Thoughts on the Earl Thomas ‘come get me’ comments

Merry Christmas to everyone!

In case you missed this after the Dallas game, sports media has given a lot of attention to some comments from Earl Thomas directly to the Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett:

Personally I think it’s a big fuss over nothing.

Mike Silver’s article a week ago speculated that Thomas’ time in Seattle could soon come to an end:

Thomas, who turns 29 in May, suffered a hamstring injury in a late-October victory over the Houston Texans and missed the next two games. His contract runs through the 2018 season, and sources familiar with the All-Pro safety’s mindset believe he may seek a raise that will put him at or above the $13 million annual average commanded by Chiefs counterpart Eric Berry, who signed a six-year extension in February.

The Seahawks could sign Thomas to a long-term deal, but if they balk and anticipate a potential holdout, they conceivably might look to trade him after the season.

Part of me wonders if Earl has read this piece and anticipates change. He’s a player who says what he thinks. He doesn’t hold back.

I can’t find the direct quote but I remember when he signed his current contract in 2014. He made reference to Seattle’s ability to start late round cornerbacks. He said it was possible because of ’29’.

It was bold and brash and kind of true.

Last year he tweeted he was contemplating retirement. Only last week he was getting into a minor dispute with Bobby Wagner.

Earl is unique.

This is Seahawks football in the Pete Carroll era. The drama is part of the show.

The 2014 season was dominated by talk about Marshawn Lynch’s future. They had to trade Percy Harvin. Richard Sherman was in the news every week during the last off-season with his future in question. Kam Chancellor held out in 2015.

Seattle has accumulated a collection of gritty, sometimes angry, passionate and outspoken players. This is going to happen.

Earl grew up a Cowboys fan and initiated what he believed to be a private conversation. I don’t blame him for one day wanting to play for the team he probably dreamed of playing for.

If he read Silver’s piece and feels like he might be available soon — I equally don’t fault him for thinking about what his next move might be. At the very least he’s a year away from being a free agent. One way or another something has to give in the next 12 months. Either he’s traded, he’s a free agent or Seattle re-signs him.

I don’t see this as disrespectful. Stuff like this probably happens a lot, we just don’t see it.

Personally I wouldn’t deal Thomas for anything other than a kings ransom. He’s a future Hall-of-Fame player. There are clearly other good safety’s in the NFL — there just isn’t anyone quite like Thomas.

Yes he’s 28-years-old now. The Seahawks parted with a first round pick for Jimmy Graham when he was 29. A first round pick is the bare minimum Seattle should be looking for.

For starters they’d need an opportunity to draft another defensive stud. Virginia Tech duo Tremaine Edmunds and Tim Settle are really good. Bradley Chubb, Vita Vea, Clelin Ferrell. There are others, especially in the front seven. A second rounder won’t get one of the top defensive prospects. Neither will a pick in the late 20’s. This has to be a top-25 type of deal.

Seattle stood tall over Sherman earlier this year. You would imagine they’d do the same with Thomas. They won’t give him away. Whether they’d receive an offer akin to Thomas’ value, however, is debatable. So a trade feels improbable.

But this all seems like a storm in a tea cup anyway. Thomas is just as likely to sign a new contract in Seattle, finish his career with the Seahawks and go down as one of the top players to ever play for the franchise as he is to suddenly land in Dallas.

If he signs a new contract — or simply continues to ball out for Seattle — nobody will be dwelling on a very brief conversation with Jason Garrett.

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  1. 12th chuck

    its a no issue. The way I see it, If I played in the nfl, for another team I would love to play for the Seahawks. Part of this story is media blowing it out of proportion to help tear down the Seahawks and the fan base.

    • TJ

      If I contact an employer in an effort to find a new job while already employed, I am fully within my right to do so. I have done so numerous times… even while still under contract. I’m sure most of us have. However, I wouldn’t call potential new employers, prepare my resume, or participate in job interviews while on the clock with my current employer. I don’t think that would be appropriate. Is this the same thing? I don’t know, but it feels like it. I guess it comes down to ET’s real intent. If he really means what he said while explaining himself, ok fine. The timing was bad and the optics were poor. Let’s forgive him, move on, and appreciate his greatness in Seattle. If it was the manifestation of a deeper problem, one that could create splits within the team, I would rather they trade him while his value is high. I am a big ET fan and would love to see him retire as a Seahawk, but ultimately just want to see the organization do what gives them the best opportunity to compete for championships… both now and in the future.

    • Nate

      Just wanted to say: Jason Garrett Cowboys record now officially worse than Chuck Know era ‘Hawks.

  2. Nathan_12thMan

    I’m really, really, really curious to see what Seattle does this off-season. So many potentially huge moves, from the roster being retooled to the front office being changed (Bevell, Cable, etc).

    What I found to be the most interesting out of this whole Earl mess is his comments about how he’d like to be in extension talks with SEA but isn’t and that is playing a factor into his thinking (and why he’d say something like that to the Cowboys). It seems like his mind is open to leaving cause SEA hasn’t made any indication they want him beyond his current contract.

