Wednesday notes: Seahawks eyeing Khalil Hodge?

Seahawks looking at Buffalo linebacker

Tony Pauline is at the Shrine game practises this week and he’s reporting interest from the Seahawks in Khalil Hodge:

“Hodge is an explosive run defender. A lot of people think the Seattle Seahawks are very high on him.”

I’ve watched some of Buffalo’s games today and there’s a lot to like. Hodge does a relatively good job dropping into coverage with light feet. He’s tough and physical and looks big. He’s not the fastest in terms of straight-line speed (would expect a forty in the 4.6’s or 4.7’s) but he gets around the field well for his size.

He also has a backstory that will appeal to Seattle. He didn’t receive much interest out of High School so rather than join a Division-II program he opted to play a year of JUCO. After one season at San Francisco City he moved to Buffalo where he averaged over 10-tackles a game and had 420 total tackles in three seasons (plus 21 TFL’s and three interceptions).

A captain for the Bulls, Hodge has also had to battle adversity recently. His younger brother was shot dead aged 19 in 2017.

Buffalo published the video below during the pre-season. It’s a good look at Hodge on and off the field. You can see his personality fitting in Seattle. Testing will be vital. The Seahawks focus a lot on athleticism and profile at linebacker in the draft. The short shuttle, forty, explosive testing, measurements. It all matters. It’s also worth noting K.J. Wright ran a 4.75. They valued his length, physicality and character.

Hodge is a name to look out for and could provide the Seahawks with a tough, run-defending option at linebacker in the middle rounds.

A quick reminder — Tony Pauline also reported recently the Seahawks have strong interest in Mississippi State’s massive, physical cornerback Jamal Peters. He certainly looks the part as a Seattle corner with great length and size.

T.J. Hockenson is one to watch

We’re going to see a run on tight ends at some point in this draft. It could happen in a similar way to the running back class of 2018 (not that this TE group is the same level of talent as the 2018 RB’s). It’ll likely happen in the late first or early second round.

A proper order is hard to determine at the moment. The position has changed so much. Some teams like the traditional multi-faceted TE who can block and catch some passes. Others will target what amounts to a ‘big’ slot receiver and a mismatch weapon. Testing results are vital these days unless, like the Seahawks a year ago, you’re looking for a pure blocker at the start of day three.

Noah Fant is expected to have a big combine but had an underwhelming final year at Iowa where he was usurped by T.J. Hockenson (who we’ll come onto in a minute). Alabama’s Irv Smith Jr. is a pure ‘big slot’ and his father is a former first round pick at tight end. He isn’t expected to run particularly well at the combine but teams will admire his ability to move the chains.

Stanford’s Kaden Smith should test well. Vanderbilt’s Jared Pinkney and Notre Dame’s Alize Mack will also be monitored.

Hockenson, for me, is the best of the bunch.

He caught my eye in the Bowl game against a tough Mississippi State defense. He’s effortless in his ability to progress to the second level and get open. On one snap he had Johnathan Abram for dinner — pulling off a neat little break to separate and provide an easy target for the QB. It’s that type of move that gets you out of your seat. This guy can play, he can get open, he can be dynamic.

Hockenson had a big impact in the second half against Mississippi State to secure an solid win for the Hawkeye’s. I wanted to see more so watched the games against Wisconsin and Penn State. There were plenty of examples of his smooth transition to the second level and his ability to find pockets of space to get open or to separate when he’s engaged by a defender. He tracks the ball very well and even has enough speed to take the top off a defense and get downfield.

For a team wanting to take deep shots like the Seahawks, he’d be an excellent weapon. Especially when paired with speed on the outside. If you have your receivers settle in on short-to-intermediate routes, Hockenson can get in behind. If you run some go-routes to open up the middle, Hockenson should be able to find a zone to provide an option.

There’s even evidence of savviness in the scramble drill:

The big question is — can he block? Because the Seahawks want blockers. They spent two years trying to make Jimmy Graham the complete TE, then made him a red zone specialist. They’re not going back to that. It’s why they rolled with a combo of Will Dissly, Ed Dickson, Nick Vannett and George Fant in 2018.

They’ll like the offense Hockenson played in because it’s very run-centric and there are some familiar concepts. Hockenson is often lined up like an orthodox TE. He’s frequently asked to stay in and block. There are occasional whiffs where you’d like to see him hold position a little better and stick. There were occasions were defenders slipped him a bit too easily. It’s to be expected though given he’s listed at 6-5 and 250lbs (Dissly was 262lbs at his combine).

On the whole, however, you see a lot of effort. A real willingness to block. And at times, you see incredible violence and a nasty edge.

Look at this thread courtesy of Michael Kist:

You can work with this level of attitude.

I don’t know whether the Seahawks would be in the market for an early pick at tight end. A year ago they traded down from #18 to #27 and took Rashaad Penny — kicking off a run on running backs. Would they make a similar move from #21 and kick off a run on tight ends? Maybe.

It all depends on what happens with the defensive linemen. The expectation is at least 10 D-liners will go in the first frame. Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, Clelin Ferrell, Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence, Jachai Polite and Ed Oliver will almost certainly be off the board by #21. Assuming the Seahawks trade back into the 20’s or 30’s — there’s no question they’ll be all gone. If you include Josh Allen as an EDGE/DL he’ll be gone too.

We’ll have to see what happens with Jeffery Simmons. I’ve started to think one of two things will happen. Either he’ll go in the top-15 because the talent warrants it. Or he’ll fall badly because of the High School incident and in that scenario — the Seahawks will simply be one of the teams to let him fall.

Dre’Mont Jones, Jaylon Ferguson, Jerry Tillery, Montez Sweat, Brian Burns, D’Andre Walker and others could also go in the top-40 range. But as the names come off the board, the Seahawks would have to decide how to work the board in their favour. Do they identify a D-liner they really like in the #25-40 range? Very possible. It could also be that they see better value elsewhere.

If that’s the case, someone like T.J. Hockenson could come into view.

Free agency will be interesting. One way or another, they’ll need to sign a hedge for the draft. That’ll be at both defensive tackle and end. They need depth, competition and playmaking quality on defense. If they find great value and can land a couple of prize additions in a repeat of the Bennett/Avril heist of 2013 — it possibly opens things up in the draft. So we’ll see how the situation plays out.

Hockenson’s intriguing though. I’m not convinced the Seahawks would take any of the other TE’s early. He could provide a possible longer-term alternative to Ed Dickson plus some security as Will Dissly recovers from injury and with Nick Vannett a free agent after the 2019 season. It’s something to consider, even if they eventually just draft a defensive lineman with their first pick.

Michael Deiter is really good

It’s looking like a particularly weak offensive tackle class (at least in terms of round one). The guard class will be boosted by tackles kicking inside (Greg Little, Jawaan Taylor, Jonah Williams). However, my favourite guard so far is Wisconsin’s Michael Deiter.

I put him in the top-40 of my last mock on January 8th. I wanted to repeat what I wrote about him a few days ago:

He’s about 6-5 and 320lbs. He switched from left tackle to guard and he looks at home in the role. He previously had limitations against speed and the top athletes working the edge. Now he excels as a terrific interior mauler. He gets into blocks quickly and is very capable of locking on at the second level. He plays with a nasty edge and will often play to the whistle (and beyond) and bury defenders into the ground. He anchors well and you rarely see him jolted off the LOS allowing penetration into the backfield. There’s evidence of him pulling to the right and sealing blocks in the run game.

I think the Seahawks will re-sign J.R. Sweezy and D.J. Fluker and another early pick on a guard seems unlikely (especially given the growing pains they’ve experienced with younger offensive linemen in recent years). That said, Deiter looks like a solid second round grade to me and a player with the attitude and potential to be a pro for many years.

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  1. MCGruff

    Another guy to check out that Pauline mentioned is NIU edge Sutton Smith. Hes not at the Shrine, but training nearby un preparation for the combine.

    Mid round SAM prospect is Sutton Smith from NIU. Played a lot of down lineman at 240 pounds, but makes some nicest open field reads and plays to project to linebacker.

    Excellent bend as an outisde rusher, but pure speed rusher. No counters to speak of. But does a great job at bending low around the edge, and shows good awareness of strip sacking the QB line Avril.

