Top-20 feature — another October projection

I wanted to update this from a few weeks ago. Several players (Tim Settle, Maurice Hurst, Bryce Love, Anthony Miller) deserve some recognition.

Although it’s in the format of a mock draft, it’s not a serious projection. This is simply a way to highlight a few names and pair them with team fits.

If you think someone should be on the list let me know in the comments section. Sam Darnold (QB, USC) and Trey Adams (T, Washington) were not included due to recent reports suggesting they won’t declare for the 2018 draft.

#1 Cleveland — Josh Rosen (QB, UCLA)
#2 San Francisco — Saquon Barkley (RB, Penn State)
#3 New York Giants — Lamar Jackson (QB, Louisville)
#4 Indianapolis — Bradley Chubb (DE, NC State)
#5 Cincinnati — Tim Settle (DT, Virginia Tech)
#6 Tampa Bay — Taven Bryan (DE, Florida)
#7 Arizona — Christian Wilkins (DT, Clemson)
#8 Baltimore — Quenton Nelson (G, Notre Dame)
#9 Oakland — Mike McGlinchey (T, Notre Dame)
#10 New York Jets — Connor Williams (T, Texas)
#11 Los Angeles Chargers — Minkah Fitzpatrick (DB, Alabama)
#12 Chicago — Clelin Ferrell (DE, Clemson)
#13 Dallas — Maurice Hurst (DT, Michigan)
#14 Denver — Vita Vea (DT, Washington)
#15 Cleveland (via Houston) — Bryce Love (RB, Stanford)
#16 Detroit — Derrius Guice (RB, LSU)
#17 Atlanta — Anthony Miller (WR, Memphis)
#18 Washington — Baker Mayfield (QB, Oklahoma)
#19 Tennessee — Derwin James (S, Florida State)
#20 Jacksonville — Billy Price (G, Ohio State)

Players considered:

Courtland Sutton (WR, SMU)
Ronnie Harrison (S, Alabama)
Braden Smith (G, Auburn)
Austin Bryant (DE, Clemson)
Roquan Smith (LB, Georgia)
Harold Landry (EDGE, Boston College)

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  1. George Roberts

    My big sleeper/riser heading into draft is NWU QB Clayton Thorson. All the tools, a character guy who has had a mediocre supporting cast and few athletes at WR to help him.

  2. Kenny Sloth

    Derwin James could go top 10 for me

    • Rob Staton

      He lurches between underwhelming and really exciting. Big concern has been a couple of times this year he’s just looked so stiff working in space against open runners. That’s fine if he’s going to be used as a dynamic strong safety — but it limits his value a little bit. Might be more Eric Reid than Eric Berry.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’ll look for that stiffness in future viewings. I figured he would be a strong safety at the next level. He has linebacker instincts, but doesn’t close down well.

        His man coverage can be suspect as well.

      • Ishmael

        Could be taking time coming back from injury. He definitely doesn’t look as fluid as his freshman season.

        • drewdawg11

          He’s not been as good as advertised this year. Good player, but more was expected I believe. And yeah, I don’t know that I would trust him to cover in space.

  3. Ralphy

    Baker Mayfield surprises me. He doesn’t look like an NFL QB to me.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s been very impressive this season so far.

      Many people said Deshaun Watson wasn’t a NFL quarterback to be fair — and very few people were talking about Patrick Mahomes. Trubisky has looked good too. There are a handful of college QB’s at the moment who are more than deserving of a shot to start in the NFL.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Baker Mayfield has surprised the hell out of me.

        Maybe I got in my head he didn’t have the goods after seeing him before his transfer from Texas Tech. Where he won the job as a walkon

        Bet against him at your own risk.

        I like him a lot more in the third round, but is tere any real reason to put him there?

    • C-Dog

      He’s my personal favorite of this class.

  4. astraeus

    3 other Alabama guys WR Calvin Ridley, LB Rashaan Evans, and maybe CB Levi Wallace could go top 20 imo. OT Orlando Brown too.

  5. Nick

    God I would love a badass G prospect in the first. This line is not far away from being competent.

