Tuesday notes: Thoughts on early free agency

The wide receiver market is red hot

Allen Robinson (Chicago), Sammy Watkins (Kansas City), Paul Richardson (Washington) and Marqise Lee (Jacksonville) have all agreed new contracts already. This is possibly indicative of a mediocre draft at the receiver position.

All received hefty salaries too:

Allen Robinson — 3 years, $42m
Sammy Watkins — 3 years, $48m
Paul Richardson — 5 years, $40m
Marqise Lee — 4 years, $38m

The Seahawks were never going to get involved at these prices.

Where does it leave them though?

After all, they’re losing Richardson to the Redskins.

It might not mean all that much. They still have Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. They’re only a year removed from drafting Amara Darboh in round three plus they just traded for Marcus Johnson. They also seem to be high on David Moore.

When the Seahawks were at their peak in 2013, the main receivers were Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse. Sidney Rice picked up an injury during the season.

If they’re going back to that formula, an expensive receiver isn’t necessarily required.

All of the names above would’ve compromised their compensatory picks in 2019. There’s also a degree of risk. Robinson is still recovering from a torn ACL, Watkins has underwhelmed so far while Lee and Richardson have missed many games through injury.

What they really need is some extra speed (possibly provided by Marcus Johnson) and a big target. We’ll have to see what the market is for Terrelle Pryor. Michael Floyd could be a cost-effective alternative.

Jimmy Graham heading to Green Bay

Graham leaving was expected. The Seahawks spent two years trying to make him a complete tight end, then finally caved and used him as a touchdown maker in the red zone.

The Packers have struggled to get the most out of veteran tight ends. We’ll see if Graham is any different.

Will the Seahawks sign a veteran tight end?

It feels like a priority. Austin Seferian-Jenkins reportedly wants to play for the Seahawks. It’s also a greater need. Nick Vannett and Tyrone Swoopes are the only contracted tight ends on the roster.

Seferian-Jenkins would cost them a comp pick. It’d cancel out one of the departures — Paul Richardson, Jimmy Graham or Sheldon Richardson (assuming Richardson also leaves). They might have to take that on the chin. They’ll need to spend some money.

Here’s the latest:

Will they sign a veteran running back?

They’re meeting with DeMarco Murray. Murray wouldn’t cost them a comp pick next year. Both players were cut. It’s highly likely they will sign a hedge running back at some point — the key is who’s willing to play on a modest deal? Jonathan Stewart is out of the equation though — he’s joining the Giants:

If (when?) the Seahawks sign a running back — it’ll be assumed by many that the position is sorted, or that it’ll allow them to wait in the draft. Perhaps. I suspect it’s more likely it’ll just be insurance or competition. After all, the Saints signed Adrian Peterson and quickly moved on when it emerged Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara were the two to go with. The Seahawks signing a veteran creates a similar situation with a veteran, a rookie and Chris Carson competing.

Adding to the defensive line also feels like a priority

Re-signing Sheldon Richardson or adding Ndamukong Suh could be the first big move they make. People will have reservations about both players but they’d be very important in Seattle. It’s not a coincidence Bobby Wagner had a career year with a talent like Richardson absorbing blockers.

Why would they spend big money on either?

A year ago when Michael Lombardi first reported the Seahawks were willing to move Richard Sherman, he made this interesting remark:

I think Seattle really thought twice about paying Richard Sherman. They felt they had to when they won the Super Bowl. Now their cap’s kind of a mess and they need to fix it so I think the reason they need to fix it is because they put all that money in the corner position in a defense where, we feel you can draft players that fit that scheme. Seattle did it, they’ve done it over and over again.

The scheme in Seattle allows you to find corners especially size/speed corners of which there’s a bundle of them in this draft that can play deep third of the defense, they’ll tackle and they can play within the scheme.

The Seahawks clearly have confidence in their ability to find cornerbacks on the cheap and fit them into their scheme. They have a proven track record there. And these quotes from Lombardi shed light on why they were asking Sherman to take a pay cut.

So while they’re saving money at that position by cutting Sherman, it might be with the intention of spending more money on the D-line. In the past they brought in Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril. They traded for Sheldon Richardson. They spent high picks on Frank Clark and Malik McDowell.

Now they might be transferring some of the Sherman fund to a different area of the defense.

Will they spend on the offensive line and sign a veteran guard?

Probably only if the price is right. After all, this is an excellent draft for interior O-liners. The options on the market aren’t great either. The Seahawks got burned overpaying for average players a year ago.

What’s happening with Earl Thomas?

During the combine Jason La Canfora suggested he would be traded. Then Ian Rapoport reported Thomas would be staying in Seattle. La Canfora yesterday posted this Tweet:

It’s just his personal hunch rather than a report but it leaves the door open. If Thomas is going to be moved, it’d likely be in the early days of free agency.

Mike Davis wasn’t tendered

According to a report by Brady Henderson. This isn’t a big surprise either. They weren’t likely to give him $1.9m to stay. They can now try and re-sign him on a much cheaper deal.

Google Hangout tonight

I’ll be doing a live Google Hangout later (4pm PST) discussing free agency. I’ll post it at the top of this article. If you have any questions, post them in the comments section. Start the question with ‘GOOGLE HANGOUT’ and it’ll be easier for me to spot.

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  1. Cameron

    Celek could end up making a quality vet to mentor the younger TE’s, as an alternative to spending big on ASJ.

    Quality blocker, adequate pass catcher when called upon, shouldn’t cost too much (I would expect no more than $3-4m), and won’t impact comp picks, having been released by Philly. He and Vannett could make a good 1-2, with Swoopes developing as the third, and perhaps even a 4th from day 3 of the draft to develop (if 2-TE sets become a primary option for the offense, a 4th TE on the roster would make sense).

    • 80SLargent

      You beat me by a minute. 🙂

  2. 80SLargent

    The Eagles released Brent Celek. He’s only missed 1 game in 11 seasons. He wouldn’t count against the comp pick formula. Should Seattle at least take a look at him?

  3. Trevor

    Google Hangout

    Rob if you had to pick between Suh and Richardson for say similar 3yr 38 mil and 26 mil Guaranteed deals which guy would you pick?

    Question #2 of the veteran free agent RB on the market (Stewart, Murray etc.) who make the most sense for the Hawks to bring in on a low $ deal?

    Question #3 Do you think the ever increasing salaries and value placed on Interior OL in todays NFL make it more likely the Hawks go Interior OL with that first pick, given that there a three great options (Wynn, Hernandez, Price) and two really good options (Smith, Corbett) all likely to go in the top 50 picks?

    • Mexican Hawk

      Let’s see what Rob says.


      Suh, but hope since he has made some money (is friends with Buffett) and from PacNW he would budge a bit. Also 31 years old.


      I hope so on OG

      • Hawk Eye

        hey, any friend of Jimmy Buffett can’t be all bad…

        • Mexican Hawk

          Hahaha agree….

          Did see a piece on him and Warren a while back as per Cornhusker background.

      • BobbyK

        I’m not Rob, but Suh for me in a heartbeat. I’m not sure Robinson can be trusted with a big contract. Suh is simply a “dirtbag” force – and this Nebraska fan who followed his college career means that in a good way. He’s still a superstar and he needs that one final push of a season where he wins NFL Defensive POY. It’s in him. He’s just running out of time. I think he could still do it with this Seahawks defense. That’s how elite of a talent he still is and can be.

    • Heliopause

      If you sign Suh then I can tell you what you’ll be discussing year from now; that he cost a lot of money, that he did something that drove the coaches crazy, that he’s 32 years old… There is an argument for signing Suh I’m sure, but getting younger and cheaper on defense and improving the locker room climate ain’t it.

      If you’re looking at three years then the obvious choice is Richardson. He isn’t as good as Suh was at the same age but he’s several years younger and he’s good. I haven’t heard anything bad about him since he came to Seattle. He’s never injured Russell Wilson as far as I know. For me that would be the obvious choice for the hypothetical contract.

      It makes no sense to bring any of those free agent RBs in. Their veteran minimums would be several hundred thousand dollars more than rookie and there is zero evidence they would provide any more than any of the other 10 or 12 RBs who have been tried over the past two seasons.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      1. Richardson

      2. Hyde

      3. 1st pick: RB; 2nd pick: interior OL 2nd pick.

      We have decent players on the OL already. The running game is this offseason’s #1 priority. The talent curve after RoJo and Chubb at RB is steeper than OG after Wynn and Hernandez.

      • Mark Souza

        Hyde went to Cleveland.

    • Gymno

      I’m thinking that the analysis would include either Suh and a 3rd round comp pick for Richardson, or Richardson, and forfeiting any comp pick. Am i wrong here?

  4. Joseph

    I’ll lose all respect for Schneider even more if he spends money on seferian Jenkins costing us a 3rd comp pick. They’re not spending their money wisely. Which has been evident over the years.

    • Rob Staton

      ASJ won’t cost them a third round comp pick. At best it’d cost them a R4. And they’d still be getting two other decent comp picks for Richardson and Graham.

      • Joseph

        Oh i see my bad. But if they miss out on him cause saints are highly interested in him who’s out there in FA in TE position? Who is on seattles radar as far as the draft for TE’s

        • Rob Staton

          Dalton Schultz and Durham Smythe could be targets. Will Dissly maybe.

          • Elijah

            As a converted d-lineman I think Dissly would provide really good value on special teams/goal line packages as well. The guy has a through the roof work ethic, I enjoyed watching him play for the Huskies.

    • Dale

      I’m not sure why you think Schneider hasn’t spent money wisely. We’ve gotten great value out low cost free agent deals. Spending on core players was always the plan. There have been some busts like Harvin but to win big you have to take some chances.

      • drewdawg11

        Joeckel, Lacey was a waste of $14 million. That’s the most recent example. I can see why it seems that way. McDougal was a solid signing last year, and this week. The extension for Kam was a gamble. We lost. Just about every free agent OL has been wasted money. Not much else after that.

        • GerryG

          Pretty sure they promised Kam $ years ago when he held out and they stayed true to their word. No source, not sure if that makes it better or not. I don’t think they had any allusion that contract would pay off.

  5. Hawksince77

    As far as veteran running backs go, it seems highly likely one will be signed. Stewart, Murray, whoever. This won’t change their draft strategy, based on what we have seen in prior years. I think Rob is correct, and an RB will likely be selected in their first two picks. Despite Rob’s love for Jones, he seems more of a luxury pick for Seattle, as opposed to the every-down dominant back they are more likely to favor. Chubb fits this profile perfectly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is their primary target. Jones is less likely to succeed as a 25-30 rush per game back, and he won’t punish the defense like Chubb will (as Lynch did in the past). Chubb and the right offensive line and offensive scheme will impose their will on opponent defenses, and I suspect that is what Pete is after.

