Thoughts on the Panthers win

September 25th, 2023 | Written by Rob Staton

I’ve now had a chance to watch the game. Well, most of it. DAZN, who supply GamePass in Europe these days, have taken a chainsaw to the ‘game in 40’ function. Instead of a nicely condensed quick-fire view of every snap in 40 minutes, now you get 48 minutes with several plays missing (yet numerous bits of colour commentary and certain graphics are strangely left in).

If I’ve missed anything, I apologise. The state of broadcasting for football fans in this country has taken a step back this year, especially since (as I keep mentioning) there’s no access to college football games on TV any more.

I’d put this game in the ‘a win’s a win’ category. The Seahawks were banged up (especially on the O-line) and didn’t play well in certain areas. Yet they still won and held serve when they needed to. It would’ve been fairly catastrophic to blow a home game against this Panthers team. Just getting through it is a positive — although it equally wasn’t a performance that’ll likely have anyone dreaming about what could be in the new year.

The thing I enjoyed most was Zach Charbonnet’s intensity as a runner. A blog favourite for the last two years, he just has ‘it’. He’s shifty to be creative but he’s also got a real power and nastiness to his running style. The way he levelled that defender towards the end was a ‘chef’s kiss’ moment for anyone who enjoys the physicality of football (and I unapologetically do).

I’d really like to see him get more opportunities but that equally means less Ken Walker, who also played very well here. They have the potential to be a really nice complementary duo. Walker is more dynamic in the open-field (as shown by his incredible juke in the first half, leading to a massive gain). Charbonent is a sledgehammer. Both are excellent athletes with good size. They’re an exciting pair and it was nice to see both excel here. The Seahawks are loaded with weapons — now we just need to see them find a way to get Jaxon Smith-Njigba more involved.

Jarran Reed showed again how important he is to the Seahawks this year. He might be the most critical player on defense. There was a mixed reception to his return during the off-season but I always thought he was a savvy addition. For whatever reason, he plays his best ball in Seattle. He’s disruptive enough as a pass-rusher (1.5 sacks, three QB hits) but plays stout and can anchor. My favourite play of his, though, was a moment of pure effort. Myles Sanders shook off a poor attempted tackle from Jordyn Brooks and broke into the second level. Reed chased Sanders down from the LOS. He got there before anyone else. That’s brilliant and speaks to his commitment. You need players like Reed on your roster and for me he’s the most vital defender on the roster. They need him.

I’m not as encouraged by the defensive performance overall as some have been. The Panthers seemed to have a bit of a jumbled game-plan that put too much pressure on Andy Dalton to throw it around the park. Yes, the run-defense numbers are good but Carolina basically made it an afterthought despite this being a close game until the end. Frank Reich admitted afterwards that having Dalton throw 58 times was no formula to win. Their running backs only carried the ball 10 times.

The Seahawks still seem easy to play against if you’re a QB willing to take what’s on offer in zone. This will be one of the worst offense’s they play this year and it would’ve been nice to see a smothering, dominant performance. The pass-rush still seems to be lightweight and they aren’t creative enough to create pressure. I don’t think they’re making enough of their edge rushers (perhaps in an attempt to play conservatively in the run game but I haven’t studied this). They could do more to bring free runners into the equation in key moments or just release the shackles a bit from the edges.

On top of that, they have this knack of giving up big explosive passing plays that don’t really seem well earned. Take the long D.J. Chark touchdown. Given the investment in the secondary, how are Quandre Diggs and Julian Love allowing that play to happen? And what was Diggs’ non-effort to make a tackle at the end all about? If you’re going to be a conservative ‘do your job’ type defense — you can’t have meltdown moments where receivers are wide open downfield. The least you expect is ‘take away the big play’.

I think Seattle’s own passing game was a bit frustrating at times too. Geno Smith had a couple of near-turnovers before throwing a horrendous pick (three defenders vs JSN, still forced it). He didn’t play well in the first half.

Everything seemed to click in the end which I suppose is all that matters given the result. Yet it was a two-point game against a mediocre opponent at home at the start of the fourth quarter. The offense toiled to complete drives, settling for field goals. There just seemed to be a general lack of comfort despite the opponent offering very little. It would’ve been nice to see the offense get going a bit earlier.

Nevertheless, this is one to chalk off and move on with a win. Next week feels critical. The Giants have had a poor start to the season and are missing their best offensive weapon. You’re on the road in primetime and the 49ers just easily handled this opponent. Can you go over there and get the job done to go into the bye a very healthy 3-1? Or is this team going to be 2-2 and feeling like this is pretty much what they are?

