Tremaine Edmunds is a first round talent

Yesterday I sat down to watch Tremaine Edmunds for the first time. He’s a terrific prospect, one of the best I’ve watched so far.

He is destined for the first round. Possibly top-15.

Sometimes you just put on the video and a player ‘wows’ you. I’d previously focused on Tim Settle when watching Virginia Tech — but Edmunds is just as impressive.

He can play inside and outside linebacker — plus he has the length and size (6-5, 236lbs) to play some LEO. He attacks the LOS making numerous plays in the backfield (32.5 TFL’s and 10 sacks in 2016 & 2017). His pursuit is unreal, with ideal closing speed.

Look at how he handles this coverage, allowing the play to develop before the read/react to make the stop:

Now look at his play recognition, patience and finish in coverage:

His ability to read plays, stay clean, knife through traffic and make the play is almost as good as his closing burst:

Can he run to the sideline to make a play? Yes:

Here’s the evidence he can play at the LOS and act as a LEO on passing downs:

It’s very hard to identify holes in his game. He plays coverage well, he’s mobile, he has the size and the ability to play any linebacker position. His run defense is one of his best assets — he’s so tough and physical but he’s no slouch in coverage.

Is he a great athlete? According to Tony Pauline he’s expected to run in the 4.5’s and push 40-inches in the vertical. That’ll do.

To me he’s the type of player that could come in and offer genuine star talent to the defense. He’d compliment Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright. He can fill in inside if needs be. He can offer some third down pass rush. It’d be a move towards further making the front seven the heart of the defense, as they appear to be transitioning from the LOB being the soul.

If the Seahawks want to play great defense and do it Pete’s way — they need better young players coming in. Guys they can count on to launch a new run.

Edmunds looks capable of doing that.

With the Seahawks sadly drifting towards missing the playoffs, this is the type of player who could appear on their radar. That wouldn’t have been possible during the post-season runs.

That’s the positive slant.

Edmunds isn’t just talented on the field after. He seems likeable in interviews and will likely impress teams if he declares.

Star quality.

I also wanted to put this up today. It’s some audio on the draft class overall. Have a listen — there’s some useful information on how the NFL scouts are viewing the class. I’d also be interested in your feedback. I don’t plan on future podcasts just being me talking on and on (we will have guests!) but I wanted to get this out there. If this is too long, too much of one voice or difficult to follow, I’d like to know what you think…


  1. Greg Haugsven

    Reminds me a little of Hassaan Reddick. He could be a perfect candidate to fill a Bruce Irvin type roll for 2018 then possibly replace KJ in 2019 if they want to move on from him.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Looks like a pretty sure tackler as well. Good form.

  2. millhouse-serbia

    I have one question. Davis HSU wrote today that JS is under PC and that they are no equal. Is that well known fact or just his opinion?

    • Dylanlep

      Thats a fact, yeah

      • Greg Haugsven

        I dont believe that. The GM can fire the coach. The coach cant fire the GM.

        • peter

          Pete o believe is coach and team president?

        • SeaHusky

          I believe it. Pete has the authority to approve every football decision before it’s made. That includes anything done by Schneider as GM. He’s not just the head coach, he’s also the VP of Football Operations, I believe.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a well known fact that Pete is in charge

      • MilijarduMillhouse-serbia

        And what is your opinion abouth JS as GM? How good is he and hou’good he can be withouth PC?

        • C-Dog

          I think he would be very good with or without PC.

      • Aaron

        So if Pete were to move on it would be a Paul Allen decision not a John Schniedier one? Not saying Pete is gonna move on, but it’s a legitimate question of whether or not he wants to be a part of a rebuild/transition that might take 2-3 years.

        • Rob Staton

          John Schneider is not deciding Pete Carroll’s future. Pete is the Vice President of football operations and was in the interview that led to John’s appointment. Pete is the boss.

      • Mishima

        They seem to get along, now, but do you see that dynamic pushing JS out, in search of more autonomy/control?

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t see it.

          • C-Dog


  3. Drew G

    As a hokie grad it’s been really fun to watch him play. He has a rep as a leader of their defense, hard worker, and well rounded individual. He’s always flying to the ball and would be a great fit to bring up along side Bobby & KJ.

