Instant reaction: Seahawks win, Seahawks alive

After a week of talk ranging from trading half the team, firing multiple coaches and starting afresh, this was the perfect response to the worst performance of the Pete Carroll era.

The Seahawks went to Dallas on Christmas Eve, ended the Cowboys season and extended their own.

The reaction to last week was going to be fascinating. Do they fold? Do they come out fighting?

There’s absolutely no doubt which option they chose.

Now they’re a win against Arizona and a victory for the Panthers over the Falcons from making the post season. They were a late Cam Newton touchdown away from just needing to win next week to be in the playoffs.

It might be a step too far. But they have a chance. And if they get in, you just never know. This has been a strange season.

They might even get another shot at the Rams.

Back to today though. Immediately after the game I put out a tweet throwing shade on the supposed demise of Pete Carroll’s team. I had this response from a Seahawks fan:

“They didn’t play well Rob”

I couldn’t disagree more.

This was supposed to be Ezekiel Elliott’s moment. He was going to run for 200 yards, he told Eric Dickerson. The Cowboys had won three in a row. They were the hot team. They were going to be the ones sneaking into the playoffs.

Seattle’s defense rejected that notion, tore it up and tossed it away.

Elliott ran for 97 yards on 24 carries. That’s just over four yards per carry.

He didn’t score a touchdown.

They forced Dak Prescott to provide balance by playing classic Seahawks football. Bend but don’t break, physical, hard hitting. Prescott was hammered on multiple occasions, Earl Thomas notably delivered a jarring hit on Elliott.

This was a throwback performance. Classic Carroll defense.

The offense wasn’t great. But here’s the thing — when they needed a drive, they delivered. Russell Wilson turned K.J. Wright’s interception into a vital touchdown to Doug Baldwin. A nine point lead to essentially seal the win.

The Seahawks converted all three of their turnovers into touchdowns. The Justin Coleman pick six speaks for itself — but Wilson also found Jimmy Graham for his tenth touchdown of the season after Byron Maxwell’s fumble.

Brilliant offense? No.

Clinical? Certainly.

Did Dallas make a host of mistakes? Sure. That just makes the win even more fun. There’s something particularly satisfying about ending the Cowboys’ season in their own backyard. Jerry Jones’ face was a picture at the end.

Hopefully he’ll get a new party bus or something tomorrow to make up for it.

One more game to go. And now — it’s a game that actually might matter.

That’ll do for Christmas this year.

Have a great time everyone.

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  1. Kenny Sloth

    Wanna say off the top again congrats to BobbyK and Kenny Easley for their massive win in Canton.

    Seahawks football is back baby

  2. Isaac

    Wow just got home from church to a pleasant surprise. Offense was non existent again but a win is a win.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Especially against a quality opponent on the road.

  3. John_s

    Great team win! I counted them out and they busted their tail and got it done.

    Also, interesting tweet.

    “Earl Thomas went into Cowboys locker room to talk with Dez. Earl to Garrett: “If y’all have the chance, come get me.””

    • Isaac

      I don’t understand why he would say this. It’s like someone is saying just kidding. Behind every just kidding is a little bit of truth. It’s a shame.

      • Nathan

        He’s been making a noise about his contract, so this is a message to the hawks front office, and all other teams in the league.

  4. Hoberk Unce

    Merry X-mas to you and your family, Rob, and to all the frequent commenters/contributors on SDB. Thanks for your insight and humor. Happy Holidays and Go Hawks!

    • Volume12

      Seconded. Merry Christmas to Rob and the rest of the SDB! Great group of fans here. 🎄🎄

    • AlaskaHawk

      And a Merry Christmas to all with a double helping of Seahawks wins!

  5. Volume12

    That was more like it. What we’re used to seeing. Pete Carroll defensive football. Pressure up front and TO’s caused by the secondary.

    Thought Frank Clark was the player of the game. Just disrupted everything up front. And of course our 2 young studs at CB. Maxi actually looked like the Maxi from what, 3 years ago?

    Not much to say about the other side of the ball, but they did just enough.

    We got life left after all. Fun game.

    • Trevor

      Agree on all points Vol.

      Have a great Xmas.

      • Greg Haugsven

        The DLine had some good pressure. For some reason the Cowboys stopped running the ball in the second half which opened up our DLine to put some serious pressure on. Dion Jordan looked good as well which is good for us next year as well.

      • Volume12

        You too my man.

        Sorry if my comments the other day came off as me sounding like a prick. I have a tendency to do that.

        • D-OZ

          Holiday pressure? Your forgiven dude….

  6. Trevor

    Merry Xmas to all!

    We got an early gift with a win with less than 140yds of offense. Wow

    • Volume12

      I still think other than one more pass rusher and a couple draft and stash/developmental DBs on day 3 that our offense is what needs the attention this off-season.

      • Greg Haugsven

        You just hope an off-season with Duane Brown can help the OLine. Russell was a disaster today as well. Davis was the best player on offense and Graham is essentially invisible. He has 2 catches for 2 yards in his last 3 games.

        • Volume12

          I mean, it was inevitable that at some point Russ was gonna start playing like this. They’re asking to much of him when he accounts for over 80% of this teams offense.

          He needs to get back to being the PG again.

        • Coug1990

          Graham scored a TD. Look at how many times that the Dallas offense got into scoring position to only score a FG or miss a FG. Being able to score a TD is never essentially invisible.

      • Trevor

        Tend to agree they really need to fix that OL once and for all this afternoon so they can have a little Consistencey in both pass pro and the run game. The sandlot football with Russ running all over the place is getting old.

        • Volume12

          Yup. RB, pass rusher, TE, OL. Those are the big needs that I personally see.

          • Trevor

            +1 and another 5th round CB to develop.

          • AlaskaHawk

            And a linebacker for backup. Loved the way K.J. and Wagner played today.

          • Rob Staton

            I want to see Seattle get by at TE for a while. For starters, this is not the draft to go chasing TE’s. Secondly, just get a blocking TE, a veteran, to pair with Vannett and possibly Willson. Let’s focus our offense on running well.

            For me the key needs are a pass rusher or LB/LEO hybrid and RB. Would be willing to consider OL in round one if Nelson or Price is the pick.

            • Trevor

              Agree completely Rob! Definitely need to fix run game and OL. With a run game, solid OL and a franchise QB the passing game will work itself out.

              Nelson and Price are the only OL I would even consider in the 1st.

            • Sea Mode

              That’s where I’m at too. But I’m torn if I had to choose between them right now.

              Price would be very tempting, I must admit. Joeckel once again didn’t look so hot today, to put it nicely.

              But Edmunds would just be such a perfect fit and I’m still leaning that way. If he were a pure LEO, then we are back to the low snap % discussions we had last year that showed how little a LEO plays in our system (why Bruce Irvin was not extended), but the fact he can also play LB as well as rush the passer might just make it worth it. Maybe I just get more excited watching stud defensive players like him and Rashaan Evans over OL.

              I actually think Dion Jordan might play a role in their decision. They might have found their pass rush help right there and so be able to focus on LB/OL/RB. Of those 3, OL might actually be the hardest to come by later on in the draft, so there is a really solid argument in favor of Price, along with the fact that it would allow us to save Joeckel’s money and extend someone else.