    Hes a skinny legged 240. A lot of strength in the upper body, but need to develop his base.

    Relentless in pursuit. High effort player, and not just because hes white.

    Super quick anticipating and bursting off the snap.

    Wrecks when he tackles.

    Will be an excellent special teamer.

    Will probably be an excellent tester.

  2. MCGruff

    Another name to watch from Pauline. Not at the Shrine but practicing nearby.

    Mid round SAM prospect is Sutton Smith from NIU. Played a lot of down lineman at 240 pounds, but makes some nicest open field reads and plays to project to linebacker.

    Excellent bend as an outisde rusher, but pure speed rusher. No counters to speak of. But does a great job at bending low around the edge, and shows good awareness of strip sacking the QB line Avril.

    Hes a skinny legged 240. A lot of strength in the upper body, but need to develop his base.

    Relentless in pursuit. High effort player, and not just because hes white.

    Super quick anticipating and bursting off the snap.

    Wrecks when he tackles.

    Will be an excellent special teamer.

    Will probably be an excellent tester.

  3. Sea Mode

    Great notes, Rob.

    Free agency will be interesting. One way or another, they’ll need to sign a hedge for the draft. That’ll be at both defensive tackle and end.

    Looks like they’ve already gotten a head start on that:

    Meder, listed at 6 feet 2, 308 pounds, started 15 games for the Browns in 2016 and two more in 2017, but was waived in the cut down to a 53-man roster last September and did not play in 2018. He suffered a high ankle sprain late in the 2017 season that ended his year after 10 games. Before that injury, he was rated by Pro Football Focus as the second-best run-stopping defensive tackle in the NFL.

    “Jamie Meder is probably one of the best run players in the National Football League,” Cleveland defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said before the 2018 season, according to

    • C-Dog

      I like to the Meder signing a lot. Really good run defender when healthy, and still fairly young. I could see him sticking as part of a rotation. They brought him in for a workout mid season, but he may not have been fully healed from the injury he was coming off.

    • Sea Mode


      DT Jamie Meder, who was one of the best run-stuffing DTs
      LB Kahlil Hodge, a beast vs. the run
      CB Jamal Peters, a physical corner that can tackle

      I think we might be seeing a certain off-season priority take shape from the get-go: stopping the run.

      I can only imagine PC is NOT HAPPY with the Seahawks ranking T-31st in YPC allowed at 4.9. That’s up from 4.0 from 2017 (#14) and 3.4 in 2016 (#1). His whole defensive philosophy is to make the opponent one-dimensional by stopping the run, prevent explosive plays, and make them beat us with long, sustained drives while unleashing the pass rush and looking for turnovers.

      We’ve gotta get back to who we were. This season, the run game identity was restored on offense. Next season, will shutting down opponent’s run game be the priority?

      • Rob Staton

        Better run defense will absolutely be a priority.

        They also need more speed/pass rush/depth too.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely Seamode. Have to think that stat keeps Pete awake at night. The injuries to KJ and Kendrick’s really hurt IMO and MIngo did not do a great job setting an edge either. Seemed like the opposing team RB or WR on Jet sweeps were able to get the corner a lot more often than I remember with a PC team.

        The loss of Sherm also didn’t help. He was an under rated part of the run defense. I think Flowers will be a similar type of run defender but Griffin really struggled in that regard and that is why I think they are looking hard at a guy like Jamal Peters.

  4. cha

    That driving block thread was a blast to watch. Get outta my way!

    How about a dream scenario of the Hawks trading down, drafting Hockenson and Simmons slipping ala Jarran Reed and the Hawks using some of their trade down loot to go and get him.

  5. Sea Mode


    Frank Clark

    I wouldn’t lie to you guys. I played the whole season at 60%

    Trust me I hid it well. ♊️

    Two torn UCL’s in one season. Both against the Minnesota Vikings.

    I ain’t have no elbows mane

    If y’all only knew 😂😂😂

    I didn’t make an excuse, no one should ever.

    15 Jan 2019

    • Aaron

      I remember him holding his arm in that game like something happened there or to his wrist or hand. Man, what a beast. We gotta keep this guy long term.

      • BobbyK

        Both wrists were hurt in training camp if you remember, too. Could definitely have his best football ahead of him. After seeing the attitude of guys like Sherman after he got his big payday, it’s tough to trust guys. Not many guys like Bobby Wagner who keep so dedicated after getting their big bucks. As I’ve seen, there’s a big difference between guys who are at 99% vs. 100%.

        • Ishmael

          That’s deeply unfair to Sherman who continued to play through some very nasty injuries even after he’d been paid.

  6. DC

    Rob – what range do you see Austin Bryant being in? Think he could be a potential bookend to go w/ Clark? I’m thinking potentially early-mid 2nd after a couple trade backs?

    • Rob Staton

      R2-3 I think. Combine is big for him.

  7. Nick

    Seattle’s interest in Khalil Hodge makes a ton of sense. They cannot be happy with their run defense from last season. They will want to improve upon that. They already know that Jarran Reed and Poona Ford give them an excellent DT combo to do just that. Those hogs up front will keep the linebackers clean, but Bobby Wagner can only do so much. And if they can’t get a good deal with KJ (or even if they can, he’s not exactly injury-proof) it makes sense for them to go after a sure tackler, who takes great angles to the ball (very similar to KJ).

    • Rob Staton

      As much as I like Poona and Reed, it still feels like they need more. Wagner had his best season playing behind a top talent like Sheldon Richardson. We probably won’t get a guy like that but I’d still hope they can find another Tony McDaniel.

      • Nick

        Don’t disagree. I think they need to at least draft one DT. But as starters, Poona and Jarran lay a very solid foundation for a top 5 run defense.

        • Rob Staton

          Hope so. I need to see it before I can believe it though. After a decent stretch mid-season, the run-D collapsed and those two players were part of the rotation.

          • Nick

            Fair. Point taken.

          • Trevor

            Rob do you think the poor run defense was from DT play? I think it may have been more the SAM and WIL being unable to set an edge and prevent opposing teams for getting the corner. Seems like there were a lot more long runs on the edges than up the middle.

            • Rob Staton

              I think the D-line at DT’s played a part, yes.

            • C-Dog

              I seem to remember a lot of chunk yardage given up on broken contains from the ends, LBs and at all times the DBs. I thought Seattle’s front got better when Poona was inserted more in December. Agree with Rob, though. Seattle can use another strong two gap DT. Meder might be a nice start towards that direction.

            • Eburgz

              I agree that the soft spot in our run defense in 2018 was on the edge. I’ve got no evidence of that besides my memory, would love to see some stats to corroborate or disprove me. we seemed much better up the middle and in short yardage.

              I think the defensive ends, Mingo (the SAM) & the SS play the biggest roles in setting the edge and corners containing the edge. Up to the Mike and Will to clean up if the other guys do their job but don’t make the play. I like our corners in the run game (if I blank out quills tackle attempt against zeke). Clark & McDougald aren’t going anywhere, that leaves the SAM and DE opposite Clark as spots where we can improve against outside runs. I also think switching McDougald to FS and playing Hill at SS would help in the run game. I distinctly remember Hill setting the edge well (almost like Kam used to) on a couple different plays late in the year when Tedric was out.

              My solution to the outside run problem? Resign K.J. Wright, switch McDougald to FS and play Hill at SS. Draft or sign a stout DE to play opposite Clark (Zach Allen please) then replace Mingo with a SAM that can set the edge and make a tackle (Deandre Walker or similar type). Boom problem solved.

              • C-Dog

                I’m actually a fan of the idea of moving Bradley to FS and having Delano start at SS. Delano was a spark towards the end of the season before he got injured. .

      • Duceyq

        How about a cap casualty like Calais Campbell? Would love to see him in that role along with edge help in Clay Mathews.

