The Seahawks tried to trade for Jacoby Brissett?

This is interesting. According to Ben Volin at the Boston Globe, Seattle tried to add a new quarterback this off-season:

As for Brissett, he isn’t going anywhere this year, given Andrew Luck’s tenuous shoulder injury. Our league source said the Seahawks recently offered a second-round pick for Brissett, who was coached last year in Indianapolis by current Seahawks quarterbacks coach Brian Schottenheimer, but the Colts passed. This jibes with owner Jim Irsay’s recent comments, that the Colts wouldn’t even trade Brissett for a first-round pick.

But next year is a different story, and Brissett will be a free agent after 2019. The Patriots liked his toughness and composure, and they could look for a reunion down the road.

I’m not really sure what to make of this. The Seahawks don’t even have a second rounder in 2019, so it would need to be their 2020 selection. Are they really open to trading their 2018, 2019 and 2020 second round picks away?

Brissett is out of contract in 2020 so it wasn’t merely a cost-effective move to get a very good backup QB on a small contract. This would’ve likely meant giving Brissett a decent extension at the end of the season.

And if it’s about planning for a possible life after Russell Wilson, would you rather pay a proven Super Bowl winner the biggest contract in the league or would you rather pay Brissett more than he’s proven to be worth?

It would’ve also created a huge storyline and possible distraction this season. Everyone would be asking — what are they doing? What’s the plan here? And the speculation over Wilson’s future would go into overdrive.

It’s the Boston Globe not some spurious rumour, so it’s worth paying attention to. On top of John Schneider visiting all the top QB pro-days in the off-season — are the Seahawks covering all bases and trying to gain leverage in contract talks? Or are they seriously considering moving on and avoiding the huge cost of paying Wilson a third contract?

For what it’s worth I’ve always liked Brissett. We wrote about him a lot after he switched Florida for NC State. He played well for the Wolfpack showing decent physical skills, accuracy, the ability to extend plays and a strong enough arm. Consistency was an issue though. It wasn’t a surprise he went in the third round to the Patriots in 2016. It was a bit surprising they gave him away for Phillip Dorsett.

On a bad Colts team last year he started 15 games and threw 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions for 3098 yards. He added four rushing scores too. He’s a good player. Whether he’s worth a second rounder to put pressure on Wilson to accept a smaller contract extension, well I think we know the answer to that.

It’s a bizarre story. Life’s never dull with the Seahawks. You can’t help but wonder what the future of this team is going to look like. The Seahawks in 2018 will only go as far as Wilson can take them. A future without Wilson is unthinkable. Maybe it shouldn’t be?

UPDATE — Maybe this didn’t happen after all…

Jason La Canfora is well connected to the Seahawks and has broken numerous stories on the team over the years. So you can trust this has come from the team. What a weird day.

Note — I posted some game notes after the Chargers loss. You can read them here.

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  1. joel

    Someone on Twitter pointed out that this may have been part of a bigger deal, and that Jim Irsay is exactly the sort of owner to spin this to make it sound better for the Colts than might have been. Definitely a very weird story. Looking forward to the numerous conspiracy theories this will give rise to over the next couple years.

  2. DC

    Personally I’d like to accumulate high draft picks rather than give them away though we kinda missed our opportunity to do that. Whitehurst, Harvin, Graham, Richardson & Brown all had steep price tags in draft capitol and/or contract $$$. The draft really is the lifeblood of an NFL team. It’s a bummer going in thin year after year.

    You pay great QBs big bucks. We’ve got one of the best.

  3. Aaron

    Maybe they wanted Brissett to play RT…just kidding. He is a solid backup but not worth a second rounder in any scenario. The Hawks do need to scour the market come cuts at the end of preseason though because they don’t have a solid backup QB. If Russ missed a few I have zero confidence that Davis or McGough could win a single game for us.

    As for the game last night, my main five takeaways are…

    1) Ifedi is not tackle material in this league. The getting beat part bugs me, but the loss of composure he so often gets after getting beat worries me more.
    2) Running game looks better than it has been in a couple seasons so far. Fluker really helps with that.
    3) D line talent is better than the pundits say.
    4) Dickson has the inside track to win the punter job.
    5) The new look secondary is going to have growing pains, but we need to start over at some point.

    • Mark Souza

      +1 Solid stuff.

  4. mishima

    Crazy. Not sure what to make of this.

    Maybe Russell Wilson has respectfully informed PCJS that he wants to play in a bigger market and given them time to find his replacement. I can’t believe that PCJS would create such a distraction only to gain a bit of leverage in future negotiations.

    Maybe they were trying to get ahead of his eventual departure by pursuing a trade with NY Giants and/or Jets… Help themselves by helping RW.

    Mind boggling.

  5. Gohawks5151

    Boston globe or not I would call BS. Why would they break news for 2 other teams? Patriots playing games! 😀

    As for the game, it was the second game in a row and giving up a lot lanes on the ground and vacating the middle on coverage. However, I thought it was a weird first string d-line out there. Naz and Stephen should help out with that run game. Braden Jackson is not a starting D end. Bobby and KJ had a little trouble getting off blocks today. I think the ability to keep them clean is huge and not there yet. Instincts and experience were showing a bit. Same “Seattle beater” routes we’re working and running free. Lots to work on but many young guys show promise.

    • Mark Souza

      Brissett’s agent is out of Boston (hint).

  6. Coleslaw

    Rob, in response to your comment on the other thread “DL next year. They wont draft OL until the end of time”

    Well if we need an OL why wouldn’t they though? DL is so stacked they could wait and still get a stud. If we were to draft on positional cliffs, we would want an OT in the 1st before the top options are gone, while the DL options will likely run into the 3rd again.

    Ifedi didn’t just give up 1 sack, he continually got manhandled. The dude is no good. (And I’m not just saying that because of 2 preseason games, hes shown that for the last 2 years and shows no improvement.
    Next year there are legit RT options too. We wanna run the ball and build this team around Russell, not make him run for his life and ignore the OL even longer. I really dont see Ifedi starting next year if he doesnt improve mightily this year.

    • Rob Staton

      1. They’ve already invested heavily in the OL. If one position of five needs filling, that can be the area where they find a non first round solution.

      2. They need pass rushers much more than anything else. Fact. And let’s not forget Frank Clark is a pending free agent.

      3. I can’t cope with another season of fans being obsessed with one position on the OL like a right tackle is ever the thing that holds back a team competing for a title.

      • FresnoHawk

        I totally agree with Robs points but its the 3rd point that folks are completely missing. If a team has a right handed QB the RT position is where the offense wants the defense to rush from. The QB can see what’s going on and move in the proper direction. But by doing that the RT gets hammered again & again by extremely athletic and powerful men who train every day developing strength to pound on hands, arms, necks, and shoulders. That is why Pete wants big boned powerful men at RT who can sustain the beating. Injuries determine who goes to the super bowl every year! Modern defenses adapt to this by using quick and athletic DE/Linebackers to pressure the RT like a mouse pressures an Elephant.

      • Coleslaw

        Point 1: Pretty sure you weren’t saying we could throw a mid/low pick at the OL when we drafted Ifedi.

        Point 2: George Fant is also a FA. That leaves rookie Jamarco Jones, bad Ifedi and old Duane Brown.

        Point 3: RT is the new LT. So many teams rushing elite blitzes off the right side now. RT is a commodity. Especially when your RT gives up pressures in 1.5 seconds. And he wasnt even going up against Bosa like he normally would be.

        • Rob Staton

          1. Of course I wasn’t saying that with Ifedi. You’re talking about a time before they’d spent a R1 on Ifedi, a R2 on Pocic, a R3 on Odhiambo and spent a R2+R3 on Duane Brown. That’s the whole point. Since that time before they drafted Ifedi, they’ve spent a TON on the O-line.

          2. George Fant will be a restricted free agent in 2019 and not an unrestricted FA, meaning he can be kept at a very cheap and reasonable cost. Aside from that, they JUST drafted Jones, will have Brown and Ifedi too. How is this comparable to the dearth of options on the DL?

