VMAC visits so far, meetings & Ronald Jones II update

While teams are starting to conduct their final draft meetings and put together their boards, we’re also seeing players making top-30 visits. Each team is allowed 30 official visits in the pre-draft period.

So what exactly happens on a visit?

They’re also able to have unlimited meetings with local prospects. For example, the Los Angeles Chargers are visiting with Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen and neither is counting against their top-30 quota. Seattle can have any of the Washington/Washington State players come to the VMAC.

So far we’ve come to learn ten of Seattle’s top-30 visits:

Justin Reid (S, Stanford)
Poona Ford (DT, Texas)
Maurice Hurst (DT, Michigan)
Foyesade Oluokun (LB/S, Yale)
Ito Smith (RB, Southern Miss)
Keith Kirkwood (WR, Temple)
Khalid Hill (FB, Michigan)
Devron Davis (CB, UTSA)
Leighton Vander Esch (LB, Boise State)
Josh Sweat (DE, Florida State)

Teams are also allowed to conduct off-site workouts. Three of these have been reported or confirmed:

Christian Kirk (WR, Texas A&M)
Dallas Goedert (TE, South Dakota State)
Demone Harris (DE, Buffalo)
Zaire Franklin (LB, Syracuse)
Abdullah Anderson (DT, Bucknell)
Manase Hungalu (LB, Oregon State)

The Seahawks reportedly met with the following players:

Nick Nelson (CB, Wisconsin) (after pro-day)
Natrell Jamerson (S, Wisconsin) (after pro-day)
Shaquem Griffin (LB, USF) (at the combine)
Tony Brown (CB, Alabama) (pro-day)
Chris Seisay (CB, Portland State) (pro-day)
Ronald Jones (RB, USC)

And they’ve reportedly shown interest in:

Austin Corbett (T, Nevada)
Jessie Bates III (S, Wake Forest)
J.T. Gray (S, Mississippi State)
Tee Sims (DE, Appalachian State)

I wanted to post this list as a point of reference. New names have been added pretty much every day and that will continue.

Meanwhile there’s good news for Ronald Jones II:

The tweet above is from Jones II’s agent. Tomorrow he’ll finally workout. We’ll see if he runs a forty and does some of the other tests.

It was the LSU pro-day today and Tony Pauline posted this interesting report, including news on the stock of Derrius Guice:

It was a rather uneven day for the Tigers other running back, Derrius Guice.

I’m told Guice did nothing to move the needle in his favor today and documented off the field issues are weighing heavily on his draft grade. Several teams do not hold a positive view of Guice and some have characterized the talented ball carrier as a “loose cannon.”

Will his on the field talent be enough to offset character concerns?

It seems the character issues with Guice are starting to become more of a talking point. Add Pauline’s note here to a recent Tweet by Dan Hatman and Bob McGinn’s scouting sources.

If you missed it yesterday, don’t forget to check out our updated mock draft.

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  1. Volume12

    Didn’t they also have interest in ‘Bama’s Da’Shawn Hand & Tony Brown?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it was just twitter talk that a scout at the Senior Bowl wearing a Seahawks polo talked to them on the field. I’ve really only included proper reports from reliable sources about firm meetings/interest.

      • Volume12

        That wasn’t from Tony Pauline?

        • Rob Staton

          Don’t think so

        • C-Dog

          I’m pretty sure it was Pauline who noted the Hand interest from the Senior Bowl. I remember reading it in his note section on the individual players.

    • FresnoHawk


  2. Jason

    Rob and Vol…Any of the new names interest you?

    • Rob Staton

      Some interesting athletes on the list.

    • Volume12


      • Mark Souza

        It’s interesting the number of safeties on that list.

    • AlaskaHawks

      I’m intrigued by the names. Great update Rob. Let’s see if any QBs are interviewed!

      • Volume12

        They’ve met or shown interest in 2 that I can find according to a couple beat writers that cover those schools.

    • Volume12

      I’m very intrigued by Seattle showing interest in some of these pass catchers. They like to spend early picks on the position and if they can’t one of their guys at RB or DL, I’d keep my eye on those guys.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I hope they draft all of Nelson, Jamerson & Griffin

  3. Kenny Sloth

    Ive seen reports of Syracuse LB Zaire Franklin meeting with us after his killer pro day.