It’s an opportunity to make a bit of a statement and get the excitement levels growing. Or, it could be a game that proves the Seahawks are kind of a .500 (or just above) team.

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  1. bobzilla says:

    What’s your analysis of Witherspoon’s play, Rob?

  2. John Webber says:

    I absolutely hear you about the DAZN app. What’s also frustrating is that if you switch to another app and then back on your phone/tablet, it tosses you out of the game. It becomes a habit to always know the elapsed video time.
    Besides that, when starting the full game replay, by default it’s in “highlights” mode, so you have to click quickly if that’s not what you want.
    I’ve also noticed the over-long plays at the beginning of the 40-minute version, and the missing plays later in the game.

    • Tatupu51 says:

      I’m using the DAZN app also and it’s worse comparing to the NFL gamepass app we used for years. However, the DAZN app is available to download for Samsung TVs and that has been a game changer for me.

  3. Romeo A57 says:

    The Seahawks rushing attack was dominant in the second half and won this game. The Seahawks secondary, especially the inept Safties, kept Carolina in the game longer than they should have been.

  4. Elliott Atkinson says:

    Theoretically our running game should only get better once Kenny McIntosh comes back, I could see him slotting nicely as a third down back.

    • Rokas says:

      He still has way to go, before he takes over DJ Dallas, not to mention that Walker and Charbonnet are fine as a 3rd down backs.

  5. Bmseattle says:

    Its difficult to get too excited about this win, considering the clear advantage in talent we have, as well as being at home (nit that that is worth much these days).

    It *was* nice to see us come out of halftime more inspired this week, and to see the running game improve.
    If we can get some stability on the offensive line, our offense should continue to improve.
    Our defense?
    Gotta hope that Diggs wakes up and that Woolen is who we hope he can be when he returns.
    It was disappointing that we didnt get a turnover against a guy like Dalton.

  6. Joseph says:

    The defense will be a concern the whole season:

    We play too much soft zone with single high safety. We’re getting killed underneath especially with crossing routes, which Ive noticed that was in issue last season. We’re terrible defending the middle of the field, short, intermediate, and vertically. We’re getting kill up the seams which that was an issue even when we still had the LOB. We’re also getting killed down the sidelines with the single high safety. We need to tighten up our coverage and play a little more man, cover 2 and cover 2 man. We’re leaving too much cushion and it doesn’t even matter who playing against. Our defense can make whoever the worst qb is right now look like an all pro. If we can’t improve in coverage then our D line will not have a good shot in the pass rush. The way we’ve played on defense for years is why qbs are getting the ball out quickly.

    Tackling is a huge issue especially in open space. It’s like our defense is covered in grease. What happened to the rugby style tackling that Pete taught years ago?

    I hope to not see Mike Jackson on the field. Sure he had a pass defended but he was getting killed. And if he’s on the field, opposing QBs will know to target him. Hopefully woolen and brown will be back soon. We need better coverage from our LBs especially Bobby.

    I’m happy so far with the way we’ve stopped the run but it’s going to be a challenge when we play better running teams like the 49ers.

    As far as the offense:
    Waldron improved in the 2nd half but we need better play calling in the red zone, too many field goals. We need concepts where Geno can get the ball out quickly instead of targeting the sideline every time. He seems to be under more pressure in the red zone than anywhere else on the field. We also need to utilize Smith-Njigba and create concepts where he can succeed in open space.

    Also I’m gonna give Anthony Bradford a shoutout. Guy was very good in pass pro and the running game and he should be the guy starting going forward over Haynes. We need to give the ball to Lockett and keep utilizing our Tight ends.

    As far as injuries: why we do keep getting so many injuries. They need to do some yoga for god sake haha.

  7. Jake Miller says:

    I am more encouraged by this defense. Witherspoon looks really exciting and I am surprised not to see him mentioned here. At some point the run defense deserves recognition. Carolina had more than 200 yards against us last year, only a quarter of that this weekend. If we force QBs to throw 50+ times I’ll take some chunk plays as overall it’ll result in more drive killing sacks. Third down remains an issue on both sides of the ball. I wonder if it is a mental hurdle in addition to poor play calling. I am actually excited for Adams’ return as I think his skills will be a key addition to this defense. Hard hits and rushing the passer / exotic blitzes should give it a nice boost.

    • Group Captain Mandrake says:

      The flip side of that is that they hardly ran it and threw it 58 times. Sure, that’s a lot of attempts to get over 300 yards, but why even bother running it at all when you can just throw all over the Hawks D. There are better running teams out there, so that will be the real test of the run D. And there are better QBs out there who are seeing how many yards Seattle is giving up through the air and licking their chops.

