Thoughts on the Jordyn Brooks pick

What exactly is the plan?

There’s time, over the next couple of days, for clarity to emerge. There are still another six rounds. The Seahawks pick twice in round two — at #59 and #64.

Yet a strange and confusing off-season is getting even stranger.

The Seahawks ended 2019 needing to dramatically improve their pass rush. So far, they’ve lost Quinton Jefferson and reached a stalemate with Jadeveon Clowney. In response, they added Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin.

Russell Wilson called for superstars at the Pro Bowl. Instead, they spent considerable cap space retaining their restricted free agents and fringe players, before adding a host of low-level free agents.

It always felt like we needed to see the draft to get a real feel for the blueprint.

Yet here we are. Their most significant investment is on a… linebacker.

They didn’t cut K.J. Wright when it was financially beneficial to do so. A year ago, they traded up for Cody Barton in round three and then added Ben Burr-Kirven.

It’s not immediately obvious where Brooks fits in.

Lance Zierlein offers the following review:

“While his tackle production has been good in all four seasons, it’s hard not to come away from tape study feeling like his numbers should be even higher with his athletic traits and above-average instincts. Attacking blocks with better hand usage and greater physicality should allow him to eliminate some negative reps and become a more impactful player. He’s a potential future starter as an inside linebacker in even or odd fronts, but concerns with coverage duties could impact how teams see him as an every-down linebacker.”

It’s not a glowing review. But it gets worse.

Zierlein also notes that Brooks, “Failed to rise to the occasion against Oklahoma” before adding, “Gassed in late second quarter by Sooners’ pace.”

That’s not encouraging when they’re due to face the Rams, Niners and Kyler Murray six times in a season.

Where does he play? They’re not moving Bobby Wagner — he’s a heart and soul player who would cost Seattle $22m for him to play somewhere else in 2020. Do they cut Wright now? If it’s planning ahead for life after Wright — is a ‘weakside linebacker of the future’ really necessary?

And what does this say for Cody Barton?

Meanwhile the pass rush remains seriously undermanned. There’s no heir apparent for Duane Brown or serious challenger to Brandon Shell. They haven’t added a dynamic weapon for the offense.

What it means is at #59 and #64 — the needs we (not unfairly) felt they needed to address, still need to be addressed. Except now they’ve used their key asset and they didn’t turn #27 into further picks between #64 and #101.

Tomorrow they’re set to pick three times. There are still a lot of good players on the board.

They’ve got a ton of work to do though. They’re well into this off-season now and it’s hard to say with any conviction that they’re a better team.

I need to watch Jordyn Brooks tape. On the plus side, he ran a 4.53 but didn’t do any other testing so it’s hard to paint a proper picture of his physical potential.

Finally, if anyone’s interested, my mock draft finished third overall for scoring.

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  1. Gaux Hawks

    i feel sick.

  2. Chadzilla3000

    I had a weird mix of being stunned and comforted. I think we all half expect the unexpected when the Seahawks pick in the first round but…

    • Hawktalker#1

      Comforted? Really? I just don’t understand that.

      • Chadzilla3000

        Hahah comforted in how unexpected this was and how that’s a pretty familiar feeling with Seahawk drafts.

  3. Donny Henson

    I think im going to go dig for my Baltimore Ravens jersey now…

  4. Derek Gwinnup

    The ONLY thing I can think is that no one was willing to offer any real value trading back and the front office had already predetermined they Jordyn was THE guy.

    • Brian Sanders

      That’s exactly what happened. They had a deal with GB who then found a better deal and jumped SEA for Jordan Love.

      • Nem

        I don’t think they got a better deal from the Niners. The Niners likely told GB that some other team was going to trade for their pick, and if they didn’t make the trade with them, then the guy they wanted (Love) would be gone.

        So they made the trade with the Niners.

  5. MightyFarley

    Switch to a 3-4 defense? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Rob Staton

      Pete’s defense isn’t changing now

      • lil’stink

        People are saying this tonight because of one draft pick. Pete Carroll, at almost 70 years old, is going to change the defensive philosophy he’s been using for the last 20+ years. Because of one draft pick. When he doesn’t really have any 3-4 defensive lineman on the roster.

        It’s the “let Russ cook” meme for the day.

      • Billy Boi

        Nickel Defence. Role player

  6. Submanjoe

    More base defense???? Does he specialize in stopping jet sweeps!? 🤔
    I would love to know the thinking here by the pcjs…

  7. Kenny Sloth

    Love ya Robbo. Get some rest. It’ll make sense soon

    • Kenny Sloth

      Look how cheap it’s been to move up. Let’s go get Okwara and Tega and Devon Hamilton. Board has fallen great for us.

      • Pk

        Appreciate your perspective Kenny!

      • CaptainJack

        So many players that fit our needs are still left

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, today was the run on OL and WR, but run on RB and DL coming early tomorrow IMO.

        • Michael P Matherne

          Did anyone see the run on CB’s coming??

  8. Walter

    They 1) must think really highly of him and 2) must think other teams do too and wouldn’t be available at #59. Just feels like Collier all over again. Hate to say it, but JS PC best days are behind them. The league has evolved and they haven’t.

  9. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Seattle moving to a more traditional 3 4 defense. If we see a move towards a big NT. I’m convinced

    • Davido

      How does Jarran Reed fit into all this? You think he could be a 3-4 DE?

    • Jeff M.

      With Bruce/Mayowa/’Quem rotation as the OLBs? And a Reed/Poona/Collier front 3?

      All of Bobby/KJ/Barton/BBK would be ILBs in a 3-4, so Brooks would be…competition for backup ILB?

      Doesn’t seem to make any sense. Of course the only way I can see anything about this pick making sense is if cutting KJ gets them the cap room needed to find an answer at DE. But even then I think we’d all still be wondering why they didn’t use this pick on a bigger need and cut Britt instead…

      • Shane Pierotti

        I think they’re gonna cut KJ and have a plan to sign Griffen or Clowney… Adding Bruce and Brooks goes a long way to improving the speed in the front seven, which needed to be addressed

        • TatupuTime

          That’s the only way it makes sense to me is if they get rid of KJ and move his money to DL. I don’t think they are going to though. I don’t think they’d do KJ dirty like that and cut him now. If they were going to cut him they would have done it already (unless they told him a long time ago that they were going to cut him or restructure him). I think it’s more likely Brooks is a bit player this year and takes over KJ’s spot next year. Seems like a luxury they can’t afford with so many holes.

          I don’t like the pick – but Brooks gave a great interview. Easy to see why they bought into the personality and additional speed from LB.

    • lil’stink

      Hasn’t Pete used a 4-3 his entire career? I really can’t see him changing it up now.

  10. Shadow

    I’m guessing that Green Bay trading up to pick #26 screwed up our efforts to trade down. We probably would have been able to find a trade partner with Love still on the board for a team that needed a QB.

    • Sean Vernon

      The Green Bay selection is even more confusing. Why are the Packers not getting ARod more weapons as he has a good 5 yrs left, easily? Instead they trade up? Crazy foolishness

    • Daniel

      I think the Patriots, Dolphins, and Vikings all trading back with three of the four selections immediately in front of us made it virtually impossible for the Seahawks to move back and get fair value in return. If Seattle truly felt this guy is the next Bobby Wagner, I can’t totally fault them. The guy that coached Wagner at Utah St. also happens to have coached Brooks at TTU. He seems to think Brooks is another Bobby Wagner. Let’s hope he is correct.

    • Madmark

      That and chargers took QB early so didn’t need to move up to get Love. this left no one to trade for and it finally catch up to the Hawks.

  11. Tony

    I just don’t know. I’m trying my hardest to think optimistically but I just am struggling to see the plan. If he’s Bobby 2.0, sweet I can see the missed tackles disappearing. Better run d. But if he can’t cover or is another miss. Or if we lose out on many big needs, I’m struggling to see it.

    • Sean Vernon

      I’m very critical of Pete, more than I should however,

      I do like the selection because we drafted a guy that’s a “football player”. I am so tired of SPARQ and all the length of arms and height and all the other trash that has caused the past 5 yrs drafts to be so poor.

      I was also very disappointed in Wags and thought we should’ve been like the Patriots and let Wags walk “early” than pay and have him hit a wall.

      Forget the tackle numbers, forget the loyalty and love we all have for Bobby. He was not that impactful and poor for value in 2019. He has slowed tremendously, makes very few plays in the back field or even at the LOS. He was juked out of his jock too often and couldn’t cover TE’s like he did from ’12 – ’17.

      Pete has such a focus on LB’s and KJ is cooked. Wags hit a wall and Mychal is a ???.

      While Brooks may not be great value based on where he “should’ve” gone…. I really like the fact we just drafted a proverbial football player and not reached for guys like IFedi who was lousy coming out of AM.

      I give the selection a B+ and expect returns in 2021 and give it current 2020 value at a D. We will appreciate the selection when we let Wags and KJ walk.

      • Mexican Hawk

        Agree some here, like you mentioned Rob some of our core veterans are not all there. We could not tackle for spurts throughout last year.

        This guy fits your, BAMF category. Or at least it looks like it, not sure how agile he is in coverage. That seems to be the downfall. We don’t talk about LB’s much, but like you have mentioned in past Cody also did not show that he was the future.

        LET’S STOP THE RUN. Who cares if folks make fun of teams that focus on stopping the run or running the ball on O. Pete believes in bending not breaking. When we were in the red zone last year, we felt lost sometimes. Not like previous years. Teams ran it in easily.

        In days past a 3rd and inches was not guaranteed. We were confident even in those scenarios.

        Continue the trend tomorrow. Build the lines (interior DL). Get some bad ass MF’ers.

        Let’s go!

        • Mexican Hawk

          I do see Cody as being part of the future, but feel like we missed out on the LB (for draft purposes) just like last year. Position (LB) not fortified for the next 3-5 years.

          How I wish we could have gotten one of the trade down proposals, that’s the only regret. Mayock and Schneider seem to be operating on a different level. I’m not sure if they are getting value (now or ever), but do like the way they evaluate talent.

        • Sean Vernon

          I also like the way he has instincts to shoot the gap to get into the backfield on blitzes.

          It’s been a pet peeve since day 1 of PC regime that we’re not an aggressive attacking blitzing D at all. It’s so vanilla but Brooks can give us some disguised blitz action.

          This pick was for 2021, not 2020. Hopefully, we strike Gold and he can take over as the D’s signal caller as he’s groomed by Bobby.

          This is a bit hyperbole and prayers but the intensity and downhill style of attack by Brooks reminds me of 2 classic Mikebackers.

          Sam Mills, who was a few inches shorter and a few lbs lighter, but had that intense terror for both the Saints and Panthers at MIKE… Brooks has that in him…

          I won’t mention the 2nd… Nobody would take it seriously anyway

          • Marc Edge


            Hey, if he’s BPA . . . or BAMF (I like that better) then I say take him. He can play SAM and understudy BWagz.

            I was getting tired of all the trading down and talent dilution.

  12. Brando

    At the very least, he needs to be better than Queen.

    • Brian Sanders

      Yea, when Queen fell I was stoked! I saw Queen as hybrid box safety/linebacker with hyper quicks and great zone coverage skills; 1.51 10yd split! That said, their trade down with GB fell through and they had familiarity with Brooks at the Senior Bowl and combine and he IS good so we shall see. Nagy used to scout for us before taking the reigns of the Senior Bowl and check his tweet:

  13. KD

    I’m watching his game vs Oklahoma right now. His first impact play came in the 3rd Q when TT was already getting BTFO and he forced Jalen Hurts to throw the ball out of bounds. I also watched all his snaps vs Baylor and he certainly showed patience and gap discipline, but he did next to nothing in that game.

    • KD

      Watching the Oklahoma tape further on, he finally gets a TFL in the 4th Q when TT is already down 48-16, so…garbage time numbers.

      If the Hawks wanted a linebacker, why this guy instead of Willie Gay or Logan Wilson. I can’t identify a single reason why Brooks would be a better choice over those two. Not one.

      • Rashi

        Lol, how about 4.46 speed.

        • don

          He is a 78th percentile Adjusted SPARQ athlete with 4.54 speed, but he needs a lot of work as a coverage backer.- Rotoworld

    • Brian Sanders

      Cool your jets. They bashed Bobby the same way in ’12 (including this very blog that I love) and that turned out ok

      • Rob Staton

        I didn’t bash Bobby Wagner.

        I spent the weeks leading up to the draft projecting him in the first round.

        • Ralphy

          That is true. I called that pick (watching with my buddies) because of what Rob had said.

        • Brian Sanders

          Ok Rob, grant you that but who did the write up on your site? Is Kip Earlywine somehow associated with SBD? It wasn’t glowing. I love your blog and the effort you put into it.

  14. bloo360

    I love the pick! watching his film he can get after the QB, and when he hits ya youre going down. although not as high reminds me of the Bruce Irvin pick. In J&P I trust

  15. Coug1990

    From former Seahawk scout and current Executive Director of the Senior Bowl Jim Nagy on his Twitter account.

    Seattle just took a guy that reminded me of Bobby Wagner when I watched him. Jordyn Brooks was one of the funnest players we watched this year for the @seniorbowl

    Nagy was with the Seahawks when they drafted Wagner.

    • Matt

      The same Jim Nagy that waxed poetic about LJ Collier and Marquis Blair being big time impact players for this team.

      • Coug1990

        Have you written them off already? More NFL players take time to develop than not.

        • Matt

          I can’t write off Collier because I didn’t think of him much in the first place. He will be 25 this season with a very limited athletic profile.

          I think Blair could become an average Safety, maybe. His inability to apparently learn the playbook is extraordinarily troubling.

          • Rashi

            Not learning the playbook is an extraordinaly common thing that happens to rookies. Are you really wriring him off cause of that? Interesting.

            • Brian Sanders

              I’m with you Rashi. Fans generally want all picks to be HOF caliber from day 1. BW was devalued on this very blog in 2012 among other places. All draft picks grow and some pan out and some don’t. I think LJ will be much improved and Green in his third year will show out and let’s add to that.

    • Luis H.

      So, in that case, it would be a good plan… if you cut KJ Wright and trade Wagner for Ngakoue. Sign Clowney. And tomorrow draft, at least, an OT and another defensive line man, better if trading down to get another couple of picks.

      Otherwise, it does not make sense at all. JS and PC should try to respect the following rule: “I will trade down every single year I have the chance to do it in first round”

      • Sean Vernon

        I don’t see Wags being with us in 2021.

        Wags has an exorbitant $17.1mm 2021 cap hit. That is outrageous for an aging Mike who just wasn’t that impactful in 2019.

        How does JS/PC let him go is the dilemma. But a Post June 1st, 2021 cut only leaves $3.75mm in dead money but saves $13.4mm against the cap.

        Wags 2021 cap hit is outrageous for his current value. We’re paying for past performance, the leadership and core D nucleus that he is. We all love him but there comes a time…. That time should be 2021..

        • Rob Staton

          Thank goodness they secured their linebacker of the future…


  16. Miami Hawk

    It still is early hut that one sure came out of nowhere. It seemed obvious they are not looking at the OL and they dont like the guys availabe enough on the DL to put a first on them.
    something clicked with them and Brooks that we know nothing about. i kind of get the feeling that Pete is planning planning on making some serious tweaks to his scheme as a result of the simple difficulty in finding pass rushers that fir it. He may very well be building from the back forward based upon what he saw last year. Sure you want a bunch of animals on the DL but getting that is easier said then done. we will see tomorrow.

  17. Mike

    Well this oklahoma game isn’t encouraging reps to watch of him. Seems to be kinda half effort and not having much impact. Baylor game he was better. Seems undersized for NFL 1st rounder? Is this a position change scenario? Are we planning a defensive scheme change/revolution? He can fly to the ball when needed at least and shoot up to pressure the QB.

  18. Davido

    How would you all feel if they took Willie Gay Jr. instead?

    I think they attacked a big need. They rated Brooks higher than guys like Wilson/Gay Jr it seems. Would Gay Jr have been less of a reach because he was higher on your personal boards?

    The pick reminds me a bit of the Penny pick where they just evaluated the talent of the position differently than others but attacked a need agressively and took “their guy”.

    • GoHawksDani

      Yeah and the Penny pick worked out great. Thank God we didn’t pick Chubb instead

      • JimQ

        Penny has averaged +/- 6 carries per game so far in his career, if given the same # of carries that Chubb got, his #’s would be better on a yards per carry basis. It’s notable that when Penny has received more than those 6 carries a game, he has produced very well in those few games. Maybe this coming season he can have a few more carries and not all of them will be “up the middle”, so he can use his abilities better.

  19. Nathan H

    Maybe a switch to a 3-4 with 4-3 principals?

    Green, Poona, Reed

    Wright, Barton, Wagner, Irvin

    • Kenny Sloth

      😂😂😂 not bad

  20. Jordan

    On a positive note: this video has a good review

    Still scratching my head on this pick though. He seems to not be good at pass coverage… How can we fit him and Bobby on the field?? Switch to more 3-4 principle?

  21. Volume12

    I disagree whole heartedly w/ Lance. Sorry. He has crazy good instincts. Wait until you see how fast he breaks down what he’s seeing.

    Speed, length, insane production. Checks a lot of boxes.

    Makes a ton of plays behind the LOS which leads me to beleive he has pass rushing upside.

    His HC was the same HC at Utah St when BWagz was there. Once they attack the D-line tommorow, IMO, I think more people will come around. He does fit the ‘SEC west’

    It does feel like a reach. Can’t argue that. Even though Seattle needed speed, more physicality, and more play making at the 2nd level. And 3rd for that matter.

    • Volume12

      And, I think he can play all 3 spots at LB if needed. Which might be why they didn’t go with Gay or Queen.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Pete has always said KJ can play LEO

        • Barry tetz

          needed a Leo pretty bad last year.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Looking forward to studying this thought.

    • Rashi

      It could very well not have been a reach. They probably knew some team was coming after him otherwise, they would have traded down.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’m sure they tried to trade down but NE, MIN and MIA all trading down in front of them ruined their chances. They can only trade down with someone willing to trade up. And there probably wasn’t anyone left who was hot to do that. At least not offering a reasonable return.

        No I bet Brooks was their highest rated remaining and they had no choice but to take him at 27.

      • Brian Sanders

        They tried to trade down and it fell thru. In this time of not having all the intel on players they normally have, you bring in a boat load of OL with NFL experience and they had time with Brooks at Senior Bowl and combine. I am hoping heavy D with some offensive weapons sprinkled in.

