Thursday draft notes — Jarrad Davis is under-appreciated

Tony Pauline reports Shalom Luani looks ‘very quick’ as he prepares for the combine. We’ve talked a lot about Luani and he’s one to keep an eye on in Indianapolis. His gritty background, athleticism, versatility and intensity could be an ideal fit in Seattle. He doesn’t get much of a mention in the national draft coverage — but Luani is really good.

— If you don’t include KJ Wright and his 4.71 — Seattle has drafted five linebackers in the Pete Carroll era running an average forty time of 4.48. Clearly they are willing to overlook a lack of great speed if a player has other valuable traits (Wright had unnatural length) — but it’s a safe bet that any future Seattle linebacker is going to have speed as an asset. Bobby Wagner and Malcolm Smith ran in the 4.4’s, Bruce Irvin (4.50), Korey Toomer (4.53) and Kevin Pierre-Louis (4.51) just missed out. It’s worth noting Haason Reddick reportedly ran a 4.47 at his junior pro-day and Jarrad Davis has been timed in the 4.5’s.

— Speaking of Florida’s Davis, he’s under-appreciated. His intensity, attitude and closing speed is as good as it gets. Mel Kiper mocked him to Arizona at #13 but he’s in the minority rating him that highly. Look at what he’s capable of:

Bench pressing Ryan Kelly (#18 pick last year):

Closing speed:

Coverage skills:

He’s an A* character:

If he really does run in the 4.5’s (link here) — what’s stopping him going a lot earlier than people realise?

In terms of Kiper’s mock, Haason Reddick was available to the Seahawks at #26 — as was Zach Cunningham, Ryan Ramcyzk and Obi Melifonwu. Five cornerbacks were off the board. This is why it might be difficult to justify a pick at corner unless a freaky ‘under the radar’ athlete emerges. That could be Kevin King if he repeats his 2016 Husky Combine performance in Indianapolis. The value at cornerback might be better in rounds 2-3 for Seattle — and it might be better at linebacker, safety and offensive tackle at #26.

Washington’s Psalm Wooching has announced he’s retiring from football to take up rugby. As a big rugby fan I look forward to seeing if he can make the transition and achieve his goal of playing in the Olympics.


  1. 503Hawk

    Perfect timing Rob, I just sat down for lunch. Thanks for my daily “fix”!

    • Rob Staton


  2. Nick

    Jarrad Davis really is a joy to watch. Some team is going to get a very good football player. I’m not convinced he escapes the top 20. You can build great defenses around a linebacker like him.

  3. Bayahawk

    If Ryan Ramcyzk is there at 26, who do you go with?

    As much as I’d love to revitalize the LB crew, I think you have to go Tackle first then hope Bowser or a DB of value is around for the 2nd rd pick.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to judge Ramcyzk though. Decent tape but he’s not Garett Bolles. Won’t do any workouts before the draft. How good is he?

      • Ty the Guy

        I am a big advocate that we need to draft OL early and often. But, I am not sold on Ramczyk. Don’t love that he wont be working out. Would like to see more and expect more out of a true competitor.

        • Sea Mode

          You do know he is recovering from Jan 5 arthroscopic surgery on torn labrum in hip? Not like he just decided to sit out for no reason.

  4. Hawks22Fun

    Hi Rob. Another nice write up…

    Side topic: With OT’s being let go, do you like any of them?

    Kelvin Beachum
    Ryan Clady
    Brandon Albert
    Russell Okung (again)

    Clayton mentioned most of these need a ‘prove it’ deal to show they can play and stay healthy…

    Any takers??

    I feel we should sign 2 FA OL like last year, but spend more for actual skill and starting ability… Then we can draft these sick CB’s, LB’s, and a RB to spark the team…


    • Rob Staton

      The only one I’d have any interest in is Okung and the price would have to be right.


        Re: Clady and Beachum, not interested because of injury/size/age concerns? As a layman I look at the accolades and think, “We could use a former All-Pro,” and it seems they would have to come at a steep discount (~5-9MM?) given their recent injuries.