          3. No, right tackle is not the new left tackle.

          • Kenny Sloth

            3. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😌

          • Coleslaw

            And we didn’t need a linebacker after we drafted Aaron Curry either, because we had just drafted Aaron Curry.

            • Rob Staton

              1. I was extremely against drafting Aaron Curry.


              • Coleslaw

                Lol just an example of why we would need another pick even after picking Ifedi. Just cause we picked him didn’t mean we rely on him. He’s just not good imo

                • Rob Staton

                  I didn’t say they needed to rely on him. I was very clear in what I said. The Seahawks have invested a TON of draft stock into their O-line. They NEED to invest in the D-line in the off-season. Yet another O-line pick to cover for ONE position vs actually having a viable pass rush for the future is a no brainer. Please don’t make me say this for a third time.

                  • Coleslaw

                    Well what about how stacked the DL is next year, you can get a top pass rusher into the 2nd next year at least. The cliff for OL will probably be the 1st round, although it is deep enough for us to get a top RT at almost anywhere we’re likely to pick.
                    You said DL next year, I’m not saying we should ignore the DL, I’m saying OL first, get the value, then get a DL after, where there will still be value.

                    • Rob Staton

                      This will be my last reply on this topic, FYI.

                      It’s quite simple Coleslaw. They don’t own a second round pick. So here’s what you’re proposing. Ignore the excellent first round DL options that appear likely to be available, in favour of taking another position and ‘hoping for the best’ that someone you like is available at the end of day two or day three. It’s no different to the RB situation this year.

                      This team can’t just keep endlessly picking early round OL. And if…. IF…. Ifedi is the weak link this year, you’re talking about one position on the O-line. One! Solve it. Find a veteran. Find someone who can just fill the RT spot. Simple. They don’t even have to be that good. Just find an average RT.

                      You aren’t getting anywhere without a pass rush. And their best pass rusher is a free agent in the off-season. Seattle’s pass rush might be: Rasheem Green. And nothing else. If that’s the case — or even if they re-sign Frank — they need more. Championship teams can rush the passer. And you don’t hope for the best on day three and pick yet another first round RT. Not likely at all with this excellent DL class with many good and possible R1 options. Who knows what the depth will be like. It might be R1 or bust on the DL, just like it was R1-2 or bust for RB’s this year.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Scape 🐐

      Yeah he almost has one penalty per game his whole career.


      Grab your torches and pitchforks.

      i mean he’s already started 29 games what’s his deal.

      He’s dragging down the whole offense.

      Wish fans had more contextual perspective.

      • Ishmael

        It’s absolutely deranged. It was stupid last season and it’s somehow even dumber now. I feel like I’m losing my mind already and the season hasn’t even started.

        • Kenny Sloth

          The sad thing is, I do see some regression/rust on him. He looks to have lost some quickness in his feet. I wonder how his weight maintenance is going. He’s always always been an absolute unit, says he’d balloon af if he wasnt watching his weight (has never happened to my knowledge)

  7. Shadow

    I’m just not buying this, Boston Globe or no Boston Globe. A 2020 draft pick for even a backup quarterback is just not a serious offer. Much more likely that Volin heard a rumor and reported it without verification before realizing that Seattle didn’t have a 2nd round pick in 2019.

  8. Coleslaw

    It’s no coincidence that every team who does spend on OL till the end of time is considered top of the league. Also not a coincidence that our 3 superbowl appearances featured solid OLs. OL is one of the most important groups, a good one can bring so much to a team. And a bad one can strip your QB of so much confidence. I know you dont think we should spend on OL but I’m just saying we absolutely should.

    • Rob Staton

      Bit of revisionist history here.

      How many SB’s have Dallas made with their OL? Or Oakland with theirs? Or the Titans?

      The teams who win have QB’s. Teams who compete regularly can also run and pass rush in the post season. Teams with bad OL’s have competed for Super Bowls.

      • McZ

        Seahawks won the Superbowl with an average unit, and made it back with a slightly younger average unit. After the OL offload, especially Unger, the team was never the same again.

        Average lines in 2017 currency are Saints, Jaguars, Pats, Rams, Vikes. With the latter bumping up their line and becoming NFC contenders.

        Having a “bad”, ie below average OL is causing teams to play insonsistently, especially in the run game. It costs titles more often than it is irrelevant to success. The Chargers of 2015 and 2016 being the prime example. Or the 2017 Giants.

        We should not overconsider OL. But we need at least an average line to contend. Needs time, and talent.

        • Rob Staton

          Seattle won the Super Bowl starting Paul McQuistan at left tackle for eight games in 2013, with 7th round rookie Michael Bowie as his bookend tackle while Giacomini was out and Max Unger also missed three games.

          And everyone pissed and moaned about Breno and James Carpenter.

          So let’s have some perspective here.

          • Mark Souza

            I’m going to agree with both of you on this one. Rob is right that the Hawks need to take advantage of the strength of next year’s draft, D-line, which also happens to be an area of concern for the Hawks. And I believe we need to fix our O-line which seems one player away from gelling.

            We have the luxury of having the most elusive and mobile quarterback in the league. Our team won’t collapse due problems at RT, and there are other ways to address getting another tackle ready. We have a few on the roster who can be groomed, and there’s free agency next year.

            Though I don’t think Ifedi is cut out to play tackle in this league, I do think he will be a part of the best line we put forward in the future. Ifedi has the makings of a fabulous guard. He needs to learn to play lower and pair leverage with his strength. I’m hoping someone else sees that too and he’s transitioned before he loses all confidence. What’s happening to him at RT has to be discouraging.

            So D-line early and often in next year’s draft, while keeping an eye out for that one player who will shore up the right side of that line, and it could be a player already on our roster.

            • Rob Staton

              Come on guys, we’re talking about needing to fix the O-line before they’ve even played ONE regular season game 🤦‍♂️

  9. C-Dog

    I thought it was interesting, and it might have gotten a bit lost during Russell’s press conference this week that he mentioned Earl’s hold out and that it is not just fun and games, that it is a business. For me, I took that as a bit of an intentional foreshadow from RW into the RW future beyond 2019. This only intensifies a bit more with the news (if accurate) that they would offer a second rounder for Brissett.

    Put that together with how they have been actively scouting college quarterbacks, and I don’t know how anyone can see it different than they are prepping for very changeling negotiations with RW and his reps. With a celebrity wife, and a zest for the spot light himself, he might be eyeing that LA market with the Chargers post Philip Rivers, much like ET has been eying Dallas. If Seattle wants to draft a pass rusher in 2019, and has very legit QB concerns, a second rounder for Brissett may not be a bad way to look at it.

  10. cha

    Cincinnati is cutting safety George Iloko loose per Rapport.

    ET quickly losing leverage.

  11. John_s

    Every year Schneider makes some moves on cutdown day. Trades, signings. What positions could he trade for on cut down day?

    I’m thinking OT, DE, MLB and Slot CB are positions where players will be added on cutdown day.

    • cha

      Depends on who is out there and what the price is.

      I’d guess they’ll be actively looking for DL/DE/LEO’s available, always having an eye out for DB’s, more so with safety this year. RT and FB on offense.

      Would be nice to do a player for player trade – ship out someone who isn’t a huge upgrade over the next guy on the roster at on position for a guy who really is at another. Ala Kelly Jennings for Clinton McDonald.

  12. Mac

    “I’m not buying this report from the failing Boston Globe, Irsay and co were probably offered picks for other positions and weren’t willing to through Jacoby in. Dishonest and sad! #fakenews” haha

    In all seriousness, I don’t believe the report. The qb market seems pretty good at the moment, if Baker proves his worth there’s Tyrod or Bridgewater. Both are really good qbs. I believe there might be some validity to this but I’m pretty sure it would have to be a packaged deal with the retired Jack Mewhort.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know what to believe. It could be true though. And I don’t think it’s outlandish to think the Seahawks would be aggressively pursuing a good backup with potential to start down the line.