    • GoHawksDani

      I’d be fine with this pick…
      IF we’d have DT depth/clear starters, EDGE rushers, a healthy/deep RB position, true competetive WR guys (Lockett and DK are way too rock solid WR1-2), deep competetive CB position, a good nCB.
      We have huge holes. And while better/younger/faster LBs would be great, it’s a no-brainer we have bigger needs.
      We might get starters later, but who knows? If our nCB position isn’t addressed after the draft I’ll be pissed. If we wouldn’t have get an LB? I’d be OK with that for now

  22. Spencer

    Our biggest issues on D: rushing the passer, tackling and containing the edge on run defense. All scouting reports indicate that these are his biggest strengths. Very clear “need” pick despite maybe not needing a Linebacker per say.

    We’ll see how it goes. They must envision him at SLB beside Wagner and Wright.

    • Volume12

      There’s a ton of pass rushers left. I’d even argue it’s the strength of day 2. Look at all the guys Seattle has hit on there.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Absolutely dream situation for Seattle. Would love to be picking at 45 and 55 instead tho 👀

      • Spencer

        DE and DT has clear value in rounds 2-3 and anyone at the end of round 1 would have been considered a reach as well. Im not sold on Gross-Matos and Epenesa, and they seem redundant with Green and Collier there already as early picks and the possibility of adding Clowney or Griffen still on the table.

        RB has round 3-4 value as well as much as we like Taylor amd CEH. My only problem was leaving a guy like Isaiah Wilson on the board.

        • Volume12

          Exactly. Honestly? I’m glad they didn’t go RB.

          No I get that. Look, he wasn’t on my radar but that doesn’t make it a bad pick. I know it sounds like I’m trying to talk people into this pick. I’m not. Trying to get those who don’t get it to make it make sense.

          • Spencer

            I stand with V12!

    • Hawktalker#1

      So he’s a pass rusher? One of his areas of weakness is coverage. Not sure how great it’s going to be having him in our base with coverage responsibilities. Is he strong enough to even start this year or is he a project that we won’t see you until 2021? A little concerning since we need pass rushing talent today not tomorrow.
      It did seem like there were better LB options, including GAY.

      Head scratcher for sure. Fairly frustrating waiting all evening for that pic and then to get that.

      • Spencer

        DavidM2 posted this from PFF in the draft thread:

        “April 23, 2020 at 8:43 pm
        JORDYN BROOKS, LB, TEXAS TECH No linebacker in the country has more total QB pressures than Brooks, despite rushing the passer only 86 times this year (26th-most). Brooks leads the country’s linebackers with 34 total pressures, including five sacks, four QB hits and 25 more hurries, while he’s also second in the country with 48 total defensive stops. Brooks has allowed just 81 yards in coverage on his 199 snaps in which he’s dropped back, and he’s recorded 39 stops (third) in run defense, proving to be a complete, three-down linebacker in contention for top linebacker in the country by year’s end.
        An every-down threat for the Red Raiders, Brooks finished the year as the country’s fifth-highest graded linebacker after earning impressive grades across the board. He was dominant against the run and strong in coverage, but when he did blitz the passer, there was almost no one better at the position. Brooks finished the season with 44 total QB pressures, tying for the national lead with Chris Orr, but Brooks needed 16 fewer pass-rushes to do so. Rounding out his incredible season was his sure tackling and reliable coverage; he missed just 12 of his 121 total attempts on the year and didn’t allow a touchdown or a pass reception longer than 32 into his primary coverage.“

        Pass rusher and run stopping LB for early downs. Sounds similar to the role we had Irvin and Mingo play. Im sure on passing downs, they’ll play more Nickel with Amadi in his second year or if they address the position in the draft.

        • Spencer

          Several pressures despite low number of blitzes. We know Seattle likes to create pressure with their front four, but when they deploy this guy on blitzes it seems like hes capable of applying pressure. Can tackle and contain the edge as well, helping our porous run defense as well.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          ” his sure tackling and reliable coverage; he missed just 12 of his 121 total attempts on the year”

          Thats basically a 10% missed tackle rate. Doesn’t seem like a positive to me.

  23. BruceN

    Didn’t see this coming. With so many options in T (Wilson), RB (Taylor) and others. Sigh…

  24. Davido

    I am sorry for being optimistic. I come from a bodybuilding backround and was convinced of Brooks as soon as I saw his physique. He just looks like Bobby coming out of college.
    Seahawks just pick their guys. They love Bobby and this is the closed I have seen so far.

    • Hawktalker#1

      But is Bobby 2.0 an area of need?

      • Davido

        Well I think they want to find a way to put both on the field.
        Speed on defense was the biggest need imo if we exclude passrush. There was no passrusher at 27 and I am glad we dodged that bullet. I much rather have an athletic freak LB than one of the average Edge prospects.

        We couldn’t defend the perimeter run to save our lifes. If he is the answer to that we just got a major upgrade.

      • Brian Sanders

        Agreed, 2.0 not an area of need, but with a trade falling thru and the lack of intel in unfamiliar times, they got a useful weapon provided Norton can figure out how to use him.

    • Jujus

      Nice to know another BB bro is here!

      People were talking about Baum being able to gain weight… His frame is maxed out.

      Humans are not equal. Some get god tier muscle insertions.

  25. James Z

    I’m not yet to the disappoint level, just thoroughly nonplussed. Arizona gets an absolute stud in Simmons. SF hits 2 home runs in an inning and the SH’s pick someone who may not even get on the field that much because of the quite probable abbreviated training schedule and possible a short pre-season. He’s not a cover guy so not an every down LB. Not sure how this helps us to keep pace with the 9ers, Rams, or even the Cards..

    • Daniel

      It is frustrating, but we have to keep perspective. Pick 27 is not a great spot to be in when three teams trade directly in front of you and wipe out some of the trade back options. Seattle didn’t have the luxury of the 8th pick. If they did, they could have selected a stud, or traded down about four times to pick up a bunch of 2nd/3rd round selections. Just like they didn’t have the 13th pick to do some similar maneuvering. San Francisco didn’t do anything special. They were gifted by the Bucs to swap one spot; undoubtedly they ended up getting someone they wanted anyway.

      • Brian Sanders

        Agree completely. My mocks when someone not named Brooks fell to #27, I would pick #59 and trade back at #64 as there is plenty of talent all across the front 7 and offensive skill positions picks #65 to #150. Let’s hope that can be some level of reality.

    • Hawkdawg

      Just fyi, Schneider disputed the idea that this dude is “not a cover guy” and spoke highly of his coverage ability. So there’s that.

  26. Williambryan

    So frustrating. Even best case scenario and he’s Wagner 2.0, that’s not moving the needle to compete for Super Bowls.. it’s never been more clear that PC/JS would be long gone if it wasn’t for Russell Wilson. This whole off season speaks to that. For the love of god why didn’t they trade the pick for a vet, any vet? Arizona gets Hopkins with a 2nd rounder and JS does this?! Even if Clowney comes back it feels like it’s going to be too little too late. Arizona on offense alone, will surely leave this team in the dust. I believe Wilson can do anything but this is just asking too much for too long now.

    • Jordan

      Don’t be so dramatic… If he is a Wagner 2.0 (and can play well quickly) that would be 2 all-pro LBs on the defense. Our run defense was crap last year. He should at least help with that.

      • Kenny Sloth

        And there’s no more LBs

        • Nem Beselek

          Logan Wilson is still readily available. He is great at playing the pass. It would be kind of wild if they took him also, but may not effective, given all of the variables.

      • Williambryan

        Defending the run, statistically, may be the least important factor in winning games. Again, best case, he’s Wagner 2.0 and the team defends the run better… That objectively does not improve the teams chances of winning a super bowl, compared to almost any other use of that pick

        • Daniel

          If he can help our D be in more 3rd & 7 situations instead of 3rd and 3 situations, I’d suggest stopping the run is still statistically important. Then again, I’d rather have someone who can pressure the QB into being uncomfortable…that helps the back end of the defense as well.

          • SeanMatt

            With our lack of a pass rush 3rd & 7 situations are easy conversations for our opponents.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      An all pro, hall of fame comparison is a non-plus’s.

      I quibble on the need… but this guy gets tom5he ball… fast.

      He is Kyler Murray spy, end around killer.

      I’m coming round.

  27. Seahawk65

    Brooks makes sense. We should have seen it. They draft for next year. He’ll probably play Sam this year, transition to MIke as Bobby ages. They’ve been talking about the need to improve their speed at LB for a couple of years. I’m sure this was one of the players the media was “wronger” about all along.

    • Kenny Sloth

      The talent drops way off at LB. They’re playing the board because they couldn’t move down.

      • Brian Sanders

        Somewhat agree, but there are some hidden picks at LB. Yea, can’t trade down, so take a pick that you are familiar with and certainly has talent and high motor.

    • Matt

      They need to be fired if they are drafting Bobby Wagner’s replacement for 2021 in R1. This team has a very limited Super Bowl window and it is being completely pissed away.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yikes bruh take a nap.

        • Matt

          Kenny – you are a real piece of work. Are you PR for the Seahawks? Do you like to play pretend like @Cyoplasm and those other twitter guys who pretend to know Front Office people?

          Yes, if this Front Office drafted Brooks to become Bobby’s replacement in 2021 – that is horrendous. How long do you think Russell Wilson will be a top 3 QB? Seriously – that’s the Super Bowl window. And I think that’s about 3 years.

          • Kenny Sloth

            1. Thats not how PR works

            2. Idk what twitter thing ur talking about

            3. Thinking ahead is what we do best. Especially if you’re dissatisfied at all with BBK and Barton. This is a real indictment on them.

            4. Well if you look at Brady dot dot dot.

            5. I still think you’re a cranky bb 👶

            • Matt

              1. Yes, I was being literal about PR…

              2. You act like you know their plan. You don’t. And if you think you do, spell it out. “There’s levels to this” is just a dumb way of saying you have blind faith in a front office that has managed to put together a middling (at best) roster.

              3. Thinking ahead is great when you are a building or rebuilding team. There has to be a sense of urgency with this team. “Win Forever” is BS. Pete and RW have a shelf life – too many years of dinking around and not solving major issues.

              4. Yes…Let’s compare him to Tom Brady – that’s totally rational. Let’s compare Tyler Lockett to Jerry Rice while we are at it. And let me guess – Jordyn Brooks is Lawrence Taylor.

              5. I still think you are a giant tool.

              • Michael Hasslinger


                Why not see the full result before reacting. There is a D.K. out there.

                This guy may allow us cap room to sign Clowney.

                Chill. Put your beer down. Go to bed.

                • Rashi

                  Why is this Matt guy allowed to post? Are we trying to go full field gulls?

                  • Matt

                    Rashi – I actually pride myself in my posts on this board. I have been in a pissing match with Kenny, who you mysteriously don’t call out for his asinine posts. Is that simply because you agree with his take.

                    I’m done posting or responding to him, but I appreciate the Field Gulls remark. Enjoy the kool aid.

                • Matt

                  Michael – I don’t drink but I appreciate the snarky comment.

                  They had cap room for Clowney and many other pass rush options. They decided to load up on replacement level guards. We’ve talked about a hole at the Tackle position – which again could have been addressed in Free Agency or with Isaiah Wilson at 27.

                  I have ZERO doubt they will make some good picks. My problem is with the lack of a coherent plan. They have the most valuable commodity in any sport (an elite QB) and they have jacked around for years now.

                  I don’t expect them to draft only the players I like. I don’t expect them to hit a home run on every draft pick. I do expect them to have some sort of plan to address massive issues on this roster.

                  If they magically fill pass rush by lucking into late round picks – that still doesn’t change a bad process – which I’d contend they’ve had for several years now.

                  Again – I’m sorry for the previous bad posts. I will simply avoid responding to the likes of Kenny from here on out.

      • CaptainJack

        Who did they pass on though? None of the options at 27 were really amazing tonight. Trading up means missing the sweet spot for defensive linemen. Trading down is only possible when you find the right partner.

        • Davido

          I also believe that trading down was an option but it was simply impossible after Love was off the board.
          However, late first early second was the sweet spot for LB this year. There would have been some teams that could have taken him. This is like saying any of the CB that went earlier then expected is a reach. You have to play the board as it falls. Bengals, Lions, Giants just to name some potential suitors for him.

        • Brian Sanders

          Yep, lost out when GB backed out for a better trade deal. BTW, back in the 80’s I had a bong named “Captain Jack” because it with “get you high tonight” Billy Joel reference, lol

  28. David Moore

    Texas Tech alum here.

    Great player. The only thing that makes sense is that they’re switching to a 3-4, and that they don’t think they’re in it to compete in 2020 (which of course may not have a season at all).

    • Rob Staton

      They’re not switching to a 3-4

      • Brian Sanders

        No doubt, TOO much speculation on that subject! BTW, this wonderful blog for which I am thankful did post a not so flattering thought on Bobby in ’12 so I hope fans can take a breath. I am hoping that after missing on the trade back with GB, they took a familiar prospect with talent and are able to find Raekwon or Madibuike at 59, trade back and pick several times with the talent 65-150.

        • Rob Staton

          Again… Kip wrote an article about Bobby that wasn’t flattering.

          I had him down as a first round talent.

          So if you’re going to keep bringing up Kip’s piece and assume it’s the view of this blog, please balance it out with my own view.

          • Brian Sanders

            Certainly. I saw that it was Kip and it was a quick search on BW draft profile and didn’t see any others. I most often agree with your position on players and frankly rely on your work for my own education.

    • Madmark

      The guy has played outside in the different system for a couple years and then last year played more inside in a new system. The impressive thing was he learned it so fast. He has the intelligence to walk in and learn to play were ever they want him.
      It when there was no trade down you usually bite the bullet and grab best player available and I am of the opinion that Brooks wasn’t that guy. I’m not going to go crazy over. In fact I really hope they got a plan, but I got feeling that the more we continue to make the playoff and get end of the round draft picks we will continue to be a yard short from the superbowl.

  29. Kenny Sloth

    Reposting my instant reaction because I’m not digging the vibe rn. Im off to twitter to watch evan hill’s eyes melt out of his head. Some y’all up at 6am god bless ya. All is as it should be. This why we fans yo

    What a strange blend of analytics and old-school mentality.

    This says a lot about Cody Barton

    Draft gets really thin at LB and we DEFINITELY weren’t thumping the table for Brooks. We missed something. Its our fault.

    They wanted to trade back.

    Cant get medicals. They want sturdy guy with great analytics grade. I havent seen the tape. I wont lie.

    Decent fourty. We rely too much on combine numbers to thin the herd of targets I think. We need to be better next year.

    Brooks needs to find the field. Maybe this says something about how they view the rest of the class. And perhaps how they view their talks with Clowney.

    They can wait on edge, WR, DT, RB. Couldn’t wait for an LB. There’s no-one past top of round two. Especially if you aren’t looking at medical flags or character question marks in a year when you have less time than ever with a prospect.

    We talk about “only 15 first round grades” a lot, but we dont talk about what that means and the implications therein, whereby one could make the case that a fringe second rounder could go in the late first if you had similar grades on multiple players and struck others off because of red flags.

    It actually reminds me of what Green Bay did

    Couple that with the tapering off of talent at the position group and the relative depth of other needs (needs that they may value differently from us, based on knowledge of in-house talent and deals in the works, etc. etc) and you can see the case for having to take your favorite LB at 27 if you cant get enough value to move back. Especially with GMs wary of getting fleeced and lowballing you. Everyone wants to move back right now.

    • CaptainJack

      It’s a clear message to Cody to hit the gym or hit the road.

    • CaptainJack

      And I agree, everyone this year wants to move back. There just weren’t any solid trade partners.

      • Lewis

        Knew we were probably screwed when GB jumped in front of us to take Love.

  30. Davison Phipps

    I watched the games vs Baylor and Oklahoma and Brooks barely looks draftable. Completely bamboozled by this one.

    • KD

      I just watched both those games, and I agree 100%. Watching his game vs Ole Miss now, and there is nothing special IMO. He’s just average, doing his job. Does not jump out at all.

      • AndrewP

        They have holes all over the roster. They chose to use their most valuable resource this weekend to… not fill any of them.


        • AndrewP

          I swear to Christ I’m not coming on this site on my phone again…

          • CaptainJack

            I don’t think they care about linebacker tape. Otherwise they wouldn’t have drafted Barton who had the most boring tape I’ve ever seen.

      • Brian Sanders

        Many weren’t too high on Bobby years ago also which is SOP for draft picks unless you’re top 10 caliber….even on this blog.

        • Rob Staton

          Again, Kip might not have been high on Bobby.

          But this is the second time you’ve made reference to this blog (collectively) not being high on Bobby. I regularly referred to him, and mocked him, as a first round pick.

    • Manthony

      Watch his Oklahoma State game.
      We dont know what Brooks played through week in, week out. Could of had injuries, and didnt exactly have a lot of talent around him at TT.
      We do know enough to know that JS/PC emphasize a player’s ceiling more then their floor. That Oklahoma State game is an indication of what his ceiling can be. Just a dawg mlb, being a force up around the LOS and sniffing out plays sideline to sideline.
      I’m not gonna act like I’m in love with the pick, kinda forgot about the kid to be honest but when I rewatched the OSU game, I remembered watching it back in the fall and being impressed with him and can see why we drafted him.
      I hope we get a DL tomorrow though, fingers crossed

  31. AndrewP

    So many thoughts… but it really boils down to this: He’d better be everything we thought Simmons could be.

    • CojackTX

      So, he will be a failure as the 27th pick unless he outperforms the 8th pick? Not sure I understand your point.

      • BobbyK

        How about this in English… he’ll suck in comparison to Jonathan Taylor in the NFL.

        One has a chance to for the Pro Football Hall of Fame… the guy we just drafted we hope doesn’t suck.

        Go ahead. Make fun of me for thinking David DeCastro is better than Bruce Irvin (though many morons think he’s “Bruce Irvings”), TJ Watt was better than Malik McDowell, and that somehow Taylor could be better than Brooks… The guys I’ve totally bought in on are studs…

        Amazing that NFL people can keep their jobs as long as they have based on making one good pick (franchise QB) vs. others…

        • CojackTX

          Bobby, not sure if you inadvertently responded to my prior post or are now posting from your burner account, but I haven’t seen anyone make fun of you for anything. Also, it’s a bit of a stretch to proclaim any player a future hall of famer, let alone one not selected in the first round, before they ever play a down in the NFL.

          • Brian Sanders

            Agree Cojack. It’s a wonderful gift, hindsight. Now that we’ve seen DeCastro, Watt etc. perform, we have a different lens and forget the pair of glasses we were wearing when those drafts occurred.

    • Davison Phipps

      Anthony Simmons? He was OK, surprised his career ended so abruptly.

      • BobbyK

        You do realize he was psycho?