    Also, his brother Trey made the Saints this year as a rookie UDFA (running back)

    • GoHawks5151

      Got another baller brother Terrell at safety. Keep an eye on him too

  4. Dylanlep

    HIts pro bowl threshold for tackle market share pct as well

  5. j

    Where do you think he will go? Almost certain we will trade down at least once. Don’t think we will pick on day one.

    • Sea Mode

      Like Rob hinted, this year might be the first time in a long while that we are actually withing range of true blue chip talent. Trading down is for when that is already off the table and several remaining prospects are seen as equal value.

      If a guy like Edmunds is on the board, you have to consider just sinking your teeth in.

      • SeaHusky

        I’ve felt that we’ve been missing a Bruce Irvin type presence in the defense ever since he left. Edmunds would fill that role nicely, and it would make our front seven both younger and fiercer.

        • C-Dog


          I’ve been missing Irvin the last two seasons.

        • Michigan 12th


      • Dylanlep

        We need young athletic dogs back on the defense. I would hate it if they traded back with this guy still on the board.

  6. Totem_Hawk

    Nice profile Rob! This is the exact type of player the Seahawks need.

  7. swisshawk

    Thank you very so much for all the work you do Rob, really appreciated! Really like these breakdowns of players, espacially when it’s someone to broaden our view regarding players/positions in play next April.

  8. Aaron

    Always enjoy hearing your insights on a podcast. I’d love a weekly or biweekly podcast of around 30-45 minutes during the offseason. Question Rob – If the Hawks pick between 15-19 do you expect them to pick best player available or biggest need? I’d say biggest need is running back and that’s what will help rebuild this thing better than almost anything else, but if someone like Vea is there then you gotta go with him, right?

    • Ralphy

      I am curious about Vea too. We need a disrupting force in the middle of the line. Do you see Vea as being a fit?

      • Aaron

        I’d love to see Vita Vea on the Hawks. He’s a guy who is great against the run and can push the pocket. The last great DT to go to the NFL from UW was Danny Shelton at 12 overall. It’s likely Vea is top 15 but if he’s there at 16-20 you gotta take him. He’s the best big DT to hit the NFL since Ngata.

      • C-Dog

        If Vita Vea became a Seahawk, I would flip the #### out.

    • Rob Staton

      I think best defensive player or running back available, unless someone like Price from Ohio State is there.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I like that thought process. I would vote for best defensive player as it is easier to get an RB later than a great defensive player. Vea and Edmunds would be good options. I think I would like Edmunds better myself.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t believe in conventional wisdom on positions. For me, if there’s a RB that can change the offense back to being a really great running attack, I’m not waiting.

  9. swisshawk

    Adressing the “trade RW for picks” idea, I would consider it…

    …BUT only if we get 1,1,2,2 from Cleveland this year. Veeeeery unlikely and I’m really happy with the status quo, but anyway, I did a mock anyway (to distract myself and dream about new star seahawks)

    1. DE Chubb
    1. QB Rudolph
    1. LB Edmunds
    2. HB Harris
    2. LG Hernandez
    4. WR Ateman

    That haul would set them up for a lot of success from my point of view. To be understood 100% correctly, I LOVE RW, I get frustrated by him sometimes, I believe in him leading us to SB’s till I can’t count them anymore, but for the unlikley scenario above, I think it would be stupid to not at least think about it.

    • Greg Haugsven

      That does look appetizing but no thanks. These franchise QBS are very hard to find.

    • Sea Mode

      RW is an MVP candidate in a year when he has had zero run game whatsoever to support him. That’s insane, and so is trading him.

      The Browns this past year added talent similar to that you list above, and how far has it got them without an answer at QB? Even if you find a serviceable veteran QB to plug, is that ever really enough to take you all the way?

      Draft picks seem more valuable as we hype up the college players (and have fun with dream scenarios, as you say), but they are still just a wager, and when the season comes around, you will much rather have the proven commodity, especially at QB.

      • Hawk Eye

        2 firsts and 2 seconds is what you have to give up to get a shot at a college guy who may not be great in the pros (RG3, Goff, etc).
        Russ is worth more than that, and without a franchise QB, no hope for a SB.
        Russ is not perfect, and has flaws, but I don’t now how you cannot put him as a top 5 QB right now. You can never let that get away

    • C-Dog

      Here’s the main problem that I have with the Hsu take behind trading away RW as I understood it, falling into that wormhole last night.

