Thoughts on Georgia vs Florida (Dante Fowler, Leonard Floyd)

Dante Fowler Jr should be a first round pick next year

Dante Fowler Jr is a terrific player with great range. He had one big sack working against a tight end off the edge — flashing by with ease thanks to a great dip and lean. He matches athleticism with hustle — a couple of times he worked off blocks through sheer determination to get the quarterback out of the pocket. He was also dropping into coverage from the linebacker spot with relative ease. We didn’t see much of him lining up inside — but he’s shown he can do that too.

He pretty much fits every scheme. He can work the edge as a pure DE, he’s loose enough to feature as a 3-4 OLB. He could even feature at outside linebacker in a 4-3 and move to the edge in nickel like we’re seeing with Bruce Irvin at the moment.

This is a great year for defensive ends and outside linebackers. Fowler is right there with the best eligible for 2015 and a sure-fire first round pick.

On the other side Leonard Floyd had absolutely no impact for Georgia. I’m still trying to work out what all the fuss is about. Florida didn’t throw much so it’s not like he could get after the quarterback. But still. The Gators ran for over 400 yards overall — the most Georgia have conceded since 1978. He’s lean and skinny and just looked lost trying to stop the run. Floyd relies totally on a speed rush to be effective and a nice get off. But when he needs to set the edge against the run or get off a block — he struggles. Tight ends were giving him a hard time in this game.

He’s eligible to declare for the 2015 draft as a sophomore because of the Larry Fitzgerald rule. For me — and I’ve said this before — he needs to come back to Georgia next year, add strength (upper & lower body) and develop beyond being a one-dimensional prospect. There are too many other, superior, defensive ends ready to pack out round one. In the top-25 projection I made earlier in the week, there were seven DE/OLB players on the list. Hey — it’s just one man’s opinion. But for me Floyd will not be among the top 5-6 players at his position if he declares.

On a more positive note, Florida senior defensive tackle Darious Cummings had a decent game and recorded a sack late on rushing the interior. He’s 6-1 and 297lbs and a player I’ll have another look at down the line. Seattle needs interior pass rush help going forward. I also thought Damian Swann had another decent performance at cornerback for Georgia. He worked well defending the run and had another productive day on special teams (including a big block on a kick return). Get him a good DB coach and he has a future.


  1. dave crockett

    Floyd isn’t a finished product, but I think he’ll be well-regarded by scouts for his potential. He definitely needs to add strength, but that’s probably the easiest thing to add. He has great length and flexibility, two very difficult to acquire traits.

    He may be well-served to stay in school, and try to get himself into the top 10-15 conversation. But I don’t think it’s outrageous that he could work find his way into the top 20 should he declare.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    #22 Wells is a 220 pound lb, runs a 4.35 / 40, tackling well and just chased down a running back from behind. Plays for Miss state. Also like Rich, a downhill running back with enough lateral quickness to change the hole he hits. Dak Prescott is having a monster game as wide receiver.

    • AlaskaHawk

      A couple more picks are Collins RB with 5.8 yards per carry, and Hunter Henry TE with 6+ third down catches from Arkansas. Also anybody on Miss State defensive line or linebackers. Richardson could be a good running back, he can catch the ball too.

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