Thoughts on Washington vs Arizona State

— Budda Baker is tougher than I thought. His range is superb and it was great to see it live here. Safety’s aren’t always easy to judge on TV tape so this was a rare treat. His ability to go from 0-60 and close on the ball-carrier is special. He had a couple of delayed blitz’s early in the game where he had to take on a blocker in the backfield and finish. He had 1.5 sacks in the game. Baker isn’t the biggest at 5-10 and 195lbs but he’s not just a coverage guy. You’re not going to use him stacking the box at his size — but those delayed blitz’s were really well executed.

— The Husky D-line is missing a key pass rusher but they’re really tough up front. I was interested to see Kallen Ballage run the ball and he got nine yards on six career. As a team, ASU managed just 33 yards. Aside from Alabama, there might not be a better trio vs the run than Qualls, Vea and Gaines. Of the three, Vea stood out the most here. He shared a sack and showed well as a pass rusher. Gaines definitely has that side to his game but he was quieter in this one. Both guys are +320lbs and could easily land in round two whenever they turn pro.

— ASU avoided Sidney Jones all day apart from one late shot down the middle of the field. Jones broke it up easily. In terms of technique and athleticism, Jones is so smooth. There might be some concern about his size/length but in terms of talent he looks like a nailed on top-40 pick. Kevin King meanwhile had a sensational one-handed interception.

— I had the chance to meet up with Mike Bar from Field Gulls at half time and he made an interesting point about Jake Browning. Is he hurt? Despite another major stat line his accuracy was off most of the night even on the routine throws. His deep ball didn’t look as good as it did earlier in the season. The Huskies will need more from Browning against Wazzu next week — and especially so if they face USC again in the PAC-12 Championship game.

— This wasn’t an insane day for John Ross and he didn’t have a big explosive play — but he did the little things right here. Good routes, nice snap out of his breaks, keeping hold of the football on one tough grab in traffic (and taking a big hit). He could easily surprise a few people and go in the top-25. Dante Pettis won’t be a high pick but he could provide a team with a Jermaine Kearse-type contributor.


  1. Kenny Sloth

    Browning doesn’t have the deepest arm either. Could it be fatigue from a full passing load?

    • C-Dog

      He looked hurt during the 4th quarter vs the Trojans, if not demoralized. When the turf monster got him for a 20 yard sack and then again in his own end zone. I think a solid offseason spent in the weight room building up his some could go a long way for him.

  2. Volume12

    Vita Vea is a dancing bear. I really think he can be a Dontari Pope type for some team.

    Love Quails. Undersized, athletic, disruptive, how many teams rush a 300 lb kid standing up? What a back story too.

    • Volume12

      Speaking of DTs, what a game from Florida DT Caleb Brantley yesterday. Just got done watching it.

      He won that game for Florida. 3 huge stops. One on the goal line, and another on 4th down.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I also really like Qualls.

      Hate the way no OL talent stays in-state

  3. MJ

    Good stuff Rob. RE: Browning – pretty sure he’s not hurt, it’s just colder and windier and his lack of arm strength is becoming exposed. He’s a really good QB who needs to get stronger or he doesn’t have a prayer in the NFL, even as a backup.

    Him and Luke Falk are eerily similar.

    • RealRhino2

      I don’t think it has anything to do with the cold or the wind. His lack of arm strength has always been there.

      Something else is going on. My guess would be fatigue/dead arm. His accuracy is way off from early in the year and he’s having trouble even getting the ball far enough on vertical routes. Might be due to overcompensating, throwing off his motion. Sad, too, because I think the Browning I saw vs. Cal and Oregon would give even Bama trouble.

  4. Volume12


    This kid is the real deal Holyfield fellas.

    • C-Dog

      I am becoming a huge CJ Prosise fan. Fantastic seeing Rawls back out there as well. These guys have the opportunity to be special together.

      • Volume12

        Rawls has looked good considering he’s been out since week 2. He just brings so much energy to the offense.

        Odhiambo didn’t look too bad at LT either for the handful of snaps he was in for.

        • C-Dog

          Rees looked good out there.

  5. rowdy

    Looks like another lopsided game against the officials

  6. rowdy

    Were going to have to play perfect ball to beat these refs

  7. rowdy

    That’s not even a fucking pick these officials need to be fired at halftime

    • Volume12

      Bam Bam!