    • swisshawk

      I don’t know but in my opinion we are set longterm at the guard positions with LG Odihambo/Joeckel and RG Pocic. Tackle I’m not so sure (really high hopes for Fant, but that injury is serious / Ifedi looks like the answer at RT for me)

      • swisshawk

        But I agree with you that we are not that far away to man a competent (average?) line

        • DC

          If we added Duane Brown to our line playing to his potential I would also agree that we would have a competent line at least by season’s end. And to me that spells – s u p e r b o w l

  6. DC

    I’m always curious to see how great OL mates play after they are split up. Last year it was PITT’s left side. This year it is Notre Dame’s (better)

    • Volume12

      TBF, Pitt’s O-line last year couldn’t hold a candle to the fire of ND’s left side.

  7. Dale

    If the Hawks want to retain Clark(24) and Richardson(26) on the defensive line then Jockel and Avril will be cap casualties and hopefully they can trade Lane’s salary. Sherman(29) and Thomas(28) will be free agents in 2019. Sherman will be 30, Chancellor 30, and Thomas 29 next year. Do we have the special players to replace these three on the roster? What do we do to prepare for Earl Thomas’s decline? If a special safety or CB were available at our pick I’d look seriously at pulling the trigger.

    Between Odhiambo and Fant I think left guard is tackle is solved. Odhiambo could also play right tackle with Ifedi bumped back inside to guard. Add Pocic to the equation and I don’t see a screaming need to take a first round O-lineman. While I obviously wouldn’t mind a more and cheaper competition on the OL I don’t see this as a early round need.

    What would you pay to get a shot at a bell cow running back like Saquon Barkley?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I have to think that a great running back is needed – since the RB by committee approach isn’t working well = other than there has been a good rotation when players got injured.

  8. Kenny Sloth


    What is the prime age to get a return on investment from NFL stars?

    Trade them in the final year of their second deal? Hope for comp picks when you let them walk?

    Trade them for picks or players? Or do you just drain them for every drop until they’re broken, retired, or discontented?

    • Volume12

      I don’t think it’s an exact science or there’s a specific formula.

    • cha

      Doesn’t get more prime than having the #1 or #2 overall pick and there is a franchise QB available.

  9. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody else watching the ravens game, missing Alex Collins a little?

    • vrtkolman

      I can’t imagine he would be doing anything in Seattle if he was still here. That Ravens O line is no joke, what a find Matt Skura was. He’s a stud. Stanley is a good LT and Yanda is the best guard in football.

      • vrtkolman

        Well, Yanda may not be anymore as he’s 33 now, but he is still elite.

    • Rik

      What I miss is a competent offensive line. Alex Collins always had potential, but not behind our O line. Sad. Imagine our running backs behind a line that could actually open holes!

      • Volume12

        Prosise would still be hurt, Rawls would be trying to make every carry a highlight reel on ESPN, and Lacy would still be plodding away.

        • Ishmael


          And look, Collins still doesn’t look special. He’s just a guy.

    • Tien

      Collins did look great tonight but as others have said, how would he have done behind Seattle’s OL. And from what I saw in the pre-season (and to be fair, he didn’t get a lot of reps in pre-season games), he looked about as slow as Lacy and I thought the Hawks kept the right backs. I’m still hoping that as our OL improves that Rawls & Lacy can still become effective as our 1-2 punch out of the backfield.

    • Dale

      He’s a good back, not a great one. There’s very few who can make something out of nothing. Witness Todd Gurley.

    • cha

      No. If Carson didn’t get hurt this discussion is meaningless.

      I’m happy for Collins and proud that the Hawks can ID and develop talent, even if it gets displayed on other teams.

  10. Kenny Sloth

    Woooooooooow Poor Joe

    That was about as dirty a hit as it gets.

    You know that QB is sliding and you know he’s short of the first.

    Kiko Alonso took a downward angle to land a shoulder square on a grounded Flaccos jaw.

    Flaccos helmet was knocked off immediately and he raised a finger either to signal a first down or to indicate the penalty. It then appears he points right to his head. His eyes are wide open like a damn baby. He practically has birds circling his helmetless head.

    The ravens are playing scared and the dolphins are teeing off. Of course you wouldnt know it from the score.

    The ageless mummy that is Ben Watson scored a touchdown at 37 years young against K.O. Alonso

    • Kenny Sloth

      Never thought I’d wish I was watching Flacco v. Tannehill

      Then I saw their backups

      • Volume12

        Yeah, Flacco ain’t good either bruh.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Marty Mornhinweg thoigh? 🔥

    • Volume12

      ‘Possibly concussed’ they said.

      Possibly? My dude got his lights turnt out!