    So far this season we have seen a lot of old players, especially ones we recently rewarded with new contracts, get hurt and bite us in the ass. Deciding to give Kam (at his age, with his play style, with our intent to sign a FA safety and draft a SS in R3) a huge extension was a mistake in general, but now with his injury, the play of McDougald and Delano on the roster, SS is a messy, expensive position. Then there’s Cliff, though he was always going to be moved/cut in ’18 due to his contract, Mike Bennett and Marshawn Lynch. All older players we invested heavily in and it bit us in the ass.

    So, is the FO holding back on (as Michael Silver said) working to pay Earl a butt ton of money? A safety who when he hits free agency would be 30 years old, a safety who not long ago commented on quitting the game?

    Again, fascinated to see if we move on from some coaches and some big name players this off-season. Graham, PRich, Sheldon, Prosise, Earl, Sherm, Wright, Avril (100% will), Kam, Rawls, etc. And of course Bevell and Cable.

    • Drew

      No reason to move on from Prosise while hes on a cheap rookie contract.

    • C-Dog

      Seattle could be waiting to get beyond this season an intention of working out an extension with Earl in 2018 like it did with Kam right before this season.

      It was pretty strong speculation by Silver on Earl. His conservation with JS could have been as simple as JS saying, “yeah, we’d love to continue getting younger on the defense, and with these injuries leaving some of these players’ future uncertain, we might have to make some really tough choices next year” and Silver just filled in the blanks.

      I’m not so sure SS is that much of a mess. If Kam can come back, great, but McDougald has been pretty solid, and Delano Hill could make a big leap next year.

      Earl is what makes it all work. Holding onto him would be huge. If they did deal him, I think it would have to be for picks, not a pick.

  3. GoHawks5151

    Amen!! I made many of the same points last post. Those saying he should be out of the ring of honor are out of there freaking minds!

  4. Smitty1547

    I’m an owner of a 29 jersey and i say no ring of honor, where is the honor is selling your team down the road during a playoff push. Should have left his ass in Dallas.

  5. cha

    Here’s the real controversy-

    Dak Prescott says he has to throw perfect balls to Dez Bryant after another tipped pick: “I think I have to throw him a better ball. Just put it right there on his face mask and don’t give him a chance to drop it, I guess.”
    6:23 PM · Dec 24, 2017

  6. Volume12

    I agree with Rob.

    This is part of who Seattle is under PC. As long as he, Carroll, is our HC, these are the types of guys he’s going to target. I don’t think he has any problem with guys speaking their mind, probably encourages it honestly. He wants unique personalities to be themselves and if certain personalities are brash and outspoken, then not speaking your mind kind of goes against everything doesn’t it?

    • Trevor

      Speaking your mind and walking into the opposing teams locker room telling them you wish you were on their team are two very different things IMO.

      • Volume12

        It’s almost like Seahawk fans are surprised when one of the members of the roster does something that goes against the grain.

        2 years ago it was ‘grrr.. Kam is a bad teammate’
        Last year it was ‘trade Sherm. All-Pro CBs grow on trees. A draft pick equals the exact same thing.
        Now, it’s Earl.

        This is the same guy who stood face to face with Lynch on the sideline, held eye contact for a good 10 seconds, said nothing, and shared a moment in the middle of a game. As Bevens said, he’s a weirdo.

        • GoHawks5151

          Trade the vets! They have all bright shame to the organization. Draft new players that will most assuredly be Hall of famers. Fire the coaches! Get a new staff because someone has to be a better coach with better and fresher ideas. Then win super bowl for many years. What’s so hard Seahawks!?

        • Trevor

          I am not surprised at all Earl did it. I just thought it was a crap move.

          Kam was a bad team mate for holding out and got nothing for it except likely costing the Hawks home field in playoffs that year.

          They should have traded Kam when he held out, Sherm this past off season and Earl this off season. The organization would be in a much better IMO with a lot less drama.

          They never won with Kam now have a guy with a career threatening injury on a big deal and cap hit.

          Sherm is now a 30yr old + CB coming off an Achilles making $13 + mil

          Earl is going into opposing teams locker rooms wanting to play for them.

          The LOB was an epic and a legendary group of unique characters. It is dead now and has been for two years. Time to bite the bullet and build around a new hungry young core that want to be Hawks.

          • vrtkolman

            Great post Trevor. I don’t mind the drama, but the Kam and Bennett extensions frankly look terrible now. It would be hard to justify giving another defensive player approaching 30 another huge contract, especially after that BS he pulled. Get younger, Earl’s trade value will never be higher.

        • Del tre

          Yeah I don’t know how to verbalize it perfectly but, with Pete Carroll team this is just isn’t a big deal, if its going on week in and week out and everyone is honest then i doubt anyone in the lockerroom is gonna care. As long as the comments aren’t divisive/infighting ie. Harvin, Earls comments last week about Bobby (in which case he was right but that is honestly being a richard cranium, just say he did his best but its clear that we are better when Bobby is completely healthy).
          Its like if there was a scale for the things that make NFL coaching staffs and front offices angry, most things that are a 7 for a more tradition coaching staff and F/O, are more like a 1 or a 2 for the Seahawks. So things like this arent a 9 where we need to trade the player ASAP, are a 3 or a 4 to us, and have tolerance for it, but repeated incidents will probably get you the boot, or at least assure you don’t get re-signed.

      • C-Dog

        To Earl’s credit, he did water it down a bit with “if you can do it, come get me.” It wasn’t “come get me.”

