Updated mock draft: 15th April

This is my first mock draft in over a month. Notes below.

#1 Cleveland — Myles Garrett (EDGE, Texas A&M)
#2 San Francisco — Solomon Thomas (DE, Stanford)
#3 Chicago — Jamal Adams (S, LSU)
#4 Jacksonville — Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)
#5 Tennessee — O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama)
#6 New York Jets — Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
#7 LA Chargers — Malik Hooker (S, Ohio State)
#8 Carolina — Jonathan Allen (DE, Alabama)
#9 Cincinnati — Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stanford)
#10 Buffalo — Haason Reddick (LB, Temple)
#11 New Orleans — Taco Charlton (EDGE, Michigan)
#12 Cleveland — Marshon Lattimore (CB, Ohio State)
#13 Arizona — Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida)
#14 Philadelphia (via Min) — Gareon Conley (CB, Ohio State)
#15 Indianapolis — Forrest Lamp (G, Western Kentucky)
#16 Baltimore — Cam Robinson (T, Alabama)
#17 Washington — Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
#18 Tennessee — Chidobe Awuzie (CB, Colorado)
#19 Tampa Bay — Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
#20 Denver — Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
#21 Detroit — Reuben Foster (LB, Alabama)
#22 Miami — Kevin King (CB, Washington)
#23 New York Giants — David Njoku (TE, Miami)
#24 Oakland — John Ross (WR, Washington)
#25 Houston — Patrick Mahomes (QB, Texas Tech)
#26 Seattle — Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut)
#27 Kansas City — Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson)
#28 Dallas — Justin Evans (S, Texas A&M)
#29 Green Bay — Tre’Davious White (CB, LSU)
#30 Pittsburgh — Tyus Bowser (LB, Houston)
#31 Atlanta — Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri)
#32 New Orleans — Quincy Wilson (CB, Florida)

General notes

— There’s very little buzz around the quarterbacks and that’s unusual this close to the draft. It’s still entirely possible one goes very early (my bet would be Deshaun Watson, possibly to Jacksonville). After all, who thought Blake Bortles would be the #3 pick in 2014? At the moment though, it looks like there’s a chance they will last and we could see teams trading into the 20’s to to get their guy.

— No Ryan Ramcyzk, Corey Davis or Mike Williams in round one. All three could easily go in the first round. Yet as players like Chidobe Awuzie move into the top-20, others have to drop out. Ramcyzk hasn’t done anything in the off-season due to a torn labrum and had only one year of college experience at Wisconsin. Davis has equally been out of sight, out of mind due to injury. And Williams, as good as he is, relies on winning contested catches and isn’t a special athlete.

— There aren’t many really exceptional defensive linemen. And for that reason it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Taco Charlton going a lot earlier than people are currently projecting. If you want a player with Chandler Jones style potential, you’re looking at a limited pool of options.

Seahawks notes

— There’s been a lot of talk in the comments section about moving up for a defensive linemen recently. It would make some sense. This isn’t the deepest class up front and the Seahawks have been seemingly looking for another inside/out rusher for a couple of years now. Yet it’s hard to imagine how they can pull this off. Jonathan Allen, even with a suspect shoulder condition, isn’t likely to get beyond Cleveland at #12. And if Taco Charlton is also off the board in the top-20, it becomes increasingly difficult.

— With the quarterbacks lasting into the 20’s there’s every chance the Seahawks would trade down in this scenario, before using the picks they gained to move up from #58. They did something similar a year ago. This could help them secure a dynamic slot defender and a pass rusher — arguably their top two targets.

— The Melifonwu pick comes down to extreme athleticism, his ability to play numerous roles and possibly set a new standard at the ‘big nickel’ position. Seattle could easily trade down and look at different options (Jourdan Lewis is really intriguing — he’s a battler and would give the Seahawks a genuine talent in the slot). Yet Melifonwu has felt like a possible option for some time now and if he’s there at #26, he could be the guy.

— Melifonwu ticks a lot of boxes in terms of apparent ideals. If they wanted to try him at cornerback he has a +79 inch wingspan and an exceptional broad jump (11-9). He has the type of speed they like if they wanted to use him as a LB/S hybrid (4.40) and his reported short shuttle (4.09) is exceptional for his size. He’s not the finished product by any means but with the game going the way it is — Melifonwu is a player you never have to take off the field that can play the slot, drop into a cover two and travel outside if required.

— The only thing undetermined is Melifonwu’s ‘grit’ factor. It’s hard to say whether he has it or not. It’s easy to ascertain with some players. For others it’s harder to establish. That might be why they’ve reportedly spent so much time with him during the draft process. It’s something to consider though because there are other players in the class that clearly have an appealing ‘Seahawky’ attitude (Jourdan Lewis, Budda Baker, Quincy Wilson to name three available in this mock scenario — and plenty more were off the board already).

— According to the draft trade chart, the Seahawks can get back into the top-45 using #58 and one of their three third rounders. It feels like they’ll be aggressive at some point in this draft.

— A final note. You may have noticed the new adverts in the sidebar, one for the 2017 draft caps. I believe these are available now. If you were buying one anyway and were willing to go through our links it’d be much appreciated. All money raised will be put towards running costs for the blog.


  1. Volume12

    When did Seattle sign LSU track star turned WR Cyril Grayson?

    • Rob Staton

      Last week

      • Volume12

        Nice little project to have.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          There’s that OW/KR you’ve been forecasting V12.

          • Volume12

            I think so. Worst case is he’s a PS project. A 3 year rookie deal indicates they got time for him.

  2. Ground_Hawk

    The idea of Seattle moving back into the top-45 is enticing, and I could see them doing that for a player like Wormley, Watt, or Willis. Who would you all move up for?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Wormley is an interesting one. We know SEA scouted MICH and they like Lewis. Hard to imagine they didn’t notice and like Wormley as well (and Taco too).

      For all the hype around Ogunjobi, Wormley appears to be as good a prospect on paper.