  8. rowdy

    So the ball lands 10 yards out of bounds and they place the ball 2 yards behind that? Just when you thought they couldn’t get worse

    • Volume12

      Yeah, what was that about?

      The no calls on Philly jumping early on the O-line is bogus too. Those aren’t judgement calls. They should be called bang, bang.

  9. JT

    Kam only returned that pick for like 5 yards… let’s cut him

    • Volume12

      ? I’ll take him over a $9-$10 mil cap hit or whatever every day of the week that ends in a Y.

  10. Kenny Sloth

    Despite the pick, Wentz hasn’t looked overwhelmed.

    Let’s wait til the second half, though.

    • JT

      Too many clean pockets for my liking for Philly. We got really lucky on that illegal formation too, though it’s tough to stop a well-expected screen when you blitz. Still not a bad half for the defense, but Bennett can’t get healthy fast enough.

      Big surprise is the OL so far. They’ve had some negative plays, but I’m impressed with improvements they’ve made the last couple weeks. They’re doing well against that explosive Eagles DL

      • Volume12

        Bennett and Morgan will help too. He’s an upgrade in terms of coverage ability at the SAM position.

  11. Volume12

    Half time side note.

    Those 1st two games on Thanksgiving day should be lit!

    Minnesota @ Detroit has huge implications inside the NFCN.

    Washington @ Dallas is one of the better (remaining) rivalries in the NFL.

    And the loser of Pitt @ Indy are probably done in terms of a wildcard berth.

  12. Volume12

    Damn man. Fingers crossed that Prosise is all right.

  13. Ishmael

    Batted pass and an interception for Kam to halftime. He’s pretty good at football.

    300 yards of offence in the first half of the season against the #1 team per DVOA. And now we’ve forced a three and out straight off the bat, good stuff.

  14. C-Dog

    Jarran Reed with brute pressure on that Sherman pick. Go Hawks

    • Volume12

      I knew you would be the one to notice that. I was gonna ask if u did. He needs to play more IMO.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Shit hard not to notice.

        He buried Wentz

      • C-Dog

        I saw at least two hurries and a QB hit from him. I think Saban is right in that there’s three down talent there. Been seeing this for a few games now.

  15. Volume12

    This game is crazy physical.

    ET, Shead, Prosise, Fant, Coyle all hurt or banged up. Plus how many for Philly?

    • JT

      Fingers crossed

      • Volume12

        Well, Fant is alright. But I’m worried about ET man.

        • Volume12

          Coyle is back.

  16. JT

    How incredible has Russ been today under pressure? Moving up & out of the pocket and throwing darts. That one to Dougie just now was probably the best one yet.

    • JT

      Oh my… Baldwin with the strike under pressure to Wilson lol GO HAWKS

  17. Kenny Sloth

    How about that Touchdown Grab from Russ Rob?

    • Hawkfan086

      Tell me someone else saw Doug give the finger to his sideline while leaving the huddle on that TD throw?

  18. Vista

    That cartwheel by Baldwin after the pass.

    • JT

      Don’t quit your day job Doug 🙂

  19. Manthony

    They are pulling out all the tricks since Rob is in town lol.
    Are You Not Entertained??
    Man I hope Earl’s hammy ain’t too bad, but other then that the team looks awesome today

    • Ishmael

      Hamstrings can go really weird. Even if they’re not thattt bad, they can still ping again out of nowhere. You think it’s fixed, then suddenly it isn’t.

  20. rowdy

    How do they change after they made the call

  21. Volume12

    Very cool to see DT Jarran Reed starting to develop a complete game.

    Rawls looks like he’s almost back.

    • Ishmael

      He looks gooood.

      Those freaky pass rushing DTs like Aaron Donald are so rare that you really can’t plan for them. You maybe get one showing up every few years? Next best thing seems to be to draft absolute animals like Reed and control the interior LOS to free your LBs and EDGE guys up. No coincidence that the Giants have improved immensely since adding Damon Harrison.

      Man, did Hauschka just miss again? Do we need to start thinking about drafting a kicker or is that a huge overreaction?

