Video: Change is needed in Seattle, one way or another


  1. Whit21

    Thats why I believe this is Pete’s swan song. There’s a good chance that this is petes last year. Bringing in old players and making amends with a lot of guys that have since retired.(Richard Sherman interview) I think most fans have asked for an actual D coord. Bring in a real offensive coord. The work around was a “Sean Mckvay guy” for RW.

    They can use Geno and Waldron as scape goats? I’m not sure they are not that naïve to believe. The days of a defensive head coach is disappearing. Even Bill Belichick running the team has shown to be a disaster. If bill leaves, then Pete should retire. The Nick Saban comparison was good. he has always had a top O coord. that go on to other jobs, but when Pete wants “his guys” that should be factored in what direction they want to go.

    I don’t blame Geno 100% for not converting 3rd and 4 to 6 yards. But you can see where he should go with the ball to get firsts and he chucks it downfield. They don’t attack the middle enough with DK, fant, dissly, or anyone. its deep balls and sideline throws for the most part. And screen passes… Can we not see WR bubble and RB screens 5 or more times a game? They’re great change of pace when you run and pass equal amounts but it seems like a huge part of their game plan.

    I think Pete does have an influence on some of the plays his OC has, because it doesn’t matter who is calling plays, it looks the same in a lot of ways, even with Shotty or Bevell. Only difference, was Russell Wilson, formations, and block scheme. I think we all said the same thing back with Bevell. The route concepts were always below average. I know I said it. That’s a big reason I felt good about moving to Shottenhiemer*… That improved until teams just started playing 2 deep safety looks.

    Iv been asking for former head coaches to come in and be coord. but the run on them has gone by really. You could have lured Beienemy last year but didn’t, Flores is running a good defense in Minnesota now. Josh McDaniel’s could probably run back to NE if BB isn’t let go. There’s other good examples around the NFL as well.

    Its not ideal to get a stud offensive coach from college, especially if they can get a good HC job in college. Can they pull off another college head coach overnight deal with Harbaugh, like they did with Pete? Doubt it. The front office isn’t in dire mode with Paul Allen gone.

    I just have low hopes for this team and feel like all the good things came from Paul Allen having the right front office guys around and a no nonsense approach that produced good, bold choices that where money was not a factor. Gone are those days and Jody Allen is just trying to hold together ghosts of a Super bowl team.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Good thoughts….

      I’ve read a lot of people speculating about the ownership situation and how that impacts Carroll’s status.

      To me, it has always appeared very straightforward if you assume the 2025 sale date is honored:

      Carroll’s contract runs through 2025, making it easy for a new owner to not have to fire anyone, and being able to hire their own person. Allen can steward the team to the new owner, easy.

      Hiring a new coach would present a challenge of competitiveness – would a new coach want to choose the uncertainty of a new owner coming in in 2025?

      If Allen is indeed selling in 2025, then the only reasonable alternative to Carroll would be to promote a coach in-house such as Izzo, and promote Olson to HC & Scott as DC.

      It makes no sense for Allen to both be not selling the franchise and to be retaining Carroll indefinitely:

      If Allen is not planning on selling, then insuring success by installing a new coach, and a coach beholden to her.

      Keeping Carroll has little benefit to Allen if she intends to stay as owner for a time – we imagine she is his friend? Much like a new owner would like to handpick their coach, Allen would likely want to handpick her

      There is so much evidence suggesting that the intent was to complete the sale in 2025 and let the new owner select their own coach. If a firing happens, I suspect Izzo will be given HC duties. If Allen intends to stay, a 2024 transition makes the most sense.

      • Gary

        What about this question – are loyal fans willing to just wait around till 2025 for this clown show to finally be over? I for one will not spend another dollar on the PeteHawks.

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        This is the rub.

        If fan opinion turns strongly against Carroll, I think this forces her hand to make a move to a degree…

        After all, keeping him is all about ease of transition, nice stories, her brothers legacy, etc…

        Look at it from Allen’s perspective, if you shitcan Carroll after the Cowboys game, you’ve created in season chaos and have split the fan base, that would be a hard one

        Your best case scenario is to convince Carroll that retirement wouldn’t be so bad, he announces it before the Cowboys game, or the Steelers game, his choice, but before the Cowboys game as it gives plenty of time to stack the house for a thunderous applause departure at the Stealers game.

        If she moves on before 2025, it will be in the days following then Cardinals game.

        • Brodie

          The problem is that Pete is perpetually convinced we’re a tweak here and a lucky bounce there from being a contender or winning every game. As such, he’ll pitch that narrative that we are still in the hunt and they just need more time. He’s been talking around concerns for years.

          Listen to him speak. He’s lost the plot. If it weren’t for some penalty or dropped pass the whole game would have gone differently – every single loss. There is sincere bewilderment on his face as he chomps his wad of gum and stares at a 31-13 scoreboard.

          “i need to do better at XYZ” is just lip service. We’ve seen the same stale offense and bend-don’t-break (except sometimes break) defense for years. Back to front roster construction with awful cap management and desperate trades. Do we learn from these mistakes and course correct? Not that I’ve seen. We just fulfill the definition of insanity.

          ** This sounds really harsh as I read it, but I just listened to his 9ers recap with Salk and it’s just always the same thing. ‘We’ve got to do better’ and ‘things didn’t go our way’ are some excuses that I’ve had my fill of over the years. Along with

          – It being ‘unexpected’ when we look like shit.
          – The team that whipped us didn’t do anything that we weren’t expecting.
          – “The game was in hand… to be shifted”
          – “Bradford (insert other rookie as necessary) is a guy we like in there, but he didn’t get a chance to play”

        • Whit21

          I predicted earlier in the year that pete steps down as HC and stays VP of football operations. Yhen hures dan quinn from the cpwboys.. if pete isnt the coach next year.. i want to say this is the most likely scenario.

          Theres another seahawk site writing articles about dan quinn already.. even though i said it earlier in the season..

      • Rokas

        100% this. Like 100 %.

  2. Big Mike

    Lots to unpack here and I’ll start with the route concepts. It wasn’t just against the Niners it isn’t just Shane Waldron. Chris Sims has said over at least the last 7 or 8 years that Seattle runs a simplistic offense. It’s Pete Carroll it’s always Pete Carroll.

