Video: Thoughts on the explosive looking Seahawks offense


  1. JimQ

    I’m excited to see the offense this year, IF they avoid major injuries, a top 5 offensive team is very, very possible. Hopefully, they get past their “slow starts”. This offense could perhaps get big enough leads to make up for a slightly questionable & young defense. They MUST get over the slow start thing IMO to have much of a chance at the playoffs, especially against the really good teams they face.

  2. Palatypus

    Rob, I noticed your work is paying off at the gym with your arms and shoulders. Rock solid. Great job!

    But, Joel Seedman and Top Billin’ have expressed their concerns about that pencil neck and those “teef.”

    I think you need to do some Rocky III style sled work with a bit and bridle…in the snow. With lots of twisting and lunging.


    • Rando31

      Looking like Popeye !

    • Ben

      That’s Rocky IV dude.

      • Palatypus


  3. Olyhawksfan

    Interesting point about the vets praising rookies. It’s a cool ripple in the tea leaves cup.

  4. StevenD

    Excited for this offense!

    Hoping that shoring up the interior of the o line will help. Blythe and Jackson weren’t super – especially in the 2nd half of the season. This contributed to Geno’s 2nd half slide. Haynes as a starter and possibly AB is an upgrade at guard as is either Evan or Olu at center. That improvement, along wog the second year leap from our bookends will be as big a plus as the new weapons + (dare we hope) a screen passa or two. More time/accuracy for Geno.

    More time, more options, more talent… more better!

  5. Dave Thompson

    It’s good to hear early positive reports about the weapons possible on offense, while also hearing positive things about the defensive backs. If all remain healthy, which is asking a lot, practices should be intense, with the receivers and defensive baks constantly sharpening each other.

  6. DW

    A two-fer Chris Carson and Joel Seedman collab yet again!

    The tried and true “hit your client in the face with a yoga ball while they lift” technique.

    • Kyle R

      I just chuckled and had the biggest “WTF?” look on my face watching that.

  7. Eduardo

    Hey Rob,

    Good to hear from ya! I know these are the doldrums of NFL action, but my addiction doesn’t not wane!;)

    I appreciate your take on JSN, because I pick up the same optimism from Carroll and the team, but since we are so “glass have full” all the time, its hard to reconcile it from the fluff that commonly comes out of OTAs/Minicamp/Etc from Pete and Co.

    It would be ironically fitting if Eskridge now decides to show up, but there might not be enough footballs to go around. I’d be more intrigued in seeing them feed a Dareke Young who’s potentiality could add a different “Deebo-like” dimension to our game and round us out more than having JSN and Eskridge compete for snaps.

    I have no qualms with Charbonnet, because of the same reasons you expressed, plus I have liked McIntosh for a long time and I think he’ll supplant a Dee Jay or a now-parted Homer as a 3rd down option with top level receiver chops and vastly improve production there.

    Looking forward to finding out!



  8. Romeo A57

    I am still not sold that the Seahawks will have an exceptional offensive. While littered with solid to good, bur not great players everywhere, we still need to see them perform against teams like the niners.

    At QB Geno is Average( at best)

    We are hoping that the Offensive line is Average with the holes up the middle.

    The RBs are hopefully good as long as the two rookies can play well. KW3 was very inconvenient last year

    TEs are all Average

    WR has been looking for a 3rd Receiver forever. JSN is by far the most promising. Tyler and DK can already do their jobs well but each have major flaws. Tyler doesn’t want to get hit and avoids contact instead of moving the ball upfield. DK has bad hands

    • Romeo A57

      Also it turns out that McIntosh was part of thr Georgia Bulldogs Street Racing Crew. Might be the reason he was drafted so low.

      • JimQ

        Wow! This shows the effect of a coaching staff & the athletic administration putting the game as #1 priority while not having ANY controls over their players and the supporters that facilitate them by providing high performance racing vehicles to players as rewards. I hope McIntosh’s contract has an unusual clause in it that stipulates that he must drive a stock VW bug or equivalent, otherwise there could be a future problem.

      • Big Mike

        But, but they won 2 Nattys, who cares?

        • Romeo A57

          Exactly, the newspaper article will get a lot of views but nobody in Georgia will care as long as the Bulldogs keep winning.

          I found it interesting because McIntosh was expected to go much higher than the Seventh Round

    • Mick

      This is as negative as it gets. KW3 scored 10 TDs last year. Tyler and DK have top numbers in each of last 3 seasons. We finally seem to have something going at WR3 with JSN, possible Dee finally making it to the NFL and even guys like Young and Bobo. I feel like we improved the interior Oline, it’s hard to be less effective than Blythe. The tackles now have experience. And finally Geno, as much as I wish we drafted a successor, will hopefully be at least as solid this year as he was last one. I think it’s OK to hope.

      • Romeo A57

        I still need to see this offense perform decently against the better defenses before they can be considered at the top. I still remember them being MIA most of the game against the niners three times. KW3 was too inconsistent with some explosive flashes. I was very happy to see them upgrade the RBs and be able to challenge Walker to be RB1.

