Updated mock draft: Christmas Eve

I’ve updated the mock draft for Christmas Eve. Hope you all have a great holiday and let’s hope for a Seahawks win in Tampa Bay on Boxing day.

There are some major changes to the mock draft so it’s worth checking out. Let me know what you think and I’ll have some thoughts/explanations on the blog soon.

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  1. Richard


    Thanks a lot for the new mock. I really appreciate all the effort you put into this site. Now I have to go looking for more info on Gabbert. Lol. Do you have any sense of their being an underclassmen that might declare and potentially solve the deep threat problem at WR? I’m hoping the Hawks can pick one up in the 2nd round or later ala Mike Williams in TB this year.

    Merry Christmas.


    • Cliff

      I think we should sign a free agent WR and use our second round pick on defense. V-Jax, maybe Holmes, and possibly Sidney Rice could all be available and are all elite deep threats.

  2. Patrick

    Merry Christmas Rob!

    Gabbert is certainly an intriguing prospect and one that I was pretty impressed with. At this point, I really would be thrilled if Seattle took any first round QB though. Do you think Seattle will show interest in Carson Palmer if/when he is released from the Bengals? Definitely not a long-term fix, but perhaps a decent stopgate.

    • Matt Q.

      my opinion, Carson is only hairs better than hasselbeck, i would hate it if they signed him

      • Frankfrog

        I agree, same thing with Mcnabb or really any free agent on the horizon. This team isn’t a QB away from the Superbowl we need depth all over, should get someone with a future to grow up with a team with such a young core. This seams like a strong qb class anyway.

  3. Ralphy

    Merry Christmas to you Rob. Thanks again for the work you do on this.

    One thing that surprised me in this mock is seeing the Lions go WR again in round one. I know AJ Green is close to a sure thing but I think they have to address their defense. I would also be surprised to see Mallett not get drafted in the first round. I know he has a Ryan Leaf quality to him but with as many teams needing QBs I think he has to go in the first.

    Another thing that will surprsie me is if Blackmon goes in the first. I am a huge Ok. State fan and of course I am a fan of his but I don’t see it. He’s not terribly fast and has really benifitted from the Holgerson/Gundy offense. He’s not even close to the player Dez was and he almost slipped to the second.

  4. Frankfrog

    Thanks Rob this is just what I wanted for Chrismas.
    Gabbert has really nice footwork and trows very well on the run. 6-5 with a cannon and some solid mobility. Seem to lock on a little bit but when you can fit balls into small windows you get away with it a little more. I’m stoked he may declare great QB who is pretty athletic as well.
    I still see the Cardinals grabbing Mallet or Locker though after seeing how much life can suck without a QB or maybe a AJ Green to make some space for Fitzgerald. The Vikings and 49ers could even be in the hunt. I think the Bucs struck gold last year at RB and WR for great pick value, playing against Brees and Ryan I see them improving pass defense first. I could see the Rams grabing Ingram if he slide just a couple more spots. Steven Jackson is getting a little worn and Ingram would be a move the chains guy to spell him. Great mock from top to bottom, thanks again for all the hard work, and Merry Christmas to all.

    • Matt Q.

      Yeah Blount seems to be the answer at RB for the bucs

  5. Alex

    I’m not sold on Blaine Gabbert. Granted, I’ve seen him only once in the Oklahoma game, but I wouldn’t rate him a 1st rounder. Tools wise, he has decent mobility, good arm strength, but his accuracy and in particular the touch is lacking. I’m aware QB is the highest priority, but I would be pretty dissapointed if we passed on Pouncey, Jenkins, or Prince Akumura who IMO are all superior players in critical positions (a top LG and another elite CB) of need.


    • Rob

      I’m not sold either Alex, but it’s a possibility so I feel obliged to open the discussion. He has potential. Let’s see how he does against Iowa.

      I don’t see LG as a critical position. It can be filled without spending a R1 pick. I like Jenkins, I’m concerned about Amukamara.

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