Wednesday notes: Bruce returns & Clowney hangs on

The latest on Jadeveon Clowney

If you ever wondered about the impact of one tweet, look no further than this by Mike Garofolo. After a week of the local media saying it was becoming increasingly unlikely Clowney would remain in Seattle and then reacting to every big free agent signing with an enormous ‘ot-ow’ — suddenly the penny dropped.

His market is cold.

This is why it’s always best to let a situation play out. For all the speculation about interest from the Giants and others and for all the talk of re-setting the market, mega-deals and the impact of contracts elsewhere — nobody is biting.

It’s so bad even his agent is seemingly contacting Ian Rapoport to tell him to mention on the TV that he’s fully healthy and working out in Houston.

Clowney will now be reflecting on the situation and will probably do one of two things. Either he’ll wait this out and bet on himself whenever players are permitted to visit teams and conduct a medical. This isn’t necessarily going to make any difference because most teams have spent a lot of their available cap room. He reportedly wants $20m. It’s pretty clear that kind of money isn’t there.

Or, on the other hand, he’ll take Seattle’s offer.

The Rapoport tweet suggests he’s still holding out hope that someone will pony up.

From the Seahawks perspective, you wonder if they’ll try and move the needle with a ‘final offer’ to get this done. A marginal sweetening.

Either way they could do with sealing this. As things stand Seattle’s pass rush remains inadequate. Even retaining Clowney will only preserve the 2019 status quo. It’s time to start making some significant moves, beginning with Clowney.

Bruce Irvin returns

This will be very popular among fans. Bruce is incredibly likeable. There’s always been a connection between the fanbase and the player — even though he’s now spent more time away from Seattle than the four years he had to start his pro career. He had 8.5 sacks last season — a career high.

He also turns 33 this year.

As part of a rotation, this is a perfectly good addition. The problem is — the rotational cog has signed before the key components. Instead of this being the cherry on the top — the cake hasn’t even come out of the oven.

The difference between Seattle’s bottom-five pass rush last year and a big improvement in 2020 is not Bruce (especially when the top performer on a bad D-line is still yet to re-sign). There needs to be some activity now.

It’s still not time to panic

Last week I posted a handful of predictions, including a guess at Seattle’s top-six pass rush targets.

Even though players have been snapped up elsewhere — three still remain:

Jadeveon Clowney
Yannick Ngakoue
Everson Griffen

Add two of the three and things will look a lot brighter. They’re also somewhat likely to spend another high pick on a pass rusher (one of the top-three seems realistic).

Things would then start to take shape.

We’re also still seeing surprise trades around the league. Today it was Jurrell Casey to Denver and Nick Foles to Chicago. Who knows what else might be around the corner?

There’s something to remember on Ngakoue. Tony Pauline reported the Seahawks wanted to trade for him. Here’s some other things Pauline touted weeks in advance of free agency:

— Dante Fowler would go to Atlanta
— Jarran Reed was a priority for Seattle
— Phillip Rivers will sign with the Colts
— The Jets liked George Fant and would go for him if they missed out on Conklin

Pauline is the quintessential league insider. Him linking Ngakoue to Seattle is very much worth paying attention to now.

The Seahawks can still be active, aggressive and accomplish their goals. I sense their main targets were the three names above and they’re all still available.

Seattle add two offensive tackles

According to Adam Schefter, the Seahawks have signed Brandon Shell to a two-year deal worth $11m. He was previously with the Jets after being drafted in the fifth round.

He’s their type of right tackle — 6-5, 324lbs and nearly 35 inch arms with explosive traits (30.5 inch vertical, 9-4 broad). He’s a 94.3 in weighted TEF.

They’ve also reportedly added former Bengals first round pick Cedric Ogbuehi. He spent last year in Jacksonville. He’ll cost $3.3m. He’s also well sized at 6-5, 306lbs and with near 36 inch arms.

There are two things to consider here:

1. As we’ve often said, the Seahawks have changed things up recently and preferred experienced linemen. They’ve then added players in the middle or later rounds of the draft to develop. They’ve added B.J. Finney and now Shell and Ogbuehi in the last 24 hours to fill two holes. It seems like this approach is continuing.

2. If they’re losing Germain Ifedi and George Fant, they needed to add veteran replacements. This could still be nothing more than a double draft hedge — albeit a slightly more costly one than anticipated. I’ll say this though — they’re hedging everywhere. The one glaring weakness, however, is the D-line. And it could be much more of a draft focus than we first thought. There’s also very likely to be a big first round rush on the offensive tackle position.

Tedric Thompson on the trading block

Reportedly he’s been given permission to seek a move. This seems like a very public last shot at trying to generate some interest before he’s cut.

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  1. EmperorMA

    I absolutely agree with you, Rob, about those three being the Seahawks’ primary targets all along. I am hoping Bruce Irvin being brought in is a way of saying to those three, “We are committed to getting you help so our numbers can be better than what they were last year. Join us, and everybody gets more sacks.”

    I like this addition. He’s an old friend, he loves the Seahawks and the fans love him. Bruce will play his heart out for us, and that alone is a big plus.

    • Rob Staton

      My gut feeling is things are probably edging towards coming together. It’s taken a few days but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see 2-3 additions over the next 2-3 days to get this thing sorted.

  2. TCHawk

    While it’s not the main headline we are waiting for, I’ll take it. I like Bruce, and I think he still has enough left in the tank. Like you say, he will be a nice complementary piece. If we can get Clowney, plus one of the other two also – wow!

  3. Sea Mode

    Yup, just the waiting game now.

    I’d say either Clowney takes what he can get on a typical 4-year deal that will carry him through the prime of his career, or if he really doesn’t like the market, he looks for a 2 year deal and a chance to hit the market again before 30.

    They just spoke about how Melvin Gordon had a $10m/apy offer from the Chargers last year that he turned down and, guess what, he’s not going to get that anywhere this year. Clowney might be wise to be glad he (presumably) has a decent offer on the table from Seattle and take it while he can.

    • Greg Haugsven

      You forget about Gordon as I havent heard a peep. Also still not a word on Ifedi either.

  4. Greg Haugsven

    So right now its looking like this on the DLine.

    Bruce Irvin

    1 Tech:
    Poona Ford

    3 Tech:
    Jarran Reed
    LJ Collier

    5 Tech:
    Rasheem Green
    LJ Collier

    If we can still get Clowney it changes alot. Quality teams cap space is dwindling, if he truly wants to go to a contender first the Seahawks remain his primary option.

    • Rob Staton

      Collier can’t play three tech. He can kick inside on passing downs but he’s not a three.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Thats what I meant. I just didnt want to make a whole other column for it.

        • Zeke


          • Zeke

            Dang, was holding out hope for Danny Shelton but just saw he got signed earlier today.

            Any other good young FA run stuffers still available?

  5. Henry Taylor

    Do we think Bruce is being brought in solely as part of the Dline rotation, or does he go back to the Sam/Leo role he had last time around?

    • Rob Staton

      D-line rotation. 100%.


        Why not some SAM? He can still set the edge I’m sure.

        • Rob Staton

          Because he’s 33.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I wouldnt think he would play any LB unless injuries hit. He played 55% of the snaps for Carolina at DE so I would imagine him staying there.

    • Pickering

      Shaquem’s going to have to way way up his game.

      • TomLPDX

        Definitely! I hope he does it and knocks it out of the park.

  6. One Bad Mata'afa

    Good stuff. Not many teams left that could actually fit him into their cap at this point, without some fancy manuvering. Anything is possible, but that’s a significant number to squeeze in even if a team were to cut a player or two and restructure salaries.

    I have a feeling we’ll see Clowney and the Hawks find common ground, followed quickly by a trade for Ngakoue.

    The one team that’s been lurking in the back of my mind is the Jets. Lots of cap space, and they’ve already missed on multiple targets. I could see them trying to make a splash with an an offer he couldn’t turn down. Sure, he’s said he wants to play for a winner, but pride and a big pile of cash can change the conversation in a hurry.

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody wants to sign for the Jets.

      They’re a mess.

      • cha

        It probably would take a Mosely-style markup. So like $25m to get Clowney to even think about the Jets.

      • One Bad Mata'afa

        Totally, and it’s more just my paranoia. But if he’s dead set on setting a new benchmark, and a team like the Jets backs up the Brinks truck… Anyway, it’s just a team that’s been lurking in my subconscious for a week. Probably cause handing out a ridiculous contract is something NYJ is good at.

      • TomLPDX

        George did, and I wish he hadn’t. Water under the bridge now but I would have preferred George to stay with us. I think he still has a lot of upside.

    • Eburgz

      Not sure we could do both Ngakoue and Clowney with their costs what they are projected to be. Maybe…

      I’m expecting one of Clowney, Griffen, Ngakoue, Jones. Hoping we get 2 though! Still dreaming of clowney & Griffen to go along with Irvin.

  7. pdway

    was definitely not on my radar that Irvin had 8.5 sacks last year. I always felt he was a better all-around player than he was a pass rusher during his time w the Hawks – but maybe he’s picked up some tricks over the years. In any case, it’s a low-risk signing that can’t hurt.

    Man, if you’re right Rob that the Hawks will re-sign Clowney and sign Ngakoue as the other bookend pass-rusher – – that would get me very excited about the next season. what a boost that would be.

    then we can focus on O-line throughout the draft.

    • EmperorMA

      Can you imagine Clowney sliding inside on passing downs with Ngakoue lined up ON THE SAME side? And Bruce flying off the other side?


      • Bill Bobaggins

        Oh…you mean the homewrecker package?

        • EmperorMA

          That’s the one with Reed inside with Clowney.

          With Green inside along with Clowney and Yannick and Bruce outside, it’s the Nascar Package!

          I am REALLY hoping to see some upward movement from Collier. If he can add value to the rotation, it could be pure destruction of opposing QBs.

          • Bill Bobaggins

            I was joking. Is it really called the homewrecker package?

  8. TatupuTime

    Sentimentally here for this sign. Nice D-line rotation piece. Plays with some dog in him. They know he fits in with the culture and will help the young guys with what Ken Norton is preaching.

    Not really worried about the off-season at this point. I have faith in this front office (unlike a lot of teams). It’s still very likely they sign Clowney and sign/trade for one more. If they lose Clowney I’m sure they have a lines out on trades that they know they can do. Really hoping it’s Clowney and Griffen.

