Trying to work out Nik Bonitto & acquiring more stock

Nik Bonitto had impressive production for the Sooners

I’ve been struggling to get an angle on Nik Bonitto.

Oklahoma’s scheme didn’t seem to suit any of their best defensive linemen. Which is weird. Their slanting defense didn’t allow Bonitto, Perrion Winfrey or Isaiah Thomas to reach their potential. Winfrey’s tape, in particular, is quite frustrating.

Then there’s the way Bonitto rushes. He starts off in a really wide position and often doesn’t engage the offensive tackle. The objective seems to be — can he run around the block before the quarterback gets the ball out?

It felt like I was watching an unusually positioned blitzing linebacker most of the time, rather than an EDGE. You can’t help but wonder when opponents at the next level get their hands on him, is he going to be able to disengage, bull rush or use speed-to-power? Especially with shorter arms.

Things became even muddier at the combine when Bonitto was asked, for some reason, to work out with the defensive tackles. Thomas Booker, who is 301lbs, worked with the edge rushers. Why didn’t they swap? It prevented an apples-to-apples comparison between Bonitto and his peers.

Typically it’s difficult to assess these short-armed, slightly smaller pass rusher types. Most of the leading sackers in the NFL fit a certain profile — and this isn’t really it. There are outliers, such as Haason Reddick or Markus Golden. Working out who the outliers will be is almost impossible.

Yet the production can’t be sniffed at.

Here’s a list of pass rushers in this draft along with their pass-rush win rates:

Kingsley Enagbare: 40%
Aidan Hutchinson: 33%
Nik Bonitto: 33%
Arnold Ebiketie: 32%
Kayvon Thibodeaux: 30%
George Karlaftis: 29%
Drake Jackson 27%
Boye Mafe: 25%
David Ojabo: 23%
Jermaine Johnson II: 17%
Travon Walker: 11%

According to PFF, Bonitto is among the best graded college pass rushers since 2011:

Chase young 95.4
Myles Garrett 94.4
Nik Bonitto 94
Nick Bosa 93.6
Joey Bosa 93.6

Here’s his pressure rate on third downs compared to Aidan Hutchinson’s:

Nik Bonitto – 28.4%
Aidan Hutchinson – 22.9%

He’s also recorded 93 pressures since 2020 — most in the Big-12.

Physically there are some impressive numbers too. He ran a 1.59 10-yard split at 248lbs. Yes he’s a smaller pass rusher but anything in the 1.5’s is impressive. He ran a 4.23 short shuttle and a 7.04 three cone. His forty was a 4.54. He’s also explosive — jumping a 35.5 inch vertical and a 10-0 broad jump.

Presumably this would carry some appeal to the Seahawks — even if he doesn’t have ideal length (32.5 inch arms).

It was interesting to hear Pete Carroll discuss the defensive scheme this week. While he claimed not much was changing, he also admitted they’re looking at different types of pass rusher — more akin to the 3-4 OLB types.

Bonitto wouldn’t fit the Seahawks’ scheme of the past. Of the present? Maybe he would. He’s a hybrid pass rusher who can drop, settle and chase to the ball. You can easily imagine him playing linebacker at a pinch if needed. This is the type of player they’re seemingly open to.

He also shares similar traits to Alton Robinson, who also had 32.5 inch arms. Robinson jumped virtually the same vertical and broad jump, had a 4.32 short shuttle and a 7.32 three cone. He was 16lbs heavier though.

I can’t decide where to place him. Is he a one-trick pony pass rusher who needs a wide start to run around tackles? Or can he develop a repertoire and provide consistent pressure? Is he good enough in coverage to offer great versatility so you can overlook a lack of length and size? Can he be an impactful designated pass rusher or a player who you can creatively drop or blitz to pressure from different areas and keep opponents guessing?

That last sentence sums up what I think is the benefit of the 3-4. Who’s coming after you? Bonitto? Jamal Adams? Is it a four man rush and everyone else drops? It’s harder to read and I can imagine Bonitto working well in that system because he is so versatile.

But I still don’t know where his value lies if he’s predominantly a rotational rusher. It feels like it wouldn’t be a shock if he went in the first half of round two, or fell deep into the third.

He could be someone the Seahawks look at because the pass rush production is good and if #9 doesn’t produce a great EDGE — and if they miss out on the second tier of rushers too — Bonitto could be a nice consolation prize to add some rushing depth.

A thought on acquiring more stock

Sometimes, you just start to feel like something is trending a certain way.

The use of the word ‘intent’ to describe keeping D.K. Metcalf. The lack of total denial that he isn’t going anywhere. The likes of Jake Heaps and Brock Huard admitting on 710 that they’re hearing a trade could happen.

Things can change quickly, of course. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility they strike a deal and this subject quickly disappears.

There’s momentum building, though. And it’s going one way.

It was interesting to hear Heaps discuss what it might take to land Metcalf.

In yesterday’s ‘four downs’ segment (which for me is a daily must-listen), Heaps suggested it would take the Jets dealing #10 and a second round pick to land Metcalf.

He felt that would be acceptable for both parties.

Working out fair value is difficult. Devante Adams and Tyreek Hill didn’t bring in that level of draft value. Yet neither player is 24-years-old. Neither player started their careers as well as Metcalf. Neither is 6-4, 230lbs and running a 4.3.

Metcalf today isn’t as good as either receiver. Yet it’s possible, in the right situation, he could be within a year or two.

Before all this trade talk heated up I thought #35 and #38 would be fair value. That’s what New York offered for Hill, plus a third rounder. Managing to get #10 and one of #35 or #38 would, for me, be a tantalising haul. It would be a totally justifiable move by the Seahawks.

It might be why they’re leaving the door open. It’s possible the Seahawks and the Jets are both open to that type of deal, they just need to go through a bit of a staring contest first — to see if either will cede a little bit of ground.

So why would it make sense for the Seahawks?

Firstly, they could use the #9 pick on a top defensive player — whether that’s one of the pass rushers or Sauce Gardner or Derek Stingley. Then they could use #10 to trade down into the teens — acquiring more stock.

From there, they could bolster their offensive line by selecting Zion Johnson (who increasingly I think they will see great potential in).

Let’s say they get #38 from the Jets. They would then have #38, #40 and #41 in round two. If they trade down from #10, the chances are they would also have a pair of third round picks.

This would enable them to draft another offensive lineman — such as Tyler Linderbaum or Abraham Lucas. They would be in position to draft a great linebacker, such as Channing Tindall, Quay Walker or Leo Chenal. They could add Nik Bonitto to bolster their pass rush (possibly after trading down from #41) or they could use the great depth at receiver to replace Metcalf.

Then in round three you could draft a running back — such as Dameon Pierce or Zamir White — and perhaps another offensive lineman, like Wisconsin’s Logan Bruss. You’d also have the wiggle-room to draft a quarterback early if you wanted to.

Yes — you have to turn this collection of exciting young players into a group of starting caliber players. But you’re using your resources to build the kind of team you want to be. One built through strong, fast defense and a reinforced offensive line — with a strong running game.

It’s rosterbation, sure. It’s still fun to look at the options available.

The NFL is changing. There’s a real mix of teams being aggressive to throw picks around to acquire talent. There are other teams trying to build through the draft and perhaps take a more collegiate approach with increased churn.

The moment the Seahawks traded Russell Wilson, they became a team that was going to need to be rebuilt through the draft.

This is a foundational class as I’ve been saying for months. This is the deepest, most intriguing draft I’ve covered in 14 years of doing this blog.

There is a rare opportunity to put together a vibrant, young, new, quality core.

If they extend D.K. Metcalf’s contract and go down that road instead, there’ll be no complaints from me. I like Metcalf a lot. I have no big interest in seeing him play for the Jets or Packers instead.

But I can see why the Seahawks might consider moving him for the right price. And I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer here. I think this is going to come down to whether a team simply offers Seattle what they want before the draft.

So now we wait.

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  1. Rob Staton

    Quick heads up…

    No podcast for a few days because the day job has been manic. However, I’ve got a BIG name interview lined up for tomorrow (some will love it, others will have a different view…). And I’ve got two other interviews in the pipeline which I am very excited about.

    Stay tuned…

    • Silly Billy

      SDB is your day job. Rob.

  2. Belfasthawk

    I posted something similar over on the Athletic but this is trending in quite a Frank Clark way for me (DK). It seems a real shame that the last two really good players the Seahawks have drafted aren’t being used for their own core and are gone before their second contract. Sometimes the market is the market whether it takes you by surprise or not.

