

      • Albert Bryan Butler

        It looked like what the Hulk did to Loki.

    • Sea Mode

      Kinda funny how we thought the right side of the OL was going to be the question mark, and instead it’s C and LG. I guess I’ll take it if Lewis and Shell are looking solid together from the start.

      Agree that we should just bring Britt back (unless Pocic is actually balling out). Anyone seen videos on social media of his recovery? All I found was this:

      Dave “Softy” Mahler
      ·Aug 14

      Carroll on Justin Britt coming back: “I dont know if hes quite ready to go yet. We’ll keep our eye on it.”

      And who do we think the front runner is at LG? Iupati, Haynes, Simmons… Jones?

      • BC_Hawk

        I’d hold the enthusiasm on the right side until we play a meaningful game. Just remember that Drew Nowak was toted as the savior at center until the games mattered. I still feel better about a Brown-Iupati leftside personally.

        In terms of LG, it will be Iupati’s until he ultimately gets his first injury (week 2??), then I think it will be Phil’s job to lose. We need durable mauling Guards in the scheme, and Simmons just cant stay healthy. He will be an wesome BU for us though.

        My guess at OL is still Brown-Iupati-Finney-Lewis-Shell…..god I hope Shell is > Ifedi

      • McZ

        To me, LG goes to Phil Haynes. There is no questionmark.

        The biggest questionsmarks are LT and RT depth and C.

        • Rob Staton

          They’ve practically given the LG to Iupati already.

          • McZ

            Yeah, saw that. It’s just not what I’d prefer.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think Haynes has played enough, or been healthy enough, to judge him to be a superior option.

              And for a line badly needing some continuity it makes sense to start Iupati.

              • GerryG

                Agreed. Meanwhile Haynes continues to practice, learn the system, improve, and be ready. The odds odds Iupati playing all 16 games is pretty low.

  62. Albert Bryan Butler

    Another interesting observation from Millen. The Seahawks want to use Phillip Dorsett the same way that the Chiefs use Tyreek Hill on deep crossing routes. Both he and DK Metcalf ran 4.33 at the combine.

  63. charlietheunicorn

    I’ll tell you what, I’m more concerned about the OL than the DL right now.
    Pococ is running the center spot with Finney playing both OGs….. not the way this was drawn up by the Seahawks brass.. I’m sure. But this could be a smoke screen…since everyone is going dark about depth charts league wide.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s certainly OK to be concerned about the OL. I am.

      But it’s in no way more concerning than the DL. Russell Wilson has succeeded behind crap lines most of his career. It won’t kill the teams chances. Not being able to stop anyone on defense and making Wilson’s job ten times harder? That will kill the teams chances.

  64. Albert Bryan Butler

    More weirdness from the Pandemic. My cousin visiting from New Orleans just informed me that the Saints are practicing in the Loew’s hotel ballroom where they are sequestered downtown. Apparently, Clemson did this before playing LSU in the national championship game.

  65. Trevor

    Imagine how much different our DL would look if Malik McDowell was not a moron and Collier was an actual 1st round DE.

    • Trevor

      Inability to scout, draft and develop DL has been a huge downfall for this scouting / coaching staff. They hit on Clark and Reed but outside of those two it has been pretty bad.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Way too soon to judge Collier. And you shouldn’t limit your judgment on developing talent to top picks. Ford is a current success and Seattle has developed quality starters going back to Mebane.

        I do think They have historically done better at DT than DE and I they did a better job when Bradley and Quinn were on the coaching staff. They have also lost some great talent evaluators like Scot McCloughan. It makes you appreciate the level of front office talent PCJS assembled When they came to Seattle.

  66. Sea Mode

    More on what was said above… 😬

    Tom Pelissero

    #Ravens star safety Earl Thomas was sent home from the facility Friday following a fight with teammate Chuck Clark, per sources. A situation to monitor.

    If he’s not careful, he’s gonna give them grounds to void his contract.

    • Sea Mode

      (oops, that last line is my commentary, not part of the tweet)

    • Rob Staton

      The Ravens are clearly desperate to part ways.

      God knows what state he’s going to be in when he finishes football.

      • millhouse-serbia

        The @Ravens situation with Earl Thomas could come to a head today. Sources said the team’s Leadership Council made it clear to decision makers they would prefer Thomas not be around. Cap hit could be issue but “conduct detrimental” clause provides potential avenue for relief

        • Rob Staton

          Not surprised in the slightest.

          All of the Earl Thomas fanboys on Seahawks twitter will hate this.

          Baltimore desperate to get rid. The bloke is toxic.

          • Big Mike

            And his play has deteriorated. That combo spells “buh bye”.