        • 509 Chris

          I agree that I’ll need to wait till October before I’m truly excited, but I also agree with Mick. There’s plenty to he optimistic about. Walker was inconsistent in his roomie year where he dealt with a serious injury and wasnt the starter until a few weeks in. Yes DK and Lockett aren’t superheros but they’re great recievers who put up real numbers every year. If you nitpick every roster you can find flaws. It comes down to coaching. Put guys in positions where their strengths outshine the flaws. With this teams coaching I have a little more faith on the offensive side of the ball. The team seems like they are really working and Geno along with some of the other vets are showing leadership.

          • Romeo A57

            I am excited to see the improvement of the personnel on offense and do expect them to be better than last year. I want to see them put up some points against the better defenses before I can call them a great I can’t forget how impotent this offense was against the top defenses they played in 2022. Too many quarters and halves where the offense did nothing.

  9. samprassultanofswat

    Without question the Seahawks offense has a chance to be top five in the NFL. The old rule used to be “Defenses win championships.” That can still happen. But it is getting harder and harder.

    Case in point. Last year the Eagles led the entire league in sacks. The Eagles registered 70 sacks last year. Those 70 sacks by the Eagle defense were the third highest in NFL history. Philadelphia averaged 3.9 sacks per game. However, in the Super Bowl the Eagles failed to record even a single sack. Two years before the Tampa Bucs defense was the key to stopping Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes spent the entire game running for his life. However, it is getting harder and harder for the defense to win a championship. Ten years ago, Seattle defeated the Broncos 41-8. A superior defense stopped the greatest offense (at that time) in the history of the league. However, that was 10 years ago.

    Right now, offense is where it is right now. And that’s the way NFL headquarters want it.

    On defense what you need is pass rushers and defensive backs. It looks to me like the Seahawks are pretty solid at both positions. The question will be, can the Hawks stop the run? What Pete Carroll’s philosophy is to make them earn it. Keep the chunk plays to a minimum. And hope the defense can force the opponent to either commit a turnover, punt, or settle for a field goal. In other words (bend but don’t break). The last few years the Seahawks have been burned time and time and time again with that philosophy. However, with the addition of pass rushers, hungry rookies on defense (Cameron Young, Michael Morris, Derrick Hall), solid free agent signings (Jarran Reed, Dre Monte Jones, Devin Bush, Julian Love and of course bringing back Bobby Wagner should help in the run. Let’s forget Jamal Adams. With Adams, Julian Love and Devon Witherspoon those are three pretty good tacklers in the secondary. So, the run defense should be much better. Between free agency, the return of Jamal Adams and a nice collection of rookie draft picks. The Seahawks run defense should be much improved. John Schneider has brought in waves of players to help the run defense. So, it will be more difficult for opposing offenses to just march down the field.

    One last point. Geno Smith. In the case of Geno Smith, everything I have heard has been positive. Everything. One example is that Geno Smith has been working really hard with D’ Wayne Eskridge this offseason. The Seahawks will never have a greater collection of weapons on offense than they have right now. Geno Smith should be in seventh heaven with all the ammunition he has to work with on offense.

    • Big Mike

      Don’t forget KC had major oline injuries in that Super Bowl vs Tampa including iirc both tackles. Mahomes never had a chance that day.

    • BK26

      You said to forget Jamal but then added him as positive. Not a good tackler (and shies away from contact) and is all or nothing in the run game. There is your defensive weakness and the guy that will get exploited.

      They need to play games for any of this to be meaningful. All of the good reports mean nothing. What are they going to say? “Yeah…we need a lot of work…” Pete the Mr. Positive. This time of year is nothing but more time to wait for me. They’re already moving Witherspoon around which is already raised one of my eyebrows.

      By all means, be excited and be hopeful. This could be a great year. But it is year 2 and early in their process. A LOT of pieces are missing. If we were win the AFC, we would have a long look up to the top. And honestly, how much of a liability will our coaching be? It is a year to build on but I think it will be more of a year like last year where we are looking at growth with guys rather than seeing a machine.

  10. Gaux Hawks

    Visual of the depth chart:

    QB: Gino Smith, Drew Lock
    LT: Charles Cross, Stone Forsythe
    LG: Damien Lewis, Phil Haynes
    C: Olusegun Oluwatimi, Evan Brown
    RG: Anthony Bradford, Phil Haynes
    RT: Abraham Lucas, Stone Forsythe
    TE: Noah Fant, Will Dissly
    RB1: Kenneth Walker, Kenny McIntosh
    RB2: Zach Charbonnet, DeeJay Dallas
    WR1: DK Metcalf, Dareke Young
    WR2: Tyler Lockett, Dee Eskridge
    WR3: Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Jake Bobo

    DE: Dre’Mont Jones, Mario Edwards
    NT: Cameron Young, Bryan Mone
    DT: Jarran Reed, Mike Morris
    LEO: Boye Mafe, Darrell Taylor
    SAM: Uchenna Nwosu, Derick Hall
    MIKE: Bobby Wagner, Jon Rhattigan
    WILL: Jordyn Brooks, Devin Bush
    RCB: Tariq Woolen, Artie Burns
    LCB: Devon Witherspoon, Mike Jackson
    DB: Coby Bryant, Tre Brown
    FS: Quandre Diggs, Joey Blount
    SS: Julian Love, Jamal Adams

    With Colby Parkinson, Cade Johnson, Jake Curhan, Tyreke Smith, Myles Adams and Jerrick Reed waiting in the wings.

    Hoping we can replace Bryan Mone and Jon Rhattigan spots via cutdowns or cheap trades before the season starts.

