Updated mock draft: 22nd February

In this week’s projection I wanted to contemplate the potential impact of the scouting combine, with work-outs beginning on Saturday. Who could rise? Who could fall? Will we see any significant changes when players have been tested and interviewed in Indianapolis?

I’ve already discussed the possibility that Zach Brown could be set for a boost after he tests at the combine – Fletcher Cox (DT, Mississippi State) may also surge up boards after he works out on Monday. Cox plays like a runaway train – he can be off-balance, but he’s all power and speed and can play both off the edge and inside in 4-3 and 3-4 looks. He’ll be listed above 300lbs but could run a surprisingly fast forty-yard dash for his size, potentially pushing him to the front of the class for interior defensive lineman.

Melvin Ingram, Quinton Coples and Courtney Upshaw are all jostling for position with all three likely to be drafted within the first sixteen picks. Ingram is expected to make the greatest impression as he’s clearly the most agile and will easily record the best forty-time. Coples and Upshaw can stay ahead of Ingram on a lot of draft boards by running respectable times and performing well in other drills. This is a big opportunity for Ingram, though.

Other players will emerge that have so far not been considered likely first round options. Rueben Randle (WR, LSU) was a victim of the Tigers’ offense and has a lot of pro-skills. He can jump ahead of several prospects with a good performance in Indianapolis and that element of unknown – and potential – could work in his favor. New England likes to draft defensive backs early and Casey Hayward (CB, Vanderbilt) could be a name to keep an eye on in the back end of round one.

Dre Kirkpatrick and Devon Still could be set for a fall. Alabama’s Kirkpatrick isn’t a great cover corner and his reputation is largely based on size, run support and hard-hitting. He was exploited by Florida’s John Brantley (not exactly a prolific SEC quarterback) and may not show the kind of fluid hips and straight line speed to warrant some of the inflated reviews he’s received in the last few months. Still hasn’t got the same high ceiling as a Michael Brockers or Fletcher Cox and could fall victim to need. He’s already a fifth-year senior with some previous injury history and teams may feel he’s already peaked and doesn’t possess enough upside to warrant a high first round selection.

I’ve maintained the trade touted in last week’s mock because I think it’s increasingly likely we’ll see a deal which will make Robert Griffin III the #2 pick. The most obvious trade partner is Cleveland, who would surrender their two first round choices to take the Baylor quarterback. Last week I looked at St. Louis going OT/WR with their new picks, this week it’s WR/OC. The center position is taking on an increasingly important role in the NFL and Peter Konz is an underrated prospect coming out of Wisconsin. Don’t be surprised if the Rams look to boost their interior with a pick like this. Will they take Blackmon at #4? It really depends on how they grade Riley Reiff, Mike Adams and Jonathan Martin. If they don’t see an offensive lineman worth the #4 pick, Blackmon has a shot.

As for the Seahawks – nothing much has changed. They’re still out of range for the top two quarterbacks, still needing to focus on their second biggest need at defensive end and still relying on which players leave the board before their pick to dictate the selection. Upshaw is the least likely to impress at the combine, but I suspect he’ll maintain a high grade on many boards and could easily be a top-ten pick. The trio of Ingram, Upshaw and Coples really could go in any order – making Seattle’s choice at #11 or #12 a question mark right up until Buffalo’s pick is called.