      • Smitty1547


        • Smitty1547

          That was to Trevor’s comment

  7. Trevor

    Rob I agree with your overall take on what the Hawks will do with Earl.

    I disagree with the part he thought it was a private conversation. No chance he is that dumb. Definitely a shot at Sea front office if he thought they leaked that story to Silver or he thought they backed Bobby in thier little dispute.

    Imagine what would happen if Man U beats Chelsea and just needs one win in their remaining game to qualify for Champions League. Then after the game their star Center Back went into the Chelsea locker room after the game and asked their manager to pay his transfer fee that summer. Do you think there would be an uproar in the Man U fan base and concern in the front office?

    I think the Hawks players already know Earl is an odd duck.

    The thought of Settle and Edmunds joining this D would be pretty exciting.

    • Rob Staton

      But here’s the thing Trevor — I suspect conversations like this happen all the time. Even in the Premier League. There just isn’t a camera back there to record it. And considering Earl was walking around with his back to the camera, I doubt he sneakily did this to send a message. I think it was a private conversation that is out there now. And to me, I’m not concerned.

  8. RWIII

    Earl’s comment: I think he was kinda kidding. However, deep down inside you know he is thinking about about life after Seattle. Earl and Bobby Wagner are Seattle”s two most important players on defense. E.T. is far and away Seattle’s most important player in the secondary. My gut feeling is that E.T. will not be in a Seattle uniform after 2018. So John Schneider will have a MAJOR decision in the off season.

    Just thought of something. Maybe E.T. could be negotiating for a long-term deal. Time will tell.

  9. RWIII

    Question of the day. What are the chances Seattle would trade both Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas?

    If Schneider traded both Sherman and Earl Thomas they would have a ton of flexibility. They could get younger and gain valuable cap space. I think Dallas might trade a 1st round pick for Earl Thomas. Knowing that E.T. would sign a long-term deal with the Cowboys. Seattle’s secondary has played suprising well without Sherman and Chancellor. Earl Thomas is a different matter. However Bradley McDougald has played extremely well.

    If Earl Thomas wants to be paid 13 million per season, 2018 no doubt will be his last season in Seattle.

    • Greg Haugsven

      They paid Chancellor $12 million a season. They could pay Earl $12-$13. I think they either extend or trade Earl this off-season. I doubt he just plays out his deal. If it’s a trade it would be before the draft. An extension would most likely happen in the summer but I’m sure it would be talked about before the draft. I just dont know if someone would give up a 3rd of Sherman?

    • GerryG

      FA former All Pro defenders get paid by teams hoping there is something left. Teams typically don’t give up much for 29-30 yr old players (regardless of pedigree) in a trade. Especially with a big salary cap #.

      There are exceptions to this , but personally I see the comp pick value being equal or greater (especially when you consider the ’18 player contribution value).

      We will see, but I don’t think they get crap for Sherman in a trade, I’d rather see Shaq/Sherm for one more year. And regarding ET you don’t just replace a HOF FS. Unless someone offers you a top 20 pick, why bother?

  10. Volume12

    Earl is talking to the ‘shoulda left him in Dallas crowd.’

    • Volume12

      Oh. Ya’ll are shocked that NFL teams are cut throat? Aren’t the same people who want this team to be blown up calling for Seattle to kick their stars to the curb?

      • Trevor

        Vol the difference is Earl is getting paid $10 million + this year to play for the Seattle Seahawks.

        As far as I know they are still handing him a check. All we are asking as fans is for him to worry about trying to make the playoffs not how to be a Cowboy. When the season is over or the Hawks stop paying him $500k + per game then I don’t care what he says or does.

        • Smitty1547

          Spot on Trevor you are all over this one and I could not agree more.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Yeah he really left plays on the field on Sunday /s

          Guys he played his ass off and led the team in tackles. He wants to make the playoffs probably worse than you do.

          It’d be fine if he was playing any differently to take exception to his choices, but he’s playing at the same level we’ve come to expect.

          The narrative just doesn’t match what actually happened

        • Troy

          It was after the game people!!… Who cares! He leaves it all out on the field every game. What that man does after isn’t and shouldn’t be concerning to any of us period. Why do people take all this as a slap in the face? Let the man decide and make his own choices in life. He’s balled out for Seattle his entire career, If he continues to do so great… If not and its else where he plays then that’s okay too. I prefer to just enjoy the game and appreciate the time we have the caliber of players we have such as ET.

  11. 12thmanderson

    What honestly gets me is. IfPCJS knew Earl wanted a raise prior to ’17 draft, which I’d assume they did. They should’ve known a price range, let alone his injury history..

    How they could draft McDumbass over Budda is BEYOND ME,. At that we were quite unsure at Nickel Corner, our special teams was already looking so-so on paper…. fast forward to today’s result.

    Yet we had the local prospect, with the Range, work ethic, and TIME to develop into the insurance of Earl and our own personal Honey Badger…. Drafted 3 safeties, when we only Needed One

    • GerryG

      Hindsight 20-20.

      You draft the DBs later because it is an historically deep DB draft. You draft the DL first because you feel he is an undervalued (due to to subpar season) talent and you can only see get game changing players at that position rarely.

      Now in retrospect? Prather wrong move.