        • Rob Staton

          Clady is always hurt, Beachum just isn’t very good.

    • GoHawks5151

      Beachum visited last year before signing elsewhere. Heard he played OK and no long injury history, just the ACL. I think I would be interested in him or Albert. They are the youngest of the group so good chance to return to health.

      • All I see is 12s

        If I recall, he was scheduled fora visit then Jacksonville signed him

        • GoHawks5151

          You may be right sir

    • BobbyK

      Whether we like George Fant or not, the coaching staff and front office seem to be all in on him as the LT of the present and future. I think he’s our LT in 2017.

      • Sea Mode

        While I agree with you this is most likely, consider also that they really had no other choice last year. So, given the circumstances, they found it better to talk him up and try to boost his confidence rather than sow doubt. Seems to be a Carroll MO. (kind of like he raved about CMike with Rawls and Prosise hurt, though of course we hope Fant doesn’t go that way)

    • Ty the Guy

      Give them all a look and have the medical staff check them out. We need all the help we can get. Also, with OL depth being so scarce across the league, serviceable OL just became more valuable. Saw a Bleacher Report article saying we needed to sign back Sowell for that reason, the same article mentions he is their 5th rated FA tackle.

      Enough said.

      For my money, I’d skip on Clady, but be very interested in Okung or Albert.

    • 503Hawk

      “these sick CB’s, LB’s”. Ha, ha. Love your description! Yes, there is some insane talent this year.

  5. Nathan_12thMan

    > In terms of Kiper’s mock, Haason Reddick was available to the Seahawks at #26 — as was Zach Cunningham, Ryan Ramcyzk and Obi Melifonwu.

    This is what I love. I feel like the odds will be pretty good that there is someone we love there at #26. And if not, we get to trade down, improve our draft stock, and grab a guy who also looks really good (like you have listed in the past, guys there in the 30’s-40’s).

    The weird part is how difficult it would be to pass on Obi or Reddick for OL if Ramcyzk or Bolles is there. Our need at OT is just so strong that you’d think we’d just have to go OL if it’s there. Thankfully I don’t think it will be and so hopefully we can grab Reddick or Obi and have a dynamic, versatile defensive play-maker.

    • DLep

      Yeah Id still go Reddick or Obi even if Bolles and Ramcyzk were somehow miraculously still there. The OL would feel like settling to me while both defensive guys feel like we are getting dynamic play makers with pro bowl potential and who can anchor the defense for years to come. I get more excited about the defensive guys basically.

      • Dan

        If we pass on Bolles or Ramcyzk for Obi, I would absolutely freak out. I don’t hate Obi, but don’t get the love. Lots of overpursuing, and while I want to add a safety prospect at some point, they likely wouldn’t start for 1-3 years. OT is a desperate need.

        • Ty the Guy

          I’d lose my s*** if we passed on Bolles. I love a lot of the defensive guys mentioned, but Russell Wilson can NOT continue to get sacked 40+ times a year!

          Besides I see this being a strong defensive draft throughout. Should find some talent in every round.

          • DLep

            Yeah Ty maybe it is just me but I worry about Bolles being so old. The data suggests the younger a prospect is on draft day the better.

            • DLep

              But I totally get the thinking, if Bolles is event a decent starter from day one, good bet that that improves our offense immensely as a consequence.

            • Sea Mode

              Wouldn’t worry too much about the age. He’s ready to plug in from Week 1. Plus, you only get 4 cheap years anyway, which would all be in his prime.

              • DLep

                Yeah Im not so much worried about the age, just more that there is a ceiling to him which is lower than Obi and Reddick and in the first round I like to think you are trying to get pro bowlers.

            • Rob Staton

              A seven year career takes him to 32. That would be more than adequate for a first round success story. And that’s if he only plays up to 32.

