Wednesday draft notes: Insider info & Matt Corral

Matt Corral’s mechanics were highly impressive at Ole Miss’ pro-day

Insider info from the best

If you’re not following the work of Tony Pauline, you’re making a huge mistake. He is without a shadow of a doubt the #1 draft insider in the business — providing information from his proven sources nobody else can match.

Here’s a run down of what he said yesterday but go and check out the full video here.

— He’s hearing Seattle’s preference is to trade down from the #9 pick to acquire more stock to aid their rebuild. He noted that trading a receiver (D.K. Metcalf) could do the same job of generating draft capital.

— Tyler Linderbaum is falling due to his size and complete lack of testing (even the bench press) during the pre-draft process. Tony believes it’s very possible he drops out of round one (something I projected in my mock two days ago).

— It’s 50/50 whether Travon Walker goes #1 overall and he will be taken in the top two picks. I am not a draft insider but someone I trust, who would know, told me recently that Walker was a top-five lock, a great kid and a home-run chance. There’s a reason why I haven’t been talking about him at all for the #9 pick.

— Tony doesn’t expect the Jets to trade for Metcalf. He thinks they’ll try to trade down from #10 then draft a receiver, such as Garrett Wilson.

— The mystery over Derek Stingley Jr’s stock — due to injury, inconsistent play and no testing could push him into the middle of the first round instead of the top-10. LSU’s pro-day is next week.

Here are my takeaways…

— I’m starting to wonder if the Seahawks are adjusting their plans. I suspect, originally, they may have thought a top pass rusher would be there at #9. That may still be the case, we’ll see. Yet with the likes of Travon Walker and Jermaine Johnson elevating their stock — it might be more difficult. Carroll and co haven’t been talking recently about adding ‘game-wreckers’, when at the start of the off-season the message of improving the pass-rush was consistently repeated. Then they spent $9.5m on Uchenna Nwosu — a significant ‘hedge’.

— They might prefer to drop into the teens where several options could be available. It’s also possible they might take a broader approach to the rebuild, especially if they have more picks. That’s why I think someone like Zion Johnson could be in play. He ticks every physical box they look for. Guard isn’t a huge need or a premium position but they might pivot to ‘just getting good players’. Carroll casually tossing out that Phil Haynes is competing with Gabe Jackson also felt like a big hint that they’re moving on from Jackson sooner rather than later.

— Who might want to trade up? Tony has previously reported the Chargers are smitten with Jordan Davis. It’s difficult to predict who else in the teens would want the #9 pick, essentially leapfrogging the Jets. The other problem with the Chargers is they’d only be able to offer #79 and #123 — and that would mean they pick only once in the first four rounds of a good draft. So a deal could be complicated to negotiate with LA specifically.

— In recent years there has been activity near the #9 pick. A year ago the Eagles traded the #84 pick just to go from #12 to #10. The Bears gave up a future first, a fourth and a fifth rounder to go from #20 to #11. In 2019 the Steelers gave the Broncos the #52 pick and a future third rounder to go from #20 to #10. And in 2018 the Cardinals moved from #15 to #10 by giving the Raiders a third and fifth rounder. So there’s precedent for trade talks, which should help if they do want to strike a deal.

— Yesterday I noted how Pete Carroll’s comments felt like a tell on possible interest in Tyler Linderbaum. He spoke directly about switching to a shorter center and discussed Austin Blythe’s wrestling background. Linderbaum has almost identical size to Blythe and was a brilliant wrestler in High School. Someone on Twitter pointed out to me that Blythe was also used as a hedge by Kansas City a year ago before they took Creed Humphrey. If Linderbaum does drop into round two, don’t be surprised if the Seahawks pounce. I’ve always felt he was a #25-40 type player but plenty of others disagree. It’s possible the Seahawks see him as a potential cornerstone.

— If Travon Walker does go #1, Aidan Hutchsinson will go #2. If Kayvon Thibodeaux also goes early (I think he will) you’re left hoping the Jets, Giants and Falcons don’t take Jermaine Johnson. Increasingly I think that’s wishful thinking. But despite all of this talk today of moving down and looking at guards and centers — I still think the aim will be to rebuild a great defense using this class.

— It’s important to discuss multiple scenarios. For me I’d like nothing better than to come out of this draft with an exceptional pass rusher or corner at #9 and some aggressive, violent speed at linebacker at #40 or #41. You can’t magic up an ideal scenario though. What if someone like Channing Tindall is taken before Seattle’s on the board in round two? What if all of the first tier pass rushers come off the board before you pick, then the same happens with the second tier? You need a Plan B and the Seahawks, like most teams, will have one. They need to avoid a repeat of 2019 though where their first round plans fell apart and they ended up doing a press conference looking like I did after the Euro 2020 final.

— This is why acquiring more picks probably appeals to the Seahawks. I think you can make a case for saying what I’ve noted above (defensive emphasis) makes sense. But if you said the Seahawks came out of this draft with a revamped O-line, including Johnson, Linderbaum and Abraham Lucas — that wouldn’t exactly be a disaster either (although the chances of Seattle drafting three O-liners in the first two days is incredibly unlikely, I’d say). Being able to do a bit of both will require more picks.

— A quick note I forgot to mention yesterday. There’s a lot of ‘hope so’ talk about Chris Carson playing again. The fact it’s still a question, though, to me seems like they’re maybe well aware of the inevitable here and are trying to mask their intentions before the draft. Carroll is also going above and beyond to hail Rashaad Penny (who let’s not forget, is only signed through 2022). When asked if they need to add another runner, Carroll said ‘yes’ firmly. I think Carroll likes this running back class. I’m not sure if we’re talking #40 or #41 here but I think he’s got his eye on someone. After all, they’re clearly going to run the ball a lot in 2022 and beyond.

Jake Heaps makes a lot of sense on D.K. Metcalf

It’s been a big topic on 710 Seattle Sports recently and I think people should pay attention to what Jake is saying. He’s hearing, through the grapevine, that the Seahawks might be willing to trade Metcalf. He also observes astutely why it might happen.

Yes — Pete Carroll has been after a dynamic big target with downfield speed for years. Metcalf is pretty much the ideal in that regard. He’s also a terrific outlet for whoever plays quarterback in 2022 and beyond.

But it all comes down to where you invest your big money and the consequences of investing so much in the receiver position.

For example — if you pay him $25m a year and then don’t feed him the ball, it’s hard to justify the investment.

The truth is — Carroll’s brand of football means a player like Metcalf could easily have a day where he has a stat-line of two catches for 16 yards one week and then eight catches for 105 yards the next.

How would he handle that? Because sure, the money’s good. But it’s going to be good wherever he plays. Legacy, stats, personal goals are a part of football.

There’s a real danger this could become a distracting talking point every week. Troy Aikmen has already been extremely vocal on Metcalf’s lack of targets when he’s covered Seahawks games. After the last 12 months or so, they don’t need any more sagas in Seattle.

So it’s not so much an issue of whether Metcalf is worth $25m or whether the Seahawks can afford it. They can afford it. It’s more about whether it makes sense to go in that direction rather than turn Metcalf into draft assets so you can build up your defense and offensive line and potentially draft a quarterback this year. If you’re rebuilding — using your assets appropriately is important. As much as Metcalf is a quality player, he might be worth less to Seattle than, say, an overhauled O-line and D-line.

On the topic of cost though, let’s also remember that they’re already paying Tyler Lockett $17.25m a year. Is it realistic to be paying two receivers $42.25m a year to play in a system that wants to run the ball, convert third downs and take shots downfield?