    • Del tre

      McDougold wasn’t drafted, Hill was, so was Tedric, and honestly McDougold is probably a better SS for this team than Kam because of his coverage ability

    • Del tre

      Ooohh so early McDowell! Yes i know it sucks, but if hw comes next year we might not care, and if we never see him play thats mote a tragedy for him than any of us can imagine. I wish we could go back in time but he was basiclaly a cheap developmental but still 20 year old 6’6 DT/RE that was dominant every snap he felt mattered in college

  12. C-Dog

    I gotta be honest, I was pretty disappointed in what Earl did. Still a bit butt hurt about.

    Did I think he was intentionally trying to cause further friction with the team and possibly Bobby by doing this? No. I think it was probably done impulsively at a moment he didn’t think he was being recorded. I thought he was surprised he was answering questions about it afterwards.

    I thought it was really bad timing, and it displayed poor leadership. I still do. But maybe I’ve been naive thinking Earl has ever been a strong leader. Maybe that’s not his game.

    That said, I still love the #### out of him as a player, and an odd ball. I’ve thought of him as our freak. I’ve referred to him over the years as our Warrior Poetic for the way he waxes things in the mic, and plays with his heart. The tabby cat who is sitting on my lap as I type this is named Earl. I’ve followed this team since 1976, I’ve watched a lot of Seahawks football, there is a small hand full of players I’ve enjoyed more than Earl.

    In many ways I think the idea of trading Earl is almost as bat #### nuts as trading RW. The only way I see it feasible is if he doesn’t want to be around a pending youth movement, or his asking price is well beyond reason, and then if so, only if the team gets a king’s ransom that will land the blue chip talent necessary to fill the void.

    I think those need to be the things that need to be figured out. Is Earl going to go into JS’s office and say, “I don’t want to play here without Kam and Sherm, and I think Bobby is a #$&*?” I’m not so sure, but the one thing I’m certain of is that it’s been a really weird couple weeks.

    Frankly, it’s been a pretty weird year starting with trade rumors of Sherman in the offseason to Russell Wilson having his fourth pro bowl season in six years and some few blogger folks now willing to “entertain” the idea of trading him. This latest Earl Thomas incident is just another added piece of the 2017 mammoth sized pile of Seahawks related weirdness.

    Just. Fix. The. Run. Game.

    Merry Christmas

    Go Hawks!

    • peter

      With all the noise and BS this year it is strange to think that having one positional group fix overall could be the turning point from limping mediocrity to I’ll dare say greatness.

      For those who are thinking about any other position than RB early on I posit this:

      1. Greater time of position on offense allows the defense to rest.

      2. Love some Russel Wilson and if he’s mot he MVP (or Gurley ) and it goes to Brady than you are a corny Journalist sentimentalist……but….I’d love to see Russ not be 85% or whatever of the offense and have those games where he just loads up on ridiculous turnovers because he’s pressing.

      I could make this list all day.

      There are a few defensive players that have come to attention and by few I mean two, Edmunds and Evans because Seattle’s Lb corp sucks when either or both Wagner and Wright are out. It’s actually not sucky it’s a liability.

      • C-Dog

        There’s some pretty promising looking LBs and edge talent coming up, and we know the depth of RB. Seattle could simply do a little trading back and then moving up if needed to find solid talent at both spots.

        Shaquill Griffin, and Naz Jones were both R3 picks last year, and look like solid starters. If Griffin was taken late R1, and Jones was taken late R2, would anyone be complaining about those picks? I kinda think the hype for them would probably be greater because of their draft positions.

        I guess my point is that Seattle can find RB and still find ways to continue adding young talent on the D without cutting and trading away all the LOB.

        On different blogs I’ve seen it suggested, especially after the Rams game, that Seattle blows the whole thing up. Just crazy talk from folks who should know better, IMO. One of the many things I appreciate this Site and especially Rob, is keeping a level head.

  13. Greg Haugsven

    For what its worth, the Ravens signed Eric Weddle to a 4 year $26 million deal 2 years ago and he is still ballin. No reason they couldn’t sign Earl to a 3 year $36 million extension. This would take him to age 32.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Weddle was 31 when he signed it.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Was his salary guaranteed if he was injured? Is that standard for aging superstars?

        • Greg Haugsven

          I dont believe so. He had two years guaranteed and his signing bonus.

  14. Sea Mode

    Merry Christmas again, everybody!

    Did y’all see this?


    1 win away from another 10 win season! The fans that have turned on players and coaches. You should be ashamed of yourself. This team has overcome Tons of adversity and shown incredible resolve. There are teams out there that haven’t had a winning season in years. Be grateful.

    4:24 PM – 24 Dec 2017

    Hard to disagree with that.

    • C-Dog

      Good for Sherman.

  15. Sea Mode

    Hmmmm, guess the eye-test betrayed me. I thought both Brown and Joeckel seemed not to have played very well. From FieldGulls:

    After a terrible game against the Rams, Luke Joeckel allowed just two QB hurries and was highly efficient in the run game; the Seahawks gained 5.6 Y/C on five rush attempts through the B gap between the left tackle and left guard. A good sign for the Duane Brown-Joeckel combo for Week 17 and potentially beyond, even though Brown is drawing a lot of criticism on Twitter on Monday.


