This sounds like a Seahawks shambles

This is starting to feel like the end to 2009.

K.J. Wright, who presumably still has some decent contacts with the team (cough, Bobby Wagner) made his weekly appearance on Brock & Salk today.

You can listen to the whole thing here but I’m going to break down the highlights.

— Wright was asked who the leaders are on the team, after he suggested you need at least four. He named Wagner. He then tilted his head back and forth when Quandre Diggs’ name was mentioned, before stating, “I’ll say this, there isn’t four. Let’s be crystal clear, there isn’t four guys.” He then suggested there were only two. Geno Smith’s name was brought up and in the video (watch here), Wright rolls his eyes and shakes his head in a way that made it absolutely clear he doesn’t believe Geno is a leader. He settled on Wagner and Jarran Reed. That’s it.

— He went on to say the team are distracted. “They’re fighting their own internal battles within the building.” He was then played a clip of Pete Carroll, responding curtly to a question about whether the players are listening to his message. “What I’m hearing from Coach Carroll is he’s sick and tired of these guys. He feels like he’s preaching to them but they’re not receiving his message well. It says they don’t give a damn what he’s saying at this point.”

— Wright said Carroll has to do something to send a message. That if he’s inactive, people will react to that. “If you just continue to let this behaviour continue, oh he’s not holding these guys accountable. If I look at us on Monday Night Football and I see the same personnel out there, if I see the same plays out there… it’s not good enough.”

— Mike Salk asked how serious the situation is in Seattle and how important the last four weeks are for this era of Seahawks football. “It’s everything” replied Wright. “I know how much this means to him (Carroll) but when I look at his personnel, they don’t have his back.”

— “What’s rule #1?” Wright asked at the start of the hour. “Protect the team. Some guys have completely dropped the ball when it comes to protecting the team.” This was a clear message to Jamal Adams and the fight at the end of the 49ers game. “That’s what these guys have failed with miserably.”

— Salk criticised Jamal Adams, saying he was “way out of bounds” over his tweets, noting he didn’t apologise (instead he doubled down) and then made an excellent point about there being no public accountability. The Seahawks may have acted behind the scenes but to the fans and media, it just looks like they swept it under the carpet. Compare this to the way the Bills acted on Shaq Lawson and then allowed the story to creep into the public domain. To an outsider, the Seahawks have just brushed this off. It’s not good enough and Salk was right to point it out. His broader point was that there’s a lack of accountability. Wright called on Carroll to “lay down the law” with the players, adding, “enough is enough.” He also criticised Adams for his actions. I appreciate it’s a bit rich, given Wright’s feeble ‘apology’ after voicing concerning opinions on social media last year — but I thought I’d add it here.

— Brock Huard brought up that Mike Tomlin and Bill Belichick’s days might be numbered in Pittsburgh and New England. He asked Wright whether, after 14 years, Carroll’s messaging has run its course. “They’re not receiving it, they’re not respecting it. We bought in during our time. If these guys are not buying in, you have to do something. He’s not holding these guys accountable. You have to create some kind of shock in this building.”

— Huard also noted the Seahawks can’t run the ball. They’ve had one 100-yard rusher all season, the lowest output in Carroll’s entire tenure. In 13 games they only have five 100-yard rushing games. Spelt out on air, it’s incredible — given what they’ve invested in the running game in terms of stock and personnel. “There’s no nastiness, there’s no grittiness on the offensive line” added Wright.

So there you have it.

Players aren’t listening to the message. Players are thinking about themselves and their own interests. Players don’t give a damn what Carroll’s saying. Carroll needs to send a message and isn’t producing enough accountability. They can’t run the ball. The players don’t have Carroll’s back.

This is a mess.

Are the Seahawks seriously going to be able to get this back on track when they cut people like Diggs and Adams in the off-season? They’ve spent all this resource to endure blowout defeats, a four-game losing streak and have people as connected as K.J. Wright questioning whether the players are even listening to the coach. In fact, he’s questioning whether they even care what he says.

This isn’t sustainable. It’s been a great 14-season run but cutting a few players and a tweak here or there isn’t going to be enough. When you start talking about players tuning out the message and there being such glaring problems that totally contradict the chosen identity, what does that say?

They’ve spent a fortune in picks and salary to have the 26th best defense in the NFL per DVOA. They’ve spent two second round picks on running backs and they can’t run the ball. Players aren’t listening to the coach. They only have two leaders on the team. This is a shambles. It sounds exactly like the end of 2009.

Stumbling into an eight or nine-win season and maybe making the playoffs simply because the NFL ridiculously added a seventh seed and teams like the Packers blow games against bad opponents shouldn’t mask anything. If they win a couple of games to end the season, what difference will it make?

It’s time.

It’s time for Jody Allen and Bert Kolde to have a polite conversation in the off-season and do what is best for this team. They have a responsibility as custodians to do this, otherwise the accusations of a lack of accountability will be turned their way. We’ve all been around sport long enough that when you start hearing what we heard on the radio from people who are connected to the team, you don’t recover from this.

They need a bigger reset than a coach who is 72 with only two seasons left on his deal (career?) can oversee. They need a new voice, new messaging, new schemes, new ideas, new leadership.

They need change at the top, they need to draft a quarterback and they need to plan what the next era of Seahawks football is going to look like.

What was described on the radio today is a mess.

It comes down to this. Carroll is contracted to 2025. Based on what we heard on the radio, what are the chances this team wins a Super Bowl between now and then? I’d say no chance. Zilch. Thus, why wait? Make the change now and set yourselves on the path to actually trying to get there. Don’t squander two more years for the sake of it, potentially witnessing Carroll sour his legacy even further.

If he can’t get the players to listen, if they don’t ‘give a damn’, if they have no leadership or identity after everything they’ve done to this roster — it’s time.

It’s just time.

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  1. DC

    It’s been said before, Carroll’s message works best on young players on rookie contracts, that are hungry. Overpaid, expensive veterans don’t take his message (i.e. Bennett back in the day). This team is full of overpriced veterans. Part of Pete’s downfall is bringing in outside talent (Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham, and now Jamal Adams) and try to insert them into the culture he built and it has backfired tremendously.

    • CJ


      • Erik

        Bill Walsh had a saying that after 10 years players just tune a coach out….seems like that’s happening here sadly.

        • AlaskaHawk

          When you bring a veteran in at an over the market salary they better be real good or else all the other players become disgruntled and demand raises. Even the rookies will be looking for a big payday as soon as they can get it.

        • Simon McInnes

          It happened to Pete once in Seattle already – not just with the break up of the LOB but the loss at the same time of the key defensive line players. Michael Bennett admitted that the motivational tricks had become old hat. So Pete really should have been prepared for this (or better still, taken action to stop it happening)

  2. Rob Staton

    Also from Salk in his article:

    Do they want to be a physical, running football team? If so, use those big tight ends and don’t draft a wide receiver in the first round. Do they want to spread it out in 11 personnel and throw it? If so, don’t pay Will Dissly what you’ve paid him and draft running backs with consecutive second-round picks.

    • bmseattle

      I’m glad to see that more of the local media are finally coming to grips with the reality of the situation.
      If only they’d been reading SDB, they could have been ahead of all this.

      Rob, I know you’ve suggested retaining JS, because he should be given a shot to get the next QB of the future.
      Do you feel confident in him in other ways? For instance scouting in the trenches… cap management… identifying “dogs”… making deals/trades?

      • Rob Staton

        I think the cap management has been awful. Look at the situation with Diggs/Adams as case in point.

        But I do trust him as a talent evaluator. So I want him to stay, draft the next QB. The way they manage the cap though needs major change.

        • cha

          Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when they were making some of their cap decisions this year.

          • Brodie

            *these years

            It’s baffling. Then to hear Pete talk about their ‘cap guy’ like he’s some kind of guru because he managed to not go over, when he should have been 20% under w/o the bad deals.

            Pretty much every contract extension (apart from Nwosu) has been met by most with a resounding sigh of deflation. Ditto trade compensation for when we are buyers.

            Acquiring and keeping talent always feels like a pyrrhic victory.

            • king

              In my mind, this is what premium positions is all about. Have a scheme on both sides of the ball that is on the cutting edge. Identify the positions that are crucial to making that scheme run. Pay the big money to those positions in retaining home grown talent and incoming free agents. Hoard draft stock and continually recycle the other positions with cheap labor unless a player like CMC shows that he is the exception to rule.

              • king

                I forgot one of my cardinal rules:

                Never, ever, ever trade a ton of draft capital for a player who isn’t an established quarterback and then pay him a top of the market contract.

                Don’t double pay with your resources.

                • king

                  And yes, this was one of the ways I judged trades before the Adams trade, which is why I was one of the most vocal critics of the trade, albeit in a different forum, at the time.

          • Justaguy

            An honest assessment is necessary here. Do you honestly believe this anything from this current regime will be a part of another championship or do we just bite the bullet and move on entirely? This is a serious question and requires a conversation

    • Whit21

      I think i said that in a superchat after the cowboys game.. why dont they go double TE max protection…

      They ran a shotgun play with one RB 5 linemen vs an all out blitz look where the RB came accross the line from left to right to leak out when they had a free rusher on the right..

      Everyone saw that waldron ran SFs play where parkinson leaked out after a fake double reverse.. thats very complex play vs 11 personnel and a TE fakes blocking and runs a route.. its EASY.. compared to what waldron is trying to run. And they have the TEs to do it..

      And you didnt even want to say anything about my comment in a superchat… im sad..

  3. Sea Mode

    Nicely laid out. Agree 100%. It’s time.

  4. BK26

    Few thoughts:

    1. Does all of this frustrate Carroll enough to where he calls it quits? He has been…very irritated the last few weeks. Has also looked pretty tired for about half of the season. This sounds like such a massive problem that they might need to gut the roster and refill it with young and hungry as the only option. There is cancer that needs to be taken care of, and you are better off over fighting to get rid of it than not doing enough and letting it continue. Pete hasn’t sounded this way before.

    2. this is an embarrassment. Plain and simple. There are no leaders. How much is Bobby doing or even able to do? Reed just isn’t really that guy. They are KJ’s guys so of course they will still be talked about endearingly. But if all they know is Pete, why would the others listen to them? Same message/process, different wording. The on-field product has been a disgrace for about 1/4 of the season. It isn’t fun or enjoyable. There are players that some have actively rooted against.

    3. Is this bad enough that the higher ups are embarrassed? I can see that being the case. If your name is on something, at what point does it fall apart to where it reflects on you? Paul Allen pulled this team above water when needed. I think his sister values how much he cared for the team to do the same (definitely not as proactively as Paul, but it is bad enough that any half-competent owner has to do something).