              The other argument is simple: our defense just won us the game today down 3 Pro Bowlers. It might be “good enough” for next season at least. Our offense, on the other hand…

              • Rob Staton

                And on that note… the more I watch of Ronald Jones II, the more I like. Lot of good RB’s in this class.

                • drewdawg11

                  I’m getting to the point that when he goes to another team I’m going to be upset. I definitely want Ronald Jones to be a Seahawk.

            • C-Dog

              I totally agree with this. Pass rush and RB are what I want for 2018.

            • Isaac

              It was a couple years ago but when graham went down with his knee injury the hawks offense came alive. Something about graham game hurts the hawks. I would be interested in knowing if there are any trends in the run game with graham on the field vs off. Pass pro with graham on the field. He doesn’t create separation in his routes so he has to be thrown open. I’m still thinking Richardson and graham go. We get a couple comp picks and the world keeps spinning

            • Austin D Hall

              Any veteran TE’s you have in mind?

              • Rob Staton

                Here are the options:

                • Austin D Hall

                  I checked them out. I was curious if you had a preferred target. Only one of those options looks interesting to me, and that’s likely because of my UW bias, but ASJ would be a great project for Pete. He at least started the season playing well for the Jets. I don’t know how good of a blocker he is, but he certainly has the measurables to pull it off.

            • D-OZ


            • red

              Thoughts on Martinas Rankins as a RT for the Seahawks and sliding Ifedi back to RG?

              • Rob Staton

                Personally I’m happy to let Ifedi have another year at RT. I think he’s shown progress.

        • Coug1990

          Winning never is old. Yes, we would all like more consistency. But, winning in the NFL is hard and should never be taken for granted.

          • Greg Haugsven

            LB and RB for sure. Liked what I saw out of Jordan today as well at DE. I would for sure like someone who could do similar things as Bruce. The youngsters balled out today, Clark, Griffin, and Coleman.

  7. Greg Haugsven

    I still cant believe that Tampa lost that game. If they had lost is all we would have to do is win against Arizona. We went from rooting against Carolina to rooting for them. Good win even know the offense is still atrocious.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Just dont see the Falcons losing that game at home next week. Carolina still playing for the division though.

      • Elliott Atkinson

        Carolina could easily win next week, they are arguably a better team and are playing to potentially win the division. Falcons could win sure, but I think the panthers at minimum have a 50% chance of winning.

        • Sean-O

          Thankfully the Panthers have a ton to play for two. Fingers crossed the NFL doesn’t flex that game to SNF. If the Saints win earlier in the day then Carolina could end up resting guys later that night.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Great point Sean.

      • D-OZ

        If Atlanta keeps playing the way they are Carolina will win…

  8. SeventiesHawksFan

    Such a poorly played game by both teams that was also weirdly entertaining and amusing at the same time. I couldn’t tell if Bevell had a game plan or even wanted to win. Except when were near the goal line, that was as close to playground football as anything I can remember. RW running around behind the LOS and just chucking to receivers downfield. With occasional scrambles and running plays mixed in. Just utterly incoherent.

    Nice to have won. But it really feels already like the wheels have come off the bus and it’s just scrimmage level football going on out there.

    • Volume12

      I tend to think this was a PC game plan through and through. If he can just focus on the D and not have to overseee everything on the other side, we’ll be alright.

      • SeventiesHawksFan

        It was still playground style football on offense. And if there was a ‘game plan’, I am truly baffled as to what it was. I’m not joking when I say I honestly wondered if Bevell is just winging it and doesn’t really expect or care if we make the post season. If there was a true desire to win on his part, that can’t posing be how he expects it to happen.

        Our first win against the Rams for example, was a very patient and disciplined use of the short and intermediate passing game and moving pocket that forced their defense to run sideline to sideline all game. By the middle of the third quarter they were tired.

        It was patient and deliberate. It’s not like Bevell doesn’t know how at least try that approach.

        All of that has just disappeared. Now it’s just RWcrun around behind the LOS and send guys downfield and see what happens. It really does seem the wheels are you from the bus to me.

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          * Like the wheels are off the bus.

        • Rob Staton

          Even when the Seahawks win, on Xmas eve, and end Dallas’ season, we end up talking about the coordinators.

          • D-OZ

            Be Happy!!!!!

      • sdcoug

        Barely scoring in the first half, again, is a pretty unusual game plan

    • Coug1990

      I don’t think the defense played poorly at all. The offense was not good, but they were clutch when they were in scoring range.

  9. Volume12

    This is me when Seattle is on the clock this year and they’re about to grab a RB.

  10. C-Dog

    Great win today, Folks.

    Wasn’t pretty on offense, but it sure was a purdy thing on the defense. Yes, I’m more than happy to take this win, this way.

    Lots of young talent stepped up BIG TIME on that defense.

    Must beat Cardinals.

    Happy holidays to all you fine folk of SDB.

    Go Hawks!

  11. Trevor

    NFC West is going to be really good next year with the Rams and now SF looking like teams on the rise!

    • Coug1990

      Perhaps. Let’s see how the Rams do now that they are the favorites. We have seen many teams that were supposed to be the next big thing only to turn out to be one hit wonders. It is different playing when there is no target on your back.

      Regarding the 49ers, we shall see. Playing well now is good for them, but ultimately does not prove much.

  12. H

    Merry xmas to this all on this fantastic blog.
    This defence is still good! Pass rush was unbelievable!!!

  13. Nathan_12thMan

    I’m very concerned however by this stat:

    Seahawks 2.5 yards per play, 30 rushes for 76 yards, 21 passes for 60 yards

    Our offense…and I mean the Cowboys aren’t some legit Def either. Not good.

    • sdcoug

      Clinical is certainly not the word i’d use to describe this offense

  14. vrtkolman

    So Earl wants out I guess? Good win, I’ll take it. That was Seahawks football.

  15. Trevor

    Merry Xmas Rob to you and your family! Enjoy these years with your two little ones a they are truly are magical with kids that age.

  16. hawkdawg

    2.5 yards per play. Mostly horrible run blocking, still, This time Britt looked particularly awful. More typically, so did Joeckel. More yards in penalties than from scrimmage, 142 to 136. First team to do that and win since 1966.

    It is very difficult to take any comfort from this game as far as the offense goes. One drive of any distance. Defense gave them three turnovers and their kicker blew two field goals. This is near the end of the season, not the beginning. We can’t use the “need time to gel” excuse. The offense is what it is now, for this season, and it is very, very bad.

    But….they fought like hell and found a way to win. And they may well do so next week as well….but this offensive situation needs a major overhaul.

    • Coug1990

      Unfortunately, several of the large yardage penalty plays were the awful DPI calls against the Seahawks.

    • Sea Mode

      That stat there is simply mind-boggling.

  17. Trevor

    Can’t believe Earl just pulled that bush move while this team is still fighting for a playoff spot! Very very disappointing and disrespectful to his team and the fan base IMO.

    • Ed

      McDougald has played well and let a young buck play next year. What about:

      -2nd and 3rd


      -Thomas/Bennett (both Texas guys) for Zeke


      Thomas/Bennett/Sherman/KJ for Zeke/Smith

      • Isaac

        Dude this isn’t fantasy football. We have a solid team that needs a few tweaks.

