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  1. cha

    Two weeks to training camp.

    To do list:

    Sign Witherspoon and Charbonnet.

    Everybody better be working out like fiends right now.

    Address Jamal Adams. Last year Chris Carson was cut with a failed physical designation July 26. Not exactly apples to apples but we should be hearing more on his rehab from a torn quad tendon. About half of the NFL players who have had the injury have never played another snap.

    If he’s staying, a contract reworking is essential. $18m at full health is too much. $18m for probably 8-10 games is insane. No excuses.

    Apparently they’re in a holding pattern on the DT position with no new additions coming until camp. Mone status? Can they really count on Cam Young for a bunch of snaps in his rookie season? Is Myles Adams the 2023 version of Mone?

    Are the prize rookies’ hamstring challenges behind them enough to be full go at camp?

    Are they seriously going to try and turn Wagner into a coverage linebacker or was that just a flight of fancy in OTAs that we will have forgotten by September?

    Where is the cap room for the practice squad going to come from?

    Riq’s knee is OK, right?

    Do the center & right guard battles need to be settled sooner rather than later for OL continuity? This seems like one of those under-the-radar things that PC brushes off that could become an issue Week One-Three.

    Was Michael Jackson being anointed by PC with the ‘almost dominant’ OTA moniker a real thing or a way to signal to Witherspoon he’s not going to be just handed anything?

    How soon until they bring Godwin Igwebuike back to return kicks? Is returning a kicks even a thing in the NFL anymore?

    • Big Mike

      Just get it over with, cut your losses and freaking release Adams…yesterday even

      • Palatypus

        Time moving slow, the minutes seem like hours
        The final curtain all I see
        How true is this? Just get it over with
        If this is true, just let it be.

    • Big Mike

      And an excellent summation of the present issues cya. Thank you.
      Having Bobby as a coverage backer would be utter insanity

      • Big Mike


    • STTBM

      Yes, please just rip the band-aid off and cut Adams. He’s a bum. And we can’t seriously be considering fielding a defensive line as the roster sits currently: Madness!

      No, Young and Miles Adams aren’t going to cut it at DT, we need more beef and experience, and waiting till after Game 1 just so their contract isn’t guaranteed is idiocy.

      If they try to use Bobby the way they used to, it’ll be a sad repeat of 2021. Let’s hope they aren’t that blinded by all the warm fuzzies.

      I like Michael Jackson. I think he bumps Witherspoon to nickel. Bryant is just going to get beat out, even though he’s got potential and is learning.

      Igweibuike was great! But kickoffs are dying, and it looks like they want to bring him in after Week One if at all, playing that non-guarantee game yet again.

      Jamal Adams is costing us more by the day. Just can his ass and sign a couple vets, the rookies, and the Practice Squad already…

      • Malanch

        “… kickoffs are dying …”

        XFL: fewer injuries → more creativity
        NFL: fewer injuries → less football

    • McZ

      Pete likes Jamal, and the force to keep face is strong in this one.

      The really pressing question is, who replaces the production from the following players from a pretty meh 2022 DL:
      – Shelby Harris, 73.2 PFF rating, 2 sacks
      – Quinton Jefferson, 48.9 rating, 6 sacks
      – Al Woods, 68.2 rating, 2 sacks
      – Poona Ford, 56.2 rating, 3 sacks

      So far:
      – Dre’mont Jones, 51.8 rating, 7 sacks
      – Jarran Reed, 61.9 rating, 4 sacks
      – Myles Adams, 57.6 rating, 0 sacks

      Bottom line, lower ratings than last season, plus two sacks less. If we get post-Chubb Dre’mont Jones, we are seriously screwed.

      Also, has Devon Witherspoon managed to add weight to his frame? He will play vs. RB and WR almost 30 lbs heavier. This should be his priority.

      • Peter

        Very excited to see Witherspoon. Has the attitude, play style, everything that you think of when you think about a seahawks defender….of which they’ve lacked for years now.

        I’m also just ever so worried about a player with his style being if we are honest legitimately small/slight in relation to his attacking play.

        If you are ever feeling nervous I do not recommend reading the Jamal Adams’ draft profile on NFL…..

        Before he was a coffee cup Adams was a locker room leading, big time attacking safety who threw himself into every play.

        • BK26

          Boy talk about changing. Now he doesn’t go to the locker room because he’s still out on the field talking himself up or on the podium already trash talking the other team.

          And threw himself into every play….that % is now quite a bit lower on how frequent that happens…

          • Peter

            I know right?

            I enjoy the draft profiles in retrospect. Who wouldn’t want “that,” guy on your team.