    4. The homers are finally turning. The normal interviews are becoming too hard for Pete and it is showing. For Seattle media, to be not be 100% homeric (such as asking a question that Pete even rolls his eyes as, let alone throw something) is a big deal. For Seattle media.

    I could go on and on and will probably have more thoughts, but we are definitely on the edge to something happening. In the off chance that it doesn’t, rot happens fast. And Pete’s statue might end up being a foot or two smaller than it would have been. There needs serious change.

    As an idea, I think they seriously need to target a Spencer Rattler (I can’t have a serious discussion about what is best for the team’s future without mentioning him) and Payton Wilson both (was sold on him quickly; his effort play in and play out, woah). There are your leaders on both sides of the ball. Rattler has done it like no other quarterback in college football since Burrow, And Wilson is a tone-setter, a motivator with his play.

    • Joseph

      I’m torn between Ewers (if he declares), Daniels, and Rattler. I would love to how any one of them. But if Ewers declares I’m leaning towards him if I had to choose.

      • BK26

        I’ve just never had a player floor me like Rattler. I think he steps in and takes over leading the team. And will end up playing at a high level. I’ve said that he reminds me of Burrow in how he plays in control, works the pocket, doesn’t get flustered. I think teams will regret passing on him.

        Then I would say Daniels. Just too electric. His feet can keep him extremely dangerous while his arm and head adjust to the NFL.

        Ewers definitely has the most upside, but his shoulder injuries worry me. And there is just something about him that makes me hesitate.

        But any of those 3 and my excitement would be higher than it’s been in years.

        • Joseph

          I agree. Daniels reminds me of Lamar. Both are great athletes who are electrifying runners. Lamar is the better passer. Although scrambling too much is a bit of concern. But the talent is there.

          I like Ewers but you’re right with the shoulder injury. One thing I’m actually concerned with is his weight. He’s just below 200 lbs and you really want your QB to be above that. I love the polish and touch he has with his throws.

          I also love Rattler. He deserves 1st round consideration. The problem is he gets a bad rep because of his experience at Oklahoma. Also considering South Carolina wasn’t very good this year. But problem was South Carolina had a terrible offensive line and only 1 weapon to throw to. But what fans and the media yet to realize is that the Spencer Rattler at South Carolina is completely different than the one from Oklahoma. He has completely matured and humble himself. Ratter played in a pro style offense at South Carolina where he played in an Air raid offense at Oklahoma under Lincoln Riley. He has experience in both offenses and that should give him an upside. I could see him have a good senior bowl, combine, and pro day performance.

          In the end, these guys will succeed with the proper coaching.

          • BK26

            Bingo all around. Daniels is very reminiscent of Lamar (and I also think Lamar was a better passer, he HAD to be in college to win).

            Ewers’s size also worries me. He looks that small. And he’s enough of a bulldog to take those hits.

            Something else about Rattler: he only had one weapon, BUT KNEW HOW TO USE HIM AND FEED HIM. There are just so many things to his story and his game that for me, counters any negatives. Team was bad: he didn’t play to that level. Horrible, spoiled, entitled: then he was humbled and now he is mature and has gone through that adversity.

            Great call on the two offensive schemes. Reminds me of Hurts: learn the over-the-top Lincoln Riley offense, then learn a real NFL offense. That he was in charge of.

            Any of these guys fixes where I currently am as a Seahawks fan. Sounds like Pete might be looking for a new leader (and he has to understand that your quarterback has to be one).

            • Joseph

              We need a qb 100%. Geno isn’t the guy long term. But man we have other positions to fill. Interior o line is a concern but we should give Olu and Bradford more chances. Interior D line is an issue aside from Reed. They need better run stuffers. The LB core isn’t good. Bobby is slow and may not be back next year. Unsure about Brooks if he stays. He’s not good at pass coverage. I hope woolen gets back on track. But the safety position definitely needs to be addressed.

              I just don’t think Pete is capable at addressing those positions. I don’t think we’ll be as dominant as we were in the early 2010s with Pete. I love him as a person and will always appreciate the SB we won 10 years ago. However it’s time for him to go.

  5. cha

    Nicely laid out Rob. You’ve been a Seahawks fan and you’ve been on the front lines of clubs in England long enough to see the signs. They’ve been there for a while, and you’ve done well identifying them, but with the soft press and the uber-sunshine approach, it’s been masked. KJ just ripped that mask right off.

    • Rob Staton


    • BK26

      With KJ saying something, it has already made a difference, judging from comments that I have read. That old guard of that defense is still so highly regarded that a lot of fans will believe them over anyone else.

      People are finally believing that there is fire causing all of this smoke.

      • Justaguy

        From an honest assessment the results have been almost deterministic since the Wilson trade. Though nobody predicted that rock bottom would be reached though that’s where the trajectory is leading

  6. CJ

    I’m confused by some of this, since Pete was always touted as a player’s coach who lets them fly their freak flag. I don’t think players are tuning out Pete’s schtick, so much as tuning out how the team needs to play. NFL players aren’t generally stupid, and know what works.

    There was a scene on the sideline in the last game where DK was sitting down, helmet off but with his balaclava hiding his mouth. He was obviously frustrated, and Walker was sitting next to him. At some point, Walker makes a face and shakes his head. It’s hard to know what they were saying, but my feeling was “This shit isn’t working…”

    It reminded me of when Angry Doug ranted about us playing so poorly when we had so much talent. The players know what they have, who’s good etc. And they know if the game plan (on both sides of the ball) will work.

    I think this is what they’ve tuned out, not the rah rah Pete crap.

    • BK26

      We know that it’s happened in the past. Bennett quit listening in meetings and sat there reading books. Look at all of the old guys who butted heads on their ways out.

      A few have stayed bought in, but you can tell many are out on Pete and/or the whole situation, or just flat out are only thinking of themselves.

  7. CJ

    So, looking for advice about how to dive into watching football (soccer). What teams to pay attention to, which forums etc.

    • Rob Staton

      My advice would be… support your local team. There’s nothing better.

      And I say that as a Seahawks fan who followed this franchise because, when I lived in Vancouver, they were the local team.

      • CJ

        I live in the midwest, though and there aren’t any pro teams here.

        • Justaguy

          Just watch a world cup and you will see a style of soccer you enjoy. Fuck mang they are all on display

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I don’t know where you are in the Midwest, but there are several pro teams for MLS. Cincinnati, Columbus, Minnesota, Kansas City off the top of my head. Other than that, watch games in the European pro leagues and see if there is a team with a style of play that appeals to you. It’s how I ended up an Arsenal fan.

          • BK26

            I second local teams. I live just north of KC and they are crazy for Sporting KC.

            This is how I am with hockey: don’t know the sport and wanting to jump in. I just need to start watching games. I’m with Rob as a Seahawks and Canucks fan.

          • NotAlNorm

            Liverpool is local no matter where you live. #505Reds

  8. Matt

    KJ’s reaction to Geno told me everything…

    Here’s what I think…

    Players like Geno WAY more than RW. But, as someone who has coached for a long time; your “most liked” team leaders in no way means they are good leaders. While guys didn’t personally like RW, he demanded a level of discipline/performance that came out on the field, as a team.

    Geno and Quandre seem to have a vendetta when it comes to getting their “public respect.” Both guys strike me as a “hey I had a great game…don’t care if our team lost.” Of course, I’m speculating on this, but I’ve coached these types for a long time and the product I see, as a team, is reflective of my experience.

    • Rob Staton

      Russell also willed the team to victory on quite a few occasions, was so level-headed and upbeat on the sideline and kept a level of constant composure.

      Geno seems emotional, up and down and hearing he isn’t leading… oh dear.

  9. BobbyK

    You’re right, Rob. This seems much like the end of ’09.

    Our 33-year old $30 million QB hasn’t become a leader? Heavily paid guys like Adams, Diggs, and DK and the furthest thing from being leaders.

    Bobby Wagner is understandable. There’s nobody else of significance? Sad.

    Who is the coach/GM who has assembled such a crap team? They’re responsible for bringing in leaders.

    They say they want to run the ball and dominate the trenches but they don’t invest in a dirtbag guard or center or anyone on the OL who will kill people? You don’t need a superstar like Hutch to be that guy as we saw with Breno Giacomini. He wasn’t a Pro Bowler, but he’d destroy your soul if he could. I’m not sure how Carroll and Schnider can pretend they want to run the ball and not have been smart enough to acquire one of those types of ballers they supposedly want.

    There’s no shame in a guy like Tyler Lockett not being a leader because that’s not his thing. He’s simply a great teammate. He’s such a rare player, he’s a guy you can trust with a THIRD contract and he’s worth it. He’s a great Seahawk. One of the best players on and off the field in team history. I’m sure he’s frustrated having to play with such losers, but he’s just a great guy who we’re not going to hear anything from him.

    This frickin’ hysteria with tight ends and safety play needs to stop. Get a dirtbag on the interior OL. Get a long-term QB. Quit frickin’ trading away future assets as they’ve already done for the next two years. Please hire someone who will be smart enough to think long-term so we don’t wallow in the misery of a 8-9/9-8 type record because those teams are never close in reality. Get a QB.

    Pete has already had a pair of resets. He doesn’t deserve a third. Schneider is proving he’s a scout and not a GM. But it’s better to be lucky than good (like a couple of those early historic drafts they had).

    • BK26

      I’m going to piggy-back on your comments about no one else but Bobby as a leader.

      I listened to KJ all offseason and when he had the old guard on (Tate, KJ himself, Cliff, Kearse, Mebane, Red Bryant), they talked of leadership, guys showing them the way or making sure the right guys were around. Bane and Bryant were who most said filled that roll. They almost revered those guys and thanked them for their careers. You need leaders. This is why no matter what happens this offseason, I think bringing Leonard Williams back is a big factor.

      That is missing, that leadership. There is only Bobby. Not going to lie, I’m sure that Diggs and Adams really get in his way by being right there by him.

      • CJ

        I don’t know sports as well as many people on this forum, but I think I know people pretty well. Where I work, we make an effort when hiring to make sure the person will fit in with the current team, as well as add something special. A new skill, different experiences etc, to expand our team’s performance. We try to avoid making bad hires, since they bring down the whole group.

        It seems like the Hawks have made a whole bunch of bad hires that have damaged team chemistry. I see Spoon make a great play, and be excited and pumped. Then I see him make a routine play, and his behavior seems to mimic the showboating that Adams demonstrates weekly.

        And if there are no leaders to show the rookies the way, then this should be expected to happen. People will act immature (DK), people will get penalties (JSN), etc because they don’t have anyone guiding them. They sure don’t have position coaches that are instilling proper tackling, route running, sight adjustments etc. All the players seem to be freelancing, and it shows. How many times do we see missed tackles due to poor angles, or people not being in the right position?