    • Nate

      Stinks thinking about losing Earl. But team was shopping Sherman. They tried to trade Lane. I don’t blame Earl for at least expressing interest in going home to Texas if the Hawks are thinking of shopping him. Makes sense, really. Should we really expect blind devotion from players who are treated as expendable?

      • Trevor

        During the season while battling for a playoff spot yes you expect devotion and loyalty. Get real have you ever seen another star player pull a stunt like that? In the off season fine say what you want but now? Cmon Man!

      • Silkybrown

        I’d agree, but at what point has Earl been treated as expendable?

    • lil'stink

      Incredibly unprofessional and disappointing, to say the least.

    • Sean-O

      I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. He’s a Cowboys fan. Earl just wants an extension. But I do think this says a lot about him. I think there’s a reason he doesn’t have a “C” on his uniform.

    • C-Dog

      Big time disappointment, but like a lot of us, he probably read the Silver piece or was told about it, and maybe sees the writing on the wall. Hey, if Jerry wants to deal the 16th pick, let’s talk about some sort of deal.

      • Greg Haugsven

        We will find out this off season whether Earl wants to stay or not. I’m sure they will either try to trade or extend him. I wouldn’t think they would let him play out his contract.

  18. Rob Staton

    Thank you to everyone for the Christmas messages (and any that are forthcoming). After nine years this is still the most wonderful community to be a part of. I started this blog when the 2008 season went sour and never imagined I’d still be doing this nearly a decade on. Now, I can’t imagine life without this blog. Thank you as well to everyone who has helped via Patreon. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas. The win against Dallas was a beautiful start.

    Go Hawks

    • Trevor

      Rob how much would you need on Patreon to go to Senior Bowl? Could you get time off to go? Would be a cool SDB fund raiser!

      • Rob Staton

        I could get the time off but it would cost over a thousand bucks!!! One day I intend to get out to Mobile.

        • Trevor

          I will start something when regular season ends to begin raising $ for next year so you can make plans well in advance. I think it would be awesome and I am sure the blog community would get behind it.

          • peter

            I think the community as a whole would support Rob going to mobile. how great would that be

        • Kenny Sloth

          Imagine the connections you could make at that kind of event!

    • Sea Mode

      +12 to the 12th power.

      Merry Christmas, Rob and SDB!

      • Ed

        I’ll contribute for this year or next. Can make that happen for you easily

        • Trevor

          Ed let’s chat about this after the holidays and lead the charge to make this happen!

          • Ed

            Tell me where to send money and I’m in. Could everyone that does patreon just increase for a month (add $100 or soemething), or is that a dumb way to do it. Does the gofund me stuff take portions of the money too?

            Shoot, is it too late for this year?

    • C-Dog

      Merry Christmas, Rob, and thank you for everything!

  19. Trevor

    Cowboys trade 16th overall pick to Hawks for Earl (Never going to happen as they cant afford him) Hawks take Derwin James at 16.

    2018 Secondary would be really really good.
    SS James
    FS Mcdougald
    CB Sherm
    CB Griffin
    Slot Coleman

    I would love that group personally.

    • Rob Staton

      If they had the #16 pick I would seriously give thought to drafting Tremaine Edmunds if available. He is legit.

      • Trevor

        I agree Rob I was just having fun. The Cowboys have to sign Martin and Lawrence they cant afford Earl too.

        I do think they move him this off season for a late 1st likely. Writing seems to be on wall. I have never seen a star player do anything during the season like he did today. It was the ultimate sign of disrespect to his team mates and organization.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it was more Earl being Earl but I agree, can see them moving him. Can imagine some change on defense. Would be sad but increasingly I’m looking at the first round of this draft and finding players that will be VERY appealing. Not a ton of names — but some.

          • Trevor

            It is real sad because Earl is an All time great and plays with such passion. Like Beast Mode you dont replace Earl.

            I just hope they handle moving on without him better than they did with Beast and the run game.

          • Dale

            This is when Belichick would get a first or second for Earl. I hate the idea of losing him but that’s how you create cap space and keep winning.

            • TJ

              Exactly! Belichick always seems to know a little before everyone else when its time to move on from players and get maximum value from them. Don’t want to see ET playing anywhere else, but if he is going to become a distraction, or if his departure is imminent, lets ship him off while his value is high.

          • C-Dog


      • Jacob M

        Yes I agree with you looks likes a very good SS. I hate comparing people to Kam because he’s one of a kind, but tremaine has some of those same traits.

    • Icb12

      I think good safety’s will be available end if Rd 2.

      I like Godwin Igwebuike from NW and Justin Reid from Stanford. Reid is R
      related to Eric reid-. Super versatile guy in the secondary

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Very wishful thinking anyone gives up a mid round first pick for a slowing down Earl Thomas who tweeted retirement possibilities a year ago. More likely takes Earl plus our first round pick. Which is a trade I’d make if they think his replacement will fall to there.

      • AlaskaHawk

        No reason to be sad if they trade Earl Thomas. Chances are they finally traded someone before their inevitable decline and injury laden seals on. After seeing Chancellors very generous contract okay out – I would rather move on.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Darn auto correct.

        • Ed

          Yep, I was on the small wagon of don’t give Bennett/Sherman/Kam the big ones. I guess when you have no immediate help like Hawks do now to replace aging players (Jordan/Jones/Griffin/Coleman), it makes it harder. Would be ok with a good amount of turnover (Sherman/Kam/Avril/Bennett/Lane/Graham/Joeckel/Lacy/Wright/Thomas). It will hurt a little, but with so many missing or underperforming this year, won’t hurt as bad as everyone thinks.

          • drewdawg11

            Man, if they really are planning to run the roster over then maybe you do sell high on Earl. I would demand a very nice draft pick package for him, however. They drafted several safeties last year. Maybe one of them is ready for action? You’ll never get another Earl, but you don’t need one to win a title. He’s going to decline sometime. I wouldn’t oppose trading him for the right deal. We definitely still need a pass rusher, and we definitely need to clear some cap room as well.

    • Preston

      I’ve been saying. Moving on from Earl would be best for the team in the long run. Question is what you can get for him with talks of retirement, age and slowing down, 1 year left on contract (maybe there’s a positive to that?). I do think he put on a good display of what he offers.

      Idk about cowboys cap situation and impending free agents, but maybe they’d be willing to make the adjustments to make a deal work. If I’m Jerry Jones, I’d take ET3 and Seattle’s #1 for Dallas #1 and #2. For Seattle, you clear much needed cap, move up in round 1 and acquire another pick in first three rounds. Dallas gets a key piece to build their defense around and instantly improve their backfield and still have a first pick.

      • Preston

        Maybe you could ask for an additional 4th or 5th round pick from Dallas

        • Greg Haugsven

          I would imagine they would have an open discussion like they did with Sherman. They could test the waters and see what they get. Guessing it would be a first rounder or nothing.

          • Greg Haugsven

            They probably don’t want to lose Bradley Mac. If they have to pay Kam and Earl really can’t afford Bradley. If you can get rid of one of them (preferably Kam) then you can keep Bradley.

  20. Smitty1547

    damn just got a new Thomas jersey for Christmas to, now I hope they trade his ass and he never gets a sniff of hawks ring of honor.