  32. Zane

    We absolutely needed to improve tackling — this guy jumps off the page as the perfect prescription.

    • JC3

      Didn’t they say the same thing about Cody Barton too?

  33. Mac

    Maybe the plan is to start Brooks, cut KJ, and have enough money for Clowney.

  34. Sea Mode

    Live Jordyn Brooks press conference:

    Talked to Seahawks at the Combine. Nothing since.

    • Volume12

      1st impressions on an impressionable bunch (Petey & Schneiz)

    • Sea Mode

      Us too, Jordyn, us too…

      Gregg Bell

      Jordyn Brooks, first-round pick, on what he was doing when John Schneider, Pete Carroll called: “I was fixin’ something to eat…I was kind of surprised it was the #Seahawks. Kind of surprised it was the first round.”

      • Matt

        Lol – ok this made me laugh. Needed that.

      • Kenny Sloth

        One of us.

        Bobby already has his number

    • Sea Mode

      Said he played outside LB two years before this.

      Cites his game vs. OK St. as his best game.

    • CaptainJack

      The funny thing is he seems as confused as we are.

  35. drrew76

    I think the plan is pretty clear.

    This defense gave up 5YPC last season and they were determined to address that.

    In addition, this allows them to move on from KJ if they can come to an agreement with Clowney or Griffen.

    • CD

      Clowney doesn’t want to be here. Offered the most, he’s been here/knows the team and staff and hasn’t accepted. He doesn’t believe in the team.

  36. Saxon

    This pick is a reaction to the Niners sweeps, stretches, pitches, and outside zone running plays. We simply don’t have a player to get to the sidelines from the second level. Wagner lost a step. KJ is done. Barton is still a big question mark. LB is a bigger need than many here identified, including me.

    Brooks has the speed and instincts to shoot the gaps and shut those annoying perimeter running plays down before they rip off chunks.

    Bottom line, Carroll is about stopping the run first. We did not do that well enough last year. Brooks will help. Wish we had traded down but obviously there were no takers. The QBs in our division scare me a lot less than the RBs and I think that’s how Carroll and Schneider view it too. Brooks makes some sense in that context.

    • Hawkster

      I agree LB had gotten slow and ineffective … but they just handed the big bucks to them. So, if that was the problem then dont do the contracts they just did.

    • pdway


    • Barry

      Good points.

      Pete and John mention how they had him play a rover type.

  37. Stephen Pitell

    WalterFootball says he was recovering from an injury during combine, so I expect his real 40 time to be better than 4.54

    • Rashi

      Absolutely a 1st round talent. People need to stop using the “we had other needs” logic. We have no idea what personell moves the Seahawks will make rest of the way. One of them could easily include cutting KJ Wright. Also, therer are 6 more rounds of the draft where the Seahawks will be able to address whatever need they might have. Stop making assumptions now and let the draft play out.

      • Coleslaw

        “We have no idea what other moves will be made”

        That kind of whimsical optimism was warranted before Free Agency. We’ve seen enough so far to know that we’re taking a step back no matter how you slice it.

        • Rashi

          This is ridiculous, you are making the assumption that somehow because they have not made moves now they won’t later, even though there are plenty of high impact free agents out there and we have the money. Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions. Just let it play out, los at least wait till end of the draft before you deside what they decided to prioritize. Chill.

          • Rashi

            One round down many more to go.

  38. Hawks4life

    From what Brooks says he played Outside all of his HS career and 3 of the 4 years in college. I know its not the pick we all expected or hoped for but I don’t think we can deny this kid can play football at a high level. No need to jump to crazy assumptions about PCJS with a whole draft ahead of us. The next two days should be fun and we all know championships aren’t made in round 1

    • BobbyK

      If championships were won in round one – PCJS would never have ever made the divisional playoff round in about 10 years. They suck pretty bad at these picks. Lets hope Brooks reverses this trend.

      • Hawks4life

        Most teams are in that same position which is the point. I’ve scratched my head as well and like you said let’s hope he reverses this trend and we can all forget about this when he makes a difference on the field for us

  39. 6x2stack monster

    How many of us thought Lofa Tatupu would have elevated the Hawks defense to Super Bowl levelwhen he was drafted? He moved the needle that much. He reminds me of Lofa. Strong hands – great instincts. When he gets his hands on you…he puts you on the ground. Great play speed.

  40. Cortez Kennedy

    Meanwhile in the NFCW…

    Simmons, Aiyuk and Kinlaw now on the schedule twice a year. Nuk Hopkins too! This offseason has been rough. I would have been really excited if we would have stayed at 27 and taken Wilson. I just don’t know man…

    • CD

      Man, and we had loads of cap space and a fair about of picks. Royalty screwed this up.

      • Coleslaw

        Seriously. We shat the bed. Personally, I’m running out of patience for PCJS. Russ isnt gettin any younger. Are we really gonna waste him?

  41. pdway

    4.54 speed (and in the YT clip, it notes that he was cleared to run just 3 days before, so wasn’t in track training mode like some guys); 20 TFL in 11 games, 3 sacks. Seems like the tools are there.

    You don’t get Isaiah Simmons at #27, we haven’t picked high enough to get the sure-thing blue chippers in some time – so you look for need and upside.

    I felt like LB needed an upgrade – not as much as pass-rush – but definitely a noticeable need last year. Mobile TE’s killed us. As long as we find some pass rushers, I’m willing to wait and see what the kid can do.

    • Matt

      That’s kind of the issue…mobile TEs killed us and his weakness is pass coverage.

      • pdway

        Is that certain? The PFF review says strong in coverage. Clearly has the raw speed to hang. Highlights are highlights, and to be taken w a grain of salt — but does look like he flies around the field at 240 lbs.

  42. Coleslaw

    At least he can cover Kittle, Mostert, Everett… 😭

    • David R

      That was what I was thinking. We go for a run stuffing linebacker in a pass happy league. Not to mention we are probably in the best division now with the Cardinals improving so much.

  43. Rashi

    Man you guys are crazy for thinking this is some kind of reach. This guy ran a 4.5 at 240 pounds, that is 1st round talent speed. He had amazing production and was ranked the 6th best LB in college footall last year according to PFF. We have NO clue if they will cut KJ Wright. Yet even with all these unknowns people are willing to call an obvious top 45 talent a bad player. Jeez get some perspective, you dont’ know what is going on in there.

    • Rashi

      If they cut KJ and use that money for something else everyting will make sense…We just don’t know their plans as the off-season has not concluded. Its idotic to make assumptions now. MIght as well go read the tabloids if you want that kind of content.

    • Coleslaw

      Nobodys saying hed a bad player, just that there were better options. My biggest thing is that he doesnt help us in our division games. He has some sideline to sideline skills but hes not stopping SF. He’ll help in the running game but will likely be a liability in coverage.

      • Rashi

        Why does he not help us in our division games, I am very confused. Isn’t the issue with out defense that we can’t fly around and stop stupid jet sweeps and stretch plays??? I saw that happening all day last year. Here is a 240 pund LB with fantastic production that runs a legit 4.5. Are you saying that does not help this particular ailment?

        • Coleslaw

          He’s best at that, yes. Good enough to stop the best running game in the NFL in SF? No. Good enough to cover the RBs/TEs in the division? No. He’ll help the run game in general, but hes not going to make a difference vs SF. He’ll be a liability on Kittle and Gerald Everett and all SF RBs.

          • Rashi

            I highly doubt that they will expect him to be the LB that is responsible for covering the Kittles of the world. He is a pure great run stopper that has the athleticism to improve greatlly in pass pro. Rumors are that in the combine he was injured and would have ran faster.I doubt next year he is the guy lining up next to Kittle cause that would be a misuse of his talent. Which is not something the Seahawks do.

            • Rashi

              Pass coverage can be tough if you have the wiggle. Sounds like he is both quick and fast. I don’t see any reason why he cannot develop that department. One thing you can’t teach is 4.5 at 240.

              • Coleslaw

                Bobby ran a 4.45 and it took him 7 years to become competent in coverage.

                • Rashi


                  Different human beings develope in different ways and in different trajectories. Comparing Wagner’s development to his is meaningless.

                  • BobbyK


                    Anyone remember the Wagz INT against Brady in the Super Loss? That was the stuff of legends.

            • Coleslaw

              Who else is gonna cover Kittle? Wright? Wagner? A safety? Good luck with that.

              • Rashi

                And its just round 1. Lol. Are the Hawks done with all their picks????

          • Hawkfire12

            Why do you assume Brooks is going to always have to cover Kittle? That’s a matchup beyond the norm, same as when we went out of base defense and stuck a corner on Kelce for the Chief’s game. And shut him down more or less. There are different defensive sub-packages. And no, I’m not being a smart a@@. I’m simply reminding you.

            If we’re relying on a rookie or even 2nd year LB to consistently cover Kittle, then we need to start lobbying to fire Norton. Bottom line, we need to knock it off with all this base defense sh*t and we’d better see a lot more nickel than we did last season. But we do kinda need a sideline to sideline hammer, we can’t let teams run all over us just because we have to stick a corner on Kittle twice a season.

    • paul difuria

      Millen said that his short shuttle was in the 98th percentile. This reminds me of when the said the would have drafted Paul Richardson in the first if they weren’t able to trade back. Obviously, this was the guy they liked early and hadn’t spoken to him since the combine.

  44. Coleslaw

    This screams poor man’s BWagz.. Not a fan at 27.

    • Spencer

      What did BWagz tape scream when the Seahawks grabbed him in the second?

      Check out Kip’s scouting report:

      “Boring tape- would struggle to fill a highlight reel”.

      I remember many at the time were distraught that we couldn’t get Kendricks. Don’t write him off before we even have a chance to dive deeper into the tape.

  45. Hawkster

    I didn’t think wagz played particularly great last year. There, I said it. But the cap committment is there, so it seems like a depth/future pick, i.e. a luxury pick. Suppoeldy that was last year with Barton, but I didn’t like the pick and didn’t like his tape. The Oklahoma tape on Brooks is not inspiring, and I saw him getting gassed before I read others saying he was getting gassed.
    His seems football smart, knows where the balls is, but lacks violence, seems busy without results (Barton seemed busy without results). THe numbers supposedly say otherwise, but for now are we really talking #27 for a backup/STeamer?

    People are saying trades were not geetting value, thy looked spot on the trade chart to me.

  46. DavidM2

    JORDYN BROOKS, LB, TEXAS TECH No linebacker in the country has more total QB pressures than Brooks, despite rushing the passer only 86 times this year (26th-most). Brooks leads the country’s linebackers with 34 total pressures, including five sacks, four QB hits and 25 more hurries, while he’s also second in the country with 48 total defensive stops. Brooks has allowed just 81 yards in coverage on his 199 snaps in which he’s dropped back, and he’s recorded 39 stops (third) in run defense, proving to be a complete, three-down linebacker in contention for top linebacker in the country by year’s end.
    An every-down threat for the Red Raiders, Brooks finished the year as the country’s fifth-highest graded linebacker after earning impressive grades across the board. He was dominant against the run and strong in coverage, but when he did blitz the passer, there was almost no one better at the position. Brooks finished the season with 44 total QB pressures, tying for the national lead with Chris Orr, but Brooks needed 16 fewer pass-rushes to do so. Rounding out his incredible season was his sure tackling and reliable coverage; he missed just 12 of his 121 total attempts on the year and didn’t allow a touchdown or a pass reception longer than 32 into his primary coverage.

    Per PFF

    • DavidM2

      Also had a hand timed 10yd split of 1.55

    • KD

      Against who though? I understand that is the PFF ranking being posted, but TT was 4-8 last year. The were BTFO by 2 of the 3 ranked teams they faced last year. The rest of the schedule was garbage, so were those numbers accumulated in garbage time against weak opponents?

      From what I have seen of Brooks, he does not hold a candle to Willie Gay or Logan Wilson. If the Hawks wanted a LB, there were two obvious choices that were clear impact players,

    • barry

      Good job, DavidM2. Good data.

      This is a player who can play three downs.

  47. KD

    So I just watched the Baylor and Oklahoma tape. I didn’t see much of anything. I don’t get it. “OK so let’s go to the highlight tape and see what’s up.” He had an amazing game vs. OKST, and that is HALF of his 2019 high light reel. The rest of it is what you would expect any random senior starter to do. A TFL here, a FF there over the rest of the season vs random teams.

    I don’t get this pick one little bit. I just want to play some video games and go to bed now.

  48. Hawks4life

    I do find it ironic that most people are saying he doesn’t fill a big need or help our defense against the way offenses are playing these days yet those same people were beating the drum for Jonothan Taylor or CEH with the 1st pick. I’m not saying anyone is wrong or right cause time will tell, but if Carson and Penny are healthy I would see those as more wasteful picks over this. Just poking the bear a little bit don’t kill me

    • Lewis

      At the start of last season, the RB looked ridiculously loaded up. The likelihood of Carson and Penny both remaining healthy seems unlikely. I’ve been hoping for Akers, but would have understood an early pick.

  49. lil’stink

    Am I the only one around here that remembers how atrocious our run defense was last year? 26th in DVOA. Missed tackles everywhere.

    Brooks is great against the run and has sideline to sideline speed. You need that against the teams in our division. And the first priority is to win your division.

    Pete has often said he wants to make the opponent one dimensional. When you can take away the run you have the chance to do just that. But people have been running all over us the last two seasons.

    It’s a long offseason. Believe it or not PCJS have a plan. What it is, we don’t know. And I’m sure that some pieces have to fall in place for it to happen. It’s impossible for us to see the forest through the trees until it’s all said and done.

    • Coleslaw

      If he cant help his team against Oklahoma, he isnt gonna help against SF, LA and ARI.

    • Glor

      Doesn’t change where is draft stock was. Or any of our first picks in any draft for a long ass time. Without Wilson, we are a very sub par team. The Brain trust has been empty for a long time

      • lil’stink

        Draft stock is relative and completely pointless before someone plays. And you never know what ones true draft stock is because the actual people making the actual picks are the only ones that matter. And they aren’t showing you their draft boards.

        • Williambryan

          The draft had cameras set up at 60 prospects houses… 60… he wasn’t one of them…

          • Kenny Sloth

            Good let the hate flow through him

  50. John

    Only see two modes of thoughts for this pick. And I’ll add in the caveat that Seattle grades differently and I can’t speak to why Jordyn Brooks was a first round LB on their board.

    They are going to go Base Defense heavy again this year. Brooks will step into the Kendricks role. They then cut Wright and move Barton to WILL. Say what you will about Barton but he’s a great coverage LB and is a better successor at the WILL spot. Cutting Britt and Wright gives them the ability to improve the pass rush with Yannick/Judon/Clowney.

    They don’t see the 2020 season playing out conventionally enough (or at all) and are looking ahead to 2021, when Wright is gone and Wagner is at a critical age.

    Man what I would give to get John Schneider in an honest moment and just have him explain, step by step, what the process is. I’m less harsh when I can understand the logic.

    I really wonder if Pete and John have no answers to the problems Russell’s contract created. Because their decision making since his extension have been head scratching.

    • BobbyK

      The only reason they still have jobs in the NFL is because of the Russell Wilson pick.

      Blaming their “problems” on the reason they still have jobs on account of paying Wilson fair market value?

      Are you kidding me?

      • John


        Having the highest paid player in the league on your roster creates constraints that must be dealt with. You are either equipped to handle those constraints or you’re not. I’m not sure they can.

        No where in my comment am I blaming Russell Wilson for anything.

        • BobbyK

          I know.
          It’s just ridiculous…

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Dude. BobbyK, you need to chill. There draft record is no worse than there peers. Winning with a franchise paid QB has proved tough for everyone bar New England.

        Chill man. Your anger is blinding you.

        • BobbyK

          I apologize. Sorry.

          Yes = my anger does blind me… just like you can’t write proper English…

          • Bayahawk

            If you’re going to attack fellow commenters, you’re not living up to the standard Rob has set here. Lay off the personal insults.

        • Duceyq

          Actually PC/JS’s draft rank is third among franchises during their tenure. They’re way above the median in analytic draft metrics.

      • Sean Vernon

        bobby k – “The only reason they still have jobs in the NFL is because of the Russell Wilson pick.”

        So very true BK. We’ll win 10 games just because RW will be houdini and get us there. We don’t have a SuperBowl roster. With playoff expansion, we’ll get in the dance and can win 1 game but will likely end like 2019.

        I hate to say it, but there’s no doubt PC/JS are wasting RW’s prime years. At least they got us RW.

        The worst part is how magnificently the 9ers manipulated the 1st rd. They scored big time on elevating what was a better overall roster than ours.

        This off season has been one big band aid job after another. i.e. 1 yr deals, aging players over their prime (Olsen/Irvin) and besides the Dunbar trade which will have a major impact, it’s been duct tape and band aids.

    • RainierHawk

      I think you hit the nail on the head with your second and third paragraphs, especially the latter.

      I think right now it is optimistic at best to assume we will have normal football operations this year, if at all. Eventually they will resume and there will inevitably be a further reshuffling of players. Whenever that happens, the Hawks thus far have not planted any high-priced, long-term stakes in the ground. They have a hand full of scratch tickets at OL and a couple low risk/high reward fliers at TE and CB. If/when that next phase arrives, they can be a lot more flexible and loose in how they approach it, rather than had they gone all in now, not knowing what the game will look like even a month from now.

      If that means we suffer through more pass rush struggles and base defense for 2020, hey at least that means we will still have football.

    • Williambryan

      If they were going to cut KJ and or Britt it most likely would’ve happened by now. It’s hard to imagine PC/JS doing that to veteran Seahawks, forcing them to miss out on free agency. It still would make the most sense but clearly these guys are not about making sense..

  51. Bill Washington

    Watch the tape – this guy is as fast as a lighting bolt getting into the backfield. Sometimes you can’t even see how he got there. The o-line can’t block what they can’t see. He is a mongoose in the chicken house, all feathers and blood. He isn’t really an edge player, more like a cobra snake – can attack from anywhere and subdue his prey without warning. So he will start outside but move around a lot, eyeing his nervous quarry before striking with no remorse. And we know what happens to Jimmy G when he gets nervous… feathers flying everywhere. Kyler M – this guy can catch him. The Lambs QB – whatever, get out the butter and jam because he is toast.

    • BobbyK

      Welcome to the blog, stranger. What’s your motive. Wish you’d have contributed before now. lol

      • Bill Washington

        Long-time BobbyK fanboy, follower of Obi Wan Marshawn, played on the Seahawks early 80’s era (Woodinville Seahawks Pee-wee team).

        • Lewis

          Lol, welcome sir!