  13. Pedestrian

    Think the Boston globe was shoveling some click bait… Brissett is OK. WHY wouldn’t kaepernick have been signed then? Probably would equal Brissett as production if not more. Just doesn’t add up.

    On another note, I don’t think we should rule out the idea of life without RW. He’ll want more money than Aaron Rodgers for sure, and I think we’ll give it to him. I just continue to think about when russel ages in three years and loses his speed/agility. A serious injury could speed that timeline also. He’s a great passer for sure, but I really wonder how good he’d be without his speed.

    • Rob Staton

      We know why Kaepernick wasn’t signed. He had the opportunity. He met with them not that long ago. And straight after the meeting ran to the media to reveal what the Seahawks had asked him. If the Seahawks can’t even have a serious private conversation with him about bringing him in, how can they truly hope to avoid any future drama?

      • Pedestrian

        Thanks rob, wasn’t aware of the drama there. Well, if Russell misses extended time, I don’t think Brissett or any other available QB would make enough of a difference this season. Brissett is certainly not a franchise QB, so impossible to see the point. Let’s say they are looking over the horizon, life after Wilson, they’d likely find themselves in good position to draft the heir apparent. These are a lot of big ifs though.

        • Rob Staton

          The best plan would be to actually spend a reasonable pick on a young QB to develop themselves. They’ve only drafted two QB’s in the Carroll era — Wilson and McGough. It’s not enough.

          • Pedestrian

            Agreed. Likely McGough will not be enough. Spending a 3rd or even a 2nd for the right QB is a wise strategy. Provides leverage in contract negotiations with rus, quality depth at a critical position, and possibly trade bait much like what the patriots pulled off twice. This all assuming you get the right guy. I’d say it’s worth it

  14. CharlietheUnicorn

    I thought it was interesting watching Ifedi play yesterday. When he had Fluker playing next to him, he seemed relaxed…. or at least seemed calculated and measured. As soon as they put Roos in (late1st or early 2nd), crap hit the fan. TBH, he was facing a premier pass rusher solo the majority of the second quarter, but he had some breakdowns in pass protection.

    Perhaps the OL weakness is at RG, not RT. This would explain bringing in Fluker and also bringing in Sweezy this off season. No way am I throwing in the towel on the OL, I have seen more consistent play overall and a recognizable pocket on a majority of pass plays…. I definitely think they care closer to getting it turned around than last year.

    • Shadow

      I was saying the same thing. Ifedi got knocked on his butt by Ingram once when Fluker was still in there, but otherwise looked serviceable. Ingram also beat Duane Brown on a pass rush earlier in the first quarter, don’t forget; the man is legit. Once Fluker left, it got very bad very quickly. The only reason we made it down the field for the drive when Carson fumbled on the 1 was the two big pass plays to David Moore. Nothing else worked on that drive or during the remainder of the first half.

      I think as long as we have four capable starters at the other four positions we can live with Ifedi at right tackle (largely because I don’t think we’ll have any other choice.) But we had better have a viable fallback at right guard if Fluker gets hurt. Judging by Saturday night’s game, Jordan Roos is not it.

      • Aaron

        Fluker is definitely a big (pun intended) veteran help for this o line. He’s someone with RT experience at Alabama and when he started in the NFL. Ifedi is better with him, not only to assist in blocking but also to teach him technique. Roos is an UDFA in his second season that I don’t see much upside to. He’ll probably make the final 53 but isn’t someone you can rely on for much more than a backup spot on the o line.

        Rewatched a condensed version of Saturday’s game. Ifedi looked good in the first quarter or so. They didn’t help him much with RBs, slide protection, or TEs. I think that’ll change in the regular season. I don’t want to see Ifedi one on one for long periods with the likes of the DEs and OLBs we play this year. He’s gotta face Miller, Ingram, Bosa, Houston, C. Jones, Chubb, possibly Mack, and D. Hunter to name a few. Assist him as much as possible because I don’t think he’s tackle material in this league. Luckily for the first time since Zach Miller left we have the people capable of doing that. Four solid o liners and one question mark is a far cry better than a couple years ago trotting out the likes of Nowak, Sowell, and Webb…yeesh!!!

  15. Pedestrian

    Curious if hawks might look to add George lloka at FS for the right price?

  16. H

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why the seahawks would be thinking of doing anything other than extending Wilson.
    Spending a second on Brissett would have sent me into panic mode.

    • C-Dog

      I’m pretty sure that the priority is to extend RW, but they also probably want a hedge.

      • Edgar

        Seattle seems to be in the sell low buy high business. I still can’t believe they went to the garbage bin for a kicker last season when it’s a well known fact they relied on lower scores and field goal conversions to control games defensively. Sure, we might have lost in the wild card round but the overall feelings of the team would be higher having gone to the playoffs every year since 2012. Now it feels like anything under the sun is on the table. Are they taking on the Mariners business model?

        • C-Dog

          I do think they are looking to younger and more competitive with their roster. I think the third contracts of a number of key vets that have backfired likely has them a bit gun shy. Ultimately, I think they extend Wilson and build around him, but funny things happen, and I think they want to be prepared. Right now, they have zilch behind Wilson. That gives Wilson a ton of leverage in a contract year.

          • Hawk Eye

            Wilson has a lot of leverage with or without a good back up.
            and I believe he will use it and squeeze every dollar he can from the Hawks.
            He seems to be very calculating and I cannot see him giving any sort of home town discount.
            What I am expecting is a lot of click bait headlines for the next year or so until they sign him to a new (and VERY expensive) contract
            I doubt very much that they trade him or let him go.
            You just pay the franchise QB what you have to in the NFL.

            And I cannot see them giving up a 2nd round pick for Brissett. I can see them talking to Indy about him, but that price seems pretty high for someone who will either not play or not not be a difference maker if he does.

            • cha

              Agree with Hawk Eye. Unless the Hawks have a Patrick Mahomes type behind RW ready to step in, they don’t have any more leverage with a “solid but not going to win games by himself” backup than they would with a “green 7th round rookie” backup.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I agree that Wilson will sign a third and very expensive contract that will affect the team for 5-6 years. It’s coming next spring/summer.

            I also think that the Seahawks need to find a quality backup quarterback. The Eagles had Foles as insurance = and that turned out pretty well for them. The Patriots had Garappolo until the GM traded him out from under Belichick. Garappolo – after three years as a backup he has proven that he is a quality starter with the 49ers.

            How would either of the Seahawks starters compare to those two examples from superbowl caliber teams??? Not well. If those two teams had the gold version of a backup quarterback, Seahawks have the starter pack and are wondering if they dare move up to bronze level. This is the teams greatest weakness right now. Oh sure Wilson is doing well, but he won’t last forever unless he is extremely lucky. The fact is that the two backups are not worth much = and I certainly don’t want the season hanging on their arms. So by next season – they do need to find a decent backup – regardless of the status of Wilson’s contract.

  17. John_s

    Boston College has some really good prospects this coming draft!

    Zach Allen – DE
    Chris Lindstrom – T/G. He is one bad mofo in the run game!
    Lukas Denis – FS
    Will Harris – SS

    Also some other guys I’m intrigued with are:
    Josh Allen – LB – Kentucky
    Carl Granderson – DE – Wyoming
    Julian Love – CB – Notre Dame – I like him as a slot CB prospect

  18. AlexUk

    Exactly when was this offer supposed to have been made? It says recently. But anyone have any further intel on that please?

  19. Largent80

    Regardless of what RW will command for his next contract the Seahawks will NOT let him get away and you can bank on that.

    As far as this story goes, I don’t believe it. JS has already thrown a lot of draft capital at players, and next years second is already gone.

    Also regarding slot CB, we’ve already got one of the best in the league who is experienced and only 25. I see no reason to obtain another one. The team obviously needs DE especially since Jordan is a huge mystery and Clark in a contract year, KJ is as well. It would be nice to add a vet cutdown at DE in the next few weeks.