        Some people just have innate leadership skills, but most need to have that developed in them. This is where coaching comes into play. Sadly, we lack that.

  10. LouCityHawk

    Thank you for the write up.

    Has me rethinking what I was seriously suggesting after week 1, cut/trade every captain. It turns out that week 1 was prophetic, this is a team that isn’t going to fight for each other, fight for the team. Other teams just want it more.

  11. BobbyK

    My biggest fear is the Seahawks win 3 of their last 4 and Mediocre Pete keeps his job so we can endure the same hell as the last couple resets.

    The Class of the NFC is the 49ers and Cowboys at the moment. We have zero chance beating either if a Super Bowl berth was on the line. A month ago the 49ers embarrassed us on national tv. Last week the score makes one think the game was closer than it was. Anyone who watched the game could tell one was infinitely superior than the other.

    I know the Cowboys game was close, but who would anyone bet on in a rematch? The Seahawks had everything to play for in that Cowboys game. The Cowboys had no reason to mark that game on their calendar. It was another NFL contest for them. If the Seahawks squeak into the playoffs and play the Cowboys… we know they won’t be taking us for granted and will come out and match the intensity and win comfortably. Probably something like 28-10.

    We clearly are not in their league so why try to get there with duct tape and more of Mediocre Pete?

    • BobbyK

      I meant 38-10. Probably 48-10 if Witherspoon can’t play.

    • Rob Staton

      My biggest fear is the Seahawks win 3 of their last 4 and Mediocre Pete keeps his job so we can endure the same hell as the last couple resets.

      I have to say, this is my fear too.

      A false dawn ending to the season, where they get some meaningless wins (in the grand scheme of things) and either still don’t make the playoffs or scrape in as a seventh seed only to have their pants pulled down by San Fran again, there’s no benefit in that. It just delays necessary change. It’s the football equivalent of having a massive cake. Tastes nice at the time, zero benefit beyond the moment of eating.

      But the way KJ spoke today I’m not sure we have to worry.

      • BobbyK

        But, Rob, the Seahawks were winning that 49ers playoff game last year 17-16 at halftime. We were “right there.” We were “so close.”

        Forget the 49ers won all 3 games vs. the Seahawks last year and ended up winning that said playoff game 41-23 (and only got to 23 because of a garbage time TD when the game was over).

      • Peter

        I would have feared that as well bit I made a comment a few weeks back about where the fall stops.

        I wasn’t being prophetic. I could generally sense an uneasiness to the team.

        The eagles have something to play for. Not sure Seattle does. Titans are apparently in no mood to hear about who should win.

        When the seahawks list week one because the other team wanted it more I had a feeling it would be a rough year.

        • Malc from PO

          That’s my biggest frustration about Monday and Rob has alluded to this a number of times: because of the seventh seed and the shocking state of the NFC, losing on Monday makes virtually no difference to the Seahawks. Eagles have to win to stay in their division race. For those reasons I expect Seattle will rest Geno another week, play a vanilla game and just take the win or loss as it comes. Try to win the last three. I’m sure NFL people will point to the seventh seed keeping more teams in meaningful games longer into the season but to me it just means you can afford to lose more games and that teams with no business being in postseason contention get to hang around like a bad smell.

  12. cha

    I made a comment the other day that PC is rolling out the same excuses for the defense as he did in 2020, when they were league-worst halfway through. See it in practice, can’t execute on Sunday, needs to communicate with the guys better, etc.

    The biggest difference is the 2020 defense gave up a ton of yards and points but always found a way to make a game-deciding stop on defense.

    -The Cam Newton goal line stuff vs NE Week 2
    -The Ryan Neal INT vs DAL Week 3
    -The 4th down run stuff vs MIN Week 5
    -Carlos Dunlap 4th down sacking Kyler Murray vs ARZ Week 11
    -Collier & Dunlap sacking Dwayne Hasking vs WAS Week 15

    KJ Wright said it himself about these moments

    All throughout the game, whether you’re playing good or playing bad, it’s all about the next play. It’s all about confidence, it’s all about executing the next play. We’re gonna correct those things throughout the game….When it comes down to whatever play is up? It’s gotta be our best play of the game. We was all confident….give the ball back to Russ and we’ll correct stuff on Monday.”

    (about 2:30 in)

    That is what is missing. They’re not confident. They’re not picking themselves up, dusting themselves off, and recommitting every single play.

    And they don’t have confidence that Geno can win the game for them like Russ could.

    It’s just not there.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think they are playing better in the first half than they did in years past. But sometime in the third quarter the Seahawks hit their wall and then they fade away. Their opponents are getting better and better through the 4th quarter. So we aren’t even seeing a close finish anymore.

      You can see that in the Cowboys and San Francisco games.

      It’s good that it is all airing on radio now. Jody Allen and other managers will start talking. It’s the trust’s loss if they let this team spiral down the toilet.

  13. JimQ

    As soon as a player realizes that he is making peanuts compared to his extremely highly paid teammates, he is inclined to under-perform just like his highly paid teammates. Pay inequality is a real thing on this team.

  14. diehard82

    DK is the biggest BAD influence. And also the most talented and most tradable player on the team. Trade him now. Sell high. His value will only go down from here. Unload his high salary. Won’t help the Cap number much in 24, but certainly will going forward. Adams is also an issue and needs to go. Diggs as well.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t be so hasty to rush Metcalf out the door.

      With the right QB and the right offensive minded Head Coach, he’s one of the few players on this roster who could be really something.

      • king

        I really do not like DK at all, but I agree that he is priceless with a coach that holds him accountable, a progressive scheme, and a real QB.

        • Peter

          King I’ll take this kind of comment all dang day.


          I like dk. But if you don’t I get it.

          But get him a qb and a coach. We already saw it with the qb part. Now let’s try both.

          • king

            We’ve never seen him in a modern scheme. Imagine what Kyle would do with him. He wouldn’t be a problem if he was being put in great spots and dominating.

            • Justaguy

              Just saying the coach in college had the kid in the right mental space. Pete is a liability now and we all know it

      • CJ

        I look at DK and wish/wonder how good he could be with good coaching and sound play-calling. But I worry that five years of bad coaching and a lack of leadership might have set in stone his poor fundamentals. Hopefully this isn’t his peak performance level. Imagine him with a coach like Shanahan or McDaniel.

    • Peter

      With respect….dk produces. Do I like the personal fouls? Nope.

      But I will always take personal fouls over bad play and disinterest.
      .dk actually wants to win. Adams, Diggs, Jones, none of them have once had a three touchdown level performance in any game this year.

      None of them are leading the team in anything.

      Unlike DK who is actually the best position player on the team.

      • CJ

        Is he the best position player? I think his ceiling is higher than any other player, but Lockett is far more consistent.

        • Peter

          Tyler lockett is an all timer with the hawks.

          He’s more consistent. By a lot.

          If DK could get closer to lockett in fundamentals he’d basically be unstoppable.

          But Lockett will be 32 at the beginning of the season and DK won’t be 27 til the middle end.

          His yards, yards per catch, and tds are better than lockett. This year and since DK got in the league. And Tyler’s been killing it.

          I think if DK played for a stern offensive mind like Payton or Reid it would be something amazing. Heck even a funny goofus like Mcdaniels.

    • Hawkster

      #13 and DK for ARZ #3

      • Peter

        If you’re going to trade DK you pretty much need to wait til trade deadline.

        I like DK but if you want a new WR why not draft one early and pay them on a rookie scale what DK makes in a year?

        Plus AZ with their qb question trades for us to get a new qb….

  15. Nick

    Let’s say they fire Pete Carroll after the season and retain John Schneider.

    Who would you like to be the Head Coach of the Seahawks? Personally, here’s a group of candidates I could get behind

    -Brian Schottenheimer
    -Eric Bieniemy
    -Ejiro Evero (defensive coordinator, Panthers)
    -Dave Canales

    Would love people’s thoughts and perspectives. It’s nice at least it appears we are beyond the “should he go” phase and into the “who replaces him” phase.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve done an article on candidates, I will wait on publishing it though.

      • Nick

        Agh!! Can’t wait. Looking forward to you guiding us through this rebuild Rob.

        Tho I have a terrible feeling Pete’s going to give it one more year and ownership is going to let him.

        • Tomas

          Two more full seasons for Pete. Jody “should” act but she doesn’t have to do a damn thing she doesn’t want to do. Easier to let things roll – hell, Pete’s a legend, still vigorous, and the Hawks are fighting for a playoff spot. What’s the problem?

          • JimQ

            If there is any truth to the 2025 sale date “potential”, I’d say there would be a strong probability that the top management team could be extended, likely multiple, “unsolicited” offers to purchase the team.
            A completely unsolicited bidding war is also a possibility as sports franchises are popular with rich folks.
            The major benefit of that happening may be that the new owners would spare no expense in improving the team to enhance their investment. Hopefully they hire good people and let them do their jobs.

    • BobbyK

      I don’t want a defensive specialist at head coach anymore. Give me and offensive mind. I would have said a hard “no” to Bieniemy a year ago, but now I’m not so sure. It’s not like Washington is an offensive juggernaut but the Chiefs didn’t have Tyreke Hill last year either. And when their offensive players (from a loser organization) complain he’s too hard on them… that’s actually someone I’d like to have coaching a guy like DK (who should be traded for future draft picks).

      • Nick

        I’m not as sold on the offensive HC strategy, but I get your drift. I wouldn’t freak out, for example, if Dan Quinn came back and became the next HC.

        I also concur on DK. It’s a win-win: w get back some early draft capital, unload a big contract, and show the team that no one is “safe” — you’re gonna have to earn your spot on this roster. Feel like for years it’s been too soft a culture inside the Seahawks locker room.

    • ErickV

      I’m definitely looking towards offensive minded coaches. Here are some I wouldn’t mind bringing in and giving a chance:

      -Ben Johnson (Lions OC)
      -Frank Smith (Dolphins OC)
      -Bobby Slowik (Texans OC)
      -Brian Johnson (Eagles OC)

      • Rob Staton

        Eagles fans are desperate to run Brian Johnson out of town.

        There are 2-3 offensive coaches people aren’t talking about enough IMO — if/when I publish my article on it, there should be some good reactions I think

        • ErickV

          Oh wow , that’s interesting to hear. It’s probably similar to how different the perception of Shane Waldron is on the outside versus how we all view him.

          • LouCityHawk

            This is the exact opposite reaction Lions fans have with Ben Johnson.

        • king

          Really excited to see this. I am still stuck on Mike McDaniel because Seattle could have gone that way. I need to move on.

