Instant reaction live stream: Seahawks beat Panthers


  1. Seahawkwalt

    Mario Edwards Jr w nice pass rush and strength

    • whit21

      Jarran Reed with pressure up the middle is a good sign as well. Probably wont hold up against better teams.. but you want to see that in these games.. 1.5 sacks is good while holding their rushing attack to manageable.

  2. James

    Fun win. Good enough to ignore the flaws another week haha.

  3. lil’stink

    Anybody here still want Sean Payton to be our head coach?

    • LouCityHawk

      Did anyone here advocate for that?

      I haven’t read it.

      Most the commenters here are either pro-PC and know a transition is coming, or con-PC and want a young Offensive genius HC.

      • Brodie

        Before Russ got traded it was Pete vs Russ and many in the pro-Russ camp advocated for Payton to be the PC replacement.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Give Payton credit. He didn’t go to Denver to have Russell Wilson as his QB. He went to Denver to have Caleb Williams. Just gotta take it on the chin for 1 season.

      • Elmer

        Based on today he needs defense. Nobody gives up ten touchdowns.

        • geoff u

          Well, SOMEBODY gave up ten touchdowns lol

      • Peter

        You don’t credit for being that pathetic.

      • Malanch

        Just take it on the chin for one season, draft Caleb Williams, then Miami only beats them 70–35.

  4. Blitzy the Clown

    Lots to like today, even with the frustrating stuff

    RBs — what a tandem we have in Walker and Charbonnet!

    Bradford — dude’s a nasty run blocker who wasn’t a liability in pass pro. I think it’s his position, barring injury

    Forsythe — another solid game, notwithstanding that one whiff vs Burns

    Witherspoon — games like this should help quell the concern about our top pick

    Special teams — solid performance from all phases of that group

    • Hawkdawg

      Burns beat him like a drum on pass plays, with jab steps, feints, etc.. Stone doesn’t have the feet to keep up with a rusher like Burns. But the Hawks compensated, and he handled Burns pretty well on run plays.

      • CHaquesFan

        Gotta give Burns his credit though he’s an exceptional rusher and Waldron and co had a great game plan for him

    • Seattle Person

      Boye Mafe is a big big upgrade over Darrell Taylor! The run defense lived in the backfield today. Yes the Panthers aren’t the best running team but the difference is huge according to my eyes with DT and BM.

    • Peanut

      I mean at some point you gotta give special passrushers like Burns their respect. If a backup has to keep a premier player in check you kinda have to accept a sack or two, imo.

  5. Sten

    This offense works so well when the tight ends are used like they have been the past few weeks. Not even gonna complain about JSN not being used if we have 3 starting caliber tight ends

    • Seattle Person

      I thought it was a really nice adjustment at the half by Waldron and Geno. The Panthers were consistently in Cover 2 and Cover 4 looks. A bunch of 2 high safety looks that took away a lot of downfield stuff.

      Geno was pretty impatient in the first half. He made some questionable throws. Probably should have had 3 picks instead of just 1.

      In the 2nd half, the team took advantage of the soft middle belly of the Panthers defense. They started to effectively get some yards. It wasn’t great in the run game besides some long runs by Walker. 2nd half was better because the Panthers had light boxes.

  6. Tony

    Good game. Was at the game today. Lots of good stuff.

    -Spoon looks like a top 5 pick. He was everywhere. Watching him live, he was amped and in every play almost. He made some clutch tackles to prevent explosive plays. He was firing up crowd from beginning. He looks like he could slide into LOB days and not miss a beat. Can’t wait for him and Riq to become a top 5 tandem.

    -Geno had no touch early on and there were some drops or plays missed by wrs. It really stunted the first half from being great. Pick was telegraphed badly. Saw the whole play develop from 300 lvl. He also missed some wide open plays.

    -charbonnet I think will be our lead back in a few weeks. Looks more complete. KW3 is such a homerun threat. 2 young rb, both with starter potential.