Maybe it is? I just think there’s a lot of nuance to this conversation.

With a draft littered with impact receivers, the Seahawks might feel they can get someone who can run downfield and make plays for them. It’s a fast group.

I can see everything being on the table. A trade, a new contract and playing out this season before the franchise tag is used in 12 months.

It does feel, like Jake says, that it’s going to be a month of speculation about what will happen here. Green Bay’s coach and GM this week made it clear they want a proven downfield threat in what felt like an admittance of interest.

The Seahawks have also started couching their language — going from basically saying he’s going nowhere last week to using the ‘intend to keep him’ line over the last couple of days.

As with Russell Wilson I think it’ll come down to whether someone meets Seattle’s asking price. If they do, I think he will be dealt. Possibly for the same kind of deal as Devante Adams. Perhaps for even more. After all, Adams weakened Green Bay’s leverage by insisting he would only go to Las Vegas to play with Derek Carr. The Seahawks are in a stronger position because Metcalf has a year left on a cheap deal, plus the potential of two franchise tags, to frame their conversation with suitors.

If they were to get a first and second rounder this year, for example, that could provide the platform to add to both their offense and defense to relaunch what is a clear rebuild, regardless of what anyone says.

However — I’ll come back to what I said before. I think this could go either way. The Seahawks clearly love Metcalf and he appears to share that feeling.

Notes on Matt Corral

I watched Corrall’s pro-day throwing session earlier. What I said after Malik Willis’ remains true — throwing to receivers with no defense on the field in shorts offers no indication of anything.

However, Corral’s footwork was nearly flawless. He dropped without any heel-kick or wasted motion. There were no unnecessary hitches. He was consistently and naturally planting his feet on the turf and throwing with a solid base. That’s the precursor to throwing with velocity but his snap-quick release adds extra torque. This is why despite being relatively undersized, he has so much power in his arm.

On tape there are moments where he falls away slightly and his accuracy suffers. There are some misses downfield where he overthrows unnecessarily or just missed on what amounted to an extended hand-off.

Despite this, mechanically he is on a different level to the other four ‘big name’ quarterbacks in this draft. As such, he will be in a position to distribute the ball to the right areas and play point guard.

Here’s a reminder of what Scot McCloughan said to me about Corral (the full interview is available here):

“I respect him, first of all with Lane (Kiffin) being his Head Coach which is a pain in the ass just so you know. He throws so much at him it’s not even funny, which is good and bad. But I respect him for his toughness, his competitiveness and his athleticism, his ability to play through some injuries. I respect all of that.”

“But then again, he has not played in anything close to a pro-style system. If I was drafting him I’d say, listen, we’ve got a chance to have a pit-bull type quarterback that is going to be respected for his competitiveness, his overall toughness and the fact he’s a damn good athlete. But it’s going to take him a year or two just to understand how to be in a pro-style system. So if you’re expecting the bang for the buck early you’re not going to get it. If you give him two years you might have something. Maybe not great — but good enough for a chance to go to the playoffs.”

“I think he has the ‘it-factor’ to a point, which makes him in my opinion kind of unique in this years draft. But again he’s not close to being ready to start in the NFL. Not even close.”

“I like Corral. I think he’s got a chance to be a good #2 early in his career with a chance to be a #1 three years into it. But the good thing about him is he’s not going to be taken in the top-10. He’s probably going to be taken between #20-32 where the coaches are in a more secure position. Now you have leverage as a coach to say, listen, we like you but you’re not going to play early. We’re going to develop you into a NFL quarterback.”

This is why I mocked him to Tennessee this week — a team good enough to stash him behind Ryan Tannehill who turns 34 in July.

But I do think the Seahawks will have some interest. They are going to draft a quarterback, I believe, at some stage. It could be Corral with a relatively early pick or it could be someone like Jack Coan or Kaleb Eleby later on.

I think they’ll start taking shots to find the next long-term answer. Of the top group — I think Corral provides the best combination of mechanics, being able to operate an offense (eventually) that Seattle wants to run, athleticism/mobility and he has the arm strength to deliver passes downfield.

Some of what McCloughan said about Corral’s ‘pit-bull’ spirit and competitiveness also will likely appeal to Schneider and Carroll.

If only they had about 10 picks in the first two days to fill needs and acquire players from an incredibly impressive pool of prospects this year.

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  1. Ashish

    Great summary Rob. I like how you read Pete recent press conference he needs to hide his intentions and not reveal what he is going to do in draft. But he still needs to answer the questions. DK is definitely on trade block i hope we get good return.

  2. Big Mike

    “……..they ended up doing a press conference looking like I did after the Euro 2020 final”.

    I literally LOL’d Rob.

    • Big Mike

      I might add….also like I looked after Gonzaga’s loss to Arkansas last Thursday

    • Brett in AZ

      Yep, good chuckle there 🙂

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    The mystery over Derek Stingley Jr’s stock — due to injury, inconsistent play and no testing could push him into the middle of the first round instead of the top-10. LSU’s pro-day is next week

    This is a very succinct encapsulation of my trepidation about drafting Stingley at #9. Yes, I recognize he has All Pro potential. But we haven’t seen that potential realized on the field in a while. To me, he’s a boom-or-bust prospect. And that’s a lot of risk for a top 10 pick.

    But I recognize his potential.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Oops forgot the html formatting 🥴

  4. Elmer

    Do you see a possibility that the Seahawks will trade up from 40 or 41 so they can use pick 9 on a non-QB and still draft Corral later in Round 1? I’m very interested to see how n
    badly they want a QB in this draft. Such a move IMO would hurt their ability to fill other needs.

    • Rob Staton


  5. cha

    If you’re not following the work of Tony Pauline, you’re making a huge mistake.


    • Rob Staton

      I don’t get YouTube views at all.

      That show has so little but some random guy talking about the Seahawks gets 7-8000 views regularly. That’s just one example. How?

      • cha

        Sorry that’s on me. I had to watch and rewatch the video on Kyle Fuller just to absorb all the wisdom and nuance.

        It really turned me around. I had no idea that he was terrible before that thorough study was posted.

        • Julian L


        • Elmer

          And yet they re-signed him. It’s fair to ask… Why?

  6. Mike McD

    Great points on Corral. I also believe the Hawks are eye balling him for the reasons you said and also the intangibles. Lane Kiffin absolutely raves about Corral and so did his teammates at Ole Miss. This is something the Hawks value highly. The “it” factor as Scot said in his interview with you.

    Also, I would keep an eye on Pitt trading up to get Malik Willis. I am with you and Scot, he should not be drafted that high. But, that doesn’t matter, what matters is what the brain trust in Pitt thinks, and they are very high on Willis. Just a thought, them trading us their first (20) and third for our 9, would be hard deal to pass up. Then you could see Corral go at 20 to hawks or maybe they roll the dice a bit and try to get him at 40.

    Great work as always! Very exciting time to be hawks fan.

    • Buf

      If they are, maybe dangle that you’ll draft him if they dont. Get some more capital and move back.

  7. Brett in AZ

    It’s important to discuss multiple scenarios. For me I’d like nothing better than to come out of this draft with an exceptional pass rusher or corner at #9 and some aggressive, violent speed at linebacker at #40 or #41. You can’t magic up an ideal scenario though. What if someone like Channing Tindall is taken before Seattle’s on the board in round two? What if all of the first tier pass rushers come off the board before you pick, then the same happens with the second tier? You need a Plan B and the Seahawks, like most teams, will have one.