    • Ishmael

      If Alonso did that to Brady he’d be ejected and suspended immediately.

      If Alonso did that to Cam, Cam would be flagged for diving.

    • Dale

      Suspension for Alonzo?

      • cha

        I replayed the video a few times and Alonzo has about 8 steps to realize that it’s the QB running and figure out what is proper and what is not. The second Flacco sees him he gives up trying to get to the first down line and goes down. I don’t think Alonzo has a leg to stand on.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Do the refs no longer suspend a player in mid game??? In Miami game there was some chatter about Suh doing some eye poking. Nothing happened (well there were 3 penalties but no one got booted)

  11. Volume12

    Joe Flacco out here dead on national t.v. Imagine not wanting the NFL to crack down on these dirty hits. Couldn’t be me.

  12. Sean-O

    Arizona has to draft their QB of the future at some point don’t they? Weren’t they rumored to want to move up in the ’17 draft for Mahomes?

    • Aaron

      They should, but maybe they won’t so we don’t have to worry about them for a few years. Rams are our new rivals now.

  13. Rik

    I would turn Cleveland’s picks around. Saquon Barkley with the first then Baker Mayfield (or Lamar Jackson, if he’s available) with the pick from Houston.

    • Volume12

      Does Cleveland even deserve Barkley? There’s no way you take a RB #1 when u have a mess art the QB and O-line positions.

      • Josh

        Trent Richardson says hi

        • Volume12

          He was the #1 overall pick?

          • Josh

            Sorry, I was just poking fun at Clevelands wonderful draft history.

            • AlaskaHawk

              In that case, Deshawn Watson and Carson Wentz say thank you for NOT picking me.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I look at it this way, they have had woeful success at picking QBs high in the draft…. so maybe taking the safer pick would be the wisest course of action. The RB is ready to go from the get go. The OL is serviceable… as long as Joe Thomas comes back. Perhaps a slight trade down would be warranted, grab a few more picks in various rounds or in 1st round 2019….. and really rebuild right. I guess it depends on what you think the 49ers would do with the 2nd pick…. as mentioned in the article, I could easily see them drafting the RB.

  14. Ty the Guy

    Offensive Tackle. Period.
    Big Body WR.
    Athletic, blocking TE.
    Strong-side, quick, powerful LB.
    Penetrating, pushing, 3-tech DT.
    Dynamic pass rusher.
    Aggressive, but sticks like glue nickel back.
    Punishing, explosive, 3-down, 4 quarters, RB.
    Reliable backup QB with upside.

    These are the Seahawks’ wants/needs.

    How in this upcoming draft/offseason will they try to acquire these guys?

    I don’t have an answer, but I hope you all will help be to determine if there are any of these guys that will be available to us in the draft. -From Rob’s projections, I am intrigued by all of them except the QBs, only because we won’t be drafting one in the 1st round.

    • Dale

      -Top flight, durable bell cow running back is a huge need if we are to re-establish the run first personality.
      -Do we have the answers for Earl, Sherm, and Kam turning 30?
      -Will Fant be back at full strength by next year’s training camp? How will Odhiambo grade out by the end of the year? First round left tackles are no sure thing. Witness the crop of very high picks that have been virtual busts.
      -I want to keep both Clark(24) and Richardson(26) but where is that money going to come from? Trading Lane and retiring Avril would be a start.
      -Bye, bye Jimmy Graham. We need a cheaper guy who is more capable of blocking. We must run the ball… it’s who we are.

      • Drew

        I think Delano Hill is Kam’s eventual replacement. He looked great in pre-season. Quill Richardson is Sherm’s eventual replacement. Fant should be back and in shape in time for camp. I’d be for moving on from Bennett if it means keeping Richardson.

    • LeoSharp

      Damien Harris – RB – Alabama that really intrigues me, create vision and really quick feet. fits the typical size profile of a Seahawaks RB.

      Ogbonnia Okoronkwo – OLB – Oklahoma looks like he could be a very productive SAM for Seattle and situational rusher, not the greatest size or flexibility to be a full time DE

      Frank Ragnow – C – Arkansas played RG as a sophomore with his last two years as a center powerful run blocker and good in pass pro. His recent high ankle sprain could result in him slipping to the end of the 3rd. Additionally his addition to the squad could mean the team doesn’t need to carry a backup up center with 3 in the starting lineup

      • swisshawk

        Do you follow Ragnow closely? Had he a good season until now? I really liked his tape when I watched some film this summer, but I sadly forgot about him.