    • Rob Staton

      Good spot. He has a private workout with Seattle tomorrow.

    • icb12

      I’m super impressed with Franklin.
      Great Athlete, tools are there. He’s a leader. And he’s been training in Bellevue.

  4. RWIII

    Don’t know if Ronald Jones II should risk injury by having a limited pro day. Hamstring injuries scare me.

    • EBurgz

      Oh man I hope he can at least run a 40 without hurting himself. This is the same dude we’re talking about bringing in to help fix our run game. He’s gonna have to play 16+ games of full contact football hopefully without getting hurt. If he can’t make it through the pre draft process then how the heck is he supposed to make it through the season.

      • Rob Staton


        • EBurgz

          How’s this one.

          RoJo is small, frail and slow (4.6 40 oh jeez)

          Just playing. He’s a baller haha. Hope he runs in the 4.4 or faster tomorrow.

          • Michigan 12th

            If he doesn’t run in the 4.4’s then there is no way Seattle will take him at his size in my opinion. Why would we pass up all the other very talented backs that have better size to grab a smaller back with pedestrian speed? In my opinion he needs this pro day especially for the forty. When I watched the highlight video that Rob posted there where a few times were speed was a concern. Smaller guys getting caught from behind is somewhat of a concern. Especially when they can go down with arm tackles, like he did a few times in the highlight reel. He also showed some man strength in the highlight reel as well, but teams need to make sure, especially when considering him with their first pick.

            • Rob Staton

              If you think speed is a concern with Ronald Jones II, the only conclusion I can come to is you were watching Ronald McDonald instead.

              Increasingly I read things in the comments section and just end up shaking my head. Speed a problem for Ronald Jones II?!?!


      • AlaskaHawk

        They probably should hold the physical part of the combine twice a year since the athletes are so fragile that they can’t run or lift in March! You know I pulled my hamstring too, but my boss won’t let me take the week off. 🙂

  5. C-Dog

    The Seahawks are meeting with Guice at his pro day workout.

    • Rob Staton

      Wasn’t the best source there on that. Not saying it didn’t happen but nuance is needed. Was it a ‘meeting’ or did they ‘meet’ with him on the field after the workout.

    • j

      He wouldn’t count as one of our thirty too.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I’ve heard of Dante Pettis, he’s a WR if I’m not mistaken?

      I think I want the Hawks to draft him, not sure yet

  6. SoCal12

    It’s an interesting list of prospects. Do Seahawks usually draft guys from the ones they meet with? I think you might have mentioned it before Rob, but I forgot. I just remember PCJS having mentioned that they like to hide their real interests before the draft or something like that.

    • Rob Staton

      Off the top of my head, Malik McDowell and Christine Michael both visited the VMAC.

      • Trevor

        Cable worked out Ifedi as well I believe at his pro day.

    • j

      The more valuable insight in many opinions is it gives you a clue as to what position groups they are looking at. Not necessarily the exact player, but if they are meeting with a ton of players at one position, that means they are looking to draft one.

      • SoCal12

        That’s a good point. So from this list I’m taking it we’re looking hard at Safety, Linebacker, Cornerback, and DL. I’m surprised we haven’t looked harder at Running Back though I have a feeling PCJS already have a shortlist of favorites prepped.

        • Rob Staton

          I wouldn’t read too much into who or what they’re looking at. It’s more just a case of listing the names mentioned for those who want to keep track.

          • Mark Souza

            And remember, a lot of this is a game. If you’re interested in moving back in Rd 1, it benefits you to show interest in players others may covet who’ll be on the board at #18.

            • j

              With such a limited amount of visits I don’t think they would bother. You only get to bring in 30 guys – they aren’t going to waste any on people they don’t want to draft.

  7. Mike

    How much can we read into these lists? Have the hawks historically drafted the players they’ve met with? How many of these visits are smoke screens?

    • Rob Staton

      None of them are smokescreens. Often these meetings are about seeing how they fit in with the organisation, how they conduct themselves, medical checks etc.

      The Seahawks have drafted several players over the years that made official-30 visits to the VMAC, including Malik McDowell last year and Christine Michael in the past. They’ve also consistently signed UDFA’s from the list. They’ve also drafted plenty of players they conducted private workouts with or not had any apparent meeting/workout with before the draft.

