Updated mock draft: January 22nd

The Seahawks could draft a CB early for the first time in the Pete Carroll era

I’ve posted a mock draft on Field Gulls today with some thoughts on the pick and some notes on possible targets between rounds 2-7. Check it out and let me know what you think.


  1. Ed

    Nice. Really think defensive playmakers is what is needed (and a RB). If draft falls like this, my ideal draft goes:

    1st King
    2nd Reddick
    3rd Luani
    3rd Hood

    Gives you a starting CB, LB that rush on 3rd downs, deathbacker to play in nickel and possible starting RB

    • Rob Staton

      Makes sense — and they have the cap room to add to the OL and DL in free agency.

    • BHarKnows

      The only way I’d be happier than with this scenario would be:

      1st Baker
      2nd King (likely after trade up)
      3nd Reddick (dare to dream)
      4th Luani/Hood (dare to dream)

      • Hawktalker

        Definately, at 4 my dream would be to add Sam Bam Perine RB.

  2. DC

    This is the deepest most talented DB draft that I can ever remember. King or Baker early would be exciting picks. Luani, Witherspoon & Decoud later would be welcome also. Such an interesting draft this year.

    I’m really optimistic that if Calais Campbell reaches the open market that he will become a Seahawk. The Hawks have quietly removed the “interior pass rusher” from their list of needs. At mid season it was #1.

    • Rob Staton

      The only problem with Calais is pretty much every team in the league will want him — plus Seattle is in Arizona’s division. It’d be some move for him to stay in the NFC West and not be with Arizona.

      • C-Dog

        It would practically have to be a scenario where he simply wants to play in Seattle and is willing to take less money, possibly significantly less money than somewhere else, and if he is willing to take less money to play for a contender, why wouldn’t he just stay in Arizona?

        • Hawk Eye

          seems like an unlikely dream at this point.
          Would love to see it happen, but players are rarely fans, this is a job and they will go where the money is.
          I can’t see Az not out bidding Seattle for their own player, and I cannot see Seattle paying him more than Bennett.
          And I can see at least 8-10 other teams offering more than Seattle will.

          • All I see is 12s

            If AZ franchises Jones they probably won’t have enough $ to stay in running. Seattle would be competing with other SB type teams such as Denver

        • Rob Staton

          I can’t imagine a scenario where he’s that desperate to play in Seattle that he’d take less money to do so. He’s going to get mega offers if he even reaches free agency. The Seahawks will need to pay top dollar. And he’d have to be willing to join a division rival having played his whole career to date in Arizona.

          • DC

            He’s not desperate at all. He will have his pick of where he wants to play and the big question is, what does he want? If it’s a great chance at a ring then a perennial contender makes sense. That leaves 3 teams in my mind and one of them, Green Bay, rarely if ever bucks up big for out outside FAs. That leaves NE & Seattle. Both have the money to sign him (NE has much more) and he’s not taking a discount.

            Playing for a division rival might be a negative or it might be a positive, we don’t know. Maybe Calais would feel disloyal for moving to the PNW? Or maybe because he sees Seattle so often he already knows the culture, the players and believes he would be a great fit here. He might be excited by the prospect.

            Regarding Arizona, I don’t really consider them a contender. They currently have $39M in cap space for next season and if they cut Daryl Washington they will have roughly $43.7M. If they franchise tag Chandler Jones that locks in what I guess to be $17.1M (DE tag = $15.1 in 2015, $16.1 in 2016) leaving $27.6M. Seattle’s cap space is competitive here.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s competitive, but it’s really down to the player. I suspect if he had a choice he’d stay in Arizona and that’s very possible. If not, we’ll see if he’s prepared to join their biggest rivals. I’d love to see him in Seattle but not getting any hopes up.

              • Volume12

                Does he even fit scheme wise? Seems like a strange fit.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think he’d fit for sure, but he’s the kind of player that could play in any scheme.

                  • Volume12

                    Seems like a pure 3-4 guy to me. Or a 5-tech in a 4-3.

                • DC

                  I look at him as a gigantic Michael Bennett in that he is an absolute disruptor. Can play DE on base downs and move inside on passing downs. 6’8″! When he doesn’t penetrate he gets those big mitts up and still affects the play. He’s a multiplier for the defense in that his presence must be accounted for and makes everyone else better.

                  34 personnel in a 43 defense.

                  • Volume12

                    Your not playing Bennett strictly at 3-tech, Campbell ain’t a 3-tech, your gonna pay him all that money to be a rotational 5-tech?

              • DC

                I got my hopes up a few months ago. Gonna stay up until proven otherwise.

                • DC

                  @V12 I’m gonna pay him all that money because I believe he takes this defense back to the top. The coaching staff will put him wherever they want.

                  • Volume12

                    That’s fine. But, I don’t think Seattle will pay him what he wants, nor do I think he’s gonna take a discount to come here and play in a rotation. If they can get him to? Great. He’s damn good. But I’m not holding my breath.

                    You know what takes this TEAM back to the top? O-line play. Protect your investment or well be looking for a QB quickly.

          • sdcoug

            Clint Hurtt was his college position coach. Depending on the relationship there, it could be a real factor assuming we make a competitive offer and appear to offer a chance for a ring. I don’t think team loyality is nearly the factor it used to be.

