Comparing mocks: Daniel Jeremiah & Mel Kiper

Yesterday both Daniel Jeremiah ( and Mel Kiper (ESPN) posted mock drafts. Let’s have a look at both and which players were available to the Seahawks.

Daniel Jeremiah’s mock

Seattle’s pick at 26: Garett Bolles (T, Utah)

“In 2016, the Seahawks used a top pick on an offensive lineman (OT Germain Ifedi), and I’d expect them to do the same thing in this year’s draft. Bolles is a very athletic pass protector who shows some nastiness in the running game.”

Bolles looked like the best offensive tackle in college football in 2016. He’s the complete package — with the intensity and physicality to dominate in the run game, the agility to progress to the second level consistently and latch onto linebackers and safety’s in space and the loose hips and footwork to be effective in pass-pro. He will be 25 in May but should be able to start quickly at right tackle.

Players available to the Seahawks that weren’t in our last mock draft:

Jabrill Peppers (S, Michigan)
Marlon Humphrey (CB, Alabama)
Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
Budda Baker (S, Washington)
O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama
Zach Cunningham (LB, Vanderbilt)
Takkarist McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)
Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)

Here is a strong example as to why this is a really interesting draft class. If the Seahawks were able to pick from this crop as well as the likes of Kevin King, Gareon Conley and others — they’re going to get an impact player.

With so many options available they could feel confident moving down (an increasingly likely scenario after yesterday’s report that Seattle could forfeit its second round pick). According to Jeremiah’s mock, they could move down into the early 30’s and get one of Peppers, Humphrey, Baker, Cunningham or Jackson.

It’s very early in the process and it’s likely Baker, Cunningham and Bolles will rise in the national media and find a place firmly in the top-25. Still, this will reassure fans disappointed with yesterday’s news about the second rounder.

Mel Kiper’s mock draft

Seattle’s pick at #26: Cordrea Tankersley (CB, Clemson)

“The Seahawks like big corners, and Tankersley (6-1, 190) fits their style as a guy who could hold up opposite Richard Sherman, and DeShawn Shead’s knee injury opens up a spot. Tankersley had nine interceptions over his last two seasons and was a big part of the Tigers’ success. Seattle will be in the market for offensive linemen, too, but I don’t have much first-round talent available here at No. 26. There’s still a long time until draft day, however.”

Tankersley is a reasonably sized corner. The key is going to be length and athleticism. If the Seahawks take a corner earlier than the fourth round for the first time in the Pete Carroll era, it isn’t going to be a ‘decent’ athlete. It’s going to be someone who tests off the charts. One of the reasons Kevin King is a possible pick for Seattle is his incredible testing potential. At the Husky combine last year he ran a 6.40 three-cone. If he repeats that at the NFL combine, it’ll be the best three-cone ever by any player. The current record is a 6.42 set by Jeff Maehl. Tankersley will need to prove he has an exceptional ceiling.

Players available to the Seahawks that weren’t in our last mock draft:

Sidney Jones (CB, Washington)
Derek Barnett (DE, Tennessee)
O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama)
David Njoku (TE, Miami)
Zach Cunningham (LB, Vanderbilt)
Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
Charles Harris (EDGE, Missouri)

Example #2 of the overall strength of the draft. It’s highly unlikely Sidney Jones lasts into the 20’s. He’s too good. Teams just avoided Jones all year — you don’t see a cornerback on tape avoided like him. He has enough size and quickness, plus a natural playmaking style, to warrant a top-15 grade. Cunningham and Jackson are available again but unlike Jeremiah’s mock — Budda Baker, Marlon Humphrey, Garett Bolles and Takk McKinley are gone.

Again there are options to move down. Kiper has Jones at #28 while Barnett and Howard are gone before the end of round one. Dropping into the top of round two would still give them a shot at Cunningham and Jackson while Tre’Davious White, Gareon Conley and Kevin King are also available.

It’s still way too early to say — but there are at least some logical candidates to research and monitor at #26. These players are chosen based on needs (per Carroll) and possible fit within this team specifically.

Garett Bolles (T, Utah)
Likely a top-20 pick due to the demand for good offensive tackles but possibly lasts if the age-factor puts some teams off. Check for his arm length at the combine and how he fits into TEF. It’s OK to look the part — but with only one year at Utah he needs to prove physically he’s ready for the NFL.

Budda Baker (S, Washington)
He ran a 4.35 at the Husky Combine, a 6.66 three-cone and a 4.08 short-shuttle. His long speed and short-area quickness are impressive. His ability to potentially play slot, a hybrid role and cover free safety might appeal — plus he carries himself like a Seahawk. The only issue is size and length — especially if the Seahawks intend to use him primarily in the slot.

Adoree’ Jackson (CB, USC)
His size will be key and he can’t measure too small even as a slot corner. Can he get to 5-10 and 194lbs like Chris Harris Jr? Has he got Harris Jr’s length (33.5 inch arms)? If they’re happy with his size/length — Jackson is the type of explosive athlete they like with incredible character skills.

Kevin King (CB, Washington)
Incredible athlete with supreme length and size. Let’s run through what he achieved at the Husky combine again — a 4.02 short shuttle, a 6.40 3-cone, a 39.5 inch vert and a 10-10 broad jump. If he gets anywhere near this type of performance at the NFL combine — he will be the talk of the final day. He won’t run a fantastic forty so he has to show great short-area quickness.

Zach Cunningham (LB, Vanderbilt)
He’s just a Seahawks type of linebacker. Freaky length, great athleticism, plays the run well and has an intensity to his game. He racked up TFL’s in 2016 and set the tone on Vanderbilt’s defense. Carroll noting the desire for younger competition at linebacker (and possibly an upgrade at the SAM) makes Cunningham a decent option if the better cornerbacks and O-liners are gone. Can he run in the 4.4’s?