      So it’s not a cast-iron list of targets here. But neither is it worth ignoring either.

      • Nick

        I’d add that many of these names are projected to be undrafted. There are only a few players listed thus far that will be drafted in the first 100 picks.

      • Patrick Toler

        This point is often missed. Just because they pass on a guy hey brought in doesn’t mean it was a smokescreen. More likely it means they weren’t impressed enough with him in person to spend the pick on him.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Due diligence. Gathering information doesn’t mean a player has passed their checks or wows in the interview. How players come off the board also changes who they have the opportunity to draft. They may have specific ranges for these guys, and if they go before the team is willing to draft them — or else if someone slips down the board into a range they hadn’t expected — then they will look to other players. My best guess is with some of these guys it’s all about preparing for draft contingencies, most of which will never come to pass. No stone left unturned.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Or some other team picked him first.

  8. Rob Staton

    Piece updated with a link to a LSU pro-day report where Tony Pauline adds to reports of character concerns for Derrius Guice.

    • Nick

      Hard pass thank you very much. That coupled with bad explosive traits (VJ, BJ) is enough to cut him off of Seattle’s board?

      • Rob Staton

        Possibly so. We’ve been talking about this with Guice for quite some time now and it’s starting to become more of a topic in the media. I think the Seahawks are looking for dependable players this year. I think the McDowell mess has focused minds specifically for this off-season. And there’s a doubt about whether Guice is going to be dependable.

        It wasn’t just the lack of great explosive traits that had me talking specifically about Rojo, Chubb and Kerryon and not Guice. This is a reason too. They need someone they can depend on at RB this year.

      • SoCal12

        Maybe they like his run style, but It’s hard to imagine them drafting a “loose cannon” when they just got rid of guys like Sherm, Bennett, and Marshawn to ‘quiet down the locker room’. I don’t think he’ll be off our board, but I think this definitely lowers his likelihood of getting picked up by us.

      • Patrick Toler

        I’m not a big Guice fan, but I think this makes it a bit or likely he could end up here. My understanding is that it’s not so much that he’s not all ball, it’s that he’s a bit wild (different from McDowell). If he slides, Pete may feel like he can work with that.

    • C-Dog

      I think if they had met with him, or chatted with him at his workout, whichevers, maybe it’s to determine if he is an option later if they want to use the first pick at another position. If he is a guy in the 60s, for example, they would consider.

      I gotta say, if so, I’m not wild about the possibility of passing over RoJo or Chubb and have the fall back plan be a less explosive runner who might not be a great character guy. If this is a draft where Seattle has an opportunity to take an impactful runner, just take that guy, and have the next pick be someone you can coach up.

      • EBurgz

        Guice is as explosive as a couple alright running backs like Leveon Bell, Ezekiel Eliot and Leonard Fournette (others too but I think you should get the picture). So I’m not too worried about that.

        Most ‘draft analysts’ have Guice as their #2 back behind Barkley. I’ve seen lots of his games (including the Alabama game) and I think he is a baller and I’d be stoked if he somehow fell to the late second and we drafted him there.

        Lots of smoke about his character. Maybe he is just guilty by association like D Jax was? Maybe he is a loose cannon? What dumb shit has he done, idk haven’t heard anything.

        Wasn’t Lynch a loose cannon though? If so maybe we need one haha.

        • EBurgz

          He looks like Rawls BEFORE he snapped his ankle. You know, when he was leading the league in YPC and yards after contact. You guys might have images of bad Rawls from last year clouding your judgment.

          Who knows about the character stuff until you know the dude, everyone who has reported about it got the info second hand. Not saying it’s nothing but until there is something concrete about something he did or said then idk man just sounds like mud slinging.

          • Rob Staton

            So last week Hatman was just using McGinn’s sources as his own. Now Pauline jumps in we’re just going to call it second hand and it’s nothing until you hear firm details?

            C’mon man.

            • EBurgz

              I’m saying it could be true. But what the heck has he done to make all these people think this. Is it just the echo chamber? Maybe it’s a couple old white dudes that don’t like his sauce haha

              • Rob Staton

                I can easily see why there are concerns. Doesn’t take much homework to be honest.