            Whenever I see him now I half expect him to pull a ricky Henderson and start talking about himself in the third person. I never liked the trade but from the little I remember about him in college I didn’t expect a guy who could be less of a leader then he’s been on our team.

          • Big Mike

            Now he doesn’t go to the locker room because he’s still out on the field talking himself up or on the podium already trash talking the other team.

            Or at home folming himself lighting a victory cigar to celebrate the Rams losing in the 2nd round of the playoffs after they kicked his and Seattle’s ass in the WC round

        • McZ

          I have watched my fair share of Fightin’ Illini game highlights and a full game since the draft. (when you come to Robs page, you better have done your due diligence.)

          While Witherspoon is clearly the most spectacular eyecatching player they had, I wonder if Sydney Brown will turn out to be the better NFL corner.

        • McZ

          Ah, forgot something…
          I think Adams was another attempt to sign “another Kam”, and Witherspoon IMO is the latest iteration of that concept. So, yes, watching Adams unfold is disturbing. That said, it’s all in Witherspoons hands.

          • Elmer

            Also in the hands of the injury gods. Lots of reasons for optimism but you never know.

        • Palatypus

          Speaking of “The Coffee Cup”, did anyone else notice that Patrick Mahommes was wearing a Louis Vuitton tie-dyed t-shirt in the first episode of The Quarterback?

          He probably spilled ketchup on it.

          • BK26

            Im only 2 episodes in and him and Kirk are pretty cringy to watch. Marietta was the one I cared to watch the most about and he’s been shown the least.

            • Hawkdawg

              Marietta had the worst year, by a fair margin. There’s a reason he’s in Philly as a back-up now…

              • BK26

                He’s the only one who had a story that I cared about. Cousins is boring and the Mahomes’s was as scripted as could be. She knew exactly where the camera was. I get enough of them shoved in my face living in KC.

                They didn’t pick good qb’s story wise. The golf show was much, much better

    • Elmer

      Here is an Adams scenario that may not be entirely improbable. The team pushes it to the bitter end. They start Adams in Game 1 regardless of what he does in the preseason, and force him to prove in real time the he is not sufficiently recovered. After Game 1 they either put him on IR with a designation to return or they release him. Either way, have they committed to his salary and damaged their ability to make other moves?

      • cha

        No that won’t work. As a vested veteran, all of Adams’ $11m 2023 salary becomes guaranteed if he’s on the roster Week One.

        The Seahawks need to be ruthless.

        The Bengals just told Joe Mixon to take a pay cut or get released. He took the pay cut and cut his salary nearly in half.

        • Elmer

          Thanks! That’s what I was thinking. Let’s hope they can be ruthless in their own self-interest and get hung up on the trade.

  2. Jordan

    Just that graphic has me pumped. Look at the offensive weaponry.

  3. Stuart

    Its like JS is afraid to approach Jamal Adams. My opinion is that he needs to be gone.

    The savings from that would tremendously help and would solve many of the questions from the exellent post above.

    Why are we paying Will Disley so much money?

    Why doesnt the team trade from our surplas of CB’s for a DT?

    How much of an impact of ownership impacted our ability to roster?

    The D coaches-it seems PC should be more accountable than the D coordinator since it was his guy picked for the job.

    What is the truth on new ownership (time table) and what are the chances that PCJS will be gone once the team is sold?

    This will be terrific listen!

    • Big Mike

      Can’t prove it Stuart but I think JS has had his hands tied by Pete as it concerns Adams.

      • Romeo A57

        I agree that JS probably his hands tied by Pete in regards to keeping Adams around. Also Admas seems like he would be the type to torch the Seahawks on his way out and blame them for his injuries and poor play. That should not really matter to PCJS though.

    • Peter

      1. Why are we paying dissly so much? John’s done some good stuff recently and the last two drafts look awesome. John has also been terrible nearly the whole time as GM on predicting markets. There’s no universe where Dissly should have got/ would have got that contract if John had taken about a minute to look at TE contracts on Spotrac.

      Further evidence: paying huge safety contracts right before the market craters and your very own coach says the position is of less importance.

      2. I don’t know if the team really has a surplus of CB’s. There’s a lot of them. And Pete’s doing his usual razzle dazzle but….who are the CB’s? Where’s woolen?

      3. When does the team get sold…..never, I’d guess. People need to stop with all the “b-b-b-but she NEEDS to sell! It says so in his will.” Jody has literally said there is no time line. And on at least one occasion referenced 10-20 years.

  4. Robert Las Vegas

    I really the Seahawks team this year and some of that is because they play in the NFC I wonder how many of us would be excited or psych if the Seahawks played in the AFC? Well maybe if we were in the AFC South maybe. I believe the NFC has a lot of question marks,and I can’t wait for the season to start.