      His main contention is the RW is not a consistent QB, and therefore not a good QB. He has regressed over the last two years. You need a special RB who can run out of I formation, shotgun, zone read and split out in empty, and apparently that is really a hard RB to find. You need to do more to build the offense around RW in a way that is counter to the PC philosophy. These are kind of all of his points, as I understand them.

      So, without even pointing to every game every other franchise QB struggles, and call them inconsistent, and therefore not a good QB, as well, let me just accept into everything Hsu says as truth; RW is not good, and he has regressed. If that is THE REASON that PC/JS would trade him, what GM from another team is going to offer a high pick for him to inherit that salary if he isn’t very good?

      If he isn’t very good any longer, and the league knows that, the Seahawks would be lucky to get a mid round pick for him. If he isn’t any good, he isn’t elite, Seattle just needs to get out of that contract, either by dealing him for a mid to late trade pick or just simply cutting him.

      What are the percentages in Vegas that JS/PC want to part ways with RW for little or any compensation just to free themselves from that big franchise QB contract, and run the risk of not finding a player who is as good, and then watching RW put the NY Jets into the playoffs annually throwing dimes to his buddy Jermaine Kearse, while Seattle struggles to regain any sense of their former glory? Does anyone seriously think they would want to risk that decision to trade him being on their resume if they want future jobs beyond Seattle?

      If RW isn’t any good, they aren’t going to get squat all for him.

      • peter

        Hsu needs to take his traveling road show on over to pro football reference. Wilson has a lower completion percent this year than last year but is good for 30 td’s in the air vs. 21 last year. Also he’s still running nearly 500 yards a season.

        His td to int ratio is still very good and very much like him. with perhaps 2015 being the anomaly and all the other years including this one the mean as far as what Wilson does.

    • Michigan 12th

      Nope not even close to being willing to deal Wilson at this stage in his career. The idea makes zero sense to me. I think Seamode nailed it with his comments. I like your originality though. I prefer a slower reload than a complete rebuild. I think if we just keep adding a couple of pieces at a time we will be right back in it. We really need to strike pay dirt on a LG that can run block and Pass Pro though. I think that is our biggest glaring need at this point. I get the allure to go huge defensive star, but at the end of the day unless we find the next Donald or Watt a Steve HUtchinson type LG will do us more good. I believe we will be right back in it in the next couple of years, especially when we get some salary relief in 2019 so we can do something in FA. We must keep Clark though, since he’s back to the left side I like him again.

    • Bigten

      Replace Rudolph with mayfield and it would be better. But I would much rather RW.

  10. EP

    Great Podcast Rob, definitely looking forward to hearing more. Guests is a good idea but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for every time. I liked the broadness of that, just a quick overview of the playing field.

    On another note I can maybe see some of that talent perhaps dropping down to us if a number of teams go for QBs. Many of the teams below us look like they could explore that option, maybe similar to the way the chiefs did it this year and have a guy to sit for a year behind Palmer or Eli or whatever. I personally would prefer taking the shot on a guy in the middle of the first round if he fits the bill. We know the method appears to be more volume for competition but an influx of star talent, even at only one position seems more suitable to me. Just my opinion tho. Suppose it all depends on the offseason and extensions/releases etc as well as the future of Malik Macdowell. If he’s not ready to go and Richardson is extended I think it would be necessary to get a good solid guy up the middle.

  11. Dave Ashton

    How’d you see him grading out v Roquan Smith?

    • Sea Mode

      Not Rob, but if I may offer my take…

      Much better size and length, offering more pass rush potential and positional versatility, puts him ahead of Smith on my board. Smith has a shot to be the next Deion Jones type, who has shown the league how valuable that kind of speed at LB is in today’s NFL and so will probably go even earlier than Jones did, but a piece like Edmunds is still always worth more IMO.

      • Kenny Sloth


        • Dave Ashton

          Thanks all

          Will offer my questions to the community moving forwards

    • Rob Staton

      I prefer Edmunds but like both

      • Kenny Sloth


  12. Greg Haugsven

    How about trying to brig in the best free agent guard to play LG for and let all the main free agents walk and just concentrate on a RB and defense in the draft. Just not sure if there is a guard out there worth it.

    • Greg Haugsven

      More veteran on offense and young on defense.