    • Logan Lynch

      To offer a counterpoint to your slot CB argument, who steps in to play that role if Coleman is injured? They had Tyson trying it the last preseason game and he was getting beaten pretty badly. Maxwell isn’t going to do it. Flowers is an outside guy. Thorpe is probably the next man up, but is he going to make the team? I also don’t see them dropping any of the safeties down to try that role.

      I agree that Coleman is fantastic, but they may need an injury hedge which could be a roster cutdown guy. Hopefully it won’t be a pressing need, but it could be a consideration.

      • Largent80

        Thorpe is that guy.

  20. fuzzylogic

    I think we actually should consider trading RW. I know..blasphemy. But win forever might mean we need to reshuffle QB’s every 5-6 years. Just a thought.

    • Rob Staton

      And presumably then spend the next few years desperately trying to find another franchise QB to replace the one we gave away….

      • Pedestrian

        Just to add to this wild idea. It would only make sense (and sanity) to trade your franchise QB if you drafted another franchise QB that has shown enough promise. Say the seahawks drafted Deshaun Watson last year. Would you consider it if another team was offering a huge bounty for RW?

        Since that didn’t happen, and probably won’t, there’s no meaningful point to this conversation other than team building philosophies – but I actually enjoy throwing out these ideas.

    • Aaron

      You are definitely living up to your namesake there, I’ll give ya that!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Presumably the first and second round draft picks in compensation will help ease your objections? Seahawks have been busy trading away future draft picks = perhaps it is time they got on the other side of that trade situation.

      If this were ever to occur – and I doubt it will.

    • H

      Even the pats dont reshuffle at QB

      • AlaskaHawk

        Why would the Pats reshuffle when Brady is one of the greatest of all time?? Have you ever watched him whip the receivers into shape during the season? He puts that throw right into their hands = celebrates with them when they make a catch – or gets in their face and lets them know about it if they don’t catch the ball.

        No one knows how long he will last = but they will be continuing to develop a backup in case he goes down. Lets see – It’s Hoyer and Etling this preseason. Hoyer has already been with the Patriots for three seasons, so he should relearn the system quickly.

        • H

          I dont understand your point. I just meant theres no logic behind trading Russ.

    • hawktalker#1

      “COME ON MAN” 🙂

  21. DC

    Bye-bye Jon Ryan. Thanks for the leg and the laughs!

  22. Hawk Eye

    Jon Ryan asks for his release

    guess he knew the kid was going to win the job – who didn’t?

    • Pedestrian

      You don’t ask for a release if you plan on retiring. Ryan to Buffalo all but guaranteed.

  23. Aaron

    Jon Ryan is hanging up his punter cleats in Seattle per Ian Rapoport…

    “Punter Jon Ryan asked for his release to find his next team and just received it.

    Reunion w/ Hausch$ or retirement?

    • icb12

      I’d like to see them pick a kicker now so Dickson can work on holding from only one side.

    • icb12

      Doh’!. I should check the news before posting. They already released meyers.

  24. Saxon

    Will I be ‘that guy’ and tease Rob about TEF again citing Orlando Brown Jr. as the irrefutable anti-TEF argument? Yes. Yes, I will:

    Blocking technique > Athleticism for OL. I understand that TEF is just a formula to gauge athleticism but it was based on the notion that OL needed to be comparable athletically as DL. Brown is not as athletic as my grandmother – yet he has been pretty elite so far… just sayin.

    • Rob Staton

      Oh for goodness sake. This has been a difficult week in the comments section.

      1. There doesn’t need to be an anti-TEF argument. It was setup to help us identify possible Seahawks targets based on Tom Cable’s self confessed ‘physical ideals’ and we retain it now solely as a measuring stick for explosive athleticism. Because it’s fun to compare and whether you accept it or not the league values explosive athleticism on the OL, DL and at running back. It never, ever, ever, ever, ever was a benchmark for who is good or bad. It was NEVER based on the notion that OL needs to be comparable athletically to the DL. If I have to explain this one more time, my head might explode. For crying out loud.

      2. No, blocking technique does not best athleticism. It’s not as simple as that. It never will be. It feels like everything I’ve written for the last five years has been a complete waste of time sometimes. Let me just get to the crux of the matter on this. The ‘technique’ in college is often NOT THE SAME as the ‘technique’ at the next level. So if you have to COACH TECHNIQUE FROM SCRATCH anyway, it just makes pure sense that the better athlete is going to have the greater potential to succeed. SOME offensive linemen, usually the ones who go VERY EARLY, come from pro-style systems and have useful translatable technique. But if you’re not picking in the TOP-16 good luck finding them. I know some of you think college football is littered with crappy athletes with superb NFL blocking technique but THIS IS NOT TRUE.

      I’m now going to bang my head against a wall.

      • Pedestrian

        Really think we need to 1) let the season complete before talking/assessing whether we need to spend more draft capital on o-line, 2) stop talking about this subject before Rob suffers a concussion!!

        If the hawks add another piece to their o-line puzzle sometime between now and the trade deadline, then great! Enough about who we should’ve drafted instead of whomever – the time for that conversation was back in April/May. Let’s move forward and focus on the season ahead.

        I for one, am pretty happy with how 4/5 of our linemen are playing, and think it will be much improved compared to years past.

        For future reference, TEF is one way of measuring a football player. So is IQ, football instincts, leadership, years playing the position, scheme they learned in, etc etc etc. Don’t get so hung up on any one metric.

        • Rob Staton

          Here’s another novel idea — we don’t hammer Germain Ifedi for a rough end to the first half against LA and actually give our guys a chance when the real stuff starts in a few weeks.

          Hammering Ifedi will not do anyone any good.

          They aren’t finding a good right tackle on the street or in somebody else’s cuts. So let’s back our guys, support them, not overreact to a couple of ugly snaps and forget about all the good ones.

          I’ve found the reaction to Ifedi on Saturday unsettling. Especially after rewatching all of his snaps. I’m stunned at the way people have reacted to it. And nobody brings up Brown’s whiff or ANY of the defensive players who conceded that powder puff touchdown on Rivers’ opening drive.

          • Pickering

            I felt the same way about the way fans attacked Justin Britt his first couple of years. There always are people on the lookout for something to snark about. Having said that, we each have our own perspectives on what it means to be a fan.

      • All I see is 12s

        Getting Rob to get angry with you or frustrated with you is kind a like getting yelled at by your grandparents. It seems so much worse when you provoked the nicest people in the world to get harsh with you. It’s like I really did something bad because this person is so bloody nice.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m cranky this week. I’m sad and angry about the reaction to this latest pre-season game. And now we’ve got people still misunderstanding TEF and obsessing about the O-line again. Please week one get here now! 😂

          • Rowdy

            Lmao, I completely agree with you. I seen people on fieldgulls hammering TEF like it was meant to be a tell all. I myself put my palm to my head because it was just a measuring stick for what the old line coach wanted

            • Rob Staton

              It has been the most frustrating thing I’ve encountered doing the blog. Some people’s inability to ‘get’ the point of TEF.

          • Saxon

            I was just messing with you, Rob. Had I known that this was a rough week for you I would have saved it. Always love your stuff and am extremely grateful for the terrific resource you’ve created with SDB.

            As far as TEF, not saying there isn’t value to the formula, just never thought OL athleticism was more important than proper technique. Contrasting Brown Jr and Ifedi is just a highly convenient example 😉

            I think the Seahawks in the post Cable era are moving away from prioritizing athleticism and focusing on players who can actually block: Jamarco Jones, Fluker, etc.

            • Rob Staton

              Let me make this clear once and for all.

              Blocking technique or athleticism is never preferable as one or the other. EVERY case has to be judged on its own merits. A lousy athlete with bad habits due to inapropriate coaching is no good to you, especially if you have to coach him from scratch. But an athlete who can’t learn isn’t any better. There is never an either/or situation here. Judge every case differently.