Updated first round mock draft

#1 Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford)
The Colts might as well call the pick in now. Indianapolis will draft Andrew Luck. No trade offer will change that.
*TRADE* #2 Robert Griffin III (QB, Baylor)
Cleveland would need to part with both first round picks to draft RGIII. It appears likely some form of deal will take place here.
#3 Matt Kalil (OT, USC)
This would be a dream for the Vikings. They get a left tackle with elite potential.
*TRADE* #4 Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma St)
If Blackmon is going to go this early, he’ll need a good performance at the combine. This might be too high for the Rams.
#5 Trent Richardson (RB, Alabama)
You have to believe Greg Schiano would love to draft Trent Richardson. Cornerback is also a need, so Claiborne is an alternative.
#6 Ryan Tannehill (QB, Texas A&M)
This would be a foolish reach but Shanahan wants his guy. If Tannehill really is going to go in the top-15 as speculated, Washington is the obvious choice.
#7 Morris Claiborne (CB, LSU)
Assuming the Jaguars attack the market for receivers in free agency, Gene Smith can concentrate on defense.
#8 Fletcher Cox (DT, Mississippi State)
Carolina wants to use a lot of different defensive looks and Cox is scheme versatile. He could light up the combine.
#9 Melvin Ingram (DE, South Carolina)
A blistering forty yard dash could push Ingram up the boards. Right tackle is another likely target area.
#10 Quinton Coples (DE, North Carolina)
The Bills could switch to a 4-3 and that makes Coples rather than Upshaw or Ingram a more likely pick here.
#11 Courtney Upshaw (DE, Alabama)
This could be Seattle’s ideal situation. Upshaw would have an instant impact, balancing out the pass rush with Chris Clemons.
#12 David DeCastro (OG, Stanford)
This is a little high for me, but Scott Pioli will almost certainly like DeCastro and he has a little Logan Mankins about him.
#13 Riley Reiff (OT, Iowa)
Reiff is a solid, blue-collar lineman. But is he spectacular enough to go in the top 5-10?
#14 Janoris Jenkins (CB, North Alabama)
Jerry Jones wants to rebuild his secondary. Jenkins is the best corner available, but needs to prove off-field issues are in the past.
#15 Michael Brockers (DT, LSU)
Philly should do what it takes to keep DeSean Jackson grounded, then set out to draft the BPA. It could be Brockers.
#16 Kendall Wright (WR, Baylor)
The Jets need pass rushers but will be hard pushed to pass on the electrifying Wright to boost that stagnant offense.
#17 Zach Brown (LB, North Carolina)
Brown could be set for a big jump after the combine. Cincinnati could solidify their defense with two first round picks.
#18 Jonathan Martin (OT, Stanford)
Martin could suffer a fall if there isn’t an early run on offensive tackles. San Diego would get a bargain here.
#19 Rueben Randle (WR, LSU)
Randle struggled for an impact in LSU’s offense but he has a lot of tools to be a success at the next level.
#20 Mark Barron (S, Alabama)
Safety is a need for Tennessee and Barron is clearly the best available in this draft class.
#21 Dre Kirkpatrick (CB, Alabama)
I don’t expect a big performance at the combine, which will put Kirkpatrick’s inflated stock into perspective.
*TRADE* #22 Peter Konz (C, Wisconsin)
A surprise choice, but the center position is growing in importance in the NFL. Konz has tons of potential and would be a fine pick.
#23 Cordy Glenn (OG, Georgia)
Glenn could play right tackle or move to guard. This would be a good fit for Detroit, even if they have greater needs.
#24 Mike Adams (OT, Ohio State)
This is the domino effect on a quiet left tackle market early in the draft. Pittsburgh need to bolster their offensive line.
#25 Luke Kuechly (LB, Boston College)
He’s under sized but what a tackler – he’ll get close to 100 tackles in year one. Kuechly will also provide needed vocal leadership.
#26 Michael Floyd (WR, Notre Dame)
The Texans saw life without Andre Johnson and might add another receiver as insurance.
#27 Casey Hayward (CB, Vanderbilt)
Hayward could move into this range if he performs well at the combine. New England loves to draft defensive backs.
#28 Vinny Curry (DE, Marshall)
He has the production and enough power – he has a lot to gain at the combine by flashing mobility and speed.
#29 Mohamed Sanu (WR, Rutgers)
Sanu can line up anywhere and make plays. San Francisco use a lot of gimmicks and needs a sure-handed catcher.
#30 Dont’a Hightower (LB, Alabama)
The type of player that just fits in with Baltimore’s defense. This would be a fantastic addition for the Ravens.
#31 Devon Still (DT, Penn State)
It comes down to upside and teams early in round one may be put off by an average ceiling.
#32 Sean Spence (LB, Miami)
Underrated linebacker who makes up for a lack of great size with speed, instinct, tackling and elite recognition skills.