    Will be interesting to see what the plan is with B.J. Finney. Straight LG to replace Iupati? C hedge? Totally OK with the lowish cost veteran interior guard approach they’ve taken the past couple years.

    • EmperorMA

      Finney is a nice piece of the puzzle. I watched some of his tape on another site and he looks like a very good run blocker who holds his own in pass protection. He isn’t going to wow you with speed or flash but he gets to the second level and is quick to help out when he has made his block and sees one of his teammates struggling with a guy.

      One thing I noticed about him is he hangs on to his man and is very tough to make let go. He makes dudes go where he wants them to go.

  9. Greg Haugsven

    If Clowney does resign and another big name doesnt follow its not the end of the world. The Panthers last year were second in sacks with 53 (Steelers had 54). The high on that team was 9.5 (Mario Addison) and they just did it by committee. That being said Griffen or Ngakoue would look nice in action Green.

  10. cha

    Let’s keep the chill groove going.

    How about some Brazilian Grooves coffee break session?

    • Bankhawk

      Cool idea! I’về been in a similar state of mind for about the past 36 hours, and have really been ridin’ the Lo Greco Bros ‘Flo-Bop’ train (in addition to a lot of my old Irma Records stuff). Like that Bruce is back on board, and hope that Clowney + one is right behind.

  11. John_s

    Brandon Shell – looking at his combine #’s they are very similar to Ifedi.

  12. TomLPDX

    PFT also reports that we gave Tedric T the green light to find a trading partner. Guess that experiment is over.

  13. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Seattle adding offensive line help: Seahawks reached agreement on a two-year, $11 million deal with former Jets’ OT Brandon Shell, per source.

    Almost like an accidental free-agent OT trade: Seattle gets Shell, Jets get former Seahawks OT George Fant.
    3:40 PM · Mar 18, 2020

    • Simo

      Yep, except the Jets paid almost twice as much apy!

  14. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Seattle #Seahawks starting free safety Tedric Thompson has been given permission to seek a trade, source said. Would likely be for a late-round draft pick.
    3:47 PM · Mar 18, 2020

    • Michael


    • J

      Do the Texans need a safety?

      • One Bad Mata'afa

        “Do the Texans need a safety?”

        Hahahaha that’s seriously funny

        • off.grid.iron

          Can we trade T2 and Pocic for Tunsil and Mercilus?

    • DC

      If we ship him out with a 7th rnd pick that should get the job done. Idr if we have one this year to give though.

      • dcd2

        They’d just cut him. The dead money is the same regardless, and it’s only about $170k.

        • DC

          Joke alert!

          • dcd2



    • Tecmo Bowl

      Judgement day for T2.

  15. CHawk Talker Eric

    I wouldn’t be surprised if SEA are playing a game of chicken with JAX over the round of the draft pick trade compensation for YN. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re concurrently negotiating an extension or restructure. If they’re going to give a R2 pick for YN (and that’s what I think it’ll be) they’re going to want to make sure he’s not merely a rental and they’ll want to massage his cap hit for 2020.

    Clowney and YN would make an excellent set of starting DEs. Add a rotation of Green, Irvin and perhaps a rookie like Zuniga and suddenly you got yourself an impressive group. Especially with a nascar package with Ngakoue and Irvin on the ends and Clowney and Green inside.

    I think we’ll look back on this offseason with admiration and appreciation.

    • Jamho3

      CHAWK Talker I agree. I think SEA is probs part way thru an impressive 2020 off season. I say this not because of empty platitudes but I just looked at the list of the top 100 FA’s and SEA is in prime position to add a few more starters on offense and especially defense.

      • Rob Staton

        If they’re primed… get on with it

  16. EmperorMA

    Not sure what T-2’s cap hit is, but it will be nice to dispose of it.

    Hoping for a R5 but will probably be R7.

    • Chris

      Trade him to the Texans for Deshaun Watson and a 5th. Bill O’Brien will probably go for it.

      • Bill O’B

        I’ll throw in a 3rd but that’s my final offer.

    • One Bad Mata'afa

      I think it’s $2.3M. And I can’t imagine anything other than a 7th. Will probably be cut of there’s no takers.

    • Rob Staton

      Will probably be a nothing and we end up cutting him.

      • Sea Mode

        My thoughts exactly.

      • TomLPDX

        Good riddance. I have never been a T2 fan…just looks lost in space.

        • Greg Haugsven

          We would save $2.1 buy trading/releasing him. We might get a 7th rounder in 2045 if we trade him.

        • Shady_Hawkster

          I had SEA v CIN on today when that news broke. Like 10 minutes after the long bomb TT gives up to John Ross going into halftime. Let’s just say I did as much shouting on the rewatch as I did when it happened live. This is pure addition through subtraction

          • TomLPDX

            Why did you put that play back in my mind!

            • Shady_Hawkster

              I’m so sorry haha. It’s such an infuriating sequence to watch, especially if you rewind and watch it several times over. I’d recommend against doing that

    • Tecmo Bowl

      When rapsheet is doing your bidding youve got problems. T2 is cut

  17. DC

    Anybody else catch Marshawn Lynch as “Bubbles” in Westworld season 3 ep 1?

    Dude just continues to crack me up! Much love.

    • DC

      My bad, his name is “Giggles”!

      • mishima

        LOL. Bubbles is on The Wire.

        • DC

          Haha, that’s right! Getting my HBO shows crossed up.


      I thought he was a natural.

  18. Sea Mode


    Sources say Jadeveon Clowney wants about $20mill per year. Interested teams aren’t coming up that high as of now. Look at the players in his position who were tagged, Judon, Dupree, Barrett, Yannick. Teams don’t want to pay $5mill more than the franchise tag.

    • EmperorMA

      We can’t be far from that number with our offer.

      • Sea Mode

        Wonder if we’re trying to pull off Clowney and Ngakoue on the exact same deal at around 17-18m?

        • EmperorMA

          That’s what I’m thinking. I bet the offer on the table for Jadeveon is probably around $18m. My guess is they’d try to bring in Yannick at around $17m. Adding Bruce shows the other two that they are serious about upgrading the pass rush and competing for a Super Bowl.

          Good plan, if that’s what it is.

          Adding two OL today has also been a pleasant surprise.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s a pleasant surprise if the two players they added are any good.

            • EmperorMA

              Rob – I think there’s enough out there on these two to determine they are at least, “adequate,” which is an upgrade over Ifedi at half the price (Shell) and a solid G/C option over Hunt and Britt , again at half the price (Finney).

              • Rob Staton


                Jets fans didn’t like Shell at all.

                • LLLOGOSSS

                  Not saying I like the move for the money, but:

                  Ifedi 2016-2019;
                  47 penalties, 27 sacks allowed, 105 blown blocks.

                  Shell 2016-2019;
                  12 penalties, 16 sacks allowed, 51 blown blocks.

                  • mishima

                    How many snaps? How many pass attempts? Who were they attempting to block? Who were they blocking for? Etc.

                    Ifedi has started for 4 years, blocked for a mobile QB against superior competition.

                    I’m going to wait and see with Shell. Hopefully they add some competition.

                  • LLLOGOSSS

                    He started 40 games in 4 seasons, and 37 in the last 3. Seems like a healthy sample size.

                  • Tyler Jorgensen

                    2,558 offensive snaps to 4,003.

                    That matters.

                    I still think Ifedi is improving, and I acknowledge some warts, but I’m not sure this tells the full story as if this guy is far better than Ifedi. A year from now, we’ll see if it plays out as superior, but it isn’t inherently better.

                  • DancingBuddha

                    Adjusted snap counts:

                    Ifedi: 47 penalties / 27 sacks / 105 blown blocks
                    Shell (adjusted for snap count): 19 penalties / 25 sacks / 80 blown blocks

                    I think we won the exchange

                • HawkfaninMT

                  What fans do like their OL? Cowboys, Pats, …. …

                  • Rob Staton

                    Not many. Doesn’t mean Shell is any good.

                  • Bliptai

                    Steelers. Ravens.

                  • hawkdawg


              • Tecmo Bowl

                What did Jets fans have to like? Its a very short list.

            • Lewis

              Can we get Giacomini back?

          • Sea Mode

            I was becoming pretty certain that Seattle would dip into the rich OT class with its first pick, but Rob is right that these two OL signings might be pointing to defense first and foremost in the draft.

            • Greg Haugsven

              The franchise tag for a DE though is 417.8 million so thats only $2.2 million difference and not $5 million.

            • Rob Staton

              To me it’s indicative of a couple of things:

              1. A likely rush on OT’s that we’ve all been anticipating for a while.

              2. A possible opportunity to find the value on DL even within a bad class.

            • Bankhawk

              Back to my fantasy-land here: either the Hawks land Clowney/Yannick, or secure Clowney and go hard at Isaiah Simmons in the draft. No real-world considerations involved in option B. Just dreamin’ again. Probably too costly to move up that far in the real world.

        • Jamho3

          Have to think that’s the plan.

  19. Seahawk65

    How much did the Hawks offer Frank Clark? I’m remembering 17 mil. Could be off. But I’m guessing Hawks have a number around that level for Clowney. That might be the hang-up on Clowney’s end. He’s likely thinking at least 21 mil. Or he was. That’s a lot to swallow on both ends.

  20. Sea Mode

    Just saw the Schefter vid Rob embedded at the top of the article and agree completely. Said the same myself this morning: if he was going to get big money the Hawks wouldn’t be willing to match, he would have gotten it already.

  21. Sea Mode

    Wow. Another one?

    Jordan Schultz
    · 4m

    Former 1st-round pick OT Cedric Ogbuehi is signing with the #Seahawks, per source.

    1-year deal for Ogbuehi with max value of $3.3M, source says.


      What are we doing….

      That’s like $15 mil right off our cap space on hedge types and potential backups.

      • J

        Cedric is non guaranteed and likely will get beat out by a rookie and Finney is essentially free as he allows us to lower Britts salary, if not cut him.

        • JC3

          He will get hurt and goes to IR before you get a chance to cut him.

  22. Rob Staton

    I’ve updated the article with thoughts on how the two offensive tackle additions impact the off-season planning. I’ve also posted a video of Schefter talking about the Clowney situation at the top of the page.