      • EranUngar

        Rob, I am not trying to get you more upset than you already are but I do wish to make a point here and hope you will take it as a constructive remark….

        I have said it before here in past years – Blocking technique in college counts not because it’s the same technique they will use in the NFL. It counts because it tells you that the player is coach-able and has the capability to learn and implement what his coaches teach him. It is a trait as important as TEF. If a guy has failed to learn the technique he was he was taught for 3-4 years by his college coaches, he will be just as slow picking up and executing what his NFL coaches preach.

        I have been a volleyball coach for decades and have seen many physically talented players fail to reach their potential because they had problems executing the proper techniques needed and reverted to trying to do what felt more comfortable rather than working hard to adopt to what their coaches wanted them to do.

        It’s true that some players will just take longer to learn but once they finally do their physical attributes will make them shine. It is also true that some will remain physically gifted but poor players and other players will learn faster and use the NFL resources to grow stronger and end up doing a great job.

        RW was was too short, Doug was not fast enough, Sherman was too slow and had tight hips, K.J. was too slow, Kam was too heavy…many players show a talent that goes beyond being the perfect physical specimen for the job…

        Don’t get mad at me, just read it as an other view that may have some merit to it. (or not)

        • Kenny Sloth

          Nothing about TEF or the way we use it is prohibitive to anything you said.

          And clearly it’s not all we’re using or all the FO is using (Pocic, Jones)

          So I’m just not sure why this is even a conversation still.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t agree Egan. I think it’s very easy to say bad or unuseful blocking technique is still good because it indicates coaching. What if that player struggles to get rid of bad habits? Then you’re left with a mediocre athlete with troubling technique/habits. Also, what if a player has the misfortune of being with a team that doesn’t ask much of its offensive linemen (MOST teams in CFB these days). How do we separate a bad athlete with good technique at Stanford against a linemen playing in the spread with exceptional athleticism that has never had proper technical guidance?

          Do you see the issue here? It’s why every case has to be taken on its own merit. And it’s why the whole ‘just draft players who can block’ argument is futile and too basic.

          And Wilson, Kam, Sherman etc are not good examples. Wilson is a rare and exceptional athlete he just happens to be 5-10. Kam is a monster and Sherman’s agility testing was elite. That’s a big difference compared to some big lump playing guard for Ohio State with a 24 inch vertical but hey he handled Iowa and Maryland.

          I’m also still completely baffled why TEF gets mentioned in these conservations.

    • Pedestrian

      If that’s the case, then your grandmother should try out for the Seahawks RT position.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Not trying to kick more crap out of this dead horse, but genuine question for you, Rob:

      Put two different ways (its a choose your own adventure!):

      What would you need to see to accept that Ifedi is not good enough and needs to be replaced?
      What do you see that is good that tells you give him more time?

      Again, not trolling here, I’m genuinely curious of your thoughts. I see an average run blocker that meshes well with the current scheme in that regard, but a Pass blocker that is easily beat by speed and power from the same player (Ingram) across from him…and far from the best he will face this year. PFF noted that Ifedi is 167 out of 172 T’s in Pass blocking for the Pre season. I know context is needed with 3’s and 4’s going against each other, still it is not a good number.

      My personal frustration, and why I’m ready for them to move on stems from 1. penalties are still a problem, and 2. the pass blocking is a serious concern when the entire drive train of the team is the QB. Completely understand that at this point in the season they can’t just go out and grow a new RT in the garden and with the injuries to Jones and Battle the position battle is basically over. I get it and understand it….just not happy about it.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Ifedi clearly needs to take a step forward this year. It’s year three in his career. I want to see fewer penalties, a level of consistency and no blow assignments. I think this is achievable and if so — he will not be worthy of replacing immediately. He will get beat sometimes like all tackles not in the elite bracket. Duane Brown will be beat too sometimes. It happens. We need to be prepared for that. But if he improves in the highlighted areas that will be acceptable IMO.

        If he fails in those areas, then three years in you have to consider moving on. And that to me should mean finding a solid veteran rather than just throwing another expensive rookie in there. I’d even say they should be willing to pay in free agency if needs be for a decent RT. They’d have the cap. But the draft focus needs to be elsewhere.

        But I’m optimistic he can take a step this year under the guidance of Solari and supported by Fluker at RG. I’m at least willing to give him a shot — and I hope fans and the media will be too. I doubt it though. I fear every bad snap will be over-analysed. Which will be unfair, wrong and possibly even dishonest.

        • Georgia Hawk

          Thanks for the thoughts, Rob. FWIW, I mostly agree completely. The penalties need to get fixed, that should not still be an issue at this stage in his career, especially when so many are mental mistakes like false start.

          I think part of the problem with the over analyzing and reaction thus far was the expectation that there would be immediate improvement with Solari, and so far it hasn’t shown. I know I had firm hopes that Solari would instantly “fix” him and my initial reaction to what we’ve seen is not good. It is fair to at least give him a few games this season to see if he shakes out.

          Still, getting absolutely wrecked by an Ingram bull rush is not a good look to start the year….

          • Largent80

            Regarding Ifedi. He’s starting year 3. Played 2 positions in the first 2 years after transitioning not only from the college game but to the pros and had Cable as his coach and had to learn that system too. He also had inexperience players surrounding him.

            Now he has a more solid coach and even experienced players around him. He is going to get better. I think it would be wise to leave him in as long as they can for the remaining two games, especially if Fluker is in there.

            The constant shuffling of O-Line players is detrimental to EVERY team and especially young and inexperienced players. I for one think this line will at least be average or neutral if you will and that should be good enough to get us a decent offense. I more worried about the defense.

            • Gohawks5151

              Ifedi’s performance makes me want to cross train Fant at RT more than it makes me want to rag on Ifedi. It is a complete necessity with Jones out. Beavers and Odi are not NFL linemen right now. I realize he is coming off injury but this time last year he was the teams best lineman counting Britt. Health permitting, I’d be willing to roll the dice on him because his many of his mistakes may come due to a lack of reps and play time, instead of a lack of execution and discipline like Ifedi. If you call Fant and Ifedi’s physical ability as even, Fant’s supposed rate of growth would be more appealing to me.

          • Ishmael

            He gives up about one penalty a game. The difference between him and the league average is less than half a penalty p/g. It’s something that’s been obsessively fixated on, but really has little impact on the course of any given game

        • John_s

          I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole game, but i watched the first drive and here is what I saw with Ifedi. I am in no way an expert with football especially oline, but here’s my observation

          1-10 – Playaction to the right, pass to Jaron Brown. Ifedi did a good job blocking his man
          1-10 – Run to the right, it looked like it was designed to be a run between RG/RT. Ingram pushes Ifedi back, Carson bounces it outside for a good gain
          2nd Down – Run to the left, Ifedi was the backside blocker, he did his job. Penalty on Dissly
          2nd – 4 Throw to Stringfellow, Ifedi did a good job blocking Ingram
          1st Down – Run to the left, Ifedi blocks his guy
          2nd down – Pass, Ifedi blocks his man, Russ scramble to the ride. Ifedi did a good job blocking without holding
          3rd and 3 – Pass – Ifedi wins his man, Duane Brown whiffs on Ingram

          That first drive Ifedi actually did a good job of blocking his guy. Even on the 2nd play where Ingram pushes him back, Carson is able to make something out of it and Ingram is a non-factor

          This is a tiny sample size, but i think part of what it is is that when Ifedi has a bad play, it’s painfully obvious that he had a bad play, but at least in the first drive he did a nice job.

  25. FresnoHawk

    Thinking about Sept cuts teams might not want film from preseason games on the players they want on the practice squad. Teams will have two days after final preseason games to decide on final rosters and make trades from a larger pool of players. Thinking trade candidates get lots of playing time 4th preseason games and teams hope they’ve made their final roster decisions after 3rd preseason game. Did I get this right?

