We need to listen to Adam Schefter

Recently I said when someone like Chris Mortensen declares, emphatically, that ‘Bryce Young will be the #1 pick’ you have to pay attention. There was no hedging. As we sit here today, Young is now the established and fully expected pick for Carolina — despite weeks of debate about a Young vs C.J. Stroud option.

Now Adam Schefter has provided some information which is going to add so much intrigue to this draft:

What does that mean?

For starters, it’ll be interesting to see who the Texans and Cardinals are forced to select if they don’t move down. My guess would still be that Houston takes Will Anderson but given the hype around Tyree Wilson, it’s safe to assume Wilson either goes second or third overall.

I’d be surprised if the Cardinals took Jalen Carter because this is a franchise with a rookie Head Coach and a first-time GM, needing to launch a culture reset. I’m not convinced gambling on Carter will be the right move for them.

I noted on the blog some comments from Michael Lombardi over the weekend. A lot of what he said chimes with Schefter’s comments:

— Lombardi says by Wednesday or Thursday it’ll become ‘common knowledge’ that teams picking after Houston are doing their homework on C.J. Stroud. He adds, “I think Stroud is definitely going third or later”

— He thinks there’s lukewarm interest to trade up for a quarterback because all of the QB’s have flaws and teams won’t want to give up an asset to inherit a problem

— Lombardi says the Colts won’t trade up to #3

— Lombardi predicts Ballard’s order for the QB’s is Will Levis, C.J. Stroud then Anthony Richardson. He then added it could be Richardson over Stroud. Either way, Levis is #1

— In terms of Stroud, Lombardi thinks he’s a better prospect than Justin Fields because he’s a technically superior player with greater anticipation. However, he believes the state of the Ohio State offense — where Stroud had to take his reads from the sideline — has not prepared the quarterback for the NFL

— Lombardi suggests the Texans will see Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson as more of a ‘sure-thing’

— He certainly sounds sceptical that the Cardinals will be able to trade out of the #3 spot. That makes sense, given Adam Schefter’s tweet last week trying to drum up interest in the #3 pick

— Lombardi thinks it’ll go #1 Bryce Young and #2 Will Anderson. He tosses Jalen Carter in as a wildcard at #3

With all this information to hand, here are some thoughts and predictions…

Like I said earlier, I still think Will Anderson will be drafted before Tyree Wilson. If two defensive players go in the top-three, they are the pair I would probably expect. I wouldn’t rule out one of the top-two cornerbacks for Arizona but I suspect they’ll push that need into day two.

I think I’m going to lean on Lombardi and stick with Will Levis at #4 even if C.J. Stroud is available. As he said, Levis is the one who can start in 2023 and the Colts need someone who can do that. If the Texans are passing on Stroud at #2, I don’t think it’s that far fetched that Indianapolis would too. I’m not completely tied to that and it’s very possible the Colts just see a very talented player in Stroud they are prepared to take a chance on. Yet Levis — both physically and in terms of his readiness to play — feels like a better fit.

That could mean at #5 both Stroud and Anthony Richardson would be on the board. The consensus two top edge rushers would be gone. Peter King reported on Monday that many within the league expect Seattle to select Jalen Carter but I think by now most people are aware why I don’t think that’ll happen.

That said, Lance Zierlein has insisted the Seahawks won’t take a QB when asked about it. Lombardi also predicted they would take a pass rusher. It’s just hard to imagine who that would be if it isn’t Anderson or Wilson, unless they seriously considered Carter which, again, I’m very dubious of.

If Stroud lasted to #5 I think it’d be incredibly difficult for the Seahawks to pass on that opportunity. Without any pressure to start him immediately, it’d be an ideal chance to let a talented player sit for a year. It could, legitimately, start to look like the same kind of torch-passing between Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes. You can never compare anyone to Mahomes seriously — but there were flashes against Georgia where Stroud looked like him. There’s a long way to go from ‘looking like him’ to reaching even half of his NFL performance — but it’d be a tantalising prospect for the Seahawks to develop someone of Stroud’s quality.

I also think in this instance you’d still have to consider the incredible upside of Richardson.

If they are truly in a one-track mind for defense, it would potentially explain the official-30 visit for Devon Witherspoon. He might be next man up if Anderson and Wilson are gone defensively. Yet for all the talk of what a rare opportunity this is — and not wanting to pick here again any time soon — is a cornerback pick at #5 really going to be a thing? Especially with their track record at corner, with a deep corner class, a year removed from finding a stud in round five?

Wouldn’t you run the risk of not doing enough to properly address the defensive front, without setting up the future at quarterback either?

Things are getting interesting with just over a week to go and unlike the speculation about what teams will do from other sources — when someone like Schefter speaks with this degree of confidence and certainty, we should listen.

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  1. BobbyK

    Getting a CB would be a disappointment for all their whining over the years of never getting a top 5-10 pick. If the pass rushers are gone, they can’t make there be one. But to pass on QB to draft a position they never draft early? Witherspoon better be a generational talent or there’s definitely going to be some disappointment (especially when Geno Smiff played the second half of last season like we knew he would in time and you pass on a QB for ‘that’).

    • DawgyD

      Wasn’t it reported that Drew Lock was playing well enough to potentially start, until he got Covid at the most inopportune time ? Perhaps the Hawks look at their QB room and think, one way or another they are set for the next 2=3 years. lock still is relatively young.

      Plus looking back at the QB ratings over the last several years, about half the top rated QB’s were busts. Sounds like if Houston and others are passing on them. perhaps guys like Stroud and Richardson aren’t sure enough to pass on getting a top five defender regardless of position.

      • DawgyD

        Also in my reading the analysis here on SDB, it appears to e there is a small drop from the top 4 QBs and Anderson, to Wilson Witherspoon etc. (excluding Carter)

        Maybe trade back after all.

        Can’t see them passing on Richardson. To me that is a major gaffe.

        • Wilson502

          A gaffe that would cost most GMs their jobs….

      • Lord Snow

        If This Were true about Drew Locke they wouldn’t have signed him to just a one-year contract

        • DawgyD

          Just wondering if they know they are rolling with Geno, and if he falters mid season, or gets outplayed by Lock, they Set Geno, buy him out and reup with Lock for a better deal.

          Great point though Lord Snow

          • Rob Staton

            Then what?

            Hope Drew Lock is the answer?

            That can’t be a plan

            • Happy Hawk

              100% agree with Rob in this. No way that is the post RE trade plan.

              • Happy Hawk

                Meant RW

          • Lord Snow

            I have a buddy who loves drew lock. Like you he’s not ruling out that he could be the quarterback of the future. However in my mind the NFL has already decided what drewlock is. That’s why he wasn’t signed by anyone else even those teams with a quarterback need. And I think Pete not signing him to a multi-year deal – no matter what he says about Drew lock – signing him to a one-year contract tells you all you need to know about Pete thinking that he’s anything more than a career backup at this point.

            • DawgyD

              Definitely not on the Lock bandwagon myself, Just trying to justify how they could even consider passing on the QB’s. if one or two are available and Anderson is gone. I’ve been squarely in the select a QB camp. I came out on here several weeks back suggesting they move up to get their identified QB. it seems now that those QB guys will come to them. To pass on that is mind blowing. You’ll never be in this position again anytime soon.

              the fact that now it seems the trade market for 3 (and 5 ?) is so weak, no one is rating these Qb’s as high as it would seemed based on positional value.

              it’s seems so easy, I.D. the guy you want, maybe move up to three to get ahead of Indy and get Levis and AZ still gets Wilson at 5. Or have Richardson fall in their lap, a beautiful scenario.

              The reports about wanting defense says to me they want to build the D and kick that can down the road. Lock may not be the long term answer but the 2-3 year answer with Geno.

              • DawgyD

                Or they love Hooker later on…

            • OakleyD

              Lock may not have wanted to sign a deal any longer than a year………..especially if PCJS would not rule out the possibility of drafting a QB highly in the Draft

        • Tim

          What are they looking for? Super Bowl formula – top defense, rookie mobile 1st round QB (with relatively cheap contract for 5 years) big, accurate arm to stretch the defense. Emergence of Drew Lock would not mean a cheap contract and thus would prohibit expensive, but talented free agents. In the scenario with Anderson gone, I cannot believe that they would pass on one of the top 4 QBs.

    • Elmer

      It doesn’t seem to make sense to take a RB here but they might really consider Robinson at 5 in this scenario .

    • TatupuTime

      I would be so disappointed in Witherspoon at 5. He’s a really really fun player, but ultimately he’s 180 pounds with short arms and he’s not a super athlete. He’s a high floor low ceiling guy for me.

  2. KennyBadger

    It would be one thing for all the qbs to be gone by 5, it would be another to have a shot at 2 of them and pass anyway. Yuck.

  3. Kerren

    Damn Stroud or Richardson? Would choose Stroud given the choice but wow tough call….

    • Big Mike

      Think I’m in the same boat but yeah, very tough call.

    • Hawkster

      Richardson at 5 AND Stroud at 20 (my way of saying I dont buy it) dont buy TX not going QB and/or dont buy this whole cant find buyers for the 2 or 3 pick.

      Things that need to be to take a pass on a talented QB class:

      1) NFL teams are basically set at QB
      2) The other (non-QB) is generationally exceptional.

      This isnt baseball, thid is the NFL. Is it a league built around QBs or DTs?

      Last years QB class was lame Rob said it was lame, according to the draft NFL GMs thought it was lame.

      No lame claim this year (and a year of pent up demand) = cant sell a #2 or #3 if you want to?? B effin S.

      This aint tennis. It aint bowling. And the press insiders are clearly (IMO) not GMs

      Somebody can keep the crow warm for me nxt thurs.

      • TatupuTime

        I can buy Houston not taking a QB if Young is gone. But I think it’s highly unlikely that 2 or 3 doesn’t get traded in that scenario. I just can’t see the Vegas, Atlanta, Tennessee offers being so poor that Arizona says we’ve gotta stick and pick Tyree Wilson or Witherspoon. Arizona literally has needs pretty much everywhere, the talent gap between Wilson/Witherspoon and the guy they could get at 11 isn’t insane. They need as many good players as they can get.

        • TatupuTime

          If Schefter is right it’s gonna set me up for either a super exciting Seahawks pick or a real gut punch!

        • Hawkster

          That is largely my thinking. There are plenty of QB needy teams (demand), a good draft for QB potential (supply), and the top of the board in non-QB is not littered with Bosas.

          SF gives up #12 and 2 future 1sts to move to 3 to take a QB
          NYG gives up #6 and 2 current 2nds plus 1 future 2nds to move to 3 to take a QB

          That’s the way this league works (and not trade value charts when we are talking the top few spots).

          so IMO 1) 2 QBs get taken before #4 or 2) I settle into a plate of crow and watch a very exciting #5.

          Houston has a lot of picks, if they are not going QB then tey can keep #2, they be picking again in a few spots.

          The QBs in my opinion have a sharp drop-off after the first 4.
          While a case can be made for Anderson (I’m just leaving Carter out of the discussion) there is not the clear tier/sharp drop on the DL to me, it is basically pretty much fifteen high 2nd rounders where opinions vary a good deal. White vs McDonald vs Hall vs AdeAde vs Kancey etc. . Sure, some of these go in the 1st, but not top 10, it is a bunch of picks 20-40, a couple above a couple below.

          For DBs it seems a solid class, I don’t see QB-needy teams shelving the QB-need because they just must have Witherspoon or Gonzalez over Porter or Ringo.

          It makes the top of this draft obvious (to me) … positioning for the pick on QBs, there is a few and then a cliff, and a lot of need for a position of some importance in this sport.

  4. geoff u

    Things are looking up!

    I’m pretty stoked everyone thinks we’re picking Jalen Carter, especially if that includes the GM of any qb needy teams below us.

    However, if any two of these quarterbacks are there and we don’t get one, I might be checking out for awhile.

    • DawgyD

      Take that top 5 pick, trade back and pick up three top 60 players….win now, Baby !

      • BK26

        With what, our alright, journeyman quarterback? They’re too far away talentwise and the young players aren’t going to change that in one year. This is probably another year after this upcoming season.

    • Wilson502

      Right there with you bud, Ill officially drop interest in this franchise until PCJS are gone. Other than occasionally saying PCJS should be fired, thats about all the interest Ill have.

      • Patrick Toler

        You must be very confident in your player evaluation to pause your fandom because you think they took the wrong player.

        • Wilson502

          Wasting an once in a generation pick on an underwhelming defensive player when a potential QBoTF is right there is the type of thing that sets back a franchise for years and GMs get fired over.

          • EmperorMA

            Wasting a once in a generation pick on an underwhelming potential QBoTF who ends up as a bust is the type of thing that sets back a franchise for years and GMs get fired over.

            • Wilson502

              This is an absurd take. QB is the .most important and impactful position on the field. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, if they take their shot and it doesn’t work out, that’s 1 thing. Frankly, none of these QBs I would classify as “underwhelming”. Rob has done extensive analysis on this QB class, and the fact there’s 4 quality candidates speaks to itself.

            • MountainHawker

              This argument doesn’t hold up. It would only set the franchise back years if he’s your only option at QB and you’re betting everything on him (I.e. niners giving up the farm for lance). Seattle is not in that position. It’s a free pick. They have a solid starter on contract for 3 years already.

          • cjjo

            At least 1/2 of available QB’s have the potential of QBoTF (look at history), too many ? marks in Levis and Richardson,in my opinion for a top 5 pick. Stroud perhaps.
            I am all for BPA and a “maybe” QB that sits on bench for a min year is not that at 5.
            A lot of $$ to sit. Yes, if the QB is that outlier, whom becomes a franchise player,
            .then its shoulda, woulda. Which is the crap shoot called the draft. Lets take a look in 3 years.
            I also agree with some other posters that there will be trade opportunities, as some team will always reach for QB.
            The talent overall in late 1st thru mid 3rd is tremendous, I would not be opposed to having a couple more picks in that range.
            Downs, ADA, Kancey, Mazi, Top center, on and on.
            Looking forward to our picks and trust in management to get it right.
            will pull for whomever that may be. Go Hawks

  5. Ryan

    If they do take a CB at 5 with Stroud and Richardson still on the board, I think my head will explode.

    • Bmseattle

      I agree…its one thing to force a defense pick for a pass rusher…but for a CB who’s main attribute is that he’s tough?
      I like the player, but at #5?…absolutely not.

      • Big Mike


    • Huggie Hawk

      I might retire my Hawk fandom lol ughh

      • Wilson502

        Same here, at least until this regime is gone.

    • Wilson502

      If they do that I will officially lose interest in the team and immediately start the fire PCJS chants.