        • LeoSharp

          I started watching him after Glow played terribly, with a line of Fant, Pocic, Britt, Ragnow, Ifedi the tackles would still be the weak point but interior would be a massive strength as well as the experience with communication.

          I think Ragnow has played consistently well without a great deal of holes in his game. He can pull, double team, get to the second level and engulf LB, disguises the screen well, keeps his head on a swivel, finishes blocks. Doesn’t really give up pressure, don’t think he’s allowed a sack in 25+ games

          He only seems limited by his lateral speed and agility. Feet aren’t the fastest (similar to Ifedi). He is just so big it doesn’t really matter, especially on the inside

  15. Jww

    Rob-Volume 12- Sloth- what are the strengths of this upcoming draft? I know the guys at the top but where is the depth this year?

    • Rob Staton

      D-Line I think

    • Kenny Sloth

      There are a couple of good tight ends starting to jump on my radar and I think the depth of RB is still underrated going into this draft

    • Volume12

      DL, RB, TE, and LB.

      I don’t think a TE is gonna be as big of a priority for Seattle as some some fans want or think. Probably will be a day 3 pick honestly.

      Same with LB. Matter of fact, wouldn’t surprise me to see Seattle grab 2-3 LBs in UDFA instead.

      • Volume12

        I think a lot of tans forget one of Seattle’s strategies. When they have a need or they’ve identified a position of strength come draft time, they double and sometimes triple down on those positions.

        • C-Dog

          RB is what it feels like to me.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          DT/DE spot is where I think they might invest some resources. DE is a bit long in the tooth and some of the recent injury news has made it a bit thin. I also think a dark horse pick of a CB “early” might be warranted, not because they “need” one, but because they have had so much success with Griffin…. it might have woken them up to taking more talented guys out of the shoot via the draft.

          Another dark horse earlier round position to watch would be WR (specifically the tall ones). I would say no later than 3rd round one will be nabbed by Seattle.

          • East Side Stevie

            Im interedsted to see how David Moore looks in 2018. What is he 6’2 maybe 6’3?

  16. Donald

    I Expect to see Arizona select Baker Mayfield in the 2nd rd, or maybe middle of the 1st rd. He is tough, and talented.

  17. cha

    Tony Romeow outgains the Dolphins RBs – somebody sign that kitty!

    • Volume12

      That was the highlight of the night. I’m a cat guy myself so it brought a huge smile to my face.

      BTW, how great has Tony Romo been as an announcer?

      • cha

        Worlds better than Phil Simms.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Holy shit I was sayin last night.

        He’s amazing

  18. Aaron

    Jags adding Marcell Dareus to already vicious d line. Jags in it to win it all…well except for at QB. Can’t say I aint concerned about our game against them, but I’m not afraid of them.

    • cha

      Buffalo’s FO is impressing me. Able to make lemonade out of one of the most disastrous contracts in recent memory.

      • House

        I agree. They have essentially cleared major contracts from previous regime and are hitting the reset button. I expect them to be busy in the FA and draft They could be the “next man up” as NE transitions from Brady

    • vrtkolman

      Hasn’t Dareus been terrible for a few years now?

      • Volume12

        That’s the thing. If he cares or is motivated we know how good he is, but maybe reuniting with Doug Marrone and playing alongside guys like Calais Campbell, Malik Jackson, and Yannick Ngakoue will reinvigorate him.

        Buffalo OTOH, now has 2 picks in the 1st three rounds and an already well built roster.

        • Volume12

          * 6 picks

          • vrtkolman

            Seems like a good deal for both sides, if he gets that motivation back.

            • East Side Stevie

              I think Jags will be the real deal in 2019

  19. nichansen01

    Marcel Dareus was traded to the jags for a sixth rounder.


  20. Coleslaw

    Carroll said that Pocic will start at LG if Britt plays. If he’s solid we can move Joeckel to LT and really only have 1 weak spot at RG. I like our chances to be in each game the rest of the way and with us being red hot, wouldn’t be surprised to see us win out, especially if Zeke gets suspended (RIP my fantasy team). Russ is turning in a solid if not really good season since week 1. OL play can make us a super bowl favorite.

    Here we go!!

    • House

      The problem with Joeckel playing LT was his knee and the pivoting he’d have to do while anchoring. Playing LG for him was less demanding on the knee. Seeing several knee injuries, this “clean up” procedure isn’t going to make him “ready” to play OT.