        • Rob Staton

          Jags more likely to cut Dareus

  8. Sea Mode

    Re-posting the Shrine Game Day 2 consensus standouts in case anyone wants to look into some of these guys:

    QB- Jordan Ta’amu (3), Brett Rypien (2), Marcus McMaryion (2)
    OL- Lamont Gaillard (4), Tyler Jones (3), Bunchy Stallings (2)
    RB- Ty Johnson (4), Jordan Ellis (3), Devine Ozigbo (2)
    WR- Terry Godwin (7), KeeSean Johnson (7), Jamal Custis (5), DaMarkus Lodge (3), Terry Wright (3)
    TE- CJ Conrad (3), Matt Sokol (2), Andrew Beck (2), Kendall Blanton (2)

    DT- Daniel Wise (7), Daylon Mack (7), Kevin Wilkins (6), Chris Slayton (3), Cortez Broughton (3), Ricky Walker (3)
    DE- Mathieu Betts (4), Kyle Phillips (4), Derick Roberson (2)
    LB- Ulysses Gilbert III (6), Sione Takitaki (4), Cole Holcomb (2), Joe Dineen (2)
    CB- Jimmy Moreland (5), Montre Hartage (4), Jordan Wyatt (3)
    S- Adarius Pickett (2), Andrew Wingard (2)

    K- Matthew Gay (2)
    P- Jack Fox (2)

    Shrine Game 2019 Consensus Standouts

    Day 3 is also already in the works (see different tabs at the bottom). Sounds like Temple DT Michael Dogbe is the one lighting it up so far today.

    • Volume12

      What are the #’s in parentheses?

      • Sea Mode

        How many people on the spreadsheet mentioned the player as a standout for that day.

        Higher number = greater consensus.

  9. MCGruff

    Seahawks have also been visiting with WR Terry Godwin of GeorgiA.

    Polished, experienced slot receiver who could make an instant impact. Good short area quicks, limited athletic upside.

  10. DC

    It still feels like we are 2 off seasons away from having the kind of depth we are hoping will carry us to a championship. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen as 2018 was much better than I anticipated. Still plenty of needs. Just keep adding talented players.

    DL, OL, TE, WR, LB, DB. If they draft a RB with the first pick I will be surprised. Hopefully I’m not drinking anything when the selection is announced or it’s coming out my nose. They have been pretty good at finding value in FA on defense.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you’re right DC. This will probably take two off-seasons to get to peak ability to compete.

      They can and will be better in 2019. But optimal ‘contender’ level is probably 2020.

    • cha

      Feels like they’d have to hit big on a few moves to advance the clock of good–>great D from 2020 to 2019.

      Reed and Clark at least duplicating their 2018 seasons.

      Green taking a major step forward.

      Martin being a great situational pass rusher, 6-8 sacks and some pressure.

      Griffin and Flowers not regressing.

      FA run pluggers being very effective.

      Scoring a market inefficiency FA pass rusher that really contributes.

      Naz fitting into the 5tech well.

      LB/DL draft pick making an impact ahead of schedule.

      No major injuries.

    • Trevor

      I think you nailed it DC. That is why I hope they use this off season to identify who they want as the core (Wilson, Wags, Clark, Reed and the Guards hopefully) get these guys locked up with our cap space. Have a solid draft this year and then use 2019 season as a spring board into and SB run for 2020.

  11. millhouse-serbia

    Bad news for Seahawks and Kendriks. It isnt 1/24 anymore, now it is 4/4.

    • Rob Staton

      If the assumption is he doesn’t serve any time, it doesn’t really matter. Might even help. He might sign a one-year, cheap deal before going to court.

      • Rowdy

        I’m thinking he avoids jail time. He was up front and admitted guilt from the start and paid back everything. On top of that this wasnt an insider working the system it was a 21 yo who was told it was a great investment. Not saying he didnt know it was shady but he had no knowledge of how wall street works and I believe they take it easy on him. This is purely my opinion though

  12. Kenny Sloth

    Hockenson + Dissly?

    Im here for that TE look

    • cha

      Hockenson & Fant as bookend TEs on a super Jumbo power run package….*drools*

  13. JJ


    What range do you see Peters getting drafted at this point in the process. Do you see him as a round 3 or 5 type talent?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen him projected in that range. Might last because not a great record of playmaking.

  14. Sea Mode

    Possible addition to the end of the piece on Deiter:

    Jim Nagy

    The @seniorbowl is looking live at @RFootball vs. @BadgerFootball. Wisconsin #63 Michael Dieter (@MichaelDeiter) is a check-all-boxes 4-year starter with experience at LT, LG, and C. Same guy every tape. Reminds us of Zack Martin (@Cowboys), who came to Mobile and dominated.

    9:02 AM – 3 Nov 2018

  15. C-Dog

    I don’t think this probably further pushes along the need to find longer term answers at LB.

  16. David Ashton

    I think Okwuegbunam is returning to Mizz

    • Rob Staton

      Indeed he is. I’ve edited the piece to remove his name.

  17. Volume12

    Happy for Darrell Bevell. Gets to work with a very good O-line and will really play to Staftord’s strengths IMO.

    • OregonHawk

      Agreed, he was hampered here by Pete wanting a dominant running game … Which I believe in Pete, just think the two did not mesh

  18. JohnH

    So there’s a post up on FG about a TE from WVU named Trevon Wesco, and in it the author said that both Ed Dickson and Vannett did a poor job of blocking this year. I hadn’t heard any issues being noted for either of their blocking, is this a thing and I just missed it or?

  19. Adog

    To draft a tight end or to not…that is a question I have asked myself many times…alas I got a Jimmy who scored…but then limped away. I had a will…but no way to finish…other than prone and pulled to the sidelines. Then a nick that a Dickson who would not punt or drop kick that dead duck on side kick.

  20. SamL

    What round do you think hodge will go in? If we could get him in round three that would be insane. Imagine if we trade back, select sweat, then draft hodge and Peter’s in the 3rd. Idk about you but that sounds like a draft that would get us to the super bowl in 2020 if not 2019

    • Sea Mode

      I think Hodge will be early day 3, R4-R5 range, unless he shocks everyone and blows up the combine.

  21. clbradley17

    Everyone has been raving about Kansas DT Daniel Wise all week. Tony Pauline said “Daniel Wise of Kansas was unstoppable. You can basically name him ‘Daniel the Dominant’.” At the draft network – “Kansas Defensive Tackle Daniel Wise has been an absolute force this week at the East/West Shrine Game, impressing with his stout presence in the middle and his ability to get cleanly off of blocks.” Wise continues to stack up blockers and dominate in the middle after three days of practice Wise’s standout performances haven’t been all brawn, either. There’s been precision. Even in the one on one reps, Wise is shedding hands quickly and gracefully, suggesting that the 10 sacks and 28 tackles for loss he has scored in the last two seasons can translate.”

    6’5″ DE/LB Justin Hollins of Oregon is looking good:
    Justin Hollins just scorched past Ryan Pope for a would-be sack. Pope didn’t get to the second step and Holljns was already clear around the edge
    Justin Hollins from Oregon is super intriguing. Kinda raw all over but has played off and on the edge and has speed and bend. Awesome frame.
    @TonyPauline Jan 15
    Watching Justin Hollins/Oregon you can see its starting to click for him. A couple of nice plays against the run today.
    At – “His best moments at practice have come when he gets a chance to rush off the edge where his burst, bend and length truly stand out. He’s been a problem for offensive tackles to block all week and that continued on Wednesday.”

    Temple DT Michael Dogbe had a very good day, and again saw some very good things about LB Tre Watson of Maryland. From wed. east practice notes – “Maryland linebacker Tre Watson might have a little something. He’s been on fire the last two days, showing aggression and physicality against the run. Fun player who is earning significant praise from coaches here, with one telling him “you’re taking great angles, Tre, perfect!”. At – “Maryland LB Tre Watson, very good in coverage”

    Nebraska RB Devine has looked great all week, listed as 6’0″ 235 at Nebraska, has played closer to 220 at the Shrine game practices. At “Ozigbo is an extremely smooth mover with good feet and body control as a runner. He catches the ball cleanly and even won on a wheel route down the field in team drills today. Everything he does is natural and he stole the show offensively for the West team today.”

    Tony Pauline praised 5’10” 215 lb. Maryland RB Ty Johnson a couple times this week.
    @TonyPauline Jan 15
    Second day of Shrine practice underway. Ty Johnson/Maryland looked phenomenal in pass catching drills to start the morning.
    @TonyPauline 10 hours ago
    Ty Johnson/RB/Maryland looking good carrying the ball this morning. Tremendous short area quickness and footwork.
    @TonyPauline saw some serious ability from @T_Johns6 at the @Shrine_Game practices.
    His career stats:
    – 348 carries
    – 2635 yards
    – 7.6 yds/carry
    – 17 TD
    And on his day 2 podcast – “Ty Johnson was incredible. He was running routes like a polished receiver. His footwork was terrific.”