Haason Reddick (LB, Temple)
Nobody is talking about Reddick as a top-45 type of player but he has a supreme combination of size, athleticism, versatility and grit. In many ways he looks like a Bruce Irvin clone — with the college production to match. Don’t sleep on him as a potential high pick by this team. Especially if he tests as well as Irvin at the combine.

Antonio Garcia (T, Troy)
Someone who could really make some money at the Senior Bowl and combine. In a weak tackle class at the top end, Garcia appears to have the athletic skill-set of a high pick. How he performs in Mobile will be crucial. Accurate measurements and TEF via the combine will also determine his fit. The Seahawks have drafted for size on the O-line recently and Garcia is listed at 6-7 and 302lbs.

And a quick note on a couple of Shrine game standouts to keep an eye on tomorrow:

Jimmie Gilbert (LB, Colorado)
He’s said to have great range and athleticism — plus he has +34 inch arms at 6-4 and 223lbs. He has the length — if he tests well too he could be on Seattle’s radar.

Treston Decoud (CB, Oregon State)
In many ways he fits the profile of a potential Seahawks corner. He has +33 inch arms on a 6-1, 203lbs frame. Long speed is considered an issue but we’ll see how he tests in Indianapolis.


  1. Jason


    I love your site, but the news from yesterday really took the wind out of my sails in regards to the draft prep. That being said, if we move back into the early part of the 2nd what would be reasonable compensation? 2nd and a 3rd or 4th for our 1st?

    • Rob Staton

      It depends really. They managed to get a third out of Denver to move down five spots a year ago. So a third is possible, depending on who’s there.

      • Jason

        I can see us even dropping down again like we did with Paul Richardson.

        • Kenny Sloth


          There will be impact players into early rd3

        • Ishmael

          No choice but to if the second rounder does get taken. Too many needs, and this is too strong a draft.

      • Dingbatman

        Dallas was reported willing to give a 2nd and a 4th.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Something like our R1 for an early mid R2 + R3.

      Example: trade 26 to PHI for their R2 (#42) + R3 (#75)

      • Volume12

        What did Dallas offer Seattle last year?

        • Rob Staton

          Dallas offered a fourth and considered offering a third, but decided not to.

          • Volume12

            Thank you. Couldn’t remember what it was.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Would SEA trade players for picks? Or trade a pick from 2018?

              This draft is loaded, and the talent pool deep, at several positions of need.

              • Volume12

                Why not use a pick from next year. Not ideal, but it is what it is.

                • Bigten

                  Why wouldn’t it be ideal? With round 1 talent in the second, could we trade next years 1st round to a rebuild team like Cleveland that has a lot of draft capital this year, for a second and third? Heck would New England do a first next year for there first this year possibly, with them havingnot many needs? Seems like this year is much better year to be drafting with guys like peppers Jones and Budda supposedly dropping.

                  • Volume12

                    Ideal is losing a 2nd round pick and then have to use a pick from next year when you’ll get 0 comps to make up for that 2nd rounder?

                    Maybe our definitions are different. IDK.

                  • Bigten

                    My response wasn’t meant to get you defensive. In the scenario, losing the second wasn’t mentioned, it wasn’t part of the equation and you didn’t mention that as part of why it wouldnt be “ideal”. Losing the second has nothing to do with trading next years. I would think, whether we lose the second or not, us being able to trade next years 1st for a high pick (since you like to be a snob about meaning, high pick meaning early second) this year as being ideal in such a stacked draft. Unless next year is thought to be similarly loaded with players that could fill our needs. That’s were I assumed my reply would lead towards a conversation about

              • Rob Staton

                Hard to get better if you’re trading away your best players.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  What to do with Shead?

                  He is a rfa again this year, right?

                  Can we put a super low tender on him?

                  Or even trade his rights to another team that in rebuild mode and wouldn’t mind rehabbing him?

                  Jk thats not how they roll. This is probably a good thing. He needs to be available as safety depth imo so a high pick corner wouldnt be out of the question especially considering his injury

                  • Rob Staton

                    Not sure — after all, nobody’s signing him with this injury. Probably get him to do 1-year low numbers without tender.

                  • Volume12

                    Do you even have to tender him with an injury?

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  I wasn’t advocating them trading their best players. Unger certainly wasn’t SEA’s best player when they traded him.

                  Having said that, however, I don’t necessarily have any suggestions for who they could trade. I’d say Kearse, but he hasn’t any value.

                  • RealRhino2

                    C’mon, you know the right answer here…..

    • C-Dog

      I thought think one thing to consider is that if Seattle loses the second round pick, that could weaken their bargaining power to drop back. Teams will know Seattle is in a more desperate need for more picks and likely offer less. The things that could help Seattle is if a player expected to go high slides, or there’s a QB sitting there that is a fringe first round talent and one of the QB needy teams went another direction and wants to trade back into round one.

  2. Volume12

    Jabril Peppers. How intriguing. Probably just a splash play artist and fantastic returner his 1st year, but his ceiling is sky high. Could be a sneaky good selection down the road.

    Personally I think he could be one of the most versatile defenders the game has seen if he’s coached up and in the right situation.

    He would allow Seattle to be so creative in their base defense. He can play some LB, Shaq Thompson, some strong safety, built in the mold of a Deone Bucannon. And while I don’t think he’s a corner, if there’s anyone that could develop him into, at the very least, a matchup specialist as nickel, it would be PC and staff.

    Highly unlikely he’s there, especially in a trade back where the writing is on the wall if that 2nd rounder is taken away, but it’ll be interesting to see how teams view him. Will some franchises see him as too much of a tweener, like Thompson and Bucannon to a degree?

    • Kenny Sloth

      These are asanine oversights by analysts

      He’s not dropping like that.

      His combine will reaffirm

  3. RWIII

    Before the announcement about the Seahawks losing a draft pick they probably would have traded down . If they found a buyer. However, it would not suprise me to see them trade down twice. Whenever I think about the Hawks losing a 2nd round pick this BURNS me BIG-TIME!!!

    • Rob Staton

      I know the feeling, RWIII.

