Video: I was wrong about Geno Smith

This is also available via ‘The Rebuild’ podcast streams.

There’s a new draft notes article coming later today.


  1. AMartin

    Right there with you Rob. Still a long season ahead, anything can happen. But I was not just apprehensive he could do anything, I knew he couldn’t do anything. Goes to show you the fool I am.

    Watching replays, he looks like the real deal. Its given me something to root for on the team this year. And there wasn’t really anything besides hoping for Denver to lose for good draft position (as terrible as that is).

  2. Jackson

    I would agree with your analogy at the beginning completely if you flipped it. Seahawks offense = Rings of Power, Seahawks defense = House of the Dragon. Otherwise, spot on.

    I did not see anything like this coming (and really, anyone who says they saw *this* coming is just a liar). It’s been very fun to watch on offense.

    And even though the defense is a dumpster fire, watching Tariq Woolen has been an absolute delight. This draft class is looking like a truly foundational one for Seattle through five weeks.

    • Rob Staton

      There is absolutely NO WAY Rings of Power is better than House of the Dragon

      That’s like saying a kick in the balls is more enjoyable than ice cream

      • Rob Staton


        • Henry Taylor

          I really don’t want to argue with you about this again (amd fwiw i do like HoD more). But that video was just horrendously wrong about basically everything, to the point of thinking when they say men in the show they’re referring to the gender rather than the LOTR ‘race of men’. Also not sure how a character can be a “too perfect Mary Sue” and also be characterised quite strongly as single minded and mistake prone (which people have also complained about).

          • Rob Staton

            Horrendously wrong? Not sure about that…

            Seems very consistent with everything I’ve heard

            • Henry Taylor

              Trying to insert some anti-men implication of the line “not men like you” when she means the people of Numenor rather than Middle Earth is in such bad faith and the video is full of it. Its like cinema sins but with the added flavour of being ‘anti-woke’.

              • Rob Staton

                That’s a bit nit-picky

                I do think ROP has tried too hard to go down the tiresome ‘this is what a strong women looks like’ angle — and created simply horrible characters. Films like Alien and Terminator did a much better job at creating realistic, likeable heroines. Galadriel comes across like a smug arse hole.

        • TomLPDX

          That was entertaining! I’m struggling through RoP since I don’t get HoTD. Galadriel’s character is definitely over the top.

      • Elmer

        It might be-for the kicker,

        • Rob Staton

          Nobody should enjoy kicking someone else in the balls

          As Austin Powers said, ‘It’s just not cricket’

  3. Roy Batty

    Even if he doesn’t perform at the ultra high level he has for the rest of the season, as long as he still performs well, he will get and extention, or paid by another team.

    I’m happy for him, but it does make for an awkward final 4 weeks of the season as the clock ticks on the Hawks QB situation for 2023.

    Drafting a QB is a must, but is that player ready day 1 of the 2023 season?

    After trading Russ who knew Geno was going to infuse new drama, and good drama at that.

  4. Blitzy the Clown

    Brian Baldinger

    @Seahawk @_Tariqwoolen is a serious candidate for DROY. Has locked down the RCB position in Seattle since day 1! Runs like the wind Fluid. Ball Skills. Instincts. It’s all there! #BaldysBreakdowns

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    The proof that no matter what Carroll says now, he never saw Geno as more than a one year bridge QB is the fact that Seattle didn’t sign him to a 2 or 3 year deal at less than $5m apy when they easily could have.

    But I don’t blame Carroll for that. Like you said Rob, even Geno’s dad didn’t think Geno would be this good.

    I just wish the delta between what Carroll says and what we all can see for ourselves wasn’t so gaping.

  6. BA

    This further shows that QB really hasn’t been the problem all along, it’s PC/JS’s inability to manage the roster and surround the QB with talent. Even with a high-performing QB on a cheap contract the rest of the team is still largely a mess.

  7. Blitzy the Clown

    Field Yates

    NFL schedule note: in the event that the Astros-Mariners series goes to a 4th game this Sunday, Seahawks-Cardinals will be moved back from 4:05 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET.
    9:45 AM · Oct 12, 2022 · TweetDeck

    • Rob Staton

      Go Astros 😂


      10:30pm start would be kind of cool actually

      • Big Mike

        No need to worry, Mariners season will be over after Saturday. You don’t fail in the spectacular fashion they failed yesterday against a longtime nemesis and not have it devastate you psychologically. They’re still Houston’s bitch and they are spending today being fully aware of that.