    Fresno St. WR Keesean Johnson has looked fantastic all week, but 2 other lesser known WRs have looked good as well. Tony Pauline had nothing but good things to say about 6’3″ 215 lb. Utah St. WR Ron’quavion Tarver in his podcast of day 1’s practice – good separation and route-running, caught the ball away from his body. At – “Utah State WR Ron’quavion Tarver caught my eye on a few occasions. He has a long and lean frame and he knows how to extend for the football. He had a nice red zone TD catch by elevating and high pointing the football while also faring well for himself on special teams reps.”

    And Tony Pauline praised little known Brody Oliver of Colorado School of Mines today – @TonyPauline 5 hours ago
    Credit to Brody Oliver/WR/CSU School of Mines who has improved immeasurably each practice.

    Very few DBs consistently had good days. Derek Baity of KY had a few good reps, and Tony also singled out Jordan Wyatt of SMU 6’0″ 195, who played sparingly in 2018 recovering from an ACL tear. Huge 2017 – four interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns, 49 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, a sack, eight pass breakups and three forced fumbles.
    @TonyPauline 5 hours ago
    Jordan Wyatt/CB/SMU having another strong practice.

  22. charlietheunicorn

    Remember the core philosophy of Seattle

    Run the ball and stop the run

    Players they are looking for will fit into this mantra.
    Positions that fit this mantra… on Offense: OG, TE and Defense: DT, DE, LB and SS

    I also think they have to address Kicker, but it is such a crap shoot drafting a guy…
    and the prospects in the FA market are not great (and affordable).

    This coincidently gets us to 7 picks in the draft and they currently have 4…. 3 more from somewhere? Perhaps they pick up some draft capitol by trading a RB or backup OG… for example.

  23. Ralphy

    Rob what do you think of Isaac Nauta TE Georgia? He was a five star recruit that signed with Georgia when Jacob Eason did. He has great hands and is a decent blocker. He was very underused once Fromm became their QB, probably because he doesn’t see great over the middle of the field. I know PC and JS like the former five stars.

  24. Ralphy

    Rob what do you think of Isaac Nauta TE Georgia? He was a five star recruit that signed with Georgia along with Jacob Eason. He has great hands and is a good blocker. He was under used once Fromm became QB probably because he doesn’t see over the middle of the field very well. I know PC and JS like those former five star recruits.

    • Rob Staton

      Not watched him, sorry

      • Ralphy

        You should check him out. Fromm hurt him but he is an outstanding athlete that could IMO be a third round target for the Hawks.

  25. Eburgz

    Thanks for the article Rob. Of the players I’ve watched TJ Hockenson & Michael Dieter are (so far) my favorite fits for the Seahawks on the offensive side of the ball. They would fit right in with what we want to do. would be stoked if we got one of these guys and I’d do a backflip if we somehow got both. Even though that means waiting to draft a defensive player until the middle/late rounds. The NFL is dominated by high powered offenses (just look at the teams playing this weekend). Let Pete do his magic on defense to at very least get us to average. We’ve had success drafting defenders in later rounds and have a solid core in place already with studs/leaders at all 3 levels. Reed/Clark, Bobby/Wright (hopefully) & McDougald leading the DB’s.

    I already know, “we need more speed, pass rush and depth on D”. Doesn’t everyone? We could still accomplish that with some of the guys already here taking a step forward (Resign KJ/Kendrick’s; development of young fast pass rushers Martin, Shaqueem; growth from young DL Jefferson, Naz, Poona, Jordan?; and expected development of the young athletic corners) add a couple savvy FA signings and mid/late round draft picks.

    • Rob Staton

      Unfortunately I think it’s too ambitious to expect the guys on the roster to be a solution on the front seven. It’s not good enough and needs to be better. They need to add one way or another.

  26. Sanders

    Khalil Hodge reminds me a little of Vontaze Burfict when he was coming out of Arizona State; both overweight/little muscle tone, but pure football players to the core. Hodge’s instincts and ability to shed lineman will more than make up for what I’m guessing will be poor combine #’s. Hodge would be a great fit with that dog mentality of Clark and Reed on defense.

  27. DHawk

    After watching Hockenson hurdle a few defenders, I dug around to see if I could get some info on his vertical. Sure enough, he played high school hoops…

    …that’s him slammin’ the ball home:


    • Sea Mode

      Wow, kid’s got hops!

  28. clbradley17

    Daniel Wise 6’3″ 290, had been the star of the Shrine game practice week, and may get called to play at the Senior Bowl like a couple players did last year. Tony Pauline tweeted “The way Daniel Wise is playing we might as well just nickname him Daniel the Dominant” The draft network wrote “Kansas Defensive Tackle Daniel Wise has been an absolute force this week at the East/West Shrine Game, impressing with his stout presence in the middle and his ability to get cleanly off of blocks. Wise continues to stack up blockers and dominate in the middle after three days of practice, even in the one on one reps, Wise is shedding hands quickly and gracefully, suggesting that the 10 sacks and 28 tackles for loss he has scored in the last two seasons can translate.” OptimumScouting said “Daniel Wise from Kansas moves with a ton of power and supplements that strength with an intensely high motor. Wise was finding the football in every drill and causing havoc on interior offensive lineman”

    Justin Hollins of Oregon is a big (6’5″ 245) fast DE/LB who’s been showing the speed and bend that’s needed for a pass-rusher, winning several one-on-ones this week. Tony Pauline tweeted Tue. “Watching Justin Hollins/Oregon you can see its starting to click for him. A couple of nice plays against the run today.” The draft network stated “Hollins has long arms and is well-proportioned. His best moments at practice have come when he gets a chance to rush off the edge where his burst, bend and length truly stand out. He’s been a problem for offensive tackles to block all week and that continued on Wednesday.” Justin Risdon tweeted out today “Justin Hollins just scorched past Ryan Pope for a would-be sack. Pope didn’t get to the second step and Holljns was already clear around the edge”

    DE/LB Malik Carney of NC, 6’3″ 245, has looked fast in the one-on-ones all week, and had 8 sacks in 8 games this year after being suspended early season. From the draft network – “North Carolina DE Malik Carney showcased incredible variety with his pass rush in 1v1 drills. I was impressed by the amount of different ways he was able to get around offensive tackles.”

    Kyle Phillips of Tenn., 6’4″ 273, a five-star recruit out of HS, has also looked very good in the one-on-ones. Optimum Scouting said “Tennessee’s defensive end Kyle Phillips had some highlight tackles for loss, controlling the line of scrimmage and disengaging from his massive offensive line teammates with deceptive footwork and timing. Phillips lost nearly two seasons of tape due to shoulder injuries and can build on a solid first day to show off his strength and ability as an athletic run defender” Day 2 practice report at the draft network – “Vols defensive lineman Kyle Phillips, a former 5-star prospect who seemed to be misused and not molded enough during his time with the Vols, had a handful of reps where he was a one-man show stopper against the run.”

    Texas A&M DT Daylon Mack 6’1″ 320, reminds me of Poona Ford, close to 6 foot and athletic, hard to tell if he has long arms like Poona, excelled this week in one-on-ones. Walter Football said of Monday’s practice “The star of the West practice was Texas A&M nose tackle Daylon Mack. In the run scrimmage, Mack was exceptional. He started off by eating up a hole up the middle to stuff a run for no gain. He then fired a gap to get a tackle for a loss. In the pass rushing one-on-ones, Mack used a swim move to get the better of Pit’s Alex Bookser on a few reps. He bulled through college teammate Keaton Sutherland. Mack used his power to shed a block and then got to the quarterback for a sack in the team scrimmage.” In their day 2 report – “Texas A&M defensive tackle Daylon Mack had his second straight good practice and he was swarmed by scouts after the session. In the pass rushing one-on-ones, Mack used his explosive quickness to get into blockers and then his strength to push them aside.”