      • Big Poopa

        Nobody cares. Get a head start, and begin your chants now. Nobody cares about that either.

        • Wilson502

          Well you obviously cared enough to only reply to this post.

  6. Jim Kelly

    In the ’80s and ’90s you had pass rushers go number one several times: Kenneth Sims, Aundray Bruce, Bruce Smith, Russell Maryland, Steve Emtman, and Dan Wilkinson. Smith is a Hall of Famer, but only Maryland even had a Pro Bowl season.

    Courtney Brown was chosen first in 2000, and he also failed.

    Since the 21st Century started, we’ve seen four pass rushers taken with the first overall pick; three have made Pro Bowls. Meanwhile, 23 QBs have been chosen number one since 1983, with 16 making pro bowls.
    Any position may fail, but only with Bruce Smith, Russell Maryland, and Mario Williams have top defensive players gone to Super Bowls. Yet that was only after they were paired with Pro Bowl caliber quarterbacks.

    Missing out on a great defensive player hurts, but missing out on a great QB is devastating. If the Seahawks were to pick a quarterback that failed, it will set us back. Admitted, this year, with Geno Smith, that setback could be mitigated until 2025.

    I love Cortez Kennedy, but he never brought us a championship. Seeing Chuck Knox’s interview when he had to take Dan McGwire over Brett Favre still hurts. He might have failed with the Hawks, but I wish we would’ve had the chance.

    I’ll support PCJS with whomever they choose, but always seeing the Seahawks “wait till next year” when it comes to QB is frustrating. This year the Hawks have the ability to get a potentially great quarterback, and I’d really like to see them do so.

    Go Hawks.

    • Wilson502

      Why would u continue to support PCJS if they punt on a QBoTF when they had the opportunity to get one? This is such a pivotal decision for the franchise and punting on a QB will likely be felt for years to come.

      • EmperorMA

        With the unknowns of this year QB crop, punting on a QBOTF might just as likely be the best thing the FO could do.

        • Wilson502

          That’s just poor reasoning IMO. If you have a chance to grab a potential QBoTF, then u take your shot, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. They may never have this chance again with such a top heavy QB class.

      • God of Thunder

        Well perhaps they think only one or two of this batch of QBs is worthy of an early first round pick? That can’t be discounted.

      • JIm Kelly

        I’ll support PCJS because they know things about these players that I’ll never have a chance to even imagine.

        During the personal interviews, they may have realized that the player isn’t a good fit for their culture, he lied about something that they knew the answer to, he acts the same as a player that didn’t love the game, or any of a score of reasons that the player available “didn’t seem right”.

        Basically I’ll support them because I’m hoping that they’re doing something that’s actually the best for the Seahawks. That doesn’t mean that I won’t BAM BAM their choice. My support isn’t blindly following, but I’ve been wrong enough about their previous actions to know that they’re experts, and that I hope what they do is correct.

        I really want a QBotF. If I’m disappointed, I hope it’s because of my lack of understanding this class, and not theirs.

        Go Hawks.

    • stregatto

      Great points Jim, from Seahawks own history no less.

      • Jim Kelly


        Go Hawks.

    • cjjo

      The #1 pick at QB is most always a can’t miss prospect. Take a look at 2 and beyond, much less success.
      As much as this board hates on Young, he is the only can’t miss prospect in this years draft, thus the overwhelming
      #1 choice, Stroud has fallen for what, I dont know. Richardson and Levis are mostly projected from 4 to mid 1st round, although there is always a QB run, as so many teams are desperate for a good QB.
      This #5 may be a “gift” but not to be squandered.
      Personally, if you are gonna sit a QB for a year, I’d much prefer Hooker perhaps adding a late 1st or moving up for the 5th year option.

  7. Lord Snow

    If they pass on either of those two quarterbacks for some positional fill then I’m done with this regime until Pete retires. And although I would love CJ Stroud there’s a part of me that just wants that home run in Anthony Richardson this is their one shot at it

  8. Hojo

    I strongly prefer a QBOTF or Will Anderson, but I’m starting to suspect the Hawks will trade down at 5 to get more picks. I’m going to be yelling at the TV if a QBOTF is available (similar to how I yelled last year for Abe Lucas in RD3 when he was still available, both because Rob convinced me he was a late RD1 talent and because I went to WSU as an undergrad).

    The Hawks love to trade down. If they’re not sold on the QB(s) still available at 5, I imagine they will trade down to acquire more picks.

    This reminds me a bit of the Cross pick last year. We didn’t think Cross would be the pick at 9 based on his measurements & testing, but the Hawks always find a way to surprise us. I think it’s worth a mock draft where the Hawks trade down from 5 to pick up more picks.

    • Rob Staton

      If teams aren’t trading up to #2 or #3, why would they trade up to #5?

      • Hojo

        Because it will cost far less to trade up to 5 and the supply of QBs will start to fall off.

        • Rob Staton

          So the Seahawks are going to take a bad offer to move down?

          That’s what ‘far less’ means to me

          • stregatto

            Wouldn’t that be so like PCJS though? Imagining the press conference after, patting themselves on the back for ‘navigating the draft’ ‘John knew where to get our guys’

        • Steven Dominguez

          Are we not open to simply exploring what the trade down option MIGHT be? I’d be as excited as anyone about getting Stroud or Richardson, but I also value openness to discussion about all possibilities and agree with HoJo.

          What if… Pete wins and they do have a mandate for a D player given their assessment of the QBs relative to other similar picks at the top of rounds 1. It’s not just about having great options for QBs this year, its about the relative value and need.

          Raiders are the most likely trade up option.

          If you’re the Raiders, to HoJo’s point:
          – Trading up to #2 – cost is a mid round 1 pick
          – Trading up to #3 – cost is a late round 1 pick
          – Trading up to #5 – cost is a mid round 3 pick

          That’s a BIG difference in cost if you’re convinced that you’re going to get either Stroud or Richardson who you may have valued as the top choice of the draft. wouldn’t you be willing to be patient and wait to potentially offer #70 with a late draft piick up or #100 and #109?

          Raiders top 5 picks this year are: #7, 38, 70, 100 and 109.

          And if you’re the Seahawks wouldn’t it be great to pick up another 1 or two picks in the 3rd round if you’re convinced that after the Lions go non-QB, you’re get the fourth best non QB choice in the draft at #6? And, maybe the 3rd or 4th best player based on their assessment of BPA?

          Even if PCJS aren’t aligned on a D player mandate, maybe they pass on Witherspoon and take a Skoronski at #7. Maybe you take him and move Lewis back to center and you’re back in business with a D player at #20 having completed an O Line overhaul in 2022/2023? I could live with that.

          There are lots of reasons why a trade down could be an option. Wish we could not be so precious about a QB mandate and at least discuss it as a possible option.

          • MountainHawker

            We can explore it, but no legitimate trade down offer is worth more to me than a shot at a qbotf. We have enough picks already. No trade is going to give multiple 1st or multiple years of 1sts to move to 5. And if they are, we should probably just take the player that team is after because clearly they’re a difference maker.

          • MountainHawker

            Also there’s no guarantee lions don’t take a QB. They’re in a similar situation as us. Solid starter. Could use an upgrade. Have multiple 1st round picks. They can afford to take a shot.

      • Troy

        Old JJ trade values, if that’s still a thing, is pick 5 = 1700 points. It would take a move back to late teens to add even a 2nd round pick. At 17, wtf would we be looking at that’s any different then every other year? Another possible maybe starter?

        No, you take a QB. Stroud vs AR is a tough tough call. One will be already rated higher for JS. I’d just be as shocked to see Levis go to Indy over Stroud, but then again Indy has been making terrible QB decisions since Luck.

        • Hojo

          I’ll start by pointing back to my post which outlines that I prefer they take a QB.

          I’m not sure what chart you’re looking at, but the 5 pick is worth about 1700. TEN for example could package 11 (1250) and 41 (490) = 1690 and would probably need to add a bit more to get the job done.

          • Troy

            Cursory glance at mid round picks, didn’t look at Titans specifically. If AR would be at 11, and get past Vegas and any other team like NE trading up. That would be magical, but thinking it could happen could be equally a disaster.

            • Hojo

              My argument would be a lot more compelling if I could properly add 1250 and 490 = 1740.

              I think that is a plausible trade though. If you don’t like your options at 5, you trade down to 11 and pick up an early 2nd.

              • Rob Staton


                Why is Arizona at #3 turning that down

                If a team is prepared to move to #5 and that’s an acceptable deal, they will do it with Arizona two spots earlier

                Schefter is literally saying teams are not interested in moving up. But when it gets to #5 someone is coughing up a top-40 pick??

                • Hojo

                  Why trade up to 3 at the cost of 2200 if you only need to trade up to 5 at the cost of 1700? Staying with the TEN example.. their entire set of draft picks this year is worth 2018.

                  Trading up to 3 would require TEN to trade 11, 41 and a potentially a 2024 1st rd pick or to find another 460 with of pick value some other way.

                • Brodie

                  Arizona’s pick (based on the chart they’re using) is worth 2200.

                  Maybe the new GM of the Cards doesn’t want to look like he got fleeced and only got 1740 for 2200, so he demands a 2023 2nd and 4th too.

                  If Tennessee makes the same call to us and we say ok without the future picks and they still get a QB, that could be the difference.

                  Maybe Arizona doesn’t want to move that far down without getting a #1 next year and Tennessee doesn’t want to give up future stock.

                  Either way, it’s hard to see ANY move except to #2 happening before the draft. Without knowing what Houston is doing, any team thinking about moving up is taking a big gamble.

    • OakleyD

      I personally think the Hawks are more likely to trade up – potentially even twice this year than to trade down.

      Helps reduce the cap burden on the team, they have the capital to go and get the players they want without impacting squad depth.

      I can easily see them trading up to the bottom of round 1 or top of round 2 if they don’t believe that player will drop to 37 (Mazi Smith, Darnell Washington or Dawand Jones for example).

      I can also see them using their 2 x mid round picks to trade up later on if someone they graded in Day 2 is still available in Day 3.

      I see this as far more likely that trading down for a boat load of picks – i’ll caveat this with the potential that we can stockpile picks for future season(s).

      I also think Darrel Taylor, Noah Fant & Uchenna Nwosu, potentially even Colby Parkinson could be traded on draft day – that could be a way to add picks and shave space if the right players fall

  9. Ishmael

    I know I said it the other day, but drafting a corner at 5 really would be sickening stuff.

    If Stroud and Richardson are both available I think you have to go Stroud. If they’re both available and you take a corner it’s time to look for a new career.

    • DawgyD

      Totally agree Ishmael,

      It’s just that I’m thinking Richardson over Stroud. Physical phenom, more potential, stroud played in the half-field system (unlike Richardson, correct me if I’m wrong) and room to grow behind Geno. Stroud had all-world talent around him…etc.

      • EmperorMA

        All correct in terms of the schemes the two QBs played in. The biggest difference to me, however, is that Stroud played brilliantly in his system and Richardson was very mediocre (this is probably generous) in his.

    • Peter

      The main advantage 9f Stroud over ruchardson is you could potentially get that extra year of a rookie contract as he could start earlier.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I’m not sure Stroud is that much more ready to QB an NFL team than Richardson is. Both ideally need time to learn and develop. Richardson may actually be more prepared to read NFL defenses on the fly than Stroud is.

        They are both excellent prospects and I’m not hating on Stroud. Just think the idea he’s a sure-fire year one starter is overblown.

  10. Diehard82

    Texans trade to 5 for 12 + 33 + 73 and take Stroud. Hawks shock the world again and take Ade Ade at 12, Keion White at 20 and JMS at 33, DTR at 73. Boom Shaka LAKA.

    • Huggie Hawk

      Hard pass

      • Hawksorhiking?

        No one is taking DTR at 73. JMS isn’t a Seahawky WR.

        • Hawksorhiking?

          I was thinking JSN, not JMS

    • BK26

      Just no. What a horrible, deflating draft that would be. There goes any air in the sails.

    • GrittyHawk

      I hope this is a joke. DTR is a late day 3 pick at best.

  11. Sean-O

    Yes, the Texans hired a defensive coach & Anderson and/or Wilson may be “safer” but a big yawn if I’m a Texans fan. I guess another year of Davis Mills would give me a better shot at a QB in ’24 worse case.

    A chance at Stroud or Richardson, maybe JSN at #12, Dameon Pierce, Devin Singletary, Robert Woods, Dalton Schultz, Laremy Tunsil, Tytus Howard, Shaq Mason, etc. has a shot to be a really fun offense to watch.

    • Brodie

      Yep. If you pass on 3 QB’s to ride with General Mills and add an off-ball LB, you better be right.

      That feels like a Greg Oden over Kevin Durant type of pick that could define your legacy as a GM.

      • Peter

        The Texans don’t need to pick a qb this year or trade back up or any such nonsense. They have two first rounders in 2024 due to the watson to browns trade.

        • Brodie

          Of course. Why take your pick of 3 great QB’s with your native pick this year, when you can hope to be the worst team in the NFL, OR trade up with multiple picks next year for a guy who may be available and a team that may be willing to trade?

          The mystery box could even be a QB!

        • Brodie

          For the record, you may very well be right. Maybe 11 wins in 3 years has jaded their FO so much that a top 2 pick in next years draft feels like a foregone conclusion.

          The whole point of the article is indeed that there is buzz around them passing on a QB at #2. Glad I’m not a Texans fan.

  12. 805Hawk

    I’m so ready for the draft to get here. On another note…and some advice for all of you: I was helping coach speed training for youth football tonight (12 & 13 year olds). We run 40s periodically to test progress (and the kids love getting timed). Being a 51 year old that thinks I’m still 26, I decided to run one with my son. I ran 5.80 and barely beat my son, but I’m currently icing a pulled hamstring. Be smarter than me, people. Be smarter.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, speedy recovery!

      I was just thinking of trying some testing myself just to get an idea of the level of these elite athletes compared to an average, everyday one (me). If I do, I’ll make sure and take plenty of time to warm up and stretch!

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        My company put on an event with Nike last month that I helped out with where the focus was on helping elite women athletes transition to the business world. One of the attendees was the sixth fastest woman in the world. I really wanted to ask her to race against me. Not because my old ass has ANY chance of even coming close to beating her, but I really want to see how fast that is. When you see them on TV, they are all fast so you kind of lose perspective. I probably would have hurt myself though so I am glad I decided not to ask. She did let me hold her silver medal from the Olympics though so small victory.