  26. Isaac

    I’ve never been so bummed to see a punter leave. Jon Ryan is an amazing person and just as good of a punter. I hope someday the hawks bring him back as a special teams coach.

    • FresnoHawk

      Love John Ryan and it ended the right way! He had a good camp and we let him go so he could get a better deal somewhere else &/or play where he wants. Was hoping for a trade but a late round pick is not worth giving a stand up guy what he needs or wants.

  27. Ishmael

    It’s going to be a rough year to be a fan of the Hawks. All this accumulated expertise built solely around supporting a winning team and nowhere for it to go. The visionary Twitter scouts are already looking for their scapegoats to explain why this bestest most amazingest team is going to wind up around 8-8. Ifedi is just the start. We’re going to have to deal with the ‘trade Wilson!!!!’ truthers all over again, the Earl stuff will never stop, Penney will be called a wasted pick while Carson starts…

    It’s week two of the preseason and I’m already annoyed by football

    • DC

      Genuine question to the twitter followers on the blog from a non participant. The overwhelming majority of comments about twitter seem to be negative, often ‘reactions’ to others ‘reactions’. It seems lately that that saturation of ‘annoyance’ then carries over to this comment section and there is now more of a hair trigger reaction to certain observations. So my question, what is the positive of twitter? What is the draw?

      This is the ONLY comment section in the www that I read and enjoy & it’s because people can speak their mind and share their observations without getting pummeled. We can see things about the Seahawks differently and discuss without blowing our tops. I appreciate that, which is why SDB is my go to site as a Hawk fan.

      • Rob Staton

        The positive about Twitter is the ability to receive news quickly. Anything that breaks is on Twitter first before anywhere else. It’s also useful to receive notifications on new articles or opinions/analysis from people you respect. And if you like funny memes and videos there’s that too.

        And that’s where the positives emphatically end. If I were to list the negatives, it would take an hour. Our culture will never recover from the introduction of social media. It is forever tarnished.

        • H

          Those last two sentances cracked me up 😛 but in a sad way.
          I also dont bother with social media beyond fb, which is basically like having an email these days.

        • CestrianHawk

          ” Our culture will never recover from the introduction of social media. It is forever tarnished. “.
          Wholeheartedly agree with that comment Rob, particularly from one who must have largely grown up in that era. I’m probably about three times your age so my view might be expected. Computers and the internet have many benefits, but it has also loosed the worst side of human nature to a prominence that wasn’t available before.
          Thankfully this site remains a haven of sanity and reason for many of us.

        • Hawk Eye

          it should have been called “UN social media”.
          People confuse instagram, facebook and twitter and comment sections for genuine human interaction
          and say things they would never say to someone’s face.

          if twitter put a ban on negative comments their stock would drop by 90%
          if they enforced spelling and grammar, that would kill the final 10%

  28. Georgia Hawk

    Good night people! I take a night off from browsing the blog and come back to “trade Wilson” and “TEF is crap” posts! What the heck happened to the measured, thoughtful discussions I cherish so much?

    Rob, I have long respected your poise when answering questions and “troll” posts on here. I don’t begrudge you a more heated answer every now and then at all…might even encourage it!

  29. Georgia Hawk

    Looking over the potential roster and one thing that stuck out to me is that there is a legit chance all of our draft picks this year could make the team. Penny, Green, Dissly, Griffin, Flowers, Dickson, And Jones are all either locks or have already earned a spot. Pugh and McGough are the only real question marks, and both stand a better than average chance for 6th & 7th rounders to make the team if the cards fall right.

    I have to imagine it is rare for a team to have every one of the draft picks make the team in their rookie year. Could lead to some big things in a couple years….

    • cj2cj

      Pugh wasn’t drafted

      • Georgia Hawk


        My mistake

    • Hawk Eye

      i am with you on this. Maybe just homer coloured glasses, but it really seems like this draft class can and should be the best since 2012 for the Hawks.
      I am still on the fence as to how they do this year, I see too many holes that require something to go really well. If they don’t win a lot, but the kids from the last 3 drafts play well and become the new core around Russ and Bobby then maybe we can see Pete win one more time before he rides off into the sunset

  30. Logan Lynch


    I haven’t seen this discussed, but what are your thoughts on Ifedi?

    Serious question though, who do you guys on here think make the DL? Let’s assume Dion Jordan starts the season on PUP and we’ll count Jacob Martin as an Edge player here.

    Locks should be Clark, Reed, Naz, and Green. Martin, Johnson, and Jefferson seem like good bets. Then we’ve probably got 2 of 3 from Jackson, Stephen, and Ford. Poona has shown great anchor in the run game. To my eye, Jackson hasn’t done much. I know Naz was playing DE on Sat night…are they trying to see if he could kick out to DE which could allow him to take some of Jackson’s snaps and keep Ford? That would leave you with DE of Clark and Martin. DE/DT hybrids of Naz, Jefferson, and Green. DT of Reed, Johnson, Stephen, Ford. That seems a little heavy on DT since out of those really only Johnson is an interior rusher while the other 3 are typically run stuffers. In a related note, I wonder if Reed slimming down has hurt his anchor against the run. I haven’t specifically watched it, but the interior run D on the first team seemed to struggle.

    • Gohawks5151

      Not Rob but, honestly I think they all make it minus maybe Jackson, who is JAG. Clark, Reed, Naz, Green, Martin, Johnson, Jefferson, Stephen and POOOOONA! I commented earlier that the first string D line was a really weird mix. I think they are working to find who can do what and it will be very situational all year. Reed will be fine. Naz i think can play the old Red Bryant 5 spot and move inside as well. Ditto for Jefferson and Green. Johnson and Stephen are specialists. Poona makes the team as a run first guy as well.

      I think the ability to keep Bobby and KJ clean is really big this year. It has really affected the preseason games already. Sometimes versatility comes at a price. Only Reed, Stephen and Poona are real run stuffer/block soakers. Also the loss of Kam hurts as he was pretty much another line backer and a supreme edge setter (Mcdougald got overwhelmed a few times so far). You miss Earls speed and instincts too, as many of those runs for 15 would probably have been for 5 in the past. Lots to work on before Denver.

      • Volume12

        I like McDougald. Him and Tedric are pretty interchangeable, I don’t mean that as a negative, but Seattle is going to need a safety big time heading into next off-season.

  31. Ashish

    @Rob what happen to the podcast with Kenny? I thought you guys are doing on Sunday after the game? You should be doing podcast solo or team up with some one with some football knowledge. I hate every time when Kenny starts podcast without introduction and starts with 200 questions for you. Not sure how you answer them. Well I still follow because I like what you have to say.

    • Rob Staton

      Kenny said he wasn’t feeling very well so we didn’t do the podcast

    • Kenny Sloth

      I like Kenneth as a writer and personality, but I gotta agree.

      I greatly prefer the other hosts of shows on which you have guest spots to KA’s time with you.

      Also I some of his football philosophies make me cringe

      • Pickering


  32. Kenny Sloth

    Rob/soccer fans, any Center Backs you can think of that would run a 4.4 40? 😆

  33. Gohawks5151

    Junior Gallette visiting. He is a legit maniac but may have something left and looks like a candidate for a Pete Carroll kickstart

  34. cha

    Schefter reports Junior Gallette visiting Hawks.

  35. Ishmael

    Another high character guy. Good thing we got of distractions like Michael Bennett 🙄

    • Volume12

      Legit question I’ve been away for a few days. What happened in the comments section after Saturday nights game? Fans realizing a young team is going to have growing pains this season?

      • Logan Lynch

        This will probably already be answered after the delay period, but in a nutshell it mostly boils down to Ifedi. And then a TEF attack that came out of left field. If you scroll up a bit in this article you’ll see most of it.

        I feel like I miss everything over the weekend since I don’t have a chance to visit the site.