      • Dale

        Good observation. Even when healthy Joeckel doesn’t strike me as a dominant LG. $8 million seems like an overpay for the position unless the guy is elite.

        • House

          We had missed out on Lang and it was an opportunity to get a vet next to Fant. I believe $8M was steep, but it accomplished what they were looking for. He is still recovering from the ACL injury (clearly if he needed a cleanup surgery 11 months after initial) and this happening only makes his price tag go down in the upcoming offseason. I think it gives us an opportunity to get 1st crack at keeping him around.

          LT: I know LT is scary right now and rightfully so. Odhiambo has shown progress, but if we feel compelled to make a move, it has to happen soon.
          – Duane Brown’s contract is the big thing and I can’t see us giving up much for a 1-2 year guy
          – Hearing talks of Fant and how he’s already back busting hump at VMAC. I’m excited for him to be back next season.

          LG: Seeing Pocic playing LG will be the true test of how this OL pans out. Will Joeckel have a job in 4-5 weeks?

          C: Britt has played well and he’s showing his leadership and toughness. His assertiveness with backing Bennett is another testament to his role on this team.

          RG: Aboushi has looked better than Glowinski, but not by much IMO. If Pocic plays well at LG, could Joeckel move to RG? Or would they give Pocic a shot at RG?

          RT: The only other position (Center) that I see locked up. Ifedi has shown improvement. He does get penalties, but so did Giacomini.

          I think our biggest needs coming into the offseason will be DE, WR/TE and LB.

    • Brseahawks

      I am honestly not in love with Pocic’s frame for a guard…

      • House

        Anything in particular that you don’t like?

        I look at a few of the top LGs in the NFL and he’s comparable.

        I’m not an OL specialist so input is big to me.


        • Brseahawks

          Not enough elite guards at 6’6″, 310 lbs.

          This is a better frame for OT and C.

          • House

            I thought he was considered TOO TALL for C. He’s in the similar frame and length measurements of guys like David DeCastro, Brandon Scherff and even Evan Mathis

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    #2 San Francisco — Saquon Barkley (RB, Penn State)

    This is bang on….. for a pick for the 49ers. Very likely they bring in a QB via FA and then bring in a RB via draft…… the start of something good (it will still take 2 more years to get back to respectable.)

    • House

      I know Kirk Cousins name keeps coming up, but don’t be surprised if Andrew Luck comes into the fold. Possibly a swap of 1st rd picks, additional/conditional picks

      • Greg Haugsven

        SF picking Barkley means no more Carlos Hyde. Let’s just go get him now.

  22. Ishmael

    Staggering, if unsurprising, stuff from Bob McNair. Good for the Seahawks on Sunday, bad for the Texans in all the ways. Imagine being a player and knowing that’s how you were thought of. No wonder Hopkins walked out of practise.

    • Ed

      Really? I have heard that phrase and used that phrase and never once was it thought of as racist. It’s a simple metaphor. “Don’t let employees dictate to employer.” Even optics, how all these players are making it a racist thing is ridiculous. Draymond Green likened him to Donald Sterling. Give me a break.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He said “inmates run the prison”, not “inmates run the asylum”. The implication was/is that the NFL players are a bunch of thugs or gang bangers or w/e…. and more than 1 player left the Texans practice today due to the issues they had with the words that were said.

        In a time of heighten sensitivity to race relations within and about the NFL….
        very unfortunate comments. This was a nice article about some of the issues on the topic with Sherman explaining what he thinks about it….

        • House

          It was clearly a poor choice of words and couldn’t have come at a worst time. Duane Brown’s comments in regards to “inmates being told what to do and not having freedom” doesn’t ring racism in my ears, but it opens up the notion that players can be told to sit down and shut up because $.

        • C-Dog


          Extremely poor choice of words coming out of McNair’s mouth on a bunch of levels.

      • Ishmael

        No one has ever used the phrase “inmates run the prison.” If he’d said inmates running the asylum you could maybe write it off as being in poor taste. But he didn’t, and it speaks directly to the way he views the players, especially in the light of the millions he’s donated to 45. He feels like he has control of the players on his team, that they don’t have free will.

        It’s a majority black league, and blacks are incarcerated in massively disproportionate numbers. It’s not hard to see why people are drawing a race link. I think we’re not far off seeing a player strike, or walk-off.