    • Volume12

      If I remember right, JS has said they don’t like to go 1 full round without a draft pick if they don’t have to.

      They could trade back and pick up a 4th, but you know they’ll try and add a 3rd. Good thing comp picks Dan be traded now. Should make wheeling and dealing a bit easier.

      • Volume12

        *can. Not Dan. Jeezuz. lol

        • CDub

          Has the second round pick loss even been officially confirmed?

          • Volume12

            No. lol.

            Seattle isn’t going without a 2nd round pick in this draft. Too much talent.

            • Hawk Eye

              but sure looks like they will lose theirs.
              They give info to guys like Mort in order to control them and make sure they do not do any real investigations about the NFL. They give some scoops, and in return, the reporters protect the shield.
              They send it to him, he reports it, and by the time to get around to making it official, it has already been accepted. Pretty sure it was similar with the Deflategate thing, but not 100% sure.
              When is the last time any of the big name reporters had a negative story about the NFL?

              Love watching the NFL, but not thrilled with their lack of honesty about issues like PED’s, concussions, weed vs opioids, etc.

  4. CC

    Kevin King is the CB that I really want SEA to get over the others. He’s a pretty good corner right now with length and quickness and I think he could be a pro bowler with the coaching from this staff. While OT is a big need, I just don’t think any of the OL available at 26 are worth it. If you could trade down to top of the second and grab King and get an extra pick, that would be ideal.

    I know there are other CBs out there – I just think King can be Seattle’s Marcus Peters – without the baggage. Imagine if you had 2 shut down corners given the QBs.

    • Volume12

      CB or O-line for me. They’ve shown us they’ll reach on O-lineman if they feel there’s a dropoff or a run on that position

      Having said that, if they truly do feel their O-line is set, not sure about that, or they sign a FA starter than they don’t have to reach.

    • DLep

      King/Baker in rd 1 and Reddick in rd 2 would be a home run draft to me. Just hoping that the punishment is talked down from that second round pick.

      • Rob Staton

        King/Baker… or King & Baker after trading up… or…

        Ah the possibilities.

        • DLep

          Stop it Rob πŸ™‚

        • Kenny Sloth

          There are a couple offensive weapons late, but I really dont want to leave day 2 without grabbing one. The dropoff is immense.

          If you don take a skill player before day 3, wait until udfa.

          • Volume12

            This TE class is really good. #2’s and 3’s deep into day 3.

    • C-Dog

      King is probably top on my list as well, followed closely by Baker and Cunningham.

  5. icb12

    I’m thinking San Fran goes after Romo or Cousins.

    And then picks Jonathan Allen.

    Allen and Buckner together would be good starting points for them.

    • NathanM

      Do you mean Buckner and Armstead… who they already have? SF isn’t going to get anywhere if they pick another DE for their 3-4 defense

      • Misfit74

        I best SF would love Foster to replace Patrick Willis, but I have to think QB is where they decide to go.

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    Gotta wonder about some things.

    B/R just posted a mock draft in which SEA take FSU OT Roderick Johnson (the 3rd OT taken in that mock), and passing on Bolles, as well as other prospects like Njoku, Peppers, Lattimore, Jones and Conley.


  7. Volume12

    I like what Utah RB Joe Williams said. 2 things really.

    1. He didn’t quit on his team. Stepped away from the game to get his mind right. Lost his sister in ’06 and it was still affecting him. Plus he had a couple other familly issues he needed to deal with. You can have all the physical talent in the world, and he does, dude will put up one of the best 40’s at the combine and probably jump outta the gym, but if your not right mentally? Your a detriment not an asset.

    2. Asked about what he’ll say to team or people that doubt can between the tackles? ‘I gotta be like Marshawn Lynch and run through a mother***ers face.’

    • icb12

      I really like Williams. He has got a lot of talent. Lots.

      But he needs to hang on to the freaking ball! ugh.

    • Kenny Sloth

      One of the best blockers in cfb but I have doubts about his athleticism.

      I liked him when I thought he was 26 xD so he’s one I’m watching.

      • Volume12

        Dynamic talent with different speed.

        • Ukhawk

          Who’s he remind you of?

          Think Chris Johnson might be a good comp.

          • Volume12

            If he runs a 4.29, 4.3 or whatever CJ ran. I think he’s more like a 4.40, but Joel Klatt said he’s a 4.3 runner so let’s see. If he doesn’t test well, I’ll eat some crow.

            There are some similarities. His burst through the hole and if he gets even a slight angle on a defender in the opoen field he’s gone.

            Not saying he himself is a Seahawk target, but will they go for solid or dynamic?

            • Ukhawki

              Totally with you. I originally thought he would be a target as they favour a pounder. But as we’ve moved on from the dream scenario of getting Fournette, I wondered if a guy like JW might be a complimentary back (COP/returner) who could add a different element and still run between the tackles.

              • Ukhawki

                *”I originally thought he would NOT be a target….”

    • C-Dog


  8. HawkFan907

    Just a random thought. How lucky were we all those years ago that the 49ers picked Alex Smith instead of Aaron Rodgers? That would have been terrible.

    Also, I’m curious to see how the RBs perform at the Senior Bowl. If we lose that 2nd round pick that would affect not only the draft but how we go about FA. I still feel like Jamaal Williams out of BYU would be a great compliment to our current stable of backs. He may only be an average athlete but his balance and vision are incredible. I would love to add him later on if he is available. He would compliment our backs well.

    Another name you can watch that might rise soon is Jaleel Johnson out of Iowa. A big physical DT who can create pressure. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go early on day 2.

    • Darnell

      I’d much rather watch the Hawks compete against Aaron Rodgers in division twice per season than what the 49ers have put out there before and after Harbaugh. Games against the 49ers don’t have much feel to them now, and they didn’t when Nolan, Singletary and Erickson were the coaches either. Rodgers would change that.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Jaleel Johnson has the chance to be the absolute biggest winner at the combine.

      I’ve been following him since last season and he had a monster year.