              • DLep

                Right, not so concerned w length of career, more so there is some statistical evidence that age on draft day is a pretty good predictor of future nfl success. Something like 100% or close to 100% of All Pro tackles were a max age of 23.5 on draft day going back to the mid 90s. Bolles could be the exception, and not being an All Pro doesn’t mean he won’t be a good player, Im just saying that there is evidence that Bolles is a lower ceiling prospect than say Reddick.

                • Rob Staton

                  That stat is easy to break down though. Most highly talented draft picks aren’t entering the league aged 23-24. So it’s not really a surprise that guys that stayed in college that long, either due to injuries, lack of quality, personal issues or whatever, didn’t end up being really good pro’s.

                  Bolles is the real deal though.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Your point is taken well, Rob.

                    Anecdotally and factitiously you can’t ignore Bolles.

                    His age is indicative of the journey he’s taken to become the prospect we see.

                    I would also be peeved if we passed on him. That would either signal a negative interview or supreme faith in whoever is on the roster

          • Trevor

            I love Reddick but I am with you 100% Ty! If Bollles is on the board JS should sprint to the podium for that pick then send every GM in the league a free trip to Hawaii.

            • D-OZ

              Bolles won’t be available, are you serious? Not at #26….

              • Shadow

                We can always hope video surfaces of him smoking weed in a gas mask….

                • Kenny Sloth


  6. Sea Mode

    Yes! Love what Davis brings and you just know the Hawks will too. Vol12 been telling us all year about how much they scouted Florida. Maye and Joey Ivie also interesting I think.

    The best part is that if Reddick goes early, Davis is likelier to fall to us. And if Davis goes early, Reddick is likelier to fall to us. Throw in the fact that some team might fall in love with Cunningham in R1 or be scared off by Davis’ injury history, and chances get even better. No guarantees, but there is hope for a really good LB at 26!

    Another guy I really like is Anthony Walker Jr. from Northwestern. Looks like a B-Wagz clone. Closes, tackles, covers, plays inside or outside, and great football intelligence. Probably the only LB I see right now with a solid R2 grade. All the rest are R3+ for me so far. Combine will tell, but tape don’t lie…

    Posted more on him the other day:

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I really like Anthony Walker too.

      LB depth in this class looks really good. Kind of like 2012’s class. Walker, Anzalone, Bowser and Lee …. all look like good prospects in the 2nd day.

      • Sea Mode

        Ehhh, I wouldn’t call the LB depth that good, at least if we want the pick to actually be a significant upgrade to Mike Morgan in the near future and be able to play all 3 spots if needed.

        I am looking primarily for OLB coverage guys over DE/OLB pass rushers, but for now this is what I see:

        Tier 1 (studs) – Reddick, Davis
        Tier 2 (productive) – Walker Jr., Cunningham

        *Big gap*

        Tier 3 (raw athletic projects) – Bowser, Phillips, T.J. Watt
        Tier 4 (talented, but risky) – DeVonte’ Fields (may be more DE/OLB, off-field flags), Anzalone (Seems solid, not special, plus injury history)
        Tier 5 (interesting fliers) – Elijah Lee, Jimmie Gilbert

        Still need to watch- Steven Taylor, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Donavin Newsom, and others.

        • Kenny Sloth

          The great thing is with KJ’s unmatched versatility (Von Miller nonwithstanding) we can draft BPA instead of having to force someone into a valuable position.

          I think KJ’s best position is SAM, actually. And I would go NUTS if we plugged Davis in at WILL. That little bit of extra speed at the second level should help tremendously with TE’s and receiving backs.

          I will say; Cunningham looks just like KJ at times.

      • D-OZ

        I’m a big time Walker fan. Heart and soul of that Northwestern Def. A cover LB I like is Steven Taylor LB Houston. I like Marquel Lee and Elijah Lee also. Might as well throw in Phillips and Anzalone along with Watts. I could throw in a couple more along with our U-DUB favorite. There is some depth in this class.