    Anyway, back to the FA backs. I would be surprised if any back they sign makes it out of training camp. If they draft Chubb, then Carson makes a decent back up, with Davis behind him. I don’t see how an aging back can compete with these guys.

    As for third down specialists (where Jones might excel) Prosise and McKissic seem fine. In fact, the latter is probably a lock to make the team, given his versatility. As for Prosise, he has got to be good for at least 2, maybe 3 quarters of regular season football, so there is that.

    • BobbyK

      Adrian Peterson is going to be available. Again. He can’t block or catch (and worthless on STs), but he’s still a good runner. I wouldn’t pay much for him, but he’s not going to cost much either.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I think you gloss over RoJo too much. He’s way more than a luxury pick. He’s a rare talent at THE position of need for the team this year.

      I also disagree with your assertion that RoJo can’t handle a full load, though I’m not sure he needs to with Carson. I know everyone is sprung on Barkley and I get it. He’s a physical freak, great character, etc. But I’d rather have RoJo and the multiple draft picks I’d get trading down from the top 5 to the back end of R1.

      Obviously I’ll have to wait to see where each ends up, but I think RoJo will have bigger stat lines. At least in the first couple of seasons.

      • Rob Staton

        Ronald Jones II is a special player.

      • Hawksince77

        Perhaps you are right, and Jones could operate as the feature back in Seattle. He just seems outside the optimum mold that Pete has demonstrated again and again at the position.

        On the other hand, Pete had Reggie Bush along with a thumper in White. Perhaps that is more like what he would do with Jones on the team.

        Obviously none of us know, and I am not making a prediction one way or the other. Jones will generate more excitement from most of us than Chubb will, no doubt. Getting an elite playmaker at the position could be awesome.

        Here’s an odd possibility: what if Seattle trades Earl for a first round pick (say Dallas). Then draft Jones with their first pick (after trading down at least once), then a top guard, and then Chubb. That would be sick.

        • Mark Souza

          You use a mold when you are shaping raw clay, a player with potential capable of someday being coached into something you want. When presented with something that is already better than you could have dreamed of, you through the mold away.

          You don’t say no if you have the chance to draft Dion Sanders because his arms a sub 32″. You don’t say no to drafting Barry Sanders because he’s only 5’8,” 200 lb. So the question is, is RoJo special enough to throw away the mold, the exception player that’s the exception to the rule?

          • Rob Staton

            He says he’ll be 210lbs by the USC pro-day. So he wouldn’t need to be an exception.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              While I totally agree (210lbs isn’t an exception for a pro RB), it’s funny Mark Souza brings that up. The last time I was so sure about an “exception” prospect’s potential for success was Russell Wilson. If he’d been a few inches taller… If RoJo was 15lbs heavier…

              I’ll say this too, RoJo is the first RB prospect I’ve seen since joining SDB who truly seems pissed off for greatness.

  6. AndrewP

    Graham to Pack

    • DC

      Your stats will be better JG. Not wishing you luck though.

    • Sea Mode

      3-year deal. Please, let it be expensive!

  7. mac

    I personally hope we don’t sign ASJ and lose a comp pick. Right now I believe we have:
    1st RD
    *no pick*
    3rd RD

    If we end up getting Suh and Sheldon leaves, we can near count on 3rd round for him, 4th for P.Rich and 3rd for Graham. It would be a nice little haul for us and give us the flexibility to package our picks in the near future. We could realistically trade back in the first, pick up a third and then use it to climb into the second round.

    If we are going to go through and retool the team, we should do it right.

    I am a bit more in favor of signing Suh at the moment and drafting BJ Hill. Getting a third for Sheldon is great, I hope we could get him and Suh but seeing all available options, I think the best way to go would be to grab Suh and take a pick. I wouldn’t mind a free agent O linemen but I’d prefer them to take Corbett.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’ll be a fourth rounder for Paul Richardson and Jimmy Graham.

      We’ll have to see on Sheldon Richardson. He might end up like Dontari Poe a year ago, somewhat stranded without a long term option.

      • mac

        I could dig that, It’s somewhat sour to lose Paul RIchardson. I wish we could of gotten more use out of him during his time here but at the end of the day its all business and Tyler Lockett will probably end up the recipient of P.Rich’s non-signing.(At least I hope, All my Jerseys are becoming worthless)

      • Hawk Eye

        I doubt PRich gets a 4th rnd comp pic. There seems to be a lot of deals out there for a lot of money, guess we have to wait and see which ones get cancelled out, etc.

    • Patrick Toler

      I’m a bit wary of ASJ, but if he plays up to his potential he’s well worth the 4th or 5th round compensatory pick he’d cost us.

  8. cha

    Google Hangout

    Would Bishop Sankey be a practice squad target? He tore his ACL Week 1 last year but if he’s recovered he could be a find and could be a hedge against further Prosise/Carson injuries. Could be a cheap PC project for the offense with some pass catching RB potential.

  9. AndrewP

    Google Hangout Question:
    – New Hawks WR… CJ Prosise?

    • lil'stinK

      I think he’d be a JAG as a receiver… not sure he has much mismatch potential when the other team can always line a CB up on him.

  10. Nick

    Brian Quick WR could be an option. He is FA and he played with Brian S in St Louis. He’ll come on the cheap and he’s 6’4 220.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80


  11. Hawksince77

    One other thought as we approach free agency. Rob has speculated, and the sentiment seems to have been generally accepted, that 2018 is bound to be a down year for Seattle, and that they are unlikely to contend.

    While in the end that may be true, I don’t think JS/PC think that way. Yes, we say them throw a bunch of draft chips into the pot attempting to compete in 2017, with the Brown/Richardson trades, attempting to make good on their aging talent one more year, but it seems to me that this year is no different.

    Sure, Sherman is gone, Bennet is gone, ET may still be traded, Kam is unlikely to play, Avril likely released, both Richardsons possible gone (one of them for sure), Graham gone, etc. etc. But last year they drafted a ton of defense, re-signed Mcdougall (sp?), swapped out their entire coaching staff (still maintaining continuity with Solari and Norton, and seem to be addressing the most serious issue on the team, the running game.

    Seeing Suh in Seattle is what made me think that this year is no different, in Pete’s eyes, than any year. The goal is to win the division, and ultimately make it to the SB. They have some cap space now, they have lots of young talented players, and a core that would be the envy of most teams.

    Even last year, things could have broken a different way, and ended up far better than it did. Untimely injuries, missed field goals, a stagnant running game, and still, Seattle remained competitive for most of the season. Many of the players they don’t have this year they lost already last year, and played without them for over half the season.

    I think they will get their running game back. I think the defense will be good, even if they aren’t the best in the league. The one area that worries me this moment is the lack of dominant pass-catchers. Rob points out that in previous years they succeeded with a mediocre crew, and I do think a dynamic and punishing ground game will greatly enhance their passing effectiveness, but still. With only two proven talents (Lockett, Baldwin), depending on Moore or Darbow or Grayson or Johnson to step up takes some faith. BTW, what ever happened to Kenny Lawler? Wasn’t he doing great last camp?

    Anyway, perhaps they sigh Pryor, and unlike last year, proves to be a dominant downfield threat.

    A dominant running game fixes a lot, on both sides of the ball. Like just about every team this time of year (even Cleveland) we have reason to be optimistic.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Seahawks will be competitive in 2018 and will aim high. I’m just not sure they’ll be as good as people hope and expect. But it’ll be a necessary part of trying to get back to those days.

      • Steele

        It’s too soon to tell, but my hunch, after this crazy offseason is complete, is that they will be competitive in 2018, possibly a game better than this past season. They will be refreshed and you will feel hopeful, even if they don’t win a SB. They have unloaded a lot of emotional dead wood, aged and injured vets, a guys that frankly never really performed spectacularly (Graham, PRich, Lane, etc)

        Think new 2-3 yr window.

        • Rob Staton


    • Patrick Toler

      They will absolutely be a competitive team. But they are almost surely to be firmly outside of the inner group of contenders when the season starts. I expect them to be in the large fringe group and 9-10 wins is probably a realistic goal. Of course this is way to early for this kind of talk and it depends on how the next month goes.

    • lil'stinK

      Kam, Sherman, Bennett, Avril… all were out down the stretch when we went 1-3. All are going to be gone next year. This team has a lot of holes and not much quality depth at any position. Things can, of course, change between now and September. But it will take the front office completely nailing most/all their offseason moves to do so, which is something they haven’t really done in 5 years.

    • BobbyK

      Definitely. This is going to be a good team with a chance at all the marbles, imo. However, gone are the days where I think/know they are among the best/most talented 1-3 teams in the NFC.

    • Mark Souza

      Hawksince77, the only thing in your post I disagree with is the notion that without as many injuries we might have had a shot at the Super Bowl. Behind that O-line? No way. Without the injuries, we might have made the play-offs as a wildcard, only to be crushed when we faced a highly seeded team and couldn’t move the ball, ala Carolina a couple years ago, or Atlanta last year.

      The injuries did us a favor. It forced us to realize we were old on defense and prone to injury, and that there was a huge imbalance between the resources devoted to defense versus offense. It’s that huge imbalance that is killing any Super Bowl hopes. We are in the process of a change that should have started last year. If we had started then, then the transition would have been more gradual, rather than the glut we are seeing now. I think we have the right people in charge to pull this off, and great days are ahead in the not to distant future.

  12. Nathan_12thMan

    I’m definitely most interested in whether or not we trade Earl (and for what?), what we do at DT (Suh or Sheldon?) and what we do at OL (Sitton or Pugh?). I’m mildly interested in what we do at TE (ASJ for the right price or Eifert or some other TE.

    I’d say both Pugh and Sitton interest me most. With Walterfootball
    saying “Pugh is one of the best guards in the NFL” and “Sitton has been one of the best guards in the NFL over the past decade. He missed 3 games with an ankle injury in ’17 but was otherwise terrific.” So consider me highly interested in both. Pugh however has experience with our new OL coach and he can play RT. He’s also 4 years younger than Sitton.

    Suh vs Sheldon is really tough. Overall I worry that Sheldon isn’t as impactful as I’d like him to be (unlike Suh) and I really worry (as some NY Jets reporters do) once paid Sheldon won’t put in the effort anymore.

    Players I’d like to see us re-sign: Dion Jordan, Shead, Marcus Smith, Maxwell, D. McDonald?, Davis, QJeff, B. Jackson, G. Smith, Hunt, Rawls, McKissic, and Ott. Not saying all would be starters, but at least to compete in camp for jobs.