  1. MLT

    This would be a great draft and the way it falls all kinds of talent left for the taking with our #2 pick. Me personally I would like to see dwight jones. We would take care of pass rush and speed on defense and get our playmaker opposite of sidney rice with our 2nd rounder. Or if they stick with defense and decide to beef up some more and get reds eventual replacement what about this poe kid from clemson I think? Don’t know much about him but I heard big 300 pound kid that is going to light the combine up with his athletic abilitys for a guy this big. To me that has red version #2 all over it maybe I’m wrong though don’t know much about him.

  2. PatrickH


    Regarding the Redskins’ pick, I don’t know if you have seen the report at this link: http://www.hogshaven.com/2012/2/7/2783161/i-ran-into-jim-haslett-and-we-talked-qb-draft
    and Mike Florio’s take on it: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/02/21/redskins-have-a-game-plan-at-quarterback-which-haslett-may-have-let-out-of-the-bag/

    The interesting bit that I found in that article is that, other than Luck and RG3, the Redskins FO does not like any of the QB prospects. If true, then they may pass on Tannehill like the way they passed on Gabbert last year. BTW, the Redskins has denied the reported conversation had taken place.

  3. Derek

    Do you think Ingram will run a faster 40 than Irvin? I heard Irvin might run a 4.4. I read a report that he ran a 4.37 at his junior college combine. Do you think that could put him in the second round? I wouldn’t mind him sitting a year and let him develop behind Clemons. I think he has LEO written all over him. Just need to let him bulk up a bit.

  4. Jon

    Is there any way Seattle picks up Upshaw at 11/12 and be able to grab Hightower . This would be an amazing draft if that where to happen. We would be able to effectively move to a 3-4 in one draft. We could keep our entire line intact but have a stable of effective outside linebackers for everything. Clemons and Upshaw coming from the two edges would be insane, especially with our three big guys up front. This does depend on how Hightower is in coverage, but I don’t know about that.

  5. MLT

    Awesome info patrick and very interesting! If this does happen you could see tannehill fall to the 2nd. What do we do then? Is he worth a 2nd rounder? If he warrents 1st round convo then who do we take if its qb? Ossweiller or tannehill? Boy that sure would be interesting to see happen. Who knows though the hawks may not be thinking qb till later and pass on both which wouldn’t make me to mad cause both are projects and may never pan out. Interesting as hell patrick thanks for posting that.

  6. James

    It certainly seems like one of Coples, Upshaw, Ingram or Brockers will be there at 11/12, so the Seahawks are in great shape to seriously upgrade the D. QB in round 2 or 3. LB and more D-line depth, inside runner to spell Marshawn in later rounds. Just need the QB if the Hawks are to be consistent performers.

  7. David

    Hey Rob,

    I was curious as to what you thought of Ronnie Hilman (RB SDSU) as maybe a late or mid round pick? i understand he may need to add some bulk being 190, but he ran pretty good this last year. thanks and good job here.

  8. Rob

    MLT – They love the three defensive tackles on the roster and it won’t be given early attention this year, I’m pretty sure about that. Bryant is a priority signing. They want edge rushers.

    Patrick H – Free agency will explain a lot I think. If Washington haven’t got a solution by the draft, they could be aggressive.

    Derek – I’m not sure – Irvin is a lot lighter than Ingram. He is a specialist rusher candidate but it’s hard to project his stock given his role at WVU.