  21. Trevor

    Shaq Griffin is the best rookie CB and Coleman us the best slot CB in the Pete Carrol era. Those are two huge bright spots for me so far this year.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Agreed, it would make letting Sherman go easier. We should get Shead back as well with Thorpe and Elliot still under contract and could probably bring back Maxwell for cheap if you wanted.

    • C-Dog

      Griffin and Coleman balled out big time today.

  22. neil

    It was great to see them play with some of the old motivation and fire. Regardless of what happens next week, my hope is they will forgo the protests and activism next year and concentrate on game preparation only. The on and off the field activism this year is what caused such a drastic motivational roller coaster season, in my opinion. I am hard pressed to draw any other conclusion.

    • H

      All that seems luke baseless speculation to mab
      Absolutely no way of knowing if thats had any impact on the teams focus and preparation. And its very much not our place as fans to tell players what social work and activism theyre allowed to be involved in off the field.

      • Smitty1547

        off the field? Looks like it’s on the field to me and it has had an effect.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s time for them to try something else next year. My suggestion- extended minute long touchdown celebrations with choreographed team dance routines .

  23. StevieD

    28 and counting…

    But it’s not on the coaching, right?

    Gotta be the players

    But we’ll always have the 2015 offense, right?

    And Schneider’s an ace in the draft cuz McClouughhan helped in ‘11 and ‘12, right?

    Sure thing – coaching is top notch

    • Volume12

      What is this?

      • Del tre

        I think he means our lack of first quarter TDs, but I’m not 100% on that

  24. Dale

    Has the zone blocking scheme lost its effectiveness with the advent of more athletic defensive linemen? Is it time for Cable to go? I know he’s supposed to be a great coach but he’s simply not producing as the Assistant Head Coach in charge of the running game. After this extended period of futility you’d think they would try another scheme to get the running game in gear. Joekel (el-joke) looked bad again and Pocic needs to hit the weight room. What do you all think we will do about LG next year? Would they consider moving Pocic to LG, Ifedi to RG, and Fant to RT?

    • C-Dog

      ZBS was a big topic of conversation around the TV today, with most leaning towards the idea Seattle might look to do a change in 2018.

      • Trevor

        We have been asking for a move away from the ZBS for two years now. Hope they make the switch once and for all.

        • C-Dog

          It wouldn’t upset me.

          • drewdawg11

            I despise the ZBS. We also can’t run it properly.

    • Smitty1547

      also the cut block has changed, I to would like to see us change scheme and line coach.

  25. Adog

    I write this with my earl thomas shirt on…cannot afford a jersey, but it’s time to move on from the legion of boom. They have always been and always will put themselves before the team. It worked great when they were the leaders of the team…not so sure about that now. In ways this team has changed…more money spent on the qb, less attention paid by other teams to them, and most of all it’s time to put the legion of boom in a time capsule. It was amazing, and it has nowhere to go but down. It’s no secret…see the hill and thompson picks last year. Yes it was untimely for earl to say that…no it is not breaking news that this is the last year for the legion of boom. My thomas t-shirt will fall apart before he retires…yet i will wear it with a sense of immortal nausea when he is wearing a different jersey. No doubt he feels like i do at the lumber mlil i work …that there is a winning ticket to willy wonkas chocolate factory somewhere else.

    • Eli

      I agree it’s time to put the LOB and, for that matter, the Beast Mode era of this team into context like an exibit at a museum. Both did spectacular things and brought this team to unseen heights, but it’s time to adapt with the reality of the situation and move on. I wish we had drafts like the ones 2010-2012 but not sure that’ll happen any time soon (yes I think Scott M. had a sizable impact on that draft in spite of JS’s adept talent evaluation). That said, we have Russ to build around and how many teams can say they have the QB issue figured out? This is his time, his era-we need to follow suit and start investing in ensuring he has all he needs.

  26. Greg Haugsven

    What would you rather have?

    Option 1:

    Earl Thomas

    Option 2:

    Bradley McDougal
    1st round draft pick
    $4-$5 million in cap space

    As much as I love Earl option 2 looks appetizing

    • Greg Haugsven

      Or maybe trade Zach Martin for Earl Thomas?

      • Greg Haugsven

        Nevermind, Martin is a FA

    • C-Dog

      After his stunt today, I could handle option 1.

      • Greg Haugsven

        You mean option 2?

        • C-Dog

          Oops. Yup!

    • EQRoom

      When is the last time anyone besides a QB was traded for a round 1 pick? I see some older lists with a few WR, one LT, and two or 3 DE’s that got Rd 1 compensation. Has a FS been traded for a RD 1 in the last decade? I can’t see any on the google. I just don’t think it’s realistic to consider that ET would garner that. If you want to discuss it, I think it has to be the idea of a 2 or maybe even a 3 as the most anyone would give.

      • Trevor

        We traded a 1st for Harvin and a 1st for Graham.

        • AlaskaHawk

          More indicative of poor trading than anything else. There is no need to give up a first and pay the new guy over 10 million a year = the team your trading with is trying to unload their salary cap. Plus it fosters ill will among your existing players when you bring a new guy in for that much money.

          • drewdawg11

            Yeah, Js is maybe the one guy in the league who doesn’t care about trading a first rounder for a veteran player. At the time of each trade I was opposed to paying so much. But hey, it only takes one GM to say yes. Remember how we got Earl in the first place? Denver gave us a future first for our second and took a guy who washed out of the league.

    • Trevor

      I was on the fence till today because Earl is a generational player. After today option #2 all day!

      • Tien

        I’m really bummed about what Earl did but if he doesn’t want to be here anymore, we need to move him. But if we do, we’re going to have to change our defense because I doubt we can draft any FS and plug him into Earl’s current role on the defense. There’s been talk about moving MacDougal to FS if Earl leaves but how do we know he can cover that much ground like Earl or even read plays like Earl has to know when to head off and help out on a play? I’m not saying that the Seahawks defense is hopeless without Earl but I do think that we need to adjust the scheme and probably can’t play the same where we rely on the FS at centerfield to erase any coverage errors that occur.

        Having said that, Earl is so important to our defense and is still such a great player that I wouldn’t trade him at a discount and take less than a 1st round pick for him.

  27. CharlieTheUnicorn

    There is a lot to be thankful for.

    Meaningful game week#17
    RW being the QB
    Snow on the ground in Seattle XMas eve

    Peace to you all and to you all a good night.

    • C-Dog

      Go Hawks!

      • Greg Haugsven

        And Panthers!

        • C-Dog


  28. C-Dog

    Youth Movement Scenario

    My biggest takeaway from this game was that there were a number of young players on the defense, under club control that balled the bleep out.

    Clark we know is the real deal, and is due a big time contract. IMO, Seattle needs to plan ahead for that.

    We know how much Griffin and Coleman balled out, but Dion Jordan and Jarran Reed also factored well. Coleman, Jordan, and Shead are all under club control, and should be back in 2018. If I were, JS, I’d be also planning for new deal for Coleman, as well.

    There are signs coming out of this game that Seattle is developing young players on that side of the ball again. Huge.

    Out of all the players that the Silver story speculated that Seattle might move on from, the one I would keep would be Mike Bennett. IMO, if the team is going to build the defense from the front seven back, his leadership will be critical to continuing to develop the younger talent.

    I would re-sign Bradley McDougald.