      Ogunjobi – 6’3″ 305lbs 32-5/8″ arms, 4.98s/1.77s 40yd/10yd, 32.0″ VJ, 115″ (9-07) BJ, 26 BP
      Wormely – 6’5″ 296lbs 34-1/8″ arms, 4.86s/1.62s 40yd/10yd, 31.5″ VJ, 110″ (9-02) BJ, 23 BP

      Wormley also posted good agility numbers for a 300lb DT – 4.59s SS and 7.09s 3C (Ogunjobi didn’t perform SS or 3C)

      2015-2016 production:
      Ogunjobi – 127 total tackles (68 solo) 29 TFL, 5.5 sacks
      Wormley – 79 total tackles (43 solo), 22 TFL, 12 sacks

      And Wormley comes from a Power 5 school.

      • C-Dog

        I like them both.

        I’m starting to really dig on Ogunjobi. On top of the athleticism, seems like a pretty sharp dude who’s driven, and hard working. Went to Charlotte to help build up the program. In a few interviews I’ve seen, kinda comes across a bit like Cliff Avril. I’d invite folks to check a few out.



        I think he could be a player that could fit in naturally with this locker room. Not surprised at all that the Seahawks are supposedly interested in him.

      • Ground_Hawk

        Agreed on all points. There just aren’t many 300 lbs men that can move like Wormley. I’ll look more into Ogunjobi though, since he has been receiving some attention around these parts lately.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I’m a big fan of Willis. Checks all the boxes, a good future replacement at Leo.

          • peter

            My only concern with Willis is that he seemed to lack or have very few pass rush moves. I know his numbers disagree with my impression because he has really good solid production. I also like that his production is really consistent getting a sack nearly every game as opposed to having one big muti sack game and then periods of nothing.

            It just felt to me when I watched him his sacks were based not on athleticism but more on hustle, and staying with the play which is great but with his testing numbers I wanted to see him explode sometimes through a TE or get around a slow tackle.

      • peter

        I like both quite a bit as well, but lean a little to Wormley due to the conference he played in. Plus that is getting to be some pretty great length with all that mass and speed.

        I’ve watched some Ogunjobi and did like what I saw as well.

    • Old but Slow

      Wormley would be a sensible pick at 26, but he may not last that long. No way will be in the 2d round.

      Just setting myself up for embarrassment.

      • peter


        I like the self-deprecating! But have to agree with you. Wormley is probably a second round pick, to me. But not anywhere near Seattle’s second round pick at #58. I think he’s the kind of player Seattle picks if the chaos ensues and the good DB’s are gone early. I think DL and someone of his level is just as important as Nickel CB.

        If Obi and Adoree Jackson for example are gone at 26 I think a move back just a bit and go after Chris Wormley and then Jourdan Lewis in the second. I thin Seattle needs a stronger rotation on the Dline and as Bennett ages they need to be concerned with his replacement, which could be viewed as Frank Clark. But then Wormley also gives the team that Alan Branch/Tony Mcdaniels level of length: 6’5″ 341/8′” arms but with the addition of speed for some pass rush.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    You don’t think Trubisky goes in the first frame?

    If DAL don’t take Evans at 28, ATL will at 31. And if SEA were to pass on Obi, he’ll go to DAL.

    From Pauline:
    “…head coach Dan Quinn is looking to run a defense with three safeties. Evans would also be a nice complement to Keanu Neal, last year’s first-round selection, and he offers the defense more of a rangy safety who can play sideline-to-sideline while being an asset stopping the run. Evans is probably the closest Quinn will come to coaching an Earl Thomas-type safety any time in the near future.”

    • Rob Staton

      I have no idea where these QB’s will ultimately land. Could see four in R1 or 1-2. I haven’t studied them as closely as other positions (for obvious reasons). It just seems like the league is down on this class. Watson has the resume, Mahomes the physical potential. If there were trades in this mock I probably would’ve had a team moving up for him in the late first.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Speaking of a team moving up to the late R1 for a QB – I know SEA did that last year, but I have a hard time imagining them passing on Obi/King/AJax knowing that all 3 will almost assuredly be gone before they pick at their trade down spot.

        I do see them trading up from 58 though.

        Any idea what OAK will give up for SEA to release Lynch?

        • Rob Staton

          Probably a 2018 conditional pick

      • cha

        Rob what do you think is so bad about this year’s QB class vs say 2016’s? There was a pretty good sentiment last year that Goff and Wentz weren’t generational talents, and yet many national analysts shrugged at the massive prices the Rams and Eagles paid with “they may not be Andrew Luck, but you need a QB”.

        Watson, Trubisky and Mahomes in particular don’t strike me as so far below Goff & Wentz.

        • Rob Staton

          I thought Goff was an early R2 at best. Liked Wentz and Lynch. From what I’ve watched of this draft class, I like Watson, Trubisky and Mahomes. Not a fan of Kizer and never was. Not sure what the difference is to be honest.

  4. Josh emmett

    Hey rob if you set up a go fund me or patriarc account like Kenny did with fieldgulls/mockdraft3000 I’ll totally donate. Love the blog man

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate the kind words Josh.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’m waiting for Rob to crowdfund tuition to The Scouting Academy so I can contribute to that.

      • Dale Roberts

        I’m with these guys. Set up the button and I’ll add my buck-fifty. LOL. Just make it easy and you’ll get lots of support. You are greatly appreciated.

        • HawkTalker #1

          Rob, just do it.

        • Dutchenstein12


          • McKitrick

            Yes please, 100%. Happy to fund more podcasts and ultimately get you on the AM Radio for some insightful content that has been sorely lacking…..especially this time of year.

            • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

              We all agree. Support Rob!

              There is a way now. I just ordered my first retail sports gear ever! Normally I pick up something here and there mostly second hand. I found a brand new Mariners hat last year in a park. But soon I will have a Seahawks T-shirt, ordered by clicking on the side bar here at SDB.

              So, rather than suggest, lament or complain, please join me in supporting Rob and SDB in the one material way we have available.