          • Albert Bryan Butler

            Watch him end up on the Jets.

            • Rob Staton

              Jets under Joe Douglas aren’t going anywhere near this mess.

              • Albert Bryan Butler

                Well, he’s not going to the Cowboys. They’re spending money more than anyone in the league.

                • Rob Staton

                  He probably won’t be going anywhere if the Ravens void his contract.

                  There won’t be a long cue of teams rushing to sign him.

                  • Sea Mode

                    Oh, don’t worry. He’s explained it all on Instagram… 😉


                    • Rob Staton

                      Never Earl’s fault.

                      Always the media or a team mate or Pete Carroll.

                      What a plonker.

                  • Sea Mode

                    I’d think publishing practice footage will get him kicked off the team faster than whatever happened in the altercation.

                    If it’s come basically to this with reporters, imagine the rules for the players:

                    Gregg Bell

                    I can tell you Friday’s practice has ended. They wore blue helmets.

                    Gregg Bell

                    No. But I am allowed provide nice shots of the lake.

  67. Denver Hawker

    Many of us sure liked Wilson in this years draft, but this is some questionable decision making:

    • Big Mike

      Definitely not genius level stuff for sure, but then neither was Tunsel allowing himself to be filmed bonging out either and he’s performed.

  68. cha

    Field Yates
    The Cowboys converted $8.9M of OT Tyron Smith base salary into a signing bonus, per source. That clears $6.675M in cap space for Dallas to work with this year (unless a void year was added, which would bring it $7.12M).

    Cap flexibility for free agents or in-season management.
    7:08 AM · Aug 22, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      So now they have the same amount of cap space as Seattle…

      You’ve already lost one DE to the Cowboys. Better not end up being two.

      • evan

        If the Cowgirls get Clowney after they already got Griffen I think I will puke

        • Rob Staton

          I’m going to drink and then puke.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Interesting. They were facing a challenge in 2021 and this will add to that.

      Are their any interesting OL veterans being discussed as potential cuts/trades? Dallas had Frederick retire and La’El Collins showed up out of shape before getting in a minor car accident very recently. They might be looking for OL help. They seem to have enough pass rushers so I hope they aren’t getting ready to make a run at Clowney.

      • Rob Staton

        I think they might be looking at Clowney.

        They’ve just seen what an awesome D-line can do via the Niners.

        The O-line is clearly not what it was but they still have three talented and experienced players potentially starting.

        The Seahawks cannot let Clowney go somewhere else. Time to get this done.

      • cha

        I doubt the Cowboys are worried much about 2021.

        This is the 4th time in 6 years they’ve restructured Smith’s deal (mental note: If you want to get paid sooner rather than later, sign a long term contract with the Cowboys).

        If they’re in a jam in 2021, they’ll just restructure Zeke, Cooper or Lawrence.

        • Rob Staton

          And they can always move on from Dak…

  69. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Among those out today are Bruce Irvin and Poona Ford. Unclear why Irvin is out — we’ll be able to ask Carroll questions afterward. Ford is expected back next week being held out this week due to calf issue.
    12:16 PM · Aug 22, 2020

    • cha

      Gregg Bell
      Photographers in first row of empty stands here at CenturyLink Field being told they cannot shoot the #Seahawks’ mock game. So my man
      is snapping up warmups and getting what he can for
      12:27 PM · Aug 22, 2020

      So a mock game we can’t see, can’t be photographed, and can’t be reported on by the media.

      Is this gonna get ridiculous? Oh yeah.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t understand why they’re even letting the media attend. What’s the point?

        If they can’t report anything, why risk spreading the virus?

        If you don’t let them in, there’s no chance of any info slipping out.

        What exactly are they going to write?

        Just apologise and say no access.

    • Rob Staton

      Great news. There’s definitely no issue at all on the D-line or pass rush so they’ll be fine…

  70. Sea Mode

    Bravo! 🤣

    • Rob Staton

      Saw it earlier… quality!

    • Robbie

      THE BEST! So goood!

    • Steve Nelsen

      So good! I almost laughed tea out my nose. Is that too much information?

  71. Chase

    Shame to see a seahawk legend tarnishing a HOF career

    • Rob Staton

      It was tarnished a long time ago.

      Now he’s just making it worse and worse.

      • Hoggs41

        sounds like early CTE. Similar to Antonio Brown.

        • Rob Staton

          I think people too readily turn to CTE.

          It’s possible both Earl and AB are just nob heads.

          • Hoggs41

            Then you think they would have been nobheads early in there career as well. Something changed in both of these guys lives later in there career to act like assholes.

            • Rob Staton

              Nothing changed with Earl.