        • Volume12

          Hate to say it. This ain’t surprising. Rich, white owner says something racist? Good majority of the NFL scouting circle made up of guys who think the game is still played like its 1985?

          NFL giving a voice to the voiceless and the response is ‘what are they protesting?’

          • Volume12

            Good white collegiate WR? Let’s comp him to an NFL receiver, but make sure he’s white.

            An interior O-lineman that’s active, athletic, and high energy? They’ll comp him to Dan Hampton.

            • Volume12

              * D-lineman

        • Ed

          It’s the same premise and because he said prison instead of asylum when he is opining off the cuff and used a different word, doesn’t mean it was calculated or racist. It is over sensitivity. No sense in the world right now. Everything is manipulated so people/media can get fired up. Hatred and bigotry is real, but not to the degree is being made into. Some people of all races, religions and political leanings are haters, but not everyone. So start bridging the gap and realizing that not everything is said to hurt or condemn.

          • sdcoug

            Full agreement Ed. And that doesn’t make me a racist, biggot, misogynist, knuckle dragger, uninformed, ignorant or a proponent of inequality…which seem to be the standard accusations levied now days

            It was an unfortunate comment at an unfortunate time about an unfortunate situation. Nothing malicious intentended in my opinion

            • mishima

              Because you’re prob white.

              When blacks are incarcerated at more than 5X the rate of whites, we should be sensitive, sympathetic, understanding to those affected and offended by said language.

              Wardens/inmates = Slave holders/slaves.


              • Ed

                Pro white. Oh my gosh. Please. I’m pro common sense. I’m pro self responsibility. Don’t commit crimes and you won’t go to jail. Don’t argue with police. Don’t fight with police. I’ve been pulled over because I went thru a yellow light at midnight in a heavily white town. I didn’t give lip, said yes sir no sir. Kept me there for 10 minutes running my plates and sent me on my way. Could I have been upset I was pulled over for nonsense, sure. But it doesn’t matter. It’s a jerk, not systematic

                • Volume12

                  That’s a bit cut and dry. There’s more shades of gray to it than that.

                • mishima

                  I said ‘prob’ as in ‘probably.’

                  ‘Don’t commit crimes and you won’t go to jail.’ /smh

                • Ishmael

                  This doesn’t account for people who are falsely confused and convicted. It doesn’t account for people who are brutalised and shot despite not ‘giving lip.’ And regardless, in what world does being a jerk mean you’re fair game for some extracurricular police violence?

              • Volume12


              • sdcoug

                Wardens/inmates = slave holders/slaves? Only if that’s the interpretation you’re hoping to see. Probably white? Let’s leave the color out of this. Personal accountability. It’s available to all of us.

          • Ishmael

            I agree it’s a similar premise, but not the same. Words matter. I also agree that it wasn’t calculated, which is half the point. This is how he sees players. McNair has a history of donating to some very nasty PACs, so he doesn’t get a pass from me.

            He’s in a class with Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder who just want the players (75%) black, to shut up and do as their told. They can perform in political stunts the owners approve of, and have been paid for by the government, like standing for the anthem, but they’re apparently not allowed to kneel for that same anthem because it would be… Political?

            When players are being kept out of a job for being too uppity and difficult, and you’ve got owners saying players are prisoners under their control, how can you possibly be surprised players are upset? Even the other NFL owners thought McNair had gone too far

        • Ed

          Fine by me, I will put more time into hockey. Players from all over the world that know this country is fantastic.

          • Nate

            So you’re going to protest the players for protesting by switching to the whitest sport. Got it.

            • Ed

              Dude, I’m Hispanic. I have had racism against me, but I don’t try and create racism for my agenda. Is there racism, yes, but the majority of people aren’t. To constantly make everything into something and try and pigeonhole people is ridiculous. And I choose hockey because it’s fast and similar to football, not because it’s white. Thanks for keeping up the agenda though

              • mishima


                To constantly make everything into something and try and pigeonhole people is ridiculous.

                #TakeAKnee, a protest/statement about social justice, has been characterized as disrespect towards country and service. Patriots like Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman have been ‘pigeonholed’ as unpatriotic.

                Mad world.

                • Volume12

                  Thinly veiled racist remarks, inciting violence, splitting social classes, and ‘look over here at my right hand, while my left hand does this’ from the supposed leader of the free world tends to have that affect. To quote him, ‘sad.’