              BTW, the Touch performance T is an excellent first layer in harsh weather. Replace that cotton first layer with one that will let you stay comfortable in rain and snow. They are on sale in sizes XL and XXL, and I bet a lot of this community will fit that size!

  5. Kenny Sloth

    Jarrad Davis to Arizona hurts :'(

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      I wonder if they don’t go QB – Trubisky or Watson (or even Mahomes).

      • Kenny Sloth

        QB and WR 1/2?

        Could set them up for success down the line.

        Of course you can’t go wrong with Jarrad Davis imo

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, but Obi Melifonwu to Seattle helps take a lot of that pain away.

      • Kenny Sloth


      • HawkTalker #1

        For me, not really.

    • Josh Smith

      He could end up spending the majority of his career on IR though

    • nichansen01

      I mean, he’d likely go to someone else anyways. Unlikley he’d get by Baltimore.

    • HawkTalker #1

      Good point, that is going to seriously suck. Mostly, because I’d much prefer we get him!!! 😉

  6. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, who/what are your targets in the second after ideally selecting Melifonwu at 26?

    I think OL has a really steep shelf at the end of two, but so does corner.

    A few DL may last to 90 but that’s a long wait.

    WR and RB looking good in third

    • Rob Staton

      I think if they take Melifonwu or another big nickel/slot at #26 then pass rush is the most likely target in R2. Possibly after moving up.

      I also think they will add a safety at some point. They need depth there. Possibly a TE at some stage too.

      • Phil

        I would like to see them move down from #26 to pick Budda then move up to get Watt. Like others have said, Obi has all the tools, but has he got the motor and the dedication it will take to join LOB 2.0?

        • Rob Staton

          I think that’s the question with Obi. He might have it. It’s very possible. It’ll be impossible for us as observers to work out though.

          • McKitrick

            I’m with Phil on this one. The more I think about it Baker and Watt just make sense. Consistent tape, consistent players. We know what we would be getting and it just feels safe.

            Then we go CB hunting in the 3rd. Potentially roll 2 of those 3rd rounders to move up a bit.

            • McKitrick

              ….as much as I like the sound of that, I think the trade up scenario would already have had to happen to get Watt.

  7. cha

    Do you think McCaffrey at #9 is good value or just an especially good fit in Cincinnati? Or both?

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      I’ve completely changed my perspective on him. He’s probably the best offensive player (and safest offensive pick) in this draft class.

    • Rob Staton

      This reflects a trend that McCaffrey is a big riser. I think he’s a good fit in Cincy with what they like to do. Plus he’s a slot/RB/KR hybrid. Genuine playmaker. Whether it’s value or not depends on whether the team that drafts him is willing to be creative and feature him.

      • Misfit74

        I think they are a team who could use him, but also I think he’s redundant with what they have in Gio Bernard. At least in the short term.

        • Rob Staton

          They’re not sold on Gio. Don’t use him.

      • Dale Roberts

        No way McCaffery gets out of the first round and I think he’s going to have an impact in the league. The pick that surprised me was Jarrard Davis to Arizona. No QB for AZ? They’ve tried to develop lower round talent for a while and it hasn’t panned out. The time is drawing near for Palmer and they don’t even sport a quality backup do they?

        • Rob Staton

          I have McCAffrey at #9.

          Arizona could go QB at 13 but they could also wait. Wouldn’t be surprised if they added a new veteran in 12 months.

  8. Misfit74

    Obi FTW!

  9. nichansen01

    What do you think JD Mckissics chances are of making the roster this year?

    • Nathan_12thMan

      I see it as highly unlikely. Don’t get me wrong, I am high on his potential and liked the little bit we did see. I want him to be on the team. But here’s our RB group right now:

      RB1: Rawls
      RB2: Prosise
      RB3: Lacy
      RB4: Collins

      It’s worth remembering that the Hawks really like Collins pass catching ability and used him as a 3rd down back while Prosise was out hurt.

      So, not on that list are McKissic, Pope, Tre Madden, George Farmer, Kelvin Taylor, and Terrence Magee. Then there is the possibility that we draft a back and/or sign UDFA backs.

      I personally hope (and think it is most likely) that McKissic and Pope land on the practice squad and continue to develop, ready to step in and play if anyone gets hurt.

  10. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’m betting on the Browns doing some crazy crap and the whole draft being blown up….. chaos ensues. It would be fun to watch, but might cause some headaches for predict the Seahawks pickers.

    • Just a guy

      I think thats going to be SF. I bet they will trade down or pass on Thomas.

    • HawkTalker #1


      • Ishmael

        Could easily trade down to someone who wants to get their mitts on Garrett. How much better would he make the Jags for example, or the Titans?

  11. C-Dog

    Obi Won, you’re our only hope.

    With the 26th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Obi Melifonwu, defensive back, Connecticut.

    26: R1P26

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    Obi fills a lot of needs, big nickel, big corner, safety, maybe a little LB chores. Athletic as #$%, Pete Carroll wants that upside, and may see a starting cornerback out of him down the road, especially if things remain tense with Richard Sherman.

    R2, they go for athletic DT Ogunjobi, who PFF scored pretty highly last year in run defense and with plus pass rush. Looking a little more into Ogunjobi, he seems to have a bright cool guy demeanor kinda like Cliff Avril. He might match together well with Jarran Reed’s junkyard dog mentality, creating an interior DL balance to go along with the new Star Wars Last Jedi Trailer.

    R3 they stay focused on adding to the OL with Asiata who could give one of the penciled starters at guard a serious run for their money, and double down on the pass rush and secondary with Phillips and Luani, respectively.

    They go with SPARQy WR Chad Williams in R6, and under-the-radar athletic Ivy League tosser Alek Torgersen to battle Boykin for the backup spot.

    UDFA’s include CB Xavier Coleman, CB Treston Decoud, FB Freddie Stevenson, RB Elijah Hood, TE Blake Jarwin, DT Glen Antoine, LB Joe Mathis, and K Nick Weiler

    • HawkTalker #1

      Nice UDFA group.