        • Volume12

          I hope Walker is slimmed down for the combine. He was much better last year at a lower weight.

          Steven Taylor looks like an UDFA type.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Just finished a linebacker piece and had to resist tearing him to shreds.

            He’s quite bad, really.

    • Volume12

      Davis would make a lot of sense as would one of their D-lineman. DE Bryan Cox, Jr is gonna be a much better pro than college player. Or it could be one of those CBs.

  7. Ishmael

    Think I prefer Davis over Cunningham if it comes down to it. Maybe not quite as splashy, but so solid.

    • BobbyK

      It’s like one of those multiple choice questions where there is no wrong answer. I love both for different reasons.

      • Ishmael

        Definitely a good problem to have! We’re going to get a good player out of this draft one way or another.

        • RealRhino2

          I agree with you. More question marks with Cunningham, IMO. He *could* be the better, more versatile player. But listening to Move the Sticks the other day when Jeremiah explained why he wasn’t in his Top 50, essentially he said it was because Cunningham wasn’t physical enough, not the kind of guy the Ravens would have been interested in at LB. Rangy, good instincts, etc., but could be a guy who disappeared due to a lack of physicality. I can see that.

          I don’t think Davis has his all-around athleticism, but I know he’s going to bring it all day.

          • Ishmael

            Jeremiah and Brooks have some interesting stuff on him actually. Move the Sticks Podcast #157, about 25 minutes in. They don’t think he has a great motor, make the comp with Derrick Johnson, think he’s finesse and needs to be covered up, doesn’t disengage well, doesn’t get to the ball that well, he’s a ‘slip block guy – if he’s not going to be a banger then he’s going to have to be very good at slipping blocks and slipping through cracks.’

            I don’t want to completely piggyback on their takes, but I’m seeing a lot of the same things as they are. I think he’d be a fantastic fit for a team like the Dolphins or the Jets, but I don’t love him in Seattle.

            • Volume12

              Again, he’ll make his bones as a coverage LB. That’s it.

  8. Ishmael

    Don’t know anything about Psalm Wooching other than what I’ve just read, but at 6’3″ 220 his best bet might be playing sevens tbh. If he’s properly rapid he could make it as a wing or fullback, maybee outside centre with an adeventurous coach, but that’s the most demanding defensive position on the park so it seems unlikely. Opensids flanker is the only place in the forwards he might be able to fit, and that’s a position where you seriously need to understand the game. Got a long hard road to maintain that wait while developing anything close to the aerobic capacity he’s going to need.

    If he’s played before he might have a chance, good luck to him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Great now I’m gonna research the crap out of US rugby sevens

      Thanks a lot for piquing my damned interest.

      • Ishmael

        Haha sorry man. Sevens is a lot of fun to watch, it’s not the most complex sport in the world but the athleticism on show is pretty damn impressive. If the US start to take it seriously, if it gets into colleges, there’s absolutely no reason why they couldn’t become a dominant force.

  9. Dale Roberts

    The other day I asked you folks who the best available tone-setter was at any position and the answer came back Jarrad Davis and today our resident guru presents the argument. I’m sold because he checks all of the boxes athletically and for character and he can help reestablish the bully mentality that PC/PS have set as a goal. Now the question is will he be available after the combine.

    • Rob Staton

      Bolles, Reddick, Davis could all be tone setters. Seattle will be lucky if any are there at #26 IMO.

      • Trevor

        Agree 100%!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Cunningham plays a little soft to my eye, anyone else see that?

        • Kenny Sloth

          I mean outside of trying to bodyslam every other tackle lol

        • Ishmael

          Yep, and even the bodyslamming is soft in its own way. That sort of jersey-sling is usually what you see from way smaller players trying to bring down much bigger guys. Use their weight/momentum to your advantage. He plays very clean to me.

        • peter

          I’ve seen that for a bit. Since it’s nit picking season I’ve mentioned before that I thought he was a bit soft to the scrum.