    I have really appreciated your content and output Rob. So thank you. Also thought your perspective was really interesting on the use of £25mill on DKM in a Peteball offense. It was really thought provoking. What would then grate would be if Pete was gone in two years and we had let a dyanmic weapon go who would still be in his prime

  3. Strategicdust

    Thanks Rob, these last few months have been great, really appreciate all you do. DK feels like another Russell waiting to happen. I’m sympathetic with an earlier poster who mentioned that DK is the kind of player you keep as a foundation piece rather than trading players when they have success/start getting expensive. The argument against that is the large number of holes on this roster that need to be fixed which seems more compelling to me to be the reason you move him. This front office has an opportunity to dramatically reshape this team with the kind of quality picks you’ve been highlighting, we can only hope they’ve learned their lessons from all the poor drafts they’ve had and just nail this. Otherwise, this franchise will be in a much deeper hole. I’m going to stay optimistic this will work until proven otherwise.

  4. Charles

    Well here’s hoping for more draft stock to build the Seahawks back to prominence! Brash big meanies is very fun to think about. Hey Rob, what do you think about James Cook as a running back?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he has some obvious dynamism and would make a nice rotational offering for the right team. But he doesn’t have the physical traits Seattle has gone for historically under PCJS.

  5. Denver Hawker

    Trying to parse out the comments on DK extension not being something they do this time of year. I know it’s not preferred, but I’m not sure it’s true or why ‘rules’ would apply to a player like DK.

    Do we know if he’s threatening a hold out? A part me naively wonders if neither side is forcing the issue right now. If that’s the case, they can just sit and wait for the right deal to come along. I suppose the worst case scenario is he sits out a year and they tag him. This would give up some trade leverage I suppose, but not any worse than the Adams/Hill deals.

    • Roy Batty

      If he is threatening a holdout, he’s doing it on the very, very down-low.

      In interviews and on social media he is saying all the right things for a player expecting to stay with his current team.

      Behind closed doors with an agent and the FO, who the heck knows?

  6. Jordan

    Bonitto is certainly worth a shot at some point in the draft.

    Some guys just have a knack for edge rushing, but you really don’t know until you see.

    Elvis Dumervil had a really underwhelming profile for a 2x all-pro, 5 x pro bowl, league sack leader.

    5’11, 257, 32 5/8 arms, 4.75 40, 1.65 split

  7. MightyOak

    I understand the logic. It makes sense. On a personal level, I will be very disappointed. DK Metcalf is the first Seahawks jersey I have ever owned. I got it last year for Christmas.

    Thought he was for sure the next foundational piece, hence the jersey. Fast forward a few months…. Ew…

    • DKsJersey

      The only safe jersey is a #12 jersey 🙂

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Yeah, I don’t understand anyone buying player-specific jerseys while that player is still active. Trades, cuts and free agency are far too prevalent these days for it to be a prudent buy. Wait til they retire.

        • Roy Batty


          He retires a Seahawk. Enters the ring of honor. Grand Marshall of the Torchlight Parade. Throws out the first pitch the season after the Mariners win the World Series. Has one block of Royal Brougham named after him. And, finally, raises the 12th man flag in 2035, the year after he retires.

      • Ashish

        So true, I have #3 from 10 years atleast it was worth it

      • Seattle Person

        I have a #31 Cam Chancellor jersey. Yup. No player is ever safe but in hindsight, I’m glad I went with #31.

        • RugbyLock

          I’ve been watching this team since it’s inception and I only have 4 jerseys:
          And the best player in franchise history Big Walt

  8. Hand of God

    Bobby Wagner to the Rams! 5 year, 50MM…

    • GoHawks5151

      Up to 65!

    • Rob Staton

      Sorry to anyone who will be offended by this…

      But great news!

      • Mick

        I love Bobby, he’s such a symbol for this team. But he’s no longer the player he used to be and we know him well enough to expose all his weaknesses, as motivated as he will be playing against us. So yes, I agree.

        • Rob Staton

          Some Seahawks fans talk about Bobby Wagner like some people over here talk about the Queen.

          Good player, no doubt. Deserves high praise for his time in Seattle. But he was a good linebacker. People in the media talking about him as Seattle’s best ever player last week. WTF???

    • Simo

      Imagine this is only a 1-2 year deal tops! Still, hate seeing Bwags playing for the Rams!

    • WallaSean

      Take that cap space and deposit it in your account Bobby!

      • wimerek

        I’m shocked the Rams gave him that much but he’ll be able to run around wherever he wants with that defensive front there.

        • WallaSean

          He will look better behind that line for sure.

    • cha

      1-OK the Rams are playing with Monopoly Money or something. They have $8m of cap room right now and $22m next year.

      2-Run right at him, Hawks. If the Seahawks can’t work out that you can beat the Rams by relying on the ground game after getting a front row seat to Bobby’s play in 2021, they never will.

      • Rob Staton

        The first play in the first game against the Rams needs to be a screen right in the direction of Bobby Wagner

        • Kyle

          Tight end seams tended to work well against him the last few years too

        • cha

          With Cam Jurgens leading the way.

          • Rob Staton

            Could be Cameron Diaz leading the way, given how Bobby defended screens last season

            • Peter

              Wow my dudes. I get he broke down but damn. The only member of Seattle’s legendary defense to have a career of note.

              Glad seattle isn’t paying him that money but kinda doubt the rams just got pete and john levels of brain worms overnight.

              • Rob Staton

                The only member of the defense to have a career of note???


                • Peter


                  They were all notable for a short time. And by hawks fans forever. I think fans of teams overstate their teams best players. But bobby is the one with the most likely path to canton.

                  • Chris

                    Ridiculous. KJ played 11 years. ET played 9+. Sherm played 9+. Avril played 9+ split between DET and Seattle. Bennett played 10+.

                    Wagz won’t even be the first to make it to Canton.

                  • Rob Staton

                    The suggestion that Bobby Wagner “is the only member of the LOB defense to have a career of note” is just utter nonsense though Peter.

              • Chris

                Why would you be excluding Sherm, Thomas, KJ, Bennett, Avril etc from that group? All of them had excellent “careers.” Remember, the average career of an NFL player is something like 1.5y.

              • STTBM

                Peter is most definitely taking the piss…

            • Roy Batty

              For some weird reason, an image of Bo running over the Boz has now entered my brain.

              • Peter

                A rough day as a fan to say the least

                • Blitzy the Clown

                  Absolutely brutal. I’ll never forget the hazing I took from Raiders fans

            • Bankhawk

              Love Bwags, but that last one, Rob-Oh you kid! 😅😂🤣

              • Bankhawk

                Was supposed to be a reply to the Cameron Diaz comnent:that was a zinger!

      • AL

        Per DKNation, He’s only missed five tackles in the last two seasons. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the stat for tackles avoided.

      • BruceN

        “ 2-Run right at him, Hawks.”

        Good idea. Problem is you have to go thru AD first! He’ll be much better protected in their scheme.

        • Rob Staton

          Aaron Donald isn’t a great run defender, though. It’s one of the ways the Niners keep him quiet

      • Duceyq

        They’re able sign players because they don’t flood their cap with twenty 1 year contracts that reduce all cap flexibility to adjust for more contracts.

        How this team has handled that cap post LOB is pure folly. I’m not sure it’s because John Idzik is gone or they’re counting salaries on there 10 fingers and 10 toes instead of using a calculator. Trusting this regime with the cap is like going grocery shopping with my grandfather, pencil behind ear.

        I’ve rooted for this team since ‘83 and this is the most I’ve been down on this team since they drafted Rick Mirer.

        Seattle had more cap space coming into this offseason than the Rams and look what they’ve added compared to what Seattle has given up.

        • Morgan

          I think it has to do with keeping the books tidy for a future sale. Not a lot of lingering expenses.

    • AL

      BW wanted 11 mil for one year. It will be interesting to see the structure of the contract. A 5 year contract suggests a large signing bonus and several void years.

    • WallaSean

      Seahawks RB’s training with 240 lb backpacks.

      • Peter

        Don’t tell carson cause he might try it and be out of action yet again.

        • WallaSean

          He would post his rep 1 footed on a gymnastic ball.

    • Silly Billy

      Bittersweet. Happy he’s getting his bag.

      But man… this guy was a childhood hero to me. I literally wore #54 in Highschool after him. it’ll be tough seeing him in an LA uniform.