      Be ready for him to vault into the first round discussion

      • Volume12

        Next Kawann Short.

        • Ukhawk

          Really? He doesn’t seem as quick/sudden.

        • RealRhino2

          I’m with ukhawk on this one. V12, are you watching some tape other than the single 2016 game they have at draftbreakdown? Because I didn’t see it at all in that game (caveat, only watched about five minutes to see what kind of body type, etc.) Looked like mostly 1-tech, no real get-off, change of direction, etc. Very good strength, decent hands, good motor, but didn’t see anything special. Any specific games/plays you think show what you are seeing?

          • Volume12

            Wisconsin, Michigan to name a couple. If you guys are basing an eval on 1 game or 5 minutes that’s a mistake.

            Wins before and after the snap here. Isn’t this the game you guys are watching?


            • Volume12

              Jon Allen made that exact same play and everyone was gaga over it. This guy is 20-30 lbs heavier.

              Watch his feet here. He replaces his where the O-lineman’s should be. Look at where his hands on.


              • Kenny Sloth

                And the plays are always at the perfect moment. Like back to back sacks or something.

                Third down stops in consecutive drives

            • Ukhawki

              Thx V12! I hear you and will watch more of his tape. I hark back to this great article below by Rob and think my initial impression was just that JJ is good as a pocket pusher/bull rusher whereby Kawann was a better in terms of shooting gaps and more advanced with swim/spin etc. Per Walsh it doesn’t matter either way as long as the pocket gets collapsed. Kawann & Rankins both had a ~1.73 10yd split, 34″ arms, but Rankins was better laterally/more explosive so it will be interesting to see JJ’s numbers too.


              • C-Dog

                Watch the game against Michigan. He practically took it over.

                • Ukhawk

                  Will do. Thx

              • Volume12

                I mean he might not be Short skill for skill, but both 6’3, 315 and will impact games the same way.

  9. Ezekiel Dickinson

    I can’t stop watch Budda Baker break 5 tackles and score a touchdown on a kick return in high school. He has vision and instinct like none other. He’said also a pretty good gunner from what I saw. I could see us going after him in the first. Use him as a nickel. Jeremy Lane sounds questionable? He definitely didn’t have his best season.

    • Rob Staton

      Budda is a very exciting talent.

      • Misfit74

        No doubt. Despite already liking him as a lifelong Huskies fan, he really does stand out in games in a big way.

        • Ukhawk

          Can you guys see him slip due to his perceived lack of size? Agree his instincts are off the charts. I think a good comp might even be ET who no doubt slipped in a bit as well. I think I’d prefer him over Peppers who seems more an athlete than a player.

          Other thing that strikes me about the UW players is that they are being talked about in the same breath as the usually preferable SEC prospects.

  10. Misfit74

    OJ Howard and Graham would be a lethal short passing attack along with Baldwin in the slot. Shots deep to PRich and Lockett…ah one can dream, right?

    I think Cunningham is the #2 ILB in this class. It will be interesting to see where he goes. I have my doubts he’s around at 26. Besides that, how often is our #3 LB on the field? Does it make sense unless the SAM can rush like a beast? I love the player, still unsure about the fit/value.

    A Bolles/King combo would be sweet.

  11. AndrewP

    Rob– Since it’s looking like a not ridiculous possibility, could we get a ‘Peppers as a potential Seahawk’ article? Or, at least as a major part of one?

    • Rob Staton


      My thoughts on Peppers are there’s too much talk about ‘where will he play?’ and not enough about how he is a really dynamic player that a good coach can really get the best out of. He’s going to run a 4.45 so he’s not lightning quick in terms of long speed — but his short-area quickness should be really good. He’s a big time character guy too.

      • RMisfit74

        Peppers sounds an awful lot like the Jalen Ramsey talk last year, though not quite as special of an athlete in terms of having all of the traits. Just how far from Ramsey is he, grade/evaluation-wise?

        • Rob Staton

          Ramsey a better prospect in terms of potential to stick at outside corner long term but Peppers could be a really dynamic SS.

      • RealRhino2

        Rob, another article/thread idea: Maybe when we are closer to the draft you could run a kind of predictions thread to discuss some of the bigger questions in the draft. Might be fun to see who was “closest to the pin” and laugh at ourselves for being so wrong. For example, Peppers top half of 1st vs. bottom half, which will be first QB taken, what round for Joe Mixon (or undrafted), things like that.

  12. Kelly

    Any idea what range Ahkello Witherspoon (Colorado) and Rasul Douglas (WVU) are being speculated to be picked?

    Would still hope for Bolles in the first and either Witherspoon or Douglas later if possible.

    • Kelly

      Also do you think Seattle will look at Dominique Easley in FA?

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t expect them to.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen them projected day three. Combine will reveal their potential.

  13. Hawktalker

    Trade up The lower pick to pickup: Bolles, Budda, King. Then go nuts in UDFA, the Seahawks way. That might make a few folks happy. I would be in that happy camper group.

    • bobbyk

      If we only had 3 picks and they turned into Bolles, Budda, and King… I’d love this draft (even without the UDFAs).

      • Trevor

        Agree if we came out of the draft with those 3 and nothing else the roster would be greatly improved next year.

  14. ROBERt Las vegas

    Rob the guy in this that really intrigue me is Zach Cunningham if he is still on the board at 26 it’s awfully tempting to draft him

    • Hawk Eye

      does he make the defense better than a good CB or someone like Budda Baker?
      Picking a player who won’t play enough to make an impact fast enough would make it a dubious pick.
      If the talent is much greater, then you have to do it, but he also has to fit the scheme

      • C-Dog

        He could be a player where Seattle would feel comfortable staying in their base more like they did when they were in their Super Bowl years. If Seattle doesn’t lose that second round pick, I could see them drafting him. He looks like he could be a very special talent.

