Video thoughts on Mike Florio’s Power Rankings

Here’s a bit of summer fun during the quiet time and some thoughts/reaction to Mike Florio’s Power Rankings. Who’s overrated and underrated? Should the Seahawks be higher? Check out the video to find out…


  1. Hawkcrazy

    Thanks Rob… a highlight in an otherwise drab day. I could listen to your analysis all day.

  2. cha


    1 Kansas City Kings until they are dethroned.

    2 Philadelphia Deepest roster/deepest owner’s pockets in the NFL.

    3 Cincinnati Joe Burrow will keep them in the top 5 for years to come.

    4 Buffalo Poona Ford took less $ to go back to a 4-3.

    5 Miami Time to stop being a dark horse darling.

    6 NY Jets If Rodgers is even a moderate upgrade at QB, this team is dangerous.

    7 San Francisco Can Kyle once again make chicken salad at QB?

    8 NY Giants Coaching to strengths and strong trench depth sets them apart.

    9 Seattle Is this the year they finally avoid the bottom-10 in defense?

    10 Jacksonville Time for all that talent to take shape.

    11 Baltimore Bucked their typical Ravens personnel model. Will it pay off?

    12 Detroit Great story but Jared Goff is still Jared Goff.

    13 Dallas Cowboys are still a wet firecracker.

    14 LA Chargers Better hope Kellen Moore is the answer.

    15 Pittsburgh Solid defense but offense lacks difference-makers.

    16 Carolina Impressive trench depth and a weak division all help.

    17 Denver Payton & RW are the headlines, but a remade OL is the real story.

    18 New England Just counting time in a very tough AFCE.

    19 Cleveland They are $59m over the cap in 2024. It’s now or never.

    20 New Orleans They guaranteed Carr $100m coming off his worst season as a pro.

    21 Tennessee Are they coming or going? Neither. They’re treading water.

    22 Indianapolis AR is this year’s Tariq Woolen. Too talented to keep down.

    23 Green Bay Rodgers won MVPs in 2020 and 2021. People forget that.

    24 Minnesota They cut Cook and Thielen and are fielding calls on Hunter.

    25 Houston Top talent at QB, LT, RB, CB, EDGE. A lot to work with.

    26 Chicago Will a big offseason spree push them higher?

    27 Washington Sam Howell? Terry McLaurin deserves better.

    28 Las Vegas Still one of the worst defenses in the NFL, now with JG at QB.

    29 Tampa Bay Baker Mayfield is their QB. The defense better be amazing.

    30 LA Rams Still paying for winning that one Super Bowl.

    31 Atlanta Spending on the trenches? Good. Ridder/Heinicke at QB? Not good.

    32 Arizona Nuk is gone. Budda wants out. It is midnight in the desert.

    • Sten

      Quite an interesting middle pack of this year’s NFL. Any team from #15-28 could either compete for a number one pick or a playoff spot. Unrelated– I think the Jets will have a disappointing season, it’s been highlighted how poorly quarterbacks do when in their first year at a new team and I’m not sure he can replicate Brady in Tampa success with a middling WR group.

    • Palatypus

      How long until Jimmy Garoppolo is working as a greeter in a toga at Cesar’s Palace?

    • Romeo A57

      CHA, I rally like your list better than others I have seen. As a Seahawk pessimist though, I would swap Detroit and Seattle until I see the Seahawks Run Defense in action.

    • Palatypus

      Shouldn’t by now, someone have “Rob Staton’s Action Movie Power Index” up?

      With entries like…

      32. Extraction. This film was a refreshing dip into a rat infested Bangledesh sewer.

      31. The Road Warrior: Fury Road. Too much road, not enough fury.

      1. Top Gun: Maverick. You had me at hello.


      The cowboys as a “wet firecracker” is probably the best description they’ve ever been given.

  3. Ukhawk

    Great Fathers Day present, thanks for the post

    Excited to be prospectively in the top 10!

    Think we are you and have some growing to do to get there.

    Once there, hope we can make the leap to elite, Top 5!!

    The great news is that as opposed to 2 seasons ago, we can now see it happening.

    I think we are a further upgraded front 7 away from the top teams.

    • Ukhawk

      Spell check?! Try again…

      Excited to be prospectively in the top 10!

      Think we are trending there but we have some growing to do to get there.

      Once there, hope we can make the leap to elite, Top 5!!

      The great news is that as opposed to 2 seasons ago, we can now see it happening.

      I think we are a further upgraded front 7 away from the top teams.

  4. Big Mike

    A few random thoughts:

    I’m a little higher on the Chargers than Rob and cha. I know they’re the Chargers and they usually Charger (e.g. blowing the lead to Jax in the playoffs), but I think Moore as the OC will make a difference and I think the sting of that playoff loss will motivate them.
    Miami’s entire season depends on Tua’s health. Color me skeptical.
    Like cha I’m a little higher on Baltimore than Rob. Harbaugh is a helluva coach.
    Giants I’m not sold cha. The HC is the shit but no matter how you play to Jones’ strengths, he’s still Daniel Jones and opponents have a season’s worth of film now.

    Seahawks season will depend mostly on if the D can improve and to a lesser extent, if Geno can avoid turnovers. Color me skeptical about the D. I see them around 12.

    • Palatypus

      I met Kellen Moore at the 2012 Senior Bowl “Meet and Greet” just minutes before I had my weird encounter with Rissell Wilson.

      I swear to God, I thought he was a kicker.

      • Palatypus


      • Big Mike

        He’s from a small town in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington called Prosser so since I’m an Eastern WA native (Spokane), I’m a fan of his. He is indeed not a large guy.

        • Cory

          Can confirm. His Dad was the head football coach at Prosser High forever. They always kicked our asses. Hanford High grad here, a few years older than Kellen so I didn’t play against him.

        • Elmer

          Prosser. Pretty close to Yakima, yes?