              He’s always been this way.

              AB? Read about his history. Look at what he’s done. Does CTE basically lead you to constantly screwing people out of money they’re owed?

  72. Rob Staton

    Some thoughts…

    1. Jamal Adams is already inserting himself as a leader. Which is good.

    2. Adams and Quandre Diggs both look like BAMF’s. This is also very good.

    3. Oh FFS I just remembered the lines.

    • cha

      But they’re practicing signing autographs for imaginary fans. So that’s something.

    • Sea Mode

      3. No worries, we got “Brucey” back… wait, what?… in a shocking turn of events, our star 32 year-old pass rusher is injured before the mock pre-season practice game even starts…?

      • Rob Staton

        Maybe they’ve still got O’Brien Schofield’s phone number.

  73. Rob Staton

    Kyle Fuller suspended the first two games:

    He had been in the mix at center. Presumably not any more.

    Thankfully the Seahawks have great talent and competition at the position.

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      Well, they’re no longer testing for weed, right? Was he already in the program?

    • Aaron

      We’ve got great competition at Center. We’ve got bowling ball unathletic BJ Finney and perennially pushed around Ethan Pocic.


  74. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Seahawks cut their mock game short today after defensive end Branden Jackson was “knocked out” and carted off the field.
    2:08 PM · Aug 22, 2020

    • cha

      Bob Condotta
      Carroll said Poona Ford will be back next week from calf issue. Bruce Irvin has a slight hip flexor issue. Carroll says Chris Carson away on personal matters. Expected to be back soon.
      2:11 PM · Aug 22, 2020

    • cha

      Gregg Bell
      Pete Carroll says “it was a like a knockout punch” to DE Branden Jackson. Carroll says Jackson was moving his extremities as he was loaded onto the ambulance and taken to the hospital. #Seahawks
      2:09 PM · Aug 22, 2020

      • Steve Nelsen

        I don’t know about you guys but I am already at that point in the preseason where all I really care about is getting through each day without any serious additions to the injury report. I hope Iackson is OK.

    • Sea Mode


      Get well soon, BJack.

      • cha

        Have The Seahawks Signed Clowney?
        2:45 PM · Aug 22, 2020

  75. Albert Bryan Butler

    Think they’ll serve him pancakes at the hospital.

  76. Rob Staton

    Geno Smith 8/8 passing and apparently the stand out performer in the mock game (which lasted four series).

    Great sign for the #1 defense that…


    • Aaron

      At least the offense did well after not starting training camp all that well. No worries Rob. This worst in the NFL d line has a saving grace. You see, they’re building from the back forward and they say that’ll help the d line out. Paul Moyer on 710 ESPN yesterday thinks that alone will give them 40 sacks. No cause for alarm.


  77. cha

    I’m probably seriously on the wrong side of this one, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to Jackson at all.

    But, why end the game early?

    The Seahawks went to such extraordinary lengths to simulate a real game. They had the timing down, they did the team entrance onto the stadium, PC and the guys faked signing autographs for imaginary fans, they had a national anthem, they pumped crowd noise into the stadium, etc.

    And then they ended the game when a player got wheeled off the field. You don’t get to do that in a real game. The players (especially the young ones and guys battling for playing time) could have used the reps, and an (admittedly tough) object lesson that you don’t stop playing because a teammate got hurt.

    With no preseason games and real game-simulated reps at a premium, I’m not sure that was a good call.

    Again, no disrespect to Jackson. I hope he’s ok. But in this shortened offseason it struck me as very odd.

    • Justaguy

      Another emphatic meh to the entire offseason.

    • Sea Mode

      You’re not wrong, but I think it was the first of three or four mock games they are planning on doing. (at least I think I remember PC mentioning that in a presser) In the first preseason game, the starters only play one quarter, so probably just imitating that, along with showing sympathy for BJack, given it was serious enough to be taken off in an ambulance.

      The depth/fringe players are definitely the ones who lose out on reps, but there will be more opportunities given these mock games are against our own team instead of another team, like in the normal preseason.

      • Rob Staton

        Apparently they have one more mock game scheduled and they’ll then see if they feel they need to do any more after.

      • cha

        I get that, but PC has specifically said their biggest camp challenge this year is not getting the young guys enough reps to really know what they’ve got. He even remarked some guys could get “missed” since they wouldn’t get their normal looks and get them on tape for evaluation in their system.

        He also has commented on the OL, needing to make decisions sooner rather than later for continuity.

        You had the entire squad there and ready to go. Why not take another “half” of football right then instead of making a decision later?

  78. Scot04

    the Seahawks whole offseason has been odd. So I guess calling it quits halfway through just continues a trend.