    • Whit21

      Yeah.. i know my post was a bit long. I also remembered that was my complaint of Bevell. Just basic routes and an offense that was basically carried by marshawn and RW.. so many games where they did read option and basic offense that had a top level RB and QB duo with quick and shifty smaller WR.. i do miss golden tates toughness and elusivness, even when he would go backwards and give of the first down he would have had if he just went down or fell foward..

      • Big Mike

        Yes I read your entire post it was excellent. I strongly believe as the years go on the entire offense was able to function as well as it did because of Marshawn and because of Wilson’s threat of running. It sounds simplistic but it worked despite the well documented limitations.

  3. Big Mike

    Your love of the Northwest fills me with pride being a native Washingtonian.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a remarkable place. Even more so with the weather this week — my favourite. Sunny but cold/crisp.

      • Big Mike

        We do have Fall days like this and I’m sure as Curtis told you sometimes it’s a monsoon. Pleased that you got the former rather than the latter.

      • Whit21

        Being in Tacoma, i feel the same.. well im sure everyone feels the same.. nice sunny days in Sept. To November.. sun can come out more than you think and makes a light brisk day that you dont have to bundle up for. Then December comes and January is usually worse lol..

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Native Washingtonians always told me my problem was I was born somewhere else (Nevada Hospital, but came home to California)

      I do like it when it is pouring rain in Seattle and area, keeps all the crowds away.

  4. Dave Stacey

    Rob, you mentioned in a recent video you wouldn’t be surprised at us being in the mix for a big trade for an established QB, with Josh Allen being your guess if we were in the mix.

    What would you be prepared to trade for Allen?

    • Rob Staton

      Whatever it takes

      • mantis

        Rob, I was at the Hawks and Kraken games as well, at least i got a 50/50 split
        Go Canucks Go!!

        Glad you enjoyed your trip, keep us the good work

        • BobbyK

          Ditto on the Seahawks and Kraken game. Fun two days!

    • Peter

      The final nail in the coffin.

      One one hand roll the dice but 4-5 years of club control.

      On the other hand the team that has overpaid for nearly every trade with a coach and coordinator problem for a QB with a once shining star but has basically shown he to can not move mountains alone.

      If it works amazing.

      If it goes like most all the other trades John and Pete can both go.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Shocking to think that the Bills would even consider that move.

      Allen still would suffer from the coaching, but he would move the needle towards perennial contender as far as anyone else could.

      • Dave Stacey


        I do wonder if they miss out on the playoffs and he suffers with some more turnover towards the game whether a blockbuster offer might tempt them.

        3 R1s
        2 R2s
        3 R3s
        Ken walker and Woolen, maybe that would make them at least consider ….

        • Dave Stacey

          Including 3 R3s is probably a bit rich.

          But I do think they should consider something very aggressive if either Josh Allen or the no1 overall pick is potentially for sale.

  5. ShowMeYourHawk

    I’m 100% onboard for a full “rip-off the bandaid” exodus of Pete and all the underlings.

    Not sure how JS factors into a rebuild. Should he be given full reign to oversee a new HC, the staff and sole possession of roster building? If the overwhelming understanding is that JS has been limited to shopping for the items on Pete’s grocery list, himself only being able to choose between the brand name or the generic versions, then I’d say, yes. Give him a shot to build the team in his vision.

    The only coaches I’d hate losing in a full teardown would be Izzo (who goes unheralded for doing a great job) and Dickerson, who seems like he’s got a great coaching future ahead of him.

  6. Whit21

    So 2 firsts and a slew of other picks with maybe players like they did for RW? From the great film Dodgeball an undersog story.. “thats a bols strategy cotton, lets see if it pays off”

    • Whit21

      Meant to reply to Rob.. not sure what my phone did….

  7. GeorgiaSeahawks

    From a post in the previous article, a couple guys were ranking QBs to take in the draft, and the 2nd one had a few then said after that, do not want anyone else. There are many others that could play well if given the chance.

    Wish we would’ve signed Minshew instead of retaining Lock for almost a half mil. more. He came in because of injuries and won several games at Jax as a rookie, even had some big play and other stats like % under pressure best in the league just ahead of Wilson that year. He was a 6th rounder as was Brady; Purdy was at the end of the 7th.

    The problem is we’ve only drafted a QB very late once in 13 years besides Wilson. Why not take a chance on day 3 that we get at least a good backup if not a possible starter? That can happen in addition to getting one in round 1, or could’ve been rd. 2 if not for the rental DT that didn’t help.

    We should’ve been drafting a QB somewhere in the draft at least every other year for a backup if not a starter. Other teams draft a QB in the mid to late rounds frequently, and like Minshew, Purdy and a few others, can play well when they get in the game. Dallas has had at least 2 in Romo and Prescott who started out as backups and won the job because of injuries, as did Brady and Kurt Warner. Pete, like with his coaches, just goes with the guys he knows over and over.

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Hey, that was me!

      7 QBs is a lot for me! And that doesn’t include Caleb Williams, so 8!

      Last year was

      Stroud, Levis, ARich, 5th or later Bennett, McKee, DTR

      2022 was 0, and I still want none of them.

      • GeorgiaSeahawks

        Even in ’22, Purdy and maybe Howell weren’t on your list but went on day 3, and wish we would’ve taken a chance and drafted either one of them. Another bonus with both of those 2 day 3 QBs – they make less than or just over 1 mil./yr until the end of the 2025 season.

        I think JS’s GB background had him wanting to take a QB several times on at least day 3 over the years. But Pete has “his guys”. He was praising Geno before the SF game about what he’s went through and how tough he is, and then blaming the loss on Waldron after the game as Rob said.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Pete talks JS into keeping as many of them as possible next year, maybe not drafting a QB until late, and also keeping the safeties if possible, even if it means renegotiating their contracts again.

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          Not all player performance is equal, Purdy playing for Carolina is probably out of the league, same with Howell.

          I’ve posited that Carroll did not want QBs drafted highly so as to not ruffle RW’s feathers. I do think that Carroll is in jeopardy for 2025 season, and have noted that the team is not swiping the card on 2025.

          If the team gives up 2 firsts for Josh Allen, all bets are off.

          • UkAlex6674

            Not sure I’m getting all this love for Allen.

            Good player. But why would he suddenly become the one to lead us to a Superbowl when he hasn’t on some good Bills teams?

            Hard pass all the way for me.

            • Rob Staton

              Because he’s shown his quality

              • Peter

                He’s 4-4 in playoffs having won the division 3 years running.