    • Dutchenstein12

      Killer draft. My only problem with it is waiting until UDFA to get and outside cb. This might actually be realistic with what Rob has recently highlighted about the lack of corners who match our measurables and how rookies rarely start outside for us. Once again I would be really happy with this draft, just seems like it is very boom or bust. I’m as crazy about Obi as everyone else on SDB. He kind of reminds me of Taylor Mays though, I remember watching that draft hoping/thinking PC would for sure take Taylor. If Taylor was in this draft would we be touting him as the next great buffalo?

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I hear you about outside corner. I’m kinda leaning into Obi eventually playing outside, kinda like how Shead transitioned out there. He seems to have the athleticism to do that. If Obi makes that shift outside, they could view Luani in the buffalo. Also, I think with Thorpe and Desir, they might feel they have a couple guys on the roster who are more ahead of the curve, and won’t rush a rookie into action too soon, if he’s not ready. That’s the beauty of Obi Melifonwu, they can use him in a number of ways.

        • Misfit74

          ‘(Very) rich man’s Brandon Browner’ does sound astronomically interesting…

          • C-Dog


  12. Misfit74

    So, if we, are after pass rushing help after landing Obi (or other DB) in rnd 1, who are some 2nd~3rd round, and other pass rushers people think we could be after?

    A few I keep thinking about; none are perfect but all have some intriguing qualities:
    ~TJ Watt
    ~D. Rivers
    ~T. Williams
    ~J. Willis
    ~T. Hendrickson

    • C-Dog

      My hunch is that they might look for an inside/out rusher over pure edge just because they seem more loaded up with edge rushers on the roster.

      Daeshon Hall, Chris Wormley, Larry Ogunjobi, Demarcus Walker, Tanoh Kpassagnon could all be likely candidates, among others.

      • D-OZ

        Don’t be shocked if we take Kpassagnon @58. I know Pete has been looking for length at that position for a long time. Might have to move up up a bit for him though.

    • Nate

      Samson Ebukam from Eastern WA for UDFA or Marshawn 7rd comp

  13. nichansen01

    Let us not forget about Cam Robinson. I think he is still in play for us.

    • Derron James

      I don’t really think he is IMO

    • Coleslaw

      I hope not. Ifedi and Gilliam at RT is good as is. No need to throw another first into the fire. Maybe if they played him at guard, I could get on board cause that is a lot of meat. Not a sexy pick but Lacy, Rawls and Prosise would love it lol

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so

  14. Coleslaw

    Rob, I notice no Budda Baker either, and am curious where you rank him with the slot guys we’ve been talking about, Awuzie, Jackson, Obi, Lewis?

    • HawkTalker #1

      Rob, I’d like to know as well. Thx

    • Rob Staton

      I was torn on whether to put Budda at 32. He could go top 25 easily.

  15. RWIII

    There is a real possibility John Schneider could trade up in the second round. If Schneider moves down with his first round pick. You can almost guarantee he will move up in the 2nd round . From what I have been reading there seems to be a drop off in talent around the top 50. Especially at defensive line position. Schneider might have to move up to target a defensive lineman in the second round regardless of what happens in the first round.

    If Schneider doesn’t move down in the 1st round pick. He could still see him move up in the 2nd round. But if Schneider does move up in the 2nd round. Schneider could trade another 3rd round pick to move down for an eXtra pick. I don’t think Schneider would be satisfied with only 6 picks in this draft.

    There is a real possibility Schneider will take 3 defensive backs in this draft. Probably a cornerback, safety and nickel/slot. Then you throw in an offensive lineman and a defensive lineman and you are already up to 5 picks. So then you have one pick for the rest of the team. I don’t think so.

    • Dutchenstein12

      I like your thought of trading one 3rd to move up in the 2nd and then trading back with another one of 3rd rounders to get more picks. I’m like you and can’t see us only having 5 picks, I just really want us to use our 1st rounder instead of trading back. So much top-end talent, I would hate to miss out on someone by trading back just for the sake of getting more picks (unless there are still a bunch of guys we like on the board).

  16. Deryck

    This is pretty random, but if he”s there for the Hawks 6th round pick I hope they take Zane Gonzalez. Solid kicker, cheaper than even Walsh.

    • Trevor


      • drewdawg11

        I’ve been wanting that kid to be a hawk for a while now. After agauio went in the second last year, I can’t tell if that helps or hurts Gonzales this year. Regardless, I don’t think you’ll get him with a 6th round pick.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I don’t know if Schneider would draft a kicker

      • Redhawk87

        I wouldn’t be surprised, TBH. With Haushka gone, we are currently left with subpar competition. Drafting a talented rookie kicker in the later rounds would be useful, and save the team over $500k next year (versus paying Blair Walsh)

  17. James

    Man, I don’t know how the Seahawks can do anything other than DB in R1. As deep as the CB class is, it is highly unlikely a late R2 CB will be at the same level as the guy they could get at #26. Trade Sherm and that R1 pick would obviously have to be a CB as well. As much as we would love the luxury of a pass-rush DT or DE, in my view both our top two picks have to be DBs.

    • C-Dog

      It was interesting that yesterday David Hsu seemed to feel pretty strongly, perhaps from an insider source, that Seattle is targeting DL early because of the drop off there, and the believe they can go DB later. Definitely turned my thinking around a bit.

      • RWIII

        If Obi is not there it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit if the Hawks went Defensive line in the first round.

        • HawkTalker #1

          Depends on who the DL is and who else is available, right? So much to consider when stating preferences.

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t read too much into it. Moving up from 26 to get high enough for the DL’s is going to be virtually impossible.

        • RWIII

          Who is talking about moving up in the 1st round?

          Pete Sampras

  18. EranUngar

    The QB class can go either way. We might see the first QB pick at the late 20s or a team like the Jets pulls the trigger much earlier and creates a chain reaction forcing some of the needy teams to act early (CLE, JAX, ARI, WAS etc.)