      Here’s to hoping the contract is written in way the financially screws the Rams

    • Alfred

      Also interesting to see how the other 3 NFC West teams continue to play the compensatory picks game and net 3-4 additional picks each year, but Seahawks completely ignore it. LA Rams let Von Miller and a few left and then sign Wagner, a street free agent that we cut, which has no impacts to the calculation. Instead, we keep signing warm body/qualified unrestricted free agent to complete in camp, like Ahkelo Witherspoon last year, that potentially cause us a 4th round pick that we may get from losing Shaquill Griffin.

  9. Dubb

    DK is a unicorn like Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones were in their prime. You don’t trade away unicorns. If they stop resetting the market for backup tight ends ( $8M a year to Dissly), the money for DK would not be an issue.

    • Elmer

      Yes! DK is what you want from a draft choice. Someone who worked out really well. You keep that, don’t trade it away for a maybe. If they want more draft stock look elsewhere on your roster. Adams, Diggs??

    • Matthew

      …I think he’s a notch below, but even if he is, none of those teams won a ring with those players.

      • Sean

        What about the Rams with Cooper Kupp? Should they trade him away to get some picks and take a receiver who will be on his rookie contract? The conversation is madness…trading away proven young assets for unproven draft picks that have less than a 50% chance of hitting. If DK doesn’t fit with Pete’s philosophy, then that philosophy needs to be tossed in the dumpster.

    • God of Thunder

      As good as DK is — let’s ignore the fact that he has some drops — and as good as he can be (Pro Bowl), we simply don’t need a green/blue version of Megatron. Not right now, and maybe not with Pete Carroll’s philosophy.

      In fact, if Detroit had been smarter, they’d have turned Megatron into 2-3 really really good players. Let’s say hypothetically a DE, a CB and an OT. Where were the Lions with Megatron in his prime? Not playing playoff football.

      • Buf

        I get we want to run the ball. But having outside guys that can create enough separation for Drew lock to throw to matters. If we dont have enough downfield threats, we’ll be running into stacked boxes. Even if DK doesn’t get targets, he pulls guys away from the play because they are so focused on not getting beat deep.

    • Sean

      Totally agree. The notion of trading away talented, young players for draft picks is misguided IMO. Look at the Miami Dolphins a few years back when they dealt Minkah Fitzpatrick for the 10th pick. Did that end up making them any better? I’d say no.

      • Rob Staton

        What about the Jets and Jamal Adams?

        • Sean

          Metcalf and Adams are nowhere near close to the same impact players. The Hawks severely overpaid in that trade, to use it as a benchmark is silly.

  10. Ryan

    I always like the idea of more draft stock.

    Though I wish it’d been secondary to an Adams trade last year instead of a Metcalf trade this year, but whatever.

  11. CD

    I know in some ways it will be ‘a nice problem to have’, but if they have all these early picks and they pan out, they won’t be able to afford many in 4 years. Are there examples of a team that has added 8-10 R1-2 guys over 2 years and it worked out? Are the dolphins an early example? The Hawks success was in finding R1 value in R3, R5 UDFA, I wonder if they keep the early picks as that would be a newish direction (besides 2010) in draft philosophy.

    • Rob Staton

      How many examples of 5-10 quarterbacks drafted in round three becoming franchise quarterbacks were there?

      Just because something hasn’t happened, doesn’t mean it can’t…

    • Simo

      It seems pretty doubtful that 8-10 picks will all pan out, even if they are R1/2 guys! Still, I see your point of trying to extend several top players who all run out of contract at the same time. As you indicated, it’s a nice problem to have!

    • Peter

      Since 2015 seattle has only drafted two plsyers at premium positions that were “too expensive,” to retain.

      Even if everyone from round 1-2 hit including an extra first in the advent of a DK trade…those four players would idwally be the only expensive players on the roster. By contract time quandre and adams off the books, no DK money, and no Wilson money.

    • Kyle

      Well, we can see what happened when the LOB started getting second and third contracts. You can make it work for a while. At the time I thought they should have let Sherm go, since it seemed like with Kam and Earl in the safety position, lots of CBs were plug-and-play.

      It does seem the current moves fit with what Pete and John were most comfortable doing, early on. Lots of picks, lots of churn. The big later contracts and aging vet players did seem to erode some of the spirit of Pete’s philosophy.

    • Roy Batty

      Amazon money entering into the revenue stream is going to make the cap balloon.

      A lot.

  12. Ashish

    NFL media is catching up on Rob’s Mock draft

  13. Gaux Hawks

    Imagine going into the 2023 draft with this roster (give or take a few):

    QB 1R2023 Jacob Eason
    LT Duane Brown Stone Forsythe
    LG Phil Haynes Jake Curhan
    C Tyler Linderbaum (2) Austin Blythe
    RG Damien Lewis Jake Curhan
    RT Abraham Lucas (2) Stone Forsythe
    RB1 Rashaad Penny Dameon Pierce (3)
    RB2 DeeJay Dallas Travis Homer
    TE Noah Fant Colby Parkinson
    WR1 Tyler Lockett 1R2023
    WR2 Dee Eskridge Kevin Austin Jr. (3)

    LEO Darrell Taylor Alton Robinson
    DT Poona Ford Quinton Jefferson
    NT 2R2023 Bryan Mone
    DE Shelby Harris 2R2023
    SAM Uchenna Nwosu Boye Mafe (1)
    MIKE Jordyn Brooks Cody Barton
    WILL Channing Tindall (2) Joel Iyiegbuniwe
    RCB Derek Stingley (1) Sidney Jones
    LCB 3R2023 Tre Brown
    FS Quandre Diggs Marquise Blair
    SS Jamal Adams Ryan Neal

  14. AL

    If the Seahawks were able to get the Jets #10 and one of #35 or #38 for DK and were able to move down from #10 for more picks, it sure would make for an interesting draft!

    • Kyle

      Rob got no sleep each year when the Seahawks were trading away their first rounders. What the heck is he going to do covering that haul?!?

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      I’d want NYJ #4 and #35 or #38 for DK.

      • Scot04

        #10 is more value than the Jets offered for Hill
        35, 38, & 69 to KC for Hill & #103 = 1227 points

        #10& #38 would be 1820 points, which to me is crazy to even think about.
        I don’t think I could turn it down. It is essentially pick #4 & #174.

        San Francisco traded three 1sts & a 3rd to move up to #3.
        I doubt you would say no to three 1sts & a 3rd for DK. Well #10 & #38 would be pretty similar. Plus no guess work, we know what we’re getting and can use it right away.

        But that’s just the way I view it.

  15. no frickin clue


    I’m not averse to trading DK if we get back some significant Day 1 and Day 2 draft capital, but I can’t quite square something here. If the draft is as deep as everyone says it is at WR, then why the need to pony up so much capital for an Adams or a Hill? Is it just that the Rams’ success with ‘screw the future, let’s win now’ is so pervasive that top-end talent is getting overpaid, regardless of what the draft alternatives are?

    Seems like a good way to make out quite well in trades if you don’t mind parting with real talent and have the willingness to wait for new talent to develop.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      There is no DK in this draft class. And there usually isn’t one. DK is a pretty unique athlete/WR.

      • Sean

        YES! It is worrisome to see how many people on here are comfortable with trading away a proven 24-year-old stud receiver for, guip, more draft capital. Are the Seahawks trying to be the Miami Dolphins, where they just trade away young, proven talent for draft picks that may or may not hit? Stop the insanity!

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a little bit frustrating when someone says:

          “That one crappy franchise that consistently gets in its own way didn’t use their picks properly, therefore the Seahawks, who won a SB in the last decade, will do the exact same”

          The Bengals, the freaking Bengals, just built a Super Bowl team in two off-seasons.

          • Sean

            So, a couple years down the line, should the Bengals trade Ja’Marr Chase for a few draft picks to avoid making him the highest paid receiver in the league? Where does the madness end Rob? At some point a team has to pony up and pay some of their best players to either stay competitive or continue rebuilding.

            Also, what recent evidence do we have of the Seahawks using their picks properly? Oh yeah…I can think of one time when they drafted DK Metcalf!

            • Rob Staton

              So, a couple years down the line, should the Bengals trade Ja’Marr Chase for a few draft picks to avoid making him the highest paid receiver in the league?

              If they’ve just traded away Joe Burrow, are preparing to start Drew Lock, are beginning a big rebuild and the receiver salary market has exploded, maybe.

              Also, what recent evidence do we have of the Seahawks using their picks properly? Oh yeah…I can think of one time when they drafted DK Metcalf!

              So now you’re saying they know how to spend their picks?? Just saying.

              • Sean

                DK is one of the few recent draft picks this regime has hit a home run on. Trading him away for more draft assets just seems insane to me. Just my opinion.