                He’s expensive will be 28 next year.

                He definitely no doubt gets more points than Geno now. Trading two firsts plus with a bottom third defense and no real way to get impact players which the team needs…Witherspoon and no others currently feels like a move which frankly the broncos, browns, and similar teams that can’t get out of their own way do.

                Take all the complaints you have of Pete. Add more points and ,yes we need to be right here, even more turnovers is that a move thar realistically changes anything for seattle?

                • RMK-LouCityHawk

                  See my comment above about not all results being equal…

                  Allen immediately makes this team a legitimate contender. He simply can do a lot of things that Geno cannot.

                  The offense for Allen would look very different, the WR corps are much better Than the Bills, and for all our scheming issues, it is better than what he is enduring in Buffalo

                  • Peter

                    I don’t know. Buffalo has had a top 5 scoring defense in 4 of the last five years.

                    Allen again would definitely improve scoring but beyond that there’s no evidence I can quantify to say definitively Allen from 18 0n would have the seahawks with all over moves equal. Including cross, mafe, witherspoon because to have drafted Alken would have been the subtraction of those players.

                  • BK26

                    One thing that I will say about Pete: guys like playing for him. He makes it more enjoyable than most. Takes the heat for the players too.

                    And our offense would definitely appeal to him.

          • clbradley17

            So what’s the excuse for not drafting QBs the last 2 years? He doesn’t want to ruffle Geno’s feathers? Unless you have an exceptional starter and backup, why not draft a QB someplace in the draft almost every year to either improve the backup or find a diamond in the rough like a Brady, Romo, Prescott, Warner, etc.?

            And if they’re a late round QB like these 4 guys or other lesser ones like Minshew, Purdy or Howell, they cost you the league min. for 4 years, and you can build the rest of the team towards a SB competitor if possible. Howell plays for a lousy team that just traded away several of it’s best players, and he’s way more exciting than Geno. He has over 3300 yards with 5 games left and almost beat us with 3 TDs and no ints. after the trades.

            Purdy makes some excellent throws most of the time, but both have interceptions and make mistakes. but neither has looked nearly as bad as Geno this year besides 2 early games or one or 2 drives here and there. The point is we should have opportunities to draft a QB almost every year in the chance he’s the next Wilson, Prescott or Brady on a cheap contract for at least 4 years, and not limit it to just a few of the top names in the top 3 rounds and that’s it.

            • RMK-LouCityHawk


              IDK – my guess is that the Org felt like I did (and still do) over the 2022 draft – hard pass. The two QBs you highlight would look like hot garbage with other coaches (see my above comment and BK26 below).

              2023-didn’t get a shot at Stroud or ARich, and all other QB were taken above where the Org slotted them, also, probably a belief that Lock was a better fit for 2023.

              Just guessing.

              The cult of late round QB gold is coming out to spread its good word, but I’m not buying, first round (if that is your grade) is the way to go…every round that passes increases the chance that the QB will never get to their potential. All the while burning a spot on your 53-man for a QB3.

            • BK26

              I don’t get the focus of getting cheap: “we can’t draft an early round qb, it’s too expensive. Let’s try to win the lottery instead!”

              Do. The. Work.
              Find. Your. Guy.
              Get. Him.

              First round is the best chance. Enough of the cheap mindset. Problem with the team and problem with the fans.

        • BK26

          I don’t want Purdy or Howell. They show what coaching can do. Howell is showing that he might have it but he has an amazing coordinator. Purdy, just no.

          • AlaskaHawk

            You can add Las Vegas to the list of coach change followed by replacing Garappolo with Perdues QB O’Conner. He is playing as well as anyone the Seahawks have signed up. We tend to valuec arm strength too much. Accuracy , throwing a catchable ball, seeing the field and the ability to scramble are important too.

            • BK26

              O’Connell shows why you keep drafting even if you have “a guy.” Gives you more ammo and more preparation for the future. Cupboard isn’t completely bare that way.

  8. RMK-LouCityHawk

    A quick thought on the Head Coaching replacement

    I’ve mentioned that if Carroll is fired in season Izzo is the obvious choice for HC.

    Thinking about offensive minded HC candidates-I’m reading a lot of people interested in Bienemy, Ben Johnson, Bobby Slowik, Frank Smith and Brian Callahan. I wonder how each of those would play with the fan base.

    I suppose DeBoer would satiate the locals at least.

    • Joseph

      Jody Allen won’t fire Pete. She’s incompetent haha

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        Can you point me to your evidence as to why Allen wouldn’t fire Carroll?

        • BobbyK

          The last 5 years?

          • Joseph

            Especially considering she gave Pete an unnecessary extension a few years ago that we have to wait for it to end in 2025 and she chose him over Russell. I strongly believe she has a personal relationship with him.

            • RMK-LouCityHawk

              How was the extension unnecessary?

              RW allegedly asked ownership to choose. Rumor was it was PC and JS, why would she cast the franchise into chaos for an aging QB?

              What evidence of a personal relationship do you have?

          • RMK-LouCityHawk

            Yeah, that isn’t going to cut it, if you assume the sale happens in 2025 like was planned.

  9. Big Mike

    Here’s an example of how bad the apathy has set in with the fanbase. It’s just one person but it’s indicative of many others I’d guess.

    My mom is 90 and a huge football fan, especially of course the Seahawks as she’s lived in Washington for 72 of her 90 years. She’s watched the team faithfully since their inception. I’m going over to visit she and my dad this coming week and told her I could hook the laptop up to their TV so we could watch the game and her response was: “Why? They’re just going to get beat badly again. I’d rather watch Jeopardy!” (we’re both dedicated Jeopardy! viewers).
    Me too mom, me too. 🙁

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Apathy is right.

      I’ve actually never felt the fan base like this.

      So clear that new blood is needed.

    • Sten

      My family is the same way. “we can watch it on teevo if they won.” We sat through the last holmgren season and the jim mora saga and never forgot to tune in, I mean we’d turn it off in the 3rd quarter but at least we’d be excited to watch

    • cha

      The game Thursday was loaded with Niner fans.

      You are always going to get some opposition fans at games. The PNW is an attractive place many have moved to and there is a very strong military base presence, which brings in people from all over the country.

      But this was different. Thursday was the one game I’ve been to in Seattle that had the most opposition fans in attendance.

      Which says something.