    • CD

      I did watch the tape, while he flashed (who doesn’t in a highlight tape) I noticed Kansas, Oklahoma State, Kansas State too. Not your typical NFL feeding schools. The NFL will be a lot different for him. Would have liked him later, so many holes to fill, a really talent poor team Pete has outside of a couple guys.

      • BobbyK

        Good for you thinking he’s better than Jonathan Taylor. Congrats!

        • Michael Hasslinger

          Dude. You need to take step off your high horse. You, in fact, do not know it all.

          • BobbyK

            I’m not on a high horse. I’m a loser. I’m sorry. I apologize for my “efforts”.

            • Marc Edge

              c’mon guys . . . give Jordyn a chance

  52. Spencer

    Now that I’ve had time to settle down and reflect, I’ve been able to make sense of this pick. If you think about it – it really is a classic Seahawks pick. Strongside LB was a low-key need from the beginning of the process, and he addresses many specific needs within the defense.

    Firstly, I understand his projects were in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Rob even had him the 4th. However, I’ve seen him gather steam lately and I’ve seen him as high as the mid-second round, so at the end of the first where we’ve acknowledged that in this draft, most guys from 20-50 are of similar quality, does it really matter? I would have loved a trade down in this scenario, however he fits their ideals quite evidently.

    Secondly, the Seahawks needs have generally been identified as OL, DE, DT, RB and WR.
    – OL was hedged to high heavens in the offseason, for better or for worse.
    – DT has two solid starters regardless and needs more depth and rotational guys.
    – DE has veteran hedges and recent young draft picks. Green has actually shown he can play as a recent 3rd round pick, and Collier has convenient excuses and despite not showing much statistically, he also didn’t show any glaring weaknesses like Barton (more on this later).
    – RB is solid and just dealing with injuries, obviously needs insurance but almost certainly doesn’t need an early pick (I talked myself into Taylor or CEH as well).
    – WR also has two solid starters and a solid slot hedge with Dorsett.

    With that said, strong side linebacker is currently unoccupied with Shaquem Griffin and Cody Barton set to fight it out for the spot. Shaquem has shown nothing more than as a limited pass rusher, and Barton has played enough for us to have noticed some pretty glaring weaknesses in his game (getting easily blocked by Rodgers). Do we really see this guy setting the edge for us?

    Finally, the Seahawks have generally tried to employ a pass rusher at their strong side linebacker spot. It worked with Irvin for years, and we tried to replicate it with Barkevious Mingo and tried to pigeon hole Kendricks into the role. The two biggest strengths of Brooks is that he’s a surefire tackler and also a productive pass rusher in limited snaps. He has been described as a monster in the run game, and containing the edge and lack of speed have been major weaknesses in our front 7. Additionally, he is a productive pass rusher despite limited snaps, which is ideal when the Seahawks try to create pressure with 4, utilizing blitzes only on occasion. Seems like an ideal early down guy, where he gets lifted in favour of a Nickel in passing situations, which the fanbase has also been clamoring for.

    Sorry for the mini-essay, but I thought it was the easiest way to convey my thoughts.

    • BobbyK

      Definitely making sense of this pick – classic pick – grab a bad player who will suck much more than those who won’t (see Jonathan Taylor, JK, Clyde, etc.).

      • Spencer

        I get it – you don’t like the pick, just trying to rationalize the process on the selection rather than the player. I didn’t watch enough to make a clear opinion but I’ll definitely be watching the tape and we know that Rob will be as well.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Good lord. Go to bed bobbyk. You are embarrassing yourself.

    • Spencer

      As Rob has stated, its about making the draft work within the values of each position. They didnt see any guys that fit their need at SLB later on that so perfectly addressed their pass rushing and edge containing values at that spot.

      There is DE and DT value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, where we have 3 picks (Okwara, Zuniga, Weaver, Greenard, Davis, Foku, Hamilton, you guys know the names). There is RB value into late Day 2 (Akers, Dillon, etc). There are WRs into late round 2 as well (Donovan Peoples-Jones, Antonio Golden-Gandy, etc.) There are some interesting Day 2 corners and the Seahawks love to take a mid to late-round flier every year. Easy to address the other needs given the draft picks that they have available.

      • BobbyK

        TJ Watt is/was a loser who didn’t make the drat complete either.

        We loved him more than any clown pick – sorry we wanted the 2019 2nd place NFL Defensive Player of the Year pick over Malik McDowell. Sorry we were (are) so stupid. We’re so dumb, right, Rob?

        • Michael Hasslinger

          Everyone will give you TJ Watt over a McDowell. But that is one draft

          This is three years later. Stop. Grow up.

  53. EranUngar

    The guy was cleared to run after a shoulder injury 3 days before the combine. He did not spend months working on his 40 technique and speed. He just came in and ran a natural 4.54. That is some serious speed.

    What can I say, the Seahawks move in mysterious ways???

    Shock…confusion….and a smile. A decade of walking the unbeaten path and marching to the beat of their own drums.

    For better or worse – that’s our Seahawks….

  54. Denver Hawker

    Quick thoughts:

    1. Needed to make cap room for FA pash rusher. Missed on Ruiz to cut Britt. Grabbed LB who could potentially start and spell KJ.
    2. Nobody was talking Brooks near R1 or R2, where’s the intel that said they needed to grab this guy?
    3. Will have great options still in R2 to improve this team. Got an R1 WR end of R2 last year, can still do the same this year with depth.
    4. Wished they’d traded back, but trade partners all disappeared late.

    • Denver Hawker

      Check that NE was really the only big trade winner. No one else was able to get better than an R4 by trading back.

  55. Greg Haugsven

    Sometimes you just have to let an unexpected pick soak in for a while. My first thought was disappointment but you have to try and see the good in it. Maybe after a day or so we will?

    • BobbyK

      With their crappy track record of late-first round picks… they don’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore…

      But they did stay in a Holiday Inn last night (or draft a franchise QB a long time ago)… I guess that means justifying their jobs – even though their drafts suck, overall, since then… (except for Clark/Lockett – though I guess Clark sucks so they needed to trade him in a package that includes LJ Collier… and #64 tomorrow)…

      I’m trying to see the good in it… where? It’ll depend on Jonathan Taylor vs. Brooks.

      Laugh at me… David DeCastro vs. Bruce Irvin (most here think “Irvings”), Malik McDowell vs. TJ Watt, now Brooks vs. Jonathan Taylor… WTF???

      • Bluenlime

        Dont forget Penny over Chubb

  56. Strategicdust

    This is just…incomprehensible. LB was a much smaller need on this team, if at all. This feels like someone asked Ken Norton what they needed to fix the the defense. The front office apologists can spin this as much as they want but it’s a lousy pick during a critical draft. I don’t care if LB was running thin, Gay and Queen were much stronger picks. This does Little to nothing to improve their team this year; they are wasting a valuable asset for potential improvement, while more proven talent was passed by. The Chiefs picked a top line RB that the Hawks could have well used.L, the Titans got a great RT the Hawks could have used. The concern that the non apologists have of Schneider overthinking his analysis and preferring the little known for the well known continues. But yes, let’s hear how well they did again back in 2012. This pick is not justifiable and puts the Hawks even further behind the NFC West teams. They’ll probably need to look at trading one if not both of their second round picks to get more draft capital. It will be a shame to lose out on the talent they had available at WR and RB this year. It feels like other teams are playing at a higher, smarter level than the Seahawks and that the most concerning thing of all.

  57. GerryG

    I was pounding the table insisting LB was a huge need with how terrible and slow the D was last season.

    That said, never heard of the guy, but I’m too busy on fall Saturdays for much football lately, and I can’t figure out for the life of me why KJ is still on the he roster if this was the plan.

  58. Davido

    John Schneider just said he ran a 4.46. This is freakish at his size!
    We can dislike his tape as much as we want but we took a shot at an athlete on defense this year.

    He also talked about his character and this is exactly that kind of guy we tried to identify before the draft.

    • DC

      We’ve been painfully slow on defense for a while now. Adding young speed makes sense. Let’s not forget that our FO builds from back to front. Does that make sense? Not to me but they are doing it again. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.

      • Lewis

        And Rob has talked a lot about the need for a high upside pick. Could he fit that bill?

        • Davido

          In my opinion he absolutely does. His speed/size is as good as it gets he flashes that speed on tape too so it’s definetly not a track star guy. I read that he didn’t even practice the 40 and still ran that time.
          In addition, his physique is as close as it gets to Bobby. Sometimes you can just look at players and see what you get.
          For reference: Cody Barton’s arms look so small compared to Bobby. When I saw them in training camp last year it looked like they play different sports just from the looks.

          Look at this picture even his face looks similar to Bobby there to me 😀

          • Nem Beselek

            Brooks may only be 6’00 tall, but he has a 6’07+ wingspan. That’s impressive.

  59. Coach

    I hope this means that we will be more of a blitzing team to create pressure on the passer. Sounds like this guy is a stud lb when blitzing and hopefully that will lead to an improved pass rush. I’m trying to see the upside that he’s going to add. We needed more speed and aggression at LB and now we have it. I’m hoping he’s a tone setting, play making OLB that will be a difference maker for our defense for years to come. Looks like a BAMF like we all wanted as well!

    No let’s get some more BAMF’s on the DL tomorrow!

    Go Hawks!!

    • Volume12

      Pete did say besides the D-line, he wanted more pressure and more of a pass rush.

  60. Sea Mode

    PC/JS Presser live:

    • Murphy

      One thing I will say, PCJS seem genuinely excited. I can’t comment on the pick itself and was as flummoxed as everyone else, but the environment felt different than last years 1st Rd presser. That gives me hope. If he can bring speed, tackling, and consistency to our D this could be the best way to get immediate impact.

  61. Shane W

    I am definitely not stoked with this pick by any means, and we still have all our big holes to fill, and not being able to trade down was a bummer, BUT this isn’t the nightmare scenario everyone seems to be making it out to be imo.

    Maybe we underplayed how important they thought filling the Mychal Kendricks role was for our defense, given how much base we stubbornly like to play.

    I understand being upset about not going after a flashy guy like Jonathan Taylor, or plugging one of the many defensive line holes with our first pick, but we still have three picks tomorrow, and there are a lot of guys still available like the DT’s (Davis, Madubuike, Hamilton, Fotu, Lawrence, etc.) and plenty of EDGE guys too (Okwara, Gross-Matos, Epenesa, Zuniga, Davidson, Anae, Uche, Baun, Weaver, Darrell Taylor, etc.), so I’m not ready to panic just yet.

    The people saying, “they could have taken Jordyn Brooks in the 3-4th round” is pretty ridiculous too. Obviously that isn’t the case. We may not agree with their evaluation of Brooks as the 27th best player in this draft, but they took a guy who they clearly thought would be gone before their next pick at #59, so hearing a bunch of people complaining about taking players three rounds earlier than they needed to is pretty baseless and almost certainly just plain incorrect.

    Lastly, I want to clarify that I’m not trying to praise this pick, or declare my blind faith in the genius of PC/JS, cause their recent track record leaves a lot to be desired, but this isn’t the end of the world.

  62. Rob Staton

    I came third in the Huddle Report.

    • BobbyK

      And history will PROVE that Jonathan Taylor was better than Brooks.

    • Volume12

      For real? Holy sh**. That’s impressive.

      • Rob Staton

        • DC

          You got the most players in the first round out of anyone!

          • Rob Staton


          • Mexican Hawk

            I saw that 28 out of 32 first rounders, wow. That is quite impressive.

            Congratulations Rob.

            Ready for tomorrow!

            • Nem Beselek

              Yeah, very impressive.

        • Sean Vernon


          I wish you were the GM of the Hawks right now and it has to be frustrating that the team you root for and know better than any team, is the hardest to predict and frankly, is impossible. You do a lot of great work to prepare a fanbase on prospects that “should” be selected and then it’s someone that nobody had on the radar. Crazy.

          • Rob Staton

            I felt like I’d let you all down yesterday. I’d not even talked about Brooks. I think it was reasonable that I didn’t talk about him. But even still, it felt a little bit like nine months of work had been a waste if I don’t even discuss their top pick.

            • LLLOGOSSS

              Not your fault at all, your process was sound all the way through. That’s the best anyone can do.

              And if they’d been able to trade down we might be having a different discussion anyway.

              I think it’s possible they simply rated Brooks that highly — perhaps much higher than his draft slot — and that has to do with their own ideals. This was not a need pick, obviously, it was BPA for their unique board, which makes it pretty hard to predict.

              And there’s plenty of picks left to hit on some guys we’ve discussed. With a little luck some of the guys we were high on on the blog will last into range. That will flip the script on the offseason a little bit, and flip the script for the blog.

              #3 in the nation for Huddle Report says a lot more than not nailing one pick from a… let’s just say “unique” franchise.

    • Sea Mode


    • DC

      Well done! Personal best I assume?

      • Rob Staton


    • Jace

      That’s amazing! Congratulations, you deserve it!

    • Scot04

      Congrats Rob. Well done

    • Cortez Kennedy

      Not surprised. Congratulations

    • Kenny Sloth

      Congrats again Rob. Wish we had Brooks

      • Producehawk

        I just pray his shoulders hold up. I am old enough to remember the Boz.

  63. Rashi

    4.46 at 240 pounds

    Crazy Production.

    6th ranked LB in the country last year according to PFF.

    Pretty happy with this considering how we could not get sideline to sideline against every jet sweep the rams ran for the last 2 years.

    • Rashi

      From PFF:

      No linebacker in the country has more total QB pressures than Brooks, despite rushing the passer only 86 times this year (26th-most). Brooks leads the country’s linebackers with 34 total pressures, including five sacks, four QB hits and 25 more hurries, while he’s also second in the country with 48 total defensive stops. Brooks has allowed just 81 yards in coverage on his 199 snaps in which he’s dropped back, and he’s recorded 39 stops (third) in run defense, proving to be a complete, three-down linebacker in contention for top linebacker in the country by year’s end.

    • Rashi


      An every-down threat for the Red Raiders, Brooks finished the year as the country’s fifth-highest graded linebacker after earning impressive grades across the board. He was dominant against the run and strong in coverage, but when he did blitz the passer, there was almost no one better at the position. Brooks finished the season with 44 total QB pressures, tying for the national lead with Chris Orr, but Brooks needed 16 fewer pass-rushes to do so. Rounding out his incredible season was his sure tackling and reliable coverage; he missed just 12 of his 121 total attempts on the year and didn’t allow a touchdown or a pass reception longer than 32 into his primary coverage.

      • Rashi

        Note: “Strong in coverage”.

  64. Rob Staton

    I’m now off to bed.

  65. Sea Mode

    JS jokes that he already sent a text to Louis Reddick: “He struggles in coverage? Really?”

    • Rashi

      Pff is literally saying exactly the opposite. That he is “strong in coverage”. I don’t think that its a surefire conclusion that his coverage is trash.

      • Sea Mode

        From their draft guide:

        There are some question marks with his performance in coverage as he had just a 57.9 coverage grade in 2019 and in his career allowed as many touchdowns as combined interceptions and pass breakups (three).

        Brooks is one of the most sound linebackers in the draft. He plays a physical brand of football and is an incredibly sure tackler. Just don’t expect a playmaker in coverage.

        Twnety years ago a player like Brooks would have been firmly in the first-round conversation. He’s unafraid
        to take on blocks, hits like a Mack truck, and plays downhill while staying under control. Those were for all
        intents and purposes the main responsibilities for a linebacker back then. The game has changed though and if you can’t mirror slot receivers in space or cover ground in the blink of an eye, you’re not going sniffing the first round. Brooks is simply going to be limited by his lack of length and somewhat stiff hips at the next level. Certain defenses will be able to live with that though with how consistent Brooks is at coming up and making plays around the line of scrimmage.

        PASSER RATING ALLOWED 95.6 T-193

        • Volume12

          Lack of length? Doesn’t he have a 79″ wingspan? He’s got 33″ arms.

          • Sea Mode

            Yup. Makes no sense whatsoever.

            • Kenny Sloth

              They are number boys. Just give me the numbers.

        • Volume12

          20 TFL is a lack of plays around the LOS? This is what I hate about PFF. They grade. They don’t evaluate.

          • Sea Mode

            Agree, I was just pointing out how they seem to say the complete opposite of what Rashi posted them saying at another time.

            • Volume12

              Oh, I know. Wasn’t a dig at you at all. I just don’t get PFF sometimes. Seems like they muddy the waters more often than not.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Jordyn Brooks earned an overall grade of 89.6 last season, ranking 6th out of 598 qualifying LBs. #Seahawks via PFF Seahawks

              • Kenny Sloth

                Oops thought this was coverage grade

            • Rashi

              Good catch, they seem very inconsistant…

  66. BoiseSeahawk

    I love the speed LB pick for the NFCW.
    Same coach as Bobby.
    Nagy comped him to Bobby at the Senior Bowl.
    I’m just going to imagine they drafted the next Bobby Wagner so that I can sleep.

    My potentially disastrous wrong take is they might have picked Murray had he fallen to 27 and considered for a quick second trading up for Simmons but Jordyn was the next best option by their assessment to an Isaiah Simmons type LB who is a sure tackler that can drop back on occasion. They wanted to trade back before getting their guy but just missed out on a trade option with Indy when Green Bay jumped us for Love. GB didn’t have the capital in a trade for Brooks in the early 2nd and heard that we had a good option with Indy so they made the move.

    Unfortunate we ran out of trade partners to hold off on getting him til Indy’s 2nd but many had him going in the mid 2nd round so we might not have had another shot at him. Also was interesting that the Ravens drafted ILB immediately after. Pete and John must have really liked this guy.

    Anyone heard anything about his character? they didn’t have a video prepared but I hope he is a dependable person.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      Not sure about his character, but check out the opening of his 2018 highlight real. Dude is intense, I can see why they just absolutely had to have him.

      He’s a good player. I don’t like the pick, but he can play.

  67. BobbyK

    Pete is a liar – obviously. They care about crap like he just said?

    Anyone remember Malik McDowell? Good thing they took such a good character like that in comparison to a loser who hated football like TJ Watt.

    • Sea Mode


    • Michael Hasslinger

      You must be an angry drunk.

      • CojackTX

        Michael, you just don’t recognize BobbyK’s genius. Are you not aware that he liked TJ Watt better than Malik McDowell (who was selected after Watt)? Also, are you not aware that the Pro Football Hall of Fame has already selected BobbyK as Jonathan Taylor’s presenter at his induction ceremony?

  68. HawksGal

    Thanks for everything Rob, you have out done yourself again!

    I don’t understand the pick or the fit with so many other needs, that being said I have delved into many articles and some film, I came across quite a few that support Brooks possibly not making out of the first round. He also has zero character concerns.