    After today’s stunt, I would look to deal Earl Thomas, and not feel beholden to reaching a deal with Dallas. There are going to be teams looking at his rare skill set, and likely thinking he could be that final piece. I don’t think he is slowing down at all.

    If Seattle can get a first round pick, and then some, I think adding one further impact player to the front seven, and finding an answer at RB seems pretty doable. Seattle might even add two impact players to the defense and a starting RB by simply dropping back a bit with one of the picks.

    Watching the Rams front seven again today, you see how fast they move upfield and side line to sideline. The Titans couldn’t get much kicking out at all. That used to be Seattle when they were in base defense.

    If Seattle and Earl can smooth things out, great. Seattle keeps it’s pro bowl FS around longer. But if they have to truly break up the LOB, I’d like to see resources go to that front seven.

    • Greg Haugsven

      If we can get a first I would do it but nothing less that that. We do have some young talent on defense and I think we just need to keep adding.

      Defensive Line ages next year: Clark (25) Reed (24) Jones (23) McDowell (22) Jordan (28)

      Linebackers: Wagner (28) Wright (29)

      Corners: Griffin (23) Coleman (25)

      Safeties: Thomas (29) McDougald? (28) Dont know a lot about Thompson & Hill but they will both be 23 next year

      Its not that old when you just look at these young players. Nice mix of youth and veterans. When you add Bennett, Avril, Sherman, and Chancellor it gets much older.

      I still think our number one priority is to add you to the LB core.

      • Greg Haugsven


    • Trevor

      Love this plan CDog.

      • drewdawg11

        Why keep Bennett? He’s been pretty average all season. It’s a running joke with our group now that he’s good for 3 offsides penalties a game. He runs himself out of the play on most pass rushes. The one way he gets home is on a stunt. He’s declining big time.

        • Greg Haugsven

          He is decline but in my opinion he is I’ve used. If we could cut his snaps down I think k he could be more effective for another year. He could just retire along with his brother. We could also use him for his experience and teaching as the defensive line is pretty young.

        • C-Dog

          He’s been playing with a football injury that is really difficult to play on, and needs rest to heal from. Bennett is a warrior, and a leader.

          • C-Dog

            Foot injury

    • Tien

      Totally agree with your opinion about Earl, C-Dog!

  29. GoHawks5151

    I feel like most people didn’t even later to the Earl interview. The drama of this team is second only to it’s fans. Earl balled out today. He has always been a cowboy fan. Said so last time we played them. He said, “I told coach Garret, come get me. I don’t mean like literally come get me now. I’m still in the prime of my career. I still want to be here. But when Seattle kicks me to the curb please come get me. Only other place I’d rather be” This team is in flux. He is being and to do a lot with all the replacements on D. We haven’t really seen a classic Earl performance til today. He played much more free and easy. Trusted his teammates. Thinking back to that Super Bowl LOB squad he saw one teammate make a lot of money with the Eagles(Max), another win the Superbowl with another team (Browner) the next year, another be the Center of trade talks all offseason (Sherm) and the other sign a contract only to have the fan base and organization talked about cutting or retiring him once he got hurt (Kam). He would be a fool not to be worried about his future. I got no problem with him using the term kicked to the curb. It is true. They get what they need from the players and then move on. It is the business for both sides. I am no more disappointed in him than I am the organization leaking their plans to Silver. I am going to choose to continue to enjoy this man’s Hall of Fame play until he retires. Hopefully that is as a Seahawk

    • C-Dog

      I have mixed feelings about this. Earl has been one of my absolute favorite Seahawks of all time, and I’ve followed the team since 1976. I love his game and the uniqueness of his personality. Earlier last week, I was really resistant to the notion of trading him. My preference would be for him to stick around. However, I get why the team might look to deal, and I even get why he might like to move on, and maybe end up with the team he rooted for growing up.

      What he did today, just IMO, was kind of a slam against his teammates and the organization. He may not have intended that, but he was thinking about himself over the team when their playoff hopes are still hanging on. That said something to me.

      I also think the cameras caught something he did not intend the fans and the organization to see. He seemed pretty surprised when asked about it afterwards. I think fans have a right to be upset about that. Can you imagine the backlash if RW would have done that?

      I still hope he and Bobby and the team can all hug it out, but after that stunt, if Seattle ends up dealing him for decent draft compensation, I won’t be overly upset about that. As talented as he is, I’m just not so sure how much leadership quality he has for younger players. That didn’t strike me as actions a team leader does moments after a highly important win. That strikes me more like the actions of a player more concerned with his own interests head of the team. It’s disappointing, at least for me.

      • millhouse-serbia

        My english isn’t perfect and I have a problem to say (write) everything what is on my mind but most of the time i could just put +1 on yours comments. 😀

        • Ed

          Where are you from millhouse, Serbia? How did you become a Hawks fan?

          • millhouse-serbia

            Yes, from Belgrade.

            I love teams with character, with strong defense and I love QB who are real dual treath, who can run and who are not tall. So that is how I become a hawks fаn. And at the end I found this place, and now I will be hawks fаn forever regardless who plays for us. 😀

            • millhouse-serbia

              Dual threat…

      • GoHawks5151

        I understand the timing is bad. Plus his points whatever they were were jumbled But still you cant fault a guy for planning ahead and long out for himself when the organization is making plans of their own. Business goes both ways. I think he was just talking about the fondness of his hometown like a beast mode used to. Be careful what you wish for. We may end up with a broken Run game and no centerfielder on defense.

        • C-Dog

          Or we might end up with a fixed run game and a revamped front seven that makes the new center fielder’s job easier.

          Ago, I’m not running him out. Just really disappointed.

          It was speculation from Silver. He didn’t write that Seattle will be looking to deal Thomas.

          Sorry but I’m siding more with the team than player on this one, and like I said, Earl has been one of my favorites.

          • GoHawks5151

            No need to be sorry. I love Earl. I’m biased. Merry Christmas man

      • bankhawk

        C-Dog, I like that strategizing! This looks to be an exceedingly interesting offseason, for certain. I really do crave some added picks for the draft, and thêre is the temptation to look towards ET lll after todays comments. But Earl is an odd dude (my mind drifts back to that *free safety advice* video he did back in hí 1st or 2nd season as an example, and his impulsive retirement comments last year). But heck-I love Earl, and would like to see him retire a Hawk (evetually). So guess waiting and watching will have to do. But I always do appreciate the stimulating content you bring! Chéers!

        • C-Dog

          Thanks, bankhawk. Happy holiday!

    • Trevor

      Disagree completely! It was complete disrespect to his team mates and I think he knew exactly what he was doing. These guys know the cameras are on them all the time and this was pure and simple an FU to the Seahawks front office.

      Have you ever seen a star player in the NFL or any other pro sport pull a stunt like that during the season much less with one game left fighting for a playoff spot.

      If he did it in the off season fine he is posturing for a new deal or trade. But now come on. It was selfish and classless. This is the highest paid free safety in the league not some guy on a team friendly deal.

      • C-Dog

        As I’ve let it marinate a bit longer, it annoys me even further. Just really disappointed in him.

      • AlaskaHawk

        So he said something and it got blown up in media! So what!!! Who hasn’t made a remark and regretted it later. This is a business = leave your hurt feelings at the door.