            • Rob Staton

              Maybe — but who knows what their relationship is? And how many guys has Pete coached or recruited and they haven’t come to Seattle?

            • C-Dog

              He was also Stephen Paea’s position coach in Chicago when he had his best pass rushing production. If when can expect the likelihood of Seattle getting priced out of the Campbell sweepstakes, it wouldn’t be a shocker if they take a flyer on a guy like this.

              Like Volume 12 mentioned, Seattle is probably not climbing back on top without fixing the OL primarily anyways.

              • Hawk Eye

                I am on board with fixing the o line, but not with more rookies.
                get 1 or 2 vets to compete at tackle or back up guard, let the kids grow maybe draft 1 rookie in 3rd or 5th round.
                Would love to see a Zeitler or Wagner but doubt they go that high. Just want better vets than Webb and Sowell.
                Use first 3 draft picks on DB and a LB, or a good DL if one is there. Need speed and playmakers, youth on D
                Campbell, Maxwell? Nice if they can, but doubt the $$$ work.

                • C-Dog

                  I’m with you, Hawk Eye!

  3. TJ

    King would be a nice pick in an area of obvious need. I would be thrilled to draft him. However, I would rearrange your positional needs rankings and put OL first. We have a legitimate franchise QB; this team’s success is dependent upon his success. The Seahawks must begin investing more resources, both financial and draft picks, into supporting him. That doesn’t mean throwing money at free agents just for the sake of doing so. It does, however, mean looking to improve and strengthen the positions that will allow him to play at the highest level possible and to stay healthy.

    • Rob Staton

      The positional needs weren’t listed in any order. It was just a general list based around what Pete Carroll said in his post-season press conference.

    • Tbone4444

      Agreed that OL is our biggest need but unfortunately it’s a need for almost everyone, including teams with more cap space. Additionally, the draft is not wealthy with OT’s and Pete seemed to imply new bodies weren’t necessarily a priority other than as “competition”.

  4. Totem_Hawk

    In this scenario if Budda is gone at 26 and we get no FA love on the Dline I would take the DE from UCLA Takkarist McKinley.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks already have arguably the best front seven in the league. There’s a reason Carroll noted the secondary as a need area.

      • Ukhawk

        But arguably 3 of the 7 are over 30 and 1 needs upgrading (SAM)

        • Rob Staton

          But what’s the bigger priority? Planning for the future or creating a unit to win now?

          • Greg Haugsven

            I could also see a scenario where Miami releases Byron Maxwell. That could be a good addition as well. I doesn’t make us younger which would be nice but he could fit right in with the win now mode.

          • AndrewP

            Great organizations (see NE) can do both

      • Totem_Hawk

        You are right, and I do want the Seahawks picking 2 DB’s in their 1st 4 picks…I just really like McKinley if Baker isn’t there. Interesting to see how he tests at the combine.

        • Totem_Hawk

          I think he could play SAM, if he can set the edge. High ceiling guy

  5. Sea Mode

    Good food for thought, as always, Rob. As you say, if the Hawks were looking at an outside CB early, it would be someone like King.

    Seeing the long list of great defensive prospects in the top two rounds that could really help the Legion of Boom be reborn, it got me thinking about team building strategy: when PC/JS first came in, the objective was to start grabbing core players to build around, and coaching up depth and competition behind them. So in the beginning phase, quantity of picks might have been priority over selective quality.

    But now, with the roster we have (rightly in the discussion for most talented in NFL), what we have seen the past three years is that very few of the draft picks after Rd.3 have even been able to make the roster and contribute much at all. Here’s the breakdown:

    2010: 3 (Thurmond, Chancellor, A. McCoy)
    2011: 4 (Wright, Sherman, Maxwell, M. Smith)
    2012: 5 (Turbin, J. Howard, K. Toomer, Sweezy, Scruggs)
    2013: 4 (J. Williams, T. Simon, Willson, S. Ware)

    2014: 2 (Marsh, KPL)
    2015: 2 (Glowinski, Burley)
    2016: 1-3 (Jefferson, Collins, Hunt)

    Part of it is probably just a more-talented roster to crack.
    Part of it is probably that other teams have caught on to Seahawky traits, making them less easy to come by in later rounds.
    Part of it might even be the departure of Scot McCloughan; who knows how many late-round gems he is directly responsible for.

    Call me crazy, but with the success we have had in UDFA, I think it makes sense to use our picks in Rd.4-7 just to trade up as far as we can and/or gain an extra pick in Rds. 2-3. There are other teams in rebuild mode who should be looking to accumulate quantity of later picks in hopes of hitting big on one or two. The Hawks right now just need those three or four hand-selected pieces to put them over the top. Depth and competition can then wait until UDFA.

    In 2016 they signed 13 UDFA and JS said they had draftable grades on all of them, even as high as Rd.4 (Tyvis Powell). More of them (Fant, Elliot, Boykin, McEvoy) have contributed than the drafted players in Rds. 4-7. Hunt and Lawler would quite possibly have made it to UDFA anyway (though I understand it’s no sure thing they would choose Seattle.)