      • JT

        Overreaction like you said. Most of his missed XPs have been blocked, and a couple of his misses have been at least partially due to poor snaps. His FG% is still pretty good; I’m not worried about him.

        If anything it might make him a little cheaper to re-sign next year.

        • Volume12

          He’s only missed 2 FGs on the year and every K is missing XP’s. There were 11 missed XP’s today across the league. Wow.

          • Adog

            It seems like teams are getting a good push on our kicks and punts by stunting into and around our long snapper. He’s a liability blocking wise.

            • arias

              I thought the point of Nowak over Gresham was that he was a better blocker and got downfield and after the returner faster. I’ll still never figure out why they let Clint go to save a measly 300k.

        • Beanhawk

          Hauschka has always been a low, almost line-drive kicker. I think he will always be prone to blocked kicks.

          • arias

            Its never been such a problem for him in the past.

    • C-Dog

      Hey Volume 12. You know who Reed is starting to remind me off and might event comp towards? A complete DT that can play the run and pass, Randy Starks. I think they are built very similarly.

  22. Ishmael

    Procise and Pope injured? Really don’t love that. Having to rely on Rawls to stay healthy is a recipe for trouble

    • rowdy

      We going to need cmike, cj just can’t stay healthy

      • Volume12

        To be fair though, he’s never really been in football shape.

        • Saxon

          Please no more C-Mike. It is so refreshing to watch Rawls and Procise and see instinctual players that can read blocking. CMike could never do that. I’d rather us try to get Shaun Alexander out of retirement than more CMike

      • arias

        CMike is in Green Bay.

  23. Ishmael

    Did anyone see any of the Rams/Dolphins? Goff’s box score does not look pretty, 17/31 for 134; 4 rushes for 11. The Rams scored 10 points. They are a garbage, garbage, franchise.

  24. Volume12

    Thought DB Neiko Thorpe played pretty well on 1st viewing. He’s a flat out stud though as a gunner on STs.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Deandre Elliot looks great when he’s out there

  25. vrtkolman

    Great win, Seattle pretty much manhandled the #1 DVOA team (I’m sure Seattle will take over that next week). I’m worired about the pass rush, it wasn’t much of a factor against a poor O line. I think that has to be priority #1 in the off season. The Prosise injury is concerning long term, is this guy going to be able to stay healthy?

    • Volume12

      Do any RBs stay healthy any more? Its why the league is going to RBBC’s.

      They aren’t staying healthy in college or the pros.

      • Volume12

        Out of all the top tier RBs coming out of college this year, they’ve all been hurt or missed time.

        Cook, Fournette, Perine, Freeman, Hood, Chubb, J. Williams, Mixon, etc.

        • vrtkolman

          True, that sucks to think about. Glad Rawls is back though!

      • Kenny Sloth

        RBBC sounds like some weird niche pornography

        • arias

          rofl. You’ve been watching too much porn Kenny! 🙂

    • Ukhawk

      Absolutely spoiled rotten by BeastMode

      • Volume12

        Yup. The last of a dying breed.

        Seattle will be a 3 headed monster at RB for the foreseeable future.

        • rowdy

          We need 2 maybe 3 rbs to be a 3 headed monster

          • Volume12

            Rawls, Prosise, and draft 1 more.

            • rowdy

              You just can’t count on cj being there

              • Volume12

                Why? Dude injuries are a part of the game. And a rookie just guarantees success right?

                Let’s give him more than half a season before you write him off.

              • Kenny Sloth

                You can’t count on anyone being there.

                Literally not one guy is safe every year.

                He’s had bad luck, but has met expectations when on the field.

                • Volume12

                  Seattle loves dynamic offensive skill players and that’s what he is. I feel like people are rooting against him because he’s had an unfortunate start to his career.

                  What he’s done in 3 weeks has helped rejuvenate this offense.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Yeah you want to root for your guy that comes out hot.

                    There’s a difference between being critical and being pessimistic and unfair

  26. Volume12

    Seattle just put up 443 yds on the #1 D in terms of DVOA. And the O-line played pretty damn good.

    Off with Bevell’s head!

    • C-Dog

      And Cable too!

      • Volume12

        Prosise fractured scapula. Get healthy man. Still think he’ll be a big part of this offense going forward.