    • Tatupu51

      Cool roster, but I believe there is no way we enter the season with only two TEs. Unless you consider Jake Bobo as a TE tha can play in line.

      • Gaux Hawks

        …only showing two levels, but have Parkinson listed below

    • Troy

      I don’t care how talented the offensive lineman are, starting 2 rookies, and 2 players with 1 year exp would be a recipe for disaster on the oline. I hope our offensive lineman rookies are good but I would very much bet against them rolling out this inexperienced a line.

      • Spectator

        We started 2 rookies last year, and at the tackle position. Who both excelled. It is plausible to think of the possibility 2 interior rookies can start. Not saying they will, but it’s not beyond belief.

  11. Cambs

    Bit off topic, the BTS war room videos of the Cardinals trades are pretty good viewing. The video for the trade-up they executed with the Lions (from 12 to 6, for Paris Johnson) shows Monti Ossenfort seeking a deal with Seattle. (Arizona canvassed 5, 6, 7, and 8, ultimately made the trade with 6.) The Seahawks turn him down but seemingly JS also says “I appreciate your patience” which implies that there may have been legit consideration on Seattle’s side.

    Specifically with respect to the Seahawks it tells us that (1) there was a trade-down to be had … not just in general terms, but a specific offer in their earbud — they presumably could have picked 12 and 34, the deal the Lions got; and (2) no care (at least on Arizona’s side, at least for this particular possible move) about any intradivisional taboos. More generally it’s just cool to get glimpses of how the sausage gets made in the war rooms.

    Above is excerpted from their longer “Cardinals Flight Plan” video.

    • STTBM

      Interesting. Rob had me convinced they wouldn’t trade with us. Still, nobody knows if they would have traded pick 3 to us for the same value as other teams, or at all.

    • Happy Hawk

      wow that is interesting. I know it isn’t fair to play what if but the Hawks making that deal could have selected:
      W. McDonald or C Gonzalez at #12
      M Mayer at #34

      to go with their other picks. Looking back I think I would have made that deal.

  12. Peanut

    Before last season i was all “yeah this year will be a struggle, i´ll check the highlights for this years games”

    This summer i kinda just want to fast forward to september to get this season going.

    I feel like there is legit reason to be excited at every position group. Young talent at both lines, recievers are fun, there is even fun potential at linebacker. Lets get going!

  13. STTBM

    I’m still leary about the potential for Waldron and Carrol to ruin the offense despite the talent. For the first time since Carrol got here though, I expect the Online to be GOOD, not just good enough.
    And JSN is going to be a Superstar. He’s got quicker feet than a young Paul Richardson or Tyler Lockett. Watching clips of him practice is amazing. This kid is straight Ready To Rock!

    I just hope they throw the damned ball to the TEs at least 8 times a game. It makes no sense to have 3 YEs who can catch, two who can run, and barely throw them the ball.

  14. LouCityHawk

    I really want Palatypus to explain the symbolism in this scene from my nightmares

    Because I’m pretty damn sure it is a sign of the end times. I don’t care about sharks, but Ocean Bears…Nope, no thank you!

    It also has me wondering if the Seahawks believe they have a QBotF in one Andrew Steven Lock…a large part of the Seahawks early success was in finding ways to exploit inefficiency in a copycat league. Everyone has groaned at the Seahawks other attempts to do this as being too cute.

    At the present, the league seems split between having a cost controlled rookie, and paying top dollar for a QB. The QB middle class is a class of 1.

    20 years ago, the majority of the QBs in the league fell into the middle class, and some were the top performers. Could it be our Hawks are getting cute trying to mine the QB middle class for gold. Stock up on MattHass, Kitnas, Brad Johnsons, Trent Greens, Delhommes…. Elite QB play has been a driving factor in winning super bowls, but it doesn’t have to be. How many special QBs are in the league at any given time, or in the draft?

    And I will go once more over the sand bar in deference or out Ocean Bear overlords…what if the lesson the Hawks learned from the RW experience was don’t pay a middle class QB like an elite one? Has RW3 given any indication he is anything other than an upper middle class QB? In 2003, Mr Lock would be exactly who you were looking for to lead your franchise to glory on a mid-range contract, of course so would Mr. Smith.

    • BK26

      On the Russ question: yes, he showed that for a while, he was elite. He was the guy in the league going down and winning the game. He was the one pulling the team along despite of the roster and coaching. Are we really going to say anything otherwise? Are we forgetting so soon?

      And there is a reason that only one of those guys that you listed won only 1 Super Bowl: generational defense. Hasselbeck was the outlier, but the roster was littered with Hall of Famers. This current roster is not. Where is the elite talent?

      If they think that Lock is any part of a future plan, then Pete and John will have wasted the last 2 years of good faith with the draft. The kid hasn’t beaten out anyone, shown anything, and was a trade throw in. The league has said the same. The team gave him a contract that literally shows him as a body so we have a backup.

      The league isn’t split at all: you find your guy and you do what you can with him. When he’s on his rookie contract you maximize the cap. When he is paid you have to work around that. You don’t win without that guy. Just like now, the majority is in that middle class. That is why there are a few good teams (who have a quarterback) and everyone else trying to get to that point.