                  • C-Dog


                  • mishima

                    Fight the power.

                • sdcoug

                  Michael Bennett a patriot? The guy who fabricated his encounter with the LVPD to further a narrative? Please.

                  • Ed

                    Exactly. Can there be more community training for all police officers, yes. Is there a poverty problem, yes. Is there little to no responsibility parents impose on kids in poverty, yes. Is racism still around, yes. But it is not white people holding black people down or trying to jail them. Tell the big preachers of the left (athletes/movie starts/music stars/Jeff Bezos/Tim Cook/Mark Zuckerberg) to put all those billions of dollars in poor neighborhoods. Bezos, Cook and Zuckerberg alone can make a huge dent, but they just like to talk about it, instead of putting even a 1/4 of their billions to do anything.

                  • C-Dog

                    Fabricated his encounter? Please. If you want to post comments like this, I’m sure there is a Breitbart forum you can go to. Let’s not drag SDB down to this level.

                  • sdcoug

                    Yes, fabricated. Is lie better? I will choose to believe the 2 Hispanic and 1 Black officers reporting to an active-shorter call and the 193 surveillance cameras any day over what Michael Bennett has to say. Most of what he claimed has already been refuted.

                    So you can take your sanctimonious reply elsewhere if you want to suggest people go elsewhere

                  • C-Dog

                    Cool. I choose to believe Bennett. I to remain highly skeptical of the way the LVPD cut together the video they shared, and I choose to remain ever more skeptical over the fact the officer who chased him down had his body cam conveniently turned off. I’m also happy to keep the sanctimonious going indefinitely if we don’t turn it back to football. Go Dawgs.

                  • Ishmael

                    Where are you seeing this? The only people I can find saying Bennett lied, outside Twitter, are the LVPD and Breitbart.

                    And even if he had lied, why does that prevent him being a patriot? There’s the weirdest conflation of national pride and hero worship of armed forces in this country.

                  • sdcoug

                    You remain skeptical of the way the LVPD cut together the video? Considering it was gathered from almost 200 cameras, there’s going to quite a bit of splicing.

                    Let’s review: Police respond to a possible ACTIVE SHOOTER call. Let that sink in. Chaos, uncertainty, confusion, panic. Yet they run forward into a possible deadly situation anyway.

                    Situation is determined stable, people are now standing or walking out the door. Targeted? Bennett remains hiding behind a machine. Police approach suspicious individual. Reasonable.

                    Racially-profiled? The entire room/club is largely full of Black individuals, yet Bennett is singled out because he is….black? Uhhh right.

                    Bennett takes off running as police approach and is ordered to stop multiple times. He does not. Instead he chooses to run, jump a wall and continue fleeing into the street. Actions of a legitimate suspect.

                    Bennett is tackled. Was he tackled too hard? Should a fleeing potential suspect be tackled delicately? Maybe they should have told him to stop. Oh wait…they did. Multiple times.

                    Videos show no instance of a gun being held to his head. Videos capture no instance of police screaming “I’ll blow your F-ing head off!”

                    Bennett is detained in a police car for 10 minutes. Bennett has NO identification. Bennett says to search his image on google. Police do and use it to verify his identity. He is released. Wait…using an internet image to verify identity?! What a blatant case of abuse. No wait…racism? No…must be white privilege. That’s not it…celebrity-privilege?

                    Police explain their procedures and Bennett says he understands. It is verified he shook their hands and walked off. A man who was just abused amicably shakes their hands?

                    “Racist” police in question are Hispanic and Black. Yes michael, you were racially-profiled and abused. Or perhaps you ran from an active-shooter situation and police responded exactly how they are trained to respond. There’s that dang personal-accountability thing again.

                    C-dog, you can comment about this multiple times, but I cant?

                    Ishmael, it’s all there to read if you want to look. So yes, I do find choosing to sit on your butt during the anthem to be a show of disrespect. Not stand, not even kneel…but sit on your offsides-jumping butt on the bench. Sorry if I don’t call him patriotic.

      • white-salmon-hawk

        Couldn’t agree more Ed.

        • Ed

          Sums it up well sdcoug.

          • Nate

            I don’t care that you claim to identify as a certain race. My point stands on its own.

            And honestly, you agreeing with SDCoug is pretty fishy.

            Even if you are who you say you are you still exhibit abhorrent politics.