    • Trevor

      I kind of like the idea of bringing in a big nasty Guard like DJ Fluker to put next to Brown. That would be an enormous left side that could be dominant in the run game.

      Fluker does not fit as a ZBS guard but if the switch to a more tradional scheme I think would be a good fit and likely available at a reasonable price.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Maybe even Justin Pugh from the Giants. Could even get crazy if Zach Martin leaves Dallas. They still have to pay Demarcus Lawrence and they are tight on the cap.

  13. Dale

    Could Edmunds play safety Chancellor style?

    • Sea Mode

      No, I really don’t think that’s his strength.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Roquan Smith would be a better fit, but he’s too small

  14. Trevor

    Nice write-up Rob! I love when you do the scouting reports like this.

    He is exactly the type of guy this defense is missing and definitely someone I would like to see the Hawks consider. In a perfect world the Hawks add him and Settle and the front 7 is rebuilt!

  15. Icb12

    That BC game was solid. AJ Dillon is a load to bring down amd VA tech stuffed him the whole game.
    Edmunds looks terrific. Would not be dissapointed at all with that pick.

  16. GoHawks5151

    VT stacked to the gills on D this year. Settle, Alexander, Facyson along with Edmunds I think Seattle will be interested in. Bud Foster defensive guys are always well schooled.

  17. Sea Mode

    Rob, really cool that we converged on this guy at the same time. Great piece!

    That poor TE had zero chance in that last clip. 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t think he’s declared yet, but it should be a pretty obvious choice. He really has nothing else to gain from returning, except being able to play another year with his brother Terrell Edmunds, a redshirt junior who plays at safety. Might have to check him out too with quotes like these coming from his coach:

    Virginia Tech’s coach says [Terrell] is the most tireless worker on his defense. […]

    While not as decorated as his younger brother, Terrell has earned accolades from his coach.

    “I think athletically he’s just different. He’s an incredibly hard worker but I’ve never seen a guy that can’t get tired,” Fuente said. “He doesn’t. We know about the family, just great people in general, but there’s just something different about him. His stamina, his strength, his work ethic, his intelligence.”

    • Kenny Sloth

      Maybe justifying the scholarship *cough cough*

  18. peter

    excellent podcast Rob. keep it up. wish it was longer, I had a ton if questions I wanted answered and now have a new frame to look towards with this new draft season.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m happy to do a mailbag podcast if people are interested?

      • Trevor

        Would love that!

        • Hawk Eye

          that would be a good idea. I think for a solo podcast the 25-30 minutes is perfect.

      • peter

        can’t speak for everyone but I would be stoked on that.

        Any thoughts on how often you are going to be able to release a podcast?

        Not for nothing but you and Kenny are actually a good foil. It’s not the smoothest plane flight but it tends to work.

        Here’s hoping for that Tony Pauline interview….and if I ruined it sorry!

        • peter

          Also Rob I’ll start out with my first question:

          1. Would you as GM, assuming what I know about you to not be a believer in goofy trades, just take your lumps if Seattle gets the 16th pick stand pat and just make a pick and wait until the fourth round assessing that Seattle already made a second round pick for Sheldon and a third-round pick for Brown? Or would you intrinsically trade down?

          • Rob Staton

            For the right player I would stand pat

  19. Sea Mode

    Question for all: so how do we identify guys like this that perform terribly at the combine, but go on to become stars?

    Are they injured in some way at the combine? Not dedicated enough to prepare specifically for it? Just slipped up or had some bad reps? What clues can one look for in different cases to explain the cause?

    Happened to me this year with Naz Jones. I liked his story and what I saw on tape and thought he could be a guy that developed into something more at the next level, then he put up some terrible numbers at the combine and I pretty much felt like I had to scratch him off my list for the Seahawks. Sure glad they didn’t!

    • Greg Haugsven

      The only way I could answer that is by simply looking at the tape. Which should be more important than a 4 day combine. You see guys all the time win the combine and suck in the NFL. I like to look at pro days as well versus the combine. How was Naz Jones pro day numbers versus the combine? I never really looked.

      • Greg Haugsven

        He also has that back story which can equal grit.

      • C-Dog

        Scott McCloughan has said that he trusts film for combine numbers. It’s worked out pretty well for him. For those wanting Seattle to trade RW, McCloughan loves Baker Mayfield and would take him over any of the other QBs potentially coming out, for what it is worth.