    • 509 Chris

      Im with you on the chargers. That squad is just so talented. I said it last year too but eventually they’ll put it all together and I think Moore will get it done.

  5. Romeo A57

    After viewing Rob’s arguments, I think that the Seahawks should be around #12. The defense needs to improve greatly for the Seahawks to be a top ten team. I am very skeptical that their defense will improve much.

    I like the Ravens, Jaguars and Giants more than Rob does.

    • Tommy Boy

      Are you sure you’re a Hawk fan, Romeo? I’m all about being a realist and avoid “homerism”. However, you’re skeptical that the Hawks will have an exceptional offense and skeptical that our “defense will improve much”. Really?

      Adding DreMont Jones is an instant upgrade! Drafting Witherspoon is a HUGE upgrade to the defense! I’m a strategist and if I was Clint Hurtt, I’d have Devon initially playing the slot in press coverage and blitzing off that position unexpectedly. Drill RB’s and force Qb’s to get rid of the ball before routes develop and force fumbles.

      Right there are 2 major upgrades!! Let’s add in Julian Love who is a versatile smart secondary player that will be another upgrade to our secondary. Once a CB, he can play all over and another stud who can play along the line of scrimmage. Hurtt needs to learn how to disguise coverages, blitzes, etc.

      Getting Wags leadership back to our LB corp will help. The ONLY area and I’ve beaten this since draft day was we didn’t get the NT, any poor man’s Vince Wilfork to help control the L.O.S. We have enough Offensive weapons that another RB when we have 3 WR’s, 3 TE’s and K9 is plenty. Our issue was stopping the run.

      With all of the additions and 2022 rooks going into their 2nd season, I expect an overall defensive improvement but it’s going to take scheme. Our secondary is going to be one of the BEST in the entire NFL, if not the BEST.
      Yes, we need a NT but last year we needed more pass rush, more LB’s, more secondary help.

      We’ve improved our Defense and we’ll see if we can get a big body during cut downs prior to opening week.

      But there’s no doubt that our Offense has improved and our Defense has improved. I’d say our O should be exceptional.

      I’m not sure how you can be so skeptical? Do you wait to see the results or do you try to take what’s new on our roster and try to forecast, try to prognosticate what could transpire?

      I’m into forecasting. The Hawks are going to be just fine! Don’t be skeptical. Visualize what can be!! and this team is about to take the next step.

      • BK26

        Year after year it is projection. I’ve thought we would have amazing defenses over the years. Sheldon Richardson, Clark, and Reed? I thought best defensive line unit ever. Results are what matters, not the fun game of: “what if.”

        The defense has to show improvements ON THE FIELD. LB is still not good, we have maybe one reliable safety and he’s new. What is Bobby going to do on the field? They are already using him in practice how they did before when he looked bad, not what the Rams did last year. I don’t like that they are moving Witherspoon. They have failed recently by being cute and trying to outsmart. Put the kid out there and let me do his job, not go here, then here, then do this. Have him worry about locking one side down first.

        Secondary is VERY young and unproven, coaching across the board has been bad for years, Dline is young. They SHOULD improve. But there are about 5 years straight where the opposite has happened.

        Offense, who knows? They are still led by a journeyman qb with….one good half of football in 10 years? And has not done well in situations where it mattered. It should be a top 10 unit. They are also young for the most part. Let’s not anoint them the best until they have done something. Like even stepped on the field.

        I’m not sure how you can be so certain about everything. Forecasting is fun but there’s a reason why that word means what it means. And I’d be very careful on trying to judge if someone is a Seahawk fan or not. Especially on this site. Your post is also kind of the definition of homerism. Be positive. I’m all for it and wish that I could be. They just have done ZERO yet. I’m not anointing them. Right now they are what they were last year: a team that stumbled into the playoffs and lost to a lot of very bad teams.

        New year, blank slate. Everything changes once they are on the field. Everything until that point it more or less noise.

        • Peter

          I’m fairly concerned that the LB lineup includes father time and a guy who whom his first team didn’t want.

          • cha

            I think they could be average to above-average depending on if the Seahawks can use them to their strengths.

            That has been a huge, huge, huge problem for this staff in recent years so I am in Camp Wait and See.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Yes I had to step back and wait a day after reading Tommy Boys post.

        You may or may not have some good points about the players we added. What you have ignored is that every other team in the NFL also added new players. They aren’t the same team this year and more than the Seahawks are the same team as last year.

        What irked me was the first paragraph about whether Romeo is a fan. Just save your breath, you have no right to question anyone’s fanhood unless their nick is something like “Broncos for Life” .

        • Tommy Boy

          Time to chill boys!! I NEVER said he wasn’t a fan, it was a question and even Louis Riddick who I trust more than anyone on this board. lol….. thinks the Hawks can win the WEST!!

          There’s a contingent of fans of the Lions posting videos about the Hawks that show more confidence than our own fanbase.

          All good, I’m not into posting with doom and gloomers!

          I’m traveling to Detroit, Cincy and Nashville because I’m a believer and I haven’t been a believer since 2016!!

          6 seasons, no chance. This team has a chance! Y’all have fun with the pessimism! I’m out!

      • TatupuTime

        I’m not sure why it’s material whether the original poster is a fan or not. You can choose to be optimistic, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to present the possibility that the defence will be bad again. The secondary should be good (and between $40+ million spent on safeties and a top-5 CB pick they’d better be), but I don’t know that the LBs and front are better.

        I’m a huge Bobby fan. He’s a hall of famer and along with Kam is my favourite Seahawks player of the last 20 years. I also think he’s washed and don’t see him as an upgrade on Brooks. Wagz is a super smart player, but is very slow and exploitable in space at this stage of his career. The Rams did a very good job of limiting his weaknesses with scheme. I’m less convinced the Seahawks will scheme to his strengths. I expect them to just ask Bobby to do everything they asked Brooks to do last year. If that’s the plan it’s going to be rough. It’s just OTAs, but they certainly didn’t show any accommodation or change to Bobby’s role from what they asked Brooks to do last year. Dre’Mont is an amazing add, but they’ve also lost Shelby Harris, Al Woods (who was a good run stuffer), Mone, and Poona from last years opening line-up. I know some are excited about Jarran Reed being back, but I don’t like his run defence at this point of his career. I think he can penetrate alright, but he didn’t look good anchoring against the run in GB last year.