    Another huge DT looking very good at the Shrine practices is Syracuse’s Chris Slayton 6’4″ 310, and Tony Pauline tweeted “Chris Slayton/DT/Syracuse has looked really good in early full scrimmage.” and “Another strong out from Chris Slayton/DT/Syracuse. Beating opponents left and right.” Walter Football said “Syracuse defensive tackle Chris Slayton also had a nice session on Tuesday and earned the praise of defensive line coaches. Slayton used his speed to win some one-on-ones and had two wins over N.C. State’s Tyler Jones with active hands to slap down the back and then speed to dart by Jones.” And again from Walter Football on Wed. practice: “Slayton has dominated in the pass rushing one-on-ones using speed, leverage and strength to consistently get the better of the offensive linemen. The 6-foot-4, 310-pound Slayton has shown the ability to play a variety of techniques on the defensive line with versatility to fit any NFL defense. The athletic Slayton does a fantastic job of staying low and playing with good leverage while also utilizing the length that comes with his frame.”

    Maryland LB Tre Watson 6’2″ 235, has received praise throughout the week. For day 3 practice report, the draft network says “Maryland linebacker Tre Watson might have a little something. He’s been on fire the last two days, showing aggression and physicality against the run. Fun player who is earning significant praise from coaches here, with one telling him “you’re taking great angles, Tre, perfect!”.” and from day 1 “Maryland LB Tre Watson‘s frame and movement skills were really impressive. In an NFL where offenses are predicated on pace and space, he has the makeup of a guy that would excel on the second level.”

    Canada DE Mattieu Betts has looked fast in one-on-ones all week. Tony Pauline has tweeted “O Canada!!! Mathieu Betts/Laval schooled Tyree St Louis in 1 on 1s and scored big time” and “Mathieu Betts/DL/Canada making several nice plays- again!!! Dude is like the energized bunny on the field.” At the draft network – “Betts, a product of Laval in Canada, has been embarrassing the East roster’s offensive linemen for two straight days, and showed some seriously nice pass rush moves today.”

    A couple of the better DBs are Tulane’s Donnie Lewis and SMU’s Jordan Wyatt, both 6’0″ 195, had good weeks at the Senior Bowl. Lewis had 56 tackles 3 int’s(1 pick 6) and 16 passes defensed, was praised day 1 by optimum scouting – “Tulane’s Donnie Lewis has earned strong reviews from NFL scouts, enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if he earns a Senior Bowl call-up if there’s an injury. He played well today, but he carries himself and has the bend and decisive steps of an NFL cornerback, outside or inside, and should test these West quarterbacks (Stick and Rypien most notably) all week long.”
    Wyatt was played sparingly in 2018 coming back from an ACL tear, but had a great 2017 with four interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns, 49 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, a sack, eight pass breakups and three forced fumbles. Tony Pauline tweeted Wednesday “Jordan Wyatt/CB/SMU having another strong practice.”

    Mainly concentrated on defense, very few QBs, TEs or OL looked very good, 2 WRs looked outstanding – Keesean Johnson of Fresno St. and Terry Godwin of GA, the only player the Seahawks were reported to have talked with. Tony Pauline and others praised 2 RBs in particular – Devine Ozigbo of Nebraska and Ty Johnson of Maryland.

    • Gohawks5151

      Wow. Great information. Thanks for putting this together. Intrigued by Wise and Phillips. No mention of Peters is interesting. His appeal must be a pure measurable, scheme fit for him maybe?

      • clbradley17

        Jamal Peters, 6’3″ CB from Miss. St. had an undisclosed injury on day 1 of the practices and hasn’t practiced since, won’t play in the game either. Tried googling it and couldn’t find anything. Hopefully it’s minor and he’s just being careful so he can test at the combine.

      • Sea Mode

        Peters was injured on Day 1 and has not participated as far as I know. But yes, it’s his size/speed combo that is hard to find which makes him an appealing prospect, because his production was very modest.

        Maybe a blessing in disguise for the Seahawks if this causes him to fly under the radar a bit…

    • Sanders

      Thanks for the info!

      Tre Watson looks like a legit LB! I looked at some of his highlights; he looks fast, big hitter, and has good ball skills.

      • clbradley17

        Sorry, didn’t see original long post for many hours, thought I lost internet and tried to re-do most of it again. About LB Tre Watson – hadnt’ heard Tony Pauline’s podcasts of days 2 and 3 at the shrine game untlil Thur. night and he said Watson can’t cover the RBs, believe his term was “torched”. He said it is what it is, he’s a good 2-down run-stuffer, but if we need to draft a LB to backup KJ and/or Kendricks, hope there’s a fast LB who can cover RBs and TEs, not just stop the run. DE/LBs Hollins, Carney and Betts may be possible pass-rushers on day 3 similar to Jacob Martin if they continue to measure up in the game, combine, etc. And want to see if DT Mack can push the OL in the Senior Bowl like he did against the terrible west OL in the Shrine practices.

  29. Georgia Hawk

    Im really interested in some of the guys that could come free in the next few months that might be best served signing a 1 year prove it deal. Injury seasons, cap concerns, or coaching changes see some of these guys freed up.

    Some guys I am looking at that stand a decent chance to hit the market and might be open to a one year prove it type deal:

    Gerald McCoy
    Corey Liuget
    Robert Quinn
    Justin Houston
    Everson Griffin (major off field ?s…)

  30. Coleslaw

    Yes lawd!! Hodge needs to be a Hawk! I love that guy on and off the field, and I love the “stop the run” focus on this draft. In my mock probably a month ago I had D’andre Walker, Hodge, Peters, and Gaines in there. IMO those would be huge additions for us, considering how we were 31st vs the run, that seems like our biggest weakness.

  31. GoHawksDani

    I really doubt Hawks will pick TE early. They do not value the position that much. I think they’ll more likely to pick a guard early than TE. They need good iOL play to be successful at running. And Sweezy and Fluker both injury prone. They had issues with young guys, but maybe it was on Cable too? Even if they sign both sign Fluker and Sweezy to a 3 years contract, I highly doubt both will be healthy full-time. So a capable backup and a possible successor for these guys would be nice.
    But I think 99% chance of a front7 pick. They have needs there and that’s the strength of the class. In my opinion the only way they’ll pick other than front7 if a guy playing different position whom they like falls, and they have sleeper picks for the front 7 in later rounds.

    Where do you think Hodge might go? (I know it’s early, so just an educated guess) 2nd round guy, or more like 3rd/4th?
    Based on the video, I like him, but I also think we could use some speed

    • Rob Staton

      They valued the TE position enough to spend a first round pick on Jimmy Graham, to spend good money on Zach Miller and spend a fourth round pick on a blocking TE in 2018 and a third round pick on Nick Vannett.

      That’s a lot of investment.

      • GoHawksDani

        Yeah, but the Graham-experiment was a huge bust (yep, I know how many TDs he had, but it was a forced, unnatural thing). Any playmaker is a good thing on a team, but I think the only reason to draft a TE if they wanna part ways with Vannett, and don’t trust Dissly enough. But even then…They value the Miller type of guys. Who are great blockers and can catch a pass. They can get that type of players later.
        I think if they want playmakers more likely they’ll go for a WR or an RB.
        Not sure about Penny’s hands, but a David Johnson/Kamara type RB could be incredible for this offense (if Schotty can incorporate a pass catching RB well). Yeah, we dump off sometimes to Mike and even Carson or Penny. But Kamara kills defenses with his route-running ability. Not a security blanket but a key part of the gameplan. But I won’t be mad if they draft a great TE, just I think it’s a really low chance that it’ll happen (with the first 1-2 pick)

        • Rob Staton

          You’ve just moved the goal posts there

    • Volume12

      It’s an offensive league. And while Pete is a defensive guy, I refuse to believe even he thinks you can win in 2019 and forward playing that same style in 2012-2015. That’s the last great defensive dynasty we’ll see for a long time fellas. ‘They won’t call everything’ doesn’t work anymore when in fact they do call everything. They simply won’t hit or unearth that many gems probably ever aagin. Not to mention how likely is an Avril and Bennett gonna go unpaid for in today’s league?

      Do they need another pass rusher? Yes. Was the reason they got knocked out of the playoffs according to PC the lack of 3rd downs? Yes. Who is RW’s security blanket between the #’s? No one.

      To Rob’s point, they also traded for Harvin, are rumored to be in the mix for Antonio Brown, etc.