    Perhaps we will be very pleased when the rest of the picture comes together.

  69. Coach

    “Year of the veteran” begins. A lot of experience with this guy!

    Now it’s time to look at other seniors that have a lot of experience that can contribute in year one. Who do you see as “veterans” that will be targets for us at the following positions the rest of the way?


    Thanks and Go Hawks!

    • DC

      All of the same dudes we’ve been talking about. A couple are gone but most all are still available. Long way to #59 though.

      • Spencer

        Just an idea of how this draft may align with the remaining needs quite nicely. Maybe they liked what Brooks brings to the table, and didn’t think a guy like Gay would be there at their next pick, but they knew there would be DL and OL available.

        27. Jordyn Brooks – OLB Texas Tech
        59. DaVon Hamilton – DT Ohio State
        64. Prince Tega Wanogho – OT Auburn
        101. Cam Akers – RB Florida State
        133. Antonio Gandy-Golden – WR Liberty
        144. Trevis Gipson – DE Tulsa
        214. Thakarius Keyes – CB Tulane

        Competition for RT and Nickel where a starter is still arguably needed (including a late round corner with big arms that the Seahawks always bring in) and depth and rotational players for other positions where it’s needed (DT, RB, WR, DE). This situation, combined with bringing back Clowney or bringing in Griffen, would set up the team for next season quite nicely.

        • Spencer

          Didn’t mean to reply to you. I’m going to post this again at the bottom because I think people should see it.

  70. Donny Henson

    So pretty much summing up from the press conference so far from JS/PC

    1. They believe he can learn the Defense quickly
    2. He is probably the Mychal Kendricks replacement, who can later in the future replace Bobby
    3. Comes from the same system that Bobby was in at Utah State
    4. If Ken Norton could coach up Bobby, PC/JS believes he can do it again with Jordyn.
    5. Will it work out? wait & see

    • Volume12

      So he is the SAM.

      • Donny Henson

        Kind of. Ive been thinking about it and i’m wondering if they want him to be the Malcolm Smith role during the super bowl runs. Have Bruce Irvin on run downs and have Brooks come in on passing downs/3rd downs and move Bruce to LEO. and JS sounded confident that Brooks will be fine in coverages, which if that is the case then i understand the pick. and it also sounded like he was the top guy on the board, which means they like him more than Uche, Baun, Gay, and Wilson and again i think its because he comes from the same system as Bobby.

        • Donny Henson

          Which brings the question to Rob, does it mean that in future drafts, that players coming from the same systems from previous drafts needs to come into consideration when it comes to player evaluation.

          • clbradley17

            Pete Carroll and John Schneider 2020 NFL Draft Day 1 Press Conference

            Maybe it’s because they were up for hours drinking coffee, but they look tired, twitchy and trying to put on smiles throughout the conference questions. JS repeatedly mentions they tried to trade down, but it fell through at the last minute, possibly to Green Bay, but he doesn’t say to what team. Recorded the draft while I was at work and watched it from just ahead of the Seahawks pick. I saw that Ruiz was gone and was thinking trade down to day 2 or Wilson of GA at RT, who maybe could’ve eventually moved to LT after Brown retires. This seems like a “deer in the headlights” pick when the trade fell through, didn’t think he would last until late rd. 2 and picked him because they “had to have him” like several other players over the years. Now wondering if they chose Collier last year because they couldn’t trade down with that pick in a similar situation and panicked thinking they couldn’t get him later. Would’ve been much happier with Wilson or Cleveland at OT, Madubuike or Davis at DT, Okwara, Uche or Weaver at DE/Edge, Taylor or CEH at RB, Claypool or Mims at WR, all of them probable/possible 1st rounders, unlike Brooks. They seem to try and rationalize that he’s got “grit” and played great in 2 different systems at Tex.Tech., but there were several other positions that we needed more with more talented players. Really wanted Ruiz to fall to us and was saying “Wilson, Wilson” at OT when they were on the board.

            One other confusing thing is that Pete mentions how they filled all their needs or something to that effect, and so that left them to pick anyone they wanted, once again trying to make sense of this consensus mid-late day 2 pick at a position that it seemed we were ok at or could’ve filled on day 2, possible still with Brooks or Logan Wilson. We got Dunbar at CB, several avg. OL and a couple avg. pass rushers, but didn’t get Clowney, Griffen, or any other very good DL to rush the passer or stop the run, which was our main priority supposedly. So I’m not sure what Pete’s talking about doing what we needed in FA to be able to pick anyone in the draft without looking for need. Also especially dissapointing because AZ got one of the top 2 def. and top 3-4 overall players in the draft at #8 on Simmons, and SF did great with DT Kinlaw and WR Aiyuk.

  71. Ishmael

    With the obvious caveats that these guys have watched more football this offseason than I have my entire life, I’m just a bit stunned.

    This whole offseason has felt a bit like sandcastles with the tide starting to wash in. One part collapses so they rush to shore it up, then the next bit goes so they scramble over there, etc. etc. until the entire thing is a shambles and you’re surrounded by water. The Seahawks finished last season with a dreadful defensive line, a slow linebacking corps, an okay bunch of safeties and a decent cornerback. So far they’ve picked up a billion below average offensive linemen, two replacement level EDGE guys, a good (if fragile) corner, and now a banging MLB?

    I’m not about to have a tantrum about the pick, there honestly wasn’t anyone I particularly liked at the spot, but I just don’t understand the plan. Everything feels so haphazard and incoherent. Arizona and San Francisco appear to have both become significantly stronger teams, making some strong moves to get what they needed. Maybe Kinlaw blows up for the Niners, but at least you can understand the thought process and team-building strategy. The Cardinals traded for arguably the best WR in the game and then got a DB they can build their entire gameplan around.

    How did this, or anything the Seahawks have done in the offseason, move the needle? Does anyone really think we’re any closer to a Superbowl now? We’ll make the playoffs again and bomb out in boring, predictable, fashion away, because this team is running to stand still.

    • Rob Staton

      Spot on Ishmael

    • Hughz

      Nice post. I tend to agree. There’s just no answer at DE available to them in this draft. This pick gives them speed at LB that is sorely needed with today’s offensive schemes.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Interesting thoughts.

      Perhaps going back to th 200 odd transactions in 2010-2011 is the better play.
      I don’t hate it.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      Exactly how I feel. We have just been carefully treading water for years. We had some difficult waters to navigate the past few offseasons which would seem to signal we would “effing go for it” this year. And here we are holding replacement level o-line competitions and using our first round pick to maintain our linebacker corpse for the future.

    • DougM

      I’m not sure we will make the playoffs or even finish above 500. We are standing still while other teams are improving.

      • Hughz

        Seriously? You put too much emphasis on one pick.

  72. Gohawks5151

    “Comparison is the enemy of joy”. I understand the criticism of the pick. I do not understand the comparison to the Cards and Niners. The Cards have been crappy for years. They were the crappiest team just last year. They will get great prospects. The Niners traded a 100 million dollar man for a high impact pick. They went further all in and traded back into the first round for a receiver to win next year before the big contract extensions come. They don’t pick again til round five. We have 3 picks tomorrow and the cost to move up has been low this year.

    When they took Penny there were all these reports that other teams in that range were high on him too. Detroit apparently still was as there were trade rumors this year even. Now reports that people were high in Brooks. They wanted him. They didn’t want to take the risk of losing out. They took him. No regrets for them I guess.

    I don’t think I can defend them 100%. They passed up on people I wanted too. But judging a draft on one player, especially when they have 5 picks in the next 3 rounds, is madness. Question the plan if you want. Give the kid a chance.

    • Correz Kennedy

      Those crappy Cards kicked our ass in Seattle and now have Simmons and Nuk. And an even better Kyler Murray.

      Hawks fell in love with a guy and still stubbornly reached for him when a trade back fell through. Brooks will probably be good but I’m struggling to see how he helps Seattle over the hump in 2020.

  73. Madmark

    What I notice was when the Chargers took a QB early and Packer traded 1 pick ahead of us there just wasn’t anyone to trade with. It was bound to happen that they would run into a situation where they would have to play the hand they was dealt. Watching them pick a LB in the 1st I have no idea were they are going to go. In fact, We have 6 picks that I think I can still get my players. The player I can see me matching is A. J. Dillion at 101. I might get lucky with Chase Claypool at 59 but I’m not so sure about it. These Cheap FA OL guys better turn out some Gems or this team could very well take a step backwards. I am not impressed with this pick but they are in charge and I’ll wait and see.

  74. Paul Cook

    After my disappointment, and before going to sleep, I watched a bunch of tape on this guy. I have to say this guy does have some real tenacity, pursuit, and tackling ability. It’s pretty evident. Looks like he loves the game too.

    So there’s that, anyway.

    • DC

      Good man. Thanks for that.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Once the pick absorbs I like it more. If he can play some SAM this year and take over for KJ it could be good. Just not sure where it leaves Barton.

        • DC

          It leaves Barton competing.

  75. kousindoug

    Wagner it’s a future HOFer. Who knows how Brooks will turn out but if you think you have another Wagner staring you in the face at the end of Rd 1, you take him regardless of need.

    • Paul Cook

      He looks a little faster/quicker than Wagner, so I can see where he could play OLB.

    • BobbyK

      Really? Good thing “kousindoug” thinks Jonathan Taylor sucks in comparison to a SAM. lol

      • Jeff108

        Brooks is not a SAM.

  76. mishima

    I can rationalize the pick, even understand it.

    I cannot be convinced that it wasn’t a reach or that it makes them much better. They could have drafted CEH at 27 and still selected Brooks or similar at 59/64.

    They’re losing ground in the division, won’t sniff the conference.

    • Hughz

      Wow you need chill out bro. The draft is such a crap shoot. Time will tell if it’s a good pick.

      • Greg Haugsven

        There is no way you can say he would have been there at 59. Teams have there own draft board different from media.

        • mishima

          I didn’t say that: “…and still selected Brooks or similar at 59/64.”

    • Jeff108

      Kiper said he was a borderline 1st rounder for days.

  77. Jace

    JS said they tried to trade back but it fell through at the last second. That makes sense for those calling it a ‘reach’. I wonder with who they tried to trade with? Indy?

    • Volume12


      Told JS, ‘Sorry, wegot a better deal.’

      • Jace

        Yup just got to that point up the interview! Thanks!

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, you beat me to it.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Sounds like there was a second team they were trying to trade back with after the Packers fell through.

      • Scot04

        Sadly everyone knows we always look to trade down. Miami took advantage of it. Would have definitely changed the feeling of 1st round if we traded down atleast once. It definitely felt like Seahawks would be stuck at 27 when Packers took Love. I woner if 49rs moved up thinking we might take Brandon Aiyuk.
        Here’s hoping Brooks contributes this year and we get lucky with Clowney after the draft.

  78. Rashi

    More stuff from PFF.

    Jordyn was ranked the best run defender in the draft class with a 91.5 rating.

    He was also rated as the best tackler of the class.

    • Rashi

      Ran a 4.46 according to JS.

    • Rashi

      *Among LBs

    • Kenny Sloth

      And number 6 in coverage

  79. TJ

    I was stunned by the pick, but for those of you already calling him a wasted pick, slow down. All I can think is he must have “traits” that are a fit for a specific role. The Hawks have never been afraid of bringing in players and then moving them into spots where their skill sets fit with what the team needs. I do not think he was drafted to play mike/ILB. PCJS must see him in a role. Maybe they see a pass rusher. Maybe they feel that poor/slow LB play was a greater problem than we fans realize. I have been doing a bit more research on him and he seems like a solid player. Only time will tell.

  80. DC

    We’ve needed to add speed at LB for years & it has been a stated goal of Pete’s. I’m just as shell shocked as many on here simply because of where he was drafted. We need all of this year’s crop pan out.

  81. Volume12

    What a difference.

    PC/JS have done a 180 after the Collier pick last year. Sounded like someone killed their dog. They’re giddy over this one.

    ‘Blew them away at the combine. He kicked a**’

    He’s also got that backstory they like. Check.

    • STTBM

      Like Amara Darboh? Great backstory, bad football player…

      • BobbyK

        I hear ya…

      • Volume12

        There was also Sherm’s, Frank Clark’s, Lockett’s, RW’s, Okung, etc.

        • Matt

          I mentioned this in another thread, but I’m always a little concerned when I hear how great guys interviewed. Normal businesses struggle in the hiring process because of interviews – I hope that’s a very, very minor part of the evaluation process when it comes to the draft.

          Nearly every high pick today had a pretty incredible story. And you could argue part of the reason they are there is because of the adversity they faced. Again, I just worry about a “job interview” getting a little too much weight when they evaluate these guys.

          Not necessarily poo-pooing the whole “great life story thing,” but that doesn’t necessarily equate to being a great football player. Obviously, if two players are even – you absolutely lean on this type of stuff to make a decision. I just think sometimes, especially after listening to Rob’s Nagy Interview – they put far too much emphasis on that intangible stuff.

  82. Sea Mode

    And there you go: JS says they had a trade down a few spots in place that fell through at the last moment. Apparently, the other team just said sorry they got a better deal and *snaps fingers* they were on the clock.

    So I think it’s pretty obvious to say that we were going to trade with GB just like Rob predicted. They gave R4P136 to move up 4 spots. Though I’m not sure what more we could have been asking than that in order for them to move up just 3 spots. Maybe we wanted a R5 + R6 (they have 3 R6 picks) to help fill our late round gaps and they preferred just to give up one R4 pick instead.

    PC mentioned how fast Brooks learned to play inside and in a new system this past year. So they ID’d him as one who would be able to transition quickly in the shortened off-season.

    JS: he was involved in some 20% of the team’s tackles. Production is important.

    PC: similar traits to Mychal Kendricks. Can attack downhill.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Most likely they take Brooks at 30.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t believe we’re sat here talking about Mychal Kendricks’ replacement.

      And why are they focusing on how easily he picked up a new scheme. This team needs talent. Pure, high upside talent. They don’t have enough.

      • Sea Mode

        JS said he was the best player on their board. 🤷‍♂️

        • DougM

          Higher than Queen?

          • Jhams

            I mean, they chose him over Queen so it’s be weird if they thought he was a worse player.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Is Brooks without talent? Is he not a fast BAMF?

    • HawksGal

      John Schneider let it slip that he was on the phone with Brian Gutekunst, and they got a better deal, it was GB.

      • BobbyK

        History will also prove that RB was the better value. lol

        • Kenny Sloth


    • Davido

      I love trading down as much as anyone but we keep talking about this team improving significantly. Would an additional 4th do that for us?
      We still have enough capital to play the board.
      Curious if we see another trade up in R2.

      Schneider said that they wanted to move down but were exited that Brooks was still on the board. Does that mean that they wanted to take him after a trade down or do they have another player in mind for the early second?

  83. Rob Staton

    I hope they haven’t lost the flexibility to move up in R2 by not getting a deal at 27.

    I can live without two late fourth rounders. I want to see the kind of aggression we saw when they got DK, Reed and Lockett. I want them to go and get someone.

    • DC

      They’ve shown a willingness to trade future picks in the past to move up in the present. Wait… I’m confusing myself.

    • BobbyK

      I hear ya!!!

    • Paul Cook

      That might be key. probably too much of an air pocket till their next pick in the 2nd to get more talent up front or elsewhere.

    • Matt

      They have always been their best when they are aggressive and gamble on upside. I agree, I hope they make some aggressive moves and go for quality. I don’t really care about racking up a bunch of late round camp bodies.

      So who knows…maybe the Brooks pick will work out – still don’t love the process, but he does have tools.

    • Aaron

      Maybe PC and JS have lost the aggressive mentality, the always compete and win forever stuff. This perplexing offseason has gone a long way to telling me that both PC and JS are doing a band aid approach to this team. Adding to the middle class, not being aggressive to get stars. They squandered their cap room. This was supposed to be the offseason to define the next five years of Seahawks football. This was supposed to be the chance to take a good roster and truly make them a Super Bowl contender. Instead I see another 9 to 11 win team that fails to be great. Anybody else lost faith in PC and JS to helm this team after 2021 when their contracts expire?

    • Kenny Sloth

      And JoTay was his name

  84. Duceyq

    I like the pick. He wasn’t on my radar and I think if Seattle picked him in the 2nd some non fans of the pick would’ve been okay with it. Reminds me of the Penny pick.

    I think this speaks more to the Kendrick’s situation more than KJ…he can also seve as a reliable back up to Wagz and eventual replacement. There is no one on the roster who can sub for Bobby. Kendricks really served in that role when Bobby missed time 2 years ago. I’m not sure he would’ve been there in the 2nd round and when GB traded up in front of Seattle, moving back was pretty much lost. So take the player you have highest left on your board, apparently he was it.

    His game tape is superb and he upgrades Seattle in speed and adds another playmaker to the defense. If Blair and Amadi can get some run with Dunbar, Quill, Diggs and McDougal, Seattle has made some upgrades overall.

    Hopefully a few more FA additions and interior rushers can boost the defense even more.

    • BobbyK

      WTF are you trying to insinuate? Seriously?

      Do you really not know that KJ backed up Wagz? For a LONG time? And still does?

      Congrats on being a Seahawks fan for a few weeks now.

      • Grant G

        Maybe it’s time for bed, Bobby.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        Dude. Stop attacking people. Everyone is conversing.

        • BobbyK

          Okay. I’ll stop. Is that okay?

      • Lewis

        Bobby, stop attacking other posters. This isn’t Seahawks Twitter.

        • BobbyK

          I’m sorry.

      • Troy

        Hey stop acting like a prick man. Just cause you are ok the internet doesn’t mean you should be an asshole for no reason.

      • Bayahawk

        BobbyK doing a great job of acting like a 49ers fan. Attacking anyone who he disagrees with. Pathetic.

      • Kenny Sloth


        Jp hope ur doin good buddy. Got three more picks tomorrow (for now)

      • Duceyq

        Bobby K, heard of Austin Calitro???

        Yes, Austin Calitro, the guy who served as Wagner’s primary back up (also KJ too) while Kendrick’s filled in for KJ in the Chicago game in 2018?

        No need to hurl “needless attacks” at anyone on this site but then needless attacks that are wrong and inaccurate.

        Seattle also tried Griffin at back up to KJ against Denver and was benched. Overall, you missed the point I made regarding the pick. Brooks is a LB who can sub both spots and more than likely play alongside Wagner and KJ in what Kendricks role was last year in base. The caveat is that he could be the long term successor to Bobby as well.

        He’s a sideline to sideline guy that will be useful in a division with opponents that love to stretch the field horizontally. The pick makes sense to what Seattle is trying to do. I just some were blindsided because he wasn’t really talked about as a possibility.