        This is basically the exact same defensive staff that had major scheme and communication issues all of last year. Can they improve on that? Absolutely. Is it also a possibility that they do a poor job again? I think you’d be blind not to consider the possibility.

        I’m very high on the offense and think they’ll be top-6 by EPA. But again, I can acknowledge a world where the O-Line is just bad and the real Geno is actually second half of the year Geno that doesn’t get anywhere near as lucky with turnovers as I think he got last year.

        I’d slot the Seahawks in at 9 or 10, but I don’t think putting them at 12 is egregious in any way.

  6. Mychestisbeastmode

    Trade for Chase Young? What say you?

    24 years old. Coming off injuries.

    • Spectator

      For a 5th, and proving worth by playing on last year of rookie deal? Sure. More than a 5th and large contract? No thank you.

    • cha

      Anyone else remember that after spending a high 2nd round pick on Marquise Blair in 2019, the Seahawks immediately then traded for Quandre Diggs and then Jamal Adams?

      The Seahawks have spent 3 high 2nds on edges. Why then turn around and spend more capital to just push those young guys into the background?

      But as always it’s all about price. A cheap pick? Sure. Somehow talking them into taking Jamal Adams? Absolutely. Young willing to extend his contract for 3 years at a very good rate? Do it.

  7. Romeo A57

    Tommy Boy, I agree that both the offense and defense have upgraded personnel and both could be improved due to the solid drafting and by some key free agent additions. The corner backs, running backs and wide receiver personnel are exciting. Bobby Wagner should be inducted into the ring of honor tomorrow, but his signing left me ‘whelmed’.

    I do not expect the offense to be “exceptional”. I fear that this offense will be limited by the Quarterback play. Geno had a very good first half last year and an average second half. Geno’s career has shown him to be an average to below average Quarterback except for the beginning of last season. However, I do see a possibility that with a greatly improved RB Room and an upgraded offensive line, they could have a dominant rushing attack and win a lot of games like the Titans did a few years ago, and that Titans team was limited by average QB play when playing the better teams.

    The Seahawks have not had at least an average overall defense for several years. I do not think that they have the correct coaches on this team to field a competent defense which is why I am more down on the Seahawks then some here. Ranking them as #12 is basically me prognosticating that they would make the playoffs so I am not calling them a bad team. I want to see a legitimate contender in Seattle again soon. I do accept that this is year 2 of a rebuild and wish that the Seahawks acted more like that. Get rid of the older expensive players like their two tired safeties and get younger and cheaper at many positions.

    In order for the Seahawks to be a contender they need two things. First is to get rid of Pete Carroll immediately. The defense has been atrocious for far too long. Second is they need a cheap QBOTF. Investing only two draft picks on a QB in 14 seasons is bizarre. I am too lazy to count the number of running backs they drafted during that period and most of those are long gone.Teams with established QBs will still invest draft picks in looking for another Quarterback. No rational fan can believe that Drew Lock is anything but a mediocre backup and doesnt have much of a chance to grow into a competent starter. They would be in a better position if they had someone more promising grooming behind Geno.

    I recognize that the Seahawks are steadily improving their roster but have a little ways to go. I am could see that they get to having a legit top ranked roster in 2024 or 2025, but be stuck with a past his prime Geno

    • Big Mike

      Good post. In agreement with most everything you said. Our best hope for better than 7-10 wins this year is a dominant running game combined with Geno bein g close to first half of last season Geno. Running game keeps other teams off the field which could be the best thing to happen to this defense.

    • BK26

      I should have kept reading before posting above… 100% agree. You do nothing without a quarterback. A legit one. That is a long-term plan.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Good post Romeo. As I said before, we may think the Seahawks have improved in the draft but every other team improved in the draft too. It will take more than the additional players to improve, it will also take training, coaching, and a little luck on not getting injuries.

    • Tommy Boy

      I’m on board with the issue of drafting so many RB’s. In fact, I’m one of the few that thought it was foolish to spend a 2nd rdr on Char. I”m not impressed with the guy like most seem to be. NOTHING screams special when we really needed another DT or LB.

      Do you realize how many teams have drafted QB’s in the 1st rd thinking they had a baller and how many have actually turned out over the past 10 years?

      Unless you have the #1 pick in the draft, NFL QB’s have been BUSTS!! Burrow & Lawrence at #1

      2021 -Do you think the Jets were building with the #2 selection in the entire draft in Zach Wilson in 2021?
      What about the 49ers trading mulitple picks to move up for Trey Lance at #3 in the 2021 draft? LMAO.
      Those 2 QB;s likely never start unless injuries for those squads! TERRIBLE investments.

      Go check draft history. com

      In the past 11 years ONLY 2 QB’s’ drafted have hoisted the Lombardi ONLY 2.

      Patrick Mahomes drafted in 2017 and Russell Wilson drafted in 2012.

      It’s difficult to find QB’s that can play in the NFL. I believe we’d have drafted Anthony Richardson THIS past draft had he not been snagged by the Colts. Why waste picks on overrated QB’s and that’s typically what these guys are OVERRATED.

      Only 2 Qb’s have won the SB drafted in the past 11 drafts. Then you have to go back to 2009 for Matt Stafford.

      We’re going on 15 years of QB drafts and ONLY 3 have won SB’s and that’s in the WHOLE draft, not just the 1st rd. lmao.

  8. Old but Slow

    My thoughts are more tempered optimism. Another year or so and this could be a very good team, but this may be a frustrating season.