    • Sea Mode

      Hehe, you could hardly update the article before they added a 3rd OL… 😁

  23. Sea Mode

    Also, in other important Free Agency Frenzy news: Bucky Brooks’ landing strip goatee is really throwing me off…

    • Greg Haugsven

      Soon as you say landing strip my mind goes elsewhere…lol

      • TomLPDX

        HaHa!…mental picture on that one…not saying what though

  24. DC

    Foles traded to da Bears???

    The tragic comedy continues for the quarterback challenged.

  25. Greg Haugsven

    2019 stats between Ifedi and Shell for those who care.


    PFF Grade…56.2


    PFF Grade…63.6

    • Greg Haugsven

      We do lose continuity though which is very important for the OLine. Shell is 28 and Ifedi is 25 as well.

      • One Bad Mata'afa

        Ogbuehi is the closest name on the market to Ifedi. That’s continuity of you ask me

        • Von


        • Kenny Sloth

          Both Texas A&M 1st rd tackles

  26. Von

    I’m assuming that Shell is going to be the RT and Ogbuehi is going to be the swing, big TE, and backup to Brown. Anyone see it differently?

    • Rob Staton

      Fant was also the backup LT. Let’s not forget that. More than anything I think Ogbuehi is a backup LT.

      • Von

        That’s what I meant, I must have worded it wrong. Wouldn’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last time.

  27. charlietheunicorn

    It is interesting the new CBA has a clause that 55 can be on the roster game day, with 48 active I believe… however, the extra player must be an OL. So, this would make some sense why Seattle is grabbing a few extra parts to fit into the OL rotation. A guy who has played some center, guard and tackle in a pinch isn’t a bad guy to have on the roster.

    • cha

      Did that start in 2020 or 2021?

      I asked because the cap actually went slightly down compared to what was forecasted after the CBA was struck.

  28. charlietheunicorn

    John Clayton mentioned that the 3-4 teams view Clowney as an OLB, which is currently right around 16.5M / year average…. and 4-3 teams view him at the 18.5M/year for a good/great DE. He is asking for 20m/year, but the majority of the market is drying up every hour. If you get sacks, then your market is North of 20M/year…. He speculated you could see Clowney come back for a 1 year deal….. his market might be collapsed to do the inability to do physicals with teams as well…. Corona F’ed him this FA.

  29. Sea Mode

    Well guys, wake me up when it’s all over, I guess… 😴🛌

  30. mishima

    Davis/Madubuike and Zuniga/Weaver with our first two picks?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Works for me. And in that order.

  31. dcd2

    So, who had our first 4 of FA plan as:

    Finny, Irvin, Shell, Ogbuehi ?

    • Bliptai

      Don’t forget about Olsen, Willson, and the early TE collecting!

  32. Coleslaw

    Makes sense. The only OTs we had on the roster were Brown, Wheeler and Jamarco.

  33. Kingdome1976

    Good article.

    I still think Bruce is an underrated signing…depending on how much we have to pony up. Yes, he is turning 33 but we all know he is genetic freak. Not every 33 year old is the same. He had 8.5 sacks last year which shows me he still has what we are expecting from him. Btw how old is E. Griffin? Just wondering.

    ” The difference between Seattle’s bottom-five pass rush last year and a big improvement in 2020 is not Bruce ” ..Agreed. But sometimes you put the cherry on the counter in anticipation of the cake coming out of the oven.

    • Justin Mullikin

      I do like the Bruce signing, but I want to see what kind of cake we have before we talk about cherries. 😉

      • Greg Haugsven

        Bruce Irvin is only 52 days older than Everson Griffin. Bruce will start the season as a 32 year old and turn 33 mid way through.

  34. HawkfaninMT

    As I think they may be done for night…

    What has gone un-addressed and what does it mean?

    Slot CB- I’m wondering how much Nickell-Roby is asking for? He has been a solid spot CB, from a division rival (Rams). Would be an upgrade to the CB room for sure

    LB- Is this am indication that they will be keeping KJ, re-signing Kendricks, and happy with the 2nd year guys? I think so

    WR- Nothing here… Josh Gordon and the way the new CBA impacts him is interesting. Lots of options in first 3 picks! Any trades that could materialize? I don’t know why, but for some reason Allen Robinson is on my mind as a trade target. Nothing to back that up at all!

    • Eburgz

      Slot, LB and WR really aren’t urgent needs. Amadi is the slot. LB was addressed in the draft last year (starters are locked up). WR is fine with Lockett, Dk, and Moore as the top 3 options. Those positions can be bolstered in he draft.

      I’m still holding out hope they address the pass rush in FA. Because the options in the draft are limited and uninspiring.

      • HawkfaninMT

        Pass rush goes without question for sure…

        Was mainly just trying to bring the other positions into the convo a bit

  35. Kingdome1976

    At this point I think we have to consider that the front office believes that the d-line candidates in the draft are at a higher level than what we might think. Just a thought.

    • Rob Staton

      No we don’t.

      They might sign two pass rushers tomorrow. As the article says, the three main targets seem to remain available.

      Besides, we saw what the class had to offer. There are a handful of options at best. There’s nobody hiding.

      • Kingdome1976

        Like I said….Maybe they think there are guys at higher level than what WE think. We aren’t the front office right?

        • Rob Staton

          I refer you to my previous answer.

          • Kingdome1976

            Yep…re-read it.

        • EmperorMA

          Like Collier?

  36. Justin Mullikin

    I would be curious to have some insights on our new offensive lineman coming in. PFF grades were not too bad. It is hard for these amateur eyes to grade o-lineman. If we can get two starters and some depth than this would be great. So far we have focused on the TE group and O line group by signing second tier players to small contracts. Hopefully this works out. The elephant in the room is still the D-line. Once we sign our superstars (that Russ talked about) I will feel much better. Clowney at 20m / year or under sounds pretty good about now.

  37. Hawk Mock

    I gotta commend them. They identified a weakness in the line and are really addressing it aggressively. If we can just lock up Ifedi and restructure Britt tomorrow, I think we’re set.

    Oh, everyone was saying d-line, fix the d-line…well shite.

    • Donovan

      Well played.

  38. CaptainJack

    The way I see it…

    Theyre not signing these guys as backups. I think they intend at least 1 out of the 3 and probably 2 out of the 3 to earn a starting role. Obviously competition is involved, but I think they’re effectively replacing Britt with Finney, Ifedi with Shell /Cedric and Fant with Shell / Cedric. Hunt and Haynes will be involved in the competition for center, and Shell Cedric and Jones, as well as a rookie, likely compete for right tackle. Second place is the swing tackle, 6th lineman.

    Why replace these guys? To save room to bring in Clowney and one more name.

    So I suspect Britt will be cut, Ifedi I will sign elsewhere, Clowney comes back and they acquire another pass rusher through trade or they sign a more under the radar guy and draft one early.

    There’s my prediction.

    • Rob Staton

      Haynes is a guard. The Center talk has always been overstated.

  39. Greg Haugsven

    So far this is typical Seahawks free agency. They rarely go for the big outside free agent signing and didnt again this year. They find value and plug holes. If they resign Clowney, he is an inside free agent. If they acquire Ngakoue it would be via trade. If they sign Everson Griffen it would be a short term value deal. This is how they have always done things.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s very much TBD whether they’ll get value from their OL additions.

    • Jake

      The problem is that the “typical Seahawks offseason” hasn’t work since 2013, to be ready for a Super Bowl and to maximize Russell Wilson things need to change. While there is still time to make those changes, time is starting to run out.

  40. Volume12

    Kinda seems like Seattle was more attracted to the guards in this class if who’ve they shown interest in is any indication.

    I do think one of these OT’s are a hedge.

    • Eburgz

      Shell and Finney are being paid starter salaries IMO. Not that they’re jobs are safe, I expect competition for sure.

      My guess is Britt is released with Finney taking his spot or competing at LG if he’s resigned at a lower rate. And Shell is the presumptive starter at RT to compete with Jones or a rookie. Lots of options on the interior. Cedric is a depth signing at tackle to provide insurance/depth. Glad we’re not forced to go OT with our first pick but I’m not sure it’s a good allocation of cap space considering our needs and the strengths of the upcoming draft class. Would rather be forced to pick OT than Edge in this draft class.

      • off.grid.iron

        IMO….Finney serves 2 purposes. We use him as leverage to restructure Britt after every other team has a starting center and little money left. Once we get Britt down to a manageable 3 or prove-it single…Finney becomes the new Sweezy/Iupati.

        • TomLPDX

          I doubt Britt would be against a restructured deal. I don’t get all the angst about Britt and cutting him…I think he would be amenable to being able to stay here.

    • Eburgz

      In this draft class? Based on the free agent signings? Or the pre-draft meetings?

      I think, based of the signings. That….. who knows.
      Based off the meetings. They’re not trying to tip their hand at tackle.

      Probably just setting themselves up to not have to force an early pick on the OL to fill a hole. Shell and Finney have probably been paid to start though. Look for the hawks to draft the toughest SOB’s that they can find regardless of position.

    • DC

      The ‘shotgun’ approach to the OL?

    • Rob Staton

      The top OT’s might not last to 27.

  41. Volume12

    That’s Art Shell’s nephew isn’t it?

    • DC

      His great nephew.
      I’m not even sure what that means.

      • Daniel

        It means that Art Shell is his great uncle! 😉

        • DC

          Which is waaaay better than being his ‘good’ uncle or ‘mediocre’ uncle.

  42. Starhawk29

    Can we all just take a deep breath? The last “splashy” move we made was Jimmy Graham. Stay patient, let these guys work. There are still players to be had,

    We all have shpilkes this year apparently, just take a second and let them work. The Clowney and Diggs trades have been steals so far. They know what they’re doing.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I would for sure call the Clowney trade splashy.

      • God of Thunder

        Harvin and Graham were splashy. Clowney was eye catching. I think he fell into our lap more than anything. But I hear ya.

      • off.grid.iron

        Richardson. Brown. Clowney.

  43. Kingdome1976

    Yeah, after looking at my posts I realize my remarks are a bit snarky. It’s just that if we go into the season without addressing our pass rush properly it’s a lost season.