  13. seahawksfan1201

    If Stroud is there that’s the pick all day. AR15 is exciting but there’s huge bust potential. Stroud’s floor is Jared Goff, which, not great but it’s possible to win with a guy like that. His ceiling is Rodgers (who also was doubted because of the system he came out of)

    • DawgyD

      What would you say AR15 ceiling is ? Cam Newton ?

      His Floor ?

      • stregatto

        Is there a Michael Vick comp to be made? Haven’t watched enough of Richardson.

        • Peter

          I have a hunch that Richardson is a lightning fast learner.

          Just taking his growth last year and how he already is using pro qb concepts like placing the ball low for recievers, moving through progressions, and most importantly though he can kill people in the open field looking to throw before tucking and running.

      • TatupuTime

        AR15s ceiling is a lot higher than Cam Newton. It’s really difficult to overstate how high AR15’s ceiling is. There has literally never been a better athlete to play quarterback in the NFL. Combine that with effortless throwing of deep balls and can make ever NFL throw (even if he is wildy inconsistent on certain throws). He’s a lot like Josh Allen coming out, except a way better athlete. Allen ran a 4.75 40. AR15 ran a 4.44 at a heavier weight than Josh Allen.

      • seahawksfan1201

        His ceiling is a best-case combo of Cam and Lamar, so I get the excitement, but his floor is XFL

        • MountainHawker

          Maybe as an athlete. I think he’s a better passer than either of them.

          • seahawksfan1201

            Based on what? He’s certainly not as accomplished a passer as either of them were entering the league (much worse than Cam)

    • Malanch

      “If Stroud is there that’s the pick all day. AR15 is exciting but there’s huge bust potential.” –sf1201

      Why is Richardson’s “bust potential” any bigger than Stroud’s? All top prospects have big bust potential by virtue of the draft resources expended on them. Stroud has beautiful mechanics, but as far as operating an NFL offense is concerned, he is the one with more to learn. If both were to fall to #5, (given that I have no idea how the personal interview sessions are going) I would expect Richardson to be the pick.

      • seahawksfan1201

        Because he is currently an inconsistent-to-bad passer whereas Stroud is essentially tied with Young as the most polished pure passer in the draft. Richardson reaching his ceiling is contingent on him developing into as good a passer as Stroud already is. If he doesn’t develop then he’s not even a starting caliber NFL QB.

        • CJ McGee

          AR might physically comp to Cam Newton, but Cam handily won the Heisman Trophy and led Auburn to a 14-0 season and a BCS championship. AR lead Florida to a 6-6 season. Stroud led the Buckeyes to 11-2 record and was 3rd place in Heisman. I’d say Stroud’s floor is higher than ARs.

        • Malanch

          We don’t know what kind of passer Richardson will be, because he’s only had 13 starts with a rebuilding team against the best competition in college football. And we don’t know what kind of passer Stroud will be, because he operated a simplistic college offense with minimal translatability to the pros. Either one could fail to develop; either one could succeed. Nobody knows what Richardson’s floor is, because there’s just not enough data to go on. If he had had two seasons of starting experience, then we could project his floor-to-ceiling range with better accuracy.

  14. cha

    Rob, do you feel like you have a handle on why the QBs are supposedly dropping?

    I can understand for WA Jr but not Tyree or Carter.

    Is it that Stroud and Richardson have more upside than Levis, but Levis is more pro-ready?

    Or is it just simply dumb-team thinking that if you invest in a QB at the top 5, he’s got to be your Week One starter?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t have a handle on this

      I don’t know what the Texans are thinking

      • cha

        Feel like it is Stroud and AR are not finished products and teams are overanalyzing Levis.

        But that’s just my gut feeling.

      • Thomas Wells

        Agreed. It’s hard to understand the thought process. Maybe it’s as simple as this: shitty franchises do dumb things and that’s why they are (and stay) shitty. No matter the reason I’m here for it. Especially if it helps a top qb slide to Seattle at 5. To paraphrase Jon Lovitz in the wedding singer: they’re losing their minds and we’re reaping all the benefits.

        • Peter

          Pretty sure we selected a whole bunch of players instead of qb and rolled with a dead armed Hasselbeck, clipboard Jesus, and forever try hard tavaris jackson while the team was built.

          • Thomas Wells

            Not sure if this was a reply to me but assuming it is I’m not sure what to make of it.

            Yes the Seahawks fucked about with the pupu platter of Tjack, clipboard jesus, and matt hasselbeck’s corpse while building up the team? They also drafted Russell okung, Earl thomas, golden tate, kam chancellor, and Walter Thurmond in 2010. That same year they traded for Marshawn Lynch and Chris Clemons. The next year they drafted Richard Sherman, KJ Wright, Byron Maxwell, and Malcom Smith. They then hit the jackpot with Russ in the 3rd round (pairing him with a first ballot hall of fame LB in the second). That’s the kind of inspired talent acquisition that a smart franchise engages in.

            The Texans front office has earned no such credit. I’ll eat crow if they draft Tyree Wilson at 2 and he becomes Mario Williams 2.0, and then they pick DTR in round 3 and develop him into Russell Wilson 2.0. But that kind of team building strategy bucks conventional wisdom. If it works you’re John Schneider. If it doesn’t? You’re just another idiot hired my the McNair family.

          • Thomas Wells

            If what you meant was that the hawks built up the team before making the move for a real qb then…you’re absolutely right and ignore my comment above. I could see Texans thinking the team is shit, the supporting cast is shit, and they would just ruin a top 2 qb throwing the wolves. That point is well taken and I apologize if I misconstrued it!

      • Peter

        I’ll take a stab at it.

        They need help everywhere and a good qb o. That crap roster won’t make a bit of difference.

        Ryans or the gm or both know you need to build a new team….not dissimilar to what Pete and John did 14 drafts ago.

        They also have two firsts in 2024.

        So if they build it up right this year. They can unlike Seattle look to next year’s draft for qb.

    • Geoff u

      And Chris Simms said today he doesn’t think Will Anderson will go in the top 5. What the hell is going on around here?

      • Wilson502

        Media going full smooth brain. Never go full smooth brain.

        • DawgyD

          Hot Takes…trying to be contrarian.

          • Wilson502

            Aka clickbait artists

            • geoff u

              This was an off the cuff comment in the middle of a podcast, so not clickbait. I think he honestly believes that.

    • Patrick Toler

      I think the concerns about Stroud are what Rob talked about throughout the season and is mentioned in this article – questions about whether he can handle the full weight of an NFL quarterback’s pre and post snap responsibilities? Additionally it does seem like his interviews/ visits maybe are not impressing teams. Either that or the media is just catching up to how the league has felt all along.

      For Richardson he is so early in his development, I think there are just not that many decision makers who can wait 2 years hoping that Richardson flourishes.

      • Patrick Toler

        It is common practice in draft meetings as I understand it to have QBs diagram plays, or explain good and/or bad plays – what they were thinking, why they did what they did, what they should have done, what the defense was doing, etc. If, for example, Stroud struggled to have good answers because the coaches took so much off his plate, that could explain some lessened enthusiasm amongst the teams that have met with him. Pure speculation of course. But there are plausible explanations for why he could drop.

        Schneider talked on his last radio hit about how scouting a players play on the field is the easy part compared to the mental/emotional stuff (heavy paraphrasing). With quarterbacks especially I would say, because so much of their game is mental. Draft media and fans largely base their evaluations on watching film (and often just highlights or clips without considering context). I think that’s why most analysts have Levis so low. His tape looks like garbage when you watch it without thinking about the context he was playing within. Rob has done an amazing job with this with Levis in particular and I think he is way closer to what teams think of Levis than most analysts. People love Stroud because his tape is so clean and prettty, but I am guessing teams see how little burden he was asked to carry.

        • Peter

          Not for nothing but but ohio state qbs have a stigma. Coupled with having a loaded roster and still not going as far as one might imagine with that talent.

          There’s a strong case that for all the goofs in seahawks cinematic universe that call levis “Lee vyes,” ( ha! So good btw! Legit these are the same people that say ” see ya next year,” every year on December 29-31 at work)….that Levis is actually the better qb doing more with way less than either Stroud or even young.

    • cha

      I wonder if Demeco stepping to the mic and saying they’re not looking at pick #2 to ‘be the savior of the franchise’ and that has moved people off QB to Houston.

  15. Awm

    Everything seems to be lining up perfectly for us to get the QBOTF. A few weeks ago it seemed we could miss out without trading up. If they pass on the QBs and pick ANY defensive player I am going to implode!!!!

  16. YDB

    Schefter doesn’t miss.

    This is setting up perfectly:
    Young goes 1st overall. #2 and #3 are Anderson & Wilson respectively. The Colts get their choice of QBs and get Levis whom they wanted all along…

    And with the fith pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select: Bijan Robinson, Running Back, Texas

    • Wilson502

      Passing on a QBoTF for a RB…….. dumpster fire 0/10 move. Almost as bad as taking Witherspoon at 5.

      • Chris

        Pretty sure he was joking.

      • Ely

        Dude, Wilson502, read the sarcasm. No need to be all smooth brained about it.

        • Dregur

          Yeah, we’re obviously drafting a long snapper, we don’t even have one signed on the team!

          • Mel

            Over a FB?!

            Like…do you want us to finish behind Arizona this year?

        • Wilson502

          I get its sarcasm, I was merely playing along, hard to convey over text, but I know it was sarcasm.

    • Glor

      That isn’t slightly realistic, Bijan is actually a first round talent. The more realistic move is

      The Seahawks have traded the 5th overall pick to (insert team here) for (a bag of potato chips). And with the (lower first round pick) the Seahawks select Cameron Young, DT Mississippi State.

      And the crowd goes…. Huh?

      I will hope and pray for a repeat of last year and not a repeat of the 8 years prior

  17. Denver Hawker

    I trust the real insiders here, but it’s starting to feel a little bit like an over-rotation. Too much time to talk about the draft leads to a see-saw discussion. QB is such a premium position and these 4 QBs all have shown potential to be a future franchise QB- not without fault of course. But to justify the Top-5 pick and guaranteed pay, teams should be thrilled at the opportunity to get one.

    In 2020, the Lions took Okudah at #3, traded Stafford a year later. I’m sure the rebuild would be more enjoyable if they took Herbert instead.

    I also don’t blame the Jets for taking a chance on Wilson in 2021. I think all 4 of the QBs this year are better prospects than Wilson fwiw.

    • OakleyD

      Paralysis by Over Analysis – agreed

  18. Ishmael

    I actually can understand the Texans passing on a QB – especially if they’re thinking they all (save Young) probably need to sit a year. The roster is in a truly putrid state, they’ve got a new HC who’s inherited a rabble. Give him a year to get set up, start to build a functional team, then look at a QB in the next couple of years.

    If they’re thinking none of the QBs would survive the current situation they’ll be doing everyone, especially the player, a massive favour.

    • DawgyD

      Plus Will Anderson is pretty darn good. He was phenomenal his sophomore year in college.

      Solid Plan. Get building blocks on the D and move forward with the rebuild.

  19. Ptrptrptr

    I think I’d take Witherspoon over Tyree. Way lower chance of busting. No scheme questions. Get an elite CB group on rookie contracts for years. Get nastier and more aggressive.

  20. SoCal12

    Another interesting twist is that apparently Well Levis at #2 is climbing up on betting sites. If Stroud isn’t the Texans guy, but they still want to capitalize on QB while they have the high pick, they could pick Levis who could probably run the Shanahan-tree offense fairly well. In that scenario, it’ll be interesting to see where Indy pivots to if Levis was their guy, and if anyone will jump them for Stroud/AR.

    This will certainly be a very interesting last week before the draft. Lots of dominoes that could lean one way or another and have very different outcomes.

  21. Chewy

    Let’s keep our eye on the ball. Rookie QB contracts are gold. Draft Stroud, sit ‘‘em for a year, build the D.

    • Blackthorn

      I’m curious, for those who want us to draft a QB at 5…would more folks prefer Stroud? I’m just so enamored with Richardsons upside. Besides, have you heard his voice? I’d tune in for every damn interview! 🤣

      • LouCityHawk

        In a binary choice

        Stroud > Richardson.

        • Nathan

          I think if Houston goes defense Anderson then Arizona will trade.1 of the two will trade.
          Arizona wants Anderson.

        • Blackthorn

          Who has more upside?

          • Ishmael

            In an on-paper projection where Richardson puts it all together and turns into a mutant flamethrower, who’s basically a faster Cam Newton with Brett Favres arm, his upside is unbeatable. Could be another 20 years before we see another prospect like him.

            Practically speaking Stroud’s floor is extremely high and he’s probably more likely to hit his ceiling, even if it isn’t quite as freakishly high. Feels a bit like he’s a 70% chance to turn into an 8/10 QB, where Richardson is a 50% chance to turn into a 9/10.

            • Peter

              Just checked your math and it feels like it all checks out here.

            • Ben

              I would argue that Richardson’s upside is a 10/10, but largely I would agree with your math. Personally I say swing for the fences and go for the bigger upside.

      • DawgyD

        Richardson for me

        Levis-Richardson-Stroud-Young…in order.

        Just my impression, some of you have watched more games than I.

        • OakleyD

          My order is the EXACT opposite! lol

          Young – Stroud – Richardson – Levis

          Just shows how much of a good problem this is to have if any one of them is available at 5

      • BK26

        Richardson. He showed me enough developing BY HIMSELF, no weapons and horrible coaching, in one season, than Stroud has. Richardson did it all and has the highest ceiling we’ve ever seen, Stroud has one game. Would be ecstatic with either, but I don’t see Richardson as raw as people think.

        • JimQ

          Ranking the top 4 QB’s by Career total yards achieved (passing & rushing QB yards) —-PER SNAP—-.
          (1) Stroud 5.3044 yards per snap.
          (2) Young 4.6093 yards per snap.
          (3) Richardson 4.3381yards per snap.
          (4) Levis 3.5258 yards per snap.
          In spite of my inclination to always show my work in math, I won’t bore y’all with that. I’m not exactly sure what this exercise shows but I found it interesting. Richardson certainly improves his totals with his rushing abilities & he would indeed seem to be a legitimate dual threat QB that PC should really like. I would hope that the Seahawks can draft Richardson, then Levis & if he’s gone then I’d support Stroud. Young will go #1.

    • BK26

      This. I think John has to be thinking of a qb simply for cap reasons. He has no money to do anything. Now imagine what he could do with 4 years…

      • Producehawk

        AR is the only QB I would take at five. Betting that pick on him being a home run. Otherwise, I say trade down if possible.