    • LouCityHawk

      I’m on record as saying Ben Johnson with Detroit could be special.

      I was really liking Wes Phillips, but his recent DUI arrest in Vegas has me feeling like he is not an option.

      Brian Callahan is one I’ve been paying a lot of attention to recently.

      There are some other intriguing names out there.

      • 805Hawk

        These are all good. I also think Mike Kafka could have potential, especially when involved with bringing a rookie QB along.

    • Gross MaToast

      Bobby Slowik.

      • Justaguy

        Innovative, EQ off the charts and football IQ of the > side of the game. Thank you for this

    • Brodie

      Panthers DC? What do you see there? They’re giving up more points than anyone but WAS and aren’t a standout at anything.

      If we’re going DC, I like Brian Flores from Minnesota. They’re aggressive and much improved. Top 5 in PPG allowed, rush yards allowed. Tied for the league lead in turnovers with Cleveland…

      Flores also has some HC experience. A lot of guys who get promoted, then have to step back down to a coordinator role come back much improved on their second stint.

  16. cha

    Brady Henderson
    Dec 12
    You didn’t hear firm assurances from the Seahawks about trying to re-sign Williams this offseason, but I think there’s a reason for that — they’re keenly aware of how such comments would go over in the locker room with guys who have been here a while and are waiting to be paid.

    Another sign of trouble.

    If Brady is really tapped in, and he’s hearing things or being outright told things, that’s bad.

    This is the team that traded Russ and cut Bobby in back to back days.

    And they’re worried about a try-hard guy getting a contract when others are loafing?

    My goodness. This dam just keeps springing leaks and Pete Carroll only has so many fingers.

    • Nick

      If they sign Jordyn Brooks to a big ass contract, I will scream.

      • BobbyK

        Brooks needs a change of scenery. He’s a fine player, not anything special, but certainly not bad. But if they’re going to “drain the swamp” I think they should actually let most of these cancerous veterans be vets for other NFL teams.

        They need rookies on rookie contracts. Especially in ’24 when I don’t expect them to win the Super Bowl. But I expect them to plant those seeds for future success.

        Witherspoon is a dawg. Get rid of Adams and Diggs. A leader will emerge. Based on his play as a rookie, he’s already our best DB. Let him lead this group moving forward. Get rid of the cancers and ‘spoon can/will flourish.

      • Malc from PO

        Eminently replaceable player. Not bad, but there are plenty of ways to get the same (or better) performance for not a lot of money.

    • Rob Staton

      They should sign Williams asap and tell anyone who has an issue with it to sod off

      • cha


      • pdway


        • Justaguy

          Williams is the only other difference maker on the team not named Witherspoon. It is a tragedy that this defense has become such a bust

      • Julian


      • Ben

        Absolutely. Who the hell thinks they earned a big contract?? Pay the guy yesterday.

    • Brodie

      Who? Darrell Taylor? Mario Edwards? Phil Haynes?

      Williams is literally the only FA I strongly care about for 2024.

      Brooks, Fant or Parkinson would be nice, but hardly cause for concern if we don’t get them back.

      • Peter

        Yeah I’m counting Williams as a expensive 2nd rounder. He should be back.

        I’ll take 26/27 year old Fant with a new coach that will use him.

        Everyone else. Don’t let the door hit you and such….

  17. cha

    Geno Smith’s name was brought up and in the video (watch here), Wright rolls his eyes and shakes his head in a way that made it absolutely clear he doesn’t believe Geno is a leader.

    3y $75m contract.

    They couldn’t figure out last year when they were paying him $3.5m that he wasn’t a leader?

    • BobbyK

      Thought the exact same thing! So. Damn. Dumb.

    • Demitrov

      I’ll tell you what gets under my skin. When Geno throws a pick and you see him smirking as he leaves the field to go sulk on the bench. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence if that’s the guy whose gotta lead you back on the next drive.

    • IHeartTacoma

      This year’s lousy performance was what we expected going into last year, post-Russell.

      Instead the Seahawks were mediocre, and management got delusional about where things were headed. Among other things that led to the Smith contract.

      Would things be different now if the Seahawks had tanked last year, ditched several high priced veterans, and drafted a QB? Or would they still suck because Pete and John can’t figure out what an NFL lineman, linebacker, or safety looks like?

      At any rate, they are in a deep hole.

    • king

      And now a groin issue. ‘Geno really wanted to go.’ Donuts to dollars (because now donuts are worth more than dollars) this develops into an IR situation guaranteeing Geno’s money.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Geno got his shot and he simply wasn’t good enough.

      Lock is next one up and I think we will be tired of him by end of season.

      As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to play for the best draft spot they can get. Hopefully they won’t have to trade up for a QB.

  18. cha

    Seahawks official twitter doing a “retweet to vote for Quandre Diggs to the Pro Bowl”

    It’s not going very well.

    Embarrassing actually.

    • Brodie

      I don’t know much about twitter, but #tonedeaf

    • Hawkster

      I work for an organization where the “social” staf is clueless about the product. It gets embarassing.

    • Rob Staton

      Ridiculous of the Seahawks to put the tweet out, tag him in it, and watch him get absolutely flamed in the comments

      • cha

        Well this is the organization that felt sweeping the Yikes under the rug was a good idea.

      • BK26

        Or…are they trying to humble him and get him to act like a professional? Eh? Eh?

        Yeah I didn’t buy that either….

    • cha

      For those that don’t Twitter, the comments section winner is this gem:

      ‘eh, that’s ok. Defenders don’t tackle in the Pro Bowl game anyway, he’ll fit right in.’

      • Rob Staton

        Bravo to whoever posted that

  19. Lord Snow

    For the past 9 years over and over we heard so and so hasn’t bought in to Petespeak. Yes a lot of these players are knuckleheads but this is getting old hat. Pete needs to go. Anything short of Pete leaving – and I don’t care how he leaves at this point – this team continues the downward spiral

  20. SeaTown

    They traded a fortune for Jamal Adams. They paid Jamal Adams a fortune. They went all in on this clown as the face of the franchise. The best in the nation. Now, we are in shambles. Anyone really surprised? That one decision is a microcosm of the diysfunction we now see.

    • James Z

      So right I every way! And while I understand the reasons why JS should remain once PC exits, I just am not sure after the Adams trade and sign, unless it were 99% a Carroll call. And we’ll never know.

      • SeaTown

        I totally get why people want JS to stay. I’m also not 100% sure that JS should leave with Pete. You make a good point about not ever knowing who pushed the Adams deal and sign, but many of JS trades have been atrocious. Percy. Jimmy Graham. Sheldon Richardson. Clowney. Were these all PC, all JS, or a combo? We will never know. But those are some bad deals.

  21. Demitrov

    I was hoping you’d talk about KJRs appearance because I watched his podcast today and the man was dropping truth bombs for over an hour and touching on so many things that have been discussed here on the blog. What struck me was just how far this organization has drifted from when they first took over. Back then it was ‘always compete’, ‘next man up’, ‘believe.’ Now it’s a team of sacred cows that can’t be bumped off the roster because of how expensive they are. Like remember how many transactions occurred when Pete and John took over? They just churned through personal looking for the guys who could help them when and if you didn’t turn out, boom you were gone and the next player was up. It’s how guys like Russell and Sherman were able to find starting spots on the roster. Now, overpaid vets are keeping youngsters firmly planted on the bench no matter how shit they play just because they cost a lot and they feel they have to extract some value out of them.

    And the subject of accountability… thank God KJR brought that up. When Jamal makes that tweet, then gets spoken to by Pete, and then doubles down on it immediately after, it just sends a big fuck you to Pete Carroll. Then Jamal suits up like normal that Sunday and not a word is said but the silence speaks volumes. There is no accountability. And the lack of accountability seems pervasive. For years this team seemed just on the edge of achieving something, if they could just tackle a little bit better, if they could just clean up the penalties, if they could just run their routes a little better or tighten up the coverage. It seemed like they were little things that could be cleaned up in practice. But it’s not a collection of little things, they are symptoms of a rot that’s occurring higher up.

    It feels like something is about to snap. If they start losing badly at home on a monday and see their playoff chances snuffed out this game and the aftermath could get ugly quick.

    • Brodie

      Well said. Pete lost the plot like a fart in the wind.

      • king

        Yes and no. Pete never had the plot. He lucked into multiple Hall of Famers and a sick overall roster. He is a great exes and ohs coach at the basic level and give him one of the best rosters ever, he can win a championship, but he has never been, or wanted to be, a coach that is constantly pushing the envelope, which is his downfall.

        • Brodie

          Luck might be a bit strong. As the OP said, originally they churned the roster and you played based on merit, not tenure or pay.

          They also made opportunistic trades and acquisitions that didn’t effect draft stock. Avril, Bennett, Lynch, Zach Miller, Qandre, DJ Reed… When they started handing out 1st round picks in trades like they were candy, extending guys at over market rate and building back to front things got ugly.

          For the most part you’re right though. There isn’t a huge lack of talent on the team. For all of their roster and cap blunders there are still plenty of good players. Certainly a better ‘paper’ roster than the Rams and yet we’ve lost to them twice in different ways. Neither less embarrassing than the other.

          • Brodie

            Posted too soon… Good isn’t enough with Pete though. We need great to HOF talent and we’re a long ways away from that.

        • TatupuTime

          I think its pretty revisionist history to say Pete lucked into a good team and just coasted them into a championship. He inherited a truly shit team and identified players that fit the mold he was looking for.

          He didn’t luck into Sherman and Browner. He had a vision for how he wanted his CBs to look and play. Same thing with taking a too big to play safety Kam. A too small to play MLB Wagner. He moved Red Bryant to play left defensive end. He traded peanuts for Chris Clemons to play Leo. He had a vision for his defense and for awhile his D got copied and was all the rage in the NFL.

          On offense he got an underperforming Marshawn for very little and let him do his thing in a way very few NFL teams would have let him do his thing. They were one of the first teams to embrace the read option in the NFL because it worked perfectly for Russ and Marshawn. They also adapted the offense to fit Russ’ strengths.

          I think Pete came into the NFL with a plot. He’s not just some bumbling idiot that walked onto an already good team.

          He’s lost the team and lost the plot. He hasn’t adapted. But I don’t think his early defenses or personnel were a fluke.

          • Rob Staton

            Pete did a remarkable job from 2010-2014

            Building the team, developing the team, changing the league to the point that everyone was trying to copy Seattle

            It was one of the all time historic jobs

            But those days are over 10 years ago and it’s time for a new era.

            Both of these things should be recognised by fans

            • Big Mike

              Both of these things should be recognised by fans


          • Peter

            This is such a great post. And emblematic of where Pete and the franchise is. The longer he stays and certainly the longer he stays with 8-9, 9-8 records and one and done playoffs ( if we even get there) ….fans will increasingly forget the great things he did and start questioning all of it.