    As for WR, here is our corp per Brady Henderson:

    -Doug Baldwin (UFA 2021)
    -Tyler Lockett (UFA 2019)
    -Amara Darboh (UFA 2021)
    -David Moore (UFA 2021)
    -Marcus Johnson (EFRA 2019)
    -Tanner McEvoy (RFA 2019)
    -Cyril Grayson (ERFA 2019)

    We’ll either roll the dice and not draft a wideout this year, going with the guys we’ve got for ’18 and planning on attacking WR next year, or we’ll draft a wideout in ’18. I like Tre’Quan Smith as a potential mid or late round pick.

    • DC

      The Seahawks would actually be converting Suh to LG.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Second most played out SEA joke there is.

        • DC

          I’m in the slow/living in a cave crowd.

    • DC

      If we don’t get Suh or Richardson, Wilkerson or Easley are possibilities at DT.

    • Fairlawn

      The 2019 WR draft class looks stacked. Good position to circle for next year’s draft and meanwhile just float for their purge year … give Lockett full-time run as an audition for his possible extension and see if any of the misfit toys have anything to offer.

      • Mark Souza

        Wilkerson is gone to the Packers.

  13. Nick

    I really hope Seattle skips on paying a G top money. This draft is loaded with talent at that position, and we’ve already got some young guys on the roster.

    • DC

      I would expect some sort of a hedge on the OL in FA but not in wave one. As has been pointed out many times, Pugh & Fluker have direct ties to Solari so if they get the thumbs up from coach S & the money is right…

    • BobbyK

      But if they take a RB at 18 – it’s not going to matter if there are good interior OL in the draft, because everyone will be gone by the time the Seahawks make their 4th round pick. We know they aren’t going to get to round four without having taken a RB, imo. Granted, they are as likely as anyone to trade down, but I don’t see where they are going to either get a starting guard or RB late in the 3rd round either (another Rees, late-third?).

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think three things:

        SEA are all but guaranteed to trade down from 18

        Their first pick will be a RB (RoJo or Chubb)

        They will trade ET, perhaps even on Draft Day.

        • Rob Staton

          Pretty uncommon that a high profile (and expensive) player is traded on draft day. I think we’re probably looking at a seven-day window right now. If he’s a Seahawk next week, he likely will be in 2018.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Which wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

  14. McZ

    Packers just cut Jordy Nelson.

    • Patrick Toler

      Yep. He’s no start anymore, but would be an interesting target to compliment Doug and Lockett. If they don’t sign any more WRs it well tell us a lot about what they think of Darboh and Moore.

      • BobbyK

        He’s past his prime, but would definitely be a good addition to Doug/Lockett. That’s a solid top three.

        Wilson needs a big target on the outside like him. Could be worse.

  15. Sea Mode

    Take one more potential FA WR we talked about off the board. Got even more than PRich:

    Adam Schefter


    Jaguars are giving WR Marqise Lee a four-year deal with a max value of $38 million, including $18M guaranteed, per source.

    12:03 PM – 13 Mar 2018

    • john_s

      You can also add Donte Moncrief to Jax.

  16. Ed

    Jimmy G to Packers. Hope it’s $9 million +

    • FresnoBrad

      11 mil

      • RealRhino2

        $11 million to make your team worse. SMH…

        • FresnoBrad

          He’s playing WR in GB

  17. Sea Mode

    Jets re-sign McCown and are working to bring in Bridgewater. Hmmm…

  18. john_s

    I kind of like what the Bears are doing, adding some pieces to help Trubisky.

    Allen Robinson
    Trey Burton
    Taylor Gabriel
    Tarik Cohen
    Jordan Howard

    Not too shabby compared to what they had previously

  19. Mexican Hawk

    Awesome post. Explains logic clearly. Agree on WR as per it being more of a second wave free agency Similar to Bennet/Avriil first signing, if so. Probably a 1 yr prove it deal. (as I was writing Jordy hit market). Seemed slow last year, but top quality player/person, hope they give him a look.

    DT is where to spend the dough. LG if case presents itself so as to gain flexibility. DT take longer to develop. I would go Suh preferably if not Richardson.

    ET is very very hard to figure out on our end, would imagine for them it’s even worse. He is their elite blue chip standard bearer on D. Drafted 1st round, has given his all. Not sure where his head is at as per how many more years he wants to play. Does he want to get closer to home? His respect for RW, his place in D as per leadership vis a vis Wagner. Most important thing is contract and if he will play without one.

    • Mike L

      Jordy was having a pretty good year last year until Rodgers went down..he just never got on the same page with Hundley (who can be wildly inaccurate at times). The Packers would have had four receivers making $8+ million this year (after the Graham signing)..and Cobb is probably better out of the slot (or at least has more experience)..so I think that’s what led to Nelson’s release.

      • Mexican Hawk

        Agree on all fronts. Davante Adams is an outside receiver and also on the money front. Seahawks different scenario, even though he might be a tad slower they still need that bigger body as opposed to Baldwin, Lockett. Seems like a great fit in Seattle. Also a good culture fit.

  20. DC

    Any chance the Hawks bring in Saints FB Zach Line for a look? He helped lead the way for Kamara & Ingram last season. Personally I would rather have a good lead blocker on the team than an aging hedge at RB and chances are they would cost about the same. Still miss Michael Robinson. Dude had a great effect on the team & running game imho. If we are gonna commit to it, lets get a real FB on the roster.

    • FresnoBrad

      If he’s better than our current FB’s and Wont cost more than 3 mil it makes sense. We’d be giving up cheap FB contracts for a $$ contract not sure if that makes sense, it might for the 1st time in a long time if he’s a ProBowler

  21. Hawk Eye

    Bradford goes to Az. I guess they wanted someone who could get to IR quicker than Palmer, at a slightly higher price.

    but with Goff, Bradofrd and JG in the division, really hope they sign Suh. Need interior pressure or the db’s will get toasted

  22. Dale

    Google Hangout Question: Do you think the Hawks will use a fullback more this year? Would we be more likely to go for a fullback/h-back guy or a pure blocking FB? When Lynch was in top form how successful were we on RB/FB plays versus the single back spread formation? Is there a FB you particularly like for the Hawks? Thanks Rob.

  23. pran

    Rodgers and Graham will be a lethal combo..watch out!

    • Rob Staton

      A year ago everyone thought Rodgers and Martellus Bennett was going to be a lethal combo.

      • pran

        In fairness, Graham does not have locker room or off field baggage like Bennett…only sulks when things are tough! Rodgers will bail him out..our backyard football did not help much.

        • Rob Staton

          I agree that Graham has a better shot to succeed in Green Bay. Yet I’m not sure he’s the best fit other than in the red zone. In New Orleans he was such a physical freak (size/speed) he was almost impossible to block. I think he only retains the size now.

    • cha

      Graham won’t block for him. Rodgers is going to be running for his life again this year.

  24. BobbyK

    Malcolm Butler to the Titans for a lot of money.

    One of my best friends from the area is in the Army (reserve) and was one of those in charge of security at the Super Bowl. He was at the hotel when… lets just say Malcolm Butler was benched for the Super Bowl.

    Knowing what I know about that, to give someone that kind of guaranteed money is pure lunacy.

    • RealRhino2

      What do you know about that?

      • BobbyK

        I know the whole story. It’s not appropriate posting here. But you do NOT give someone that much guaranteed if you have a clue (which the Titans don’t and the very reasons the Seahawks shouldn’t have traded for Percy Harvin… I *KNEW/KNOW* ppl from (HERE &) Florida who watched/saw Percy Harvin do things like choke a coach, etc…)… and then some… never mind the “kill” comments…

        If Butler wants to sue me for this… all I ask is for surveillance cameras from the hotel where they were staying at two nights before the Super Bowl not too far from me…

        I win.

        Dear Malcolm, and your agent… would love to see your video footage… which all hotels have…


        • Grant


  25. Adog

    Here is the big question in my mind…can they get the running back chubb if they stay put at 18? If so i think they buck the trend and do not trade back. If not…then i expect them to trade back select dline and linebacker with their first two picks. Last year McDowell dropped due character concerns…this year roquan smith might be in range after a trade back…medical flags…and perhaps m.hurst after a so so combine.

    • Rob Staton

      Nick Chubb will not last to round four unfortunately. Won’t get close to that range.

      I think we can safely say they won’t be taking DL and LB with the first two picks. If they trade down and/or acquire multiple picks before the end of round three, they will have a chance to attack the defense as well as the running game. They are going to address the running game though. We better believe it.

    • hawktalker#1

      Crap, where did I put my gong? 😉

  26. nichansen01

    Suh would be better than Sheldon, because of Comp picks.

    • nichansen01

      Suh was cut so wouldn’t cost us a comp pick, Sheldon leaving would give us a comp pick.

      • Greg Haugsven

        For sure something to consider. I just wonder how much Suh would cost?

  27. Rik

    Nothing has changed my impression that Graham plays soft for his size. With all of last year’s dropped passes, I don’t see him having much of a year in Green Bay. I think he’ll have a hard time catching (or dropping) 60 mph ice cubes from Rodgers in sub-zero weather.

    • Greg Haugsven

      There is no doubt, he reminds me so much of Shawn Alexander. Goes down to easy.

    • Steele

      I have never been a fan of Graham’s fit with the Hawks, and sure enough, he never fit. And he is soft. But he will benefit greatly from A. Rodgers, just as he benefited from Brees.

      • Mark Souza

        “For his size?” Doug Baldwin at 5’9″ and Golden Tate at 5’10” and 70 to 80lbs smaller are ten times the blocker and tougher than Jimmy Graham. If you look up the word P*SSY in the dictionary, there’s a picture Jimmy Graham.

        The thing that irks me most about him is his selfishness. Clearly he knows how to block out and get physical, it’s how he puts himself in position to make catches in the end zone. But ask him to do the same for his teammate when the ball isn’t coming to Jimmy, and it’s a no go.

        Good riddance.

  28. Mexican Hawk

    Suh is a three down player. Even so, it’s best to try to repeat 2013 season as per snaps, maximize player output and lengthen their career. Bennett and Avril were luxuries then to Clemons and Red. Stacked DL is the way to go. That’s the way the Giants beat the Pats (twice). Clark, Naz, Reed, Dion, Quinton, Branden Jackson?, Garrison Smith?, Marcus Smith?

    Need two or three more: 2 Veterans + 1 Rookie. Really hope they land Suh.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I just wonder on a Suh deal. Campbell got $14 APY last year at around the same age, now Campbell does play more of a DE position but I wonder if Suh will get close to $14. If so thats to rich for us.

      • Mexican Hawk

        I hear you. Even though I am not in line with those that think this is a full rebuild. I did envision a two year process. If you sign Suh, it’s not a cure all, but it sure is one piece to be able to compete next year.

        Just one piece to the puzzle. Only at right price, agree.