  44. Madmark

    This is exactly how I like it. There’s going to big deal done I sure of that but it won’t be when you expect it. I think they resign Clowney I think they will do the trade for Jags Yannick. If they can work it they could set the DE spot for the future. The new deal with the players should give relief on cost as well as higher salaries coming off books like a K J Wright. I think Britt is gone and at least 2 of our picks will be OL. The WR seems to have taken a hit. A 1 or 2 year deal for a WR might not hurt. Just some thoughts.

    • clyles

      I do think a lot of the draft capital will be used on defense and maybe an explosive offensive player and OL picks in later rounds which par to course with the last couple years.

  45. Fonkie

    Not sure the O-line signings were upgrades but obviously they weren’t gonna pay Fant 10 per & I think they have seen enough of Ifedi. I still hold out hope they can get the D-line fixed in FA & spend some draft capital on an OT & G/C in the top half of our selections. I would hate to see them put a patchwork bargain shopper line on both sides of the ball & expect Wilson to continue to try & cover deficiencies.

  46. Tony

    I’m not panicking yet. But if they miss the boat on clowney and another substantial addition for pass rush, it’ll be a huge let down. I’ll never discount Russell or petes ability to field a good team but if they tread to close to the edge on some of these deals and lose out. It could be a huge disaster. As always, I trust PC/JS/RW.

  47. STTBM

    Im not thrilled with Seattles lower-mid bottom-feeder bulk oline signings either. So far, other than 1 year of The Return of Sweezy, they oline vet signings have mostly sucked. Joeckl?!

    But at least they are being aggressive and none are breaking the bank. While Ifedi improved, he still whiffed too often for my taste, and Im glad hes leaving. I guess we’ll see if Shell can replace him or not. These guys all seem to fit a mold Solari wants, so I guess we cross our fingers he can turn lead into gold…sigh…

    I am ok with a second for Ngakoue, but I want Clowney. If its the difference between 17 or 18 and 20, then just pay the man…how many times has saving 1 or 2 million cost them a key contributor, all for the sake of blowing more money on a failure? Griffen is a good player, but hes old and going to be injury prone.

    Id like to see us get Okwara. Zuniga is ok too, and Madubuike really seems like a guy they might like a lot. Waiting for news is hard…

  48. Coleslaw

    The OTs aren’t sexy but they are fine. Shell is a cheap hedge for Ifedi’s replacement. Ogbuehi is LT depth. We needed both and it’s only costing us like $8.5M this year.

    People complaining about the price need to realize Ifedi and Ogbuehi woudlve cost like almost $15M.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      If they don’t resign Ifedi I’ll be very interested to see if Ogbuehi can win the battle for RT. I remember him pretty well from his senior year at TAMU. There’s a reason he was a R1 pick. He has RT experience so there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be in the mix for the position. Even if they retain Ifedi.

      • off.grid.iron

        I admittedly know less than many others….but seems more & more like OL dont develop fully til they’re 28/29. And only then with lots of experience. Who’s to say that Shell & Ogbuehi don’t both turn corners with age and Solari”s guidance? Maybe these two represent a whole new selection mechanism where we harvest OL gold that others have given up on…but just as they are about to bloom? 😎

    • hawkdawg

      Exactly. If we are going to have a mediocre line again, it’s important that it be comparatively cheap, because that will leave money to improve the defense, which very much needs all it can get.

      As usual, Russ will be counted on to neutralize the mediocrity of the line. That seems to be his fate here.

  49. Steve Nelsen

    We knew they would be looking for a veteran hedge at RT and Shell works.
    They needed a backup LT and Ogbuehi fills that spot.
    Finney is interesting. He could compete to start at LG, backup RG and backup C.

    This is classic Seattle FA strategy to keep their draft board open.

    I am expecting a veteran RB hedge too so the cold FA market for RBs works to Seattle’s advantage.

    I think Ngakoue is more of a Plan B for Clowney rather than a partner for Clowney because they are both 5Ts. Griffen is the last of the LEOs. I know he and his family really want to stay in Minnesota but that seems highly unlikely.

    Hopefully tomorrow is a great day.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Griffen would be the 5 tech and Ngakoue would be the Leo.

  50. drewdawg11

    Yannick is most certainly not playing 5 technique, especially if he becomes a Seahawk.

  51. Donovan

    Wish list:

    – Sign Clowney & Griffen for D-line
    – If CBA permits, sign Josh Gordon
    – Have Ugo Amadi turn into upper tier nickel corner
    – Do everything in power to draft Isaiah Simmons

    Still have cap space & draft capital to pull it all off, but am beginning to sweat the thin remaining margins in the DL pool

  52. Submanjoe

    I am kinda confused by the oline signings. Reminds me of the Bradley Sowell offseason, they signed the other guy too and that was a disaster. I thought this was a good oline draft. Maybe these are Solari type guys? Am I missing something here?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      1. OL usually need a couple seasons to become pro ready. You typically don’t expect an OL draftee to be a year 1 help, especially if you aren’t drafting one in the top 20.

      2. Because of this, SEA have preferred of late to look to veteran FA additions instead of drafting.

      3. The best OL prospects in this draft will be gone by the time SEA get on the clock. Especially the top OTs.

      4. SEA have stated their focus this offseason on defense. When the League zigs, Carroll likes to zag. I think they want to be in a position to draft a top defensive prospect who might fall because of the run on OL and WR (and to a lesser extend QBs), and they are now that they’ve shored up the OT group.

      5. Having said all this, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take an Isaiah Wilson or Cesar Ruiz with their first pick if either is available after a trade down.

      • Submanjoe

        Then why not keep Iupati? And they still have Jones and Haynes. I get what they’re doing. But Fluker and Sweezy and Iupati (signings last 2 years) were proven players, Iupati & Sweezy were above average if past their prime. These three who signed yesterday and today…not so sure. I agree they need a veteran placeholder to cover for a rookie. I hope they are able to get one relatively early in the draft. I’m just surprised they signed three.
        I said on here a week or two ago, I’d be surprised if they took Ruiz, but he’d be a great pick.

        • Vanhawksfan

          Because Iupati is physically done and won’t be back. They look like smart hedges and i expect PCJS to draft both T and G/C in the first 4 rounds.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I don’t know much about either but from what I’ve seen of Finney he’s decent. Looks a bit Seahawky, has a nasty edge to his play. Ogbeuhi was a nice OT prospect coming out of TAMU. He didn’t quite fulfill his potential, but then that may be as much on CIN and their coaching staff as it is on him. He’s got the physical tools to be really good.

          The more I think about it the less I think they’d draft Ruiz. They have Britt on the roster first. And even if they move on from him, they have Pocic, Hayes and now Finney to compete with Hunt. I think it’s more likely they’d take a Day 3 flier on someone like Harris in R5 or R6. Maybe they’d spend the R3 comp pick on Hennessey or Cushenberry if either were to fall.

  53. GerryG

    I don’t really know a thing about the cheap OL vets they signed, but it’s concerning to me. Reminds me of the year they thought Webb/Sowell value plan was going to work. Hopefully they are better. Ifedi made 2-3 blunders per game, but was healthy, and quietly pretty decent aside from those darn mistakes. I was never in favor of giving him a big contract though.

    Seems like they have already spent quite a bit of cap, to get the guys we need to fix the pass rush, I’m guessing we need to cut some guys, Britt, KJ, can’t figure out how Dixon, TT are still here.

  54. charlietheunicorn

    I was perusing the FA still available….

    WR Robby Anderson
    DE/DT Shelby Harris
    CB Logan Ryan
    DT Maliek Collins
    TE Eric Ebron
    DE Marcus Golden
    DT Timmy Jernigan

    …all these guys could bring some good value to the table. I left out the already talked about guys we are closely watching… Clowney and Griffen. CBs Apple and Trufant also signed deals apparently, so off the market.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I talked about it earlier but I still see Jordan Jenkins as a great low cost Leo option.

  55. charlietheunicorn

    Bruce Irvin

    “Irvin has 52 career sacks, 301 tackles, 16 forced fumbles (3 recoveries) and 3 interceptions in eight NFL seasons. He also has two touchdowns.” ~ ESPN Stats

    Not bad numbers.

  56. charlietheunicorn

    I was just looking at draft picks and value and…..

    Could the tunafish do one of the craziest trade ever and trade all 3 1st round picks to the Bengals for the #1 overall??? I thought it was crazy at first, but the Bengals need premium draft picks and could still draft a quality QB in the first round…. and replenish some other needs.

    ….. this almost makes too much sense…. and could really shake up the draft.

  57. Bankhawk

    How does Bruce, on his return to the Hawks stack up against Clemens at he point that he became a Hawk? I know Bruce is several years older, and has been in the league a year longer. Can he maybe do 75% of what Clemens did for us back in the day? Less?

    • Darnell


  58. Paul Cook

    With all that’s going on in FAcy and the wider world, on my way to sleep I think I’ll just fondly reminisce my way to sleep upon my favorite Seahawk game of all time…beating the 49ers at home in the NFC championship game.

    • All I see is 12s

      Just watched it again the other night. It was amazing. Both teams were so good.

    • STTBM

      In a word, no. Different players. Clemons could bend the corner, and hold the edge vs the run in a way Irvin cant. He had way more pass rushing technique, and strength in his legs. Irvin just doesnt have the lower body strength, in my opinion. He gerts pushed around too much, and washed out of plays. Clemons was a special player.

      Irvin was only ten pounds lighter than Aldon Smith, but Smith was not only more explosive and quick at pass rushing, he was far more powerful in his lower body especially. Irvin has always been a tweener, not a every down LEo.

  59. Shady_Hawkster

    Not sure if this has been mentioned here yet, but Gamepass has been made free until May 31 (at least in the US). It didn’t ask for a credit card to get access either, which is nice.

    • Greg Haugsven

      If you really want to get the emotions running go watch the GB NFC championship game. I had tears the first time and had tears again the second time.

      • Shady_Hawkster

        I’m rewatching this last season so far (though admittedly not all that closely, lots of puttering around the house while it’s on). Quick impressions on the Bengals and Steelers games:

        I’ve never been too down on Ifedi, but now I’m indifferent to losing him. Even a somewhat lesser player that commits fewer penalties could be a step up. Q Jefferson really stood out. Clowney is just so damn fun to watch, I really hope he stays in Seattle and those around him can step up. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not Wright should be a cap casualty to date, but I’m starting to think we need to keep ahold of him for 2020. Jaron Brown was such a dud in that WR3 role. I am so done with Tedric and Lano, and hyped to see what a full season of Diggs, Mcdougald, and Blair can put together.