    • CJ

      Remember Baldwin’s motto about someone always trying to replace you? Man, you get signed by the Hawks, and you’ve got a ticket for life.

  22. Dubb

    Watching Will Levis on Monday and wondering what could have been. I know it’s early, but he was a blog darling last year. Interviews didn’t go well (and some muscular selfies); but Tennessee may have found their QB. The Geno leadership would be an issue.

    • IHeartTacoma

      I like Levis, but he needs to dial back the tough guy stuff before he gets hurt.

      • Hand of God

        Vrabel actually brought this up during the post March interview, how he needs to learn how to slide. He will learn that, but that contagious attitude is what allowed the team to come back from an impossible situation. Still he is just a rookie… it he is promising

  23. JimQ

    I was very upset by this headline.

    Then I read it was the B/U QB entering the transfer portal. —->But maybe Ewers won’t enter it know?

    • DJ 1/2 way

      This is big news for those on this blog. With Ewers backup leaving, I think that confirms that Ewers is Returning. It is still possible that Ewers declares and Arch Manning has been promised the starting role so he does not transfer, but that seems less likely.

      • Peter

        Agree with Rob. If Ewers wins the natty he’s going pro. If he doesn’t there will be unfinished business for him.

  24. samprassultanofswat

    K.J. Wright also thought the Geno Smith would be the QB next time. Why? If next years veteran QB is just a bridge why go with the high priced Geno Smith. Why not save 20-25mil in cap space and go with Drew Lock. Or another veteran.

    Here is a thought. Is Jake Browning going to be a free agent after this season. So far he has looked fantastic. Why not bring the former Washington Husky back to Seattle? His numbers are off the charts. In his last two starts he has thrown for over 600 yards. With a completion percentage of 86% against the Colts and 75% against Jacksonville. His QB rating against the Colts was 122.7.

    • BobbyK

      Geno at $35 million or so to be a “bridge” next year would be so John Schneider/Pete Carroll. The stupidy oozes from their souls. People whined about Russ making that but now it’s okay to give it to a career bum? Heck, do what the Colts did… draft a kid and get him the experience. Didn’t work for Indy but at least the plan and reasoning was long-term thinking.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’ve wondered sometimes if Pete wasn’t subconsciously thinking he would retire and screwing over the next coach. It’s not just the out of control contracts he’s approved, it’s also the loss of future picks, and the reworking of existing contracts to make the back end more expensive. Taken in total it is screwing over the future of the Seahawks.

        • BobbyK

          That’s the only thing he’s done well lately! Screwing us over.

          • Jabroni-DC

            Pete won’t leave until the ship is on fire & sinking with no visible means of recovery. We’ll be low on talent, short of future draft picks & in cap hell (wait a minute). Then & only then will he bail for a college gig.

  25. Mr Magic

    How the hell did Will Levis fall to round 2? Cause he eats bananas peel on and puts mayo in his coffee?

    Makes ZERO sense why he dropped that far.

    • Peter

      I like Dan Patrick but he’s still going on and on about will levis and the curious case of a guy who lifts weights.

    • bmseattle

      the only thing I’ve heard is that he interviewed poorly.
      But even that is rumor.

      It’s very frustrating, because we could have had him for very little investment, really.
      I guess if we get Rattler or Ewers without having to trade multiple 1st rounders, then we’ll just wait and see who ends up being the better pick.
      I’ll always wish we’d taken a shot on Levis, though.

  26. Sten

    Wonder what the equivalent is to a Matt Flynn type contract in the modern NFL. Like 10-20 million per year? Browning is like a carbon copy of Flynn, doing well in relief of an all-pro QB.

    • Peter

      Nailed it. Just was thinking that.

    • BK26


      Problem with a lot of teams: thinking the college star can save the pro team. In reality, they are even worse off if they are on the fence to begin with (which Browning is, very mediocre profile).

  27. geoff u

    This team is a mess. I really think Pete’s just too old for this shit, but he enjoys it too much to hang it up. Although it seems like he’s not so much enjoying it anymore.

    All the cancers need to be cut from the locker room and it should start immediately. I don’t know who they all are, but you can start with the two safeties.

    • king

      Pete is not having a good time. He is trying to prove a point He wants his life to mean something.

  28. Mr Magic

    After reading this I see no reason to move on from PC now. You are going to trust Jody Allen and Co to pick the best young coach in football? From who? Who advises them to that. What coach who is a prodigy agrees knowing the team is sold in a year? We will end up with another Mora Jr type. Sorry folks we are stuck with PC and its for the better at this time given the position the franchise is in!!!

    Smarter move is for JA to sit him down and say “Pete take a flame thrower to it this offseason. lay down the hammer, cut everyone. All the cancers, the divas and the good ones, Lockette , sorry mate, too big a $.

    PC schtick always went with the youth, not the elders. even the LOB lost it with his ‘message’. remember ETs finger to end it? SHerm lost it years before that. They all do. So tell PC to get super young, go all in with ‘your message’ and when they sell the team they have a young core and can get that proper coach that will move em to the next level.

    Sucks but its a 2-3yr game now as a fan. Gotta be patient. Making a dumb move like firing PC and bringing in a half a star as a coach would be even worse…

    • Rob Staton

      No, I’m going to trust John Schneider to do it. And he might be the man doing it anyway under new owners.

      • Mr Magic

        I definitely trust JS, however I dont believe you can get a true great new coach in this situation, I doubt JA will even extend a LT deal to a coach knowing team is going to sell, why limit the new owners options? If you are that coach are you willing to take that risk? Especially if you are an ‘it’ coach that we need? I just dont see it.

        Let PC finish his contract and blow it all up at same time with rebuild around youth. New owner comes in, roster looks great, PC moves on and the IT coach commeth…

        • Rob Staton

          Why can’t you get a great coach, though?

          If Jed York can find a great coach, John Schneider can.

          If Les Snead can find a great coach, John Schneider can.

          • Mr Magic

            Because SF nor LA were in ownership transitions. New owners may want the organization totally open so they can do what they want. a selling owner is unlikely to sign a first time newbee coach with a deal coming within the year. Its obviously possible but I think highly unlikely.

            Also if you are that ‘it’ coach yow will have offers from 2-3 other teams that will have mores table ownerships in place that could sway you in their direction over ours, especially given the roster turnover that is likely to occur and we don’t have a QB of the future either.

            Im not saying we should not be trying to do these things, Im saying the outcome will not be what we want. I think we wont get the proper coach and that is assuming JA even wants to move on which I doubt she does going into a sale.

            • Rob Staton

              It doesn’t matter if they’re in owner transition or not.

              John Schneider is capable of picking a good Head Coach. It’d be his call, not anyone else’s.

              And the Seahawks as an organisation are very attractive, with a lot of good pieces to work with. You’re hardly going to take on the Panthers or the Commanders or whatever instead because, ‘this team might get sold in a few years’.

              I think sometimes people try too hard to think of the worst case scenario.

        • BK26

          No matter what, getting a new coach IS the right decision. It is time. With this thinking, we wouldn’t have even ended up with Pete to begin with.

          Eagles look fine to me….

          • Peter

            Exactly. We got almost ran Pete and he turned it around. 14 years is too long.

            People worried about how it always be worse…I mean don’t hire Rivera, Bowles, del Rio.

            You are not limited to guys who have coached and failed. You can hire anyone you want. Sometimes coaches need a new spot Reid, per example, though I wouldn’t call him a failure at Philly.

            Other times you need to use your mind and think creatively.

            • BK26

              (Disclaimer: at the time I was a Bucs fan. Fell for the change in color scheme).

              Look at the Buccaneers when they finally let Dungy go. That little tweak and injection of offense led to a Super Bowl. A dominant Super Bowl.

              Sometimes it can be something small like a different perspective added.

    • Bob Stevenson

      Waiting 2-3 seasons for the hope of better weather is a waste of athletes talents while in their prime or progressing into better players. Squandering time doesn’t improve this situation, it just continues to drag it out.

      Players aren’t buying in because the system doesn’t work, they are watching their efforts go towards no improvement. Why buy into a known, old, poorly managed and led system? How does buying into a busted system improve the team or the player? It doesn’t, it creates “yes” people who double down on the status quo and say “just give it a little more time”. The team has been treading water hoping next season when “X” player is healthy everything will be roses.

  29. Joseph

    I strongly feel the disconnect between Pete and the players is not just because they’re losing, the players are not put in the best position to win on both sides of the ball. At the same time, aside from bad coaching, do we really have a lot of talented players on either side of the ball?

    Positions I feel lack talent:
    Maybe the O-Line Cross hasn’t taken that next step Lucas long term is concerning. Would like to see me Bradford and Olu given a chance.
    D-Line as Reed and Mafe are the only bright ones
    LB definitely lacks that as Wagner is slowing down and brooks is still bad in pass coverage
    Secondary: Witherspoon and brown are the only 2. Woolen has completely regressed. Diggs isn’t what he use to be and Adams is just awful. Love I’m not too crazy about.

    What do you guys think?

    • Cj

      Talent or blue-chip players. I think we have one potential blue chip player (Spoon), a stunted blue chip in DK, and the rest are just good to average players, with a few bad safeties in the mix.

      I think our TEs are fine, we just don’t use them well. Our tackles are good if they can stay on the field, but our starting IOL is trash. Agree with you about Olu, I wish we’d see more of him.

      D-line needs a massive infusion of talent, Nwosu, Mafe and Williams are what I’d build around. Reed too. But here’s where a blue-chip player can have the most impact.

      LB? Who cares, as long as they aren’t overpaid and slow. Just need average performance at a reasonable cost. Put that money into the lines.

      Our cornerbacks seem fine, Riq just needs to get over his sophomore slump. I think that he’s pushing too hard knowing that the safeties don’t have his back.

      I’d like a cheaper place kicker to round things out.

  30. Brodie

    Per KJ’s plan, here is my starting defense for MNF

    CB: Tre Brown & Mike Jackson
    NB: Spoon
    FS: Coby Bryant
    SS: Love
    ILB: Wags & Brooks
    OLB: Mafe & Hall
    DE: Williams & Jones
    NT: Reed

    Riding Pine (as much as possible): Jamal, Qandre, Reek, Taylor, Clark

    Passing downs, bring Bobby off.

    • HOUSE

      I personally like it. Rotate Devin Bush in occasionally (see if he’s worth trying to bring back with Bobby’s career dwindling down)…

      – The hell with Adams/Diggs. Protect those idiots from themselves and hurting us more.
      – Riq has been extremely disappointing, I know he had offseason surgery and he just seems to be so much more grabby than he was last year. I don’t get it.
      – Taylor has diminished and I have no idea why Clark is even on the team still

  31. jed

    I feel like responding to what KJ said by posting “the worst person you know made a great point” meme.