  22. KHF

    I think the Seahawks are really in the driver’s seat of this draft. More than any team ahead of them (other than Carolina) and most teams behind them, they can genuinely be happy with any outcome. Arizona and Houston desperately want out of their spots. Seattle, on the other hand, can stay at 5 and be certain of getting a player who is at least a very good value. Or, if Anderson is gone and they don’t love the remaining QB(s), they can trade down and get a bouquet of picks in the late first, early 2nd, where the value of the draft seems to be. In the event two QBs are available to them, I’d love to see them try to coax something out of Detroit in the event they like one of them, or have another player in mind that they really want to be sure they get. And if they select someone other than a QB, I’d try it again with Vegas. Rinse and repeat until one of the QBs is left, then take that player. Highly unlikely, I know, but it would be fun.

  23. Hoggs41

    I feel like Im about to see Kevin Costner if Stroud lasts to 5. We could get Bo Callahan. The question then becomes, would he be QB2 or QB3 and keep Lock.

  24. Troy

    this thread is evolving into a Stroud vs AR chat quickly.

    I’ll say this, Stroud’s Georgia game has him even in this conversation. His style is more like, well, Geno Smith. You likely won’t be getting the arm talent that Geno now possesses for a while. CJ’s strength are accuracy up to 45 yrds, like precision like, and his ability to not make mistakes….which means he’s not taking shots that someone like Geno would take. His legs are similar to Geno, can move in the pocket and break the occasional run. Then it’s the whole OSU QB talk…which isn’t fairy tales. Highest floor of any QB, could hit on maxing his skill and end up a pro-bowl player.

    AR is Newton/Culepepper/Allen unicorn. Richardson has learned to integrate pocket management, coverage manipulation, and pass placement in scenarios that is impressive considering he’s still learning. He’s as fast as Fields with another 20lbs. In fact he’s one of the fastest over 240lb athletes ever at the combine. Von Miller was close 2nd I believe. Also has that long speed stamina we saw with Lynch, Sayers, OJ.
    He’s the QB that can win games on script, and off. If there are 3-5 plays in a game that the D looks to have him pinned and he wins, it’s the difference maker that wins games you shouldn’t.

    I think JS loves this guys traits, and if there’s ever been a QB that has all 3 attributes – arm/legs/processing to the degree he has it, it’s been a long while. Raw? sure. Our position with Geno and the team as a whole, this would be the shot looking back that put us over the top if it works out.

    Geno could outplay Stroud for the next 3 years, who knows…. AR would be another level of upside. Geno would see it, the team would see it in practice. Just bring him along the right way.

    2 cents

    • LouCityHawk

      They have the one guy on earth, in house, who most people should defer to for opinions on QBs.

      So they have that going for them.

      • Troy

        100% and willing to move prime Wilson to get Allen speaks to desire/want of exceptional talent at QB. There won’t be another kick at this cat unless we move a stud piece like DK for future firsts.

      • AC

        I’m blanking here. Who is that?

        • Chris

          I think they’re referring to the guy that traded for Charlie Whitehurst and signed Matt Flynn.

    • seahawksfan1201

      Stroud might arguably not be accurate past 45 yards but AR15 isn’t accurate past the LOS. And if he’s the difference maker who can win games on or off script why’d he have a losing record at UF?

      • Troy

        For those of you who can’t get past the 53 percent completion rate, interceptions, and untimely errors, consider that the nature of Richardson’s errors are more akin to problems that we saw with the likes of Matthew Stafford, Patrick Mahomes, Andrew Luck, and Ben Roethlisberger. If they were the type of errors linked to Drew Lock, Zach Wilson, and Baker Mayfield, there would be reason for concern.

        Line up the 1st year starter #’s for Mahomes 57%, Allen 56% (final 2 years avg actually). Comparing those two specifically because they had the high risk high reward labels. Andrew Luck 56% 1st season.

        Stroud has the safest floor, no question. Stats to back it up. Great background coming from California and not handed anything, worked his way up. I like him. I just think AR has the swing for the fences skillset that can be MVP candidate worthy is he gets the right coaching/system.

        Loucity said it best, JS has the QB evaluation down pat – so whatever he decides is good with me.

        • London Seahawk

          Couple of great posts here, Troy.

          Upside chase the unicorn for me.

          He beat out Stroud in the fashionable S2 test too.

        • Patrick Toler

          Stroud might have the safest floor. That’s based on his great accuracy and overall beautiful throwing, which is very evident, but also based on the perception that he is the safest bet to run an NFL offense competently. Maybe he can but he is arguably taking the biggest leap in terms of the mental game of the big 4. Probably not as big of a leap as Hooker coming from Heupel’s offense, but maybe not so far off?

          Rob has mentioned a few times that Levis is the QB (after Young) that is likely to be able to start right away, which makes sense to me, but doesn’t align with how I hear most people talking about these quarterbacks.

          • Malanch

            “Stroud might have the safest floor…he is the safest bet to run an NFL offense competently.”

            Because the Ohio State offense is famous for preparing quarterbacks for NFL systems…

      • Dregur

        AR was actually really accurate with intermediate routes, in the 60’s, and his deep ball accuracy was above average. His short passing was below average, some due to actual inaccuracy, and some due to a lot of dropped balls and bad WR play.

        As for why he had a losing record, his team was not very good and was playing in the best college football conference.

        Outside of Etienne and Torrance (a RG who many of us are not very high on), his team was pretty devoid of talent.

      • BK26

        Because the team around him was horrible (look at the bowl game), coaching was horrible, large number of drops, he is young and inexperienced. It’s like Rob said, you actually have to watch his tape. All of it.

        Out of the top 4, he is the one who can be the biggest difference maker by himself. You can find any stat to make any argument.

      • TatupuTime

        I simply don’t agree that AR15 isn’t accurate past the LOS. There are throws and areas of the field that he is accurate to. Then there are types of throws that he sails. Florida had a brutal offense for a 20 year old first time QB to run. Look how many of his throws were longer developing plays of more than 12 yards. There was very few short easy throws for AR15. Completion percentage as a stat lacks a ton of context. You can dial up a Kirk Cousins/Garopollo friendly offense that gives you nice completion percentages. It doesn’t make it a good offense or make them good quarterbacks.

        As for why they had a losing record with Richardson, Florida has a mediocre coaching staff coupled with a talent deficiency compared with a lot of the SEC teams they played. Go watch some of AR15s games against good defenses and then watch how UF fared against Oregon State without Richardson. UF’s roster was a joke next to Oregon State in that game

        • Malanch

          “Completion percentage as a stat lacks a ton of context.”


          And for those who continue to insist that collegiate box score stats are predictive of NFL success or failure, consider this other Florida quarterback’s first year as the full-time guy (also as a sophomore):

          FIRST YEAR
          Starts Finished: 13
          Win Rate: 69.2%
          Completion Rate (raw): 66.9%
          TD to Int Ratio: 5.33 to 1
          Total Yds/Start: 322 (sack yds subtracted)
          Total TD/Start: 4.23

          Holy ****! Those are some stats—against SEC defenses, no less! Yes, this outrageous production resulted in a Heisman Trophy, but sticking to the topic: How did these stats translate to the NFL? Here is the final tally:

          NFL CAREER
          Starts Finished: 14
          Win Rate: 57.1%
          Completion Rate (raw): 47.9%
          TD to Int Ratio: 1.89 to 1
          Total Yds/Start: 197 (sack yds subtracted)
          Total TD/Start: 1.81

          Hmmm, this would seem to suggest that collegiate production doesn’t necessarily mean anything with respect to professional projection. Perhaps college-to-pro translatability requires a deeper investigation than a passing box score look-over? Maybe these two guys found themselves in different situations as sophomore first-year starting quarterbacks in Gainesville? Could it be that we should consider…context?

          • seahawksfan1201

            “This guy who was good in college didn’t make it in the NFL” is an interesting argument for why someone who *wasn’t* good in college *will* make it in the NFL.

            • Malanch

              Had you actually read the post, you would have gotten the argument: Collegiate stats do not necessarily translate to the pros.

              As a refresher, here’s the standard procedure:

              1) Read the post first.
              2) Consider the point(s) made.
              3) Respond if desired.

            • Malanch

              “…an interesting argument for why someone who *wasn’t* good in college *will* make it in the NFL.”

              I have never once made the argument that any college prospect “will make it in the NFL”—go ahead and check any post I’ve ever made, and show me otherwise. (Hint: You won’t find it, ever.)

              You see, you just made what is called a “straw man argument”, which is one of the most basic fallacies of them all. Do better.

          • cha

            And further, maybe the scouts don’t know everything but they do know what they’re talking about?

            The scouting report on said QB was gamer/winner, will do whatever is needed for a first down. But not a quality NFL arm, mechanics are a disaster, and you’ll have to convert your offense to a 1976 Option offense for him to be successful.

            Will sell more jerseys to frigid soccer moms than will deliver NFL wins.

        • seahawksfan1201

          So if your point is that college performance doesn’t mean anything then how should teams decide which QB to draft and when, just based on 40 times?

          • Malanch

            “If your point is that college performance doesn’t mean anything…”

            You don’t read well, do you? Straw man fail #2. Jeezis…

            • seahawksfan1201

              Ok then please explain what is your point? And also why, as you said, would you expect Richardson to be the pick at 5 over Stroud or anyone else?

  25. Glor

    I mean I don’t take anything from that video/tweet. He took himself 10:1 odds on a $10 bet.. he makes an outrageous claim and if he’s right he’s out $10. The dude is a multi millionaire, he’s just spewing nonsense to drum up drama.

  26. Tezza

    Rob if Stroud is there at #5 will you consider a trade back with Titans for pick 11 , 2nd next year and a 2024 first . He looks like a qb that team will be willing to trade up for.

    • LouCityHawk

      Good idea, we should trade up with the Texans to make sure we get him.

  27. LouCityHawk

    There appear to be a big 6 in this draft, the Hawks have a chance for one of those 6, they need to take it, full stop.

    You get a chance to but beachfront property, you take it. You don’t say, ‘if we took this money we could buy three other properties nowhere near the beach, but they might be nice anyways, and we will have 3 of them!’

  28. Mr drucker in hooterville

    I have come to want Richardson so much, I don’t know if I can be objective

    • Huggie Hawks

      I’m the same boat lol

    • BK26

      100% agree.

      • SalukiHawk12


    • Rokas

      If AR15 will be available at five, and we pass on him, for any any non QB, to me personally It will be the same level of a tragedy as INT by Malcolm Butler.

      I am nervous yet confident that they will draft a QB. Just makes soooo much sense.

      We got this folks, we got this.

    • MountainHawker

      I’m in this club. It’ll be interesting to see if teams feel the same way

    • Steve Nelsen

      Yep. And I’m the guy who preaches every year about the confidence bias. And yet I am 100% guilty this year.

  29. Pran

    I can’t imagine Hawks not picking a QB at #5. Expecting at least 3 QBs in top 5 and 4 in top 10. It just takes one QB needy team trading in to top3 for a run on QBs.

  30. Matt

    I mean if it’s shaping up as…

    1. Young
    2. Anderson
    3. T. Wilson
    4. Levis

    And you’re considering…

    Carter (maybe if he drops)

    …Then unless you LOVE one of those guys you have to trade down a few spots. You might be able to get a 2nd and 3rd to drop 2-3 spots and that is HUGE.

    The fact that we are only a week out from the draft and there’s no clear prospect we should want then we need to maximize the value of this high pick. If Jalen Carter had Will Anderson’s character I’d say you should trade up for him, but sometimes the draft pool doesn’t yield the best talent and/or talent that fits when you pick.

    The goal should always be to take the best player available. If you’re not sure who that is when you pick, then you need to move around the board until you are.

    • cha

      It’s not that the Seahawks wouldn’t be sure, it’s that they will have two or three players graded very similarly and have gamed out this exact scenario and will know how far they can drop and still get great value.

      They will also remember they tried to get cute by trading down in 2019 and whoever they truly wanted got sniped and they sighed and took Collier and in the press conference after they looked like someone had punched them in the gut.

      • Malanch

        “(The Seahawks) will have…gamed out this exact scenario…”

        For once, we can be sure of this. Whatever choice they do make at #5, it will have been laid out precisely in advance. If their decision ultimately blows up in their face, it won’t be because some team did something unpredictable and foiled their plan, or that the board just didn’t fall right.

    • Sea Mode

      Nah, with QBotF you don’t get cute. Just sit tight and pick YOUR guy. I highly doubt they have no preference at all.

    • StevenD

      Agree – and trading down with the Raiders could yield two round three picks while still possibly giving you the chance of drafting AR or Stroud, whomever isn’t taken by the Raiders and assuming the Lions go non-QB.

      • Hawkster

        That is a solid point. The floor is 245 pound 6-4 4.48 running back taking snaps.

  31. Hughz

    I think we need to sit back and realize the incredible opportunity the Seahawks have in drafting the #5 pick with multiple qbs worthy of it. We could be set for the next 10 years. We won’t have this opportunity again under JS and PC. It’s just not going to happen. There can’t be anyway they pass on one of the top 4 qbs. There is no guaranty with the DEs or the QBs but I’d rather shoot my shot with the Qbs who can impact a game far greater than a DE.

    • Wilson502

      💯 💯💯. This is the exact point I’ve been making for months now.

  32. Palatypus

    Could somebody explain to me how a quarterback gets his reads from the sideline. Do they have a headset in their helmet?

    • Hughz

      Are you serious Clark?

      • Palatypus

        It can’t be from the coach, do they mean from the hashmarks? Reading the corner?

        If the quarterback is looking at a coach on the sideline , that is a recipe for whiplash.

        Or maybe it’s that card with a picture of John Belushi, Optimus Prime, the Batman logo, and a pineapple.

        • Palatypus

          That would be Spongebob’s home of course. I don’t want the center to get confused.

  33. Ely

    I feel like most of us are needlessly worrying they’ll pass on QB @ pick 5. When you look at what we know passing on QB sure seems like a very small chance. Even in the event Will Anderson is there in my opinion. We know Schneider loves traits, coachable, moldable traits. We know they’ve set the current QB contracts up perfectly for QBOTF. We know they’ve always lamented not having high draft picks to pick special players at premium positions. We think we know JS was very high on Mahomes and Allen to the point of trading a proven veteran in his prime to acquire Allen. I just don’t seen any scenario other than the QB’s going 1-4 that they don’t take one. Especially if they have their pick between 2 of Levis, Anderson or Stroud. In fact i think if they had picks 5 and 6 and both Stroud and Anderson were there they’d take them both.

    That being said like most of you if they pass on QB with any of those 3 sitting there I will be seeking counseling.