    I know you have to swing a lot and accept that you will miss more than you hit, but I think of Tyler Lockett. So worth it to trade away three picks (4, 5, 6) that, as we have seen, would most likely not have made the team anyway. And you get the one guy you feel strongly has a much better chance to help the team.

    If we had done something similar again in 2015 to move up into Rd.3, we could have possibly grabbed David Johnson, Tevin Coleman, or Jeremy Langford. (yes, hindsight is 20/20, but one of three at a position we knew we would soon be needing after Marshawn isn’t that impossible).

    I say it because I want to find a way to fill all the needs in this upcoming draft with players that have a better chance to be an upgrade right away:
    Rd. 1- Bolles/Cunningham/Peppers/Baker (if nobody falls to us, move down and grab King with our first pick)
    Mid Rd. 2- Move up using Rd.3 comp and grab Kevin King
    Early Rd. 3- Trade 3,4,5,6 like in Lockett trade and get Reddick/Luani/Melifonwu depending on which is available and what we got in Rd. 1

    Well, congrats for making it through my long-winded post… I’m probably wrong because the Hawks don’t usually do this, but I thought the comparison of Rd.4-7 vs UDFA contribution might have something to it.

    • swisshawk

      I could unterstand such a quality over quantity approach of the seahawks and would be happy if they did so. Because as you said there are only 53 places on the roster and many proven starters/backups won’t loose theirs. In addition to that, as I studied the last 3 draft classes of the hawks I was pretty shocked. Do you or anyone else know how successful the seahawks were in the last 3 drafts on day 3 since sb48?

      -2014: 2 remain on the roster (out of 7), 1 successful
      -2015: 1 remains on roster (out of 6), 1 successful
      -2016: 3 remain on roster (out of 5), to early to say how many successful

      To compare, picks from day 1 and 2 from the same period:

      -2014: 2 on roster (out of 2), 2 successful
      -2015: 2 on roster (out of 2), 2 successful (prich for me is a success)
      -2016: 5 o roster (out of 5), to early to say how many successful

      So in my opinion the hwaks shifted in there identity, they’re not anymore the ones who find gems in the later rounds (6-18 on roster, 2plus-18 successful), they pick solid prospects in the early rounds (9-9 on roster, 4plus-9 successful)!

  6. Sea Mode

    Ok, so I am always interested in guys that McCloughan looks at (albeit perhaps indirectly in this case). The Redskins interviewed Florida DT Joey Ivie at the Senior Bowl, and I looked at some highlights and a game (vs East Carolina 2015). There is a lot to like.

    Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w496Aftsryg

    Earlier this season, we were talking about a heavier 3T that could disrupt on 3rd down, but also fit into the rotation and hold up on base downs too. 6-3, 301lbs., 5.05 40yd. This guy, with his effort, explosion off the snap, and disruption, I see a bit as the poor man’s Solomon Thomas in this draft.

    Whenever you see LBs like Jarrad Davis and Anzalone flying around and making plays, you know you can look to the DTs who are letting them make it happen. “He does his job so that opens up plays for everybody else,” linebacker Kylan Johnson said. “(People) don’t see that, but we understand.”

    “Ivie’s made a few himself, too, with 2.5 sacks, 6 quarterback hurries, a forced fumble and a blocked kick this year, despite missing two games with a thumb injury before returning to play with a cast on his hand. Pro Football Focus graded him at an 80.1 (on a 1-100 scale) this season — one of the better marks on the team — while crediting him with 22 total QB pressures (their own stat).”

    I’m not sure if it is a knock or not, but perhaps they will see him as too similar to Jarran Reed, and thus not such a priority after drafting a DT high last year. But he sure does seem Seahawky with his high motor and surprising quickness off the snap. Maybe he could even drop 10-15 lbs to get into the Aaron Donald/Solomon Thomas 285 range and become even faster as an interior rusher? Thoughts?

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been thinking for a while that Ivy is one to watch if they are looking for value in the mid rounds.

  7. vrtkolman

    Off the topic, but here’s an article about a new pass protection technique the Packers O line coach taught this year, and how effective it has been:


    “One offensive line coach already took the hint from his club’s head coach and has commenced a study of Green Bay’s pass blocking.

    “I’ve been watching the Packers pass protect,” said the coach. “It borders on holding, but they do a nice job.” ”

    Surely I’m not the only one who noticed how much time Rodgers has gotten in the pocket this year. It looks like holding, but if they aren’t calling it why not keep doing it? Also it looks like a lot of other teams are going to start emulating this technique. I hope Tom Cable is watching!

    • Volume12

      They also have one of the best LTs in David Bahktiari. Watch him and Joe Thomas line up and get into their set. Its nearly identical.

    • DC

      Offensive holding is rarely called these days. It clearly still happens with high frequency. The NFL focus has shifted to defensive holding.

      • Hawk Eye

        Hmm, Hawks seem to get called a lot for it…..

    • Smitty1547

      Does it matter if he watching, I don’t think he teaches any form of pass blocking.

  8. Cameron


    I’m really interested in your thoughts on which corners the Seahawks are most likely to target. A lot of folks are zeroing in Jeremy Lane’s play and thinking we’ll be looking to address the slot DB position. While I understand the thinking I am beginning to doubt the Seahawks will draft a ‘pure’ slot DB.