                • Rob Staton

                  An opinion you’re certainly allowed to have.

                  But there’s also a legitimate argument to be made about moving him as we’ve discussed. I’m comfortable with whatever they decide to do.

  16. Ulsterman

    Wagner going to Rams, 5 years $50m

  17. JJ

    I have prepared myself for what seems to be the inevitable DK trade. I am kind of hoping for a 1st this year and next. I think with a trade back with a 2nd first round pick this year we will still have a lot of picks available in this draft. I want the hawks to position themselves for a qb in next years draft and having 3 1st next year can only help.

  18. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    Let the rebuild and massive draft haul begin!!!

    • Peter

      Now if we could only not have the two who crashed the plane back at the controls.

  19. Zach

    I think a DK trade is coming for a reason that’s been mentioned before but bears repeating: given the avowed strategy/direction that Pete wants to take things, why in the world do you want to be paying top-of-the-market money to a WR (as that market has gotten bonkers) when you didn’t want to do that for a QB? Getting multiple high picks for DK while not having to commit to a contract that might be fair but would also make him much harder to move if things go haywire seems like the right move given where the team is.

  20. Gross MaToast

    I will give any LA-based reporter $27.63 if, with their first question in Sean McVay’s next press conference, they ask McVay if Bobby Wagner is the greatest Ram ever.

    • Roy Batty

      Have Kenneth Arthur ask, “Sean, how good is Bobby Wagner?”

      Kenneth snickering the whole time.

    • Rob Staton

      ‘How good is Bobby Wagner’ question will be back in Seattle next season for the Rams games

  21. Roy Batty

    The DK trade is going to come down to the final minute before the Jets draft at #10, isn’t it?

    You resign yourself that nothing will happen, the, WHAMMMOO, the words “Trade” appear on the screen, replaced by an image of the Seahawks logo at #10.

    “And the Seahawks are on the clock.”

    • Poli

      They still have DK for the next 2 seasons before the huge new contract, so I sincerely hope it’s much more than just #10.

      Something like 2 firsts. Or a 1st, 2nd and Becton would be nice.

      • Guillermoman

        Becton got hurt last year, and then got fat turning an 8 week recovery into all season and still not recovered. Jets don’t want him at all.

      • Silly Billy

        are you working under the assumption we tag him?

        OTC says he has one season left.

        • Poli

          They have in under team control for realistically two more years, yes.

      • Rob Staton

        Becton might be out of the league in a year

        • Poli

          That’s ok, he’s a lottery ticket and only about to turn 23

          #10+2nd+Becton would be hard to refuse for me

          • Rob Staton

            Could have an impact though in the locker room if he’s not arsed

  22. pdway

    i’ve been pretty firmly in the don’t trade DK camp – I just can’t get past the concept that you do not get better by trading 24 y.o. star players. I will admit though, that this comment, “This is a foundational class as I’ve been saying for months. This is the deepest, most intriguing draft I’ve covered in 14 years of doing this blog.” – is making me think about it.

    On another note – a question – I understand that the Hawks have an established tendency of taking pass rushers w arm lengths over X – – but anyone know the why there? Is the idea that longer arms better allow them to shed O-lineman, or it’s leverage thing of some kind? I don’t really get it….

    • Rob Staton

      Yes — shedding, hand-fighting, strong-arming, keeping your frame clean, everything where you need to an extend an arm at the same time another person does.

    • Cover2

      Yes, long arms help shed o-lineman and helps keep offensive lineman’s hands off you. Same goes for DT, DT can long arm an o-lineman when two gapping. Also, helps with fewer missed tackles.

      Seahawks DT Al Woods has 36 inch arms. Here is a fun video Al Woods. Watch it from time 1:36. Woods makes a play in the backfield and when he gets back to the sideline Robert Nkemdiche asks Woods “what did you get him with?” Woods replies “I got him with the long-arm.”

      Quote from Vince Lombardi “Football is a game of inches and inches makes the champion”.

  23. V

    Aaron Wilson: Duke corner Leonard Johnson met with Seahawks and Jets prior to Pro Day, per league source. Johnson (6-1, 194) fits the Seahawks’ mold for long, athletic corners for their defensive system. Has also played safety and has six career interceptions #NFLDraft #Seahawks #Jets

  24. Cover2

    I think there is a possibility that the Seahawks have a different profile for OLB in their 3-4 defense than they had for the LEO in their former 4-3 defense. I think 32 inch arms would be fine or the very least they would want for the OLB.

    DE’s in a 4-3 have their hand in the dirt and when the ball is snapped the o-line man is immediately right in the DE personal space with hands on him. Whereas an OLB in the 3-4 has more space to work with and the o-lineman isn’t immediately on him. So for this reason I think 32 inch minimum would be what the Seahawks would be good with. The OLB has the benefit, with more space, to give the o-lineman a jab step to the inside and then rush outside..,kind of like a crossover in basketball.

    As far as Benitto, I think his profile is fine, but watching him I’m like meh. I get he tested well, but for some reason don’t look super explosive in games.

    I’d rather take Penn State LB Brandon Smith in the 2nd or 3rd round. He looks incredibly explosive and has 34 5/8 inch arms. But he may be a bit of a project. I’d put him at OLB in our 3-4 and just have him rush the passer his rookie year.

    • Rob Staton

      I think 32 inch arms would be fine or the very least they would want for the OLB.

      It might change but I’m not sure why it would. They’re still rushing the passer. Still engaging tackles.

      Nwosu was +33 inches

      • Cover2

        Yeah, the OLB will still have to engage during a running plays. Not as much during passing plays. The way I look at is the Wide-9 on a 4-3 front. The Wide-9 gives that DE more space from offensive lineman and the lineman isn’t immediately hands on him. That more space then give the Wide-9 DE to use speed and agility to get to the QB.

  25. Sea Mode


    • Big Mike

      And yet here’s the Seahawks slogging along with nothing at the Tackle position and seemingly little cap space.

      Must be nice to have people running your team that are willing and able to manipulate the cap to their benefit.

  26. ElroyNumbers

    I was thinking about the possibility of trading Metcalf last night so happy you brought it up today.
    -Metcalf has three years of the league. If he was going to be a legit 1a (TO, Andre Johnson, Julio Jones) we would have seen it by now. He is good but not elite.
    -I say trade him to the Jets straight up for their 4th pick overall.
    -This would allow for taking Evan Neal at 4 to play left guard. Take Johnson or CB at 9. Trade back into late first by giving up a 2nd and 3rd to get Lucas to play RT. Take a center in the 2nd.
    -We aren’t going to rebuild overnight, but this scenario would lead to us having core of a dominant o line.

    • Peter

      If you want to trade DK for reasons that’s fine.

      DK is however an elite reciever by any metric. Think of any great reciever and then look at their first three seasons. DK beats most in every metric. When I say most I mean almost every single one of them. Had julio jones not been injured, but he was, he would have been one of a tiny few that were better than DK.

    • rraman

      DK’s three years in the league have statistically exceeded both Johnson and Julio’s, even when you factor in injuries.

      I would argue he’s on a similar trajectory: almost 1000 yds first year, a good second year and a “disappointing” third year where he still put up nearly 1000 yds and double digit TDs. The other two’s third years were destroyed by injury. If he can stay on the field, there’s nothing to suggest he can’t be as good as either of the two names you mentioned.

    • Sean

      “He is good but not elite”…by what measure? He has proven a ton in his first three seasons, trading him and depleting the receiving corps for draft capital would be insane.

  27. DougM

    I’ve been intrigued with the idea of trading down and back up o get 2 picks in the first round. This trade involves trading our 9 and 41 to Philadelphia for their 15, 16, and 83, then using both of those picks to trade down to acquire extra picks in the 3rd and 4th round. I know it looks a little over the top and many of those players won’t be in those positions to take.

    One player I’m curious about and wondered, Rob, if you had analyzed him yet. That would be Jesse Luketa, edge for Penn St. who was moved from linebacker to edge when Micah Parsons left. He has good pff grades against the run and pass. I remember him standing out at the senior bowl.

    • DougM

      Sorry it didn’t re4tain the draft for me.

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      Rob has said that it’s important to have a top 10 pick in this draft.

      • DougM

        The talk lately has been about what the Seahawks might do and that involves trading down, if they are targeting Linderbaum or Zion Johnson.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think it’s THAT important to have a top-10.

        I think it’d be silly to pass on a great player to move down.

        But if they don’t think a great player is there at #9, I don’t think they should force it.