            • Ed

              Need a picture. Ha ha. Can I not be a minority and see something that is disingenuous. Not every white person believes the same thing and not every black person believes the same thing. It’s comments like that that are polarizing and will keep this thing going as is for a long time.

    • KD

      This whole conversation thread is why I’m getting sick of NFL football. Can I just enjoy a game without politics being brought into it? Apparently not.

      I’m not actively boycotting the NFL, but if the NFL is going to become politicized, then I want no part of it. I’m not going to be forced into choosing one side or another. Too much politics, too many penalties, too many commercials. I’m tired of all of it.

      I used to love watching NFL football, but I can’t abide all this crap anymore.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s time we too get back to football on this blog.

  23. Volume12

    Florida St. DE Josh Sweat (6’4, 253 lbs.) is very interesting. Does this kid even know how good he is? Raw as hell, athletic freak and his explosion and ability to bend the edge is NFL stuff. He’s just gonna need the right coaching.

    Sounds a lot like what Seattle targets in their DEs to me.

    • Volume12

      Almost lost his leg in HS. It was bent at a 45° angle. Spent over 2 hours in a hospital bed thinking his career was over, before it had even begun, as the nations #1 overall recruit.

      Battled back, played his FR season at only about 85% and still graded out as one of the nation’s best run stopping DEs.

    • Trevor

      Zimmer and the Vikes likely take him and turn him into a star. He will test really well I bet. Would love to see him in a Hawks uni.

      • Volume12

        Your probably right.

        Minnesota does a great job of not only coaching their D-linemman up, but they get guys who aren’t even close to peaking and whose traits translate.

        The big thing for Sweat will be his medicals come combine. He’ll absolutely blow it up if he gets to go.

        USC’s Marvell Tell is another guy to watch come combine time.

        • Ishmael

          Good coaching makes such a difference in this league, but the importance of it is somehow still underrated.

  24. Sea Mode

    Vol12, your “secret” is out, all over the front page of!

    Good eye, as always.

    • Volume12

      He’s really good. If u haven’t liked at him yet, I recommend checking him out.

  25. Volume12


    Illinois just went for a FG down 2 TDs in the 4th quarter. And of course they missed it.

  26. Volume12

    JS scouting this UCLA/Udub game.

    • East Side Stevie

      V 12 where do you find all of the Seahawks scouting information?

      • Volume12

        Mostly from the beat writers for the school their covering on Twitter.

        Other guys like Eric Galko, Rob Rang, Chase Goodbread as well.

        • East Side Stevie

          Ok thanks V12! Whats your Twitter handle?

          • Volume12

            Don’t have one anymore. I’m just being lazy and not getting it back up and going. Twitter can open a whole can of worms sometimes. But, I’ll post my handle for ya and others when I do. It’ll be 95% football, basketball, and WWE. lol

  27. Ed

    To football. What fantastic games on regular tv today. UW/UCLA, ND/NC and OSU/PSU. Can make quite a power team with just those 6 teams.

  28. red

    Sony Michel pops a 75 yd TD this guy has burst pair him with carson.

    • East Side Stevie

      What team does he play for?

      • red


  29. vrtkolman

    This OSU/PSU game has been the game of the year so far. So much talent on both teams. Barkley has been contained for a while and then boom, he busts a big touchdown run.

    Did I mention there has been plenty of controversy? Deandre Thompkins with a big boy play stealing a touchdown from an otherwise interception.

    • vrtkolman

      JK Dobbins looks like Percy Harvin out of the backfield.

      • Volume12

        What’s scary is that this FR & SO crop of RBs (moreso the FR’s) might be the best class overall in a long time. They certainly have the potential to go down as an historic class.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          More kids find the RB position sexy to play again… and so better quality athlete are in the position. Now if the NFL/CFB could make OL play sexy……

          • Ishmael

            There’s money in the position via endorsements. Kids are seeing RBs becoming the faces of franchises again – Gurley, Fournette, Elliot…

  30. Volume12

    Udub HB Lavon Coleman is going off today!

    Just looks like an NFL back. Great size/speed combo. He’s gonna be one of those backs like a Jordan Howard, Jay Ajayi, Devonta Freeman that go on late day 2- day 3 and end up being one of the steals of the draft at their positions.

    • Volume12

      Did I mention he plays on teams and has 3rd down back skills as well? Runs hard. Big fan of his.

  31. astraeus

    Ohio State DT Robert Landers is really explosive. Not talked about enough.

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