    Pete Carroll loves hybrid players. He’s also not afraid to play his bigger corners in the slot on passing downs or as match-up dictates. Byron Maxwell as a Seahawk played outside corner but frequently bumped inside to cover the slot receiver on 3WR sets. I think this is the player Seattle will be targeting.

    Kevin King is such a likely target in this scenario. He’s an obvious fit as a boundary corner in the predominantly cover 1/ cover 3 schemes we run, but he has an athletic profile (particularly the 3-cone test) that suggests he’d be more than adequate covering slot receivers.

    The UW coaches weren’t afraid to put King in the slot. Here’s a DB video shows King lining up all game in the slot, albeit almost exclusively zone coverages: http://draftbreakdown.com/video/kevin-king-vs-washington-state-2015/

    • Rob Staton

      Definitely King can play the slot. I noticed that too in the Draft Breakdown videos. You can see his short-area quickness flash. He could easily play some slot even at his size.

      When we get the DB measurements at the combine we’ll know which players to monitor. Last year we broke down the options and identified DeAndre Elliott. He stuck on the roster this year.

      • Kenny Sloth

        You had him pegged for a while!

        Him, Fant, Christian French, of course Ifedi.

        I genuinely believe the Packers snagged Kyler Fackrell from Seattle in the 3rd

        • Volume12

          King was purely a slot corner in ’15. This was his 1st year playing outside.

  9. Ukhawk

    Guys, in terms of putting the bully back into the team, which are your favourite prospects?? Really like Rob’s mock but my only concern is that whilst it’s filled with supteme athletes, I think they are not quite as physically overpowering as would be preferred. .

    Clearly Bolles fits this profile, who else?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Reddick, Luani, King would add to that. Bisnowaty too.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Rob, Jaleel Johnson from Iowa’s a dog. What do you see for him at the next level? Waiting for his combine?

        • Rob Staton

          Seen some really good tape of him where he pushes the pocket, blasts his way into the backfield. Seen a couple of quiet games too. Combine big for him to assess his profile, length etc.

  10. nichansen01

    Would love to get King. King and Campbell, and the offseason is a win in my book. (It isn’t a very deep draft past the first few rounds)

  11. swisshawk

    As I watched some clips on youtube I found a highlights tape of Corn Elder (db, miami) and was impressed. If someone with experience could find some time to check him out, I would be very glad for an assesment. For my untrained eye he looked like a possibility for nickel corner for the hawks. He plays agressive, tackles really well and had some nice reads and pbu’s. His listed measurements of 5-10 and 180 could be a problem, but his stats show that he can flat out play:
    76 tackles, 55 solo
    12 pbu’s, of which more than one were really near to be intercepted
    1 int
    1 forced fumble
    4.5 tfl
    3 sacks
    In my opinion he could even be a later round possibility to back up Earl if he runs fast enough. I have the feeling that his hard hitting, his flying to the ball and his ability to locate and play the ball could warrant such consideration.
    I would really appriciate your opinions, thank you and have a nice championship weekend (although without the hawks playing it can’t be, right?:()

    • Rob Staton

      He’s definitely a fun player to watch — I just wonder about the measurements. Even in the slot Seattle is likely to have a profile they’re focused on. Will be good to get to the combine and answer a lot of questions.

  12. Greg Haugsven

    I also wouldn’t put it past them drafting a WR early. That is a position that is better filled in the draft than FA. This will be Richardsons last year of his deal and I could see them releasing g Kearse after next year. Then you would o lt have Lockett and Baldwin.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a great draft for WR’s unfortunately. Could see them looking at Jehu Chesson or Dante Pettis later on.

      • nichansen01

        Dante Pettis is coming back to school I hope

      • Matt

        Pettis is not in the draft, FYI.

    • Volume12

      TE. Although I don’t know how early. P-Rich will be huge for us next year and PC really likes Kenny Lawler.

      • JimQ

        A sparky WR in the coming combine may be WR-Taywan Taylor, 6-1/195, who reportedly had a spring 2016 workout with a 4.33/40, 39.5-Vert & 11-5 broad jump. All of those #’s would be at or near the top of the heap compared to last years WR’s. Taylor would likely require a rd-3/4 pick at this time but he could maybe improve that if his combine #’s are similar to or greater than his spring workout. I see him as an improvement over Kearse.

        • Trevor

          One of my favourite players in the draft! He will be a 3-4 th round steal for someone.

          • Volume12

            He was just added to the SR. Bowl.

            Grambling St. WR Chad Williams- 6’0, 210 lbs. 96 rec., 1,420 yds., 12 TDs.

            Seattle loves their HBCU’s.

            • RealRhino2

              I feel like I should mention my super-secret crush WR on here before somebody else takes him, like V12 (?) did with my other super-secret DL crush, Jarron Jones from ND.

              I like Josh Malone from Tennessee as a mid-round guy. I don’t need to see the combine, the senior bowl or anything else. If we left the draft with Jones and Malone, I’d be happy.

              • Volume12

                Hey, the cool thing about this blog and community is, we can all crush on the same prospect. ?

                Malone is a good one.