    • Hughz

      The reason we should feel confident about them taking a QB is the fact that a good portion of the media has them tied to a defensive player. JS playing chess while the media is playing checkers.

    • Sea Mode

      I think (and hope) you’re right.

    • London Seahawk

      I think and hope you’re right too… but we should also keep in mind that whatever is stopping Stroud/Richardson from being a no-brainer pick for the Texans, and subsequently has them falling… may be info/concerns/projection that also stacks up for PCJS, enough to put them off those high upside traits.

      Having said that, we’re really only talking about a slide of 1 spot (!) – which I think is pretty easily rationalized for the Texans (see my post below).

      I guess the bigger flag here is the lack of interest in trading up for those 2nd and 3rd picks. Not so easy to rationalize that….

    • Rokas

      I agree 100%. And i am with you, that even if Anderson was available they would still take a QB instead.

  34. MattyB

    It’s beginning to feel like Seattle are going to have a choice at #5 which is exciting. I’d take CJ over Richardson but ultimately I’d be happy with either. Really looking forward to the draft with all the new info and less nailed on picks.

  35. London Seahawk

    I can see the Texans loving Will Anderson… especially having a heart-and-soul leader / face of the franchise on the D-line for so long in JJ Watt. I can see them wanting to build around a defensive team leader and trying to replicate that vibe again…. makes sense.

    Their last QB face of the franchise didn’t work out so great!!

    • PJ in Seattle

      Good point. Do we know how any of these QBs feel about massages?

      • London Seahawk

        *copious vomit emojis*

  36. Trevor

    Think the highest probability outcome for the top 10 right now is the same as it has been for the last couple of weeks.

    #1 Panthers – Bryce Young
    #2 Texans – Will Anderson
    #3 Titans or Commanders – CJ Stroud (Cardinals trade)
    #4 Colts – Will Levis
    #5 Seattle – Anthony Richardson
    #6 Lions – Devon Witherspoon
    #7 Raiders -Christian Gonzalez
    #8 Atlanta – Tyree Wilson
    #9 Bears – Paris Johnson
    #10 Eagles – Jalen Carter

    If the Cardinals are unable to trade that pick then either Wilson or Carter go into that spot.

    • bv eburg

      I’m with you Trevor except I see the QB’s going 1-4.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I think you’re right – this looks very plausible to me. You could maybe flip flop AR and Stroud, but the thesis remains solid either way. Each one of those picks make sense for those teams.

      Now imagine a bizzarro world where Houston takes Tyree Wilson, AZ sticks at #3 and takes Jalen Carter, Colts take Levis. Very unlikely, but just imagine the billion of scenarios that JS would have a few minutes to try and process with Anderson, Stroud, and Richardson all on the board when the Seahawks go on the clock.

      • Trevor

        That would be crazy for the Hawks and even crazier for the Lions / Raiders behind them to consider.

  37. UkAlex6674

    The thing to remember this time of year everyone is trying to cover all bases with mocks and predictions, so they can say ‘ I was right’.

    That’s why some recent ones from so called NFL Insiders have been ridiculous. They haven’t look at depth charts and trends and recent drafts of other teams like Rob does, which adds huge credibility to his predictions.

    I don’t think I cab wait for the draft much longer without exploding.

  38. UkAlex6674

    I like Schragers trade scenario for Colts and Texans.

  39. clbradley17


    Full video from above. At the beginning, Orlovsky and the others show Levis and mostly Richardson’s traits. AR had over 600 yards and 9 TDs rushing in 12 games this past year. Levis had about the same in 2021 before losing his OL and best WR in 2022.

    Also mentions that as dominant a runner AR is, the other team has to play a simple defense expecting him to run at any time. He’s faster than early RW or Hurts. We all remember later in Russ’s first year when he was using the run option with either him or Marshawn running the ball, they were scoring 35-50+ points a game.

    • London Seahawk

      I think a good point Hawkblogger made on a recent pod was to acknowlege that AR has a really high floor in terms of his contribution – for this reason above…
      i.e. even if he were to not become an elite passer, you’d have a couple of seasons out of him being a kind of swiss army knife / on the ground weapon type of guy..

      Those skills kind of protect you from a Baker Mayfield / Sam Darnold / Rosen style bust where the passing game just completely bottoms out and you’re left with nothing….

      Not that I see that happening with AR, but his run game is a kind of insurance policy against that.

      • BK26

        I watched a breakdown a few months ago by someone (can’t remember his name, never saw him before, but he was unbiased) and this was his take on Richardson:

        Day 1, he is a top 5 arm talent. This is in terms of what he CAN do with the ball and his arm strength. That is the moment he is drafted, immediately.

        As a runner, he will already be a difference maker. He is too big, strong, and fast. He will affect the defense with his running ability when he is on the field. Will help with growing pains.

      • Ben

        The read option opened up the field for Wilson to throw. Part of the reason our scoring wasn’t as good as it could’ve been was because Wilson didn’t run the read option throughout every game. I don’t know if that’s on the OC or what, but our offense never clicked as well without it.

        Sometimes they’d wait until the 4th quarter to run the read option… and guess what? We’d come back and win most of the time.

    • MountainHawker

      Shane Waldron(and probably Pete) has to be salivating at the thought of a running game with Richardson and k9. Add another talented te and RB in this draft and oooo boy. Defense might be subpar but your offense won’t be.

  40. bv eburg

    See that the Hawks waived a RB. So they are now dow to 2 on the roster.

    • PJ in Seattle

      This a very deep RB class and the floor has fallen out of the FA market for backs this year. I expect they will draft two quality RB prospects and know they will still have plenty of cheap veteran options to fill out the RB room if they need to.

      • bv eburg

        Yeah they really don’t have a choice now. Only worry is money is tight even if they cut Fant so FA’s will be meh.

      • JimQ

        UDFA RB option for competition? We had a QB from Marshal back in the old days, IIRC.
        RB-Khalan Laborn (UDFA ranking), Marshall. 5-11/198, 9.5″-hands, 30-1/”-arms, 72.5″-span, 4.52/40, 38.5-Vert, 10-5-Broad, 4.40-shuttle, 7.08-3cone, 23-reps. at his pro-day.
        2022: 13 games, 302/1513/5.01-ypc/16-TD’s, (83 long) rushing, + 16/116/7.3/0, receiving.
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvANLyEWQwo –Looks pretty shifty, likely worth a shot -IMO.

  41. Trevor

    My Top 5 Predictions for the Seahawks 2023 Draft

    #1 The Hawks will take a defender from Illinois. They have had 3 in for top 30 visits. Witherspoon, Brown, Martin or Avery will be a Hawk.

    #2 The Hawks will draft a Center from the Big 10. JMS, Wypler, Scruggs or Oluwatimi.

    #3 The Hawks will trade back more than once and up at least once ending up with 11+ total selections.

    #4 The Hawks will not draft Jalen Carter.

    #5 The Hawks will draft a minimum of 4 Edge / DL and 2 RB.

    • Peter

      Hope the seahawks trade back 0 times. They suck at it. Legitimately John has been terrible going backwards.

      • Glor

        I would love to hear one success story of them trading back.. I can’t think of one off hand.

        • Peter

          I think if you squint and look out of one eye there’s been trade backs where the player selected has not been good but the stock returned might have been spent upwards to get a good player. Feels like a net neutral to me if that happens.

        • Hawkcrazy

          I think the analysis of whether they are worse off when trading back is often done poorly by fans. The reason being is fans often pick the best pick that could have been made if the trade back wasn’t done instead of looking at all the picks between the two. If you look at how other teams picked between the two you will at least see some semblance of how other teams ranked players. Generally, too much after you have seen how players do analysis.
          Now saying that there are clearly players we all want at the original pick who ultimately turn out better. It is easy to remember when you would win and less so when your 1st choice would have been worse. Last year I wanted Lucas in the second round we got him in the third (so surprised) after our second round picks I wanted to trade up for him it turned out better to wait. I think some times you win and sometimes you lose. If GM’s lose to often they are out of a job whereas as a fan I can lose but still get to cheer my team.

          • Peter

            Right but Corbin Smith broke this down for Seattle.

            It’s not oh no we should have selected player x.
            It’s that the player they got by trading down just wasn’t good. Making the trade down unnecessary.

            It’s something like 25 trade downs out if 33 draft trades….and almost none of them were worth it.

            Of the trade ups they’ve almost all worked.

            So for Seattle it hasn’t proven to be a worthy endeavor.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Peter, there is actually data on this and John Schneider is in the top 5 of Trade backs.

        • Steve Nelsen

          Well I have to call myself out on this. While the trade downs may have been good value in terms of draft pick value, the actual players chosen by JS after trading down have been…underwhelming.

  42. TCHawk

    Another topic…

    Doesn’t it seem strange that there is only one visit with TEs?

    I know they are well stocked for 2023, but ’24? And there is some real talent there. This is either not showing their hand, or they really have other priorities. It still seems odd not to meet with more in such a strong class.

    • Sea Mode

      Could be that it simply hasn’t gotten out. Every year in the draft day media calls we find out that they’ve all met with the Hawks at some point or another. I think Pocic was the only exception where they purposely showed zero interest hoping to keep other teams from discovering their interest.

      • Jabroni-DC

        We should have tipped our hand on Pocic.

    • LouCityHawk

      My take is that they have a bord that is somewhat locked in.

      That doesn’t mean they won’t take a TE if something crazy happens. It just means certain prospects are locked into certain picks.

      They have done this before, then hit the panic button when all the prospects disappear fast (part of the lack of trades last year, I suspect).

      • LouCityHawk

        #5=big 6

        #20-#52(trade down) looking at Edge, DLine, Center, maybe WR/RB

        After pick 52, there is a significant drop off in TE talent. I’ve heard them linked to LaPorta and the kid from Purdue – there may be more that come out. Pretty much assuming the value of the TE at that pick would need to demand them to be taken (think Mayer at 20, Musgrave/LaPorta at 52)

    • Sea Mode

      And just as you were saying this…

      Justin M

      @HawkeyeFootball TE Sam LaPorta is a premier prospect in the 2023 Draft.

      Top 30: #Panthers.
      Workouts: #Cowboys, #Bills, #Dolphins.
      #Titans Pro Day meeting.

      Virtuals: #Texans, #Seahawks, #Packers, #Bengals + more.

    • BK26

      The visits don’t really matter too much. It is for later round guys that they haven’t gotten to meet yet or guys that they need to get in the office, face to face. Most of the guys they already know on. It’s a little bit of a non-point.

      I expect them to take one (hopefully replacing one Iowa tight end with another).

      • Peter

        Exactly. Yes they will pick from the 30 visits but…they will also pick from non top 30 visits.

    • cha

      I’ve been predicting the Seahawks have been or will be talking to Colby Parkinson about an extension.

      They’ll see how the draft shakes out and then get something done this fall.

      • Mr Drucker in hooterville

        Cha, you see a jettisoning of Fant or Dissly?

        • cha

          Dissly next year depending on his health.

          Fant this year if they draft someone they’re crazy about they can flip him for a low pick. Might be worth keeping 4 TEs given Dissly’s recovery timeline.

      • Roy Batty

        This is my prayer for that scenario:

        Please don’t let it be 3 years for $24 million.

        That is all.

      • MountainHawker

        Watching Parkinson clips front his past season…he’s developed a long way since we drafted him. Even with injuries. I think he’s got quite a bit more to give us. Cost has to be right though.

    • EmperorMA

      My thought is they will have several TEs on their big board. They will select one if (when) one is available at whatever spot may come up that shows a particular TE as the top player on their board.

      That could be at #20, #37, #52 or even later. It may not even happen. So much depends on how the draft shakes out. You just don’t want to see the Seahawks taking a TE at say, #37 when that particular player is #5 on their big board at that juncture of the draft. Having a full TE room currently under contract should alleviate this, one would hope.

  43. PJ in Seattle

    However it falls, I believe Richardson will be John’s pick if he’s there at #5, and that he locked in on this a while back. Stroud suddenly being more in the #5 conversation than Levis or Anderson now is interesting and probably has him triple-checking his gut.

    In the end, the grit and intangibles of Richardson paired with generational physical traits and tools are simply too much for him to pass up. They are the team in the top 5 almost perfectly situated to take that gamble on greatness and provide an environment where the prospect can learn and grow and not be mentally and emotionally ruined by a year of being thrown to the wolves.

    When you are being inundated with opinions and analysis and noise, I think you ultimately cut through it all by going with your what your heart and gut tell you. I’m pretty sure that answer is Anthony Richardson, regardless of who else is on the board.

    • TCHawk

      I agree with you. I hope he is available at 5. He has the potential to be a future MVP, and win tough games for you just like RW, Mahomes, and Jackson did, just based on his own abilities in crunch time.

  44. Schadyhawk001

    With Shane Steichen the new HC for the Colts and the previous OC for the Eagles, chances they throw a wrench in the Stroud/AR debate by taking AR at #4 to replicate Hurts success and start Minshew year 1? Levis is more likely given reports but I would not be stunned by any means if they go Richardson

    • PJ in Seattle

      Entirely possible. Really, I wouldn’t be stunned by AR being taken at any pick in the top 4, including #1. Disappointed, but not stunned.

    • Peter

      Counter point:

      Justin Herbert.

      We have no idea who steichen likes and only know he is very good at his job.

      • Schadyhawk001

        Fair point but that is my entire thought process that locking in the Colts to take Levis at #4 doesn’t sound right to me when Steichen could just as easily like Richardson more than Levis, and considering Hurts looked like the best player on the field in a talent heavy Super Bowl he may think he could replicate that success with AR who is even more physically gifted. Herbert vs Hurts and Levis vs AR actually is a great comp to me now that you say it

    • London Seahawk

      Nice… maybe they’re already greasing the skids there for their fanbase. Getting them comfortable and hyped for it.
      You’d guess PM if anyone has an inside track there.

    • Peter

      Good. Levis is probably going to be very good based on being almost very good with exactly: a single very good reciever, a third round center, and a late round runningback.

      • MountainHawker

        And a right tackle that should be arrested for criminally negligent homicide for getting Levis killed every game

  45. ShowMeYourHawk

    If Thursday night next week rolls around and we at #5 somehow see AR, Stroud and Anderson still on the board, I think I’d have a panic attack stressing over the right card to turn in.

    If we see Young, Wilson and Carter go 1-2-3, it could happen, however unlikely.

  46. Ben - Fort Worth

    If Anthony Richardson is on the board at 5, he’s MY PICK!! I don’t care whose on the board!

    • Rokas

      I feel exactly the same way. Only two scenarios would be satisfying: he goes 1st overall and thus covers my kitchen upgrade costs, or he goes to the Seahawks.