        • peter

          I’m a jerk and I’ll stick to my guns on this. mayfield and Jackson…I have no idea how they will really fare in the NFL but i think both are better than Rosen, Darnold, and certainly Allen.

          mayfield just has great numbers. And for those paying attention at home. Lamar jackson has improved his comp percent every year while having really, really good td to int numbers and oh there’s the part that he’s an honest to god weapon running.

          Full disclosure I don’t even really like Jackson per se. But I just do not see it in the slightest with Rosen’s numbers or darnolds numbers, or that Josh Allen is what? Blake Bortles meets Osweiler just a big dude?!

          • C-Dog

            There are things Rosen does that makes me think he could be a really good franchise QB in terms of mechanics, movement, accuracy, but there are also things I think he does behaviorally, and perhaps in terms of toughness that make me kinda cringe. There’s more to the position than being 6-4 and good mechanics, see Cutler, Jeff George, etc. I don’t want to say Rosen is that kinda guy, but he makes me nervous.

            Ironically, as there are things about Mayfield aside from his accuracy, playmaking, efficiency, I a like, and it is his moxie and brash. I think he can be a punk, but it feels like a punk who is a hyper competitor.

            Lamar Jackson is a guy I really like. If Seattle did the crazy and actually traded RW, Jackson would midigate some of that anxiety I would feel.

            I don’t know why scouts like Allen, I would just as soon have Faulk.

            • Kenny Sloth

              So Rosen is a snarky know-it-all while Mayfield is a confident competitor?

              Just trying to digest that juxtaposition.

              Mayfield seems like a total tool. You don’t bean dudes with the football. Thats amateur hour.

              Im looking for pros and Mayfield is so much more Manziel than Wilson.

              He JUST got arrested and has had to walk on at two schools.

              Seems like people must just really have it out for the guy or something.

              • peter

                Well to be fair to Rosen being a tool how about taking to social media and complain about how you have an incomparable amount of work/stress balance due to the schedule of being a student AND a football player.

                low rent. I get it. it’s a lot of stress. alternately turns out it’s not really a lot of stress.

              • C-Dog

                I’m not saying Mayfield is an angel, I guess I’m saying that if I had to close between a punk and a snott, I would take the punk, but I would prefer Jackson to either, but my ultimate preference would be to keep Russell Wilson.

      • Kenny Sloth

        This is a bigger problem at the combine than missing underperformers

        As an organization we want warriors, competitiors that want to be #1 in every category in their group. Out of everybody!

        So I’m not gonna cry over missing out on some slow guy that couldnt get his head on straight for the combine.

        It’s an interview and we’re quite a choosey employer.

      • C-Dog

        Naz’s combine was so so. I think his tape showed good play against the run with some promise as a rusher. There was some concern over motor, but one scouting report quoted a scout saying that he felt Naz could end up a better pro than college player and might well become a really solid starter. Solid if not spectacular.

    • peter

      I’m really into how players shine at the senior bowl and shrine game. plus tape is most important it’s why I don’t always get fired up by combine numbers for lbs in particular and to a degree rbs and dbs. players can have great combines but if they take bad angles, can’t pass block, or don’t tackle in the open field I usually write them off.

      • Trevor

        I love the Senior Bowl practices. I have found it an awesome way to identify guys and a ton of fun to watch. Particularly the OL/DL drills.

        • C-Dog


    • Volume12

      Watch the games.

    • Volume12

      Don’t sour on a guy who’s game you like because of a ‘performance.’

      • peter

        The senior bowl especially for me is all about risers and rarely about fallers. Taking a guy with a week of practice and playing in a sort of hybrid all-star game doesn’t really show you what’s up. If a guy jumps off the page during the week or at the game, I’m stoked. If a guy doesn’t shine I keep it in my mind but usually let it go. It’s late in the year, new surroundings, new coaches, coaches asking dudes to do crazy crap like the rumors of coaches asking guys to play out of position so they can lessen their draft stock to draft them, themselves: mike Shannahan had Alfred Morris playing FB years ago.