                • EBurgz

                  Because he seems like a punk or a thug? He’s from a really rough part of the US. He’s gonna be a little rough around the edges and keep some questionable company. I can see why there are concerns too. I watched all his interviews and read every article I could find about his character concerns going back to high school suspensions after our discussion the other day. Nothing I saw made me think oh wow that’s what people are talking about, shouldn’t draft him.

                  I hated the Mccdowell pick because of his character and his interviews along with his uninspired performances. I’m worried about characters like Malik. I’d like some more info on guice just like you wanted to hear the specifics of what happened with RoJo to think he is a character concern.

                  He sure doesn’t seem like a saint. But I want a BAMF not a choir boy.

        • Rob Staton

          You really won’t hear a bad word said about Guice, huh?

          • EBurgz

            Lol I hear it all. Where there’s smoke there’s fire they say. I wanna see the fire haha

        • C-Dog

          Guice isn’t nearly as explosive as some of the other runners this year.

          I think the thing that has me nervous about Guice is something Rob has brought up; he talked a lot of smack about the Alabama defense fearing him, and then they absolutely pummeled him. I thought it showed either a potential lack of intelligence, or just imbalance. Kind of Jeramy Stevens territory, IMO. Maybe later in day two, I’d be more comfortable with the pick, but I’m not sure he’s what they are looking for.

          I think these analysts are kind of all over the board a bit. Pauline has Chubb as a first rounder, and NFL.com has him third round. I don’t read too much into the analysts. I think Rob does a great job pointing to traits Seattle looks for in certain positions, and find more to trust in that.

          Now, Seattle has shown with Jarran Reed, Ethan Pocic, Tyler Lockett that they are not opposed to taking a less explosive player on day two, so I wouldn’t rule Guice out.

          I think Marshawn’s loose cannon qualities were more free spirit. I’m not sure what Guice is about.

          • EBurgz

            Good points. Calling out the Alabama defense and comping yourself to beastmode shows he clearly isn’t the smartest. He played pretty well I thought but he for sure had to eat his words. Can’t remember one time in the past years that a running back took it to that Alabama D.

            I don’t take anyone’s word for gospel but rob is my favorite nfl draft guy (I like DJ and Pauline and obviously read everything I can because I’m obsessive like that). Even tho a lot of the best backs in the league didn’t jump crazy doesn’t mean the hawks don’t want a back that jumps crazy I suppose. They did draft C Mike but that wasn’t a success story, they also drafted Alex Colins. Maybe they have different criteria for early picks than later picks? Obviously they like explosive backs. I think Guice is explosive enough if he is as explosive as all-pros. I haven’t really seen him all over the board though.

            Hopefully we draft Chubb and we can all be happy. He ticks all the boxes if his knee is good.

            • Michigan 12th

              Ezekiel Elliot did in a playoff game against them no less.

              • EBurgz


    • Lewis

      I watched a little tape of Guice yesterday after reading this Bucky Brooks piece:

      Brooks makes no mention of any problem issues. I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t possible there are some teams spreading stuff about the kid in the hope they will drop into his range. I can’t think of examples off the top of my head, but we’ve seen that before.

      I’m not arguing we should take him, but this is just noise really. No matter what, teams have to do their background work.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not just noise.

        • Mark Souza

          Maybe not, but teams will have to do their due diligence and get to the bottom of things. I remember the pre-draft smear campaign on Laramy Tunsill a couple years ago. He fell quite a bit and Miami reaped the benefits.

          • Rob Staton

            You mean the smear campaign that ended with Tunsil being filmed smoking a bong gas mask the day of the draft?

            Come on.

            • Lewis

              Lol. Probably not the best example to use.

              • Mark Souza

                Sure it is. I’m not denying he did it, but someone went public with that just before the draft. If it was discovered by a team, I think the reaction and there was true concern, the appropriate action would have been to take him off your board. But it went further than an internal evaluation, it went public. There was an intent to have him drop. Did that photo define who he was? NO! Has he had any problems since he’s been inn the league? NO.