        • DC

          via Brady Henderson at ESPN;

          ‘George Fant got extensive work at right tackle today. Coach Pete Carroll said he’s now competing for that job with 2016 first-round pick Germain Ifedi, who led the NFL in penalties last season and struggled in the team’s preseason game Saturday. Fant started at left tackle as an undrafted rookie in 2016 then tore his ACL last summer, eventually prompting the Seahawks to trade for Duane Brown.’

          • Kenny Sloth

            It’s about time they opened the competition. Fant has a long road to knocking him off, but if he does, it’s because he’s earned it

            • Hawktalker#1

              I have a feeling that road is actually not going to be very long.

          • Gohawks5151

            Thank God. At this point his growth potential is better than Ifedi. Last year this time he was the teams best lineman. Fant’s mistakes will be due to lack of reps and time, not the inability to grasp concepts and execute like Ifedi. He is probably a little less in the run game but miles better in pass pro. Not ragging on Ifedi but he has had his chances and deserves to be challenged.

      • Ishmael

        Fans having a cry because Germaine Ifedi isn’t Tyron Smith and everything that goes wrong this season is going to be his fault

      • DC

        It didn’t seem much different than after any other loss other than the sensitivity levels being a bit higher. This team will have it’s struggles for sure but the fun is in acquiring & watching the growth of a new generation.

    • Volume12

      Desperate for vets and a rusher.

      Clark, Green, QJeff are all really good pieces to move up and down the LOS, but they have nothing to bring off the edge.

      • Ishmael

        It’s funny the affect desperation has on professedidentity

    • Kenny Sloth

      The unhinged may buy-in where the thoughtful wouldnt.

  36. Volume12

    Can we trade for a RT? Woof

  37. Hawktalker#1

    Wouldn’t Reid be a good backup safety option?

    • Ishmael

      He’d be a good starting safety option. Unfortunately for him he put his career on the line by protesting against police brutality and racial inequality in the justice system. That’s a no go for Seattle, like seemingly every other team in the league save Philadelphia.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Unfortunate, I know it was bad but I didn’t know it was that bad where most of the teams were basically forbidden to hire him. I think he would be a steal at a back up pay rate since he is basically a starting caliber safety

        • Ishmael

          He’s a better safety than anyone on the Hawks roster bar Earl. But the problem is he thinks the police shouldn’t shoot black people, so. At least on the upside he’ll probably still remember his own name in 20 years, so there’s always a silver lining

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see them adding another safety. They have a group and if Earl returns, they’re stacked at the position. They’re also spending way too much on the position as it stands.

  38. John

    G. Fant practiced with the 1st team at RT today. Thoughts?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Time to bring in Poona Ford and make it a three way competition for right tackle. No one will be able to get leverage on Poona and knock him over!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Don’t hold your breath!

      It’s gonna be a few weeks before that’s solved.

    • icb12


      Well I’m not surprised.
      While Ifedi wasn’t/isn’t as bad as the collective world makes him out to be— but the fact is that he is struggling. He hasn’t taken the next step in his career; that much is obvious.
      Competition is the logical step for the team. May the best man win.

      My money is still on Ifedi for week 1; but I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Fant earns the job by mid season.

    • Aaron

      Doesn’t hurt to have competition at that spot given Ifedi’s up and down play. Fant is most likely going to be our swing tackle anyways. I don’t see him unseating Ifedi mostly because the Hawks have sunk too much cost in Ifedi and feel they need to use him as a starter. Honestly, I still hope we can pull off a trade for a viable RT and not a wet towel. La’el Collins anyone?

    • Logan Lynch

      Well, since you asked so nicely…

      Open competition is good. That being said, I agree with icb12 above that Ifedi will still be the week 1 starter. Fant still has very little experience, and basically zero as RT. His rookie performance and also his play this preseason hasn’t really proven anything besides the fact that he’s very raw with a good physical profile. Let’s face it, we don’t know if he’s any good yet let alone better than Ifedi. I like the idea of giving him a shot with Duane Brown entrenched at LT. By the time his contract is done, Fant will be going into his age 30 season with limited LT experience, so I doubt he’s the “LT of the future” as some think.

      What I don’t like and unfortunately expect to come when Ifedi is named the week 1 starter is that “Fant never got a real chance to win the job”. I’ve already seen chatter about PC changing course on Fant because of Ifedi’s inconsistency. To my recollection, both PC and Solari said they would start Fant out at LT because that’s where he was comfortable and go from there. They never said he wouldn’t play RT at all. For all we know, this could have been the plan from the start. I’m sure the Jamarco Jones injury changed some thoughts too. And at the end of the day, who really cares why Fant is playing RT now? The fact remains that he’s over there competing with Ifedi. If Fant plays better than Ifedi, he will start. I believe that.

  39. cha

    Schefter says McKissic out 4-6 weeks with a fractured foot

    • Saxon

      Honestly, no big loss. He doesn’t have great vision as a returner, runs too East and West, and I’d rather Penny and Carson get 99% of the carries this year. If by some miracle Procise survives preseason he and Davis will provide plenty of depth.

  40. Aaron

    Looks like JD McKissic is out 4-6 with a broken bone in his foot, and people still complain that we drafted a RB in the first round…smh!

  41. Kenny Sloth

    I can turn a garbage man into a pro lineman… If he scores over 90.0 in wTEF – actual quote from OL guru Alex Gibbs

  42. Georgia Hawk

    Safeties going down all across the league…Dallas….Tampa…and still no movement on Earl. Somebody in Earl’s camp VASTLY over estimated the market at S and I honestly think the biggest problem now is that he is pot committed. There is zero other reason for him to continue to hold out and all he does is hurt future value.

    SMH…sad ending in Seattle for one of my favorite Seahawks ever.

    • Rob Staton

      All the more sad because the market is clearly telling Earl that nobody wants to trade a reasonable pick and pay him millions. So rather than stay away, come back and play one more year in Seattle. Instead he stays away, the majority of fans are not with him and people have practically forgotten about his hold out. They’ve moved on. This is one of the most ridiculous hold outs in recent memory. It’s futile.

      • Georgia Hawk

        It really is, I honestly dont understand it at this point. He gains NOTHING by staying away and can only hurt his value, both in potential contract next year and trade value. Even if the Hawks tell him to pursue a trade and give him the 2nd minimum mandate, there is nobody that will pay that AND give him the money he wants. He’s almost backing himself into a short term small money contract after this year….IF he accrues a a season.

        • Rob Staton

          And he better be ready for Dallas using their leverage to the max in the off season. They have the upper hand because Earl has already declared his wish to play for them. They’re not going to chuck $13m and a five year deal at him IMO.

          • Logan Lynch

            That’s a great point about lack of leverage for Earl, and it’s really been a big part of the problem in this whole situation I think. As soon as he told Dallas to “come get me”, he’s essentially weakened the bargaining position for both himself and SEA. Then he came out with the Player’s Tribune article which hamstrung SEA even more. Whether he means to or not, he’s really hurting his own situation with his actions.

            • FresnoHawk

              Dallas is no saint! They played games too. Hawks never said they wouldn’t make him an offer in 2019. If Dallas wants him they better come get him. Even though ET won’t get his 13 mil next year plenty of teams will be offering something. Whatever Dallas offers ET next year ET ought to know Jerry Jones will at some point in the future ask ET to take a pay cut. The best thing ET can do is fire his manager, throw the old manager under the bus, and hire someone who will repair his image & give him good advice!

  43. Rob Staton

    Attention to the community.

    If you want to talk in extremes about Germain Ifedi or just post that the sky is falling due to his presence in the team, may I recommend ‘Seahawks Twitter’.

    Otherwise, this will remain a place where we don’t overreact to pre-season games and endlessly hammer players based on a couple of bad snaps.

    We do things better on here. Better, more nuanced conversation.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Is there a player or position that piques your interest for an Earl Thomas trade? Would you flip him for a mid 2nd this year?