    -was that Young I saw collapsing the pocket on a couple plays??? Mafe looked good again. Reed might be our defensive mvp. This unit will collapse without him.

    -wheres jsn?

    • Ralphy

      I was also at the game. They went away from Spoon a lot. He looked very comfortable calling out plays for the defense. He played great and he loves tackling!

      It’s amazing that they can’t get JSN involved. That being said, when they get TEs involved, they are a pretty good offense.

      • Seattle Person

        Going forward I hope they can adjust faster against teams that are going to sit in 2 high shells the whole game. TEs were part of the solution in the 2nd half. JSN can rip the middle too.

  7. Troy

    A win feels good but so frustrated with the defense. A team with Zero offensive playmakers hung 27 on us.

    • Malanch

      Not to let the Hawk D off the hook here or anything, but to be fair that last touchdown was allowed during the victory phase and should therefore be processed separately.

      We can draw the line between the competition phase and the victory phase at the “moment of clinch”, which is the singular play after which the eventual loser first trails by more possessions than it has possessions remaining, which must be determined retrospectively at the end of the game.

      In this game we can say that, retrospectively, the Jarran Reed sack with 4:47 left in the fourth was the moment of clinch, meaning it was the final play of the competitive phase of the game. Everything that came after was in the victory phase.

      For a final score that better tells the tale of that game, just extrude the moment of clinch score out to 60 minutes. Seattle had 29 points plus 3.46 points worth of field position (32.46 points) to Carolina’s 20 points at that moment, which extrudes out to approximately a 35.3 to 21.7 “Real Feel” score. Allowing that team 21.7 points isn’t great, but it’s not bad.

  8. whit21

    The issues I see with Geno is the rocks into his throws. He loads up on his back foot and rocks into his throws. He needs better timing and a balanced offense if hes gonna throw like that. His deeper passes are way off or just high. He had chances to throw low and give his WR a chance at a catch but he throws high and out of bounds. Thats very concerning as a playmaker type of QB. The panthers shouldn’t be able to force bad passes and the deep game that PC loves is so absent its atrocious.

    I always felt that Drew Lock was capable of doing what PC has always wanted last season, but Geno played well enough to keep Lock as the 2. I do not like how Geno rolls and rocks into his throws and it feels like he doesnt know on some throws what to do. He lofted a throw to lockett where the DB thought he had an easy pick and locket came in and had it on his finger tips. Did lockett break it up or did he break up the INT?

    If this team under performs and can get a better QB in this draft. I am ok with that. Put drew lock on the trade block or start him at this point.. This Geno love is not gonna be good by seasons end. Start lock or look for the next QB at this point. Its imperative at this point to look at a team thats very young but needs a QB,

    Still will not concede the fact that PC time is limited and I think that Dan Quinn’s time as a head coach is not unlikely. The only thing I can think of is the new NFL norm is to go after an offensive HC with a prominent D coordinator.

    • Elliott Atkinson

      Benching Geno seems incredibly premature at this moment, he’s been relatively solid besides the second half of the Rams game.

      • whit21

        Its not about benching Geno. Its seeing his limitations and the competition last year between lock and geno. Neither can bring it in the playoffs. Im just saying Lock’s upside might be better than Geno’s average play.. Either trade Lock or give him a shot. Either way its gonna be Seahawks looking at next years draft prospects.

        Rob will be locked in on all QBs until 2024 draft. Because its evident. They need a play making QB. Reminiscent of Russell Wilson.

        • whit21

          Unpopular opinion;

          Russell Wilson gets cut in the offseason and comes back to seattle. PC has to find his predecessor.

    • BK26

      Lock couldn’t beat out Geno. So why should he be playing over him? He’s never beaten out another quarterback since he was drafted.

      • whit21

        easy. He had covid last year when he was supposed to start a preseason game.

        You think that Geno was going to be beat out this year? after this contract. He wont be “beat”.. they made him the QB going forward. I am saying that hes not what they hope for at QB. The team is beat up and the scheme is sub-par.. that simple. the deep ball is not an option with Geno at this point. The one thing Lock can give you.