                All I’m saying is when you hear something negative about a player that’s being broadcast far and wide, like RJ II has an attitude that is putting off teams, ask yourself why someone would go public with this rather than adjust their board accordingly behind closed doors. Is someone trying to get a player to drop into a range where they might be able to get him? Maybe.

                • drewdawg11

                  It’s amazing how some people cling to their favorite prospects and defend them to the end, even in the face of mounting evidence that goes against their arguments.

                • Rob Staton

                  It’s a terrible example Mark.

                  The noise about Tunsil was justified. All the video did was confirm publicly what teams already knew.

                  Meanwhile Derrius Guice is posting videos on social media of him aggressively telling a woman to STFU and now there’s this: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/04/06/nfl-is-expected-to-find-no-improprieties-in-derrius-guice-case/

  9. John_s

    Lance Zierlein with a new safety prospect

    “I can’t believe I just got to USM safety Tarvarius Moore. His testing numbers were insane at 4.32, with 38.5 VJ and 11’1″ BJ, but the tape matched the testing. Excellent cover skills too. Easy second day selection and one of the most under-the-radar safeties in the class.”

    • C-Dog

      Saw that. Very interesting.

  10. j

    What stands out to me is no OL on the list of players they have worked out or visited.

    • Matt B.

      Great point, maybe the O-Line consistency that Schneider spoke to isn’t a smokescreen this year…

    • Coleslaw

      And only one running back

      • Mark Souza

        If you bring in a bunch of RBs and tip your hand that that’s where you’re going, other teams may not be threatened by your draft selection if they’re not interested in a RB. Then maybe they don’t deal with you to get the player they want because they know he’ll still be there and they can deal with one of the teams behind you and it will cost them less.

        • peter

          Good point plus whether the team likes or dislikes: jones, michel, chubb, do to connections inside the team it seems they could gather info without tipping their hand to any of those players.

          I’m not completely dialed into the coaching/scouting tree but looking at the list it appears to me that most of the invites are with players that Seattle otherwise has no strong connection with regards to their coaching staff.

        • purpleneer

          The players you show or hide interest in doesn’t tell teams whether or not to deal with you for a player. It tells them whether or not to deal with the teams in front of you.

  11. Tyler Jorgensen

    Question on “Local visits” — so what about Portland players? Eugene? Boise? Missoula and Bozeman? Moscow? I’m just thinking about it from a geographic standpoint, we’re their closest pro teams as far as I can tell (Eugene is 500 miles from San Fran, 250 from Seattle). Boseman is almost exactly 1/2 between the two, but Missoula is MUCH closer to Seattle.

    How does that work?

    It seems a disadvantage to players from those schools if they don’t get to be called “local” to SOMEONE, especially being smaller schools where the players may be less known and less likely to be used as one of the 30.

    • Tyler Jorgensen

      No edits. Ugh. BoZeman is almost exactly halfway between Denver and Seattle.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure on that one. I think it comes down to state or even city.

    • icb12

      The wording is “metropolitan area” being defined as “contiguous suburbs.

      So Portland, Eugen, Boise, etc are out.
      The player has to go to school there, or have it be their hometown. And the team can’t provide transportation.

      • icb12

        More Detail Courtesy PFF article on the subject.

        “Players who attend college or reside in a club’s “metropolitan area” can be given a physical examination without counting against the 30-player limit, unless the club provides transportation for the visit. Also, a player who attends college or whose hometown is in a club’s “metropolitan area” may be timed and tested at the club’s facility, as long as the club does not provide transportation.

        “Metropolitan area” is defined as contiguous suburbs. There isn’t a 25-mile, 50-mile, or any other type of mileage radius rule. The league office uses the 2011 Rand-McNally Road Atlas to determine the metropolitan area of a city.”

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Cool info icb12

    • HawkfaninMT

      You mentioned Missoula a few times… you live in MT? Please don’t say Bozeman!

      • Tyler Jorgensen

        No. Spent a winter there working for Providence St Patrick, teaching MD’s how to use Epic, the electronic medical record. I fell in love with both the town and a Missoula girl and was ready to move there for good, but it provided to be one sided and I haven’t been back and probably never will. All the Docs were like, “If you love it in the winter, you really need to move here, it’s better the rest of the year!”