  60. UkAlex6674

    Before we all start with the Sowell and Webb comparisons, we didn’t have Mike Solari then. He would have seen something in these new signings to work wi

  61. Sea Mode

    I’m looking over the new contracts that have been posted on Spotrac, and I’m really liking these deals. Worth remembering that the media likes to report the full years+amount and/or APY to make the deal sound better for the player than it actually might end up being.

    For example, Jarran Reed got 2 yrs/$23m, so $11.5 apy. Sure, but in reality the 2020 cap hit is actually only $9.5m, with zero dead money if they want to cut him after this season. It can be a 1-year prove-it deal if they want, or give them plenty of time during the second year to negotiate another extension if they want. Lots of flexibility moving forward for the team.

    BJ Finney got 2yrs/$8m, and 2020 cap hit is $3.5m, and they have a team option after this season that would make it a 1yr/$4.5m contract with just $1m dead money next year if he flops and they move on.

    Ogbuehi and Irvin have been reported with the usual “up to” behind their $3.3m and $4m numbers, respectively. So the cap hit will probably be slightly less even.

    I haven’t seen details out yet on Brandon Shell’s deal, but it’s probably more of the same: 2yrs/$11m, but could really be a 1yr/$5m deal if they want.

    And as for the idea that we are out of cap space to sign two pass rushers (Clowney + Yannick/Griffen), I still think that Clowney + Yannick is their original plan, honestly, and that they can still make it happen if they want to.

    First, there are the cut candidates:

    – Britt: $8.5m
    – KJ: $7.5m
    – Dickson: $3m
    – TT: $2.1m
    – Naz: $750K

    That’s up to $22m right there.

    (BTW, we are doing super well with 2020 dead cap right now at just $970k for 11 players. That’s 4th-lowest in the league atm.)

    Even if Clowney + Yannick/Griffen want short 2-yr deals, they can get creative and do 3 year contracts with a player option after 2 years and spread out the cap hit a bit that way.

    They could also easily create more space by re-structuring Russ’ contract, converting some or all of his $18m 2020 base salary into signing bonus and spreading it out over the years, freeing up to $12m in cap space for this year.

    Just like with the COVID-19, no need to panic. We got this.

    • Rob Staton

      Excellent post and a great summary. I almost want to publish it as a new article!

      This is the message Seahawks fans need to hear right now. If they don’t get the pass rush sorted then I’ll be the first to write a critical review. Multiple critical reviews. But the time hasn’t expired on their ability to act.

      All they’ve done so far is replace and hedge — which we knew they’d do. We’ve talked about it for weeks.

      • EranUngar

        Yes, you can cut and restructure contract to sign 2 top tear pass rushers. It can be done as outlined above.

        However, if you look at all the new additions you’ll see no more than 20% off their APY. It is a sane and responsible approach.

        So far, between the new additions and the RFA tenders we have already spent 28M of the available cap space. The new CBA caused almost 5M cap lose due to increased low level salaries and the cap being 198M instead of the projected 200M.

        Even with the projected cuts, heavily restructuring 2 top DEs (the Clowney + Yannick plan) looks like a very risky avenue that JS has never taken.

        So YES, they could do it just like they could sign a 30 inch arm CB in the first round. I.E. – They CAN but they most likely wont.

        I know my posts on this are boring but I can’t see them spending on two >15M contracts.

        We’ll just have to wait and see.

        P.S. – Adding just Clowney will be jest fine for me. Bruce may be old but 8.5 sacks in 13 games is a nice add on. Having Clowney with Reed after a full off season playing together should help. L.J. and Green should be better. Every little helps….

        • Rob Staton

          Eran, please, I’m begging you.

          Just stop.

          They can do whatever they want. We’ve been through this plenty of times.

          Signing a player to a big contract with a low year one cap hit isn’t anywhere near as unusual or unprecedented as you’re making out.

          You’ve become obsessed with trying to argue everyone into believing they can’t/won’t be able to do this that or the other in free agency.

          I’m bored of it. Just let the situation play out.

          And no, just Clowney will not be enough. They know that. We know that. Everyone knows that.

          • EranUngar


            I just deleted my long reply. I will shut up and let the situation play out.

            This place has been great because it allowed for a plurality of opinions. Let’s NOT change that….

            • Rob Staton

              I’m fine with plurality of opinions.

              Repeating the same point about what they can and can’t do in free agency, which we’ve gone over dozens of times, isn’t anything to do with plurality of opinion. Neither is a false connection between cornerbacks with short arms and signing a player with a structured contract to limit the year-one damage.

              One of the reasons this place thrives is because I moderate it a lot more than people realise.

    • GoHawksDani

      I have zero concerns about CAP space. They could get Clowney and Ngakoue for 12-15m total for the first year (if it’s a 3-4-5 year contract). 30m total could be done for a 2 years contract and that is still manageable. I’m more concerned about the wait-game.
      If Griffen signs elsewhere the Jags have the upper hand. They might say: You give us your R1 or you can have your miserable last year’s passrush
      If Ngakoue traded elsewhere, Griffen has the upper hand to demand more money or guaranteed $.
      If any of these signs with other team Clowney also has the joker in his hands.
      Without any of these three who would be our starter? Green – Reed – Ford – Irvin?
      As our C/D/E/F plans slowly vanished the remaining passrusher FAs have more and more power.
      Their market might be cold, but SEA will always happy to give them 16-19m deals (or trade for Ngakoue for an R2-R3). So they have all the time to explore other options

      • off.grid.iron

        I admittedly know less than many others….but seems more & more like OL dont develop fully til they’re 28/29. And only then with lots of experience. Who’s to say that Shell & Ogbuehi don’t both turn corners with age and Solari”s guidance? Maybe these two represent a whole new selection mechanism where we harvest OL gold that others have given up on…but just as they are about to bloom? 😎

        • off.grid.iron

          That didnt go there. ??

          What I intended to say is that this is exactly why PC/JS made a very public inquiry into Judon. Reminding the principles there are still other options.

    • schuemansky

      Great post!
      Just wanted to add that still more cap space is hidden behind the RFA tenders given to Hunt, Jackson and Hollister.
      Depending on FA and draft all three of these players could still end up being cut freeing around 9 mil.

      • Sea Mode

        Good point, mentioned by UKHAWK below as well.

    • Ghost Mutt

      Awesome info – thanks Sea Mode

      • Sea Mode


    • UKHAWK

      Am i wrong in thinking that the recent tenders can also be recinded hence creating cap?

      • Greg Haugsven

        All great points and we need to be patient just like the Seahawks are. Reed would actually have $5 million in dead money if they cut him after 2020. Spotrac is wrong as they gave him a $10 million signing bonus split between two years.

      • Greg Haugsven

        The tenders can be pulled. I could see them pulling Hunts after the Finney signing. Would depend if the cut or keep Britt.

    • STTBM

      The only thing that worries me is their habit of getting stubborn and underestimating the market, and whether or not our new owner is willing to shell out big money–both overall and in guarantees. Seattle has stubbornly fought the trend to guarantee two years or more slary to anyone but Russ. The rest of the league is doing it, but since they gut burned by the Chancellor contract, Seattle has been unwilling to do the same.

      Im not panicking, just concerned. I dont want to settle for another washed up injury prone old guy like Ansah this year, especially not for what we paid him.

      Sea Mode, nice breakdown of the Oline contracts!

    • RWIII

      Thanks Seamode for the update.

  62. GoHawksDani

    Just want to do a quick shoutout to Sea Mode. I’m not using Twitter, so you posting relevant tweets and news in the comments section is highly appreciated.
    Rob is bringing high quality draft/free agency articles, posts and you give me up to date news. Seahawks draft blog is the #1 information source

    • Rob Staton

      Well said

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks, guys. I spend more time online than I’d like to admit, so I figure it had might as well benefit our community here for whomever wants to follow along in the comments.

        I post the tweets, mostly Seahawks-related and sometimes others, that I think are relevant information and can generate discussion. As I have said before, sometimes I can get excited and if I ever go overboard, of course Rob can feel free to tell me to take it easy.

  63. UkAlex6674

    Do you think Clowney is waiting on the Hawks to sign Ngokue? Not from a financial perspective, but team building perspective

    • Rob Staton

      No. I think he is/was determined to get +$20m and is now coming to terms with the fact it’s not there. So he can either dig in and wait this out (which won’t do him any good) or he can accept the situation. Sometimes players make it a point of principle not to cave though.

      • Ghost Mutt

        Just wondering Rob, do the dragging negotiations mean that if we sign JC it’ll likely be to a shorter contract? A two to three year deal means he hits the market again at 29-30.

        I’d obviously prefer we lock him up for five years so we can get more creative with the cap hits, but if he doesn’t feel like the market is there he might not want to go long-term before the new CBA takes hold?

        • Rob Staton

          It could mean a shorter contract. It could also simply mean Clowney coming to terms with reality. But a two year deal might suit both parties.

          • Ghost Mutt

            Thanks for the response. And I know it’s been said, but also just want to thank you for all of your content over the last while. It’s been stellar – can’t believe every day I log on you’ve got another excellent piece up.

            Don’t know how you do it while juggling other work and a young family, but it’s massively appreciated. One of the bigger benefits of being a Hawks fan is access to your writing, I’ve learned a lot from you.

            • Rob Staton

              Thank you. I have to say as well — I appreciate all of you for reading, for your feedback, for those who contribute via Patreon and simply get involved. I couldn’t do this and put the time in without a great community behind it.

              • One Bad Mata'afa

                Speaking of young family, how’s the little one doing? Keeping you on your toes?

                • Rob Staton

                  Yep — she’s three now and growing up quick. Both are great kids. Very blessed.

                  • Greg Haugsven

                    She is 3 already? Did she just go from 1 to 3? Damn time flies.

                    • Rob Staton

                      It really does.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            My understanding – at least what I have read this morning – is that Clowney is now looking at a short contract with the intention of one last chance at a huge contract after that.

            • Rob Staton

              That was touted as an option but it’s not definitive.