  29. Largent80

    I think if they don’t sign Suh or Richardson that they must know something about McDowell.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Possibly, But Suh and Richardson are more pure DT’s where McDowell is kind of a tweener End/Tackle

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I don’t know any more than anyone else so take this with a grain of salt…I don’t think McDowell will ever play in the NFL.

      I also don’t think his status will be determinative as to either Suh or Richardson. SEA won’t overpay for either regardless of whether McDowell is available.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Can’t find a link to it anymore but Jason La Canfora recently refereed to McDowell’s problem as a “spinal column” injury. Said it on a radio show I think.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Heard the same thing from La Confora.

  30. red

    Thoughts on WR Cameron Meredith missed 2017 acl in preseason. In 2016 60 rec 800+ yards Bears put the original tag on him for 1.9 million because UDFA if we could offer like maybe 4mil I wonder if Bears would match. 6’3 receiver.

  31. Trevor

    Did we tender Dion Jordan yet? I wonder what is up?

    Could they be trying to work out a longer term deal?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly — although they still have a day to do that.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Still no news, it could possibly be a long term deal to get ahead of the market, but he also hasnt really done enough to warrant a longer term deal either.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Jordan at $1.9m is a no brainer. The hold up has to be long term negotiations.

  32. Sea Mode

    So trying to keep updated list of what apy Sheldon would need to fetch in order to land us a R3 comp:

    1. Cousins: $30m
    2. Keenum: $18m
    3. Watkins: $16m
    4. Norwell: $13.3m
    5. Butler: $12.25m
    Trumaine Johnson? $13m+
    Nate Solder? $12m+

    Already cancelled out (by):
    Robinson: $14m (Norwell)
    Bradford: $20m (Cousins*)

    Would need to be close to $14m to have a surer shot at it.

    • Rob Staton

      Great work Sea Mode

      • Greg Haugsven

        It appears it could be very close. Not much chatter about him going anywhere yet.

    • Patrick Toler

      Yep, thanks!

      Keenum will get cancelled out if the Vikes sign Cousins.

      • Greg Haugsven

        They would get it because they would already lose it for Bradford

        • Greg Haugsven

          Its crazy thinking the Vikes could get 3 big time comp picks for 3 different quarterbacks, ultimately losing one of them for signing Cousins.

        • Patrick Toler

          Oh thanks, I missed that he signed. $20 Million! I guess it makes sense for Fitzgerald’s last year?

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Cliff notes version of how this works…anyone?

      • Greg Haugsven

        High priced free agent lost cancels out high priced free agent signed essentially.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Vikes lose Bradford ($20 million APY) and Keenum ($18 APY) but sign Cousins ($28 APY). They net one lost high priced free agent so get one 3rd round comp pick next year.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Patricks way is probably much less confusing…lol

          • Patrick Toler

            LOL, trying to explain compensatory picks in any way is confusing…

    • Patrick Toler

      Trumain $15M to the Jets.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Wow thats a lot. That adds to the third round comp pick competition.

    • Patrick Toler

      One thing to remember, if I understand this right, is that escalators, workout bonuses, and incentives aren’t factored into the compensatory formula. Also, snaps played and post season honors are applied to the formula, which is of course why the picks aren’t announced until after the season. And of course, the formula isn’t public, so this is all an (educated) guess. Good to have an idea of what kind of picks we might be accruing though.

  33. Volume12

    Keeping my fingers crossed that Jonathan Stewart to the Giants becomes official.

    • Greg Haugsven

      LOL…I dont want him either.

    • House

      Tell me how you REALLY feel. 🤣🤣🤣

      • Volume12

        I was a fan of his, but not at this point in his career.

        I feel like Seattle is staying away from some of these horrible deals as they should. They’ll reap the rewards next year.

    • 80SLargent

      Not that I dislike Stewart, but I was really hoping Seattle wouldn’t sign him. I’m also waiting with baited breath for the news DeMarco Murray signing with someone else. I don’t want Seattle getting goo-goo eyes for him just because of the games he’s had against them. Both of those guys were good at one point, but are beyond done now.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Same here. Would be less disappointed with Murray because hes a 3 down back, but still disappointed.

  34. Volume12

    Jordy Nelson a FA? 👀👀

    • BobbyK

      Schneider helped draft him over D. Jackson. I’m all for it (reasonably).

      • nichansen01

        Watch Nelson become a patriot

      • RealRhino2

        Same here. Last year was first year back after major injury, right? Maybe it’s one of those Year 2 is the real recovery deals….

        Guy is a pro’s pro in terms of route running, I know that.

    • vrtkolman

      Yes please! His stats dropped because of someone named Brett Hundley.

      • Tecmo Bowl


      • Mark Souza

        His stats dropped because of someone named Anthony Barr. LOL.

        • drewdawg11

          He’s not the same guy anymore, people. He’s just not. If we sign him and pay him anything more than half of what Paul got… yuck. He’s considerably less effective now than he was two years ago, and it wasn’t just the QB.

  35. Milwaukee hawk

    Never figured out how to use google hangout. I guess I can see the transcription later?

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Milwaukee Hawk, there will be a video at the top of this thread once Rob uploads it. Then click on the bottom left of the box on the play/pause button. Let me know if you got it to work and I’ll try to help if you can’t make it play.

      Go Team!

      • Milwaukee Hawk

        Figured it out thanks guys. I didn’t know if it was something live or not. Listening to it right meow!

    • Rob Staton

      If you scroll to the top of the article you’ll be able to play the video.

  36. Trevor

    My free agency wish list before free agency started thinking about value and our cap position. I think almost all are still available.

    RB Jerrick McKinnon or Carlos Hyde
    WR Terrell Pryor
    TE Luke Willson and Levine Toiliollo
    LG Justin Pugh
    RB DJ Fluker

    Slot :Justin Coleman (Tendered)
    CB : Maxwell, Shead
    FS : Mcdougald (Signed)
    SS : Eric Reid
    LB: None draft 2 in 4th or 5th Round
    Edge : Benson Mayowa , Dion Jordan, Marcus Smith
    DT: Suh, Clinton McDonald

    Come on JS there is a lot of work left to be done!

    • Greg Haugsven

      I dont know about Fluker as our running back as he might be a little slow…lol. But I like some of the names. For me I like ASJ probably more than most.

  37. RWIII

    Folks you have know Idea how excited I would be if the Hawks could get a first round pick for Thomas. The Hawks could have the best of BOTH worlds. They would be in a position to keep one of their two first rounds picks and draft someone like Ronald Jones II, Isaiah Wynn, Will Hernandez or a STUD defensive end. Then with the other Number one pick they could move down and acquire more picks. Plus the cap money they would save. To me it would be fanstatic if they Hawks could get a number one pick for Earl Thomas.

    • nichansen01

      Right now I don’t think we are trading Thomas. I thought the browns were the top suiter but now that they announced demarious Randall will play free safety I don’t think any other teams will give us a high pick.

    • EBurgz

      Take an Rb and keep Earl if you ask me. As good as Will Hernandez is I think Earl has a way bigger impact in our W-L column.
      How much better is Hernandez than Odiambo or Pocic? How much better is earl than his replacement? If you ask me there is a way bigger dropoff from Earl.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Agreed. Great points.

        • drewdawg11

          If you can guarantee that Earl is, well, Earl for another 3-4 seasons, awesome. Third contracts for guys who rely on their speed and aren’t superb tacklers… its a huge gamble. Lost the number of star players that played excellent football through their third contracts.

          • EBurgz

            Dude you can’t rely on any player in the nfl for 3-4 years. NFL = Not For Long

            A players career can end in one play.

            • drewdawg11

              Exactly, and that’s my point. The older you get, the less likely you’ll be durable. Paying someone well over $10 million a year for their twilight years, (it could happen), is not smart. In the last two years we have seen the injury big crop up with him. His tackling also appears to have taken a hit. So… why extend him? I love him, and he’s going into the Hall as a Seahawk. His legacy is set. I don’t think giving players third contracts is a wise move, maybe QB is the exception.

              • Eburgz

                so we shouldn’t pay anyone? or no one over 28? he has pulled his hamstring twice and had a freak injury breaking his leg on Kam’s leg. overall he has been very durable. Earl is worth it just like Suh is worth it. those are the kind of guys you pay. I”m not betting on earl to suck at age 28-32. not like he is an old man. I love the way he tackled gronk and many other game saving tackles he has made through his career. his tackling form isn’t textbook but ill take what he brings over.

                you extend him because he is the best single high safety in the game and has shown no signs of slowing down. As rob said in his podcast “we will find out how important the FS is in the scheme.” I’m fairly certain FS is a very important role in Pete’s 4-3 under and thats why we wont get rid of earl. he is worth more to us than he is to other teams. Ideally he plays out the last year of his contract and we get to evaluate him for one more year before committing lots of guarantee money to him. It might be worth it to just pay the man the money he is worth of pissing him off. might even get him at a discount.

                • peter

                  Except he already said he would hold out for a new contract. so how do you rationalize that?

                  • drewdawg11

                    You’re making this about personal feelings and that’s fine. But you’re whole tone is biased because you love the player, and so do I. But if you can’t tell the difference between Earl now and a few years ago, I can’t help you. It’s small, almost unoticeable, but he’s doing a lot of ducking and shoulder-tackling in the run game, trying to preserve himself. Also, he doesn’t get to the same passes he used to get to. He’s like 85% of his prime version of himself, which is better than about 90% of the free safeties out there. You want to pay premium price for someone who is likely to decline further? Ok, but sentimentality can only take you so far in the NFL. It’s not a comparison to who we would get to replace him so much as it’s a cost-benefit analysis of what could we get, and how much cap space would we save moving forward? He’s too 3-4 still in the league at his position. How lon does that last and how much are you paying him when he’s not anymore?

  38. nichansen01

    It’s funny to me that Graham went to green bay when all of his worst games were when playing greenbay… maybe that’s secretly his favorite team? 😉

    • Hawk Eye

      I doubt Jimmy sets the world on fire in December in GB. Just don’t see JG as a snow and ice kinda guy, unless he is watching GOT

      • Patrick Toler

        I think he and a Rogers will be great together.

  39. Hawk Eye

    Wilkerson signing in GB

  40. DCD2

    I say we let Sheldon walk and go hard after Suh on a 1 year deal. Same with Wilkerson. Probably some other cuts that have some miles left in them. If we overpay by a bit, so what? We need to do something with our newfound cap space and guys like that offer a realistic shot at getting a decent comp pick back for next year. If Suh wants $18M for one year, why not? As long as he gets $12M per year on his next contract (with a different team) it is a free 3rd rounder for 2019.

    Maybe some guys who have had injuries, but could be upper level talent can be had on the cheap (Eiffert, Moncrief, etc.). If we can get guys on 1 year deals that don’t offset our comp picks for Jimmy, Sheldon and PRich, I don’t see much downside. I guess the only questions are: would we have the cap room to get a Suh or a Wilkerson & would they destroy team chemistry.