        • Ishmael

          Wtf? How do you even do that?

          I tend to be more negative about players who get injured a lot. Some bodies just aren’t cut out for this level of punishment – not their fault, it is what it is. But you have to actually be on the field to make anything happen, and suddenly things are looking a little bit dicey.

          • Volume12

            Twitter. Bob Condotta and the likes.

            • Ishmael

              No no, sorry. I meant how do you even fracture a scapula? Not doubting your information at all man

              • Volume12

                Oh. No, I knew you weren’t doubting me just felt like sharing where I got it.

                I think he did it on that tackle before the half. He was puking on the sidelines after that 70+ HD yd run. He just was never in shape. His weight was down too.

  27. Ukhawk

    Glad Rob saw a good game
    Hope injuries aren’t bad, bet Rawls played more than wished. CMike could be missed, did JSPS get on cute?
    Offense looked good for its big plays, defence effectively pounded then shut down Phili
    Wish we could sustain drives late to keep other teams off the field

    • Ukhawk

      …”too cute”?

  28. Volume12

    CB DeShawn Shead has a mile hammy issue. Was held out just for precaution.

    • Volume12

      Prosise out for awhile according to PC. Shame man.

      • rowdy

        No surprise there unfortunately

        • Volume12

          Why? Because he got hurt in the off-season?

          • Volume12

            He said he’s expected back before the end of the season.

          • rowdy

            Then came back got hurt then came back got hurt then came back and got hurt. He just can’t stay healthy. Say he comes back in the playoffs and doesn’t get hurt, can you really count on him to be active for more than 4 or 5 games?

            • Kenny Sloth

              We don’t really have evidence to say he can’t stay healthy.

              He hasn’t been healthy, but would you say Clay Matthews can’t stay healthy?

              I mean, we should just dump this injury prone scrub, right

              • Volume12

                That’s what I’m saying Kenny. Him and Rawls. Cut them both and then go search for this mythical RB in the draft.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  If we could get Fournette, I’d actually drop Rawls in a heartbeat

                  • Volume12

                    My point is, all RBs get hurt. Even Fournette.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Good point.

                    I like to think Chubb has Brady/Wilson like precautions with his body because of his gruesome injury but I have no way to substantiate that.

                • rowdy

                  Please tell me where I talked about a mythical rb or about cutting either? Throwing out sarcastic over reactions doesn’t change the fact that cj couldn’t get through none contact practices and will miss 2/3rds of the season on limited snaps. When prich got hurt I wasn’t saying cut him but I was saying plan on not having him and draft accordingly.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    No-one said you said anything.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    But you’re right. And we did draft accordingly. We’ve been talking about taking another back all year, remember.

                    Elijah Hood. Nick Chubb. Royce Freeman. D’Onta Foreman. Samaje Perine.

                  • Volume12

                    I was generalizing rowdy. It wasn’t a direct response to you. I apologize if it came across that way.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Same from me, buddy.

                    Injuries suck

                  • rowdy

                    All good there is a lot of that talk on here but not from me. I just hate on the refs, a lot. I’m not trying to hate on him just connecting the dots with the info I have

              • Ishmael

                I don’t think anyone’s saying we should dump him, I know I’m not. He’s been electric when he’s on the park, but I think there’s enough there to have a bit of reasonable doubt as to whether he’s someone we’ll be able to rely upon.

                Hopefully this is just a freak stretch and he’ll have a long and healthy career.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  I agree. Its concerning.

                  Every injury is.

                  Michael Bennett is hurt.

                  Kam and Bobby are hurt every year

                • Volume12

                  I get that. I really do.

                  But as a part of a RBBC, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more dynamic weapon. I’m not saying he’s going to be a workhorse, but let Rawls get those 2,3,4 yard, NFL level runs, and it opens up the play action passing game.

                  Grab another back, but Prosise can still get 10 carries and 5 targets or so.

                  • Ishmael

                    Totally. I think we’re on the same page really, just coming at it from a different angle. He’s an incredibly exciting guy, but he’s not going to be Le’Veon Bell or David Johnson.

            • Volume12

              Not if he’s used how they probably intended to use him. He’s not just a RB, but they had to use him with Rawls hurt.