    • Jordan

      I really like the team too. So many emerging young talents, and a Pro Bowl QB getting to spend the entire offseason getting the #1 reps.

      So much hinges on the interior of both lines.

  5. Gross MaToast

    I sensed rumblings about my favorite player, #33 on your program, #1 in your heart.

    If I were GM (and honest to God, why aren’t I?), I’d offer him a new deal where he earns $17.50 per hour. He loves the Seahawks and would jump at the chance.

    33 is the best and we’re lucky to have him!!!

    • Big Mike

      Are you sure you wouldn’t still be overpaying him?
      oh wait, maybe that’s minimum wage?

  6. Palatypus

    For those who were a little worried about how JSN showed up Devin Witherspoon in mini-camp, here is an exerpt from Tim Green’s book The Dark Side of the Game: My Life in the NFL.

    Nothing is more meaningless in the game of NFL football than minicamps. Every Spring, we get to hear how wonderful the new crop of rookies look in their shorts and jerseys. It’s a joke…

    I remember my second and third years in the league. I didn’t know any of this. I would stand there during camp, watching the new rookies with my eyes agog. They always looked good. They were fresh and healthy and spirited beyond belief. They ran and snorted and tore up the turf in a way that made me worry for my job.

    The veteran players, who I was now good friends with laughed at me when I would worry out loud.
    “Shorts mean nothing,” they’d say. “Wait until the pads go on. These rookies won’t know what hit them.”
    And it was true. What had become second nature to me, the speed, the violence, the intensity of contact in the NFL, would overwhelm almost every rookie. No matter how good they looked in shorts, they were always in for a rude awakening come the beginning of camp.”

  7. 509 Chris

    Really jonsing for some SDB so I appreciate the video guys. I had a British friend years ago who introduced me to Cricket. Its a cool sport. As a lifelong baseball fan you have to have some appreciation for it I’d say.

  8. 509 Chris

    I respect Robs take on the LOB guys dredging up that superbowl, but I’m loving the KJ Wright podcast. He just had Cliff Avril on. I dig listening to all those guys.

    • Palatypus

      “Are you sure you’re okay, because numbness in both arms is usually spinal.”

  9. samprassultanofswat

    Personally. These rankings are basically just something to talk about. They really don’t mean a darn thing. Quandre Diggs was not treated with disrespect by the Seahawk organization. That is what is important. It’s not important that an ESPN writer gave Diggs a honorable mention.

  10. Palatypus

    “Well, I’m the best pundit in the game! When you try me with a sorry pundit like Bayless, that’s the result you gonna’ git’ !!! Don’t you ever talk about me !!!”

    • Big Mike

      I don’t ever watch these kind of shows, especially this one but if they let Sherman be himself and don’t make him “let Skip win” he’ll destroy Clueless on a near daily basis. Like him or not, Sherman is a very smart human being.

  11. jed

    Really glad we’re not having to deal with this.

    • 509 Chris

      That whole situation is just ugly. There were so many people responsible and so many instances where the organization could have tried to reign in the craziness with players and staff. With the specific article you referenced there though I wonder how much the plaintiff is responsible for? She’s suing Georgia Athletic and Carter but she hopped in a car with a driver she knew was intoxicated. At some point everyone has their own responsibility to avoid obviously dangerous situations.

      • Malanch

        “… she hopped in a car with a driver she knew was intoxicated.”

        Bowles’s case also establishes that LeCroy’s chronic speeding was known within the organization, so Bowles hopped in a car with a chronic super-speeder she knew was intoxicated.

    • Rob Staton

      I wondered why there were suddenly a few reports emerging about Jalen Carter being generous to a walk-on team mate at Georgia

      I’ll give it to his agent — he knows how to play the game

      And sooooo many fans/media are willing to go for it

      • Rob Staton

        Cannot believe how much s*** I got for saying the Seahawks wouldn’t draft him (a take that was more than just my opinion)

        Very little acknowledgement by those people since, too

        • Palatypus

          His agent knows how to play the game, but he doesn’t know how to wash his hands after he takes a piss.

          And as for all the shit you got, I’m sure Drew Rosenhaus has more under his fingernails.

          And you got a lot of shit for that.