  8. RL Howser says:

    That DAZN system is a disaster. What a massive downgrade from the past years on I used to watch the Hawks full game and then catch several other games in the condensed form. Now, I’m lucky if I can get through a game with fewer than 12-15 crashes and the “highlights” seem to have been edited by a monkey on meth. If the NFL is trying to build an international audience for the game, they really shot themselves in the ass on that one. I hear they gave DAZN a 10-year contract.

    • Julian L says:

      All these negative DAZN comments are true. It’s as if the NFL gave the rights to DAZN without receiving any presentation about what DAZN intended to to do with their product.

      I was an NFL Game Pass Essential subscriber and live in France. I would enjoy Redzone before popping off to bed after the first tranch of games to then get up early to squeeze in a couple of Games in 40 before taking the kids to school and going to work.

      I can’t get any more value than that out of my week, so the full package at nearly 190€ which is now the only option available, doesn’t offer any value to me. I’m not getting it. Back to 10 minutes of highlights on Youtube sadly.

  9. Scott says:

    Injuries are a thing for every team but when they stack up on a specific position group like they have for the Hawks, they have a more significant effect. Dbs played meaningful snaps that weren’t even on a practice squad at one point and the O- line is missing BOTH tackles and, at one point, both guards! I am very encouraged by what I’m seeing. A very strong running game, a passing game that will put up big numbers this year, a stout run defense and some pass rush. Good recipe I think.

  10. LouCityHawk says:

    I see the next two games as two of the most pivotal games of the season. Away games at struggling teams that were supposed to be very good.

    Wins at NYG and CIN would put this team at 4-1 looking at a manageable slate for the rest of October. There is a real chance to enter the brutal Nov/Dec stretch at 6-1, which *would be* remarkable considering both starting tackles have been out and Riq has been out.

    Going 5 and 5 over the final ten games would cause a lot of fans to cry out, but should they really? Consider

    @ Bal, @Rams, 9ersx2, @Boys, Eagles, PIT (& their refs), and @AZ. I’m giving them wins against the Commies and Titans.

    I’m saying wins against the Rams, PIT, split with SF gives them 5 wins, is that really a net loss, are we going to gnash our teeth over an 11 win team?

    What is encouraging to me is that not one of those games seems out of reach, at least not yet.

  11. Lukas says:

    Are there no college games on DAZN in the UK? I agree that DAZN is not nearly as good as the GamePass used to be, but here in Germany I was suprised that I could at least watch a couple of games on saturdays which helps a lot with the ESPN player being removed as well.

  12. Dubb says:

    Good win. J Reed played well. Still waiting on a big game from DreMont Jones. It looks like they went to a base defense with 2 DTs (Reed & Jones); 2 Edge (Nwosu & Mafe); 3stack LB’s (Wagner, Bush, Brooks). Great for Reed to get off the nose; not sure if it’s great for Jones.

    Also, great job by Bobo. But, JSN might get frustrated with his lack of targets , soon. I’m watching Tank Dell and Addison have great starts and he is more talented than both. Maybe when the Tackles return he will see more deep patterns.

    Go Hawks!!!

    • Peter says:

      We don’t really know who is or isn’t more talented yet. Plus some of these WR’s in the league with good starts are not playing with Metcalf and Lockett and a very solid TE corps.

      Overall the JSN situation is a Waldron problem.

      Jordan Addison: 19 targets/ 13 catches 185 yards….

      JSN: 14 targets/9 receptions….but…57 yards

      This is a mishandling of his routes and targets.

  13. cha says:

    Things I Loved
    100% on Jarran Reed. Lost years from a separation that never should have happened.

    Halftime adjustments. Seahawks were blown out of the water after halftime of Week One, but found their groove in Week Three in this department.

    The Charbonnet/Walker combo is just a taste of what we’re going to get for the next 3 years. As much as I love the passing game weapons, I want a game where they run 35x.

    Witherspoon targeted 11x, allowed 3 passes, 2 PD’s, 11 tackles and was tough in the run game. Also just missed an INT. And remember this guy missed a ton of training camp. Jalen Carter gripers better be taking notice.

    Colby Parkinson blocking. More than once he manhandled Brian Burns. That goaline KW TD, he bodied him. I’ll say it again, extend him now because Fant will want a TJ Hockensen contract.

    Things I Liked
    Grit to overcome all those injuries. How many times have we heard excuses from PC and the fans after losing a game they should have won? “X wasn’t available and that blew our whole game plan out of the water”

    Seeing Cam Young in there just playing is huge for this team’s future. The fact he got some pocket push and occasionally stood up two guys is a bonus.

    Tyler Lockett can play DB as well as WR when needed.