    • Volume12

      If they only had 16 or 17 guys rated as 1st rounders, he was a 2nd. Unless he was one of those 16 or 17.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Considering they were desperate to trade back i doubt

  85. Jace

    Something that has really struck me the past two days in JS pressers is how much he talks about the scouts and player personnel being involved in huge decisions. I am referencing being in the interview and speaking with Brooks, and then making the Dunbar trade. I totally thought these would have been things JS would have been the leading force in. Or is this totally normal among the other teams in the league?

  86. Spencer

    Just an idea of how this draft may align with the remaining needs quite nicely. Maybe they liked what Brooks brings to the table, and didn’t think a guy like Gay would be there at their next pick, but they knew there would be DL and OL available.

    27. Jordyn Brooks – OLB Texas Tech
    59. DaVon Hamilton – DT Ohio State
    64. Prince Tega Wanogho – OT Auburn
    101. Cam Akers – RB Florida State
    133. Antonio Gandy-Golden – WR Liberty
    144. Trevis Gipson – DE Tulsa
    214. Thakarius Keyes – CB Tulane

    Competition for RT and Nickel where a starter is still arguably needed (including a late round corner with big arms that the Seahawks always bring in) and depth and rotational players for other positions where it’s needed (DT, RB, WR, DE). This situation, combined with bringing back Clowney or bringing in Griffen, would set up the team for next season quite nicely.

    • Jeff108

      Dude why do you keep reposting? Nobody is replying for a reason.

      • Spencer

        I reposted it one time because I accidentally replied to someone further up so relax with the hyperbole. Didnt see any mocks and just wanted to show that a LB eary isnt the end of the world. Sorry if you dont share my views.

  87. CojackTX

    I think the pick was worth it if only for the entertainment I have received from reading BobbyK’s manic and self-laudatory post tonight, even though, like him, I would have preferred J. Taylor or I. Wilson.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      This. What an arrogant drunk.

    • Troy

      Lol I lost track of exactly how many times Bobbyk made the exact same point over and over again in the comments…we get it, you think Taylor will be better than Brooks, got it the first 5 times you posted it…

    • LantermanC

      Thought you were joking, but I read all of BobbyK’s posts, and I have to agree! Had a good laugh.

      I forgot that a few years ago (think it was TJ Watt, that Bobby keeps alluding to), I made a conscious decision to watch more UW than Seahawks despite being a bigger Seahawks fan (season tickets holder in the late 90s). Of course UW starts crapping the bed after years of NY6 bowls, so I figure what the heck, let’s venture back to the Hawks. And following SDB again, getting psyched for this draft. And boom, hard does of reality and a reminder why you don’t watch day1 of the draft as a Seahawks fan.

  88. Matt

    Rob – My apologies for the poor posts with Kenny. Feel free to delete them, but I will stop engaging in such a manner.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ditto! Poor form from me and I apologize for instigating on the live blog

      Cheers guys! Big day tomorrow

      • Matt

        Kenny – my apologies. I will do better.

        • Kenny Sloth

          No worries amigo. Gonna be a lot of fun still to come. Ive had a few drinks and am happy to follow your lead standin up

          • Matt

            What are you hoping to see tomorrow?

            I’m really not sure what to think – I could easily see OT, WR, RB, DL (obviously). I really wonder if they truly will go BPA?

            Somebody else mentioned this – but maybe they punt on OL high in the draft because it’s kind of an automatic redshirt this year? I would love to see Saahdiq Charles in the 4th round – I think he’s an interesting developmental guy at LT.

            Tomorrow – I’d be happy hearing Swift, Taylor, Claypool, Mims, Wanogho, Davis, Gross-Matos, etc. Bunch of intriguing options to be had.

            Cheers dude and thanks for graciously accepting my apology.

            • Kenny Sloth



              • mishima

                Missed opportunity to use, ‘JoTay.’

    • DC

      People are hot right now Matt. Kudos for having self awareness.

    • CaptainJack

      Didn’t see the posts but… it happens.

      I got into it a bit last years draft, Rob made me take a vacation from the blog. It’s a hot time. What happens in the draft live thread stays in the draft live thread. And that’s that.

  89. Grant G

    The upside of us usually trading out of the 1st is that most years I don’t go to bed angry on Thursday night. Can’t say I saw this coming at all. I am however glad we made a pick on a defender rather than project OL or an addition to the RB rotation given RB value in the nfl. That said, I am pining for some blue chip talent on the DL tomorrow, and a skill position player in Round 3 (Van Jefferson? DuVerney?)

  90. millhouse-serbia

    We are all shocked because no one expected that LB is need. But obviously they are very high on him, and he was BPA on their board at pick 27.

    And they would trade with packers and acquire pick 136. And than they would choose Brooks. Or maybe with Colts but that’s big maybe.

    • Greg Haugsven

      The more I let the pick soak in the more I like it. Just curious how they will use him.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Johns : He was BPA on board when we were on the clock is more than enough for me to be happy. I read a lot about him now, and I lik the pick more and more.

        As I said, no one saw LB as a need so we wre all surprised. But this will be better pick than Ifedi, LJ and Penny.

    • Davido

      I think it was almost consensus here that LB and especially speed to defend the perimeter was a big need.
      Many of us had them taking guys like Logan Wilson, Willie Gay Jr etc.
      Now they attacked the need earlier than many expected but I am not that suprised at all.
      If this guy would have worked out at the combine he would have been on the radar for sure.

  91. Silly BillY

    We learned the hard way last year that the the 4-3 base defense doesn’t work in modern NFL, at least not in the way it did with LOB on the field. With Dunbar trade, and assuming you have confidence next year in Ugo/Blair, we have the ability to field 5 DBs as a base defense.

    I’m not a scout, but cliffnotes scouting report on this guy is while he struggles with pass coverage.. he’s a mean run stopper who can fly to the football and is a “thumper”. Seems like a perfect fit for an LB2 in a nickel defense.

    Thinking positively, if that’s direction we are headed, great pick.

  92. Sea Mode

    It’s just like the Blair pick. They went out and got their guy where they thought they had to. Hopefully it pays off. Just trying to glean any positivity from the pick right now.

    Jim Nagy

    The Seahawks were built when they were committed to playing young players. This is a significantly faster and more physical defense if the staff finds a way to get Jordyn Brooks and Marquise Blair on the field next year.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Nagy hits the nail. Play the young guys. Be arrogant. Make mistakes. Inflict punishment. Kick ass. Talk shit. Win forever.

    • Paul Cook

      Me too. Their D sucked on the perimeter last year, and all round tackling ability as well. This guy looks to have that. Will we actually USE this guy to blitz/get after the QB in our schemes if we play him next year? He does have pursuit motor, that’s for sure.

      • Greg Haugsven

        It just seems like he would be suited for KJ’s spot. You can play him like Kendricks but the base defense thing didnt really work out. Then what to do with Barton?

        • Paul Cook

          Not to sound crass, but I don’t care about Barton if we can upgrade in ability on the field. I just want to be better.

    • Matt

      This is what is such a head scratcher for me…why couldn’t Blair get on the field? He is absolutely fast and physical – did they place to much emphasis on that in his evaluation (overlook football shortcomings)? Said this in another comment, but I do get concerned when we hear more talk about a player’s back story, interviews, demeanor rather than their football skill.

      Is there a chance that they are just placing too much weight on intangibles?

      • Paul Cook

        I just think it was a playbook thing with Blair. Some guys are slower to understand their roles in the scheme.

      • Davido

        I rewatched his rookie tape and he was flashing.
        He made plays in every game he touched the field. Exactly what you would hope for from a safety selected early.

        But then his issues were also very obvious. He just looked lost sometimes, didn’t know who to cover and was just playing off his instincts. I think Pete even said one time that he blitzed on a snap he was supposed to cover or something like this.
        I like this attitude it’s the same attitude that made our defense great. It’s just something you need to polish before trusting him to be a starter. Remember that Earl and Kam were not day 1 starters neither.
        I am more optimistic about him than any other selection from the last draft. This guy has all the tools to be a difference maker.

      • Gohawks5151

        Kam had to wait his turn behind Lawyer Milloy. Blair had to pay dues behind McDougald. I think he sees the field a lot this year

        • Matt

          Understandable – but my rebuttal is that Kam was a 5th rounder and Blair was a very high pick. And I think my pessimism was compounded by the fact they traded for Diggs (I know a different type of Safety).

          I have not given up on Blair – I am a bit concerned/reserved about him though. I mean, our defense was very bad last year – plenty of opportunity to get on the field.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Thanks for these snippets

      Heres two I saw if you hadnt seen em

      Jordyn Brooks earned an overall grade of 89.6 last season, ranking 6th out of 598 qualifying LBs. #Seahawks

      LB Jordyn Brooks said his best game in college was in 2019 against Oklahoma State.

      He posted 19 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 3.0 sacks and a forced fumble in that game.

    • Lewis

      Or when they picked Irvin. No one saw that coming.

  93. Sea Mode

    Mike Garafolo

    #Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell on Yannick Ngakoue: “I think his options are very limited at this point. … We’ll welcome him back with open arms. Tremendous player and person.“ Says they received no trade offers for him.

    • DC

      WE will welcome him with open arms.

      How about a 2021 second round pick? They aught to jump at that now. I’d still like to add him if he can be had in the ‘second tier’ EDGE price range. Them LEOs don’t grow on trees.

    • DC

      Politicking… They just drafted his replacement.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I cant see Yannick playing for them next year. If hes not traded by tomorrow I say he gets traded about same time as Clowney.

        • DC

          Yeah, I would think later. There’s no time to negotiate a long term deal.

          I could live with Raekwon Davis to replace Clowney and YN acquired to play the LEO for 2020. Is it a questionable use of resources? Sure but F it.

      • Paul Cook

        That was the Jaguar’s way of saying we’re effed now and might be lucky to get a 2nd rounder.

  94. Greg Haugsven

    One thing as well is this pretty much eliminates us taking Uche.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I dont know that they much wanted him. He’s not the type of tweener I expect them to target.

      But all I expect now is the unexpected

    • Matt

      Honestly – I think this is why I had such a visceral reaction to the pick. Brooks very well might be the better player, but Uche made much more sense considering where our holes are at.

      Oh well…I don’t get paid to do this (for a reason).

      • Greg Haugsven

        Maybe not, I meant more for the GM challenge. I know a lot of people took him including me.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Board fell nicely. Wouldve liked to pick up more ammunition, but im more disappointed in myself for not looking at him more.

        The ILB class is paper thin. Longest you can wait is Logan Wilson and he might not have been on their board for whatever reason.

        Honestly odds are whoever we picked would’ve busted, but a lot of people aren’t ready to hear that

      • Davido

        I actually really like this. There is always talk about BPA and this should absolutely be the best draft strategy. You don’t enter the draft to fill holes of your roster. You want to inject talent and potential superstars to your roster. You can not trust any rookie outside the top 10 to be a day 1 guy that just fills a hole for you.

        Imagine we figured out the entire DLine thing before the draft.
        Who would have liked us taking a guy like Uche? He is not bad but he is just a worse Bruce Irvin prospect imo.
        Uche is good compared to the class because the class is not good. Compared to last years class he is not a first round talent.

  95. Greg Haugsven

    Do we think this pick eliminates safety early? This was kind of our bpa pick. We need positions of need tomorrow.

    • millhouse-serbia

      Did you liste post draft call conference? Pete said things they did in FA let them go BPA , and I think he meant for whole 7 rounds. Its on 16:45.

  96. Rashi

    Per, The Athletic, on April 16th:

    Two league sources including one high-ranking front-office official this week cited Texas Tech inside linebacker Jordyn Brooks as a potential first-round pick. How surprising would this be? Brugler ranks Brooks 67th overall on his big board. ESPN’s Todd McShay didn’t include him among his top 100 prospects.

    Seems like 1st round was talked about.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Mel Kiper wanted to put him in his latest first round mock but just didnt pull the trigger.

  97. Matt

    Closing thoughts from me:

    I don’t necessarily dislike the player. In fact, the more I read and watch, he has some very desirable traits. I would have preferred Patrick Queen – but what the hell do I know?

    I do still question the process. I won’t pretend to know more than Pete or John – it would be a ridiculous assertion to make. But, I still don’t get the plan. Are there wholesale changes coming schematically? They obviously won’t announce that, but it’d be interesting to get an inside view of what they are thinking on defense. The pass rush was troubling and doesn’t look rectified at all. Brooks definitely makes them faster, but are we going to stick with base defense experiment?

    No way of knowing this, but it feels like Pete and John have kind of lost their edge. They are almost like that crazy guy you knew in high school and/or college – and you don’t see them for 10 years – they are now married and work in accounting. He is wearing khakis and a navy blue polo…it’s that foreign, “what happened” type of feeling.

    Again, I actually like Brooks the player/person, but I just don’t see the plan (yet). Hopefully tomorrow is full of bold moves that gamble on guys who can become true difference makers (that could include Brooks for all we know). Cheers and thanks for all you do, Rob.

    • Lewis

      Even if they wanted to change the scheme (insert Rob saying they don’t) how could they possibly govern what is likely to be a limited off season? That makes no sense.

      I think it’s as simple as they saw something we didn’t.

      • Matt

        Wasn’t my intention to imply that changing schemes, especially in this current climate, makes sense. It was really meant as a rhetorical question.

        As Greg said, I am starting to like Brooks more and more, but it does create more questions with what is the plan? Again, I am absolutely coming around on the player – I just don’t get what the investment at this particular position means for the bigger picture. He seems like a perfect fit at MLB…so do they expect something with Bobby that we don’t know yet?

      • Davido

        Last season we played 3 Linebacker for the majority of snaps. There are 3 spots he can compete for. Okay 2, he won’t beat Bobby.
        There is a chance he gets more snaps than a guy like Uche or Okwara would ever get.

        LJ Collier filled the biggest need and played 5 snaps all year 😀

        • LLLOGOSSS

          All fair points.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Well said Matt as I feel the same. The more you read on Brooks the better it is. But where does he play? Does this affect KJ? Where does Barton fit in? Is this 2019 base defense 2.0? This pick is better as I read more but it does open up more questions.

      • Matt

        Absolutely. You put it perfectly – I’m definitely starting to like Brooks but it does, in turn, create more questions.

  98. Mac

    I have a hard time seeing how this makes us better this year.

    Is it subtraction by addition?
    Removing kJ wright, his salary for a rookie that might not be as good as him but may develop as the year goes along

    If Yes: we may be failing to utilize RWs prime.

    If No: we are not addressing a current need, our pass rush is abhorrent and our future of our Oline is suspect.

    I just fear that if we don’t draft well this year, the 49ers are going to feast on us for the next 3-5 years. The Cards are improving as well. You don’t want to look back in 8 years, that RW/PC/JS never got another chance at redemption.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I think most of feel the same way. We are good with the pick/player but are just confused whete we are headed. The one thi g to re.e.ber is the season doesnt start for over 4 months so let’s be patient and let this develop.

  99. Michael Hasslinger

    Bob McGinn:

    5. JORDYN BROOKS, Texas Tech (6-0, 240, 4.52, 2-3): Brooks moved to MLB as a senior after starting the first three seasons on the outside. “I kind of like him,” said one scout. “He can get off the spot and runs to the ball. He can chase. He can cover. He’s got exceptional quickness. He can drop his hips, change directions, explode and make a tackle in space. Modern-day linebacker. He’s top 50 for sure.” He’s the first LB mentioned by a scout when asked to pick out the heaviest hitter. He posted a Wonderlic of 10. “I don’t think (running a defense) comes natural to him, but he worked at it,” one scout said. Another scout disagreed, saying there was no way he could direct and call a defense. “No, no, no, no, no,” he said. “But he’s a good player. Real tough. He’s been hurt, we don’t have that much medical on him and he’s 5-11. I don’t like that (10 test).” Has had two shoulder operations and finished with 367 tackles (33 for loss) and seven sacks. He’s the first All-American LB for the Red Raiders since Zach Thomas in 1995. “Kind of thick, active, play-hard,” a fourth scout said. “He can do enough in the pass game.” Brooks is from Houston.

  100. Michael Hasslinger

    Bob McGinn –

    3. PATRICK QUEEN, LSU (6-0, 229, 4.50, 1-2): Queen is a third-year junior who wasn’t even starting until Michael Divinity was suspended early in the season. “I think Queen’s the second-best player in the draft,” said one scout who designated Chase Young as No. 1. “Well-built. Explosive runner. Guy makes plays. He’s not an Alpha dog. That’s OK as long as the ‘mike’ can run it.” Divinity called the defense before the suspension and the more experienced Jacob Phillips played an instrumental role next to Queen. “He’s not going to be Ray Lewis mentality,” another scout said. “It hasn’t been his thing to this point because he’s only been a one-year starter. Had he started for more than one year I think he would have grown into that role more.” Queen started just 16 games in three seasons, finishing with 131 tackles (17 ½ for loss), four sacks and no forced fumbles. He posted a Wonderlic of 24. “Divinity made the calls,” said a third scout. “That’s why it took so long for Queen to get on the field. He’s a smart kid but he’s not very vocal.” Queen is from Ventress, La. “He is a straight-line fast guy,” said a fourth scout. “Besides that, I don’t think he does much well. He’s not very athletic in space. He doesn’t break down well. He misses a ton of tackles. Not physical at all taking on and getting off blocks. I don’t think he has great instincts. In coverage, he kind of drops to spots. He’s not a man-cover athlete for being that size.”

  101. Kenny Sloth

    Brooks is a stiff upper lip kind of dude.

    What a throwback. I love/hate Pete so much

  102. Tecmo Bowl

    Watched the Brroks interview. The last thing he says is that watching film is a habit for him. JS/PC both mentioned that as a positive.

    Speaking of JS/PC their demeanor and body language was noticeably better than last year picking Collier.

    My initial reaction was KJ Wright is going to get cut, and that could happen. Believe Brooks best position is will, but he can play Sam too. Could just be Kendricks replacement for 2020, and move to will in 2021.

    Like most on here the Brooks pick was a surprise. He does improve team speed on defense, something we can all agree we need more of.

    • Coleslaw

      Hes not good enough to allow them to cut KJ. He shouldn’t even be on the field year 1. Especially without Rookie camp.

  103. Coleslaw

    This is a pure upside pick. There is nothing on tape that makes me think this is a guy we should rush onto the field.

    I get it, but I dont like it.

    • Coleslaw

      We really just picked a SLB (for 2020) in the 1st round… Way to plan for Russ’ age 35 season!

  104. Ben Ft. Worth

    Well if you enter the PFS it starts you off in the 2nd Rd. It has everyone accurately in place for the 1st Rd. Did a once through, here’s what I came up with.