    • Mike L

      If the Hawks have $100 million in cap room for ’19..I say try to get them both (Suh & Sheldon)..how awesome would that DL be??

    • Michigan 12th

      Wilkerson is signing with the Packers for only 5 mill for one year. I so wish we would have signed him for that.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Only $5 mill. Thats stealing if accurate. Is there any incentives coming with that? That seems low.

        • Nathan

          5 mil base wil 3m available in incentives.

          • Tecmo Bowl

            Wilkerson on a $8m prove it deal is a bargain in this climate.

            Has anyone seen how much Star got from Buffalo?

  41. FresnoBrad

    I think our FA signings will be Suh,Mayowa, and ASJ.

    • C-Dog

      Could very well be.

      • nichansen01

        I don’t really see the appeal of signing Mayowa. Isn’t he more of a bubble player?

        • C-Dog

          More rotational, capable of starting if need be. Chris Clemons was kind of a depth player, as well, when they brought him in. I don’t think Seattle will make a splashy signing. They could see Mayowa as someone who fits what they do.

    • EBurgz

      Add Fluker and I’m stoked

      • nichansen01

        Man I would lov Fluker

    • Tecmo Bowl

      I’d be thrilled if we got Suh and ASJ! Mayowa…meh. Lynch and Attaochu could be rotational edge rushers with upside.

  42. BobbyK

    If Suh is on a 1-year deal… it’s possible he wins DPOY…

    • Greg Haugsven

      How much money would you be comfortable paying him? He sure would be a nice addition.

      • BobbyK

        That’s the question… “comfortable”


        • Greg Haugsven

          If Mo Wilkerson only got $5 with incentives pushing it to $8 there might be hope of maybe $10. Higher than $10 might be to rich for a 31 year old DT.

          • DCD2

            Break the bank to get him for a year. $10M, $16M, makes little difference. I’d consider him a rental that gets us a 3rd rounder for the trouble. If he wants a longer term deal, that’s where it gets tricky. I’m not sure I want him tied up for 3 years, even if we’d be saving $$ APY.

            • FresnoBrad

              It’s a huge decision. Next years draft will be loaded with DL

      • C-Dog

        I think 3 years $30 mill might be ideal. I think he’s got a few years left of elite level play, and if they are eyeing to make a big push in 2019 – 2020, having him a big part of the situation would probably help in that tremendously.

        I get why some folks might be trepid about signing, but his ability to two gap at 3 tech is elite, really rare. Rams, 49ers, Cardinals do not want him in Seattle. That I can be certain of.

        • Hawk Eye

          i think he would be a great addition, and would certainly help make Hawks a bully again.
          Price and term are issues, but 3/$30M are not out of line, if he would take it.

        • FresnoBrad

          I wish

        • GerryG

          No interest in Suh at 3/30, not at age 31. I’m all about having a vet on he line, but no more than 2 yr commitment. He could fall off a cliff at any point.

          • C-Dog

            I don’t think he’s slowed down at all, though. They could make it a 3 year deal that is more like a 2 year deal with an option for a third.

            • EBurgz

              Sound great considering the money some guys are getting. I’m guessing more like 16m apy. 3 years max

              • drewdawg11

                Load the deal heavily in 2019 and it’s a bargain.

            • Mark Souza

              And speed isn’t his game. It’s always been about power.

  43. GerryG

    I’m really wondering about Dion Jordan. Better not let him go. The restricted tender is super cheap and they can’t replace 3 DEs in this draft/FA

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree, there is no way they dont place the original rounder on him. Like Trevor said maybe they are working on a longer term deal which is taking time and they just may take it down to the wire.

    • FresnoBrad


    • Trevor

      +1 should be a no brainet what is the hangup?

  44. nichansen01

    If we sign FA wideout, why not bring back Terrelle Pryor?

    • Sean-O

      I’m for it. He’s the perfect candidate for a one year “prove it” deal. He’s a big target that I think this team sorely needs. Worse care, the Hawks move on after one year. Best case, he becomes a solid WR for the Hawks (or leaves via free agency & the Hawks possibly get a comp pick in ’20).

    • FresnoBrad

      If that’s what we’re gonna do I agree Pryor

  45. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Rob excellent job on the google hangouts. Keep it going! Norwell with Jags guess this means football gods didn’t honor my no cursing sacrifice. I promise i wont curse here. Seriously, Thank you for providing this forum for us Seahawks Fans! More importantly BIG THANKS to your family for allowing us partake of your time and energy to provide this blog.

  46. Coleslaw

    Dion Lewis signing in Tennessee 4 years $20M with another $3M in incentives. What a steal. Him and Henry are gonna be a load.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Thats a great little 1-2 punch. Thats thunder and lighting right there.

      • Hawk Eye

        let’s see if he can stay healthy.
        If you think Prosise has problems staying on the field, I think last year was the first time Lewis did not end up on IR. He played 15 games as a rookie, but only had 23 carries and 1 reception, barely saw enough time to get injured
        and he is only 195 pounds
        pretty slippery and hard to hit, but if you get a good lick on him, he will hurt

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Great sign by Tenn Lewis is the perfect compliment with Henry.

  47. Hawk Eye

    Stewart got $2.95 guaranteed, 6.9 base and 8.4 with incentives for 2 yrs
    sounds like a Lacy deal, don’t need a repeat

    • bankhawk

      Plus one!

  48. drewdawg11

    i want Suh. I would love to keep Sheldon as well, but we have Red and Naz on cheap, rookie deals and they have shown positive returns. Perhaps you keep them all and then cut a certain loose when it’s time to resign those younger guys? Still seems like a waste of resource allocation unless one of two of those guys can play a lot of DE.

    • EBurgz

      Richardson could play some 5T, right? The jets had him playing linebacker in 2016

      • drewdawg11

        5 tech, absolutely in some situations. I hope he never has to play OLB again. That was painful to watch.

  49. DCD2

    I think we have to face the fact that we aren’t likely going to be a contender this year. We have zero depth and 2/3 of a draft class to make it up. I hope we don’t spend all of our newfound cap this season. Carry it over for 2019, or ONLY do one year deals that are cheap or guys who were cut (then pay them whatever for a year).

    What happens if ADB goes down? Bobby? Shaq? Every year there are injuries, and as of right now our deepest positions are also our least productive (OL, RB). Those are our only positions where there isn’t a significant drop-off in talent.

    This leads me down a confusing road. We need to field a full team after all, and only have 8 picks as of now. But in my head, I want us to be trading a 5th this year for a 4th next year. I’d like them to do that next year as well. Take the 4th from that deal and make it a 3rd. Take one of the comps and make it a 2nd. Repeat forever, so that we always have a top-heavy draft class.

    From 2013-2016 (4 draft classes) we have had ONE guy (Luke Willson) stick on the team. Those 5-7th round picks have been worthless for us for half of a decade. For as much credit as many of us give to JS for 2010 & 2011, we might have to consider that maybe we just got lucky.

    I guess my thought is that I’d rather have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds with UDFA’s than where we find ourselves today. I don’t think that we get there w/o paying the price for these recent moves. It will sting for this year, but next year we’d have 1,3,3,3,4,4,5,6,7.

    Spin 2 of those and get another comp (eg. Suh, Earl) and 2020 could be 1,2,2,3,3,3,4,5,6,7.

    If we want to build through the draft, I think that’s how we could get to a point where we can do it year after year.

    • DCD2

      “From 2013-2016 (4 draft classes) we have had ONE guy (Luke Willson) stick on the team.”

      I mean taken after round 3.

    • EBurgz

      And that’s how you become the brown and go 0-16

      • EBurgz

        I do agree with using some of our day 3 picks to trade up for an earlier pick.

      • DCD2

        Nice. Care to elaborate perhaps?

        We have drafted 27 players after round 3 since 2013 and ONE is on our team. Luke Willson isn’t exactly a pro-bowler either.

        • EBurgz

          There haven’t been many spots on this roster for guys to break through. Agreed that drafting late could have been better but you can’t always find All pros like Sherman and Kam in the late rounds. Expectations might be a little high. These late round guys are rolls of the dice, just because you lost a couple hands in a row now you want to tuck tail? Hawks greatest successes have been late in the draft

          • DCD2

            It’s not so much that the Hawks are drafting poorly (though 1/27 is indeed poor). It’s as you said, those late picks are dice rolls. We went for it with Richardson and Brown and now we have to pay the price. Not having those #2 & #3 picks hurts because those are more of a coin flip than a dice roll.

            I’m not suggesting that we tuck tail. Rather take it on the chin. Own the fact that 2018 probably isn’t our year and tool up for 2019 and beyond.

            Our best chance of getting starting level players on cost-controlled contracts is drafting them in the first 3 rounds. Sure every once in a while we might hit on a 5th round Pro-Bowler or a 6th round O lineman that we converted from D Line, but the odds don’t favor it.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Willson might not be back either. I get your frustration with the lack of late round hits. Some of it has been due to having such a full roster. We’ve let some good ones walk- Ware, Howard, Collins. Tye Smith, KPL, Toomer to a lesser degree. Marsh yielded a 5 and 7 in this draft. Carson looks like a keeper. Moore tbd, he should be around next year. Bottom line the rosters were stacked 2012-2016 which doesn’t leave much opportunity for unforeseen breakouts. JS is due for a hit this year.

          2017 was a disappointment, 2018 may be a down year, while we reshape the franchise. I wish more people had some faith in the Seahawks greatest front office and HC in organization history. They’ve built a title from ashes before. That wasn’t an accident.

          • DCD2

            Appreciate the response. I’m not trying to write off the success JS has had or throw him under the bus for missing on late round picks. He’s not infallible, but he’s been damn good.

            My original thought was that it feels like we’ve been chasing to keep up for a few years now. Between the trades and the contracts and the mindset that our front office noted: guys were excited to be playing with our defense as opposed to competing with them.

            What I’m suggesting is that from a draft philosophy standpoint, we try suck embrace the fact that we aren’t going to replace what we’ve lost in a year, and try to get ahead of the game. If you look back at any draft in rounds 5-7 there just aren’t many guys that hit. Finding a way to be in the opposite ‘draft capital’ shape of where we are today within a year or two was my goal. Hence me laying out a way that I thought we might get there.

            Trading back has been our M.O. I’m suggested we trade forward, but not necessarily up. (Imagine trading last year’s #2 – Malik, for Cleveland’s 2018 #1 though!)

            • Tecmo Bowl

              “My original thought was that it feels like we’ve been chasing to keep up for a few years now.”

              JS has been making bold moves to chase another legit title shot. Most of the active teams today, in the first day of FA, are chasing to be relevant in the playoff discussion or to not go winless.