        Holding onto an older QB is gonna be detrimental at this point. I now rob wont care about Lock. He will look to the draft and do his pre draft analysis for the future…

        I am just beating my own drum of putting their chips in for lock last year… nobody thought Geno was gonna start all games last year…

        • BK26

          He didn’t beat him out. Plain and simple. Lock has done nothing to have ever pushed to start. The COVID excuse is just an excuse. His career is what it is. The one thing he can give you is inconsistency. He’s got years of tape to prove that.

          Geno’s not it and neither is Lock. They are treading, until the draft.

          • whit21

            the COVID excuse is not what im talking about.. Its a real thing that happened and that shaped the “battle” last year. now there is what we see with Geno.. the unknown is Lock.. point blank. If he isnt the guy, thats fine.. but my point is Geno is not..

            I feel like that his starting 16 games last year brought hope to the franchise but its evident that he cant do what this team and PC needs.. the scheme is not very good to be a playoff team.. They are no better than the Seahawk teams that went 12-4 with RW and got beat by the the cowboys and packers.. Even if they did that, I wouldnt be holding my breath in the playoffs..

            My point is overall.. Theres more upside with Lock than there is with Geno, but they went in with Geno with his contract and the belief that this team is a playoff contender..

            I would rather have saved the money on the contract with Geno and roll the dice with Lock and looked to the draft.. Because after its said and done.. They look like they’re gonna do the same thing this year anyway.

            Rob is gonna have a good time looking at QB prospects…. BTW I said Will Levis wasnt the guy when I watched him play.. Rob was critical of me saying that.. and he dropped in the draft. and has accuracy issues.. not tooting my horn.. but the eye test is something.. He might improve and be a guy.. but hes not anything yet…

            • BK26

              Kid is 26 and has never beaten anyone out. He isn’t trustworthy on the field. He’s got a better arm and is more athletic. He isn’t better and isn’t going to be any better for a team that just made the playoffs. Comparing them out of college, Geno was so far ahead of Lock. No one else signed him this offseason, including his qb coach that he just had.

              I also wasn’t aware that Levis’s career was over already. Sounds like the Titans are sitting him for the year to let him be ready to…be the guy. Number one overall pick also has had accuracy issues. There really isn’t an eye test there for either of them. We are three games into their rookie seasons.

              They are trying to make it to the playoffs, whether or not it’s an option doesn’t matter. Geno is the one who can do it. Lock, no one else wanted/signed. He didn’t beat out Geno. Or anyone. Ever.

              • whit21

                You realize what you said can be also said about Geno’s career. Nobody signed him either the last year RW was with the hawks and he was signed just before training camp.

                I only can think of 3 qbs that fell into the late 1st round or second round and still beat the odds of falling and that is Drew Brees Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers.

                Everyone else fell for good cause. I just didnt see a NFL QB. He might defy the odds and be a good starting QB.. who knows.

                CJ Stroud did just break a record for have 900 yards 4 TDs with no INTs in his first 3 starts so. theres that.

  9. seaspunj

    happy the 12s forced so many penalties

    well done 12s

  10. pdway

    bit of a mixed bag – but more good than bad today for me. take away the garbage time TD and we outscored the 25-7 in the 2nd half. our offense looks really good right now – it was really satisfying to see the Walker/Charbonnet combo, which always looked so perfect on paper, totally deliver in a game. And I continue to be impressed by our O-line depth. Other than one odd stretch of throws, Geno was good again today.

    defense continues to be spotty – but I did think we at least generated consistent pressure on the QB for the first time in a long time. Mafe had his best game as a Hawk in my view, Witherspoon stood out as well. Beating a dead horse by now, but Bobby looks slow and uninspired, and I guess I have to get used to watching it all year. Diggs also looks cooked to me. Our safety play in general has been so below average, I find myself thinking that Adams could help when he gets back….