    LB K.J. Wright, 85.9 overall grade

    G Luke Joeckel, 82.1 overall grade

    Edge Frank Clark, 82.1 overall grade

    RB Mike Davis, 80.1 overall grade

    LB Bobby Wagner, 79.2 overall grade

    • Trevor

      I thought so too. I have no idea how they do their grades.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been saying it for a while, but I think it’s true. I think this team digs Luke Joekel A LOT more than much of the fanbase and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they extend him.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Theyre not gonna judge a guy on a handful of snaps.

        His veteran work on the practice field Is probably huge for the team and coaches

  16. Trevor

    I hope everyone one had a great Xmas!

    Sorry for being so negative about Earl and what he did yesterday. Perhaps it is nothing and just part of the culture of this team.

    I just think in team sports knowing the guy sitting next to you has bought in and completely on board is everything. I have mentioned it before but I played major jr/college hockey and then was a late round NHL draft pick. I played 1yr in the AHL and went to two NHL training camps. That was 26 years ago but back then at least the star players were not always the leaders but set the tone for the team and were an extension of the coaches message. If not things got ugly quick and the player or coach was gone.

    Maybe things are different now or football locker rooms are different but 1)you never talked about your or someone else’s $/contract 2)If you had an issue with a player or coach it was dealt with behind closed doors or on the ice directly.

    I am old school I guess and just wish players had more respect for their team mates and the fans whom most will never make in a lifetime what Earl makes this year for playing 16-20 games of football.

    What message does it send to a young guy like Griffin or Hill in the DB room when their leader Earl does something like that. Next time they are watching tape or Earl says something do you think it is received the same way. I certainly don’t think so.

    Once again love Earl the player. He is an all time great and a big reason Hawks have an SB. Earl the team mate I think is a selfish ass and would not want on my team. If he wants to talk to Cowboys players and coach he has all off season and lives in Texas do it then. After games celebrate the win with your team.

    • Trevor

      On the same note if JS or someone in the Seahawks front office did leak that story to Silver during the season while they are still fighting for a playoff spot it is a classless and unprofessional move. The core of that D (Kam, Earl, Sherm, Bennett and Avril) brought the organization an SB and were an all time great unit. They deserve more respect than that.

      I can’t see JS doing that but I could be wrong. More likely Silver heard some things and reading the tea leaves. At least I hope so. If not then how can you expect players to have any loyalty or respect for the organization.

      • C-Dog

        The more this has sat with me, the more I feel the likelihood that Silver could have been told some tidbit that the team could be looking at some older players to move on from to get younger, and he ran with it blowing it out of proportion. In other words, it could have been JS simply saying that with possible career threatening injuries to a couple older guys, and a couple other vets nearing the end of their second contracts, the team might need to make some really hard decisions to continue to get younger on that side of the ball, and Silver decided to write a piece that filled in the blanks.

        I kinda seriously doubt JS said “we are going to cut Kam, and Cliff if they don’t retire. We are also going to either trade or cut Sherman. We also might trade or cut Bennett, and oh, by the way, we also might look to trade Earl Thomas. Go ahead and run with that because we want that leaked.”

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would think that in todays world of instant news, contracts are talked about. It is every rookies dream to succeed and get a big contract. It is every veterans dream to extend their contract. And all the contracts for all the players are easily available via the internet. I bet the vets even give advice to rookies getting their first big contract. Make sure there is an injury clause in there!!!

      There is no such thing as privacy. Even a stray comment will get reported, and if it isn’t reported it will be made up for click bait. It’s as easy as getting anyone to talk and then saying that you heard it from a source. Look at all the click bait our opinions would generate if they were presented as something that might happen.
      Bevell or Cable may be laid off!
      Lane will be traded!
      Seahawks have interest in trading for Gurley or Elliot! Now that’s some click bait.

    • C-Dog

      Absolutely no need at all to apologize for your reactions to what Earl did. I think it is totally fine for fans to take the position that what he did was no big deal, and to be fine with it. I think it is entirely fine for fans to think what he did was a big deal and to be upset about it.

      IMO, what Earl did most was that he made a stupid choice, and he got caught. If one thing life has shown me is that sometimes people we love do really dumb things that piss us off. This is what Earl did for me. He pissed me off. Stands to reason that in the wake of it all, at least part of himself thought he maybe should have handled that differently. I’ve certainly done my share of dumb #ss things in life, as well.

  17. Trevor

    Is any player more under rated than KJ. The difference when he was back in the lineup was huge!

    Would love another shot at Rams in playoffs with a healthy KJ and Wags.

    • Sea Mode


      The Seattle defense looked like a different unit and the return of Wright was a huge difference. Wright especially excelled in pass coverage. In 42 snaps in pass coverage Wright was thrown at eight times, allowing only three receptions for 15 yards. Wright broke up a pass and also was gifted an interception on a Dez Bryant drop over the middle. Wright finished with an elite 90.7 coverage grade.

      • Hawk Eye

        he is such a smart, instinctive player, and low maintenance. I think he is one guy you keep around for a while.

        • AlaskaHawk

          That’s why I would really like to see the Seahawks use a high pick on another linebacker. They have filled their need at safety, and have one position open at linebacker. That guy can also be a blitzer. Statistically it just makes sense as the most tackles are at the linebacker and safety positions.

      • C-Dog

        KJ Wright is a really good football player. I think if he wasn’t partnered up with Wagner, he might be talked about more.