    I’m changing my tune on PC challenges slightly. That catch challenge was absolutely ridiculous. But the defense was on their heels and this cooled things a bit. After the challenge, they held up and not only could Carolina not get a first down, they had to settle for a 55y FG try which they missed. I can call that a win.

    Jason Myers got his groove back.

    Things I didn’t like
    Why with all those weapons and all those running backs are the Seahawks calling back to back Deejay Dallas wildcats? I can think of a dozen plays to run that are of the ‘run until they stop you’ variety. That’s not one of them. Feels like this was a poor attempt to shake off the Red Zone Blues. At least it wasn’t a Deejay Dallas pass play (remember that little gem?)

    The Panthers with a backup QB chose to run the ball 14x, 11-12 of them actually scripted. This is 2020 all over again, with the media, the team and fans shouting from the rooftops about the great run D. Why run when the Seahawks can’t get pass rush and the DB’s up the middle can’t cover?

    Penalties – the Seahawks offense had another procedural penalty, with the split out receiver not covering the tackle. How does this happen? Aren’t the guys trained to do that thing where they line up and ‘point to the ref’ to show they’re properly positioned? That’s not even training camp stuff, that’s OTA level stuff.

    Julian Love had a pass defensed that got people talking but it was a horrible throw by Dalton. Other than that, what is this guy doing on defense? Is it time to talk about benching him?

    Things I Hated

    Geno Smith’s pass choices and indecision in the pocket in the first half. He gets rid of the ball or bolts sooner and this game is far more comfortable. Credit due – he made the adjustment at halftime. But he’s too experienced and too capable to play like that.

    Bobby Wagner covering Adam Thielen on routes. What? Why? Is that what we’re going to see more of when Jamal Adams is back? Using a player improperly to crowbar this massive investment into the defense?

    Missed tackles. So many missed tackles. Derrick Hall and Jordyn Brooks had two notables behind the LOS that turned into good gainers for Carolina.

    The defensive backfield. This team had all summer to get together and work out their communication. On that busted TD, Michael Jackson, Julian Love and Quandre Diggs were not on the same page. And Diggs’ effort was the Saints-2022-game-level of pathetic. How do you call yourself a leader of men if you put that in?

    • Hawkdawg says:

      On challenges from Pete, I do wonder whether his guys in the booth tell him “you are gonna lose this one,” and he does it anyway? Because they must have seen that the catch challenge yesterday was doomed and told him so.

      So if he does challenge in those situations, it must be because of one of two reasons. The first, which is the one I worry about most, would be because he gets “hormonal” under stress, and decides to hope that wishing makes it so.

      Not a good look for a head coach.

      The second, which would show more global thinking, would be because he has gauged that a lost time-out at the time of the challenge is worth the extra time for his team to get its s*** together. Those time-outs can really matter at the end of a game, though, so it’s pretty risky to take that approach very often…

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      The Charbonnet/Walker combo is just a taste of what we’re going to get for the next 3 years. As much as I love the passing game weapons, I want a game where they run 35x.

      Amen Curtis. I want Seattle to run the ball so much that teams are forced to stack the box because they have no other choice, which opens up play action for deep gashes on crosses and seams.

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      Seeing Cam Young in there just playing is huge for this team’s future. The fact he got some pocket push and occasionally stood up two guys is a bonus.

      I recall two plays where Young straight up absorbed a double team at the LOS and didn’t give ground. And there were a few others where he drew a double team after the snap because he was beating his man.

      That may be only a handful of plays, but it shows his abilities. A dynamic Jarran Reed paired with a stout Cam Young gives me a warmer feeling about the DL today. Still overly reliant on Reed though.

      Seems like the front 7 is mostly 4-3 under again. And that’s not a bad thing imo.

    • Gaux Hawks says:

      100% agree… especially with this (great coaching):

      “I’m changing my tune on PC challenges slightly. That catch challenge was absolutely ridiculous. But the defense was on their heels and this cooled things a bit. After the challenge, they held up and not only could Carolina not get a first down, they had to settle for a 55y FG try which they missed. I can call that a win.”

    • pdway says:

      I thought it was something of a breakout game for Mafe — he didn’t have 3 sacks or anything – but for the first time I can recall – he was consistently generating pressure on the QB. He’s always looked the part – but this was the first time I noticed him doing this throughout a game.

    • Big Mike says:

      Is that what we’re going to see when Jamal Adams is back? Using a player improperly to crowbar this massive investment into the defense?

      I would predict yes, 100% that’s what they’ll do. Didn’t they do that with Adams when they used Bobby up the middle to free him off the edge and then again the next year when they tried to use him more in a traditional Safety role (doink)?