    It’s definitely time for Pete to go. It’s also time for a lot of players to go. We need zero old players that have been part of Pete’s culture and have checked out. What’s to say they won’t immediately check out for the new coach. It’s time to churn a roster.

    Sucks that has to happen because people are losing jobs and have to move families and all the humanity that goes along with it. But it has to happen if the goal is to win a Super Bowl.

  32. Jabroni-DC

    At the very least Adams should be inactive for the rest of this season including practice. Make sure that he can’t get injured during any team activity. Or better yet, show some backbone & cut him now.

  33. VanHawk

    I remember going on a Jets blog the day of the Jamal trade and there was one poster who was laughing his head off at the trade and saying good luck we had no idea of what a headache we were really getting.

  34. Andy J

    Just watch. I don’t even know how we can be expected to beat the Titans or the Steelers, much less the Eagles. Heck, we probably lose to the Cardinals too. That happens and honestly I don’t know how it isn’t Bye Bye Pete. This ain’t it.

    I bet/hope DK Metcalf is traded (for gold). Geno, Diggs, and Adams gone. Tyler Lockett too, even though I shake my head why he wasn’t mentioned as a leader (maybe for production reasons?).

    • Robert

      I hope Tyler stays. He deserves to retire a seahawk. He is a pros pro.

      • Julian

        Would you pay $27 million for him next year? Lots of people on here are thinking he’ll retire at the end of the season, which I hope he does, then he will retire a Seahawk. I can’t see the value of keeping him on $27 million. A post June cut will release $17 million for use elsewhere.

        I’m not in the Trade DK camp, you need his explosiveness and speed to keep the opponents secondary deep. We’d have to aquire an alternative through Free Agency or the Draft, before I’d be in the Trade DK camp.

        • Peter

          I hear you on paying Lockett a ton of money…..where have I seen this before….?

          Oh, right the same management that had to fire Bobby and will probably have to fire Quandre because they don’t know building contracts where the players get very expensive at the same time they cross into ‘old’ territory is bad practice.

  35. HOUSE


    Your words are one of the few exceptions to the rule I’m about to mention…

    Stuff goes stale…Pete is a legend and he’s done some amazing things for Seattle, but he’s past his expiration date. We are beyond little tweaks here and there to “re-tool” this team. We have all talked about “culture” in the past few weeks and KJ’s words ring so true regarding a crappy culture in the building and that a change needs to be made.

    I am personally HUGE on accountability and while I have so much respect for Pete, he is more about positive vibes than sticking a butt in an ass. A meeting with a DRASTIC ultimatum needs to happen… Play Seahawks football or prepare to have your bags packed at the end of the year. We are stuck in a lull of complacency and mediocrity.

    If Pete does stick around (I’m guessing he isn’t leaving just yet”, he needs to make a statement and re-gain respect in the locker room.

    Drastic Changes needed…
    – Cut Jamal Adams: he provides ZERO positive production
    – Cut Quandrae Diggs: damn-near identical answer to Adams
    – Geno cut/restructure or outright divorce: he just isn’t the answer
    – Cut the extra dead weight: If you aren’t contributing, go somewhere else.
    – Re-sign Leonard Williams; the trade is only decent IF he returns.
    – DK Metcalf: Get his ass in check… When Shanahan can scheme getting under his skin, that is a REAL problem
    – Fire Waldon: JS needs to be involved in the decision-making. potentially an OC that becomes successor to PC
    – Fire Clint Hurtt: Another Pete Carroll “Yes man” experience is over…
    – Round out the roster with YOUNG/HUNGRY talent… We already are missing a 2nd rd pick, so finding diamonds in the rough is what brought us up before

    • Gritty Hawk

      Sorry but I have to disagree with this sentiment that Shanahan was actually successful in “scheming to get DK mad”. He was fine the entire game. He wasn’t penalized for anything until the game was over and he was on the receiving end of a cheap shot. His frustration mounted because he saw basically no targets for 3 quarters and the team was clobbered by their biggest rival for the 5th straight game. None of that altercation had anything to do with Shanahan.

  36. Dubb

    I don’t understand the trade DK sentiment. He’s the best player on the team that is lacking in talent. He’s the fastest player in the league (at 6’ 4 235lbs). I realize he gets some personal foul penalties, but it’s when the team is losing and he’s not getting touches. I don’t remember a personal foul when the team was winning. So, win some games!!!
    You need guys on the team that care about winning games.

    Did everyone see JSN get pissed at losing? I think he got a personal foul, too. Let’s trade all the guys passionate about winning, and replace the with less talented, but polite good guys. (Sarcasm)

    • Mick

      I remember the TD DK scored against the Jaguars, with Geno throwing him the ball and Shaq Griffin failing to stop him. I recall how delighted Metcalf was about that play and how he wished for more of those. If you’re a solid OC, play on his strengths, keep him happy, get him the 1-2 TD each game he is more than able to provide and the only flags he’s gonna get are for excessive celebration. DK is a guy who takes things personally and I wouldn’t want to face him if we decided to trade him.

      Aha and here is that TD

    • Rokas

      Absolutely i am with you. We moan about lacking blue chip players, and want to trade DK. One of the few which can be that in a bit better scheme. Imagine Locket retires which is not beyond the realms of possibility, so we are left with two 4.60 and worse guys in JSM and Bobo. I like them, but not as WR1and WR2.

  37. 509 Chris

    Everybody saying trade DK is gonna be really upset when he gets tired of not being used and forces his way out. When he catches 15 tds and well north of a thousand yards in KC red we’re gonna be criticizing whatever player we took in the high 20s with that pick.

    • Rokas

      You are saying, that Titans are regretting shipping AJ Brown?

      • Big Mike

        Jalen Hurts just called. He likes your post.

      • Ben

        Are the Vikings pissed they traded Diggs?

        If you are afraid to draft, sure don’t do it. If you are bad at drafting, don’t do it. But if you can get value, I don’t have a problem with running some pedestrians out there at WR. Hawks have done it before.

        If Pete is moving on, and we bring in a new coach and scheme, sure I have less in interest in trading him.

        DK is gonna want a new contract at the end of next year. I’d miss his fire, but teams are laughing at the dude. They aren’t scared of him. Maybe they would be in a new scheme with a new QB. But right now, it’s a little embarrassing. He’s definitely in a different class than the loafs on defense, but that’s why he has plus 1st rd trade value as opposed to being a cut candidate.

        I do think he keeps getting better. He’s not a YAC monster, he’s high-pointed the ball about twice in his career, but he’s definitely improving his routes and he’s still a massive deep threat. If he can keep focusing on running past dudes not through them that’ll help.

        • Peter

          If you trade DK for Odunze and you recoup some savings that seems fair.

          Has DK expressed he wants to leave like Diggs did?

          Dk to KC for a 1st, fifth, and 6th? Do a switcheroo for new WR….might work.

          I’m a little against the pedestrians comment. We could do that with a top running back, a magic making qb, and an all time defense.

          This team is basically in the inverse of that.

          • Ben

            DK obviously hasn’t. If he’s happy and motivated, probably doesn’t need to happen. One to one, sure Odunze being good would be the clean, but I’d hope in this scenario that swapping a new WR 1 for 1 is not the 1A plan. Seems like a good way to get burned forcing a pick.

            If we are going to be an actual run first team, we have the running backs to do it. If we draft a QB, we’re hoping for at least a little magic. And the pedestrian comment is a little facetious as it is, since JSN is a first rounder. But to be fair to your comment, Russ was in a different stage when he had the real pedestrian crew, considering Rookie/Superbowl Russ had Rice, Baldwin, Tate, Kearse, Harvin, and Miller at different points. Trading DK would undoubtedly hit the offense.

            • AlaskaHawk

              I like JSN, but in retrospect the Seahawks needed Levis more than they needed JSN. There are similar players to JSN in later rounds, even players like Bobo that aren’t picked at all. It’s just that someone can’t identify those receivers.

              • Peter

                Could of had Levis and JSN for the cost of Hall plus mike Morris. Maybe Hall plus Cam young.

  38. Graeme

    They need a new Pete. Somehow who isn’t emotionally tied to things like Geno’s comeback story or mentoring Adams into a decent human being. Or Bobby Wagner’s legacy. They need someone to be as aggressive as Pete was when he and John turned over the roster in their first year. I think it’s admirable the Pete cares so much about his guys, but it doesn’t translate to progress. Instead it means overpaying for Dissly and Diggs. It means doubling down on Adams. It means believing Geno is something he’s not. And they’ve not been shy about admitting how they see and do things differently. But those methods have led to a brutal cap situation and allocating resources to de-valued positions. It feels weird to say this, but I’d kind of like a leadership that’s more invested in “The Seahawks” than the players’ stories.

  39. ukalex6674

    Lose the dressing room in any team sport you’re done.

  40. kerry

    The team needs an owner. Does anyone want Jodie to sit on the team?

    • Brodie

      I don’t think we can make a call on Jodie one way or another. If she’s giving the resources (money for contracts etc.) and putting the right people in charge, I have no issues with a hands off owner.

      People say ‘be careful what you wish for’ as it relates to Pete. It could very well be that the phrase will be used with an ownership change. If we get a Snyder, Spanos or Tepper, that will only make things worse.

      Right now Jodie is the least of our problems IMO.

  41. McZ

    It was time in 2021, 2022 at latest.

    Now, you have a situation where you can fire some players, but when you do it in addition to having a new headcoach, it actually strengthens the players argument. It won’t work.

    We need to start over. Keep everyone halfway decent (Nwosu comes to mind) and the rookies. Let Wagner walk into the sunshine. Trade Lockett and Metcalf for some picks. Outright fire the rest.

    Maybe wait a season, bring in lots of young guys incl. a late round QB, let the cap turmoil blow out and get a high draft position. Perhaps such a team would even overperform and end PCs career gracefully, who knows. Then start a proper rebuild with a new headcoach drafting a new QBotF.

    Those who are selling the idea, that we need to keep Metcalf as a bluechip player… that ship has sailed.

    • Rob Staton

      That ship hasn’t sailed

      • McZ

        To be more precise… I’m not saying Metcalf isn’t a bluechip player. But I fear he won’t be for us any longer.

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe not under this regime but that’s the point, get someone in who can make him a force consistently

    • Rokas

      Lockett is absolutely untradeable due to his contract, not to mention that it would not bring any return worth talking about, not to mention that he has been a perfect Seahawk for all his career, and is still very productive, and well respected in the locker room. You wanna take a 5th rounder and eat some of his hefty salary, which we probably can’t afford in the first place? What is the point?