  18. Totem_Hawk

    I guess the only opinions that matter in this are JS/PC. If he was my employee I know what my reaction behind close doors would be. I doubt the front office looks at this as no big deal, but their actions in the offseason will speak volumes one way or another..

  19. Hawk Eye

    in former Hawk news, Lynch is 98 yards short of 10,000 rushing yards for his career.
    If he would not have been suspended for 1 game, almost guaranteed he would reach it this year.
    Wonder if he comes back next year? Oakland has been a major disappointment, Carr has not played well, O line has not been as good, Cooper has been dropping lots of passes and the defense has been a sieve.
    That should serve as a warning to all the Hot, New teams this year. Hard to win year after year, let’s see how the Rams and Vikings and Eagles play next year. Apparently the Vikings have played the same 11 players on D all year. That luck does not last, although they have had the opposite luck on O.
    Goff, Keenum and Foles are probable top 3 seeds. Anyone thinking upsets in the playoffs?

    • Sea Mode

      I think the playoffs is totally up for grabs, especially NFC. If anyone has a leg up, it might be the Saints, but that can end any given week.

  20. vrtkolman

    If this team can sneak into the playoffs, the NFC is going to be an incredibly wild ride. There really isn’t a clear favorite despite 5 teams potentially having 12 wins or more. What a strange year. If I’m Seattle, I’m not afraid of any of these teams. Frankly I think they have played better on the road this year anyways.

    One big advantage is playoff coaching experience. Pete seems to always have something up his sleeve that isn’t on film yet. Saving Harvin for the playoffs in 2013, saving Lynch for the playoffs in 2015 (which was a fail), changing up the running scheme for the Lions game in 2016…

    • vrtkolman

      If we are looking at teams similar to Seattle, Carolina fits the bill. Defensive minded, stubborn old school coaches with minimal assistant turnover. Both are trying to adapt to their running games falling off a cliff and in turn are relying entirely on their dynamic QBs. Both have had a lot of success since 2012.

      Even this year, both teams are pretty similar. Inconsistent. Both have huge wins over top teams and terrible losses. Luck is really what is separating them.

  21. Matt

    I don’t think the Earl thing is a big deal until you start looking at everything else that seems to be dysfunctional with this team. There seems to be a recurring theme with this team over the last few years where there is always serious drama and it tangibly affects the season. Quite frankly, we have seen a team since the tragic super bowl loss that has become it’s worst enemy.

    I know these guys are competitive but there seems to be too much personal BS going on in that locker room. The only fix I see is to really start to clean house. There are too many big personalities that need to be “the guy.”

    Without some major fixes/upgrades; this team is dangerously eyeing the 3 hole in the NFC West, as I think the Rams and 49ers have better coaching and younger talent, that is far hungrier than the Seahawks. I would like to see the FO make tough choices this spring and not think the last 3 years are just an aberration. We need to get younger, more disciplined, and faster. This team has looked old this year.

    • Smitty1547


      • 503Hawk


    • Rob Staton

      It’s worth noting though — there was never more BS going on than during the peak Harvin/Lynch drama in 2013/14. The two Super Bowl years.

      • Hawk Eye

        lots of other teams have these same things going on.
        Brady’s trainer and Belichick are having a spat,
        did anyone see Dez on the Dallas sideline on Sunday?
        53 guys on a team, with a lot of Alpha males used to being the guy. EVERY locker room has issues.

        what has made the Hawks special over the last 5 years is their ability to be different during the week, speak their mind and play their asses off and win on Sunday. Most coaches rule with an iron fist, Pete lets them be themselves. That is good and bad, both styles. 5 playoffs, 2 SB, 1 SB victory in the last 5 years. You have to take the good with the bad, it is a package. How many guys were great on the hawks that would not be allowed to play the way they do somewhere else? If that comes with an expiration date, so what? Enjoy the last 5 years and hope Pete and John can reboot this thing.
        It takes a special kind of genius to put those unique personalities together and get them to jell and perform.

        enjoy the ride

    • Kenny Sloth

      Drama sells clicks and ad space.

      Not every journalist can rely on his or her own insights and observations, like Rob.

      When you start buying into speculation and tying yourself to a narrative is when you lose objectivity and feel foolish in retrospect.

      Always drama or marketable af?

  22. swisshawk

    What are you seeing in osu QB mason rudolph? I would have considered taking him with our second round pick…
    – big stature and arm
    – accurate deep ball
    – quite some mobility (also running, but mostly pocket movement)
    – some really nice redzone throws (give me some jump balls to 6’4″ ateman all day)
    – some nice interviews (after loss to oklahoma and mayfields flag planting)

    • swisshawk

      Would have been a real nice developement guy/backup to wilson (not same style, but intriguing) in my opinion

      • Hawk Eye

        what 2nd round pick?
        and no way they pick a QB high, they have other issues and Russell does not miss games.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Gotta agree.

          JS knows how to draft a Matt Flynn in the 7th.