        • Malanch

          And there will never be any acknowledgment, Rob, nor will there be one after the next cycling of this timeless theme. What there will be is more of this:

          “Come on, people make mistakes.”
          “He’s just a kid.”
          “Hey, when I was that age, I wasn’t perfect either. Were you?”
          “He grew up in a tough situation.”
          “He [insert selfless, charitable deed] back in [insert hometown/college town].”
          “He just needs to be around some veteran leaders, to help him grow up.”
          Et cetera, et cetera …

          • Palatypus

            Some of it though is the culture here in the south. There is a NASCAR mentality to the entire SEC conference. There isn’t a day here in Northwest Florida that I don’t do 80 MPH in my MINI Cooper S – and I have totalled two of them. Neither time was my fault, but it is kill or be killed on the highway.

            Also, even though Florida has some of the most draconian DUI laws in the country, they are barely enforced. The #1 industry here in Florida is tourism and there are a lot of elderly people who are retired here that drive like they are intoxicated all the time.

            The police pretty much ignore it until they have to do something. This is one of the things I really miss about Seattle. It’s also probably one of the reasons Doug Baldwin Sr. ran for Escambia County Sheriff recently.

            • Malanch

              Tsk, tsk, tsk!

              … One doesn’t need a driver’s manual to figure out that excessive speed collapses the safety margins for all drivers—and passengers—in a given traffic cell. It decreases available reaction time and stopping distance, while also increasing tailgating, lane changing, overtaking, and other high speed/close proximity maneuvering.

              So, I might be just awesome at 80 mph, but if I do that kind of speed while other drivers are near, crash probabilities inevitably go up—no matter how damn awesome my speeding technique is. I’m just begging the cosmos to send one of those drivers faulting right into me. I could feasibly game the probabilities over the short run, but eventually balance will be restored. Math is a mofo.

              Speeding near others is among the most dickheadedly selfish things a person can do to a fellow citizen, and this southern “NASCAR mentality” is an unworthy excuse. Forget the cops, too: The presence or absence of law enforcement is irrelevant; the responsibility is ours to take care of each other. Universities should even go above and beyond this basic obligation, endeavoring to ensure their scholarship athletes model responsible public behavior at all times—because the day one gets a driver’s license, one cannot be a kid anymore.

              Palatypus, please don’t total this latest MINI Coop. It’d be a shame if your quirky posts suddenly dried up one day.

        • samprassultanofswat

          Rob: You can’t worry about what others say. All we heard from the so-called “experts” actually “talking heads” is more accurate. Everyone had Seattle taking Jalen Carter at 5. Even Mike Salk would have been happy with the Seahawks taking Jalen Carter. If the Eagles did not have Carter’s college teammate (Jordan Davis) who knows how far he would have fell. Jalen Carter has bust written all over him. The Eagles are hoping/praying that Davis keeps Carter in line.

          I just looked at Daniel Jeremiah’s final mock draft. His picks were a joke. He had Anthony Richardson going to Seattle at 20. Nolan Smith going to the Eagles AT 10(he fell to 31 but did go to the Eagles.) Of coarse he had Jalen Carter going to the Seahawks at 5. Just think. Jeremiah gets paid big bucks for his opinion.

          • McZ

            Carter has found the perfect spot. Can carve out a fringe role on a deep and talented front, building up confidence, because he prevailed afainst the besr.

            It’s crucial to understand that Seattle could never have provided that environment, which makes Robs judgement sound, even if Jalen Carter turns out to be the second coming.

        • Big Mike

          Cannot believe how much s*** I got for saying the Seahawks wouldn’t draft him (a take that was more than just my opinion)

          Very little acknowledgement by those people since, too

          I’m shocked Rob. Most people are very willing to admit they’re wrong, especially when afforded the relative anonymity of the internet. Must be you.

          • Peter

            Well played, sir

  12. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    On DeAndre Hopkins’ 2-year, $26M deal with the #Titans, there are $3M available in incentives each year. If he reaches 95 catches, 1,050 yards and 10 TDs, he gets all of it.

    • Palatypus

      Will Levis to Hop….

  13. cha

    Evan Engram’s new deal with Jacksonville might be a benchmark to look at if the Seahawks wish to extend Noah Fant this year.

    Engram got 3y/$41.25m with $16.5m guaranteed, plus a $7.5m option bonus in 2024 that is pretty likely guaranteed barring catastrophic injury or something on that level. You could call it $24m guaranteed.

    Smart structuring by Jax. 2023 and 2024 are easily manageable and they will need to make a decision in 2025.

    Their career numbers are eerily similar:

    Engram in 6 seasons (missed half of 2019 to injury):
    335 rec / 3594 yards / 167 FD / 20 TD

    Fant’s 4 seasons pro-rated to 6:
    330 rec / 3586 yards / 165 FD / 21 TD

    • Brodie

      How are we feeling about the current cap situation? Witherspoon and to a lesser extent Charbonnet will eat into the roughly $7M currently shown as available.