  20. LeoSharp

    In my opinion Frank Ragnow is a better option at guard for the Seahawks over Billy Price and that’s due to his size 6’5 317 and run blocking ability which significantly better than Price. He has the ability to pull, get to the second level, drive guys off the LoS and combo block. In the running game he is the complete package. He is not the sort of concrete wall Price can be in pass protection but he’s still better than what this team has currently.
    Coming into this year he was seen as a close second to Price at center. I don’t think there is a great difference in talent so waiting what could be close 20 picks looks to be good value.

    • Volume12

      I so hope they grab a guy that can play RT and inside.

      Dudes just get inside Ifedi’s head before meaningful snaps are even played. Your already defeated that way.

      • C-Dog

        Did you see where Walter Jones said today he thinks Ifedi would be better at guard?

        • Sea Mode

          No, where was that, C-Dog?

          • C-Dog

            It was on KJR AM. Dave Softy Mahler tweeted the quote.

  21. LeoSharp

    I have a feeling the Seahawks will look for value in the RB class similar to what they did last year with the corners.This team has consistently found value when drafting RBs in the later rounds even if not all of those picks have shown that ability for the hawks.

    If this team is going to start to build around Wilson then I dont think they need a huge input at the RB position for there to be a significant turnaround they have a bruiser in Chris Carson and a more than serviceable backup in Mike Davis, both of them have been great assets in the passing game a dow. Procise is kinda irrelevant at this point and Rawls and Lacy are finished.

    Guys like Rashaad Penny and Jarvion Franklin are both player who can be assets in the passing game as well as well as rushing the ball. Both are very unlikely to be drafted in the first 2 rounds with franklin lasting into the 5th due to the abundance of options at the position. According to the work of James Cobern they are both players who stand out analytically as players who may be at least long term starters in the NFL. They both look great on film and allow the team to pick up some more valuable assets earlier on in the draft such as an edge rusher like Marcus Davenport

    • peter

      The problem is finding the right mix of talent at RB if they are going to do a committee. Carson, I really like and Davis…I’m meh about. If he strings together a few games around 75 yards Ill love it.

      Regardless of how people feel about Reggie Bush’s career, people seem to not remember that PC had at one time a running back by committee that featured a 2nd round pick as the “thunder,” and a what felt like sure fire, first round, Heisman trophy winning RB as his lightning.

      What I’m getting at is he never “made do,” or just got by at that position. When Seattle was most effective they had lynch.

      So they can roll with Carson next year. Bring Rawls, Procise (we hardly knew you), Davis, and Mckissic but then for me, I am going to want to see them draft with their late picks two guys or draft one and pick up two UDFA’s. Because if you’re honest with yourself those names listed are not yet tone setters, that d coordinators are game planning for. Even my man Carson. Not one of those RB’s.

  22. C-Dog

    Really terrific insight with the podcast, Rob. Thanks for sharing. I thought it was perfectly concise.

    Damian Harris has been one of my favorite runners all CFB season this year. Understandable if he stays for another year. Sony Michel has been another guy that has just forced me to watch him, along with Jones and Love. Really looking forward to when you put something up for us on Michel.


  23. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Thank you Rob for all your efforts in this blog, much appreciated. I look forward to this years draft talk (tho I’m hearing its not that good). 1 question I have is what are your thoughts on trading Earl Thomas for possible 1st round draft capital?

    • Rob Staton

      I personally wouldn’t trade Earl. I think I would be looking at Wilson, Wagner and Earl as the core now.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I would agree, that sounds so weird saying that but it does look like just those 3. Maybe Baldwin and Britt?

  24. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    I meant this years draft. Not your blog site. LOL!!

  25. Pickering

    Echo the thanks, Rob. Your point on gambling is spot on. This year the ‘Hawks rolled the dice on Malik Mc; next year will tell if it paid off. Same with S. Richardson and Brown. Last year they stocked up on DBacks, which looks like it’s paid off.

  26. Kenny Sloth

    Great pod. You’re talented as a broadcaster so I don’t mind just you. It actually makes it seem to go by faster without a bunch of tangents and long-winded cohosts.

    Love the way you go through the insider info so delicately.

    Man, I might really like Orlando Brown Jr. I didn’t realize his father was that Orlando Brown.

    I gotta agree about the TEs Gesicki and Andrews are underwhelming. Vance McDonald types.

    Great DT class as you say

    I love the new age LB. Kuechly and Wagner types are always valuable, but Roquan Smith is a new age LB to the T.