  47. Aaron Bostrom

    Schrager’s top five seems plausible and I like it:
    1 young
    2 Colts take stroud
    3 will Anderson
    4 Texans take tyree Wilson
    5 Seahawks grab A rich!

    • Dregur

      Colts have no reason to trade up at this point.

  48. Ben - Fort Worth

    Bryce Young has canceled all remaining visits. I think Carolina has a deal already in place. So Young is officially off the board!

  49. Peter

    Culpepper? Vick? Newton?


    Or….just rewatched highlights of Richardson….

    He’s the bigger, stronger, faster NC state Russel Wilson.

    There. I said it.

    The less pretty but still wondrous to look at deep ball. The double jukes in the pocket to still get the ball out. Unlike Vick the running as a last option.

    Give me Richardson with the new qb coach if he’s at five.

    They’ve complained about late picks. The trade backs have been trash ( apologies to those that think the point of the draft is most picks win…it’s not) they’ve waxed philosophically about how good their system is. John and Mark Rodgers decided to poison each other’s wells when John wanted to trade in prime Wilson to dogs dinner Cleveland for Allen.

    Corner back? Really. Name me the one corner back who changed a team’s fortunes? Wrong answers only? I’ll wait….

    And before you thumb out Sherman or Ramsey or any other name stop and think how many other badasses those teams had on defense to get to the promised land.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Maybe I’ve missed it, but I haven’t heard anyone banging the drum for a CB at #5. I love Devin Witherspoon but he doesn’t even become a consideration at #5, since either a top-4 0QB or Will Anderson will be there by default.

      • Peter

        It’s not maybe you’ve missed it.

        You have (luckily) definitely missed it.

        Corbin smith/ and Rob rang have discussed it. About three other talking heads have said it.

        1. How do we know what Seattle would do with a top pick?
        2. Imagine two lock down corners.
        3. What if all the players you want at five are gone…pivot to bpa which could be witherspoon.

        It’s basically the five stages of grief to rationalize a cb at 5.

        • Ben

          It’s just talking to talk since Witherspoon visited. They essentially went through the only scenario it could possibly happen in their opinions.

          Can Witherspoon play slot? It seems his size and physicality fits well. Can’t say I’d mind. If we took a corner aside from Brents, I’d want a guy who could play slot and outside honestly. Woolen shuts down one side, and the other shuts down the best matchup.

          We’re all running out of things to say, but the late stage intrigue getting pulled by the media is entertaining. Truly can’t if they are pulling our legs or not. The fact Carolina seemingly has been all over the place deciding which QB does lend credence to teams being scared off but can these GMs really be that scared to take a risk??

          • Peter

            Witherspoon at #20?

            Get weird and Brents in the second round?

            I’m here for any of it.

            Corner at #5….. I’m not even into trading down but that’s where I’ll be at that point.

        • PJ in Seattle

          I’ve dabbled with that same scenario as a possibility as well here, but certainly not advocating for it.

          There is a slim but not zero chance that Witherspoon is the pick at #5. The only way it happens is that Will Anderson and 3 of the 4 QBs are gone, and the QB who’s left is not high on your board. My guess is they like all of these QBs for different reasons, but let’s just say there’s one that they’ve soured on and that’s the guy sitting there at #5.

          In that unlikely event, BPA could well be WItherspoon. A trade back would be the first option, but you have to have a couple of other players tiered with Witherspoon to do it, since there is a good chance he is gone when you go back on the clock. I think he’s almost a lock for Dan Campbell at #6.

          My uneducated guess is that we have Witherspoon and Bijan ranked very high on our board. Neither one you feel great about at #5, but there is one improbable scenario where you’re forced to look at them both at #5 unless you can trade back to a slot where you are fairly confident one or both will still be there.

          • geoff u

            “there’s legitimately four great prospects coming out at the quarterback spot.” -Pete

            There’s not excuse for not taking one of them.

            • PJ in Seattle

              Agreed – as much as I like Anderson, Witherspoon, and Bijan, I would personally take whichever QB was left standing if all were on the board at #5.

    • Troy

      He can flick the deep ball, pocket management is excellent, uses leverage to set up defenders, runs like a tailback and can explode out of tight places.

      It’s really the perfect situation for him in Seattle to develop to the pro game with Geno – who btw has publicly stated he’s cool with that and has aspirations to coach after playing.

      The Wilson comp is great too…

      • Peter

        The geno as mentor is one of the coolest things I’ve heard in a good old while in sports.

    • GrittyHawk

      Honestly AR already has better pocket presence than Wilson ever did lol. He actually attempts to maneuver within the pocket instead of immediately bailing out and running around the backfield like a headless chicken. I wonder how much of it is because his size and strength give him confidence knowing how much it takes to bring him down. Reminds me how pissed I used to get watching Roethlisberger just shrug off 300lb defensive linemen like they were toddlers.

      • Peter

        Honestly I think so as well.

        The comp is that Wilson was a big armed qb on a do nothing school who in a twist of fate and bad coaching went to Wisconsin and in one year at a pro system elevated from guy probably chasing a baseball career to third round pick and best qb from a loaded class.

      • Troy

        Big Ben is a great comp is well. Blender in Cam/Ben/Culpepper/Allen. Traits from all, and he’s so raw which is what JS said he loves to get a QB at. I believe it was quoted when he didn’t take Dalton.

      • cha

        Reminds me how pissed I used to get watching Roethlisberger just shrug off 300lb defensive linemen like they were toddlers.


        But also, remember how there was two or three years of raging about “Defenders sneeze on Tom Brady and get flagged while Cam Newton gets cheap-shotted every game and couldn’t get a flag to save his life”?

        Cam was too big and too fast for defenders to handle. Some defenders just couldn’t handle him legally. So they resorted to playing illegally – whether out of pure frustration or an intent that the only way to stop Cam was to take him out.

        Subjective cha statement: with the NFL finally catching up to seeing running QBs a bit and players like Lamar Jackson finally getting flags that players like Matt Stafford get, Anthony Richardson might well prove to be physically unstoppable in the NFL. Literally.

        You blitz him? He has the legs and the pocket presence to evade. The size to push through and/or stay on his feet.

        You flood coverage on him? He has the arm and developing touch and vision to put the ball in tight windows, and the speed and strength to get the first down when there are two tacklers three yards between him and the first down.

        You spy him? You just took your defense down to 10 guys and there’s still no guarantee the spy can do what he is supposed to.

        And if AR is having a bad day? Ken Walker (and Jahmyr Gibbs!!) to the rescue. The TE’s can be schemed open to move the sticks. DK and Lockett always have one or two plays in their bag to open the offense up.

        I know that’s a top-end projection. But is that a possibility you can imagine with another QB? Honestly?

        • MountainHawker

          To build on this…if we take Richardson we absolutely need to incorporate the Philly QB sneak into our offense. Short yardage situations will never be a problem again.

      • MountainHawker

        Allen is really good at that too. I’m in NY so I see a bunch of Bills games (actually went to the bills vikings game last year which was fun). He gets out of sacks he has no business getting out of. It’s impressive

    • BK26

      Here is the thing (and you touched on it): there is no excuse after this draft. Late picks, missing out on talent, quarterbacks eating the salary cap. Trade backs have been the biggest mistake roster-wise (in my honest opinion). You have used every excuse and here is your chance. If you don’t win with Geno (and they aren’t going to, and by his contract, they don’t really see that happening), then not taking a quarterback here will be how the legacy ends.

      Here is the perfect reset for everything: talent, release of financial burden, a future plan, all of it. You don’t get this right, it is 100% a failure and will be the end of this regime.

      • Peter

        I agree with all this.

      • Brodie

        Trading down isn’t the problem. It’s the bad picks, which is what trading down is meant to mitigate.

        #5 is a different story. Never been here – stick and pick.

        For #20+, a lot of the trades would have been fine/great if they’d have drafted better.
        Trading down in 2018 would have been great if they went with Chubb instead of Penny and added another pick. Trading down in 2017 was clearly a mistake, but at least they got Carson out of the debacle.
        2016 could have worked out if they passed on Ifedi for Chris Jones and added Matthew Judon with the extra pick.

        To me, the problem up until last year was who the hell they were picking. Even here on a site dedicated to Seahawks and the draft, we were scratching our heads. Jordan Brooks? Where the hell did that come from? Ethan Pocic – Huh? Rashaad Penny – Are you kidding me?

        I don’t mind the trade-downs a bit, if they don’t love the options. At #20 it seems like a great spot to slide back, get a good player still and add a day 2 pick. Just don’t stick to whatever methodology they used last year, instead of out-thinking the room.

        • Brodie

          *Do stick to last year’s approach

        • Peter

          I’d agree but you kind of spelled it our here.

          I don’t care if they trade down.

          However they themselves have sucked at it.

          You have ten picks. Five in the top 90. If you can’t make strides with last year’s draft with this kind of stock…..maybe you shouldn’t be team building.

          • Brodie

            All of those crap drafts have left the roster pretty bare though. If we take Anderson at #5, then sticking at #20 seems more likely. If they take a QB, I can see them wanting to add a bit more stock.

            OG, C, DE, NT, OLB, WR, TE, RB… That’s 8 positions right there. I think they’ll look at safety, maybe ILB & CB too. We probably also want to double down on DL and RB. That’s 13.

            Not going to address everything this year, but if a trade down gets them Benton and Ojulari instead of Will McDonald or Downs and Pickens instead of JSN you might be a step closer than w/o.

            • BK26

              My take is trading down FOR THEM hasn’t worked. I think it has aligned with thinking that they know what they are doing, can hit on any pick, are just better at scouting than everyone else, and that has been the problem. They felt invincible.

              And then each trade back has been a failure. 2017 is still hurting them from the talent that they botched. I do feel slightly better if it happened at 20 after how last year’s draft goes. One thing John is great at is having an idea on a range that someone will go.

              If they trade down at 5, there goes all of my faith in them. That is stupid. That is the nail in their coffin. They have complained about the lack of talent so they pass on that talent?

            • Hawkster

              Dont forget safety, not that they haven’t invested in safety or anything.

        • Hawkcrazy

          100% agree with this Brodie. Trding down hasn’t been the problem it is the picks they have made with the trade down.

          Tading down at 5 though is different. I want them to stick and pick a stud. I really want a quarterback of the future especially AR but if all 4 are gone Anderson is a very good consolation prize. I still would not be unhappy to trade up from 5 if John felt a qb was worth it. A trade down to lose the prize just seems deflating at this spot.

  50. Dahveed

    I just think fans and pundits are underestimating Levis in this draft . I would not be surprised to see him go to Houston or Colts.

  51. Brennan

    Remember, also, this time of year if a GM’s mouth is moving he is lying. 😉

    Lots of posturing, leaking both accurate and lies to the press this time of year. Everyone has an agenda.

  52. Dahveed

    My thinking is also Stroud may be allergic to Houston
    Levis would be a perfect fit there
    Colts would have to choose between AR or Stroud and am thinking they go AR
    seahawks starring at Stroud at 5

  53. samprassultanofswat

    Here is a thought. My guess is that the Lions are all in on Witherspoon. Witherspoon hits like a linebacker. Definitely a Dave Campbell cornerback. The Lions do have a need at Cornerback. Would the Lions consider moving up one spot to guarantee taking Witherspoon?

  54. Blitzy the Clown

    I need some help understanding this.

    What is Devon Witherspoon?

    Is he a shut down corner? No

    Is he a ball hawk? No. 5 INTs in 4 years does not a ball hawk make.

    Is he an elite athlete? No.

    Is he a monster (size wise)? No.

    So what is he? He’s a hitter. That’s pretty much it.

    Here’s the part I need help with:

    I’m supposed to believe that John Schneider and Pete Carroll are going to use the highest draft pick they’ve ever had on…checks notes…a hard hitter. Not a great athlete. Not a big guy. Not a shut down corner. Not a ball hawk. But a hitter.

    Do I have that correctly?

    They’re gonna bypass the remainder of Will Anderson/Anthony Richardson/CJ Stroud/Will Levis/Bryce Young, for a hard hitting little CB?

    Honestly, next Thursday cannot arrive soon enough.

    • BK26

      I don’t know if it’s the fact that it has always taken this long and I am paying attention more, or the giant magnitude of this draft, but you are right. Let’s get to next Thursday and get it over with. There are 3 different takes every day for the Seahawks and it’s just gotten old.

      • Peter

        It’s the multiple picks and the one being so high. At least for me. If this was 20 and 52 I’d be just a tiny bit less tuned in.

        It might also be how we arrived here.

        Had geno gone vegas chalk at 5.5 wins there’d be no Carter needs a baby sitter. Maybe a short, short armed corner at five. How bout we force a team to give us multiple firsts and seconds for pick five.

        Instead we’re in one of weirdest spots for one if the weirdest franchises to ever find itself in.

    • cha

      Said it before, I’ll say it again.

      You only take a corner that high if he’s the nailed-on next Jalen Ramsey or Darrelle Revis.

      Especially with Seattle’s history of mining the later rounds for corners.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Also, Hard hitting has been regulated to nearly gone in the NFL. Even when Kam was Bamming players he was often being flagged. Worth it at the time, but that style defense is a dinasaur. Gone and not coming back. Better to be passing over the middle than destroying receivers over the middle.

        • Peter

          Dear poster-

          I have completed felt this for the whole time witherspoon has been talked about.

          The days of Kam taking Vernon davis’ soul on a legal hit are pretty well over.

          • cha

            The Niner game hit? He got flagged for it.

            • Peter


              And it was completely legal. Shoulder to chest.

              • Brennan

                To be honest……”stealing another person’s soul” is a flaggable offense. 😁

                • Robbie

                  hahahahaha I enjoyed this comment LOL

              • Hawkster

                The flag was more a show of courtesy, that sort of soul taking requires some sort of ceremony and a flag is all they had.

        • Brodie

          Good point. You rock a guy and you’re almost certainly getting a flag, just because it looks brutal. The all-encompassing “unnecessary roughness” penalty for those hits that bring people out of their seats is commonplace now.

    • Malanch

      I hear thee, BtC.

      So the Hawks eschew 13 years of effective corner drafting by turning down a QBotF for a 180-pound mighty mite with 31-inch arms—and celebrate it in unprecedented fashion at a Space Needle draft party…to a chorus of muted trombones going wah-wah-wah-waaaaah.

      The 2023 draft is indeed drunk.

    • Brodie

      Some Seahawk podcast yesterday had the host walking through what a draft with Witherspoon would look like. He ended up taking Darius Rush (CB) at #83 too, because he’s so ‘far and away the best player available’. Then the plan was to move Witherspoon to the slot.