      Paris Johnson was one pick after Witherspoon and his cap number is $5.1M, so it seems like we’re still short for PS/Injury and future signings at cut day. Spotrac has us with about $1.5M in additional space than OTC though.

      The contract Engram got doesn’t move the needle (if given to Fant) as his year one cap hit is essentially the same as what Fant is already set to be paid.

      It has to be Nwosu or Jamal, right?

      I have been holding out some hope that they are actually trying to actually benefit from the comp pick system next year. Nwosu, Fant, Taylor, Wagner, Brooks, Bush, Damien Lewis, etc. are all set to hit UFA.

      • cha

        Yeah that’s what I figure as well for space. Lockett restructuring got them enough to sign their draft picks, and they’ll have about $1.4-1.6m of space left.

        If they wanted to give Fant the Engram contract they could cut down his cap number. They would get some relief, a max of about $4.5m if they really got skinny in 2023.

        I am surprised they have not either cut Adams or had The Talk about him giving them a break on his 2023 salary yet. Converting some of that salary to bonus and pushing it out would be just as much a disaster as letting his contract play as it is.

        They could get Nwosu extended but is he willing? This next contract will probably be the biggest of his career. A 10 sack 75 PFF type season will really boost his market value.

        Or they could just piecemeal the cap situation throughout the year. A million here, a million there. They don’t need all $6m or so for the practice squad Week One. They just need it for each week’s payroll. But doing it that way is ugly and unsatisfying. And probably adds to dead cap in 2024 for players that they choose not to bring back.

        • 509 Chris

          I don’t think extending Nwosu is smart for either parties. The team has a lot of young cheap options right now and if a couple of them flourish this season an older Nwosu doesnt seem as important anymore. Also as you pointed out he holds all the cards right now. He’s had 2 good seasons in a row and another one will really make him a hot commodity, so unless Seattle wants to back up the Brinks truck he’s better off waiting too. He’s been a lone bright spit on this defense and it’d be sad to see him leave after just a couple years but that might end up being the wisest play. Going with that thought I hate the 2 year deals. If a guy is good sign him for 3 or 4 and leave a reasonable out.

          • cha

            You can never have too many pass rushers.

            4 good to great OLB’s all splitting the snaps 50% each is a great thing to have.

            And in a years’ time, Taylor could be a very nice trade chip if he has another good sacking season.

            • Palatypus

              And still no news about Alton Robinson.

          • Brodie

            It’s a cap thing though. If we need to free up around $5-$6M Nwosu is the only extension that can do that with a good player at a good age.

            They can cut/trade Adams, but it sure doesn’t seem like that is a route they’re likely to take.

            If Cha is right and they can get Adams to do what Joe Mixon just did (agree to less money) then maybe that gap is easy to cover with some smaller moves.

            We’ve already paid Adams ~$37M (staggering). Over that span, he’s missed 24 out of 49 games. Not to mention he’s been AT BEST an average safety.

            I wonder if they could structure his contract with the incentives being games or snaps played. Set the bar at 13 games for example (which he’s never hit with us) and maybe that means they are not-likely-to-be-earned, and thus don’t count against the 2023 cap. Probably tough considering his current health, but something needs to give.

  14. Palatypus

    I know we have all been bashing on Disney lately, but someone has to show up at a Seahawks game dressed as Admiral Thrawn.

    (at the 2:30 mark)

    And is it just me or does he look a little like a blue Elon Musk?

  15. Hawksorhiking?

    I’d love to see Igwebuike back, he was so explosive, but I wonder if Pete thinks Eskridge can do the same on kick returns? His college return numbers look good, although to be honest, I don’t know how kickoff rules differ in college. It would give him another chance to showcase his (potential?) skills when needed as the 4th/5th receiver. It would also save a roster spot for another position. Thoughts anyone?

  16. cha

    Rob you said in the stream you’d trade Jamal Adams for Al Woods + Ryan Neal and I agree fully.

    Take it a step further and run it back to my January post positing the Seahawks should boot Quandre Diggs as well.

    Take that $9.9m and add Adrian Amos at safety ($2.56m) and one of Javon Hargrave ($6.6m) or Zach Allen ($6m).

    Skip Mike Morris in the 5th and take JL Skinner and stash him as a project instead.

    OLB-Nwosu, Mafe, Smith
    RDE-Hargrave or Allen, Reed
    NT-Woods, Young, Mone
    LDE-Dremont, Edwards, Myles
    OLB-Taylor, Hall

    FS-Love, Amos, Blount
    SS-Neal, Reed, Skinner

    That safety group is fast, smart, tough and versatile. Does it have the name recognition and “social media noise” rep that Diggs & Adams do? No. But with that solid of a front to work with I’d argue they would perform just fine.