  15. Coleslaw

    Check this kid out. High school senior #6 recruit in Washington. Connor Wedington, RB, I grew up with his older brother and have the inside scoop somewhat lol. Pretty sure he’s gonna go to US. Anyway, here’s his numbers.
    6-0 189lbs
    40: 4.48
    20 yard shuttle: 3.87 (apparently best almond TBs to perform)
    Vert: 39
    Power throw: 40.0
    Sparq: 133.65

    • dylanlep

      Did you mean to say USC? Cause they aren’t listed in his final five.

      • bhamdawgfan

        Pretty sure he meant to say UW, but I think it’s most likely he’ll end up at Stanford.

  16. SEAhemoth82

    Hi Rob,

    I have been a long time reader of your blog, thank you for all the hard work you do in regards to filling us all in on potential Seahawks Draft prospects.

    I remember reading articles where you were fond of Ole Miss TE Evan Engram and Texas A & M Defensive Back Justin Evans, did they declare for this year’s draft? I have seen you mention their names in quite some time…

    Again, thanks for all that you do.

    • Rob Staton

      Two really good players — this is such a loaded draft. Think they go early-ish R2 depending on their workouts.

  17. Hawk Eye

    off topic, but I was just looking at Budda Bakers Twitter account and he had a comparison of a UW female BB player to James Harden. And it hit me watching Harden, he is the Leveon Bell of the NBA.
    He has that hesitation stutter step and it is like he is moving slow, but everyone is hypnotized and can’t catch him.
    There is something to be said about the difference between track speed and game speed, and how to utilize other factors to make you play faster. I think Sherman plays faster than his speed, but very different. Leveon and Harden are just so smooth. Like Dr J and Earl the Pearl.
    I think stats and specs are nice, but can they play? Can they understand the game so well that they act on instinct and don’t over think things? Gilliam mentioned that when he came back he tried to think less and just play, and he played better.

    • RealRhino2

      And neither Harden nor Bell play defense . . . πŸ˜‰

      • Hawk Eye

        no, but they both like to watch defense…

  18. sdcoug

    sorry for going off-topic (or if it has been mentioned already), but anyone notice who Seattle’s new coach Clint Hurtt coached in college?

    …Calais Campbell.


    • Totem_Hawk

      Wow, good info, nice!

  19. Hawktalker

    Ok trade down scenario question for those that have history on realistic trade downs:

    Is a trade down of our 26 for the Browns 33 & 65 realistic?

  20. Vista

    So we signed OL Robert Myers

    • C-Dog

      Apparently to compete at RT.

    • Sea Mode

      Been off and on PS all year.

  21. Hawk Eye

    Gus Bradley going to LA Chargers
    better than going to SF

    • Kenny Sloth

      Better than coming back to SEA imo

      • Hawktalker

        Opinions seem to vary on that one

        • Kenny Sloth

          They will

    • RMisfit74

      Absolutely. Chargers a good landing spot for him. Now I don’t have to root against him, either.

  22. Ukhawk

    Couple of thoughts:
    Heard a bit of noise questioning Bolles’ arm length and then mentioned again in this post by Rob. Can’t wait to get into the measurables of these guys.

    Doesn’t Forrest Lamp need to start being in the conversation about potential top 2 round targets? He’s been getting some R1 hype and after watching his tape vs Bama, it is not hard to see why. The fact he is shorter just makes me like him even more inside for RW. Also what about Feeney who looks legit.

    I get the talk about taking DBs high but the other half of my brain keeps thinking, 1) they fill glaring holes with FA’s first, guys who hopefully know the league/scheme/technique already (BMax anyone?), 2) stick with drafting DBs later as the talent drop off usually isn’t that severe, 3) keep building the lines because they are the difference maker, where the bullying starts & much harder to get (planet theory). Hence, if the opportunity presents in R1 to take a 3T, edge rushing SAM or OT that still may be the preference.

    • RealRhino2

      I get that there seems to be good depth at DB, but I still think it’s tiime to quit messing around and draft one early. Think this noise about how hard it is to learn our super-secret technique is mostly nonsense used to disguise either development or evaluation mistakes, just like with Cable and the ZBS. With Shead’s injury, we need a *starter*. Not SJB or other projects, but somebody we can feel comfortable sticking out there almost from day 1.

      But the OL scarcity and the fact we NEED to find LT tells me our hands are tied if any of, say, Ramcyzk, Bolles or Robinson are there at #26 (not a huge Robinson guy, either, but he’s probably a big step up from Fant at this moment and could shift to being a pretty good RT if Fant develops).

    • Rob Staton

      Forrest has some talent but a guard in R1 IMO would be a waste of resources given the striking needs at tackle and the secondary.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely. Love Lamp’s potential but we do not need another Rd#1 Guard. I think rd #1 almost has to be an OT or CB given the glaring weakness now at both sports with Shead injury.

      • Ukhawki

        Wasn’t think R1 but R2. IMO he doesn’t go R1

  23. Ukhawk

    On 2) and rookies need to learn the scheme, technique etc so can they have much of an impact?

    • Volume12

      They don’t need a corner with immaculate technique. That will come with time. They need a corner that can play the ball and his man. How many times this year did they give catches down the sideline?

      As a rookie, the sideline is your friend. You can choke off a 1/3 of the field.

      • Volume12


      • Ukhawki

        Furry muff

        I’m just hoping per Clayton they maybe sign a guy like BMax and go into the draft without any critical hikes and be more BPA.

        • Hawk Eye

          I can’t see them signing Maxwell.
          He played pretty well this year, maybe over paid, but someone else will be willing to pay him more than Seahawks probably. And still under contract, so a moot point unless he is released

          • All I see is 12s

            I think bmax IS an option. If he gets cut, there is no way he gets another big contract. He was mediocre for 2 teams. We could offer a similar contract as we gave Carey Williams. He would step in right away and probably be an upgrade. We would still have plenty of cash for Campbell.

            • All I see is 12s

              Imagine adding bmax, Campbell, and using a 1st to grab Baker as a honey badger type in the slot! Plus he would be a reserve for earl. The 2nd and 3rd could be used to add to lb, OL, and cb depth. Seems like we all really like Reddick and biznowati… Upgrades all around. Under that scenario, there may even be money left for a guy like rielly rieff.
              Hows that for an off season.