      • Peter

        I never understand this when people talk about lockett.

        I feel like it’s 20, 30, 50% he retires after this year regardless if we lose out or win the superbowl. He’s been a model player and a team legend.

        And the practicalities of who would trade him…

        I’m going to say this about DK from here til the end of time. Trade deadline is/was the time to trade him. There’s few organizations that would give you a second rounder or better before the draft for him…we are one and those kind of trades have brought us here.

        I get people’s general tear it down vibe.

        I feel like the play is find a coach who is going to use the players we have. Not look at all the weapons and go…nah, don’t need that. That’s go to the draft with tons of holes, no weapons, and start from there.

      • McZ

        The point is offloading everything that is not a major part of the future, plus minimizing cap impact in 2025, when we start over.

        Let’s get rid of this abomination of a “boulevard of broken dreams” roster. No more creative crap-shooting at never-wheres and has-beens. You also cannot impose a new scheme on a roster full of “elder stakeholders”. You’ll have to break things up, massively and inevitably.

        So, what you argue might be all true and well. And I like Lockett as much as any fan.

        But I no longer buy into such locker room arguments. He is a team captain, but according to KJ, he is also not a leader. This is more than disturbing, tbh. I read it, that he has made his fortune, cherishes the job security in Seattle, while having built a second career in real estate. He seems to be content, and this is not the type of player we need.

        Giving him a shot at a ring outside of Seattle IMO outweighs any morale implications one could have.

        And, btw, Nacua was a 5th rounder.

        • Peter

          Why is it disturbing that Lockett isn’t a leader? He’s a quiet player who just gets on with things.

      • Spectator

        So, your solution is to pay TL 27 million next year? Cause if i understand correctly, that’s what his hit is going to be. Cutting saves 17 of that.

        • Peter

          I hear you but….the case against management is why are contracts constructed like this….

      • Ben

        Lockett is not untradeable due to cap hit. He would clear 7.1m in cap space if traded, and would cost the new team 15.3m to roster him. That’s good for 21st in cap hits for 2024, and after cuts and new signings, he’ll probably still be in that range. There’s plenty of value in that if he wants to play another year for a team trying to win or bring along a young QB. I imagine he could fetch anywhere from a late 3rd to a early 5th.

        I don’t disagree, he’s been a model Seahawk, the team could easily need him to help a new rookie along too. But clearing cap space and adding some draft capital is an option. If we want to realign to the trenches, it’s one lever.

        I could care less about dead cap in 2024. It’s more likely he retires this offseason or next anyways.

  42. ukalex6674

    I think we’ve got some good players. They just aren’t being used properly in schemes that would suit them.

    • Rob Staton


    • Blitzy the Clown

      On both sides of the LOS

  43. Georgia Hawk

    I’m fully 100% in the “we need a reset and new message/leadership” camp.


    This is all 100% conjecture, but from an economics perspective.

    Economically speaking, it doesn’t make sense for Allen to let Pete go this year, if she still intends to sell the team within the next 12-18 months, as is rumored. If anything, it is far more financially beneficial (for her) to keep him on through next season…if the projected timeline is true.

    Granted, all of this is highly dependent on the projected or rumored timeline for a sale of the team to be true, but…

    a 5-6 win season next year is not going to make a dent in the sale price of a 10-11 win season. Realistically, that’s the “if all goes perfect” cap to next season as we stand today.

    Listing assets and liabilities is where the real value comes in.

    If she was to clean house at the end of the year, and hire a new coach (and/or GM) on a presumably 4-5 year contract, that’s a liability the new owner is now responsible for, paying a coach they may not want or have hired themselves.

    It wont make a difference in the actual sell price, but its a huge hit in the liabilities column. These owners are ridiculously smart business people and that is absolutely something they will look when bidding on the team.

    I think we will learn a ton about JA’s intentions for the team in the next few months. If she cleans house after the season it could indicate she is plannigng on sticking around longer than expected.

    • Rob Staton

      This would all make sense if it was Allen’s money she’s spending

      It isn’t, it’s the trusts.

      When they sell the team, she doesn’t get any money. So there’s no reason not to run it like any other team until a sale is confirmed which is still years away.

      And if this was about saving every penny, they wouldn’t have signed DreMont Jones to the biggest outside FA deal in team history

    • cha

      a huge hit in the liabilities column. These owners are ridiculously smart business people and that is absolutely something they will look when bidding on the team.

      I hear this all the time, and with all due respect, that is a layman’s view of things. When you’re buying a franchise for billions, shedding $10-20m of payroll is just the cost of doing business. It’s part of the transition process, and the team spends that much restaffing their administrative positions, training facilities and other normal functions.

      -Josh Harris has bought the Commanders with 2 years left on Ron Rivera’s contract

      -Jimmy Haslam bought the Browns with 2 years left on Pat Shurmur’s contract (there might have been some residual liability from the Mangini/Crennel firings as well)

      -David Tepper bought the Panthers in July 2018. Jerry Richardson gave Rivera a 2 year extension 6 months earlier in January

      Eating some of Pete Carroll’s contract wouldn’t effect the sale timetable one little bit.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Not to mention if you’re in the market for an NFL franchise, I mean really in the market, what are your choices?

        You know of a team for sale without liabilities?

        No prospective buyer will give a flying freak about the Seahawks’ liabilities. And they won’t care if Carroll is HC or it’s some new name.

        • Peter


          People talking about buying a team like it’s deciding on a set of unique properties around Lake Washington and you can take a tour with a real estate agent to really get a good feel for the homes are missing the point of a sports team.

    • LouCityHawk

      Piggybacking on CHA’s point.

      There are rumors that the Seahawks could be the first $10B franchise sale.

      Carroll has something like $14mil left. For context that would be like buying a house for $100k and worrying about a $140 repair.

      Allen’s real motivation (beyond being a fan) is to raise the value and profile of the franchise as much as possible. Unhappy customers are the last thing she needs for that.

      • cha

        Raising the profile and fan contentment are important, but that didn’t hinder the sales of the Panthers, Browns and the ugliest of them all – the Commanders.

        Fan engagement takes a major backseat to where the real money is. The NFL is an exclusive club of 32 that has a license to print their own money. Boring games streamed on Amazon run laps around the best other sports have to offer in the US.

        The big plums are the TV network deals that have been negotiated and the stadium situation as a profit center.

        And with the Lumen contract stipulation expiring soon, that’s a perfectly ripe time for an owner to come in and get a new stadium/upgrade the stadium and generate revenue.

      • Palatypus

        The Jets have had unhappy customers for 40 years and are #7 on the Forbes list at $6.1 Billion. The Browns play in “The Factory of Sadness” at #19 and are worth $4.61 Billion.

  44. Big Mike

    A reminder folks: when Pete Carroll was hired, it was made VERY clear that he and he alone had final say/full authority over every aspect of this franchise. He still does. He is ultimately responsible for the mess this team has become. He is responsible for the tumors that are Jamal Adams, Quandre Diggs and the rest that need cut out, with Adams being the largest by far. His early vision, which was so good bringing in guys that didn’t fit the NFL mold for their positions, etc. and his early approach to cycle through players until the right combination of fit and performance was achieved has long since left the building. He should have been fired 4 or 5 years ago imo and certainly needs to go today, TODAY!! This franchise will never be at a Super Bowl challenger level again under this man because he’s let his ego run the team. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

    • Big Mike

      Oh and prediction time:
      They get beaten down pretty good by the Eagles cuz kumbaya Pete has a meeting and feels like “we’re all on the same path” which is followed by the usual performances from the usual suspects. Philly needs this win and they’ll get it.
      The trip to Tenn is a disaster, very short week on the road against a team that is playing hard. The good news is we’ll get to see what our should’ve been future QB looks like against a shit defensive backfield. Hawks lose by more than 2 TDs
      Troops rally a bit and squeak out a win vs. the stealers who are as bad as our team. Positivity reigns in Petehawk land cuz “we’re turning this thing around” after the win vs. Pitt followed by an utter embarrassment vs. the Cardinals and a season that ends at 7-10.

      Will Jody FINALLY make the move that should’ve been made some time ago?

      • Peter

        Philly I don’t think beats us down. But after our patented 6 play 4 minute offense on our first series for a TD….they take hold and never let us close. Sort of like us vs. AZ when they trotted out the junior varsity squad.

        They need it more than us. The only person who needs this game is Pete. Geno might miss every one of his incentives. And the defensive ‘leaders,’ don’t care. Am curious to see if we forget to throw DK the ball for three quarters since he set a rookie record against Philly and they employ the same CB as then.

        Titans…short week. Oh the lowly titans…amirite?…except they have one less win than us. A better defense and a better run game against our vaunted run defense ( remember when we played Carolina and they ran 15x and folks thought we were elite, no?, neither do I)….I think the gunslinger and the ghost of Hopkins take it to us.

        AZ…can’t stop running qbs. Felt like the win against them was way harder than it needed to be considering they had me in at qb and runningback.

        Pittsburg…maybe Penny shows up big in a contract year and runs for 300 yards and we think all is right in hawks land as we just need to ‘clean some things up’ while Pete is still talking about teaching the corners how to cover…..

  45. Palatypus

    Do you think Pete led off his “tell the truth Tuesday” meeting not realizing it’s Thursday?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Well you see, on weeks where they play Monday night the schedule gets pushed back a day.

      So “tell the truth Tuesday” became “wake the fuck up Wednesday”

      Or it should have been

      • Palatypus


      • AlaskaHawk

        Love it Blitzy. Maybe it’s “Where was I last night and why does my ass hurt?” Hangover Wednesday.

  46. 509 Chris

    DK unfollowed the Seahawks on instagram. Apparently he was embarrassed about the Diggs pro bowl stuff too 🤣. Seriously this is getting out of control. A few years ago Rob wrote that he was afraid Pete would stay too long, and he would hate to see the day fans are calling for his head. Sadly I think its finally come to fruition.

    • Peter

      I’m not using the big socials anymore but I long stopped following the hawks. It’s an embarrassing media outfit.

      • Palatypus

        You think someone will throw a shoe at Pete during his presser?

        • Peter

          I wish. It would certainly spice up the room when Pete is swishing the reporters.

          Tbf his recent stuff is trending into “fool me twice…can’t get fooled again,” territory.

          • Big Mike

            Well the good news is he’ll always have that “pay back” win vs. Wilson last year to hang his end of career hat on. Hell that was Super Bowl win #2 amirite Petehawk fans?

            • Peter

              My friend…..

              I’ve been thinking about that a ton lately. All that fan fare for a cheesy win against a soon to be failing team to prove exactly nothing.