  13. Ishmael

    That’s a good looking draft Rob. I wouldn’t be totally thrilled with King but when the board doesn’t fall your way there’s not much you can do.

    Couple of unrelated thoughts watching the Falcons, their offence is incredible. It’s a model for what the Hawks could do IMO, they should be watching very closely. Rodgers is looking sharp early as well, game is shaping up nicely.

  14. Volume12

    Aint no one beating this Atlanta team. Kyle Shanahan and Matt Ryan are FINALLY working out, insert Chip Kelly next year, and DQ. If he can’t get a top 20 defense next year, then we’ll know, although I think a few of us have always known, who the greatest assert to our defense is.

    • Ishmael

      I think even DQ would say Carroll was the greater and more important coach, but when you consider how pathetically soft the Falcons defence has been over the past few years… He’s got some of the kids flashing. They’re on the up in a big way.

      • Volume12

        I agree with that. I think he’s a great HC, but was maybe overrated as a DC.

        He’s also proving as a defensive guy, there’s more than 1 way to win in this league.

        • Volume12

          And make no mistake about it. C Alex Mack was possibly the best FA signing last year in the entire NFL.

          • bobbyk

            Obvious reason Carroll said last week that Hawks were in on him, too. Others may not agree, but Hawks appear to value a great center. They gave Unger a huge extension (even though he’d been drafted by a prior regime), they were “in” on Mack… The weird part is how they went into ’15 with Nowak? We’re all wrong on some things, I guess.

            • Volume12

              The C position is becoming just as important in todays game as a LT if not more so. Nothing will cause a QB more trouble than interioir pressure. It affects their mechanics.

              • bobbyk

                You are aware that I was agreeing with you, right?

                • Volume12

                  Very much so. Sometimes I feel like I have to defend everything I post. Some like to pull at threads in my comments.

                  But, your more than aware about the C position in 2016.

        • Ishmael

          Collins, one of the guys he drafted, with a nice strip and fumble recovery. Packers have gone to the red zone twice for a missed FG and a fumble. They’re defending the Falcons one game seriously well, getting great interior pressure, but getting sliced to pieces through the air.

          I know what you’re saying about DQ, there’s a bit of hagiography going on in the Hawks fandom. We were a top defence before him, with him, and after him. I’d probably still take him over Bradley or Richard, but he’s not the be all and end all.

          • Volume12

            I would too because he’s a leader of men. But Richard doesn’t have his personnel either.

            Red Bryant, played the Elephant position. No one in today’s game does. Bruce Irvin was a playmaker as was Malcolm Smith. Clint McDonald was instrumental. Mebane, they had better CB play opposite Sherm (Shead ain’t bad just can’t play the ball only his man), Clemons (although I’ll take Frank Clark). And better depth. You never worried about the bottom falling out from under this team.

            • Volume12

              Atlanta’s got good pressure on Rodgers and that TO was huge, but they aren’t doing anything exotic. They’re keeping their strength, offense, on the fielrd and letting GB get into any kind of rhythm. Rodgers struggles when he’s not.

              • Volume12


                • Ishmael

                  Totally. GB have actually moved the ball well, the Falcons have made splash plays when it matters though.

                  • Volume12

                    Atlanta does have a lot of young, up and coming talent on defense.

                    LB Deion Jones was a favorite of mine and Rob’s. I’m not one to be like, ‘oh there goes that guy.’ Or, ‘should’ve taken him.’ But, I was quite jealous when Jones was selected by Atlanta. If only.

  15. nichansen01

    Seattle will have beat both teams in the super bowl on the regular season.

    • Volume12

      Pittsburgh matches up well with NE. They can keep Brady off the field and Dupree, turning into a fantastic pass rusher, Harrison and Shadier could give Brady a lot of trouble.

  16. Ishmael

    Great TD run by Ryan, Shannahan has really added that to his game.

    If you had to pick one receiver, who do you take, Julio Jones or Antonio Brown? Jones is an absolute animal, how do you stop him?

    • Volume12


    • Trevor

      Jones for sure. Physically unstoppable with good QB play. Both will be HOF though.

      • Ishmael

        See that TD just now?? Superfreak, good lord.

  17. Trevor

    That Falcons team is just on a roll!

    I really don’t see anyone beating them. If they play the Pats in the SB you know BB likes to take the other teams beat option away. Thing is with Atl they have so many other weapons and a great run game.

    That is the most complete and best offense I have seen in a long time.

    What makes the NFL so difficult to have sustained success is that now the Falcons will loose Shanahan and extend Matt Ryan so who knows how that offense looks next year. That young defense is only going to get better though.

    • Volume12

      Did you see the Jay Glazer tweet?

      • Rob Staton

        What did he say?

        • Volume12

          Chip Kelly as Atlanta’s OC.

          • Volume12

            IDK if he’s Chris Harris per we, but Minnesota CB Jaylen Myrick is 5’10 with over 32″ arms BTW. Chris Harris only had 1 pick his entire college career!?

          • Trevor

            I am not a big Chip Kelly fan but with the weapons on that offense his system could be scary good.

            Loosing Shanahan is still a big deal though as DQ is a defensive side of the ball HC and gave Shanahan free reign on offense.