    Jon – I think Hightower will be a R1 pick but he’d be a great get for Seattle alongside Upshaw. That would set up the defense for years. I also like Sean Spence if available.

    MLT – I think there’s little chance of Tannehill dropping – even though I don’t rate the guy at all. I think the Seahawks will ultimately target the supreme depth at RB in round two unless they draft Richardson. Whether we agree with it or not, it’s very possible. Free agency will make things clearer.

    James – I think they’d like to pick from one of the three pass rushers you mentioned. I don’t think DT will be an early target this year. I suspect we’ll see running back given priority in the first two days, probably along with linebacker.

  9. Rob

    David – I have some SDSU tape I’ll check him out. Not studied his game much to be honest.

  10. Derek

    I can’t wait for your interview with Burfict, Rob. I wouldn’t mind signing Peyton Hillis to a 2-year deal to back up Lynch so we can save our 2nd rounder. If not, I would take Martin or Polk with our 2nd round pick in a heartbeat. Rob, after the combine can you focus more on where and how you see the Hawks using Upshaw? Thanks

  11. MattH

    Hey Rob I just thought I’d point out that the #27 pick for NE has an incorrect caption.

  12. williambryan

    This really seams like a very fluid first round. I’m not sure if it’s just because I am paying more attention now or what. I’m still stuck on RGIII and am wondering if the Alex Smith?Aaron Rodgers draft could repeat itself given the right circumstances. Especially if Cleveland decides on signing Flynn, that one move could allow Griffin to slip beyond the second pick as Miami, Wash, and Seattle wouldn’t have to move up past Cleveland or compete with Cleveland for the Rams pick. There were teams that could have and should have drafted Rodgers in the top 10 but yet he still fell to the third part of the round. I really am looking forward to draft day when free agency will have cleared a lot of things up.

  13. Nate Dogg

    Dwight Jones falls out of the first in this mock? Seems like he’s slipped a little every week, anything in particular making you lose interest in him?

  14. MLT

    Thanks for the response back rob! I hope your right on both of what you said. I just was hearing 300 pound athletic freak and thought maybe pc/js would consider that. I am also very happy with our front 3 inside guys. also very curious just like nate dogg of why the slip from dwight jones? Honestly I would love for him to slip to round 2 for us to choose. I would love polk, martin, or jones @ that pick. My #1 would be jones though because he would have a bigger impact on this team then any rb we pick in the 2nd. Rb can be had later, so can wr but I feel more depth guys are found later and we need a playmaker that has an instant impact, jones fits that all the way and to get it in the 2nd would be just an absolute steal. Idk but damn I can’t wait for march and april what an exciting time to be a hawks fan!

  15. Doug

    Geez Rob, Upshaw again? You are so stuck on that guy you can’t even think of any other scenarios. Sure you changed a few of the picks around just to make it seem different, but Upshaw again? Cmon man….
    I think it’s about time you start shifing gears, think trade, up or down… I love ya my brutha, but you are in an Upshaw rut….

    Tannahill will NOT make it to us in rd 2…

  16. dave crockett


    editorial note — on New England’s Casey Hayward pick you still have the write-up for Konz.

  17. Bubba Gill

    Hey Rob, I just finished Zach Brown highlights against Missouri and I just have to ask you why you think he has first round potential. He hardly had on solid solo tackle, his angles were ok, he was great in coverage, so I guess my question is wouldn’t he be better fit as a big safety( which seems to be a trend to equal out against all of the great TE in NFL)? He isnt great at shedding blocks and gives up plays rather quickly, he just seems like a safety to me, what are your thoughts?

  18. Bubba Gill

    @ Doug, Oh hell yes on Upshaw, he can change his angles so fast and accelerate its amazing, the guy is the real deal, and he will only get better with time. The guy is a stud, finally Seattle will draft a first round LB that will actually live up to his draft status. I agree with Rob on this one, solid pick.

