Video: Seven-round Seahawks mock draft


  1. Troy

    Thanks for the video Rob.

    Noticed love contract has been updated on over the cap, 4 mil year 1 8 mil year 2.

    As far as Diggs and Adam’s are concerned I think this is the writing on the wall that one or two are gone next year, especially if we draft another safety in this class.

    • Rob Staton


      • Wilson502

        I hope they just post june 1st Adams, its really time to move on from that mistake.

        • Big Mike

          I keep fantasizing that’s going to happen as well

  2. Peanut

    As soon as I saw the QB taken at #5 I agreed. Well done Rob!

    • Tommy

      Where did Siaki Ika go? If we don’t get Mazi, Ika would be ideal to anchor the NT position allowing the LB’s to roam. Good leverage, strong and perfect for a 3-4. When was the last time we had a fire hydrant on the DL?

      If Ika would fall to us at #83, I’d be ecstatic. Would only make Dre Mont even more impactful. Would make the LB’s more impactful.

      Great work, Rob.

      • Rob Staton

        Ika does very little for me

        His run defense at that size… is a concern

  3. Palatypus

    That’s a lot of SEC players.

  4. Sea Mode

    I can’t watch right now, but I like the three players pictured in the thumbnail!

  5. Troy

    I like the haul, overall would be a very solid class that I would hope can be as good as our last draft.

    Instead of triple dipping dline I think I would have preferred to grab another highly touted TE or WR instead of either young or smith, would love to grab a solid third weapon (even ok with a RB as well), basically just would like to grab an offensive Weapon in first 3 rounds.

  6. Steve Nelsen

    I would be super happy after Day 2 with the guys you picked.

    It was nice hearing your thoughts on a lot of new Day 3 names.

  7. Blitzy the Clown

    Love the top of this draft

    Byron Young’s workout at 1:36

    Emil Ekiyor’s workout at 3:43

  8. Shazzy

    I wonder if Jamal is a big part of their plan at linebacker, it seemed like thats what they wanted to do last year before he got hurt, and his best skill is flying around to the ball. if he could look like he did against Atlanta his first game in Seattle, it certainly wouldn’t justify the trade or the contract but he could provide some value.

    • Big Mike

      His best skill is being the 2nd or 3rd guy to the play and making a late, sort of half tackle after another player has basically tackled the guy with the ball and then jumping around and acting like he made a monster hit and is a total bad ass (which he is not).

      • bmseattle

        Come on, Big Mike… you aren’t giving him any credit for his ability to come flying into the general vicinity of the play, out of control, only to hit his own teammate!

        • Palatypus

          What will Cody Barton do without him?

  9. Andy J

    Interesting you’re still reppin’ PRNetwork. The PFF mock draft simulator has been closer to your horizontal board and mock drafts.

    Love the draft. I still think WR and RB are going to be targeted earlier, as they will be drafting for starters not backups.

    • JJ

      Pff put a paywall on it. You can only do 2 rounds and no trades.

      • Joe Strummer

        Sounds like a Rams draft.

        • Sea Mode


  10. EdS

    A bit off-topic, but about a month ago, The Athletic ran an article on S2 Cognition test. This is not to be confused with Wonderlic. S2 basically measures speed of on-field pattern recognition. You can google it for fuller explanation. Last year Brock Purdy, Mr. Irrelevant, measured very high on this one particular test. Mahomes and Burrow are mentioned as high testers. This year’s top QB prospects are said to have tested well, but the NFL owns these results, so they are not publicly accessible. B Young has paid for his own testing, so owns the results, and could release his results publicly if he wanted.

    We don’t have access to these test results, but teams do, and we can assume it will be critical in how they assess if the game is too fast for some QB prospects. We have tape and physical testing results, but the S2 data point could easily be as important as those. Again – Brock Purdy. How do we explain his success despite relatively mediocre physical traits. Imo, S2 likely measures a key “trait”, mental processing/pattern recognition speed. But the numbers are private, so no one on Twitter will ever have a fit about it, and what fun is that. Anyhow, check it out if you haven’t already.

    • Big Mike

      First a comment, then a question:
      I find this extremely interesting. Thanks for posting this
      If the NFL owns the results, how is it known that Purdy scored very high on the test. Is it released post draft?

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s up to the players to reveal their scores

      • Sea Mode

        I suppose the same way we came to know of some QB wonderlic scores in the past: word leaks out.

  11. Madmark

    I feel vindicated with Bryon Young at 83. He’s one guy that I haven’t change in my mocks. He can play all 3 DL spots and is 3 down player.

  12. Gaux Hawks

    Broncos have signed offensive lineman Kyle Fuller… 🥂

    • Ashish

      Thank God he is second to Cody Barton.

    • Mick

      I like that they try to give Russ more protection, but Fuller’s got him in enough trouble already. I won’t miss him for Seattle.

  13. Trevor

    Really enjoyed the mock video Rob and hearing your thought process.