    First, we are seeing the building of an outstanding offensive line, but they are young and they need to meld their play into a unit which can take time. O linemen tend to reach effectiveness in about their third year.

    The defensive line is a work in progress and it may take some time to find an effective rotation. Linebacker is similarly unsettled, although Wagner will bring stability.

    Geno is a question mark who can be great one moment and “whaaa?” the next. If he keeps his head together and avoids injury he can be alright.

    I like the progress. I like the direction. I think we need another year.

  9. David

    My overall two cents… the Seahawks trajectory right now is positive. They’ve drafted well the past two years and have signed some good free agents. Their team “culture” continues to be lauded by players (past and present) as well as knowledgable analysts. However, the Hawks coaching staff, Hurtt specifically and Waldron to a lesser degree, have yet to prove they have the strategic talent to develop and implement championship caliber schemes. And there remains some soft spots on the roster. Bottom line, if there’s no devastating injuries, I expect they will be able to compete for a playoff spot this season, but they’re not legitimate contenders.

    Looking at their position groups, they’ve gotten stronger at about half the spots. Plus they’ve gotten younger. (Determining team age/experience by position would be an interesting analysis.) My detailed thoughts below. Sorry it’s so long.

    QB – Smith, Lock, (Ahlers)
    Does Smith get better with a full season of experience behind him? He’s certainly has been given more toys to play with. Another very good WR. And another stud RB. Plus I’m optimistic the OL will also be improved… at least by the end of the season. All things considered, my bet is Smith’s play approaches what he did during the first half of last year. Which was pretty good. I continue to be curious as to what Lock can do, but at this point he’s just a backup QB. Also like UDFA Ahlers. His starting experience, leadership and demonstrated growth make him a worthy practice squad QB.

    Verdict – about the same as last season

    RB – Walker, Charbonnet, McIntosh, Dallas
    These youngsters are gonna be better than good. And better than last year if for no other reason than Penny couldn’t stay healthy. I’m thinking McIntosh has a chance to contribute as well. Maybe returning kicks/punts, screens, wheel routes, anything that gets him the ball in space.

    Verdict – better and deeper, more consistent

    WR – Metcalf, Lockett, Smith-Njigba, Eskridge, Young
    Could very possibly be the best overall WR group in the league. Gonna be fun to watch. Adding Smith-Njigba was a home run! And I still believe in the potential of Eskridge. And Young, who’s gonna continue to crush special teams.

    Verdict – a lot better

    TE – Parkinson, Fant, Dissly
    Same group as last year… or is it? Parkinson really came on strong at the end of last year. I’m thinking he could be on his way to the starting job. It will be interesting to see how often the ball goes to a TE this year as the WR group is so talented and the running game could be quite strong. No matter what, the TE group will continue to be a relative strength for the Hawks.

    Verdict – about the same

    T – Cross, Lucas, Forsythe, Curran
    Same guys but they’re not rookies any more. This is the season when we will start finding out how good Lucas and Cross will become. Forsythe is a decent backup and Curran provides solid G/T versatility/depth. Here’s to hoping for continued growth!

    Verdict – better

    G – Lewis, Bradford, Haynes
    I think there’s a clear path for Bradford to win the starting job. Dude’s a beast. And he & Olu seem to get along well as teammates. By the end of the season I think his play will be a marked improvement, but inconsistent play during the first half of the season will be the price that has to be payed. But I kinda like that our starting guards will both be from LSU!

    Verdict – same, then better

    C – Oluwatimi, Brown
    Olu is the starter. For the next decade. Period. The end. I still f’ing hate Michigan. I’ll never forgive them for beating my beloved Huskies freshman year when we all road-tripped down for the Rose Bowl. So I’m kinda pissed Olu went there, but damn, what an impressive dude. He will probably be a team captain by next season. I’m loving the youth and upside of the entire OL.

    Verdict – better (finally)

    NT – Young, Tavai
    The position group of most concern. By a country mile. Young really looks the part. And I am an irrationally big fan of Tavai. Great football (and rugby!) family. T-Rex arms but Jackie Chan hands. He has a legit chance. But damn! Two rookies. And one an UDFA. Yikes! I hear JS saying NT is a position advanced metrics tell us you can get away with this. Plus they’ll be looking to pick up another guy here during roster cuts. Ya, whatever. But it’s not as if they need to clear a very high bar to meet last season’s results.

    Verdict – same, which sucks, but Young should improve over the course of the season

    DT – Jones, Reed, Edwards, Morris, Adams
    Jones is the headliner. Yay! And it’s nice that Reed is back. He’s been solid. I’m hearing Edwards was a good get. Plus I’m super convinced Morris is gonna help. Right away. Bottom line, I tend to be overly optimistic by nature, but I’m thinking these guys will be around league average. Which would be a huge improvement from last year. Cause those guys were so horrible they all got fired.

    Verdict – better, because it couldn’t be worse

    E – Nwosu, Hall, Taylor, Mafe, Smith, Robinson
    With Nwosu, Taylor & Mafe, not to mention Smith & Robinson as depth, Hall was the draft pick I understood the least. But PC/JS & company had Hall graded out as first round talent and he will be competing to start as a rookie. So ya, what a deep and young edge group. Hopefully that means they’ll rate in the top half of league performance. But I gotta wonder if Hall is gonna make that much of a difference. Maybe it would have been better picking White or Benton at #37 instead as our d-line got punked so bad all last season. We shall see.