    Pass rush gamewrecker or elite CB would be great. But – as you alluded to throughout the post – rebuilding the trenches with mean, angry, hungry types at both lines and linebacker would make for an excellent start to an enduring team.

    Also, have long thought that a Jim McMahon type personality (with better throwing skills & athleticism) would fit nicely into the PC model. Even if it takes us a season or two to find or develop one.

    Rebuild a faster-better-stronger-physical model and generate fear again. That could be an interesting counterpoint to an increasingly finesse-styled league.

    Am encouraged at the continuing discussion re. properly re-deploying assets to fit SEA’s model. Or at least thinking about it. Still work to do there.

  8. cha

    The Seahawks have also started couching their language — going from basically saying he’s going nowhere last week to using the ‘intend to keep him’ line over the last couple of days.

    This feels like a return to the well they drew from on Russell Wilson.

    However, the media tactic worked well with RW. The language is saying “we’re more than happy to keep him, but blow us away with an offer.”

    It’s not exactly apples to apples as you pointed out, what with RW looking for greener pastures vs DK sounding very happy to stay in Seattle. But the PR front bore very good results the first time.

    The ‘we will get to an extension when we get to it’ also could serve a similar purpose.

    Besides prioritizing the OT’s so you they know how much 2022 cap room they can devote to a DK extension, it also sends up a flare to suitors. There is no reason to negotiate an extension and THEN trade him. It’d be bad for the Seahawks, and the acquiring team would prefer to apply their own org principles to a new contract of that size.

  9. Gross MaToast

    If they can flip DK for what the Packers got for Adams (plus), I don’t see how they could turn it down.

    That would give Seattle:
    before the trading back begins.

    It’s not impossible to get close to “10 picks in the first two days.”

    • Hawkster

      That and #9 to NO for #18 and #49:


      One has to be able to find a football player outof that lot.

    • Sean

      Also, the Seahawks would be losing one of the best downfield threats in the NFL at 24 years old. Don’t forget that piece.

  10. Alex Potts

    To Rob and anyone else interested, I made a trade calculator using Rich Hill’s Trade Value Chart… Enter in the picks at the top of the screen.–2eXmcYSG0TaSWhJdYA/edit#gid=709079253

    • Brett in AZ

      Very nice. Will save quite a bit of looking-up & calculating on the fly.

    • Ben

      That’s awesome!!! Thanks for putting it together, works great! Was definitely messing up someone’s work on accident, that Phi 19, 59 for #9 is very even whoever was doing that!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

    • Ukhawk


      What about 2023 picks, are these valued?

      Looks like we could trade up to 3rd with 9th and 41st picks! Go get Thibs!

  11. Hoggs41

    I could see a situation where they trade up with Detroit at 32 to take Corral. The trade chart says it would cost our 4th rounder. Then they probably trade back from 41 about 6-10 spots to get the 4th rounder back. Im not sure they are going to target a LB in the 40’s as they have been talking very highly of Barton. Feels like they are much higher on him than we are.

    • Rob Staton

      If you wanted a LB early, you’d talk up Cody Barton a lot

      One of the big reasons they went all-in on cutting Wagner was this LB class

  12. Tim M.

    Great article as always Rob! I agree with you about concerns for devoting resources on the Seahawks. If DK gets paid then the Hawks are paying 30+ million for wide receivers and 30+ million a year on Safeties. Almost 1/3 of the salary cap on those two positions does not seem to be a wise way to build the team. Focus on the OL and DL!!

  13. line_hawk

    Lockett will be cut in 2024 ($24M cap hit for 32 yr old) if not 2023 and Metcalf’s contract kicks in 2023 (with a year 1 cap low). So, they won’t really be an overlap.

    I would be sad if they trade Metcalf. He is everything you want in a receiver, he is young, still hasn’t reached his potential, loves it here. I fail to understand what receiver they take in R2 will turn into what he already is. We are becoming the team of prospects and draft picks… aka Mariners.

    • Rob Staton

      Lockett will be cut in 2024 ($24M cap hit for 32 yr old) if not 2023 and Metcalf’s contract kicks in 2023 (with a year 1 cap low). So, they won’t really be an overlap.

      Sure — that’s true. But as noted in the piece, it’s not a question of whether they can afford it. It’s perception and whether it’s the right use of resources. You will officially be committed to $42m for two receivers in terms of average salary, for a team that wants to play Pete-ball.

      Instead, you can turn over half of that back into credit and you can also turn it into high draft picks to use in positions that might give you a better chance of playing Pete-ball.

      So the cost in total isn’t the problem. It’s whether picks + spending money is better for this teams philosophy than $42.5m for two receivers.

      • STTBM

        Sadly, Seattle has not shown they care about the right use of resources, ie, $30 million per year on safeties coming off big injuries when they have zero pass rush and a pathetic Oline–oh, and nothing at QB.

        When those arguments were used to justify not paying Clark, Seattle turned him into Collier and a draft pick. Hardly a successful trade. I think the likelihood of them trading Metcalf and replacing him with a Collier/Paul Richardson type “talent” plus a flyer on a third round talent in the second round is far likelier than them finding an adequate replacement and another contributor. And that’s why I’m dead set against trading DK for anything less than two first. He’s a top-5 talent, and you aren’t going to get two players that equal or exceed his value with anything less–certainly not if your the smartest guys in the room like PC and JS.

        Really, I don’t want him traded, because I fully expect JS and OC to fail and eventually be fired, and I hope DK outlasts them.

        • Rob Staton

          I will say, though, that this draft is that good — it’d almost be harder to botch this half as badly as the Clark/Collier swap

          • STTBM

            That’s what scares me, Rob: the draft being so good, PC and JS trade DK, then once again are unable to resist getting cute/trying to be the smartest guys in the room, and flubbing it. I don’t think I can stand losing a guy like DK only to see a repeat of Collier/Ifedi/Richardson/Penny/Britt/Pocic…

            This draft is rich in Defense and WR? I fully expect them to repeat their past mistakes, to zig instead of zag, and overdraft positions in the draft that don’t have the depth. That’s how we ended up with Britt and Ifedi. And we’ll end up drafting OL and QB high, since the draft is weak there, and try to find gems at WR and CB and DE later, since there is depth at those positions.

            • Rob Staton

              Well let’s see — nobody else is going to make the picks so I’m willing to not worry about what they’ll do and just judge it when it happens

  14. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    Has there ever been a successful playoff team that invested proportionately high at WR? OL/QB is where the $ should be.

    • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

      Oops. No ‘edit’ button…. OL/DL/QB

    • Jordan

      Bucs (Evans, Godwin, Brown) and Rams (Kupp, Woods, Obj) come to mind

  15. SoZ

    After trading Metcalf, just who in the world would the Seahawks actually pay with all that cap space and all those team controlled contracts…maybe multiple proven pass rushers, corners, or tackles? I guess the combination of all of that is the greatly improved roster we can hope for.
    Pete’s comments about not being able to imagine not having Metcalf could be taken several ways…either as saying, “We’re so thrilled we finally hit on a pick again, look at our star,” or to say “Better bid high” or a bit of both.
    For me, Matt Corral could be in play for almost any pick between 10 and 20. The Vikings and Commanders…are they really blown away by or married long term to Cousins and Wentz? Both would be chances to sit for a year. Will Corral get past all 3 picks of the Eagles, and the Saints and the Steelers? Obviously Scott McCloughan knows more than we do. I could see one of the coaches picking later moving up in a Mahomes kind of move.

    • Cover2

      I’ve been wondering the same thing.

      The Seahawks have never landed the top tier free agents. I’d be worried that they would waste the cap space on second tier free agents who are average players.