              • Hawk Eye

                I would like to be wrong, and he would be great again as a #2 on Sea
                but I think so many other teams also need db’s that he will get paid like a good #2, which he is
                and that is IF he gets cut

  24. Ukhawki

    Needs not hikes!!

  25. Ed

    Per the two drafts:

    If Cunningham can rush the passer on 3rd down, I’m game for him.

    Cunningham/Clark/Bennett/Avril/Wagner/Wright front seven.

    If not, I would say one of Peppers/Baker/Jones would put a dynamic young player in the secondary

  26. Sea Mode

    Since they reportedly spoke with him, I thought I would look into TE Antony Auclair a bit.

    At six-foot-five and 254 lb., he recorded a 34-inch vertical leap, ran a 4.84-second laser-timed 40-yard dash and displayed agility with 4.30- and 7.00-second shuttle and three-cone times.

    Has a highlights vid of himself on YouTube:

    So he’s big, athletic, good hands, and looks like a solid blocker (notice especially he aims his cut blocks well, at least on the highlights tape…).

    Sounds like a nice late-round project, perhaps to eventually replace another Canadian TE of ours if he moves on.

    • Volume12

      I like him from the Hudl highlights I’ve watched.

      I also like Jackson St LB Javancy Jones. Versatile, can line up off the ball or with his hand in the dirt, has overcome a lot in his life, and what a leader. Cool player. I recommend listening to his interviews. Has a Red Bryant like personality even down to the country twang.if

      • Kenny Sloth

        Loving this Jones find from you man

        • Volume12

          Well, to be fair, I didn’t find him. Just found info on him. He’s a smart player. Not bad in coverage either.

  27. 503Hawk

    There are some interesting possibities. The Hawks definitely need to upgrade their O-line. But has been mentioned by many, unless “their guy” (OT) is there in R1, it seems like a defensive playmaker has more value.
    If they go D first, do they go w/ an EDGE to get more pressure, or do they go w/ DB which theoretically gives them better coverage, which in turn gives the pass rush another second or so to get to the QB.
    In a perfect draft they will get all three, which I think is what they will try to do.

    I can’t imagine the league will ding them a 2nd, but it won’t surprise me either. The Seahawks have become the West Coast Patriots. Everybody “hates” them, and the league will stick it to them to set an example.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Getting another playmaker on defense is looking like a great investment this year, for an early pick. I’m starting to like the idea of Connecticut’s Obi Melifonwu as a possible first round pick by Seattle. He is just always around the ball, and making plays. Based on how fast he looks on tape, he might be able to come in and push to play at RCB in 2017.

  28. Volume12

    LT Victor Salako, OK St., is very good. Sleeper!

    • Volume12

      L’ville DT De’Angelo Brown is stout. 6’0, 312 lbs., 33″ arms.

    • Kenny Sloth

      That ok st. roster is sneaky stacked

      • Volume12

        It is. Him, DT Vincent Taylor, S Jordan Sterns, and TE Blake Jarwin are all intriguing.

        • Volume12

          Sterns is so physical and looks like he has great length. Another kid with a cool backstory. He’s lead the team in tackles 3 straight years and has the most in the Mike Gundy era.

          He plays like ET man. Fast, fearless, and loves to hit.

  29. Pran

    I think there is no way this will cost 2nd round pick. They may bump the lost 5th up to 3rd comp pick and some fine at max…

    • Rob Staton

      Unfortunately, I suspect that is wishful thinking.

      • Hawk Eye

        yeah, pretty sure they have already decided.
        they just have to finish their investigation to justify it

        Hawks already admitted it, they should penalize them for the stupidity of that as opposed to “the crime”

      • Pran

        Hope not. What are the chances Sherman may go after league if they punish indeed.

    • Coleslaw

      I think the 3rd round comp is a more fitting punishment. Less detrimental for a less serious crime

  30. 12thchuck

    Hey Rob, how many starters do you think we need out of the draft for it to be a successful draft? Or do we need more depth…lets say we sign no one in F/A

    • Rob Staton

      Ideally three impact players I would say — plus competitive depth.

  31. Volume12

    UCLA CB Fabian Moreau runs a verified 4.39 40? ? 6’0, 205 lbs. He’s gonna be a steal for someone.

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Retweeted Assad Tannous (@AsennaWealth):

    The trader who endlessly complains of unfair & rigged markets is a psychological victim. Such traders cannot originate success. -@steenbab

    Sorry seemed relevant.

  33. nichansen01

    There’s talk of UW’s Joe Mathis going as high as round 2.

    • Kenny Sloth

      That’s about his range if he tests as expected

  34. Hawk Eye

    hey Trevor

    the Canucks are playing well in the Shrine game
    some good catches by the TE, he looks pretty smooth
    and Gray had a good block on the td run

    • Trevor

      I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I was not expecting much from this years guys but they looked OK. I think the TE from Laval will get at least an UDFA offer from someone based on measurables alone.

      The jump in competition and different style of game these guys have to adapt to his huge so if they do anything positive at all it is a big accomplishment to be honest.

      The rules in Canadian College Football are the same as CFL with 3 downs and huge wide fields so it really is a different game. The only guys who can adapt are guys who are supremely gifted athletically and usually guys in the trenches to be honest. The skill positions are normally just too big a jump.

      Willson is Canadian but played at Rice same with Christian Covington and a bunch of other Canadian kids who played Div 1 College Football.

      The only Canadian college guys recent who have made the jump are Akeem Hicks, Tadiff the OL on the Chiefs and Onenmayta with NO.

      • Volume12

        I think they said he’s a top 5 prospect for the CFL draft. Probably is an UDFA, 3rd TE type of cat.