  19. Darnell

    So how bad does the knee surgery hurt Trent Richardson’s stock? All forgotten if he puts up a 4.4 at Bamas pro day?

  20. Morgan

    I like the Fletcher Cox jump, and not based on anything scientific. I saw him in the ESPN skills event and the guy just does NOT look like a DT. He’s lean and muscular and looks more like a linebacker than a DT. It’s hard to believe he ever lined up inside. He looked more freakishly athletic (and acted it) than even Coples did.

  21. Tarry

    Richardson, Ingram, Upshaw, Coples in that order (and my next Seahawk jersey). If we can get Upshaw here, I like Lamar Miller in the 2nd, I know Rob is partial to Martin (at RB) and he’d be ok too.

  22. RJ

    Do you think the Hawks would consider trading up? Trading up for the Bengals 21st would allow us to really make a statement in this draft. Can you imagine the Hawks D with Upshaw on the outside and perhaps soneone like Burfict in the middle. Resign Hawthorne for depth and we can run both 4-3 and 3-4 effectively. Make a splash in FA for a QB and this could be an exciting year.

    That being said, I know it won’t happen. But a kid can dream… With a good showing at the combine do you think Burfict could be a target in the first? He’s definitely talented and Carroll loves picking up PAC10(12) talent. I like Richardson, Burfict, Upshaw, and Ingram in that order. I know a lot are skeptical of Burfict, but he’s the type player that can make game changing plays. A playmaker is what PC likes

  23. Tom T.

    @RJ: Yep, Burfict seems like a natural playmaker when his head is on straight. There’s no way this front office would trade up for him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded back in round 2 to target someone like Burfict (who could very likely take a bit of a fall due to the all of the negative press surrounding him).

  24. AlaskaHawk

    Hey Rob – Been following your blog for awhile – good job!

    I like Upshaw in the first, I would rather pick a champion player off the strongest team in the nation. He is better coached and is playing better than some other names out there. I like Hightower for the same reason.

    Cox is an interesting choice. He is a bull on the line, and a good tackler. If Upshaw, Coples and Ingram are taken, what do you think about choosing Cox (or Brockers) and playing him at DE instead of DT?

  25. Rob

    Derek – will do. Upshaw will be used as an edge rusher I believe if they draft him, at DE for 4-3 looks and third downs and with some more 3-4 looks used as part of the hybrid with Upshaw at OLB.

    Nate Dogg – I really like Jones, but wanted to mix things up a bit. He still has star potential.

    Doug – I don’t normally do trade in my mocks. I’m only doing the RGIII trade because it’s almost certain IMO. I’ve looked at many different options for Seattle with my mocks so far – but I’m not going to make choices I know won’t happen. There won’t be any shocks on April 26th, so I’m not going to make out there could be here. If you want me to make a pick that will be wrong but is change for the sake of it, then we can be wrong for a few weeks.

    Bubba Gill – The Missousi tape was poor for UNC on the whole – Brown, Coples, Jones – the job lot. They mailed in that game. He’s going to flash elite athleticism in Indianapolis and teams will see him as a potential elephant, WILL or even OLB.

    Darnell – It could do. It’s not a super serious career threatning injury, but teams are wary of running backs who might get injured. It may push him closer to the #11 or #12 pick than we first thought. We’ll have to see.

    RJ – they won’t trade back into round one. The thing to remember with Burfict is he was recruited heavily by Carroll and Norton Jr, committed to USC and didn’t end up going to that school. So something happened to negate that. We need to remember that when we consider Burfict to Seattle.

    AlaskaHawk – the Seahawks love Bryant (who will likely be re-signed), Branch and Mebane. I can’t see them drafting a DT in round one.