      • RMK-LouCityHawk

        Worse than a Blue Jays game? Those used to feel like a visitor as a M’s fan.

        • cha

          I should have clarified that I meant just Seahawks games.

          Yeah I have been to several Blue Jays games and felt the same as you.

  10. UkAlex6674

    Houston why?

    3rd and half a yard.

    4th and half a yard.

    Just run the damn ball ffs.

  11. Whit21

    Watching the steelers vs Bengals game and the steelers broke their streak of no 400 yard games… 6 days after firing their OC.. Steelers didnt capitalize with many points but, a noticeable difference with TEs.. Which boggles me with how McVay can make average TEs look like all pros against the hawks.. Waldron cant get them involved at all..

  12. RMK-LouCityHawk

    Stroud showing a lot of magic.

    Is he going to pull out this win?

    Makes me sick we were so close to him, still, worse to be a Panthers fan.

  13. Big Mike

    Win or lose today, it must be nice to be a fan of the Houston Texans right now. Like the Seahawks in 2011. SIGH

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Maybe…until Slowik gets poached.

      • Big Mike

        Must be their OC? Maybe or maybe it’s just that Stroud is simply that good.

        • 509 Chris

          I think a rookie playing that well has to mean the coaching is good. Not taking anything away from the player because he’s absolutely executing at a top level but Manning and Luck for example did take a couple seasons to find their feet without stellar coaching, and Purdy with the best offensive mind in football is succeeding with his talent because the coaches are putting him in a place to do so. I’ll wrap up by saying what most of the Seahawks universe is saying, I’m jealous and really hope new coaching in Seattle is sooner than later because the young core of this team won’t be young for long.

        • 509 Chris

          I also think that qb play in our fair city won’t matter much until we get proper coaching. I think Geno should be playing better. Either they aren’t scheming things that allow him to throw faster or he’s not executing the coaches calls and needs to be benched. Either way the blame falls at the top as long as the product on the field continues to be so sub par.

  14. GeorgiaSeahawks

    Asked in the last article earlier today, do you think you’re going to be able to make it to the Senior Bowl in a couple months, or will you be working? Would be fantastic to see how great the interviews and content would be if you were there in person, but you always outdo yourself every year no matter what.

  15. Parallax

    Wishing you a good trip home, Rob. Hopefully not too much jet-lag going the other way. Hope you can make it back soon.

    What you’ve written is what I’ve been feeling for a long time. That this team is unimaginative and boring to watch. I wouldn’t mind losing if we were doing a better job of trying to improve, keeping an eye on the long term goal. I won’t go on another rant about that horrendous trade. I too have never felt this hopeless and I’ve rooted for some pretty hapless Seattle teams. Even when we won just two games in a full season, I felt more optimistic.

    I had long been on the fence about Carroll but the trade put me well over the line. I’ve hated many of the contracts when we took them on too. Like when we signed Dissley. I like the guy; really do. But a team needs to be aware of value and that contract ain’t it. Diggs’ contract seemed like a reward for team loyalty. I get it but was anyone else going to sign him for remotely as much coming off an injury? I’ve long thought it would be smart to trade some guys when they have value.

  16. Joseph

    I really can’t stand Petehawk fans. They always try to place the blame on someone else. But they worship him when Seattle wins haha. I’ve seen some fans say they’ll listen to former players like KJ and Sherm and we fans who want Pete gone, to them were stupid bandwagons. Of course KJ and Sherm are gonna side with Pete but they’re as blind as Petehawk fans and the Seattle media. They actually think we will be fine and are just content with the same crap every year because they think we’re in rebuild lol. I feel like we’re regressing but of course they’ll place blame on anyone else but Pete. Unfortunately for these fans at some point Pete will be gone so they better be prepared for that day. They really need to get outta that Time Machine.

  17. Peter

    Remember when we were slow playing JSN and holding back super secret plays to only get swept by the rams so we could defeat the niners?…well

    You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    I’m telling you why

    The the LA rams are looking for win number five….

    • Palatypus

      You better not run,
      You better not try,
      You better throw deep,
      I’m telling you why,
      Waldron Clause is soon leaving town.

      • Peter

        On the 12th day of Xmas my coach gave me:

        12 plus one penalties
        11 3 and outs
        10 yards from eskridge
        9. Runs with a lead
        8. Or more explosive plays
        7 quarters without a td
        6 almost had ’ems
        5 …..straight losses ( God I hope not)
        4 run it backs
        3 safety JAGS
        2. Adams headers
        1 and a brand new OC scapegoat

        • Palatypus

          Hear we come a Carrolling,
          Upon the field of green,
          See the flags a’flying,
          So fair to be seen,
          So may misery come to you,
          and may five straight loses too,

          And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year,
          And God send you a Happy New Year.

          We are not daily beggars
          That beg from game to game,
          But this stupid coach staff,
          Has brought us all to shame,

          And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year,
          And God send you a Happy New Year.

          • Big Mike

            Man there’s some creative people here. You guys rock

            • Palatypus

              I always enjoy the Chipmunks version of that one.

            • Palatypus

              I missed a lyric in there. I’ll fix it.

              We are not daily beggars
              That beg from game to game,
              But this stupid coach staff,
              Has brought us all to shame,
              So let Pete’s gum be chewed,
              and duck when it’s thrown at you!

              • Peter

                Carrol got ran over by a niner
                Going from the lockers to the field
                People say it’s not so much bad coaching
                But as for me and SDB we believe

                He’d been drinking too much kool-aid
                And we begged him for Cha’s plan
                But he forgot we were middling
                When he staggered on that field
                When we found him that thanksgiving
                At the scene of the attack
                He had that confused look on his forehead
                Turned out he didn’t have shanes back

                Oh everyone now

                Carrol got ran over by a niner
                Going from the lockers to the field
                People says it’s not so much bad coaching
                But as for me and SDB we believe

                • Palatypus

                  *Golf clap*

  18. BobbyK

    At least we have all our draft picks to look forward to. Oh, wait.

    • bmseattle

      Leonard Williams was our best defensive player on Thursday… and it mattered not one tiny bit.

      And Pete’s optimism that LW will want to re-sign here, because the culture is so great and we are a winning team?
      Yeah… might want to reassess that one Pete.

      And even if we *do* sign him, we have fewer assets to make the team around him better, and he’ll just be wasted playing on this defense for the next couple of years while we keep spinning our wheels.