        • Michigan 12th

          My fear would be signing Clowney to a long term contract after he has learned he has lost, may devastate his moral and he wont be motivated or as motivated as he was before to play hard. I could be completely wrong, but I think he will sign with us on a 2 year deal for a little less than what he thought his market value would be so he can test the waters again to make a mega deal somewhere. I just don’t see him signing for more than a three year max contract with us. If he does sign to a long term contract it will be with someone else in my opinion, but I am often wrong with these things.

      • GerryG

        Waiting is just going to make less cap space around the league for him to get.

        Looks like the NFL is sane for once on a player. JC is really good, but a top shelf to record breaking deal for a guy that averages single digit sacks (I know that’s not the end all statistic) never made sense to me. Time to “settle” for 17-18 and no state income tax JC

  64. One Bad Mata'afa

    Darius Slay traded to the Eagles for a 3rd and 5th.

  65. Largent80

    They could bring Bennett back as well.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s been no indication of this at all other than Bennett saying he’d be up for it.

      They’re not running a retirement home.

      • Largent80

        Well, I am….hahahaha……I am still doing my business from home making beef jerky and smoked salmon. I hope everyone is safe and has food without having to go out.

        • dcd2

          What’s the business? Sign me up for some jerky and smoked salmon!

  66. LA_Hawks

    So Giants have a crowded LB crew now… makes it more unlikely they go for Simmons? Seahawks should really make a move to get him, also to prevent that the Cardinals land him.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’re destined to go Derrick Brown.

      • Trevor

        Agree. Given Gettleman’s draft history I would guess Brown or Becton.

      • LA_Hawks

        Derrick Brown over Isaiah Simmons??!! 😮

      • LA_Hawks

        Did this free agency increase the chance of the Seahawks trading up for him?

  67. Brazilian Hawk

    The cold market for Clowney just indicates how bad the management league-wide is, and how overfocused GMs are on raw sack numbers.

    We’ll get a top 10 EDGE player in his peak physical form for under 20 mm, that’s a bargain.

    I am not that high on Yannick Ngakoue as some of you guys. It seems like in the past two seasons he was more interested in developing conflicts with his team than playing football. I’d like a more proven vet like Griffen.

    • Darnell

      If it were just Yannick I might be willing to assume that he has some blame for the conflict in Jacksonville. But it was a lot of players, and the common denominator was Tom Coughlin, and him going beyond what the CBA permits for fines.

      • dcd2

        Bingo. They gave huge money to Marquise Lee and let Alan Robinson walk. They gave big money to Foles and Norwell, but wouldn’t do new deals for Ramsay and Yannick. My brother-in-law is (was?) a Jags fan and he goes on and on about how poorly that team is managed, from the top down.

        I think there’s always going to be some clash when you have ego’s, crazy money and alpha personalities throughout an organization. Some teams (Hawks/Pats) just manage better than others (Jags/Skins/etc.)

        I’m still not convinced that giving up a #2 and paying Yannick top tier $$ is the best approach, but I don’t think he’s a bad dude.

    • STTBM

      Its not his sack numbers, its that hes not a true DE or a true LB, and his injury history. His latest injury is no joke, its similar to the injury that ended Baldwins career and the one that took some of the starch out of Lynch. Sports hernias vary in severity, and while its all guesswork right now as to Clowneys recovery, teams cant bring him in for a physical with their own Docs, or run him through a workout. Those things are bringing his market down far more than his stats.

    • Jhams

      I think of the Jags as being a lot like the Texans. If one or two players wants out that’s one thing. But when star player after star player is publicly bashing the team or forcing their way off the roster, it seems more likely that the real issue is the management.

      The only difference is the Jags have a real GM so they get value for their disgruntled players for the most part.

  68. Michael Hasslinger

    Rumors starting to take place trading Ngakoue to Eagles. Eagles shoring up their defense today.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, JLC said the Eagles were one of the teams interested in him. That’s it really.

      • Michael Hasslinger

        I am an interesting football fan experiment right now.

        For some reason, this off-season means more than the last few… to me. I missed Free Agency last year, and did not watch the draft. Did not mind a lick what came to be.

        However, somewhere in my football soul, this off-season is more important than others. It is a strange pivot. I am irrational in my attachment to dealings Seahawks.

        Maybe it’s time for me to let go and not care again. It is certainly not adding value to my life. Sigh.

      • CaptainJack

        They just gave slay a massive contract extension.
        Do they have the money to do the same for Yannick?

        • Rob Staton


    • SonGoku

      Another cryptic IG story from him:
      🦅… vulture

      • Von


        • SonGoku

          Could also be a hawk 😉

          • Bigten

            1st, 5th and tedric Thompson for a second and Yannick. Calling it here haha

            • Von


            • CaptainJack

              Not giving up a first for yannick

              • Bigten

                If you cared to reason, you would see that we are exchanging our late first for an early second would be the equivalent of MAYBE a third. So I am proposing a third, a fifth, and TT for Yannick. Its only a dream haha

  69. swedenhawk

    Just heard Tony Pauline on PFN’s Draft Insiders podcast claim that Clowney’s temperament and lack of leadership are the main factors depressing his market.

    • Paul Cook

      Got to take such statements with a teaspoon of salt. He may well have been more immature in his Houston days, but I haven’t gotten that impression from him yet since he came over to us. I could be wrong but…

    • hawkdawg

      Wow. That seems improbable to me. From a local fan’s perspective, it seems instead that the guy gives all he’s got on the field, and makes no problem for anybody off it. That is certainly that Pete and Schneider say of him. They seem to genuinely want him back, and they would not if he were a cancer.

      • McZ

        He is no cancer. Really, we cannot debate this with extrema only.

        Clowney is a great athlete, an elite run blocker, a good not great pass rusher; he is often injured and – and this is what Pauline seems to note – no sideline presence. He doesn’t elevate a DL like Mack, Donald or Campbell do.

        Add to this the whole story of him sitting out, then he becomes a highly risky pick. At least to teams not named Seahawks, who played him a season.

        This all factors into a final price tag. And if the Seahawks are profitting from such a market inefficiency, we should shut up and take it.

    • John_s

      I’m sorry but the man busted his a$$ with a sports hernia instead of packing up shop and get surgery.

  70. Greg Haugsven

    Looking at the OLine on paper they have a lot of guys. Wo der who makes the team?

    Brown (lock)
    Ogbuehi (most likely a lock)

    Finney (lock)
    Haynes (pretty sure)

    Britt ( wildcard)
    Hunt (depends on Britt)

    Fluker (pretty sure)
    Pocic (??)

    Shell (lock)
    Jones (pretty sure)

    What do you guys think?

    • Cameron

      I think they learned their lesson against AZ late last season, Jones is not a tackle, doesn’t have the athleticism. I wouldn’t expect to see him anywhere but guard, likely backing up either guard spot.

      Agreed that Finney and Haynes will likely compete to start at LG.

      Ogbuehi probably viewed as a swing tackle backup, as Fant was.

      • Gaux Hawks






        • Rob4q

          I think that’s pretty close Gaux – they did tender Hunt as well, so he probably will be in camp to compete for a spot. Also Ethan Pocic, Chad Wheeler & Demetrius Knox are still on the roster I believe…there are going to be some good camp battles this year for the IOL positions! And other than Brown and Fluker, I don’t think anything is set in stone!

          None of the money paid out to these guys is so much that they wouldn’t cut them to move on if it doesn’t work out. I see Ogbuehi/Wheeler/Draft pick competing for the swing tackle spot, with Brown & Shell our starters at LT & RT. Finney/Hunt/Draft pick should compete at C, but I still wouldn’t rule out Britt returning on a restructured deal…






          • Bigten

            Ogbuehi does have experience playing at TE.

            • Rob4q

              So maybe we should look at it like this:

              Ogbuehi replaces Fant – are we better? did we save money?

              Shell replaces Ifedi – are we better? did we save money?

              Finney replaces Britt – are we better? did we save money?

              Sea Mode is good with salary/cap hits, maybe he could do a comparison once Ifedi signs somewhere? I would bet we saved a lot of money and we’ll have to see if we get the same level of play or even better!

              • OregonHawk

                Fant to Ogbuehi – Even to worse

                Ifedi to Shell- Better to even ( health ??)

                Britt to Finney – Worse to even (will be worse to begin with, might get better..)

                Gut reactions only!!!!!

    • mishima

      Finney (C) and Pocic (C/G) make it over Britt and Hunt because of their cost and versatility.

      Brown – Haynes – Finney – Fluker – Shell

    • J

      I think Cedric was a draft hedge and they will draft a mid rounder to compete with him at swing tackle.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Ogbuehi was a RT at TAMU. I’d expect him to be in the mix for the starting RT position with SEA.

  71. CojackTX

    I keep seeing people identify KJ as a potential cut, but wouldn’t that leave the cupboard at LB rather bare? I just don’t see that as a realistic (or at least ideal) option without a clear NB in place that would allow for moving to more 2 LB looks and considering Kendricks’ injury and legal troubles. Rob, I know you have mocked Gay to the Hawks a time or two, but are we generally overlooking the LB position as a potential key area in the draft or free agency?

    • Denver Hawker

      Here’s a nice plan:
      Sign Clowney and Griffen, cut Britt, Dickson.
      Draft Ruiz, Raekwon, Bryant/WR, RB with first 4 picks.

  72. Sea Mode

    I mean, if the Jags want to toss him in too in the Yannick deal…

    • cha

      I’ve been riding that train since we were trying to figure out how to get Calais. Just drop Fournette in the deal.

      Fournette. Carson. Penny. Homer.

      Good grief.

      You’d get him for 1 year at $4-5m and have the option to activate the 5th year or sign him to an extension.

    • Bigten

      Does this all but confirm that Yannick is gone? Now just waiting for the terms of the deal and who with (seeing as he was potentially here yesterday, my guess is he was here to negotiate a long term deal before the trade happens).

      • cha

        Well Yannick confirmed he’s all but gone by tweeting he’s not going to play for Jacksonville a few weeks back.

        Yes they’ve tagged him and maybe maybe maybe can work something out but he seems pretty set he wants out.

    • cha

      You know, it’s sad. In Jan 2018 Jax had New England on the ropes in the AFCCG and couldn’t seal the deal. That was just 2 calendar years ago!

      Now look at them.

  73. Sea Mode

    Haha, guess all the gimmicks from teams “not” announcing their signings has forced the NFL’s hand. From Jags PR guy:

    Tad Dickman

    The NFL just alerted teams that we’re able to announce transactions if:

    1) club & player have reached an agreement on the terms of the contract.