  26. Charlie

    You don’t think they’ll take a 3-tech in round 1 if the talent is worth it? I can’t help but see the comparison in brockers and earl Thomas, talented player who will fall because they’re raw but potential to be groomed, and 3 tech offered almost zero pass rush last year with branch

  27. Rob

    There’s no stand out three-technique, Charlie. They really love the three DT’s they have and want to get greater edge pressure to compliment it. Branch isn’t a prototype three-tech and with the hybrid setup we have to view that big-front as almost a 3-4 aspect of this defense.

    We also have to remember that Earl Thomas had eight interceptions in 2009 for Texas and was a standout performer. I like Brockers, but he never came close to having that same level of impact.

  28. Belgaron

    If the draft fell that way, the correct choice is Brockers at 11 or 12. ‘Hawks love to draft big with their first pick (Okung&Carpenter), they love youth and he is young (21), they love length across the defense and he is very tall (6’6″), and they love potential and he is through the roof (very athletic for a guy his size).

  29. Rob

    They also want impact players, Belgaron. I can’t stress this enough – Seattle really like the guys they have at DT. It’s the reason they went big to re-sign Mebane, the reason they made a bit of a splash to get Branch and why they’ll move heaven and earth to re-sign Bryant. Drafting Brockers would mean someone misses out, expensively. Brockers hasn’t flashed can’t-miss pass rushing ability, and if they’re going to draft a three-technique they need to be special.

    Seattle is going to really be aggressive to improve their edge rush. It’s a pure value-meets-need situation in round one.

  30. Veilside

    I personally am hoping for either Richardson or Upshaw to fall to us at 11/12. I think Upshaw would be the best impact pick for this season followed closely by Richardson due to already having Lynch on the roster.

    I think people may want to see what you think would happen if Upshaw does not fall to us, not necessarily that we would pass on him which I really hope we wouldn’t. I’m personally curious to see what you think we would do in that scenario. If Miami or Buffalo take Upshaw, would we take Coples or Ingram? You made it clear that you feel DT won’t be the pick so how about WR or maybe a different LB like Hightower or Spence? (not sold on Brown)

  31. Belgaron

    I appreciate the counter perspective but I don’t think they look at Branch as irreplaceable at that spot in the DT rotation. The trend in the NFL is moving towards more double TE passing. A guy like Brockers affects the pass rush in two ways, by demanding double teams and by extending his arms to block/deflect/alter passes. He would extend the effectiveness of Mebane, Red (assuming he’s back), and Clemons around him. Also there are many teams that are looking for 3-4 DEs which could push some Leo pass rush specialist types down to Seattle in the second round.

  32. Rob

    Well, they signed Branch to a multi-year deal for a reason. One way or another, Branch or Brockers would be spending most of the 2012 season on the bench and that’s not what they want. I can give you a cast-iron guarantee that edge rushers are Seattle’s focus.

  33. Richard

    Rob, The conversation seems to be turning towards a possible T. Richardson 1st if the defensive needs are not there approach or his injury slips him down to us. Maybe a what would we do then column could clear that up. You have appeared to have locked in to the speed outside rusher in the 1st and I think most of us are on board with that.

    But for the sake of conversation and here I go on one of my side issues again. Short of legitimate real behind the scene answers of what spots will be filled in Free Agency, (which I wouldn’t ask you to say or would you necessarily offer). If RB happens 1st then what? Where do you anticipate the Front Office’s draft plan to go? You have already pitched the idea of RB early, how does 1st round reshape the rest of the draft in your able opinion? Thanks always.

  34. Rob

    Hey Richard,

    I’m hesitant to break down too much into a ‘what would happen’ – because although I appreciate this is a humble draft blog, I don’t want to give too much away. I think there’s been enough info for regulars to read between the lines over the last 3-4 weeks.

    Although I’m happy to admit that if the team goes RB in round one, it’ll be a near certainty they address the pass rush situation in round two. There’s one player in particular in that range that would be a big target, but he could go in the late first.