    • Old but Slow

      While I do not think that there is a genuine first round QB in this draft, the position is so important that teams will take one simply because they cannot afford not to. To pass on a passer who hits with another team could be the kiss of death for a GM.

      It would not surprise me to see 4 or 5 of them in the first. All to the good.

      • EranUngar

        Yes. And every one that does get picked early pushes another talent option for us at 26 or opens more options for a trade back.

      • Ground_Hawk

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Mahomes, Trubisky, and Watson all end up going in the 1st. With the way the salary cap keeps rising, so do the amounts of second contracts, and having a possible starting QB on a cheap 5th year option could be seen as a smart business move.

        • RWIII

          Ground Chuck. Totally agree.

          Pete Sampras

      • Del tre

        Watson put up nearly 1000 yards combined and 8 tds in 2 championship games against the best defense in the country and the historically great Alabama defense this year. He had 50 tds this year and won a national championship, its insane to me that teams aren’t looking at him as the #1 overall especially when Jared Goff was just the number one and Wentz was #2. If Wattson falls i think a lot of teams are going to kick themselves for years for passing on him.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I totally agree with you. Anyone who can’t see that needs to look at their QB criteria. It’s not about who is the best physical specimen, it’s about who can lead a team to a championship. Watson is a winner.

  19. nichansen01

    Is it just me or is this draft filled with interesting options at WR in the later rounds?

    • Old but Slow

      It certainly can be. The position can be difficult to assess if the player is on a team that does not feature the pass, or with a team that has a dismal QB. By what seems to be local wisdom, we should be looking for a physical receiver with size and grit. Maybe even a TE.

      For that matter, I see Graham as a big WR, more than a TE, and that is where much of his value is.

      We have some speed, and great route running in some of our smaller (?) receivers like Lockett, Baldwin, and PRich, and we have some promise with McEvoy, but it would be nice to have another red zone target.

      Late rounds, though, for me.

      • nichansen01

        Im really liking Robert David, but not sure he will last past the 4th.

        • nichansen


        • peter

          The reason I think Davis will last later is based on where Chris Conley was drafted. If you remember him at all he was picked in the third round and played for a much bigger school and a much bigger conference and like Davis was a complete Size/speed specimen. 4.35 40yd, 45 inch vert, 11’7″ broad, 1.53 ten yard split…etc.

          I’m intrigued by him but for me I think he lasts until the 5th round or so because the one tape I’ve seen, not highlights, was pretty uninspiring.

  20. nichansen01

    How would this blog feel about this draft?

    1. Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan
    2. Larry Ogunjobi , DT, Charlotte
    3. Jourdan Lewis , CB, Michigan
    3. Nico Siracusa, Guard, San Diego State
    3. Branden Wilson, S, Houston
    6. Robert Davis, WR, Georgia State
    7. Adrian Colbert, Cb, Miami

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s highly unlikely Jourdan Lewis lasts into the late third.

      Also unlikely IMO Taco lasts to 26.

      • D-OZ

        Myrick and Kazee are interesting slot options in the late 3rd. Both underrated prospects.

        • nichansen01

          Jordan Lewis
          -not very fast
          – domestic violence incident
          -technique is iffy

          I can easily imagine him lasting to the late third.

          Charlton, I am less sure on. Could easily go top 20, but a fall wouldn’t shock me.

          • Rob Staton

            Technique is iffy?

            Give over.

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    If you have not watched the video, or just want to get jacked up about the draft… watch it.
    Obi(wan) is so fluid in his movement. The 40 was very impressive. The little bit they showed of the positional drills also were very impressive. I would almost say he moves effortlessly. Glides to where he wants to be….. I’m telling you, if he is available and Seattle doesn’t draft him >:I

  22. EP

    What about Elijah Qualls in the 3rd round, would be a viable option?

    • nichansen01

      I think quall’s tape is dreadful.

      • D-OZ

        Not me. He was the most active lineman in the Bama game. IMO

        • nichansen01

          I thought Qualls looked lazy in that game.

          • Westcoastbias

            Really? I was pretty damn impressed with him honestly. Had an extremely tough job.

            It’d be like telling Red Bryant to stand up and spy Russell Wilson for a whole game, and then blame Red for looking lackluster. Of course he’s gonna tire out and look worse but he’s still trying.

    • C-Dog

      He didn’t measure out length wise in the arms to what Seattle has always drafted on their DL.

      • D-OZ

        How long are Mebane’s arm’s? I know they didn’t draft him. They sure liked him enough to give him a second contract though.

        • C-Dog

          Mebane’s arms are actually fairly long at 33 inches which might have been one factor why Carroll felt it necessary to extend his contract on top of his play. He fit the mold of what he likes at the nose.

  23. Jackson1

    Jabrill Peppers is the dynamic playmaker that we need! Big nickel, return man and gadget player on offense a few plays a game! PLAYMAKER!

    • Kenny Sloth

      You could say the same for Adoree’ Jackson

      • Ishmael

        Peppers is bigger and thicker though. You could argue he’s less likely to get banged up than Jackson, especially if you want that big nickel playing around the LOS.

  24. Bruce Smith

    Is it possible to put together a top 50 draft board from a Seahawks perspective, like the one they use on draft day? It would be a good page to have during the draft to get a better indication of the direction the team will go based on who’s available. Any thoughts?

    • swisshawk

      I would appriciate it too. Would be great if someone with more knowledge would find some time… 🙂

      • Rob Staton

        I’ll have a tiered breakdown of a personal top-40 later today

  25. Ed

    Rob, great stuff as always. I never like the draft hats, but I will buy a few to contribute to the site.

    Hoping they get at least 2 DB’s in the early rounds, they would need to get guys that can play now and eventually take over in a year. Those 2 positions would be slot corner and big nickel. What players are the top 5 of those 2 spots the Hawks could draft:

    Slot – Baker/Jackson/Griffin/Lewis/Elder
    Big – Obi/Maye/Luani/Evans/Peppers

    My round guess:

    1st Jackson/Obi/Peppers
    2nd Baker/Evans/Maye/Griffin/Lewis
    4th Elder/Luani

    Would love to see Jackson/Evans or Obi/Baker or Peppers/Griffin. Get 2 DB’s that can play in the nickel package this year then turn into full-time starters next year.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      Getting Obi or King and Baker would be a dream for me… would love to see that happen

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      Do not get a hat then, get a T-shirt, sweat shirt or Jersey at the lower link.