      Agree with pretty much everything you said cha. One DeeJay wildcat was fine but 2 was trying to get water out of a dry well.
      Agree, where’s our defensive QB Diggs on the busted pass given up for a TD?

      Really really excited about the Walker and Charbonnet combo.
      And major kudos to offensive staff for finding a way to pass pro and run block what with all the injuries to the oline the last 2 games.

  14. Palatypus says:

    Broncos (0-3) @ Bears (0-3) next week.

    Moneyline (ML): Broncos -164 (bet $164 to win $100) | Bears +138 (bet $100 to win $138)
    Against the spread (ATS): Broncos -3.5 (-104) | Bears +3.5 (-118)
    Over/Under (O/U): 46.5 (O: -105 | U: -115)

  15. JimQ says:

    There were reportedly –8– false starts caused by crowd noise. The fans impacted this game significantly.
    I’m not sure they win without that crowd noise support.

    • Starhawk29 says:

      As someone who was there, I will say that the crowd certainly was a factor. But, Ekwonu had 4 false starts, and most of them to my eyes were the “crap, this guy across from me is too fast, I gotta go early to stand a chance,” variety and less of the “I can’t hear the snap count” kind. Ekwonu, in short, looks like the player Rob projected him to be. Still can’t handle speed, and when he tries, he gets beat inside. He was constantly trying to jump the snap just to stand a chance against Mafe.

      • Hawkdawg says:

        Speaking of handling speed, did y’all see what Burns was doing to Forsythe on pass rushes? That dude is quick… and Stone just didn’t have the quick-twitch fibers to handle it….

    • Palatypus says:

      I wasn’t at the game yesterday, but let’s not equate that with the Giants game in 2005. I WAS at that one and IIRC the Giants were 4-0 heading into Qwest (?) Field.

      Also, the kicker missed three game-winning kicks.

  16. L80 says:

    Pete just said on air that Reed played the whole game with a 2nd degree groin strain.

  17. cha says:

    How about we ask Pete about the passing yards conceded and the blown TD play Salk?

    And not get his thoughts about Taylor Swift?

    • BK26 says:

      I heard from quite a few people down here that they turned the game off because the broadcasters were talking about it ad nauseum.

      Defending champs destroying a team and fans had to turn the game off…. Distractions incoming in 5, 4, 3….

    • Palatypus says:

      How about we give him Taylor Swift tickets if he doesn’t throw a challenge flag.

    • Peter says:

      One fans thoughts on the creep of malaise about our team.

      This is based on 710, etc. Currently we are 2-1 with a good win against a good team. Just three games in you can see some really great developments:

      -walker/charbonnet looks like the truth
      -Witherspoon plays as advertised and looks to make a mark for the defense.
      -cam young….
      -Reed being a better get than some thought
      -the oline not being too lost considering.

      But all in all it’s just got a friend’s playing golf energy. Local media just b.s.-ing telling stories. Obviously we’ll take the win. I’ve yet to see an area where we are truly dominant. It feels on paper that we are more talented than opposition but we let teams hang around.

      Again this is just me where I listen to the games on radio and then watch later, I just see a fun team that is good not great and in some ways does not feel like it’s building. Even last year it felt like maybe they were building at times. I don’t know if it’s the stout run defense that’s a bit of a mirage or the truly terrible safety play, maybe it’s that when I listen I hear Wyman wax poetic about how the LB’s “are so good, just always near the action,” but none of them are great right now.

  18. Blitzy the Clown says:

    A little surprised to say it, but the weakest link on offense yesterday was Geno.

    Not at all surprised, though still shocked, that the weakest link on defense is the Safety group.

    • Hawkdawg says:

      Geno was erratic, especially early. A little indecisive on most drop-backs, except the pick, on which he was too decisive (or inaccurate). Improved in the second half overall, and we started converting n the redzone….

    • Elmer says:

      It’s called regression to the mean.

  19. samprassultanofswat says:

    Geno has a solid game. Seahawks win. Meanwhile the nightmare in Denver continues

    70-20. When I first saw the score I could not believe it. The Dolphins drop 70 on Sean Peyton, Russell Wilson and the Denvet Broncos.


    • Peter says:

      Not sure why we are still doing the Broncos stock watch. Unless we are hoping their pick this year turns into wilson from 2012 or Tyler lockett and not a million safeties that were busts.

      Russ sucks. Payton sucks. Vance Joseph clearly sucks.

      We should be stoked on the butterfly effect of that trade. We got good players in witherspoon and cross. And Geno gets to be the QBOTF. Total win for us.

      • Big Mike says:

        The more they lose the higher that third rounder we get from them will be. Otherwise who cares?