              Doesn’t matter how a RB is built or how physical they are, they all get hurt. Every single one.

  29. KingRajesh

    Could pass rush, and not OT, be our big focus for this year? Honestly, I’m not really impressed with our interior pressure, and without Bennett, it’s definitely a weakness. Rush and run defense from the EDGE position outside of Avril is also sporadic at best.

    I’d honestly want to target those positions before reaching for O-linemen that aren’t worth the draft position.

    • Volume12

      I’m beginning to think so regarding the O-line. I still think they’ll target a RT, but not so sure about it being the first overall selection.

      • RealRhino2

        Yes, agree with this. RT somewhere (2nd? 3rd?), but first I’d like us to add a DT/DE that can give us some interior pressure, either on 1st down (DT) or in sub packages (hybrid DE/DT type).

        Frankly, I’d like to add a CB, too, before I start worrying about tackle. We saw today, you lose one guy back there and things can get dicey.

        • arias

          I see the weak link as being Ahtya Rubin. He’s not Mebane, nor is he the player he was earlier in his career. He’s had some poor games. I like what I’ve seen from Reed though.

    • Nathan

      We’re 2nd in the league in sacks.

      The grass aint always greener elsewhere.

      • Nathan

        My mistake, we’re actually equal first with Buffalo.

      • KingRajesh

        That website has us 21st in total hurries.

        • Volume12

          Bennett plays a huge part in that. But, I’m not arguing with you. I’m agreeing with you.

          I also don’t think rookies are the be all, end all solution 100% of the time either.

      • Ishmael

        Yep, good point. Everyone wants a 3T like Donald, Atkins, or Cox, but they’re pretty much non-existent.

        From memory, sack numbers are pretty arbitrary? Better off looking at pressure numbers etc, and I’d say even then we’d be way up there. Things will only get better when Bennet comes back. Even if an elite pass rushing DT or inside-outside guy fell down to the high-20s in the draft, they’d still only be on the field for 40-50% of the snaps max.

        • KingRajesh

          That website has us 21st in total hurries.

          • Ishmael

            Interesting, thanks.

            A lot of this stuff has to be put in context though. I imagine Atlanta are so high up because of their electric offence – they’ve put up big points and made teams chase them. Lots of throws = lots of chances to cause hurries. Don’t think anyone would suggest Atlanta’s DL is any better than the Hawks, but they have 29 more hurries over the season to do – so a touch under three more per game.

            Will a better pass rushing DT or another EDGE guy make up that difference? Not sure tbh.

          • arias

            Yeah I’d be more interested in % of QB pressures per passing play. Total hurries isn’t going to be an accurate measure for defenses that don’t get as many opportunities to create them because they keep opposing offenses off the field.

      • RealRhino2

        Sacks aren’t everything, though. Because we have *great* edge rushers, we can tee off and get to QBs on obvious passing downs. But because we seem to lack a good interior rush, QBs are getting clean pockets to complete the 3rd & short- to mid- distances where quick passes don’t allow the edge rushers time to get there. IMO.

    • C-Dog

      Could very well be, either DE/DT, pass rush DT, or what I think could be likely in LB/edge.

  30. Kenny Sloth

    Can we stop with these fucking PFF grades on my goddamn t.v.

    Stop it Chris Collinsworth

    • Volume12

      He’s annoying.

    • Nathan

      He is an investor is PFF.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s majority shareholder.

        That’s why I mentioned his make

        • Kenny Sloth


    • Kenny Sloth



      • Volume12

        DVOA is a much better tool IMO.

        PFF doesn’t take into account the difficulty of the assignment or factor in scheme. They grade the outcome of plays.

        And the thing I hate most about PFF? Evaluation is not the same thing as grading a player.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Totally. But then it wouldn’t be Football ‘Outsiders’.

  31. STTBM

    Really pleased with the Oline improvement. Fant and Britt are two fantastic stories this year. Who’d a thunk it?! Terribly worried about Earl Thomas injury…sad but not surprised Prosise hurt again. Rawls looked close to last years normal, which is a big relief. Bennett cant get well fast enough.

    Trrrell did well in place of ET, Elliot and Thorpe did ok. Not much pasd rush aside from Avril and Wags.