        I absolutely loved Missoula and would have been happy there, alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

  12. EBurgz

    Sign me up for mo hurst after a tradeback then guice after a fall to the bottom of the second. LVE would be awesome too, glad they brought him in.

    Also, lots of talk about Goedert. I bet there is a player analysis article in the pipeline. Need to check him out better. If he’s on the map do you think other pass catching TE’s are too? Hayden hurst and Geseki?

  13. Ground_Hawk

    Seattle drafting Van der Esch after a small trade down could actually happen, but a trade for Earl would probably have to happen as well.

    • BobbyK

      The way his stock seems to be rising, it doesn’t look likely he’ll make it to #18. But someone has to fall, too. Never know. Pumped to see what they do.

    • Josh Emmett

      I like Vander Esch if they can’t find a trade partner and pick at 18.

      • SheHawk

        Panthers will take him. Luke’s had too many concussions and Davis is awesome but aging. They center everything on amazing LBs. My prediction is Carolina grabs LVH before we have the chance. Good news is there is no way PC passes up on Griffin so we’re good.

  14. Hawkfan086

    What do we think of the NFL.coms review of the NFC West with the thought that Russell is giving this year to Seattle to show they can retool and build around him or he is moving on?

    • John_s

      Seattle would franchise him if Seattle wants him.

    • C-Dog

      Wishy washy speculation. He has two years left on his deal. They can franchise him, repeatedly if they want to. Don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

    • lil'stink

      Meh… it’s one guy spitballing. Regardless, I do really like the idea of taking Luke Falk if we can get him in the 3rd. If Russ truly wanted to move on I would let him.

  15. Coach

    Here’w what I’m thinking and I look forward to your thoughts.

    We trade Earl for a second and third and select the following:

    1st – Ronald Jones – will be our Alvin Kamara
    2nd – TE Goedertt – will be our Jimmy Graham around the goal line
    2nd – from trading back with our #18 – Sweat – edge rusher
    3rd – Bates III – to replace Earl
    4th – Griffin – can be used like Buchanan for the Cardinals

    I’d be thrilled with these 5! I would think all could contribute from Day 1 and we would be faster and hungrier!

    Let me know your thoughts!

    Go Hawks!

    • Ed

      Think I would prefer at DT in the 2nd, but would be ok with the draft as is.

    • Donald

      Do you have one extra 2nd rd pick? If you keep the 1st rd pick at 18, and trade Earl for a 2nd and 3rd, how do you get the other 2nd rd pick?

    • Hawktalker#1

      Edge rusher, No Sweat.

      • peter

        No edge rusher. No sweat. there just aren’t many edge rushers to get excited for. and sweat/Landry being the only two that meet Seattle’s threshold doesn’t really inspire.

        I can see Seattle taking sweat because of potential and his drive to continue to play.

    • D-OZ

      Bates in the 3rd. rnd???

  16. drewdawg11

    Again, no go for me on Sweat. A TE early doesn’t necessarily excite me either, but he looks like a good prospect.

    • Simo

      Would love this draft! You can sub in the best DL prospect for Sweat and the top remaining WR prospect for Goedert if you like. We need playmakers for our offense and depth for the defense.

    • DCD2

      Agreed. Why is everyone so high on Sweat? He has 12 career sacks, a major injury, seems slow off the snap, seems to take plays off or disappear for huge chunks of games. When I see him on tape, I’m not impressed.

      He might have some measurable’s, but watch tape of him and Kemoko Turay and tell me you’d take Sweat. I don’t think they are even close

      • Greg Haugsven

        Because he is lightning fast and explosive, but yes he is broken.

        • DCD2

          Maybe he was. Here are two games worth of “fast and explosive”. He might be a workout warrior, but it sure doesn’t seem to translate on the field. At least in my eyes:

          VS NC State

          VS Bama (Ridley looked really good in this one)

          I don’t want to ride the kid too hard, but he sure seemed underwhelming to me considering the hype.

      • DCD2

        Though, I would say Turay is more of an 3-4 OLB than a true EDGE, which I think Sweat probably is.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Not everyone.