              I agree with you in the 2 year rebuild model. There’s a lot of work to be done to reshape the roster. Too much or 1 off season, in which we are without day 2 picks and had to clear cap space, to legit contend for a title in 2018.

              Flipping a pick for an earlier round in the future is a good idea. Especially for a secure front office.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Not a contender? I’m not on board with that take. The Seahawks by their nature are competitive.
      Give it some time. It’s still very early. EVEN IF a glass contains only 50% of the water it could hold, there will always be two ways to look at it . . .

      • DCD2

        Competitive, yes. I have to think that we will have a very hard time getting to the SB though.

        We were not a playoff team last year, and we have lost Sherman, Graham, Bennett, PRich, and likely: Sheldon, Avril, Kam and Lane. We all know the struggles of our O line & run game and our passing attack lost its #2 & #3 options. We are also missing 2 of our top 3 picks in the draft. Oh ya, we have an entirely new coaching staff.

        I’m not trying to be doom and gloom, but I think you might temper your expectations a bit for this year.

        I was just offering up my thoughts on how we can try to approach the acquisition of draft picks going forward. I think we can get back to competing for titles, but it’s not going to happen overnight with this much turnover and so little draft capital.

        • Del tre

          Yes, but you those things arent the reason for the Seahawks struggles, they gave up, 39 with those guys, they kept their defense on the field way too long and it took its tole. If the Hawks can just stop the run, and run the football, Russell alone makes them a contender.
          And they aren’t far off from getting going either of those if they add Suh and a linebacker to help take the pressure off of Wagner.
          Then our corners will be able to take more chances and benefit from more bad throws.

          • Sean ZPSI

            At some point the logic that Russell will carry this team no matter what has to go away. I totally understand that Russell Wilson is a fantastic quarterback, one of the best in the league. But even Russell cannot do everything. Think of Peyton Manning back when the Colts weren’t loaded… He would have fantastic regular seasons beating up on bad opponents but when it came playoff time, the talent gap was very apparent. At this point are you willing to say Russell is THAT much better than Goff, Cousins (Vikings), Wentz, that it makes up for a talent gap elsewhere? Brady couldn’t beat and Foles lead Eagles team in the Superbowl… I really don’t think you can say any of those defenses or supporting offenses are worse than the Seahawks anymore. Not to mention you still have to deal with Ryan, and probably Brees, who semi-arguably also have better supporting casts. And that is just in the NFC!

            So where is the clear dominance Seahawks had in years past? I think if we sign Suh, maybe LB and DL, but even then, we lost huge pieces. I am all for being optimistic, but this year I think its okay to think about a Seahawks team as an underdog that is unlikely to do anything at all in the playoffs. But then again, I concede “anything can happen in football”, but you can say that about most teams in the league…

  50. nichansen01

    Greg Bell reporting that the saints and Jets are going in heavy on ASJ. Seattle still in it but Graham signing with greenbay drives up ASJ’s price.

  51. Forty20

    Jimmy Graham’s deal at Green Bay works out at $30 million over the 3 years. Keeps him as the top paid TE in the league and should hopefully put us in the range of one of the final 3rd round compensatory picks or if not one of the top 4th rounders.

  52. drewdawg11

    I think if they somehow solidify the left guard spot as well as seriously upgrade the running back group, they can be very effective and maybe get to 10 wins. The question marks will be of course special teams, (we need to replace both specialists), and whatever they decide to do with the defensive replacements. Don’t forget how close they were this year. This isn’t a massive rebuild.

    • Old but Slow

      Must stay healthy. Or, at least, healthier.

  53. peter

    Rob got a chance to listen late to the hangout. have to say great as usual.

    I liked the Sheldon move last year but i would be very happy to see suh. I get he’s a bit older but his production is still very good.

    Question you names some great choices for ss and I didn’t catch all the names, but is there a one or two you are leaning towards now? Is it still bates? Or has someone else kind of caught your eye?

    Excellent breakdown in the beginning about a kind of peace with sherman and that there are a lot of lesser known or less exciting cbs made from the pc archetype this draft.

    Little surprised that the wr market is so high but that market does that every few years. though the focus is on oline, running back besides Chark are there any “project,” receivers that have peaked your interest. a lot of the blog is into callaway , I’m not that intrigued yet by him. But I think receiver is a bigger need at least for competition going into camp. there was a question about prosise but I wonder what kind of receiver mckissick is overall…..

  54. Old but Slow

    This next few days will provide a great deal of info on what directions we are taking, what options are available, and what adjustments in planning are taking place. It makes me nervous, uneasy, and both anxious and excited. No matter what effective planning has done, the market is unpredictable, and the decisions of players and agents can be baffling.

    Thanks, Rob, again, for keeping us on course, reflecting what’s real, and keeping the experience congenial and interesting. I’m liking the hangouts, but I enjoy the ones with K Arthur nearly as well.

  55. Old but Slow

    Excuse me, but Tony Pauline reports today that Bates (FS) may have raised himself to early in the first round?!?. Typo?

    • Millhouse-serbia

      DJ has him as a first round pick in his last mock.

    • Rob Staton

      Think he meant early R2

      • Old but Slow

        That makes more sense. It is also an illustration of how volatile the whole draft process is, as this guy was not on many radars just a few weeks ago, and now he is an object of desire.

      • Millhouse-serbia

        Rob, as you said, and as I can see that ‘s the opinion of most evaluators, the real value of this draft are rounds 2 and 3. If that is the case, why would somebody give us two day 2 picks for our 18? And what are the chances for that? We will be in a huge problem if no one offer us something acceptable, and based on circumnstances it is a real possibility. That is why ii think that JS NEED to add at least one more day 2 pick. It is not good when you depends of somebody else.

        • Millhouse-serbia

          I meant, need to add before draft.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not a case of a team trading two day two picks. It’s two separate trades down. And it could happen for a multitude of reasons. A team might have a cluster of R2 or R3 picks so giving up one to get a specific player they desire wouldn’t be a stretch. It could be a team in the 20’s that wants a certain player and needs to get ahead of a certain team. There are trades every year even when the value is better in R2-3.

          • Millhouse-serbia

            I understand that it’s two separate trades, but If we want 3 day two picks, at some point someone need to give us two of their day 2 picks right? Ok, I get the point and I really hope that we will end up with 3 day 2 picks , I just don’t like that everyone knows that we need to trade back, or otherwise we will have gap of 102 spots.

            • Millhouse-serbia

              All I want to say that it is not good start position for negotiations.

            • Millhouse-serbia

              And sorry for bothering you. 🙂

            • Rob Staton

              But they’ve been likely to trade down the last two years too and found buyers. And worth noting, in the last couple of years the value has been pretty good in rounds 2-3 too. Teams are always looking to move around.

  56. Millhouse-serbia

    It seems that we will get 4th round pick for Graham.

    Carlos Hyde to Browns. 3 years 15mill.

    • House

      Yeah. That’s what I’m figuring on Graham.

      CLE is tired of being laughed at. Dorsey is changing things QUICKLY. Maybe they aren’t taking Barkley at #1

      • RealRhino2

        Browns are building the Island of Misfit Toys

    • Patrick Toler

      That’s a fine pickup for CLE, given their situation. Obviously way too muc money for SEA.

  57. Millhouse-serbia

    Rob, your thoughts on Barkevious Mingo?

    • Rob Staton

      Hope he’s really cheap.

      • Millhouse-serbia


        • Rob Staton

          Yes but he’s had a distinctly unimpressive career so far

          • Greg Haugsven

            and multiple opportunities

  58. Rob-Not that Rob though


    Any thoughts on how the Hawks handle the ST guys this year? After the spectacular backfire of bargain bin shopping last year and Ryan’s $2m cap hit, do you see potential for the Hawks using any of the late round picks they have on K or P? Not much on the FA market for either spot…

    • Rob Staton

      They might be forced to trust Ryan can return to form and roll with Myers at kicker. The options are incredibly limited. Although I suspect some competition will be added at some point.

      • Rob-Not that Rob though

        *sigh* Thats what I was afraid of. I love Ryan, but he is on the wrong side of his career and seems to shank one at the WORST possible time, every time. I have small hopes the much talked about staring contest at the Combine leads to something….

        • JimQ

          I’ve recently spent some time looking at potential Seahawk punters and place kickers. IMO, the kickers are best compared on their success statistics (IE: #/% of FG’s/XP’s made) & average punt length/longest punts (hang time & situational punts inside 20-yd line, etc. are stats that are at best difficult to find without significant research.) I think I may have posted this before, but a lot of times I think comments made late on a post don’t get read nearly as much. I could certainly see the Seahawks having great interest in adding to both kicker positions in this draft.

          PUNTERS: ***Best option***, IMO = P-Trevor Daniels as a PRIORITY-UDFA signing.
          —-PUNTER-Trevor Daniel, Tennessee, ranked #9999-overall, proj. UDFA @ nfldraftscout.com
          2017: 70/3323-yds, average 47.5-yds per punt with a long of 72-yds.
          2016: 70/3120-yds, average 44.6-yds per punt with a long of 70-yds.
          2015: 60/2741, average 45.7-yds per punt with a long of 61-yds

          P-Michael Dickson, Texas, (Ray Guy Award winner) is currently ranked #86-overall (Hype+)
          P-J. K. Scott is currently ranked #112-overall, proj. Rd-3/4 @ nfldraftscout.com (Hype+)
          P-Johnny Townsend, Florida is currently ranked #210-overall, proj. Rd-6 @ nfldraftscout.com
          –All of the above will likely be gone by the Rd-7, pick #248, (although not as high as projected),
          for purposes of this research, I’m excluding them, unless Townsend falls, (then, maybe?)

          —-PUNTER-Michael Dickson, Texas, ranked #86-overall, proj. Rd-3 @ nfldraftscout.com
          (Winner Ray Guy award in 2017 & I’d suspect he’ll actually go in Rd-4/5/6 area.)
          2017: 84/3984, average 47.4-yds per punt with a long of 76-yds.
          2016: 65/3079, average 47.4-yds per punt with a long of 74-yds.
          2015: 77/3179, average 41.3-yds per punt with a long of 63-yds.
          —-PUNTER-Johnny Townsend, Florida, ranked #210-overall, proj. Rd-6 @ nfldraftscout.com
          2017: 64/4043, average 47.5-yds per punt with a long of 70-yds.
          2016: 64/3065, average 47.9-yds per punt with a long of 62-yds.
          2015: 83/3765, average 45.4-yds per punt with a long of 61-yds.