        • Group Captain Mandrake says:

          The Broncos are the gift that keeps on giving.

          • Palatypus says:

            A group of geese is a gaggle.

            A group or crows is a murder.

            A group of peacocks are the Denver Broncos defense.*

            *A group of peacocks is actually called an ostentation according to Bing.

        • jed says:

          The Broncos are my least favorite NFL team. Goes back to the 80’s, Elway, and Elway’s family. I’m good at holding a meaningless grudge when it comes to sports.

      • Denver Hawker says:

        Both sides were happy with the trade at the time. Denver obviously regrets it now, but it’s soooo long ago. Neither team has accomplished anything so what is there really to talk about? Sure we got good players out of it, but until they help win playoff games, what does it matter?

        I don’t see Jets fans dancing on Jamal Adams trade- an equally bad trade the other way for us. Some Seattle fans are turning into the worst fans in the NFL.

      • samprassultanofswat says:

        Peter: This is the NFL. Teams just don’t score 70 points in the NFL. Not even close.

        I bet without looking it up. Can you tell me the last time an NFL teamed scored 70 points.

        • Peter says:

          That’s just it I don’t care.

          Russ is cooked and Sean Payton looks to have lost whatever juice he had. Why hire Vance Joseph? That guy is horrible.

  20. Elmer says:

    It seems like Jones is the least of our D line FA acquisitions this year so far.

  21. cha says:

    Barney’s move had heart. But Football in the Groin had a football in the groin.

  22. Rokas says:

    I missed some part of the second and third quarter due to air raid sirens, but i thought we were fine.
    – Pass rush was much more energetic, feeding of the crowd. a SB team visiting the team gave some energy it seems.
    – Coverage was bad, but we still don’t have Woolen and Brown went down. I think Brown is better than Jackson, but still we want to see Spoon and Woolen on the outside. We might be fine as the season progresses.
    – Bryant should be an upgrade over Love if nothing else.
    – have zero worries about JSN being underutilized, Geno threw to the open man most of the times, be it TEs, RBs, DK or even Bobo. There are too many mouths to feed on a consistent basis to expect our WR3 to shine. As long as we are creating favorable mismatches, it does not matter how targets are distributed.
    – Geno was a mixed bag, but i thought he extended plays quite nice in times. He is one of these QBs who need rhythm as it seems, if he has it, he marches down the field, if not, 3 and out happens often enough. Thus, a good running game is vital, which was decent today barring we had to play sans 60 % of our starting oline most of the time.
    – after seeing the big Red Bryant give his “all we got, all we need” prep talk, I thought there is no way we gonna lose this game.
    – beat the damn Giants if we are any serious about this season.

  23. STTBM says:

    Rob, I hope this is allowed, even if it is ESPN…

    Hilarious Bio photo from DJ Dallas!

    I don’t know why so many are down on Dallas. I think he’s a good, versatile player. And he’s got a great attitude!

  24. Rob Staton says:

    From 37 seconds in here, clearly PC doesn’t realise these are filmed!

  25. GoHawksDani says:

    Hey…F*** DAZN, I couldn’t even log into my account, so I requested money back before the season started, and now have to “borrow” the games from certain platforms. Much cheaper, but
    I didn’t mind playing to NFL network to be able to see the games whenever in good quality…DAZN is horrible though…

    My thoughts:
    We might have or will have the best RB duo in the league. That finish from Charbonnet was the best thing I saw this year…and might be amongst the best in recent years. He’s like a bull rumbling through defenders. I really like him, he complements K9 nicely and a good runner and pass catcher back. K9 is K9, he’s amazing. Sometimes I hold my head, because he’s dancing or hesitating a bit too much to my taste behind the LoS, but he’s really really good in open space, and I think he got better in traffic too this year. I’m pumped about these guys!

    Another positive note: The WRs are also among the very best of the league. DK is getting better finding soft spots in the defense, and he’s just a freakin superhuman. Lockett is my favorite human being. He’s like a puppy 😀 just seems nice, kind and smart, down to earth but also an exceptional football player. Mr Dependable. I think they ease in JSN (no need to rush with DK and Lockett also playing), but he showed some promise. They might not use him the best, but he seems like a natural catcher with good physique. Bobo got a TD! While I’m not sure he’ll ever be a special player, but his movement and body kind of reminds me of Sidney Rice (long body, long lengs, bigger stride, don’t know, somehow Sidney popped into my mind)

    I love the TE passing game, and how they use them (block-release-catch). I think it’s a good group, but I hope we’ll get a truly elite guy there. Like these guys are 6-7 out of ten, I’d like a 9 or 10/10. Seems like the Hawks embracing the TE game, and if we’re running 2-3 TE sets, then at least 1 really awesome TE could fit this roster. Not a huge need, but would be a really nice and shiny piece to this offense.