    What are your thoughts on adding a guy like Cody Mauch who could play Guard or Center instead of a pure Center? Jim Nagy hilighted him as one of his favorite players at the Senior Bowl and he suits the idea of using former OT inside. With him and Evan Brown they would have a ton of flexibility on the interior.

    Also what are your thoughts on taking Andrew Vorhees on day 3 to stash this year as a medical red shirt to replace Haynes next year. I really liked him a lot and he would have been a day 2 pick likely without the injury.

    • Rob Staton

      Both options

  14. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, have taken a look at Josh Onujiogu‘s tape?

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t

  15. GoHawksDani

    I love the first 3 picks. Wouldn’t mind the rest either, but I’d like to see them taking a WR3 and a TE and maybe RB a bit earlier. But getting young guys in the trenches never hurts. On one part I think they need depth at DL and OG but it would be nice to add some skill players too as there are a couple interesting TE and WR prospects. But if they get Levis, Mazi and Ade Ade, they could draft 5-6 kickers and I’d be happy 😀

  16. Trevor

    Rob another one of the guys you interviewed Juice Scruggs seems to be rising up the boards. With the success rate of the prospects you have interviewed kids are going to be lining up next year 🙂

  17. Mr drucker in hooterville

    You went right past Mr. GameChanger DT. Shocked.

  18. Simo

    Can’t really argue with your selections, and especially the focus on the trenches. We all know that has been the weak spot the past few years, notably the def line.

    Like a few others have mentioned, it would be nice if they can figure out how to draft another WR or TE. I really wish they could have afforded to add a WR3 in free agency, someone like DJ Chark would have looked really nice in action green.

    It also seems like Pete really values the RB position, and we’re one K9 injury away from featuring DJ Dallas, so they definitely need to add someone who can step in if it comes to that.

  19. Peter

    Very cool draft.

    Love the people that hate it while you rattle off measurements that matter.

    Per “the levis hype” there’s no levis hype here. There’s an acknowledgement that we aren’t getting Stroud. Young probably goes to Houston or indy.

    Levis and richardson are the remaining wildcards.

    And pick #5 is a gift.

    Most likely not touching Carter. Most likely not drafting wilson. Not a 3-4 end. Anderson is probably gone.

    Counter to all the “geno is great,” talk there is no better time to look for a qb when you don’t need one vs. When you have to get one.

    Just look at the teams that had to get qb over the last 13 years? Either you legit suck and get Luck, Burrow, lawrence….which I suppose most of you hope happens.

    Or….you spend a chunk of picks and hope you hit on Allen and not roll snake eyes with Trey Lance, Goff, RG3, wentz.

    I guess the third option have a stacked roster and hope and pray you get dealt Wilson and the table doesn’t deal you Paxton lynch, osweiler, weeden, etc, ad infinitum.

  20. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: Love the haul. If the Hawks come up with Levis, Adebawore, Mazi Smith, Luke Wypler, Byron Young. In this draft. The next time you are in Seattle I will buy you a beer.

  21. Ukhawk

    Really like the draft and going QB & trenches.

    I’m coming to the conclusion I think the Colts go Richardson given the new head coach had Jalen Hurts at Philly. Think I prefer AR over Levis but not by much.

    The only 2 ways I differ on the mock is 1) preferring Will McDonald IV at 37 (I there) and a bigger DT like Pickens, Young or Benton later on, and 2) a WR/RB in the 120s rather than a safety.

    There are a ton of players in the PFN sim slated to go later than likely but, if even remotely true, so much value with McKintosh, McFadden, Mingo, DJ Turner, J Brown, Steen, Schoonmaker, Whyle, Pickens, Brooks and more

  22. line_hawk

    Can the Lions trade with Arizona and take Richardson? Lions have Goff so they are ideally setup for the Smith-Mahomes transition. They also have two first round picks, so they can part with a second round pick to move up. Arizona still is guaranteed to get one of Wilson or Anderson.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure — but by all accounts it sounds like Detroit is focusing on other things and sticking with Goff

      • line_hawk

        Possibly. But, if I were the Lions, I have to seriously consider it. Goff isn’t winning them a Superbowl. They have a solid team and aren’t going to get a top 6 pick anytime soon. This is a prime opportunity if they can convince Arizona.

  23. Rob Staton

    Today I decided to start reviewing the games I marked down as ‘bad’ or ‘meh’ from Tyree Wilson

    First one, Texas. He’s #19.

    You tell me whether you see a top-five pick game-wrecker:

    • D

      i’m not seeing it…seems slow off the mark and gets caught up on blocks. If anything Jaylon Hutchings the #95 looks more likely.

    • Trevor

      Tyree Wilson, Jordan Addison and Myles Murphy are the most over rated players in the draft IMO. If the Hawks take him at 5 it will be very disappointing.

    • McZ

      Took the challenge and watched 30 minutes of that video.

      #70 of that Texas OL handled him easily. This is the guy…

      If a player is consistently handled by the #47 OT prospect… no, he’s not top 5.

  24. Thomas

    Looks good to me. Levis, a center, and the three D tackles would be about as good as you could hope for.