  35. MLT

    on another note schneider mentions osweiller 1st out of qbs. Amazing work on predicting schneider would like this guy. For me I think that clears up that you and kip have great inside info and know what the hawks will target. Brockers would be nice but I think let branch finish his contract before you draft a guy that high just to bench branch who showed a lot of grit and can get down and dirty with the other big boys up front. Anyways back to osweiller after hearing schneider mention him do you think he is #3 on there qb list? And does that make you believe he is the target with our 2nd round pick?

  36. Richard

    Thanks Rob, Okay I won’t press it, it has been fun some what to paste together your comments to an idea of possible/probable upcoming events. But I guess as with others it can’t happen soon enough.

  37. Brad Q

    Branch was a total DT stop gap signing and his last hawk season is 2012.

    The Hawks need a 3 Tech, so Brockers is an option and while an edge rush is a higher priority, Brockers could be the selection, especially if we’re drafting at #12

    No such thing as a cast iron guarantee when it comes to the draft because that would assume you know how the top 10 fall and there’s always a surprise or two.

  38. Brad Q

    Besides, Upshaw really isn’t an edge speed rusher and that’s who you have us drafting.

    Upshaw is a point of attack guy that may get some QB pressure at the next level but may not. Up definitely has a pass rush downside. We shall see.

  39. Rob

    MLT – As far as I’m aware the Seahawks did the bulk of their work on Osweiler after he declared because it was unexpected. He could easily be up their on the list. I think the plan is still to maybe add a QB later and potentially via trade/free agency. If Osweiler grades very highly though, I wouldn’t rule it out totally in R2. But there are other positions of strength that are targets.

    Brad – The cast-iron guarantee is about Seattle’s focus, not how the top-10 will fall. We only have to wait two months to find out, but Seattle’s priority this year is not the interior defensive line – at least not in R1. They will – one way or another – acquire an edge rusher or some speed at linebacker with that first pick and I know of only one possible exception. They like Branch a lot more than maybe some people think.

    As for Upshaw – lot of teams love the guy. Let’s just say that.

  40. MLT

    damn aaron curry really ruined hawks fans on 1st round LB. All I can say is that was the last regimes pick and we all know how well they drafted! Horribly! Anyways I have a lot more faith in what pc/js do to evaluate there needs and players that will fit this team.

  41. Doug

    AAugh, 2 months! This is the longest stretch of the year by far.
    How many more ways can we twist the lemon in 2 months?

    Say Rob, when does FA start?

  42. Brian

    Hey Rob, first of all thank you for all the hard work you and Kip put into this site, it certainly shows, great site. Also, you mentioned that the FO was going to be pretty aggressive in getting an edge rusher, do you think it’s possible we move up a few spots (at the very least ahead of buffalo) to get someone like Upshaw or Ingram?

  43. Meatwad

    NOOOOOO. Seattle lost the coin flip. Pick 12 is what they are stuck with. 🙁

  44. Tarry

    I’m with Rob on no DT early and likely IMO not at all in the draft, I do see Seattle picking up a ‘rotational’ DT that is better skilled at pass rush, Pat Sims (Bengals) or Derek Landri (Eagles) for example. Both who would fit that description and likely won’t cost much in FA.

    Now that we know we are picking 12th, I don’t think it changes anything. The chiefs likely are targeting other areas in the draft at least in round 1: OL, DT, QB and actually works out better for us in QB due to rotational picks we’ll pick ahead of the chiefs in round 2 if we are in fact targeting a QB there. Barring a trade back, the coin flip doesn’t impact us really.

  45. DaveWilk

    Would love it if Michael Floyd was available for the Texans to take at #26. Can’t see it happening, though. I see us taking Rueben Randle at that spot. That would be okay, too.