    2) the written contract has been sent to the player & agent.

    Buckle up.

    • STTBM

      Man, Goodell just making it up as he goes along. He has no freaking clue…like teams, players and Agents arent going to leak news….just unfathomable they thought they could lol!

  74. Hawk Mock

    What’s the over/under on something happening today with Clowney, Yannick, Griffen, etc? If the odds aren’t good, I really need to do something else besides hit refresh on this page all day!

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve got an article ready to roll. So expect an announcement on a Seahawks addition three minutes after it’s posted.

      • Hawk Mock

        Haha, will do.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Right . . . Mayham and Murphy’y Law always waiting to get involved as soon as the time is wrong.

      • Rob4q

        Rob, can’t you just give JS a call and let him know we need a little inside info before you post the next article?!? Haha!

        • Rob Staton

          Well John, if you’re reading, my emails are open 🙂

  75. TomLPDX

    Flacco waived by the Broncos

  76. Paul Cook

    At some point with Clowney, it’s got to be poop or get off the pot. At some point it’s going to begin to adversely effect the Hawks choice-making. I think I’m just stating the obvious here. 🙂

  77. LA_Hawks

    Ngakoue posted a picture of an Eagles jersey…

    • cha


        • EmperorMA

          Looks like he might be headed to Philly. Awaiting an announcement.

          • bigten

            Bummer. Really hoping for some news on Griffen and Clowney soon.

            • Gohawks5151

              You never know. He did post the pic from Seatac yesterday. Why? May be trying to drive up his own price. He’s got a little more momentum than Clowney at this point. That said, im sure I’ll be proven wrong soon…

  78. Volume12

    LA_Hawks, why would Isaiah Simmons be an NFL LB? He doesn’t even do those things well at Clemson. Don’t stunt his growth. You can’t just run and chase at the next level. This is what I was talking about. Let him get comfortable and then get creative with him.

    • LA_Hawks

      To be honest I don’t really know how he is going to be used in the NFL. Didn’t want to say that he is just a LB. Only thought that the Giants adding LBs could be a sign that they won’t use their first pick on him. I’d really love to see him in Seattle.

      • Volume12

        That’s kinda the issue. It’s hard enough learning an NFL defense. Can you imagine if a team drafts him and asks him to do 4 or 5 different things at a high level?

        • LA_Hawks

          I think that he could be for this defense what Earl was for the LOB, a big x factor

          • Volume12

            We’ll agree to disagree. No way would I want to see this team trade up for a coverage LB, can find those later, or a safety that lacks a presence. Kind of already have those.

            You gotta have a plan for him. And even then, come year two or so, PC ain’t getting creative. Carroll is what he is at this stage.

            • LA_Hawks

              Well I think he is more than that. But I agree that Pete maybe isn’t the right coach to use Simmons’ full potential. Don’t know if they are even interested in integrating such a player.

              • Volume12

                I think he can be more than that too. Just not right away.

  79. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Touched base with someone close to #Titans free agent CB Logan Ryan, one of the top players available. The versatile DB is open to entertaining all offers and will consider a short term deal. I’m told he won’t take less than $10M per year he earned last year.
    10:15 AM · Mar 19, 2020

    “Hear that Hollywood? The boy wants to work!”

    • Volume12

      3 for $30 mil

  80. cha

    Brady Henderson
    A Seahawks update as we await word on Jadeveon Clowney: I’m told they’ll likely re-sign G Jordan Simmons after non-tendering him. A possible explanation for that is the ERFA tender doesn’t allow for a spit salary, which would make sense for him as he spent last year on IR (knee).
    9:53 AM · Mar 19, 2020

    I’m guessing he meant “split salary” LOL

    • EmperorMA

      Maybe he’s hoping we sign him for spit?

      • Paul Cook

        I actually saw some real potential in Jordan Simmons a few years ago. Then the injuries…

        • EmperorMA

          Me, too. Would love to have him for depth, but those injuries trump those flashes from yore and he shouldn’t get a great deal over the league minimum because of them.

          • Paul Cook

            I’m not football coach or talent scout, but that stretch of games he played a few years ago I thought to myself…is this guy inexplicably one of our starting guards for the coming years?


            • Greg Haugsven

              I remember two of the games he started we rushed for over 200 yards. He is great as a spot starter but he cant stay healthy for nothing. Good to have as a back up for sure.

              • off.grid.iron

                He’s the undisputed, heavyweight champion of Prosise.

            • STTBM

              But he was horrific in pass pro. We ran for 200 yards because we couldnt trust him to pass pro for 2 seconds. He had potential, but hes been injured since HS.

  81. RWIII

    Every year New England loses good players. But almost every year the Patroits are favorites in the AFC(Partially because they play Buffalo, the Jets and the Bills twice a year). I understand this year they are losing Brady. But I still see the Patroits winning 10 or 11 games. How does Belichick do it. Many reasons. One reason is Brady. Another reason is even though they lose top players in free agency they still manage to get comp picks. The Patroits like the Seahawks trade down and acquire more picks. Or they can target a player and move up. Also Belichick’s football IQ is OFF THE CHARTS. He is in another league when it comes to football knowledge. Belichick is always ahead of the curve. Example: Belichick was ahead of the curve when it can to two-tight end offenses and having slot receivers. Now I believe that Belichick is fascinated with mobile QBs. It would not surprise me if New England ends up with Jalen Hurst. Belichick would love to acquire Jordan Love. But Love will be off the board before the Patroits get a chance to snag him.

    • Kingdome1976

      Funny. I was thinking the same thing about Hurts in NE

    • Volume12

      That defense is consistently one of the best and most underrated year after year as well.

      BB plays situational football better than anyone.

    • Gohawks5151

      Mobile QBs have been a chink in his armor. His philosophy is to take away what the opposing Offense does best and its more difficult if the QB is a threat to run and pass. Russ has always played well vs Bill. Kap had a huge game against them. Lamar last year. Deshaun and Mahomes too. This is his first shot at moving the offense in that direction should he choose. I don’t think it will be Hurts though. Still have to run the basics of his playbook and Hurts is not very accurate.

  82. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    FWIW, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo just reported there’s basically nothing going on with Yannick Ngakoue with any team anywhere. Salary and what Jags want in a trade not moving needle for anyone right now.

    • mishima

      I think Ngakoue’s just having fun. Good on him.

  83. Sea Mode

    FWIW as we twiddle our thumbs…

    Pro Football Network’s NFL Insider Ben Allbright is reporting that several teams have inquired about Ngakoue and are interested in making a deal with Jacksonville. Those teams include the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, and the New York Jets. The Philadelphia Eagles have also checked in on Ngakoue. But their level of interest is unclear at the moment.

    • Rob Staton

      Not the most reliable source IMO.

      Tony & Garofolo the two to focus on.

    • Denver Hawker

      Not surprised by this list. They need to find a trade partner and the leverage today is the best it’ll get. Otherwise he pulls a Clowney and they get desperate and forced to give away for nothing. His salary demands , not unlike Clowney, are probably forcing this deal to not get done right now.

    • cha

      I think we can read this as “Jax isn’t getting what they want in a trade offer and/or Yannick isn’t getting what he wants in an extension so let’s put the Bat signal out and see if anyone else is out there”

      • EmperorMA

        If that’s the case, he might as well take the tag salary for the year if the demand/$$$ isn’t there.

        He’s likely to get as good or better offer next year and make more money this year in JAX than he would have going to another team.

        • HawkfaninMT

          Maybe? Playing on the tag sounds fine and good when you consider one gets to re-enter the following year and have another bite at the apple. But there is also very little security in the tag long term (obviously), but also the possibility that without Calais there, and with an improved offense (yes i think Minshew looked better than Foles) his numbers dip, and his subsequent salary demands may have to go down 9see melving Gordon)

          • Greg Haugsven

            I like Tony and a couple others but most of it is BS. All you have to do is say anything you want then add “per source” somewhere in it and it sounds credible.

            • EmperorMA

              Probably more an issue of what the Jags are asking for in return, IMHO.

  84. drewdawg11

    I have to give the league credit for a somewhat controversial topic: As Rob pointed out, there were so many people who thought very highly of their own opinions, who said that the league should push back the start of the league year. Having been stuck at home this week, it has been a calming element of my day to have NFL Network or ESPN on in the background, even if there has been way too much Brady talk. I am so appreciative to have something else to think about. This blog is the best part of it because we all get to interact and talk Seahawks football. Thank you Rob for creating a truly unique and wonderful thing.

    • cha

      Well it was reported that the NFL tried to push it back and the NFLPA said no. (if you believe Florio…ahem…)

      But as it typically goes, the shrieking minority crying ‘won’t someone please think of the children!’ were proven to be wrong. I haven’t heard much of anything since the legal tampering period that someone is losing big money or the league is losing ratings or looking bad.

      • Von

        Yeah, Florio thinks he’s the moral authority of the average football fan. He’s a jackass.

    • Rob Staton

      Agree completely. All that bollocks about it being tone-deaf to start free agency. It’s been massive, welcome distraction that many people needed right now. The media should spend less time telling us what to think and more time doing their jobs (and I say that as a full-time sports journalist).

  85. Coleslaw

    If we cut K.J. I would like to get Vontaze Burfict.

    I threw up in my mouth typing that…

    • drewdawg11

      He’s always played inside backer, not outside. I don’t think he could cover a TE if he had to.

  86. Coleslaw

    There are plenty of cheap vet DT options left.

    Damon Harrison
    Mike Daniels
    Margus Hunt
    Dontari Poe
    Al Woods
    Timmy Jernigan
    Austin Johnson
    And more

  87. BDub54

    Wow. Rams release Todd Gurley

  88. Ghost Mutt

    Wow, Rams cut Gurley.

    • drewdawg11

      Rams also going to cut Clay Mathews.

      • Ghost Mutt

        Thought he had a good year, surprised they’re cutting him for 3.75m cap savings. Gotta pay Jalen I suppose.

        • Hawk Mock

          Probably just freeing up money for Clowney

    • Lewis

      Is Gurley hurt?

      • Ghost Mutt

        Arthritis in his knee. Such a shame but at least he got his second contract.