    • Rob Staton

      Wasn’t blown away by him

  28. Denver Hawker

    Boy, seeing Salomon Thomas sign barely above a vet min deal with the Jets today makes me think about bust potential in this draft class.

    Guy was taken 3rd overall in 2017 and now almost out of the league. Jonathan Allen was 17th that year and he seems to be finding his stride inside now.

    Hard to imagine, but could Thibodeaux be out of the league in 4 years with Mafe in the pro bowl? Not picking on them, but trying to be realistic to the bust potential of prospects.

    • Cover2

      I liked Thomas coming out of the draft. I thought at worst he would be a good situational pass rusher.

    • Letlockcook

      Every prospect has some boom vs bust intrigue. Why are the top prospects the top prospects? They have the measurable attributes similar to the elite. Why do some fail? It’s projection involving humans.

      • Dregur

        Aaron Curry was “the safest pick in the draft”.

        • Rob Staton

          Not to me he wasn’t

  29. Happy Hawk

    Trade DK and embrace the suck/tank. Losing a lot the next few years is inevitable. The only good days ahead for t \he Hawks will be the annual NFL draft days in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

    • BobbyK

      I embrace it. I’d even prefer a future #1 from the Jets rather than a high #2 this year. Those extra draft picks will be useful in the future to get a QB. I don’t care now because it’s not worth caring about 2022 anymore. To me the season is over before it even starts. Sure, we’ll develop some key guys this year for the future core but the inevitable is there’s only 1 team projected by Vegas to finish with fewer wins than the Seahawks next year (Falcons). Just have a long-term view. That’s all I ask.

      • BobbyK

        Clarification: Only the Falcons in the NFC are projected to win fewer games than the Seahawks. “Good” times. Thanks trifecta of our bone smuggler, Mr. Senile and his puppet – we’re gonna party like it’s the 1990s for awhile! Instead of getting mad like I did when I was younger, I’m just going to laugh and make fun of the circus they’ve created. Then if they stumble on a QB somehow – the most precious commodity in pro sports – then we can actually have fun partying again… until they prove so inept again that said QB wants out.

        • Happy Hawk

          agree 100%. On the bright side the Hawks will get a high draft pick and a last place schedule for each of the foreseeable future years. It will be a tough watch on Sundays and after each game we will be told that we worked our tails off and competed.

          • Cover2

            For me, I’ll still enjoy watching the Seahawks games this year. We are in a rebuild and really no crazy exceptions of winning a lot of games. So, I’ll be scouting our new young guys. For me it’s fun seeing young guys ball out, gives me hope for the future when they do…ala Darrell Taylor and Jordyn Brooks.

            • Cover2


        • Big Mike

          100% with you Bobby. Only difference I see is that they’ll never actually stumble on the QB and if and when she sells, the new regime we FINALLY get will still be having to start yet another rebuild.

    • Silly Billy

      Can PC and JS really do that though? or will their heads be on a stake before the ’23 draft if they tank?

      • Big Mike

        Zero chance imo. I believe she’s loathe to pay them for not “working” by firing them.

      • Peter

        I think the sense is and Rob’s mentioned it a ton that part of this process would have had to include a deal between owner abd management that this transition will be tough for a few seasons.

        Plus their contracts run a few more years giving them leeway to rebuild.

  30. Jordan

    All the best to Bobby.

    Certainly one of the all-time greatest Seahawks.

    Super Bowl Champion, 6 X 1st Team All-Pro, 2 x 2nd Team All-Pro, 8 x Pro Bowl, 2010s All Decade team, An MVP vote as a Middle Linebacker.

    A resume that is really only rivaled in franchise history by the likes of Walter Jones and Cortez Kennedy.

    • Peter

      Steve largent

      • Jordan

        Nice resume no doubt. But surpassed by those three.

        • Peter

          Might be just parsing degrees of greatness between you and I.

          Cortez was amazing(dpoy) but largent is on the nfl’s all century team.

          I love wagner. No doubt. But when you’re considered one of the 10 best at your position to ever play the game by your own peers…. this is just me….I think that trumps the difference between all pros and second team all pros.

          • Big Mike

            Walt was on that team too. He and Steve are the ones aren’t they?

            • Peter

              Not even Tez made it.

              Yep walt and Steve.

              Sometimes I watch on youtube largent blocks😀 he used to destroy defensive players.

              • Big Mike

                That retaliation hit on Harden was a thing of absolute beauty because of how dirty the hit he put on Steve was weeks earlier

    • Rob Staton

      Walter Jones was a far better player though

      Kennedy I never saw

      • Hawkdawg

        Walter was consistently great for longer than Tez. He made it look easy, and it is not.

      • Peter

        You would have loved him. One of the all time BAMF’ers to ever do it. Bobby and jamal making business decisions have nothing on a guy winning DPOY on a 2-14 team. Almost 100 tackles, 4 ff, and 14 (!!) Sacks from a tackle spot that year. And it was a lot like that most years.

        • Big Mike


      • D-OZ

        Tez was dominant! Hall of Famer. I watched them both play live. Jacob Green also. ( season ticket holder from 76-2013) Dave Brown and Kenny Easly were fantastic players also….

      • STTBM

        Nobody could stop Tez. The year after his friend Jerome Brown dies, he had 14 sacks despite being triple teamed. I once saw him sack a QB within 1.5 seconds when the G, T, and FB all tried to block him. It looked like a chisel the size of a mountain ripping through a block of dry wood…or a bowling ball knocking pins flying….

        He could do anything. He’s the best DT who played since 1983.

        • STTBM

          And Yes played on a team that sometimes couldn’t pass midfield or complete a pass to a WR untill the fourth quarter.

  31. Magmatizer

    Not necessarily on the draft radar due to few reps and injury issues, but Ohio State RB Master Teague put up good numbers at Ohio State’s Pro Day:

    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 221

    40-yard Dash: 4.44
    Vertical: 36″
    Broad Jump: 10’11”
    Bench Press: 27 reps

    No combine invite, and he was a backup for much of his college career. Worth a 7th round flyer, or is he likely to be a UDFA pickup?

  32. CaptainJack

    Rob I have a question.

    I don’t hate the idea of trading down from 9, but only if the value is good enough. I don’t want to just trade down for the sake of it. But I struggle with figuring out what team would want to trade up to 9 for a decent price. Who could possibly be there that is 1. worth trading up for and 2. wouldn’t be worth the seahawks standing pat and selecting. Is it Jordan Davis (and he would only NOT be worth the seahawks selections because apparently Poona Ford, Bryan Mone and Al Woods are so amazing)? I can’t think of anyone else who really justifies a trade up, unless Jermaine Johnson falls to 9.

    For that reason, I can’t really, in my head, justify a trade down at this point.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Jordan Davis but launching a rebuild with a two-down defensive tackle just isn’t value IMO.

      I think LAC would be willing to move up. Maybe Philly and any other team who wants to get ahead of the Jets for a WR.

  33. Bmseattle

    Moyer with Wyman and Stelton (on 710 right now) being pretty brutally honest about Wagner’s play the past couple of years.
    Describing the lack of attacking mentality and diminished skills.
    Not making collision tackles, but wrapping and dragging.
    Impressive honesty from the local media.

    • BobbyK

      Not impressive. Coward like if you ask me. Why not bring it up while it was happening? That would have been “impressive honesty from the local media”. But it wasn’t.

      • Bmseattle

        Good point…you are totally right about that.

      • Hawkdawg

        Correct. Moyer is captive media. They will tell the truth about local heroes when it doesn’t endanger their careers to do so. Otherwise, they will stay quiet.

    • Jordan

      Moyer could be right.

      But I certainly wouldn’t put it past Bobby to rack up another ring, All-Pro, and Pro Bowl next season with that group he’ll have in front of him in LA.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Rams will not repeat.

        • Buf

          You think the league will pave their way to a championship two years in a row? I guess the NFC talent vacuum may help em a bit.

          Personally I think Buffalo is gonna be goodell’s darling child this season.

    • BobbyK

      The only person who publicized his decline was Rob. Now you’ve got “smart reporters” saying what he said months ago. It’s like a tackle has been made and there’s a pile… and then these “smart insiders” go jumping on the pile to make the tackle well after the play is over. Then they “celebrate” like they’re the ones who made the play. Same difference.

      • Big Mike

        So in other words they’re the Jamal Adams’ of the media. 🦚

        You set em up, I’ll knock em down Bobby. That one was low hanging fruit.