    Verdict – same

    LB – Brooks, Wagner, Bush, Jones, (Rhattigan?)
    I just hope Bush’s play was suffering a bad case of the Diggs as he played his way back from his ACL injury and that he rebounds to his pre-injury form when he was a big time rookie stud. Cause the Steelers didn’t even try to resign him. And I love Bobby. So much. Ring of Honor right now! But he’s a thousand years old. So I was hoping we’d draft a LB… Simpson, Henley & Williams were all just sitting there at #83 waiting for us to pick one of them. But in Pete I trust. I keep telling myself Brooks is bouncing back in time for camp, Bobby’s gonna tell Father Time to f off, Bush will make the Steelers regret their decision, Adams will swoop in on passing downs to finally become the difference maker we all hoped he would be and Hurtt’s schemes will be brilliant! Ya, I’m all in! Fingers crossed for good luck! (a small, barely audible cry for LB help has just been uttered in the back of my conscientiousness)

    Verdict – same, and they didn’t exactly stop anyone last season

    CB – Woolen, Witherspoon, Brown, Bryant, Jackson
    Wow. Just wow. They’re gonna be so good. Not sure if it’s gonna be our WRs, RBs or CBs that will be our team’s best group. The more I watch Witherspoon the more I like him. Day one starter for sure. The kind of guy who will make his teammates wanna be better. We’re gonna need a nickname for these guys.

    Verdict – better

    S – Diggs, Adams, Love, Reed
    I went from “who the hell is Reed?” to “damn, this guy is making the team for sure!” I love it how JS let the scout who found Reed make the draft night call. Only time in 14 years that’s happened. Plus I love it that JS referred to him as an angry dwarf! Maybe there’s a Doug Baldwin vibe going on here? But, of course, the big questions here are all about Adams. Specifically, will he be ready to play, can he play without getting injured again and can Hurtt scheme him properly? If so, and that’s a BIG if, THESE guys could be the best position group on the team. And, for the record, I’m sorry that I said so many awful things about Diggs the first half of last season. Even if he sucked for sure. Just super glad he’s recovered to his pre-injury form. (PS Let’s just all agree to check the Adams hate at the door. For now. At least until the season starts.)

    Verdict- same, but maybe better, I hope

    ST – Meyer, Dickson, Bellore, Stoll
    Meyer earned his big contract, Bellore is f’ing hilarious and, of course, Dickson, everyone’s favorite Aussie, is also back, but those aren’t the headlines. It’s all about Stoll! Seriously… Penn State team captain, won the Patrick Mannelly Award as the nation’s top long snapper, played hockey and lacrosse in high school (so you know he can fight!), a three time dean’s list selection, served three years as president of Penn State’s chapter of Uplifting Athletes raising more than $1.4M for kidney cancer research, Big Ten Sportsmanship Award, nominee for the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team AND he represented Penn State on all coin tosses! My new favorite Seahawk! LOL

    Verdict – same

    So there you have it. Thoughts?

    • Big Mike

      All seem about right to me. Why are you so convinced Olu will be the starter considering the issues he had that dropped him in the draft?

      • David

        Other than the fact that he plays center and doesn’t really have G versatility I am not aware of any issues that “dropped” him in the draft.

        But he won the Rimington and Outland trophies last season. A finalist for the Outland the year prior. Michigan team captain. For sure he can play. But what really sets him apart, to me, is his presence. He’s so solid. Intelligent. A serious human being. He got into the Air Force Academy… no easy task. Bottom line, I can’t point at anything specifically, just how he has conducted himself during interviews and what just about all other coaches/players he has teamed with say about him. He’s impressive.

        • Big Mike

          God knows we could REALLY use a good Center to lock down the position for a good long while. I hope you’re right about him. I want to say from my admittedly failing 66 year old memory his hands were extremely small and he was seen as a bit stiff.

          • David

            Ya, his hands were measured at only 8 5/8”. A bit smaller than optimum. But his size otherwise is otherwise pretty good.

            Regarding the “stiff” descriptor, those kind of things are always tough for me even though I’m an old school (not advanced metrics) kind of guy. It’s because there are so many different scouting reports. Many have slightly contradictory statements on the players. Even inside the same report. So instead I will point at the consistency of his accolades. I didn’t even mention he was a four year starter. And consensus all-American. Also interesting to notice is the company he keeps. Rimington and Outland winners have almost all gone on to have plus NFL careers.

            But seriously, just listen an interview or two of his. You will see/hear what I’m talking about regarding this young man.

  10. 509 Chris

    My greatest is the hawks of 23 are like the vikings of 19-20. Steadily building a great roster and always looking like they’re gonna take the mext step but are stuck in a holding pattern because they don’t have an answer at qb. Bot taking a flyer on a qb in at least one of the last 3 drafts is criminal. I am optimistic though and I’m not completely convinced that Geno can’t get there. Either way at this point I’m excited to watch games which is more than a lot of fanbases have right now.

  11. TomLPDX

    If you haven’t had a chance to watch the “KJ all Day” podcast today, it is worth a listen. Might even piss you off even more about SB49.

    • TomLPDX

      After watching the whole episode, I have to say that I have a new respect for Luke Willson. This was a good one.

    • Gaux Hawks

      great listen, thanks for sharing

    • Rob Staton

      I’m so utterly bored of hearing about the end of that game TBH

      The whole franchise needs to move on

      We’re going to be stuck in the past reliving that moment forever

      • Dominic

        the interesting part of the interview is when Luke talks about why he retired after a day in training camp in 2021 — felt like that team had a 4-12 outlook from the get-go to him (he was surprised the record was 7-10 in the end). The stuff about personnel moves that had him scratching his head after 2016 was interesting too (the Jimmy Graham trade). I thought it corroborated your (Rob) analyses over the years especially the 2021 concerns. I just don’t understand how Pete and John let it get that way (and it does seem like a total turnaround in approach since then.

      • Big Mike

        We’re going to be stuck in the past reliving that moment forever

        Sadly every year around Super Bowl time we will Rob cuz it’ll be shown on highlights during that 2 weeks before the game ad nauseum I’m afraid..
        As for the franchise moving on, that won’t completely happen until Carroll is gone imo.

    • Jabroni-DC

      It was really fun to just listen to those guys go back & forth like real human beings. Enjoyed it.