      Point is, I think we might be under rating their desire to add around RW.

      • Rob Staton

        I think he does believe they can still win that way (and, as it happens, I think he’s right). But I also think two other things:

        1. He won’t be naive enough to think he can re-create the LOB era, he’s aware of that and will still be ambitious to create an excellent defensive unit.

        2. Pete will always be looking for offensive playmakers. Always. He values explosive plays and the running game just as much as great defense. At USC he’d stash 5-star RB’s. He’d have great receivers. In Seattle he’s consistently targeted, added or considered adding big-time weapons. Pete is never, ever going to ‘settle’ on offense. It’s not just the Harvin and Graham trades either. They spent high picks on Tate, Richardson, Lockett, Michael, Penny. They paid Rice and Miller in 2011. He’s always going to be after another weapon. He wants the most explosive offense in the league to combine with the toughest defense to score against.

        • C-Dog

          Great points, Rob and V12.

  32. jj

    Alright, who does Kiper have us taking? Asking for a friend.

    • Rob Staton

      Old Diminion pass rusher.

      Bit of a disappointing mock from Mel.

      • Volume12

        I was/am not a fan of him. Looks like JAG to me.

        Disappointing and Kiper have been synonymous for years now.

        • Rob Staton

          I like Mel for entertainment value. Plus frequently he’ll bring a name to attention a fraction before anyone else.

          However, this mock was a facepalm for me. It’s like a lot of others on the internet. So either I’m going to look like a clown in three months and this really was a realistic consensus, or there are certain players in this class being way overrated and underrated.

          • FresnoHawk

            Your not gonna look like a clown! Your commitment alone blows most of these guys out of the water. It’s ok to be wrong as long as you learn from it, the other guys keep making the same mistakes over & over again. Unlike other sports the NFL is a copy cat league, game rules constantly change, injuries are prevalent, salary cap is a huge factor, etc.. So many variables that affect the game. We are so fortunate to have coach Carroll, Schneider, and the late Paul Allen. They have a winning strategy but they have demonstrated its a strategy that is often tweeked so unless your a mind reader your gonna have a heck of a time keeping up especially with disadvantage of living in the UK. Be bold and if your wrong embrace being wrong you are so young by the time you hit 50 you will be a guru. Look at future HOF Carroll is there a mistake he has not made since joining the Hawks?

  33. Tecmo Bowl

    Really looking forward to seeing Matthieu Betts in the Shrine game. Pauline and others have been singing his praises all week. Looks to have a full arsenal of moves with a non stop motor.

    link to TP’s final wrap up

    link to some Betts cut-ups

    Josh Allen(DNP) and Chase Winovich(ankle injury) are both sitting out the Senior Bowl. Maybe if Betts has a big game he could move up to replace one of them.

    • Trevor

      Hope so that would be awesome!

  34. SoCal12

    From the article:
    “21) Seattle Seahawks: Oshane Ximines, DE/OLB, Old Dominion

    How about this: Ximines is going to be the first prospect from Old Dominion to be picked in the NFL draft. Seriously: Check it out. He is an explosive pass-rusher — 12 sacks in 2018 — who has the versatility to play with his hand in the dirt or standing up on the edge. His game reminds me a little bit of DeMarcus Ware’s, though Ximines has a ways to go. Pete Carroll is always looking for pass-rushers, and the Seahawks could lose Frank Clark in free agency.”

    I’ll be real I haven’t even heard of this kid. If anyone has info it’d be appreciated. To me it seems like mock drafts in general this year are more scattered and all over the place outside of the top-15 than previous years. Which maybe says something about the talent pool.

    • Rob Staton

      I watched Ximines once and just thought… I haven’t seen anything to get excited about. And at that level of football you want to see them jump off the screen like Marcus Davenport.

  35. C-Dog

    In my bold attempt to crack the off-season code, I’m starting to convince myself that Seattle is going to take a DE with their first pick. It feels like the franchise tag will go to Clark and he might feel content with playing the season out with no long term deal. Go he challenge that could put Seattle in would be if they also can’t reach a long term extension with RW. Then they would be forced to go into 2020 having to decide which player to slap the tag on.

    I think this might be why they are sniffing around middle round LBs and corners like Hodges and Peters. They need depth on the D and want to nail mid round value and are looking for certain profiles.

    IDK, just the hunch I’m leaning towards. Someone that can be the bookend to Clark but also a potential hedge.

    • Rob Staton

      I think at the moment it’s 90% likely to be a D-liner.

      But if they strike gold in free agency, that could change.

      The factor that makes me pause is the inevitability of trading down. They might trade down into an area where another position is suddenly the draft strength and miss out on the DL’s. That’s why I touted Hockenson here. Because I can imagine a scenario where he’s the best left available.

      • JimQ

        I’ve watched a ton of DL tape in the last couple of days & came away with blurry eyes & also impressed with……… DE-Charles Omenihu, Texas, 6′-6″/275, and I think I want him to be a Seahawk Rd-2/3 pick.
        1/16/2019 #83 overall @ -and- #87-overall @
        2018: 14-games, 45-tkls, 32-solo, 18.0-TFL, 9.5-Sacks, 2-PBU,, 5-QBH, 1-FF, 1-FR

        Sure looks like a solid Seahawk Rd-3, pick #85 to me. If the current rankings don’t change much (very unlikely) he would allow other position(s) to be picked earlier & I’m not 100% sure, but Omenihu seems to be better than several ranked a lot higher. He has Size, length, get off & passion that shows up along with being a well spoken kid in interviews. An exceptional combine could make him anywhere from a late day 1 to early day 2 selection, deservedly so – IMO.

        Additional question for anyone’s input:
        FS-Nasir Adderly is FAST rising in the rankings, plays a lot of high/deep safety, is he better than Tedrick Thompson? (I think he is) How high of a draft pick should he be? I know, more information is needed, just testing the ET-less waters, not sure about what I see in him to be honest, but there just may be something there? Maybe, he’ll run a 4.4+/40 at the combine and that will help his status?

  36. Gohawks5151

    Looking at some LB names in Free Agency. Hasn’t been brought up that I’ve seen but Kwon Alexander seems like a Will fit. Played that spot well in Tampa. Sideline to sideline speed, Rushed the passer a bit, solid in coverage. Was the heir apparent to Lavonte David. Tore his ACL so he may be a cheap, prove it deal guy. Kendricks is an option but i don’t think anyone can say anything about his situation with any certainty.

    • Rob Staton

      The injury worries me.

  37. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, I saw your conversation with chawk talk on twitter. It is “all i see is 12” who comented about kendriks( on your pete carroll final presser notes article). I posted it on twitter but maybe you and chawk talk wont see that.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for posting

  38. Sea Mode

    Had to wait a bit for Pauline’s latest podcast to come out, but here are the Shrine Game Day 3 consensus standouts in case anyone wants to look into some of these guys.

    The numbers in parenthesis show how many people on the spreadsheet mentioned the player as a standout for that day. Higher number = greater consensus.

    QB- Jordan Ta’amu (4), Brett Rypien (3), Taylor Cornelius (2)
    OL- Lanard Bonner (3), Joshua Miles (3), Oli Udoh (3)
    RB- Devine Ozigbo (6), Ty Johnson (3), Jordan Ellis (2),
    WR- Jesper Horsted (4), Terry Godwin (3), Ryan Davis (3), Jamal Custis (2), Brody Oliver (2), Terry Wright (2)
    TE- Daniel Helm (1), Andrew Beck (1)

    DT- Michael Dogbe (7), Daniel Wise (5), Daylon Mack (4), Chris Nelson (3)
    DE- Mathieu Betts (3), Jordan Brailford (2)
    LB- Justin Hollins (4), Ulysses Gilbert III (3), Tre Watson (3), Cole Holcomb (2)
    CB- Derrick Baity (5), Jimmy Moreland (3), Donnie Lewis (2)
    S- Chris Johnson (3), Andrew Wingard (2)

    P- Jack Fox (1)

    Shrine Game 2019 Consensus Standouts

    • Volume12

      Is that Chris Johnson from N. ‘Bama who’s rumored to be a 4.4 guy?