      Maybe without having to pay DK they would just trade for a young Pro Bowl type of player, who plays a higher position of value, and paying that player a big contract.

      • TomLPDX

        Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril would like a word with you. You CAN hit on FAs if done correctly.

        • Cover2

          Seahawks waited and got both players on reasonable short-term deals with Bennett and Avril. The Seahawks were also a desirable team, coming off an 11 win season and a trip in the playoffs.

          I wouldn’t bet on the Seahawks being able to sign young top-tier free agents next year, after coming off a bad season.

          It’s been 8 years since signing Bennett and Avril. Since then, there have been years where they had the cap space to sign big time free agents, but have chosen quantity in free agency over quality.

        • Jabroni-DC

          Zach Miller dropped his lunch pail & hard hat when he read the above.

          • Cover2

            So I’m assuming you consider the Seahawks are good when it comes signing players in Free Agency. T

            • TomLPDX

              They have hits and misses but they seem to stick to a specific formula.

              • Cover2

                Yeah, you’re right.

                Hopefully they will make an adjustment to being a bit more aggressive in free agency next year.

  16. Tomas

    So, because Pete Carroll essentially doesn’t believe in the forward pass, it seems we’re likely to lose Metcalf, in addition to Wilson. Stinkin’ beautiful. Just wonderful.

    0-17 is more likely than 7-10 this season. Just my opinion, of course.

    • Spectator

      For a team rebuilding and wanting to get to the Superbowl soon, going 0-17 isnt exactly worse than 7-10. Would rather go 0-17, get QB of future or game wrecking OLB next year and build with the draft and salary capital we will have.

      • UkAlex6674

        Come on, you should never hope your team goes 0-17

    • GoHawksDani

      Pete doesn’t believe in forward pass? What???
      All they did for the last 5-6-8 years is 1, run 2, run 3, throw 15-30 yard downfield

      PC/Russ didn’t believed in 3-6 yards passes, but they always took their shots downfield. And this isn’t really a screen team, so I don’t really understand what do you mean by that

    • McZ

      I think, anti-football will give us four or even five wins. Enough to stay out of the top picks.

      The thing is… even with a franchise QB, “Pete-ball” is a pointless, despicable exercise.

      And here we are again, discussing the idea, if this HC and FO should have been given the keys to the franchises future. Since 2017, we are in constant rebuild. For years, they correctly identify problems, and then do nothing. We currently don’t even have a pair of OTs. Outside of the two top WR, this team is utter rubbish.

      But, hey… they cannot possibly waste the draft!? Of course they will.
      Devin Lloyd at #9. Easy as that.

  17. Ashish

    Corral highlights looks promising worth giving a shot at #40 or probably 30’s giving 5th round option. JS please get good value for DK or keep him don’t sell low.

  18. Silly Billy

    2 things:

    1) Is it possible to have DK just play out his rookie contract, then tag him? gives you chance to tag/trade next year.

    2) If the Seahawks plan on a Matt Corral type (who might sit a year), should they still look into the early ’23 QB?

    • Rob Staton

      1. Yes

      2. Yes

  19. Happy Hawk

    Corral behind Eason and Lock v waiting until we rebuild the roster and add one of the 2023 QB’s (Levis). I opt to wait until 2023.

    • Cysco

      agreed. I don’t think the seahawks are in a position to blow an early draft pick on a project QB that needs to sit for a couple years. Just seems like a waste of a pick. That’s the kind of thing they should have done a few years ago, not today.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I’d agree on waiting for Levis. I guess the problem is that if they do better than we think they will – say, 6-10 – do they lose the opportunity to grab him? I so, then what’s the plan since they would have passed on a QB this year and lost the opportunity next year. This assumes, of course, that Levis will be a top 5 pick.

  20. Rob Staton

    The person who wrote this article is convinced Desmond Ridder is QB1 and destined for big things.

    First video clip shows Ridder throwing from a poor base. You can see him slightly leaning back and while he gets a step in it’s a very short step and the pass flutters and sails as a consequence. I think you see a slightly elongated motion and I think he rushes everything because of some slight pressure.

    The pass isn’t incomplete because he slips and falls. He’s reaching for it when that needs to hit him in stride.

    It’s this type of mechanical flaw that leads to the really streaky up and down accuracy. It’s why he can go a whole quarter looking like garbage and then when things settle down, he’s throwing lasers down the seam.

    But too often you see him not stepping into throws properly or fading away, meaning the accuracy suffers.

    • God of Thunder

      Agreed, but mechanics can be fixed. What I like about Riddef is harder to coach into a player: an ability to see the field, go they his progressions.

      • Rob Staton

        Mechanics are not easily fixed

        In some cases they are never fixed

        It’s like asking someone to hold a pen differently. When you’ve done it your whole life a certain way, it’s tough to change

        And I don’t think Ridder goes through projections noticeably better than Corral and certainly not as well as Coan

  21. Sam Northeast

    Rob, great blog as usual. What do you expect from Shane waldrons offence going into year 2?

    • Rob Staton

      I would like to see them continue to run the ball as well as they did to end last season.

      • Adam

        Since David Ojabo tore his Achilles. Do you think he’ll be there at 40?

        • Rob Staton

          Possible but I think a good team in the late first will take a shot

  22. Julian L

    I finally got round to watching the recent Pete Carroll press conference and one thing stood out to me.

    With all the things going on in the Seahawks world at the moment, with the draft coming up, trade speculation, free agency, gaps in the roster, there must be so many pressing questions those on the Seattle journo beat must want to ask. Sometimes it must be difficult to make a choice. A rare off season press conference, the head coach, the journo might get the chance to ask just one more question before the draft, here goes, this is the Pulizter Prize moment, what probing, revealing question is going to be asked; “Coach, can you talk about Travis Homer and his role in that big running back room” – Seriously!

    • Ashish

      Can’t blame the journalist as Bobby Wagner is not with the team.

      • no frickin clue

        +1 for understated brilliance

      • Hawk Finn


    • Rob Staton

      Yeah… I don’t know who asked that — but come on.

      A question about the RB3???

      • James Cr.

        It is just sooooo Seattle media though isn’t it.

  23. SoZ

    I think 7-10 sounds about right for next season, like the 2 seasons before Russell Wilson. I think they’re almost required to keep taking shots at QB even if they get Corral since he probably wouldn’t be ready next year. His ceiling depends on the roster around him. lt will be interesting to see how many of the resources they got from the trade it will take to get the next solution at QB. They are far from guaranteed one of the best of the 2023 QBs even if they struggle this season. I don’t see them being willing to tank.

    • Roy Batty

      6 NFC West games and 4 AFC West games. Then there are the away games at Bucs and Saints.

      This team will be running the gauntlet.

  24. no frickin clue

    Tarry not, for there are ill tidings in the PFN Kingdom.

    I just ran a PFN draft simulation where I traded down a short distance in the first round, didn’t like what I saw leave the board, did it again…and experienced the same thing a 2nd time.

    Traded #9 overall to the Vikes for #12 and #77
    Who was on the board at #9? Jermaine Johnson, Matt Corral, and Jordan Davis.
    All three got picked next.

    Traded #12 overall to the Saints for #18, #49 and #101 overall.
    Who was on the board at #12? Ekwonu, Stingley, Zion Johnson, and Linderbaum.
    All four of those guys got taken 14-15-16-17.

    So I’ve traded down twice, and picked up 3 additional picks for my efforts, but now my best option on the board is either Penning or a defensive tackle like Wyatt or Winfrey. Think I’m going Winfrey here.