    • Ryan Purcell

      I didn’t think I’d watch the whole thing but I did. Great insight into a lot of different things. Thanks for posting!!

    • TatupuTime

      I thought it was an incredibly interesting listen – enjoyed it much more than I was expecting. As much as I never needed to hear another take on the end of that game, it included a lot of details that I never heard before. It was a good one.

  12. vichawkfan

    I’m not being a fanboy by saying this, but…
    3) Seahawks

    • Mick

      I wish it were true. But there are some teams that I think would have no problem rolling over us any day of the week. KC is one of them, Bills are the other. I also have the Eagles and until proven otherwise the 49ers there. I’m not a believer in Jets and Dolphins, I think we could take them down. With Bengals and Jaguars and even the Ravens it would be a close call. So yes, I would place us as a top 10 team but not in top 5.

      I also second the opinion expressed above that if we had a better QB we would be higher, perhaps even top 3.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seahawks end up somewhere in the 8 to 12 range is my prediction. I would like to see a little less of Geno Smith and more of a running game, with that 345 pound guard they drafted leading the charge.

  13. samprassultanofswat

    Yes, I definitely believe the Seahawks are a top ten team. I feel we have a legitimate chance to compete in the NFC West. Although I would still give a slight edge to the 49ers. Overall, in the NFC it still looks like Philadelphia is number one. I guess we will still see what kind of year Geno Smith has. It seems that Geno Smith has taken the off season very seriously. In the words of my dad. Geno Smith “has taken the bull by the horns.”

  14. swedenhawk

    Joe Fann tweeted that he’s leaving sports journalism for real estate.

    • Mark

      Shame. Next we’ll hear that Rob is going to law school.

      • LouCityHawk

        Rob’s not that much of a massochist, Hawk fandom aside, law is another level of pain.

        • Thomas Wells

          Lawyer, can confirm

    • Malanch

      Yeah, sports “journalism” is . . . uh . . . mmm . . . not what it used to be. I’ll just leave it at that. And real estate? My goodness, can you say, “bubble territory”? Lucky for Fann the Fed would NEVER repeat its mistakes from the last housing crash . . . (wink, wink)

  15. cha

    Anyone else see that the Jets picked up Adrian Amos for $2.65m?

    Guy has been a PFF rockstar at safety for years, and had a bad year last year.

    30 years old. $2.65m.

    Man. The Seahawks have absolutely blown it in the safety market.

    • LouCityHawk

      Could you at least write “trigger warning” before posting something like this?

      Baker can’t even find a trade partner, blowing it? This is a systemic failure.

      • cha

        If you really want your brain melted, look up the interview with Salk last fall where he said safeties have been devalued because you can just put a talented DB back there and coach him up.

        • Big Mike

          “he” being Carroll for those reading this that don’t know.
          But why cut Adams and use the money for other, areas of need on the team?

          • LouCityHawk

            My coffee cup of choice is a 1992 mug that definitely leaches cancer causing chemicals into me every day, but this cup has survived every move, handles 6+ cups a day, and ain’t changing.

            Obviously, if I had a fancier cup I would be a potential box safety…

        • LouCityHawk

          At least I’m drinking heavily right now….

    • Big Mike

      What cha? You mean you don’t like paying 40 million for crap play (Adams), below average (Diggs) and we’ll see (Love)?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Can someone explain to me why they haven’t cut Adams yet? Is there some advantage to keeping him a few more months? Because from where I’m sitting the money they save could buy two safeties at todays market prices.

        • LouCityHawk

          Why don’t companies quickly fire new splash hires that clearly aren’t working out?

          Why don’t people expeditiously move on from relationships that clearly have no future and cut the future loss right away?

          People see what they want to see when they are close to it, they don’t want to admit failure, they don’t want to walk around singing ‘Wasted On You’.

          • Big Mike

            they don’t want to admit failure

            By FAR the biggest reason imo.

            • AlaskaHawk

              The difference is in the injury history. Unless Adams can compete with two injury free seasons this trade will be considered one of the greatest failures of the Seahawks organization, maybe just barely above drafting failures like Curry and McDowell. But since they traded two firsts and paid big money on top of it, I’m going to rate it as the WORST decision they have ever made.

              • Malanch

                Hard to argue with that, Alaska.

                The Curry bust was just that: a bust. It happens. The Hawks blew it, and it set the team back. (Many franchises have had similar misses up top, by the way, with some whiffing even more spectacularly than that).

                The McDowell and McGwire blunders, on the other hand, were theatrically demonstrative of organizational disconnection—if not dysfunction. Those two picks have to be seen as more detrimental to overall franchise trajectory than the Curry selection—by far—despite those players’ lower draft slots, because the opportunity costs (T.J. Watt and Brett Favre, respectively) and knock-on effects (perennial D-line hole-plugging at great cost and a lost decade due largely to ineffectual quarterback play, respectively) were unquestionably more significant.

                The Jamal Adams trade, though . . . this has the potential to leave even the McDowell and McGwire picks in the dust. It’s too soon to say at present, so we’ll have to wait and see on that, but franchise history could well be in the making.

  16. LouCityHawk

    I tend to avoid power rankings as I think they are entirely click bait.

    I’ve always thought that tiers best sum up where teams realistically fall within the seasons reach.

    Super Bowl Favorites (read: Elite QBs with adequate supporting cast and coaching) (2022 Chiefs):

    Chiefs, Bengals, Bills (should be no questions about this group).

    Super Bowl Contenders (read: elite rosters with non elite QBs) (recent Rams/Bucs):

    Eagles (unconvinced in Hurts, that is a lot of GA players), 9ers (unconvinced in Purdy, Shanahan losing his cool), Jaguars (everyone needs to take the next step, coaches included).

    Dark Horse Contenders (read: mercurial teams that have the foundation that suggests they have a punchers chance) (2017 Eagles):

    Seahawks (classic – good coaching, QB who may be great, explosive weapons, and a defense that needs to put it all together), Giants (literally the 2018 Eagles), Detroit (like Seattle, but a little less street cred), Dallas (maybe the best defense next year, yikes).