        The main issue with extending Thomas has nothing to do with what he says. The Chancellor contract implosion with injury guarantee will haunt this club for another year or two. Earl won’t be resigned because they can’t afford another high priced veteran on the injury list. The general manager painted themselves into a corner with high salaries and less draft choices to replace them.

        They will almost certainly have to trade back to gain a second or third round pick. There goes the game changing talent in the first round. Fortunately running backs are cheap and you can get a good one at top of the second round.

  30. Old but Slow

    Richard Sherman will be extra motivated to play well in ’18. He is on the verge of a HOF career, and needs a year or two more to cement a position. He is a prideful man, and will likely be a force next season. He has indicated an interest in playing safety, and might be the one to replace ET. While I love Earl, this may be a time when making the change can work. Additions to the defensive backfield have been good (McDougald, Coleman, Griffin) and the D side of the ball has been a strength. If an advantageous trade can happen, I will be on board. Not happy, perhaps, as ET has been a personal fav for some time.

    • Chris

      Does Sherman have the speed to play FS?

  31. Millhouse-serbia

    Naz, Shaq, Jordan and Coleman could be a huge benefits of this season.

    • C-Dog

      I’m loving all those players.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree = and it points out that we have nothing to fear about losing veterans on defense. PC is good at picking defense and training them. He just sucks at picking offense consistently. We got 15 linemen and only 3 are really playing well.

      • millhouse-serbia

        We need to re tool our defense with young players, pay Bwag and Frank Clark and rest of the money invest in OL. End we will win SB in 2020.

  32. Greg Haugsven

    Another thing I noticed today was how great Jeremy Lane was on special teams. He was everywhere on kick offs and the punt team. Reminds me of 2013 when he was a young pup. He was everywhere then to. He got a bunky 15 yard penalty today when the punt returner dipped his head down right when Lane was about to hit him.

    • Hawk Eye

      just too bad he is way overpaid to be a back up CB and a special teamer. Hard to see him back next year, they need the cap room.

    • Bird

      Yes, that jumped out to me too. He looked hungry, like he has something to prove.

  33. Totem_Hawk

    Trade Earl to Cleveland, send a message that if outwardly disrespect the team and the orgainzation you get sent to Siberia…unacceptable!!!

  34. EP

    Not Seahawks related but related to the Seahawks if you get what I mean.

    I think despite the wizardry of the patriots in wheeling and dealing players they may have made their greatest mistake in letting Jimmy G go. Obviously Brady is a beast and could be around for a while longer, I personally think they should have cut Brady this offseason and moved on with Garoppolo. I’m not saying he’s the next big thing at QB but he looks pretty good to me.

    And on the MVP award, I still obviously think it should be Wilsons but I think this is as good a year as ever to give it to an non qb, this season hasn’t had an outstanding star but I’d give it to Gurley. He’s a beast. Over 2000 yards and 19 touchdowns is a damn impressive season. I think he’s the reason the Rams are winning and making Goff to look better than he actually is.

    • Hawk Eye

      Wondering how long Brady has left. Was hearing an analyst on Buffalo radio last week saying that Brady has lost arm strength and is having a hard time with longer throws, especially when the need have some zip. At 40 years old, it has to happen. And now there is the news about problems caused by his trainer with Belichick. Alex Guererro is a snake oil salesman, he was busted for selling fake cancer medicine that he made millions from. Not sure if there is a lower life form, and he is Brady’s personal trainer and Brady is in better shape than almost every other 40 year old QB. Miracle? Or Chemical?

      as far as MVP for Russell, the last 3 weeks have left that in the dust. 3 ints at Jacksonville and not being able to do much the last 2 weeks are not MVP worthy. Still a franchise QB, and we can blame RB’s Line and coaching as well, but he has not raised his game the last 3 weeks.

    • AlaskaHawk

      If Patriots win the superbowl then Brady may go riding off into the sunset with his supermodel wife.

      • DC

        It might take a Hearse to get Brady off the field.

        You hear the phrase that records are made to be broken. I don’t think any of us will live to see another player go to or win as many Super Bowls as Tom Brady. That bar is being set beyond reach. It’s incredible what he has accomplished… Bastard

  35. Hawk Eye

    while it was nice to get the win (unless we wanted better draft position), but the offence seems to be regressing and Russell is not playing good enough for them to win a playoff game on the road. The line seems to have taken a step back the last 2 weeks, Jimmy has disappeared for the last 3 except for the TD yesterday and Baldwin is not getting enough touches. And Russell running backwards to make a miracle throw the last 2 weeks has backfired almost every time. Are teams figuring it out?

    Is this a talent issue or a coaching issue? If it is a coaching issue, what happens? Will anyone be happy if the offense has the same problems next year?

    watching JG completely wiff on a block that resulted in a big loss on a running play makes it obvious his heart is not in it. At 260 pounds he can do it, he just does not want to. And if you are trying to run and are depending on a decent block by the TE, you at least need effort. Nice that he gets the TD’s, but I don’t see how he comes back. Part of fixing the running games is having a good blocking TE. And having 3 smurf WR’s must also limit the blocking capability for running plays. I think they have to decide between Lockett and Richardson. I think Richardson is a better WR, but since he is a FA, I think they let him go. Hopefully, Darboh can step up and play next year and make an impact.

    going to be an interesting off season. Division should be a little better next year and Hawks will lose players, with limited cap space and draft picks to replace them. Lots of tough choices ahead.

    • C-Dog

      Offseason main emphasis needs to be fixing the run game, IMO. The offense was wildly unbalanced this season, and I feel like it has been catching up to them.

      I would credit Dallas for playing good coverage this game. I didn’t see a lot of receivers getting open.

      Just my thoughts, but if defenses aren’t respecting a run game, they can play coverage and spy RW. Kinda forces, again, RW to be the main threat running and passing. Leads to disjointed results.

      Fix the run game, and that fixes everything, IMO.

      • Hawk Eye

        I agree about fixing the running game. Play action is more effective, and defense gets more rest. I think the biggest question on how do it relates to the offensive line. I assume Joeckel leaves dues to cost and effectiveness, but are the 4 remaining starters going to get it done? Do they stay where they are? Who is the 5th starter?
        I figure they draft another RB, dump Lacy, maybe Rawls. JG and PRich leave, hopefully replaced by players who are ready and can block as well. Going to miss JG in the end zone, but nowhere else.
        I can also see if Carson and Procise are healthy next year that the running game is a lot better, just might be too much to ask for.

  36. Eli

    I think getting a fundraiser (via patreon or otherwise) together so Rob could go to both the Senior Bowl and the East/West Shrine game would be a worthy investment for the SBD community. Rob has given us nearly a decade of nuanced and illuminating scouting on draft picks in the specific context of our team. He’s been way more right about picks/prospects than he’s ever been wrong and his reflections at both events would be outstanding I’m certain. Rob is patreon the best route to do this? Lastly, Merry Christmas and Thank you! your blog was a weekly fixture every week in Iraq and Afghanistan!

    Go Hawks!!

    • Ed

      Trevor talked about that way up the chain. Rob said about 1k, should be easy enough, Trevor said he was figuring it out. Rob hasn’t said the best way to get him the funds, but I’m in to participate.

      Thanks for serving and Merry Christmas

      • Eli

        Cool, thanks Ed! Feliz Navidad!!