    Great part is, the 2024 cap is nearly neutral when you consider the savings of Adams+Diggs.

    • 509 Chris

      I see your posts and articles cha and it makes me wonder why the seahawks don’t take that sort of approach. Like what do they see that we don’t? Over the years most of your opinions on cap management and player signings have aged well. Is it a case of people in the building being too close to the situation? Are they on too personal of a level with players? I know anytime someone criticizes the organization online at least one of the comments will always being something to the effect of, but you don’t actually work in professional football so your opinion isn’t valid. But on this site everything is still there to look back on and I think a lot of the ideas thrown around, or just the general notion that the team needs to he more aggressive and ruthless, seem like mostly would have worked out well.

      To go a step further a lot of organizations around the league could benifit from a similar approach. The Patriots and Steelers have done a good job over the years in staying aggressive but they have people who have job security. I can give a young coach more grace knowing they can’t necessarily be as balsy right out of the gate. No coach in the NFL however has the job security that Pete does. Up to the point of trading away the franchise qb, albeit seemingly a great move now. So if he can take that shot why are we going to spend 8 mil for 6 to 9 games MAYBE of Adams? Or another 8 mil for a blocking tight end. A couple phenomenal drafts are the only reason this team has a bright horizon but if they can’t shift the management style I feel like they’ll crash this ship right into the rocks like they did with the last great team.

      • cha

        I really don’t know Chris.

        The idea of stacking the trenches and filling the lesser-critical spots like safety is sacrosanct, and yet that is exactly what the Seahawks have done. And not just done it, they have done it to an extreme degree. Diggs and Adams’ big contracts? Both were signed coming off major injury years for those players. Rather than take a tough stance and gauge their injury progress, and admit that they are going to have diminished play while they recover, they handed out peak-level contracts while overseeing ugly, ugly results on the field from their defense that quite honestly, were easily predictable.

        And what’s more, the local press has only nibbled around the edges the last three-four years of why the Seahawks have invested a crazy amount of resources at safety and floundered with Kerry Hyders, Benson Mayowas, Gabe Jacksons and Austin Blythes in the trenches.

        Imagine how further this team’s progression would be with first round pick 70 PFFers Alijah Vera-Tucker and Jordan Davis on each side of the lines instead of Adams. Then take his cap money and add a rock solid center and another mid-level pass rusher.

        It hurts my head.

        Some of it for sure is due to Pete Carroll’s vision. The last 2-3 years he has been asked what he is most proud of in his Seahawks era, and he has always responded with “consistency” and many fans agree with that take.

        The correct answer of course is ‘building one of the great defenses all time, and grooming an undersized 3rd round QB into a star player and demolishing teams on the way to a Super Bowl win and another appearance.’ Anything else is ridiculous.

        But in a way, Pete’s answer shows his mindset. He will never ‘take one step back to take several steps forward.’ And while that rightly wins him a lot of adulation, the truth is, they are still several steps away from honestly contending for a championship.

        And the last three seasons, we have all witnessed Pete brush off real concerns about the team’s performances expressed by the press, only to get to the end of the year, and list those very same concerns as the reasons they could not get farther in the playoffs and really threaten a Conference Championship Game, let alone a Super Bowl.

        The culture that Pete provides (and the players rave about) has lost its teeth. The checks he constantly writes about ‘belief’ and ‘being connected’ rarely if ever get cashed with smart, tough play on the field. So they consistently have winning records but also consistently miss out on playing for the big prize.

        And everyone falls back on how it is so great that they have a positive culture that players like and the team wins more than they lose. It is preferring to lay on the couch with a warm blanket draped over you to being outside in the rain up to your knees in mud striving for the ultimate prize. And personally, it insults my intelligence and passion for the game.

        My current view is (and has been for a while now) that this upswing in talent acquisition between the draft and a decent free agent period can hopefully, eventually, provide so much talent that it exceeds the coaching and culture limitations. They badly need to override this malaise that has eroded the franchise from one of the NFL’s dominant powers to a plucky fringe playoff participant, and stacking talent is the only way I see things changing.

        And so, the sooner they escape the straightjacket of the safety expenditures, the better off they will be.

        • Gaux Hawks

          hard to argue against that… especially AVT + DAVIS + NEAL + CAP !!!

        • Big Mike

          Absolutely incredible post cha!! You’ve summed my feelings succinctly and I know I’m nit alone.
          Fortunately we have this blog to express these frustrations because pretty much everywhere else is a you gotta be mostly happy or you’re a bad fan type place (reality: we happily settle for WC round exits).

    • Ben

      Make them the official uniform next year. New era, old school.