  25. Sea Mode

    The agent commission is strong with this one… the “projected first-round pick” bit probably bumped up the normal fee. 😂

    Adam Schefter

    Clemson CB Andrew Booth Jr., a projected first-round pick, recently underwent sports hernia surgery with Dr. Williams Meyers in Philadelphia but still is expected to be ready for the start of training camp, per league sources.

  26. Denver Hawker

    Where would Corral have been drafted in last years class?

    I’m on board with taking him if they like him and can scoop after a trade down or DK. I do t like it without getting more picks.

    Also, I have some concerns about next years draft. They have capital today to trade up to a point. If Rob is calling Levis now, I’m sure the QB will just moonshot like Rob’s early call on Burrow and go #1. Will the Hawks really be worse than the Texans, Jets, Lions? I can see getting Corral (for the right slot) almost as a hedge on 2023.

    • Big Mike

      “Will the Hawks really be worse than the Texans, Jets, Lions?”

      Just a guess but I’d say there’s a very good chance the Seahawks are worse than 2 of those.

  27. V

    This possible interest in Linderbaum and Zion Johnson reminded me of this: “The Seahawks like Iowa center Tyler Linderbaum, although he probably won’t get to their second-round pick. Seattle also really likes LSU guard Ed Ingram and Boston College guard Zion Johnson. Another blocker who intrigues the organization is Georgia’s Jamaree Salyer, who is more of a guard for the NFL but played offensive tackle for the Bulldogs. All of those linemen are viewed as being capable of starting quickly.” (Walter Football. March 7)

    And you have this too
    “OL coaches from Seattle, Arizona, Houston, Jets and Titans lead workout for OL at BC Pro Day, including Zion Johnson and Alec Lindstrom at center”

    • Rob Staton

      If that first report is valid, it’s further fuel to the fire that Linderbaum and Johnson could be on their radar.

      And to be honest, I’m comfortable with it. I’ll never criticise the team for ploughing resource into the O-line. Johnson is virtually flawless as a physical specimen and Linderbaum fits the type of center they want. If you want that type of center, Linderbaum is a great get.

    • Cover2

      Zion Johnson looks like the cleanest o-line prospect in the draft. Good in pass pro, good run blocker, fits in both man and zone scheme, ideal size for interior lineman, and great athletic profile. Zion was also a team leader for 2 years, so add that to his resumé.

      The other o-lineman don’t tick all the boxes as a prospect.

      I don’t want to trade down from #9 to get Zion. I want a defensive player at #9. But I would be cool with trading #41 and a 3rd to move back into the 1st round to draft Zion.

      • Cover2

        Also, Zion is a two-time ACC All-Academic honor and has 34 inch arm length.

        Probably a good cook as well! He can do it all.

        • LetLockCook

          I think the pro bowl should incorporate some sort of cooking challenge for the skills competition. Who can chuck the ball the furthest and who can produce the best dish out of a mystery basket of food…that’s what I want to see.

          • Cover-2

            If they did that then I would actually watch the Pro Bowl.

        • God of Thunder

          Let Zion cook!

  28. Matthew

    I’m still thinking about the language Heap used about DK. Seahawks WILL trade Metcalf before the draft the headline of his article stated. Usually don’t see something so definitive. I think you trade him for the same reason you traded Wilson, you simply don’t won’t to pay the market rate for a player like DK.

    • Kyle

      I keep thinking about Rob’s draft board too—there are intriguing receivers every round. There are more potential receivers than any other position at every round of the draft on day 3.

  29. Gaux Hawks

    “If only they had about 10 picks in the first two days to fill needs and acquire players from an incredibly impressive pool of prospects this year.”

    Would love the Packers 1R22 + 2R22 + 2R23

    Derek Stingley (1)
    Boye Mafe (1)
    Channing Tindall (2)
    Abraham Lucas (2)
    Cam Jurgens (2)
    Dameon Pierce (3)

    • God of Thunder

      Would be ecstatic with this haul. But Cam Jurgens goes near the top of the 2nd round, I think.

    • GoHawksDani

      DK for R1+2xR2?
      That seems a bit rich to me with such a good and deep WR class. But sign me up, for that draft haul I’d trade the whole team.
      Stingley has Sherm qualities to him. Seems like pretty good turning his heads and sticking to WRs, he could be a cornerstone in the secondary
      Mafe is not KT or JJ, but paired with Taylor, they could be the base of a really good passrush
      Tindall is fast and violent. I think Brooks has some of those qualities in him, so these two could make a really dynamic tackling machines
      Lucas seems like a great option for RT, with maybe some upside at playing LT too? But I wouldn’t force that, we need a great RT
      Jurgens is an animal. He could be a plug’n’play C, a tone setter on the OL
      Pierce is a hard hitting, punishing runner. He would complement Penny really well.

      With a draft like this, I’d be super happy.

      • Buf

        Well, if you can get that for a box safety, you can for a freak of nature WR

  30. Zxvo3

    In that scenario where we don’t take any pass rushers early I think we really should pivot to Adam Anderson from Georgia. Obviously this would only be an option if his case gets dropped, but he is so violent and he reminds me of Darrell Taylor out of college.

    • Rob Staton

      If the case is dropped I wonder how high he could go. I wouldn’t even rule out R1.

      • Zxvo3

        If it does get dropped then definitely. I think he has major talent. If he’s there at 40/41 I’ll take him

        • TomLPDX

          Ok, I’ll probably come off as an ass but what the hell. The guy shouldn’t have ever put himself in this position. Stupid is as stupid does. So sick and tired of these so-called “athletes” who do this kind of stuff and then get off because they can “play.” Fuck them. Entitled little shits is what they are.
          /soapbox off

          • Buf

            Tom, I’m with you. I want to root for my team. When they do stuff like that, I just can’t get behind it. Id rather have a losing team, than watch a bunch of those guys.

  31. Karlos

    If we trade back to mid teens will is Trent McDuffie good pick then. What’s your thoughts on him Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Good player

      Not sure I’d want to launch a rebuild with him though

  32. Trevor

    If Jermaine Johnson is gone then perhaps Ojabo falls to #40 because of the injury.

    #9 Stingley
    #40 Ojabo
    #41 Tindall
    #72 Jurgens

    • Denver Hawker

      I’m becoming convinced we’d be lucky to get Jurgens at 40.

  33. TatupuTime

    Hoping the scuttlebut about Stingley falling down boards isn’t accurate. If they get in a situation where the top 4 edge guys are gone, Sauce is gone and they don’t have confidence in Stingley, suddenly they are in no man’s land. At the edge of the cliff into the second tier of guys where they guy they want is just as likely to be there at 15-20 as he is to be there at 9. Assuming they don’t go DT.

    Gotta hope for a few upsets in those first 8 picks. Someone falling in love with a WR or a QB.

    Would be hard to watch the Seahawks finally get into the top 10 and be in no man’s land.

  34. TCHawk

    Jets are a good trade partner for DK. Seattle Sports 710 spoke of the similarities to the Jamal Adams trade. If we got the Jets 2022 R1-10, and R3-69, plus their 2023 R1 for him I’d reluctantly have to agree that was worth it. Hard to let a star go, but we definitely then have the opportunity to reshape the roster, and where the money should be spent.

    • BobbyK

      Good thing we have Jamal for this rebuild.

      • Big Mike

        best in the nation

      • Ashish

        Adams is so good he managed to get #10 picks back for his former team Jets.

    • bmseattle

      There’s only one team in the league stupid/desperate enough to give up that kind of compensation… and it aint the Jets.