    I’m surprised PFN has McDonald graded so low. He still sounds like a first round pick to me.

    The rest of the league whiffed on Abe Lucas last year. I wonder which player could unreasonably fall to the third round. Maybe Spears because he’s from a smaller school. Or maybe Downs.

    • DJ 1/2 way

      I like how Rob is being reasonable and not selecting players he thinks will not be there. In the real draft you pick them up, of course, but in this exercise that is the best way to have this be a more valuable exercise.

      Rob could do this ten times and then put together a spread sheet with the variations. Some would include the additional offensive weapon most seem to be clammering for. I too want a couple more, but I like the RB Rob took and would settle for one less in the trenches and a pass catcher.

      I watched the video at 1.5 speed and was really impressed how quickly made each pick!

  25. HOUSE

    Bobby is back…

  26. Hawks Fan 0503

    Hey guys, just read Bobby Wagner is returning to Seattle on a 1 yr $7 million deal!

  27. Trevor

    The Bobby Wagner signing basically assures Adams is gone June 1st doesn’t it?

  28. lil’stink

    Levis at #5 would be the dream.

  29. Ashish

    Draft with reloading in trenches. I will like to see them taking RB with catching abilities may be in 3rd or 4th round. A small trade down for 20th to get 3rd or 4th is most likely to happen.

  30. Mr drucker in hooterville

    We can certainly hope .

  31. Denver Hawker

    Bobby at $7mm- but how? And why?

    • Simo

      If bringing Bobby back means Jamal is gone, then I’m all in!!

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Is there a difference, in regards to the cap, if Adams is an injury settlement rather than a cut?

    • Hawkster

      lets see how much is incentives

  32. Hank

    Bobby is back….how disappointing. The team has had a really good offseason, but they have this annoying penchant for bringing back old faces despite declining performances. Of course the report is 1 year and 7 million dollars, but let’s see what the real money actually is and how much funny money is in the contract.

  33. vanhawksfan

    I love this mock but I feel like, as much as it never works, a pass catcher – WR or TE – in R4 makes more sense than a safety or a linebacker. I’m totally splitting hairs here but just my thoughts.

  34. Allen M.

    We think similarly. Recent mocks I’ve done have us landing many of the same players. Levis, Ade Ade, Darnell Washington, Mazi Smith, Byron Young, JMS/Whippler/C, and even Will Mcdonald all seem to end up in my Seattle mocks. I think we will have a stellar draft. Talent pool and team needs match up well with this draft and it’s tiers of positions.

    I’m not thrilled with this WR class at all after JSN. RB has two guys and then average. Lots of trench players and Edge, though.

  35. Orcas Viking

    IF, this is Wagner’s Swan Song and because of that balls out every game, just liked he played last year against the Hawks and the Broncos, I can live with this signing.

  36. diehard82

    Great draft Rob, would love, love, love that outcome. You know me though, I don’t consider Anthony Richardson as equal to the other 3 QB’s. His completion % has been 15 points under the other 3, and the vast majority of QB’s drafted in the last 12 years. If he was the only one available at 5, I would pivot.

    I appreciate that you didn’t take guys you know wont be there. That’s the problem with all the mock drafts. Unless they allow you to adjust the positional rankings and/or big board, selecting for all teams and going beyond round 1 is laborious. I suspect you will actually have to choose between Mazi Smith and Ade Ade. I doubt either are still available at 37. Ditto John Michael Schmitz. I see him going between 20 and 31 also. And I really want to find a way to nab Julius Brents in the 2nd round. Not very Seahawk like to take CB in the 2nd, but I think he steps into either outside or slot corner and rocks. And having two corners who can be left on an island is another key to success with the D they are trying to run.

    I don’t know if you’ve used Fanspeak mock simulator before. They do allow you to create your own big board by modifying one of theirs. But adjusting draft order and effecting trades is not smooth. None of them are perfect.

  37. Schadyhawk001

    PFN Mock Draft – watched Robs video and gave it a shot myself, think this would be an absolute home run of a draft event though i think some of these picks are highly unrealistic, such as Byron Young being available as the last pick
    5. Will Levis
    20. Lukas Van Ness
    37. Josh Downs
    52. JL Skinner
    83. Luke Wypler
    123. Tajae Spears
    151. Zach Pickens
    154. Dorian Williams
    198. Puka Nacua
    237. Byron Young

    • diehard82

      Is that Byron Young the DT from Alabama, or the Byron Young Edge from Tennessee?

  38. Jeff S

    Ran a three round mock on PFN and came up with:

    Richardson at 5
    Traded down to 30 and picked up Darnell Wright (assume he or someone else moves inside)
    Mazi Smith at 37
    John Michael Smith at 52
    Jack Campbell at 62 (trade from 20 to 30 along with an added 4th round and a third next year)
    A.T. Perry at 83

  39. Happy Hawk

    The amazing content just keeps rolling! If Downs and/or Flowers got that close I think the Hawks would have a small trade up and snag one of them. Love this draft though.

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