        • Hawk Eye

          the problem with players from Canadian university is level of competition and lack of football culture, years of training, etc. Mike Schad was a #1 pick for the Eagles years ago, a guard from Western U. Off the charts athletic ability, but never made an impact. My sisters’ boyfriends’ daughters’ boyfriend (say that fast 5 times!) plays WR at McMaster. I cannot see him standing up physically at a US college.
          Most of the good prospects go to play in the US, very limited athletic scholarships up here, and do you want to aspire to make $60K in the CFL or a min of $500K in the NFL?
          But Quebec has really developed a football culture, guess some of the guys there are too big to skate.

  35. Hawk Eye

    Hawks should draft that punter who keeps snagging those high snaps from the long snapper….

  36. JC

    Saw during the Shrine Game a corner Daniel Jeremiah predicted would be a surprise 1st rounder: Fabian Moreau from UCLA. Coming off Lisfranc, may have elite speed to match good size. Switched from RB.

    • Volume12

      Mayock said earlier in the game, he’s been verified as a 4.39 guy in the 40. But is more likely a 4.4 corner all day long.

      Really solid DB. Uses the sideline well, ball skills, breaks down in the open field coming forward/downhill, STs gunner, battled back from a big time injury as you mentioned.

      However, does he have enough production for a team like Seattle in the early rounds? Because he’s got a lot of the traits.

      • Volume12

        I think Arkansas DE Deatrich Wise (6’5, 275 lbs, 35″ arms, 82″ wingspan) is a guy to keep ?’s on. Would be a great selection in the 4th or 5th round. Size, length, motor, technique. Raw, but man, there’s so much to work with there. Needs to get his a** down more when lined up and his pads as well. Not only does he look the part, but he’s disruptive as hell.

        • Trevor

          Reminds me of Daniel Hunter a little when he was coming out of LSU but even more raw.

          • Volume12

            That’s a really good comp actually. He showed well in the run game today. Has a great arm over move. Raw power man.

            He’s gonna be one of the steals of the draft IMO.

            • Trevor

              Yeah I agree but I think he could go higher than people expect. I would be shocked if he is still on the board by the end of day #2. There are just not many guys with that size and length. Ton of upside with the right coaching. Hunter got lucky to go to Zimmer and the Vikings has developed into a star.

  37. Hawk Eye

    Grigson fired.
    just because he has a bad oline, bad d line, no linebackers and bad db’s?
    no running game?
    He was a genius, drafted Luck and #1!
    Hope he gets the job in SF now…

  38. Hawk Eye

    Luck at #1

  39. Kenny Sloth

    The only DL I can’t see underperforming at the combine is Jonathan Allen.

    It would be unsurprising for any other name to have an up and down wprkout

  40. Misfit74

    Question: would the Seahawks trade a pick (3rd? 4th? 5th?) in order to move up for a guy like Bolles or Ramczyk? I know we don’t often make moves like that, but if solving one of our OT spots is a top priority….

    Same question for a opened CB or S?

    What if a guy Ike Tim Williams slips into striking distance? I think he would be a lethal edge rusher in our system.

    • WALL UP

      Wasn’t their 4th Rd pick part of Jefferson’s trade up with the Pats last year?

      • Volume12

        With Seattle signing Perish Cox and hiring Clint Hurtt who had some red flags in college, recruiting violations, I think so far this off-season has reaffirmed the fact they’ll gamble on talent even if there’s character concerns or off the field stuff.

        One reason why I think OT Cam Robinson is becoming more and more likely of a potential selection (depending on his combine).

        • WALL UP

          Hurtt was a great hire. He will help to develop the young players that need to fine their way. One player that will benefit greatly is Reed. The hope is to keep his aggression between the whitsel & not crossing the line.

          Hurtt knows first hand the pitfalls of crossing that line & has benefited from that experience. He could help thwart such mishaps by all players young & older vets as well, even MikeB. Hurtt is well respected around the league, a great hire!

          • WALL UP

            I guess all of us ‘find’ are way at times.

        • WALL UP

          If he is available, he’ll make a good RT for them, with a little help now and then from the TE. They will run the ball behind Ifedi and Robinson though. I think he’s gone before their pick.

          • Volume12

            Very possible. I’ve heard his off the field stuff will drop him.

            I actually think the kid from Troy is gonna rise into the top 25 with a good SR bowl.

            • Wall Up

              I hope he doesn’t. If Bolles & C-Ham were gone @ 26, I see a trade dn with CHI or CLEV & select Garcia as their 1st pick. Either way, there should be should be someone there that will help them right away with their 1st pick.

              • Volume12

                If he has a good SR bowl and combine he will. He’s a true LT.

                I don’t see but 1 change coming to this O-line. RT is my guess. Could be filled in FA. And probably a vet to push/backup Fant. Riley Reiff should be the target.

                Threre’s not 32 blue chip prospects, never is, but there’s about 40-45 guys that are worth a 1st this year.

      • Misfit74

        Yes, I think you’re right. I couldn’t remember.

    • Hawktalker

      I sure get you reasoning, but from comments made so far and draft history, I feel like they wouldn’t give up a top pick, and the opporinity to pick up another need/impact player for an O line pick.

      I have this feeling that if they don’t trade down, they may have a shot to pick one of the top 3 OTs if they really want to. However if they can get an upgrade in FA without breaking the bank, get a good pick in a later round and feel that they will get significant improvement across the board after another year of development, they may have a very hard time using a top pick in such a loaded draft for the OT spot we talk about so often.

      I personally feel like you do and that they need a heavier focus on fixing the oline than I hear management communicating. However, management may lose just be playing their cards close to their vest and want to make sure they don’t cause any of their current oline to lose their confidence with as much as management talks them up.