      They need to find a quarterback of the future. It is the biggest long-term whole on the team. It’s not Geno and it’s not Lock. Their contracts have proven that. Pete and John got in trouble by trying to be cute and think that they were smarter. No more being cute, do what needs to be done. The league has changed. The middle group of quarterbacks aren’t capable like they were 20 years ago. You need elite and you need a future plan. The team isn’t there yet.

      • LouCityHawk

        So, the Ocean Bear is a harbinger of the apocalypse…potentially

        My post was from the perspective of the undecided. In PCJS position I could very well have come to the conclusion that what hampered the 2018-2021 Seahawks was a bloated contract paid to a player that played below his value. What’s more, that the lost value in not moving on from him sooner was an opportunity cost for missing out on truly elite QBs such as Mahomes and Allen. Certainly 2022 would cause you to suspect that RW was indeed a charlatan benefitting from superior coaching and perhaps even dragging down his teammates.

        The league is indeed split though, you either pay a ton for a QB or you recycle cheap/rookie QBs. Seattle seems to be experimenting with a third way. The league quit on Geno Smith, the league quit on Drew Lock, maybe the league is quitting on QBs too early for various reasons. Is there a case for a middle class of QBs? Certainly Cousins and Murray make the case for “Yes”, Daniel Jones got overplayed for no real reason, no team should be throwing max money at Daniel Jones.

        Taking your point though, franchises should be in a battle to lose the most games to secure themselves the only elite QB prospect: Caleb Williams; every other path leads you to a player who looks like a less than complete Drew Lock, or worse than Drew Lock.

        It seems there is a case to be made for getting a Trent Green or Brad Johnson, as long as they are paid appropriately. Line up the QBs who would you rather have (contact adjusted)? Lock or Jimmy G, Baker, Mac Jones?

        We, as fans, have seized on certain lessons that have pleased us (reaches, character concerns), but have we fleshed out every lesson the team has taken? Seeing a murderous bear arise from the ocean has me wondering out loud. Is the plan moving forward to identify Smith/Lock types, groom them, then go from middle class qb to middle class qb?

        • BK26

          Recycling any of those quarterbacks hasn’t worked. Not a single one that you mentioned I would want. Cousins has sunk the Vikings because he could never elevate like Russ.

          Buffalo and Kansas City didn’t tank for their guys. Smart teams get their guys. Whether it’s the number one pick or the guy that they can do something with. And I’d rather have Jimmy over Lock. Lock has done nothing and hasn’t beaten out anyone on a bad Denver team. He can’t even get on the field now.

          I don’t want to groom middle class guys (and that is the fitting word) with the task to win a Super Bowl. Especially with so much of the roster so close. Geno could do something. He also is 32 and a journeyman who has only beaten out Drew Lock in his career and has one good half of football.

          No matter what, the team gave Drew Lock the contract that they did. That is my proof. If they identify him as any serious part of the future, then that will be the nail in their coffin as far as I am concerned

          I will say this (and it might be Pete’s thinking, which could be another debate): the team might view the quarterback differently. They very well could want more of a game manager/someone that is in the DVD value bin at Wal Mart. It’s just not what they league is right now.

  15. Tommy Boy

    The only way this Offense can’t become the BEST in Seahawk history is if PC wants to be too conservative and not attack.

    The BEST Hawk Offense was the 2005 SuperBowl team lead by our dominant OL, specifically Big Walt & Hutch.

    I think our 2023 OL will improve, I hope Evan starts at C paving the way for Oli in 2024. Our bookends improve in year 2 and add stability. Can Bradford crack the 1st unit or are we looking at Lewis & Haynes at Guard?

    I loved Alexander but always felt he was more a product of the OL. Very talented but this 2023 group as a whole could get close to his 2005 production. Strong was the best fullback in football.

    Hass vs Geno? It’s truly a push. Eye test and stat wise. Both showed elite performances but had some inconsistency. I expect Geno to improve with a 2nd year being the starter. Hass was hitting his peak in 2005.

    Where the 2023 squad has an advantage over the 2005 are at the TE and WR’s. Specifically in the HANDS department. You could trust Engram in the slot and a surprising JoeJ in 2005 but the rest of the WR’s & TE’s had inconsistent hands. DJack was hot and cold, Stevens? Mili? inconsistent.

    This 2023 squad with DK, Lockett and what I expect from Jax teaming with Dissly, Fant and sprinkle in Parkinson, the 2023 has more WR & TE talent than the 2005 team.

    I will have to see improved OL play from this 2023 to oust the 2005 team as the BEST Hawk offense in history but this 2023 has the skill talent and depth to challenge the 2005 team.

    I’m more concerned with game day strategy than Offensive talent. This is going to be an upper echelon Offense. It’s good enough to challenge the Eagles and 49ers D and I love the fact we have the Eagles 1x and the Niners 2x on our schedule. We will show we can compete with both squads and it’s late in the season so no excuses.

    We’re going to be a dangerous squad. Just find a NT for the run D and I can see us making a run to the SB.

    • Big Mike

      Don’t sell Alexander short. He had excellent vision for daylight and was quick to the hole. Only thing he lacked was top end speed. You’re right about that o-line tho. That left side was unreal. Every team knew we ran left and no one stopped it. That was our first SB win if not for the NFL arranging for the stealers to win it with the “bettis comes home to Detroit” storyline.