    1.27 – Jordyn Brooks LB – Texas Tech
    2.64 – Jabari Zuniga DE – Florida
    3.87 – Chase Claypool WR – Notre Dame
    3.101 – Leki Fotu DT – Utah St.
    4.115 – Cam Akers RB – Florida St.
    4.133 – Anthony MacFarland RB – Maryland
    5.179 – Joe Reed WR – UVA
    6.195 – Brian Cole S – Mississippi St.
    6.214 – Anfernee Jennings DE – Alabama

    • Kenny Sloth


  105. millhouse-serbia

    John (I think Pete to) LOVE Barton. I noticed that when ever he speak about him.

    • Rashi

      Yeah I noticed this too, they brought it up multiple times how they hope he can be as good as Barton.

    • Hojo

      I think Barton replaces KJ and Brooks replaces Wagner in 2021. Both will likely contribute in 2020.

      It also seems that LB is one of the positions where rookies can make an impact. In a short season and with the LB play declining significantly in 2019, this pick makes more sense as I digest it. I don’t know much about Brooks, but trust that the Hawks FO did their homework.

      We’re also expecting too much from rookies. I think the Hawks had a solid draft last year and we’ll see some of those guys step up in their soph campaign.

      Stoked for 3 more picks tomorrow. Let’s go get R. Hunt so I can get over missing out on I. Wilson.

      Many on here are freaking out about the offseason and RD1 pick. I actually think the FO has done a great job. I also expect E. Griffin to sign early next week.

  106. Coleslaw

    JS thought Brooks was BPA? He thought Brooks was better than CEH? Isaiah Wilson? Jonathan Taylor? What a joke.

    • Kenny Sloth

      20 years ago Brooks is going top 11

  107. millhouse-serbia

    And we spoke about how Pete and John looked and sounded on last year post draft day one presser.

    Today they looked really satisfied and happy. Its enough for me to be happy too.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I like your attitude man.

    • Rashi

      Agreed they both looked thrilled.

      JS said that he was the top guy on the board.

  108. Kenny Sloth

    The real question is what number does he wear?

    • Henry Taylor

      Something in the 40s, old school junkyard dog.

  109. CHawk Talker Eric

    Keep in mind that GB gave up a late R4 pick (136) to move up from 30 to 26. Not a whole lot. Sure it would be better to have an extra R4 and still get Brooks if that’s who they were set on, but how do Carroll and Schneider know BAL weren’t planning on taking Brooks instead of Queen?

    What I’m saying is I think it’s possible SEA talked trade with GB to swap 27 for 30 but they weren’t willing to risk missing out on their guy for only a late R4 pick, especially with BAL waiting and (evidently) looking for a LB.

    Brooks can make the defense better. Maybe not in the exact way we all were expecting them to try to improve, but maybe he can. He’s a prolific TFL machine who can get into the backfield and wreak some havoc. He instantly improves the speed and physicality of the middle of the defense.

    If they can add a quality DT like Davis or Madubuike or Hamilton (my guess is Hamilton based on the range he’s likely to go), and resign Clowney, that’ll go a ways towards restoring some teeth to the front 7.

    Unfortunately they just don’t have enough picks to get a DT like Hamilton, an OT like Hunt, a WR like Edwards and a RB like Akers. They’ll have to make some tough choices.

    • Zeke

      Sorta like when they traded down in 2012, then picked Wagner, one spot after Kendricks. Pure luck Philly didn’t take Wager.

    • Coleslaw

      “He instantly improves the speed and physicality of the middle of the defense”

      How so? Is he better than Bobby?

      Speed =/= quality. Hes incredibly inconsistent and has little to no impact a lot of the time. Then he gets 1 play where he blows through the line and happens to pick the right hole. Other than that, hes a non factor.

      • Coleslaw

        All his “production” and “gaudy numbers” come against crappy teams. He is nowhere to be found in big games against good teams. I can only imagine what that will look like against NFL teams…

    • McZ

      What he can do or can’t, he is a top 150 player. A third or better fourth rounder.
      He is a gap shooting one trick pony, and a void in coverage and on passing downs. Is he even coachable? I seriously don’t know.

      The question has to be asked… is this a Ken Norton pick?

      Anyway, I grade this as D-. They should stop drafting R1, completely.

      I’m just glad, CEH got a perfect place to work.

    • pugs1

      I got the impression they had a deal with GB and the Packers pitched a deal to Mia with less and Dolphins accepted. John said in the presser they had a deal and it fell through at the last minute. Sometimes it just does not fall the way you want. IMO the fact that they have traded down the last eight years is working against them for getting good value for trade downs.

  110. Madmark

    What’s done is done! I’m not going to whine over the pick. I have tonight to adjust moving forward with the picks I need. Pick 27 is Jordyn Brooks OLB which just so happens to open pick 64 since II Malik Harrison OLB there. My first pick Raekwon Davis at 37 is still on the board and he can still drop to 59. If I would take him at 37 you know I’ll take him59. Too be quite honest if 1 of these 3 are hereI would take one. Davis, Madubuike, or Blacklock I get a guy for the DL. If not well I take the guy I had here which is possible to fall.
    I actually chose Chase Claypool WR because I really wanted him. The scary part for me is will A.J. Dillion the RB be at 101.
    59 DL or Chase Claypool.
    64 Chase Claypool or Davon Hamilton DT I did have at 71 he was the 1tech for Woods place
    101 A.J. Dillion I have a lot riding on this guy being here and it just felt this pick was for him.
    133 Trevis Gipson DE
    144 Michael Odemudia CB
    214 Michael Warran II RB Cincinnati
    Bravvion Roy DT Baylor
    If I can’t get Dillion then the RB if I do then I’d take Roy witch is a 1tech DT for Hamilton.
    If the other teams refuse to trade with us then I hoping it looks like this
    27 Jordyn Brooks OLB
    59 Raekwon Davis DT
    64 Chase Claypool WR
    101 A.J. Dillion RB
    133 Trevis Gipson DE
    144 Michael Odemudia CB
    214 Bravvion Roy DT
    18 OL in camp no one I brought would be helping then so I stayed the course to help the defense to get better. I still have the chance of getting my 1st pick I hope. It’s not a great draft but I think it the best I can do moving forward.

  111. Horacio Fernandez

    Will post a few links in case they interest you all.

    Not that all of these prognosticators know talent, but some of them do work the phones. They know what is being said, both in the form of information and misinformation.

    Mel Kiper had the Hawks as one of the winners posting the following:
    Seattle Seahawks
    The pick: Jordyn Brooks, ILB, Texas Tech (No. 27)
    I really wanted to squeeze Brooks into my final mock draft, but I didn’t quite pull the trigger. There are several teams around the league that really liked him. At 6-foot and 240 pounds, he is a tackling machine and a potential difference-maker for a Seahawks defense that needs to reload in the front seven. Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright are getting up there in age.

    Jason LaCanfora had a great interview were he praised the Brooks pick, not from a talent evaluator standpoint, but rather from an insider’s point of view. Though we know that he might be partial to Hawks.

    Link to interview below. Pete Prisco gives them a C+, then toward the end of the interview LaCanfora says that evaluators told him that after Simmons, Brooks was the best LB. Not sure if he can help vs. Kittle as Simmons can, but can help chase Murray. LaCanfora goes on to give some other nuggets of info. He had them mocked to the Ravens in a TV draft I believe he says.

    Grading interview:

    And mocked to the Packers in his one and only written one:
    Jordyn Brooks LB
    TEXAS TECH • 6’1″ / 245 LBS
    Green Bay
    Blazing speed, four years of production and a serious wingspan to wrap up ball carriers. Has some metrics not that unlike Ray Lewis — both are around 6-foot — and the Packers were ready to pounce on Ray a long time ago before Ozzie Newsome traded up. Could be another interesting game of chicken between the Ravens and Packers this time around for linebackers again.

    Ben Allbright from PFN also had him going to the Packers in the first:

    Matt Miller from Bleacher Report had him going #1 in Round 2:
    33. BENGALS: LB Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech
    34. COLTS (via WSH): QB Jordan Love, Utah State
    35. LIONS: DL Ross Blacklock, TCU
    36. GIANTS: OC Lloyd Cushenberry III, LSU
    37. CHARGERS: OT Ezra Cleveland, Boise State
    38. PANTHERS: OC Matt Hennessy, Temple
    39. DOLPHINS: RB D’Andre Swift, Georgia
    40. TEXANS (via ARI): EDGE Josh Uche, Michigan

    I believe Nagy’s tweets have been posted already.

    All this not the end all be all, just passing along. In the end drafts are all about acquiring talent and getting correct or maximum VALUE. Highly likely that Brooks would have been there at 30 and even if he wasn’t if Packers offer that trade JS takes it. The Ravens picking LB before 30 does give me pause, but you want the extra picks regardless.

    JS interview very revealing as well, Greg Bell says maybe JS did not have enough time to create a backup plan when GBay backed out.

    Get a good night’s rest Gentlemen, tomorrow is going to be great!

  112. Ben Ft. Worth

    Maybe they’re trying to recreate the Legion of Boom defense that they had back in 2013. It took a couple years for it to click for Sherman, Browner, and Chancellor. Cause they all sucked when they first came onto the team. I hope Collier, Blair, and Brooks emerge as the new core foundation for years to come.

  113. Imani

    On 1st Round Linebacker Jordyn Brooks:

    After watching his highlights and looking at his pros and cons from scouts, I get why Seattle wanted him. He’s a great blitzer, can probably rush the passer on passing downs and help in the run game on early downs. He’s a solid player

    The problem? None of that makes him a first round pick. Linebackers that can’t cover or play 3 downs don’t go in the first round for a reason. He potentially brings some speed and intensity that we’ve been lacking, but you’re not gonna convince me he couldnt have been taken in the second round or later in the first after a trade down and adding value. This is garbage value.

    If he doesn’t have a DROY level impact next season, we wasted one of our best assess left on a developmental player for the future. A future that’s not guaranteed with Pete leaving in the next 2-3 seasons and our best players due for new contracts within that span.

    We’re wasting Wilson’s prime on athletic project players that aren’t ready to impact our biggest areas of need. This is disappointing.

    An OL could have slid in at right tackle and been a project replacement for Duane Brown or Iupati down the road
    An RB could have contributed immediately, provided injury insurance for a backfield that hasn’t stayed healthy, and been a potential replacement for carson who is a free agent next year
    A WR could have stepped into that 3rd option role with Gordon being in question and Dorset being the only other legitimate depth, as well as given us insurance for the possibility of Lockett moving on in the next couple years due to cost

    Even if Brooks is a beast, we’ll still struggle to rush the passer and protect Wilson with blocking and weapons…and the worst part is we passed on players that could’ve helped there to take Jordyn too early. Period. It’s a reach that we have to hope pays off and this is why we constantly fail in the first round. Shit is a problem. We drafted two linebackers last year in the top 4 rounds, what happened to them?

    Fans can make all the excuses they want, but how much of an impact did our last Day 1 reach have as a rookie? Remember the impact of 1st rounder LJ Collier? Of course you don’t. Cuz he ain’t do shit. Same situation here, we gotta stop rolling the dice in the first round. It’s holding us back and it’s why our top talent is falling off. We need a player that can help NOW as we’re in a playoff/Super Bowl window, not someone who rides the bench for a whole season cuz they aren’t ready.

    • chet380

      LJC was injured last season and never got a true chance to perform — lets see how he plays when healthy.

  114. Ben Ft. Worth

    Pete and John love to draft guys on what they do well and don’t worry about what they don’t. So I guess this makes plenty of sense.

  115. Henry Taylor

    My initial impression of this pick was shock and disappointment, it being made at 5am my time didn’t help with that.

    Having slept on it this is what I’ve come up with, after the pass rush, and no player in this class was solving that issue, the biggest thing this defence has been missing is speed and aggression. We used to have it in spades but it’s dropped off in a big way and Brooks will add some of that back to their defence. What I’m hoping now is the rest of our draft reflects this, I’ll respect that if true as it’ll show they’ve got a plan. I’m talking Amik Robertson, Rashad Lawrence, Jeremy Chinn, that kind of dude.

    It’s also still a reach and a not a pick at a need position, if they were just going to take bpa, that brings speed and aggression, why not Grant Delpit? My big positive of the night is Clyde to Kansas, an absolute superstar in the making over there, happy for the kid (would have liked him in Seattle tho).

    • Henry Taylor

      I’ll add that scrolling through the comments it seems to have gotten a little toxic up above. Lets remember to chill guys, this is supposed to be fun.

      • UkAlex6674

        Well said Henry. People seem to forget we still have 2 days worth of drafting left. Let’s judge the picks in context at the end and see if there is has been a plan.

  116. McZ

    While Sehawks fans across the globe are scratching their heads…

    …the Cards add Isaiah Simmons to bolster their ascending defense
    …the Niners add Javon Kinlaw (who will be a viable replacement for Buckner) and Brandon Aiyuk
    …the Rams are laughing their arses off

    …the Fins add a possible unhealthy scratch, a reach and a massive project with three first round picks
    …Mayock outsmarts them all

  117. Henry Taylor

    Listening to Pete and John, sure doesn’t seem like they plan on cutting KJ. So we are looking at a SAM year one, which may or may not mean he gets meaningful snaps depending on what happens at nickle.

  118. DriveByPoster

    Well, one pick down & my mock is toast already!

    I think we were all focussed on the bad pass rush but neglected to focus so much on how terrible the ‘hawks were against the run too. Clearly PC/JS view that as the bigger concern. When the LoB was at it’s best, teams just could not run on the ‘hawks.

    With hindsight, I think the first of Pete’s cryptic clues points to this. Stop the run! I am anticipating more of the same tonight, so obviously they will go in a completely different direction now.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know how a SAM who might play MIKE one day helps you make a significant improvement vs the run.

      • DriveByPoster

        Well, from the highlights that they have chosen to show on the ‘hawks website (very selective, I know) & from the tackling & TFL stats & comments on the NFL website, it looks to me like he is very effective against the run.

        “Brooks is a tackling machine with the capacity to stone runners in the hole or chase them down on the perimeter. He is fast, tough and productive with a knack for shooting through gaps.”

        2019 stats 108 total tackles and 20 tackles for loss.

        Admittedly that’s all I know about him as I’d never looked at him before, but if I am trying to make sense of the pick then that is what I am seeing.

        • Douglas Morrill

          It makes me wonder where he would have been drafted if he played for LSU, Clemson or Alabama

  119. VChill232

    It seems every year the Hawks take a 2nd/3rd round prospect and turn him into a 1st rounder. The extra year of the contract is nice but if he busts then it’s a wasted pick. Schneider and Carroll got the benefit of the doubt 2010-2012 but they don’t anymore. The reason this team has not been back to the Super Bowl is due to poor drafting and not enough of depth as a result of the draft/undrafted free agents. Brooks is strictly a 2 LB who will be a depth LB behind Barton and BBK.

  120. Jake Fromm State Farm

    Good tackle prospects are hard to come by and they passed on both Isaiah Wilson and Josh Jones. With Duane Brown’s age, both tackle spots are probably going to be black holes for the majority of the remainder of Wilson’s career.

  121. pugs1

    Glad to see the PFN mock draft simulator is updated with the first round picks. I was shocked by the pick but it seems like they got their guy just wish they could have moved down but got the impression there was not a lot of teams looking to move up. I would think they try and move back with one of the second rounders today.

  122. Benjamin I. DAVIS

    Is Brooks Seattle’s version of going Uche in the 2nd. I mean, you can’t trade back if there isn’t a willing participant.

    They had a deal with GB up until the last minute, then poof, it was gone. Would Brooks of been there at 30? Or would Baltimore have snatched him up?

    Either way the Seahawks got their BPA with their 1st pick. I’ll admit, I was just as shocked as anyone. If you add a DT, DE, plus sign Clowney or E. Griffin, plus add a healthy Collier, this front starts to look a whole lot better. Apparently consistency is a big factor for the Seahawks when drafting a player, and they’ve performed over multiple years, at least at LB anyway.

    Well done Schneider. Well done.

    • Trevor

      I like Brooks as a player but there is no way in hell he was the BPA at #27.

      You really think he had a higher grade than Isiah Wilson, Johnathan Taylor, Denzell Mimms or a bunch of other offensive players?

      • millhouse-serbia

        Yes I do think. John isn’t type of person who would lie. He would rather say : “I don’t want to answer on that question” than to lie.

  123. Ulsterman

    To me this is all about adding speed, aggression and sure tackling to a defence badly lacking in all three.
    They’ve been killed by the 49er and Ram offences recently and also need speed to combat Kyler Murray. it’s a pick made with the NFC West very much in mind.
    He also sounds like he’s a decent blitzer too.

    That’s the glass half full outlook.

    Glass half empty it could be another case of JS/PC zoning in on their guy when there was better value, available – I was hoping for Josh Jones when their pick came round.

    Also it’s clear Green Bay trading in front of them wrecked any chance of trading back.

  124. Trevor

    Fist congratulations on the Mock result Rob! Awesome work. You nailed alot of the value in this draft particularly the Georgia OTs who you said wold go exactly where they did since day #1.

    I had to sleep on this before posting comments because I was so pissed last night.

    This pick made zero sense and ranks right up there with the Mcdowell, Penny and Collier picks as complete blunders with the Hawks first pick. Each of those picks was confounding for reasons about the player Mcdowell (known character concerns) Penny (value) and Collier (age, lack of athleticism). This pick gets an F for the Hawks lack of a plan and where their 1st round pick fits on the roster.

    I love Brooks as a player and had him as my 2nd rated LB after Gay. I had him ahead of Murray and Queen so I have no problem with him what so ever in that regard I think he will be a really good LB in the league for years.

    My huge problem is that PC/JS seem to have absolutely no plan on how to make this team better this off season. The glaring needs this off season where to address the pass rush, replace the RT, shore up the interior of the OL, add depth at RB and add overall speed to the defense IMO.

    So what do PC/JS do? Thy draft a guy to replace a LB who they just made the highest paid MLB in the league the previous off season. Is he even a starter Day #1 and if he is it is becasue Barton was a bust. Perhaps he can replace Kendricks as a SAM but was that a position of need really unless the player can be a pass rusher as well, which Brooks is not. It just makes no sense at all. Much like this whole off season which feels like something out of the twilight zone.

    This idea that he was the highest rated player on the board so they took him after the GB trade fell through seems weak to me. Seriously Brooks was higher on your board than Isiah Wilson (future 10 yr starter at RT) or Johnathan Taylor (pro bowl caliber RB). I don’t think so and if he was then the Hawks need to revamp their scouting staff.