        Prove me wrong Mariners. Come back and at least get it to 5 games. I’ll happily chow the crow.

        • James Z

          Yup! Ever since the Astros joined the AL West in 2013 they have owned the M’s. If you can’t even play complementary ball with the teams in your own division you’re a perennial bridesmaid at best. Yesterday was another in a long series of gut punches from the Cheat-tros.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Shouldn’t have pulled Muñoz. That was a big mistake.

          I turned off the second game vs Toronto when they fell way behind early.

          I won’t turn them off early again. Even against Houston. I’m as long suffering a Mariners fan as anyone here (though *fan* is a stretch simply because I’m not a baseball guy) but they are my childhood hometown team. If any Ms roster can get the Astros monkey off its back, this one can.

          Believe my brother!

        • TomLPDX

          Man, already throwing in the towel.

          This is BB, shit happens each and every game. Hang in there, Big Mike.

  8. Jabroni-DC

    If we are witnessing the true Geno & are able to retain his services then this draft will be extremely fun to go into sans a ‘desperate’ need at the QB position.

    With so many picks & the ability to be opportunistic, I salivate at the possibilities.

  9. Mr Magic

    Well, Geno has definitely outperformed expectations but hes done it versus 3 very bad defenses. Detroit shockingly is actually worse then us on Defense. Atlanta is bottom 5 and New Orleans is bottom 10. He has faced 2 elite defenses in SF and Den and outside of a scripted first half to open the season was not efficient at all. Now he has made sharp throws and put the ball in tight spots, but if you go back and look at the big plays vs NO especially you will see he was tracing each receiver almost completely from snap to throw, they were first reeds every time. Elite defenses will pick up on that quicker and cover, they will also get more pressure on him.

    I think he is exactly what Rob felt, he is just doing better vs bad teams then we thought. If he can start performing vs toe top defenses then we can get really excited for him.

    • Peter

      NO is the 12th ranked pass defense and was the 11th ranked prior to playing the hawks.

  10. Jabroni-DC

    If we needed to open up some more cap space via cuts, some or all of these guys who aren’t living up to their pay or possibly don’t fit into the current scheme could receive the axe in 2023.

    Gabe Jackson: $9.5M hit – $3M dead = $6,5M

    Quandre Diggs: $18.1M hit – $8.2M dead = $9.9M

    Quinton Jefferson: $5.985M – $2M dead = $3.985M

    Unfortunately Jamal Adams is basically uncuttable in 2023. What a franchise crippler.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Ah, thanks. They have options with Adams. Some suck worse than others suck.

        I guess the best case would be he decides that he’s gotten enough money & decides to retire while some of his body parts still function.

        • Big Mike

          With that ego, zero chance.

    • Volume12

      I dont think Shelby & Poona are back either. Maybe 1 of em, not both. For as good as Al Woods is, they have no playmakers up front.

      • Rob Staton

        Well they pushed Harris’ salary into next year. So if they’re cutting him in the off season that was a totally stupid idea

        • cha

          *cough* Carlos Dunlap *cough*

          • Elmer

            Bruce Irvin? Why? I would to be proven wrong and hope they found a little bit of help.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Well neither are suited to IDL in this 3-4 scheme.

        Both are better as gap shooting 3Ts in a 4-3 under front.

        Btw I really like Tyree Wilson. If they’re committed to the odd front, he’s a darn near prototypical DE.

  11. Volume12

    Drew Sanders, EDGE/LB, Arkansas. Talk about a dude that plays w/ his hair on fire. Might be another Clay Matthews.

    • Volume12

      Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech & Felix Anudike-Uzomah, EDGE, K-St are better than the advertised guys, excluding Will Anderson. Wilson’s length & frame jump off the screen.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Wilson also has the apparent size to play DE in our 3-4 no?

  12. UkAlex6674

    Historically though Rob you weren’t wrong. I’ve just read your notes on Geno in the game tape section of the blog in 2012. Your summary of him then coming out of college has pretty much been right with his positives and negatives.

    And that’s what I like about this blog – you have years of data to refer back to.

    Great stuff.

  13. SomewhatDamaged

    Thanks Rob, good stuff.

  14. cha

    Wed Press Conf w PC

    [q] What makes Zach Ertz so good? “Great ballplayer, they use him in crucial situations. All around good player.”
    [q] Injuries on RB change your plan? “Always. Watching how they adapt.”