  18. Trevor

    At this pace the Falcons will put up 600 yds + today.

  19. Ed

    Caught a little flack a few articles back when I compared the Falcons to the 2013 Hawks. Young defense that bends but doesn’t break, pressures the QB well and causes TO. They are just so balanced on O and the defense is good to, where as Hawks were so balanced on D and the offense was good too. They will be hurt when MS leaves, but so much talent on O (Ryan/Freeman/Coleman/Jones/Sanu/Gabriel) it will be hard to mess that up.

    What looks good for the Hawks is maybe the NFC West starts looking more like AFC East and they can rollup on Rams and 49ers and maybe split Cardinals. That’s a big reason Patriots have been so good for so long, their division has been awful for at least a decade.

    • vrtkolman

      One golden rule of the NFL is that teams always adjust. The Falcons are going to be marked on everyone’s calendar next year. Losing KS is also going to be brutal for them. DQ is going to have to hit on the defense soon for sustained success.

    • Volume12

      I can see the comparisons for sure. Although maybe more like the 2012 Hawks. I’m not sure we’ll see a defense like that (2013) for awhile with all the rule changes that are implemented every off-season.

      • C-Dog

        I think the defense is more 2012 Seahawks but that offense puts them way over the top. It’s a lot of fun watching their defense though, and all that speed. IMO, I think that might be part of why Carroll mentioned LB and Corner as priorities. I think he wants to get more playmaking on the Seattle defense again.

        • Volume12

          ‘IMO, I think that might be part of why Carroll mentioned LB and Corner as priorities. I think he wants to get more playmaking on the Seattle defense again.’


          I was reading some of his comments from the end of year presser, and he seems to be really excited about 2 guys that didn’t get to play this year. QJeff and Lawler (mentioned all the plays we don’t get to see that he makes in practice). I still think Lawler is Kearse’s eventual replacement.

          • C-Dog

            Yes, Sir. He was very quick to bring up Lawler. I think they probably do have high hopes for Q Jeff. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they see more pass rush potential in Jarran Reed than a lot of the fanbase does. They may feel okay there, but also add a bit in FA, as they always do.

  20. Volume12

    I didn’t even mention on a mock draft post.

    Love the Kevin King selection.

    Length? ✔ Athleticism? ✔ One of the better run supporting corners in this draft? ✔ The swag, sauce, or personality to fit in with this defense? ✔ Production? ✔

    Not only that, but he’s so versatile. A 6’3 CB that can line up in the slot? Unique. Especially as more and more teams put bigger receivers there. He can also play some safety like Malcolm Jenkins too. And once his technique comes full circle, you have a guy to plug into Sherm’s spot down the line.

    For a bigger corner, the long speed is less important, although he probably has that. 4.49-4.51 type of guy.

    Yes he had 23 PBU last year and was a VMAC visitor, but if William Jackson’s range was 25-35, there should be no reason why King’s range wouldn’t be the same.

  21. Greg Haugsven

    It pisses me off watching this Falcons-Packers game. Is all we had to do was win a home game against the Cardinals and this easily could be us right now.

    • lil'stink

      With how disjointed our offense has been and no ET3 I’m not sure we would have beaten either ATL or GB at home.

  22. Volume12

    Hes a little undersized, but Arizona LB Paul Magloire is a fun player. Flies around the field. STs stud. Just seems to always be around the ball. Was a RB at App St., was a safety for a year or two at Arizona as well. Got into a bunch of trouble off the field I beleive.

  23. Misfit74

    A few of my favorites, outside of the trio of Husky DBs, include Tim Williams, Perine, Corey Davis, Jamal Williams, OJ Howard, Ryan Anderson, Z.Cunningham (crush!); and our of our reach I really like Malik Hooker.

  24. John_s

    Congrats to coach Quinn! 3 SB’s in 4 years is quite an accomplishment

    • Hawktalker

      Agreed, excellent work. Happy for him.

      • John_s

        I’m hoping he can get some payback on the Patriots

        • Hawktalker

          Copy that

  25. LeoSharp

    I’m really not sure about Kevin King after re-watching his highlights (most of his picks are on grossly overthrown balls) and some more tape . Against Cal watching him nearly get beat for a 64 yard touchdown ( just pushed him out at the 3 yard line), then had the same guy beat him over the top again on what was a dropped 25 yard TD really has me worried about his long speed. Demetris Robertson a freshman WR who ran a 4.64 forty was the guy that beat him. When king was recruited he ran a 4.67 forty while being 20lbs lighter than he is now.

    • Rawls1234

      I don’t think he’s worth a 1st. He played 2nd fiddle to his teammate Sidney Jones.

    • nichansen01

      Combine will tell all. If he can run under 4.6 I’ll take him.

    • Hawktalker

      Not sure how accurate or up-to-date this list of 40 times are, but he appears faster on this list.


      • LeoSharp

        Yours are probably more accurate. Bleacher report has Robertson’s 40 at 4.34 at the Nike football ratings Championship which seems more in line with a 4 star recruit. Either way he still got beat very badly on those plays

    • RealRhino2

      I gotta say, I think I’m with you. Just re-watched the USC game on draftbreakdown, wasn’t that impressed.