      • 509 Chris

        The officiating was horrible in that sb but if Jeramy Stevens doesn’t drop a td and a couple 1st downs thats a very different game. And Hass vs Geno. Is that a joke? Hass 100% was better. He had an amazing touch amd great arm. He needed that amazing line because on the move he fell apart but when he had a clean pocket he was as good as any of the greats.

        • Big Mike

          And I know in my heart of hearts if they don’t call that phantom holding on Sean Locklear (even Madden said during the game that it didn’t look like holding) we win that game despite all the other bullshit calls (and there were many). That negated a first and goal at the one and the guaranteed (Walt and Hutch) TD to follow puts us up 17-14. But hey the NFL and Commissioner Dan Rooney got what they wanted, a stealer championship. Hope they enjoy it cuz absolutely no one that wasn’t a fan if either team thinks they won legitimately. Forever tainted.

        • Tommy Boy

          Hass vs Geno? No that’s not a joke and I was a big Hass fan! I will never forget driving down to MT stadium 20 years ago and watching Hass throw for 5 TD’s against arguably a top 5 D of all Time in the Ravens.

          Ray Lewis, Peter Boulware, Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed, McAlister, Hartwell, Thomas. It was a stacked D and Hass shreded the Ravens and somehow we lost in OT. I liked Hass a lot.

          However, Hass was always good for an Interception per game and they were usually of the bone head version but I’m not sure our memories can remember reality.

          Hass – 2003 61% 26 TD 15 Int 3841 in 16 games
          2004 59% 22 TD 15 Int 3382 in 14 games
          2005 66% 24 TD 9 Int 3459 in 16 games
          2006 57% 18 TD 15 Int 2442 in 12 games

          GENO – 2022 70% 30 TD 11 INT 4282 in 17 games

          But I’m not corroborating this just with stats, no way, but take a look at the eye test and Geno’s TD passes and the fact that he was the #1 NFL QB in deep passing.

          Geno is so underrated by our fan base on his pocket awareness, it’s kinda sad. If you look at Geno’s 30 Td’s, in 90% he’s moving in the pocket, waiting until the last possible moment to deliver the ROCK. GENO is vastly underrated and I believe he has the surrounding talent to carry us to the SB THIS SEASON.

          The 3 TD passes at N.O. were UNREAL. Both to Lockett & 1 to DK.
          I won’t list them all but Search you tube for Geno’s TD passes in 2022. YOu will be surprised at his accuracy, pocket prescence, touch, arm Talent.

          Geno has a better arm than Hass ever did.


          And I was as Big a Hass fan as there was. I trusted him but he did make many boneheaded plays and did have the best left side of an OL in football, the best fullback and a dynamic RB as support. What he did lack were the Receivers that Geno now has. That is where 2023 has a chance to exceed 2005. SKill position talent.

          Again, this is just my eye test from going to Hawk games for 40 years so I’m not trying to disrespect your view, I just believe we underestimate what GENO can do.

      • Tommy Boy

        My eye test for talent has Alexander as the 3rd best Hawk RB of all time.

        1. Beast Mode
        2. Curt Warner
        3. Alexander

        Yes, I’m old enough to have seen Warner pre-injury and his cutting ability was unreal. It’s like I’ve reserved part of my brain for Seahawk visuals.

        • Big Mike

          I agree with your rankings. Curt was special before the knee injury and still very good afterwards. Nowadays he’d have been as good post injury due to medical advancements.

    • BK26

      The 2005 team had HOFer’s and all-time greats. This team currently does not have either. Alexander’s production was what it was. He broke the TD record no matter who the offensive line was.

      Hasselbeck vs Geno? Hasselbeck, no brainer. Geno has only ever beaten out Drew Lock. Hasselbeck was already established as a starting NFL quarterback and the team had him as the foreseeable future plan. Geno might not be here next year. He’s been a journeyman qb. And Geno has shown nothing that is considered an elite performance.

      WR’s and TE’s are the only positions that his year’s team has on 2005. And no matter what, I am taking that offense if there was one drive needed at the end of the game when we’re down. They were battle-tested and proven. I had faith in them and they were consistant. Other that Tyler Lockett, there isn’t a member from this year’s team that you can safely say we know what they will do and you would bet money on.

      Are we really forgetting history and comparing a Super Bowl team to where we are currently? As year 2 of a rebuild with a lot of glaring (some HUGE) holes? This team could be the best in history in terms of numbers, but there is A LOT of work for it to be as good as 2005. There just isn’t an elite talent/difference maker on this current roster.

      You are right with coaching. That is the giant difference between 05 and 23. Pete and Waldron haven’t shown me anything to have complete faith in our offensive strategy. This very well could be a special year. It at least will be one to build off of. But 2005 was a team that should have won the Super Bowl.

      • Tommy Boy

        As far as Hass vs Geno, I think we tend to remember the best of Hass and forget the worst.

        The numbers and the EYE TEST would favor Geno in 2022. See stats above and if you want Geno’s 32 Td passes, then here’s the link.–f4E

        I loved the Hawks before the bandwagon started. I traveled all over the country during the Hass years and rarely ran into Hawk fans until I ventured to the 2012 W/C game at Fed Ex vs the Skins. And I wouldn’t have spent hundreds of dollars if I wasn’t a HUGE HASS and Hawk fan. I always believed we’d win every game if Hass had the ball in his hands and we needed to score.