      Everybody at least click on the adds and look around. There is a sexy ladies t-shirt that some of you should buy as a gift.

    • Misfit74

      I view slot corner and big nickle being one guy, potentially. I think we need 5th DB, CB2 a stop two positions on defense.

      5th DB: Obi/Jackson/Awuzie/etc
      CB2: King/Witherspoon/etc

  26. JMess

    Looks like to me if there’s a growing chance that we will trade down the first and trade up from 58. If we have 2 picks in the 33-45 range it gives us alot of options to go with both talented pass rush or DB. I could really see us getting someone like Tim williams that can fill the “bruce irvin role”. Or going someone like Chris Wormly who I think is really a mold of Bennet who can play DE in 1-2 down and move inside for 3rd down. With the other pick we could go and get the “2nd tier” CB. Quincy wison

    • D-OZ

      I think Wormley is going in the 1st.

  27. Frontrower

    Is a draft day trade for Sheldon Richardson on anyone’s radar? Looks like Jets might only get a mid round pick for him.

    • vrtkolman

      I don’t see why they would not just keep him in this scenario. They could get a 3rd round comp pick next year, versus a 4th rounder this year?

      • Trevor

        The distraction and $

    • Ed

      I would. 2.5 million for a DT that has pass rushing skills. Needs some motivation, but maybe being on a rotation in the 3 tech position on a winning team will light a fire. He balls out, you resign or let him go for a comp, if not, it costed you 1 year 2.5 million. Hawks don’t have 4th or 5th, so it would have to be a 6th.

  28. Sea Mode

    I totally share Schneider’s sentiment right now:

    “just sitting there by myself staring at it at night… I’m not there yet.”

    • Rob Staton

      He’s never sounded so melancholy about a class.

      Which to me suggests there are guys they like, maybe not loads, and he knows he has to be very creative to get them.

  29. Totem_Hawk

    Great article Rob…that is the big question “grit” does he have it?? Does he have the instincts and desire? If he does look out..the impression that its not obvious is a concern.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s not so much a concern as a cause for debate. For some players they scream ‘gritty’. For others you kind of have to spend time with them. For example, I don’t think it was obvious that Okung was gritty. Yet it became apparent he was based on stories from the locker room.

  30. FuzzyLOgic

    First time/Long time.

    Pretty good mock on this one Rob but a few picks I think might go the other way such as Foster going a bit late in my opinion. A little puzzled on why so many are so high on Obi considering he doesn’t have that Seahawk attitude or competitive-confidence factor seemingly. I get that he is a freak but I get a strange feeling that he wouldn’t fit so well.
    Personally I am hoping for our big nickel to come in the 3rd round or use Bradley McDougald to spell the spot for a year or more.

    My hope for the first 2 picks are:

    26. Chidobe Awuzie ( move Lane outside to compete with the others)

    58. Tyus Bowser ( might have to move up but worth it)

    BTW Rob thanks for keeping us excited every year about the draft. Good stuff mate.

    • Sea Mode

      Welcome! Nothing Fuzzy about that logic! Awuzie all day for me too.

      I’m even in the process of considering him straight up over Obi. While I don’t knock Obi for his attitude because I simply don’t know, you just can’t teach instinct like Awuzie has got.

      • FuzzyLOgic

        Awuzie all day for me too. He just screams Seahawk.

        My first and final mock:

        1. (CLE) Myles Garrett
        2. (SF) Malik Hooker
        3. (CHI) Solomon Thomas
        4. (JAX) Leonard Fournette
        5. (TEN) O.J. Howard
        6. (NYJ) Jamal Adams
        7. (LAC) Deshaun Watson
        8. (CAR) Dalvin Cook
        9. (CIN) Reuben Foster
        10. (BUF) Jonathan Allen
        11. (NO) Marshon Lattimore
        12. (CLE) Mitch Trubiski
        13. (ARI) Haason Reddick
        14. (PHI) Marlon Humphrey
        15. (IND) Derek Barnett
        16. (BAL) Taco Charlton
        17. (WAS) John Ross
        18. (TEN) Gareon Conley
        19. (TB) Christian Mccaffrey
        20. (DEN) Garett Bolles
        21. (DET) Jarrad Davis
        22. (MIA) Forrest Lamp
        23. (NYG) David Njoku
        24. (OAK) Kevin King
        25. (HOU) Pat Mahomes
        26. (SEA) Chidobe Awuzie
        27. (KC) Tre’davious White
        28. (DAL) Obi Melonfonwu
        29. (GB) Adoree’ Jackson
        30. (PIT) Jabrill Peppers
        31. (ATL) Takkarist Mckinley
        32. (NO) Budda Baker

        I have reasons for the picks but I’ll just let it sit. What do you guys think?

        • HawkTalker #1

          Why not Jackson at 26?

          • FuzzyLOgic

            Because I feel Awuzie will be a better slot corner for the hawks. I would be thrilled as well though if we got Jackson, mostly for his return abilities though I believe he will be a good corner too. I believe Tyler is perfectly capable of keeping that returner role.

            • Misfit74


            • HawkTalker #1

              I appreciate the reply, thank you. Can you tell me why he would be better in the slot and why you think he’s a better overall pick than Jackson? Based on some of the discussion on this site already, some of the extra benefits from Jackson and his suddenness, including his role as a kick returner and possibly on offense as well, would increase his value and make him significant competition to any other potential slot corner. Would just like as much detail as you can provide why you think Awuzie would be a better slot corner. Thanks again

              • FuzzyLOgic

                Sure no problem.