      • RWIII

        I would bet the farm Bolles will not be on the board when the Seahawks are on the clock.

        • Rob Staton

          Well yes, that’s why I’ve been mocking him in the top-15 for weeks.

  10. Frank

    Looks like our turn will come at a good time this year, I’d be happy with any of these guys. Pete seems to have reassessed the likelyhood of replacing Irvin and Shead right away without investing anything, based on the press conference a while ago, as I remember it there was a sense of urgency there that you don’t normally see in him during press conferences. A lot of the late round/UDFA DBs that worked out, took some time to grow into it, I’m glad that Pete seems to be maybe considering this although I might be being optimistic.

    It’d be interesting to read a free agent run down on the OL, DTs, safety depth, Seahawk free agents to re sign or release.

  11. Peanut

    Watching some highlights from the Huskies this season and those guys in the secondary is wrecking. Saw that Sidney Jones, Kevin King and Budda Baker are all going to the combine, have you done any posts about the trio? Do you see any of them going to Seattle if they are still there when Seattle’s picks comes around?

    I have a weakspot for Huskies, so I am 100% going to pick them up on Madden when 18 rolls around, haha

    • Ty the Guy

      I once knew a guy named Peanut with the Planter’s Man tattoo…

      This draft looks to produce some absolute freaks athletically that should shine on Madden. Should make for some fun Fantasy Drafts on Madden 18.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ve done a lot on all three. Worth checking the archives or using google.

    • RealRhino2

      I’m starting to warm up to the idea of Budda. Heard one “insider” type (Daniel Jeremiah? Can’t remember, but not just a guy off the street) say that one team scout told him that not only was he high on their boards at safety, but was also their #3 CB (or slot CB?). Anyway, can cover, diagnose plays at the line, etc.

      And it’s funny, the two top secondary units in the Pac this year were the UW and Colorado, and two of Colorado’s guys (Witherspoon, Thompson) were some of the weakest tacklers at the LOS I’ve seen, while all of the UW guys seem to be ferocious and fearless up in traffic (Baker and Jones in particular). Just an interesting difference in mentality.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Wow if you could find a source on that, that would provide great insight to how he’s viewed and valued by the league.

        • Ishmael

          Move the Sticks podcast #157, Jeremiah and Brooks are both really high on him. Jeremiah said he spoke to one team who said:

          ‘If you lined him up at corner he’d be the third best corner, and the best nickel.’

          • Kenny Sloth

            He might not last very long at all if he tests out of this world.

  12. Ishmael

    From that Pauline piece: ‘Throughout the Senior Bowl, we commented on the superior athleticism displayed by Tarell Basham. The Ohio product is evidently continuing to impress people during combine training, as I’m told he’s running the 40 in the 4.6s after weighing 275 pounds.

    The 275 pounds is 16 more than he weighed at the Senior Bowl, when Basham tipped the scales at 259 pounds.’

    16 pounds in less than a month is Von Miller-esque levels of miraculous gains.

    • JimQ

      A couple of the fall back options in the event those rush/cober-LB’s/EDGE guys talked about herein are gone, they are probably in the round 3/4 area on most boards. Pretty damn good production from both and IMO, the Seahawks could use either one and either one would fit in well.

      —–DE-Jordan Willis, Kansas State, 6-5/258 -Probably requires a late round 3 pick
      2016: 13 games, 52-tkls, 34-solo, 17.5-TFL, 11.5-Sacks, 3-PBU, 4-QBH, 3-FF, 1-FR
      2015: 13-games, 35-tkls, 30-solo, 15.0-TFL, 9.5-Sacks, 3-PBU, 2-QBH, 4-FF, 1-BK

      —–DE-Tarell Basham, Ohio, 6-4/262 -Probably requires a late round 3, early-mid round 4 pick.
      2016: 14-games, 49-tkls, 29-solo, 15.0-TFL, 10.5-Sacks, 2-PBU, *12-QBH*, 1-FF.
      2015: 43-tkls, 20-solo, 10.0-TFL 5.5-Sacks, 1-PBU, *11-QBH*, 2-FF

  13. cha

    Caught some of the Rugby Sevens US vs Fiji match. Nemani Nagusa is a bad man.