        With that being said, GENO’s 2022 season is so underrated and it’s not numbers. Look at the throws he made for a 1st year starter. I expect him to be even better, if that’s even possible.

        • BK26

          For me, eye test is all Hasselbeck. I had confidence with him having the ball and needing to drive down the field. It’s not that way with Geno. Geno is fine, Hass was good. Geno will have better numbers with better weapons and playing in a different era. But it’s not his first year starting. He started for 2 seasons before, couldn’t make it, and then last year was year 10. And he’s only had one good half to show for that career.

          He is definitely more athletic than Hasselbeck, not even close even at age 32. He just needs to prove that he can be consistent and lead on the field. That he won’t shrink when it matters. That has probably been the biggest knock on him as a pro: couldn’t take pressure. The job, leading (which he has already he’s matured here), pressure situations. He didn’t do well with pressure on the field last year. I didn’t worry about it with Hasselbeck like I do with Geno.

          No matter what, you are positive and very hopeful. I envy that. To me the team has to huge, glaring holes and they aren’t going to do much in terms of getting far at the end of the year. To me, it is year of of an “at least” 3/most likely 4 year machine being built. To anyone being hopeful, enjoy it. That is what our lives need. Eat it up. I would 100% love you being right compared to me. We all want the same thing in the end.

          And thank you for the discussion. This is the only place that I know of where we can talk like this and we don’t end up cursing the other’s ancestors.

          • Tommy Boy

            Hass was very good but I’ve already laid out the numbers. Look at Hass’s TD to interception ratio. It was NOT very good. I liked Hass but he often wasn’t composed. It was like he was amped up on Adderall or something.

            For those that remember the 2003 WC game vs the Packers, that was a microcosm of what Hass would often do. GENO would’ve been roasted if he made the bonehead plays that Hass made. Hass didn’t even look at Alex Banister before the throw. Al Harris was known for jumping routes. Harris would’ve bit on a pump fake but Hass just gets the snap turns and fires the ball which was easily picked off for 6.

            While that may seem like an anomoly play, Hass during that hey day of 2003-2006, he had 3 seasons of 15 Interceptions and a high in TD”s of only 26. I liked Hass a lot but he played with a VETERAN OL and the BEST OL in Hawk History. Even Robbie Tobeck was a solid Center to go with Jones and Hutch.

            Hass was protected! and then he had the best FB in the NFL, Mack Strong, combined with Alexander.

            GENO throws a better ball, shows more composure and was only his 1st year starting and on a team with 2 rookie OT’s, a LOUSY center, a rookie RB and did so well considering all of the variables.

            Hass was a gamer! I loved his passion! He had a nice arm. A great touch but doesn’t thread the needle with velocity that GENO showed during 2022. Compare GENO’s 32 TD video link to Hass’s TD video link.

            We under estimate GENO because he’s been a career backup. Guess what? I remember Rich Gannon was, too!! In fact the Chiefs let Gannon go and decided on that Michigan turd that the Huskies smoked in the ROse Bowl. Elvis GRBAC??

            What did RIch Gannon go on to do after the Chiefs stuck with Grbac and let a perennial backup leave? Gannon was the NFL player of the year and took the Raiders to the Super Bowl.

            Geno Smith can lead this current Hawk team to the SB. We’re a little light on the NT position but I can see us making a deep run in 2023 kinda like 2012 and then rebounding in 2024 like we did in 2013.

            I’m not a homer, either. In fact, I’m not a Pete Carroll fan at all. Personally, he’s not a great game day coach. He doesn’t know how to attack and go for the W. ( 2022 Raider game) and he’s too stubborn and old school for me. Pete creates a positive environment for our team unity and culture. A+++

            However, his game day strategy is weak and people laugh at me when I want Pete to have a laminated sheet for those few situations that he seems to blow. Wasting time outs, not knowing when to go for it, when to punt, when to kick a FG, etc. There are too many precious situations that occur that you need a reminder. You can’t remember everything to do while jumping around the sidelines and expecting your coaches to tell you.

            I like this team, though. I like the youth. I like the attitude. I want to see a bit more anger on defense and more of an attack style strategy on both Offense and Defense.

            I plan on traveling to 3 away games this season! I’m not spending thousands + and time to go watch a squad that I don’t believe can win any game this year. That includes, Cincy, that includes the 49ers, that includes the Eagles, that includes the Ravens, that includes Detroit.

            While we will lose games, I will go in expecting to win each and every game.

      • Tommy Boy

        And in all fairness to Hass, our receivers during that 2003-06 run led the NFL in dropped passes.

        As much as I liked DJack, he had the drops and Koren Robinson’s hands were made of stone. Add in Stevens and Hass just didn’t have the receiving corp that Geno will have in 2023. I’m projecting Jax to be a stud, so we’ll see.

        Geno also has more scrambling ability though Hass was a gamer and would fight for those 7 yd scrambles to get a 1st down.

        Hass played behind a better OL and had a superior Running game as support but an inconsistent receiving corp while Geno will have more skill weapons at his disposal in 2023.

        Thus, I wouldn’t be shocked if the 2023 Hawks ended up with the best O in history. That would be both in yards per game and points per game since we play 1 more game than in 2005.

        Maybe I just have high hopes for our 2023 squad and I really do! I’m excited for this team to show what they can do but they need to be much more aggresive in scheme and play calling on both sides of the ball for our dreams to become reality. The talent is there. We need our coaches to figure out how to utilize it.