                Awuzie is 202lbs and 6.0ft tall. 15lbs heavier and 2 inches taller than Jackson with similar quickness and ran the same 40. He is experienced at slot and outside equally which is good in case we need him outside, and since he has good press abilities that might come in handy. Everyone knows that Jackson is an awesome returner but Awuzie is an awesome gunner as well as an awesome slot blitzer which I believe to be more important considering we have Tyler doing our returns.

                • HawkTalker #1

                  Thanks for the reply.

        • Misfit74

          I dig it.

          Arizona has good edge guys, I think Foster is the best fit there, but have to think J. Davis, and even Cunningham could be matches for them to fill the empty inside spot(s). They let ILB Minter go, while Golden and Jones have been productive outside. I don’t see Reddick’s best fit as 34 ILB. AZ also needs a corner pretty badly, and an heir, for Palmer, and a TE, and a WR. They could go many directions. I wouldn’t be surprised at all by a 1st round WR.

          • FuzzyLOgic


            Originally I had the Cards taking Pat Mahomes but thought they might take Davis Webb in the second. Also Foster isn’t available in my mock so I had them take BPA with Reddick. But the one name that keeps me second guessing myself is TE Evan Engram, I believe he should be a top 22 pick and probably will be. Maybe the Cards take him at 13?

        • Misfit74

          J. Davis is perfect for DET.

    • Matt

      I can’t speak for Obi’s “Seahawkiness,” but I have continued to watch more and more of him; and the more I think (my opinion) he’s an ok football player who looks great in a uniform. His upside is tremendous but I just can’t help but be underwhelmed by what I see (the more I see it).

      All that said, if the FO thinks they can turn his athleticism into a great football player, then I’m fully on board with the pick. But as of right now, I’m just kind of meh on him as a 1st rounder. If given the choice, I’d rather go with a Quincy Wilson who seems pretty plug and play as a true CB.

  31. Sea Mode

    Rob, nice mock. Totally agree on fits:

    #5 Tennessee — O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama)
    #13 Arizona — Jarrad Davis (LB, Florida)
    #23 New York Giants — David Njoku (TE, Miami)

    think they are as close to “locks” as one can come in the mock draft world.

    And John Ross to the Raiders would be lethal. (But I’m kind of stuck on him to the Panthers at #8 or Philly at #14)

    While it’s certainly plausible to look at McCaffrey at #9 because there is value there, I tend to think in this other direction, like I believe you mocked quite a bit a few months ago:

    OT Garett Bolles, who is expected to be one of the first two OLs selected in this draft, is visiting the #Bengals today, sources said.
    8:34 AM – 14 Apr 2017

    McCaffrey I have an easy time seeing to Indianapolis at 15 (or his floor Denver at 20).

    Nice to look at a different scenario though through this mock. Happy Easter!

    • Sea Mode

      aaaaand as if on cue…:


      University of Miami tight end David Njoku to visit the New York Giants on Monday, according to a source

      9:41 AM – 16 Apr 2017

      • Coleslaw

        Count on Njoku going to NYG. They’ve been saying for a while they think they’re a TE away from the super bowl.

        • Misfit74

          They badly need RB, too.

          • Coleslaw

            Agreed. But I also think they have the luxury of their RBs playing second fiddle to Eli Manning. I bet you they grab Joe Williams at some point.

  32. Nick

    Daeshon Hall screams Seattle in Round 2.

    • nichansen01

      How much separation is there truely between Hall and Charlton.

  33. Matthew Baldwin

    PC/JS always picks up a ‘TD maker’ in R2/3. Anyone stand out?

    2010 – Tate R2
    2011 – none
    2012 – RW R3
    2013 – CMike R2
    2014 – Richardson R2
    2015 – Lockett R3
    2016 – Prosise R3
    2017 – ?

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, Evan Engram!!! I think it will be DB early and then OW in R2. Pass rusher and OL can wait till R3.

      Curtis Samuel too, although I must admit I have cooled off on him a bit after listening to his pro day interview. It was just an outside impression and all, but he came across to me sour in two ways:

      1. seemed to talk about himself as if he were the savior of Ohio St. “When Zeke left, everyone was worried what would happen, then I showed up.” (paraphrasing)

      2. when asked who they should look out for to possibly step up next year, he didn’t send any shoutouts to any of his teammates or anything. I know it’s just a detail, but come on man, not cool.

      • Sea Mode

        Guys, any interest UNC WR Mack Collins?

        4 year captain and you can see the fire he plays with.

        • Sea Mode


    • Volume12

      ‘Bama WR ArDarius Stewart.

      • Coleslaw


      • Ishmael

        Dude great shout, I’d love that.

      • Kenny Sloth

        They’ve met with Damoreea Stringfellow

      • nichansen01

        I like him, not to the hawks before round 6 though.

    • Misfit74

      Godwin, Engram
      C. Henderson
      G. Kittle, J. Smith
      Zamora, K. Hogan, R. Davis

  34. JakeB

    Good read here on edge defenders if you aren’t familiar with Justis’ stuff. History says you want one of these guys to end up with the Seahawks.
    He’s also a Packers fan who has reverse engineered a lot of Ted Thompson’s draft strategies the way Rob is unlocking things here. I’m sure there are a few similarities between Schneider and his old boss.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s somewhat interesting but the results don’t justify the formula IMO. For example, in his non-force player list he has Aldon Smith, Chandler Jones, Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus. And in the mid-tier range there’s JPP and Nick Perry. So what he’s basically saying is great athletes generally become really good players but it’s possible for mid or lower range athletes to be really good too. It’s not a big revelation.

    • Misfit74

      While somewhat interesting, I didn’t see it as a strong method to predict success.

      I much prefer reading the work at insidethepylon.com. They show their ‘grades’, tiers, and the measureables along with descriptions.

  35. Kenny Sloth

    Some more rd 2 and later players to watch, talk, and think about.