    • Ishmael

      They’ve got some truly special players and athletes. They’re amazing to watch when they’d get going. I’d love to see some football team work in a couple of trick plays involving offloading. Obviously high risk, but it’d be incredible to watch.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ok now don’t get me hooked on another sport!!

      Especially international competition xD

  14. EranUngar

    When you mentioned that there could be 5 CBs off the board before Seattle gets to pick, it made this draft class so much clearer in my mind.

    In the past few years, picking late in the 1st round, it felt like we need to be very lucky to get a 1st round value player this late in the round. It felt like there are about 20 players only with a 1st round grade.

    This year, there are 5 CBs who won’t shock anyone if they are picked that early. There are 5-6 LBs who could go that high. Same for Safeties or DT/EDGE. Add to that a few WRs, QB, OL, even a TE or two and there are well over 30 players who will not surprise anyone if they go this high.

    In most years we think about a small trade back because the guys that are left are not much better than the guy we take a little later. This year its because the guy we get a bit later is really just as GOOD as the guy we have now.

    This is such a rare and exciting class.

    • Volume12

      5 CBs off the board before Seattle picks. So the question and strategy becomes, when does the 2nd run on them begin? Because after that, we’re probably talking about guys you could get in any draft any year.

  15. Kenny Sloth

    Man, John Fraily just banned me from Field gulls for disagreeing with him.

    I knew there was a reason I never posted there haha.

    Thanks for being so reasonable and friendly SDB folks

    • HawkTalker #1

      Seriously, that is so funny, and yet sad. LOL

      • Kenny Sloth

        I can really be obtuse sometimes.

        Should have been more careful. It’s not like i didnt realize who he was either.


        • HawkTalker #1

          This is America where we should have some level of freedom of speech and can agree to disagree, right?

          • Kenny Sloth

            This is Frump’s America where you pay for a SDB subscription and the podcasts are extra.

            Also the Seahawks draft Deshone Kizer in the first to play WR.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Oh god i take it all back. That would be a nightmare

              • Bayahawk

                Fraley’s a dick. Banned me for saying someone at Niners Nation “didn’t understand football.”

                For whatever reason, we have some great Hawks writers (Rob, Kenneth, Jacson) and some real jerks (Fraley, Stanger) but like all families, you don’t have to get along with everyone.

    • Ishmael

      Field Gulls has gone downhill IMO. Might just be that Danny Kelly left, but the fanbase is just so spoilt and demanding.

      • Greg Haugsven

        He has banned me from there as well for that. It’s has to be remembered that 95% of the conversation here is opinionated not fact so no one is wrong, it’s just opinion.

        • Kenny Sloth

          That’s a really good point.

          There analysis is still consistently top notch

  16. HawkTalker #1

    Below is just a list of some of the players we (mostly this blog group) has discussed over the past many weeks. The rankings are [ranking in their position] and (estimated draft order) from cbs Also some add’l info from freak athlete lists. If there is someone missing, please let me know.