      • BobbyK

        We can’t trade for him because we already have him.

        • Big Mike

          🦚 🦚 🦚

    • Ashish

      Just a thought we should package deal Adams and DK to Jets. More like hide Adams behind DK. Whatever we get for Peacock.

  35. BobbyK

    In all seriousness, get rid of Lockett while he has any value at all. At least have the class and decency to let him know instead of him hearing from someone else. If it’s a 2nd rounder in ’22 or ’23, that’s great with me.

    If some team is offering a 1 & 2 this year for DK, I’d rather have the 1 this year and 1 next year. If this is going to be a throw away season – which it appears – then have the guts to do it. Sure, start a young core this year – but next year should be the year to get the QB and letting everyone develop together (the early picks this year and the early non-QB picks next year).

  36. Denver Hawker

    The best part about trading Russ for R1 is we get to avoid Pete telling us again how we selected Jamal Adams in the first round for a 2nd year in a row.

    • BobbyK


    • Big Mike

      🦚 🦚 🦚

  37. Munzy Da Rigger

    Forget about Sauce, Booth, Stringley and McDffuffie the best cornerback is Kaiir Elam 6’2 ran in the 4.3’s in the 40 has NFL bloodlines and someone who we must draft, I am shocked he is not spoken about in top 10 picks. Rob is Elam a good fit for Seattle new scheme i think he is slam dunk cant miss.

    • Rob Staton

      He has potential but you’ve gone a bit over the top here. Good physical qualities, not great length, thought he had a rough 2021 and saw him bite and gamble too often. I think he’s a R2.

    • Big Mike

      Holy shit. Wonder if it’s a health issue related to stress from coaching?

      • Big Mike

        Never seen an offseason even remotely close to the craziness of this one.

      • TomLPDX

        He says it’s not. Just ready to hand it over to the next coach in line.

        • TomLPDX

          Here’s the biggest tell that he is ready for retirement…

          “I don’t have to worry about how many cocktails I have on Saturday night,” he said.

          Love that comment!

          • Big Mike

            Just fantastic

  38. Hoggs41

    The more I hear and read the more I feel the Seahawks will take a QB with one of there first two picks. Could be way off but gut feeling.

  39. GoHawks5151

    I want to keep DK. So much of this off-season has been about restocking the defense with talent and changing the attitude. About bringing in foundational players and changing the culture. You would remove all that from the offense if DK leaves. He may be immature but he can also be a tone setter. Talking trash and whooping Darius Slays ass in Philly. Taking a crosser to the house and blocking Ward to the goalpost vs SF. The Budda play in AZ. Leadership, toughness, wanting to be here, someone a FA would consider coming to play with, a true dawg(Even Marshawn said it). You have the ability to keep him so no excuse. Trading back from 9 or 41, there still are ways to get another pick and use this drafts depth.

    Weird thought: Is Corral their guy this year and Will Anderson is the tank target next year after missing out on a pass rusher this year?

    • BobbyK

      Pete will never tank. But if they were to get Will Anderson, it’d probably require DK off the team. Even when he has those games of 3 catches for 25 yards – he still greatly affects opposing defensive coordinators.

    • dan

      Good comment.

      People forget DK is definitely a BAMF. Sometimes BAMFs, especially in the WR group, can come off has hotheaded when their young. DK is serious about his game and this is is something he is working towards being able to better channel as he matures.

    • Cover2

      DK is a once in a generation type of WR. Size, speed, physicality, swagger, confidence, and alfa dog. If i could have any WR in the NFL, my #1 WR would be DK. If we trade him, we may never have another WR like him for maybe the next 50 years. IMO Russel Wilson is an elite QB, but I think it’s easier to find a QB similar to Wilson as opposed to finding another WR like DK.

      That being said, I’m not opposed to trading DK.

      • God of Thunder

        Those are his attributes for sure. But there’s something missing. His ability to catch (almost) everything that comes his way. He hadn’t shown that ability yet. And he may never.

        Presumably the coaches that see him on a near daily basis know just how good his catching is. I’m leaning towards giving him an A minus or A got everything and a B plus for catching ability.

  40. Ashish

    Now that’s realistic comp for DK trade

    • joshua

      We can only dream!

    • Scot

      #10 has more value than KC or GB received all by itself.
      Gotta love crazy trades. JS would fall over in his chair screaming yes for that.

  41. Brik

    I’ve watched the top 4 QBs in this draft and Corral was the only one I was impressed with. I believe he’s the only one that can come in be able to start during the 1st season. A lot of guys have switched from the college, shotgun style, to the pros under center. McVay did it with Goff to a certain amount of success. Our OC is from that tree. Might take half a season but I believe Corral could play this year and look like he belongs. He has a good pump fake. He doesn’t tap the ball before he throws. He goes through his progressions. He has decent speed. Corral played in the stacked SEC and had a good record. He has all the tools necessary. Not a sure thing but he’s the only one I’d be ok with earlier in the draft.

    • Morgan

      I concur. He’s the only guy in the top 5 QB prospects that has really great footwork (imo), and his release is quantum-level. If PCJS surprise us on draft weekend (like they always do) and take Corrall at some point, I wouldn’t be as angry as I typically am.

  42. Cover2

    I’ve been trying to be sold on an offensive lineman that I would be excited about in the 1st or 2nd round. Rob has pointed out some good options for us. I have looked at the 1st round, 2nd round o-lineman that fit the Seahawks athletic profile. But I keep finding flaws in those players except for one player. For me the exception is Zion Johnson.

    IMO the natural team leaders on offense should be the QB and the Center. Those two should not be given the team captain status just because of the position they play, but because of their natural leadership ability/work ethic. Zion seems to be that guy.

    When some of the top prospects come up with an excuse to get out of the Senior Bowl, Zion was the complete opposite. He threw himself at center, even though he has no in game experience at center. That is bold and brave. To put yourself in a situation to be judged how you perform at a position you have never played before, in front of your peers from bigger schools and in front of the world to see.

    Zion should be our target as a fundation piece at center.

    • SpennyDunks

      He plays OG though..

      • SpennyDunks

        Sorry hit send too soon. Why draft a guy early just to swap his position just because he played there once? He looks like a foundational piece at OG so keep him there.

        • Cover-2

          That’s fair. Keep him at guard where you know he is good.

          But I think center has more positional value than guard. He has shown the willingness to play center. And he is extremely intelligent, so he has the mindset to make the calls on offense.

          That being said, I can see your point of view as to moving him. Seahawks have screwed up a lot of their o-lineman because of moving them around too much.

          • SpennyDunks

            Just have PTSD from them moving around guys so often on both sides of the ball. Lewis the latest example on the line.

            I’m not opposed to it, as that keeps Haynes and Lewis in the lineup and I like those two as well. Lewis also played Center for a cup of coffee and you can see which of those 3 guys work in whatever order.

            But this draft has a lot of promising Centers as well so I’d rather just pick one of them in addition to Johnson and just keep it simple.

    • Jordan

      Agreed. Not necessarily the Center position specifically, but yes, a key leader/captain should be a well entrenched veteran olineman.

      Andrew Whitworth and Trent Williams wearing the ‘C’ are prime examples.

  43. SoZ

    Bruce Arians is doing what Pete should do.

    • God of Thunder

      Overdoing the cocktails? 😂

    • Big Mike

      If I were the owner, Pete already would be.

  44. Andrew M

    What did McLoughin say about Wilson, pre-draft in 2012? I am definitely into a lot of hype McLoughin spreads, but as yet I am not keen on drafting a QB at all this year.