        • AlaskaHawk

          The offensive line wasn’t always better. I remember the center missing a block and Hass getting pancaked as he went back to pass. Next play, same darn thing and another brutal sack in the backfield.

          I was thinking to myself, If I were him I would walk to the sideline and take myself out of the game for awhile. Let the backup get pancaked while the offense figured out their blocking!

  16. Tommy Boy

    Speaking of the 2005 SB team, one of the unreal and shocking scores was a MNF game I attended in the snow in Philly. It was Reggie White’s retirement game.

    The Hawks rolled an Avalanche over the Eagles, 42- zip. I remember Dyson and Lofa with pick 6’s. It was an empty stadium by the 3rd quarter.

    Those were games I’d go to and there were minimal Hawk fans. We had a dominant run from 2003-06 and I attended a ton of away games and Hawk fans were few and far between, at least on the East Coast. Some of the best games I’d seen were at Foxboro vs Brady and vs the Raven D in Baltimore in 2003.

  17. Brodie

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the offense this year. They were not the problem last year and we’ve only improved. I really like the skill guys we’ve added and have a heck of a lot more faith in Geno going into this year than I did last season.

    The defense is going to decide how far this team can go. Last year we had some pretty miserable rankings for team defense:

    TOP – 31st
    Scoring defense – 25th
    Rush Yds/gm – 30th
    3rd down conversion % – 27th

    Hopefully the offense can aid in the TOP and that will ripple through to the defense as a whole.

  18. Volume12

    Why is no one talking about Duke QB Riley Leonard? Size (6’4, 212), mobility. ball placement, accuracy, can manipulate defenders w/ his eyes. Wouldnt surprise me to see him end up as QB2 or QB3

    • swedenhawk

      Maybe it’s the Daniel Jones effect?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Can’t speak for anyone else but any QB that only plays in a spread, shotgun offense is low on my list. Doesn’t mean he or any others can’t learn to play under Center but I’d drop them a few rounds and wouldn’t count on them as a proper backup for at least a couple of seasons.

      • Volume12

        The 2 QBs in the SB came from a spread style offense.

        Besides them, you wouldnt of counted on guys like Brees, Cam, Deshaun Watson, Herbert, Dak, Goff, Alex Smith, etc.??

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          Like I said, playing exclusively in a spread offense doesn’t prohibit anyone from learning to function in a pro-style offense but wouldn’t you prefer a QB that won’t potentially take a season or two to acclimate to playing under Center? Talent and intangibles, of course, take precedent over familiarity. You give me two QBs with reasonably similar stature, arm strength and speed and I’m taking the one that can drop back. Personal preference.

          And no, I wouldn’t count on Cam or Watson for anything, on OR off the field.

    • Jabroni-DC

      Riley’s got some serious wheels. Shifty & pulls away when he reaches daylight.

    • Spectator

      Weird wide up, to my eye at least.

      Looks like tannehill in his highlights. Not college tannehill though obviously lol but I just don’t see a future star.

      But he has been mocked in the 1st in mocks I’ve seen

  19. AlaskaHawk

    Writers will shamelessly pair any player with any team. Witness Seahawks may be TOP suitor for Chase Young at 34 million plus. They will probably write another article tomorrow pairing them with Dallas or Kansas City.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Chase Young has nine sacks in three years. The Seahawks are going to pay Young 34mil per year and trade high draft picks for his services.

      As John McEnroe would say. ‘YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS”.

  20. samprassultanofswat

    Here is some more garbage.

    PFF (again) ranks Seahawks offensive line as one of NFL’s worst

    Total lack of focus from Profootball Focus.

    What a bunch of crap.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m not like most of the critics in saying that the offensive line shouldn’t plug in the two new rookies. Of course they should win their spot, but I have no reservations about plugging in a rookie center and guard. They have had plenty of experience in college, they just need to learn the new plays. They will probably be healthier than the old vets and have more energy.

      And lastly, have you seen the size of Bradford? He’s 6=5 and 345 pounds. I want him to pancake his opponents.

      • 509 Chris

        Totally agree. Last year the part of the line that functioned best was the rookies. Let em take their lumps and grow together. I’m very optimistic about the o line going into this season.

      • Gaux Hawks

        + 1

  21. cha

    So Michael-Sean Dugar has nearly an hour 1on1 with Pete Carroll, all to himself.

    He chose to let Pete talk about his ‘let players be themselves’ culture, the whole 2020 speech about Black Lives Matter, let Pete stump for the 19th time why the running game is important (and once again fight that strawman that fans are unhappy with them running), and talk about Bobby Wagner.

    There was a glimmer of hope they’d talk about why the defense was so bad. But instead, Pete got to talk about how he had to reel it back in the USC days because the defensive coaching on his staff wasn’t as great, and how it got better when he got back to the NFL because Dan Quinn, etc.

    Then a brief comment about last year was a step towards returning to being great on defense and this year should be improved, and how important safeties are in his system.

    Ended with a quip about coach’s challenges and everyone got a big laugh about how they are wasted and Tater needs to reel Pete in.

    All of which you can get if you just dial up any number of his weekly press conferences over the year.

    This is a dream scenario for Pete. He gets to pontificate for a whole hour without once being challenged, and spread more of his ‘part guru, part coach, all competitor’ mentality.