    Jabril Pepper [2] SS (13)*+**
    Zach Cunningham OLB [1] (18)
    David Njoku TE [2] (30)
    Hassan Reddick OLB [4 ] (31)*
    Terdevious White CB [6] (36)
    Garrett Boles OT [3] (38)
    Budd Baker FS [2] (43)
    Jared Davis ILB [3] (44)*
    Cordrea Tankersley [8] (47)
    Gareon Conley CB [9] (51)
    Taylor Moton OT [4] (53)
    Demarcus Walker DE [7] (54)
    Obi Melifonwu SS [3] (55)
    Quincy Wilson CB [11] (63)
    Chris Wormley DT [5] (66)
    Chidobe Awuzie CB [12] (68)
    Kevin King CB [14] (79)
    Rassul Douglas CB [15] (88)
    Tyus Bowser OLB [8] (94)
    Issac Asiata OG (96)
    Marcus Maye FS [4] (101)
    Justin Evans SS [5] (102)
    Fabian Moreau CB [16] (107)
    Alex Anzalone OLB [9] (109)
    Samaje Perine RB [7] (114)**
    Dawuane Smoot DE [11] (115)
    Taywan Taylor WR [15] (118)*+**
    Howard Wilson CB [17] (120)
    Kareem Hunt RB [9] (121)
    Justin Evans SS [ ] (122)
    Julien Davenport OT [12] (134)
    DOnta Foreman RB [10] (137)
    Ahkello Witherspoon CB [19] (140)
    Brian Hill RB [13] (154)
    John Johnson FS [7] (167)
    Channing Stribling CB [22] (174)
    Stevie Tu’ikolovatu DT [20] 200
    Tedric Thompson CB [9] (206)
    Taquan “Smoke” Mizzell RB [21] (217)
    Matt Milano Boston College OLB [19] (227)
    Treston DeCoud CB [31] (249)
    Brandon Wilson CB [37] (314)*
    Shalom Luani SS [19] (396)
    Elijah Hood RB [33] (421)*
    Horace Richardson [89] (915)
    * Bruce Feldman 20 freak athletes
    ** Chase Goodbread top 16 freak athletes

    • Kenny Sloth


      • HawkTalker #1

        Brings back memories of last year. So many great players on that list. After Talking at length about so many quality players that it felt they all should have been Seahawks and disappointing we didn’t draft all 30-40 of them!!! LOL

        • Misfit74


    • Ground_Hawk

      Nice post HawkTalker! It would be great to see their first 3 picks go as follows:

      Round 1 (pick #26): H. Reddick, OLB (31)
      -Adds immediate effect on defense with athleticism and instincts, and helps solve LB depth after Wagner and Wright.

      Round 2 (pick #58): R. Douglas, CB (88)
      -Ballhawk, who fits Seattle’s desired CB mold. I also think that this would show that PC is not confident enough with the players he has, so adding talented competition must happen.

      Round 3 (pick #90): I. Asiata, G (96)
      -Strong and nasty guard who brings the pain. Cable loves him, and in round 3 it would be hard to pass IMO.

      • Ground_Hawk

        *Cable will love him

      • 503Hawk

        GH, that looks like a realistic draft to me. Personally, I would love those three. Remember, we have a comp pick in the third also.

        • 503Hawk

          Maybe in the third we could add a safety.

          • Ground_Hawk

            If WSU’s Luani tests well, perhaps he could a target with their 3rd round comp.

      • Ground_Hawk

        Round 3 comp (pick #146*): C. Phillips, OLB (146)**
        Round 5 comp (pick #186*): T. Thompson, CB (206)


        • Ground_Hawk

          My bad! That should read, “Round 3 comp (pick #105*): C. Phillips, OLB (146)**”

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    “The value at cornerback might be better in rounds 2-3 for Seattle — and it might be better at linebacker, safety and offensive tackle at #26.”

    This is where I’m thinking this draft will go, with nice value in rounds 2 and 3. OT in the first round might be a reach, since I suspect the top 4 OT will be gone… so that leaves us with LB and SS as very likely pick targets. LB is tough, since we are not sure if they want a more traditional 3 down LB or a pass rush expert LB/DE type.

    I really like the options Seattle will have late in the first round for defensive players. No reason to think they won’t come away with 2 impact players the first 2 rounds.

  18. Nathan

    Hi Rob,

    You’d done a good job of hiding your appreciation of Rugby.

    Did you catch the 10’s that were over here in Australia last week?

    I quite enjoyed it, it wasn’t just ‘7’s with 3 extra players” as some expected it to be.

    You’re still relying on those core skills of the 15 man game, but with a bit more space to run.