  45. Peter

    Rob just reading the tea leaves here. From Carrol’s presser to thoughts the top edge rushers will be gone. Add reports thst stingley may fall (how far? A DK style fall? Happened with DK.) I’m starting to think that our dreams of defensive draft may be over.

    That said and this is not my preference but something I may not mind….how interested do you think Seattle really is on matt corral? Not nine overall hopefully but a trade back into the first level or wait and see?

    I’m really leaning into Zion Johnson in the teens with a third given back to be traded back for Corral. A lot of the super exciting names on defense will be gone bit that still leaves 2,3,4, etc for defensive players and hopefully one RB.

    I can’t believe I’m typing this but a DK trade would mean they could get weird on offense and load up on defense. Trade back into the teens and/or a first and third for DK and you could legitimately go after:

    Zion Johnson (1st with a trade back)
    Wyatt (middle first from a dk trade)
    Corral (2nd and 3rd to trade back into bottom of round one)
    Tindall/lucas/jurgens/linderbaum/stingley…just a hunch he falls.. (pick #41)
    Dameon pierce/zamir white/Christian Watson (remaining third rounder)

  46. Gross MaToast

    I think keeping DK would be the right move for several reasons, but primarily so that the Coffee Cup doesn’t fancy himself the Alpha Dog, excuse me, Alpha Dawg on this team. DK is as close as you can come to having Cam Chancellor at WR – a BAMF that keeps the other team up at night. Don’t trade, find more like him.

    Further Too Also:
    Corral/Geno/Lock/Eason/TBD need targets just to have a chance.
    Pete with draft picks is like a monkey with a hand grenade – could possibly not turn out well.
    He’s a great face for the franchise.
    He’s happy to be in Seattle.
    He’s only 24.
    He likely finds a way to humiliate Adams in practice on a daily basis.

    However, for three #1s and a couple of #2s, I might reconsider.

    • Scot04

      If we don’t get a couple Tackles soon no one will have time to throw deep to DK.

      • Gross MaToast

        Without tackles, none of this matters.

        I’ve been told that Pete is aware of the issue and will address soon…probably.

        • Big Mike

          He’s fired up about the options available too.

          By the way, I was leaning towards trading DK, but when you said “He likely finds a way to humiliate Adams in practice on a daily basis” that was enough to change my mind. I mean just knowing that makes keeping DK well worth it even at 25 per.

        • Scot04

          Haven’t we heard this about improving the passrush for like 3 straight offseasons.

    • Ashish

      “Pete with draft picks is like a monkey with a hand grenade”
      Good one.
      It seems now JS has more power also Sean Desai is making calls on defense.

      • Big Mike

        I’m not convinced

        • Peter

          Based on his Dissly comment JS seems to have the same level of control he always had. I don’t get this idea that JS has been hamstrung by pete. The moves thus far are in line with what they’ve always done. Hedges, overpays, and still one blue chip player and he (DK) might get traded away.

          While the rest of the nfl is an arms race we’re stuck on quantity over quality mode.

          The free agent market is ice cold and neither of the two have bothered to get a tackle presumably so they can reach for one at the draft.

          • Big Mike

            1000% agree Peter

    • GoHawksDani

      DK is like 90% deep routes. You need a QB who can move around for the route to develop, a QB who can throw deep precisely, an OL which can keep up with the passrush for 4-5 seconds. We doesn’t have any of that.
      Yeah, DK is not only seams and go routes, but he’s only special with those routes. He’s a decent mid-length route runner, but not a great short route runner. He is more flexible that we thought early, but he’s not someone who’ll break CB ankles for 5-7 yards.

      What would you think if they’d pay him 25m APY and there’d be 2-3-4 games where he doesn’t even have a catch, or only has 1-2.
      Or how would anyone like if they’d force him the ball into double coverage even with a mediocre/bad QB when Lockett is open?

      If DK gets better for shorter routes, and the team builds his offense around him but doesn’t force feed him the ball like crazy it could work. I’m not against keeping him, BUT if I think how he played the last couple years (some stupid mistakes, penalties, drops, MIA in some games) WITH Russ, and think how could he play with a bad QB FOR 25m APY, and we could get two high R2 or one high R1, or later R1 and R2 in this class, I’d take that.
      If we could take Lucas and Linderbaum for example (RT, C) or Tindall and best RB for the team, or something like that with those picks…or with a single high R1 pick take Stingley, I feel that would be more helpful for the future.
      Might hurt the present team, but a single good WR doesn’t count as much without at least a good if not great QB and at least a decent running game and a solid OL.
      We have neither of those. So yeah…DK might mean we win 2-3 more games in the next 2-3-4 years, but does it really matter if we could be 4-13, 5-12, 6-11 or 7-8 wins?

      • UkAlex6674

        We don’t have a single good WR. We have 2. So by trading away DK for a bunch of – and let’s be real here because they are at this stage – WR prospects then we are at the same time diluting the effectiveness of Lockett.

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe — but it’s also worth noting that when the Seahawks were at their best, they had Doug Baldwin and not a lot else.

          • Trevor

            I am sure PC/JS are well aware they won an SB with a legendary defense, soul crushing run game and game manger at QB who did not turn the ball over. Even if most fans seem to forget.

            I love DK and think he will only get better but the ideal of paying him $25 mil+ / yr when you don’t have a starting LT, RT or QB seems insane to me. Even more so when you look at the # of receivers that CFB produces each year.

            DK makes a ton of sense for GB or KC as a final piece to the puzzle. He makes zero sense for a team still trying to get all the puzzle pieces on the table.

            • Rob Staton

              I really like DK and the idea of giving him away pisses me off, even if admittedly he has a ton still to work on to become the player he could be. And I’m concerned, after three years, that he’ll never take that next step to become unstoppable in a way Julio or even Mike Evans can be.

              But I also think this team needs to be built predominantly through the trenches. I want a fantastic pass rush, a great O-line. And that will set the table for eventually, hopefully, a great quarterback.

              So I am torn and frankly, comfortable with whatever they decide.

              • GoHawks5151

                DK has his flaws. Catching in particular. The number of catches this is very fluid. Running game aside, the offense provides no easy throws and when things were open early Russ often turned it down. The fact we are talking about 6’2″ centers means they are moving to a different scheme. I’m hopeful there will be easier throws and they hit more routes over the middle. DK should be unstoppable on slants like AJ Brown

  47. Scot04

    Rob I know Linderbaum is like a Blythe clone, but with Jurgens being only about 1/3 inch taller at 6’3 & only about 8lbs in weight, sure seems like he should be on their board also.
    I’ll be hoping for Jurgens at 40. If we go Center or do you think Jurgens goes earlier?

    • Old but Slow

      As well as he has tested, I would be surprised if Jurgens is there at 40. He has been my big crush in this class, but he keeps climbing in the ratings. With Linderbaum, Strange and Tom there will be a chance to get someone who can contribute in a year or two.

    • Rob Staton

      He might go earlier

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        If Jurgens and Linderbaum are both on the board at 40 Rob, who do you think Seahawks are taking if they had to choose between the two?

        • Scot04

          Not Rob.
          But after previous drafts I could see the Seahawks passing on both.

        • Rob Staton

          Based on the way Carroll spoke this week probably Linderbaum

  48. L80

    With both starting RB’s being mostly unreliable to stay uninjured, and if the Hawks are getting back to running the ball more (which the should) It’s quite obvious they need to draft a good RB, and the 3rd would be a good place to get someone that can help immediately.

    Many have been outlined here. This team needs a thug or a series of thugs at RB.