    This Edmund kid is probably better though.

    Depressing secondary hahaha.
    I always overrate safety classes, but there’s usually a good supply.

    Maybe that’s why we took so many DBs last year??

    How could we ever draft a DB in the first round again after hitting on Sherman and Chancellor late!!! Recipe for disappointment.

    Color me a huge fan of the new Seahawks Draft Pod

    • Pickering

      Agree on Rob alone, or perhaps Rob with another draft expert.

  27. C-Dog

    Without crazy trades and roster turn over projections, Seattle could find a nice start to retooling by simply land Price.

    19: R1P19

    121: R4P19

    144: R5P5

    150: R5P11

    170: R5P31
    DL B.J. HILL

    229: R7P10

    249: R7P30

    251: R7P32

    Maybe by not re-signing Graham, Sheldon, PRich, Jockel, etc., they build up more comp picks in 2019, which could be a deeper draft, anyways, and after cutting a few contracts, they find room to sign Carlos Hyde, and look to pair him with Chris Carson, and Mike Davis with CJ Prosise getting another shot in 2019.

    Drafting Billy Price would probably come closer to the Dallas Cowboys mode of building a roster. Finally getting enough talent on the OL, that any RB should be able to find the holes, and have success. Plus, after the Rams debacle, having a player to help slow down Donald a bit might go a long way in future matches. It sounds like a dead horse perpetually being beaten, but after what just happened, I’d be 100% fine with a Billy Price selection.

    The rest of the draft, you’re probably looking at depth if it’s not likely a deep one. If the team is going to dump two or three starters on the defense, you’re not doing to replace them all with this draft. Maybe someone like Meeks competes with Shead for the spot Sherman had, if they cut him or trade him. Maybe Malik McDowell gets it together and is the first option to replace Michael Bennett if he is cut or traded. If they part ways with Kam Chancellor, maybe they just roll out with Delano Hill as the starter, if they don’t reach a deal with McDougald.

    I think if this isn’t looking like a particularly deep draft, I would almost have them select a really good offensive player to build around RW, but then again, it’s always an exciting thing to add a new toy to that defense.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Not bad, you have the teams like Dallas and now New Orleans who dont have great defenses but good ones. They just have ball controlled running offenses that can keep there defense off the field and win the TOP battle 33-27 every game.

      • C-Dog

        Yup. Running game helps everything.

    • peter

      Billy price if he’s there might make a great selection. I’m torn if Lj Scott has more potential or if he’s already at his ceiling. He’s a bit limited in switching gears to me so it’ll be interesting to see how he tests.

      I’m not sure this guy will get a draft invite but I’ll be watching him at the senior bowl: Jarvion Franklin. Western Michigan all time td leader. Like LJ they both are cursed with what appears to be good almost great vision but a hard time switching gears.

      • C-Dog

        I’ve seen some thought that Scott might make a better pro than college play, even a Bell comp thrown out, not so sure about that. I haven’t studied him much, but he has some interesting physicality to his style, but some off field baggage to consider. Given Seattle’s pension for taking physical runners late (Carson, Spencer Ware) I’ve been thinking about him a bit more lately as a later round option, him and Coleman.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I really didn’t like what I’ve seen from LJ Scott.

  28. Ed

    Fire Cable.
    Quit drafting athletes and draft linemen.
    Get a RB.

    A few young, solid FA RB next year:


    • East Side Stevie

      I just now found out Jerick McKinnon wasnt a rookie… this whole season I was thinking was his rookie season!

    • Volume12

      Quit drafting athletes? LA killed us and the rest of the league with their team SPEED.

      • Dylanlep

        If anything I think we stopped prioritizing athletes for whatever reason and it has been to our detriment. Irvin, Avril, Thomas, Wagner, Lynch, Tate – stud athletes. I hope we get back to focusing on that.

        • C-Dog

          McDowell, Clark, Griffin, Hill are all pretty good athletes, I believe.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Alex Collins ran a 4.6 tho.

            Maybe we suddenly just like slow players

            • john_s

              I think he was referring to just on the Oline. Quit trying to emphasize the unrefined olineman who has the athletic trait (TEF) like Ifedi and go with ballers. Olineman who may not be as athletic but are guys who can actually play the line. If the player has both traits that is awesome, but if not, they oline skills should outweigh their extreme athleticism for the position.