    • mishima

      Unfortunate for Gurley, but smart and necessary move.

    • DC

      Lot of dead money. What a terrible contract that was for them.

      • STTBM

        Shaun Alexander redux. Had to pay him, didnt want to. Injury wrecked everything.

  89. HawkfaninMT

    I will be the first to say it…

    Gurley at the right price would be pretty cool! I realize the rams would have kept him if he was what used to be. Will be curious to see what the market says his price is… But he would be a great addition to the offense in the committee approach they have taken. It would allow for Penny to start the season on the PUP, and would be a nice hedge on the assumption that one of the 3 would more than likely be injured by week 7 when Penny will be back

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Think I’d rather have Melvin Gordon, honestly

      • HawkfaninMT

        At the same price, I agree. I feel like Gurley will come in cheaper than Gordon.

        Man Houston has got to be kicking themselves (beyond the basic stupidity of the trade), seeing Gurley on the market so soon after they just traded for David johnson? Sheesh

  90. Sean

    I would love to sign Gurley to a prove it deal.

    • rowlandice

      I would not want Gurley at all. They didn’t just cut him because of the money. He inefective AND expensive.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Wonder if Goff can survive without him. His numbers arent that good without a great run game. Rams losing a lot of players and I like it. Not much draft stock either.

  91. Greg Haugsven

    I wonder if Clay could be an option to reunite with his former coach. He had 8 sacks last year so maybe? Dude is dirty but maybe you think different of him if he is on your team.

    • Henry Taylor

      I hate that guy, would really prefer not to.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Maybe a 50/50 split at Leo between him and Bruce to keep them fresh?

      • Greg Haugsven

        I dont really care for him either but i can over look that if he can get us some sacks.

  92. STTBM

    Harrison and Poe are washed up. Daniels was very good, but GB hasnt resigned him, and thats concerning. Hunt is not great, Jernigan merely a rotational piece. Seattle doesnt want to pay much, especially looking at what they may have to pay to two pass rushers. I expect DT to be addressed after DE and LEO, and in the draft early.

    • STTBM

      Sigh.meant to reply to Coleslaw.

    • DAWGfan

      Poe #’s last year were better than league average for the position. HIs 4 sacks were the most since 2014. And he is only 29. He would be a a solid piece to the Hawks d-line rotation.

      • dcd2

        I agree on Poe. I think he’s a realistic option depending on salary. They might go a cheaper route, but he’d be a good addition on a shorter contract.

    • Coleslaw

      That’s what I’m saying. A cheap bet DT. We need at least 2 more so another FA and a draft pick are almost guaranteed.

  93. Simo

    Dang, I know we need to be patient, but this high stakes game of chicken with Clowney and the Jags/Ngakoue is getting kind of scary! If Griffen gets signed by someone then we’ve only got two of the remaining three left on the board.

    It will be interesting to see what market develops for Gurley. Understand why the Rams made this move, but it’s still surprising. Guess they were really in salary cap hell after all, and had no choice after the other moves they made this week.

    Also, a really cool market for Robbie Anderson. Any takers as WR3?

    • Sea Mode

      I watched his highlights a couple days ago and was not impressed. Would rather grab John Hightower on day 3 if it came to that.

    • Kingdome1976

      Would love Robbie on the team. I think he would fit well and be a big play threat. How much though? I don’t think I would go over 12 million per with such a strong WR draft.

      • Greg MI Haugsven

        Absolutely no thanks for Robby Anderson. Our receiving options are fine and can add through the draft or even look for much lower cost options. There is zero chance they would go after Anderson.

        • Simo

          I’m not so sure there zero chance, especially if all the free agent DL options dry up and they end up having to fix the pass rush via the draft. JS/PC love to go bargain hunting, as evidenced by the slew of offensive linemen they signed this week.

          Could not imagine them going over $6m for him though.

      • dcd2

        That’s way too much IMO. I don’t think he’ll even be a consideration, honestly.

    • STTBM

      Robbie is a scumbag! Seriously, not someone you want on your team. This is the guy pulled over for going waaay over the speed limit who threatened a cop hed do something evil to his wife–and somehow got away with it!

      This guy is not good enough to take a chance on.

  94. Aaron

    Sean Payton has Coronavirus

    • Coleslaw

      Think it’s because they started the league year on time?

    • TomLPDX

      Wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Get well coach.

  95. Michael P Matherne

    Clay Matthews just became available. I’d add him to the rotation if it’s not too expensive. Did he and Everson Griffin play together under Pete?

    • Kingdome1976

      Can’t stand Matthews. No thanks to that guy.

    • Aaron

      Clay Matthews is a total d-bag, hard pass.

      • Michael P Matherne

        I actually met him at the airport once and he seemed like a decent dude. Wasn’t an asshole or anything at least. I don’t really keep up with the non-football stories around the league. Is there something he’s done that I don’t know about?

        • BobbyK

          I’ve never heard anything bad about him. People just hate him around here because he played for the Packers. There are plenty of players we probably couldn’t stand on our own team if they played for someone else, too. As long as a guy hasn’t ever had problems with the law or a proven team cancer – why hate on them?

          • STTBM

            Hes a dirty player, Bobby. Did you not see the elbow to Wilsons head way late in the play, in the game where he broke his jaw? And thats how he plays. And hes gotten worse as he slowly loses his speed. Pass!

  96. SoCal12

    According to Corbin Smith we are also looking at Benson Mayowa and Jabal Sheard as some veteran pass rushers.

    • Simo

      Wow, there’s a couple names that will get all the 12’s excited!!

      • Kingdome1976

        What do they call it? Pass rush by committee? Hope not.

    • Troy

      The scenes when Irvin and Mayowa are our big defensive end signings of the offseason.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure I’d have the energy to carry on the blog up to the draft.

        • Troy

          In this reality you would carry on and with the 27th selection in the 2020 draft the Seattle Seahawks select Salvon Ahmed, Running Back, WA.

          Over to Mel

          “Well this kid has speed. Up and down career at Washington but he lacks wear and tear. I think he could be a very good runner here. Might be a bit of a reach but I spoke to some scouts and they thought he would go higher than people were thinking.”

          Other people around the table blankly stare at Mel at the BS he just pushed.

          Thats how this reality would play out.

  97. Sea Mode

    At least he’s taking it with some humor…

    Todd Gurley II

    Damn I got fired on my day off 😂 #QuaratineAndChill

  98. EmperorMA

    I think Clowney and Nkagoue are waiting each other out. Last man standing as a top-tier DE has quite a bit of leverage with needy teams.

  99. Kingdome1976

    At what point do we simply just give up on Clowney? We eventually will have to spend the money on another DE right? What happens if Griffin and Yannick get taken and Clowney is still holding out for 21+ million per and we don’t want to pay it? What then?

    We need to take action soon or lose all

  100. CaptainJack

    Per Corbin Smith..:

    The Seahawks are “looking at” free agents Benson Mayowa and Jabaal Sheard.

    I think we can forget two big acquisitions. Sounds like the Seahawks intend on resigning Clowney, one more smaller name, and moving to the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Why? Because Corbin Smith has linked them to two other names?

      And if that is their plan, next season is going to be a hoot. Can’t wait to see who they lose to in the wildcard or divisional round on the road.

      • Kingdome1976

        Well that won’t happen right?

        We all kind of just assumed Clowney would be back and then we would get another stud DE. I am starting to think the FO has other ideas about how to win next year. More firepower on offense maybe?

        • Rob Staton

          Nope. They spelled it out to us. Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush.

          People don’t need to start creating theories about team building.

          They’re just not getting the moves done. And it’s time to start getting them done.

          • Troy

            Exactly this. Guys are there. Irvin isnt a bad one as long as we bring two others in and Irvin is that guy who comes on with those 2 pieces. Otherwise things went wrong. Especially looking at the OL signings weve made. As long as we get 2 guys in its all good. Otherwise, well yeah I dont want to go there yet.

          • Kingdome1976

            I know. I just don’t get what they are waiting for. The dominos are falling one by one and I’m getting a little nervous.

            Are we really going to let Clowney get signed somewhere else for 1-2 million more than what we want to pay? Are his injuries more substantial than we thought? Is Jax asking to much for Yannick, or is Yannick asking to much for a contract? Does Griffin really just want to go back to Minn?

            Something needs to give soon or we are in trouble

        • SonGoku

          Don’t think Pete Carrolls plan is “more firepower on offense”
          Somehow their actions and the talking before don’t really match. Would be nice to know what their plan is/was.

          • Kingdome1976

            I agree. I don’t think the plan is more firepower. All I know is besides possibly Matos/Okwara there is literally nobody in the draft this year that we can hope will turn into a stud DE.

            Clowney obviously thinks he’s worth a whole lot more than teams are willing to pay. I mean come on man, you had 3 sacks last missed games..and you are injured with no possibility of team doctors to check you out. My guess is he signs a 1-2 year deal for some team for 18-20 million per and than signs a bigger deal later. Which is fine by me as long as we are the team that signs him.

        • EmperorMA

          I’d be down with increased firepower on offense but so far we have two rehabbing RBs and Travis Homer along with a #3 WR who could have easily been cut, and essentially nothing for a #4 WR. We have an OK #1 and #2 WR, a decent TE contingent … but that is about it. With that, we have added three very middling OL to the roster, and that’s it. We’ve lost two of the same and nice rotational member of the DL. At this point in time, I’d say we’ve taken a step back from this past season. Our best defensive player isn’t even on contract, for heaven’s sake.

          The draft is no way to win now. With the Seahawks’ track record, it is barely a way to win in the long term. When we were at our height, there were splash moves in the off-season … Harvin, Graham, Bennett, Avril. They need to score some big-time help on defense (or offense) and hope they can get at least one or two contributors through the draft to make any sort of a step forward.

          • Kingdome1976

            ‘Our best defensive player isn’t even on contract, for heaven’s sake.’

            Wait…Bobby is not on contract?

            • EmperorMA

              For pass rush, I would argue against Bobby as #1, and pass rush is the most important thing for the modern NFL defense.

            • EmperorMA

              It is why DE contracts usually pay about twice as much as LB.

      • Pran

        Or they might trade mid season based on how things are progressing..

        • Greg Haugsven

          Most likely if a team trades for Ngakoue it will be right before the draft. There is no rush for the Jaguars to do it now unless they get blown away.

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