          No need in pulling a Garroppolo

  23. drewdawg11

    When I look around the division, I see two really up and coming teams with roster flexibility, (Niners and Rams), and I look at our roster… we are aging. So what should we do? Tear it all down? Not exactly. 3 of 4 teams in the division appear to have their QB, and the niners May have $100 million in cape space? They had a good draft as well and show signs of having another one this upcoming April. Seattle has Russell Wilson, but we don’t have a running game or an offensive line to help him take full advantage of his abilities. In my mind, if someone wants to start off with a first rounder for Earl.. you have to take that deal and start to transition to the next group. We have a solid start with Naz, Reed, Frank, Shaq, Coleman, (resign him), and of course we still need to know what Thompson, Hill, Tyson can do along with Bobby. Sherman can’t really be traded while he’s rehabbing from an Achilles so that is a no go. Cut him? I don’t see it because he’s motivated to come back and be a beast. If he slides to safety ala Rod Woodson, that wouldn’t be so bad eventually. In my mind, these move need to be made:

    1. Franchise Jimmy: makes too much sense and this way, you aren’t committing long-term if he starts to decline. Right now he’s too valuable.

    2. Kiss Joeckel and Lacey goodbye: They take up $12 million of cap space and they both are terrible.

    3. Draft a RB within the first 60 picks of the draft, and maybe higher: In all honesty, we might have to take one early and one later.

    4. Slide Fant out to RT and end the Ifedi experiment at tackle: He’s not suited to play there. Play he and Pocic at guards. I would love to add a Price or Hernandez, but we need a lot of things.

    5. Trade Earl Thomas for a first rounder, and possibly a 3rd or 4th this year or next: When he finally declines it’s not going to be pretty watching a slower version of Earl not making the plays on the back end and whiffing on tackles in the run game. Get something now.

    6. Finally address the kicking game: we need a young kicker and, I hate saying this, but Punter as well. The kid from Auburn, Carlson is a talent at kicker. Big leg. Performs well under pressure. Also, Mitch W at Utah and JK Scott at Bama are nice prospects. There are plenty of other names who will surface, but they are out there. Ryan making what he does hinders is a tad and he’s solid, if unspectacular.

    7. We need another OLB and pass rusher: if they are the same person, awesome.

    8. Unload Michael Bennett: he’s not what he used to be, and he takes up a lot of space in the cap. I know releasing him won’t save us room this year, but he’s constantly offsides and running past the QB. He’s been largely ineffective. Maybe they hold onto him for one more season, but he’s not here past that. If they could somehow get something for him at this point I would jump at the chance and take a pick, and my cap savings the following season.

    9. Use some of those mid round picks to move up to the third: This draft isn’t deep, but there are players to be had in the top 90 or so. We can build depth and get some players with special traits if we can restock the second day of the draft.

    10: Hail Mary time: Ask the league to invesitagte the Texans gaining Jeremy Lane to extort a third rounder. He’s played all season and I believe that they took advantage of a team desperate to make a deal. I think it’s bogus and I don’t care if it does ruffle feathers. They screwed us and I fell like they have a case to file a formal grievance. If we somehow gained a favorable filling the compensation could be a 4th rounder or a 5th, or nothing. Screw them.

    11: attempt to resign Sheldon, and maybe extend Frank. These are contingent on making other moves first, and I have neither the time nor the patience to become a capologist. We can’t lose frank. Sheldon may also be a candidate to franchise and trade… but then we can’t hold onto Jimmy short term. Ok, rant over with.

    • Ed

      Pretty much like all of it

      • Smitty1547

        Got to let Jimmy go, to expensive for the production we get and lack of blocking her provides, in truth he s what we always new he was to soft.

        • drewdawg11

          I completely and respexfully disagree. You can’t take weapons away from Russell Wilson at this point, especially if you’re going to make a major commitment to transitioning the roster a bit. If some of the above moves are made, it would actually cost us the same or even a little bit lower for one season to retain Jimmy. As I mentioned before, this protects the team from long term commitment in his decline years, yet gives us our biggest red zone weapon. I feel like if the runnning game gets going, he can play more of the slot and not have to be an in-line blocker. If you were to sign a WR and you knew you were going to get double-digit scores and have a mismatch every down, wouldn’t you pay roughly $9.87 million for one season? Also, you could possibly extend him for three years and cut ties in year three if he slows way down. We aren’t finding his unique skills set in the draft or in FA.

          • Hawk Eye

            Get rid of Bennett because he only has 8.5 sacks and playing injured and very little cap relief for doing so.
            Keep Sheldon with 1 sack for more money.
            Great plan.
            Who is the vet DL you have without Bennett?
            Whatever you think of Bennett (and it is probably wrong), he is where he is because he has outworked almost everyone else. Undrafted, not a great combine, cut by Seattle, not resigned by TB. Gets 8.5 sacks in a season where he has been injured almost all year with foot, ankle and knee problems.
            You don’t get better by getting rid of elite talent.

            • drewdawg11

              Yeah, Bennett has had what, 2-3 games where he’s shown up and been a presence. He usually only gets home when the coaches call a Tackle/End stunt. That happened in Dallas the other day. Sheldon Richardson plays defensive tackle, and I don’t think he’s been amazing this year, but he’s been eating up double-teams and helping the rest of the def was stop the run… and he’s 26. You sound defensive. The “veteran” DL? Sheldon is a vet. Frank has played 3 seasons. The young DT rotation is pretty solid. Thanks for the somewhat snarky response, man. Care to respond to anything other than your personal favorite player?