  37. Eli

    Oh so far as RBs for the Hawks, any Sony Michel fans? I love his speed, power game and he doesn’t have the wear and tear of a lot of RBs as he had to share carries with Chubb.

    • C-Dog

      I really like Sony Michel. He looks to me like a potential solid every down RB.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I would take him, maybe 3rd round. That’s where Hunt and Kamara came from last draft.

  38. Kenny Sloth

    Maybe Im in the minority here, but I don’t think anything Earl did or said was disrespectful or unprofessional.

    The most disrespectful thing you could do is to stop playing hard and he led the team in tackles.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think it is a major over reaction from the fan base. He has played his heart out for the team. If he says something you don’t like – suck it up and quit crying!!! It is major boss mentality to get worked up over one comment – and we are not his boss.

      • lil'stink

        It’s not about the fans. It’s about the team and his teammates. Think about your coworkers, your superiors, your subordinates. How would it go over with them if you ran over to the office of a direct competitor and said “come get me when they kick me to the curb”. Your certainly entitled to feel that way. Your even entitled to say it. But to do it in such a public display? That’s just plain stupid.

        • Michigan 12th

          I am blue collar, but it happens all the time in my field. I have no problem with someone wanting a better situation for themselves. I don’t feel disrespected, but rather just feel like Earl feels disrespected.

    • GoHawks5151

      Big agree

      • Hawk Eye

        not great timing and not a great look. But over blown. Plus, Dallas has no cap room and they have to sign Martin and Lawrence. Don’t see how it can work as a trade.
        This is a business, no one minds saying JG must go, Sherm must go, Bennett must go, but people are upset that Thomas says he wants Dallas to go after him if things don’t work out for him in Seattle? He is a Texan, grew up a Cowboys fan, I bet other players on every team really want to play somewhere else also.
        I was told years ago, think of your banker as a whore and you will never be disappointed by them. Don’t be emotional about money. Sports is a little different, but in the most capitalistic country in the world, no one should be upset for someone wanting to play somewhere else for more money.

    • lil'stink

      I mean, did you see the video? Running down the tunnel to grab the opposing teams head coach just before he enters the locker room, saying “if you have a chance come get me”. That’s pretty disrespectful to the organization and to Earl’s teammates. It’s the sort of thing that can stir resentment in the locker room.

      It was also a pointless gesture for Earl to make. What does he think Garrett is going to do or say in that moment? Garrett just coached a game like he wants to be fired. And he’s not even the GM

    • C-Dog

      He played a tremendous game. I didn’t like what he did on any level. Is it unforgivable? No way.

      However, poor judgment, poor leadership, poor timing. Especially considering the weirdness that has gone on recently between him and Wagner, and the team’s playoff chances weighing in the balance. Not a lot to like about here with these things weighing, IMO.

  39. Smitty1547

    I would have left Earl in Dallas

  40. Smitty1547

    With so much talk between athletes about respect, it was a bush league show the organization and the fans no respect. I would have left him in Dallas and no ring of honor

    • AlaskaHawk

      Major overreaction. You must not even like the Seahawks to want to drop their best safety off in Dallas.

      • Smitty1547

        Ive been a fan since 76 and gone to 4 games this year to include road game in Nashville, I think I qualify to like the seahawks. We just need more hunger and want and less ME ME ME if we ever want to win a SB again. this team is full of entitled little whiny brats and as much as I love them, they are becoming hard to root for. I spent my whole weekend in Nashville with people asking me how I root for such an entitled crybaby team. I go to a road game every year for the last 10 years and have never had to answer questions like that before.

        Throw in the fact that Thomas is small and will start breaking down sooner rather than latter and I’m fine with moving on from him. Id rather we use the Patriot way and move a year to early than to late like we have already been prone top do with Lynch and now Kam and maybe even Sherm.

        • Trevor

          +1 The Hawks are an organization that has taken care of its aging stars better than any NFL organization I can remember.

          After that move by Earl I hope he is viewed as nothing more than a valuable commodity and they do whatever they have to in order to maximize his value to the organization.

  41. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I hope that you all are having a wonderful day with family and friends on Christmas, X-mas, Happy Holliday Day, ir just another day Day or whatever you choose to call the 25th of December!

    About Earl I have a feeling he was just emotional from being around his family and growing up a Cowboys fan also he’s probably still Bitter at Bobby Wagner for saying ” Keep my name out yo Mouth” Bobby is a true poet, a man of great verbal expression, a true Shakespearian! So Earl was being himself and honest as an esoteric esentric and as a Seahawks fan I’m cool with it.

    That was a great win without hardly any Offense and we made alot of people happy through Jerry Jone’s missery, it truly is the giving season!

    Why do people hate Jerry so much? Besides signing Hardy the beater?


    Go Hawks Forever

    • Volume12

      Merry 🎄 Craigie!

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Same to you Vol! Santa Emoji

    • DC

      “Why do people hate Jerry so much?”

      Because he’s fun to hate. Not as much fun as Harbaugh or Rodgers but he’ll have to do for now. It’s a gift to see the pouters pout up to their potential.

    • Hawk Eye

      why do people hate Jerry?
      doubt there is enough space here.
      He is an egomaniac. He has made the Cowboys a big financial success, have to give him credit there.
      He started the hate by firing Jimmy Johnson after he won 2 SB’s because he wanted the credit. They won the next year with Switzer, but it was Johnson’s team. After that, they have done nothing. Loves to make statements and be heard.
      Jerry is pretty much all that is wrong with rich, old, white America, always wants it his way, pouts when he does not get it. Has no morals, brings in players like Hardy and ruins his own team. Did the creepy kneel before the anthem, then said a week or so later anyone who kneeled during the anthem would not play. Has had sexual harassment charges made by a few women. Pretty sure others can add a lot more.
      Rich guy, but not a nice person. Easy to cheer against. Of course, probably easy to cheer against most owners. Rich, successful CEO’s tend to be psychopaths, but if there is another strike, the billionaires will get Joe sixpack to side with them against the millionaire players and will help pay for the stadiums with tax dollars.

  42. FuzzyLOgic

    Merry X-mas all you 12’s!!

    Completely agree on Rob going to Mobile/Senior Bowl/East West Shrine. If Rob agrees I think he should have an article put up solely for letting us know how much it would cost and where/when he will be going. Then at the end of all his articles have him let us know how much he has received and how much more he needs…kind of like a tally count down.

    We all want Rob to go and he said he’s willing to take time out of his schedule to do it! Give +1’s if you agree or someone give us a better way of doing this because we all want it but don’t know how to go about it. Rob to Mobile!!!!!! +12

    • Eli

      I’m in, let’s make this happen!

      • FuzzyLOgic

        Rob – Let us know if this works for you or if you have a better way of doing this. I think an article from you specifically on what you will need and when you will be going to these events will set this in motion as we can discuss this subject alone and get this in motion. But it has to come from you and we need a platform to talk it out. Call it the ” Rob to Mobile ” fund or something and we’ll get on board.

        Merry X mas

    • peter

      I agree. this is my favorite sports site. also I’m not ashamed of sounding like a cornball but I think Rob at the combine would be great for him with killer connections.

      I think the senior bowl and shrine game may be a butt soon to pull off but the combine is eminently doable.

      think about it 12’s. could 50 of us do 20 bucks?