    Pretenders (will break their fans hearts, elite QB saddled with bad coaching and subpar cast) (recent year Packers):

    Chargers (Herbert is so good, the coaching is so bad), Miami (do you believe in Tua? Against Allen? Against Belli? The Jets? That is 6 games…), Jets (I’ve loved ARodg since Chico St, but I question this coaching staff, intensely; also – NFCC < AFCE), Broncos (Good coach, still think Russ is cancer), Baltimore (if LJack was so good, why struggle with Pit/CLE?)

    Plucky underdogs (teams that don’t really have a shot, but they just might) (2021 Bengals):

    Titans (a certain rookie QB gets dogged, makes people believe for one season, FU mode team), Texans (that is a lot of talent and a coach that gives off PC vibes), Minnesota (see Cousins, Kirk), Indy (AR will have this title until he doesn’t), Carolina (pencil necks of the universe unite behind your avatar), Bears (Fields, good enough?)

    Toxicly Average (solid teams that have no real hope of winning it all, but not bad enough for Caleb Williams) (2022 Titans):

    Raiders, Falcons, Saints, Commies, Browns, Steelers (none of these are teams that realistically will make playoffs).

    Case for a NFL Lottery system:

    AZ (awful), Rams (awful), Tampa (awful), Raiders (awful)

    My way too early prediction for Super Bowl? Bengals (14-3) vs Seahawks (12-5), MVP is Charbonnet, after running in the go ahead TD on a Lock audible to a run.

    #1 pick goes to the Rams in an obvious tankathon and Williams moves a couple zip codes over. Cards continue to amass Paris Johnson type prospects and wonder when results will come.

  17. LouCityHawk

    Since the dog days of summer are upon us, and my frequent flyer miles keep on climbing…

    I thought I would add on to Rob’s excellent suggestion of Extraction and Top Gun (of course). John Wick 4 is still not streaming for free.

    First – Netflix – if you can handle the foreign language RRR and AKA are both top notch. The Rocky movies are on there as well as Heat, Dunkirk, Black hawk Down, and Road House.

    If you have Max – that includes access to classics like Terminator, Seven Samurai, Dirty Harry, Dog Day Afternoon, the original Oceans 11, Goodfellas, Blood Sport, Yakuza, The Right Stuff, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Pale Rider, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket.

    I recently rewatched the Deer Hunter, High Noon, Magnificent 7, The Great Escape…

    • Palatypus

      The Right Stuff. Where the son of John Glenn plays…Alan Shepard?

      “My name is Jose’ Jimenez.”

      And by the way, “Gonzales”, the orderly at the mental hospital where they secretly do the pilot medical testing, was played by Cincinnati Bengals HOF offensive tackle Anthony Munoz.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      RRR is really fun. It’s pretty interesting that the main characters were based on actual people. It’s kind of a “what if these two rebels had met in real life” story wrapped in with a pretty bonkers action movie with some classic Tollywood song and dance numbers thrown in. Haven’t seen AKA yet.

      I’d recommend adding Bullet Train to your list. It was a really fun watch.

    • Olyhawksfan

      The Fifth Element is a classic.

    • mr peapants

      ill add “The man who would be king” to the must see movie list

    • Palatypus

      Everytime I see a commercial for the new Wes Anderson film “Asteroid City” I can’t help but think it is only a space bar away from a Ken Burns documentary on the 1989 Oakland A’s.

  18. Big Mike

    Road House

    One of my all-time favorite guitar players is in that movie, Jeff Healey. He does a great version of the Dylan song When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky in the movie.

  19. cha

    Maybe they’ll look better in real life.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah… Unfortunately, they just play the “it’s retro” card and get away with anything.

      I don’t mind the color and satin texture, but that old logo is a dud.

      Should have gone for that fan-made one from a few months ago. Way cooler.

      • Big Mike

        Oh man I really like that. Love how it incorporates the word “lions” into the logo and keeps the actual lion as well. Reminds me if the Washington State logo approach.

  20. cha

    Camp dates.

    $15 this year to attend.

  21. Robert Las Vegas

    It maybe it’s just me but sometimes last year tackling was frustrating to me I hope they improve on that.and once again force more turnovers.after losing to those nasty 49ers 3 times last year we have to put a stop on that.punch them in the mouth.

  22. Robert Las Vegas

    What if the Rams today went out and signed both Cook and Hopkins would that be concerning to anyone. I realize that probably won’t happen. If I am a talented offense player I wouldn’t mind playing for Sean Mcvay

    • Henry Taylor

      As long as Stafford and Kupp stay healthy I’m sure their offense will be decent regardless (even with OLine concerns). But that D is going to be an absolute dumpster.

      • Palatypus

        Can’t wait to see Witherspoon hit Kupp.

        • Peanut

          I´ll be hoping for Witherspoon to lay his entire being into his first tackle against the rams, putting up such an example that even BambamKam would be proud. Lay down a new standard: Oh you got a catch in the open field? Well here comes the hardest hit you´ve taken in your life, wanna try doing that again?

          • Palatypus

            I’d settle for a fumble.

  23. Sea Mode

    Happy b-day, Rob! I’m only a few behind you; I’ll do my best to catch up… 😜

  24. samprassultanofswat

    Looking back at the Jamal Adams trade. I think part of the reason of the trade (maybe I am totally off base) for Adams was to appeal to Russell Wilson. Wilson was complaining about not having enough stars on the team. So maybe the trade was made to pacify Wilson.

    Before I call the Jamal Adams trade the worst in Seahawk history. To be fair I am going to give him one more shot. But let’s just say that Adams has a monster season. Can you justify two first round draft picks and a third round draft pick plus all that cash for Adams?

    Come on man. Two first round picks a third round pick and all that cash for Jamal Adams. As John McEnroe would say “You cannot be serious.”