      Such a terrible trade… and it’s got nothing to do with the player (except, perhaps, his age).

      • Jabroni-DC

        The only way that trade makes any sense to me is if Pete truly believed that we were one ‘Leonard Williams’ away from becoming the Super Bowl favorite.

        Pete’s problem is that every time he gets a little whiff of contention he goes straight to his ‘O Face’ (for those that have seen Office Space). “John! We’re in first place in the…O, O, O…NFC West. Let’s forget next year’s draft & O, blow it now!”

        • BobbyK

          Such BS because all of us idiots knew we weren’t 1-player away. Agreed that LW is our best defender not named Witherspoon, but such a waste of resources when we should have been focused on NOT screwing the future over.

          • Jabroni-DC

            I’ve known Pete was delusional since the start of the 2016 season when he decided that we no longer needed on offensive line. That’s when it was time to activate the ejection seat. Now 8 seasons downstream…

  19. Big Mike

    Denver now 6-5. Same team that gave up 70 to the Phins a couple of months ago.. Coaching make a difference much?

    • bmseattle

      Amazing how their defense has turned it around.
      Also… it’s fun cheering for Russ now that he’s an underdog of sorts.

      • BobbyK

        Definitely. I’ll cheer for him. I just cheered against him last year because of those picks (too bad they couldn’t have sucked a little worse so they could have gotten Stroud).

        • jed

          That’s the biggest miss of the Russ trade. Witherspoon is great and all, but I’d gladly trade him, JSN, Hall, and next years 1 for Stroud as the #1 pick.

          • Rob Staton


    • Dave Stacey

      I think for those of us who want Pete out one of the best things that can happen is for the Broncos to continue their good form and make the playoffs.
      Russ and Payton performing well together will take the wind out of the sails of the Anti Russ camp who are celebrating the trade and lauding Pete and JS for making it happen.

      Pete won’t look like such a genius if the Broncos have a playoff run and we miss out.
      Rather a lot of us will be wondering if only we had a good offensive coach during the peak Russ years

  20. John

    Woof some people just refuse to admit Geno is what he is. A journeyman QB

    • bmseattle

      comments below his tweet call him out on such a ridiculous take

    • Rob Staton

      It’s time people just ignored this nonsense

    • BK26

      If you watch either player and think of the other, you have a credibility issue.

      This is why it’s so hard to listen to almost anyone else.

      • Peter

        UK ‘s greatest football mind.

        Just better oline, better scheme, a few more weapons, a few less weapons?, better decisions, warmer weather, less opponents on the field at one time, better aligned Chakras, younger, stronger, more than four downs, yards equal points, redzone trips count the same as TDs, house rules, reverse uno, dibs, no whammies, and of course red in the morning equals qb warning.

  21. Troy

    Watching the creativity of Philadelphia’s offense and even Buffalo’s (after firing their offensive coordinator) brings out the jealousy in me. Meanwhile, no worries in Seattle. Pete Waldron and Clint Carroll will fix our anemic offensive and below average defense.

    • icb12

      Do not fret. I’m predicting Brian Ferentz will be the Seahawks OC next year. Fixed.

      • BK26

        As a Hawkeye fan, I would have an aneurysm. I am not kidding. For as bad as Seattle’s offense is, Iowa struggled to get over 200 total yards in a game.

        Worst passing offense in ALL of college football, except for AF and Navy. Teams that actively don’t throw the ball.

        I know that you are kidding, but that would legitimately be the worst case scenario hahaha!

        • RMK-LouCityHawk

          I couldn’t even tell if they were serious?

          The VMac would be burning from the heat of my gaze…

          Give me DeJean and Lachey, please. But Brian needs to stay far far away.

          Maybe he meant Matt Campbell or Scheelhasse(sp?)…

          • BK26

            I would honestly take anyone else from the program. Except Deacon Hill.

            I get the joke, I just have too much PTSD from Hawkeye football from the last few years!

  22. Jabroni-DC

    If we don’t draft a QB with our 1st round pick the one player that I feel we NEED is Georgia Center Sedrick Van Pran. Dude is a beast, never lost as a starter & would captain our OL until the Ragnarok. Regarding our underachieving offense, QB & C are the 2 positions in greatest need of an upgrade. If the C could call protections like Unger used to do the QB’s job gets easier.

    • BobbyK

      Would love to have him. Absolutely! But this team will never do anything with bums behind center. It’s time to get this GeNO crap era over with.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Hoping we get both positions right this draft. Either QB then C, or if their top QB is gone, C then QB.

  23. Tomas

    Pete can still win another Super Bowl assuming he undergoes a brain transplant, but I don’t think Doug Pederson would be agreeable.

    • Palatypus

      I’ll get my horde of Mind Flayers right on that.

      • DriveByPoster

        Ooh! A D&D reference. That’s a rarity on a sports blog!
        Nom! Nom! Nom!

  24. Palatypus

    Doesn’t someone on this board have $19,000 on the line in a Survivor League if the Ravens beat the Chargers?

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Someone did…a bet against Staley is a good bet.

      Colts did me right, 3 survivor leagues still going, next week is looking bleak though.

      • Palatypus

        You know, I met Kellen Moore at the Senior Bowl “Meet and Greet” and thought he was a kicker.

  25. Jon W.

    Quandre in coverage
    Is a total disgrace
    And Peacock Adams
    Just let a pass bounce off his face
    These overpaid schlubs just look so meek

    Ole man Pete
    Thinks he’s still in the fray
    Trade a second rounder
    We’re just one player away!
    John Schneider is weeping right now

    CeeDee Lamb
    Just went 80 yards to the house
    And Micah Parsons
    Punched Geno in the mouth
    Dak and the Boys will destroy us next week

    Then the Niners and Philly
    Humiliation extreme
    5 straight losses
    Are you sensing a theme?
    Hopelessness and total despair

    Time to turn it around
    The Titans can be beat!
    But a road loss in Nashville
    Makes it 6 consecutive defeats
    Run for the exits, the season is lost

    • Palatypus

      The Night Before Christmas?

      • Jon W.

        Santa Claus is Coming to Town

        Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer but I just don’t see the Hawks turning it around this year.

  26. RMK-LouCityHawk

    Anyone here ever feel like number 6 from the Prisoner when interacting with certain Seahawks fans? Is it just me?

    • Palatypus

      Iron Maiden?

      • Rushless pass

        I am not a number, I am a free man! One of the many greats they put out!