      • BK26

        Eh…they’re awesome for a game or two. But new era, new color scheme, new design, new century. They have made the change and turned that page. We are college navy, action green, and wolf grey.

        • dand393

          No more wolf grey there not allowed to use them since they are keeping action green outfits

          • BK26

            I just meant as one of the colors on the jerseys. Especially since it wasn’t on the older ones.

          • STTBM

            Personally, I think the Grey and the nasty Action Green uniforms both suck, and need to go away.

            Our current uniforms took awhile to grow on me, but I dig them now. The 90s helmets were cool, the jersey ok. But that’s as far as the Way ack Machine needs to go for Seattle.

            • Big Mike

              With you on the action green. Hate them

    • Mick

      I love them, they look amazing, helmet, shirts, pants. I’d like to see the players wear them at games.

  17. Jordan

    Interesting read on future power rankings for 2023 and beyond:Hawks at 6th behind 1)Eagles 2)Chiefs 3)Bengals 4T)Ravens & Bills.

  18. Gross MaToast

    Mr. Clemons has already had enough of Aaron Rodgers’ shit and it’s Day 1.

  19. Rob Staton

    I’m going to try and post a video later today with some thoughts on the throwback uni’s…

    • cha

      Just saying…

      Throwback jerseys available to order on the official team shop website:


      #33 Jamal Adams isn’t available to purchase.

      Just saying.

      • Gaux Hawks

        …please tell me this is real !!

      • BK26

        Don’t you dare…. Don’t…give me hope….

        • Big Mike


      • Palatypus

        I need a Wednesday Addams jersey.

        • STTBM

          Wednesday IS way cooler than Jammal….

      • Max from Van

        Im really sad that there isn’t a Nwosu option 🙁

      • bmseattle

        Pretty conspicuous that our highest paid player isn’t represented.

      • Romeo A57

        I am sure that list is just for the top ten jerseys in popularity. I would be surprised if Adams cracked a to 50 list for most popular Seahawks Jerseys right now.

        • Big Mike

          Bubble badly deflated. 🙁

  20. geoff u

    Love the throwbacks. Always loved the silver helmets and pants. They were always a bit too much like the Cowboy’s/Lions tho…

  21. Gaux Hawks

    underrated breakout candidate: Dareke Young (take another look at his pro day numbers… ooh la la)

  22. cha

    Richardson gonna look sharp in these

    • geoff u

      Who? :cries:

  23. Rushless pass

    New Sound of the Seahawks. They did a great job with the intro to these throwbacks!

  24. Peter

    Just read that Titans 30 year old probowl safety Kevin Byard with: 4 ints, 6 passes defended, 100+ combined tackles last year had his contract reworked to 11 million base this year…..expect wheelin’ dealin’ John to come in any minute now to announce two new reworked contracts for Quandre and Adams…..

    Jokes aside would be nice to be paying them real market value and having 14 ish million bucks extra this off season to pay for two plus level dlinemen.

    • Big Mike


      Please tell me the at least release both of them next off-season

      • Big Mike

        Voice to text fail
        Please tell me they will at least release both of them next off-season

        • BK26

          I think that they have to. There is nothing about Jamal that fits with the last 2 years: on-field play, leadership, value as a player and contract value, being a team-guy. Being useful period.

          Quandre…leadership. But I think something about him has changed: all of the twitter stuff and getting offended; recruiting every player possible. Kind of ruffled me wrong. His value isn’t quite there either. He’s just better than Adams.

          To continue the team’s path, I think that they have to be gone. A window is opening where we need cap and personnel mobility. It’s pretty obvious and crucial.

          Will the team do anything about it? I need to see it to believe it.

          • cha

            It is a bit odd to me, this ‘social media partnership’ that the Seahawks have formed with Diggs. He is not as volatile as say Sherman or Earl Thomas were but he definitely has plenty of time to spout his opinions to the world.

            Diggs was railing about Byard being approached about reducing his contract this spring. And publicly lobbying the Seahawks to go get Darius Slay and his huge contract. And then in the next breath, lamenting ‘the business’ when players get cut.

            Aligning your team brand with such an outspoken player advocate by giving him ‘social media scoops’ seems like an odd choice. And just one of those exact choices that Pete makes, players love, and then it blows up when things don’t go swimmingly and the team has to make a hard business decision.

            • BK26

              It’s a very weird, very fine line. When he was the one that (I guess) announced the throwbacks, it just made me roll my eyes. Actually everything over the last year or so that he’s tweeted or whatever has made me roll my eyes.

              When you are having enough issues playing and justifying a big contract, that needs to be the biggest worry. He’s let outside factors affect him.