      • FresnoHawk

        Against San Diego we were unstoppable 1st 3 drives, if Baldwin, Locket or any other WR played slot we would have scored and the Carson fumble on the 1 yard line was not a straight up run from the 1 lots of shifting experiment type play, Pocic was not playing left guard and Madden missed his block, we deserved the turn over for experimenting. The 2nd offensive drive by Chargers we shut the #4 offense and #1 passing offense down! Griffith shut San Diego’s punt return down! Wilson to Marshall needs work but everything else including Ifedi was real good. At this point I like the fact ET is on the roster! He’s not costing us $$$ and if SuperBowl is in sight we may need him. Lots of time left to pick up back up QB, back up LB, RB’s and we have plenty of Cap space this year & next. We could even trade for a star! If we’re not getting a large haul for ET what’s the point? After rewatching game a 3rd time we would have had a couple sacks but Rivers was too good anyone else it’s a sack, but we shut Rivers down!

      • Rob Staton

        I’d be open to a player trade. I’m struggling to think who though. But ultimately I’d happily swap him for a player who might have the potential to be a role player for multiple years. Because currently Earl is, at best, going to be available for about eight games in 2018 then he’ll be a free agent.

        • FresnoHawk

          I’m open to a trade too but were both struggling because our team is much better than expected. A CB? Kind of risky since vets have Issues? DE? We’re dreaming! Back up QB? To complicated for me. Good news is we can make that trade mid season. I don’t care what anyone says this moment, today, right now. Things are looking as good ever!

        • McZ

          Okay… Earl Thomas out, Taco Charlton in?

      • icb12

        Dallas’ 3rd plus Charles Tapper would get it done for me.

        Or Dallas’ 2019 2nd.

    • Logan Lynch

      Here here. I may read “Seahawks Twitter” and other sites, but this is the only one that I actively participate in due to the thoughtful and educated discussions that happen in the comments section (not to mention the top notch content that brings us here in the first place). Well said.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ve also heard chatter about this being a fake story to drive up the asking price.

    • Georgia Hawk

      You’re much too pleasant in your admonishment, Rob

      Translation for those of us on this side of the pond: “I’m sick of your $#!t, knock it off and stop talking about Ifedi. There are better things to discuss.”


      • Rob Staton

        I think that’s the frustrating thing. There are so many better things to discuss! But Ifedi had a rough couple of snaps vs one of the better EDGE rushers in the league so let’s talk about that forever…

        • FresnoHawk

          That 1 play where Ifedi got blown back off his feet about 4 feet landing on his butt. My first thought was not Ifedi sucks. But how is that possible that a DE is that strong to launch a 300lb man that far in the air on his butt. People are underestimating how powerful the impact is between OL & DL is. It’s absolutely violent, super human strength.

          • Rob Staton

            I thought it was a bad play by Ifedi, a good play by Ingram. Stating the obvious right? But I didn’t think it was worthy of a weeks analysis.

        • AlaskaHawk

          May I suggest each writer put a dollar in the donation bucket for each blog about Ifedi or other offensive linemen? At least Rob will be able to eat steak with his family!

          Looks like a lot of the players on the injury list will be back to start the season. Including Penny and Jordan. Yeah! Do the Seahawks really need to run Carson anymore in preseason? Don’t they already know what he can do?

          • Rob Staton

            They seem to play the starters (including QB) longer than most other teams in the league. Wilson playing a half last week was frightening. Would be happy for RW to take one series with Carson then get them both off the field ASAP. Will it happen? No. Pete will have them both on the field for a half at least.

            • FresnoHawk

              It’s excruciating! I’ve been following Dallas Fans they’re the most superstitious bunch I’ve ever seen. You can’t even mention players by name if you do they will accuse you of Jinxing them! “our guy is this our guy is that” hard to figure out who their talking about? They won’t say ET’s name either. It’s nuts over there.

          • FresnoHawk

            Jordan? That’s great news. I thought Jefferson looked great at DE and at DT definitely ready to in his words “Dominate”

    • Ashish

      I see so many positive point here, we are just talking about 20% of O-Line issue compare to last year, in other words 80% is settled. Also Pete is very much on 20% issue by not granting him the spot. creating more comp and even ejecting from practice. Message is loud and clear improve or lose your spot so guys let’s have patience. Worst case we will have some other player it may or may not work but PC/J/MS are putting effort to fix it.

      I feel same for Earl, he got all the love from 12’s and team but lost it all. Lets hope for the best and look for next man up, T2

      Go Hawks!!

      • Largent80

        I guess everyone forgot how dreadful Gary Gilliam was.

  44. Rob Staton

    Let me make this clear one more time.

    I am not going to have this comments section or this community dominated by repetitive overly negative talk about Germain Ifedi. If you want to do that, it’s fine. Every other Seahawks forum is doing it. Log on to Twitter, .Net, Reddit. Follow some of the local media guys. Not here. I’ve managed this comments section very carefully for 10 years and as a consequence we have (IMO) the best community on the internet to talk Hawks. It’s vibrant, active and friendly.

    Ifedi has been discussed and it’s time to move on. I’m not going to entertain talk about him being ‘broken’. I’m not going to sit and watch a couple of people move the subject along only for the same person to then say something negative about Ifedi and drag everything back to that.

    And I expect more nuanced discussion than a player is ‘broken’. If you’re going to say that, you better come armed with a very detailed analysis as to why. I’ve watched the Chargers game twice, including studying every snap Ifedi had. He was perfectly fine until the end of the half. He had two rough snaps, Duane Brown had one. The entire starting defense also lay a huge egg at the start of the game but nobody talks about that. Just Ifedi.

    I’m not interested in repetitive negativity about one player in fricking pre-season. I want us to be better. If you don’t like that, it’s fine. Like I said, everywhere else is hammering Ifedi. I’m ready to move on. I’m sure many others are too.

    • Nick

      Hell yes, Rob. Thanks for focusing us all on what matters. This is the best sports community. Let’s keep it that way.

    • Pedestrian

      If Prosise plays healthy this year and to form like he showcased in New England, how much does that stretch the defense? Does it widen running lanes for Carson, Penny, and Wilson? If Dickson, Marshall, and Brown all play their role blocking in the run, these running lanes now have a clear path for open grass. Wilson in the play action as a dual threat and a new offensive coordinator who has all this wealth of talent he’s never had before. All these factors are setting up for some very exciting things, and hopefully our % of explosive plays shows for it. LETS GO!! Let’s SEA what this team is made of!

      • Rob Staton

        I think Prosise, Carson and Penny are all very good in the passing game. It’ll keep the defense honest and they’ll be able to switch to an empty set fairly frequently or line up two RB’s in the backfield and spread one out. Hard to defend, lots of looks and options.

  45. Bankhawk

    I’m with you on the lets-not-harp-endlessly-on-G.I. train, Rob. My memories of things like trying to get by with McQuistan at multiple positions in 2013, the growing pains êxperienced by Carp and Britt, and the muddle that was the OC position in the interegnum between the trading of Unger and the advent of Britt at the spot are plenty of balance ( for me, anyway) to ward off untoward negativity.

    I think we have a heck of an interesting season stretching out before us, when we will either shock a few people, or if not – be able to go into next off-season with some tried and têsted young talent and some enhanced draft capital and cap space to further the project. Either way, I’m trusting in PC/JS and our budding cohort of Baby Boomers to make it interesting.

    And, if that’s not enough, thêres a whole season of college action on the hôrizon too! As one who runs purple from aorta to capillary, any other Homers out thêre chomping at the bit for Washington vs. Auburn?

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s what is interesting about this season. Either the Seahawks will be competitive (and new stars will emerge from this roster) or it’ll set the table for a very intriguing 2019 off-season — with money to spend in FA for the first time in a while and a very good looking draft class.

  46. Old but Slow

    It seemed apparent that the Charger QB’s (all 3 of them) were able to scramble up the middle for big yards and no defenders close. Defensive scheme or missed assignments?

    • FresnoHawk


  47. Largent80

    Do you think that with the McKissic injury the Hawks will use FB more.?

    • Rob Staton

      I think they were likely to feature the FB even without the injury to McKissic.

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