    • Big Mike

      I agree. I don’t want to see them wait til round 4. Not interested in another Homer/Dallas. Want a bellcow which will be needed once Penny goes down with his inevitable injury.
      If Pete was fooled by Penny’s last 6 games leading into a contract, “fool” is indeed the right word here imo.

    • Cover2

      Yeah, getting a legit RB in the draft is defiantly on the rebuild to-do-list. But I would rather wait until next year. Work on improving the o-line through the draft this year. Then next year address the RB position.

      I feel like if we were to draft a RB, lets say a Breece Hall this year, it would be a wasted year for him. He would be running behind a bad o-line on a team that is in rebuild mode. We all know RB have a short shelf life, so lets hold off a year on drafting a RB. I think RB should be one of the last pieces of the puzzle when rebuilding a team. RB are plug-and-play right out of college, whereas most other positions are not.

      Next year target a RB in late round 1 or early round 2. IMO RB has more positional value to the Seahawks offense, as opposed to most other teams that prefer to sling the rock.

      Here are two RB’s to that fit the Seahawks RB profile, that will be draft eligible next year.

      Texas RB Jijan Robinson:

      Georgia RB Kendall Milton

  49. swedenhawk

    Tony Pauline is the man. It’s worth checking out the livestream for his fashion alone. So dapper!

  50. Trevor

    DK to the Packers for #22 #53 and a 1st in 2023 is my prediction. DK would be the ultimate weapon for Rodgers to replace Adams and the Pack are in win now mode. They still have another 1st rounder this year to add another weapon if they want.

    Hawks get more draft capital this year and an additional 1st next year to maximize their ability to maneuver and get a QB in 2023.

    Seahawks Draft (Assuming Johnson and Thibodeaux are off the board)

    #9 Derrick Stingley (CB / LSU) The Hawks get a true lockdown CB and ball hawk. Which is a critical need in the new defensive scheme they want to run.

    #22 Devonte Wyatt (DT/ Georgia) Ideal fit for the new scheme they want to run. Physical freak who as Rob hi-lighted plenty could be special.

    #40 Abraham Lucas (RT/ Wash St) Day #1 starter at RT and huge upgrade over Shell.

    #41 Channing Tindall (LB / Georgia) Heat Seeking missile they so badly need to bring physicality to the defense.

    #53 Cam Jurgens (C/ Nebraska) Hawks get the ideal C for the blocking scheme they want.

    #72 Kevin Austin (WR / ND) Incredibly under rated WR to come in and fill the void left by DK’s departure.

    #109 Dameon Pierce (RB/Fla) The most physical runner in the draft to go with Penny seems like a good fit.

    #145 Jack Coan (QB / ND) Stealing this one from Rob. Hawks take a flier and add to the QB competition.

    #153 Percy Butler (S /Louisiana) Hawks get their special team gunner and depth at Safety

    #229 Cade York (K / LSU) Hawks release Myers for the cap savings and draft a young kicker with a big leg.

    A draft like this would build the core of the roster. Bring back Duane Brown on a 2yr deal to mentor the young guys on the OL and let the Hawks focus on LT and QB in next years draft.

    • Rob Staton

      DK to the Packers for #22 #53 and a 1st in 2023 is my prediction

      I think there’s next to no chance you’ll get that haul.

      Max will be a first and a second.

      • Spectator

        Not sure i would want to make the deal with the packers, but what about a later first this year and a first next year? Packers 22 and first next year. Or even better, say with Detroit for 32 and a first next year? Maybe even with philly at 19? seeing as they have 3 firsts this year.

        • Rob Staton

          Bad teams, especially those without a QB, are not going to trade you next years first for DK Metcalf.

          I doubt you get two firsts.

      • Trevor

        If that is the case I don’t make the deal. I would have thigh they would get more than the Adams / Hill deals because DK is younger and has a year left on his rookie deal to help with the Cap #.

        I guess it goes to show how badly the Hawks got fleeced in the Jamal Adams trade. DK is a better player at a more premium position with a year left on his deal still.

        • cha

          Keep in mind Trevor, the Seahawks gave a first round pick a year out and a first round pick two years out for Adams.

          The Jets went a whole season without any return on the Adams trade.

          Getting a first round pick this year for DK in trade is far more valuable.

  51. ShowMeYourHawk


    Hypothetical (since that’s all we can do until Draft time) trade:

    SEA sends #9 to KC for #29 & 30. Do you do it? If the EDGEs and CBs you covet are somehow gone, seems like a slam dunk to bail on an overdraft and potentially pick up four of Lucas, Williams, Wyatt, McCreary, Linderbaum, Tindall, Chenal or Walker, within about an 12 pick span.

    Even if Stingley, Gardner or Johnson are still there when #9 comes up, you make the move to add more talent in more positions, yeah? Just curious.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t do that, no.

      You need to pick in the top 20 even if you move down

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Interesting. Would this be an attempt to gain the ability to trade down even further from a spot in the top 20, or would you have your eye on someone specific in that range that would likely be gone by #29? I was under the presumption that the real meat of this draft would be late 1st through the 3rd. Having four picks around the top of round 2 would be a benefit, I’d think. Granted, you put more time into these prospects than I.

        • Rob Staton

          You need to add talent

          If you trade out of the top-20 you’ll miss out on a lot of talent

    • Zane

      I agree; if there’s no *game-wreckers* on the board at #9, I think it would be wise to trade back to late-teens/early-twenties.

      Who are the game-wreckers is the question: Walker, Stingley, Thibodeaux, Hutchinson, Gardner, J Johnson… maybe Wyatt. That’s 6 or 7 players.

      If one is there at #9, you have to take him, IMO- but there’s a fairly plausible scenario where they’re all gone.

  52. AL

    Now that the draft board has evolved to the point where it’s becoming clearer as to what range players may go in rounds 1 & 2 it’s interesting to speculate as to what players the Seahawks may take.

    We know they are considering trading down from #9 because the players they coveted most likely aren’t going to be their. We also know their options to trade down may be very limited. So say they stay at #9 and all the players they were considering with this pick are off the board, who might they select?

    Zion Johnson (G, Boston College)
    Boye Mafe (DE, Minnesota)
    Arnold Ebiketie (DE, Penn State)

    Zion Johnson would probably make the most sense her from a talent stand point.

    So now lets say, as there is a good chance this happens, that they trade DK to say KC or Green Bay and aquire another first and second round pick. So now they have another pick in the 20 range.

    Arnold Ebiketie (DE, Penn State)
    Quay Walker (LB, Georgia)
    Matt Corral (QB, Ole Miss)
    Abraham Lucas (T, Washington State)
    Cam Jurgens (C, Nebraska)
    Channing Tindall (LB, Georgia)
    Tyler Linderbaum (C, Iowa)
    Demarri Mathis (CB, Pittsburgh)
    David Ojabo (DE, Michigan)
    Christian Watson (WR, North Dakota State)

    Several good options here.

    Moving on to picks #40 & 41.

    Channing Tindall (LB, Georgia)
    Tyler Linderbaum (C, Iowa)
    Demarri Mathis (CB, Pittsburgh)
    Breece Hall (RB, Iowa State)
    Leo Chenal (LB, Wisconsin)
    Cole Strange (C, Chattanooga)

    Again, several good prospects. I tried to focus on the positions the Seahawks are most likely to target. With an additional pick in the #50 range, it’s very conceivable the Seahawks come away with five very solid football players.

    • Rob Staton

      You’re not taking Johnson, Mafe or Ebiketie at #9.

      If they stay at #9 they will take one of the more obvious top-10 types.

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