    • Peanut

      If he becomes top 3 safeties in the league, takes obvious charge of the defense, gets picks and sacks and everything you can dream of, no you cannot justify the trade. Has he ever been in the top at his position?

    • 509 Chris

      I don’t really buy the narrative that the Adams trade was to placate Russ. When he made those comments publicly about needing more stars in Seattle I think he was trying to recruit free agents. The pass rush was soft and the team had played games early in free agency rather than just spending on a stud. Adams was a desperate move to try to correct mistakes, but also I think Pete thought Kam was what made the legion work and he was hoping Adams could bring that element back. I’m still pissed they didn’t trade for Yannik Ngaoke (I’m sure I butchered the spelling) who could have been had for a 4th or 5th rounder and was actually a pass rusher. While he never lived up to what people thought he would become it would have been a later pick instead of 2 firsts a third, a player, and still having to negotiate a deal a year later with a guy that hadn’t yet found a real place on the defense.

      Now I just want Adams gone so we can move on and try to forget. He might do better with a fresh start as well.

      • 509 Chris

        I do wonder however if a big part of the defensive scheme change was about accommodating Adams. I’ll give it one more season before I really become critical but its looking like the 3 4 hybrid thing is a flop.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I do agree that the Adams trade was Pete’s last shot at putting together a team that would enable Russ to get to the Super Bowl. AT that time there was a belief that the defense just needed one more elite piece. And Russ would cook. As it turned out, they used Adams out of position, and Russ got hurt(?) that year. And Russ promptly got traded/left by next season.

        I think it was a desperation move by Pete to get to the Super Bowl.

        • Big Mike

          I don’t think it had anything to do with Wilson. I think Pete and John were confident that Clowney would re-sign with Seattle and waited too long for that to happen and by the time it became evident that wasn’t going to happen, they got caught with their pants down in a dried up pass rusher market. Panic ensued and the trade was made. Most times the simplest explanation is the truth….Occam’s razor and all that.
          I do strongly believe John would’ve moved on from Adams very quickly as he’s shown the inclination to do that e.g. he tried to trade Wilson well before it finally happened. I believe it’s Pete’s ego and desperation to justify the trade is what keeps him around and MAYBE even awarded the coffee cup that huge contract. Would John have cut him loose and never even given him that contract? I think that’s possible but we’ll never know.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Just one nit pick about your argument. Clowney plays a totally different position than Adams, the Adams hire was to solve different issues, i.e. Pete couldn’t draft a decent safety, and wasn’t doing all that well on fielding a complete cornerback crew either.

            • BK26

              IDK…it’s almost like they tried to use Adams in place of Clowney (making him just rush the quaterback). A little tongue in cheek but also some truth. Just a trapezoidal peg into an “A” shaped hole.

              Led to them butchering 3 different positions with one player.

              • AlaskaHawk

                Yes you got a point there about the way Adams was used.

                One other thought about Adams. Pete was on the last year of his contract. I felt like it was a subconscious attempt to sabotage the Seahawks. Why else would you pay so much? Stick them with this big contract and no first round draft picks as he walked out the door.

                After acquiring Adams, Pete Carroll got a contract extension and must have thought, Oh Sh*t, how am I going to use him?

                • Hawktalker#1

                  Well there’s a take that makes my spinkter pucker. Carrol tanking the team? Ahhh ok

                • Daniel

                  Okay I’m calling it. The Adams Trade Obsession has officially jumped the shark.

                  The front office made a bad calculation and executed a bad trade. It’s regrettable and we all hate it, but it’s just a football transaction at the end of the day. It’s not some case of deliberate sabotage or subconscious malice manifesting through devious tanking of his own friends and colleagues that he’s worked with for over a decade.

                  It was just a bad move, that’s all. Good grief.

  25. cha

    “5th year option” ?? Interesting.

    Maybe it’s just wording and it’s a 4y deal and the 5th year option is just the CBA standard option.

    Anyway, Witherspoon’s contract coming into focus

    Tom Pelissero
    The #Texans signed No. 3 overall pick Will Anderson Jr. to a fully guaranteed four-year, $35,212,818 million deal with a fifth-year option, per source.

    Anderson gets a $22,609,320 signing bonus as part of the deal, which was negotiated by Nicole Lynn of @KlutchSports.

  26. HOUSE

    Came across this and had to share this stupidity…

    • Palatypus

      That’s some weak tea right there. Like a professional, I do work on the speed bag with my face.

    • Malanch

      Kind of a bad look, too . . .

  27. Palatypus

    So nobody wants to do Hard Knocks.

    Here’s an idea.

    “Hey Pete, if you do Hard Knox this year, we will give you extra practices to work on tackling.”

  28. cha

    Bumpus: Why Seattle Seahawks will miss LB Cody Barton

    Narrator: They didn’t.

    • Palatypus

      We’re going to miss Cody Barton as much as we miss Michael Bumpus.

    • Malanch

      How does one miss what never was?

    • Big Mike

      I see Ryan Neal in the honorable mention category. Still looking for the peacock tho. Good thing we kept him and let Neal walk. It is disappointing that Love didn’t get a mention……..

      If I didn’t know better, I’d guess you linked this up for the unhappy with Adams crowd cha. 🙂

    • Big Mike

      Couldn’t disagree more about the Bengals. Yeah, Burrow has a load of talent around him but the o-line has been suspect the last 2 years and his processing is so good and so quick the is able to utilize said talent. They’re underselling him imo.

      • 509 Chris

        I agree thats a huge slight at Burrow. He elevates the talent on that team. Outside of Chase who would be a stud playing for say the Raiders? Higgins is good but not great. I guese Mixon is an above average back. Without Burrow though they’d be lucky to be a .500 team.

  29. Palatypus

    Sherm voted of the planet.

    Anyone know where I can find that meme of “The Marshawn” with the movie poster from The Martian?

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