    I think Geno played good, and some bad, some exceptional and some horrible. Overall I think it was an OK/mediocre day for him. I didn’t got the “we need to change him right now” feelings, I got “this wasn’t the best games for a pretty OK/good QB”. Not saying he’s long term solution, but if he gets a bit better as the season progresses, the Hawks will have a hard decision (and while QB is definitely a need, there are big holes in this team)

    I think our OL depth is pretty decent. Panthers D is not rocking the league right now, but they have some pretty good players and this OL played decent. I’d like a bit more depth/quality/starting OG there in the future though.

    Still staying with the positives:
    Freakin Jarran freakin Reed. The man. Omg, he played with his hair on fire in this game. Constantly disrupting, 1,5 sacks which is awesome from a DT, played well the run, but my two favorite plays was not those. One was what Rob wrote about, the other one was in the last drive for the Panthers. He tackled Terrence Marshall on a screen in space and leveled him. He has amazing motor and he’s just a fighter and a bad, bad man. We need more players like him on this D.

    Mafe also played really well, happy with him, I hope they feature him more.

    I was content with Mario Edwards Jr also. He walked his man back into Dalton’s lap twice, and while he got a roughing the passer penalty, he got there that time too (just a bit too low).

    While he didn’t shine in this game, I think Nwosu is also a quality player for this defense.

    Brooks can be a hit or miss, he either makes a great play, like TFL or pdef, or he completely whiffs. I like him, he’s an OK LB for us (and we severly lack quality on that front)

    On general, I think the Hawks also pretty good on the CB front. Woolen and Spoon could have potential, and their depth is pretty good. Not definitely starter, elite players, but we have like 3-4 usable CBs is someone goes down.

    OK, enough with the good news.
    Bobby. Wagner. What the hell…is he so pissed he tries to mess up games? Or he’s just old? Or he’s only there for the money? He was worse than Adams. He’s an icon, so I won’t say too many bad things, but I wouldn’t be sad if they’d cut him tomorrow. He’s just a liability right now.

    Love had some better plays towards the end, and Diggs can make some really good plays (although rarely), but we desperately need a good safety…or two. Just unload all the dead weight and get a guy who can play and plays smart with a good motor. Nothing fancy, someone like McDougald was could work.

    Another position that needs a bit love, is LB. Brooks is serviceable, but Bush and Wagner are just dead weight. If an RB goes for 3 yards, they’ll go for 7. They can’t tackle, choosing bad angles, bad motor, slow, can’t play the pass. Pick up 1-2 young guys in the next draft please.

    I love Reed, and Edwards wasn’t bad, but we obviously need DT/NT depth and rotation.

    I said I’m OK with the CB room, but I wouldn’t mind another good CB, that is a clear starter to have 2 outside CBs and a nickel, or if any outside CB goes down we wouldn’t need to have to play a good backup there, but a good starter could step in (and a good backup could play nCB)

    Also, not so good: Witherspoon. He’s pretty good against the run, and a good tackler…but he just either feels super green, or super mediocre elsewhere. I know, he’s a rookie…but Woolen was also a rookie. Sherman also played well in his rookie year. Shaq Griffin also played in his rookie year and to me he didn’t seem worse than Spoon. Am I saying that Witherspoon is a bad player? NO
    Am I expecting much more after drafted #5 by an FO that never selects CBs early and hyped him up hard? Hell yes. If he doesn’t clean up his coverage (really grabby) and positioning and doesn’t deliver at least something like 1-2 FF, 1-2-3 INT I must call a bad pick (don’t ask who should’ve the Seahawks selected instead, I don’t know, but I’d be happier if Charbonnet was selected #5 and Spoon in his place). The season is long, he couldn’t participate in the offseason, I’m not writing him down. Saw some good things and a ton of not so good or really bad things. I hope it’s just his pre-season, and in the second half, he can switch it up and live up to his early selection

    • cha says:

      Defensive spotlight: The Seattle pass rush was largely absent through the first two weeks of the season, but Carolina’s offensive line allowed them to show up in this game, pressuring Andy Dalton a healthy amount, aided by the must-pass game script. Though there was significant pressure, only two linemen had a pass-rush win rate above 10% (and only barely) on the first run of data.

      • Max from Van says:

        I don’t know what to make of this statistic. Nwosu and Taylor were in the top 20 for edge rushers in pass rush win rate the first 2 weeks. Reed was 12th for Interior guys. Collectively, I would say we rushed the passer best this past week. Maybe all advanced stats are crock of shit at this point LOL

    • Mad Dog says:

      I know the Panthers OL is not great but of those 60 pressures through 3 weeks, we accounted for 36 of them. So other teams we averaging 12 pressures against this OL before we lit them up.