  11. Noah Parker

    Some positives I don’t think you guys are giving them enough credit for:
    1. Rush D
    2. Pass rush was somewhat consistent
    3. Run game was decent against what may be a solid run D in Carolina – K9 is an absolute menace and charbonett looked like a beast
    What say you??

    • Noah Parker

      Also, nice to just close out a f*in game for once. A little stress, but not too much.

    • Malanch

      Who isn’t giving them enough credit?

    • Rob Staton

      1. Rush D

      Their running backs ran the ball 10 times — they basically didn’t run and the Head Coach afterwards highlighted as a major playcalling error

      2. Pass rush was somewhat consistent

      I thought it was OKish but they hardly took over a game against an opponent whose O-line has been a running joke through two weeks and I was hoping for more

      3. Run game was decent against what may be a solid run D in Carolina – K9 is an absolute menace and charbonett looked like a beast

      I’ve literally been hailing the running backs more than anyone else other than Jarran Reed

  12. ShowMeYourHawk

    If we can get past NYG with win, it may be worth pecking a few capable DL or OL off of the teams already out of the chase.

    Looking at you, Vikings.

    • LouCityHawk

      No trading 2024 draft picks, k thanks.

  13. Blitzy the Clown

    Darrell Taylor looks like a dude. He practically looks like the MFing Predator in his uniform and pads. Why isn’t he better?

    Am I wrong for thinking he should be better?

    • LouCityHawk

      Trying to keep my vibes pristine tonight. Seeing Chinn on the field gave me bad flashbacks to the 2020 draft.

      I’ve always hated Taylor’s game, looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.

      Cannot set the edge. Situational pass rusher is his high end, but he has multiple mental parts of that job that he doesn’t do well.

      Trade him for a bag of hamburgers and be done with it.

      • Jordan

        I remember really liking Chinn in his draft year. Thought he was a future Pro Bowl level player; not sure what happened, but he’s a very underwhelming player. I thought Ekwonu was going to be good too- oof.

      • Malanch

        Yep, classic Tarzan/Jane guy. Just a severely low football IQ kind of player. Has no sense of the game, no feel for what’s happening around the ball.

  14. LouCityHawk

    Early morning for me, so I’ll listen to this on the drive and have some more thoughts afterwards.

    My general thoughts about this game, it was a blow for blow repeat of the Detroit game with a couple of notable exceptions. This is who this team is and should be week in and week out.

    1. They will live and die on Geno’s arm.

    2. The defensive line depth is an issue, but this is the second game in a row where I’ve been impressed with their play. Taylor going out was addition by subtraction. The secondary outside of Spoon is a disaster. Maybe the addition of Riq and Prez will shore things up.

    3. I was starting to get very frustrated about Geno not delivering the ball to the wide open Bobo. Hopefully he will pick up after that touchdown, Bobo has the potential to open up everything else.

    4. RB tandem looks good. Bradford looks like a future pro-bowler. DK looks to be finding another level. Big ups to all those backups but I wonder about putting Olu in and sliding Brown to guard.

    5. Weakest unit appears to be Safety (which is really frustrating because of investment and 2024 having several good safety options), OFF-Ball LB looks like next weakest, I pray they do not use a 1st round in an off-ball lb again. DLine is playing inspired, needs depth.

    6. The 12s sounded loud!

  15. Zach

    I think the complaints about the pass D today are a bit misguided. Yes, it was annoying to see Thielen get open, but Carolina threw the ball 58 times (!!!) which means those 361 passing yards only averaged 6.2 yards/pass, a total that would have been 31st in the NFL last year.

    • Peter

      Andy Dalton is a backups backup with maybe the worse wr corps in the league. Gave up too many yards and too many points.

  16. Big Mike

    You all probably get tired of my officiating rants but the NFL should be absolutely ashamed of how bad the Ravens got screwed on clear DPI by the Colts that wasn’t called and cost Baltimore a chance to win.
    When the hell are we gonna get a damned Sky Judge Rog??