    Derek Rivers Edge Youngstown St.
    Deatrich Wise Jr. Edge Arkansas, Shrine Game MVP
    Ethan Pocic C/G/T LSU
    Corey Levin T/G Tennessee-Chattanooga, 3x All American
    Fadol Brown Edge Ole Miss
    Chase Roullier G/C Wyoming
    Storm Norton T Troy
    Ryan Anderson SLB Alabama
    Antonio Garcia T Troy

  36. Sea Mode



    In other news, Broncos will visit with Utah OT Garett Bolles this week. He’d be in play for No. 20 pick.

    11:22 AM – 16 Apr 2017

    • Volume12

      Its a weird class this year isn’t it?

      • Sea Mode

        Yup. Can’t really figure it out.

        Maybe I could call it a “sniper’s class”. If last year was a “grape shot class”, where there was depth all the way through and less cliffs, this year you just gotta pick the few guys you really like and go get them.

      • Ishmael

        Very weird. Slightly unsettled. Feels like there’s a lot of raw guys with mega potential. A lot of it is going to come down to how certain teams feel about certain players. Wonder if we might see a lot of trading up and down.

  37. Coleslaw

    Anybody know if Obi played special teams at UConn? His physical profile is ideal for a gunner. He could be our new Ricardo Lockette.

    • nichansen01

      I really hope Obi becomes more than the next Ricardo Lockette.

  38. Martin

    Rob, any chance we draft C. Harris with the 26th pick? He’s not explosive ala B. Irvin but apparently has very good pass rush skills, good bend, etc. He seems slotted to either Dallas or Atlanta in most mocks. Adding him to Bennett, Avril, Clark…..yikes.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Harris but not sold on him in Seattle. He’s an EDGE and hasn’t matched up to some of their EDGE preferences of the past. I think they’d rather bring in an inside/out type of rusher.

  39. Sea Mode

    We’ve talked about “suddenness” as one sort of unmeasureable quality. Another one are defenders who have a knack to be around the action. Turn on their tape, and just about every play they finish around the ball.

    Who do you see this the most in? Chidobe Awuzie is obviously one of them, probably headlines the list. Marcus Maye is another one I see. Who else?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ogunjobi, Davis, Melifonwu, Corn Elder, Jordan Evans.

  40. Kenny Sloth

    Davis Webb, QB, California (PRI)
    Colorado QB Sefo Liufau (combine)

    Pitt RB James Conner (combine)
    Dalton Crossan, RB, New Hampshire (PRI)

    W. Georgia LB/FB Alex Armah (pro day/workout)

    Damore’ea Stringefellow, WR, Ole Miss (PRI)
    Chad Williams, WR, Grambling (PRO)
    Deangelo Yancey, WR, Purdue (PRI)
    Arizona WR Trey Griffey (pro day)

    S. Alabama TE Gerald Everett (combine)
    Johnny Mundt, TE, Oregon (WOR)
    Antony Auclair, TE, Laval (EW)

    Florida OT David Sharpe (combine)
    N. Dakota C Michael Coe (VMAC visit)
    Kansas OL/C D’Andre Banks (pro day)
    Isaac Asiata, G/C, Utah (SR)
    Zach Banner, G/OT, USC (COM)

    Grover Stewart, DT, Albany State (STM)
    Dalvin Tomlinson, DT/NT, Alabama (COM)
    Josh Tupou, DT, Colorado (PRI)

    Jonathan Calvin, DE, Mississippi State (PRI)
    Montana EDGE Caleb Kidder (pro day/workout)
    W. Georgia EDGE Dylan Donahue (pro day/workout)

    Carroll Phillips, OLB/DE/3-4OLB, Illinois (SR)
    Tim Williams, OLB/DE/3-4OLB, Alabama (WOR)
    Javancy Jones, OLB, Jackson State (EW)

    Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan (PRI)
    Brandon Wilson, CB, Houston (WOR)
    Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado (PRI)
    Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson (COM)
    Adrian Colbert, DB, Miami (PRI)
    Xavier Coleman, CB, Portland State (LOC)
    Shaquil Griffin, CB, UCF (PRI)
    C. Arkansas CB Tyler Williams (pro day/workout)
    NW OK St. CB Josh Norris (pro day/workout)

    Casey DeAndrade, FS, New Hampshire (WOR)
    David Jones^, FS, Richmond (PRI, PRO)

    Budda Baker, S, Washington (COM)
    Shalom Luani, SS, Washington State (COM)
    Obi Melifonwu^, S, Connecticut (COM, PRI)
    Michigan ST. S Montae Nicholson (VMAC visit)

    • Kenny Sloth

      Updated Seahawks predraft meetings

      They like DT Ogunjobi and QB Trevor Knight

      • Volume12

        QB Trevor Knight has screamed Seahawks at me all off-season.

    • Volume12

      * Idaho’s Glen Antoine, Texas A&M’s Daeshon Hall, and USF’s Kofi Amichia

      • Volume12

        Oregon St’s Dustin Stanton- OL (workout or visit)
        W. Oregon’s Andy Avgi- TE (local or pro day)
        Stanford’s Michael Rector- WR (local)

    • Misfit74

      Man, I love a ton of those players! Especially the DBs…and both Chad and Tim Williams.

    • Sea Mode

      Alright, you guys are awesome!

      But, I can’t stand not being able to sort the lists and just add to them as we go. So here is a better-late-than-never Visits/Meetings Tracker list:


      Please help fill out and update!

      • Sea Mode

        I recommend you click on the filter icon and “turn on filter view” so as to be able to filter/sort by positions, visit/meeting type, conference, etc.

      • Misfit74

        Nice work

  41. Misfit74

    This blog RULES.

  42. Misfit74

    T-minus 11 days until the draft!

  43. cha

    Has Vincent Jackson’s name ever come up here as a possibility on a veteran + incentives contract?

    If he’s healthy he could nicely fill a Big Mike Williams type role – outposition/outmuscle DBs on 3rd and 7’s and red zone plays, occasionally sneak behind the defense when they’re focused on someone else.

    Could be a nice veteran pickup to fill a role while Lockett recovers early on.

  44. Poko

    I love this mock!
    I pray that Obi is there at 26.He makes a great player!

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