  46. Jarhead

    Well bad news for all Trent Richardson fans, myself included. Seattle has lost the coin toss and KC has the number 11 pick. You know what THAT means. There is absolutely NO WAY if by some miracle Richardson even makes it that far that he is making it past KC. Especially with Jamaal Charles coming off a season ending injury, and with a new defensive minded head coach who will almost certainly covet a strong running game to protect a mediocre passing game. Roger Goodell won’t even have time for a photo op with the number 10 pick by the time KC hands in that draft card. Seeing T Rich in Seahawk blue would’ve been rad though. As for the number TWELVE pick, Upshaw is the only viable option for me at that spot now. Ingram is most certainly Aaron Curry v.2 in my eyes. A physical specimen that won’t be able to play a lick in the NFL, regardless of innate athletic talent. And I’ve never liked Coples. So hopefully Seattle isn’t painted into a corner at this point. Where Upshaw is gone, then we are selecting a never-will-be because no one is left. I suppose wasting that pick on someone will be unable to contribute significantly to the team is something all we fans are dreading

  47. Richard

    So as it stands now it’s
    This sequence right?
    1st- #12 I like Upshaw, Couples, Ingram or Brockers here.
    2nd- #43 Osweiler here.
    3rd- #76 Polk or Martin here if either are still available
    4th- #107 Sammy Brown LB Houston or Nigel Bradham LB FSU
    5th- #140 To Buffalo to complete Marshawn Lynch trade.
    6th- #171 Greg McCoy CB
    7th– #204 To Detroit to complete Tyler Polumbus trade
    7th– #210 Mike Remmers OT OSU or Khalel Holmes G USC. From Oakland part of Aaron Curry trade.

  48. Rob

    Doug – Mid March for free agency, think it’s the 15th.

    Brian – I think it’s unlikely. Although they will have preferences, they’re comfortable drafting from a small pool of players. Rather than lose picks chasing one guy, I think they’ll review the situation as it unfolds. I think it’s almost certain that one of the ‘big three’ they’d like will be there.

  49. Tarry

    Rob – You mentioned with your Rams pick and Blackmon that he’ll need to impress at combine to get taken there, and now that he has a tight hamstring and not running the 40 along with the deep WR class would they go Riley Rieff that early and address WR with the 2nd pick in 1st and/or 2nd round? Blackmon still has his proday to impress fully, so he’s not dead in the water… yet.

    More of an opinion question here… I’ve seen you praise Doug Martin and Sean Spence for what they could bring to the table for us (rightfully so), if both were there in the 2nd round who would you take? Based on us drafting Upshaw as you have here?

  50. OZ

    Jarhead, you are right on concerning Coples. Buyer beware!!!
    I’ll bet he isn’t even on Seattle’s board. Not a PC,JS type pick what-so-ever….

  51. Misfit74

    I wonder if we might go Weeden in round 2/3. Our FO’s propensity to ‘win now’ while building young could trump his advanced age if they think he’s the ‘guy’ – or at least a guy who can come in and compete almost immediately.

    I’m also thinking that Tannehill might have the athleticism needed to run our offense as intended, but would cost us an early pick (and perhaps more). Maybe we go Foles at some point, but I’m not sure I see the upside. Osweiler seems like a better candidate, at the cost of more draft-capital (2nd-3rd range?).

    That said, I’m resigned to the fact we probably don’t solve our OBOTF issue this season…sad but probably true.

  52. Rob

    Tarry – Perhaps, the Rams are tough to work out. I think they’d be better off just drafting Kalil, but I think they see an opportunity to get two picks this year in round one. In the situation propose I would probably take Doug Martin and hope that Spence’s size drops him to R3. Martin is a round one level talent IMO.

    OZ – Coples is very much in consideration. Pete Carroll believes he can reach out to any player, including a guy like Coples.

    Misfit74 – I think it’s one of the great misconceptions in this draft that Weeden is any more ready than the other rookie QB’s. If anything I think he’s further behind, the Oklahoma State offense is a piece of work for sure. I don’t see Seattle drafting Weeden in that range. I’m 99% certain Tannehill won’t be a Seahawk. I agree with your final sentence.

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