      • Smart 12

        This is wrong. If you listen to 710, Wyman has been saying this about Bobby for a long time. He would then state that maybe he was being coached that way to cover a bit since he works for Seahawks Radio, but the point still stands. He and Bob have been talking consistently about how he wouldn’t take on blocks and was making the majority of his tackles 7 or 8 yards down the field.

        • Rob Staton

          Smart 12 is right

          • Smart 12

            First time anyone’s ever said that about a “Smart 12” in real life or any form of media. Hey-oh! Zing!

            • Big Mike

              Good for you man.
              Oh and btw, last I heard (admittedly a couple months ago cuz I don’t live in the Seattle area) Wyman has yet to admit the peacock is a bust. Let me know when he does and then I’ll be on board with him but not until that happens.

  34. Rob4q

    Excellent topics lately, really enjoying the content!

    Rob, I noticed Max Borghi was highlighted on your board – is he a fit at all for the Seahawks? Third down back maybe like an upgrade from Homer?

    Also curious about WSU CB Jaylen Watson and your thoughts on him.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure he’s a fit for the Seahawks but I just had a frickin blast watching him

      I like Watson — would be a day three target for me. Tough, better technique than some. Like him.

      • Rob4q

        Awesome, thanks!

        Borghi is a fun watch for sure, plays every snap like it’s his last one!

        If you want another fun watch at RB, go watch some Zander Horvath of Purdue…oh my he’s fun! Will be a FB in the NFL, but I would love the Seahawks to draft him just for the one time he breaks free against the Ram’s and Jaylen Ramsey has to tackle him in the open field…haha!

        I think Watson is a player Pete would love to get in the building and see what they could do with him. I’m sure they’ve seen plenty of him being local.

  35. Silly Billy

    IF DK isn’t traded, keep that #7 NYG pick in mind.
    As stated earlier this week, Giants are shopping it for ’23 1st.

    ’23 first rounder (+ minor change) for that #7 pick allows the Seahawks to do everything Rob stated in this article above… except the need to pick up a QB in picks 20-41 (Matt Corall type). Oh, and DK is still a Seahawk.

    I know the biggest gripe about this plan is the ’23 QB class…. but do you think PC/JS mentality actually is throw in the towel on this year to get their #1 QB next year? Also… considering their job security… if they blow it this year and go 3-14 or whatever, and Broncos go 14-3, do John and Pete even get the chance to draft their QB?

    I brought this up before… but just IMAGINE the possibilities knowing this class and having 7,9,40,41… it’s at least a fun thought exercise!

    • Cover2

      Even if we do draft Matt Corall, we are still probably going to lose a lot of games if he were to start. I think we would win more games this year with Jack Coan than we would with most of the other QB’s in this draft.

      • Silly Billy

        Even better then… Trade back the #9 pick… you probably end up with 7 picks in the first 3 rounds this year.

        Get the new core of this team started early!

        • Cover2

          Give me a pass rushing OLB/DE at #9.

          I want us to terrorize opposing QB’s. Clint hurt and Sean Desai can manufacture sacks and QB pressures if given the correct personnel. Opposing team’s offensive lineman would be looking at our 3-4 front with Darrell Taylor, Jermaine Johnson, Channing Tindal, Jordyn Brooks, and Jamal Adams all lurking near the line of scrimmage and be like “which one of these speed demons is going to blitz!”

          • Silly Billy

            Agreed. in this hypothetical though we probably get our pass rusher @ 7 then trad 9 back for more capital.

    • Hughz

      Do you really think PC/JS jobs are on the hot seat with this ownership? No way. It’s pretty clear they are getting atleast 2 more seasons to get the ship corrected.

      • Big Mike


      • Silly Billy

        Maybe… but (as I said above) if we are looking like a 2-4 win team, and the Broncos are 12-14 wins would be a disaster PR wise… with enough fans screaming by October, will minds change by January?

      • Silly Billy

        But even if you’re correct, wouldn’t you still prefer you build your core NOW rather than wait a year?

  36. Quiller

    I play around on the PFN draft sim with the DK being traded to Washington for a 1st and 2nd. Then I only do 3 round mock and some of the results are pretty darn fun. Maybe a tad unrealistic but who the heck knows. I hope they resign DK but if he says he’s not going to sign then who knows.

    • Justaguy

      DK to the fkn Commanders!? Come on man, do we need to start fkn over the players we draft?

  37. Denver Hawker

    Another corner for the radar:

  38. SoZ

    Well DK had a big smile when asked about his contract and said “I ain’t trying to leave” I think. So he means, I’m waiting for the armored Brinks truck to back up into my driveway. Given that Rob calls this the deepest draft in his 14 years, I think the 3+ players acquired from the picks, and possibly trading down is too good to pass up. Would Russell have thrown that pick 6 against the Rams in the wild card without DK’s tantrum? I think it’s time for DK to step up and be a leader…of the Green Bay Packers. Do you guys seeing him maturing enough to avoid being a Terrell Owens-type?

    I think Rob is right in recommending a linebacker like Tindall. He can remind Jamal Adams what’s it’s like to attack like he used to do at LSU. Nowadays Jamal dives in with his one good shoulder and barely trips up the ball carrier, then gets up and prances around like Ray Lewis. I wish he would stay a bit higher off the ground until the ball carrier is actually tackled. He reminds me of Madden when you control a defender and just hit the dive button whenever you want.

    How about a coverage backer like Christian Harris and a pass catching back like James Cook or Max Borghi? I know they don’t fit Seattle’s historical drafting profile but they may prove very useful for converting and stopping 3rd downs, a major issue for a while.

    • cover-2

      I do have a concern about DK if he doesn’t get his targets every game.

      If he becomes a team captain, which seems to be his intent, on offense, then becomes frustrated because he isn’t get thrown to enough in his mind = problems. Having a disgruntled team captain who acts up being overtly critical of the QB and coaching staff would set the wrong tone for the young guys. That would then entitle the young guys to act up when they feel some kind of way about playing time or coaching.

      • UkAlex6674

        Or the exact opposite happens as he realises he has to lead by example.

        • Cover2

          My opinion and concern about him is based on his previous behaviors.

    • Big Mike

      “Would Russell have thrown that pick 6 against the Rams in the wild card without DK’s tantrum?”
      imo, no

      “I think Rob is right in recommending a linebacker like Tindall. He can remind Jamal Adams what’s it’s like to attack like he used to do at LSU. Nowadays Jamal dives in with his one good shoulder and barely trips up the ball carrier, then gets up and prances around like Ray Lewis”
      The problem is exactly what you hit on in your statement, his shoulder. Doubt we’ll ever see the Jamal from LSU and the Jets. And that’s what makes the “prancing” all the more infuriating to me.

  39. Palatypus

    Let me put the question on DK to you like this:

    You have a pirate ship. The ship is full of holes and barely seaworthy. You have just sold one of your two heavy cannon to make repairs. Do you sell the other?

    • BobbyK

      Bad analogy. In the pirate ship example, you don’t get rid of the cannon or you’ll most certainly die.

      But in real life, if the Seahawks suck and go 0-17 in ’22 without that second cannon, who cares? The franchise doesn’t die. It actually sets itself up for a greater future by acquiring the #1 overall pick in the following draft.

      • Palatypus

        BobbyK said:

        “Bad analogy. In the pirate ship example, you don’t get rid of the cannon or you’ll most certainly die”

        That was my point actually and thank you for making it for me.

      • Georgia Hawk

        How about if we complete the analogy…

        If you get rid of the cannon, yes there is a chance you get caught, cannot fight and die.


        If you DON’T get sell it, the weight could easily sink the ship, nor will you have the money needed to make necessary repairs.

        I say sell it now while it has max value. Don’t wait until somebody can just scavenge it off the wreck of your ship.

      • Big Mike

        But how can they set themselves up for a greater future with as you put it, Mr. Senile and his flunkey steering the ship?

  40. dan

    So your one example you give for trading DK is when Russel made a terrible decision and threw a ball that could only be picked off to DK? WTF?

    Then compare him to Terrell Owens?? Come on, ridiculous comp in the diva category.

    No way, DK is a dawg

    • dan

      Meant as a reply to SoZ

  41. SoZ

    I’ll take that as a yes then. You do believe he has or will mature enough going forward or is worth the antics. That wasn’t the only time he acted up but it’s memorable since the Seahawks were close and could have even won until that point, in my opinion. Who knows what could have happened with another week in the playoffs?

    So a seeming full return to Peteball without Russell pushing back, which DK has commented on (run, run, run, throw it deep, other teams have figured it out), won’t cause problems with him or it’s worth whatever issues do come up?