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Iron Maiden wrote the song based on an old British TV show.

  27. Justaguy

    Is this the same conversation I heard last year around the same holiday. Maybe a good time for change in ownership, front office, coaching and especially philosophy of all three. I even recall a quarterback in the wings was a good idea. How times have not changed? Here we are beating the same drums. This organization is a beached whale, a snake bit horse, a dumpster fire. Pete sticking it out another year is agonizing

  28. Peter

    Cowherd talking about Seattle being a team to watch draft time for a big trade up. Future firsts and maybe DK plus #2 corner (brown?).

    Thinks the qb is the missing piece.

    So who is it folks? Maye?

    I’m lower on Seattle than others and for a whole host of reasons it’s a pass for me on this current team and the seven seed. I actually think Seattle could very well be picking #16-17 as their native pick.

    Bills used two 2’s to move up a few spots. Chiefs one future first to move up around half a round.

    I’d been thinking about players after Williams and Maye so I’ve not watched Maye. Maybe it’s time?

    • Rob Staton

      I have an article written about a possible plan to trade up

      • Peter

        Looking forward to it.

        Chicago at four looks promising.

        1. Chicago
        2. AZ…do they keep rolling with Kyler? I think so and I actually think they could be shopping out of that spot.
        3. NE…stays
        4. Chicago again.

        Though I will say….everyone says Chicago takes Williams but I think that first pick could be for sale. With four in tow and now you get another ransom plus you essentially “buy” another year with fields who is all of a sudden not a strength but not all the problems with the team. Could be interesting.

      • Big Mike

        Looking forward to it. One can always dream. Of course I am dreaming this is the last season of Pete Carroll too so………….

    • McZ

      A new, young, offensive HC and frankly a new sense of responsibility are the missing pieces. Plus a decent assistant coach focused on player development.

      But yes, the ownership won’t intervene when PC trades the future for what they could have at pick 33 this year. And then he will make it a contest and roll with Geno anyways.

      With the hopeless fanbase standing pat, applauding. Same dumb arguments will be made as with the Mariners.

      • Joseph

        Petehawk fans are worse than cowboy fans lol. I’ve seen a lot fans are voicing their displeasure of Pete lately. Then you have the annoying fans who keep defending him and blaming someone else. However, I haven’t seen as many as I did in the past. I know one dude who was defending Pete like crazy last year seemed to turn the other cheek and realize all the bullshit. Petehawk fans act like we won the sb recently, it’s pathetic.

        But yea man I 100% agree. We need a good offensive minded coach. A lot of our drafts picks and trades have been poor because of Pete. I’m still mad at losing a 2nd rounder for Leonard Williams.

        What bothers me just as much as Pete carroll supporters is the fact that Carroll is too stubborn and controlling to realize that he lost his way.

      • Peter

        Tbf let’s look at it this way:

        He IS under contract through 2025, John a little longer.

        So while I rarely like spending against the future the real brakes for spending against that would come in the 2024 season 2025 draft. Meaning I don’t love it but they can spend all their future credit but not beyond.

        Sure I’m actually factually completely over Pete. Half of us on this blog have been making the same comments since 2018. He’s becoming a farce. His act is stale. Of course I want Jodi to get right and move on from him or herself or probably both.

        But short of that I am intrigued to see if the piece they need is a real qb and hopefully an OC not one of Pete’s cronies.

    • BK26

      I don’t like Cowherd and can hardly listen to him. He had a massive ego and that gets in the way. And he also can get used by pundits and doesn’t care, leading to some bad takes (Russ and his agent). BUT…he has his moments. He takes the hits when he is wrong, and he is Colin Cowherd. He does have connections.

      This fascinates me. Someone that matters saying this? It’s a big deal. First step to something serious, a serious change. The comments below are full of…casual or homeric fans. Shocking.

      I’m with you Peter, haven’t looked at Maye because I didn’t see the point. But if they are swinging hard, it could be him. I still think Rattler will be #1 on the list, and wouldn’t need to pay quite as much (as far as maybe…5-10 pick difference goes).

      I would be ok with trading DK and a few 1st’s. Pick up a second if possible. Would a quarterback plus an Xavier Legette, a T’Vondre Sweat, or dare I say it, a Sedrick Van Pran?

      The Youtube clip of Cowherd gave me a hope and excitement that I haven’t felt in a long, long time.

      • Peter

        There’s a lot of WR’s I like but there’s no position I want more than a real center.

      • McZ

        But he’s so proud that he foresaw the Rams taking the SB… sort of, after flip-flopping his opinion a couple of times.

  29. Blitzy the Clown

    Carolina just fired Frank Reich

    Special Teams coordinator Chris Tabor in as interim HC

    • RMK-LouCityHawk

      Could be a crowded HC search this offseason

    • Peter

      Guys like him need to go to college to some sub .500 program and ply their craft there.

      Blame to be sure for having such a non competitive product on the field.

      Alternately dude is cursed or unlucky. The colts are and still remain a mess. And everyone knows Stroud was Reich’s guy but the owner chose young.

      • BK26

        Would be nice to see what he could do without meddling owners. Reich is two for two, and they are two of the worst.

    • jed

      Say hello to your 2024 Seahawks OC.

      • Peter

        Nate Carrol?

        • jed

          A washed Frank or all nepotism team?

          We’re not in a bad spot at all. Go Pete!

  30. Peter

    Headed to the old Google to find out where this Josh Allen trade stuff was coming. I understand it’s from a NY radio host who thinks the Giants should trade for him.

    Got to love sports media.

    The Giants have almost no special players on their team so the solution is eat a zillion dollars at qb and give up their top picks(s) for Allen.

    The Buffalo situation is odd. Allen is a special talent and unlike our own team the head coach actually gets results out of his defense. But if you are the Bills organization do you:

    1. Run it back
    2. Have the coach find an OC who will either: get better results and a better job opportunity like Daboll, or keep them the same.
    3. Get a whole new head coach
    4. Trade Allen for the future after searching for a quarter century for a qb.

  31. SeaTown

    Rob and Blog Faithful,

    Youa ll probably watch a ton more college football than I do. As I have gotten older with kids and family I just don’t have the time to watch more than the big game of the week. That being said, I try to watch players Rob highlights here and one of those I have watched a few tiomes now is Michael Penix of Washington. \

    Rob, you mentioned recently that you see hm possibly slippng a bit into the 2nd day of the draft (maybe even 3rd round). I was wondering though if you all get the same feeling that I do when I watch him. Does he look and play a bit like Tua? Not saying that’s good or bad but that’s the vibe I get. Could Penix be the next Tua? If so, I think I’d sign up for that especially in round 3.