    Maybe a plan will come into view on Day #2 and 3 of the draft of if the Hawks sign for Clowney, release Britt and KJ and then add another pass rusher. If not this team is clearly worse than they were last year which is a shame given the cap space, draft capital and options available heading into the off season.

    • Rob Staton

      Have to agree Trevor. I think many people feel the same way.

      • clbradley17

        Confounding is a good word to describe this pick, as well as the confounding explanation from Pete in the after draft conference with JS that they had filled all their needs in FA, so felt free not to draft for need. So a TE and kicker on day 2? When they barely touched the DL in FA, how can they say that they did great in FA and filled their needs? Confounding!!

        Pete Carroll and John Schneider 2020 NFL Draft Day 1 Press Conference

        • Rob Staton

          I just don’t get their confidence level on having ‘filled needs’.

  125. GoHawksDani

    I’m not totally pissed. But I wanna get excited about our R1 pick. This pick is the definition of not getting excited

  126. clbradley17

    Not just our pick and Tua, but several other picks in the 1st and a TON of players in this draft are possibly going to have injury problems this year and continually, maybe never pan out because of the pandemic prohibiting medicals.

  127. brendon light

    Just had to sim the rest of our picks on PFN. Got RD and Zuniga to address the DL, CC and Gibson for OFF playmakers. Robertson for Nickel and Lewis is a tough Oliner compeititon.

    Let’s cheer up and have a great day 2. Go Hawks!

    Jordyn Brooks
    OLB Texas Tech
    SEA 59.
    Raekwon Davis
    DT Alabama
    SEA 64.
    Jabari Zuniga
    DE Florida
    SEA 101.
    Chase Claypool
    WR Notre Dame
    SEA 133.
    Amik Robertson
    CB Louisiana Tech
    SEA 144.
    Antonio Gibson
    RB Memphis
    SEA 214.
    Damien Lewis
    G LSU


      Dude, this would cheer me up.

      • clbradley17

        This would be fantastic, but no way WR Claypool lasts until late day 2 and OG Lewis until late day 3. But you never know, some crazy team drafted a mid-late day 2 LB with their #1 pick and passed up several safe 1st rounders in the process – OTs Wilson and Cleveland, RBs CEH and Taylor, etc.

        • brendon

          I agree, but you gotta draft the guys where they are in the sim, I’d honestly take any mix of these dudes/types of players.

  128. EP

    It’ll be interesting to see where we go from here. The Seahawks seem to have their own rule book for R1. It’s almost as if they they deliberately reach for a guy to fire him up.

    I don’t know enough about Brooks or where he will play but I’m sure he will fit in some way to this LB corps. I think we needed more speed at LB, that was pretty obvious last year. It may be a case of thinking about Brooks as a move around LB piece and not get hung up on whether or not he will be a SAM or WILL. I’m not sure he’s a R1 pick but as we’ve seen before, the Hawks go off their board and their projection of players, not the medias or the public’s.

    I think to some extent, this may be a play to try and neutralise the potential threat of Kyler Murray. I have the sense that the Hawks understand what the Rams and 49ers do to beat you and feel as if they can manage that in some way, after all we did beat them last year. However, Arizona’s offence may prove to be a big problem and they may be the team to beat going forward.

    Plenty of talent left on the board for day two, there seems to be some depth and I would not be surprised by a trade up.

  129. Justin Mullikin

    Here is my 2 cents.

    Jordyn Brooks plays really fast. He reminds me and many other scouts it seems as a young Bobby Wagner. His closing speed is impressive. Some of his TFL he outruns the RB. I actually thought the Seahawks might take a LB with one of their first few picks.

    Here is why. Rob has pointed out Aaron stiff arming Barton and how he may not be the guy to replace Wagner or Wright. Multiple GM’s and draft experts he interviewed talked about how the NFL Draft is about the future.

    If he is to become the next elite LB that we all hope he can be wouldn’t it be great for his development to play alongside and learn from Bobby Wagner?

    Rob wrote this about Simmons:

    #8 Arizona — Isaiah Simmons (LB, Clemson)
    He’s a fantastic athlete who will be able to spy Russell Wilson and cover George Kittle, provide pass rush and he can attack from so many angles.

    Now Simmons was a top 10 pick for a reason and a tremendous athlete.

    With that being said, I could see Brooks being able to cover Kittle and spying (or blitzing) Kyler Murray.
    If that is the case I think he could be a very good pick for us.

  130. John Sor


    This guy checks all the boxes. He’s fast, instinctive, sure tackler who goes sideline to sideline, natural leader, he’s faced adversity, he plays on the other side of the LOS (20 TFL’s).

    I don’t get it, why are we all pissed? Because he wasn’t one of the guys who we talked about?

    The defense needs upgrades all over the front 7 it doesn’t matter which position they addressed first. In my mocks, i had Seattle taking Kenneth Murray in the first. The team needed an upgrade of speed in the LB corp and they got it.

    I am happy they didn’t go for a guy who they would try to force in to a LEO. Instead they got a guy who can come in and contribute right away and eventually take over the defense once BWagz contract is up.

    • Ulsterman

      In its prime the Seahawks defence was faster than everyone else. They’ve lost that in recent yers.

      this is all about adding that speed and also the instincts to be able to use it

      • John_s


        As much as we are upset about the pass rush, this defense gave up 22 rushing TDs and 4.9 YPC. The defense will always be predicated on stopping the run first and making the offense one dimensional.

        The draft is still ahead of them, they can still get a DT (Hamilton, Foki, Lawrence), DE (Darrell Taylor, Uche, Okwara), OL

        I would not mind if Seattle package a 2 and 4 to move up in the 2nd or even using next years 1st and jumping to the head of the 2nd.

    • Rob Staton

      Come on. You know the people who are either confused or pissed are making reasonable points even if you disagree.

  131. Georgia Hawk

    After sleeping (agonizing) on this, here is my attempt to explain the series of events that got us here…

    It started with Barton getting wrecked by Rodgers. It was a pretty damning picture to see your LB getting face planted by a geriatric QB with injury concerns. That vaulted LB up to near top of the list of needs for the off season.

    Combine rolls around and they fall in love with the guy. JS said something about they keyed in on him at the combine then basically turned their backs to protect the level of their interest. I take that to mean he was pretty high on the their board from that point on. He has the speed they covet, the back story and grit they talk about all the time, and versatility they look for.

    We all know that the Hawks draft board never looks like what we think it should or the national pundits predict. Its entirely possible that Brooks has been 1 or 2 on their big board since the Combine.

    Thinking they are all but assured of having one of their top guys in the draft that nobody else is looking at, they go about the off- season “filling needs” on OL and DE. I do think the Clowney situation got away from them. Most of that happened after the Combine, so they may not have been prepared how it played out then.

    Going into the draft, they likely thought they could pull another Penny-like trade: Trade down either out of the 1st entirely or at least down to GB, grab a few extra picks and still have their guy ready to go when they picked him. Trade value tanked with everybody in front of them trading and completely bombed when GB got spooked to trade up to 26. The master plan to get their guy and still trade down was wrecked at that point, so rather than “reach” for a guy on their board, they took the highest rated player they could.

    I don’t question that DE, OL, WR, or RB are still high on their needs. Im guessing they look at the value of those positions and see them available either tonight or later on. There is still time to grab an Edge tonight and either a RB or WR. I hope OL isn’t that high on their list right now….after the 536 journeymen they added already. A later round pick is good with me there. They can still come away with a 2nd round haul of something like Hamler and one of Uche or Zuninga. If they did that I think a lot of us would call that a huge win. Look for a RB in the 3-4 range, fill in OL prospects…

    Either way, as much as Brooks stunned me/us last night I think there is still plenty of time to salvage something that looks really good in a week.

    • LAHawk

      This makes sense to me, including stuff about Clowney. Worth noting that Clowney and Griffin remained unsigned and the Jags couldn’t get a 1st for ngakoue, who is very likely to be traded, and if the SH can get one of those three that will go a long way. (It’s unlikely that we get ngakoue, I know.)

      One slight note of disagreement: Is WR a need? They have Lockett-Metcalf-Dorsett-Moore-Ursua as their top 5, they could definitely improve that group but I think OL, RB, and D-line are all more urgent

  132. LAHawk

    Like everyone I was really shocked and somewhat disappointed they got some guy I never heard of. Though he wasn’t on most people’s radar, apparently some teams liked him, and I have been reading the case for him as a player… fine. The team tried to trade down but couldn’t, OK. The question for me is opportunity cost, what did they miss out on by drafting what (in their minds) was the best player available?

    There weren’t any first-round pass-rushers available in that spot, and I don’t think the team needs yet another project at EDGE. I think we can still get a good RB on day 2 or 3 if we want one, and I don’t think picking one of the remaining WRs would be warranted (not a need, can still get a good one later). They may have not liked any of the DTs available, I think most of them would have been regarded as reaches.

    The thing I wonder about is offensive line, tackle in particular. Isiah Wilson went a few picks later, was he not under consideration? Hard to know what the Seahawks thought of him. They seem to have avoided young OL players in general lately, but I’d like them to draft someone like Matt Peart, a developmental piece who could step in for Brown at some point.

    Hopefully we can get some players for the lines in day 2, add a RB in day 2 or 3, and maybe get a WR somewhere in there. :/

  133. Big Mike

    I’m very discouraged. Yet another 1st round/first choice draft pick with the possibility of having a Bruce Irvin ceiling and an LJ Collier floor (in fairness “so far” with Collier). They haven’t had a quality first draft choice since Earl Thomas have they? Ifedi? Bwa ha ha ha.
    Look I of course truly hope I’m wrong here and the kid is the next BWagz. The only encouraging thing I read is that he has speed and plenty of it and God knows the defense badly needs more speed.

  134. Spencer

    Watched his Oklahoma play-by-play if anyone cares to read. Apologies for the length. My first time doing this and I really enjoyed it.

    My main takeaways:
    – Man.. Jalen Hurts looked good. He can really escape pressure, make reads, and has nice touch on his deep balls.
    – Oklahoma also just outclassed Texas Tech in every way. Was tough to take any major takeaways with that considered, but Brooks applied some pressure and showed a lot of positives dealing with a player like Hurts. Sometimes he would make a nice play or force Hurts into a throw a little bit early, but on almost every occasion those throws would go for big gains or touch downs regardless.
    – Brooks main responsibility seemed to be as a QB spy on Hurts. He kept his eye on Hurts the whole time. He would patiently sit back and try to identify the play. On read-options or designed QB runs, Brooks would take off after Hurts immediately.
    – On running plays, he would sit back to see if it was a run or play action. On a run, he would break immediately towards the running back or the opening gap.
    – On play action, he would generally look for an opening to apply pressure unblocked. His moves didn’t seem to work when blitzing, but were very effective when he identified running plays.

    Jordyn Brooks versus Oklahoma (2019) 55-16 Oklahoma.
    Final Stats: 6 tackles, 1 hurry, 1 TFL


    – Causes pressure by showing good timing and play recognition. Recognizes opportunities to apply pressure on the QB without being touched by a blocker.
    Highlight: 8:45 // Examples: 2:20, 4:07

    – Uses speed and good footwork to get around bigger offensive linemen and running backs
    Highlight: 6:35 // Examples: 4:34, 4:45, 5:56

    – Patient. Quick to recognize opening gaps, play action fakes and screen passes allow him to consistently put himself in a position to make the stop.
    Highlight: 10:17 // Examples: 0:43, 2:05, 4:24, 9:36

    – Impressive array of moves (shoulder dip, swim, spin and rip) to make stops on running plays
    Highlights: 0:26, 4:24, 10:24 // Examples: 3:40, 5:12

    – Tries to get hands in the passing lane on failed blitzes
    Examples: 2:37, 6:14


    – Ineffective pass rush moves (especially power and power-to-agility moves) when engaged by an offensive lineman
    Examples: 1:42, 5:02, 5:29, 6:04, 6:24

    – Plays fast, but sometimes over pursues and takes bad angles, taking himself out of the play.
    Examples: 0:52, 1:26, 3:02, 9:46, 11:40

    – Didn’t see many opportunities in coverage. However, he makes a good read and cover in zone at 0:14.

  135. Big Mike

    I think it’s important to look at the results of the upper part of last year’s draft and it’s very discouraging so far.

    1st round: LJ Collier. A healthy scratch several games last year and has contributed zero so far.
    2nd round: Marquis Blair. Barely played last season and reportedly struggled learning the playbook.
    2nd round: DJ Metcalf. Obviously and absokute home run and 550 footer it seems.
    3rd round: Cody Barton: stiff armed by freaking Erin Rogers in a divisional round playoff game. By all accounts and the eye test struggled when he played.
    4th round: Gary Jennings. Cut and never played a game. Looks like he’ll be out of the NFL soon.
    4th round: Phil Haynes. Incomplete. Always willing to be patient with o-linemen as they are loner developing.
    4th round: Ugo Amadi. Little to no impact so far.

    How do you build a championship level football team missing on draft choice after draft choice in the upper part of the draft? Look I hate to be “that” guy but this is getting very discouraging as a lifelong Hawks fan who waited so very long to see my team finally get a true franchise evel QB. Brooks imo likely could’ve been had with a trade up in the middle of round 2 or even by standing pat and the 1st could’ve and should’ve been used on say Isiah Wilson or Jonathon Taylor or CEH or…………..

    • Saxon

      Outside of Jennings, why are you insisting that Seattle missed on these picks? You do know that it takes players time to adjust to the NFL game, don’t you? Especially, when they are injured, as in the case of Collier. Very few rookies have instant impact. It amazes me that I even have to point this out on a draft-centric blog. Have patience. We won’t know the true quality of these picks for three years.

  136. Big Mike

    Patrick Queen selected by the Ravens right after Seattle’s pick of Brooks. Gonna ber very interesting to watch and compare how they develop. Should say plenty about Seattle’s evaluation process.

  137. Saxon

    Reminder: The Seahawks were six inches from winning the NFC and having HFA throughout the playoffs last year. This despite a litany of injuries at critical positions, no pass rush most of the year, shoddy nickel defense, and a rebuilding roster in flux. Carroll did another masterful job, which is why he was named NFC Coach of the Decade – along with Belichick for the AFC

    Some of you seem to personally dislike Pete. I can’t otherwise account for your complete dismissal of his consistent success since he’s been here.

    Certainly we need more talent. Cap constraints and picking late every year in the draft have made that challenging, as have some perplexing draft picks, resignings, etc. But Pete has won despite fielding a team usually less talented than his opponents.

    We didn’t have the splash signings many of us hoped, but we will be a better team in 2019 than we were in 2020. Are we as talented as the Niners and Rams? No. But we weren’t as talented as the Niners and Rams last year either and still nearly won the division. I’m still hopeful.

    • Saxon

      *Oops. Should say: better team in 2020 than 2019.

    • Rob Staton

      The whole ‘six inches away’ think lacks any kind of context though. They never looked like a serious contender. A good team, mainly due to the QB, but not great. They were handled mightily by the Niners in that game and Russell nearly pulled off a miracle. They were 4-4 at home and many of the 11 wins were frustratingly close. ‘Six inches from the NFC West’ masks a lot of issues that we need to be honest about. You’ve all seen the pass rush and defensive stats.

  138. HOUSE

    After watching some tape, sleeping, doing some reading and watching some more tape, I like the kid’s game. I am still a bit skeptical that he had to be the pick at 27, but with trades shifting ahead of us, they took the guy they wanted.

    Key thoughts:
    – He’s got experience at OLB and MLB
    – I don’t see the “lack of coverage skills”
    – TFL machine. He even cited watching tape as important for him

    I can see him playing 2 downs and containing the RB/QB in the backfield. He’s got a nose for the football and sideline to sideline is a solid tackler. The MISSED tackles killed us last year. If he can help with that, let’s see what he’s got!

    Rounds 2 & 3:
    Conventional wisdom says trenches and maybe a RB…
    059. Curtis Weaver (DE, Boise State)
    064. Robert Hunt (OL, Louisiana)
    101. Jordan Elliott (DL, Missouri)


    Jordyn Brooks was the highest grades player still on their board. It’s conceivable they like him even more than #27; it’s conceivable had they picked in the teens or low 20’s he still could’ve been their guy. We don’t know — and before anyone tells me otherwise, let me reiterate that obviously your board and theirs differ… We don’t know.

    I was pissed all night about it, and we all know the reasons why (are we a better team today? Did we “reach?” Did we fill a need? Can he get on the field? Will they cut K.J.? Are they planning for life after Bobby?).

    But let’s be clear about one thing: this was, in their eyes, a BPA pick. A high-upside pick. They believe they have added a real talent. Looking a little deeper, it’s clear there are those who agree.

    I take it at face value that this wasn’t about fitting him into the roster (i.e. K.J. or Bobby, or even a particular role). You can debate the wisdom of that approach. But I don’t think we should be confusing their thought process.

    This was simply about adding the player they liked the best at the spot they had to pick at.

    • LantermanC

      I’m actually fine if they liked Jordyn Brooks more than Queen, more than Delpit, more than Jonathan Taylor. That’s their talent evaluation.
      However, (a) it matters how other teams value players. If no one else was willing to take him before 50, then why take him at 27?
      (b) you can ALWAYS trade down. If you trade down to 40 and only get a 6th round pick, but STILL get your guy, it’s still a win. Why? (a) you pay Brooks less, (b) you get a 6th round you can either take on a long shot, or use to trade up into.
      (c) maybe they should be aware that their recent drafting in the first 45 picks haven’t been that great. I think most people would have no issue if they did their style of drafting for picks after 45, but for picks before 45, they just did a consensus (other mocks) draft. Honestly, if they had done that the last few years, we would be better…

  140. solar maxz

    We don’t need no steeenking edge rushers. We are good at developing LBs so thats what we draft. I mean he is the best rated on the board what else could we possibly do???

  141. Martin

    Look— this is a typical JS/PC round 1 draft. The consensus is it was a terrible pick. Not so much the player but need/value. Brooks might end up being a pro bowl talent. But what bothers me is how are we better NEXT year? NFC West is passing us by as we spin our wheels. IMO PC/JS seem to have an incredible sense of job security and with that goes the thinking: If our strategy works next year, great….if not, we’ll be back again.
    Does anyone else, Rob…you included….feel they have the attitude of playing with house money due to their percieved infallible job security?

  142. SSB

    This year has been slightly different for JS/PC. JS swung and missed on his trade talks with GB. If possible, he should have taken #30 and #133. He still would have easily able to draft Brooks at #30 if that was his BPA, I feel it would have been even smarter at #30 to trade back into Round 2 and picked up a low 3 or a mid-4 for that move. They have so many holes to fill, Brooks at #27 was a waste of draft capital. Wish it was not so!!!

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