    • Forty20

      I played 10s all too long ago (over a decade ago when I think about it) every Aussie summer in high school in an off-season school competition and it was always a blast. Not as big a Union fan now as I was back then, preferring the 13-man code these days and all, but still love to follow the game.

      You captured why 10s is a great limited format though. 7s is non-stop razzle dazzle while there is still some nuance to the 10-man version.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t catch it Nathan — but I was at the England vs Wales game last week.

  19. Volume12

    Is DT Stevie ‘T’ the guy at USC Seattle has had an eye on? C-Dog mentioned this and he names 4 teams that have shown the ‘most’ interest in him.

    Will be 26 years old, which isn’t a big deal for this team at all. Nor is it a big deal for a DT. RBs, WRs, CBs, LBs (true off-ball ones)? Yes. O-lineman, EDGE defenders, TEs (game not predicated on athleticism), no. However, as with anything, there’s always an outlier or exception to the rule.

    Lived in his car for 2 months, has bloodlines, his uncle was the same age and drafted in the 3rd round. Stevie is more of a 4th-5th rounder. At least for me, but could slip. Good players always do.

    If we go back and watch USC defensively, this dude controlled everything up front and really made that D tick. He set the tone a lot for them honestly.

    Not flashy, probably not a great athlete, but if last years draft class told us anything? They didn’t necessarily move away from SPARQ, they’ll always draft a couple freak athletes, especially earlier, but perhaps didn’t place such an emphasis on it.

  20. nichansen01

    What are the chances we do sign Campbell?

    • Hawktalker

      Is there a percentage number between zero and zero?

      We will never pay what he will be offered by big cap teams.

    • Misfit74

      Campbell who?

      • nichansen01

        Calais Campbell

    • Rob Staton

      I think the chances of Seattle signing Calais Campbell are pretty slim. Every fan base seems to want him, every team will be interested. His price is going to be sky high.

  21. All I see is 12s

    Idk, if Bennett is willing to sign for 12m, maybe CC would too. Same age. However, leaving for a division rival might not be his style. Seattle is a legit opportunity for a ring though.

    • Sea Mode

      Bennett signed for $10m/apy.

      That’s the whole problem: Campbell will demand a lot more than that on the open market, and if we give it to him it could upset everyone else.

      Agree though it would be a legit shot at a ring.

  22. DLep

    Pauline reporting that Kevin King is running in the 4.4s and will be a top 45 pick :(. Doesnt appear that the stars will align w the Seahawks unless maybe the trade down and take with their first. Given there seems to be a steeper drop off at LB vs CB I am more inclined to think they go LB first and CB second, which would likely put King out of range.

    • Donald

      I have been advocating keeping the #26 and move the #52 higher by trading up to the high 30’s or low 40’s. It would require giving up one of the 3rd rd picks. it gets the Hawks two high quality impact players.

      • DLep

        Its one course of action for sure. I just wonder if you can get reddick, davis, cunningham with your first pick and maybe rasul douglas or witherspoon with your second pick by staying where you are at and keeping both of the 3rd round picks, they might view that as a better value. But I certainly wouldnt complain if they got an LB from that trio w their first pick and moved up to get King in the second. Reddick and King would be fantastic.

  23. Nano

    Hey Rob, in a similar mode, I’d love your thoughts on Malik McDowell of Michigan State. Intriguing. Some very Seahawk-y traits with the length and quickness. Also, this team isn’t afraid of tweeners if they have a high pass rush ceiling and the ability to contribute at more than one position (Bruce Irvin, Michael Bennett, Frank Clark).

    • Rob Staton

      I spent some time watching him on Sunday.

      McDowell has the potential to be insanely good. Like one of the DL’s in the NFL.

      However, his attitude stinks. He mailed it in last season when things went south. No exaggeration. Totally mailed it in. Awful.

      Also needs to develop more or a repertoire. He has one outside rush move and it’s easy to counter. Huge potential but risks galore.

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