              • Big Mike

                And look how it’s turning out. RW gets a competent offensive HC who can scheme to his strengths and away from his weaknesses and lo and behold, they’re winning. Not to say Russ is what he was 5 years ago cuz he’s not. And not to say the Hawks shouldn’t have traded him (tho about the lack of drafting a future QB with those picks………….). Bottom line, it was a meaningless win against a horribly coached team. But yay Pete and yay Geno!!

                • 509 Chris

                  With the numbers Russ put up during practically his entire time in Seattle I think its fair to say Pete did a great job of putting offenses on the field that Russ could operate, and to a fault he protected Russ from his short comings and weaknesses. I think the failure was the inability to hold the rest of the talent together (LOB guys) and the horrible trades, drafts, and contracts that followed.

                  Back to the same thing we’re always asking, who is more responsible for the team building decisions between Pete and John? And going forward can john acknowledge where he might be weak and help bring in a HC who is further sighted and willing to be ruthless. Belicheck comes to mind. I can’t think of a time they moved off a guy and ended up regretting it even when everyone thought they were nuts. They never over paid guys either. Not saying we have to have one of the best coaches to ever do it in order to win, but we do need someone who isnt afraid to handle the essential business part of things.

                • All I see is 12s

                  What Russ is doing in Denver this year is what Seattle always wanted him to do. His ego wouldn’t let that happen. He had to have the ego check that he had last year to lead him to play and this style.

                  • Big Mike

                    Until the 4th quarter when they expected him to pull a rabbit out of a hat which he did far more often than not.

                  • Peter

                    The old ego debate. Hey russ play conservatively while the defense runs off the tracks and all our runningbacks are injured so here’s Adrian Peterson.

          • Peter

            *shush-ing* reporters.

          • Palatypus

            …and when an Arab person throws a shoe at you and calls you a goat, it does not mean Greatest of All-Time.

  47. Seattle Murphy

    Something that rang in my ears while reading your article Rob has been the noted emphasis on acquiring high character players with grit and edge. BAMFs. Leaders! Where are they?

    The disastrous mid season trade of a 2nd and 5th rounder for a ten game rental on a DT (Williams) hasn’t gotten nearly enough scrutiny either. For a team facing such a desperate cap situation next year it made little sense, and the price was exorbitant (look what Washington got for their two pass rushers). Coupled with how the Hawks’ interior defensive line was repeatedly highlighted as a question mark and problem area during the preseason shows this weakness was a known quantity from the outset. Williams himself has played well, but how was the price and approach acceptable as a solution to a widely recognized problem area that wasn’t fixed in the offseason? We gave up 4 years of control on two potential rookie contracts for just 10 games on a player we’ll be hard-pressed to re-sign.

    I read your highlight of LB Payton Wilson this week. Would have been nice to have that 2nd rounder should he drop to day two.

    • bmseattle

      Not only will we be hard-pressed to re-sign Williams… one could argue that the trade was a bad one, even if we *do* re-sign him.
      It’s looking more and more like this team is still a couple of years away from competing (at best).
      By then, Williams will likely be a shell of his former self, if he’s even on the team anymore.

      The trade was made by a regime that foolishly thought (or desperately hoped), that we were ready to complete immediately.

      I like Williams as a player… but, unfortunately, he doesn’t fit into our long-term plans.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Williams has got to be wondering why Sweat got traded and received a nice long term contract.
      But for Williams, crickets! Or is Pete whispering in his ear? Yes, we will take care of you in the off season. Just stick around and give us 130 percent.

      • bmseattle

        Or, did Williams wisely think…”Let’s see how this season plays out before committing long-term to The Seahawks. I want to play for a team that can compete for a championship while I’m still a contributing player.”

        Really… would *you* want to re-sign with the Seahawks at this point?

  48. Denver Hawker

    I’m pretty sure it was Bill Walsh who said something about 10 years being the end for a coach – specifically mentioning the players eventually get tired of the same messaging and it loses the effect.

    You could argue rosters turnover, but core players stay, and the league talks. Pete was asked this directly and he said “ask the players” – he knows the truth.

    Whispers of Belichick and Tomlin on the hot seat becoming more audible. Unthinkable for most fans at the start of the season. Pete is no doubt camped with them as SB-winning, “defensive” coaches who appear stuck in neutral in today’s NFL. All three should be in the HoF and no shame in stepping away.

  49. cha

    LOL the Seahawks just released a youtube entitled “Inspire Change” which has clips of community involvement by the team.

    30 seconds after it posted, a comment appeared “CHANGE the head coach!”

    • Big Mike

      And I swear to God it wasn’t me (though I wish it had been).

  50. Joseph

    What he saying is 100% true. Major question: why do people keep defending Pete?

  51. DCSeattle

    Thank you for laying this out in a reasonable way. Too many “fire Pete, he sucks because he sucks and I think the Seahawks should have a blow out win every game and Pete sucks, fire Pete!” takes out there. I’ve been on board with giving Pete a chance these past few years, but this season has shown that it’s time to move on. He’s a legend, ring of honor guy for sure, but sometimes it’s just time to move on to something else.

    Hopefully fans will understand the reality of what that means. Every team looking for a head coach this season will be looking for a “young, creative offensive mind” so you may end up with the hot name or a consolation prize. You may strike gold, or good enough, or you may get a guy not suited for the role at all. Same with QB – plenty of teams will be looking to draft a franchise QB on a rookie contract. There’s no guarantee you get that guy, and there’s a very real risk of entering QB purgatory. This is NOT saying stick with Geno or Drew over taking a chance, rather pointing out the reality. The next coach/QB may not be an automatic ticket to 10 straight Super Bowl victories.

    Big changes to the roster will have to be made, and the way things are structured, there will be effects for a few years. Cutting Diggs, Adams, and Love (he’s paid too much for what he is, just a guy) saves some money but not really much. You have to clear the top of the safety room, it’s not going to open up a bunch of cash but will there really be a drop in play with say Coby Bryant and someone else? Probably not. What about those guys fans like? DreMont Jones – he’s fine but been outplayed by Reed and now Williams. Do you cut Lockett? How about the TEs? Do you spend money there again or let Fant and Parkinson walk and cut Dissly and just start over? What do you do with Brooks? Damien Lewis?

    There’s a strong young core that could excel with better coaching, but those guys are going to cost $$ pretty soon and a new regime may choose to move on from them early for draft assets rather than build around them and get a new timeline set.

    Anyway, change is needed. It’s not as simple as a new coaching staff. There will be pains. There’s talent on this roster to have things turn around relatively quickly, but it will not be easy and fans will have to be realistic about what to expect.

    • Big Mike

      Because of the cap situation, I believe it’ll be quite painful. That pain can be lessened by good drafting especially at the QB position. But as you sad, not easy.

      • Brodie

        If we cut Diggs, Mone and Dissly, then also cut Jamal and Geno (using the post June 1st designation) it looks like we’ll have:

        Dead $: ~$33M
        New Space: $63M

        Curtis said there are some other factors (guarantees that kick in on certain dates) but I don’t remember exactly what.

        We could maybe make Bryant, Love and Reed work at safety with a vet addition and/or draft pick.

        TE room, just get guys like Adam Trautman, Harrison Bryant and the guy we poached off of Philly’s PS. Parkinson and/or Dissly are welcome back for around $3M/year.

        LB room grab a couple of athletic younger guys for ~$4M like Willie Gay Jr & Isaiah Simmons & draft. Maybe let Bush get some more run and see what he can do.

        Even after signing Leonard Williams and the above, it should leave a decent chunk of cap for 2024. Hoard it and roll it over for 2025. Also, don’t structure LW with a bare minimum cap hit early on. Load it evenly, or even toward the front.

        Take your lumps next year with the cap, seeing if any of the reclimation projects pan out and getting PT for the young guys. Then in 2025, you’ve gotten rid of all the dead cap, rolled some into that year, are in year 2 of your QBOTF’s rookie deal and have all of your draft picks (hopefully more). You’ll be able to sign Cross, Lucas, Mafe, etc. a year early and lump that in with their rookie deals.

        Just some thoughts, but if you actually look at it as a multi-year approach and don’t try to chase some fleeting 2024 relevancy, you can fix the books in a year and still be a fun, young team to watch next year.

        • cha

          Cutting Geno post-June1 isn’t an option.

          His salary guarantees 5 days after the SB and the roster bonus is in March so it’d be a wash if they June1’d him.

          It’s a cut right after the SB, a reworking, or the full ride.

          • Brodie

            That’s the one. Thanks, I knew you’d mentioned something along those lines.

        • DCSeattle

          For sure a quick turn around with a lot of flexibility if in play. Just hoping the fans can handle that next year could be rough.

          • DCSeattle

            *is in play

    • Sten

      I do think that the Seahawks are seen as generally a very well run organization. We may not have draft capital, but the roster, especially if the new coach has faith in working an offense, is capable of more than 10 wins. Most of the other teams looking for coaches are poorly run with high turnover or they’ve got ownership that is self-sabotaging (Chargers.) It wouldn’t surprise me if we were up with the Steelers and Patriots in terms of top spots to coach.

      • 509 Chris

        I tend to agree with you here. There’s a lot of reasons a coach would choose Seattle.

    • jed

      Sure, there could be and most likely will be pains when moving on from Pete. You could get Mora all over again and it would be worth it to get the next Pete after the next Mora. But, you could be lucky like going from Cowher to Tomlin. Plus, you’re pretty much guaranteed pain if you stick with Pete.

      Change is always risky, but there would be no SB win without taking a pile of risks. One of which was hiring a 2 time terrible NFL coach turned college star. Jimmy Johnson is the only other college to NFL head coach that succeeded (that I remember). Pete was a huge risk at the time.

      Take a risk. Better than sticking with the current mediocre state we’re in now.

  52. Palatypus

    I heard on KJR today that there are 13 bowl games this Saturday! I will be locked into the Rocky Mountain Oyster Bowl between Florida A&M Rattlers (11-1) when they demolish Howard Bisons (6-5) with the Dark Skies defense.

    What’s everyone else watching?

  53. geoff u

    It was ridiculous to move on from Russel Wilson with no plan in place for a replacement and a 70 year old coach. The hell did they think was going to happen? Geno was going to take us to a Super Bowl? The guy who at 30 was arrested for drinking and driving 90 in a rolls Royce?

  54. Matty B.

    Pete can go and that’s fine, but…

    Why should the players, of the GM that brought them in, not be held equally as accountable?

  55. Bradley

    Cmon Rob, don’t be so naive, we’ve seen this script before, we’ll sneak into the playoffs with some decent wins and everyone will forget about everything and Pete will return and it will be great.. until this time last year 😂

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