    Barring Pete actually slowing his roll on that I think one of the Seahawks’ biggest need is a franchise back who will stay healthy. I see good fast running backs this year but I’m not sure if there’s a Nick Chubb or Jonathan Taylor-type.

    • cover-2

      There are a couple of legit Seahawks type RB’s that will be draft eligible next year.

      And to quote UFC legend Jorge Mosvidal it is “super necessary” to be concerned about DK’s attitude if he doesn’t get his targets.

      • swedenhawk

        just curious, which RBs are you thinking of cover-2? Kentucky’s Chris Rodriguez Jr. is a player to keep an eye on, imo.

        • Cover2

          Okay, I’ll pull up a highlight video to check out Rodriguez.

          Two RBs I like are Texas RB Bijan Robinson. He is 6’0″ 220 lbs. The other is Georgia RB Kendall Milton. He is 6’1″ 220 lbs. Both are physical, difficult to bring down, and both have good contact balance.

          Here is a video of each player…

  42. alexp

    Don’t forget that Pete was in awe of Mekhi Becton… He would likely be included in any DK Metcalf trade

    • Rob Staton

      Just because he was in awe of him two years ago doesn’t mean he will be in awe of a player who basically couldn’t be arsed to play in 2021. Those are the facts. He is an epic bust so far.

      Let’s stop pining for ‘names’ just because

      • Morgan

        But Rob! He just needs a second chance! (at the buffet line).

        • Big Mike


      • Trevor

        Becton and Isiah Wilson are two guys I loved coming out and thought would be the perfect LT and RT for the Hawks. Boy did I whiff on those two calls. What a waste of god given size and talent.

        • Big Mike

          Eddie Lacy doesn’t like your post (but he can’t say so cuz he’s got a mouthful of food)

          • BobbyK

            Eddie’s hanging out at the burger joint with LenWhale White!

            • BobbyK

              Burger joint now out of burgers.

            • STTBM

              Damn you Bobby, you made me laugh…we’re so meeean!

  43. SoZ

    Russ deserves some of the blame for that pick-6 vs the Rams and some of the blame for the SB pick against the Pats. But I blame the receivers as well in both cases. Both were big, fast guys who if they were true “dawgs” should have stepped up and made the ball theirs alone. DK just waited for the ball while the other guy failed to block well enough to prevent the pick, similar to the SB. Russ also deserved blame for repeatedly failing to hit DK when open vs the Rams but I digress.

    Wouldn’t a “dawg” dominate 50-50 balls in the air like someone with DK’s size and hops? Does a “dawg” need to wear all kinds of jewelry, hair colors, and pacifiers? Does a “dawg” repeatedly demonstrate his displeasure with the team’s decisions? (As mentioned above, talking about the offense, tantrum vs Rams and othere, pointing to Geno). None of those would be an issue if he really loved blocking the most as he said he does right? He gets in quite a few penalty laden altercations with DBs (I guess that’s just common, 50/50 on whether those help or harm). I don’t believe his stats or big passing numbers will significantly affect the Seahawks’ win total. Just look at Deshaun Watson with the Texans. Elite passing stats leader on a 4-12 team. Much more important is the pass rush and blocking it.

    When the Seahawks won the SB Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin were getting what 50 catches 700 yds and 7 TDs? Do you pay 25 mil for that? Is DK the only one who can provide that?

    • cover-2

      DK is a Dawg! Just an immature one. WR Dawgs need to be fed, otherwise they act up.

    • Big Mike

      Great post SoZ

    • Peter

      You need weapons one way or the other. Maybe it’s a mix of less productive recievers but a lot of them.

      It’s not a bad idea to trade DK but where does the production come from? It seems easy to rattle off a slew of good recievers in the league as if it’s an easy thing to replicate. Seattle hasn’t. They’ve spent a decent amount at the position but rarely have they had more than two good ones at the same time and there’s been a ton of guys who have done nothing.

      Counterpoint to your paragraph about DK’s attitude. First he was playing on an injury the whole year last year. Second….if you’re questioning if he’s a dawg go rewatch him running down Buddha Baker. Who else is getting their arms pumping and closing in like a freaking great white shark and dragging Buddha baker to the ground?

      • SoZ

        Thanks for the responses Cover2, Big Mike, and Peter.

        DK sure is enigmatic. Kind of like his chances of staying with the Seahawks. I must admit he’s more entertaining than other players and can do things others simply can’t.

        It’s such a tough call, trade or keep. But there aren’t many better players they could pay.

        I think the issue is the message it sends to the locker room and every young player. Come here, work hard, play well, and you’ll get traded cause someone else pays better.

  44. JD

    Similar to Rob, I would be fine with whatever the Seahawks choose to do with DK.

    I would prefer them trade him though and my thinking boils down to this:
    Would I rather have a WR at $25m/year
    a potential #1 CB in Stingley at #10 and a solid RT in Lucas at #38 on rookie deals

    Coming away from this draft with J Johnson at #9, Stingley at #10, Lucas at #38, Jurgens at #40, Tindall at #41, and then BPA at WR/RB at #72 (Kevin Austin/Dameon Pierce types), take Coan/Eleby at 109
    You’ve added cornerstone building blocks at DE, CB, RT, C, LB, WR and taken a flier on a developmental QB.
    This would be a very attractive and realistic start to the rebuild in my opinion.

  45. SoZ

    Cover 2 okay but is he going to be fed? That’s Rob’s point. He is still ascending and I would be fine either way whether they pay him or move him. Can a receiver be both a dawg and a diva at the same time?
    Matt Corral seems like a QB who could get him the ball regularly.

    The SB winning Hawks had arguably 5-6 Gold Jacket caliber players if you include Russ, Marshawn, Bobby, Kam, Earl, and Sherm.

    DK looks like the only one with that potential on the roster currently. That’s what I hope they can find early in this draft, even if it’s only a realistic expectation for the top 5. Jermaine Johnson, Jordan Davis and Derek Stingley look like they have that potential to me. Maybe Sauce Gardner. Who else?

    • Cover2

      You misunderstood my remark about DK. I’ve argued a few times on here as to why I think it would be wise to trade him.

      “Can a receiver be both a dawg and a diva at the same time?” I guess it depends on what your definition of a “dawg” is. For me it means tough and physical. Dk is a tough WR when it comes to breaking tackles or imposing his will on CBs when he has to run block.

      So IMO, yes, a WR can be tough and a Diva.

  46. Ishmael

    If that trade is there you have to take it, too good to pass up. The reality is, Metcalf is wasted in Seattle, which is fine. It’s not a reflection on him or the team really, it just is what it is. Very happy if he stays, a singular talent who’s incredibly fun to watch. But honestly, if you get a chance to go full rebuild just take it.

    • CaptainJack

      “The reality is, Metcalf is wasted in seattle”
      How? He’s been very productive every season.

      • Peter

        The case to keep him is simple. Pay him this year or next. Seattle sucks this year. Drafts a qb next year and that guy gets to play with a crazy talent to start his career while that talent (dk) is entering his prime.

        Even if it’s a waste for this year… what. By next year most of the roster if they are drafting well and stop doing goofy things shoukd be very cheap or nearly off the books for expensive players. Then you have one expensive player, maybe two in a splash at free agency and an overturned roster of rookies.

      • pdway

        DK is one year away from an 83/1303/10 season. This “DK is wasted in Seattle” theme is overdone in my opinion; esp when he’s likely to become more and more the #1 as he ascends and Tyler gets older.

        • CaptainJack

          Of the teams that have the draft stock to make a trade.. which team would he be significantly more productive on? I don’t buy that his production would increase on the ever dysfunctional Jets. Or the eagles with Jalen Hurts. The packers… maybe… but seems like a better use of resources for them to target younger cheaper players in the draft.

  47. SoZ

    I agree but will Pete and John embrace that? I could see them riding a strong running game to a 7-10 finish without sniffing the playoffs or the top draft picks because Pete intends to win regardless. Who knows though they did move on from Wagner which I wasn’t sure they could.

    One fear I have is that the Seahawks will try to defend their draft picks by overpaying them. “Look at all these good picks we made! They’re worth second contracts. Other teams were coming after them.” Kind of like they did with Dissly (who knows what other teams offered?)

    I think it was Tony Pauline who pointed out that as contracts continue to grow for the top players, fewer draftees will get second contracts.

    What will it take to view this and next year’s drafts as successes?

    • Jabroni-DC

      “What will it take to view this and next year’s drafts as successes?”

      Having joy in watching them develop, grow & play together.