    • Peter

      Not sure about the Tua comp didn’t watch him at all in college.

      Instead a tip for draft needs.

      If you are short of time but curious about a player usually a few days after college GameDay you can find nearly every game certainly featuring most big name players cut up to just every snap on YouTube.

      I always marvel that games take 3 hrs when you see every offensive snap and it’s more like 15-20 minutes.

      I’m not saying everyone needs to do this but it can be fun to see a players rhythm. And sometimes you’ll be watching for a qb, rb, or other but a whole other player will stand out.

      • Peter

        Case in point. I was watching Will Howard and found my very draft hope TE Ben Sinnot.

        Sure bowers and a few others are better, more intriguing, etc, but for a fifth round player who can block and catch….Sinnots my guy.

        Also none of the top TE’s outside of Bowers are my guy. There’s a lot of razzle dazzle but Seattle doesn’t use TE’s so what’s even the point of a top pick there?

        • BK26

          While watching Mizzou and Cook, their running back, Schrader, is who stands out. Don’t know if he even translates, but he keeps moving forward and the defenses can’t stop him.

          Local Division 2 kid that kept pushing and was offered a scholarship by the coach without watching him. Pretty sure it’s paid off for him. 1,500 yards and 13 td’s. Like I said, don’t know if he translates to the NFL (might be a limited athletic set). Those are the players that are fun: the ones that you find without knowing about them. The ones that make you notice them.

          Their play calling also intrigues me. Pure shotgun, which I don’t like, but very good scheming. Kellen Moore’s little brother is the play caller.

          • Peter

            I love that stuff.

            I’ll check him out.

            Still not sure what to think about Cook. Is there something there or is he destined to drafted in round four and never thought of again?

            The all shotgun all the time makes it rough to evaluate qbs.

            • BK26

              He isn’t popping like I thought/hoped. Of course, the two games that I wanted Schrader rushed for 205 and 217, so Cook didn’t have to do much.

              He’s got a little bulldog in him, has a little chip on his shoulder/fieriness. It would definitely be refreshing for Seattle to have some of that. The pure shotgun worries me.

  32. ShowMeYourHawk

    Even with my salty online disposition, I find myself a touch torn when it comes to the immediate future of this franchise. I definitely want a change at HC at season’s end (unlikely?), a change in ownership at the earliest possible opportunity and a young, cost controlled QB to grow the roster with. As such, I SHOULD want this team to completely fail down the stretch to A) expedite Pete’s bon voyage and B) improve our first round draft capital.

    That said, I just can’t gird myself to want my team to fail in games. I often anticipate and expect they will (and boy, have they in recent weeks) but to desire they fail? I really can’t get there. Common sense says that this team is constructed and coached in a mediocre fashion, just good enough to sit at the upper echelon of “Mid” but never be anything greater under current leadership. Regardless, I’ve been emotionally invested for too long (30 years) to desire that they fail. If we had a clear path to the future with knowing when Pete will be out, when Jody sells and what JS’ future with the organization is, I think I’d be more ardent in my determination to see the deconstruction arrive. Until then, I still find myself disappointed when they fail. As a parent, it’s a bit comparable. 🤷🏽

    • Peter

      I feel the fans lament.

      I don’t want them to fail. But it doesn’t matter. They are.

      Cast your mind back to the start of the year. This was allegedly the best WR trio in the league. Statistically the three of them don’t make the best duo in the league. Three TE sets. Now we throw about one target per TE per game. Best RB duo in the league. Not as it is.

      Then the defense. This much improved defense is the same as it ever was. Best defensive backfield? Hardly. We finished I believe 25th in points allowed last year. As of today it’s 22nd before we face three top offenses.

      A lot of the problem right there is the royal we. We all had these expectations. Now the energy of the big trade is over. The dark enthusiasm for Russ to suck is over. The team is officially in a weird spot. It looks all the world like we are going to lurch to 9 wins ( thanks nfl for 17 games!) But along that path we aren’t just losing to the top dogs we are getting exposed and worked over out there: Rams week one, ravens, niners. A team we once had their number has suddenly doubled up their wins in a decade over us in 1.5 seasons and those losses feel less competitive each time.

    • bmseattle

      As a parent, as you say, you know that failure is the best learning experience possible.
      Unfortunately, Pete/John don’t seem to learn from their failures. Instead they point to success they had a decade ago, as reason to believe that can/will have success once again.

  33. Tallyhawk

    It feels like the winds of change regarding Pete and the team. For the first time it seems like I’m seeing more articles and podcasts with a negative tone. Even ones that are normally all rainbows and unicorns recognize the need for change. Even though they don’t call for a new head coach flat out the fact they can see and admit this team is not good tells me if things don’t change soon the calls will get louder. If they don’t pull out a win in the next 3 games the tide could finally turn.

  34. James Cr.

    I asked my friend yesterday what he thought the strength and identity of the Seahawks is, and what they do well. HIs deadpan response was “punting”.

    • Sea Mode

      Not wrong! (Unfortunately)

  35. Big Boi

    CBS sports has Waldron listed as the #2 candidate to replace Reich in Carolina. Their thoughts on him:

    “Waldron, 44, is in his third season as offensive coordinator of the Seahawks after serving as Sean McVay’s passing game coordinator for three seasons. His career includes two Super Bowl championships as a member of the Patriots. Seattle quarterback Geno Smith famously said “they wrote me off, I ain’t write back” and Waldron is the architect of the offense that has re-invigorated the former second-round pick. He is a forward-thinking coach with innovative play designs.”

    All those guys do is get paid to watch football and they can’t even do that right haha.

    • Rob Staton

      Says all you need to know about CBS’ online coverage

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Tbf, they did find a way to work in Geno’s immortal quote

        That’s not easy at this point

    • cha

      I don’t endorse Waldron for the job but I do have to wonder if Tepper has dug himself a hole with prospective coaches and may not have first choice of the best/hottest candidates and need to settle.

      He might be paying 4 coaching salaries the next couple years between Rhule, Wilks, Reich and New Coach. If he is not careful that legacy will overshadow everything the franchise does.