      Knowing that they are already down a pick in the fifth from a previous violation and seeing how deep the draft is, I personally if the may try a combination of drafting down and up to get some of the best available to pick up an impact FS (my favorite Budda), a needed CB (King or Tankersley) and a LB (Riddick).
      I haven’t figured out how to get those guys without some kind of trade up (hopefully that also includes a trade don so we don’t lose a pick completely) so my other dream I’m adding as my favorite second tier RB, the human cannon ball, tank, mini-Earl Campbell – Samaje Perine (after watching a ton of tape I am now addicted to how his pounding running style could be a great with with the Hawks, which makes me somewhat depressed since I don’t see any way for the Hawks to have a high enough pick to grab him after getting their other needs and impact players) – it is sure something else watching this physical freak of a strong man run over and around people and watch him break tackles and just lay a beat down on the defense the way the Hawks used to in the days of beast-mode. Well there it is, a guy can dream right?

      • Hawktalker

        Another mind bender is what if Damarcus Walker is available with our top pick? It may come down to an opportunity cost situation where if you take him, even though he could likely be a huge impact player, are you ok passing on Budda Baker if he is the other option available? Sure can’t pass on a CB as that appears to truely be a need position that must be addressed.

        This will be a tricky draft to manage. However, I know we’ll get a lot more clarity after we see what happens in FA (get Campbell!!!) and get a look at the combine results. . . .

      • Misfit74

        Finally someone else who loves Perine! If he doesn’t run super slow, shows a decent 10-yard split, I’ll be thrilled. His balance is awesome. I think he has room to get even better, too. Talk about a pounder.

        • Hawktalker

          Can’t help myself, watching more new Perine tape tonight. Hoooooleeey. Cow. Such balance power and definitely enough speed to do what we need.

          If the Hawks do choose to upgrade/release Collins or Kearse, if I’m the Hawks FO I try to make some kind of trade, with lower picks if needed, to get a draft pick from the other team high enough to get Perine. Rawls, Perine and Prosise would be a brutal stable of throughbreads to have in the talented and punishing RB stable. How about a stable like that and an Oline that can run block? Hello Super Bowl.

          • Sea Mode

            There is definitely a lot to like about Perine. Hulk-like build and strength, and also has the intimidation factor going for him, one of those “bout that action, boss” type of guys that the whole locker room respects and sort of fears in a way.

            If what they are looking for is a short yardage pounder, I think he would be a great choice. His strength makes him unique, as well as his low-to-the-ground running style, which he says he picked up as a result of injuring his knee. So he is trying to protect his knees by lowering his shoulders so far in front and punishing defenders.

            Anyway, I think it will come down to what are the Hawks looking for. There are definitely a lot more complete backs out there who will likely be available much later. And if he costs, let’s say, a Rd.3 pick, it seems hard they would make that happen with their other needs.

        • D-OZ

          Count me in as loving Perine…

  41. LeoSharp

    Liking the look of Mike Needham LB 6’4 210lbs. Plays for Southern Utah so not a big school but the athleticism and production are all there. 76 tackles, 9TFLs, 8 PBU, 5 Ints, 3 sacks.
    He apparently ran a 4.4 in the forty his freshman year at 205lbs as well.
    At the very least he looks fast and physical on special teams.

  42. Kenny Sloth

    Tom Brady is like when you get your player to 99 overall in Madden and don’t know what to do with the extra points xD

    • Hawktalker

      Ha so funny but so very true . . . Have a mental love/hate relationship with that guy. Sure one talented and cool cucumber.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Tough son of a gun

        • Hawk Eye

          great player, unbelievable competitor. I hate to say the best of all time because there are some many things to consider, but hands down top 5, no question.
          But a better athlete at 39 than 29? When he was training his whole life?
          Because he does not eat strawberries or drink coffee?
          Check out his personal trainer (his partner in TB12), then go back and read what Lance Armstrong said, Justin Gatlin, Tim Montgomery, Marion Jones, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Ben Johnson and others have said when their performance was questioned. Deja vu all over again.

          when something sounds too good to be true, sounds unrealistic, that is because it is not true.
          Having said that, I have studied PED’s for 35 years and I strongly suspect at least half of the NFL is using or has used PED’s. They are all bigger, stronger faster and there is too much money at stake.
          And every trainer in the NFL knows who is using, there are lots of signs besides acne or testing.

          • Ishmael

            I’ve got a mate who’s a trainer at the elite level over in England, he tells me that over 85% of NFL players are on PEDs so I’d say your 50% is being very generous.

            The NFL will never, ever, do anything about it though. They’ve seen what happened to baseball and cycling, much easier to keep pretending Brady and James Harrison manage to keep getting better in their late-30s through good old fashioned hard work.

            • Hawk Eye

              you are probably right, 50% was me being nice.
              James Harrison working out at 4 am when the plane gets back from a game, at 38 years old.
              No big red flag there!
              And Brady’s trainer is a convicted snake oil salesman. NFL is worried about air pressure in a football, but not that the Pats have at least 20 guys from the team seeing this guy.

  43. WALL UP

    What are your thought of this as a possible RT:

    He’s Danish late bloomer (26 yrs). He reminds me of the big Russian.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s grown on me the more I hear about him.

      Not sure if he’d win over Cable

    • Hawktalker

      I like him, also a monster like a Ifeddi. What a pair of gorillas potentially on the right side.

      • Hawktalker

        Odd the text entry tool for this blog wants to change/mis-spell so may of the words I enter.

  44. swisshawk

    As I watched some clips on youtube I found a highlights tape of Corn Elder (db, miami) and was impressed. If someone with experience could find some time to check him out, I would be very glad for an assesment. For my untrained eye he looked like a possibility for nickel corner for the hawks. He plays agressive, tackles really well and had some nice reads and pbu’s. His listed measurements of 5-10 and 180 could be a problem, but his stats show that he can flat out play:
    76 tackles, 55 solo
    12 pbu’s, of which more than one were really near to be intercepted
    1 int
    1 forced fumble
    4.5 tfl
    3 sacks

    In my opinion he could even be a later round possibility to back up Earl if he runs fast enough. I have the feeling that his hard hitting, his flying to the ball and his ability to locate and play the ball could warrant such consideration.
    I would really appriciate your opinions, thank you and have a nice championship weekend (although without the hawks playing it can’t be, right? πŸ™ )

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