  17. Hebegbs

    Live in Denver and just got highlights. Denver D is epic bad right now obviously. Made me wonder if Dre Mont Jones showed up for Hawks today? Denver’s D line was good last year. Terrible so far this year. And they picked up S Harris….

  18. Donovan

    Potential I’m excited by:

    With Witherspoon & Woolen, the Hawks have two possible shut down corners – something, Zid venture, no other team in the NFL possesses.

    The Hawks RB are formidable. If the OL can get healthy, the running game could really blossom.

  19. HOUSE

    I’ll definitely take the win. Key notes:
    – Geno played ok. Bonehead INT and almost had another one if not for Lockett
    – Both of Walker/Charbonnet looked good; both of them fresh are DANGEROUS!
    – DK made some great catches and tilted the field. That comeback to avoid Geno’s bad throw was solid
    – Would love to see JSN used better, but cool to see Bobo get a TD
    – TEs helped backup OTs and also had impactful catches
    – Reed played great/anchored the DL. Edwards played well also
    – Bobby looked more fluid today; less forced in his thoughts/movements. Brooks looked good today.
    – Spoon is a spark plug; dude provides energy/impact. Can’t wait for him/Woolen. Burns made plays!
    – Our Safeties looked HORRIBLE today. Curious to see if Bryant moves full time and starts over Love

    GO HAWKS!!!

  20. Seattle Person

    Yeah same problems with the defense. I am very intrigued though thinking about what Witherspoon and Woolen can do together….

  21. LouCityHawk

    So many Negative Normans (not Rob and Robbie) – I bet this before Dalton was announced, then braced myself for a back door cover, it didn’t happen.

    I’m pleased with this win having watched every snap, you take the good with the bad. I don’t think injuries were the issue, OLine played well, Bradford played better, Taylor going out was addition by subtraction, Riq and Prez being out(?) elevate your game. Look at Detroit this week.

    On Geno: I don’t think Geno is the option for 2024 absent finding another level, I keep saying the team will live or die with him this season, and they will. The receivers will get open, the line (backups + Brown) is giving him time, the running game can excel.

    On JSN: this is a conversation that needs to be had, terrible usage. I was getting very upset at watching Bobo run free and Geno not delivering him the ball. I’m willing to chalk this up to chemistry at this point in time, but if this usage is still there in a Bengals game where your Slot should have a highlight game, there has to be another explanation on wasting a first round pick on a player you don’t know how to use.

    I’m still wary about saying the Rams game was an aberration, but it is starting to feel that way.

    The defense, which I’m dubbing the Free Fly Zone until further notice, is a coverage disaster (Spoon did well, Diggs not targeted much) … multiple receivers wide open on every drop back, Thielen was a monster against Wagner & co. The pass rush looked good again, at least winning their reps, but against a QB that was quickly delivering the ball to wide open receivers, that easily evaded tackles couldn’t get home. Chenna & Mafe make a huge difference at the edge. A lot of people are including the garbage time drive and TD – which I tend to discount – so subtract 75py and a TD (17 point win, sound better?).

    My sense, the Panthers came in to play, they had a QB who knew what he could get and that is what he took. The Seahawks offense came out a bit flat – largely because of Geno. The defense is what it is, maybe Riq and Prez coming back will make a difference, maybe not.

    DK looked like the best player on the field. Reed and Mafe looked really good on D. Bradford really popped. Spoon looks like has justified his pick status today.

    Can the Seahawks elevate their game? That is all going to depend on Geno, my 12 win prediction may have been too rich, but only by a little. Can they beat the 9ers? We find out on Thanksgiving.

    9ers next 3 games: Cards, Boys, Browns – we will see who they are after those 3 games.

    Bottom line is that the Seahawks beat a team handily, they didn’t dominate every phase of the game, take the victory and learn from the mistakes.

    • LouCityHawk

      Tag note:

      I’d take the Dolphins over the 9ers right now, no questions asked.

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