    • Kenny Sloth

      They were abusing Terrell, to my eye.

    • Volume12

      The ET injury has got me worried too. If Rawls had his feet under him a little more, expected for his 1st time back, he would still be running on the run where he slipped.

      Pretty good #’s from him today. 14 carries, 57 yds, 3 rec, 37 yds.

      • Volume12

        Might be just me, but I think Seattle grabs a RB that catch outta the backfield. With this becoming RWs team, it just makes sense.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I suppose.

          Maybe McCaffrey is a target after all.

          • Volume12

            He could play for me any day. Love his character and work ethic. He’s scrappy that’s for sure.

            I still like ‘Rolls’ Royce.

            • Trevor

              I like Mcaffery a lot too. Have to think he would fit right into our locker room.

              I still think Joe Mixon is the most complete RB in CFB right now though. Dynamic runner and great pass catcher. I have not studied his background but have heard he was an idiot. That aside as only teams can do the background work on a players character. I think he is a phenomenal talent and would be an ideal fit in our backfield.

              Love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on Mixon as a player. Lets leave the off field stuff out of the discussion.

              Perrine is a load too.

              • Volume12

                I think he’s the 3rd best back in this class. Behind Fournette, and my personal favorite Dalvin Cook. Now Chubb would be in there at 3, but is he what we’re seeing recently? Or can he come back? That’s the gamble your taking with Chubb.

                Mixon just makes the the game, or more specifically, the RB position look easy. He’s such a natural.

                • Trevor

                  I love Cook too I just think he and Fournette will be gone before the end of Rd #1.

                  Great description of Mixon he makes it look easy. Seems like a more athletic Arian Foster or for current comparisons a faster David Johnson.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Arian Foater is actually a good comp for Nick Chubb for me right now.

                    High stepping wide cuts. Calm, instinctual runner.

                  • Kenny Sloth


              • Ishmael

                It was a fair way past being an idiot, at least the main incident that will be keeping teams up at night. And then there was another one with a parking ticket that was idiotic.

                Like, but the off-field stuff is bad enough that I’d be very uncomfortable watching him in college navy. I think the Arian Foster comp is a good one. He’s super smooth, very fluid guy, makes things look easy. Be interested to see how he tests, doesn’t look super explosive, or quick, to me.

                Andd I’ve just had a look at the Nike SPARQ testing from 2013… 6-1″, 209, 4.53 40, 4.19 Shuttle, 36 Powerball, 31.3 Vertical… SPARQ of 105.33. Really pretty ordinary numbers. The vertical is very average, probably why he doesn’t look explosive – he isn’t. Especially next to guys like Hood and Chubb.

                Suspect unless he’s found a very, very, good doctor in the last couple of years the Hawks won’t be interested – not athletic enough to make the seriously nasty off-field stuff worth it.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Do either of them have enough swagger for our locker room?

              Freeman’s injuries and the arrival of Tony Brooks-James in his absence are red flags for me

          • rowdy

            I just can’t see them take a back that size especially early enough to get him. Definitely need a back that can catch and think he would fit in nicely but there sixes requirements are real.

            • red

              Keep an eye on Michigan RB De’veon Smith 5’11 228 could be a nice mid round find nice burst for a man his size had a nice game versus Indiana not over worked.

    • Trevor

      Agree 100% on Fant and Britt. I can’t believe I am saying this but Britt is playing at a Pro Bowl level IMO.

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Rob’s boy Zach Ertz had a big game of not for the called back touchdown.

    Anyone else see Kam slide at his feet on the pick return?

  33. Kenny Sloth

    I know Dan Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are for real because I hate them both with a passion.

    • Kenny Sloth


    • Trevor

      I feel exactly the same way. They are the new Russ and Beast Mode. Still think we can beat them as that D they have is not great but the Cowboys offense is really really good.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I don’t think they’re going far in the playoffs.

        And I think he’s gonna throw a lot of picks when Dez gets hurt or they lose an OL or two which is inevitable.

        • Trevor

          That OL has been pretty durable for 2-3 years now. Reminds me a lot of the way Russ played as a rookie just really focused on not making mistakes then using his athleticism when needed. They are the only team that scares me in the NFC vs the Hawks.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Elliott is the only tailback in the league that scares me right now.