    • Rob Staton


    • Big Mike

      So to sum it up, MSD is yet another of Pete’s media bobos/lapdogs. “Oh yes Pete, I’ll interview with the subjects you approve ahead of tine. I’m just grateful to be in your presence”.

    • Sten

      I like his writing but he’s very green on the interviewing side of things. Some presser questions of his don’t even make sense, others give Pete the chance to talk about the game at a more complex level, which I appreciate. Seattle media won’t ever become combative in the way that some want it to be, which is good in that it takes some of the pressure off of coaches (see how annoying it would be to be a Jets coach for example) but also bad in the ways that you mentioned, namely that we never hear the truth.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Thank you for reminding me that I have no reason to buy an Athletic subscription.

  22. AlaskaHawk

    The Legion of Boom was great because of the players. Not the coaching. Fortunately, this new crew has the same opportunity to be great.

    On the other hand the old crew did have Dan Quinn coaching back then. hmmm Okay I take it back.
    But the new crew really does have the opportunity to shine without great defensive coaching.

    • Tatupu51

      “The Legion of Boom was great because of the players. Not the coaching.” This is revisionist history. The LOB worked because of scheme, coaching and the talent PC/JS found in the draft.

  23. samprassultanofswat

    San Francisco 49ers SURPRISE Cut Candidates Ft. Javon Kinlaw, Ambry Thomas & Tyrion Davis-Price

    Not sure if the Hawks are done at the DT position. I know that John Schneider did mention that he would look at what players are cut from other teams. Especially at the DT position. So, there is a possibility the Hawks could do something. One candidate that looks interesting could be Javon Kinlaw from the 49ers. There are other possibilities. And also, the Seahawks could just stand pat. So, we will see.

    One thing I really like about John Schneider is that he is always looking to improve their roster.

    • Tien

      That’s just speculation from that talking head though.

      Kinlaw was a 1st round pick so he’s not getting cut unless there is something really seriously wrong with him and if so, I can’t see how he’d have much impact for the Hawks.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Tien: Yes it is speculation. But there will be a surprise cut at DT. There almost always is. Every year. Will it be Kinlaw? Maybe? Maybe not.

  24. Henry

    Why do some fans put Geno on such a high pedestal? Is it the supreme loyalty of fans that had zero hope after the RW trade? Yes, it was a cute story of him making a comeback into the league, getting paid, and even getting a cute little catch phrase. With the team substantially better this year, Geno has no excuses. He’s a year older, got a big contract, and the league will have 17 games of tape on the new Geno. I just don’t want to be stuck in Minnesota and Tennesse land, which some fans are perfectly content with.

    • Tatupu51

      I could understand this post before the draft, but right now Geno is the only viable QB option in 2023, that’s one big reason fans that want the Hawks to win in 2023 are chearing for him. What is the alternative? Bench Geno and go 0-17?

      • BK26

        There’s a difference between cheering for him and then saying that he is a top 5 qb, MVP candidate, long-term solution, better than Russ ever was. Expectations for A LOT of fans are on steroids right now.

        We’re all rooting for him, but talk of 13 or 14 wins, Super Bowl, all past transgressions for players and coaches being wiped clean are popular takes right now.

  25. Palatypus

    Ronda Rousey just beat Marshawn Lynch in a wrestling match for base commander.


    • AlaskaHawk

      Love the concept of the show – putting people in a Mars Colony simulator in Australia.

      Love seeing Marshawn and Sherman interacting with other people. I think Marshawn could have put up more of a fight but hey – it’s TV. And you know Rhonda can put the hurt on someone if she wants too. She is also quite the show person!

      • Palatypus

        McLovin Mode.

  26. AlaskaHawk

    Okay, I’m beginning to figure out this writer DJ Siddiqi and his provocative 39 million dollar headlines. I posted another of one is articles yesterday. If you read this article about Diggs all the way through he makes an excellent pivot in the last paragraph.

    • cha

      Raise your hand if you’d prefer


      At safety and have $17-18million in free cap to beef up the DL?

      Keep Al Woods and go get another big fish like David Onyemata, Larry Ogunjobi or even Javon Hargrave.

      • cha

        You’d even be left with some free cash to get another safety that pops free to make sure you have depth.

        • samprassultanofswat

          Agreed: My guess is that it is Pete Carroll who is pushing the envelope on Jamal Adams.

          Two first round picks and all that cash for Jamal Adams. What have they gotten so far from Adams?

          • Big Mike

            Of course it’s Pete.
            They’ve gotten next to nothing from Adams.

            Oh, and I’m raising my hand cha.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I want to watch Diggs for another year as his health is improving. Get rid of Adams and yes to the big men like Al Woods. He had two good seasons with the Seahawks so I have to guess that the Seahawks think his age is a factor.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          At this point I just want Kevin Hart to play Jamal Adams in the movie because “we not talkin’ bout a game!” is just practice for “best in the nation”!

          • Palatypus

            Kevin Hart is 5’2 1/2″. And that half inch is important, because if Pete Carroll were to sign him today, he would NOT be the smallest player ever to play in the NFL.

            That would be Jack Shapiro at 5’1″ and 119 pounds in 1929.

            You may be on to something.

            • Old but Slow

              I bet Jack Shapiro was fast.

              • Palatypus

                OLd but Fast?

            • Palatypus

              And there is some precedent for this.


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