    • red

      franchise tag for Graham is over 15 MIL Sheldon Richardson tag is 14.8 Mil. Let these guys walk pick up the comp picks for 2019 draft, same with Jockel we could pick up a ton of 4th RD comp picks.

  24. Kenny Sloth

    Didn’t he say after that he would want to retire a seahawk?

    How can you blame a guy for exploring his options before his career reaches the twilight in a few years.

    He knows Jerry be handin out crazy contracts and that our FO explores every trade. If he csm get a conversation started that not only establishes his market, but also clarifies his value to the team, maybe that shell out more to keep him around.

    None of this is detrimental to any party. It could raise Earl’s value and therefore the Hawks assets.

    He didn’t formally request a trade, he didn’t hold out. There is no want-away aspect to this story that lowers his value.

    People who said “leave him in dallas” or even been critical of the story are just on some sour grapes because they forgot Earl was a person. Not this awful myth people have constructed him into.

    “Earl was grown in Seattle soil, he’s our property” is what it comes across as.

    “Do your job quietly until we dont want you anymore”

  25. Ed

    Did read to far back, but did Rob talk about the best way to get him the money for senior bowl?

    • Kenny Sloth

      He said it’d be about 1000 us. Patreon is probably the best way to get donations directly to him.

      Im planning a late christmas present to the piggy bank 😉

  26. LouieLouie

    It may have been entirely deliberate. With this contract negotiation coming up, he may have just been letting the Seahawks know that Seattle isn’t his only option. It’s called leverage. Players do that all the time. This will most likely be his last major contract, so he wants to maximize his bargaining posture. I can’t remember which one of the Wide Receivers said “this isn’t K-Mart,” and that no discounts would be given.

    • Kenny Sloth

      That was Mike B, I think, shortly before he signed an extremely team friendly deal

  27. Michigan 12th

    Couldn’t agree with you more on this piece Rob. I think you hit it spot on, he is just frustrated about something, probably a number of things, and vented his frustration the way he vents frustration.

    I would not like to see Earl go, he is definitely one of the true blue chips left on this defense. If we can get a kings ransom for him, then you always have to consider that, but draft picks do not equal hall of fame players. Plus we are no the Patriots, we do very little game planning for opponents, we can not walk away from older guys and expect replacement players to do the same job. Earl is still a top five safety in this league, I think the best still. Be careful if you think he is easy to replace. His absence will be felt when he is gone. However if I could get a number one and say a fourth as well, then you roll the dice with the scouting department.

    • drewdawg11

      Also, he qualified it by saying if the Seahawks were ready to unload him, he’d like to go to Dallas. But still, he’s a valuable trade chip at this point and he may not be much longer.

      • Sea Mode

        Personally, I’d rather have his last couple good years. Maybe he’ll even end up being one of those safties that ages well, and could last 4-5 more years at a high level.

        I’m with Rob: a team better absolutely blow me away with their offer for me to let my HOF safety go. He allows Seattle to start rookie/UDFA CBs, he will also help to cover any loss of step by Sherman. Just too valuable and hard to replace if we want to be contending the next few years.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Look at last year when we had pretty much everyone but him.

          Now look at this year when we have pretty much just him and Bobby.

          Those are your most valuable players on defense

  28. Icb12

    What are the odds of a Richard Sherman + late round pick for Eli Apple trade?

    Slim to none? Worse?
    It makes sense. It fits both teams’ needs.

    • drewdawg11

      Why would we want Eli Apple? Also, why would the Giants want to increase their cap space for a guy coming off of a serious injury?

      • Icb12

        Seattle potentially needs cap space. Sherman is a huge cap hit, and also a huge talent. I wouldnt trade him unless I’m getting talent back or a kings ransom of draft capital.
        You aren’t going to get the draft capital for him now with the iniury and whatnot.

        The Giants need to move Apple, Apple needs a new start, Giants need talent at CB
        For all his faults. Apple is talented.

        It fits both team needs. Note I wrote needs not wants.

  29. Kenny Sloth

    Trade Richard Sherman because of that rant after the 2013 nfccg.

    Just shows what a bad teammate he is and how he’s only here for his own fame.

    We don’t need thugs like that on our team.

    Obviously we’ll get a first out of that and obviously he’ll not only be a better player, but he will also shut up and do what everyone else wants him to.

  30. SheHawk

    Kenny. Hope you’re joking about Sherman. He is passionate, smart, unselfish player and the farthest thing from a thug.
    Guys please follow Rob’s lead and keep SDB classy. We’re fans not the front office….
    12s are the teams heart not the business is our job to love our players. Especially the vets who have given us so many years of great moments = 2013nfcccg among them!
    IMO Only time a real fan (derived from word fanatic for a reason) should stop loving a player is if they are jerks… Earl either made a mistake or a calculated move for his contract negotiations. either way he was not being a jerk or disrespectful to our city or the 12s. We need Earl, Bobby and Sherman to be our vets. Show guys like Griffin + Coleman what it means to be in ” LOB” which they now have redefined to mean “Love our brothers”
    Earl said he wants to be here as long as team wants him. We’re blessed to have him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah I was joking.

      It’s just kind of funny how fans can take a snapshot of one moment, one second, and extrapolate an entire character from it.

      I love your response and ideas about fanhood and agree with your thoughts there.

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