          PLACE KICKERS: *Best option***, IMO = PK-Griffin Oakes with pick #248 in Rd-7 (or- P-UDFA).
          —-PK-Griffin Oakes, Indiana, ranked #285-overall, projected Rd-7/UDFA. @ nfldraftscout.com
          2017: 16 of 17 on field goals, (94.1%) with a long of 51-yds. 38 of 39 on extra points, (97.4%) NOTE: Both of these misses were blocks. 1 for 2 at 50+, Oakes was 2-nd in FBS in field goal % to Pineiro in 2017, he was a perfect 15 for 15 inside the 50, including 4 for 4 from 40-49-yds. CAREER: 147 for 154, 95.5% on XP & 69 for 90, 76.7% on field goals. Note about Oakes: (1) Big-10 place kicker that would have had 100% FG/XP made in 2017, except for the 1 FG/1 XP that were blocked. = Near perfection from a seemingly undervalued place kicker.

          Since Carlson, Pineiro & Badgley will most likely be gone by late Rd-7, IMO- I’d rather have the consistency of Oakes over them all and he can likely be had as a late Rd-7 or priority UDFA signing. This would, at a minimum, provide for some good competition at the place kicker position.

          —-PK-Eddy Pineiro, Florida, ranked #185-overall, projected Rd-6 @ nfldraftscout.com
          17/18-94.4%, field goals, 24/26, 92.3% XP, 2 for 2 on 50+, long of 50,
          —-PK-Michael Badgley, Miami(Fla), ranked #231-overall, projected Rd-6/7 @ nfldraftscout.com
          17/23-73.9%, field goals, 45 /46, 97.8% on XP in 2017, 1 for 4 on 50+, long of 50.
          —-PK-Daniel Carlson, Auburn, ranked #130-overall, proj. Rd-4 @ nfldraftscout.com
          23/31-74.2%, field goals, 57/ 57, 100% XP, in 2017, 4 for 8 on 50+, long of 54, (& over-hyped?)

    • FresnoBrad

      Ryan’s contract is set up so he can be traded or cut after June. There seems to be a few punters available in the draft.

  59. House

    McKinnon is set to sign 4-yr/$30M deal with SF.

    • Sea Mode

      That’s pretty darn spendy for a RB…

  60. Sea Mode

    I have no idea how trustworthy of a source he is, but here’s this:

    Evan Massey

    The Seattle #Seahawks and Baltimore #Ravens seem like the most aggressive teams in pursuit of Jordy Nelson right now. #49ers also have expressed strong interest.

    5:08 PM – 13 Mar 2018

    • Sea Mode

      That was yesterday. 20 min ago, he added this:

      Evan Massey

      Hearing that there is serious interest from Jordy Nelson in the Oakland #Raiders. However, he still has major interest in the #Patriots. Interesting situation to keep an eye on.

      6:42 AM – 14 Mar 2018

      • Sea Mode

        Domino effect. This move would save them $7m.

        Michael Gehlken

        Raiders to meet Wednesday with former Packers WR Jordy Nelson, source said. If he’s signed, WR Michael Crabtree’s release is expected to follow.

        7:44 PM – 13 Mar 2018

        Wouldn’t that be wierd: Crabtree signs in Seattle and we get Sherman vs. Crabtree in opposite unis…

    • peter

      Hope not. there’s no real point in jordy nelson for seattle. Maybe he needs a bounce back year but if you look at his production overall he’s a very good solidly average wr with three really good years. But is he really going to get that production back in a non volume pass attack?

      His average production is pretty good but his mean production is just good and not grwat. I just see him as a 33 year old wr who will get 500 yards and 4.5 tds. I’m not going to be bummed if they sign him I just don’t get the interest.

      • Mark Souza

        True enough, Peter. No matter what you think Nelson’s future numbers would look like at 32 and coming back from injury, cut that in half if he comes to Seattle. We don’t throw the ball all over the yard the way Green Bay does. His targets would go way down.

        • peter

          That’s the thing if Seattle is looking to get back to 50/50/run pass plus how long it takes receivers to integrate into the offense unless he’s a super value deal, which I don’t think he will be, it just doesn’t get me going.

          I’m critical of asj but at least he’s way younger and might be super motivated to be back home.

  61. Hawk Eye

    Solder getting 4/$62 mil from Giants
    has he ever made a pro bowl?
    McKinnon gets 4/$30 from 49’rs, is he really a lot better than Hyde, if better at all?
    Butler gets 5/$62
    Watkins 3/$48
    Jimmy gets 3/$30 from GB and he will only get a 4th rd comp

    is it just me, or did the numbers bump up more than usual this year?

    • cha

      Every year we’re stunned by how much guys get in FA.

      • Mark Souza

        It’s the first day crazies. Prices will settle to reasonable numbers after today.

    • Rob-Not that Rob though

      WR and CB inflation doesn’t surprise me at all considering the relative lack of talent for both in the draft. I am a bit shocked at McKinnon getting that much though. That is a ton of money for a back that has never been a full time starter in a year stocked with RB talent in the draft and tons of vet options.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Its crazy, cant believe McKinnon got $7.5 per against Hyde’s $5. Of course the real numbers will come out later.

        • Rob-Not that Rob though

          I have a feeling this year will be remembered for a while for bad FA deals. I mean there are some every year, but man some of the prices going out this year. The WR deals blow my mind…

          • Sea Mode

            When SF and CLE have $100m cap space, they literally HAVE to spend.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Maybe I could get a 3 year $3 million deal to do something?

              • Rob-Not that Rob though


            • Hawk Eye

              JLC just reported that Moncrief is getting $10 mil in first year with Jags. He could barely play for Indy. He had a decent year in 2015, but only around 30 catches per year the other 3.

    • mishima

      And Duane Brown smiles.

      • Hawk Eye

        and JS goes “crap, should have signed him to an extension before this all started”

  62. GoHawks5151

    The remaining WR market is just gross. Weak draft class too. If Pryor is going to Cleveland then there is no one that even registers a pulse. Seattle actually is kind of under rated at developing WRs though. Tate, Doug, Kearse, Richardson, Lockett. Not bad. Gives me some confidence in who is already on the roster. I have a feeling about Moore. To me i see a lot of Tate in him. We will see how far Grayson has come. Johnson shows a lot of potential as a burner. Mcavoy… no….

    • nichansen01

      I’m willing to give McEvoy one more off season to develop.

      • Mike L

        McEvoy had some bad drops early..but he was actually leading the Hawks in yards per target (ok..I just made up that metric) when I checked about 3/4 into the season. He certainly has the size and speed to take over the Jimmy G spot..hopefully he’ll blossom this year (fd: rooting for him because of my Badger roots).

    • HawkfaninMT

      How about Willie Snead? Seemed like a lot of upside before the WR room got crowded in NO and they shifted focus to the run.

      • Mark Souza

        Remember that we picked up a 6’1″ 4.37 WR in Marcus Johnson earlier in a trade.

  63. Hawk Eye

    I wonder if Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack are watching the FA process and counting their extra $$.
    Going to take at least $20 mil per year to sign them now

  64. Trevor

    One of the best value signings in free agency so far has to be Mcdougald. His deal looks like a bargain for a starting caliber safety. The versatility he brings is huge IMO.

    • nichansen01

      I agree, McDougald was a great signing

  65. Greg Haugsven

    Justin Pugh and ASJ still out there…just sayin

  66. HawkMock

    What are the rules on the tenders? If a team puts a 2nd round tender on someone, do you have to have a 2nd rounder to negotiate with them or does the league just award them a pick similar to the way comp picks are handed out if you were able to sign them away from that team? Thanks.

    • Hawk Eye

      you need your natural selection in this years draft to place an offer on that player. Not sure if you can with same round selection that you traded for.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Yes, you have to have a second rounder and I believe it might have to be your native one.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Im guessing you were thinking of David Irving?

        • HawkMock

          For sure. The games I saw of him this past year, he flashed huge.

  67. drewdawg11

    Some really, really bad money deals being thrown at mediocre players. Just hope it’s not us.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Yes it is, these teams also have to spend, thats why its good to not have a ton of cap space because you get to really spend it when and where you want to versus teams like the Browns, Jets, and 49ers.

  68. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like Jordy Nelson set to visit Seattle if and when he leaves Oakland.

    • House

      Can’t hurt to look at him. Reliable guy that brings vet presence. I wouldn’t spend a bunch on him though. Lockett is in his final year of contract and we have to see what we can get out of guys like Darboh.

    • Sea Mode

      Just saw that, via Schefter. I’m guessing it’s just a “feeler” type visit. He is 33 y/o after all.

      Like: “if you get cut mid season at your next destination, know that we were at least interested enough to bring you in for a visit…”

      DeMarco Murray visiting today as well.

      • Hawk Eye

        33 yrs old, if he has lost his speed, I would not offer too much. Nice to have a vet, not nice to have a slow and over paid one

      • FresnoBrad

        Yup we do it every year and sometimes pull the trigger on good deals.

    • cha

      For some reason I’m flashing back to when the Hawks brought Joe Jurevicious in the first Super Bowl season. Low impact signing and he had 10 TD catches that year and was a reliable option with Engram and Jackson.

      Maybe it’s just that Jordy is also a tall white guy WR.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Nelson would be a great fit with Baldwin and Lockett. Sure he’s lost a step at 33, but is still 6’3″ 215 with great hands and route running ability. Look at his game stats last year: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/N/NelsJo00/gamelog/2017/

      Over 5 games with Rodgers, Nelson had 25 rec. 290 yards 6 tds. That’s good production. His numbers fell off a cliff with Hundley at QB, and finished the season with 6 tds.

      • Mike L

        yeah he looked really out of sync with Hundley at qb..as did most of the Packer wr’s

        • Greg Haugsven

          Nelson and Murray dont really excite me at all.

          • Mike L

            I’m guessing Nelson just ends up resigning with the Pack for a lower amount ($3-$4 million APY??)..I think he said he wanted to play two more years..so that would make sense for him to retire a Packer..

      • Volume12

        Don’t you know Tecmo Bowl? Outside of Baldwin and Lockett, we got Daboh and David Moore. Those 2 will just demand attention from opposing DBs.

  69. Sea Mode

    Update on the R3 comp pick list:

    1. Cousins: $28m (WAS)
    2. Keenum: $18m (MIN)
    3. Watkins: $16m (LAR)
    4. Nate Solder $15.5m (NE)
    5. Trumaine Johnson $15m* (LAR)
    6. Norwell: $13.3m (CAR)

    Butler: $12.25m (NE)

    Already cancelled out (by):
    Robinson: $14m (Norwell)
    Bradford: $20m (Cousins*)

    Sheldon, Poe, Pugh, Zach Brown the only players left in the top 20 FA per nfl.com. AJ McCarron is also still out there and who knows what a desperate team could offer him on a prove-it deal.