      Friggin brilliant use of resources there buddy. So glad we have these guys to guide the laymen through how the Hawks might approach the draft, so that they can be indignant and spam message boards with their outrage if we ‘pass’ on Witherspoon for a QB.

      T-minus 9 days my friends.

    • cha

      I know it’s not apples to apples.

      But I cannot shake the thought that the Seahawks already have Witherspoon on the roster in Tre Brown.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I wonder if they had Tre watch the video of their interview with Devon

    • Hawkcrazy

      Love your takes Blitzy. The comment section of this blog is similar to the blog itself… just so much better than anywhere else.

      • Blitzy the Clown


    • Henry Taylor

      I think Witherspoon is a fantastic cover corner.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Blitzy: Did I say the Seahawks would take Witherspoon. No don’t you have it correctly. Seattle would trade down spot. Guaranteeing the lions would take Witherspoon.

      Below is a scouting report on Witherspoon.
      Devon Witherspoon Scouting Report

      Illinois DBs coach Aaron Henry is a big fan of Witherspoon’s game:
      “He understands what route combinations are occurring. He understands wide receiver splits. The young man is brilliantly intelligent. He’s very, very, very smart. He can tell you what formations, what routes they like, and when they like to run them. He’s that intelligent.”

      That’s high praise from a coach who’s been with Witherspoon for the better part of his career, and yet it only scratches the surface of what makes Witherspoon one of the top cornerbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft class.

      Where Witherspoon Wins
      Aggressive. Physical. Confident. If you watch Witherspoon play, and those aren’t the first words that come to mind, we’re watching different players. Like Sauce Gardner from the 2022 class, Witherspoon has the utmost belief in his ability to shut down the man across from him. What he lacks in size, he doubles with sheer effort and will. He sets the tone in the secondary with energetic and violent plays, both with the ball in the air and on the ground.

      Seriously, you won’t see any other corner lay the wood with as much vigor and furiosity as Witherspoon. But he isn’t just throwing his body into hits aimlessly — he understands leverage and angles, using the proper path and technique into every attempt.

      Against the run, Witherspoon disengages quickly from outside blockers and crashes down to support the front seven. Many times, the Illinois CB made the solo stop, even behind the line of scrimmage on runs toward the edge.

      Now that we got Witherspoon’s elite run defense out of the way, let’s dive into what makes him my CB1. Yes, that’s right. I’d take Witherspoon over the likes of Deonte Banks, Joey Porter Jr., Christian Gonzalez, and any other corner you prefer.

      The Illinois CB’s coverage ability simply supersedes that of his peers. The Fighting Illini ran man coverage on roughly 75% of their snaps — by far the highest rate in the nation. The result? 12.3 points (first) and 263.8 yards (second) allowed per game — top-two marks across all 131 FBS programs.

      But that’s the overall defense; how about the coverage unit? Eight touchdowns allowed (tied fewest), 22 interceptions (most), 49.5% completion rate (first), and 5.4 yards per pass attempt (fewest).

    • Chris

      And he’s not the biggest guy either. It worries me when these lighter CBs and Safeties are big hitters. They inevitably end up getting injured.

      • bmseattle

        Like Marquis Blair?
        He was a “big hitter” in college who was perpetually injured in the pros.

  55. KennyBadger

    Exhibit #1,000,524 of the absurd predraft talk- Cowherd just talked about how Carter is just a 23 year old kid who has made dumb mistakes like others his age. 30 seconds later- I’m not real sure about Will Levis because of bathroom selfies.

    I think Match Game reruns on Gameshow Network are a good daytime option for me for the next 8 days.

    • Malanch

      “…just a kid…”

      Right?! Aaarrgghh! That trope has got to be retired, posthaste. And while we’re at it, let’s also get rid of the tired old, ‘Oh, so you were perfect at that age?’ and its close relative, ‘Look, I made mistakes at that age, too.’

      This “kid” business is a contagion sweeping across the whole of the sports media landscape, and I hear it filtering into real life discourse, as well. Not good. Words matter. They can obfuscate, deceive, and imperil when misused, and the leading reason for labeling a biological adult a “kid” is to excuse away bad conduct. This has the effect of normalizing tolerance for the intolerable and breeding a culture of unaccountability. Man, I could just imagine George Carlin going OFF on this!

      …And since when did the middle-ager decide he’s earned septuagenarian status, anyway? I mean, if Pete Carroll wants to call a grown-ass man a ‘kid’, fine—his face is a topographic map of the Pacific Ocean, so he’s earned the right—but it doesn’t change reality.

      By the way, when I was Jalen Carter’s age, I was already several years into a military career, where accountability was the name of the game. Yeah, I was immature, but I was an adult, and the fact that I had no choice in the matter was part of the reason for this. I knew a couple people who got Article 15’d and one who got court-martialed during my time in, and—shockingly!—none of the accused bothered to open with the “But I’m just a kid” gambit. Craziness!

    • KitsapHawk

      Dumb Donald is so dumb…

      He’s so dumb, that he thought the NFL Draft was about ___________.

  56. Schadyhawk001

    “Agent David Mulugheta will be representing C. J. Stroud, a popular and promising 2023 NFL draft prospect. Also a lawyer, Mulugheta is also representing 42 other NFL players, including Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.”

    Speculation that Houston may not want to deal with Mulugheta as Watson’s lawyer, haven’t heard of a players agent being a reason for passing on a prospect but it’s an interesting wrinkle to the puzzle none the less

    • Glor

      Not relevant until year 6, rookie contracts are what they are.

  57. Troy

    this has some plausibility to it, especially with the Indy/Houston swap


    • geoff u

      Hard to see Houston trading with a division rival, though. Tennessee, Houston, Indy, I’m skeptical of any trades involving these teams with each other.

    • Schadyhawk001

      His mock had me interested at first until he had Levis falling out of the top 10 only to have the Titans pick Hooker right before him which I don’t see happening at all. The Levis criticisms and the Hooker pumping up are baffling to me but we will see come draft night

  58. no frickin clue

    If Pete has any sense of humor at all, his first draft clue is a movie clip involving Will Smith. We’ve got:

    – Will Levis
    – Will Anderson
    – Will McDonald


    • cha


      Adetomiwa Adebawore
      Felix Anudike-Uzomah
      Israel Abanikanda

      That is known as the John Clayton Trifecta.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Please to be opining Gross Ma Toast


    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      Have Will Ferrell at the podium reading the pick

    • BK26

      Where there is a Will….there is a way……………

      Nvm, I had to double check. There is no Will Way in this draft class.

  59. D

    did we have this one noted already?

    Ian Rapoport
    #Illinois CB Quan Martin is on a Top 30 visit with the #Commanders today, source said. That makes 10 total: #Titans, #Saints, #Giants, #Colts, #Seahawks, #Packers, #Bills, #Lions and #Bucs.

    • Brodie

      He’s on there – see Jartavius (goes by Quan) Martin

      • D

        ah yeah i see him now. missed him as i was skimming for cbs not s

  60. Troy

    Matt Waldman with a well explained breakdown of QB class, and Waldman has nailed most of the busts vs all pros over the last decade. Some that flew in the face of the masses


    • Patrick Toler

      Lots of great insight about projecting quarterbacks from Waldman in this video. I like what he has to say about Stroud’s strong fundamentals and mechanics helping him make the transition. My takeaway from his Richardson comments is that he believes that what gives Richardson the upside isn’t just his size and athleticism, but how well he is (already) integrating NFL skills into his game. I totally agree with this.

      • KitsapHawk

        I don’t know how you listen to that video (or the podcast) and don’t come away convinced Richardson is the right choice.

  61. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    What’s their bet? They both said there would be 2 QB’s in first 4 picks.

    • geoff u

      Todd clarifies at the end. Todd’s betting that the 2nd QB will be taken at #4. Dan is betting the 2nd QB will be taken earlier, at #2 or 3.

  62. Palatypus

    Is it me or does it seem like Adan Schefter has more inside sources than the people on the NFL Nertwork?

    Some of the the things you hear on the NFL this year, just like last year, you just know are wrong.

    • cha

      He was on NFL Network for years.

      I don’t remember exactly the circumstances but I recall ESPN snapped him up the minute he was a free agent.

    • God of Thunder

      Yes Platypus. Exactly this.

      My take is most pundits and prognosticators are also torn between 1) trying to right/correct in their mocks and draft assessments but 2) are also interested in clicks. Hence they often have outrageous takes.

      A lot of times they’re lazy, too, or have “tunnel vision”: Chad Reuter of all the draft mavens bugs me the most. He bugs me the way Daniel Jeremiah bugs our blog host Rob.

      Reuter mocks players to us that don’t fit what we need, or BPA, or Pete’s and John’s tendencies or even our SCHEME! But he’s not even mocking to generate hate clicks. He just needs to slot a good player into the top ten or twenty.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The mock everyone remembers is the final mock before draft. Writers are allowed to play around before that to keep interest high and explore various rumors.

        I can’t believe that we may have started at what happens if 4 quarterbacks are gone to what happens if two quarterbacks are still available? Unbelievable shift in opinions.

  63. Schadyhawk001

    Can we petition to bring back Mike Mayock? Mainstream media draft analysis hasn’t been the same since he’s been gone

    • God of Thunder

      Yeah I always enjoyed his insights.

      • Schadyhawk001

        Speaking of pundits, I’ve never been a huge Brock Huard guy but I’ve found him unbearable as of late when he speaks about the NFL draft, not sure if he’s been like this for awhile but takes like these drive me nuts:

        “Five and 37 for Will Anderson? Not even a question mark. Five and 20 for Will Anderson? To me, not a question mark.”

        • Wilson502

          Huard has gone full smooth brain like the rest of the local media talking heads and media in general. His takes have been hot trash this yr.

        • Mr Drucker in hooterville

          I just got done listening to the Brock/Salk podcast and ran to my computer to vent. And I see this entry. Oh my gosh: highlights of a conversation today.

          SALK:L If Stroud goes # 1, then trade 5 and 20 to houston for Young because he is the only player worth trading for in the draft. (Brock told him Young’s going #1 so the exercise was moot, but still)

          If Seahawks take AR at 5 (Salk likes it, Brock doesn’) then Salk observes there are NO defenders that are any good at #20 so it’s a bad idea. It HAS to be Anderson, Wilson, or Carter for that reason. If Seattle doesn’t then they’ve ignored the defense. They seem unaware of Ade Ade, Will McDonald, Mazi Smith or that there’s good talent available further down.

          Will Levis is dropping and there’s NOT A CHANCE that he is in top 6 picks. Seattle’s going to get stuck with terrible options: better take Carter or trade down….

          BROCK: If Schrager is right and it’s AR at 5, Van Ness at 20 then NO WAY. Two developmental players is a terrible idea for Round 1. Again, not cognizant of the whole reason for taking AR is because Seattle has the luxury of being able to red shirt him. His upside is #5 worthy. He’s right about Van Ness but also thinks there’s no good talent on defense for #20 if Carter and Anderson are gone.

          Brock can’t get past the thought of drafting Richardson at 5. He also believes Young is the only sure-fire QB in the draft. He may be right, but the gap between Young and the others is very wide in his book.

          I can’t wait for Indy to take Levis and Seattle to take AR.

          • TomLPDX

            And why, all of a sudden, is Stroud in everyone’s doghouse? I saw a pro-level QB play against UGA and was smitten right then and there.

            In Brock’s defense…I like to listen to him call college games but that’s about it.

          • Schadyhawk001

            I’ve been on the Levis bandwagon for awhile and watching the Seahawks media and fans burn itself to the ground if he were to make it to that pick and get selected would be glorious (for a while before it got old) but I unfortunately don’t see quite the outrage for the AR pick but would still be hilarious to see the reaction of someone like Brock

            • Wilson502

              I for one would thoroughly enjoy watching the smooth brains meltdown if a QB is taken.

    • Sean

      Where has Tony Pauline been this year? Off the grid?

    • Hawkcrazy

      This is the year I miss Jon Gruden and his QB analysis.

  64. Rob4q

    Some form of this trade keeps popping up on the PFN sim for me…I kind of like it if we draft a TE to replace Fant. But I also think they like Fant and want to keep him around.

    NO Received:

    Pick 20
    Pick 154
    TE N.Fant

    SEA Received:

    Pick 29
    Pick 71
    OC C.Ruiz
    2024 PHI 6th

    • Rob4q

      Then it comes down to who to take at 29 – Ade Ade, Will McDonald or Keion White!

      • Rob4q

        Here’s the final result, I think I like it!

        5. C.J. Stroud, QB Ohio State
        29. Keion White, EDGE Georgia Tech
        52. Jonathan Mingo, WR Ole Miss
        58. Keeanu Benton, DT Wisconsin
        71. JL Skinner, S Boise State
        83. Sam LaPorta, TE Iowa
        123. Kendre Miller, RB TCU
        151. Anthony Bradford, OG LSU
        198. Ventrell Miller, LB Florida
        237. Brodric Martin, DT Western Kentucky

        2024 LAC 3rd
        2024 DAL 3rd
        OC C.Ruiz
        2024 PHI 6th
        LB K.Murray

    • Spectator

      I like Fant, but give me that trade everyday.

  65. cha

    Real Sports
    Tonight on #RealSports, NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus on his controversial top draft pick, University of Georgia star Jalen Carter. Stream it on @hbomax.

    Anyone care to donate their time to watch this and report back?

    I’ll be watching the first ever Kraken playoff game tonight.

    • Big Mike

      Nope. I got a Mariners game with a recess to watch Jeopardy for a half hour.

  66. Trevor

    Josh Downs does not have even one top 30 visit. What does that mean? Is he that clean a prospect or is there a lack of interest?

    • Murphy

      Clean prospect. Teams know exactly what they are getting.

  67. clbradley17

    2 more according to Aaron Wilson – Zacch Pickens & Ronnie Bell

    Aaron Wilson
    South Carolina
    defensive tackle Zacch Pickens visiting #Seahawks this week, per a league source

    Aaron Wilson
    wide receiver Ronnie Bell visits #Patriots #Lions #Chiefs, worked out for #Patriots #Lions #49ers #Saints, plus campus lunch at Pro Day with #Patriots, dinner with #Saints before Pro Day, and #49ers #Seahawks meetings

    • Hawk Finn

      I like Ronnie Bell. I think he’s gritty.