      • Sea Mode

        Hadn’t heard those rumors, but if so, that’s pretty good considering he’s got nice size (though the wingspan is kind of modest):

        Chris Johnson, North Alabama, DB, 6024, 209, 9 1/8 hand, 31 arm, 74 5/8 wing

        Seahawks were there week 6 scouting practice per your info…

  39. Volume12

    Kansas DT Daniel Wise will get destroyed by NFL O-lineman. Overrated because of practice reps. Always trust the tape.

    What’s there to like here?

    • Sea Mode

      Nothing to like.

      I went to 2018 tape as well just to make sure. He has splash plays at 4:48, 7:30, and 9:30, but his run defense is terrible.

      I will give this to him though: he looks like an amazing athlete for a big man and he has a good get off the snap. Unfortunately after that, he doesn’t really have a plan and OL have their way with him if he doesn’t win with his get off. Lining up at DE and dropping into coverage… terrible.

      Ended up taking advantage to check out more of TE/FB Trevon Wesco. Looks good blocking. I’m still interested.

      Daniel Wise (Kansas DL #96) Vs. West Virginia 2018

      • Volume12

        He moves well for sure.

        Yeah I’m a fan of Wesco and Yodney Cajuste.

  40. Sea Mode

    V12, good stuff from Dogbe here beating “the best of the worst” the Shrine Game OL has to offer:

    He looks quick.

    • Volume12

      Man that 1st step is everything. Explosive. Someone’s getting a damn good 3-tech.

  41. Volume12

    I love that Florida D. Jachai Polite is probably my favorite player in this class, Jabari Zuniga will likely be one of the best D-lineman in 2019, Vosean Joseph has a borderline 1st round skill set, but Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is a stud.

    Might be the most versatile DB in this class. Slot corner that can play safety, aggressive, excellent recognition skills, good technique that can lock down WR’s.

    I’m not saying keep an eye on him specifically for Seattle even if I’d love it, but keep an eye on him in general.

    • Sea Mode

      Man, Polite with his game and his personality would fit the Seahawks soooo well. Hey, a man can always dream, right? (I just won’t dream too hard…)

      Watch him actually somehow fall to 21 and the Seahawks trade back anyway… 😱

      • Trevor

        His speed on one side and Franks power / speed off the Edge on the other side would be an awesome combo. Will be interested to see his arm length and 10yd split but his tape this year was awesome.

      • Volume12

        Of course they would. Gotta see how long one of their guys that matches their grade round wise lasts right?

        Pete would have his 2 TE set, run heavy scheme if they had pulled the trigger on George Kittle instead of playing their game for lack of a better word.

    • CornBread

      A player I really hope the Seahawks target is Jaylen Ferguson.

  42. C-Dog

    Paxton Lynch is a Seahawk. Interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      I like the move.

      He’s always had potential. This is his first stop after Denver. Kind of a shot to nothing. Either he’ll never have what it takes or we get a solid backup for a year on a dirt-cheap contract.

      • Picks

        Idk, seems like a wast of a 6th round pick and for what?

        • Rob Staton

          They might still re-sign Hundley. This could just be insurance and/or competition.

          But even if Hundley walks — I wouldn’t lose any sleep over a 6th round pick.

          • Picks

            Sure it could be part of leverage in negotiations for Hundley plus insurance. I’d be disappointed if hundley walks just in a year when we have only four picks. I think they should be looking for a heir to Wilson soon. I’ve got my eye on Sam Ehlinger. Just a hunch he’s gonna be great in the pros and timing might be perfect with Wilson

          • McZ

            If I remember correctly, the Vikes traded up to draft Daniel Carlson as a K two spots before we took McGough. Maybe they were right and we wanted him.

            He didn’t make it in Minnesota, the Raiders took him and was actually very good the rest of the season.

            Which basically means… Lynch could turn out like one hell of a signing.

        • Volume12

          Seattle loses virtually nothing here. If Lynch shows out come August, Seattle can flip him for much more than a 6th. Or he gives Seattle a viable backup.

      • C-Dog

        He has some tools that could be interesting in Schottenheimer’s offense if he comes in committed. I think he’s an interesting project.

    • cha

      Talk about coming full circle. LOL

    • charlietheunicorn

      This is a quality signing. Nothing lost and all upside for the QB and the organization.
      This takes all the pressure off of trying to find a guy in the draft or FA…

      His agent was on 710 earlier today, said they had some offers, but only wanted to come to a situation that is stable and a proven track record with young players. Implied there were other suitors, but they are not in the same rising position as Seattle is in right now.

  43. Trevor

    Senior Bowl Player Measurements for anyone interested.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, I figured someone had posted but I wasn’t seeing it yet because of the delay. Glad I refreshed one more time before posting myself…

      Seattle’s reported interest:

      Jamal Peters missing… 😥

      Remember to add about 1/2 inch to the arms:

      Khalil Hodge, Buffalo, LB, 6011, 255, 9 1/8 hand, 31 3/8 arm, 75 5/8 wing

      Jon Duhart, Old Dominion, WR, 6025, 218, 9 3/4 hand, 32 1/2 arm, 76 5/8 wing

      Terry Godwin II , Georgia, WR, 5113, 174, 9 1/4 hand, 29 7/8 arm, 73 7/8 wing

    • Volume12


      Some serious length on quite a few of those O-lineman.

    • Sea Mode

      Yay, we finally have some numbers to crunch! A few notables:

      – CB: nobody hits the 77.5 wingspan threshold. The closest are these four. I’ll give Baity the difference on arm length for now, but he’s got small hands too:

      Michael Jackson Sr., Miami, DB, 6006, 207, 9 7/8 hand, 32 3/8 arm, 76 7/8 wing
      Evan Worthington, Colorado, DB, 6017, 205, 9 1/2 hand, 32 1/4 arm, 76 3/4 wing
      Derrick Baity Jr., Kentucky, DB, 6021, 198, 8 5/8 hand, 31 1/4 arm, 76 1/2 wing
      Tim Harris, Virginia, DB, 6017, 204, 9 3/4 hand, 32 1/4 arm, 76 3/8 wing

      – WR: No wonder he’s been catching scouts’ eye… as well as passes:

      Jamal Custis, Syracuse, WR, 6042, 212, 10 1/2 hand, 34 1/4 arm, 82 1/8 wing

      – DT: Dogbe is one to watch at the combine. Looks quick on tape. Could be the next Sheldon Rankins type at 3T.

      Michael Dogbe, Temple, DT, 6031, 286, 9 1/4 hand, 33 1/4 arm, 78 wing

      Ricky Walker of Virginia Tech, one who many mentioned as a standout, is a t-rex: 29 7/8 arm, 72 wing!!!

      – OLB/DE: A guy Volume12 pointed out has good length for an OLB.

      Malik Carney, UNC, LB, 6020, 246, 10 hand, 33 1/2 arm, 79 1/2 wing

      and Pauline says this guy was terrorizing as well. They have him listed at DT, but he played DE at Tenn. Really interesting measurables for a DE. I’ll be hitting the tape soon.:

      Kyle Phillips, Tennessee, DT, 6036, 272, 9 5/8 hand, 33 1/4 arm, 81 wing

      – RB: they’re all between 210-224 lbs, but only 2 have decent length.

      Darrin Hall, Pittsburgh, RB, 5115, 217, 9 3/4 hand, 31 3/4 arm, 76 1/8
      Devine Ozigbo, Nebraska, RB, 5105, 219, 9 1/4 hand, 31 1/4 arm, 76 1/8

      And the two that have gotten the most buzz on the field have the smallest arms and wingspan of all:
      Jordan Ellis: 30 arm, 71 3/8 wing
      Ty Johnson: 30 1/8 arm, 70 3/4 wing)

      – OL: The C and OG measurements were not included in the leak. Among the T, 7/11 guys have outstanding size and length, but apparently none of them are all that good… oh well, maybe some UDFA options for camp to try and develop. One guy in particular has MASSIVE mitts with the 3rd longest length of the OTs there:

      Ryan Pope, SDSU, OT, 6067, 315, 11 3/8 hand, 35 1/4 arm, 84 5/8 wing

      We’re just getting started… Happy hunting!

      • Trevor

        Jamal Custis looks legit from a size standpoint and had some nice tape this year. I look forward to his combine.