              • Rob Staton

                That would be fine, if it wasn’t for two things:

                1. The complete dearth of talented offensive linemen in college
                2. The way O-liners are coached in college and the need to essentially re-teach the position at the next level

                There are some exceptions. Quenton Nelson and Billy Price in this upcoming class for example (both likely very early picks). But there aren’t many. One of the reasons the Seahawks had to look at athletes is because the guys they pool of options were severely limited. And if you’re going to need to coach a guy from scratch, you might as well go for the better athlete.

          • Dylanlep

            Clark, Griffin, Hill yes. McDowell was fast but actually not that explosive. But Vannett, Odhiambo, Naz Jones, Tedric Thompson, Lockett, Collins, even Prosise – not great testers.

      • Ed

        On the Oline, not in general. The Hawks have spent money and high draft picks on the oline and it still stinks. Draft Oline that play the position. Draft Oline with lower ceiling, but higher floor.

        • Kenny Sloth

          The learning curve is the same for pretty much every lineman.

          Just because someone is slower doesnt mean they’re more technical

    • Aaron

      I agree with a lot of that. I do believe we need to part ways with Cable. I think we have three pieces to build around on that line in Brown, Britt, and Pocic. It’s clear that good backs can run behind this line as currently constituted. Would love them to pretty much clean house at RB and just keep McKissic and Carson, then snag a FA RB like Hyde. If that’s too pricey then pick a RB in the first three rounds of the draft. A consistent and physical running game is going to be critical to this rebuild.

      • Kenny Sloth

        *This OL and Running Game has proven it can be succesful*

        *Fire Cable*

        • peter

          Come on Kenny. How long can and should Russel Wilson be averaging 500+ yards on the ground. That has significantly buoyed the numbers for the run game.

  29. Michigan 12th

    I just do not get the idea that all we need is a more capable RB to run the bowl behind this line. I don’t see it. We need more run blocking first. I get that top running backs find holes, but there none behind this line, Russel finds holes because the Defensive line is always five yards uphill in his face before he takes off. I just want a very good O-lineman to go with what we already have. Osemele, was drafted in second round started day 1, Bittonio was drafted in 2nd round and is a decent starter. David Decastro went late first and he has baled out. Their have been a lot of others as well. The lineman are still out there we just need to quit letting Cable pick them and go find people who show talent at their position. The problem is Cable wont go, and we will still be inept at what we do on the Oline

    • Rob Staton

      It’s simply not true that there aren’t running lanes behind this line.

      Chris Carson, J.D. McKissic and Mike Davis are all running at or above 4YPC.

      Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls are both at 2.6YPC.

      Le’Veon Bell in Pittsburgh is on exactly 4YPC. LeSean McCoy is on 4.1, Todd Gurley at 4.6, Leonard Fournette at 4, Melvin Gordon at 3.8.

      If there were no lanes, no ability to run — Carson and Davis wouldn’t have the YPC that they have.

      The problem is talent at running back. Lacy and Rawls aren’t going to cut it. Carson, while talented, we have no idea if he can stay healthy. And this is looking like the ideal draft to consider an early pick at RB.

      They have good offensive linemen. They have invested in the line. Kelechi Osemele wasn’t an all-pro immediately in the league. It took DeCastro time. Bitonio, as much as I liked him, hasn’t been able to stay healthy until this year. The O-line is too often a fall-back complaint for Seahawks fans.

      • peter

        Overall precombine I am most interested in a RB for Seattle. I think there is a chicken or the egg thing going on here with the Oline. Lynch was a creator at RB and I think Seattle needs someone to make a bit of their own way while having hopefully 4/5ths of the current line return.

        People disagree with me and that’s fair but I’d like to see how Seattle’s line fares if they had a little more consistency going into next season. I get why they have had to use so many combos of Olinemen but I think Brown is a good pickup, Britt I’m fine with. Pocic more strength, Ifedi sort of a crapshoot. Not sure what to do about Joekel for his cost next year. I see a lot of takes about Fant at Guard and he did look the part of an olinemen but maybe it’s just asking to much for him to really be counted on.

      • peter

        One additional thing with Carson. I really like him but he never was a “bell cow,” back at OK state.

        • Rob Staton

          I would like to see Carson in a committee or as part of a double-headed monster at RB.

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