    [q] Tariq INT what made that so good? “Corner’s first resp is to cover the deep ball. To be able to cover which he was in position, AND have the rhythm and sense to jump that route, it’s a big deal. Terrific catch with the guy contesting it. #1 resp stay on top. If I could find a coverage where a guy covers the deep ball AND the out route I’d call it every play.”
    [q] Technical question about tracking Tariq’s speed? [cha ed – I don’t care]

    [q] How much Tariq’s exp as a WR advantage? “Enormous. Sherman too. Run routes in lifetime, knowing breaks and stem of the route, formations, maybe a hint of what’s going on. More advanced info. Can know route as it’s happening. Tremendous asset. I noticed early in camp, covered route, he knew WR was running the route. They can tell. Don’t have to wait for guy to break. Sherm played best when he could see QB and other WRs, use all that info to tell what was happening. QB setup, depth of drop, all factors.”

    [q] Roughing the passer calls, show guys the plays? “We’ll get to it, haven’t done it yet. KC game 1 in a million play. Taking FB out, how do you brace? Easy to see now, official in a split second. Made a great play to brace himself. Fact didn’t see it that way, maybe they don’t know, that’s the way they could have interpreted it. Had a sack in this game, tossed the guy, similar to Brady. Study and work their tails off to fix interpretations. End of week.”
    [q] Reviewable? “Getting right is what’s important. Always hated instant replay. But now that we have it, use it. Maybe league will determine doesn’t matter, you landed on guy. Interpretation.”

    [q] Where pass rusher can hit shrunk, impossible? “Opp for guy to pull off, could have avoided. Blow to head and below knees, we okay with.”

    [q] Geno Smith throws on run? “Coming out in game, huge plays. Throw to Fant was designed. Geno can throw everything. Marvelous range of motions with football. Naturally in game exciting.”

    [q] Hear from league on Cross penalty? “Yeah. Sent us a video, grip on lineman, illustration had a guy latched up, as QB scrambled, released him. Okay, have and release is ok if there’s enough space between QB and DL that release. Close but Geno was closer. They’re trying to figure it out. Not easy. Trying to figure it out.”
    [q] Include theatrics of DL? “That’s the ballgame right now. Didn’t talk about that.”

    [q] First half TD Lockett, Smith with no TO’s, reassure your trust in Smith? “I’m all in. Trying to figure out how far Geno could take it, there’s no doubt. Won’t always work out like that, but way we believe more work out than not. Slid up in pocket, made throw, we’re not restricting him at all. Keep going for it. WE’re pretty efficient right now.”

    [q] Interior DL in new scheme different than previous years? “Some. Doing all stuff done in past. When we go to 4-3 stuff same as always. 3-4 little bit more reading line differently. Always done it too but just more predominantly now.”
    [q] Not much different for these guys then? “No. Done it before.”
    [q] Harris scheme in Denver? “Exact same scheme.”

    [q] Hart injury? “Pulled hammy. Be a bit.”
    [q] Gabe Jackson hip? “Don’t know yet.”
    [q] Goodwin? “Practice today.”

    • JJ

      Still nothing really probing the issues with the defense.

      • James Cr.

        Serious question – is there a reason probing questions seem to never get asked? Will the reporters be asked to leave if they ask about anything in a negative light?

    • Romeo A57

      CHA, thank you sir!

      A serious question- do the Seahawks need to worry about Roughing the Passer Penalties if the can’t get close enough to breathe on a QB?

  15. cha

    I’m sorry Richard Sherman, do we need ANOTHER discussion of SB49, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll?




    Lord Almighty

    • TomLPDX

      Is this in reference to his podcast with Marshawn? I haven’t watched it because I figured that is what it would turn into.

      • cha

        Yeah. It says that in the title.

        He’s like a politician trying to stay relevant by talking about 9/11 over and over again.

        • TomLPDX

          Have you listened to Mike Dugar’s latest podcast with Ted Nyugen? That is a good one to watch…breaking down what is happening on our D issues.

          • cha

            I haven’t, I’ll check it out, thank you.

            I struggle with MSD’s podcasts. I should listen to them more often but I’m flabbergasted how a guy talks so openly on them about the Seahawks challenges but is practically soporific in the press room.

            • TomLPDX

              I totally get that sentiment. I wish he would bring that game to the interviews. I’ve always liked Ted’s evaluations and he covers a lot of ground.

    • Rob Staton

      Saw that earlier and it’s time someone (Cowherd) took Sherman to one side and said ‘move on’

      He’s obsessing about this. It’s unhealthy and boring. Sherman can be a great media presence but not if he only talks about this over and over again.

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