  17. STTBM

    Rob, really enjoyed your last few articles. Great job! I especially liked your take on “Little” Shaq Griffin. I have never seen a player like him–the relentlessness, speed, and knack for impacting plays. As you say, he’s the best story in the draft–without taking his having one hand into account. I’ve been trying not to geek out about Seattle possibly drafting him–I probably want it too much for it to happen…He weighs about the same as Chancellor, but runs as fast as his CB brother…that’s scary!

    Anyway, great job lately. Keep it up.

    • Saxon

      Rob is the best, for sure! But he needs to look at injury history and downgrade accordingly 🙂

  18. DCD2

    If you were “following” Nick Shook (NFL.com), it might be time to re-think that decision:

    “Seattle Seahawks: This seems to be the year in which John Schneider will undoubtedly use Seattle’s first-round pick instead of trading out of the draft’s opening night. (Yes, I’m aware he took Germain Ifedi 31st overall in 2016 — don’t ruin my narrative.) Schneider essentially has to use the No. 18 slot.”

    • Lewis

      First off, never heard of this guy. He’s been writing for nfl.com for a few years, apparently. Any reason to think he has a clue? (I’m seriously asking). More importantly, he gives no rationale for why he thinks this is the case. None.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Isn’t that basically what most other analysts are saying when they show us picking a CB at #18?

        • Lewis

          No argument here

  19. Jeremy

    Rob, any plans on having Tony Pauline on for another interview this year?

    • Rob Staton

      Absolutely. Stay tuned.

  20. Josh Emmett

    Let’s look at some positives on the roster for fun:
    What should the hawks do in the draft if they have a healthy C.J. Prosise and Chris Carson for a full season? Also Bam Bam, Avril, an McDowell play this year? Does this change anyone’s way of thinking about this draft?

    • Hawktalker#1

      You went from unlikely to nearly impossible in the blink of an eye. Scratch McDowell and at least there is one chance in a hundred . . .

  21. Millhouse-serbia

    Tarvarius Moore lost his sister and only sibling in 2017. He has 33″arms. With 4.32 40yard, 11’02” BJ and 39 1/2 VJ, he can be CB target in later rounds. And he surly has speed for FS.

    • Hawktalker#1

      What is the point about him losing his sister?

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        His point about his Sister is if they were really close and truly Loved one another that he is inspired by that to play his hardest, and give his all in her name.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Definitely athletic. I do like the guy as a late round project.

  22. matt

    Hey Rob – Could you add your project grade to the predraft prospects on your list? It’s interesting to see which lesser known players are on the Hawks radar.

  23. OregonHawk

    Don’t the ‘Hawks bring in players who they deem high priority UDFA before the draft to kick the tires too?

  24. white-salmon-hawk

    SDB day 3 favorite Kentavius Street tore his ACL during a Giants private workout.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Saw that yesterday, what a shame.

  25. Forty20

    Have you looked at Taven Bryan, Rob? Looks a genuinely disruptive presence on the interior. Great get off, some foundation for hand techniques and maybe even counters but a bit raw there. It feels a bit cliche typing it out given his skin tone but he is a pretty good effort player as well. I guess arm length might be somewhat of a concern but given the allowance between Seattle’s measurements and those of the Senior Bowl and Combine his 32 3/4” might make the cutoff.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep, was one of the first players we touched on during the college season. If you check the archive or google his name with SDB you’ll find the piece — can’t dig the link out right now.

      Huge potential. Might need a redshirt. Will be a player that carries an element of risk because he has to deliver. But in terms of quickness, strength and explosion he has it all.

  26. Kenny Sloth

    Seahawks bringing Derrius Guice into the Vmac

  27. Kenny Sloth

    Hey, Rob

    Here’s a Derrius Guice interview. Shows a level of professional understanding. He’s just one of those guys you cant put your finger on.

    Like the report says; he seems like a wildcard, but I could totally see him being in Pete’s plans even if I’m expecting him to be an extremely lethal backup


    • Kenny Sloth

      As a runner in between the tackles, in my opinion, there’s no one better than me in that area,” Guice said last month at the NFL combine. “Point blank. I run hard. I hardly ever get tackled by one person. And I’m very powerful. I get a lot of hidden yardage.”

      So much slower than Marshawn

      • Logan Lynch

        It’s been mentioned on here quite a bit before, but he scares me to death because he is so similar to Rawls. Good Rawls was awesome and fun. Bad Rawls was terrible and frustrating. Which one are you getting?