    At this point, it looks like Graham is a R4 comp for sure and PRich a R5 comp (though he’s right on the edge of R4). If Sheldon leaves, our only hope for a R3 is if he tops Norwell’s 13.3m/apy and nobody goes crazy for McCarron.

    Shoot, Rams are set up for some nice extra picks…

    • Rob Staton

      The Rams have landed the haul we were hoping for

    • Patrick Toler

      Yep, the Rams played this well. One question/clarification – there’s not a limit of six 3rd round picks, unless I’m missing something? In 2017 11 3rd round picks were awarded. In 2016, only 4 were awarded.

      From what I’ve read the round is based off of how their APY ranks against the rest of the league. If they are in the top 5% (estimated) then they are worth a third. The top 10% are awarded a 4th, etc…

      • Millhouse-serbia

        It’s not only about APY…we could get 3rd round if Graham become all pro next year…

        • Patrick Toler

          Right. Post season awards and snaps are accounted for in the final reckoning. And these projections are always an educated guess based on reverse engineering.

      • Kyle B

        Was just going to make this point. I haven’t looked at the actual spread of all FA signed. So there is potential that the 6 he put up actually were the top 5%. Gonna look at this on OTC/Spotrac soon.

      • Sea Mode

        You are absolutely right. It has to do with “ranking against all players in the League who are on rosters at the end of the season”. Then factor in snap % played, pro bowl/all pro honors, etc.

        But since this is so hard to project, I’ve just been going with a list of the top 6 to get a rough idea until someone actually wants to try to come up with the numbers.

        Over the Cap has a projection on their site, they just take a bit longer to add the latest details.

        Either way, I think with the recent inflation, the tiers will likely be something like
        R3: 13m+
        R4: 12-9m
        R5: 8-7m
        R6: 6-5m
        R7: 3-4m

        But this is just my rough guess.

        • Patrick Toler

          And thank you for keeping this list. Very good for understanding the potential comp pick landscape.

        • Greg Haugsven

          At this point it isnt looking like Sheldon is going that high.

          • Hawk Eye

            no rumors or anything on Sheldon, but have to wait till the end of the week before you can say for sure.
            Jets, TB and Indy still seem to have lots of cash, especially Indy.

  70. bmseattle

    If Lombardi is correct, and the Seahawks prefer not to spend big on cornerback, and basically felt pressured into signing Sherman to the extension… Why wouldn’t the team have taken the opportunity to trade Sherman last off season?

    Sherman may not have garnered the picks that we the fans thought he was worth, but it seems like the team would have jumped at the opportunity to get what they could, especially in light of Sherman apparently wanting out, and the problems he was causing.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they tried to and just didn’t get the offers to make it worthwhile. And considering they tried everything to ‘go for it’ last season — I think they ultimately felt they were better off keeping Sherman than gaining a third or fourth round pick.

  71. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    12 minutes ago

    #Jets FA TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who is currently in the Seattle area, plans to take his first visit to… the #Seahawks. I imagine he’ll just drive on over.

  72. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like the Honey Badger is about to get cut. Doesnt really feel like a need there.

    • House

      I know Earl Thomas talks seemed to have died down and this would definitely have put kinks in them

  73. Hawk Eye

    honey badger released by Az

  74. House

    Honey Badger was just cut…

  75. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Ravens, who have added WR help, are expected to release Jeremy Maclin, source said. The 29-year old will become a free agent.

    10:18 AM – 14 Mar 2018

    Another WR hits the market who won’t count against comp picks.

  76. Greg Haugsven

    No news yet on Dion Jordan. 100 minutes left.

    • Sea Mode

      tick tock tick tock

    • Patrick Toler

      The only possible way I could see them not tendering him, given the incredibly cheap cost, is if something has gone off the rails in his personal life.

      • Southpaw360

        I agree and I really hope that isn’t the case.

    • Trevor

      wtf if something is up and we don’t sign Jordan then the trading of Bennett is even rougher and make Edge rusher the single biggest draft need IMO.

    • GoHawks5151

      Yeah I’m getting worried. Seemed to be a big part of the DL transition and played great at the end. Easily could have original round tendered him. There has to be more going on.

    • Logan Lynch

      I’m not getting too worried. This is easily something that they send to the league office at the last second and it doesn’t get released for a few hours after the deadline. It’s really just a paperwork formality.

  77. Greg Haugsven

    Bradley McDougald first year cap hit is $3.33 million.

    • Aaron

      With all these teams paying out loads of money for middling talent, I’m glad the Hawks only have to worry about a cap hit like that in year 1. Plus we did that for a guy who’s a solid starter, likely a starting safety on most NFL rosters.

  78. Trevor

    Honey Badger was cut and is FA. Kind of sucks because any team thinking about making a nice offer for Earl has another option now.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree, but now we probably get to keep Earl, may have anyways. Its really a win win proposition.

      • Volume12

        Whoever doesn’t want to keep ET can eat sh**.

        • drewdawg11

          Classy. It’s never been about want, it’s about what’s the best move for the team going forward. Try not to let emotions cloud your responses.

        • Gohawks5151

          What he said! Haha

        • lil'stink

          After the ill-advised stunt in Dallas, or the holdout talk, or the fact that he will probably want at least $14 million APY for a contract that starts during his 10th! season, or the rumor that our front office wants to quiet all the player commotion down… I could see why it would be wise to think long and hard about extending Earl vs trading him.

        • Rob Staton

          Language please — that’s not the way we talk to people V12, you know that.

    • Aaron

      Honey Badger is the oft injured discount version of Earl. He always compares himself to Earl, but he’s far from it imo. But to your point, he is another option and will probably get good money since he’s a name.

  79. Greg Haugsven

    So much for a Trent Murphy project. He is getting some decent coin from Buffalo.

  80. Millhouse-serbia

    I have just asked bob condotta on twitter about Dion Jordan and here is his answer:I assume they’ve done it but just not telling anyone. He has a secretive agent and the Seahawks barely confirm what month it is until they have to.I don’t think I’d worry.

    • Sea Mode

      He has a secret agent…? 😉

      Thanks for the info, Millhouse!

    • Volume12

      Probably not a big market for him anyways. The strength of this draft class lies on the LOS, both sides, and RB. We’re seeing that with FA here.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I think secret agent is a song…lol

        • Greg Haugsven

          Bob must like you because I asked him that same question at 1130 and heard crickets.

  81. white-salmon-hawk

    Eric Ebron releaesd. Better option than ASJ?

    • House

      He sucks at blocking

    • Logan Lynch

      No comp pick, so there’s a positive. Possibly/probably more expensive than ASJ. Not sure he’s a great blocker either.

    • Sea Mode

      Ian Rapoport

      The #Seahawks are deep into the tight end mark: They are flying in #Panthers FA TE Ed Dickson for a visit, source said. Seattle also hosting Austin Seferian-Jenkins on a visit.

      12:17 PM – 14 Mar 2018

      • Millhouse-serbia

        Is he good at blocking?

        • House

          Ebron is almost as bad as Graham at blocking

      • McZ

        Hope, they give Troy Niklas a shot.

  82. Greg Haugsven

    Suh set to be released.

  83. House

    Suh was just cut. Let’s get him

    • Greg Haugsven

      Maybe him and ASJ can do a joint meeting since there both already here.

      • FresnoBrad

        Please get them on good contracts

  84. Trudy Beekman

    It’s no secret that the Seahawks need a prototype X to pair with Baldwin and Lockett. Cam Meredith seems like an excellent FA target. UDFA given an original round tender which is under $2m. 6’3, 24 years old, coming off ACL/MCL, and put up 888 in his sophomore season with Cutler. There is a usually a moderate learning curve for rookies at the receiver position, especially the X who has to play at the line, and must have the size to get off press. In the draft, Courtland Sutton and Equanimeous St. Brown seem to fit this mold, but may be cost-prohibitive (Sutton), or require time to develop.

    TEs have maybe the steepest learning curve in the NFL as they have to learn to essentially play OT and WR. Someone like Gesicki is a great prospect, but historically these guys take 3+ years to breakout. ASJ and Eifert are both potentially great talents that can be had at a discount, or on a short contract. If you’re going to spend in FA, WR and TE seem like the places to do it, whereas there are a ton of quality RB and OG prospects in the draft.

    • Volume12

      ‘ If you’re going to spend in FA, WR and TE seem like the places to do it, whereas there are a ton of quality RB and OG prospects in the draft’

      Yup. Get a TE and WR on a cheap, prove it deal and circle back around this time next year and nail those 2 positions in the draft.

  85. Greg Haugsven

    Teams interested in ASJ were the Saints and Jaguars. Saints just signed Patrick Robinson and Demario “who” Davis at $5 and $8 APY’s and the Jaguars just signed Niles Paul to play TE. Could be bidding against ourselves.

    • Rob Staton

      Saints have to be out of the race now, barring some cutting or trades. They had minimal cap room. The Jags have about as much as the Seahawks so they, somehow, remain flexible despite all the moves over the last two years.

      Even so — it seems like ASJ really wants to be in Seattle and this is just a case of the Seahawks being willing to offer a fair deal compared to the one on offer in New York.

  86. Volume12

    Look at all the guys taken after Eric Ebron in the 2014 draft-

    11. Taylor Lewan
    12. OBJ
    13. Aaron Donald
    14. Kyle Fuller
    15. Ryan Shazier
    16. Zach Martin

    Oh Detroit. What were u doing?!?

    • Rob Staton

      And it was obvious too. Absolutely obvious.

      Anybody who followed college football and the draft closely knew OBJ, Donald and Martin were going to be really good.

      Plus if they’d managed their cap properly, they could’ve had Suh and Donald working their D-line for a decade.

      • Volume12

        Oh my god! That would’ve been the greatest 1-2 punch at DT ever. I’m fired up just thinking about that.

        Not as good, and they obviously came after but Lewan and Decker as your bookends or OBJ and Tate together?

      • Volume12

        They got one hell of a LB core all of a sudden.

        Jarrad Davis in the middle, Jalen Reeves-Maybin and now Devon Kennard? 🔥

  87. McZ

    Just realized, that Kenny Vaccaro is on FA. Seems, the deep draft on Safety somehow destroys the market for Vaccaro and Reid.

    As they have got an awful lot to proove, what would be the right price for both of them in this situation?

    I guess, waiting until after the draft, $4-5m a year deal could be possible.

  88. Rad_man

    Niklas and/or Crockett Gilmore as cheap TE signings?

    • McZ

      I would take Niklas in a second. He was just beginning to show, why he was a R2 pick. Huge frame, long arms, above-par blocking and decent route running.

      Problem is price. I fully expect the Patriots to be in the market.

      I would offer a nice 3-year contract, around the lines of the McDougald contract.

      • Rad_man

        I like him as well. He has limitations, but that’s why he’s a feasible sign.

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