      • Roy Batty

        That’s it for me, too.

        Having fun watching a game.

      • Easley 4 Prez


  48. SoZ

    Pete and John have hinted at their efforts to return to that philosophy There are no aging stars left to stand in their way. The youngest SB winner by design.

  49. Rob Staton

    I have an interview with Mike Florio for the podcast later — discussing the NFL, his new book and a bit of Seahawks.

    • Z$

      Just ridiculously good content. Congrats Rob, can’t wait to listen.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Congratulations… and to be honest, it just feels good to be free of high in-season expectations and shift towards watching a rebuild.

      Looking forward to the interview!

    • Big Mike

      Awesome get Rob!! Looking forward to this one.

    • Peter

      No biggie. Just an interview with a nationally known writer and presenter.

      Congrats Rob!

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Good get, Rob!

    • Blitzy the Clown


    • TomLPDX

      Awesome! I actually like Florio. I’m sure he’ll be pushing his book big time as well! Should be an interesting conversation.

      • Peter

        Remember you don’t have to read the book, you just have to buy it.

        • TomLPDX

          Hahaha, good point

          • ElroyNumbers

            Congrats Rob
            Considering you have media experience, I don’t think it will be long until a large media company here in the States is paying you to cover the nfl and draft.

            • Peter

              Sucks for us but that would be awesome for Rob and his years of grinding.

              • Big Mike

                Maybe you could do both? I’m sure your wife would be fine with it (said the twice divorced guy).

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks, I doubt it though (as nice as it’d be)

              • TomLPDX

                But that’s the thing, Rob. You’re slowly but surely getting more and more exposure. Your arguments and logic and pretty much on point every time and you are right more often than not right (see, didn’t say wrong! 🙂 ). Just keep letting it play out, you’ll get more and more exposure and before you know it you be like Rich Eisen sitting behind his desk lording over the football world! 😉

                • Rob Staton

                  Thanks Tom, those are nice words.

                  But ultimately there are many more people getting a lot more exposure. And I sort of understand why. The blog still looks a bit crap. It’s team specific and not generic. I’m British.

                  Although I’ll never understand random fans talking about the backup center getting more YouTube views than an hour of Scot McCloughan telling you everything there is to know about QB scouting with some 2022 prospect chatter thrown in.

                  I’ve long come to terms with this being a labour of love that’ll never amount to anything. I just enjoy writing about the draft and trying to provide something some people see some value in. And I do think there’s some value in it because frankly, the online draft coverage this off-season has been 99% shite.

                  • TomLPDX

                    Never say never, Rob. I’ve been with you from the start and still — STILL think you have it right. Be patient my friend. If you don’t expect it and it comes, then it is gravy. Good luck to you. Florio turned his passion into a full-time thing, I really think you have that opportunity as well.

    • cha

      Nice. Excellent get, Rob.

      One of the things I like about Florio is he knows he is a preposterous figure.

      He knows he says things that people hate, but he is at times sharing the information he’s been given from league sources, but also his lawyer instincts and legal mind fuel him to explore contingencies that seem crazy to average fan.

      But when you consider how crazy the league is, having a thinker on that level definitely has value.

    • Ashish

      Soon NFL will know more about Rob – Just excellent – looking forward for the interview.

    • Seattle Person

      That’s a big fish! Congrats Rob!

  50. Blitzy the Clown

    So, who’s gonna tell him?

    • TomLPDX

      I saw that as well and just chuckled…

    • Peter

      That he’s still playing with Drew Lock?

      Or that I’ll take the under on his stat line being: 57 catches, 635 yards, 3.3 tds next year.

    • CaptainJack

      Red flag to me.

      He wasn’t a downfield threat because he struggled getting open down field.

  51. Ross

    USA v ENG day after Thanksgiving. Going to be amazing

    • Jordan

      USA has already produced a better Prince than England ever has, and it only took one try.

      Now let’s see what happens on the pitch.

      • Big Mike

        Not just better than England’s, better than any Prince anywhere, ever.

        • Jordan

          England: tries a bunch of different variations

          USA: let’s just take a little person, clad him in purple, and make him one of the most entertaining performers and badass guitar players of all time

          • cha

            If you haven’t seen this, your life is about to change.


            • Rob Staton

              I watched that and just thought… the world doesn’t produce musicians like this any more.

              God I’m old

              (but right)

              • Big Mike

                Welcome to being “old” Rob.
                And yes, you are absolutely right.

            • Big Mike

              Just unfreakinreal isn’t it cha?
              I watched this for the 1000th time while visiting the R&R HOF in ’17 in an acoustically designed room with concert level sound. It was beyond belief.

            • SeattleLifer

              Thanks for the share Cha, hadn’t seen that one in a while. Prince channeling a bit of Hendrix almost.

              Speaking of I went to a Hendrix tribute back in 2012 that mr. Allen put together at his Experience Music Project downtown – Paul even came out and shredded it up for a spell. Awesome show with a cool mix of legends and local guitar hero’s.

              • wimerek

                Somehow I’ve been missing that all my life, even being a huge rock n roll fan. Thank you Cha, tip my cap to you.

            • Dingbatman

              Beautiful!! The halftime show he did in pouring down rain still rates for me as the best ever. Played it like a Prince concert surrounded by NFL as opening and closing acts.

            • TomLPDX

              Loved this! The only person missing was Peter Frampton.

            • dan

              Better yet, read the Rolling Stone background story to that performance.

              In rehearsal, the lead guitar player wouldn’t let prince play anything just kept playing over him. So prince didnt rehearse and Petty promised him the lead for the end of the song and he went on and did that.

              So underrated.

  52. samprassultanofswat

    Can’t wait to hear the interview.

  53. Gaux Hawks

    Who is better suited for our transition to a 3-4 front; Rasheem Green or LJ Collier?

    • Rob Staton

      Neither really

    • CaptainJack

      I’m 100 percent good with moving on from Rasheem Green.

      Might as well give Collier another shot in camp. But I don’t have high hopes. Not sure you save much cap cutting him right now.

      • wimerek

        I feel like Green could be a decent DE in 3-4 scheme, has decent size and speed, I’d like to keep him around considering we’ve been developing him for what feels like 10 years and he’s actually turned into a decent player. I’m done with Collier; cut your losses with him, IMHO

  54. Denver Hawker

    Big Seahawks personnel turnout at Oregon pro day according to Nagy:

    No surprise of course, but also big turnout from Lions and Giants- yields little confidence this dude is available at #9.

  55. Hawks_Gui

    Rob, what do you think of Alontae Taylor from from Tennesse??

    • Rob Staton

      Things to like. I think in round four he would be a good option to bring in and develop.

  56. uptop

    The more I think about it, I think the pick is going to be Wyatt, for two reasons. Im not saying it’s the best pick, but it makes sense.

    First, if you look at their drafts in the past they’ve wanted disruptive interior presences for a long time. Jordan Hill. Supposedly they were banking on Dominique Easley in 2014. Malick McDowell. They paid Michael Bennett.

    The second reason is that I think the draft is going to shake out that the edges, ol and cbs will be gone by 9, making the pick make a lot more sense.

    I know we have put a lot of money into the iDL position, but I don’t think Pete can resist and itll ultimately be the best move for the team with how the draft likely shakes out.

    Save this post folks

  57. MountainHawker

    Christian Watson as a DK replacement? If so where would you take him?

  58. Andrew M

    Seeing a few rumors the Giants, and Brian Daboll, are eyeing QB Sam Howell. I didn’t know anything about him until a buddy sent me a YouTube vid of his stuff today. He plays in the FBS at North Carolina but it’s hard to watch his tape and not see a little Josh Allen in his game. John Schneider was once rumored to be courting Josh Allen so maybe there is some interest between the two. If Howell is available in the second round, and Daboll is threatening to pick him up would you try and move ahead to get him? I’m not big on drafting a swab this year for reasons you have walked us through in detail, but if you think you see a Josh Allen type guy, you should go get him right?

    • Andrew M

      Apologies if you’ve covered this previously. I am trying to follow every new post and there is a lot of them. Thank you for the work, our local Seahawks press coverage needs it.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see any Josh Allen in Sam Howell. I see a more limited version of Baker Mayfield

  59. S Knutson

    Trade suggestion for DK. DK to the Jets for 1st round 10th pick and 3rd round 69 pick. Seahawks then trade 10th pick to trade back for 1st round pick in the 18-26 zone and a 2nd round pick. Thus, turn DK into a late 1st, 2nd and 3rd round 69th pick.

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