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      Well, during a military exercise if somebody loses something like, say, an M4 Carbine. It is not uncommon for them to grind the whole thing to a screeching halt until that rifle is found.

      Maybe they saw something they really didn’t like. Something important enough to stop the whole exercise.

      • cha

        “ Geno Smith, leading the backup offense against the No. 1 defense, led a touchdown drive and a field goal drive on his two possessions, while the starting offense had one long touchdown drive.”

        • Albert Bryan Butler

          That would do it. I was thinking Ken Griffey Jr. snuck a cow into the team hotel.

  79. millhouse-serbia

    I really cant understand why they played 1st team offense against 2nd team defense…whats the point…why not play 1st against 1st???

    OL when DK made TD was Brown, Iupati, Pocic, Lewis, Shell…

    RB was Hyde, WR were DK and Moore…

    2nd team defenae were Shaquem, LJ, Christmas, Thorpe

  80. Rob Staton

    New podcast later today.

  81. Trevor

    My takeaway from the first mock game was our D has no chance this year unless the address the DL like Rob and the rest of have said all off season. Geno Smith 8/8 slicing and dicing the 1st team Defense. Seriously?

    How do PC/JS not see this and do whatever it takes to address the problem. Time is running out quick.

    • Rob Staton

      They see it just as well as we do.

      The problem is, as I’ve written many times, they clearly zoned in on Clowney at the start of free agency. They assessed his market and correctly projected it would be below what he expected. They made what they felt was a competitive offer, believing they could recruit him to come back perhaps after a few days of assessing his overall market. Yet rather than do that, he’s simply refused to sign anywhere. It’s impacted their entire off-season plan and they’ve been playing catch-up ever since.

      Clowney’s still out there though. And it’s 100% clear now, despite what anyone says, that they’re still holding out hope of bringing him back.

      • GerryG

        Hopefully he just doesn’t want to do training camp.

        I said this before though, it has to be a multi year deal for him to play in Seattle (regardless of cap implications) because his sack numbers will be awful on this DL.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not about training camp.

          It’s everything to do with what he constitutes a fair deal.

    • Rob Staton


  82. millhouse-serbia

    He is done with Ravens by Schefter and Rapaport.

  83. millhouse-serbia

    Ravens are moving on from Pro Bowl S Earl Thomas today via release or trade, per @AdamSchefter. Dallas is the leading contender if he’s released.

    Thomas is the highest-graded safety in the NFL since 2015 (92.9)

    Did they make cap space for Earl?

    • Aaron

      It’s quite possible. Earl wanted to go there after here. Plus Jerry Jones likes bringing in divas and/or toxic players, for some reason. However, imo Earl needs serious help outside of football before he even thinks of playing again.

  84. millhouse-serbia

    A few other teams to watch for #Ravens S Earl Thomas upon him being released: The #49ers and #Texans. They should be among those inquiring, along with the #Cowboys. Thomas, of course, will have a market.

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      I was thinking the Texans for Earl. He’s from Texas and their front office is just stupid enough to do it.

  85. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Source: The #Ravens are now releasing star S Earl Thomas. After just one season and $22M, they are moving on following a practice altercation with a teammate.
    9:27 AM · Aug 23, 2020

    • cha

      Oh yeah, they’re going for no dead cap

      Baltimore Ravens
      We have terminated S Earl Thomas’ contract for personal conduct that has adversely affected the Baltimore Ravens.
      9:26 AM · Aug 23, 2020

      • Rob Staton

        Wonder if they’ll sign Clowney…

        • cha

          That’d be my first call if I was Baltimore.

          Take advantage of paying the MVP peanuts.

          • Scot04

            Baltimore was my 1st thought when offseason started for Clowney. If they do add him, that would be one scary D-Line. Also it would be interesting to see Thomas in San Francisco reunited with Sherman

            • Albert Bryan Butler

              Where would they put him? Clowney would be an expensive luxury.

        • BruceN

          That was my first thought. And regarding ET, Dallas and the Niners may check him out. Sherman is probably lobbying for the Niners to sign him already.

  86. Hoggs41

    Maybe if they can get out from under his $10m salary.

    • Scot04

      he’s free to sign anywhere as of 4pm today

    • Scot04

      my bad hoggs. I’m guessing the 10m is off the cap as of now. Otherwise it could stretch out quite long on the guaranteed $

  87. Albert Bryan Butler

    From what I am seeing on a Ravens forum. $10 Mil in cap relief before the grievance and $6 Mil after. Over the cap coropobates this (with $5 Mil) in dead money. So, they would go from $7.4 to $13.4? I’m sure I have this wrong.

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