  44. Allen

    Hockinson is the TE1 if you like dual-purpose guys. Absolutely love him. He’d be a fantastic get.

  45. Trevor

    I think small school CDN kid Mathieu Betts could be a legit Day #3 Edge rush prospect for the Hawks. Going into the Shrine Bowl I was not sure how he would fare with the step up in competition but it looks like it has not been an issue and his Arm length came in at 33″ which meets the Hawks threshold.

    Here are two sets of testing #s one is Steelers 1st rounder TJ Watt (his testing #s are from the combine). The other player is Mathieu Betts and his measurements are from the shrine game. His testing #s are legit from the CFL (Canadian Pro Football League) not a pro day and he did not even train for it. It was right after end of college season up here back in November.

    TJ Watt
    Height: 6-3 7/8
    Weight: 252 LBs
    Arm Length: 33 1/8
    Hand Size 11″
    40yd Dash: 4.69
    Bench 225lbs:21 reps
    Vertical Jump:37″
    3 Cone:6.79
    Short Shuttle:4.13

    Mathieu Betts
    Height: 6-2 7/8 (shrine game)
    Weight: 258 LBs (shrine game)
    Arm Length: 33 (shrine game)
    Hand Size 9 2/8″
    40yd Dash: 4.71
    Bench 225lbs:18 reps
    Vertical Jump:31″
    3 Cone:6.56
    Short Shuttle:4.12

    They are almost identical in size. Watt is slightly faster and more explosive but you have to think Betts will improve on if 40 time and vertical if he trains for the combine.

    What amazed me was that Watt had an incredible 3 cone and short shuttle time at the combine and Betts times were even better. So he clearly has elite quickness as agility which has been on display so far at the Shrine Bowl practices.

    Anyways I know I am biased but I really hope he has a great Shrine game and gets either a Senior Bowl or Combine invite because I would love to see what he could do.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, really close comp there. It’s not your bias any more; this guy now squarely on NFL radars after his performance in practice and, as you mentioned earlier, he should easily make some plays in the game against these poor Tackles.

      Wouldn’t surprise me at all if teams want to work with him more and he ends up one of those invited to the Senior Bowl.

      Those are amazing testing numbers, especially without having trained specifically for them.

  46. Sea Mode

    Someone putting together a nice database here:

    • JimQ

      Thanks for posting this! A very handy tool with a broad base of players, most with live links to multiple full game FILMs all in one spot. I like it and have it bookmarked for extensive future use.

      • Sea Mode

        I thought you in particular might like it. 👍

        I appreciate your more analytical approach and the prospects you are able to highlight using it. I don’t always reply right away if I haven’t watched any tape of them yet, but know that I do constantly add your guys to my watchlist.

        Haven’t watched Omenihu yet, but I know V12 likes him a lot and from the short cut-up he linked us to a while back, I got a VERY good first impression.

        That kind of size, length, and athleticism, and inside/out versatility is exactly the kind of thing that makes the Seahawks drool over. They’ll draft those guys all day over the bigger names. If you say he’s got a good personality on top of that, then even more so. He’s high up on my list to dig into next.

        On Adderley, I think there is a lot to like in his game, but IMO he is being a bit over-hyped right now in a weak Safety class. Will repeat what I said a week or so ago: highlights are amazing, tape not so much at all. I see a 4.5 guy on tape, not 4.4, but I could be wrong. Great length, good instincts, good aggression, outstanding ball skills, but is he that much better than TT or Delano? IDK. I’m saying R3-R4 until he lights it up at the Senior Bowl against better competition and tests well at the Combine.

        (and P.S. I think Delano is underrated by most. He’s a 4.4 guy with very nice length and one of the surest tacklers I have ever scouted. I think he was really taking the next step towards the end of the season until he went down, and have high hopes for him contributing next year.
        Disclaimer: I’ve been high on him since the beginning though: )

    • Martin

      Wow! Thanks.

  47. Sea Mode

    Pauline: Six Winners From The East-West Shrine Game Practices

    WR KeeSean Johnson, Fresno State
    RB Ty Johnson, Maryland
    OL Joshua Miles, Morgan State
    DT Daniel Wise, Kansas (lol, V12)
    Edge Mathieu Betts, Laval (woohoo, Trev)
    DL Chris Slayton, Syracuse

    Slayton was a force from the first day of practice and never let up. He comes with a next-level build, played with great quickness, and was always beating up on opponents. He set up camp behind the line of scrimmage on a daily basis and continuously penetrated up the field. Initially graded as a late-round prospect, Slayton was labeled by some scouts as the best player in attendance at the Shrine Game.

    • Robertlasvegas

      Rob just a.quick question for you if for some reason the Rams win the super bowl would this make a impact on free agency this off season .that more go to this route of veterans free agency ?

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think so but we’ll see

    • Volume12

      Man that’s a heavy shot fired my way.

      Wanted to like him, but he’s just not my bag.

      • Sea Mode

        Hey, a scout’s gotta trust his eyes, and I’m still totally with you on Wise. Don’t see mid rounder at all, more like a late round flier pick to see if you can harness his athleticism into anything.

        I see where Tony is coming from though; the guy looked like a star in 1v1s and against these shabby OL thrown together for the Shrine game.

        • clbradley17

          I agree Sea Mode. Although all the reports are that Wise is the big winner/best player at the Shrine practices, have also read to take that with not just a grain, but a truckload of salt. The Shrine has some decent players, but the 1st string early round players go to the senior bowl, the mid-late rd. players are at the Shrine game. And have heard and read several places that most if any of the praise for OL went to the east OL, the west OL was terrible according to several sites.

          Seems like when we have hoped for FAs and rookies looking great against 2nd-3rd and soon to be cut players in preseason games the last few years will be great during actual NFL games, then when the season comes, they do very little if anything. Even this past season a lot of people thought 3rd rd. DE Green was going to play great and possibly get a lot of sacks because he had 2-3 sacks and looked good in some preseason games against 3rd string OL. So if the better east OL at the Shrine game has a couple mid-late rounders in the 2019 draft and the west OL is much worse, that means Wise and other west DL are beating UDFAs or maybe very late rd. picks, not much of an accomplishment. Will have to wait until the game when they play against better OL on the east team, the combine to see if they have great 10 yard splits, short shuttle, 3 cone etc. to get a better gauge on their athleticism. If you’ve seen very little from their college tape, then I trust that they didn’t just become supermen, just playing against terrible OL.

  48. FresnoHawk

    I’m still hurting from the Dallas loss! Pissed! Rattled! It’s so hard to accept we’ve been through so much last couple years, we make the playoffs and then loose to Jerry Jones and our former DC. Ugh!

  49. Sea Mode

    DT Daylon Mack and OT Oli Udoh get the call up to the Senior Bowl from the Shrine Game. Let’s see if any more follow.

    And I have no idea who this player is, but he will be at the Senior Bowl and this is pretty impressive:

    • teejmo

      Here’s some football highlights of him:

      72 tackles, 13 tfl, 6.5 sacks, and both a receiving and a rushing touchdown mixed in for the year.

    • Wall Up

      Could there be a scenario where they trade down until the later part of Rd 2? There are a lot of late 2nd and early 3rd picks that can make a great impact.

  50. Largent80

    Seahawks signed Paxton Lynch Thursday. I wonder if that changes the plans at QB for the draft?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s just a bit of security and competition with Hundley being a FA.

      • DC

        And Mr Mcgoo is gone.

  51. McZ

    Some guys accustomed to the situation in Miami are telling me, the Fins are ready to offload a lot of players.

    On of them is Robert Quinn, DE. He was having a rough 2018 season, and he definitely is overpaid as it stands.

    Also on the chopping block seems to be Kiko Alonso, OLB, and Reshad Jones, FS.

    Those are players that need kind of a career restart; they need an environment, that is designed to turn around such players and bring them back to former glory. Which seems to be PCs addiction.

    • Gohawks5151

      Interesting. Quinn would be a great option on a prove it deal, though it seem he always has his biggest games against us so maybe that’s a turn off for him. If we didn’t pay Earl no way we pay Jones though.

    • cha

      Quinn could be an interesting piece at the right price.

  52. millhouse-serbia

    Wow, Samuel Gold has great article about 51 sack seahawks allowed this season. In his opinion only 23 are mistakes of OL.

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