              Sign him, sign him, sign him. Then reduce your salary so it can be done.

              • Gaux Hawks

                Maybe having Diggs be the face/voice of the team helps soften the blow (public image) of cutting Adams?

                ; )

                • Big Mike

                  Aaaaaanf again a poster here drops me a crumb of hope……….I cling desperately to every possibility of being rid of him no matter how far fetched it may seem.
                  Hope can at times be a dangerous thing

  25. Palatypus

    Sean Payton is giving a $50.00 gift card to the rookie who gives the most generic answer to the press.

    Watch Pete Carroll give a gift card to the reporter who asks the most generic question.

    This begs the question, what would be the most generic kind of gift card? Applebees?

  26. David

    So excited for training camp to get started soon. Oddly, I’m not worried about Geno Smith. Or even if our defensive schemes are improved and align with our personnel. For me, my top two initial questions concern health and rookie line talent.

    Regarding health, it’s Jamal Adams and Jordy Brooks. I’m gonna be so happy, and optimistic, if those two players are ready to go early in camp. Not necessarily day one. But it’s gotta be early. It’s not gonna be enough if they get cleared to play starting week six. There’s four winnable games (Rams, Lions, Panthers & Giants) before our bye in week five. I think John & Pete did good getting depth in case they aren’t ready to go (Julian Love, Devon Bush & even Bobby Wagner), but we need Adams & Brooks. They’re among the team’s top players. And leaders. They’re gonna be the ones making Hurtt’s schemes excel. I hope. Should find out about these guys soon enough. Fingers crossed.

    As for our line play, I wonder if this is the season it starts to come together. Finally. Cause we seem to be counting on a boat load of late round rookies. Starting with Oluwatimi (5th round) vs Brown at center and Bradford (4th round) vs Haynes at guard. If those two rookies are ready to perform like Cross & Lucas did last year, our o-line could become decent. For a while. And wouldn’t it be nice if the 49ers d-line weren’t able to bitch slap us around every game?!? On the other side, Cam Young has seemingly already been anointed our starting NT. And Jonah Tavai & Mike Morris are in line to play significant rotation roles. Ya, three of our top seven defensive linemen are rookies. A 4th, 5th and UDFA! Yikes! We shall soon see if these guys were brilliant late round rookie gets by John and Pete or just more false hope for the faithful. Me? I’m optimistic. But I’m also thinking the Hawks have a lot of DB depth that we might be able to trade for some d-line help if needs be.

    • Palatypus

      If you are of the phliosphy that football defense 101 is going as deep as the deepest, as wide as the widest, set the edge and force everything to the middle, then you probably believe that this unit is going to be just fine.

      The question is: How good is the middle?

      • David

        What are you looking at toward understanding “how good is the middle”?

    • Big Mike

      we need Adams & Brooks. They’re among the team’s top players. And leaders.

      Adams a top player? A leader?
      Well to each their own

      • Palatypus

        What could you get with a $50 gift certificate for Louis Vuitton? Maybe a single coffee bean?

  27. Palatypus

    DT, depth at middle linebacker, and box safety.

    • swedenhawk

      Do you think that, with their renewed emphasis on character, the Seahawks will take a look at Perrion Winfrey?

  28. Elmer

    England off to a solid start in the women’s WC. I am

  29. Palatypus

    I thought the younger players at forward were an upgrade over Tobin Heath last night, but what do I know.

    • Elmer

      Me either, but the match statistics looked dominant.

      • Palatypus

        Well, the zero shots on goal does make Julie Ertz look pretty good.

      • Palatypus

        One other thing that I noticed, while being impressed with Rose Lavelle, was that she was taller than all of the Vietnamese players – except for maybe the goalie. So I looked up her bio. Rose is 5’4″.

        You’re kidding, right?

        Then I started to watch Trinity Rodman, daughter of Dennis, who is officially listed at 5’7, but in other places 5’10”. Now, she is not as quick as the other forwards, but she has those long strides. It seemed like the Vietnamese defenders were taking two or three steps for every one of hers.

  30. Pepperpig

    I watched the 4th day of the ashes series today. More exciting than the women’s World Cup.

    • swedenhawk

      I dunno about the ashes, but Sweden’s come from behind victory against South Africa was pretty exciting!

    • cha

      Maybe. But not really.

      It’s a silly article. The Raiders are just being careful.

      Tons of players start on PUP and then go on to be fine.

      A bunch of Seahawks are going to start out on PUP. Maybe Witherspoon and JSN. Does that mean the Seahawks should not have drafted them???

      • Peter


        Depends if it’s a one time thing or becomes chronic.

        Hoping for the best. For all the players.

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