      Really handsy at the top of the route, had one PI called, could easily have had three (or defensive holding, whichever). Looked really skinny, pretty hesitant tackler. I didn’t notice difficulty staying with guys, but also didn’t see a lot of ball skills/attacking the ball. I’m not saying those things can’t be cleaned up, but if we are talking R1 or early R2 I would hope we could find a guy way more ready to start or play significant time.

      Maybe we go with a T. White or A. Jackson (or Tankersley or Conley, whatever) with our 1st and try to pick up another DB in the 3rd?

  26. Trevor

    I hate the Patriots and always will but wow when you watch them play it is really really clear that thier coaching staff, game plan, play calling and player development is just at a whole other level compared to the rest of the league. No other team is even close.

    Elite pass rusher Chandler Jones let’s team down before playoffs last year. Traded

    Pro bowl linebacker starts to free lance and wants big deal traded mid-season.

    OL sucks last year. Get rid of OL coach immediately and bring back legend to coach up a bunch of no name guys into a solid unit.

    They trade thier two best defensive players and lead the league in scoring defense.

    It really is impressive.

    • Trevor

      That’s what upsets me most about the loss of Earl this year. Despite having a bunch of other pro bowlers they could not adjust and scheme for the loss of Earl and that was worrisome.

      • Hawk Eye

        no change in scheme with ET gone.
        7 other players with pro bowl talent and the D drops into the toilet
        I think a real lack of depth and a failure to adjust.
        I think Bowles, Phillips, Capers and a number of other coordinators would have done things a lot differently.
        Take away ET, and find anther D with 7 players as good as what Seattle had left. Does NE have more than 3? But they always take away what you want to do.

        but to be fair also, NE played one good qb all year, that was Wilson, and he ate them up. I thought they had a bad defensive game plan that day.

        it is fine to say we will play simple and beat you because we are better, if you are better.
        But if you are not better, you better out think them, out scheme them

    • Hawktalker

      They also play with a tremendous amount of self-discipline. It seems they always have an amazingly low number of penalties and very rarely shoot himself in the foot with the penalties or their play

      • Trevor

        The really are just that much more well coached than any other team and it is by a wide margin.

        • nichansen01

          It is because Bill is not as forgiving as Pete. Players can get away with things with pete. not so much with Bill. Poor discipline on the seahawks.

    • Ed

      Spot on. For years now. Doesn’t matter who the players are (Garrapolo/Cassel). They don’t only adjust by season, they adjust by week, by half and by drive. Pretty impressive.

    • C-Dog

      They have a great head coach and a hall of fame franchise QB. That’s a great recipe. Something I think some disappointed Seahawks fans should step back and realize how lucky we also have things.

      It wasn’t Seattle’s year, but in the regular season, we beat both these teams. In the end, it came down to depth. Just didn’t have enough. Probably why in a year that is going to feature a deep defensive draft they are going to target corners and LB, they will also look to add OL and RB.

    • All I see is 12s

      I agree that the patriots are impressive. But to be fair, neither Collins nor Chandler are nearly as important to their team as Thomas is to the hawks. They are not half the player he is either. It’s really tough to lose such important Hall of Fame contributor.

  27. Volume12

    Is Bob Kraft drunk or something? WTF was that!? ?

    • Trevor

      I think he must be.

      • Hawk Eye

        either drunk or beginning of dementia
        I thought dementia as soon as he spoke

        • Volume12

          I hope that isn’t the case or I’ll feel like a real a** for laughing at that.

  28. Trevor

    I will make one early prediction for the SB. The Patriots will run the ball 30 times + in the SB. I assure you there is no way they try to get in a shoot out with the Falcons.

    • C-Dog

      IMO, I am starting to see what those that have been suggesting about the Falcons defense coming together as of late and peaking a bit at the right time. I kinda like Atlanta’s chances in this matchup.

  29. vrtkolman

    The Steelers remind me a lot of the Seahawks. Both teams have huge talent, some of the best players at their position, and they can both look like the best team in football for stretches. They are also both inconsistent and extremely sloppy. Tomlin and Carroll are both very stubborn coaches, which kind of worries me going forward. Tomlin not adjusting his zone defense was awful. Watching Brady pick apart their (non existent) zone for 60 minutes was not good football.

  30. nichansen01

    Hmm… I have a feeling this game will be close. Should be a good matchup.

  31. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I might have to put some clams down on the Falcons. I like where the offense is right now and where the defense is playing. Complete team.

    I still feel like the Patriots are living on reputation this year, more than ability. Yes they have Brady, yes they have some nice players…. they just don’t seem head and shoulders better than many other teams (unlike previous years). Perhaps this is the bitter Seahawks fan coming out, but I just don’t think they are the best of the final 2 teams playing for SB51.

    • Hawk Eye

      #1 scoring offense vs #1 scoring defense in Super Bowl

      wonder how that worked out last time that happened?

      • Ed

        I think #1 O will win this time. Atlanta is too balanced and their D will make more plays IMO

  32. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Something I noticed in the playoffs, many teams are adding speed to their LB groups….. should we consider this a stronger need for Seattle??? Not to replace Wagner or Wright, but for the 3rd spot…. I’m beginning to think LB/S hybrid might be the best use of some draft capital in the 2017 draft.