      • Ed

        Easily. That’s what Rob said, about 1k. We can’t let him go on rations though, he’ll need to fine some bangers and mash. Just tell me how and it will be easily done.

        • Rob Staton

          Really appreciate this guys, means a lot. However, I can’t ask you to do this. I intend one day to attend a Senior Bowl and/or combine. Would be a dream come true. But I can’t ask this community to get me there. I need to make it happen.

          • Hawktalker#1

            Although I believe sending you is something the community wants to do, no worries if you don’t ask. However, we would ask that you please not refuse the gift from the community to get you there that will only enevitabily serve to help us share better information and become a tighter group.

            We appreciate all you do.

            Merry Christmas!!

            Go Hawks

            • Rob Staton

              It means a great deal to me that people wish to help. I truly appreciate you all. This really is an amazing community.

              • Eli

                Rob while we love ya, our motives aren’t totally altruistic as we get all of the esoteric-shaman like knowledge about potential prospects to help rebuild the Hawk empire! When it comes to evaluating talent and how that talent could help the Hawks-Rob Staton is the guy. Merry Christmas Rob and the rest the SDB, time to send Rob to Mobile and Indianapolis this year-the next two drafts are critical for this team.

                GO HAWKS.

  43. Robert Las Vegas

    Happy holidays Rob to you and your family I have been thinking that the rams might not be going away in the next few years and the 49ers have a boatload of cap and found there QB this draft is going to be huge for the seahawks. And your thoughts is Todd gurley the league MVP.

    • Rob Staton

      Merry Christmas! I think Gurley has as good a shout as anyone to be the MVP.

  44. Volume12

    Frank Clark is 1 sack away from consecutive 10 sack seasons. Lock that man up this summer!

    • DC

      Clark’s extension is priority #1 this offseason imho.

      • Trevor


  45. Volume12

    This trade Earl talk. Careful what ya’ll wish for.

    On another note, when did Davis Hsu become such a RW hater?

    • C-Dog

      I wouldn’t say that I wish for it, but I can understand it, if that makes since. Personally, I hope that Pete gets everyone together for a big hug it out moment with Earl. Just give him hugs.

      What I can’t understand is Davis Hsu’s takes on RW. Can’t even remotely go there.

      Merry Christmas!

      • DC

        I still love all of these guys and always will. They brought us a championship and pulled this community together forever in that moment.

        Like Marshawn, I don’t give 2 poops what Earl says as far as my fan sensitivity is concerned. He pours his heart & soul out on the field every moment of every game. As a Seahawks fan my hope is for the quickest path to another Super Bowl title. I can’t see the future. If trading Earl brought that to us sooner then I’d be okay with it and wish him a yellow brick road to Canton. If not then no thank you. There’s no way to know. We’ve seen 2 extensions to “aging” players backfire and a 3rd in a gray area. Doesn’t mean the same thing would happen to Earl.

    • lil'stink

      I think he’s just trying to be frank and objective when it comes to Wilson, he has some legit flaws to his game. Despite the gaudy stats Wilson looks like an indecisive, one read QB too much of the time. Is it the coaches? The scheme? Or has Wilson plateaued or even regressed? Am I the only one who notices how frequently he stares guys down this year? Or all the second guess pump fakes? We’ve played in 5 games against playoff teams. Wilson has played well in one of those games.

      I can’t take credit for the comment, but it some up Wilson’s play perfectly – he makes plays no other QB can make. Problem is, he doesnt make plays every QB needs to make.

      He’s had a great season. But what happens when he can’t make plays with his legs? His pocket presence is still inconsistent at best, and frequently non-existent. I think he’s poised to have a steep, rapid decline in his game during his next big contract if he can’t evolve. And he’s not really shown that in this, his 6th season.

      I think it’s fair to debate the merits and drawbacks of trading him after this year. Crazy talk to many, I know. If you think you can pry Alex Smith away for a day 3 pick than yeah, I definitely think shopping Wilson should be on the table.

    • TatupuTime

      A short year ago the narrative was the Seahawks’ D system was predicated on Earl’s rol. I don’t really get complete 180. He probably makes the most sense to trade if you want to remake the D, but there is no way to replace what he does. He’s literally the best FS in the league by a long shot. It’s really hard to turn over the D when most of them are on expensive 2nd contracts. There just aren’t a lot of teams lined up to take on huge cap hits and give up draft capital. A secondary with Earl, McDougald (Kam retires), Sherman, Shaq and Coleman is going to be ridiculous. Get another young baller on the D-line in the draft and focus on the run game (I think a good blocking TE would make a big difference) and they will be fine next year.

      The RW stuff makes no sense. He’s a top 5 QB and you don’t trade those. You want tough times? Sub out Wilson for Alex Smith next year. He’s a unique guy in that he makes plays no other QB in the league makes and also has some negatives that 6’5 stand-in-the-pocket white guys don’t do. But come on.

    • Trevor

      I dont wish for an Earl trade I just think at his age and his upcoming contract demands if you can get a first it makes the most sense. I don’t think anyone questions his greatness as a FS. I just question if he will be the same player in his 30s.

      • sdcoug

        “I just question if he will be the same player in his 30s”

        But you were perfectly ok…no, repeatedly championed, that chancellor should get an extension? If I had to pick any player that would likely break down, your guy was at the top of my list.

        Not trying to be a jerk, it’s just an interesting take on Earl “the commodity” Thomas vs. your position on Kam

    • Hawk Eye

      hey Vol

      I just scrolled through Davis Hsu’ twitter account.
      I think he is looking to be an “Alternative Hater”, the NW Prisco, or something like that.
      says they should not sign Clark because they need more young guys.
      Clark is 24, does he want teenagers?
      says they will trade Baldwin or Britt for a 2nd rnd pic and eat their cap hits.
      Says the only values on the Hawks are RW, ET, BW and KJ.
      Says RW is the reason they cannot score in the first quarter. I think RW is part of the problem, but I would put O line and OC at least as equals or more in this situation.

  46. Chris

    Forgetting Earl’s comments, I’m interested more in his trade value. I don’t think we’ll get a 1st for him if we trade him in the off-season since he’s only got one more year on his contract. So a team would have to risk him being a one-year rental if they can’t resign him. Also, he’s not a young pup anymore. Could we get a #2 and #3? I wouldn’t trade him for less than a #2 and some lower pick. We should save about $8.5m if we trade him as well.

    • DC

      If a team believes they are an ET away from a championship they would most likely be open to trading a first round pick for him. He turns 29 in May.

    • DC

      How about Earl Thomas & Jeremy Lane to the Cowboys for Zach Martin. Pro Bowler for Pro Bowler at positions of need for each team, 18 months apart in age. The Cowboys still have the cap space to re-sign D Lawrence. They know how to draft OL, we know how to draft DB.

      Jerry Jones is getting O-L-D. Brainstorming.

      • DC

        Each with one year remaining on their contract.

  47. DC

    Aside from wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, I want to thank everyone for making this the only site that I know of where I can read the comments section and retain hope for humanity. Thanks to the whole SDB community.

    Let it Snow!!!

  48. Icb12

    Wtf are the Texans doing?
    Run the ball effectively- but from the 1 foot line you throw 2 passes out of the gun??

    Good grief.

    Merry Xmas. Everyone!!

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