  68. TatupuTime

    The national mock drafts just keep getting worse for Seattle. Kiper/McShay had this haul for Seattle in a 3 round mock:

    5: Jalen Carter
    20: Nolan Smith
    37: Hendon Hooker
    52: Jayden Reed (WR)
    83: Garrett Williams (CB)

    I’m not thrilled but OK with Nolan Smith and Jayden Reed. The rest is not nice. Where does that Garrett Williams pick come from!

    • TatupuTime

      It doesn’t really bother me when mock drafts don’t match players well to what the Seahawks look for or need. But even just from a talent/BPA perspective that’s a rough haul out of five top-85 picks.

    • Brodie


      He did have a top 30 visit.

      • Brodie

        Correction – meeting

        • Peter

          Forget Carter.

          Nolan Smith is the pick. Great great athlete. Team leader. Not sure what he is in the pro game but I think PC will be all about drafting him.

          • Brodie

            The link is for Garrett Williams, who he asked about.

            • Peter

              I’m still standing by what I said😀

    • Big Mike

      Doubtful to me that Hooker lasts that long. Latest imo will be end of round 1 to get 5th year.

      • Big Mike

        If I can figure that out, why do they have him at 37? He has enough physical traits for some team to do the Lamar and trade into round 1 to grab him.

  69. Rushless pass

    Allen Robinson to Steelers for a swap of 7th rounder’s from rams

    • PJ in Seattle

      You forgot to mention the bag of Doritos. Party-size.

  70. QAgrizzly

    If Seattle is not sold on QB and Anderson and Wilson are gone if that in fact is their short list, then a trade down scenario has to come into play, Kancey at 10 to 15 and a second for example.

    • Ben - Fort Worth

      If Houston and Arizon can’t trade down, what makes you think Seattle can? Guess again! They are sticking and picking.

  71. Troy

    M&M HYPE TRAIN – Mocks and Media.

    The NFL is the #1 pro sport in North America and it’s not even close…..how can it be when draft coverage is 24/7 for about 4 weeks. The network #’s for the 1st round will likely be more than any NBA/NHL finals game.

    I encourage re-reading some of Rob’s posts from the last few weeks that bring a lens to this process and some of the breaking rumour mills some perspective on check the source.

    All that said, let’s get us some Anthony Richardson shares !!

    • Romeo A57

      I am really worried about those of us who bought early (literally) into AR being the first overall selection. It seems like a lock that Young is getting selected by Carolina and the AR long-shot isn’t coming in.

      I was really hoping to call-out rich from going to work on April 28th 😀

      • PJ in Seattle

        The only thing worse than AR not being taken #1, would be AR not being taken #1 and not ending up a Seahawk.

  72. Hoggs41

    The more chatter we hear the more I think it could go like this.

    1. Panthers…Young
    2. Texans…Anderson
    3. Raiders…Stroud
    4. Colts.. Levis
    5. Seahawks…Richardson
    6. Lions…Carter/Witherspoon
    7. Cardinals…Wilson
    8. Falcons…Witherspoon/Gonzalez
    9. Bears…OT
    10. Eagles…Carter/???

    • Allen M.

      I could definitely see something like this but Raiders have Jimmy G for a guy like Richardson to learn behind. Big splash in Vegas, etc. That said, despite AR my choice for us, Stroud would also be a great QBOTF prospect. Just not the same dual threat I want for Seattle. Who knows, maybe Stroud fits Raiders better and we end up winning in the end.

  73. Big Mike

    Numbers better than a World Series game too? If not I’ll bet it’s close. For a draft! The NFL is the 2 ton elephant in the room of American sports. Question for folks that don’t live here (Rob, et.al.), dies soccer dominate other country’s sports landscape like the NFL does ours?

    • CD

      Lived there for 7 years. Football (UK style) is probably more followed than the NFL, and people who follow it resemble SEC college fans in terms of loyalty and passion.

  74. All I see is 12s

    Here me out.
    More and more reports about AR viewed as a developmental player and teams unwilling to use a valuable asset to draft him and not help the team in the immediate. If this is true, tell me
    What you think of this scenario. (Don’t kill me for the Carter pick- the logic is that they are willing to
    roll the dice with no comparable talent available.)
    Car- BY
    Houston- Anderson
    ATL- trade up for Stroud
    Ind- WL
    Sea- JC
    DET- Witherspoon
    AZ- p Johnson
    Sea- AR
    Phi- Bikram
    In this scenario Sea trades their 2024 #1 pick to chi therebye getting in front of TEN, DET , Was, TB etc and still retains their current stock.

    • cha

      I would never do this.

      Take AR at 5. You know you’re developing him. Don’t overthink it.

      If Carter starts slipping and you decide you really must have him, see what it takes at #14-17 to move up from 20.

      • All I see is 12s

        I hear you and agree with you. Just speculating.
        This scenario is if Sea feels that no team in the top ten is willing to burn the pick to develop. This way Seattle gets both IF indeed they think they can develop carter

        • PJ in Seattle

          They have a much better chance of developing Richardson than they do developing Carter. Just my opinion.

          • All I see is 12s

            I agree. I want Richardson at pick five. The point of my post is what if Carter’s talent is too much for them to bypass. This is just a possibility of how they could have the best of both worlds. Interesting discussion.

    • geoff u

      Trades their 2024 #1 and what? Nobody would trade the #9 pick straight up for a 1st in 2024. You would need 3 firsts in 2024 to equal the value of #9.

      • geoff u

        Or you mean #20 + 2024 1st? That might do it. However, it’s a risk. Detroit and Las Vegas could also use a QB, and with Goff and Garoppolo are in the same situation as us where they can let Alex Smith it and let AR sit a year or two. Very risky.

      • All I see is 12s

        I don’t think it would take that much, but that’s besides the point. My point is that perhaps
        many of these teams don’t view as a luxury they can afford with a top 10 pick. If the Hawks take Carter in an attempt to help them in the immediate, perhaps AR slides & the trade up would be a possibility.

        • All I see is 12s

          And yes, of course I meant 20+ the 2024 number one pick sorry I wasn’t more clear on that.

  75. All I see is 12s

    I hear you and agree with you. Just speculating.
    This scenario is if Sea feels that no team in the top ten is willing to burn the pick to develop. This way Seattle gets both IF indeed they think they can develop carter

    • Patrick Toler

      Pete has repeatedly praised John this offseason for doing a good job of understanding what other teams do in the draft. Not sure if that is Pete just being positive or if that is something that John is particularly good at. If they really believe that there is a QB (other than Young, who appears locked to go number 1) who they can develop into a star, how confident are they that he will be there at 5? Because if you think one of Stroud/Richardson/Levis is a much better prospect than the other two you need to make sure that you get them. I agree that it makes no sense to trade down if you love a QB. The question is if you trade up.

    • PJ in Seattle

      The problem is that it’s not just the top 10 teams that you have to worry about. If Richardson is falling, the price is going to be very steep to move up to get him, because you are likely bidding against the Titan, Commanders, Bucs, etc who will liekly be doing their best to move up for him.

  76. All I see is 12s

    This is true. It actually might make Seattle a more preferred trade partner, as to move up 10 or 11 spots they would have to offer more.

  77. PJ in Seattle

    The Jalen Carter or bust train is sure gathering steam around town. I talk to a lot of more casual fans and when I suggest that a QB is the way to go, or Will Anderson if those 4 are gone, people say I’m nuts. I had one person tell me that Jalen Carter is the only person in this draft worth moving up to get.

    I blame 710.

    • Palatypus

      You blame 710.

      I blame 420.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I will blame 710 and blaze 420. It’s the only way I’m going to make it through the next 9 days without wanting to fist fight many of my fellow 12’s.

        • Wilson502

          Blame KJR too, they have been just as flaming tire fire with their takes as 710. Its all Seattle related media and “content creators” really.

    • Dregur

      If you dare criticize, you get a lot of trash coming back too.

      • PJ in Seattle

        It’s been coming in crazy hot. “A QB??? Our D is the problem. Jalen Carter is the best D Lineman in years. Thank god you’re not the GM.”

        • Wilson502

          This is why I only stick to SDB for Seahawks related coverage, everything else is just low IQ smooth brain trash to drive clicks and views.

    • cha

      Try not to get too upset about it.

      Likely these are the same people questioning why draft a QB when they just signed this awesome Aaron Rodgers backup from Green Bay. Or why draft a RB when Rashaad Penny just ran for 200 yards a game the last 4 games of the year.

      This is what works for me: If they’re someone I come into frequent contact with, and they want to argue or debate Seahawks, I tell them “there are some very interesting discussions happening on SDB. Go over there and check it out. You might be surprised how logically things are presented there.” and then leave them be.

      If they’re truly interested in having a real convo, they’ll at least glance at the site. If they come back at you with more nonsense after having done that, you can proceed accordingly.

      • Wilson502

        Thing is though, when you present it like that, they just give u some low IQ smooth brain response like, “Oh that Rob Staton guy is a hater!” “I won’t waste my time reading something that doesnt already conform to my garbage opinion”. Thats how it is for this fanbase unfortunately, I dont think theres another fanbase that has so many low IQ fans as this one.

        • cha

          Then you’ve got your answer. Why engage then?

          • Wilson502

            I usually don’t, thats why I stick to this site and Rob’s YT channel for Seahawks related news, I dont bother with other garbage media and “content creators” because its all the same flaming dumpster fire nonsense.

  78. LetArichCook

    Going to be interesting to see how the scuttlebutt evolves over the nest week. Feels like just yesterday that the hawks were taking selfies with QBs. Now we are talking about taking Devon Witherspoon. Right or wrong I am going to believe the seahawks will do the logical thing and take a QBOTF

    • Allen M.

      Let’s hope.

  79. Thomas

    I’m starting to think Houston just wants to tempt Indy or Seattle to trade up for low compensation. Houston could still get a QB.

  80. cha

    Bucky Brooks
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. Based on some of mind-blowing conversations that I’m having about the 2023 class, the draft is gonna be absolutely bananas 🍌
    BTW, you might want to throw away those Mocks you’re working on.. 🗑 #NFLDraft

    Of course your mind is going to be blown. When people mock players in the top 10 one week and then don’t even have them going in the first round in the next, and then readers read that and have no concept of object permanence or to question why in the world a player dropped 30 spots without any explanation, their minds are going to be blown.

    Go home 2023 mock drafts, you’re drunk.

  81. Hughz

    Just heard on the radio that Levis is the odds on favorite to be the second qb taken. Apparently a bunch of money started rolling in on Levis so the odds had to be adjusted.

  82. ElPasoHawk

    Playing with the mock draft sims, one thing is clear. There are going to be a lot of quality 3-4 lineman available through the third and into the fourth round. This gives the hawks the luxury of picking a QB at 5, and BPA at 20. Reaching for need at 5 would be a bigggg mistake.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Totally agree – the likes of Pickens, Benton, Ika, Roy, Hall, etc. will all be there for the plucking day 2-3. You take diamonds in the first round – worry about how to set them in your ring later.

  83. Peter

    Folks I’ve officially getting worried this draft might be a botch.

    Listening to smith/rang and I got the spidey sense tingling that they aren’t trading back because of cost.

    But rather the folks at the helm have zero money and are going into the draft with only 52 players.

    I know there’s a lot of talk about Pete-or- John.

    But somebody created this mess.

    • seahawkward

      Please explain. You’re saying that ownership isn’t willing to spend?

      • Dregur

        They literally just gave their biggest FA signing in years.

  84. Peter

    Two safeties.

    Two lbs.

    Like 3.5 dlinemen.

    Two rbs.

    Two starting wr’s.


  85. clbradley17

    Another top 30 visit – B.J. Ojulari

    Aaron Wilson
    pass rusher B.J. Ojulari visited #Seahawks today, has visited #Jets, #Texans #Buccaneers #Panthers #Eagles

    • Brodie

      I like it. He’s a decent pivot for Will McDonald IMO.

  86. One Bad Mata'afa

    Jalen Hurts new contract should only serve as further reason for the Hawks to swoop on that rookie QB contract action

  87. seahawkward

    Some on here need to fight against too dogmatic of group think. I too would like a qb. But it’s far from a likelihood. Honestly, ii think it’d doubtful. Almost every single local media member with any level of ties with the team is convinced it’s going to be defense. Not that they know anything. But there’s absolutely zero reason to convince ourselves the opposite. Nothing other than the opinions on this site. Just cautioning folks. Cuz it’s looking like this place will he absolite meltdown if/when the team goes defense. Maybe prepare ourselves for more than one outcome. Will save people a lot or angst and rage.

    • Rob Staton

      Almost every single local media member with any level of ties with the team is convinced it’s going to be defense.

      And last time I checked, they don’t have access to Seattle’s draft room

      Everything is opinion and guesswork at this point

      Nothing other than the opinions on this site. Just cautioning folks. Cuz it’s looking like this place will he absolite meltdown if/when the team goes defense.

      I don’t think the people ‘on here’ need you to tell them how to think or act.

      People can do what they want. If some want to rage, they can do.

    • Sea Mode

      Cuz it’s looking like this place will he absolite meltdown if/when the team goes defense.

      Nah. The meltdown would be happening on Twitter if they take a QB, or anyone except Jalen Carter basically, whom many have somehow decided is
      a slam dunk superstar and the only way Seattle can improve it’s defense in this draft. Never mind he’ll only play some 30% of snaps and be gassed, not to mention possible legal and motivational issues.

      Do I prefer they take a QB? Sure. Will I meltdown if they don’t? Maybe. But I feel Rob has prepared us for QB or defense and he will talk us through it afterwards either way. Many of his mocks and articles have already discussed in depth why they might go defense, so I feel it’s kind of unfair to suggest we haven’t prepared for more than one outcome.

      • seahawkward

        Congrats on having a measured take. But maybe read some of the multiple people on here threatening to quit being a Seahawks fan until Pete and John leave if they don’t take a qb at 5.

  88. clbradley17


    5 min. version of Mike Florio on Rich Eisen’s show following up on Schefter’s lead, in that the Panthers will take Young at 1, then probably 2 D players Anderson and Wilson.

    Then he goes on to say that Carter not only won’t get out of the top ten, but stay in the top 5. He says the betting markets have the Seahawks taking Carter at 5, and the draft is just a formality.

    Full interview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoTfARN95v0&t=379s

  89. Allen M.

    I like to think about how much SF 49ers, with as stacked as their team was at the time (and still is), how much of a massive haul they gave up for Trey Lance, who to them was their dual threat, amazing young QB prospect. Anthony Richardson is much better. We are already at 5. Move or stay but ensure you get Richardson. We won’t be picking here a time soon. Plus, it would stamp a surefire win on the Russell Wilson trade. Emphatically.

  90. Ukhawk

    If this was Carter on-field in a big game , I might be swayed to consider him


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