    • peter

      the thing about him as a backup lethal or otherwise is that a good use of a first pick? I mean in all seriousness he’s no where as fast (straight line) or explosive as someone like tyreek hill.

      so if he’s only co!omg in to spell Carson is he really going to blow up defensive schemes?

      I’m down on this by a bit but if Seattle is looking for a weapon(like) runner even with an early pick I would rather see michel. that dude actually showed that he could be a factor in the passing game, third down, and a change of pace.

      I’m not against guice per se, I just want an every down back early. Because bluntly Seattle doesn’t have one.

      Guice is definitely different than type and like chubb has injury history. His style is fun to watch when it works I just wonder how it works in a zone like scheme? Not that he couldn’t learn or Seattle couldn’t modify to fit him.

      • H

        Guice is not my first choice but id definitely want him over Michel.

      • DCD2

        Did you mean Kareem Hunt? Comparing a bruising RB to a 5’10 185 lb WR in speed and explosiveness isn’t very relevant.

    • RWIII

      Kenny: Of all the running backs in this class. Guice’s style is the one that is most comparable to Marshawn Lynch. Guice is a running back that doesn’t like to be tackled.

      • Rob Staton

        Guice is nothing like Lynch.

  28. Millhouse-serbia

    Rojo 4.48 40 yard.

    • Mark Souza

      Almost as fast as Marshawn.

    • VancouverHawk

      He is faster than that. Returning from injury, not training for while, he lost some of his speed. He is a high 4.3 guy

      • Hawktalker #1

        He looks 4.3 fast on tape

        • drewdawg11

          He’s in the low 4.4s most likely. He’s not a 4.3, in my opinion. He doesn’t really need to be, however.

  29. Hughz

    If I’m Cleveland, I would be running to the podium for Sam Darnold. Seeing him change his plans to throw for RoJo is a good indication of his leadership and character. Exactly what Cleveland needs.

    • FuzzyLogic

      Darnald #1 and Barkley #4 is super likely now. Franchise changing year finally for the Browns. The got the right GM for once and I think the Browns will actually be watchable starting next year.

  30. FuzzyLogic

    My guess for the first 6 picks:

    1. Darnald Browns
    2. Rosen Giants
    3. Allen Jets
    4. Barkley Browns
    5. Nelson Broncos
    6. Colts B. Chubb

    After that I have no clue. But there could certainly be trades into this group for their QB.

  31. George

    Rob, first off thanks again for crushing another draft season. This site is terrific for any draft junkie, not just Seahawks fans. Much appreciated…Few things I want to cover. First, I know you can’t predetermine your draft picks, but I personally think Seattle wants to draft Griffin with their 4th round pick. As Rob has stated, the draft is extremely thin with pass rushers. Griffin is “all-football” and more importantly, I think pairing the Griffin brothers will help establish an identity the defense needs similar to the feeling of the LOB. Not to the same effect, but a swagger it desperately needs to reestablish. With that said, I think two positions we’re not acknowledging enough early in the draft are cornerback and wide receiver (notably corner). I understand Seattle’s history with drafting cornerbacks, but we’re ignoring a simple fact—they no longer have Richard Sherman. Half of the field is no longer eliminated. As much as Carroll has been able to coach up cornerbacks that meet his criteria, he understands he hit the lottery with Sherman. You can’t expect to draft a 5th round cornerback and convert him to an all-pro. I don’t think Carroll wants to go into the season starting a 4th/5th rd corner (maybe Maxwell) opposite (still a developing) Griffin. Therefore, when Seattle trades with a NE or CLE for 31/63 or 33/64, respectively, I believe they will take a corner to the likes of Carlton Davis or Isaiah Oliver, then roll the dice on Johnson or Chubb falling to the late second. If they’re able to get a third pick, don’t sleep on a receiver. CB or RB/WR would not surprise me with the first two picks. Overall, I think Griffin is going to be a Seahawk, and we’re not giving cornerback enough consideration with an early round pick. Yes, Carroll can coach up corners, but I still think the CB value in the late first, early second will be too tempting to pass up, ESPECIALLY with Sherman no longer in the mix. Go Hawks.

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