    • Hawk Eye

      watching the Hawks this year, I am thinking for lb and db they need three things

  33. John

    I re-watched last weeks game against the Falcons and here are some thoughts:
    1) Pete, RW, and most of the players have seem to have lost the drive/swagger to win games. This is quite bothersome actually and maybe a sign of times to come.
    2) They had 48 secs at the end of the second quarter with 3 TO’s, but they were just content with running out the clock. Seahawks of the past couple of years would have never done that in a playoff game.
    3) The Secondary play was one of the worst I have seen since Pete came onboard. And it’s not because the Falcons receivers were that much better. There were numerous opportunities for the LOB to jump routes and get interceptions, but for whatever reason they were just staying put. Who is the secondary coach now? These guys are not reading plays even when they were lurking….
    4) For whatever reason, when they are inside the 20 and in a third and short situation they decide to go big instead (for example, RW throw to DB) of just making the first down and then trying with new set of downs. They have done this mistake in many games and in this game the Falcons were in a similar situation and they got fresh set of downs instead of going big. This is what cost them the ball game as they instead of them leading 10-7, it would have been 14-7 and GI would not have been hurt.
    5) They abandoned the running game way too early, no play-action, no trick plays (think TM pass against Jets as the way the Falcons D was lining up it was the perfect opportunity), no fake punts when there was a perfect opportunity on two of them, bad play-calling on some plays given what the Falcons D was giving them, etc

    It’s quite disappointing watching again given all the opportunities that the Hawks squandered away….I find it hard to believe next season willl be any different given the lack of swag….Didn’t RW/ET also go through Pete’s masters program – both seemed to have regressed this seasons (no injury excuses for RW for the Falcons game).

  34. John

    I re-watched last weeks game against the Falcons and here are some thoughts:
    1) Pete, RW, and most of the players have seem to have lost the drive/swagger to win games. This is quite bothersome actually and maybe a sign of times to come.
    2) They had 48 seconds at the end of the second quarter with 3 TO’s, but they were just content with running out the clock. Seahawks of the past couple of years would have never done that in a playoff game.
    3) The Secondary play was one of the worst I have seen since Pete came onboard. And it’s not because the Falcons receivers were that much better. There were numerous opportunities for the LOB to jump routes and get interceptions, but for whatever reason they were just staying put. Who is the secondary coach now? These guys are not reading plays even when they were lurking….
    4) For whatever reason, when they are inside the 20 and in a third and short situation they decide to go big instead (for example, RW throw to DB) of just making the first down and then trying with new set of downs. They have done this mistake in many games and in this game the Falcons were in a similar situation and they got fresh set of downs instead of going big. This is what cost them the ball game as they instead of them leading 10-7, it would have been 14-7 and GI would not have been hurt.
    5) They abandoned the running game way too early, no play-action, no trick plays (think TM pass against Jets as the way the Falcons D was lining up it was the perfect opportunity), no fake punts when there was a perfect opportunity on two of them, bad play-calling on some plays given what the Falcons D was giving them, etc

    It’s quite disappointing watching again given all the opportunities that the Hawks squandered away….I find it hard to believe next season willl be any different given the lack of swag….Didn’t RW/ET also go through Pete’s masters program – both seemed to have regressed this seasons (no injury excuses for RW for the Falcons game).

  35. Pran

    It was reported bellchick (earlier in off season) to manage play time of players to limit exposure to injuries and keep them fresh for playoffs. It worked for them.

    Guess it’s time for Hawks to work out rotation and manage playtime of vets especially during weak opponents. This will help keep backups ready rather than throwing them in to fire when things happen. Also it’s not worth for vets to go all in every game to get the #1 scoring defense title rather take some snaps off as they age and let young players fight for it.

  36. Schuemansky

    Le’ veon told the press he had problems for two weeks with groin.
    Didn’t show on Steelers IR this though. Any thoughts?

  37. Blueshawk

    First let me say thanks for this site and all of the work you put into it. I love reading all the comments as well. Together this is the most informative venue I have seen to cover a team and it happens to be our team. I am sure I can offer very little in terms of expertise or football knowledge with all the gurus on here but I do want to chime in with this thought. I firmly believe when Pete Carroll said the needs of this team he conveniently omitted RB like Richard Sherman from an injury report. I think this is a huge need because of injuries. Carroll loves Rawls style of looking for extra contact where most backs would duck out of bounds. Well he is going to pay for that philosophy and will need 5 or so to start the season. It would not surprise me to see them trade out of the first round and draft a RB with their first pick… Thanks again Rob and all the contributors!

  38. ROBERt Las vegas

    As I watch the ATL and Packer game I kept thinking if the hawks beat AZ on December24 and got the 2 seed would the falcons be going to the super bowl.and ofcoarse Dan Quinn gets another shot at the Pats at a super bowl

  39. THAWK

    One thing I would like to see the hawks do is finish games. The Pats have a 2 score lead going into the 4th and do they dial it back and play conservative? NO! They go for the throat! We get really complacent and stop trying to score. how many games have slipped away because we just want to rely on our D? If we would just keep the pressure on it would turn teams one dimensional and force them to throw. anyone else notice this every year?

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