      • Big Mike

        Carolina is going to have a very difficult time getting anyone to come in as HC short of Tepper offering 20 mil per

    • Pran

      Pete could trade Waldron for Reich as OC

  36. Denver Hawker

    I feel pretty bad for Frank Reich.

    Was tasked with winning in Indy with journeyman backup QBs- gets fired, then team drafts AR
    Apparently pounded the table to draft Stroud, but gets overruled to draft Bryce- then fired when it doesn’t work

    Working for Tepper and Irsay is certainly his biggest shortcoming.

    Not saying he’s some incredible coaching genius- but he’s well liked and coaches a tough brand of football. I wouldn’t hate it if he was HC of Seahawks next year.

  37. dave M

    Penix Jr. is going to be a total bust in the NFL. whatever happened over the past month, his game has gone to total sh!t. What was up with that weak ass moment after the game? dude is not a leader, cannot even celebrate with your team mates, have to get help walking off the filed because you have a coat over your face hiding your crying… weak

  38. Romeo A57

    It is encouraging to finally see many Seahawks Fans and media realize that the Seahawks Organization is going in the wrong direction. In hindsight, it sure would have been nice if Paul had fired Pete around 2018 when the Seahawks were declining and past their Superbowl contending teams in the middle of the decade. I wonder if a team with Prime Russ and better defensive coaching, after the LOB was disbanded, could have opened another Superbowl window.

  39. Blitzy the Clown

    Field Yates @FieldYates

    Prior to waiving Derek Barnett, the Eagles restructured his contract (converting salary into a bonus), which means if a team claims Barnett today it would cost just $420K in base salary for the rest of the season, plus small per-game roster bonuses.

    Reasonable price for an edge rusher.

    10:37 AM · Nov 27, 2023

    Barnett’s better than Clark, right? Still haven’t replaced Nwosu

    • cha

      I’d take Tyreke Smith over Frank Clark at this point.

    • Brodie

      Pete has Clark playing almost 50% of the snaps (giving him the mayowa/irvin treatment).

      Pretty crazy considering he’s played 108 snaps and has as many missed tackles as actual tackles or hurries (3 of each). 0 QB hits, 0 TFL, 0 sacks yet keep running him out there because reasons.

    • cha

      Ian Rapoport
      Source: #Eagles edge Derek Barnett was claimed by the #Texans.

  40. Seahawk_Dan

    Rob, if Seattle were to change coaches and focus on offense, what’s your opinion on Frank Smith, the OC in Miami? The team was the 6th overall offense last year and 1st this year.

    I know that’s Mike McDaniels team, but that Miami offense feels electric. He worth a look or too soon?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m open to anyone from that system

  41. JimQ

    I think, after careful consideration that this may be the QB that the Seahawks NEED to target with their 1-st. round pick, even a potentially move up to insure they get him. I’d be fine with Rattler as the 2-nd pick for the Seahawks if they miss out on Jayden Daniels. QB-Jayden Daniels is far and away the statistical leading QB in the NCCA per the following from Look at all of these great WOW stats!!!! Many here wanted Richardson to develop, why not Daniels? I know many here often discount performance stats, but these are hard to ignore, there must be some exciting potentials here for the development of a potentially super QB.

    –QB-Jayden Daniels 2023 stats after first 12 games.
    12 games: 236/327, 72.2%, 3812-yds, 11.7-YPA, **13.6 AY/A**, 40-TD’s, 4-INT
    +++ 135 rushes for 1134-yds and 10-TD’s. at an **8.4**-average per rush.

    ———- 12 categories (10 are as THE #1) of NCAA stats that list Daniels on ———-
    –72.2% comp # is #7 in the NCAA.
    –3812-passing yds is #3 in the NCAA,
    –Pass efficiency rating of 208.0 is **#1** in the NCAA.
    –11.7-Yds per attempt is **#1** in NCAA.
    –13.6-Air yds per attempt is **#1** in NCAA.
    –40-passing TD’s is **#1** in NCAA.
    –135/1134-yds rushing is **#1** of all QB’s rushing in the NCAA.
    –10-TD’s rushing by a QB is **#1** in NCAA
    –4946 combined passing & rushing yards. is **#1** in the NCAA.
    –50-TD’s responsible for is **#1** in the NCAA.
    –10.7-yds per play average is **#1** in NCAA. (The average gain –per play– in 12 games, wow!!)
    –8.4-yds per rushing attempt is **#1** in the entire NCAA, regardless of position.

    Hard to argue this point otherwise. He should not only win the H. trophy, but also -maybe- he is a little bit overlooked & underhyped by some in the media. Hopefully he’s available whenever the Seahawks are on the clock, I’d support a move-up as necessary to get him. Also, of note, his weight is now reported as 205 in some places, may still need to add a few more lbs. of additional weight. Stats like these don’t usually happen without some measure of very superior talent, regardless of “systems played in or strength of schedule, etc.” Draft & spend 1/2 to 1 year developing him as a Seahawk QB”- IMO

    • JimQ

      Forgot to mention:

      Daniels is one of only a handful of NCAA QB’s that have 3000+ passing & 1000+ rushing in a single season in the history of the NCAA.
      Also: per:

      “”LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels became the first player in NCAA history to reach career totals of 12,000 yards passing and 3,000 yards rushing, having achieved both milestones during Saturday’s game against Florida. Daniels’ 52-yard pass to Brian Thomas in the third quarter of Saturday’s game moved Daniels past 12,000 career yards passing. Earlier Saturday, he surpassed 3,000 career yards rushing. Daniels broke loose for an 85-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, the longest rush in school history for a quarterback. His second touchdown run, covering 51 yards in the third quarter, put Daniels at 220 yards rushing for the night — also a single-game school record for a quarterback. Also, against Florida, Daniels surpassed 350 yards passing and 200 yards rushing, becoming the first player in Football Bowl Subdivision history to do so in a single game.””
      Perhaps Lamar Jackson is a fair comp?

      • Palatypus

        He’s not quite as good as Lamar. Too often, if his first read is not there, he takes off, just like Malik Willis. He’s much better than Malik Willis, though. And maybe a little bigger. And you know, there is much more competition in the SEC than Conference USA.

      • Rob Staton

        Perhaps Lamar Jackson is a fair comp?

        I don’t think they are that similar, other than both being able to run

        But hats off to Daniels for the season he’s having and his draft stock is growing

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