      36 pressures and 3 sacks. I think we don’t blow a coverage to Chark on 3rd and forever and Witherspoon doesn’t draw that tacky tack PI flag and this game isn’t even as close as it was. Add in Geno’s INT and we had 3 awful breaks that many teams couldn’t fight through let alone win by double digits.

      So my opinion was that this was a more dominant performance than it seemed and the DL was doing its job in both stopping the run and getting to the QB. Dalton and Thielen were heroic and without their efforts, again this game isn’t even within spitting distance.

      And the fans sensed it too. We were like sharks in the bloody water. It was refreshing to feel your noise finally mattered.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Quandre Diggs shocking again

        Nwosu really bad in this one

        Wagner bang average

        Jarran Reed and Mario Edwards — wowser

      • jed says:

        Diggs’ grade matched the eye test. Granted I’m not re-watching all-22 or whatever. No excuses for coming back from an injury, although I know he’s been listed with a hamstring injury.

        Like I know he’s a good safety, but to me that play against the Rams where he got the pick but didn’t maximize the return because he had to hold the ball in Bobby’s face is how I think of him.

      • Blitzy the Clown says:

        While neither distinguished himself yesterday, Nwosu outplayed Taylor. That is to say his impact on the game was far greater.

        I thought Mario Edwards was lit and made a comment to that effect during the game. He clearly outplayed Dre’Mont Jones, for whatever that’s worth.

        Funny, but I feel better about the DL and worse about the LBs. Can’t say I feel worse about the safeties, because it’s not possible to feel worse about them than I already did.

        And props to Witherspoon. Dude played every snap of defense and turned in one of the best performances. Also strangely satisfied he was the top tackler and not Wagner

    • Rob Staton says:

      Interesting that the O-line graded terribly (apart from Damien Lewis, who was good)

      Geno needs to be better than that

  26. Janroni-DC says:

    Fingers crossed that Jamal Adams can stay healthy & have the best season possible.

  27. Trenchtown says:

    Stealing a win from the Bengals while Joe Burrow is pretty clearly not playing at his best due to injury seems pretty important.

  28. Rob Staton says:

    Blog favourite Logan Wilson

  29. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Aaron Levine @AaronLevine_

    You want #MoreBobo, you got it. He’s prepping to throw the first pitch at the #Mariners game tonight. #Seahawks

    6:23 PM · Sep 25, 2023

  30. Big Mike says:

    Nice watching a team that can actually play defense against the Rams tonight.

  31. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Louie Benjamin @PFF_Louie

    Tyree Wilson, the 7th overall draft pick this year, has a 0% Pass Rush Win Rate on 55 snaps.

    Wilson is the only EDGE in the NFL without a Pass Rush Win-out of 113 EDGE with at least 25 rush snaps

    10:58 AM · Sep 25, 2023

    Good thing I read a blog that clearly and coherently laid out why he wouldn’t be Seattle’s first pick

  32. Max from Van says:

    Hey Rob. I had a question for you regarding JSN usage. Could it really just be a factor of having too many offensive weapons? I just think you look at the talent and depth in the offensive backfield, having 2 1k yard receivers and a trio off starting caliber TE’s and think about where and when JSN will get targets? Given the success of the 3 TE sets (and perhaps the necessity of its usage given the OL injuries), I foresee his targets being a talking point for at least a few weeks.

    That being said, I don’t think its inherently a bad thing. He is clearly a talented player and you always need quality depth in a brutal sport like football. Having him on his rookie deal presents good value. I think he will turn into a very good player for the team, but it might take time. Maybe that happens later this season, maybe next. I am sure that opportunity will present itself at some point however

    • Rob Staton says:

      Possibly so — but I still think they appear to be trying to use him in this muddled Harvin/Eskridge type way when he’s just a proper receiver. They should be able to get him more involved, even while featuring the TE’s. And you spent a top-20 pick on the guy so it’s not as if they can afford to just have him for depth

  33. LouieLouie says:

    One thing I noticed in the Panthers game is how deep the Hawks are on O-line. 3 starters were out, and the O-line played OK. The secondary was also staffed with backups. When Woolen returns, and Witherspoon gets some more playing time (he missed a lot of time in pre-season), the secondary will be solid.

    • Peanut says:

      Agreed with the o-line. Not perfect, but for sure doing well. That Burns got a sack or some hits is something you really can’t knock a backup for imo. Never felt like o-line play could be a deciding factor for the team.