            I think we match up a lot better against the Cowboys than a team like the Giants whose free agency acquisitions, while none spectacular, could surprise is on an off day.

            I’m also much more wary of Eli in December than Dak.

            We just don’t live in a world where rookie QB’s make deep playoff runs.

            • Kenny Sloth

              *David Johnson and Leveon Bell scare me too*

        • Volume12

          Their defense is gonna let them down at some point and cost them a huge game.

          • Trevor

            That is their Achilles heal I agree and the difference between the two teams.

  34. Volume12

    Su’a Cravens is a stud.

    That’s what Seattle needs at SAM. A guy that doesn’t have to come off the field. A 3 down defender.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I want KJ at Sam if KPL could build on his solid growth. I thought he was a better fit at Will before he got some snaps at Sam.

      KJ can play at least 4 different base positions for us.

    • Ishmael

      I think I’m more interested in a SAM or a Deathbacker kinda guy than I am a DT or EDGE, at least right now anyway. I’ll probably have changed my mind in a couple of hours time.

      • Volume12

        They just need 1 more impact defender. I’m with you. I change my tune all the time.

        But, really it could be D-line, DB, LB, where ever.

    • Trevor

      Loved him coming out and was really hoping with Petes USC ties he was a guy we might get somehow. Great instincts!

      You can tell the type of team Mcloughin is trying to build in Wash. They are going to be battling the Cowboys hard the next couple of years with all the young talent both teams have.

  35. Trevor

    All signs are pointed to the Hawks meeting the Cowboys in NFC finals. Anything can change from week to week in NFL but they look like the class of the division.

    That would be a great game on paper and I think realistically it would be our offense that would have to win that game as the Cowboys are going to score points. I can see a 27-24 game for the Hawks.

    The development of the OL is once again becoming a huge story and Britt, Fant have to be consider two incredibly positive surprises. I thought this Eagles D would be a huge test for the OL and outside of some penalty issues they passed with flying colors. Glowinski is solid, Ifedi is coming into is own and played well against all pro DT in Fletcher Cox today, Britt has arguably played at a pro bowl level at C, Fant all I can say is wow for a kid who never played Ol before it is simply amazing he has progressed to the point where I was actually really hurt and we would miss him big time. Even the weak link in the chain Gilliam is coming around. I have always thought Cable was over rated and still do particular in talent evaluation but I have to give him props by the 2nd half of the year he always has our OL functioning at a respectable level.

    Last note there is not one QB in the league I would trade for Russ. Not Brady, Rogers, Luck or anyone else. When he is healthy he is the most dynamic play maker in the league and so much fun to watch.

    • Volume12

      Cable just likes certain guys, but you might he right about his evals. He’ll pass on the superior prospect, for the tough guy.

      Odhiambo impressed me today. He just might be Seattle’s answer to Alvin Bailey. Capable of playing 3-4 spots.

      • Trevor

        Yep Rees would be the perfect guy for that if he continues to develop. Have to remember all the injuries in his past had to slow his development somewhat but he stepped right in today.

    • Nathan

      Don’t call the cowboys across the line just yet, the giants are sneaking up on them.

      • Trevor

        I hope you are right as I would much sooner face the Giants that Cowboys as a one dimensional team like the Giants has no shot against the Hawks IMO.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Neither do.

          The Cowboys D?


      • vrtkolman

        The Cowboys have a lot of divisional games left, it’s going to be a war. I think they will drop a few before the end of the season. Say they lose two while Dak plays poorly, do the Romo chants start coming then? That would be a mess.

  36. Kenny Sloth

    Christine Michael on the Packers bench

    What an excellent scheme fit for him. I think Rodgers will help him a lot more than a quieter less douchey Russell

  37. Vista

    That knee injury that happened to that Packers player made my stomach turn.

  38. Nick

    I agree with the general sentiment here: pass rushing DT should be priority in early rounds (if they think there is good value there). Who should I look at? Who will stick around to late first round, early second (anticipating the inevitable Seahawk trade back)?

  39. Mr. (On)Season

    I really like the idea of getting Pettis late or as a UDFA. Can stash him on the squad and he can compete to replace Kearse when his contract ends.

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